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Hey Gabbers....

As you may have noticed there's been some technical issues we are dealing with. This issues are not related to the Gab but server company Spruz. I could sit here and bash them over and over but I've done enough of that directly. What most of you are not aware of is that in recent weeks we've been in the planning stages of building a new and improved YouGabSports elsewhere. We're not giving details and we're not announcing when it will it will be ready because we don't know even know that yet. What I can tell you is it will be sooner than later...as far as I'm conerned I can't get away from SPRUZ and their half-assed customer support, or lack thereof fast enough. 

I'm currently working on the UPLOAD issue with Spruz, but they're not exactly the most helpful bunch, or they just don't know what the hell they're doing, but we are actively working on it. 

Once the move is complete we hope glitches and other mishaps will be minimal. We'll have a lot more control over our site once we move, we'll have more abiliities and functionality as well. So give us some time and please bare with us as we strive to make the Gab bigger and better than ever.

As always we welcome your comments, questions, ideas and concerns!


I'm Just Saying....Random Thoughts
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It’s great to be back after having a massive Ulcer. Every doctor I have seen has told me I am very lucky. If I had waiting another day to go to the hospital the outcome would have been much different…..Like not being around anymore. Thanks go out to my sister for getting me to the emergency room….

Things that came across while I was out…

I can understand the uproar about restoring Paterno’s wins. But let’s face the reality of the situation. Taking away the wins did not properly punish Papa Joe for his cover-up. Nor, did it punish Penn State as a whole. The only true punishment would have been to fire all those who were involved in the cover-up and fine the University $100 million.

Speaking of restoring wins, how about restoring Bobby Bowden’s 12 wins. The wins were taking away as a punishment for an academic scandal that occurred in 2006 and 2007. None of the FSU coaches were ever implicated in the scandal.

How about these sports athletes who sign a contract for big $$$’s and then during their press conference they always say “It’s not about the money. It’s for the love of the game.” If that is the case how come they don’t sign a contract for minimum wage? Or, okay $55,000 a year? Why can’t player’s tell in like it is….. IT’S FOR THE MONEY!!!

Dean Smith passing show’s us not what type of coach he was, but more importantly, what type of man he was. His record speaks for itself, 1976 Olympic gold medal, two national championships, 879-254 record and induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame. But what is now being told is that countless former players and assistant coaches credit Smith for molding them into outstanding citizens.

Billy Casper passed away. He has never been mentioned in the same breath as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player yet he won 51 times on the PGA and is 7th on the career win list (finishing ahead of Player).

In the NFL, to me, it has never been a commissioner, or one player, coach or owner who changed the face of the league. It was none other than the founder of NFL Films Ed Sabol who passed away. Nothing was better than watching the football leaving the Quarterbacks hands and following it until the receiver catches it. Or watching the line of scrimmage, during a winter game, and seeing smoke coming out of the players mouths. The list goes on and on. The Sabol’s were the one’s to put the NFL “On the Map.”

Til Next Time


Sunday Musings #182
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While wondering why anyone would think it is a bad thing to be known for "The Tuck Rule" (Tom Brady) as opposed to a central figure who cut a deal to get out from under a double homicide charge (Ray Lewis, who should learn to shut the hell up.)...


Don't forget to follow me on Twitter - @TheOneTrueJay

In case you missed my recap of basketball action from the early part of the week, you can read all about it in my latest Mid-Week Basketball Update.

Oh and a follow up to one of my X-mas gifts arrived in the mail yesterday. I got the only available by mail order Bumble figurine from the 50th Anniversary Rudolph collection.



New England Patriots - Like most people in New England, I'll likely be spending my day in preparation for the AFC title game later tonight. It can't come soon enough because I'm a little burnt out on all the pregame talk. About the most exciting thing that has come out of the Patriots side of things this week was the low key and Belichickian response Tom Brady gave when he was asked about ESPN commentator Ray Lewis stating that the only reason "we" (the general public) know about Brady is because of the Tuck Rule.

Brady's response: “Yeah, Stacey [James, Patriots vice president of media relations] told me about that . . . yeah. Everyone has an opinion. I think Ray’s a great player; he’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer. I was fortunate enough to play against him.”

Somebody must've told Lewis what a jackass he was because he soon backed away from what he said with this CYA "clarification": “To clarify my comments from this week: I was trying to express my frustration about the Tuck Rule itself . . . Rules like that should not be part of the game,” Lewis wrote. “They lead to controversial plays that impact the outcome of games and thats [sic] what everyone Remembers, especially when you are talking about playoff games.

“I have immense respect for Tom Brady and everything he has achieved in this game. He will go down as one of the all-time greats.”

The Colts have spent the latter half of the week dealing with the news of linebacker Josh McNary being arrested on rape charges. He was placed on the commisioner's exempt list and will not be active for the game. I know that the team will say that they are focused on the game in front of them, but you have to think that this news will at least occupy a fraction of their minds as they get ready to play.

Coaching Hires - There was a bevy of coaching hires in the NFL this past week and for the most part, it is retread city. But while you might take issue with hiring coaches who have failed or simply run their course elsewhere, the new coaches have a lot of issues to deal with in their new posts.

Raiders - The Raiders hired Jack Del Rio away from the Denver Broncos. The biggest impediment to his success is likely that this is the Raiders we are talking about. They've been a joke franchise for years and there is simply no quick fix here. They've got a halfway decent QB to build around, but there are so many holes on this team, you hardly know where to begin.

49ers - After their ever more tension filled run with Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco promoted from within and hired Jim Tomsula as their new head coach. I will never be able to say I know all the ins and outs of a coaching staff, but I've heard of a lot of the various assistants throughout the league. But this hire had me asking WHO?

Tomsula has the rep of being a great teacher. He's going to have to be exceptional to figure out how to help the 49ers get back into contention. You've gotta fix Colin Kaepernick, and rebuild team morale. And Tomsula (in the middle in the photo below) is likely going to have to deal with the perception that he got the job in part because he'll be easier for the GM and ownership to control.

Chicago Bears - The Bears hired John Fox to be their new coach just days after he got fired in Denver. While the Bears aren't quite as bad as the Raiders, this past season they did devolve so unexpectedly into a mess that firing Marc Trestman was pretty much necessary. Fox did a good job in Denver, despite the disatisfaction of not winning a Super Bowl with a loaded team, and I think he could likely reshape the Bears. But any potential success down the line will first require the coach and front office to make a decision on QB Jay Cutler. Cutler is a great QB on paper, he's got the tools. But he's the worst field leader since Jeff George and hasn't shown the least bit of interest in improving in that area.

Bills - The Bills hired Rex Ryan after he got canned by the Jets. And once again, Ryan "won the press conference". But you have to wonder exactly what has changed for the team or Ryan with this hire. The Bills have a new ownership that will be learning the ways of NFL ownership (yes I know they own the NHL's Sabres, but not everything carries over I would venture to say.), they don't have a QB worth a damn on the roster and haven't figure out how to get back to respectability in more than 15 years. And Ryan's stated "obsession" with the Patriots would be fine if it was part and parcel of building Buffalo back to a contender. Instead it rang to me as if he was more concerned about beating Belichick and screw winning anything else.

Let's not forget that Ryan hasn't exactly done wonders in developing players on the offensive side of the ball the last few years either.

Jets - The always in rebuilding mode Jets hired Todd Bowles away from Arizona to be their new coach. Everything I've read says that he's ready to step up to the big chair after years as an assistant. But given the wimpy ownership and front office that will have yet another new GM (after John Idzik was deservedly fired), you have to wonder how much support Bowles will have in New York. If the Jets are going to stick with Geno Smith at QB, they need to hire an offensive coordinator and/or QB coach that can actualy develop Smith instead of making him even worse than he already is.

Do you remember the official who was a key figure in that "Fail Mary" game from a couple years back? His name is Lance Easley and since that ill-fated call his life has completely fallen apart. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports wrote a lengthy piece about his this past week detailing Easley's PTSD diagnosis and everything else the now ex-official has been dealing with. You can read it HERE.

Jenny Vrentas of TheMMQB.com had an interview with ex-Bengals coach Sam Wyche this week. He talks about the no-huddle offense and a lot more HERE.


National Championship - Congratulations to the Ohio State Buckeyes on winning this year's championship. I had picked Oregon to win the game but I should've known better. I've said in the past that Oregon wins until they actually have to. I thought this year they'd change that opinion but I was wrong again.

Maybe Phil Knight should find a new school to pour millions into because he's never going to see a national title in football for the Ducks.

Ohio State will likely have a very interesting QB battle for next year. J.T. Barrett was having a fantastic year before he got injured and Cardale Jones started the three games after Barrett got hurt and helped guide OSU to a title. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall in the coaches room for spring evaluations?

Penn State - A lot of strong opinions have been expressed both here on YouGabSports and in the sports world at large since the news broke that the NCAA and Penn State have brokered a deal to avoid lawsuit trials over the Sandusky sex scandal.

The main point of contention seems to be that the 112 wins the school was forced to vacate will be given back. This puts Joe Paterno back on top of the all-time wins list. You can read more HERE.

I know everyone that is pissed off about this decision has their opinion. For me, I realize that I'll be in the minority, but I'm glad the wins got restored. They never should've been taken away in the first place. What Paterno did or did not do in covering up the scandal had nothing to do with the games that were played during that time. The games were played, they were won and they were done so in a manner in accordance with the rules governing the games.

If Paterno was still alive and you wanted to charge him with crimes in a court of law, be my guest. But winning football games and covering up a horrific sex scandal are two entirely different things. The NCAA overreached in their punishment to such an extent that I believe Penn State would've easily prevailed in their lawsuits. The restoration of the victories is, to my mind, an acknowledgement by the NCAA that they screwed up and this is a course correction.


Apparently the most offensive thing to a "good catholic education" these days is a girl playing CYO football. At least in Pennsylvania. The archdiocese of Philadelphia kicked Caroline Pla out of the CYO league in the middle of her second season, but she fought back and was allowed to play her final two seasons of eligibility. As soon as she was done, the league banned girls on the basis of moral grounds saying:

"Preparation for Christian adulthood likewise involves the development and encouragement of appropriate, dignified and respectful forms of contact between male and female students. The [Arch]Diocese therefore believes that it is incompatible with its religious mission and with its effort to teach Gospel values to condone competitions between young men and women in sports that involve substantial and potentially immodest physical contact. Consequently, the [Arch]Diocese has adopted this policy prohibiting co-ed participation in the following sports: wrestling, tackle football and tackle rugby."

To this I say, are you freaking kidding me? Listen given the fact that the catholic church engaged in a massive criminal conspiracy to cover up sex crimes over the course of at least 5 decades, where do they get off telling anyone what is moral and what is not?

I was raised catholic, but much like George Carlin said in one of his comedy routines, I was catholic until I reached the age of reason (say about 12 years old).

Since when is a girl playing football a threat to the perceived notion of a christian adulthood? Appropriate, dignified and respectful forms of contact? Given how the catholics hate gays, why aren't they banning male on male contact that occurs in wrestling, tackle football and tackle rugby. After all, we've all heard tales of what goes on in the big tackle scrums between all those guys...lots of immodest physical contact going on there.

I suppose the fact that I'm a big supporter of girls and women's sports is at least partially responsible for why I'm so irritated by this story ( which you can read HERE ), but I'm rather fed up with people who claim to be paragons of morality and actually aren't, telling anyone what to do.

Yes, I have huge problems with religion of any kind. But I'm a reasonably good and intelligent guy and I have to wonder with all the various problems in a variety of religions (terrorists, the Westboro Baptist Church and sex criminals masquerading as holy men), how is it that the biggest threat to what these religious persons of interest consider a morally upright life is a girl in shoulder pads and eye black?


While my opposition to a Boston 2024 Olympics remains, I thought I'd share this story about Olympic boxing champion Claressa Shields. She was the only boxer to win a gold medal for the US in the London Olympics and she recently reveal the rather horrific circumstances she had to overcome on the way to that victory. Here's the story.


Despite Joakim Noah being out with a sprained ankle, the Celtics still couldn't do enough to offset the firepower the Chicago Bulls brought to bear last night. The Bulls beat Boston 119-103 behind a 29 point 10 assist performance from Derrick Rose (pictured below).

The loss drops the Celtics to 13-25. Boston got 20 points and 8 boards from Jared Sullinger. He was one of 5 players in double figures for the Celtics but it wasn't enough. Chicago turned the ball over just 7 times in the game and got  22 points from Jimmy Butler to help send Boston down in flames.

Brandon Bass (see below) added 16 points for Boston with Kelly Olynyk scoring 14 points and grabbing 9 rebounds.


It looks like SMU's men's basketball team with Coach Larry Brown at the helm is well on their way to a big NCAA investigation over academic impropriety. You can read more HERE.

Boston College Women - The BC women were on the road to play Virginia on Thursday night, but they didn't make a good accounting of themselves. Kelly Hughes scored 14 points and grabbed 6 rebounds in the game, but she was the only Eagle to hit double figures in scoring as BC lost to the Cavaliers 68-56. They are now 8-9 with an 0-4 ACC record.

Tennessee LADY VOLS - The offense sputtered for most of the game (allowing for their lowest point total of the season), but Tennessee ended up beating Auburn 54-42 for their 11th straight win. They are 15-2 overall with a 5-0 SEC record.

Jordan Reynolds (shooting in the photo below) scored 14 points to lead the Lady Vols offense. Andraya Carter added 11 points and Cierra Burdick had 10 points. Isabelle Harrison scored 9 points and had a team high 11 boards.

Missouri State - The Bears beat Loyola University (Chicago) 87-57 on Friday night. It was their largest margin of victory on the road in 10 years. Kenzie Williams (pictured below) was 9 for 13 (including 5-7 on three pointers) from the floor to lead Missouri State with 24 points.

According to this newspaper article, it was the first game where coach Kellie Harper had a healthy roster, including the return of freshman Liza Fruendt who had missed the last 8 games due to injury.

Tyonna Snow scored 11 points and Hillary Chvatal (seen below shooting the ball) added 10 points and 9 boards. Rachel Schwarz finished with 10 points and 6 boards and Lexi Hughes dished out 6 assists.

Catholic University - The Cardinals beat Scranton yesterday afternoon 46-42 and improved to 12-4 (6-1 conference). It was just the 2nd loss of the season for Scranton. My ex-player Amber didn't play in the game.

Hartford - The Hawks knocked off UMass-Lowell yesterday 67-56 and got back to the .500 level at 9-9 (3-1 in conference). Cherelle Moore led the team with 17 points and 8 boards. Morgan Lumb added 13 points. Hartford did a solid job keeping the ball, turning it over just 8 times in the game.

Amber Bepko had 9 points, Deanna Mayza added 7 points and dished out 9 assists while Janelle Harrison finished with 7 points and 8 boards.

Boston College Men - The Eagle squared off against #2 Virginia yesterday and for a while, they not only hung with the Cavaliers, they were beating them. BC built a 38-33 lead and the watched as the highly touted Virginia defense shut them down the rest of the way. Virginia closed out the game on a 33-13 run to win 66-51.

The loss drops the Eagles to 8-8 overall with an 0-4 ACC record. They got outrebounded by 15 in game (35-20) with no BC player having more than 3 boards. The Eagles also couldn't capitalize on the bad offensive night by UVA's Justin Anderson who went 0-8 from the floor, finishing with 8 points from the foul line.

Olivier Hanlan (pictured below 1st) scored 18 points and dished out 6 assists while Patrick Heckmann (pictured 2nd) added 15 points. No other player for BC scored more than 6 points.


You can see highlights of the game below.


Bristol-Plymouth Girls Varsity - Savahna didn't play on Friday night (she went to the Celtics-Bulls game) against Diman Voke. Her team lost 51-31 to drop to 2-10 on the season.

Bishop Stang Boys Varsity - The Spartans lost to Martha's Vineyard 67-59 yesterday. Jake had 8 points in the game as Stang drops to 6-3 overall with a 1-2 conference record.

Wareham Boys Varsity - The Vikings beat GNB Voc-Tech 75-57 to improve to 9-3 (7-2 in conference). Josh scored 9 points in the game, Mark added 6 points and Ashantay scored 2 points.

Wareham Girls Varsity - The girls team ended up losing at home on Friday night to GNB Voc-Tech 52-37. The loss drops them to 7-7 overall with a 5-4 conference record. Tieyanna scored 6 points, Erica had 4, Gabby scored 3 and Kali chipped in 2 points. 

Sturgis East Girls Varsity - The Storm picked up two wins this week to improve to 3-4 on the season. They beat Cape Cod Academy 40-27 and Isabella scored 2 points in that game. On Friday, they beat South Shore Christian 39-34 and Isabella scored 2 points while grabbing 5 rebounds.

Upper Cape Girls Varsity - The Rams beat South Shore Voke 43-15 on Friday night to raise their record to 11-0. Michaela scored 6 points in the game.


Books - I finished reading the C.J. Box thriller The Highway this week. It is a stand alone novel outside of his Joe Pickett series. It was a weird and twisty ride that not only will you enjoy reading, but I guarantee it will make you never want to let anyone you know drive alone cross-country.

I picked up 3 new books as well. I got the anthology The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs because Peter David has a story in it. And thanks to an ad in Mystery Scene Magazine for the publisher Midnight Ink, I grabbed up the first two books in the Mark Mallen series by Robert K. Lewis. The books are entitled Untold Damage and Critical Damage.


TV - There's a new series coming to The CW on Tuesday March 17th. It's called iZombie and it is based off a DC/Vertigo Comics series. It is made by the same guy who did the Veronica Mars TV show and movie, Rob Thomas. You can see the trailer for the show below.

I picked up the newly released NYPD Blue Season 8 on DVD from Shout! Factory this week. So when I'm not writing or surfing the Net, you can be sure I'll be working my way through the set.

Movies - The Oscar nominations were announced this week and they caused a lot of controversy because all of the actors nominated in the lead and supporting categories were white. While I was surprised that David Oyelowo wasn't nominated for his turn as Martin Luther King in Selma (from what I've read he was fantastic, but I haven't seen the movie), I'm more than a bit tired of all the news articles complaining about the lack of diversity in the nominations and yet they don't provide any insight into what movies or actors they would take out of the nominations list or provide a compelling reason for doing so. All the complaining sounds more like they want some tokenism as opposed to true diversity.

And you don't see me launching a national campaign against the Oscars when the two actual best movies of the year, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy only got nominations in the technical categories, do you?

Anyway, I ranted about that on Twitter, you can go there to see what I had to say in more detail. For now, here's the full list of nominations.

Last week, I wrote about seeing the movie Taken 3. This week, I bring you the Pop-topia.com review of the movie.

And last but not least, there's a new trailer for the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie.

Music - I've got a couple of new music tracks for you to check out this week. I liked both of them. The first is an audio track only for the Halestorm song "Apocalyptic".

The second is the official video for the Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock track "Vigilante Man".

YouGabSports Owner's Update Tags: Yougabsports


Hi Gabber's and Happy New year to all of you. I wanted to update you all about the addition we've made to Gab ownership. Last fall Beeze and I had asked Jeff to come on board and join in as third owner and just 2 weeks ago the three of us extended an invite to B.O.B to come in as a fourth owner. What this does is spread responsibilities amongst the four of us and this will make it easier for us to repsond to issues or concerns and also aid Beeze and I in keeping the QOTD and photos of the day udated regularly...something B.O.B has taken on  already. 

Beeze and I are very happy that both have chosen to take us up on the offer. We're hoping to possibly move the Gab in the coming months if we can find a suitable server compnay that will provide us what we believe will take us to next level and give us usable options to make the site even more functionable.

If any of you ever have any issues you can contact any one of us via private message or email from us directly from the Gab hopmepage. 

Please join in me in welcoming Jeff and Gerry to the Gab ownership!! 



Sports Friday with Hal: The Last Post
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As 2015 kicks off it becomes a time for New Year’s Resolutions.


I’m not big on resolutions. I think the dead of winter is a terrible time to decide to start going to the gym, running, dieting, eating better, etc. It’s dark outside; it’s cold outside; there’s no daylight. It’s a time to persevere and soldier on until spring, not try to make wholesale changes.


That said, I found myself with some time off from work, the wife at her new job during the day before school, and the kids off in video game nirvana at their aunt’s house for a few days. What I was able to do was spend some time looking inward for introspection.


As a background on me, I gave up on my dream of sports journalism when I got a taste of how crappy the industry is and how little opportunity and payoff there is after investing an insane amount of time. Faced with driving around and covering high school sports all afternoon while my new bride was coming home from work, I went the cubicle route instead and started in the business world working with an outplacement firm as a resume writer.


From there, I continued to grow in the role and ended up with a decent job, worked with incredible people who helped me grow as an individual and in my career, had time to spend at home with my wife, buy a house, start a family, and all that good stuff that I wanted out of life.


But like all of us here at the Gab, I had that voice inside me that wanted to yell, to rant, to rave, to analyze, to educate, to learn, and to write--about sports. With the growth of the Internet, the success of Bill Simmons, and the ability to write, soon I was blogging. One thing led to another, and I went from just blogging to a small audience to becoming part of an online community of like bloggers who just wanted to write and comment on sports.


I found my way to T-S-B-N.com (which, sadly due to some time and health issues with great guys who ran the site recently shut down completely) and here to the Gab. Along the way, I started to get some eyeballs and started getting offers to write for other sites. I started with GetRealFootball.com, and then settled in writing about the Patriots with MusketFire.com.


MusketFire is part of the Fansided network and has a relationship with SI.com which helped build my online brand. I was approached by Cover32.com when they were launching and jumped on the start-up as a regular contributor to their New England Patriots site. From there, I made friends with a couple of super-hard-working, smart, and motivated sports nuts who were growing their own sports websites. I’ve been contributing to FirstStopFantasy.com and H4TV Sports Network and helping grow the sites on a crowded web.


With the ability to earn a little money based on audience & eyeballs into the site, I’ve found myself with a little (emphasis on “little”) payoff for my writing work. At the same time, I had another offer from another young website to write about the Patriots that is potentially a great growth opportunity.


My problem? Time.


About five years ago I leaped from the corporate world and commuting to Boston and Waltham each day to trading salary for convenience, job security, and job satisfaction as the economy started to tick downward. I ended up with a couple of former co-workers at their start-up executive placement company for a couple of years before the commute, time, and stress wore me down.


I had two young kids at home and a wife who was killing herself working full time and chasing the two little monkeys around. I was not happy about missing time being with my kids and being too tired to do anything but fall asleep on the couch when I got home. It was time for a change.


I ended up working for the state helping find people community jobs, doing seminars, workshops, etc and it was a 20 minute drive away. I had good health-care (finally) letting my wife leave her crummy job and start looking for more fulfilling work (she’s currently six months away from graduating nursing school). I was moved to the “Welfare-to-Work” program which was probably the most challenging and fulfilling job I have ever had in my life and loved being able to make use my business skills to help make tangible changes in individuals’ lives in the community.


Then the state cut the program funding.

Myself and everyone statewide in the program were suddenly in a job with no funding. Fortunately, my union dues paid off and we were all shipped off to man the phones for another agency. Not the same, but much more stable and secure, I settled in and quickly rose up the ranks in the job.


At the same time, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I had ballooned to over 250 pounds and something was wrong. I deluded myself (denial is not just a river in Africa, after all) until I got the diagnosis. I suddenly was on a radical change in diet, having to force myself to exercise, loading up on medications, insulin, needles, and all that crap (and the co-pays that go with it) and having to think about my own health, the change in jobs seemed fortuitous.


So everything seemed to be lining up: better health, more time to write; demand for writing; time with the family; much lesser commute. So for the past year or two I’ve been able to do what I want and have a solid career and hobby writing. I was doing internet sports talk radio shows. One of the sites (Cover32.com) got me on the Miami Dolphins’ flagship station to talk about the Patriots-Dolphins matchup with their morning show and I’ve been back multiple times with them.


Of course, then I took the next step at work with much more responsibility. Now, I’m looking at much more office time--especially in the coming months. Add in my need to stay active in the lives of my now 13 and 11 year old, and with the wife working full time while trying to finish school and the clinical (70-80 hours weeks right now for her), being committed to having to produce writing content every day while trying to expand into an editorial role to help with growing the other sites was just getting to be too much.


I used my break to sit down and break it all down. Unfortunately, things had to be broken. The writing has to scale back because I just do not have the ability to do everything I need to do and still write the way I want to. I am not someone who just sits and writes. I plan. I outline. I research. I read. I take notes. If I put something out with my name on it, I expect it to be great.


I write about sports because I like to write. I LOVE TO WRITE. I need to write. You all know how it is...the words just have to come out no matter what.

With the writing, working with my friends to consult and help grow their sites, spending quality time with my family, and taking care of my regular 9 to 5 job (which sure as heck isn’t 9 to 5 hours now!) I felt the change in me. I was gaining weight again. I was slipping into bad habits eating, my numbers were not where they should have been. I needed a change.


I could see the slippage in my writing as well. I was rushed. I was sloppy. I was mailing it in at times...recycling ideas… slapdash at the deadlines...late...heck, I even had a post at the Gab that I wrote and somehow went to bed and got up and went to work the next day having forgot to post it.


That is unacceptable to me. I was raised to do it right the first time. Measure twice and cut once. If you want to do it half-ass, you end up spending twice as much time having to fix it again and again.


I have to make changes is what came out of my introspection time. I can’t change work. I have to free up time to focus on me. I have to cut back on the writing part of it all somehow. But while I may be cutting back on my writing, but in no way am I stopping.


Sadly, one of my guilty pleasures that has to go is writing a weekly blog here at the Gab.


I have to say, it was not easy. I LOVE it here. This website is not just a blog. It’s a family. We’re in the brotherhood of the love of gabbing about sports. It may be a web family, but damn it we are one awesome family. Now I get to be the younger brother that moves away across the country and you don’t hear from as much.


While I may not be writing every week, I am not leaving the Gab. I still am going to be here...I may fill-in when necessary or kick out a post or two when I just have to write it out of my system, but have no fear I am lurking and reading just like I always have done. I’ll still be commenting and ogling the girls on Beeze’s blog and checking in with Moz and his fellow love for the Patriots; Checking in on the hoodwood on Tuesday along with the weekly highlight of Uncle B.O.B.’s Tantrum and finding out who is the D-bag of the week; On Wednesday I can have “Deep Thoughts” with Jeff and the Buzz from the Bleachers and the pain of living with Matthew Stafford at QB; I’m reading my Boston Sports crew Lanz and OH on Thursday and seeing how long it takes OH to get stir crazy in retirement and how the Little Lanz’s sports teams are doing; Someone will take over for me on Friday just as the great DVT’s spot was filled by IHM (still the best username on the site...I hate Matt Millen, too--he was jerk when playing in Oakland and he was an idiot in the front office and I’d pay to keep him off TV...I get dumber everytime he talks and I hear what he says) moving over to Fridays; Saturday I get StorminNorman and the Hoove...always entertaining and diverse; Sunday means Qwazier and the speed talk that keeps me in the know and teaches me about Nascar and Radatz and his great thought-provoking pieces. Not to exclude my pal TageRyche and his Sunday opus, SunTzu, TheKnights, ScottJax, and everyone else who makes this a great place to visit


Finally, a big thanks to Sully & Beeze for giving me the opportunity to post here for the past year and a half and pretend I knew what I was babbling about. I can’t thank you both enough.


So I’m not saying goodbye--you’re all not getting rid of me that easy--but it’s a see you around the site. I’m a Gabber...that’s not changing.


And especially, thanks for reading. I really appreciated all the feedback, comments, support, friendship, and companionship.

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