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Hey Hey, Labor Day!
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It's here --- the unofficial end of Summer. Labor Day Weekend! And a happy one to all those of you who actually have a job. With about half the country on some form of the dole, maybe we should rename it Labour Day, after the British party whose marvelously creative political trick (i.e. buying votes with other peoples' money) has been such a smashing success for the past 50 years --- well, for them anyway. Ah, but politics aside, it's a fascinating time on the sports calendar.

Baseball is in the stretch run. Last year we had dark horses, and one of them not only won the AL pennant but cruised through the postseason in dominant fashion. This year, they're making a last-ditch run for the honor of first-to-worst, but time's running out with fewer than 30 games left on most schedules. The real battle is between the Rangers and Rockies.

But it's not like dark horses are gone. The Royals continue to hold a marginal lead over the mighty Tigers. And while it's hard to call the cash-rich Angels a dark horse, it wasn't that long ago that their position in the AL West looked like wildcard or bust. Did the A's really trade away their offense with Cespedes to get Jon Lester? Is Price going to put the Tigers over the top? Strange how things have been working so far. Now the Tigers and A's face a new challenge besides first place --- another dark horse. The Yankees? Dark horse? This year, yes. And they're coming on. Just the thought of having pinstripes hot on your tail must do something to you. And speaking of dark horses --- is that Seattle just a game out of the wild card? As in ahead of the Yankees even? Yup. And Cleveland's only a game behind the Yanks.

In the Senior Circuit, the seasonally on/off Nationals continue to hold a lead in the East, but is that the ubiquitous Braves six games back? And the Cards, who bolstered themselves with John Lackey, are looking up by a game at Milwaukee. At this point neither team seems to grasp the urgency, both having lost three straight. And the perennial dark horse Pirates have taken their cue, winning three straight and making it a 3-horse race. Out West, the money-dripping Dodgers (aka Yankees West) are in the lead, but could that be upstate rival San Fran closing fast? It's a 4-horse race for the wildcard.

And as baseball reaches its climax, college football starts with a bang. Who saw A&M eating SC for lunch? Manziel Who? And NFL football sits waiting in the wings. The final preseason week didn't really tell us much, but it said a lot to GMs around the NFL. What that may have been only now begins to drip out. Rosters will change in the next week, not just by subtraction but by addition. Not much, mind you, but some. Don't expect too many more Logan Mankins blockbusters. The Patriots have a monopoly on late preseason moves like that.

So who's looking good coming out of the preseason? In the AFC, everyone seems to think Denver is the team to beat. The Broncos were convinced their drubbing in the Super Bowl was due to bad officiating in the secondary, so they pushed for rules changes. They've been pretty unpopular, though truth be told it was getting a little silly watching every pass turn into a gang fight at the far end. Week 4 saw a subsiding of calls, but it'll still be tighter and that still ought to help Denver, though it didn't help them keep Welker on the field.

But anyone who's seen New England and Cincinnati may be excused for thinking in other directions. The Patriots are the antithesis of Denver's load-up strategy, opting instead for a big picture analysis even with Tom Brady's 'window'. The Bengals, with Dalton playing well, are awesome. Denver may find out that the Super Bowl was no rules fluke. Even the Chargers might have something to say in their own division. And the Colts had better hope the Texans aren't back with a revamped offense and a quarterback (whoever that may be) who can operate it. It's turning out Clowney may have been more of a damaged-goods dice roll than anticipated, but with or without him the D looks solid.

And in the NFC, what to say about the Niners? Their starting lineup has been possibly the worst in the league so far, especially the offense. Is this the result of dangling Harbaugh as trade bait in the offseason? Whatever it is, they have their work cut out. Seattle, despite offseason losses, is run by a guy who knows how to handle roster volatility thanks to his time at USC. Down south, the Saints look good again. Atlanta remains a question mark, and Carolina is not off to a good start despite having a strong defense again. Up north, it's Green Bay as usual it seems. And Philly ought to cruise in the struggling NFCE. All in all, there's no question Seattle looks the most impressive so far.

So long Summer. This year's edition, at least around here, was absolutely marvelous. A short requisite heat wave, not a brutal one. Wonderfully temperate weather. Lots of sunshine. Cool August nights. Hope yours was as good, and your Autumn follows suit with nice warm/cool weather. No snow for Halloween please! Not even for Thanksgiving! Christmas? Ok.


Sunday Musings #160
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While horrified at someone posting a nearly 30 minute video on Youtube of my 1988 junior prom (THE HORROR! THE HORROR!)...


I know that a lot of people kvetch and moan about the Little League World Series and every year I mention how I absolutely love it. Well that time of year is upon us again and the games have gotten underway.

I'm rooting for Cumberland, Rhode Island this year at the moment. The team is the North East US representative and I always follow whichever team ends up getting that bid. They lost to Texas in their first game on Friday night but there is still time to bounce back.

They are playing Tennessee as I write this on Saturday night and they are currently up 5-2 in the 4th inning. Cumberland was still up 5-2 going into the top of the 6th inning but Tennessee put 5 runs on the board to take a 7-5 lead. But the Rhode Island boys rallied back for a walk off three run bottom of the 6th and a thrilling victory.

There's a team from Chicago that made a big splash in their first game with one of their players hitting 3 homers (and a triple) in their debut.

And let us not forget the team from Pennsylvania. They've got the young girl Mo'ne Davis as their pitching star. She throws a 70 mile an hour fastball and she has been overpowering batters. In the game that got them to Williamsport, she threw a complete game shutout with 6 strikeouts. And on Friday, she became the first girl in the 75 year history of the Little League World Series to throw a shutout. Tennessee was the victim as she had an 8 strikeout day while giving up just 2 hits.

While the story is obviously going to get a lot of play because this is a girl doing so well in the boy dominated LLWS, I'm simply enjoying watching her dominate in her performance. Best of all, she seems thoroughly unaffected by all the media attention and shoutouts from pro athletes she's been getting.

You can read more HERE.


It was another busy week for the New York Liberty. Sadly things didn't go well for them. The week started with a 90-76 loss to the Indiana Fever. They followed that up with a 76-64 loss to the Phoenix Mercury. Then came another game against the Fever and they lost that one 76-63.

The team just doesn't have the personnel on the roster that will allow them to truly compete with the league's best teams. Bill Laimbeer's magic touch with roster moves hasn't really panned out over his two seasons in New York thus far.

Unsurprisingly, my WNBA season will end as the regular season ends, another depressing season soon to be in the books.


This week you can check out an interview with senior Victoria Lesko as she prepares for her final season with the Eagles. The interview can be read HERE.


The girls track coach at Wareham High has run a fitness camp for all female athletes this summer. The local paper had an article last week that included quotes from Paige, one of my former players. She is in the photo below (2nd from the left). Here's the article.


Comic Books - The Boston Comic Con was held last week. I was unable to go and that bummed me out a bit because I would've loved to have met creator Stan Sakai. He's celebrating 30 years of work on his comic series Usagi Yojimbo. While I can't share a photo of me with him (since I wasn't there obviously), you can check out this interview with Sakai reflecting on the 30 year journey with his "Ronin Rabbit".

Toys - I don't really collect much in the way of toys, but when I saw they were coming out with some old style action figures for the Firefly TV show I knew I had to pick them up. Two of the figures were released this week and I picked them up at my local comic shop yesterday.

Books - This week I finished the Daniel Silva thriller The Heist. It is the latest in his Gabriel Allon series and like the rest of the books in the series, this one was a fantastic read.


Music - You can check out my review of the new Overkill CD White Devil Armory via this KNAC.com link.

The new Accept CD Blind Rage comes out on Tuesday August 19th. You can check out the lyric video for the song "Final Journey" below.

Sunday Musings #159
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While enjoying the slow introduction of the Firefly universe to Julie...


By the way, after just the pilot and 3 episodes, she has declared, "This is a great show!"


A couple weeks back I learned some news about a couple of my former players but I didn't include the news here until now.

Sam (pictured below with clipboard) coached the local high school boys summer league team for the second season in a row. His dad is the varsity coach and Sam appears to be following in the footsteps of his grandfather, father, uncle and an aunt.

The team was the top seed in the summer league playoffs, but I haven't yet found out how the playoffs have gone for them.

The other player's news is not as good though it currently has a happy ending. Cody played for me for three seasons (I coached his sister and brother as well.). He was in his freshman year at the Mass Maritime Academy when he was diagnosed with a form of cancer. I didn't even know about it until I saw an article in the paper a couple weeks ago on his mother riding in the Pan Mass Challenge.

From what I was able to learn from people close to the family, he's in remission right now but it was a tough road to get there. Cody and his mom art pictured below.


The news came down on Friday night that the judge in the O'Bannon lawsuit vs. the NCAA ruled largely in favor of the plaintiff. I am not nearly well versed enough to go into details about the rulings, so just check out this article.

When you combine this with the news that the NCAA is ceding some of their control to the 5 power conferences, the face of big-time college sports is about to get a huge makeover.

Of course, whether this will be for the good or the bad has yet to be determined but it will create a new tiered level of NCAA "citizenship" between the haves and the have nots of colleges. And at least some of the players will be seeing some money beyond the mythical scholarship to attend the school.

It is a long time coming given the billions the NCAA has raked in over the decades but let's hope that things don't blow up in everyone's face as this new day in college sports begins its shakedown cruise.


As the Red Sox continue their one step forward, two steps backwards way, there were a couple of notes on players that caught my eye. Mike Carp was designated for assignment and ended up being claimed on waivers by the Texas Rangers.

So in his quest to play more, he's gone from the last place team in the AL East to the one of the worst teams in the entire major leagues.

Oh, and in a sign that these trades are not going to work out all that well for Boston, recently acquired Allen Craig is already on the disabled list. He sprained an ankle according to reports and now joins Kelly Johnson as new Red Sox players doing nothing to help the club.

And sadly, the season of Shane Victorino is officially over and done with. He could just never get healthy and this week he finally gave in and underwent season ending back surgery.

In off the field news, it appears Red Sox honcho Tom Werner is one of the three finalists to replace Bud Selig as the commissioner of baseball. I really do hate to be so pessimistic, but given that he's part of the "brain trust" that has destroyed the Red Sox in 2 of the last three seasons, do you really want to give him the chance to screw up the entirety of major league baseball?


The New York Liberty had a busy week this past week with three games on the schedule. They knocked off the Dream 83-76 but then inexplicably laid a huge egg by getting crushed by the Mystics 79-46. On Friday, Tina Charles led New York back from that pasting and to a 71-66 win over the Sun to up their record to 12-16 for the season.

While this isn't tied to any of the games mentioned above, here's a Getty Images pic of Katie Smith from the July 6th game against the Minnesota Lynx.

In other Liberty news, the team waived Leilani Mitchell this week. She's been "suspended" for the entire season in a procedural move and spent her time in Australia. It was never really going to work out for her in New York with Bill Laimbeer in charge (he reportedly didn't like her skill set) so this move was inevitable.

In other league news, San Antonio Stars player Becky Hammon (pictured below) will be retiring at the end of the season, but she won't be out of work long. She's been hired to be the first full-time female assistant coach in the NBA.

While she was out injured last season she got permission to attend practices for the San Antonio Spurs and Greg Popovich must've liked what he saw because he added Hammon to his staff for the upcoming season.

I've never been a big fan of Hammon (really hated how she got a bogus Russian citizenship so she could play in the Olympics for them), but this next chapter of her life should prove very interesting. So good luck to her as she embarks on her coaching career.


You can check out an interview with BC's Lauren Engeln HERE!


I thought I had attended my last high school summer league game a couple weeks back, but this past Wednesday, the playoff schedule aligned with mine and I was able to see the Wareham High girls play against Coyle-Cassidy. The Vikings led 20-15 late in the first half and then things just completely fell apart for them as Coyle-Cassidey went on a 40-13 run when I finally had enough and left with 43 seconds left in the game.

While I coached a number of the girls on the team, this was just an abysmal performance by the team. While they were winning things were fine. But when faced with adversity on the court, they played out of sorts and with no depth of understanding in terms of how to play as a team. It was worse than playground basketball to tell the truth.

You've got selfish players who think they are the only ones who can do anything. That might be a forgivable attitude if they didn't then proceed to screw up in the same old ways they used to do while playing youth league.

Shot selection was a joke and worse yet, the shots were so weak they sometimes barely hit the front of the rim.

Players were constantly out of position defensively leading to a number of second and third chances for Coyle-Cassidy.

The varsity coach was watching the game and I can't imagine anything he saw in the second half of the game pleased him. The summer league coaches really didn't seem to make any adjustments to the game plan. Either that or the players simply didn't bother to follow through on any of the suggestions.


Music - On Sunday last week, I woke up to the news that my all-time favorite band, Savatage, would be reuniting for the first time in over a decade. They are set to play a live set at the 2015 Wacken Open Air festival in Germany. If I had thousands of dollars to make the trip I would have. But I guess it is a good thing that I didn't have the money because the 75,000 tickets for the event sold out in 12 hours.

I'm hoping that the event streams their set online, or the band records the show for a live CD release.

I have to be excited about the reunion even if it is in Germany because it just wouldn't be financially feasible for the band to play any kind of tour here in the States.

Also, I received the brand new CD from the band Kix in the mail on Friday. It is called Rock Your Face Off.

Movies - I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday with that certain someone special. I am not writing a full on review of it but my brief review is that the film was rather fun and outstanding. I don't normally go to see a film more than once in the theater, but I would definitely pay to see this movie again. So much in the way of fun, and both Rocket and Groot were hilarious. I was initially worried that the abundance of humor in the trailers would hurt the overall product but instead it really did well at lightening the more dramatic portions of the movie. A job well done.

If you do need a fleshed out review you can check out my buddy Kayode's Pop-topia.com review.

Fans of the classic science fiction TV show Babylon 5 got some potentially good news this week when it was announced that creator J. Michael Straczynski is going to reboot the franchise as a movie. He's looking to get the film made and on screens by 2016. I'm very cautious about a full reboot as this would seem to be set up as. This would be because my fandom for the TV leaves it as quite possibly my favorite TV show ever. But I'll wait to see the movie before making any final judgement. You can read the news article HERE.  

Books - I picked up the new Greg Rucka thriller Bravo this week. Oh, and I received that book from Atria Books so I can do a review. The book is The Hidden Girl by Louise Millar. I also picked up the new Carol O'Connell novel It Happens in the Dark.

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Midsummer Sundays are a good time to reflect rather than rant. Let's reflect on what, in pro sports (or elsewhere), constitutes a dynasty. Sometimes it's easy to tell. Sometimes it's debatable. One thing is sure... if you win 3 in a row, you have a valid dynasty --- even if it's a short one.

We haven't heard the expression "3-peat" for a bit now, at least since it became obvious the Miami Heat were going to be the latest to fail in reaching that pinnacle. These days, with free agency giving teams musical rosters, dynasties should be hard to come by anyway.

Or are they? Not too many years ago, the Patriots had a shot at the elusive goal. Around the same time frame, Shaq's Lakers did it. And barely before that, Joe Torre's Yankees got there. Just before that, Jordan's Bulls did it. Twice.

Yet in recent years we've seen how elusive the prize can be in all levels of sports. The past decade saw Carroll's Trojans and Meyer's Tide within a baby step of the elusive achievement, with everyone assuming a foregone conclusion, only to be dumped at the 11th hour. Most thought the same about the Heat before this year's NBA finals.

How does that stack up with more remote history? Let's just take a look at the books, sport by sport.



Baseball has been with us for a while. In the 1800s, the National League vied with a few other leagues, the most notable of which was the American Association. Teams like the Chicago White Stockings, the Boston Beaneaters and the Baltimore Orioles did the trick in the NL. The St. Louis Browns did it in the short-lived AA.

Starting with the modern era, i.e. 1903 and onwards, the last two decades of the Dead Ball Era were dominated by a variety of teams. The Red Sox won six titles in that 17-year span (including the 1904 by-default title when John McGraw of the Giants ill-advlsedly snubbed Boston's challenge for the unofficial postseason series), but they never won 3 in a row. Boston itself at one point won 3 in a row, but one of the winners was the Braves.

Tinker, Evers and Chance's Cubs are the stuff of legend, but even they didn't win 3, losing the first of their 3 consecutive series appearances to the crosstown White Sox, the Hitless Wonders. Connie Mack's mighty Athletics came close, but no cigar.

Then came the Live Ball Era, mostly courtesy of one Babe Ruth (the ball wasn't changed in 1920). Amazingly the Ruth Yankees of the 1920s, the most legendary team in history, never won 3 in a row. Their absolute nemesis, Connie Mack's A's of Lefty Grove, Jimmy Foxx, Al Simmons, Mickey Cochrane and many more greats, the team that crushed the Ruth/Gehrig Yanks three years running, only won the classic twice.

It would take the money-laden Yankees until 1936 to begin their first run. McCarthy's Yanks won not just 3 but 4 in a row. Following World War II, Casey Stengel's team would win five straight. It is telling that they won 102 games in 1954, more than in any of the prior five seasons, and finished 9 games behind the 111-43 Indians. That's what it took to dethrone them.

Even the Yanks wouldn't do it again until Joe Torre arrived. But the incredible Athletics, freshly bounced from Philly to Kansas City to Oakland, stunned the baseball world with a roster of unknown names seemingly taken from comic books with 3 in a row in the early 70s. And that, folks, was it for the old 3-peat until Joe Torre's team became the last to do it.


Somehow the NBA has had a run of dynasties, none of course so overwhelming as Boston's but still some impressive runs. The Spurs are clearly a dynasty, though a 'spread' one. But as the league took shape in the late 40s, a team came out of Minneapolis called, sensibly, the Lakers, and with the league's first superstar roster led by center George Mikan, they proceeded to win five years out of six, including (of course) 3 in a row. 

They hit the end of their run just as the game changed with the advent of the 24-second clock. One man realized what this meant, and put together a team of racehorses. Red Auerbach's Celtics featured, at least at the start, a HOF player at every starting spot, and they ran the fast break well enough to fly by the rest of the league an incredible 11 times in 13 seasons, that run containing an equally incredible 8 titles in a row.

With their demise the 3-peat became history for a while. No one in the 70s did it. Bird's Celtics and Johnson's Lakers of the 80s never did it. Jordan's Bulls, though, did it twice as they dominated the 90s, followed rapidly by Shaq's Lakers. The Kobe Lakers had a shot but were beaten the first time around by their old nemesis from Boston. And the Heat failed, Lebron left, and nobody expects another run from Miami, at least not in the near future.


Lord Stanley's Cup has a confusing early history. From the end of the 19th Century up until the onset of World War I (which drew in many Canadians) a few HCs (Health club? Hockey club?) had some dominant runs, but sometimes 'won' the cup several times in a year as challenges from multiple leagues were in effect. Even up until 1926, the NHL managed to win most of the Cups but played another league champion to get it. In fact, the Victoria Cougars of the WHCL became the last non-NHL entry to win the Cup as late as 1925!

Following that period, the NHL champion was given the Cup. In the first of these modern series, the Ottawa Senators (in an earlier incarnation) defeated the Boston Bruins 2-0-2. One wonders why the last game was played. But no one --- not Montreal, not Boston, not Detroit --- would win 3 in a row until the Little Major's Toronto Maple Leafs took the last 3 series of the 1940s.

By 1956, in an era that saw a number of dynastic runs in sports, Toe Blake's Canadiens asserted themselves and would begin a run of dominance that brought home 5 Cups in a row. But they wouldn't do it again, thwarted primarily by Punch Imlach's largely forgotten Toronto Maple Leafs, who won in 1962, 1963 and 1964. They even broke up Montreal's next run at 5 in a row by beating the Habs again in 1967.

But the rest of the way? For a long time there was a 3-peat drought, with a couple of notable exceptions. Orr's Bruins didn't do it. Shero's Flyers didn't do it. Even Gretzky's Oilers and Lemieux' Penguins didn't do it. But the rebuilt Canadiens won 4 straight in the late 70s, only to be stunningly supplanted by Al Arbour's incredible upstarts from Long Island, who would win it for the next 4 years.

Since then? Nobody's done it.


Maybe the most interesting thing about the NFL is who didn't win 3 in a row. Montana's Niners? Nope. Luckman's Bears? Nah. Brown's Browns? Sure, but only in the AAFC. Unitas' Colts? Nope. Surely Bradshaw's Steelers. No again. The Perfect Fins? Went to 3 in a row but won 2. Aikman's Cowboys? Uh-uh. Brady's Patriots? Nix.

Ok, so who did?

The early years of the NFL are a bit 'different', as in all sports. There was only 1 division, and whoever won the 'pennant' won the title. In this early Roaring 20s time, two teams actually did it. Sort of. The Canton Bulldogs won 3 years in a row --- except they were the Cleveland Bulldogs the final year. Later that decade, Curly Lambeau's Packers did it.

It wouldn't happen again until Vince Lombardi's Packers won their last 3 titles. The last two overlapped the Super Bowl era. Fortunately, they won both times so no asterisks are necessary.

Meanwhile, in the 10-year span of the independent AFL, only one franchise, the Chiefs (nee Texans), won 3 titles, period. They were not consecutive. Only Houston and Buffalo won consecutive titles.

And into the Super Bowl age we go. It's the criterion we use today. Lotsa repeaters. Green Bay. Miami. Pittsburgh. San Francisco. Dallas. Denver. New England.

Absolutely zero 3-peaters. None. Squat. It's been nearly 50 years.

College Sports:

This generally means only one of two things: football or basketball. A quick look at the annals tells you that football is an impossible mishmash for most of its near-150 year history. Recently things have been in order a bit more, but nary a 3-peater. The closest arguable (though unofficial) achiever, at least in an era that featured more contenders than Yale and Princeton, may be Army (well-stocked during WWII), which lost not a game from 1944 through 1946 while going a cumulative 27-0-1.

Basketball is different, and there have been conclusive champions for a long time. Astonishingly, there is only one 3-peater and that's John Wooden's UCLA, who won 7 in a row from 1967 to 1973.

What conclusion do we draw from all of this? Nothing. Who needs conclusions? Some teams that never won 3 in a row can be argued to have been better than some that did. It's nothing more than a fascinating trip through sports history and the teams that achieved (and didn't achieve) a most difficult feat --- winning three in a row.

Monday Moaning 7-28-14
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Welcome to Monday Moaning...And look what I found...If anything should happen to Mrs. Beeze, God forbid...I know who the next target on my list...Look at that...Good body...You know I love the red hair...And look at the skills...Clearly this gal is a dick-wrecker...Just pull it out, stand behind her and see how long you last...Just imagine what else she can do with that body...Wrecking dicks left and right!

Have I objectified women enough yet?  Hey, that's my bread and butter people...the words in between the T&A is just quality filler! And why do I start each Monday Moaning post with an image of an attractive or clearly talented lady (like the one above)? Because it draws eyes to the blog...And once they get past the ass, the read my ranting and raving post, and hopefully it made people laugh, or smile, or think, or even pissed off...As long as it does something for ya...

Am I objectifying women by doing this...Sure, I guess so...Is that wrong? No...Why is it not wrong? Well, lets just start with the gal at the top of this post...She stood in front of some one with a camera and did this...And put it on the internet...So if you put it out there, how have I done anything wrong?  And the same goes for when I use a model's image...They put it out there...I'm just spreading the love they shared...

People have commented that I have daughters, how could I objectify women...Well, I'm a man...I'm a horny all my fucking life, man...I like attractive women...If some guy posted pics of my daughters I'd be pissed...I can't lie about that...If they were done without my daughters knowledge, I'm killing the mother fucker...If my daughter put it out there herself, she'll have to deal with the consequences, including me being pissed at her...

So why is this the topic I'm writing about this week? Because ESPN's Sam Ponder decided to throw  out a tweet that insinuated guys like me who post pics of women on blogs can't be mad with the NFL's weak stance towards Ray Rice beating the shit out of his wife...WHAT!?!  Are you fucking high you idiot bitch!?!  Never have I come out as pro-wife beating...I don't pictures of women being choked, and fisted...I've never written, 'Make the world a better place, punch a bitch in the face!'

Posting an attractive woman's picture and some how jumping to 'They're all about beating women' is just fucking ridiculous...Some guy posts my daughters picture on a blog, that she put on the net will piss me off...Some guy punches my daughter, and they'll never find his fucking body..."Objectifying" women and beating them are different worlds dummy...

Oh, and how did Sam get her ESPN Job? Her job, standing in front of horny college guys, trying to string together a couple sentences about football that make sense....


Oh, that's right...She looks good...She was objectified by the ESPN suits....


Seriously, if I had that ass, blonde hair, and those boots, I'd be killing that Game Day job!....I hate to come across as a total, male pig, but she only has that job because she's good looking...Because college guys get all horned up for her...Like this classic sign from last year...


Oh, and Sam is not alone...WEEI in Boston just suspended a Radio host, Kirk Minihane who trashed Erin Andrews after her piss-poor performance at the All-Star game...Dude called her out for what she is...A bad reporter...A bobble head with a good body, and if it wasn't for her looks she wouldn't be where she is...Why did WEEI take so long to suspend Minihane in this day and age of PC bullshit, and quick to fire because some one was offended crap?  Well, they actually stood by him until FOX pitched a bitch, and pulled all their advertising from the Radio station...

Fox....Fox Sports that regionally pushes it's merry band of hotties at Baseball and Hockey games...


FOX....FOX Sports1 which features and promotes its stars....


I'm sorry FOX buy I'm calling bullshit...You lead the league in objectifying women...You have the elite crew of ex-sideline "reporters"...You know, the hotties that asked the coach idiotic questions as he ran to the locker room for halftime...You have a cream of the crop of bobble-headed, bleach blonde news readers...Get off your high horse...Dude called your girl out for being the hack she is, and it was funny...Tell her to shut-up, and get naked in front of another camera, because that's all she's good for...We've all seen her commercials...She sucks at those too!

Oh, and as for my official stance on Ray Rice...The NFL is full of shit...Smoke weed, 6 games...Smoke weed again, the season...Punch the fuck out of a women, 2 games...Fuck the NFL....Ad as for Ray Rice...He needs to be pistol-whipped! That's how I feel about fuckers hitting women...

Now be a good girl and go get a hula hoop and get that ass in game-shape!

Have a week, The Beeze.


(how many women did I just piss off?)

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