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Donald Sterling looks like he will sell the Clippers after all according to his attorney’s. The price tag 2 Billion dollars. Estimate for the Clippers was like 5.75 Million. Here is my take on this sale. It’s a buyout to shut Sterling up so he is being bought off by the Microsoft guy and the league. The NBA screwed up knowing they jumped the gun on an illegal recording under California Law. The way I understand it. They also didn’t want Sterling around for rather obvious reasons .

 I think the NBA legal team instead dragging this through the mud and very possibly losing a long legal battle over what was said in an illegally obtained recording (Sterling had no Knowledge of being recorded) . They did the only thing could do is buy him out. They have made it an attractive offer that basically he couldn’t refuse. Sterling makes out and goes to sunny acres fat and happy. The NBA gets rid of him and we move on.

Of Course like ticket prices will the franchise price ever come down? He just boosted the value of every sports team all across the board. The NBA sent a message and some may view it as a win  for everyone involved. I think perhaps they created a slippery slope for future sales of professional sports teams!

The Boston Red Sox were on a losing streak and then a winning streak. Then a losing streak. This the type of baseball we expected out of them last season. I think everything fell in place last year and this years edition is a weaker team. The one positive light and which could be short lived in the here and now. Is Xander Bogarts and Brock Holts bats have broken out a little bit which is nice to see. I think both these kids play hard. I also think more in Holts case than Bogarts that his bat will quiet down rather quickly. Not sure how Bogarts will do getting moved to third with the return of Stephen Drew at Shortstop it should be interesting. To see how it plays out.

Baseball Icon Don Zimmer passed away yesterday at the age of 83 yesterday. Zimmer was an icon as Joe Torre’s bench coach with the Yankees. Zimmer spent 60 years in professional baseball. He started as a player with the Brooklyn Dodgers and then held various coaching positions including stint as manager of the Boston Red Sox . Zimmer was a great interview as well just one of those old baseball guys that knew how to tell a story. Zimmer was often seen at local Dog and Horse Race tracks  when he managed the Red Sox.  Zimmer was knicknamed the Gerbal by former Sox pitcher Spaceman Bill Lee. He was also involved in a fight when as Yankees bench coach when Pedro martinez threw him to the ground. Zimmer most recent job was a coach and consult with Tampa Bay Rays. Zimmer was a baseball guy loved the game and will be missed.


They Finally got to the Cup. The kids won a thriller last night beating the Rangers 3-2. The Rangers scored 2 quickly late in the first period. The kings got one back with 1:42 left and then Drew Dougherty just had a pretty goal in the second period to tie the game.  The Kings take game one in overtime.

NBA Tonight

Does anybody actually want Miami to win this thing?

Rumor has it that Kevin Love will be a Celtic next year. To further that rumor they are saying that the new big three may include Carmello Anthony as well. So the Celtics will include Rejean Rondo with Melo(cringe) and Love. Melo and Rondo aren’t exactly good team guys but maybe two negatives will make a positive.

Around The Local Diamond

Laser was umpiring a minor little  league game on Sunday. A kid is at the plate he swings and misses strike one, He swings and misses strike two and he swings and misses for strike three. The kid turns to Laser and says your blind . Laser looks at him and says I didn’t swing at two over my head and one in the dirt so whose blind?

LIL Lanz Update

In the tradition of the Stanly Cup each kid on Lil Lanz’s Hockey Team gets that big trophy they won back in April for a week and then it gets passed on to the next family and to the league Trophy case. We had it this week and Lil lanz was proud as a peacock bringing around to the neighbors and friends. Just a nice little hockey tradition.

When hope turns to hopelessness...
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(And I can’t wait ‘til she gets here!!!)




(She’s a comin’!!! I KNOW she is!!!)




(And those are some pretty good horses she has...)




(Hamilton, Pujols, Trout, Trumbo, Weaver, Wilson...)




(I got my Angel red on... Can’t wait...)




(Hmmmm... She should’ve been here by now...)




(Me thinks she’s bring the World Series trophy, but she’s late!!!)




(Can’t wait to SING and SHOUT and CELEBRATE, but...)


“SHE’LL BE...”


(Maybe she’s at a rest stop...)




(Had make a pit stop...)




(Her time of the month???)




(Did Pujols break down???) 




He’s gettin’ kinda old...)




(She’s comin’, ain’t she???)




(What’s that you say???)




(Donner Pass???)








(I guess she ain’t comin’...)





(Until next year...  dvt)







And we had a roadside lemonade stand without a permit
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Fenway, once upon a time!

I went to see my old slo pitch softball team play the other night to watch my #3 son who  plays for them, you know... how good could they be with out at least one harry.

   He started about 7 years ago in right center at age 17. At that time I was the player coach and my #1 son roamed left center. I needed another guy to play outfield and although he was strictly baseball at the time he was willing to help out. He got hooked after he learned how to hit a ball lobed at 20 mph crossing the plate vertically. His assessment was, “this is like T Ball all over again, you start and end with T Ball!”

My older son moved had some knee issues and moved on to other things and I got just too old to play at a high enough level to enjoy it.

I was never a star but I had good lateral range and was a decent enough middle infielder in my day. Later I moved to third and then made the progression to left before finishing up at 1B.

One of the younger guys who now coaches the team, said’ “hey coach, you want to give me a couple of innings at first?”


I politely turned him down with thanks but… not tonight.

Silently I said,” I limped from the car to the field on my bursitic left knee and you really think I can be an asset at first?” I’d need slip on cleats and glove the size of a rowboat!


It got me thinking, I played ball from age 7 to age 57, I played every position on the field,

My Dad was my coach when I was a kid and I coached my four boys in various levels of the game. Slo pitch softball is not fast pitch hardball but the game is basically the same.

You have to throw the ball, hit the ball and catch the ball.


Sons 3 & 4 covered the left side of the infield together on their HS team

This game is a connector between fathers and sons, between friends and adversaries. I remember at age 14, striking out the kid that bullied me…twice in one game. The first on a swinging fast ball around his eyes and the second on a called third strike on a curve ball that broke over the heart of the plate. After the game he came over to me, punched me on my sore right arm and said, “you got me twice but never again, nice pitching kid” We were more or less friends after that.

And then there was a high school game in which I struck out four times without even a foul ball to my name while my teammates scored 14 runs on about 20 hits. My coach came over to me and said, “Dave, this is a team game and your team won so stop sulking and celebrate a TEAM win.”    

That lesson has been repeated by me to kids and teammates a hundred times over the years.


I watched the softball game with some other “mature” former players,

our version of grumpy old men,

and we critiqued the plays as the game went on. All wishing we could still put on the cleats and drive one over the left fielders head or beat out that grounder to short or turn the blooper to shallow right into two bases or take that shot down the third base line with a slick backhand and fire off balance to first for the out…

But we are left with our geriatric conversation, “what team are we playing tonight? I can’t read the uniform from here. Blue hasn’t got one call right yet (sorry Lanz) or, where was he throwing that? Or when did you get the other knee done and how long is the rehab??

Or… how’s the ticker since the last ream job.

What’s closer, the port o john or the woods?”

Or what inning is this? The mosquitoes are viscous here tonight.

 Are you guys up for beers and cigars at my house after the game?


We can bundle these memories for a big savings cause it’s a;; about bundles these days… the fresh cut grass, the sounds of bat on ball or ball on glove, the cheers for a good play and the handshakes after a hard-fought game. The sun in your eyes on a fly ball, the “look what I found” liner in your glove, the take out slide at second, the ace from left field to the plate for the out, the diving stab at a soft liner in left,,, that circus over the shoulder catch in center, It’s true that I’d rather watch football on TV but give me a live baseball game at any level anywhere anytime. Take me out to the ball game.


Yes it’s also true, oldharry has slowed up a bit, I still can strike out the youngsters with my arsenal of whiffle ball pitches but back yard rules don’t involve running the bases…it’s the equalizer, it makes me just as fast…


And what’s better, faster or slower?



Thanks for stopping by.


Ouch! That'll Hurt the Ole Pride!
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If losing a shootout to rival Montreal wasn't bad enough...Then Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask a bit of a tantrum, that got embarrassing quick...

I hope the only thing he hurt was his pride!


Wrestling - Royal Rumble suprises and results.
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I watched the Royal Rumble at Buffalo Wild Wings. The place was packed (I have no problem because I get there early). Everyone was getting into the matches.



Bret Hart appeared backstage talking to Alberto del Rio before Alberto's match with the Big Show.

Y2J was a surprise at #2 facing off against Doug Ziggler. Goldust and the Godfather also were participants.


Alberto Del Rio defeated Big Show to retain his World Heavyweight Title

Team Hell no beat The Rhode Scholars.

John Cena won the Royal Rumble

The Rock deeated CM Punk for WWE Title.


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