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Five Minute Frags - Suh-mething To Think About
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I love good, hard-nosed football. I love players that wear their hearts on their sleeves and play with a passion that equals or surpasses their skills on the football field.  As a fan, I live for watching a player leave it all out on the field, making sure that they deliver the kind of performance that both their team and the fans deserve.

What I cannot stand is when a player allows that fire and that passion to overwhelm common sense, pushing them from the ranks of the hard-nosed to the bull-headed.

Before today’s action, I was willing to give Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions the benefit of the doubt. I was ready to believe that Suh, like Pittsburgh’s James Harrison, was just a player who played the game all-out, in the old-school manor where hitting was meant to deliver a message. I was even willing to believe that Suh was being vilified by Commissioner Goodell’s mission to sugar coat the NFL with lollipops and roses.

After watching his antics on Thanksgiving versus the Packers, I am no longer help captive under that delusion.

As you likely also saw, Suh flipped a lid during the 3rd Quarter against Green Bay. If you didn’t the video is linked above. After tussling Packer’s lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith, Suh not only forced Smith’s head to the ground three times, but then stomped on the lineman’s arm once he got to his feet, earning himself an immediate ejection and turning what would have resulted in a field goal opportunity into a touchdown two plays later. Ultimately, it was the turning point in the game, allowing the Packers to turn a 7-0 halftime lead into a 21-0 advantage before Detroit could get their head on straight again.

Suh’s decision to put his own maturity issues ahead of the success of the team was blatantly stupid. Goaded into the action or not, Suh needs to understand his place as a leader on a young team on the rise. The defense revolves around his ability to plug the line and put constant pressure on the opposing quarterback. None of that means a thing if he’s in the locker room stripping off his gear because his hot head got the best of him and earned him an early shower while he team was fighting in one of the most important games of their season. Now, as his team is entering the playoff push and looking to capture its first berth since 1999, the possibility of a Suh’s suspension looms over them and they have to hope that the Bears, Giants, or Falcons fall on their faces.

Furthermore, Suh’s actions come just weeks after meeting with Goodell about playing within the confines of the rules. Goodell is not going to look at Thursday’s actions as a sign that he’s learned anything. He’s going to see a player who has no respect for the safety of the other players on the field and thus deserves to sit a few games in order to figure it out some more. Goodell is not going to want to hear that Smith dragged him into it, or even that he is sorry and it won’t happen again. Goodell is going to want to teach Suh a lesson and from where I am sitting, it looks like it needs to be a harsh one.

This needs to be the turning point in Suh’s career. He needs to sit back and review what happened today and find a way to still carry that fire, without letting it smoke out his common sense.

Or if he prefers, he can continue to sit on the bench with an open wallet. It’s his choice.

The NFL Needs a New Logo
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That should work!

-So the NFL is trying to flex it's nuts again...Apparently they have sent out a memo to all 32 teams stating that if players continue to fake injuries, there's gonna be hell to pay...Talk of suspensions, fines, and possible loss of draft picks...

Who cares that this is something that has gone on forever...But if I was a NFL player, and the league tried to call me out for a fake injury, I'd get my lawyer on the phone, and I'd see their stupid ass in court...Listen Roger Goodell, prove I was faking it, you cock sucking douchebag!

Let me ask you this...What is the most common injury in the NFL???????

Cramps! How the fuck is the NFL going to prove that a player's leg didn't cramp up...Seriously, Goodell, eat a dick!

-People are salty that DeAngelo Hall has made it clear, that he is gunning for Tony Romo's fucked up ribs/lung...He also said he won't go low on Felix Jones, but instead he'll be going high, at Jones' injured shoulder...

Why is this shocking to anyone...Injury reports go out, and now targets are put on those injured players...Football is a violent game, and two teams are trying to win that game..."You play to win the game!" And that includes knocking the other teams top players out, if you can...

-Dunta Robinson has earned a rep for hard hits...Some hits to the head...He just got popped for $40,000 for this hit on Jeremy Macklin...

Maybe, it's high...Maybe there's some collision between the helmets...But football is played on high speed...It's not played in super-slow-motion...HIGH SPEED...Sometimes shit is gonna get rough...

Here's a couple hits from lower level college football...No penalties...No fines...Just good ole hard nosed football...

Did you see dudes mouth piece fly out...Nice!

How about this one..


That's Football kids...Like I said earlier...Goodell, eat a dick!

Later, The Beeze.


Monday Moaning 9-5-11
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Wow! Two weeks in a row Mother Nature has been causing trouble, and gives me an excuse to post a pic of some tastiness in the rain! Not that I need much of an excuse!

So the weather caused some issues at the Notre Dame game, but the weather gets no credit for the disgrace that took place on the field...I'm not taking anything away from USF...They are a good team, with a good coach, but the Irish handed them the game right from jump...

Notre Dame looked great in their opening drive, all the way up to the point where Jonas Gray fumbled at the goal-line...If you read my IRISH_PREVIEW you saw that I pointed out, that Gray needed to knock off his fumbling habits! Too bad he didn't read it...USF scooped it up and ran it all the way back for 6...This didn't seem to rattle the Irish, except for QB Dayne Crist, who started making bad reads, and throwing bad passes...The Irish got to the red zone 4 times and left with 0 points on the board in the first half...

Theo Riddick fumbled a punt inside the Irish 20 yard line, and that rattled him for the rest of the day...He couldn't handle any punts...bobbled them all, never got his feet under himself, and looked scared shitless...Then he started dropping passes...

Oh, and don't forget the stupid fucking penalties...Harrison Smith, two fucking face-masking penalties in a row...He should have been benched...Gray and Riddick too!

Coach Brian Kelly looked like he was going to start ripping players faces off...After halftime/ a long weather delay, Kelly benched Crist, and put in Tommy Rees...The Irish came out fired up, missed a field goal...Rees threw a pick...And yet, they still were pushing to comeback...Another weather delay with 4 minutes left in the game...Then Rees threw another pick...Irish get it back, score, down by 3, go for the onside kick, don't get it, game over...

I was so upset watching this Football game, my oldest daughter, who hasn't seen this side when we go to the local high school games, asked, "Why do boys like Football so much when it makes them mad?" Good fucking question honey! I took to twitter with my anger so I wouldn't upset the kids...Some ND supporter tweeted, "We understand why Irish fans are upset. You are welcome to be upset. We will continue to support Notre Dame our mother. Don't turn on these young men."

Which of course got under my skin, so I responded with this, "Oh, thank you for allowing me to be upset! How kind of you! Wow, you've got some balls!" They came back with, "@TheBeeze34 Think you are taking what was said the wrong way. Just asking #Irish fans to not turn on our guys."

So I hit them with two more..."@TNNDN #Irish fans have the right to want their team to not fumble games away. QB's not to throw picks and make bad reads" and "@TNNDN Say what you want, but it's their job. They are getting a $50,000 yr education for playing football. Fans have the right 2 b pissed!"

I really hate when people are so arrogant, that they feel they speak for all fans everywhere, and that they need to tell us how to feel...Blow me! I'll cheer how I want, and I'll be pissed if I want...I have been a loyal, and die hard Notre Dame fan forever...And to me being a fan doesn't mean being blind...That team played like a steaming pile of dog shit, and a real fan admits to it, and calls them on it!

Fuck it, I need to move on...Speaking of Blind fans...Saw some dope Ohio State fan flying this flag...

That's right Buckeye Nation...Never forget that Jim Tressel cheated his way to that record, and now you have one of his understudies coaching the team now...So most likely the same shit is going on...Oh, and could you assholes stop being so fucking excited that Ohio State beat the hell out of Akron...Of course they did...OSU's 3rd stringers are better then Akron's 1st team...That's why they play at Akron! Fuck take the best High School team from Cleveland, and the best from Cincinnati, and they could take it to Akron...Fuck you people are retarded!

And since I'm here, Why the fuck hasn't Roger Goodell Suspended Jim Tressel yet...If you didn't know, Tressel got a job as a BS assistant with the Colts...Now Goodell upheld the NCAA's ruling on Terrell Pryor, and suspended him for his first 5 games in the league...So why hasn't he come out and done the same to Tressel...Tressel was given 2 games by the NCAA initially, and then said he'd take 5...Once again, the commissioner's office is being inconsistent in it's rulings...

And any of you Suckeye fans have a problem with me writing truth, all I have to say is this...

Now, who missed the TCU vs. Baylor game Friday night...Listen, if you see a reply airing on one of the ESPN's, watch it, and remember what I wrote about ROBERT_GRIFFIN back in July!

Now I've spent all this time bitching about Football...Real quick, lets get into something else...Mrs. Beeze and I have both gotten emails from people in the last week...They've been those chain-letter types of emails...We've gotten them from about 5 people, all the same, telling us how we all need to be flying our American Flags on the 10th anniversary of 9-11...Let me ask you this...Why the fuck aren't you flying your American Flag every day!?!

Now, before we go enjoy our Labor Day festivities...I thought we should celebrate with a little Kate Upton!

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Flexes His Moron Muscle on Terrelle Pryor
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Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Bowl linebacker James Harrison should consider nicknames like "Truth", "Nostradamus", or "The Thinker".

It has been the outspoken Harrison who has constantly railed against the NFL machine that Roger Goodell is the figurehead overseer of. He has said Goodell is a "crook and a puppet", and also said that "I hate him and will never respect him.”

Pure gospel to any real football fan and any man who has played the game. Goodell gets praise for drawing a hard line on misbehavior, but he often crosses the line because his ego feels it subjugates the media and players. His minions whose only duty is to blindly follow any of his decisions to the letter.

Now Goodell has overstepped his job description again at the expense of Terrelle Pryor. Pryor, who wants to be a quarterback, is going to be involved in the 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft.

To say Goodell has destroyed Pryor's draft stock and potential earnings throughout his career could be construed as accurate by some observers. Pryor is being forced by Goodell to serve a five-game suspension for infractions incurred at college, not the NFL.

While Pryor broke NCAA rules that would have forced him to miss five games for the Ohio State Buckeyes this season, if he had stayed in college, Goodell decided that his league still held jurisdiction over this matter. As if NCAA football was nothing more than a minor league system owned by the NFL.

Pryor already was heading to the NFL with a lot of baggage, no matter how his agent Drew Rosenhaus tried to ignore it. Pryor is a big athlete, but it is highly doubtful he will ever play quarterback in the NFL with his questionable fundamentals and abilities.

His best position most likely lies elsewhere on the field. Wide receiver, tight end, and even linebacker has been the opinion of several experts who have followed him since he began play at Ohio State.

Knowing this, teams may take a chance on him as early as the fourth round of the draft. Not this first, as his agent keeps telling anyone who will listen. The reasons are not based on purported character flaws, but the lack of ability to play the quarterback position at the next level.

Even with all the rules the NFL has put into place since 1978 to make a quarterbacks job easier, Pryor's footwork, release point, arm strength, decision-making abilities, and overall field vision are just some mechanics that will take too many years to refine enough to see if he has what it takes.

Goodell acted like the hunter in this decision, but he could soon become the hunted if Pryor plays this right. Goodell's ego has unwittingly put the NFL in a dangerous position.

This is saying something for an entity so strong, they had their television blackout rule pass through the U.S. Senate, Congress, and White House in mere hours. Besides maybe a declaration of war, rarely has this occurred in the history of the United States.

One day you may hear Pryor say he was defamed by Goodell's ruling, which also affected his earning potential and overall confidence in himself. The kind of rhetoric you often hear in lawsuits throughout the planet. If he ever is deemed to have a case, Pryor could sue for many more millions of dollars than any player in the history of the NFL has ever made.

It could also teach Goodell and the NFL to stay within their boundaries. While a powerful league, they are supposed to represent professional football while colleges represent amateurs in all sports they play.

Goodell has now firmly placed himself in the cellar of the worst commissioner in NFL history, probably even surpassing Joe Carr. Carr was the second ever president of the NFL from 1921 to 1939, replacing Hall of Famer and Olympic hero Jim Thorpe, and had his own issues between amateurs and professionals.

While Carr was known for acting swiftly on teams using college players then, mainly because the college game was perceived as superior to the National Football League in that era, he is forever linked to one bad decision.

The Pottsville Maroons joined the NFL in 1925 and proceeded to win the NFL title. They then took on Notre Dame University in an exhibition game, because the Fighting Irish featured the "Four Horsemen". The purpose of the game was to bring credibility to the NFL.

After the Maroons told Carr of their intentions to play the game, discrepancies soon arose. Pottsville claimed they had Carr's blessing, while Carr said he gave the team three separate warnings not to play the game.

Pottsville won the game, which helped boost the popularity of the league. Carr, however, took away the Maroons NFL title and gave it to the Chicago Cardinals, a franchise that still proudly holds onto that trophy today. The Maroons folded in 1929.

Now Goodell's decision has replaced Carr's error in the scale of epic buffoonery of poor choices in NFL history. It comes as no shock to anyone who has followed the career of the son of a former United States Senator whose contacts with the league gave his kid a job in 1982.

While the NFL career of Terrelle Pryor might not amount to much on the gridiron, he could have a long lasting impact on the league itself. An impact brought on by the bloated ego of Roger Goodell.

Dignity After Football
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Some of you may may know my feelings about the NFLPA, an organization as greedy, underhanded, sleazy, and willingly blind like the NFL itself.

An organization presided for year by former player Gene Upshaw, who screwed over his brethren at every opportunity. Even his own teammates that helped him win championships and other personal glories.

When Upshaw died, few tears were shed by former players.

Now the NFLPA is being run by an ambulance chaser who point blank told a former Redskin, a team he supposedly is a fan of because he grew up in the District of Columbia, that things would be "business as usual."

This means thousands of people who dedicated their lives to the game are basically brushed aside and forgotten. The same people who made professional football a billion dollar empire that has so much power, it had their blackout rule pass through Congress, the House of Representatives, and White House in one day.

You don't even see declarations of war get done that quickly.

Yet there are brave people who have tried to let the public know the sordid side of the NFL, even knowing that the machine would be there to try to block them at every turn.

Men like the Joe DeLamielleure and Mike Ditka are Hall of Famers who have long been vocal about the lack of support their brethren get medically, financially, and spiritually.

Bruce Laird, Jack Kemp, Tom Addison, Ricky Harris, and many more, have also tried to get the NFLPA to at least give respect to those who made the game what it is today.

While there is a lock out, the NFL is giving lip service about player safety for the first time since the league was born in 1920. The countless amount of players who left the game permanently damages and forgotten by the NFL would take more than just a calculator to recall.

When I was calling ex-players to garner support for Chris Hanburger's induction into Canton last year, I was astonished to find many players suffering for Lou Gehrig's Disease.

It seemed the amount of gridiron legends stricken with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) was far more prevalent with NFL players than any other sport or other lines of work.

As we learn more about head injuries with the advances of science, we start to understand better the hell men like Mike Webster, Jim Tyrer, Andre Waters, and others went through just before their deaths.

I also encountered many ex-players with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease in my Hanburger quest. While some players were unable to converse, some lit up at the mention of the game they love and held lucid discussions recalling the time they sweat and bled for the NFL.

This is why the work DeLamielleure, Laird, Ditka, and others are so very important and MUST be supported by anyone who claims to be a fan of football.

But I want to tell you about the work of Brent Boyd.

Boyd is a former offensive lineman with the Minnesota Vikings for seven years. He has testified before the House Judiciary subcommittee on how this former starter is a single father who found himself homeless because he suffers from brain injuries brought on by several concussions.

He still suffers today from depression, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue from his post-concussion disorder. But it has not stopped Boyd in his fight to get the NFL and NFLPA to take care of their own.

He runs Dignity After Football, an organization that tells the stories of players like him still hurting after retiring.

DeLamielleure, Kenny Easley, Wayne Hawkins, Dave Pear, Ed White, Jeff Nixon, Delvin Williams, and Jerry Shirk are just a few ex-players supporting this mission and offer their own stories on this site.

The work Boyd is doing is needed. The NFL pockets every penny possible, which is tax-free. The NFLPA is their puppets who have never shown interest in former players. Boyd terms it "Upshaw Thugocracy," and this mode is still running today.

"The bottom line is I don't work for them. They don't hire me and they can't fire me. They can complain about me all day long. They can have their opinion. But the active players have the vote." — Gene Upshaw to the Charlotte Observer, 2006

This infamous quote by Upshaw is exactly the mission DeMaurice Smith continues. Smith never played the game and he recently pulled a stunt by decertifying the NFLPA because of the lockout, yet he has shown the Upshaw message remains.

The message of a puppet working for team owners who seemingly treat players like product instead of human beings. Product used to fill their pockets by any means necessary, even if it costs lives.

Please visit Boyd's site and sign his petition. Even if you have no interest in a player once he leaves the game, much like the NFL and NFLPA, then do it because you are a fan of the game.

A game that has cost humanity much more than mortality can acknowledge.


If you want a taste of how the NFLPA works against even their own employees, then read a letter on the Dignity After Football website from someone who spent years working for Upshaw.

I am a former employee of the NFLPA (1983-1988 and 1999-2003). I worked in the Special Events/Licensing (1 yr), Research(4 yrs), Legal Departments (4 yrs) and the Financial Advisers Program (detail 6 action. I would not accept intimidation and pursued my rights. 10 years of administrative and legal maneuvers followed. I was reinstated to my job in 1997 - NFLPA refused and in 1999 I returned via court order. I worked on the 7th floor but could only get access up to the 6th floor because the NFLPA refused to give me an elevator key and office keys.

Thus, I was required to walk up the public stairwell without a choice for approx. 20 months. (morning, noon and afternoons) I received an e-mail that the reason for no keys was because of my Title VII litigation and union activity.

I was fired in 2003 after my mother died suddenly and unexpectedly. NFLPA mgt. actually expected me to call or come to work on the day of the funeral.

You will be astonished to hear the details of my plight. They sued my 1st arbitrator and boycott the hearing.

NFLPA mgt. refused to honor the decision and retaliated against me through work conditions, monetary considerations, etc. (judge, jury, prosecutor) The 2nd arbitrator was the former executive secretary and past chairman of the NLRB. The NFLPA has the largest settlement against the NFL in the history of the NLRB. NFLPA mgt. and its representatives distorted the truth during arbitration, to EEOC and the US District Court. NFLPA mgt. denied receiving documents that I had confirmation receipts, denied receiving phone calls that I have phone records ofs.)

I have been involved in 20 years of litigation with the NFLPA regarding Title VII violations and Union activity. In 1988 I was reduced in force and told that I would be fired if I filed grievances or took it, distorted the context of conversations - that I have documentation for, disparaged the reputations of the arbitrator, medical professional, sued and taxed the finances of the union that represented the staff and burdened the attorneys that represented me. Thereby stressing my relationships with my own representatives.

Effectuated unfavorable decisions against me through unfathomable misrepresentations. I was entitled to Family Medical Leave but received no assistance during my family crises. I was fired for excessive and unexcused absences when my job should have been protected like the professional organizations that extended that consideration to my 3 siblings.

It's no wonder that I didn't have permission to deal with my loss and overwhelming grief. I didn't have the NFLPA's permission to return to work in 1999.

In Feb. 2002, until satisfaction thereof, the NFLPA had to pay over $400,000 in Title VII fees to my attorney (not me). My firing in April 2003, and the subsequent fiascos - grievance meetings, arbitration, EEOC and Federal Court - were done in retaliation and were discriminatory.

The actions that I have experienced are unethical and unprofessional at best and at worst - well look at how you all and Congress are being treated. Deja vu.

Litigation is pending - the judge allowed discovery, subpoenas were issued, deposition was held, status - waiting for trial date. The union (Local 2) is not responding.

I am not surprised by their exodus - after all - how could this union have allowed me to walk up a public stairwell for 20 months?

Regretfully submitted, I hope to have a favorable resolve to the moral indignation that I have experienced from this "professional and caring" organization. NFLPA mgt. has spent money in order to destroy my life. It is vindictive and unacceptable.

I returned to work at the NFLPA with the expectations of professionalism. NFLPA mgt. purposely created a hostile environment. My career in sports and union affiliations have been derailed.

I have a Master degree in Urban Planning, Paralegal certificate and years of experience in many areas. I am a wife and mother of two children (11 and 15).

Your support is welcome.

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