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History:  Folks, if you haven't visited Mount Rushmore, do yourself a favor and add it to your bucket list.  OK History buffs, on this President's Day Weekend, sound off:  Rank your top three Presidents in American History, but also tell me why.  

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Election day brings out the loonies in my book.  It doesn’t matter if I agree with them in general or not, people who just start talking crap about the opposing point of view without having all of their facts make my head explode, and are really the reason for such a polarized political system in this country.  The ballot initiatives are the worst too, because they’re fraught with all kinds of unintended consequences.


Here in Massachusetts, there’s a bottle bill expansion on the ballot.  This would increase the number of containers covered under the deposit, and increase the deposit over time.  The group that wants it passed, talks about reducing litter.  The group opposing it talks how it was a good idea when it was first started but is now obviated by ubiquitous curbside recycling.  The litter thing is ridiculous, take a look at the litter out there – it’s not juice bottles (currently exempt), it’s soda and beer cans (5 cent deposit) on the street.  What it’s really about is the fact that nobody returns bottles, so the state essentially keeps the unclaimed deposits – increase the bottle deposits, keep more money, don’t raise taxes.


The gasoline tax here is automatically indexed for inflation – there’s a ballot initiative dealing with removing the automatic increases.  The folks who want to keep the status quo talk about the money “lost” for bridge repair; the folks who want it repealed argue it’s taxation without representation due to the automatic nature of the increases.  I don’t mind user taxes – if you’re buying gasoline, you’re using roads, so it makes sense you pay to maintain them.  What offends me though is that automatic increases are a gutless, pussy way out.  It’s also worth noting that there is actually nothing in the gas tax law requiring the money collected be appropriated ONLY to maintenance and repair – it goes to the general fund for allocation.  Meaning, then, it goes other places.  Give me an automatic increase (thereby discharging political responsibility/blame for increasing taxes) when you write into the law that the money collected via the tax will ONLY be used for maintenance.  I don’t trust the legislature to do the right thing, so I’m voting to repeal it - clearly the people who support the tax don’t trust the legislature to do the right thing either, if they’re concerned about so much money for road/bridge repair being “lost” if the law is repealed.


Almost 400 words in and I haven’t said a damned thing about sports.


Some blurbs:

I found a great piece on Belichick’s record by hoodie and sleeve length.  The red hoodie has to go.  As soon as I saw him wearing that in the “perfect season” super bowl, I knew it was a bad thing.  I’m the guy that wears the same jersey every week because you never know – here he is going into the biggest game in the history of football and he’s wearing a different hoodie.  Don’t tempt the football gods, man.


Tony Romo is out with a back injury and was replaced with Brandon Weeden.  The same guy who couldn’t crack the Browns roster gets the start.  Now, Weeden isn’t all suck - let’s face it, the Browns aren’t exactly a paragon of football excellence, but when you’ve got a guy with a demonstrated skill set in Brian Hoyer and you’ve just drafted Johnny Football, Weeden doesn’t have much of a chance to play...well, between that and kind of shooting his way out of Cleveland.  Wouldn’t it be something, then, if Romo’s “back injury” lasts a while….Of course when Weeden plays the way he did today, his place on the roaster becomes clear - don't show up the star.


So the Redskins’ bus was involved in a minor accident on the way to the stadium.  I’m still trying to figure out how that shook out, really.  Take a look at some of the pictures.  A broken winshield.   There was apparently no other vehicle.  They had a police escort.  So...what was the accident? And was it related to the protests about the team name slated for later in the day?  That shot at the front of the bus looks suspicously like something - say, the size of a baseball or a rock? - hit the windshield.


Joe Thomas of the Browns, has his aunt at the game today.  The fans in Cleveland are colorful anyway, and it takes a bit to stand out from the crowd, but she seems to have done it.  I think I owe it to myself to follow her Twitterfeed.

#Butttouchdowns are better than #buttfumbles

Rob Gronkowski had the most ridiculous catch I think I've ever seen Sunday against the Broncos.  The guy is a beast.
Bad Penny showed up again - 7/21/14
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Yep, bad penny time.  I’ve got a pile of stuff I need to get through and with my trip looming I want to clear my stack of irrelevant stuff I torture you all with on a weekly basis.  Sucks for you, so here are some off the wall thoughts:

Politics and Diplomacy.  Beeze put up a very thought-provoking blog on his blogspot site, and I encourage everybody to read it here.  But I just want to add this:  Arabs and Jews have been going at it for over two millennium and probably longer – the (bleep) isn’t going to stop no matter how much we wish it so.  Both sides are guilty of going too far, and we as Americans will NEVER get the whole story, so taking either side of the issue is relatively pointless.

Hell, I’m almost convinced that if you went up and did an unscientific survey with ten people (five jews, five arabs) and asked them what is this fighting all about or what is the root cause, the answer would be that neither side knows why their fighting, they just are.  Sad and pathetic. 

My take for what its worth is this:  Israel is no longer going to listen to Barack Obama tell them what to do, Israel believes that they are in the most dire situation imaginable, and that they are going to get minimal help from the United States, if any at all.  They believe they can't wait for two and a half years for a new administration to show them support and are gonna do what they need to ensure their survival.  Buckle up folks because I get the feeling that between now and January 20, 2017 we're gonna see more, not less of stuff like this.

SF 49ers – Aldon Smith.  Every time I say I can’t be surprised, I get surprised again.  Felony Weapons charges (possession of illegal assault rifles), DUI, and this clown gets his charges dropped to misdemeanors, 11 days with a work crew, 235 hours of community service, and a $4000 fine.  Oh, did I mention that the party that got out of hand where he was stabbed and which ALLEGEDLY involved “gangstas”?

Oh, but the county in question (Santa Clara) said that Smith didn’t receive special treatment.  Nah, the fact that the new stadium where the 49ers will be playing is in your county had nothing to do with it.  Yeah, right.  I guarantee you if it was anybody else who wasn’t a pro football player, their asses would have been in the hole long ago, probably at Pelican Bay, California’s version of “Supermax”.

Memo to Santa Clara County:  You should be ashamed of yourselves.  When this idiot does something ignorant again (and he will), any blood spilled will be on your hands.  Holy Shit Santa Clara County, Jack McCoy wouldn’t have allowed this type of crap on his watch.  Are you serious?  You have got to be effing kidding me!   This waste of humanity gets away with claiming he had a bomb during a run-in down in LAX, and now he gets away with weapons and DUI charges?  This dude is gonna think he’s bulletproof.  What's next Aldon?

Memo to the San Francisco 49ers, you are my team – BUT THIS IS A FUCKING DISGRACE!!!  I hope the Sheriff goes medieval on his ass and suspends him for a full year if not two.  Hell Sheriff, ban this walking crime wave from the freaking league for all I care.  Hell, I’ll give you a hero of the week certificate!!!   Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right and criminals like this (and that’s what he is) do not deserve to be in the league.

Oh yeah Ray Rice, that goes for you too.  Beating the crap out of your old lady…YOU COWARD!!!

Speaking of Law and Order:  Cops have got to be seething right about now.  Shit like what is going on in Chicago, and now “gangstas” ALLEGEDLY very publicly threatening the lives of cops in New Jersey?  Gang-bangers in Stockton using hostages as human shields during a bank-robbery-gone-bad running gun battle with "Johnny Law", one hostage dies, two others severly hurt and a Ford Expedition with 72 bullet holes?  You think shit isn’t about to get real?  Criminals have taken that one step too far and they’re about to get snapped back into reality because at some point, cops are gonna get nasty and people are gonna start handling shit on their own.

ASG Thoughts.  One of the things that I enjoyed seeing was the ASG in a different, off-the-beaten-path place.  Minnesota did well in my opinion.  Sold out, packed house, with great and knowledgeable sports fans.  Weather didn’t help on HR Derby day, but otherwise not a bad showing by those in “the Great White North.”             

San Francisco Giants.  If I were to sit here and say who could the Giants get?  David Price?  Dan Uggla?  Chase Utley? 

Holy Crap San Francisco, what happened?  A talking head here made the observation that Angel Pagan, he of the very bad back, has proven that for the last two years he is the team MVP.  That may be the case, but how can this team not function?

You know, earlier in the season the Giants were getting all kinds of press because they were getting so many hits and runs scored with two outs in an inning.  So really, why are we surprised that when that stat went away, they went to crap?

Los Angeles Angels.  Our friend Doug should be very happy, the Angels acquired closer Huston Street from the Padres.  To me that’s a big move for them.

Changing of the Guard?  I mentioned this a few months back, but it hasn’t gone unnoticed here in the bunker that the power in many if not all pro sports leagues has shifted to the West.  Seattle/SF/Denver in the NFL, LA in the NHL, San Antonio in the NBA, and even in MLB with Oakland, both LA teams, SF, and Seattle rising up.

In Golf, it would appear that Tiger and Phil are becoming a bit more of a relic than competitive, and while Roger Federer and Serena Williams are still strong presences, youth is starting to be served in Tennis.

Musings From The Hoodwood 4-1
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Thats a real baller, showin Lebron what being an inspration is...


Greetings for the Hoodwood, where no one even thought of the final four teams that are left.


NCAA:  From a sweet 16 to a final 4 in Arlington

After 64 games, 64 teams have been sent off. Now there are 4 left. One favorite and three no one saw coming. The favorite left is Florida, winners of 30 straight that looked almost bored as they toyed with then vanquished a spunky Dayton squad that won the hearts of the college basketball nation with their fearless play. The Flyers sent 3 teams from 3 of the power conferences home earlier than they thought they should have been sent in Ohio State, Syracuse and Stanford and hung tough with the Gators for the better part of a half but the clock struck midnight and the Gators claimed the South regional title and  head back to the final four for the fist time since the halcyon days of the back to back titleists in 2006 and 2007. 

Carreening out of the East is UConn who was all but left for dead after getting housed by Louisville on the regular season finale by 33 points. But lead by the gritty performance by All-American Shabazz Napier the Huskies hung tough, won a slugfest against Cincy and despite losing the American title game to Louisville went in to the tourney  a serious dark horse. Though many pundits, your humble scribe included, thought they would last past the first weekend of the tourney, they knocked out the 2,3 & 4 seeds to claim the Eastern Regional. The finale was a street fight against Michigan State the supposed dark horse darling of the experts. I had an uneasy feeling that if UConn got to the regional finals at venerable Madison Square Garden, that it would be an extended home game for them with Storrs only being 139 miles and a 2 ½ hour drive away. The game as I stated before was a grinding street fight with Sparty’s rugged veteran group battling an equally veteran though not as tourney tested bunch. The Huskies made an insane amount of free throws down the stretch and the 60-54 win sent the American conference team to the Final Four. It is  the first time since the 1992 Cincinnati squad that hailed from the Great Midwest that a team from a brand new conference heads to the Final Four.

Rambling in from the West is Wisconsin…you read right the quietest #2 seed you’ll ever seen. They don’t play pretty, they don’t play fancy and they sure as shooting don’t play nice. They play a grimy, gully style game based on strong defense, led by the sleepy eyed 7 footer Frank Kaminsky who netted 28 points but it was a strong defensive stand at the end of the overtime thriller against Arizona that got their tickets to Texas punched. The #1 seed Wildcats had 2 chances to take the lead in the closing seconds but failed to get a shot off either time. It was a bitter disappointment for the Miller Brothers who were both turned away from the Final Four a game short.

Finally, to my everlasting chagrin there is Kentucky. The haughty Wildcats who started the season as the unanamious choice for the country’s #1 team, there was talk of a possible run through a perfect season. But as one loss after another piled up like so much snow in the Bluegrass state, the whispers and grumblings got louder and louder. Especially with hated rivals like Louisville in state and Florida in conference flourishing so handily. The Gators, not the Wildcats ran the table in conference. The Cards, not the Wildcats were considered the fab favorites to make the deep run for a title defense.  But Wildcats downed the unbeaten Shockers, edged their hated in-state rivals and needed a last second three from Aaron Harrison to edge Michigan and prevent the Big Ten from having multiple teams in the Final Four for the first time since 2000 which ironically was the last time Wisconsin the Wildcats opponents in North Texas will be, made the Final Four. As an avowed Kentucky hater (Princess Jazzie’s family are big Wildcat boosters and her Uncle Matt is a UK grad)  I could feel myself want to vomit seeing the bragging, grinning, jeering Wildcat fans celebrate a regional title that they really had no right to expect two weeks ago.

So there you have it, four teams that I think are equally tough and balanced. This could be a raucous final four in front of record crowds at the Jerry Dome where the road ends in the 2014 basketball season.

NBA: Sixers destroy the dream

I had a dream that a team would be so bad that it would eclipse the longest losing streak in major pro sports. The Bucs lost their first 26 games in their existence, the Cavs in 2010 lost 26 in a row the first year after LeBron left to take his talents to South Beach, MLB cites the 1899 Cleveland Spiders 26 game losing streak as its record. The 1988 Baltimore Orioles lost their first 21 games of the season as a more modern record of futility. But the Sixers were in full command of their losing destiny, all they had to do was play their normal hapless selves against a middling Detroit team and the pro record would be theirs. What did they do? They mucked it up. 70 points in the first half?  Oh no… Five starters in double figures? What the? 12 of 21 from downtown. Who do these palookas a d-leaguers think they are? Well for that night in front of a good crowd of 17,438 they were 123-98 winners. Ohhhhh snap, the game wasn’t even close. For a rare time the Sixers got to be the bully, punishing the beleaguered Pistons who were coming off a Friday night thrashing by the Heat. I was depressed in thinking that instead of being a special team, they are just another bad team trying to tank their way to a chance at drafting Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid or Andrew Wiggins.

NFL: Requiem for Mr. Wilson

The football world lost one of its patriarchs last week. Ralph Wilson, founder of the Buffalo Bills passed away after battling a lingering illness at the age of 95. Wilson who was an insurance magnate in the 50’s and a minority owner of the Detroit Lions took $25,000 of his own money to become part of the so-called “Foolish Club” spearheaded by Lamar Hunt. That foolish club became the AFL and he was one of the key figures behind the scenes that greased the works for the eventual merger between the AFL and NFL. Wilson became a dedicated owner and was a beloved figure in Buffalo. Players, coaches and Bills fans all spoke lovingly and warmly of Mr. Wilson. I went to Buffalo four times in the heyday of the Bills in the 90s and understood how much this team means to that area and how Mr. Wilson worked hard to keep the in Western New York. Now that he has passed on the speculation will arise anew that the Bills might be headed to LA, but that would be a sad coda to a great football legacy. Mr. Wilson was Buffalo football and he was the Bills. He was a class act and will be missed.

Phat Dap Head Slap

Phat Dap

To Lebron James and the Miami Heat, who reached out to a young teenager who is battling cancer. Ebony Nettles-Bey is fighting the good fight against stage-four Rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of cancer in the soft tissues of the body, she has chemo treatments and still goes to play at Verona High School in Wisconsin. She is a fan of LeBron and said that she wanted to meet him. With the help of a Milwaukee Bucks season ticket holder who generously donated his tickets to the Bucks-Heat game last Saturday, Nettles-Bey not only met James but hung out with the Heat during their shootaround, pregame warmup and team introductions. James also gave Nettles-Bey his uniform postgame. The interaction between Nettles-Bey and her favorite players and his teammates was more than just perfunctory  wave and hello, James spoke postgame about his admiration for Nettles-Bey’s battle and her courage which is infinitely larger than any game. Dap to the Heat for brighenting the cancer fight for someone who needs the boost, we here in Hoodwood like Lebron is full on in support for Nettles-Bey’s fight against cancer.


Head Slap

To Mexican soccer who plays politics in trying to keep two key US players out of a friendly match. US and Mexico are developing a rather nasty rivalry and two American players that would be playing in the so-called friendly between the US and Mexico won’t because their Mexican club team Puebla wont release them from their obligations. DeMarco Beasley and Michael Orozco weren’t granted their release to play in Wednesday’s game in Phoenix. Foreign players are usually granted their release to play for their national teams but its highly suspicious that this Mexican league team would not when their players would be playing against the Mexican national team.

Random thoughts

Vlad Guerrero retires an Angel, makes sense but super not fresh that Don Baylor (the only other Angels MVP) broke his leg catching the cermonial first pitch from Vlad...ugh. What is it with home plate at Angels Stadium that breaks legs. First Kendry Morales a couple years back now this?

Mr. Wilson of the Bills hasnt even been gone a week and here there is talk that Donald Trump may be interested in buying the team. If that happens, goodbye Western New York, hello LA Sharks. Trump will vacate that area faster than it takes a plate of Buffalo wings to disappear from a plate, he'll cry poor and that area in Hollywood Park would look mighty appealing. That happens and Baltimore moves to the AFC East, Indy moves to the AFC North and Kansas City to the AFC South to accomdate the new LA team..dont say that Bandito, your humble scribe didnt warn you.

All the supposed experts that were picking Michigan State to win it...did you really think that they would beat UConn at MSG? C'Mon Man!

Speaking of UConn, Geno (the Mafiaso don) Aureimma is leading another undefeated bid for the Lady Huskies, a showdown in Nashville with Muffet McGraw's Irish might be a jim dandy finale...oh did I mention that the Lady Irish are unbeaten too? The NCAA got this one right when they put the Huskies and Irish on opposite sides of the big bracket...No dis to Stanford, UNC, Maryland and Louisville (well maybe a slight one to Louisville) but Im hoping that they will be mere speed bumps to a title tilt of the first rank.

Miggy Cabrera and Mikey Trout get PAID! I like both of their games, Cabrera is the most complete hitter in the game today bar none. Trout will be a superstar in the big leagues for a long time but Trouts payday is more the preemptive strike by the Angels who didnt have to fork out the money for another 3 years. They figure get one of the best young hitters in the game locked up in his young prime years, but when he comes due for his next free agent contract...ooooh he might be getting a half billion dollar payday. You laugh, but I remember when Barry Bonds signed his first big money contract and the 7 year $43 million contract blew everyone away now thats a bargain for a middle reliever.


Finally, After careful thought and consideration Ive decided to quit writing and give up my pursuit of sports writing in an effort to pursue a dream being a sports agent. This will be my last column but if Arliss or Jerry McGwire doesnt hire me...then I'll be back next week...

Tuesday Moaning?
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Amendment I

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."


That my friends is what the 1st Amendment says...So no matter what anyone says, we are not a "Christian Nation"...We are a nation made of many beliefs, and ideas, and we are free to have those beliefs and ideas...And our elected officials are not suppose to push their beliefs, or my beliefs, or your beliefs on everyone else...

This post, clearly is inspired by the law that some were trying to push through in Arizona...Luckily, for the sake of freedom, and common sense, the governor vetoed it...It also helped that big businesses, including the NFL put pressure on her...

Why did I say common sense...Because while many read the proposed law and saw it giving people the right to discriminated against gays and lesbians, if you read it closely, and clearly, it did more then that...A business owner who believes pre-marital sex is a sin, could turn all your fornicators away...They could look at me, and say, 'Oh no! you masturbate...Get out!'  A Muslim business owner could turn an "infidel" like me away just because our religious beliefs are different...

That's the shit people didn't see...Politicians and the media made it all about discriminating against gays...Which, many of the people behind it, are fine with...That's how they feel...Me, not so much...I have a number of gay friends, and they're no different from anyone else...They don't try to fuck me in the ass, and I don't try to tell them how great pussy is...And it is!  That's what makes America great...We have our own lives and beliefs and we don't force feed them to each other...But the law could have opened up even greater cans of worms as I pointed out...

Sadly, it isn't over...While Arizona got all the coverage, there are 11 other states, right now, with the same type of law trying to be worked through their system...Including my own backwards-ass state of Ohio...So my advice people...Start paying attention to what your elected officials are doing...Don't let politicians religious beliefs dictate local, state, or federal policy...If religions are going to get into everyone's personal lives via politics, and law, then they need to lose their tax exempt status...That's right churches, temples, mosques, those quiet little cult churches in garages just so you can be tax exempt, and all others...You want to get in on the policy wars, start kicking in your fair share...We're tired of carrying you!


-As for why I didn't post Monday...This weekend, I used my Christmas gift card to get my daughter a new clarinet...(I did find a good sale, $500 off) she played the hell out of the first one, and it went in for $100 worth of repairs, so I thought maybe it time for an upgrade...Then the Mrs. needed a serious upgrade on glasses/contacts...With the exam, contacts, two pairs of glasses...Well, it was more then I wanted to drop...Plus there was groceries, and other crap...Shit got expensive this weekend...So Sunday afternoon, I got drunk...Bombed by 5:00 PM...A little hockey, and sleeping by 10:00 PM...


-Outdoor Hockey...KNOCK IT OFF!!!

I'm sick of hearing how great these outdoor games are...Did you see that shit Saturday night...The puck being passed, and shot, and stopped inches later by the snow accumulation on the ice...It was slow, and stupid...The one game in New York was delayed, because no one realized everyday at noon, in Yankee Stadium you get a glare on a certain part of the field, which was blinding off the ice...The next game in New York, sucked...The ice was garbage, because it was too cold out...Hell, the game in LA had better ice conditions...The game in Michigan...Again with the snow...Then this past Sunday, up in British Columbia...It was raining, so they closed the retractable roof...So it wasn't an outdoor game, and still players complained about the ice being slow...

6 outdoor games in one season has killed the uniqueness of the New Years Day Winter Classic...Now it's just fucking stupid...That's the NHL...They can fuck up any good thing...

That's it people...

Have a week...

The Beeze.


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