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Hello it’s Thursday and Boston is still strong after the rolling rally and the Red Sox Championship parade. I have some thoughts on the whole controlled celebration thing it was a lot more fun when the fans rushed the field. It was good fun chaos and yeah get ride of ski goggles and the plastic plenty time to hail up before next season.

On the fun side Jake Peavey enjoyed his duck boat ride so much he bought the boat. For those of you who aren’t quite sure what a duck boat is see picture above. They are World War II amphibious vehicles basically they go on land and water and were used to carry troops to the beach. Today’s duck boats have been modified and they run on cooking oil. Yeah! Get behind one and they let out the odor of French Fries.

Red Sox will carry the city for a while a new Mayor was elected yesterday to take the place of Mumbles Menino as my man sitting to my left Old Harry likes to call him.Until either the Patriots or Bruins carry the next torch. Yeah Basketball started this week did anybody notice?

Tom Brady is back at least last week he was leading the Patriots to looking like the Patriots of old. Of course Brady has a great day. Folke has a better one for the Eagles.. I was at the Patriots game and it was just a lot of fun. I was thinking that when certain teams come to town . You just have to see them. The Steelers, The Cowboys, the Giants, and Redskins are all in that group as well as the Packers, Broncos, and the Jets just because they are the Jets. So I was at the Patriots game missed little Lanz’s Hockey game on Sunday Night. He scored the first goal of the game(more on that later) . The Mes texted me and when I saw thatI think they were in a TV time out. I let a rather loud Yes. The guys sitting near me asked were lil Lanz was when they came in after I let out my Yeah got high five s all around. I have been sitting near these guys for 7 years and they just are fun group of guys. They treat the kids really well when I bring them to the game. It makes the whole expierence fun so to Scotty, Andrew and Jaime and Jaime’s wife thanks.

Brady looked strong for the first time this season, Amendolla didn’t break anything and Gronk looked like Gronk. Oh yeah Young Dobson caught the long bomb.He doesn’t look as tall as he is but he is fast. Ridely also ran well. Big Ben doesn’t seem like Big Ben maybe no weapons but I was impressed with Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown as well.Polamalu made a nice play riping the ball out of Ridley’s hand even Belichick gave him credit all in all it was nice when for New England to go 7-2 into the bye. OH I still can’t belief the Chiefs are Undefeated.


NHL Update

Ex Bruins Seguin and Peverly returned to the Garden Ice on Tuesday and each got a goal. Really busy week this past week had no time to check out hockey. 5 Football games over the weekend and trying to get to get to kids games as well. then was at training and a conference for work sorry guys if I didn't get to your blog this week.


Lil Warriors Report

Lil Lanz’s team who did  not win a game in the parity round which is the way they seed the teams for the Regular Season went 0-12. Then they lost the first two regular season games. They were 0-2  going into Saturday and a wonderful 6:40am game lil weird going into a rink when it’s dark and coming out when it’s light. Any way they had a nice win 6-4. Lil Lanz rushed a shot and pulled a Bobby Schmautz missing the whole open side of the net from right in front . But a first year kid ended up with a pair and an assist . I talked with his dad Sunday and he said his head was in the clouds. Nice Job! Stephen.

Meanwhile they played again on Sunday and won to even up their record to 2-2. Lil Lanz opened the scoring with a goal on a rebound according to the Mrs, Lil lanz made the Middle School Hockey Team as an Alternate which means he plays every other game and it also means I only have to pay half the fee.

Meanwhile Middle Lanz ‘s team got handed their first loss of both the Parity round and the regular season they were 3-0 in the regular season. They got shut out at 7am game.

Middle Lanz will be playing his last Youth Soccer game this coming Sunday. He scored last week. As will several teammates Jarrod, Luke, Tommy and David. These kids have been together for the past four years. It’s been a great run. They all will be moving up to high School sports next year.

Zebra Tales

I had two games on Friday. The Night game was a great High school Football game. Funny thing happened the visiting coach saw some contact between a receiver and a D-back not a lot of contact..He starts screaming Pass Interference. No coach it’s not . Why Not  ball wasn’t in the air. OH!

We hard our officiating groups business meeting the other night and one gentleman just turned 90. No he isn’t still on the field but he could be still has it upstairs. The Vote was to put him on the auditing committee which he had served on for many years up until last year. The guy sitting behind me says what happens if he dies in office. Got a good laugh

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Hey, hey, it’s Friday! Every office has a company fridge thief...the tuna sandwich was great, Sully. (Sorry!)


I’m getting ready to watch the World Series and my Boston Red Sox against my favorite National League team, the St. Louis Cardinals tonight, so I’m not as wordy as usual (what’s that odd noise that sounds like cheering and clapping?).  Would love to see the Sox head to the great Midwest with a 2-0 lead, but the Redbirds are likely to be a little more on their game than Wednesday night. It was entertaining with some good pitching, hitting, and bizarre plays and moved fairly quickly for a Red Sox game, but the Sox are not getting that lucky each game. Gonna be a good Series!


Before I get into the Week Eight NFL matchups, Patriots rookie cornerback Logan Ryan was fined for $10 grand for grabbing his crotch during his touchdown celebration. The video of it is here: http://nesn.com/2013/10/report-logan-ryan-fined-10000-for-grabbing-crotch-during-touchdown/

Pure class there...



Carolina 24 at Tampa Bay 13:

Something tells me the NFL ratings victories over playoff baseball ends Thursday night.  I’ll swing over to the NFLNetwork during commercials because I think Cam Newton is the best least talked about quarterback in the NFL. Playing in North Carolina (home of all the financial services employees who used to work in Boston & Providence) where the sports pecking order is: 1. College Basketball 2. College Basketball Pre-season 3. College Basketball signing days 4. College Basketball off-season 5. Do we really have a hockey and football team?

Tampa quit on their coach and I feel for Greg Schiano.  Hope he lands in a good spot back in college next year.


Dallas 31 at Detroit 34:

The Lions are kind of hard to figure out. They alternate between “juggernaut” and “pansy”...be it game-to-game, week-to-week, or quarter-to-quarter. The Lions have talent all over the place, playmakers on both sides of the ball, and one of my favorite and most respected coaches, Jim Schwartz (“May the Schwartz be with you!” for those who remember “Spaceballs”). I figure they have enough to bring down a dinged-up Cowboys team at home.


San Francisco 41 at Jacksonville 25:

I figure the San Francisco second team will get some valuable reps. I still think the Jaguars are headed in the right direction, I just expected more from the offensive line and Maurice Jones-Drew while the defense keeps improving bit by bit each week.  Great week to have San Francisco running backs in play.


Cleveland 21 at Kansas City 20:

Upset special, baby! You saw it here first! The Chiefs are probably the better team, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they win on Sunday. Maybe I’m spending too much time watching and researching Cleveland Browns football (my most recent Browns article at FirstStopFantasy.com is here: http://firststopfantasy.com/nfl-teams/cleveland-browns/cleveland-browns-game-review-trampled-by-the-pack/), but the Chiefs are due for a letdown.


Miami 13 at New England 30:

THIS is the week the Patriots click...right? My most recent Patriots review/preview is here at Cover32: http://cover32.com/patriots/2013/10/23/patriots-need-to-move-on-from-loss-to-the-jets/ as I go back and look at last week’s loss to the Jets and preview the Dolphins.  Starting next week I hope to have three straight days of Patriots articles on the Internet: Tuesday Game Review on Cover32.com; Wednesday Patriots “Pick Six” (six key Patriots points) at MusketFire.com; and another Patriots article on Cover32.com with a preview of the coming game.


Buffalo 19 at New Orleans 34:

I like the team the Bills are trotting out, and if they had E.J. Manuel at quarterback they’d have a shot to make it a game in the Big Easy, but this is a game that Drew Brees is going to bring it to get a much needed win for the Saints.


New York Giants 16 at Philadelphia 17:

What a horrible event last week, as the Giants rolled to victory at last. I don’t REALLY hate the Giants, I have enmity for them beating New England twice in the past six Super Bowls, but otherwise I like and respect Tom Coughlan (great job at Boston College and then Jacksonville in the NFL), Jason Pierre-Paul is a fun player to watch on defense, and Victor Cruz is just good for football in general with his rise from undrafted free agent from UMass to Pro Bowler and salsa dancing to honor his Grandmother when he scores a touchdown.  Eli Manning is just a Gomer Pyle reject.


Pittsburgh 27 at Oakland 13:

Don’t look now, but the Steelers are quietly crawling back into the AFC Wild Card race…


New York Jets 7 at Cincinnati 24:

I think the Jets are due for a letdown after winning their Super Bowl last week at New England and a vote of confidence for Rex Ryan. The Bengals have A.J. Green back in the offense and producing again, so the Jets are in a tough spot on the road again. I--in an obvious sign of the coming Apocalypse--wrote a Jets article (and I refrained from calling Rex Ryan a smug douchebag!!!!) as a favor with a regular writer out at FirstStopFantasy which is here: http://firststopfantasy.com/nfl-teams/new-york-jets/can-the-new-york-jets-carry-momentum-forward-from-win-over-patriots/  Interesting to do as a lifelong Patriots fan, but probably good for growth and maturity and all that jazz.


Atlanta 23 at Arizona 13

Arizona is lost in the desert again (Carson Palmer, yuck!) and the Falcons, while underachieving much of the season, are better than their record.


Washington 24 at Denver 38

I would love to pick against Denver, but not at home, not with RGIII not playing to 2012 standards, and not with the game in October instead of December or January when Peyton Manning runs out of steam. The Redskins have struggled to run the ball, still lack weapons in the passing game, and the defense took a step backwards this year. Of course, Dallas could fold in the second half **SARCASM ALERT** <> **SARCASM ALERT** and let the ‘skins back in the race. Oh yeah, no “Redskins” name talk here...other, smarter writers than me have covered it better here on the Gab.


Green Bay 31 at Minnesota 13

The Packers are not the beast that they looked to be with their injuries on offense, but the defense is improved and the Vikings...well, the Vikings are the Vikings.  Quarterback remains a quagmire (where have you gone, Daunte Culpepper? Lonely Vikings fans turn their eyes to you, ooh-ooh-ooh) and Adrian Peterson is suffering from eight-in-the-box-itis. Aaron Rodgers is just too good right now to lose these kinds of games


Seattle 33 at St. Louis 3

I love a good Monday Night Blowout!


* * *


Getting back to the fridge thief pic that kicked the blog off, I remember at my first real “office” job after college and the disappointment that the thief who stole my snacks, half-sub saved for later, sodas and used all my coffee creamer was the Executive Vice President who made over $200k while I pulled down the tidy sum of about $9 bucks an hour (I’d figure it after commuting costs but I don’t need to make myself cry).  A harsh lesson in economics right there for young and idealistic Hal B.--the rich will take and take and take from the poor until the poor can take no more. Of course, how much money did he save not buying lunch in the city? Sad ending to the story, I went back to work for him after the company I was at closed (he had a start-up competition) and suffered for another couple years (but kept my food out of the fridge).  


While I’m on a roll with funny stories, at his company (I went because the Senior Vice President/General Manager he hired was a good friend and mentor of mine) the CEO/President ended up buying the office a Gevalia single-cup coffee thingy back in the day when they were much, much more expensive. My friend the SVP/GM and I would go out for coffee every day around 10am to get some fresh air, chat about my kids/his grandkids, and go to Dunkin Donuts because the coffee in the office was abysmally weak and bitter. So one day the CEO/President calls us in his office to ask out what we are conspiring about. We thought he was joking until he confronted us about leaving the office to talk each day. Once we picked our jaws off the table we explained his coffee in the office was crap and we wanted a decent “cuppajoe:. He says to us “so if I get good coffee you won’t leave the office?”  So we said yes, he bought the system and stocked it (set up my office across the hall from the kitchen when we moved to a bigger office on another floor soon after), and I left there after two years with a twelve-cup a day coffee habit and addicted to Colombian roast.


OK boring stories are over, hope you all have a great weekend of sports.  Football (college and pro), World Series baseball, hockey, and the kickoff of the NBA makes for a fun time.  Busy but fun weekend ahead, make it a great one! Thanks as always for reading!



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While trying to catch up on my magazine reading...


For Boston area sports fans, last Sunday was one hell of a day. It ended up being called Miracle Sunday and Comeback Sunday, but whatever the name you choose to call it, thanks to two stunning comebacks, it was truly a fun day!

The day started off with the afternoon late game matchup of the Patriots hosting the Saints.

Now I'm not suggesting anyone out there reading this doesn't already know what happened given the ad nauseum talk and replay of the days events, but it does feel good to write about it even a week after the events.

I was a bit depressed by all the fans leaving the stadium when all appeared lost after the Tom Brady interception. However, I can understand the desire to get a jump on traffic. I haven't ever been to Foxboro for a Pats game (I haven't hit the lottery as you might've guessed.) But I've heard the horror stories of the traffic on Route 1 after the game lets out.

Of course, I'm feeling slightly superior to those fans who left though. See, when Brady threw that pick, I too felt the game was over. But unlike those who bolted for the exits, I kept the TV channel right where it was. And my reward for staying with the game to what was looking to be "the bitter end" was seeing Brady getting a third "last chance opportunity" and hitting Kenbrell Thompkins with 5 seconds left for the winning touchdown.

It was a hell of a pass and Thompkins displaying good hands and the presence of mind to get both feet down in bounds had fans everywhere cheering his name instead of cursing it as has been the case in weeks past.

Of course nothing is perfect and the Patriots lost three players to injury during the course of the game. Jerod Mayo is out for the season, while Danny Amendola got knocked out and Dan Connolly got a head injury as well. The continuing pile up of injuries keeps the chorus of talking heads talking about when the personnel losses will finally come back to kill the Patriots chances to win, but all that didn't matter at this moment in the game:

The capper to the Patriots game was Bill Belichick's quote to start the postgame press conference: “Well, I’m sorry you had to rewrite some of those [game] stories at the end.”

After taking a break from sports to do watch other things on TV, I caught Game 2 of the ALCS with the Red Sox and Tigers. After getting shut down in Game 1 by Tigers pitching, I don't think the Sox or their fans figured to see it happen again in Game 2. And that's still taking into account that Max Scherzer was starting the second game.

But that is what happened as the Boston lineup could hardly get anything going against Detroit once again.

That is of course until the 8th inning when David Ortiz once again earned that unofficial but entirely accurate title of "best clutch hitter in baseball". When that first pitch to Ortiz got swatted into the Red Sox bullpen for a game tying grand slam, the sleepy Fenway Park crowd (and yours truly) went absolutely barking stars!

That crazy fervor went up even more when Boston nailed a walk off single to win Game 2 6-5 and salvage a split of the two games in Boston. They needed to do that after dropping Game 1, because if they'd gone to Detroit down 0-2, I really think the tone of the series would've been such that the only way Boston would be heading back to Fenway would be to clean out their lockers.

I'll tell you though, watching Big Papi swing the stick and tag that ball was beautiful, don't you think?

As for the rest of the ALCS, you can imagine how great it was to see the Red Sox take the first game in Detroit in a 1-0 classic performance. It is going to cost a lot of money if Boston hopes to keep Mike Napoli next season. His homer and an amazing performance from starter John Lackey in outdueling Justin Verlander had the tense fingernail biting game keeping everyone glued to every pitch.

Then there was the big win for the Tigers in Game 4. The less said about that the better for Red Sox fans. But the Tigers did a hell of a job getting to Jake Peavy for 5 runs to quickly take control of the game.

And then Game 5 saw the Red Sox solve Anibal Sanchez early and hang on to win 4-3 to head back to Boston with a 3-2 lead.

As you might imagine, I was writing this piece up ahead of time so there wasn't time to include my thoughts about Game 6. When I stopped writing, it was 2-1 Tigers heading into the 7th inning. I was swearing quite vociferously at the TV / Red Sox. I was cursing the lineage of whatshisname who walked the bases loaded, cursing Brandon Workman for dropping the ball when he tried to bare hand it to make a play and I was cursing every one on the Tigers for not laying down and dying so MY Red Sox could win the game.

And in the bottom of the 7th inning, I was screaming in joy as the Red Sox worked the bases loaded. And then came The Flyin' Hawaiian!

Not bad for a guy that everyone (including me) thought was done after his season last year in L.A. But instead he served as a catalyst to change the culture in the clubhouse and now has hit one of the most important home runs in Boston Red Sox history.

And don't let us forget the shutdown relief pitching we are getting from Craig Breslow, Junichi Tazawa and the lights out Koji Uehara. Those guys have been awesome and it showed again last night.

I am by no means getting ahead of things, but this team reminds me of the loose yet intense guys we saw back in 2004. The games are on the edge of your seat nail biters filled with huge and timely plays at the plate and in the field.

The Red Sox are in the World Series. Somehow, the world seems a little brighter this Sunday morning.


I was out running errands during the early part of the first games yesterday. But I stopped in at the 99 restaurant to have some lunch and saw some of the South Carolina-Tennessee game. Tennessee led 3-0 when I left but I've been saying that they stink, even after giving Georgia all they could handle two weeks ago. But once I got home, I watched the rest of the game as the Volunteers got their first "signature" win under Butch Jones and pulled the 23-21 upset on a field goal as time expired.

You gotta give Tennessee credit, they really busted their butts today and with an assist by some stupid decisions by Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier, got the big win. Of course I can be momentarily happy for them to get the monkey off their back. But next week they play Alabama and I'll be rooting for them to stink all over again.

One game that is making all sorts of news this week is one that ended up not being played. The situation at Grambling State has reached epically bad proportions. Earlier in the week, players boycotted a practice after they'd walked out of a meeting with the school administration. This was due in part to their unhappiness with the firing of coach Doug Williams, the hiring of George Ragsdale as interim coach and a number of other issues.

After they boycotted a second practice, Ragsdale was fired as coach. The players initially had voted to play today's game against Jackson State, but the school forfeited the game when none of the players showed up to the buses that were to transport them to the game. (the busing to games is another of the issues raised by players).

So far the school administration is waving their weinies to claim they are the top dog in the fight. But the players released a letter to the media and I have a feeling that either the school will have no choice but to give into to what would seem like some reasonable demands, or they'll cut off their nose to spite their face and just cancel the whole season in a vain, futile and stupid attempt to show that they are in charge. You can read the story about the letter here: http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/9846943/grambling-state-tigers-players-send-letter-complaint-administration

And if that isn't bad enough for the school, Sports Illustrated published an article on their website that paints a really bad picture of the situation both at the school and the athletics program. You can read that article here: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/college-football/news/20131018/grambling-football/index.html

It is an utter shame what is being done at the school made famous by coach Eddie Robinson (pictured below).

I haven't really written much about Division 3 college football because in all honesty I don't really follow it. Heck, I usually don't even read about it when they have coverage in the papers of the area teams.

But I thought I'd mention the Mass Maritime Buccaneers. The team is located about 10-15 minutes from where I live and on the roster is a guy named E.J. Bennett. He's from my town and I had the pleasure of coaching him in basketball. He's been a pretty good receiver for the team and is currently a junior.

In last week's 54-53 victory over Western Connecticut, he caught 7 passes for 83 yards including a 33 yard TD reception. Through the first 5 games, he has 36 catches for 422 yards and 6 TDs.

The Buccaneers had their sixth game yesterday on the road against Westfield State. They trailed 27-7 but rallied to tie the game. But WSU scored 10 points to close out the game and win 37-27. Mass Maritime is 3-3 on the season with a 1-3 conference record. But E.J. had a huge day in the loss. He caught 15 passes (two shy of his own record of 17) for a school record 274 receiving yards and 3 TDs. His last TD was a 68 yard scoring strike.

You can actually see the archived video of the entire game here: http://www.mascac.tv/play/index.cfm?fuseaction=embstay&id=3D24F943CA

They have a home game next week and I'm thinking of going to watch E.J. play. You can check out his player profile here: http://www.mmabucs.com/sports/fball/2013-14/bios/Bennett_E.J.

Alabama - The Crimson Tide started the game off being just unstoppable against Arkansas. Ten minutes into the game and Alabama was up 14-0.

A.J. McCarron went 6-7 on the first drive and capped it off with a TD pass to Jalston Fowler. A bad punt from Arkansas gave Bama great field position and they marched unbelievably fast down towards the end zone where Kenyan Drake ran it in for the second TD.

Things slowed down for a bit after that, but Kenyan Drake blew open the game with a 46 yard TD run with 9:03 left in the second quarter. The surgically precise dissection of the Razorbacks continued with a McCarron to Amari Cooper 30 yard TD pass and a 28-0 halftime lead.

In the second half, it was more of the same as McCarron hit O.J. Howard with a 17 yard TD as Alabama's offense just kept grinding away at what seems like a defense unable to defend themselves.

T.J. Yeldon got into the action with a 24 yard run to make it 42-0 and Alabama was really looking like a juggernaut.

The bench got a bunch of playing time after that. Blake Sims went in at QB and led them to a field goal on his first series (helped largely by a roughing the punter penalty on Arkansas).

Add in an 80 yard TD run from Derrick Henry (he had 110 to lead the team on the night) in the fourth quarter and the 52-0 blowout was complete.

The ground game accounted for 350 out of the 530 total yards on the night. The defense held Arkansas to 256 yards of total offense while garnering 2 interceptions and a fumble recovery.

Domination thy name last night was Alabama. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix was cleared to play and he keyed the early going for the defense with a interception (pictured below).

In other Saturday action that caught my eye:

Georgia saw their season and conference title hopes take another big hit as Vanderbilt upset them 31-27. It seems that whatever the Bulldogs had to rebuild their season after the opening game lost has once again disappeared and they are now an also-ran yet again. And the defense has fallen apart. This is the second straight game where Georgia lost after holding a 13 point lead.

In continuing their surprising and continuously effective season, Missouri stomped all over the Florida Gators 36-17 to run their record to 7-0. And keep in mind that while Florida's offense hasn't been firing on all cylinders at times this year, the Tigers won with their backup QB starting in place of injured passer James Franklin.

The Michigan-Indiana game saw the two teams confused about whether they were playing football or basketball. The Wolverines won 63-47! The stat guys must've had a field day trying to keep up with QB Devin Gardner (pictured below). He was 21-29 for 502 yards and 2 TDs. He also ran for 81 yards and 3 TDs.

But it didn't stop there for the Wolverines. Running back Fitzgerald Toussaint (pictured below) ran for 152 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Not to be outdone, receiver Jeremy Gallon (pictured below) caught 14 passes for (and this is not a typo) 369 yards and two touchdowns.

Another shootout game was Texas A&M-Auburn. Auburn pulled off the 45-41 upset at College Station behind the power running of Tre Mason (178 yards 1 TD) and the combined passing and running performance of QB Nick Marshall. He threw for 236 yards and 2 TDS and also ran for 100 yards and 2 TDS.

Despite the loss, Johnny Manziel had a stat game to make most QBs jealous. He threw for 454 yards and 4 TDS. He added 48 yards on the ground with another TD. Receiver Mike Evans was in beast mode once again. He caught 11 passes for 287 yards and 4 TDs. It appears college teams that call the state of Alabama home can't cover him to save their lives. They win the games but look ridiculous trying to stop him from catching passes.

Meanwhile, Auburn is really looking pretty good and the Iron Bowl against "my" Crimson Tide is going to be a heck of an interesting game this year.

When you think of video game football, I think the real life equivalent this season has to be Baylor. They put another ridiculous beating on a team yesterday. This week's victim was Iowa State and they lost to the Bears 71-7 and managed just 173 yards of total offense.

Oh and in a day of upsets, Ole Miss blew a 24-14 lead but got a 41 yard field goal with 2 seconds left to knock of  #6 LSU 27-24.

LSU QB Zach Mettenberger had a very bad game overall with three picks, two of which were in the end zone.

The big power matchup of the week was the primetime game between  #5 Florida State and  #3 Clemson. And the sizzle for that game fizzled as the Seminoles just annihilated Tajh Boyd 51-14.

Clemson "Clemson'd" themselves once again as FSU quarterback Jameis Winston (pictured below) threw for 444 yards and 3 TDs. He also ran for a score as well.

I was busy watching the Alabama game and the Red Sox so I didn't see any of this game but you don't have to sit through four quarters to understand what happened. All you have to do is look at the scoreboard. There is no way to spin a 51-14 final score.

And Jameis Winston certainly has to be seen as a candidate for the Heisman Trophy. The guy is just killing it out there.


Finally! I had a 2-0 week last Sunday in my fantasy football leagues. I play to have some fun and all, but of course I want to do well. And this was the first week where I went undefeated. Here's hoping that it is the start of a trend and not just a one week aberration.


As the season draws closer and closer, preview articles about teams are coming out. Here's one on the Tennessee Lady Vols: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/warlick-lady-vols-comfort-zone-195336867--ncaaw.html

What would women's college basketball be without yet another controversy erupting over a coach being accused by a player of abusive behavior. The latest involves Bill Gibbons, the coach at Holy Cross. Unsurprisingly he's "voluntarily" on administrative leave while an investigation takes place. You can read the initial story here: http://news.yahoo.com/holy-cross-coach-charged-suit-goes-leave-210449571--spt.html;_ylt=A2KJ3CacZGJSUx8Axv5NbK5_

I don't know what to make of the story and I don't want to assume anything either way. But a number of former players and staffers have come out publicly in support of the coach. You can read that story here: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/former-players-defend-holy-cross-162147373--ncaaw.html


While there is a full slate of games in the NFL today, no game has had more pregame hype than the Denver Broncos visit to Indianapolis. The return of Peyton Manning to play against the Colts was a big enough story all by itself, but it blew up into comically epic proportions when Colts owner Jim Irsay opened his ignorant yap and took his place alongside his father (for moving the team out of Baltimore in the middle of the night) as a tool of the first order. He made some comments in an interview with a USA Today reporter.

I read the interview and while much of what he said was factually correct, it came off as him being a bit of a dick. And that's why the backlash against him (including comments from Denver coach John Fox) was so fierce. Irsay comes off as if he's ungrateful for what Peyton Manning brought to Indy in the first place. The Colts would be nowhere near the level they are if Manning hadn't won all those regular season games Irsay kind of backhand dismisses. And while he may have won only 1 Super Bowl with Manning, that's one more than he would've won in those years without him.

 I realize it will never happen but it would be nice if megalomaniacal owners just learned to keep their mouths shut. If for no other reason than it would be a refreshing change of pace.

However, one Colts fan had a great take on the return of Manning. You can read that article here: http://mmqb.si.com/2013/10/18/emotions-are-torn-but-the-jersey-is-intact/


You can check out the latest in results for local high school teams I follow here: http://t-s-b-n.com/pt/The-Rootin-Tootin-High-School-Roundup-of-101913/blog.htm

One game that didn't make that blog post because it was played yesterday afternoon was the Upper Cape football team beating the Avon/Holbrook team 42-6.


It has been a slow week for me this week, so there is no music or book news to share with you. But I did get confirmation that I was approved for a press pass to cover the Rhode Island Comic-Con on Saturday November 2nd. I'll write an article about my "Day at the Con" once I attend. You can check out the show's website at http://www.ricomiccon.com

I know that I'll be excited to meet one guest in particular. Catherine Mary Stewart from the 1984 sci-fi film The Last Starfighter. My inner child from when I was 13 was so in love with her and wished I could be the guy she ran (flew?) off to outer space with.

TV - The season premiere of The Walking Dead last Sunday was called "30 Days without an Accident". I've heard some negative talk about the premiere but I have to say that I really enjoyed it. By the way, I'm not doing the episode recaps this year so don't be waiting around looking for those links.

Oh and the folks who put together those Honest Trailers on Youtube have done one up for The Walking Dead. You can check it out below.

Oh, and there was a pretty good story about a waitress in New Hampshire that picked up the check for two National Guard members during the government shutdown. The story went viral and it was picked up by The Ellen Degeneres Show. Check the link to see what happened!

On November 23rd, the 50th anniversary celebration episode of Doctor Who called "The Day of the Doctor" will premiere. The first trailer for the special is now online.

Comic Books - Next weekend (October 26th and 27th), participating comic shops throughout the land will be taking part in Halloween Comicfest 2013. Much like Free Comic Book Day, special Halloween themed comics will be available at shops for the kids...for FREE!

You can check out the details and find the shop nearest you here: http://www.halloweencomicfest.com/Home/1/1/78/1138

Speaking of comics, the third issue of the comic series SIDEKICK came out last week. And on the letters page I was quite happily surprised to find my letter of comment about the first issue had been printed.

I'm a huge fan of the writer J. Michael Straczynski and his response to my letter made my day.

The first part is a quote from my letter, the rest is his response:

JMS: "...set the bar high for someone falling so low." Best turn of phrase I've heard this week. Knock it off, you're showing me up here."

I thought that was pretty darn cool of him to say.




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Happy Friday!  I’m still riding a high with the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS and the New England Patriots winning on Sunday in dramatic fashion against the New Orleans Saints.  Add in the Los Angeles Puigs Dodgers and the St. Louis “Who the @*&#^% are these guys” Cardinals in great matchup in the NLCS, and this has been an entertaining week.


But hold on, there’s more: hockey season is gearing up with goalie Tim Thomas and the Florida Panthers coming to Boston for the first time since crawling out of his bunker and returning to the NHL. Thomas had suffered a pulled groin last week (wow, more than a week ago), but should be back in net. While Thomas was hardly an icon in Boston, he delivered a Stanley Cup and was a controversial figure with his “political views” garnering the headlines at the end of his run before taking a year off.


In the NBA preseason, Celtics controversy is brewing outside of Boston: LeBron James and Dwyane “Riding Coat-tails to Championships” Wade spoke out about former Celtics Coach Doc Rivers and former players Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett for speaking out about former Celtic Ray Allen taking his talents to South Beach to get a ring rather than hang in Boston for another run.  At this point, it’s a year later and the emotion is gone. To bring it up now seems stupid.


Allen made the best move to win a ring, and he made the right call. He left $5 million over two seasons to be just about the only athlete to ever take less money to try and win a championship. He was right that Boston was not a playoff caliber team, and he was probably motivated by being shopped at the trading deadline.  He put his mouth where his money was and got his ring. Kudos to Ray.


It seems to be a media driven stunt to generate interest in a Brooklyn Nets and Miami Heat Eastern Conference rivalry this year. Add in some drama for when they play the Clippers on national television hardly hurts. Pierce and Garnett really weren’t ever going to play in Boston this year: the rebuilding was two years overdue. To fault the rats for fleeing a sinking ship when they are being thrown overboard is silly.


This week had some drama with Brooklyn and Boston in a preseason game giving the Boston fans the chance to see Paul Pierce in a uniform other than the green and white of Boston since he was in college for Kansas.  It was definitely jarring to see him with “Brooklyn” across the jersey, but as much as I feel that I would want him to stay in Boston for his entire career it was the right move to trade him. The team needed to move on, and it is sad, but it was the right move.


The Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers have been playing a...what’s the word...interesting(?) series. The Red Sox have been stifled by the Tigers starting rotation like no team in a long time, and their top scoring unit is deadlocked at two games apiece and will be heading back to Boston for at least a game six after the third straight game in Detroit Thursday night (you’ll [probably] know what happened when you’re reading this!) but the series is a back and forth affair that seems like it is fated to go all seven games.


The series is tied, but the Tigers have led in 32 of 36 innings so far.  That is insane. The Tigers have to be demoralized thinking that they coulda/shoulda/woulda swept any other team with that starting rotation.  The Red Sox have gutted out two improbable wins: seriously, 5-1 after seven innings? John Lackey beating Justin Verlander when Verlander HAD IT GOING ON!  That is crazy.  That said, if I had a time machine, I’d be in Las Vegas last March putting down money on Lackey beating Verlander in the playoffs.  I’d probably have got 500-1 odds. I’d be rich! Marty McFly, I need to borrow your car!!!




Seahawks 27 vs Cardinals 14 (Thursday Night)

Since I have this written before kickoff, I am pretty confident that--like 99.9% of the NFL Nation--I have picked the Seahawks to win.  I had Arizona quarterback Carson Palmer as a fantasy football sleeper pick and was rewarded by him JUST PLAIN SUCKING LIKE CARSON PALMER HAS DONE THE PAST FOUR YEARS.  Sad to say, but I ended up starting Matt “Pick-six” Schaub over him in a few fantasy football leagues.


Bills 17 vs Dolphins 23

I don’t think the Miami Dolphins are more than a fringe wild card team. Free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace has been horrible and if he was a minimum contract player he’d have been cut. The team misses Detroit running back Reggie Bush more than they admit. Also, the offensive line is going to get promising young quarterback Ryan Tannehill killed--they should have resigned Jake Long, no? He’s only the tenth best tackle so far this season. Miami tackles Jonathan Martin (49th) and Tyson Clabo (65th) have been more than horrible (ratings from: ProFootballFocus.com...74 qualifying tackles). That said, Buffalo is on quarterback #4 on the depth chart. Pick Miami!


Bears 23 vs Redskins 27

The Bears defense ain’t what it used to be...but neither is RGIII.  I’m just going with a hunch here.


Cowboys 48 vs Eagles 34

I love the Eagles offense--I just hate their defense. The Cowboys offense may be slowed a big by injury, but the defense should make enough stops to win.  This is a high-scoring fantasy football lover game. Points, points, points.


Patriots 17 vs Jets 13

Another slogger...I previewed this game at Cover32.com here: http://cover32.com/patriots/2013/10/16/new-england-patriots-go-from-ryan-rob-to-ryan-rex/ The Patriots struggle against Rex Ryan (barring butt-fumbles or inexplicable meltdowns, which don’t happen often. Rex is a loudmouth turd, but you’d love to have that loudmouth turd as your team’s defensive coordinator. Much love to Cover32.com this week from me, as they set-up a radio spot for me to talk some Patriots and Dolphins as their site’s “Patriots Insider” at Miami’s home of the Dolphins, 940 WINZ Friday at 7:03am (you can tune in here if its before 7am: http://www.940winz.com/main.html or listen through the IHeartRadio app. Also, they usually post the media files as well if anyone wants to hear me pee my pants  I mean subject myself to FCC violations, I mean talk football over the radio.


Rams 13 vs Panthers 31

I really am glad to see Cam Newton bounce back this year.  He wasn’t HORRIBLE last year, but he was a little off his historic rookie season.  He is good for the NFL as a marketable young quarterback (how would you like to be McDonalds building a marketing campaign around Joe $20 million per year down the drain” Flacco?).


Bengals 13 vs Lions 24

I don’t see Cincinnati playing Detroit like they played New England but more like they were last week against Buffalo. Cincinnati gets up for big games, but struggles when they don’t seem to have “BIG GAME” plastered all over the place.  Quarterback Andy Dalton is disappointing, and the Bengals need to evaluate if he is the QB to lead this team to a playoff win, let alone a Super Bowl.


Chargers 27 vs Jaguars 17

It was nice to see Jacksonville show up and put up a fight against Denver last week. The Chargers are much improved this year, but then they underachieved last year and had tons more talent than their record indicated. Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon has showed he is a big time performer when he’s on the field...the Jags need to keep him there on the field.


Buccaneers 17 vs Falcons 17

The battle of the underachievers. Why not a tie? They both have been finding ways to lose this year and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. This way they both lose!


Ravens 24 vs Steelers 23

This was THE regular season matchup not too long ago but both franchises have taken a step back this year.  That said, they’ll be plenty of drama in the afternoon national matchup. I just think the Steelers don’t have quite enough this week.


49ers 31 vs Titans 24

If Jake Locker can play, it would be a huge lift for Tennessee. That said, the 49ers are getting back to their winning ways and finally playing with some consistency. Expect the 49ers to pull away in the second half and Colin Kaepernick to make some noise through the air.


Browns 21 vs Packers 24

I think the Browns fight the good fight, but even short-handed at wide receiver Green Bay has too much talent to lost this game. And by talent I mean Aaron Rodgers. If the Browns had a better quarterback in the matchup, I’d give them the chance for an upset, but not this Sunday with Brandon Weeden.


Texans 17 vs Chiefs 31

Houston’s offensive line cannot block anyone.  Kansas City’s defense cannot be blocked by anyone. Over/under on sacks by KC must be 9.5 if I had to guesstimate.  ‘Nuff Said.


Broncos 37 vs Colts 41

Manning vs Luck. Two playoff teams from 2012. Sunday Night Football. It all comes down to this: Last team with the ball wins.


Vikings 9 vs Giants 6

Monday Night Football is looking for that “switch-out clause” in their contract with the NFL to switch this turd-fest out.  I can’t remember the last time I avoided a Monday Night Football game intentionally (if ever!).  I need motivation to watch. Oh yeah:

0-7 - Lose it Eli: Lots of INTs! 0-7 - Lose it Eli: Lots of INTs! 0-7 - Lose it Eli: Lots of INTs! 0-7 - Lose it Eli: Lots of INTs! 0-7 - Lose it Eli: Lots of INTs! 0-7 - Lose it Eli: Lots of INTs! 0-7 - Lose it Eli: Lots of INTs! 0-7 - Lose it Eli: Lots of INTs! 0-7 - Lose it Eli: Lots of INTs! 0-7 - Lose it Eli: Lots of INTs! 0-7 - Lose it Eli: Lots of INTs! 0-7 - Lose it Eli: Lots of INTs! 0-7 - Lose it Eli: Lots of INTs! 0-7 - Lose it Eli: Lots of INTs! 0-7 - Lose it Eli: Lots of INTs! 0-7 - Lose it Eli: Lots of INTs!


OK, Gabbers. That’s all I have...gotta work the remote between Thursday Night Football and the Red Sox-Tigers game! Have a great weekend!


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Hey Kids It’s another Thursday and an exciting week in Boston sports..


Sunday was Euphoric for the Boston Sports fan shaving a few years of the lives of many Red Spx and Patriots fans. Tom Brady pulls off a last second Touchdown to beat the Saints. Brady’s pass and a great catch by kenbrell Thompkins who has had trouble hanging on to the football all year. The funny thing it was kind of the same play in the back corner of the end zone and diving catch that Drew Brees threw a few minutes earlier to take the lead.  Lil Lanz and I were at the game and as much as I wanted to leave AFTER Brady’s interception he wanted to stay so we did and I’m glad we did.

Then in the Night camp Big Papi hits a Grand Slam to tie it and Jarrod Saltalamachia got the walk of hit to win it. It was just one heck of night in Boston Sports. The Red Sox- Tiger series has been unbelievable if you like pitching in Saturdays game Anabel Sanchez just had nasty stuff frustrating the Red Sox hitters. Scherzer in game two was outstanding for 7 innings. Game 3 Lackey and Verlander was like a heavy weight fight. Verlander hangs one bad pitch that Napoli takes deep 99% of the time that pitch is a long out. That was it for the game. The name of the game is pitching to go deep your pitchers have to be on top of their games and they have for both teams.

Cardinals thought they sent the Dodgers golfing with Adrian Gonzalez two home runs in game 5 to put LA back into it..

NHL Update

Skates were sharpened , sticks were taped

NHL happenings

Evander Kane of the Winnipeg Jets got hurt in practice this week as he got tangled with another player along the boards. It appears to be a leg injury and he is listed as DTD

It took a shoot out for the Sabres to get there first win of the season on Tuesday.

The NHL has offered the Blues Maxin Lapierre an in person hearing after a nasty hit from behind on the Sharks Danny Boyle


I found Bob Costas comments about changing the name of the Washington Redskins revolting to say the least. It was the wrong time and forum to exercise his opinion especially when the majority  has n o issue with the name including native Americans. Once again PC tries to appease the minority when the majority has no say. Bob lets change the Dallas Cowboys to the pale faces then we will have both Pale faces and Redskins and they both may turn chicken but they will be colorful fights


Lil Warrior Update

Missed both of Middle Lanz’s games this week due to Football commitments on Saturday and Pats Tix on Sunday his team won both games. Lil lanz played at 6 am on Saturday last just say they aren’t morning team. It wasn’t much better on Monday afternoon


Zebra Tales

I had a busy weekend did a Sub varsity Friday and two varisty games on Saturday.

Friday probably the most unusual thing I ever saw in a game the 4 kids on the defensive line jumped the offense did move the center didn’t snap the ball and they all froze in the neutral zone until coach of the defensive team yelled get back they did and then the center snapped it. No contact, no movement we had nothing but strange.

Saturday I got to work two big local upsets one in the afternoon and one at night. The afternoon game was just a hard fought conference game and the underdog kicked two field goals and scored a late TD for a victory.

Saturday Night a small CCC team beat the power house defending Conference Champ who had a 13game winning streak on the line . I have the winning sideline the coach says hey do you now CPR will you help me when I have a heart attack at the end of this game. I thought it was funny there was some pretty happy kids  and just a pumped up young coach that’s what High School football is all about

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