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The Unlikeliest Ever?
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With the playoffs approaching and so many big favorites around, everyone wonders whether the hangers-on have a chance. Usually they don't. But they've come up big a few times in the past several years.

The Giants did it twice, following mediocre seasons. The Ravens did it last year with a strong finish. What was the unlikeliest Super Bowl run, anyway? Fans everywhere probably have their favorites. For example, the 1968-9 Jets surely qualify, as they had to upset their way out of the AFL before stunningly toppling the Colts. But I believe the unlikeliest run I ever saw --- a true miracle run --- was that of the Patriots in 2001.

They came into the season a shadow of what Parcells had left behind when he walked, as he did from so many teams so many times. They had spent valuable capital to shanghai Bill Belichick, a relatively unknown commodity at the time, from the Jets. They started the season as if ready to repeat the past year's 5-11 performance, losing to the Bengals and the Jets.

In that second game, delayed a week by 9/11, one of the season's turning points occurred, and it wasn't very positive either. The team had already lost quarterback coach Dick Rehbein, who passed away before the season began. Now Drew Bledsoe, the face of the team and one of the league's premier quarterbacks, went down trying to scramble for a first down. His injury was more severe than it appeared (including a severed blood vessel), and he was gone for a long while as it turned out, perhaps lucky to be alive. Sophomore who-dat Tom Brady came in to manage the Pats to an uninspiring 10-3 loss as fans packed their figurative bags for the year.

A surprise 44-13 pasting of the Colts in the next game gave those fans some hope, but the Fins quashed that in week 4 and the Patriots went into the following weekend at 1-3, looking every bit their old 5-11 calibre. But they were playing harder than before and some fans seemed able to sense it. The sacrifice of Bledsoe's arm, far stronger and more accurate than Brady's, was being picked up by the rest of the team.

Still, it wasn't enough. I recall that next game on radio. I was dropping off my son for a classmate's birthday party at one of those awful rent-a-party arcades. I got him inside and went off to kill some time in the shopping district before picking him up. As I climbed back into the car, the radio told me the bad news --- the Flutie-led Chargers had a 10-point lead in the 4th. The Chargers were strong, and the Patriots had put up a good fight, but it was clear they didn't have enough. So I shut the radio off.

After picking my son up a bit later, I clicked the radio on again to catch the score and hear the post-game commiseration. I thought I must be listening to a replay. I mentioned to my son how silly radio replays were. Then I realized the game was still on! I figured by now it must be overtime and they must somehow have tied it. Before I could even determine where the ball was, Vinatieri kicked a field goal and won the game!

From then on, fans had some reason to believe in the 2-3 team. Slowly they improved, losing a few but winning as many. Fans hoped now for a winning season. The team was at least becoming a gang of likeable overachievers it seemed.

At 5-4, they suffered their last loss --- to the Greatest Show on Turf, in Foxboro. It was a 24-17 game, not a blowout. Even as it dropped New England to 5-5, fans still felt good about their team's progress even if the wildest dreams of boundless optimists had seemingly been put to bed.

That they finished the season on a 6-0 run was something nobody anticipated. They were going to the playoffs, incredibly with a 2-seed and a bye! This was more than anyone had hoped for... by a lot. 'Anyone' included the analysts, who made New England a solid underdog for their first game --- at home --- against 10-6 Oakland.

You may recall the Snow Bowl from watching, from rebroadcasts or from hand-wringing editorials, but I had it on my old projector tv, blasting onto a bulletin board covered with an oilcloth. Even before the game began announcers were busy writing the Patriots' epitaph. Big, strong Oakland in the snow? Surely the game would feature line play, Oakland's strong suit. It was the return of the big, bad Raiders and the Patriots were the opening course on the menu.

And Oakland did dominate the lines for most of the game. But the Patriots had developed a persona and they kept plugging, keeping the game close despite an inability to move the ball in what had become a blizzard. Still, it looked nearly hopeless, clearly so to the broadcast crew.

That the game should be eulogized as a fluke due to the Tuck Rule is a disservice to the Patriots. Their 1976 loss to Oakland, a clear fix by the officiating crew, has never been so documented by the league, which has conveniently suppressed most of the footage covering the last few minutes. Besides, New England had been bitten by the same new 1999 rule earlier in the season when it favored Vinny Testaverde. We've even seen it called in the past weekend of the current season in some form, despite its being abolished in March by team vote (the Patriots and Redskins abstained, and the Steelers cast the one opposing ballot).

That it gave New England nothing more than a 3rd down near midfield with less than 2 minutes to go in half a foot of snow seems lost in translation too. But Brady threw several flawless passes and his no-name receiving corps made some absurd catches to keep the Patriots in it. Ultimately the game came down to an unlikely 45-yard field goal try for Vinatieri on a white, slippery and windswept field. Vinatieri was known for accuracy inside of 40 yards and not much more. His line drive looked doomed from the time it left the snow, but it split the uprights and sent the game to overtime. Oakland had blown its first chance.

They rapidly blew their second chance in overtime as Brady again led the team downfield with short passes in run-only weather. This time Vinatieri had a shorter shot. He made it. The game was marked by whining from announcers and Oakland players, including Jerry Rice. Lincoln Kennedy has a famous clip telling the world that the Raiders knew it was over when the call was made. That tells you all you need to know.

Then came the second game, the AFC conference title game in Pittsburgh. The Steelers were, of course, favorites. They became bigger favorites when Brady was cut down in the second quarter, despite New England holding a 7-3 lead on Troy Brown's punt return. The Patriot offense had been going nowhere. But the nearly forgotten Drew Bledsoe came into the game on a white horse and led New England to what would be an impenetrable 14-3 halftime lead, drilling David Patten in the back of the end zone with a pass only he could have thrown --- a sinking fastball over the heads of the defense. It looked like he was throwing it away. He wasn't.

The Patriots would increase the lead to 21-3 in the second half as Antawan Harris (Remember him? Thought so.) took a lateral from Troy Brown into the end zone on a blocked field goal. Pittsburgh would score twice more, but the New England defense held on and the final scoring play of the game was a Vinatieri kick to give the Patriots a 7-point lead they never relinquished. Amazingly, they were headed to the Super Bowl. Kordell Stewart gave his stunning "The best team did not win today" speech afterward. It turned out to be his swan song as an NFL star.

On to New Orleans to play the unbeatable Rams went the Patriots. Most fans in New England were happy just to be there. Most fans elsewhere tuned in to watch Kurt Warner and his slew of explosive receivers run up the score.

Many fans today recall the game as fed to them after the fact, in condensed form. Tom Brady led the Patriots on a brilliant drive at the end, capped by a 48-yard kick from Vinatieri, and the Patriots won it at the gun. What many don't recall is that with New England up 17-3, the Rams went for it on 4th-and-goal, Warner was stripped, and Tebucky Jones returned the ball 97 yards for the touchdown that made it a rout with about a quarter to go.

But Willie McGinest, all day assigned to disrupt Marshall Faulk coming out of the backfield, was called for defensive holding. Was it a hold? Maybe. McGinest was doing what he had been allowed to do for the entire game --- and it had worked. Now, instead of a 24-3 deficit, the Rams were given a 1st-and-goal from the 1. They scored, and later they scored again on a brilliant drive to tie the game with under 2 minutes to go. Things suddenly looked bitter in New England, but history was in the making.

Brady himself says Charlie Weis instructed him to be careful with the ball. Drew Bledsoe then slid up next to him and said "F**k taking care of the ball. Go out there and sling it!" It was another huge Bledsoe contribution to the title run. The Ram offense, reenergized since the call on McGinest, was in gear and unlikely to be stopped at that point. Playing for overtime would have been a mistake.

Unlike other teams that overcame bad seasons with a final run, the Patriots were a true surprise. Their trip to the 1997 Super Bowl was ancient history. Many of the players and staff were different. They were largely a crew of no-names, castoffs and low-rounders, not the least being the quarterback.

Even after the victory, fans in New England settled back for the rest of the rebuild, minus the miracles. This was lightning, and it couldn't strike twice. That the bolt would strike twice more in three years was undreamed of. That the season would initiate a run of success marked by huge win totals and annual contention never occurred to the vast majority. Neither did the fact that the Rams were done. That Tom Brady would blossom into the rival of Peyton Manning was even less evident. It was truly a miracle win at the time, and as years have passed it has become a cornerstone moment in NFL history.

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Happy Friday, Gabbers!  Great to see all the Christmas cheer this week as it was lovely to read all about the many Christmas celebrations and gifts.  We saw family, friends, and the second Hobbit movie on Christmas.  I love Tolkien, having read the books, appendices, published drafts...a big honking Middle Earth nerdfest, but the movies are a whole new beast with the reinterpretations, stuff left out, and new plotlines added. I enjoyed it, but now am wondering how I last a year to see it wrap up.


A great Christmas here for the Bent clan...the best news for me was the time off I got this week. As an employee of the great Commonwealth, our agency is unionized and time-off is all based on seniority. Last year I got ZERO time off at Christmas, but with a new position this year I am apparently in a different group (as a supervisor now) so I put in for all the time off and this time actually got it. I had nothing planned, so I enjoyed sleeping in, getting stuff done, and just being home with the Lovely Mrs. B. and the kiddos.


Christmas eve and Christmas day were busy with the clan and crew, so I missed every minute of NBA basketball. I did catch a bit of the MLB network’s traditional running of the Ken Burns Baseball series which is always great.  I don’t know squat about filmmaking, but Ken Burns makes some compelling television. I’ve had the wife sit through the entire baseball documentary and she is a fan of ballpark food and experience much more than the game (believe me, if it was compelling enough to have her watch all those hours with me it is good stuff!).


As always, I’m online somewhere writing about the New England Patriots this week. A topic of Christmas with the family was my blogging obsession and how this year I’ve really expanded on the work load. One thing I was thinking about was the baseball aspect because in my youth I was very much a baseball enthusiast to the extreme. I had the baseball encyclopedia, was a  member of SABR for a brief period, read every baseball book in every library around the area, had numerous books, magazines (remember Baseball Digest), and--of course--the Sporting News.


As football heads to the offseason, I’ve been thinking of expanding the baseball writing. aspect. I still am into the Red Sox, both leagues, advanced statistics, love to watch the games, love the history of the game...I just have a niche with the football right now that seems to work well.  Maybe that’s an avenue to expand in 2014.  Of course, I also have comics and the poetry of T.S. Eliot that I obsessed about for years...but I don’t think I’m planning on writing much on either of them in 2014.


Of course, I did say “avenue to explore” and not say “New Year’s Resolution”. I was never one resolutions each year.  I figured Lent was enough...not that I did much for that anyway...I wasn’t really Catholic...but my mother is (was? she married my Dad who was a divorced protestant so I know that doesn’t go over well) so we kind of bounced around religiously...a “religious caterpillar” was the term famously used by Christopher Marlowe.  Anyway, New Year’s is nearly upon us and resolutions are coming soon.


I guess I’m off-track this week as well...but I figure I need to write a bit on sports…always a couple things I have to gab about!



The Boston Celtics are getting guard Rajon Rondo back at some point in 2014 which is scary for their NBA Draft positioning since the team is better than they should be considering the “rebuilding” going on. Of course, the Rondo news this week is that the New York Knicks are trying to convince him to force a trade to New York. That begs the question: Who the heck do the Knicks think Boston would want from their crappy roster to make the deal? (I looked, there is NO WAY that a trade can go down between the two teams unless Celtics GM Danny Ainge loses his mind).


I am sure Rajon Rondo is just thinking about his next contract and getting some leverage in while he can when since his value dips with him as the focal point and his injury.



Somehow the New England Patriots keep winning games. Last week, just about every prediction I read, saw on TV, heard, etc was picking Baltimore over the Patriots.  So of course the Patriots win 41-7 after leading 20-0 in the third quarter.


I love, and I am sure head coach Bill Belichick loves, the Patriots as an underdog.  It was wonderful to watch the Ravens go down...I mean, this is their top “rival” right now (back-to-back AFC Championship games kind of make it so). The Patriots seem to be in good shape despite all the injuries, turnover on offense, etc. I just hope they take care of business on Sunday against Buffalo...look at Miami’s letdown after beating the Patriots: they got shutout by the Bills!



Japan’s Masahiro Tanaka has been posted and teams are lining up to pay $20 million to his old team if they are able to pay a boatload the 25 year old.


I think it is an interesting conundrum for MLB teams to chase Tanaka.  On one hand, Yu Darvish is a legit Cy Young candidate; On the other, there were a lot of Japanese can’t miss pitchers who were a bust like Daisuke “Dice-K” Matsuzaka. The teams only pay the posting fee if they sign him, and since Dice-K and Darvish both were posted at over $50 million, Tanaka is a bargain. All reports say “Yankees” but I am hoping to see someone swoop in and grab him under their noses. 24-0 with a 1.27 ERA is a must-see in whatever league.


All right, Gabbers...hope you all had a great Christmas and am looking forward to a superb 2014! Thanks for all your support, insights, debates, news, and gabbing throughout 2013. Be safe on New Years Eve and may 2014 be a great year for us all!

FESTIVUS! Audience Participation Required
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We all know Chanukkah began on Thanksgiving.  We all know Christmas morning is December 25 and that Kwanzaa and Boxing Day are both on December 26.  What may be missed by some of the initiated is that Festivus is December 23.

Festivus, you ask?  Festivus is the holiday for the “restofus.”  It is celebrated with the Festivus pole accompanied by the airing of grievances and the feats of strength.  In todays’ Tavern post, we’re going to look back over both, the grievances and the feats - the bitchable moments and the moments of strength.

Now, I’m a complete homer at heart.  Honestly, I like sports, but I LOVE my hometown teams.  Well, 2.5 of my hometown teams - I bleed Red Sox red and Patriots blue, with enough Red and Blue for the MLS Revolution left over, but as far as the Bruins and Celtics go I hold my breath until the playoffs to give any attention.  Fair weather, perhaps, but as much as I appreciate NHL hockey, I have my noted issues with the structure of the league.  I just find it hard to invest emotionally.  I haven’t watched the hardwood since the late-1980’s, as much as that would trouble my man BlackBandit - again, I enjoy the game, but just can’t invest.  Michael Jordan was the last guy I can remember stopping to watch play the game.


Airing of Grievances:

In the first airing of complaints I can drum up is the Stanley Cup Finals.  I have no legitimate claim to this, given how the Bruins got to the Finals - Down 3 goals in the third period in Game 7 of the first round, they somehow rallied to force overtime and to win the game to advance.  Then Kharma got involved in the finals, and turned the tables.  I got up to leave with the B’s comfortably in the lead, and by the time I got back to my hotel the Blackhawks were the Stanley Cup Champions.  I’m still not entirely sure I know how that happened, but I know it did.  That sucked and that’s my first grievance to air.


Super Bowl XLVII was won by the Ravens - which pissed me off because it meant they went through the Patriots to get to the game...the Patriots at home no less.  I suppose it’s just as well they won the game, because if they hadn’t all we would’ve heard about is the new world order conspiracy plotting against them because the 49ers came back after the power outage.  


Feats of Strength:

I know.  I’m going to hear about the “oh, woe-is-me” Boston thing.  In the last decade, my teams have won Super Bowls and World Series, a Stanley Cup and an NBA title.  Hard to say I’ve been derived.  Winning the 2013 World Series, after beginning the season placing bets with colleagues as to whether the Yankees or the Red Sox would be worse, takes the cake.  For what it’s worth, as much as I hate the Yankess,  I thought the Yankees would finish ahead of the Sox.  I lost that bet, but in so doing won the whole damn thing.  So I’d do that every time.


There have been 2 games the Pats have won this season in somewhat bizarre fashion and while it’s tenuous, I’m going to call them feats of strength instead of classifying them freaks of luck - as that’s not an available category.  In overtime against the Denver Broncos - a game in which Denver lead 24-0 at the half - a poorly executed punt return resulted in the Patriots recovering the ball at the Denver 13 yard line, and the game.  I was absolutely convinced the game was going to end in a tie, a result that has thusfar eluded previous Manning/Brady tilts, and then this remarkable blunder.  


The following week, the Pats scraped by a lethargic Texans team by 3 and then faced the equally lowly Browns.  The Pats chances resting on recovering an onside kick - something that hadn’t happened in 18 some years (curiously happening against the Browns in 1995) - and it happened.  SO why is this in feats of strength?  Because even the best teams get lucky - and sometimes you have to get lucky before you can play for it all.  


Given I’m a homer and that I’m clearly only talking about Boston home teams, I want to know your feats of strength and your grievances.  Afterall, it’s Festivus.  The Tavern Festivus pole is up in the middle of the barroom dancefloor, to Harry’s dismay.   We’ve taken down the popcorn machines and moved the bandstand to make room for the crowd that’s sure to move in to speak their peace.  


Lest it go unsaid, thank you for a wonderful year here at the Gab and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.  Happiest of holidays to you all.


Talking Sports
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Hello Gabbers, It’s time to talk sports.

Gronks replacement in The Red Zone all he has to do his stand there and  catch the ball No 5'10 dback

will be able to cover and BB can take it on has a project. The Patriots need a tall guy wespecially with Dopson Hurt.

Sunday, the New England patriots almost pulled out another last second miracle. If and only if Danny Amendola could have held on to the ball instead of a Dolphins D-Back making a heads up play and knocking the ball away before he could firmly bring in. It would have been another victory. The Patriots fell short (how many times can this happen without it coming back to bite them) it is glaring that the lack of a big tall guy to give them some verticality is lacking. As Brady said this week throwing to the shorter guys you need horizontal separation and in the red zone I just don’t happen. The injuries have taken their toll both on offense (then again you Have Tom Brady you could have rag dolls out there and the guy will find away to move the ball).

I thinking even more glaring (I like the word glaring today) is the injuries on defense. Especially Wilfork and Mayo they are the glue to the Patriots defense. Both guys make big plays but they also coach the defense on the field and there absence is huge. We talk about this team like they are on the outside looking in but some how they managed to be 10-4 and could very easily beat both Baltimore and Buffalo, they could also very easily loose to both or one. The bend don’t break defense is starting to show a few stress factures that Dr. James Andrews couldn’t fix. The AFC isn’t strong this year and a lot of teams are in the same boat. Other than Seattle and maybe San Francisco the NFC is in bad shape maybe Carolina is the surprise team. Who knows whets going to happen the league is probably more unpredictable this year than any time in the recent past. The Patriots seem to be one of many doing it with smoke and mirrors.


Of course this is what makes the NFL so interesting because you never know what’s going to happen last year Baltimore rose from the depths of elimination and won the whole thing. The year before people was talking about firing Tom Coughlin with the giants and they got on a roll and won the Superbowl. You just never know an injury a bad bounce a misread. That’s all it takes from being Champion to going home. Let’s face and it’s been like this for years there really isn’t that much difference between a 10-4 team and a 4-10 team. The playoffs are in couple of weeks and there is always a surprise. The feel good story is the Chiefs but who knows. I’ll stick with Brady he talks the talk and he backs it up. Hopefully, his mates step it up as well.



There has been talk about an extension for David Ortiz more from Ortiz’s camp than the Red Sox. I will say it right here you can rip up my Red Sox nation Card. I think it’s a mistake to extend this guy beyond next year. He had a tremendous year last year... His but was a big part of the Sox winning the World Series. I enjoyed every minute of it. The two year contract for 18 million was more than what he would have gotten in free agency. It seemed to be great deal for the Red sox. Don’t forget in 2012 Ortiz was out with an Achilles and some other injuries. They may occur again in 2014. His age he’ll be 39 I believe at the end of the season. It’s time to say Thank You David you made yourself an Icon in Boston but we are going in a different direction based on your age , injury history, and I’ll guess that his skills will drop off rapidly in a couple of years. He maybe fine in 2015 maybe somebody pays him and they get a great year out of him I spend the 15 million or so he will get an  use it else where. Just my thoughts.



Suspensions and Appeals have been rapid.

I have to hand it to the Bruins Milan Lucic after the Bruins took a beating in Vancouver losing 6-2. Vancouver’s native son Lucic took a beating when some of the Bruins went out for few after the game. Some Vancouver Fan punched Lucic in the face a couple of times. Lucic restrained himself and went through proper legal channels and the police. Lucic also said that he no longer considers Vancouver his hometown after the Canuacks lost to the Bruins in the 2011 Stanley Cup finals. Vancouver fans sprayed graffiti over his parent’s home. I give Lucic credit for being smart enough not to get into it with a fan.


Bruins Shawn Thornton ended up with a heavy suspension of 15 games for causing a concussion on Brooks Opik of Pittsburgh. Thornton went after him and caused Oprik to get knocked out with a concussion. A little old school hockey from Thornton but a hefty one for his actions of about 85K, He has appealed.


Lil Warrior Report

Boys played lots of Hockey this past weekend both having two games. Miser played at 6am Saturday drawing his first penalty of the season a matching roughing penalty. I not one to look for trouble and I teach them not to look for it either but I was kind of proud of him for holding his ground and not letting a kid push him around. He is a strong kid. Last year he wouldn’t have stood for himself. The boy’s lost 6-3 game was a lot closer than the score. On Sunday they played at and tied 5-5 in very good back and forth hockey game. The opposition tied with 1 second on the clock. They put Andrew in net so the regular goalie could skate out. The line of the week was from Andrews’s dad who is a funny guy anyway. Coach asked him if he has any experience playing goal. Andrews’s dad looks at him with straight face and says he is an awesome goalie on the Xbox. Hey Andrew did ok.

Meanwhile, Lasers team on Saturday played in a snowstorm up near the NH border what was normally a 25 to 30 minute ride took about an hour. They won 4-2 and The Mrs. and I went in separate cars had to pick up teenage daughter in Boston. We got 9 inches of snow on Saturday and 6 more on Tuesday. Boys lost Sunday Night but are holding second place pretty firmly.

Light Hockey weekend this week miser plays one at 7am on Sunday and for his other team at 7pm on Sunday. A few practices and a basketball game fairly light.

Here are a couple of Christmas tunes to get you in the mood

Old Blue eyes

Merry Christmas and too all a Good Night

Thank you for an enjoyable year fellow Gabbers
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The Marines are coming to save us once again!


I look forward to Christmas with family gatherings mainly with my great in-laws… I love this time of year.

The sky from the Harry residence this past Monday just prior to snow


This is also the winding down of the NFL season, teams are scrambling for their playoff positions in some cases and their playoff lives in others. What seemed almost certain last week… has been turned upside down this week.


Seattle is settled in as the one in the NFC and will get a pair of playoff games at home

Other than that the rest is all up in the air.

New Orleans or Carolina will take the 2nd and fifth seeds but order is TBD.


The Lions had a shot at taking control of the North but couldn’t put Baltimore

(6 FG’s) away. Baltimore couldn’t finish a drive vs Detroit.

 The loss lets Jake (Josh or Jerry) Mc Clown and his Bears back into the picture.

Dallas could have taken control of the East but couldn’t put Matt Flynn’s Packers away and now the Eagles are in the drivers seat.


The 49ers should be able to hold on to a wildcard slot unless Arizona wins out and squeezes in.


The AFC had three of four division leaders losing and opened the door of opportunity to teams we thought dead a few weeks back. The Bronco’s loss opening the door for the Patriots to take control of the 1 seed.

 The Pats responded with a loss to Miami when Tom Brady’s magic without Gronk took the week off. Miami at 8-6 has only the Jets and Bills left and can get to 10-6 and a shot at a playoff spot.


Cincinnati had the North in their hip pocket but got surprised by the Steelers and missed a chance to hop over New England into the two seed. Now they have to try to outlast Baltimore who they must face on the last regular season game. Baltimore 8-6 faces the 10-4 Patriots in Baltimore Sunday at 4:25PM.

Tom Brady has always had his troubles with Baltimore, He is 4-3 since 2007 against the Ravens with a QB rating in the 70’s.

But this is not the same Ravens team that hoisted the Lombardi last February no matter what praises Belichick heaps on them this week.


Kansas City looked strong again when not playing a team named the Broncos and should at least end up with the 5 seed.

As it stands now with the remaining games:


1.  Seattle                         Arizona           Rams

2. New Orleans                Carolina          Bucs

3. Chicago                        Eagles             Packers

4. Eagles                           Bears              Cowboys

5. San Fran                       Falcons           Arizona

6. Carolina                        Saints              Falcons

On the outside looking in

Cardinals                       Seattle                   San Fran

Packers                          Steelers                 Bears

Lions                             Giants                    Vikings

Cowboys                       Redskins                Eagles



1. Denver                       Texans                  Raiders

2. Patriots                       Ravens                  Bills

3. Bengals                       Vikings                 Ravens

4. Colts                           Chiefs                    Jags

5. Chiefs                         Colts                      Chargers

6. Ravens                        Patriots                  Bengals

On the outside looking in

Miami                             Bills                       Jets

Chargers                         Raiders                   Chiefs  


These are the Heisman top three for this year and they probably will go 1-2-3 in the draft. The big question is

which sure fired star does Houston take? 


my money's on Moe Howard, take charge leader with loads of upside!


In the Family fantasy league I was defeated in the finals by 16 points by #3 son Chris

Congrats son…wait till next year!


In the you gab league I’ll be facing Q and her Steel City Dawgs as we battle for that coveted 5th place trophy…good luck Q.

that I heard looks like this:

That’s all for this week, I’ll be on hiatus for the next two weeks with very busy family schedules but I’ll check in from time to time to read the fine facts and opinions put up by my fellow gabbers. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.                

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