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Monday Moaning 1-9-12
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Yeah, Pittsburgh, Jesus hates you!!! Sunday in a battle of his demons and better angels, Jesus picked his side...St. Tebow's side! Holy shit, it's like God reached down, and loaned Timmy boy his son Jesus' arm...All the sudden kid could sling it...Of course he was down there helping the defense again, and the Holy Spirit was handling the kicking duties...But let's keep it real...Just ask ESPN...CBS...And the NFL Network...It was all Jesus Tebow! The coaching staff and their game plan had nothing to do with...God told them 'Open the playbook, Jesus Tebow has this one!'

Now you know I'm not a Tebow fan...Nor am I a fan of religion being slammed in my face...Or athletes acting like God chooses sides in a game...Hell, after all my years of Catholic education, and corruption, and cover ups in so many of the diocese, I have had many questions and doubts about my own faith...But if I'm gonna pick a side between Tebow and Co. vs the Shittsburgh Steelers...I'm going against the Steelers...So I enjoyed seeing the Broncos open up the playbook...They had a plan on Offense and Defense to go after the Steelers, and it worked...Now I can't wait to watch the Patriots put Tebow back in his place!

As for this weekend's other football games, I didn't bother...I expected Saturday's games to be let-downs, and they were...Yeah, the Lions were in that game for the first half, but then the Saints got things firing on all cylinders...Instead I was watching some quality College Hockey...

Now I know some of you must be thrown off...This is the first time in probably two years, that Monday Moaning didn't have some T&A starting it off...Don't worry, I brought some...I had an extra holiday Rosie Jones shot I wanted to use, so why wait for next year...

Now, in case you missed it, You Gab Sports handed out the TOOL_OF_THE_YEAR to everyone's favorite creep...Yes, it wasn't a shock this year, but it was much deserved...

Now, here's a couple other thoughts I have...

~How can the Cowboys be America's team when they aren't even the best team in their own state?

~Can we not call it the Cotton Bowl, since it wasn't played in the Cotton Bowl!

Here's one thing I want to touch on about the Winter Classic...Most it has been talked about, but I want to say this...Scott Hartnell of the Flyers is a real fucking shit-dick...After Mike Rupp did his mock Jagr salute after scoring a goal, Hartnell trashed him saying "he's only got two goals in his career"...Actually he has 52...Oh, and he has a Stanley Cup Game Winner...How many Cups has Hartnell won? Oh yeah...ZERO!

Hartnell then got in Rupp's face and said, "Have some respect, Jagr is a Hall of famer." I was hoping Rupper would lay him out, but he kept cool at that moment...I want to know this...If Jagr is "Hall of Famer" (which of course he isn't yet but all expect him to be) then why the fuck did his pussy ass sit on the bench for two periods...Fuck him, and fuck Philly for overpaying his old ass...And fuck Hartnell, especially trying to start some cheap shit after the game was over...Got could die from AIDS today, and I'd laugh!

My last thing is the Pro-Bowl...Like any "All-STAR" game, it's bullshit...But I expected better from the NFL since idiot fans can't stuff the ballot box...I guess I have to stop expecting much from anyone...WHY? Because these assholes some how didn't put the Leagues two leading tacklers in the game...London Fletcher, and the Browns D'Qwell Jackson...Yeah, the Browns sucked balls all year, but you can't argue that this poor bastard didn't have a great year...A great year after being out for a year and a half do to injuries...A middle linebacker, with 158 tackles, 116 solo, 3.5 sacks, 1 fumble forced, 3 fumbles recovered, and an interception...Dude killed it on a horrible team, but instead Ray 'accessory to murder Lewis with his 95 tackles is going...Fuck the NFL!

Oh, and JDIN827 fuck you for waiting until the end of the season to half-heartedly say what I've been saying for 2 years...Eat a dick, and drop dead!

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze. 

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