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Paradise and Lunch
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In Boston Towne we are enjoying a little

I borrowed that name from one of my favorite musical artists from an album he did in the mid 70’s back in the day.

it's almost unfair the amount of paradise and lunch we have here in Boston... just when things look bleak

something happens

The Patriots have struggled this season, looking for some identity in the post dynasty era.

TB 12 is still here as is iconic HC Bill Belichick (now 5th all time in wins as an NFL head coach passing Chuck Knoll)

The last hold over from the SB 39 team other than Brady was big Vince Wilfork, now done for season.  Bleak...but wait

At 4:25 PM the Pats kicked off vs The then unbeaten New Orleans Saints. Unable to sustain a 10 point halftime lead the Pats were up against the wall with time running out.

Brady was able to drive the team 70 yards in 70 seconds with no time outs to beat the Saints with a 17 yard corner pass to rookie WR Kenbrell Thompkins with 5 sec left for a improbable 30-27 win.

Brady was hit frequently and sacked 5 times by the relentless Saint’s D and his passing was off for most of the day but came up big when he needed to.

The real stars of the game were D backs Talib and Arrington who shut out  monster TE Jimmy Graham, no catches, no yards, no heartache, no remorse. 


Injuries to Talib, a reported hip flexor issue, Danny Amendola with a head injury, Jerod Mayo with a shoulder and chest injury which will most likely end his season, Edelman with a knee and possible concussion and  RT Dan Connelly with a concussion will put more pressure on Brady to find a way vs the Jets version of Ryan  D this weekend.

Welcome back to Stephen Ridley 20 carries for 96 yards and 2 TD’s

inspite of the bleakness

The Pats are 5-1 with Brady, smoke and mirrors and the beatable Jets 3-3, Dolphins 3-2 and Steelers 1-4 coming up before the bye. 

How good are they? Who knows… but here in Paradise we will enjoy this free lunch.


The John Farrell Red Sox turned the bleak Bobby V Red Sox 67 wins into 96 wins from 2012 to 2013

Facing the Tampa pitching was going to be the undoing of this team, at least that’s what the experts said but it wasn’t… in a 3-1 series win.

The Tigers starting pitching was going to be the undoing of this team…

Anibel Sanchez totally dominated the Sox with 6 no hit innings and 12 K’s, the Tigers bullpen was equal to the task and beat the Sox 1-0 in game 1


Game 2 Cy Young leader Max Sherzer no hit the Sox into the 6th and had 13 K’s and a 5-0 lead when things seemed to change.

In Paradise the situation changes…suddenly it’s a 4 run game and then the bases are loaded and Big Papi, David Ortiz is at the plate. The Tigers go to their closer Benoit a right hander to face the left hander Ortiz. First pitch is an 85 mph grapefruit down the middle to the fastball hitting Ortiz. Ortiz said after, I knew he wasn’t throwing a fastball on the first so I sat on the offspeed and got it…bang a Grand Slam…tie game.

Koji has a 1,2,3 top of the 9th

Somehow Jonny Gomes gets a hit and goes to 2nd on the throw, third on a wild pitch and scores on Salty’s walk off single…Lunch.


Only in Boston

check out Boston sports writer and radio personality Gerry Calahan's column about David Ortiz



More Lunch in Paradise, a 4 PM start for Game 3 with Lackey and Verlander facing off. 

Verlander comes a s advertised, a stud fastball pitcher that can crank it up to the high nineties when ever needed and doesn't need to be coddled with a pitch count. His 8 innings with 10 K's, 4 hits and 1 earned run should and would win most of the time.

John Lackey, part of the chicken and beer debacle of the '11 Sox and one year removed from Tommy John surgery at the age of 33 has been solid all year for the Sox. His sub .500 record the direct result of no run support. John is an intense man, not necessarily a nice man, has spent his 4 years in Boston as a guy many fans wish would just go home...

Lackey's line in game three: 6 2/3, 8 K's, 4 hits, ZERO runs and a W

The bullpen of Breslow, Tazawa and Koji shut the door on the Tigers.

ahhh Boston is sports paradise

I have to post this in advance of game 4 but will be back to comment in the morning.

thanks for reading and your comments and don't forget to check out Talking Sports with Lanz right next door

Another NFL Rumor Fresh Off the Press
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The NFL is at it again! Just like the rumors circulating about the NFL having an expansion team in London, an 18 game schedule, and/or an overseas Super Bowl, the league has created another talk show topic by suggesting that Thursday Night Football matchups are so popular that more games could be added to the slate.

Like all similar rumors I wasn’t sure how I felt about this idea. My primitive mind screams “more football” but the more logical side thinks that oversaturation isn’t necessarily a good thing.  While the NFL doesn’t have to fear fans falling into the pit of monotony that baseball often finds itself in June and July there is such a thing as too much.  . . . . . Right?

What makes this newly circulated rumor even more compelling is the idea that games might only available on web based applications (e.g. phones, computers, tablets, and the like). At this point in the conversation I find myself again thinking two things: “more football” and “there’s the inevitable wrench.” Here again logic dictates my thoughts . . . . . “the NFL is hell bent on taking football away from the everyday man.” While making the game an elitist sport might seem like a great idea now, the league should take a long look at the decline of boxing and ask how elitism has worked out. Making additional Thursday Night games only available through a paid internet source is simply a modern version of pay-per-view. I would like to believe that the NFL will see the fault in this but like any other large company they only see dollars strapped to the backs of the poor.

In reality what the league should do is commit to a Thursday Night game on an existing, accessible network and provide web based supplementation but that is always too much to ask!

Luck of the Draw
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Why is Denver the number one team in football this season? The answer is easy. . . . . . schedule.  The first 8 games of the season are against opponents with a combined record of 16-30 (obviously not counting any further defeats or victories achieved by the Colts and Redskins over the next two weeks). In the first 6 games not only have the Broncos played, and man-handled, two of the weaker teams within their own division (Oakland and Jacksonville) but have played only teams from the pathetic NFC East. Not a true test of skill based on division performance thus far.

Denver homers will argue “hey we can only play the hand we are dealt,” and I am not disagreeing. Well, not directly. I am simply suggesting that the miraculous play we are seeing isn’t necessarily iconic, but instead a result of “luck of the draw”.  That being said, Denver’s second half will be a better litmus test when looking to assess the Broncos true claim of prominence.

With a four game stretch that includes the jaw-dropping Chiefs defense (twice), a much improved New England defense, and a stout Titans defense, the Denver offense will be tested at a level unlike any thus far.  Unfortunately, this is only ¼ of their overall schedule.

Prior to the season it was believed by some (Fox and ESPN analysts’) that it would be the weather that would eventually slow Peyton down. Well it just so happens that the “coldest” portion of their schedule consists of only four games:  @New England (Nov 24th), @Kansas City (Dec 1st), vs. Tennessee (Dec 8th), and vs. San Diego (Dec 12th). Their remaining schedule sees games in Houston (retractable roof) & Oakland (Winter lows usually only see the mid 40s).  Given two of the “coldest” weather games are at home these should not play a factor because playing surface and equipment will be familiar. Therefore, two games have the potential for really cold weather impacts (outside of heavy Denver snowfall). However, these two games fall within the 4 games previously mentioned and will not give “easy” opponents any advantages.

Further still, some want to argue scheduling favoritism. At first glance, it seems to be an unwritten rule that the NFL attempts to toughen the schedules of former playoff teams. Teams like the Texans, Bengals, 49ers, Packers, Seahawks, Falcons, Colts and Redskins seemed to receive such “favoritism” while, the Broncos, Ravens, Patriots and Vikings didn’t.  Although the NFL claims indiscriminate selection some Manning detractors spout claims of preferential treatment. While these claims hold little merit it is interesting to wonder; should the NFL adopt a scheduling system totally reliant on opponent strength as opposed to their current format: 6 games against division opponents, 4 games against an entire division within its conference, 4 games against an entire division in the opposing conference, & 2 intraconference games based on last year’s standings (e.g. 1st place will play 1st place)?



Mo's Bits
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It has been quite possibly THE weekend.  The ALCS kicked off in Boston Saturday night, continued on through Sunday, punctuated only by the Saints at Patriots...and of course the season premiere of the Walking Dead that I’ve been waiting on since March.  Mrs whipped up some badass chili for the game, and I curled up for the better part of the day immersed in football previews, football, football, and baseball/zombies.

My fantasy team could’ve had a good week except for 2 things: 1) Peyton Manning was playing Jacksonville and I was playing against Peyton Manning; 2) St Louis was playing Houston and I was playing against the Houston Defense.  So, the St. Louis defense put up 33 points and Manning had 5 points in the first 3 minutes of his game to my QB Alex Smiths’ 7 for KC’s entire game.  Perhaps if I had played the KC D, I could’ve done better.  Then, my kicker gets knocked out of the game.  THE KICKER!!  What a disaster for Team Mo.  Manning didn't even beat me - his RB did.  Just goes to show you that if one aspect of the game doesn't get you, another will.

Now Game 1 of the ALCS couldn’t have been a more interesting game - a 4-hour, 1-0 tilt.  Sadly, it was my boys that were on the wrong side of that score, but it was a great game to watch and I even learned a little history.  The thing was, Boston threw its best pitcher up against Detroits #3 - even loaded the bases - but couldn’t get a hit, much less score – they sure did strike out a lot though.  A no-hitter was avoided with a base hit in the 9th inning, but that couldn’t stop the bleeding.   Game 2 of the NLCS finished with the same 1-0 result - so clearly Saturday was not the day for baseball offense.  

Game 2 of the AL series looked very similar to the night before...until the Tigers broke it over and by the 8th inning it was 5-1.  All of a sudden, the score was tied up on one swing of the bat.


The Sox head into Detroit tied up instead of 0-2.  That's just huge.  

The Cincinnati Bengals won their tilt with the Bills, which isn’t wholly shocking, but it took them ⅔ of the way through Overtime to do it.  What is shocking, for me, is that last week the Pats couldn’t get anything more than a couple of field goals against this team and the Bills hung 24 on them.  Meanwhile, the other Ohio team fared less well, as Brandon Weedenimploded” despite actually being ahead earlier in the game.

By now we’re all familiar with the Adrian Peterson story.  I’ve heard various stories about his relationship with baby-momma, and his son.  Regardless of the facts of his relationship with either the kid’s mom or even with the boy, the fact is a 2-year old is dead at the hands of a man IMH calls a “special kind of POS.”  I don’t care how few tools you have in your tool box when dealing with a toddler.  I know how many buttons can be pushed by those little people.  I get that, what I don’t get is actually hurting a child, and I agree that this “big man” will be in for a world of hurt.  AP did play, but had only 10 rushes and 62 yards; it’s hard to know how much this has affected him, or how much his personal tragedy has affected his team, but what is in evidence was that the Vikings got shellacked.  I think in times of stress, we all deal with it in different ways, and sometimes it’s best to be at work to give you something else to concentrate on – largely because having disinterested others around helps focus on your work.  The problem here is the Vikings aren’t very good to begin with and when you’re surrounded by less skilled others, it doesn’t help to be around them.

The Patriots have their own woes on that front – the continuing side show of “will Gronk play or not.”  The speculation swirling around locker room “resentment” and the games of he-said/she-said is most unhelpful, particularly when the team is scraping.  This WILL take repair work, and given Gronk didn’t suit up this week, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Pats make a move to shut him down to resolve the back and forth because it’s that which is causing the distraction – and we all know how much BB likes distraction.

Somehow, the Pats overcame going for it on 4th down on their 20, and an interception, for the win.  I'm still shaking my head here.  Remarkably, Austin Collie - whom they had just picked up - made a couple of the key catches on the last drive, almost as if someone decided Brady might need a receiver.  It turns out, they were working to sub him out for Edelman, but ran out of time.  Remarkable, really.  With 5 seconds left, an undrafted rookie makes the catch.  My head is still spinning.

Unsolicited comment: I happen to think the Breast Cancer Awareness pink compliments the Patriots uniforms better than any other in the league.  Here’s a party treat for awareness:

Today, being Columbus Day, I took the day off.  Not because of any particular interest in the day, and frankly I’m not interested in any discussion of whether nor not we should be honoring Columbus as a European conqueror of the “new world.”  I’m interested in spending some PTO with the family.  For a fundraiser, my boy’s school is doing something called the “Dirty Dash,” a 2 mile Spartan Race wannabe.  I’ll happily report out what it actually looks like, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a cluster.   Basically a bunch of elementary school kids rolling around in some mud with their parents.  I’m pretty sure no good will come of this.  I did the Spartan Dash with my daughter late summer and THAT was a contest.  Given my general lack of conditioning, it didn’t take long for my muscles to reach failure.  I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen here.  Pretty sure.

In other news, I picked up the book “League of Denial” this week that explores the NFL’s concussion situation.  I’m hoping to get through it, but it may take a while.  Anyone else pick it up or see the documentary?  You should check out the link for a great article and podcast on the topic.

I hope you all have a great week and that you enjoy the sports of your choosing. 



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Happy Friday!  Playoff baseball is in full swing: The Boston Red Sox are in ALCS (mad cheering from the New England contingent of YouGabSports)....Oakland and Detroit battle it out for the final spot in the American League Championship Series...St. Louis and Los Angeles get ready to duke it out in the National League Championship Series.


The NFL is on, the NHL is back, and the NBA has started their preseason games as every fan hope and wishes that LeBron James and the annoying Miami Heat take a nosedive this season.   It’s great to have hockey back, and it’s especially nice when there is no lockout of bologna delaying the start of the season. Those readers who hate soccer have no worries about reading anything about Everton as I’ve completely blocked out last weekend’s beatdown by ManCity. Fortunately, they have a week off to get their defense straightened out and get ready for Hull City (a much easier matchup).


College Football Saturday Preview:


Here’s what I see as my big three games:


First off, Penn State vs Michigan.  That game is not going to be the draw it was in years past, but these are two famous (or lately Penn State seems infamous) programs. Michigan needs to run the ball to win, and I’m interested to see tight end Devin Funchess as he seems to be a potential NFL player. Penn State runs out freshman quarterback Christian Hackenberg, so if he is able to get in rhythm, it could be a tough day for the spotty Michigan secondary.


Second big game, Oregon vs Washington.  The Ducks are five and zero and this Huskies team could be their first real competition of the season. The Huskies played a heck of a game against Stanford, and need the win this week. They’re at home, and need all the help they can with Oregon having defeated them nine straight games. The Huskies have an up-tempo offense, but Oregon runs plays at warp speed. Washington will want to control tempo with back Bishop Sankey,  who has been playing well. A big game for Sankey could put him in Heisman discussions. For the Ducks, quarterback Marcus Mariota has 14 touchdowns and zero picks in five games. If running back De’Anthony Thomas if finally fully healthy from his ankle problem, a couple big plays could quiet the crowd in a hurry.


Third, Texas vs Oklahoma.  Usually, this game is guaranteed to be two top-ten squads facing off at the Cotton Bowl. This year, the Longhorns are about two touchdown dogs in the Red River Rivalry.  Oklahoma has won three years in a row (Texas fans don’t want to acknowledge last year).  To have a prayer for the upset, the Longhorns need to do things: get pressure on Oklahoma quarterback Blake Bell.  No pressure equals no chance.  On offense, the ‘Horns would have to have a huge game from running back Johnathan Gray.  If he gets going (and Oklahoma is missing top linebacker Corey Nelson, so the opportunity is there.  I’d love to see a close game, and am rooting for the Longhorns, but think that Bell is going to be abusing the Texas secondary all morning.


* * *




For the record (I know this was touched upon earlier in the week), I love that the NFL is going to decide which team has cameras shoved down their throat over the summer for the HBO Hard Knocks series.  I love Hard Knocks, and am giddy in anticipation of the league eventually forcing the HBO crew on Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots (technically it can’t happen if the team has made the playoffs in consecutive season, as New England had done, but let me run with this thought anyway). The “A Football Life” episode by NFL Films on Belichick was a tour de force, with him in the meetings behind the scenes, on the sidelines, his reaction returning to Meadowlands one last time...it was fantastic. Also, former columnist and current talking head (what a decline in credibility) Michael Holley was given unprecedented access for the 2002 season in Patriot Reign, another insanely fascinating look into the world of Bill Belichick.  


In those cases, Belichick (for whatever reason) was onboard with the project. I know that with “A Football Life” he had come out and stated how he has respect for the NFL Films and especially the Sabol family. With Michael Holley, who knows. Maybe he wanted to chronicle the season as an experiment.  But the idea of the league forcing it upon him without his consent is just a magical idea. I read a piece by a local blogger that such a season of Hard Knocks would be boring beyond belief, but I could not disagree more. Imagine the dirty looks at the camera, the condescending statements, the disdain! Oh, it would be the best and most entertaining television since “Curb Your Enthusiasm” ended (Larry David starring as Bill Belichick...what a great tv show that would be...quick, some major network hire me to pitch tv pilot ideas). Entertaining television is all about conflict...and that would be the best conflict ever!


* * *




Thursday Night Special:

Prediction: NY Giants 18 vs Chicago Bears 38:

Oh, you know how I’d pick here.  Zero and six? More Eli interceptions. Still bitter about those two Super Bowls? You know it! I’m posting this before kickoff, so I leave myself open for ridicule in the comments (lucky me, no one on Monday hauls out my picks for a good laugh!)


Prediction: Green Bay 48 vs Baltimore 24:

Neither of these teams seem up to last year’s strong play.  Aaron Rodgers should be able to torch the weakened Baltimore defense (He’s not Tannehill, who got pummelled last week). The Ravens are giving up big passing plays...Jordy Nelson fantasy football owners are salivating. Joe Flacco may not throw five interceptions this week, but he is not winning these games like he would have last year.


Prediction: Detroit 10 vs Cleveland 13

No Calvin Johnson?  That means stop Reggie Bush and unleash Barkevious Mingo at Matthew Stafford.  Cleveland is not running the ball, so they have to try to stop the Detroit pass rush.  Not sure there turns out to be much scoring, but Cleveland is a team of destiny.  Of course, if Megatron plays, change the 10 to 24 and Detroit wins...


Prediction: St Louis 10 vs Houston 24

Expect Houston to run the ball early and often.  I have no faith in Sam Bradford, especially with J.J. Watt in his grill. All anyone wants to see really is if Matt Schaub throws another pick-six. I say yes.


Prediction: Oakland 20 vs Kansas City 24

Why not. Kansas City could be 6-0? Hey, I want KC vs Denver to be two undefeated teams when they matchup. Oakland has played pretty well on defense, but their offense is inconsistent still. Close, but no cigar, for the Raiders.


Prediction: Carolina 24 vs Minnesota 21

Two marquee stars: Cam Newton and Adrian Peterson.  Neither has been breaking out with a big game. Why should this week be any different?


Prediction: Pittsburgh 21 vs New York Jets 20

God, the Jets can’t be 4-2! Was Atlanta really as bad as they looked on Monday night versus the Jets. The Jets couldn’t have been that good, right? That said, the Steelers can’t be this bad, are they? OK, maybe they are...but they can beat the Jets, right?


Prediction: Philadelphia 31 vs Tampa Bay 20

Nick Foles should be an upgrade for Philadelphia, and Tampa Bay is out-of-sync and hardly looking capable of pulling out a win. Will Tampa get all-world cornerback Darrelle Revis on his island again instead of dropping into zones? That’s like asking Babe Ruth to bunt, or have Jerry Rice stay in and block on every play. Let him play his game and make life easier for the defense, rather than force him into a role that limits his effectiveness. That’s the crap that gets a coach fired.


Prediction: Jacksonville 21 vs Denver 20

Nah, I’m joking. Jacksonville 13 vs Denver 42 looks right.


Prediction: Tennessee 9 vs Seattle 27

Chris Johnson could have run against this defense...five years ago. If Tennessee had anyone but Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback, they’d have at least a shot at a win. Fitz sucks. Seattle is angry after losing last week. Sorry, Titans. Not a good spot to be in.


Prediction: New Orleans 27 vs New England 34

I’m not ready to go all in on the New Orleans defense. It’s improved, but not that great. I think safety Devin McCourty is key in keeping Drew Brees from completing those deep passes over the top. I’d feel better with any safety other than Steve “Wow, look at that receiver run past me” Gregory out there as well, but I expect Bill Belichick to pull out a trick or two on defense.


Prediction: Arizona 16 vs San Francisco 34

San Francisco needed a game to get back on track...hey it’s Arizona! Carson Palmer versus Colin Kaepernick? That matchup is like a battle of Neanderthals versus the US Marines.


Prediction: Washington 24 vs Dallas 27

RGIII has the bye week to get his knee just a bit better.  Washington should have copied New England with Rob Gronkowski and kept RGIII under wraps until he REALLY ready to play.  Dallas has to be so down after last week. That said, they should be able to get up for this one. Sunday night, and--hey NBC--bring back Faith Hill already. My Buddy G and my 12 year old son are all upset about this. There’s some free marketing feedback for you, NBC.


Prediction: Indianapolis 27 vs San Diego 24

San Diego is much better than anticipated, but can Philip Rivers outduel Andrew Luck? Will I be awake on Monday night when this game comes to a dramatic conclusion in the fourth quarter? (Hint: Probably not.)  Either way, expect Indy to have just enough.


* * *


OK, Gabbers, that’s all I have for this week. Have a great fall weekend! Thanks as always for reading!

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