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Deep Thoughts 1-21-15
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. I have to admit that I felt a small twinge of guilt as I wiped the sweat away following my Tuesday evening run. It is not like I had a grueling run, but when it is 78 degrees, sweat comes pretty easily. As I soaked up the late afternoon sun, I realized that for a January day…it just does not get much better. For all practical purposes, football season is over. As much as I enjoy playoff football, I detest the two week break before the Super Bowl. BOB’s blog on Tuesday brought up a very good point about limiting the number of media that have access to athletes. If there was ever a time when this idea would be appropriate, it is the time before the Super Bowl. Seriously, I don’t know where some of these guys and gals come from, but the questions that are dropped on the player’s, often border on asinine. While I think it is fair and necessary for professional athletes talk to the media, it is also fair that the media be professional as well. 






I know that technology is a good thing, but I am beginning to wonder if we are headed the right direction with regard to sports. It seems that we spend more time talking about how a rule was broken or a call was missed than the play on the field. Does anyone really care if the Patriot's footballs were slightly deflated? New England could have used bowling balls last Sunday and still blown Indy away. On the other hand…what is it with the Patriots and trying to bend the rules? As I have said, a slightly deflated football is no big deal, but if this was done intentionally, it is just another black eye for New England. To be honest, this reminds me of Richard Nixon ordering the bugging of the Watergate hotel in an election that he won by a landslide. Just as Dick Nixon did not need to cheat to beat George McGovern, the Patriots are too good to worry about illegal videos or deflating footballs. I read an excerpt from the book Coaching Confidential by Gary Myers book that recounts this discussion between Robert  Kraft and Bill Belichick…Kraft- "How much did this (videoing) help us on a scale of 1 to 100?" Belichick-“One.” Kraft reportedly then said, “Then you are a real schmuck.

 To be honest, I never paid much attention to what some call Videogate, just as I won’t pay much attention to footballs being deflated. The reality is that I have great respect for the job that Bill Belichick has done in New England. I watched Jimmy Johnson build a dynasty in Dallas, only to see the pieces quickly be pulled apart. As difficult as it is to build a championship team, it is even tougher to keep a team near the top. Some fans look for a reason to find fault with New England, but I only find respect. I marvel at how the Hoodie knows the right time to let a player leave. Welker and Mankin are two recent examples... he always seems to pull the right levers. We give props to the genius of Belichick’s game plans, but I wonder if that genius still leaves him feeling a bit insecure? The secret I think to the Patriots success is attention to detail. The benefits of this are obvious on the field, but could this be the reason that footballs have been deflated? I mean..who would think to deflate a football? I will again say, I think the entire issue with the footballs is overblown (pun intended)…but there is no question it is more fodder for the haters.I am in no way pointing the finger at Bill Belichick, only that it is not beyond his detailed mind to consider...and that is not a bad thing.

Many have criticized the NCAA for giving those vacated wins back to Joe Paterno’s Nittany Lions. While this criticism is fair, I have another question for the NCAA…what next? With this action, the NCAA has established a precedent that I think will follow them forever more. I just don't understand why they reacted with such fear to of legal proceedings? It is not like the NCAA has never been to court.  I think that we could be seeing the beginning of the end of the NCAA as we know it. Of course, I figure they will continue to hang around, but they have lost a big chunk of power in my opinion.


I have yet to see American Sniper, but I am looking forward to checking out this movie soon. By now, we have all heard the disparaging comments made by Michael Moore and Seth Rogen. It is fairly common for the left leaning crowd to offer negative comments and the media to promote those comments. But, something interesting has happened with Moore and Rogen’s comments. There has been a groundswell of criticism for Moore, Rogen and others critical comments. I mean…when was the last time that Whoopi Goldberg slammed the left? Rob Lowe? Jane Fonda tweeted that she loved the movie…although, with her history regarding our military, I am surprised she offered an opinion at all. In the aftermath of this public back and forth, there is one reality…Moore and Rogen are backtracking, saying that their comments were not intended as criticism of Eastwood’s movie. As Americans, there is a reality that we are blessed with…the ability to disagree. While we may grow tired of the battle between the right and the left, we should remember that it is a blessing that we have the ability offer a dissenting voice.





I always love irony in life. Like…the irony that Tiger Woods lost a front tooth because of an aggressive cameraman. It is well known that Tiger has had “issues” with cameras throughout his playing career. To lose a tooth watching his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn skiing, is ironic for me…




That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


Blow ye winds, like the trumpet blows; but without that noise.



 When the age of the Vikings came to a close, they must have sensed it. Probably, the gathered together one evening, slapped each other on the back and said, "Hey, good job."






Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…




Weekly Grumble with IHM 1/16
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  Hello ladies and gents, and welcome to this week’s grumble with IHM. This week, we’ve seen a little of this, a little of that… nothing all that impressive. You know, aside from the greatest week of football the NFL has to offer (the two day, four game bonanza known as the “Divisional Round”), the potential fall of a legend (Peyton Manning goes down to his successor Andrew Luck in said Divisional Round), the crowning of the first college football playoff champion (the Buckeyes somehow), and a bunch of other crazy crap. So, without any further ado… let’s get on to it!

  As Moz has said many a time, the NFL’s divisional round is the greatest spectacle that the sport of football offers us. The best eight teams, all vying for a spot in their respective conference championship games, all hoping they will be the next team to get their hands on the Lombardi Trophy. This year’s crop of games did not disappoint… the Pats outlasted the Ravens in an instant classic, the Packers got some “controversial” help beating the Cowboys, the Colts surprised some and sent the Broncos home, and the Seahawks dominated the 7-8-1 Panthers.

  And then there were four… the NFL’s final four features teams that don’t exactly shock anyone. The Patriots, Colts, Seahawks, and Packers are among the perennial favorites the league actually has. Each team was a virtual lock to win their division this year… with the exception possibly being the defending champion Seahawks who play in arguably the toughest division in the sport, the vaunted NFC West. Despite that, they edged out the 11-5 injury plagued Arizona Cardinals to win it in the final week of the season, and certainly benefitted from the surprising fall of the San Francisco 49ers.

  As for this week’s games… the Packers make the trip to Seattle, where the Seahawks are nearly impossible to beat in the playoffs thanks to their “12th Man”… you know, that and their stifling defense and impressive ground game. With Aaron Rodgers less than 100%, it almost seems like a lock that the Seahawks will be afforded the opportunity to defend their title on February 1st at University of Phoenix Stadium in Harvey’s backyard!


  As for the Patriots and Colts, if you look at what happened earlier this year when the Patriots dismantled the Colts nearly two months ago 42-20, it seems like Tom Brady will get another shot at shutting up Dick Sherman on the world’s biggest stage. Since then, the Colts are 7-1… the one loss being a 42-7 blowout at the hands of the Cowboys while they rested the majority of their skill players. The key here will be if the Pats have someone to lock down T.Y. Hilton, Andrew Luck’s go to guy. The Patriots are the clear favorites, but a key will be the ground game that has all but vanished since the week 11 drubbing of the Colts. This one has the makings of being an instant classic, especially if Tom Brady and Andrew Luck end up getting into an old fashioned shootout. My pick is the Patriots, but that pick is not made with a ton of conviction.

  As for the college football playoff championship game, it might not have been pretty in the end, but we finally got what college football fans have been clamoring for for decades now… a playoff and a true champion crowned. No, TCU did not get a chance… and Baylor didn’t get in, but that was mainly their commissioner’s doing when he was too big of a pussy to name an outright conference champion! The funny thing is, the two teams everyone argues should be in would have supplanted the eventual champion, Ohio State. You can argue all day long that TCU might have beaten the Buckeyes, but then again, after witnessing the way that Buckeye defense was able to dominate both Alabama and Oregon, you’d probably be wrong! If the playoff proved anything it is this; Urban Meyer is the best coach in college football today… and when you give him that amount of time to game plan for a team, they are going to be tough to beat.

  Now I am no longer a Buckeye fan. I was glad to see them win, sure, but after the Tressell debacle and the constant flow of garbage I heard out of that fan base defending that charlatan (and some STILL do to this day), I was out. I’m not jumping back on the bandwagon… merely observing what a guy like Urban Meyer brings to the table. But if there is a fan base I hate even more than that one, it would be Michigan’s! Well, obviously Penn State fans are the world’s #1 dirtbags… but that’s a different story for my next rant! I hope Michigan fan is paying close attention… especially now that the “savior” Jim Harbaugh is back in town. Is Harbaugh a good coach? Yes, he is. Is Harbaugh anywhere near the level of an Urban Meyer… or even Nick Saban? No chance in hell. He inherited a ready to go San Francisco team, which is the sole reason for his success in the NFL. San Diego State? They are a perennial contender in the MWC… they were before he came around, and they have been since he’s left. Stanford… his record there is less than impressive, 29-21, including going 1-1 in bowl games in his four years there. So be careful what you wish for Michigan fan… and just because you get it doesn’t mean you’ll be hanging any banners any time soon!

  In other NCAA news, Oregon QB Marcus Mariota has declared himself for the 2015 NFL Draft, despite the flaws in his game that were exposed by the Ohio State defense in Monday night’s title game. Not sure about any of you, but in my opinion this guy has bust written all over him. Hell, I think I’d take a chance on Jameis before I went with Mariota. He’s a solid kid, great off field, but Winston is light years ahead of him as far as on field ability is concerned.

  As was reported by AFD earlier this week, the NCAA is considering reinstating the 111 wins they initially stripped from Joe Paterno, an act that would once again make him the winningest coach in the history of college football. This of course comes a few months after they decided to shorten the bowl ban initially placed on the Pedo Cats, despite the fact that the university was proven to have covered up decades of child rape at the hands of assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. Of course, dirtbag Pedo Cat fan is thrilled by this idea. Once again, lawyers step in and ruin something… if there is one thing I hate nearly as much as Matt Millen and pedophiles, it is fucking lawyers. And how about that… all of them have a connection to Penn State University. So get ready sports fans… you could very well see the bloated, perma-looking the other way corpse of Joe Paterno surpass an actual good man in Greg Robinson once again on the NCAA’s all-time coaching wins list… and you could possibly finally see my fucking head explode with disgust!

  The Pistons have improved to 8-2 over their last ten, with losses to the Hawks (who are currently on a ten game winning streak) and Pelicans the only two blemishes on their suddenly solid record in the past two weeks, and are now just 2.5 games out of the 8 seed in the East. A major highlight included an impressive 114-111 win over the Raptors in Toronto in which Brandon Jennings had 34 points and 10 assists going up against arguably the best PG in the East in Kyle Lowry. If they can keep this up, the schedule favors them through February… and we could have a .500 or better basketball team here in Detroit!

  Danny Ainge has been all over the map this year, making trades and picking up draft picks on what seems like a weekly basis so far this year. There are so many players coming and going in Boston, it’s starting to look like Kim Kardashian’s bedroom up there!

  But all joking aside… the tanking in the NBA this year is just out of control! The Knicks, Lakers, Celtics, 76ers, and Timberwolves… all God awful and looking to get worse with every transaction! Wonder if Adam Silver is going to step in and do anything anytime soon…

  Calgary Flames rookie LW Johnny Gaudreau is reportedly seeking to secure the trademark “Johnny Hockey” in both the US and Canada. Evidently Johnny wants to become the new most hated man in hockey. Now admittedly I don’t know much about the guy. He’s got a solid 32 points in 42 games so far this year, and he is a former Hobey Baker Award winner at Boston College… but come on man… you’re better than that! Leave the goofy fucking nicknames to former Heisman winning washouts!

  That’s all I’ve got for this week folks. Thanks for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out, and have a great weekend Gabbers!

Monday Moaning 9-15-14
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Welcome to another edition of Monday Moaning...Clearly the top two topics in sports have been the NFL's two star running backs who are both complete pieces of shit...Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson...We heard enough about Rice...Then we found out Peterson beat his 4 year old son with a "Switch"....Now I'll never be the guy to say, "you don't spank kids." If I fucked up big time, my dad gave a me a couple across the ass with a belt...My mom broke a wooden spoon on my brother's ass...But like I said, it had to be serious...Like the the time I called the operator and said there was a fire somewhere there wasn't...When you have uncles that are cops and fire fighters, that gets you and instant ass-whoopin'...The old man left work early for that one! I was also 10 or 11 and knew better...

Peterson cracked his kid (4 years old) at least 14 times...Bruises, welts, cuts...Injured the kids junk for God's sake...That's way too far...My son took a marker to the walls, lamp shades and one of my Guitars when he 4...He got a couple hands swats across the ass...He got the point...Well the point got across well when I saw my guitar, the last thing I noticed...And I punched a hole through a wall...When he found out I was that pissed, markers stayed on paper...

But seriously...The NFL was taking enough heat already this year...For fuck's sake 32 players were suspended for opening weekend...I don't think they really want this for a PR poster...


Had to do it!

Honestly...I'm not just talking shit...I'm done with the NFL...I will finish out my fantasy football seasons, because I have talked too much shit not to stick it out...But I just can't support this fucking asshole league full of criminals, and run by greedy fucking shit-dicks who will try to turn a blind eye to this shit, and try to keep it from the public...Fuck them all...Eat y ass!

And the NCAA isn't far behind, as they tried to slip THIS news past us last week...Two years of noo university cover-ups and no child rape apparently makes up for 20 years of Jerry Sandusky running wild, fucking kids on the Penn State campus!

I was happy to see that Not just me and IHM aren't willing to let go of this...The good fans at Rutgers let PSU fans know what's up...


Might not be classy...But it's classic!

But the topic that got me fired up late Saturday night...A fellow Clevelander on twitter decided to bash the Indians, and he tweeted his thoughts at the Indians and at second baseman, Jason Kipnis...He was upset the Indians lost to the Tigers...You know me, I'm all for bashing teams and players...What I'm not for is assholes crying about it when an athlete gives it right back to them...

Dude dogged the tribe for being 5 games behind the Tigers...The Indians, a team full of scrubs, just trying to grind it out...5 games behind the bought and not developed Tigers...Fuck off dude...Kipnis defended the heart, and play of his teammates...Here's a taste...

Tom Horsman @TomHorsman "And we wonder why only 9,000 people show up to Indians game in September. This team is pathetic. @Indians @TheJK_Kid"


Jason Kipnis @TheJK_Kid  

"@TomHorsman Pardon my language but you're a fucking idiot.. This team competed it's ass off tonight and played a great game."

Kipnis continued..."I get it..You can be frustrated. We got guys underachieving, not playing well, no ones hot and no real mashers, AND WERE STILL IN THIS THING"

"So don't ever question this teams heart or effort.. You should want over achievers! That means they have a pulse and give a damn each game!"

So of course the media had to chime in and give Kipnis crap for speaking his mind...And of course many fans were unhappy too...

Wait a minute...You, you, and you, and you, and me, we can whatever the fuck we want about these guys...And now, because of social media, we can basically say this shit to them....Then you're gonna cry foul when dude calls you a fucking idiot!?!  Sorry people but we are going to hang out hats on freedom of speech, then so can athletes and celbritards...You don't like, fuck off!  Why are you held to a higher standard?  If you'r going to talk shit, you need to be prepared to get it back...

Bunch of fucking children!

Goddamn Clevelanders...You know why only 9,000 people go to Indians games in September...Because baseball plays a fuck ton of games and that shit adds up...80 home games ain't cheap! And well, the economy in this town sucks my balls...Oh, then you need to remember this is Cleveland...Friday, Saturday, and Sunday means football...High school, college and the shitty Browns will win out against most anything...Yes, even the Browns...15 years of constant bad decisions and ticket price increases, and this dolt filled fanbase won't stop throwing their money at them....Fuck you, I know they won Sunday...They always pull out a few wins each year...Don't get too hard too soon, you'll blow your load too fast dummies! 




Have a week...I'm tired...


The Beeze.

I Guess Penn State's Shit Really Doesn't Stink!
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Hell, if you ask them, they'll tell you it tastes like fucking ice cream!

While the sports media world was all wrapped up in Ray Rice knocking out his future wife, and the NFL and Baltimore Ravens suddenly deciding to take serious action for it...the NCAA decided they would try to sneak a little bit of news past us all...Hell, it got past me until I got a tweet from a couple friends while I was at work...

When the NCAA dropped the hammer on Penn State for Jerry Sandusky running around campus raping kids, and the University's cover-up of it, they hit PSU with a post season ban that would run through 2015...Along with a serious reduction in scholarships, down from 85 to 65...

Now the NCAA says PSU has done enough, saying "progress toward ensuring its athletics department functions with integrity"   that they are post season eligible this year, and the Big Ten agreed, allowing them to compete in the conference championship, if they can get there...Also, the scholarships will be bumped up to 75 this season, before bumping it to 85 the next year...

So two years of good behavior makes up for nearly 20 years of child molestation and a University coevr-up!?!  Holy shit-balls!

Way to go Penn State, you've gone two years without a kid getting raped on your campus or by one of your coaches....Way to go, you've made a commitment to not let child fuckers run around your campus, and deep dick boys in the showers...and you've promised you won't cover-up anymore child fucking that takes place...Well that seems good enough...lets just get rid of those penalties then!

This is some serious, backwards-ass bullshit! Just when the NFL is showing off what a joke they are when it comes to discipline, here comes the NCAA to let us know, they're still leader fucking things up....

I'm not a super religious guy, but God, please strike the Penn State Campus with lightning and let it burn...Better yet, go to Indianapolis and take out the NCAA!

The Beeze.

Monday Moaning 2-11-13
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I'm not a fan of Sports Illustrated, but I don't mind their cover girl!

Let me start this week by saying, I try not t o hold back when I write...My personal feelings and life are always front and center in my blogs...But I'll be honest...I've been holding some things back for awhile...Since around Thanksgiving my wife has been dealing with a bacterial infection called C._diff...It was brought on by of all things, an antibiotic...She had been on this medicine for about 20 days to get rid of an infection in a tooth that needed work...When she got a serious rash, and then the horrible stomach issues, she remembered reading the info from the pharmacy, and how it could cause such things, including death...Wow, just the drug I want to take...

There were too many tests, and too much waiting....And too much reading about C.diff...Like THIS...The idea of a fecal transplant grossed out my wife, but being the good guy that I am, I offered to shit down her throat!

Finally late in January, it was confirmed and she was prescribed medicine that often fixes the problem...If not totally, it can manage it...She just finished the meds, and things seem to be okay...Within two days of being on the medicine, the shit-fest had stopped...So that is looking better now...Just in time for family troubles...As if the stress of work, and kids, and dealing with that wasn't enough, her father who has been dealing with dementia, and Alzheimer's, has gotten really bad...Last time we were there, he was asking where Molly came from...Has no recollection of her...My wife's mother is slowly losing some things upstairs too...The stress of dealing with my father in law has been wearing on her too...And then her brother had a car wreck, which lead to us finding out that he had a bit of a legal issue...

We spent too much time this week figuring out what was going on, and cleaning up his mess...She spent Saturday in PA. dealing with things, while I stayed home with the kids...Next she has to get with her sisters and figure out the next move for what to do about their folks...It's been a real pain in the ass...

Plus my cracked up ribs are still killing me...And I clearly wrenched something in my back during my spill, because I've been having muscle spasms that hurt like a bitch...So things have sucked lately...I'm only writing about it now, because I needed to get it off my chest, and I feel like I've been distant and distracted when it comes to writing...I can't bitch to my wife...This is all 10 times harder on her...

Okay...So, there was a positive in the sports world...Notre Dame swept Michigan in hockey this weekend...Sweeping Michigan in anything, is always good!


In other sports news...The media was all buzzing about "The Paterno Report" that was released Sunday morning...I called bullshit right away...This report was paid for by the Paterno family...Done by people who were supporters of Paterno...2 were donors to PSU...This for the Paterno lovers, by the Paterno lovers...There is no way you can expect honesty in it...Nor should it have gotten any air time at all...Mrs. Paterno, maybe Joe never told you shit, but he knew Sandusky was a piece of shit, and he kept a lid on it, and let the child molesting and raping continue...Please lady, shut the fuck up...Your husband was an asshole....And all those still holding onto their blind loyalty to him are looking like assholes too...

There's a link to the stupid Paterno family site on the Q-o-t-D....

I watched the Grammy's Sunday night...There were some good performances, but I found it sad that most of the awards were given earlier...So many people not getting their time, while CBS couldn't stop showing us Taylor Swift singing and dancing to everyone who performed...And I'd love it if they actually put some performers on stage that we haven't seen countless times before...Sure the hipster, folksy guys get their time this year, but that will be that for awhile...But enough with Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Elton John...That old Queen at the piano reading the lyrics...Christ!

And acting like Justin Timberlake is the greatest musician ever, and we all have missed him so desperately while he's been acting...Yuck!

Jack White, please stop trying so hard to be the Johnny Depp of rock & roll...You're so fucking unique and cooler then everyone else...You're not! and Johnny Depp owned the Viper Room, hard to get cooler then that...And I can play average, loud distorted guitar, and chuck it at the end too...Not impressed!

This week, I leave you with this...


Have a week...

The Beeze.

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