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Mercy, mercy, mercy. Cowboys. Overrated NFL players, Guess who?? ESPN, Irish, Tide, and more in this weeks edition of…..

Before I start, I would like to send my best to all those effected by hurricane Sandy. I hope you are safe and okay.

Okay, so like we didn’t already know that Tim Tebow is the most overrated NFL player there is. So now Sports Illustrated has to validate what we already knew with the help of 180 NFL players. Tim received 34% of the vote, followed by his teammate Mark Sanchez with 8% and Tony Romo who also had 8%. Michael Vick finished 4th with 4% and in a shocker, Ray Lewis received 3% for 5th place.

Maybe SI did it to quite Skip Bayless, who as we all know, is the #1 fan of Tebow.

I know they have the Mercy Rule in Little League Baseball, but I think it is time to expand it to College Football. I really don’t want to watch a game that is 70-14, 68-3, etc, etc. etc. I think the NCAA ought to come up with a rule that states “If you are more than five touchdowns behind at half-time, or at the end of the 3rd quarter, the game will end and all stats are final. Game clock will still run and with the remaining time, both teams bands will entertain the fans until the clock runs out.”

How the mighty have fallen. Cam Newton, last years stud, is this years, dud.

Sorry Dez. You, Romo, the Cowboys and all the fans in the stands and those watching on TV thought you had the game winning touchdown. Then you did this…

Instant replay showed “the truth.“ It turned out to be the catch that wasn’t. Victory taken away from the use-to-be America’s team!!!! Another great Cowboy blunder!! How does that eat at you Jerry Jones!!!

How can you have anyone other than Alabama as the #1 team in the nation? First off, the Crimson Tide are undefeated and second, they are the defending National Champs. Until someone knocks them off, anyone who is ahead of them in the polls are imposters!!

I am one who is for the defending National Champ, in any college sport, to be the next years preseason favorite, regardless of the number of talented players who have departed the team. The Champs have at least earned and deserved that right. Once they lose, all bets are off.

We bitch and moan about ESPN and how they are all this, or that, but admit it, we go right back and watch their sports programming. Same goes for announcers. I use to dislike listening to Howard Cosell, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t turn on Monday Night Football to listen to see what BS comes out of his mouth.

Til Next Time


Random Thoughts
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Party Rock dominating ScottJax?? Another pro team in Detroit?? Torrealba slaps an Ump?? Little tibit about World War I, ScottJax message to the gabbers, in this weeks edition of:



You ever listen to a song and then for a couple of days, the song dominates your brain? Well I have not been able to shake LMFAO’s Party Rock. I just love the music. I just want to shuffle, but with the hip that ain’t happening. So for those that have never heard it before, or have heard it, and want to listen to it here it is:

There is a 30 second commercial so please be patient.

Note: Redfoo (the one with the white glasses) is the son of music legend Barry Gordy, while Sky Blu is his grandson. Redfoo is also a former brother-in-law to Jermaine Jackson.


Did the NFL really hide evidence linking concussions to long-term neurological problems?

That’s what ex-Miami Dolphin players Patrick Surtain, Oronde Gadsden and 19 other former NFL players think. They filed a lawsuit the other day. The players also claim the NFL made misrepresentations about the seriousness of their injuries "with the intent of inducing NFL players, including plaintiffs, to return to play as soon as physically possible after having suffered a football-related concussion and to promote an aggressive style of football that would attract viewers."

The NFL denies the charges and says the safety of the player has been a priority.

This lawsuit is not the first pertaining to concussions. In August 2011, Jim McMahon and six other former players sued the NFL, as well as other former players who filed a lawsuit in Atlanta.

All the lawsuits have the same basic format, the NFL held information regarding concussions and the long term effect it has to neurological problems.

Catcher Yorvit Torrealba, a player for the MLB Texas Rangers and Leones del Caracas of the Venezuelan League, was suspended for 66 game for striking an umpire during a game. After striking out, Yorvit got in the face of the umpire and eventually hit him in the mask with an open hand. The suspension will last for the remainder of this season and all of the next season of the Venezuelan League. Suspensions in winter ball do not carry over to Major League Baseball.

"I wanted to express my sincere apologies to all parties for my actions during the Venezuelan Winter League game on Friday," Torrealba said in a statement Monday. "I have extended an apology to the Rangers organization as well. I am embarrassed for my conduct, and personally relayed that feeling to the umpire after that night's game. On the field, I strive to be an example for children, especially those in my native Venezuela, and I regret my actions. I understand the reactions to the incident and will make every effort to set a positive example in the future."


I only thought that Detroit had the Tigers as winners. Now it looks like they have company.

Congratulations go out to the Detroit Lions who finally made in the NFL playoffs after a long drought. It was a joyous occasion as the fans were chanting “Playoffs, Playoffs,” and QB Matthew Stafford going around the stadium high-fiving fans.

This is the Lions first playoff appearance since 1999.


Did you know that on December 25, 1914, during World War I, British and German troops observed an unofficial true and they even played football together on the Western Front.


I want to take this time to thank the Gabbers on a wonderful 2011. You guys and gals make it a pleasure to do my weekly blog.

On behalf of my wife, Raye, and I would like to wish you and your family a safe and Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true!





Rants and Raves
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A screen legends passes. Oh man, I try to talk up the Big East, another lame suggestion on how the NFL can split $9 billion, new NFL rule changes and LT and more in this edition of Rants and Raves.

Elizabeth Taylor passed away of congestive heart failure at the age of 79. But it was MS. Taylor who gave many a man heart failure in movies like “Cleopatra,” “Butterfield Eight,” “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf.” She was like the goddess she played in “Cleopatra,” elegant and above all the other actress in Hollywood at the time. She will be truly missed.


What’s up with the Big East? They had 11 teams in the tournament, but now only 2 survive. Last Sunday didn’t help in that there were two games where the Big East played against each other. Now there are naysayer’s that say the Big East is over rated. I say it isn’t. ACC, SEC or any other conference from top-to-bottom is not as strong as the Big East. Anything can happen in a tournament . That is why its called March Madness.


I just can’t give it up. I have to stick my two cents in. Here is another suggestion for the NFL owners and players. How about each side taking 45% each and then give 10% percent to the players that played in the NFL before 1970, who don't have the pensions that players now have. These legends of "real" football don't have great, or any, medical coverage, while living on a very small pension. They can use all the $$$ they can get.

Now the NFL is taking on the poor defenseless player. Looks like there will be more rules changes once the NFL gets their act together. The NFL will change the rules for illegal hits, instant replays and kickoffs. Players will have a chance to get suspended for flagrant illegal hits.

Rules defining a defenseless player will be expanded and now will include eight categories:

• A quarterback in the act of throwing;

• A receiver trying to catch a pass;

• A runner already in the grasp of tacklers and having his forward progress stopped;

• A player fielding a punt or a kickoff;

• A kicker or punter during the kick;

• A quarterback at any time after change of possession;

• A receiver who receives a blind-side block;

• A player already on the ground.

The league's competition committee plans to propose at next week's owners meetings moving the kickoff up to the 35-yard line and are thinking about bringing a touchback out to the 25. It also will propose making all scoring plays reviewable by the replay official.

What’s the NFL trying to do?? Ruin a game that is already starting to go down the tubes?? Its hard enough for the refs to run the game now more senseless stuff for them to mess up.


This has nothing to do with anything I am currently blogging about. But I just like her smile and had to post it.


Hopefully Lawrence Taylor will finally learn from his mistakes. He was sentenced yesterday to 6-years probation for sexual misconduct and patronizing an underage prostitute. LT has to register as a sex offender.


Can someone answer this question? Now pay attention

Why is it that when you go to the gas station and use your credit card to pump gas, the gas pump doesn’t stop until your car’s gas tank is full.

Are you still paying attention, but, when you pre-pay, the gas pump slows down with about 50-cents to go and it then takes almost a minute to finish pumping? Any gas experts???


Pictures by: Big East Logo with teams - missourisportsblog.com, NFL Logo - 6magazineonline.com, Elizabeth Taylor - glamour.com/images, Lawrence Taylor (after football) - 3.bp.blogspot.com 


Rants and Raves
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I’ll tell ya how to get the NFL players to sign an agreement. I’ll tell ya how to get the owners to lower our ticket prices. Luis Salazar, NFL player moving in with his parents, Red Sox, Knicks, Rangers, MSG and more in this edition of Rants and Raves.


Before I start, I want all our Gabbers to say a prayer for the people of Japan who have been racked by a devastating earthquake, Tsunami and damage from their Nuclear power plants.


Stick a pin in the New York Knicks and New York Rangers season ticket holders. Hold on to your hats ticket holders, as the Knicks tickets will rise 49% on average and the Rangers will rise 23%. This has to do with the $850 million refurbishing of the arena that is currently underway. It is said that Spike Lee's courtside seats will increase 20 percent from $3,000 this year to $3,600 next, but the seats a row just behind courtside will jump a whopping 173 percent at Knicks games and 198 percent for the Rangers.

Madison Square Garden’s ticket price increases

* 49% average increase for Knicks season tickets

* 23% average increase for Rangers season tickets

* $600 per-game increase for courtside seats to $3,600

* 173% to 198% increase for seats in row directly behind court or rinkside

* Best 100 seats get free food and non-alcoholic drinks at seats and in posh “1879” club

* Next best 800 seats get free food and drinks at seats and in the Delta Sky360 club

The New York Rangers ticket prices have risen the past 5-years, while the Knicks prices haven’t risen in awhile due to having a crappy team. I think the Knicks price increase has more to do with getting Anthony and Stoudemire.


Its seems to me that greed is overtaking common sense in the distribution of $9 billion dollars for the NFL owners and players.

I just don’t see where its the right of the players to ask to see what the teams have earned or lost. Its not like the owners want to see how the players are spending their millions, is it??

I have a sure way to get the players back. Each owner should send out new contracts to all their players. All contracts will be for 5-years. Established stars will receive no more than $500,000 per year, next tier players $250,000 per year and the rookies and fringe players $125,000 per year.

With that being said, to get the owners to lower ticket prices, how about teams season ticket holders writing or e-mailing their teams and letting them know if they don’t drop ticket prices by 25-30% we will not renew.


The Red Sox have a surplus of players. Rumors are circulating that Daisuke Matsuzaka, Tim Wakefield, Mike Cameron, Marco Scutaro and Darnell McDonald are available if the price is right. A catcher is needed to provide depth for the Sox.


Several Los Angeles Clippers players paid $70,000 for former coach Kim Hughes surgery for prostate cancer. The cancer was diagnosed in September 2004 while he was still an assistant with the team. The clippers would not pick up the tab for the operation and he wasn’t covered under his insurance plan. The Clippers told Hughes’ agent that the reason they couldn't pay for the surgery is if they paid for mine, if anybody else had a problem -- head coach, secretary, assistant coach -- if they paid for mine, the onus would be on them for everybody else. It was coach Mike Dunleavy, then the coach of the team at the time, mentioned Kim’s problem to some players. It was then that Corey Maggette, Chris Kaman, Elton Brand and Marko Jaric offered to help. That is when the players donated the money for Hughes operation. "Those guys saved my life," Hughes said, according to the Journal Times. "They paid the whole medical bill. It was like $70,000 or more. It wasn't cheap. "It showed you what classy people they are. They didn't want me talking about it; they didn't want the recognition because they simply felt it was the right thing to do." Maggette, who now plays for the Bucks, said that Hughes thanks him every time they see each other. "I've said to him, 'Kim, come on. You don't have to do that. You're good,'" Maggette said.


Luis Salazar, and Atlanta Braves minor league manager, had his left eye removed after being hit in the face by a liner off the bat of Braves catcher Brian McCann. Salazar, was standing in the dugout when he was hit. This was the third surgery for Salazar since he was hit. Salazar, who will manage the Braves' Class A team in Lynchburg, Va., fully intends to return to work. The 54-year-old Salazar will be away from camp for about a week and then return to get acquainted with the players he will manage this season.


New York Jets guard Matt Slauson, his wife Cami, and their 10-week old son are moving back in with Slauson’s parents. Matt was selected in the 6th round of the 2009 draft. He signed a four year, $1.8 million contract with the Jets. I guess money is tight for the family. Hopefully Slauson will tell his big $$$ teammates on the Jets, what its like to live the average fan. Eventually they will be moving in with Cami Slauson’s parents.


Pictures by: New York Knicks - michaeldoret.com/, New York Rangers - csh.rit.edu, Boston Red Sox Logo - minot43.homestead.com, NFL Logo - midwestsportsfans.com, Japanese earthquake - washingtonpost.com, Keith Hughes - latimesblogs.latimes.com, Luis Salazar - thebaseballworld.com/user files, Matt Slauson - cdn.bleacherreport.net 



Rants and Raves Thanksgiving Style - NOT
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Are babysitters needed in college football?? More NFL bye weeks?? Budweiser going bye-bye?? A Giant caught stealing?? These and more in this weeks edition of Rants and Raves…..

I don’t think babysitters are needed in college football. Even though the players are men(?), in light of what has happened with South Mississippi football, something needs to be done, right? What ever happened to curfews??

NFL Players Union made suggestions to owners concerning expanding to 18 games. The union doesn’t want any team activities to begin until mid-June. In addition, only rookies and first-year players can be at team facilities for a two or three week orientation in the spring, veterans wouldn’t have to report until June 15th, limit the number of full-contact sessions, two bye weeks, add 4 or 5 more spots to team rosters and an expansion of the practice squad.

The “King of Beers” has sued Major League Baseball for refusing to renew their 30-year deal as the exclusive beer sponsor of baseball. Budweiser’s brewer, Anheuser-Bush (which is now foreign owned), claims both sides had agreed to terms in April, with the league backing out in September. Budweiser says MLB is seeking higher rights fee. MLB cited a change in "marketplace dynamics" after Anheuser-Busch signed an agreement in May to become the "official and exclusive beer sponsor of the National Football League" starting next year.

Darren Ford, a player on the World Series Champions San Francisco Giants roster was accused by authorities of stealing over $2,000 from a car dealership he use to work for. To make matters worse, Ford had to officials that a gunman stole the money from him last November. Police indicated that no robbery took place and they notified Major League Baseball. Darren played in just 7 games, 2 stolen bases, no at-bats and 1 run scored.

Tim Duncan became the all-time scorer in San Antonio Spur’s history. Congrats on reaching the milestone against the Utah Jazz. He also has played in more games than any other Spur with 988 games and rising.

The Philadelphia Spectrum, the host of numerous Stanley Cups (1974-1975), One NBA title (1983) and an infamous hockey game between the Soviet Central Red Army Team and the Flyers (1976), is in the process of being torn-down. It is being done the old fashion way, an orange wrecking ball did the honors. It took several “Swings of the ball” before a small puff of dust signaling that some brick was broken. In the Spectrum’s place will be retail, restaurant and entertainment called Philly Live. It was here that Duke's Christian Laettner memorably hit a last-second shot against Kentucky in 1992 to send the Blue Devils to the NCAA finals. Many concerts were held at The Spectrum, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Luciano Pavarotti, the Grateful Dead and the Rolling Stones to name a few. Bruce Springsteen was booed off the stage in 1973 when he opened for the band Chicago but later played to numerous sold-out crowds. "The Spectrum will live forever!" Springsteen bellowed to the audience at his final show at the venue last year.

I want to wish all the Gabbers here a…..

Pictures by: NFL Players Union Logo - CBSKDA.wordpress.com, Anheuser-Busch - Travelpod.com, Darren Ford - Bay-area-sports-blog.com, Tim Duncan - Sportige.com, Philadelphia Spectrum - Kotiescorner.blogspot.com, Happy Thanksgiving - zwani.com 


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