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Deep Thoughts 11-20-13
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. One beautiful thing about being a sports fan is that we are given endless controversial plays to discuss. This past weekend of football featured two pivotal plays that have fans loudly debating the accuracy and logic of NFL officiating. The NFL has made it clear that they want to protect their players and especially those under center. There is no doubt that Ahmad Brooks whacked Drew Brees very hard…which is his job. In truth, it appears to me that he did his job too well. The force that Brooks arm impacted upon Brees had Drew’s head attempting to separate from his body. Or as Brees put it, “I went go go gadget neck"…and compared himself to a crash dummy. In truth, the reality is that the NFL would rather flag a play that is close than lose Brees, Brady or Manning for the season. Like it or not, this is now the reality of professional football. We can all argue that Brooks did not hit Brees in the head or neck but in the chest…officials have been instructed to throw the flag when it is close. The interesting thing is that against Brady or Manning, the same hit would probably not been penalized. The hit that rode into the neck of Brees, would have been six inches lower on other NFL QBs.







Change is often difficult to accept, but players and fans must understand that what was once a great play will now draw a penalty. In truth, there was more to San Francisco losing this game than the questionable penalty on Brooks. The play that stands out just as much to me was the wide open pass dropped by Gore in the flat. If he catches the ball, it was a huge gain…if not a score. It would seem that instead of fuming about this penalty, this group should put the play behind them and get ready to play the Redskins. I still think that the 49ers best football is ahead of them and their next game against the Redskins would be a very good time to begin a nice winning stretch. I am still very much looking forward to the rematch with the Seahawks and 49ers in San Francisco in early December.






The other big play that has everyone talking is the interference penalty that was not. For the world, it looked like Tom Brady would rescue the Pats with a last second comeback. The comeback was waved off by a very confusing call. There is one thing that I have learned over the years…if it looks and quacks like a duck, it is usually a duck. The mugging of Gronk in the end zone could have been called face guarding, holding or interference. How is it possible that it was none of the above? I know that there is no guarantee that the Pats score from the 1, but they should have had the opportunity. This was a very hard hitting, good football game that was ruined by the non-call. There is no question that Carolina is for real this year. There is one thing that I admire about the Patriots…they have already put this play behind them. They know that they cannot change what has happened and are preparing for their next game.

Another thing I took away from this game was that Steve Smith is a bad man. He may be small in stature, but the dude is not afraid to bring it. His one liner leaving the field was a classic…









The Bronco and KC game was pretty much what I expected. The Broncos jumped out early and did just enough to prevent the conservative Chiefs from ever really doing enough to threaten Denver. It has been said repeatedly that KC has not really been tested this year…now they have. There is no shame in losing in Denver, it is one of the toughest home venues in the league…as I said here last week, regrouping at 9 and 1 is not necessarily a bad thing. One thing that KC should take away from their game on Sunday is that Denver did not really run away and hide. The Chiefs have a great defense and do a good job running Jamaal Charles…but they really need a receiver to step up. Dwayne Bowe and Avery just do not do it for me, but they are the choices. Alex Smith does a very good job of managing the game, but needs some help. If KC expects to be successful the rest of the way, they must find a way to become more explosive on offense. . I know that most will talk about the rematch in two weeks against Denver, but they should be very careful not to overlook San Diego. The Chargers are not an easy team to run on and if Rivers gets going, he could be tough to stop.





Were you surprised that Tim Hudson signed with the Giants? I was…not so much that the Giants signed Hudson, but that the Braves did not re-sign him. Hudson was really on a roll when the freak injury sidelined him last summer. He was such a leader on the Brave’s team that I guess I just assumed that he would remain with them. Somehow, the Braves manage to let a Glavine or Smoltz go only to wind up with another talented arm ready to take their place. I guess, I can’t question this move…but it sure does seem like the Giants took a big early step forward for 2014.



I know that Yasiel Puig does many different things that annoy fans. From the bat flip to sometimes throwing to the wrong base…Puig has made a definite splash in baseball, but has earned himself a large number of detractors as well. This week, Puig did something that I thought was worthy of a mention.  Puig entertained 50 Los Angeles youths this week at Dodger Stadium. Many of these kids who had never been to Dodger Stadium before…were allowed to play baseball on the field, and then were invited with their parents to tour the dugout and clubhouse. Once in the clubhouse, Puig hosted everyone with a meal of Dodger Dogs. There will be those that say Puig set this up for the cameras, but for the kids involved, I suspect they could care less why thy they were invited. Great job Yasiel…


















I called my brother in Buffalo this week to wish him a happy birthday. In our visit we got to talking about the goof ball that tried to slide down the stadium rail during last Sunday’s football game. The guy has been banned from ever attending another Bills game and has been fired from his PR job. My brother also heard that a law suit was coming from the guy that he landed on. Although he is lucky to be alive, this is one stupid act that the guy will be living with for quite some time. Both fans involved in this accident were treated and released from the hospital. For those of you that missed the stunt…here it is:







If you have been reading my blog very long, you know that I love fishing over any other sport. Most of us that fish, grew up catching sunfish or perch, right? The cane pole and bobber adorned with a juicy worm was the required tools for any young fisherman. Whenever I hear mention of sunfish, I am immediately taken back to my youth and great times watching my bobber disappear. When I saw the picture of this sunfish, my happy thoughts regarding sunfish quickly vanished. Ugh...what an ugly fish! The beautiful sunfish that we all know has a very ugly relative living in Jamaica. Two fishermen hooked this bad boy and after a lengthy fight, managed to subdue this mutant sunfish. After almost sinking their boat, these fishermen managed to haul the fish into their boat and slowly head to shore. In case you ever head to Boston Bay in Jamaica, leave your cane pole and bobber at home...



                     This is what a 900 lb sunfish looks like. The fishermen initially thought it was an alien. Can you blame them?







That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


Better not take a dog on the space shuttle, because if he sticks his head out when you're coming home his face might burn up.


If you're a horse, and someone gets on you, and falls off, and then gets right back on you, I think you should buck him off right away.



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…




Challenging Penalties
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I am almost certain that at some point someone else has raised the idea of penalty review for NFL games. However, I am again bringing it to the forefront of discussion. Given the circumstances of several outcomes this past weekend can we logically think that in a world of constant review penalties should, and can, remain immune?


In an ideal world I would love to make an argument suggesting that penalty review is not necessary but the past several seasons have proved this fact to be one taken in ignorance. Now before you get to irate just understand that I am only talking about review during end game situations. It seems that there are continuous situations where games are not decided by players but rather referees. This is not what I tune in to watch. More importantly, this isn’t what I committed three to four hours of my afternoon/evening to watch! Even the morally retarded NBA figured out that certain penalties are worth review. It is not hard to see that the speed of football has increased and along with it the rules gracing the rule books. That being said, why is it so hard to swallow the fact that tough penalty calls cannot always be made without bias, or with the uttermost clarity. We are all human in the end. For example, one of the most frustrating penalty calls I have seen in recent years is what I like to call reciprocation flags. We have all seen them: one player instigates a reaction from the opposing team but the last to act is the only one penalized. There have been several situations where this occurs at the tail end of games resulting in a continuation of a drive based on the assessed yardage. This is idiotic. I know some feel that the refs should simply let players play but the reality of the situation says they won’t thus; they need review to see the whole incident and make a fair judgment.


Last night’s game proved once again that refs get caught in the moment and cannot accurately make a real time judgment on certain plays. Therefore, mistakes should be avoided and a more logical system enacted that takes personal bias and/or error out of the equation. Even if the coaches are given a challenge for penalties that they can use during the final two minutes of the game it would be a step in the right direction. In short, I am tired of committing myself emotionally to a game only to have a penalty decide a team’s fate……it takes the fun out of watching.

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Friday is finally upon us. This is one weekend I am really looking forward to with big NFL games on the schedule in the AFC.  In fact, this is all NFL today even though there is plenty of MLB baseball awards, NBA basketball, NHL hockey, and NCAA college basketball and football. Looking for that here? Tough luck.


Besides, the rest of the Gabbers picked up the slack for me this week:


Beezer nailed the college football on Monday while Moz opined on Richie Incognito and CTE & the NFL; Hoodwood hit on NFL locker room culture and NCAA CFB; Uncle B.O.B. checked in from the road and SF49ersFan was checking in with an interesting take on NFL injuries; TheKnightsWhoSay was back with NCAA CFB top 25; Jeff had his Deep Thoughts on all things football, college & pro (and Longhorns!); AFD caught me up on college basketball; and my Boston sports buddies Old Harry & Moz covered all the local sports, NFL, MLB awards, and more here on Thursday so I’m free and clear to do whatever I want this week. Plus, my Friday buddy DVT is ALWAYS a great read right over here-------->


So that said, I’m going to write about one of my favorite things: the NFL. Specifically, the weekly picks.  I always loved reading the weekly picks in the newspapers as a kid. The Sporting News, the Boston Globe, USA Today...I devoured all the NFL picks. There was SI with Dr. Z., national syndicated writers, and local paper the Brockton Enterprise with Glen “Fearless” Farley. There was information, but mostly there was humor, wit, and funny stuff.


So what games are big now as the weather turns cold? The top three teams, Kansas City, Denver, and New England play in prime-time on Sunday and Monday night. Kansas City, on the heels of a 2-14 season, are 9-0 with a lot of the same players.  The Broncos, an all-offense Peyton Manning juggernaut, are 8-1  and facing Kansas City in two of the next three weeks.  


Between those divisional battles for first place, the Broncos face AFC East powerhouse New England.  The Patriots come back from their bye week and face the surprising Carolina Panthers in a Monday Night Football game that is finally worth staying up for this week. The following week, New England welcomes Manning and the Broncos (apparently the NFL schedule DEMANDS a Brady-Manning Match-up each and every season) to Foxboro, MA.  


The games this week start Thursday night with the Titans and Colts...Jets and Bills for AFC East fans...Giants-Packers and Steelers-Lions would have been better games 2 or 3 years ago...NFC East fan? ‘skins vs Eagles...hate the Cowboys? They’re on a bye…Browns vs Bengals is a huge AFC North game (Go Browns! Make the Playoffs! Beat the Bengals!)...Saints vs 49ers is going to be a great, hard-fought NFC battle.




Indianapolis Colts 24 vs. Tennessee Titans 27

Tennessee lost to Jacksonville last week. Let that sink in. I was riding Jake Locker all year at QB (and getting some good play when healthy) in a couple of fantasy football leagues, and now I am paying the price again and hitting the waiver wire in the second half of the season.  Can Tennessee win with Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB? Well, yeah they could. Will they? Probably not. A short week helps Tennessee, though. The Colts were blown out by the Rams and still be in a bit of a malaise. Tennessee doesn’t get many prime time games, so Thursday night is a big game for them.


Atlanta Falcons 24 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 22

Tampa got off the schneid with a win Monday night against Miami. I was on an internet NFL radio show on Monday night (I’d link to it, but I think the podcast was destroyed to save humanity or some such reason.), so I had some fun talking NFL and commenting on the game as it went along. Sometimes writing so much, I forget how much of a blabbermouth I am.This game? Atlanta wins. Tampa is running low on skill position players. Atlanta has gone from Super Bowl contender to top five draft pick contender.


So what the heck is a schneid anyway? Glad you asked. Per www.word-detective.com:

“To be “on the schneid” means to be on a losing streak, racking up a series of losing, and especially scoreless, games. “Schneid” is actually short for “schneider,” a term originally used in the card game of gin, meaning to prevent an opponent from scoring any points. “Schneider” entered the vocabulary of gin from German (probably via Yiddish), where it means “tailor.” Apparently the original sense was that if you were “schneidered” in gin you were “cut” (as if by a tailor) from contention in the game. “Schneider” first appeared in the literature of card-playing about 1886, but the shortened form “schneid” used in other sports is probably of fairly recent vintage.”


New York Jets 17 vs. Buffalo Bills 27

Former Ravens safety Ed Reed passed up Super Bowl contender New England to sign with the Jets? Guess he doesn’t care about adding another ring to his mantle.  No problem, I prefer the Patriots play rookie Duron Harmon and 2nd year safety Tavon Wilson while starter Steve Gregory is out injured.  Reed fits well with the Jets: talks a big game and fades down the stretch. Looking forward to Bills rookie EJ Manual ripping up the Jets defense this week.


Green Bay Packers 27 vs. New York Giants 17

The Giants beat the Pack in January 2008 and 2012 in the NFC Championship Game. This year, no Aaron Rodgers (heck, no Seneca Wallace even!) and the Giants in last place. If you know me, you know I “LOVE” Eli Manning and the Giants. Giants fans are back after the 0-6 start and talking playoffs after three straight wins.  This needs to end now. Go Packers!


Detroit Lions 34 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 17

Detroit is one of the most talented teams in the league. When they WANT to play, they play well on both sides of the ball. Both teams had tough, gritty wins last week. The Lions know their time is now to put distance between themselves and Green Bay (and Chicago). Expect the talent to rise up and Detroit to shine.


Washington Redskins 31 vs. Philadelphia Eagles 34

I watched the ‘skins against Minnesota last week and was struck that they could play so well on offense and still lose. Do I believe in Nick Foles? Hmmm...I do still have Michael Vick on the bench in a few fantasy leagues….guess I’m hedging my bets.  What I do believe is that Chip Kelly has a heck of an offense there and when he finds the right quarterback, look out. RGIII’s season of frustration continues.


San Diego Chargers 22 vs. Miami Dolphins 19

When does Miami put the Incognito/Martin mess behind them?  I showed the kids (10 and 12 years old) one of my favorite movies: Mallrats by Kevin Smith this past weekend. One of the best side stories going on in the mall is Willam (Ethan Suplee, who the kids know as Randy from “My Name is Earl”...with Jason Lee as Earl...who was Brodie in Mallrats...but I digress) is standing in front of a MagicEye picture (a big deal in 1995!) for days trying to see the sailboat in the picture. So at the climax of the movie, he explodes in frustration crying to the heavens “When do I get to see the sailboat?!?!”  That’s where Miami is at...when do they get to move past this...when do they get to see the damned sailboat?


Not this week, Dolphins. Chargers are fighting for their playoff lives right now. They were outclassed by Denver despite a strong performance by their defense (are teams figuring out the Broncos) and put some heat on Peyton Manning. They NEED this win. Miami WANTS it. Pick the Chargers.


Baltimore Ravens 17 vs. Chicago Bears 20

Baltimore cannot run the balls.  The Bears haven’t been able to either.  Think the Ravens want their money back on that Joe Flacco contract yet? Give it a year or two...EVERYONE in Baltimore will want that money back. I’ll take the Bears so Cleveland has some help trying to get in the playoffs.


Cleveland Browns 24 vs. Cincinnati Bengals 23

Speaking of the Browns, this is a big game. Quarterback Jason Campbell has been steady, and considering how bad Brandon Weeden was, that is all Cleveland needs. Sure, Cleveland will rush for 20 yards all game, but no one is running on the Bengals anyway. The game comes down to the dysfunction of the Bengals. They needed a Hail Mary to get to OT against the Ravens then blew it in overtime.  Pick the Browns...I'll have more analysis on this game tomorrow at FirstStopFantasy.com.


Oakland Raiders 17 vs. Houston Texans 13

This game should be canceled due to apathy.


Arizona Cardinals 27 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars 21

I wanted to use the above joke here, but the Jags won last week and the Cardinals keep winning games and are over .500.  Saw the Houston-Cardinals replay and was surprised how much the Cardinals offense has improved. Carson Palmer can pull out a decent game once in a while and Andre Ellington is a good running back. The defense has always been solid since last season (remember, they beat New England early last season). Sorry Jags, gotta go with Arizona.


Kansas City Chiefs 19 vs. Denver Broncos 17

The Chiefs are so good on defense. But so bad on offense. Peyton Manning is dinged up and with an interim coach with head coach John Fox out with health problems, Jack Del Rio is saying nothing to Peyton Manning but “Go get ‘em”  Denver should take the long view and rest Manning this week, but everyone knows that will NEVER happen.  Would love to see the Chiefs win...they probably won’t, but what the heck...go Chiefs!


Minnesota Vikings 27 vs. Seattle Seahawks 24

Upset of the week. Seattle plays down to the competition. It catches up to them this week. The Vikings are coming off a big win against Washington. If Adrian Peterson get get some traction against the Seattle front seven, it can put them in position for the upset. There are not many players that can take over a game regardless of the opposition, but Peterson is one. Seattle’s on cruise control and a little comfortable. They need the wake-up call.


San Francisco 49ers 35 vs. New Orleans Saints 38

Niners offense gets going at last...but it’s not enough.  I am not sure the Saints have enough talent on defense these days, but they certainly have enough on offense.


New England Patriots 31 vs. Carolina Panthers 19

My analysis on the Pats-Panthers tilt on Monday night is here: http://cover32.com/patriots/2013/11/14/new-england-patriots-3-keys-to-monday-night-game-vs-panthers/.  I like the Panthers, but the offense cannot keep up with the Patriots. This could be the first game the Patriots have running back Shane Vereen, tight end Rob Gronkowski, and wide receiver Danny Amendola together this season on offense. That will be huge for Tom Brady and open opportunities downfield for speedy rookie receiver Aaron Dobson.  Should be a great Monday night!


All right, Gabbers. Thanks for reading and enjoy the weekend! Crank the Hank (Williams Jr) come Monday Night--I will be ready for some football!!!


Much to do about somethings
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Race heats up in the NFL

I'm just winging it here, just started typing and not sure where I'm going

I could touch on the Martin / Incognito drama but you already know what I think about that.

I could talk about how both Jacksonville and Tampa Bay won their first game of the season this week and both are probably in better shape going forward than that other NFL Florida franchise.


I could take a little time and let you know what I think of the Benghazi cover up and how the deaths of Americans still makes me outraged...but I’m trying to make this a politics free zone.


I could go on and on about the Celtics, now 4-4 after beating Miami and Orlando on consecutive nights. The chance to take one for the city and pull off the ML Carr tank and get a good ping pong ball in the draft…looks like they are gonna play to win which doesn’t bode well for this mediocre bunch…just out of the playoffs or just out of the lottery with maybe 35 wins.


I could talk about Peyton Manning’s MRI of his right knee while smoke and mirror reporting says he has just another high ankle sprain and will miss no time. The next three games for the Bronco’s are  Kansas City, New England and then home to face Kansas City again.

KC will be all over Manning with pressure from everywhere. The Patriots tend to like to jam and re route receivers while leaving deep safety help and let Peyton sling away underneath. Can Denver’s O line protect their only chance to win the SB through this tough three game stretch? 


I could talk about the NFL playoffs and how things are shaping up in the NFC

The number one seed is Seattle,

New Orleans is number two and will be hard to beat at home. On the road they have two losses…New England and the Jets…that had to hurt a little Rob!

Currently number 3 are the Detroit Lions…no kidding! With Cutler and Rodgers out the Lions can take advantage.

Number 4…the Cowboys or is it the Eagles?

Number 5 are the Carolina Panthers 

Number 6 are the Forty Niners after losing to Carolina


In the AFC we have

Number one: The Kansas City Chiefs still unbeaten

At # 2 the AFC East leaders New England

Number three the Indianapolis Colts

At Four are the Cincinnati Bengals

Wild card at number five are the Broncos

And at number six, Rex Ryan’s those amazing Jets


I could mention that Tuesday morning here in Boston the temp was low 30’s with snow flakes in the air and Wednesday morning the thermometer at the Oldharry residence was tetering around 20. But it’s hunting season so the younger harry is in his tree stand and my freezer still has some room.

Hot Stove time comes early this year...

I may want to talk about the 3 guys given 14.1 million qualifying offers from the World Champion Red Sox, Stephen Drew, Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Napoli. They all turned down the 14 million…ok I’ll take it.

Drew’s agent says he can get his client 3 years 40m…he says Drew is top five SS in every category…specifically which categories are those Mr Boris

Ellsbury’s agent says 7 years 156 million would be in the ball park for Jacoby.

Mike Napoli is looking for 3 years 39m…kinda like Shane Victorino last year.

I won’t miss Drew…its Xander Bogart’s time in Boston.

We never thought Ellsbury would be back, Jackie Bradley should be ready in the Spring.

But Napoli…made $5m plus incentives last year and made 13m. I think he’s a good fit for another year. He plays solid 1st base and can hit. He does strike out a lot but hits for power and is good behind Ortiz. But Mike is taking his wares to the free agent market.

John Farrell losing to Terry Francona for Manager of the Year was a surprise...worst to first???? anyone???

I could talk about the devastation in the Philippines and the aftermath of the typhoon.

Over 10,000 deaths. This is one of those times when mankind rallies to help without political agendas. Most every country on the planet is sending aid.

I could complain about the “expert” on NBC the other night saying that these storms are getting worse and worse because we burn fossil fuels! THIS IS WHERE I USE CAPS AND SCREEM, the weather on this planet is not a fixed cycle, never has been…we have colder and warmer, we have wetter and windy we have volcanoes that spew more hydra carbons and pollution into the atmosphere in 5 days than all of the industrial revolution produced. We have earthquakes and tornadoes, always have and always will

The planet Earth is our home but it isn’t under orders of the United Nations to always be safe. Although we can somewhat impact our environment we can not control nature. And we can’t blame a former President for everything we don’t like!      Life is good but it’s not always safe

 Ok so I did squeeze in a little politics.


One of my son’s just returned from Europe flying into Boston on Aer Lingus so in appreciation for my Irish cousins on the Emerald Isle:

A little from the O’harry humor corner

Fresh in from the Dublin airport A Texan walks into a pub in Ireland and clears his voice to the crowd of drinkers. He says, "I hear you Irish are a bunch of hard drinkers. I'll give $500 American dollars to anybody in here who can drink 10 pints of Guinness back-to-back."

The room is quiet, and no one takes up the Texan's offer. One man even leaves.

Thirty minutes later the same gentleman who left shows back up and taps the Texan on the shoulder. "Is your bet still good?" asks the Irishman.

The Texan says yes and asks the bartender to line up 10 pints of Guinness. Immediately the Irishman tears into all 10 of the pint glasses, drinking them all back-to-back.

The other pub patrons cheer as the Texan sits in amazement. The Texan gives the Irishman the $500 and says, "If ya don't mind me askin', where did you go for the 30 minutes you were gone?"

The Irishman replies, "Oh... I be down to Sully’s pub down the street to see if I could do it first."

have a great day and thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to check out some real sports talk with Lanz right next door

Talking Sports 11/8
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Hello it’s Thursday and Boston is still strong after the rolling rally and the Red Sox Championship parade. I have some thoughts on the whole controlled celebration thing it was a lot more fun when the fans rushed the field. It was good fun chaos and yeah get ride of ski goggles and the plastic plenty time to hail up before next season.

On the fun side Jake Peavey enjoyed his duck boat ride so much he bought the boat. For those of you who aren’t quite sure what a duck boat is see picture above. They are World War II amphibious vehicles basically they go on land and water and were used to carry troops to the beach. Today’s duck boats have been modified and they run on cooking oil. Yeah! Get behind one and they let out the odor of French Fries.

Red Sox will carry the city for a while a new Mayor was elected yesterday to take the place of Mumbles Menino as my man sitting to my left Old Harry likes to call him.Until either the Patriots or Bruins carry the next torch. Yeah Basketball started this week did anybody notice?

Tom Brady is back at least last week he was leading the Patriots to looking like the Patriots of old. Of course Brady has a great day. Folke has a better one for the Eagles.. I was at the Patriots game and it was just a lot of fun. I was thinking that when certain teams come to town . You just have to see them. The Steelers, The Cowboys, the Giants, and Redskins are all in that group as well as the Packers, Broncos, and the Jets just because they are the Jets. So I was at the Patriots game missed little Lanz’s Hockey game on Sunday Night. He scored the first goal of the game(more on that later) . The Mes texted me and when I saw thatI think they were in a TV time out. I let a rather loud Yes. The guys sitting near me asked were lil Lanz was when they came in after I let out my Yeah got high five s all around. I have been sitting near these guys for 7 years and they just are fun group of guys. They treat the kids really well when I bring them to the game. It makes the whole expierence fun so to Scotty, Andrew and Jaime and Jaime’s wife thanks.

Brady looked strong for the first time this season, Amendolla didn’t break anything and Gronk looked like Gronk. Oh yeah Young Dobson caught the long bomb.He doesn’t look as tall as he is but he is fast. Ridely also ran well. Big Ben doesn’t seem like Big Ben maybe no weapons but I was impressed with Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown as well.Polamalu made a nice play riping the ball out of Ridley’s hand even Belichick gave him credit all in all it was nice when for New England to go 7-2 into the bye. OH I still can’t belief the Chiefs are Undefeated.


NHL Update

Ex Bruins Seguin and Peverly returned to the Garden Ice on Tuesday and each got a goal. Really busy week this past week had no time to check out hockey. 5 Football games over the weekend and trying to get to get to kids games as well. then was at training and a conference for work sorry guys if I didn't get to your blog this week.


Lil Warriors Report

Lil Lanz’s team who did  not win a game in the parity round which is the way they seed the teams for the Regular Season went 0-12. Then they lost the first two regular season games. They were 0-2  going into Saturday and a wonderful 6:40am game lil weird going into a rink when it’s dark and coming out when it’s light. Any way they had a nice win 6-4. Lil Lanz rushed a shot and pulled a Bobby Schmautz missing the whole open side of the net from right in front . But a first year kid ended up with a pair and an assist . I talked with his dad Sunday and he said his head was in the clouds. Nice Job! Stephen.

Meanwhile they played again on Sunday and won to even up their record to 2-2. Lil Lanz opened the scoring with a goal on a rebound according to the Mrs, Lil lanz made the Middle School Hockey Team as an Alternate which means he plays every other game and it also means I only have to pay half the fee.

Meanwhile Middle Lanz ‘s team got handed their first loss of both the Parity round and the regular season they were 3-0 in the regular season. They got shut out at 7am game.

Middle Lanz will be playing his last Youth Soccer game this coming Sunday. He scored last week. As will several teammates Jarrod, Luke, Tommy and David. These kids have been together for the past four years. It’s been a great run. They all will be moving up to high School sports next year.

Zebra Tales

I had two games on Friday. The Night game was a great High school Football game. Funny thing happened the visiting coach saw some contact between a receiver and a D-back not a lot of contact..He starts screaming Pass Interference. No coach it’s not . Why Not  ball wasn’t in the air. OH!

We hard our officiating groups business meeting the other night and one gentleman just turned 90. No he isn’t still on the field but he could be still has it upstairs. The Vote was to put him on the auditing committee which he had served on for many years up until last year. The guy sitting behind me says what happens if he dies in office. Got a good laugh

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