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And then there were four. The NFL does what it can to gussy up what are essentially the league semifinals and call them Championship games but you better best believe that the players who come out with the win won't be as happy with this trophy being their only postseason hardware. But to get to Jersey you have to win on Championship weekend. The odds are provided by ESPN Scorecenter for comparison and entertainment purposes only. If you have to ask why by this juncture, you really don't need to be bothered with the odds.


Sunday, January 19


#2 New England Patriots (13-4, AFC East Champions) @#1 Denver Broncos (14-3, AFC West Champions)

Sports Authority Field @ Mile High, Denver 3:00 (CBS)

Favorite Broncos by 6

How they got here: Both Teams earned 1st round byes. Broncos defeated #6 seed Chargers 24-17, Patriots defeated #4 Seed Colts 43-22 in Divisional Round

Previous Playoff Meetings: This is the 4th meeting between the teams in the postseason with the Patriots beating the Broncos 45-10 in the 2010 Divisional round

Fast Facts: Home team has won each playoff meeting NE: Tom Brady starting his first road playoff game since 2006 AFC Championship game which was a loss to the Colts led by Peyton Manning DEN: Peyton Manning is 6-11 against Bill Belichick 2nd worst win percentage against one coach

With all the talk about the future hall of famers set to square off in another high stakes duel, the key to this game may very well be which team can establish its run game. New England pounded the Colts into submission with a devastating ground game that scored 6 times. Led by reclaimation project LaGarrette Blount the Pats suddenly have their best running attack since Corey Dillion at the tail end of his carrer. The Broncos have the increasingly dependable Knowshon Moreno in their backfield to give defenses pause. Both teams on defense have their flaws, the Pats give up tons of yards but few points while the Broncos defense just knows they don't have to be perfect but have the luxury of the Manning scoring machine to counter their lapses. The Pats have the big game experience but have a lackadaisical manner that often times look like that their waiting for a big game to pique their interest. Without the benefit of the forgiving Foxboro crowd im interested in seeing how the Pats play in a playoff atmosphere. I think the rugged running of Blount keeps the game score lower than the Broncos would like but the Rocky Mountain magic comes through and the Broncos make their first Super Bowl since the halcyon days of Elway and further cements Peyton Manning's legacy by being the 2nd Super Bowl winning QB to take another team to the Super Bowl (Kurt Warner, 1999 Rams 2008 Cardinals)




#5 San Francisco 49ers (13-4, #1 NFC Wild Card) @ #1 Seattle Seahawks (14-3, NFC West Champions)

CenturyLink Field, Seattle 6:30 (FOX)

Favorite Seahawks by 3

How they Got Here: 49ers defeated #4 seed Packers 23-20 in wild card round, defeated #2 seed Panthers 23-10 in the divisional round. Seahawks had a first round bye then defeated #6 seed Saints 23-15 in the divisional round.

First Playoff meeting

Fast Facts: This is the first all West Coast NFC championship since 1990 SF: 15th NFC Title game (most all-time) appearance (6-8) and 3rd straight, first team to make 3 straight NFC title game appearances since 2002-5 Philadelphia Eagles. SEA: 2nd NFC title game appearance, only team to have played in both AFC (1983 loss to LA Raiders) and NFC title games. One of three teams that have yet to lose in the NFC title game (NY Giants, Arizona)

The NFC title game is a bona fide grudge match. For two teams that have only been divisional rivals for 11 years, the animosity and disdain between the teams is palpable. Plain and simple these two teams don't like each other from the coaches (whose history of contempt goes back to when Niners coach Jim Harbaugh was at Stanford and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was coaching USC) to the players to the fans who have taken out billboard ads in the opposing city (49ers fans purchase billboard time in Seattle touting their Super Bowl Rings, Seahawk fans bought engraved fan bricks at the under construction Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara) Both teams are strikingly similar in offensive style being led by mobile QB's in Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson respectively. Both teams have hard hitting, ball-hawking roughneck defenses that create havoc and turnovers led by dynamic playmakers like Aldon Smith and Patrick Willis of the Niners and Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas of the Seahawks. Both have solid gamebreaking running backs in Marshawn Lynch of the Seahawks and and Frank Gore of the Niners. Statistically both teams are mirrors are of one another as well. So what is the difference? Though honks like Colin Cowherd maintain that the Niners are a couple points here and there from having a 14 game win streak , I still don't think that they have solved the riddle of Century Link Field and their notorious 12th man. They have had nightmarishly bad games in Seattle their last two times there and despite their bluff and bluster will have to take the crowd out of the game fast. If they start with a turnover or a three and out or the Seahawks march down the field on their first drive the Niners could be playing being a ten ton eight ball. I see a tight nasty slugfest, and with the weather not being a much a factor I can see all facets of the offensive game being in play. I give the slightest of edges to the Seahawks who I think at home are just a little more formidable.


Last Week: 4-0

Week 11 NFL Picks (The Rest of Them)
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Ive long gone on record as saying that I despise these Thursday Night games, if the NFL network wants a game to play why not an extra Monday Night game. A doubleheader of 7 and 10:15 would be good and West Coast teams would be getting plenty of primetime exposure with out having to start at 5 and 6pm their time. I loved the late Chargers-Raiders 11:35p EDT start and the first Monday doubleheader is just cool. Why not do that for the whole season. You avoid the short turnaround weeks that seem to be nothing but injuries waiting to happen. The only Thursday games should be Thanksgiving and that’s a tripleheader now, whats wrong with keeping that Thursday sacred in football mentality. OK I’m off the soapbox. Odds provided today by ESPN since I didn’t feel like looking it up on bodog.net and since its for entertainment and comparison purposes only, it shouldn’t be something you take to your bookie and bet with. We’re coming to the end of the bye weeks and its getting easier to tell who has had theirs already, this week only Dallas (5-5) and St. Louis (4-6) are off this week.


Sunday, November 17


Cardinals (5-4) @ Jaguars (1-8)

Everbank Field, Jacksonville 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Cardinals by 9

Last Week Cardinals defeated Texans 27-24, Jaguars defeated Titans 29-27

Fast Fact Jaguars have not scored a touchdown at Everbank Field since the first quarter of their 2012 home finale

Break up the Jags! Parrying every charge the Titans had they lead all the way to their first win of the 2013 campaign. But the Jags haven’t shown anything close to being competent offensively. The Cards are moving quietly along and have been playing decently over the past month, but Im concerned about a Western team heading east to play an early game. Could the Cards get zapped? I don’t trust Carson Palmer and his recent comments about Jacksonville’s lack of crowd support may awaken a dormant team. I want to call the upset here, and I should have called it last week in Tennessee but I cant bank on the Jags continuing their offensive profiecncy and the Cards defense is a lot better than the Titans are.



Falcons (2-7) @ Buccaneers (1-8)

Raymond James Stadium, Tampa 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Falcons by 1½

Last Week Falcons lost to Seahawks 33-10. Buccaneers defeated Dolphins 22-19

Fast Fact Falcons have won nine of the last eleven meetings

These two bottom feeders are not impressing anyone with their play, the former got hammered at home while the latter just got their first win and struggled mightly to do that, I keep waiting for Matt Ryan to have a breakout performance and I think that he does it this week despite the lurking Darrelle Revis in the Bucs Secondary.




Ravens (4-5) @ Bears (5-4) 

Soldier Field, Chicago 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Bears by 3

Last Week Ravens defeated Bengals 20-17 in OT, Bears lost to Lions 21-19

Fast Fact The Ravens have never won in Chicago and have yet to score a touchdown in two previous visits

Both these teams are teetering dangerously on the playoff fringes though the Ravens still think that they are a legit playoff contender but with the sorry running game that they sport they’ll be headed home after new years if they continue in their present fashion. The Bears are a tough team to figure, the enigmatic Jay Cutler does just enough to hold his job yet just enough bad to think that putting in Josh McCown would be a better fit. In any case, I think the Bears are better on both sides of the ball and should win no matter who is under center.



Browns (4-5) @ Bengals (6-4)

Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Bengals by 6

Last Week Browns were on a bye, Bengals lost to Ravens 20-17 in OT

Fast Fact Bengals are only the 16th team in NFL history to lose back to back OT games, this comes after they went 68 games without even playing an OT game.

The Bengals are a team that could drive a person to drink. After steaming through their first eight games happy that they were 6-2 and had survived a tough first half of their schedule, they drop a pair of winnable games in OT that could really haunt them come seasons end. They face a Browns squad that you are never sure in what you will get.  I liked an analogy I read about them recently. They have an 11-5 defense and a 5-11 offense. The 11-5 defense frustrated the Bengals in September but I think the 5-11 offense will be their downfall this time around. The Bengals will make it tough on themselves since they always do, but should eke out a badly needed win ahead of their bye.

Pick- Cincinnati


Detroit (6-3)  @ Steelers (3-6)

Heinz Field, Pittsburgh 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Lions by 2½

Last Week Lions defeated Bears 21-19, Steelers defeated Bills 23-10

Fast Fact The Lions have not won in Pittsburgh since 1955 and have only won 2 of the last 13 meetings overall.

This is an intriguing matchup the Lions are a legit team to be certain but there are places that you have to go an earn wins to be viewed as legit. The Steelers are scaring no one and in spite of their rout of an equally bad Bills team are not that good. Im looking for Matthew Stafford to repeatedly strafe the weak Steeler secondary and for Megatron to have his way. The Lions rarely come to Pittsburgh but its mind boggling that they might break two epically long road losing streaks in the same season (They beat the Redskins in Washington for the very first time earlier this year)



NY Jets (5-4)  @ Bills (3-7)

Ralph Wilson Stadium; Orchard Park, NY 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Bills by 1

Last Week

Fast Fact The Jets have won seven of last eight meetings

The grinning and jeering by Rex Ryan has more been frequent with the Jets better than expected play, they have alternated wins and losses through their first nine games and Ryan clownishly stated that he was sure that they were going to lose to the bye week and pick up where they left off with another win this week. The buffoon may actually get his wish as the Bills are simply a hot mess. Their QB carousel spins faster and faster, and with no real punch on offense their talented yet beleaguered defense just gets worn out that much faster. I want to say that Ryan and his team will fall flat on the road but I just cant do it. The Jets are more cohesive and should grind out a win.

Pick-New York Jets


Raiders (3-6)  @ Texans (2-7) 

Reliant Stadium, Houston 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Texans by 7

Last Week Raiders were on a bye, Texans lost to Cardinals 27-24

Fast Fact The Texans have won five of seven meetings all-time

Both of these teams are not playing well but the Texans are the real shockingly bad team. With Arian Foster on the shelf with a bad back and capable backup Ben Tate nursing bad ribs the Texans have become one dimensional, but facing a Raiders team that needed a week off after getting bombed by Nick Foles and the Eagles might be the best tonic to stop a slide.



Redskins (3-6)  @ Eagles (5-5)

Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Eagles by 4½

Last Week Redskins lost to Vikings 34-27, Eagles defeated Packers 27-13

Fast Fact Eagles QB Nick Foles is winless at home in his career as an Eagle, yet has a 113.8 QB rating and is 4-1 on the road. If I was an Eagle fan (perish the thought) I’d be very angry at this team. They play outstanding outside of their own crib and like Beagles inside. Had they at least split their home games, folks would be talking about how this team is a prime contender for a bye in the playoffs. Instead the team sits square at .500 but they are tied for first and amazingly with a win here would be in first place. As mentioned in the fast fact, Nick Foles is a stud outside the Commonnwealth, but has played like a commoner at home. The Redskins are just as an infuriating team wasting the supreme efforts of RGIII in supbar defensive efforts, they allowed the Vikings back into their Thursday night contest as they went to sleep in the 2nd half on both sides of the ball. The Eagles cant lose all their home games can they? Im gonna regret this, but Im thinking that they break out of their home slump and take control of the uber weak NFC East



Chargers (4-5) @ Dolphins (4-5)  

SunLife Stadium, Miami Gardens 4:05 (CBS)

Favorite Chargers by 1

Last Week Chargers lost to Broncos 28-20, Dolphins lost to Buccaneers 22-19

Fast Fact The Chargers have not won in Miami since the legendary 41-38 1981 AFC divisional playoff game. (0-6)

The Chargers put up good efforts but keep coming out on the wrong end. They parried the high powered Broncos to their lowest point total of the season, but lost. The Dolphins look like a team set to implode on itself in the wake of the Martin-Incognito mess as they played listlessly in a humiliating loss in Tampa Bay, the weak offensive line made weaker by the loss of Martin and Incognito is prime bait for a hard charging (forgive the pun) Chargers defense. More often than not Im ready to write off a West Coast team going east, but this is for a 4:00 game the Dolphins are not equipped even at home to play equal to the Chargers. The Chargers are way overdue to win here.

Pick-San Diego


Packers (5-4)  @ NY Giants (3-6)

MetLife Stadium; East Rutherford, NJ 4:25 (FOX)

Favorite Giants by 5

Last Week Packers lost to Eagles 27-13, Giants defeated Raiders 24-20

Fast Fact Game originally was slated for the Sunday Night slot but was flexed in favor of the Chiefs-Broncos

Can you blame NBC for ummm flexing their muscle and eschewing the the Rodgers less pack and the punchless Giants, but the G-Men have actually been playing better since their 0-6 start. Im not sold on the Packers running game being able to carry the load, and while the Packers defense is decent they may be on the field way too long and even Eli Manning should be able to pick them apart.

Pick-New York Giants


Vikings (2-7)  @ Seahawks (9-1) 

CenturyLink Field, Seattle 4:25 (FOX)

Favorite Seahawks by 12

Last Week Vikings defeated Redskins 34-27, Seahawks defeated Falcons 33-10

Fast Fact Seahawks have won 12 straight at home

The Vikings have had ten days to feel good about a rousing rally to beat the Redskins, they’ll need the feel good memories as they are making the condemned walk into the nightmare that is CenturyLink Field and the executioner attitude of the Seahawks. Point blank the Seahawks are not the type of team a fragile squad like the Vikings need to be facing. Hungry and loaded for bear this game smacks of a rout just waiting to happen. Matt Cassel will likely start with Christian Ponder out with a bum shoulder but he will have his hands full with the roughhouse big play Seahawk defense playing in front of their typical rowdy home crowd. As much as I wish I would be wrong, the Vikings are no match here and this could get ugly real fast. The Seahawks have no quarter for a speed bump trying to get to ten wins ahead of their bye and getting even closer to locking down their division

Pick-Seattle (Lock of the Week)


49ers (6-3) @ Saints (7-2)

Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans 4:25 (FOX)

Favorite Saints by 3

Last Week 49ers lost to Panthers 10-9, Saints defeated Cowboys 49-17

Fast Fact The Saints scored the most points in week 10, the Niners second fewest

This is one of the better games of the week. The Niners are teetering on the brink of being pushed into that morass of mediocre teams in the playoff hunt. Their defense is solid but their offense has been quite underwhelming. That is never good when playing the high speed Saints in their fast track crib. The Niners had best hope that they can hit the Saints in the mouth and make this a grimy grinder game. They can not try to win a shootout, Drew Brees is playing like he means business and if they score 30 or more forget it. The Niners don’t have the horses.

Pick-New Orleans


Chiefs (9-0)  @ Broncos (8-1) 

Sports Authority Field @ Mile High, Denver 8:30 NBC

Favorite Broncos by 7½

Last Week Chiefs had a bye, Broncos defeated Chargers 28-20

Fast Fact Manning’s 33 touchdown passes are more touchdowns than any other team has scored so far this year

The primetime games are top notch this week, now this game was originally a 4:05 game but was premimently “flexed” to the primetime slot. I doubt that NBC wanted to have the Packers/Giants dud. This is a battle royale between two of the big dogs of the AFC who have been stalkling and circling one another like so much a ppair of old school outlaw gangs. Peyton Manning may be hobbled but do you really think he will miss such an important game. He will have his hands full with a tough Chiefs defense that looks for the big play and will test his resolve. The Chiefs offense is not as flashy as the Broncos, yet they are efficient, rugged and can grind out yards and points. I don’t know why but Im seeing another Colts game here, the Chiefs will get to Manning enough to force early mistakes and build a decent lead but Manning will pass them back into the game. But fall short again… How is an unbeaten team winning an upset? Going to Denver and win is an upset.

Pick-Kansas City (Upset of the Week)


Monday, November 18


Patriots (7-2) @ Panthers (6-3)

Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte 8:30 (ESPN)

Favorite Panthers by 2½

Last Week Patriots were on a bye, Panthers defeated 49ers 10-9

Fast Fact These teams have only faced each other four times in the regular season splitting the meetings on each others field.

The finale of the week is a good one in itself. The well rested Pats face a surging Panthers squad fresh off a huge statement in San Francisco. The Panthers defense is full of no-names but they play rock solid and they make offenses earn every yard. The Pats are…well the Pats they don’t beat themselves and are rounding into their usual tough playoff tested self. I like the Panthers but have a hard time betting against the Pats who are no stranger to the big time games. I just think that the big time stage of prime time will cow the Panthers a bit and the Patriots will win easily in a hostile environment.

Pick-New England


Last Week: 8-6 (Lock and Upset correct)
Overall 91-55

Locks: 9-1

Upsets: 7-3




Week 11 NFL Thursday Pick
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Ive long gone on record as saying that I despise these Thursday Night games, if the NFL network wants a game to play why not an extra Monday Night game. A doubleheader of 7 and 10:15 would be good and West Coast teams would be getting plenty of primetime exposure with out having to start at 5 and 6pm their time. I loved the late Chargers-Raiders 11:35p EDT start and the first Monday doubleheader is just cool. Why not do that for the whole season. You avoid the short turnaround weeks that seem to be nothing but injuries waiting to happen. The only Thursday games should be Thanksgiving and that’s a tripleheader now, whats wrong with keeping that Thursday sacred in football mentality. OK I’m off the soapbox. The rest of the picks drop tomorrow or Friday. Odds provided today by ESPN since I didn’t feel like looking it up on bodog.net and since its for entertainment and comparison purposes only, it shouldn’t be something you take to your bookie and bet with.


Thursday, November 14


Colts (6-3) @ Titans (4-5)

LP Field Nashville, 8:25 (NFLN)

Favorite Colts by 2½

Last Week Colts lost to Rams 38-8, Titans lost to Jaguars 29-27

Fast Fact Colts have won eight of last nine meetings.

Both teams may have have got a case of the look-aheads and come in off of embarrassing losses. The Colts got hammered by the Rams in front of a shocked and sullen home crowd while the Titans suffered the humiliation of not only losing to woeful Jags but allowing their highest point total of their woeful season. The Titans are scrambling after the season ending injury of QB Jake Locker and haven’t really had a lot of offensive punch in spite of scoring 28 and 27 points the last two weeks. I think the Colts 30 point thrashing at the hands of the Rams, was a bad aberration. Andrew Luck should find the sledding much easier against a weak Titans secondary and with a real chance to bury the AFC South competition (if you want to call it that) the Colts will cash in big time.


NFL Week 10 Thursday Pick
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The picks in full on Friday or Saturday...until then. (Sigh) I hope against hope here...




Thursday, November 7


Redskins (3-5) @ Vikings (1-7) 
Mall of America Field @ HHH Metrodome, Minneapolis 8:25 (NFLN)

Favorite Even

Last Week Redskins defeated Chargers 30-24 in OT, Vikings lost to Cowboys 27-23

Fast Fact Redskins RB Alfred Morris 5.2 yards per carry leads the NFL

The Redskins are searching for consistency in their very uneven season but are still very much in the weak NFC East, they have yet to win back to back games but face a woeful Vikes team that lost another heartbreaker last week against the Cowboys. RGIII seems to be rounding back into the dynamic form that made him a football darling last year. The Vikes still are a mess at QB. Christian Ponder is slated to start and his play has been vanilla at best, with no real threat from a passer the Redskins will likely follow the stop AP module. I keep tilting at the windmills, hoping for the breakout game for AP that the Vikes ride to a win. Maybe they get it here…maybe…


NFL Week 5 Picks (All the rest)
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Last week was better at 10-5 but there are some really good games this week so I will have to step my game up. As usual the odds are provided by bodog.net and are for entertainment and comparison purposes only. Princess Katie’s birthday wasThursday and since all my money is tied up in that, I haven’t an extra dime to spare you if you take the lines and get took. Please Note that Minnesota (1-3); Pittsburgh (0-4); Tampa Bay (0-4); Washington (1-3).are all on a bye this week.





Sunday, October 6


Ravens (2-2) @ Dolphins (3-1)

SunLife Stadium, Miami Gardens FL 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Dolphins by 3

Last Week Ravens lost to Bills 23-20, Dolphins lost to Saints 38-17

Fast Fact Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill has been sacked a league high 18 times.

The Ravens are playing extremely uneven week to week. Joe Flacco has suddenly morphed back into an ordinary Joe and the once feared defense is not making anyone scared. On the other hand aside from the most recent rout by the Saints, the Dolphins have been playing a nice combo of effiecent passing by Ryan Tannehill an underrated running game and a good defense. I think that the Dolphins can bounce back strong from their primetime beatdown and roll to a win.




Lions (3-1) @ Packers (1-2)

Lambeau Field, Green Bay 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Packers by 7

Last Week Lions defeated Bears 40-32, Packers were on a bye

Fast Fact Two weeks removed from breaking an 0-21 streak in Washington, the Lions try to break a 22 game losing streak in Wisconsin (19 losses in Green Bay, 3 in Milwaukee)

The Lions are feeling quite froggy after having stood tall against the Bears. The Packers have been stewing about a nasty fall from ahead loss in Cincy two weeks ago. The Lions offense has been playing at a crisp level while their defense has played inconsistent yet good enough to keep the Lions from losing games that they would have back in the day. Im just not quite sure what to make of the Packers they don’t play solid defense and can get gashed way too often. If it was anyone else I would say the Packers are in trouble but I keep seeing the Packers winning a wild shootout.

Pick-Green Bay


Jacksonville (0-4) @ Rams (1-3)

Edward Jones, Dome St. Louis 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Rams by 12

Last Week Jaguars lost to Colts 37-3, Rams lost to Niners 35-11

Fast Fact The Jags have scored 31 points total for the season, the Broncos have scored more in each game

The Rams got thumped by the Niners and need someone to take it out on. Lo and behold, look who show up other than the ragged Jags who will get a boost with the return of Justin Blackmon to give the beleaguered Blaine Gabbert a reliable target. The Rams offense is suspect at best, a couple steps above the abysmal Jags offense. But the Jags defense will make any offense healthy and I see no reason why the Rams at home shouldn’t be able to pick on the Jags and get the win.

Pick-St. Louis


Chiefs (4-0)  @ Titans (3-1)

LP Field, Nashville 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Chiefs by 3

Last Week Chiefs defeated Giants 31-7, Titans defeated Jets 38-13

Fast Fact The Chiefs have scored 26 or more points in 3 of their four games, a feat that they only accomplised twice in the entire 2012 season.

One of the better games is in Nashville where the surprising Titans are hosting the equally surprising Chiefs. Both teams are loaded with underrated talent, the Chiefs Alex Smith is thriving under the tutelage of Andy Reid but the Titans are still trying to figure out what their QB situation will be after Jake Locker was shelved with a bad hip. The well traveled Ryan Fitzpatrick (Is he still in this league?) gets the starting nod. Ordinarily I’d like the Titans slightly at home as they are always a tough draw in Nashville but the Chiefs are looking kinda right and tight. That defense is no joke and I think that a road win is very doable here.

Pick-Kansas City


Patriots (4-0)  @ Bengals (2-2) 

Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite No Line

Last Week Patriots defeated Falcons 30-23, Bengals lost to Browns 17-6

Fast Fact Patriots QB Tom Brady has yet to lose to the Bengals, the Pats last loss to the Bengals in 2001, Brady was still the backup to Drew Bledsoe

The Pats won a thrilling shootout with the Falcons on Sunday night and head to the Jungle to face the maddeningly inconsistent Bengals. The whispers about Andy Dalton’s uneven play is growing somewhat and the defense while very capable can only do so much when the offense cant produce. . There is a sentiment that the Bengals are capable of pulling the upset. Are they? Sure, and it really wouldn’t be that big of an upset. Will it happen? Nope.

Pick-New England


Saints (4-0)@ Bears (3-1) 

Soldier Field, Chicago 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Saints by 1

Last Week Saints defeated Dolphins 38-17, Bears lost to Lions 40-32

Fast Fact Saints QB Drew Brees is 0-3 in Chicago

An interesting game in the Windy City as the hot Saints come in to face the Bears. Drew Brees has never looked sharper, dissecting the Dolphins rather easily on Monday night. As soon as I express some confidence in the Bears and Jay Cutler they revert to old form and lose a puzzler against the Lions as the defense again got hammered for big yards, big plays and 40 points. What little confidence I had in the Bears and Cutler is just about nil. The Saints aren’t a perfect squad but you gotta like the defensive swagger that defensive coordinator Rob Ryan brings to this group. I think that the make it a tough day for Cutler and the opps that Brees will get as a result of it will get him his first win in the Midway.

Pick-New Orleans



Eagles (1-3) @NY Giants (0-4)

MetLife Stadium; East Rutherford, NJ 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Giants by 3

Last Week Eagles lost to Broncos 52-20, Giants lost to Chiefs 31-7

Fast Fact

These two proud teams have fallen on some serious hard times. Just when I was ready to celebrate the fast break offense of the Eagles they clutch up and just look abysmal in the past three weeks, the nadir being an awful beating in Denver where the Broncos looked more like the fast break offense and the Eagles looked like they were struggling to catch their breath much less keep up. The G-Men are just as sad a story getting hammered in KC by a Chiefs team that did just about whatever they wanted. Eli Manning’s seemingly fragile psyche is getting smashed to bits and Tom Coughlin’s set gets hotter by the second less than two seasons after winning a Super Bowl. I cant see his seat getting any cooler. While the Eagles have problems they should be able to make things tougher on a G-Men squad that is a poor facsimile of a once great team.



Seahawks (4-0) @ Colts (3-1)

Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Colts by 3

Last Week Seahawks defeated Texans 23-20 in OT,  Colts defeated Jaguars 37-3

Fast Fact Seahawks are off to their first ever 4-0 start

It’s a face off of two of the members of the highly heralded QB class of 2012, Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck have piloted their respective squads out to fine starts but haven’t really put up eye popping numbers. Though Luck did have a solid game last week in routing the pitiful Jags, Wilson was having a ragged day until engineering a late comeback to push the Seahawks to a win in OT in Houston. This game looks on the surface to be a duel between two of the hot young QBs but I think that the Colts defense is better than advertised. Call me crazy (shaddap) but I just don’t see the Seahawks coming east a second time and being able to get away with a so-so performance and win. Indy will never get to the levels of the extreme rowdiness of Seattle’s Century Link Field but I think that they will make just enough to make a difference and Indy will steal a tight one

Pick-Indianapolis (Upset of the Week)


Panthers (1-2) @ Cardinals (2-2)

University of Phoenix Stadium; Glendale, AZ 4:05 (FOX)

Favorite Panthers by 2

Last Week Panthers were on a bye, Cardinals defeated Bucs 13-10

Fast Fact The 38-0 week 3 shutout of the Giants was the Panthers biggest win margin in franchise history

The Panthers well rested after a whitewash of the G-Men face a Cards team that is its usual up and down self. The defense has played decent but the offense is punchless and struggles to score points. (I mean really 13 against the Bucs?) Cam Newton will never be high on my list of top flight QB’s but he has played relatively well in his last two games. It will be the irresitable force of the Panthers 3rd ranked running game against a stingy Cards run defense that is ranked 2nd against the run. To be sure this is a tossup game. I want to pick the home team but the Cards offense is a bit to shaky for me to be confident in picking them.



Broncos (4-0)  @ Cowboys (2-2)

AT&T Stadium; Arlington, TX 4:25 (CBS)

Favorite Broncos by 9

Last Week Broncos defeated Eagles 52-20, Cowboys lost to Chargers 30-21

Fast Fact Broncos 167 points through 4 games is 2nd all time highest scoring for the 1st four games of the season (1966 Cowboys)

With the rescheduling of the Chargers-Raiders game this becomes the start of three nationally televised games and the first one is a good one. The high powered high scoring Denver offense heading into the Jerry dome to face a Pokes team that puts on a brave face in talking tough about being sick of hearing about Peyton Manning but given their weak secondary that was toasted to north of 400 yards by Philip Rivers what would one think that the Jedi master would do? With a number of weapons Manning is playing at a rare form even for his brilliant career. The only hope the Pokes have is to hope that Tony Romo can  stand taller against Manning. Do I think that he can? If you believe that, I have some really nice oceanfront property in Kansas that might interest you…

Pick-Denver (Lock of the Week)


Texans (2-2) @ 49ers(2-2)                         

Candlestick Park, San Francisco 8:30 (NBC)

Favorite 49ers by 7

Last Week Texans lost to Seahawks 23-20, 49ers  defeated Rams 35-11

Fast Fact This series is dead even, both teams have split the two meetings, scored 41 points total in those two meetings with the home team winning by 3.

The Niners were getting some whispers of suspect in their previous two games getting outscored 56-10 before bouncing back to whip the Rams, while the Texans looked decent in their first two games only to get hammered in Baltimore then cough up a late lead to the Seahawks at home. Matt Schaub continues to struggle and a local Houston eatery named a sandwich option a Schaub meaning that one could “pick-six” options on the sandwich. That possibility could be a reality here as the ball hawking 49ers defense could make the game a long one. If defensive ace Brian Cushing isn’t cleared with his concussion struggles it could make things just as tough for a Texans defense that has played unusually below the top shelf level that one has expected from them as of late. I think that the Niners continue to break out of their mini-slump while the Texans continue to struggle.

Pick-San Francisco


Chargers (2-2) @ Raiders (1-3)                                    

O.Co Coliseum, Oakland 11:35 (NFLN)

Favorite No Line

Last Week Chargers defeated Cowboys 30-21, Raiders lost to Redskins 24-14

Fast Fact  Raiders havent scored 21 or more point in 12 straight games the longest current streak in the NFL

This game was originally a 4:25p EDT game rescheduled due to the MLB playoff game that is being played on Saturday, the only stadium that is shared by an MLB and NFL team needs a 24 hour turnaround to realign the stadium to football configurations. So an unusual scenario has developed, the East Bay will see a later version of football than even a primetime slot would allow. The Chargers looked sharp against the Cowboys with Philip Rivers strafing a weak Poke secondary repeatedly for big yards. He should be able to do the same against a Raiders defense that plays okay, but is on the field more because of a weak offense. The Chargers are better than their 2-2 record would indicate and I think that they prove that handily here.

Pick-San Diego



Monday, October 7


NY Jets (2-2) @ Falcons (1-3)                                      

Georgia Dome, Atlanta 8:30 (ESPN)

Favorite Falcons by 10

Last Week Jets lost to Titans 38-13, Falcons lost to Patriots 30-23

Fast Fact The Falcons have never lost three straight games with Matt Ryan as QB

The Falcons host their second straight prime time affair as the Jets come to town to finish the week. Matt Ryan took a little too long to get rolling and couldn’t bring the Falcons all the way back against the Pats. The grins and jeers from Rex Ryan were few and far between as the Jets got smashed in Nashville. This is another case in which records are very deceiving the Falcons are no where near as bad as a 1-3 record would indicate and the Jets 2-2 record is way above expectations. Geno Smith will be in this league for a while, you can bank on that but he will have his struggles. Facing a Falcons defense that will look for the big play, they will make things tough. Im looking for Ryan to have a big game at home.



Last Week: 10-5 (Lock Correct, Upset Incorrect)

Overall: 37-26

Locks: 3-1

Upsets: 2-2NNFLNFL,

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