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All hail the King?? Air Jordan out of air?? Who is Lynn?? 4 team playoff suck?? President Obama not making friends with Red Sox fans?? This and more in this weeks edition of….

Is this a paid endorsement? I wish. Congrats James for a great NBA finals.

Congratulations go out to the Miami Heat. They played great basketball on their way to winning the NBA Title.

Some have called him cocky, some have called him selfish, some have called him arrogant, but now all have to call him a champion. That includes me. I was upset because he didn’t go to my favorite basketball team the Brooklyn Nets. Sure it is easier when there are other superstars on the team your going to, but that doesn’t make it that much easier to win a championship. Otherwise the Heat would have won it all last year.

But you have to give credit where credit is due, and to that I congratulate King James. Got to say LeBron James played “Lights out” during the Heats run to the Title. He carried the team the whole way. He was the runaway winner of the Playoff MVP award. He turned his game around when the Heat needed it.

Who would have thought that Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey (11-1) has more wins than Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay combined.

But even more surprising is that Cardinals pitcher Lance Lynn (10-3) also has more wins than Lee and Halladay.

Just figured out why the Phillies are 9 games behind the Nationals, no Howard, Lee or Halladay.

He might have been the NBA’s greatest player ever, by as an owner, Michael Jordan is a shell of his playing days. Why did he pick Mike Dunlap to coach the team?

He had some of the leagues smartest coaches interview for his head coaching job, so what does Air-Head Jordan do, he takes a college coach with no real head coaching experience to guide his team.

How can anyone sue a youngster? A New Jersey woman is. Elizabeth Lloyd was sitting at a picnic table near a fenced in bullpen when she was hit in the face with a ball that catcher Matthew Migliaccio threw while warming up a pitcher. Lloyd is asking for $150,000 in damages.

Is this the new trend is celebrating a save?

Apparently the Reds were not happy with the situation as several Reds players talked to Chapman after the game.

I am not a fan of the new college football 4 team playoff. This was made to suit the SEC and the Big-10 and could suck even more than the BCS. It would be better if the NCAA gets off their fat asses and realigned the conferences to 10 twelve team conferences. The winner from each conference championship will go to a playoff to determine the National Champions. It can be done.

Way to go Mr. President. The President, during a fundraiser in Boston, playfully joked with the crowd, referencing the trade between the Red Sox and White Sox that sent Kevin Youkilis to Chicago.

President Barack Obama certainly isn't helping his campaign in Red Sox Nation.

"And finally Boston, I just want to say, thank you for Youkilis," Obama said.

The President's quip was met with some laughs, but mostly with boos and "Youk" chants from the crowd at Symphony Hall.

"I'm just saying, he's going to have to change the color of his socks," added Obama, a known White Sox fan.

The rough crowd caused Obama to backtrack on his jokes and realize that he should not have mixed baseball in with his re-election campaign.

"I didn't think I was going to get any boos out of here," Obama said. "I should not have brought up baseball. I understand. My mistake! My mistake! You've got to know your crowd."

Man Red Sox Fans take things way too seriously!!

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Random Thoughts
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Birthday wishes to a Gabber, Thome a Philly, Its all Lebron’s fault, President Obama no phone call, Smokin Joe lived a good life, all this and more in this Veterans Day Edition of

Stop looking at the words Random Thoughts.



We start off today by wishing a happy birthday to ScottJax77.

I am celebrating my 56th birthday today.

I want to take this time to wish all active duty and retired military personal a very Happy Veterans Day.

I know what its like to be gone from your loved one for over a year, as I retired from the Navy with 20 years in. It takes a special human being, knowing that your life can be, or is, on the line in time of conflict, or war and we volunteered to do so to protect this great nation. The hardest part is being away from the family, missing a birthday or anniversary or a special day at school, at a place of worship, or with family.

The only other thing I would like to say is…

People who haven’t served in the military, or have spent any considerable amount of time outside the United States or Canada, just don’t know how good we have it here in The United States of America. Even so called free countries of the world don’t have as much freedom as we do here.

What that I end this part of my thoughts with…..

In an announcement held at 10PM, November 9, 2011, the Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees said that effective immediately it would be in the best interest of the University for Joe Paterno to no longer serve as head coach.

In a career that has now been marred by a scandal that has rocked the school, Joe holds career records for most wins in Division I 409, bowl appearances with 37 and bowl wins with 24. More than 250 players have gone on to the NFL under Joe Pa’s reign.

The most under the radar prolific homerun hitter of all-time signed a one year deal with the Phillies. 41-year-old Jim Thome will make $1.25 to hold first base until Ryan Howard comes back from left achillies heel injury. Jim has 604 career home runs, 8th all-time and only 5 away from Sammy Sosa. He has 1,674 RBI’s (26th all-time) and a .277 lifetime average.

We all know that the President is an avid sports fan. He has had all the championship teams from the NBA, MLB, NFL, Hockey, etc to the White House. But according to sources (Tony La Russa) President Obama has not called the St. Louis Cardinals after their World Series win. If he went out of his way to invite the 1985 Chicago Bears to visit the White House there is no reason the Cardinals weren’t called.

 Ouch, That has to hurt!!!!!!!!!!!

“Smokin Joe” Frazier was one of the greatest fighters of all-time. He passed away of liver cancer. He had an impressive 32-4-1 record and an Olympic Gold Medal. Joe was involved in three of the greatest boxing matches of all-time. It was Ali verus Frazier in all three bouts. Frazier won the first one, called “The Fight of the Century,” by a 15 round TKO, thus being the first boxer to defeat Ali and the first one to knock him down. In the second bout, called Ali-Frazier II, Ali won in a 12 round unanimous decision that was no where near as exciting as the first bout. In the “Thriller in Manila,” the third bout between the two, it was exciting, but not like the first fight, as Ali mocked Joe calling him a Gorilla. Ali won when Frazier’s trainer Eddie Futch stopped the fight before the 15th round.

The Joe Frazier we will remember is the hard hitting lefty who could dish it out with the greatest. Smoking Joe RIP. Classy men like you will be missed.

I am now officially calling the NBA lockout the “LeBron James/Chris Bosh/Dwayne Wade Theory.” Now your saying to yourself how could the lockout be all James, Bosh and Wade’s fault. Hang in there and I will explain. LeBron James took a pay cut to join the Miami Heat, Chris Bosh took a pay cut to leave the Raptors and Wade took a cut too. Now when James, Bosh and Wade becomes a free agents in a couple of years, and you want to sign one of them, wouldn’t you want them to take a pay cut? Its only fair, they gave a pay cut to sign with the Heat.

For the record James made $15,779,912 in the 2009-2010 season with the Cavaliers while making $14,500,000 with the Heat in the 2010-2011 season. Chris Bosh made $15,779,912 with the Raptors and $14,500,000 with the Heat and Wade made $15,779,912 the took a cut to $14,000,000.

You can’t tell me if you’re an owner you didn’t take notes. That if these players can take a pay cut then the other players can too. These three players made a statement that its okay to take a cut in play to play basketball and it if I am an owner I would want my players to take a cut like these stars did.



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