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Monday Moaning 2-2-15
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I had some Seahawks cheerleaders all ready to post here, but I have to be fair...Let the victors have their day...The New England Patriots came from 10 points down, to win the "Super Bowl" 28-24 over the Seattle Seahawks...

And I have no problem with the Patriots...I have firmly said in the past that Tom Brady is the best QB of my lifetime...And in a normal year I would have been pulling for the Pats, but I signed with the Seahawks a few years back when I went free agent with my fandom...So I was all in...Molly and I rooting against my Boston born wife and her Pats...And I have to say, it was one of the best "Super Bowls" I've seen...It was a great game...But the ending hurt...

27 seconds on the clock...Seahawks on the 1, maybe 2 yard line...2nd down...And instead of feeding it to Marshawn Lynch, they decide to over think things and throw a quick slant on a pick play...And the Patriots corner jumped the route and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat...Pete Carroll took all the blame on himself...Good, he should have...It was THE DUMBEST PLAY CALL EVER!

Now, honestly my wife didn't care a whole lot...She's there like so many others, to see the commercials and possibly the halftime show...And I would like to thank the ad execs everywhere for the worst batch of "Super Bowl" commercials ever...There were two, maybe three that were funny...All the others were either really fucking depressing...Or just way too serious...There were at least 4 that tried to preach to us dads that we suck, and we should be better fathers...FUCK YOU! mother fucking judgmental fuck-stains...

I'm a fucking awesome dad...I walked away from the game to check on my oldest daughter who found out that after 3 dates with some little asshole, that he didn't like her...That's right, the big game is on, but my daughter is crying, so I'm trying to explain to her that there are gonna be a lot of stupid boys out there, and it will be okay, while telling Little Beeze to get the shovel because we're going to be burying a little fucking asshole tonight...(Lucky for him my wife didn't let us boys leave the house)...

Back to the commercials...While just about all of them sucked, the worst was a Nationwide Insurance commercial...A little boy telling us all the things he'll never do, because he died...Yep, some one is getting fired this Monday morning...Little Dead Kid has gone viral already...


Yeah, there's the dead kid...Depressing all the "Super Bowl" viewers...


Way to go Nationwide...Yeah, people are talking about your ad...People remember it...For all the wrong reasons...They were having fun, watching a great game, drinking, eating buffalo chicken dip, and you come in, pull down you pants, and take a big, steaming, depressing, dump all over the coffee table...FUCK YOU and your dead kid Nationwide!

This "Super Bowl" also had a quality injury...Although NBC was quite shy about showing it...Normally they replay a gross injury shot over and over...Nice INT Jeremy Lane...


Sorry about your arm bro!

As for the halftime show...I wanted no part of that crap...I took a dump, then I took the dog for a walk...Little bastard loves the snow...Got a fucking blizzard going on, and he wants to play in the snow...Little asshole must think he has some Husky in him...

All my Boston friends and family...Congrats...Fucking city of champions! It was a great game...The only game I watched more then 10 minutes of this year...It was nice having a Sunday off of work with the fam...Stuffing my face, and being totally annoyed by the mess that is the NFL and horrible commercials...Oh, and that fucking idiot play call Pete Carroll!

I hope you all had a good "Super Bowl" Sunday...Now I'm going to shovel the driveway again...

Have a week...

The Beeze.

Super Bowl XLIX
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Before anyone tells you that they “KNEW” who would win the game consider that NFL.com reports that “Football Outsiders' numbers said this could be the closest Super Bowl matchup ever. In 50,000 game simulations, the Patriots won 50.5 percent of the time. The Seahawks won 49.5 percent. In conversations all week, the biggest football heads all feel like they have no feel of who will win this game.”  Hell, even psychics didn’t know which way to go.  NFL talking heads overall picked the Seahawks - AND a couple predict overtime.  ANSWER: NO ONE KNEW, ONE PICK WAS AS GOOD AS ANY OTHER - when you can simulate a game 50,000 times and be 1% apart (I’m assuming that there was no statistical significance, but don’t know because that wasn’t reported) that means one team winning over the other is a statistical fluke.  


It’s several hours before kick off.  Super Bowl XLIX hasn’t happened yet.  I know this seems odd - I mean you’re reading this on Monday the day after.  I have NO idea which team won.  

Here’s the deal though - my team is in the big game.  There is zero likelihood that I’m going to spend any time writing a column on the game during or after.  Well, maybe if the Pats were to lose in a blowout, I’d come back home and write a column on the ways they lost their stuff and how the Seahawks were able to dominate, but otherwise no chance.


When your team gets to the Super Bowl, you need to enjoy it - you never know when it may happen again.  That’s part of what has made me so angry about the “Deflategate” nonsense - it took away from my basking in an AFC Championship.  I’m a fan goddamnit and one of the privileges bestowed upon me as a fan is basking in the success of my team.  You just never know when or if it will happen again.


It seems the Atlanta Falcons are being investigated for piping in crowd noise.  Know why there’s no outrage?  No one cares about the Falcons.  Not even Atlantans.  Imagine if this were the Patriots?  OMG! Cheaters!  


I’m so excited for this game: it’s a total legacy game, and it should be good.  Seattle looking to repeat as champions, something that’s only happened a handful of times in the Super Bowl era.  Pete Carroll coaching against the man who replaced him in New England.  Tom Brady looking to join Joe Montana as a 4-time winner - something he’s failed to do two other times.  Making it to the Super Bowl is hard, winning is even harder.  So many things have to go right.  One crazy play (see here, helmet catch) can change history and be the difference between the greatest team in history and being that years’ AFC Champion while someone else holds the Lombardi.


It should be a perfect night for football.  The weather forecast for my neck of the woods is for another 6” of snow - on top of the 34.5” we got earlier in the week.  Hunker down with a few beers - I think tonight my choice will be Sam Adams Rebel IPA because Sam Adams...and, well,  Sam Adams.  


It’s hard for me to believe Pete Carroll will out coach Bill Belichick.  It’s hard for me to believe Belichick would be as conservative as Mike McCarthy was a couple of weeks ago.  Speaking of which, in the aftermath of the NFC title game, Green Bay let their Special Teams coordinator go, as if Special Teams were the issue in that game.  If anything Tom Clements, the Offensive Coordinator, should’ve been shown the door if you’re going to sacrifice someone.  Seriously, had the team executed as they should have on offense (see here the first two possessions) there wouldn’t have been a special teams botched play at the end of the game.  Now, I’m being facetious of course - by the time you get to the title game, you really should have a bunch of things figured out, and the Packers didn’t.  But, doesn’t it strike anyone that by the time you get to the title game - meaning you’ve had an overall quite successful season - you shouldn’t be so hesitant to rely on your team, especially when your offense is anchored by the then soon-to-be-announced league MVP.


How does Jerome Bettis get the HOF nod and Marvin Harrison not?  How does Morten Andersen not? I guess the same way Kyle Orton got a “Comeback player of the year” vote.  


Here’s a thought that’s been rattling around in my brain for a little bit: if there has ever been a better opportunity for a Super Bowl overtime game, I think this year is it.  Consider the pressure involved in something like that.  Consider the pressure under the new rules for overtime.  4th and 6 on the 45 yard line after the other team hit a field goal.  


I can't wait to know if my team has won. By the time you read this you'll know.


Not including this game, White-shirted teams have won 30 of 48 Super Bowls to date (62.5%).  


One more reason Cleveland should feel badly: Cleveland is the only current NFL city that has neither hosted, nor had their team play in, a Super Bowl.


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We open this momentous Sunday with disclaimers. First: great toon. Kudos to Don Addis(?), wherever he may be. Second: yours truly considers use of the first-person pronoun in an article poor journalism. Duh. But extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures, or so we are told... so here goes.

You all know where my sympathies lie in sports. You'd have to be blind not to. That said, I do try to give it to my local heroes when they seem to deserve it.

Take the Red Sox. Prior to the 2013 season I (and everybody else) was all over them. We had Chickengate. Remember that? It's harder than it should be because there are so many 'gates' around here it's impossible to take a walk without a crowbar. I accused the Sox of making nothing but Pink Hat moves in the offseason. Not the least bit concerned about winning, just filling seats with yuppies.

Right on the money, huh? They only crushed everything in their path.

So, of course, whatever they did before 2014 came around just had to be right. Right? Right. How could it not be? I said it was. Me. Mr. Right.

Oops again.

All of which tells you how someone like me gets away with it. I have a crutch.

Every year I proclaim that the Patriots will win their division like clockwork, and the rest is too far ahead to predict. Pure, instant shake and bake genius. Just take one Belichick, one Brady, a good team and bake on high.

Every year I also predict that the NFL is doing everything in its power to quash the run. Bad for business. Not in New York. A variety of other reasons.

Every year I see flags, gates, you name it that prove to me, if no one else, that I nailed that one too.

From Kevin Faulk's missed-by-an-inch on 4th down at Indy, through Gronkowski being tackled by Keuchly as the winning pass landed at his feet, through the Jets being given a second try on the missed FG at the gun for a penalty no one had ever heard of and whose text was rewritten on the NFL guidelines website after the fact (both of which incidents, by the way, kept New England from the #1 seed and gave them Manning in Denver instead of in Foxboro), it's become clearer and clearer to me and my well-cultivated persecution complex.

And now the Gotham-dubbed 'Deflategate'. A media circus like none we have seen in a while. In this case, a pure media circus.

The smoking guns have gone cold with a vengeance. The Colts linebacker who reportedly started the whole thing by tipping off his coach denied ever doing so. His coach made a point of telling the world that the Patriots could have used snowballs and it wouldn't have mattered. So did his quarterback. John Harbaugh, the suspected source of the fiasco, gave an unprecedented impromptu news conference heaping praise, not vitriol, on the Patriots. A physics professor went on record (Avogadro and his colleagues did it first by some zillion years) with a simple gas law, PV=nRT, which shows most forcefully that a football at 12.5psi exposed to a 30 degree temperature drop would lose over 1.5psi. How is it that only he knew this high school physics rule? A seminal national reporter of the 'scandal' went on radio yesterday and called the whole thing nonsense that he was told to report. A similar quote from him can be found on any search engine. When you look it up, the article has gone black.

The NFL is left, or again so we are told, with a ball boy going to the bathroom on his way to the field and bringing the ball bag in with him instead of leaving it in the corridor unattended. And the Oprah crowd are zeroing in on it. It's the NFL's only hope. He said she said. Of course the only remaining question is who can outbribe or outthreaten whom. That's what passes for 'facts' these days. The Founding Fathers, no strangers to media manipulation themselves, might have packed their bags to go take their chances democratizing Brazil had all this happened 250 years ago.

Roger Goodell can't tell you whether any other balls in league history have been rechecked for air pressure at halftime except those of the Patriots on this one occasion. Great database. But of course, they're not being singled out. And then there's the officiating crew in question, the one that officiated not the Colts game but the Ravens game. They are not the top-ranked crew in the league (or close). But they are doing the big game.

And, of course, nothing is supposed to be determined by this absurd dog and pony show until after the Super Bowl. It's done its job of distraction anyway.

Oh yeah. There's a game too. Almost forgot.

Of course, all this may be just a case of my looking for a result and finding it. Bad science. Bad criminology too. Someone once labeled the phenomenon, in another arena, 'looking for anti-Semitism under every rock.' You're sure to find what you want no matter what it is as long as you ignore everything that might contradict your preconceived conclusion. Cherry-pick your data. Spin it right. Global Warming, anyone?

And of course, that bit of admittedly faux mea culpa makes the analogy. You're looking at just such an 'investigation'. Maybe something even worse --- yet another case of trial by newspaper. Ya think?

But it's hard to pin all this nonsense, fostered and nurtured (I'll say it again) by the New York media (which is all media), on Goodell. He has a great deal to lose. He's on shaky ground as commissioner. Kraft has been one of his allies, 'spygate' notwithstanding. He may have lost Kraft. If he did, it's likely he's lost Jones too. That's not good job security. And he's becoming more of a scapegoat for the mass media cabal, who aren't going to blame themselves for anything --- ever.

Which leaves us with what? The Indianapolis Star and its two homer 'reporters' (one of whom suggested the Patriots are the Black Sox... how original....)? Of course not. It's New York. The capital city not only of money, power and media but also of manufactured public indignation. Got a story (one we'd love to print) that's likely to pander to enough of the public for starters? Print it and print it. Check the height of the trial balloon. If it's not flying print some more. Beat 'em down. That's what we've had. It puts the publicity-minded NFL in a tough spot, though one they deserve.

I shall be most interested in the outcome of the game. And in the details. No Super Bowl in history has had such a distraction (or sabotage?) filled backdrop. In an honest world we'd have one of the most intriguing games ever in terms of football styles, stories, lineage and legacy.

I'm not sure what we've got now. Check with me afterwards. Need input. Call me Johnny Five.


Weekly Grumble with IHM 1/30
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  Hello ladies and gents and welcome to this week’s Grumble with IHM. This has been a real up and down week for yours truly; found out I didn’t make the cut on a few job opportunities, but then got a few calls and a few more interviews set up after that! I’m writing all of this on Wednesday as opposed to Thursday because Thursday is a day full of interviews, and I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to get a shot at getting back online before Friday morning to get something posted. All that said, this is going to be as extreme a grumble as you’ll see this year; I am good and pissed off about a number of things, so let’s get right to it!

  Last weekend during all the pissing, bitching, and moaning about Brady’s balls something else happened; new MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred did an interview with ESPN, and what I heard was pure idiocy! Essentially, the guy wants to tailor the game more towards kids, speed things up, and eliminate defensive shifts. So… you want to speed the game up by putting defenses at a disadvantage and “helping the offenses”… despite the fact that the fastest games on record have all been pitching duels and defensive contests, usually very low scoring? Right. Somebody buy this fuckwit a clue please… I see the game went from a bad pair of hands (Selig) to worse (Manfred).

  In my opinion, speeding up the game of baseball is a gigantic mistake. Anybody that knows anything about the game knows if you’re going to sit and watch an entire game, you’ve invested at least 3-4 hours of your time. What the hell is a pitch clock going to do, shave ten, fifteen minutes off of that? Meanwhile, you’re rushing a pitcher, which will likely lead to more offensive production. Eliminate shifts? That helps the offense too… more offensive production, longer fucking games. I remember when hockey implemented a bunch of new rules to “increase scoring” and “make the game more exciting” too… didn’t work out so well. Neither will any of this garbage. Leave the damn game alone, it is perfect the way it is! If some little twat can’t put his smart phone down long enough to pay attention to a baseball game, then fuck him!

  As for eliminating shifts, how about teaching guys how to do something other than pull the damn ball? If you don’t like shifts… beat the fucking shift. Do it enough, and they’ll knock that shit off. It’s all fair, and it’s all part of the game. Shifts have been around forever… maybe not as extreme as they are now, but even Ted Williams, one of the greatest hitters in the history of the game, faced a certain type of shift every time he came up to bat. Guess what… he didn’t cry about it, he just hit the damn ball where they weren’t!

  I agree with one thing… attracting kids to the game is important. But catering to these little fuckwits that can’t sit still long enough to pay attention to a game isn’t going to make your real, actual fans happy! Remember them… the people that actually pay admission and buy all your merchandise? And another thing… the best way to attract new fans is to have competitive balance, which the game has plenty of already. The #1 way to bring in a crowd is to have a team winning… look at Kansas City this year. They went from the bottom of the league to near the top because the team started winning. People are fickle, fair weather, bandwagon jumping fucking mush heads… if a team in their area is winning, you’d better believe that tickets will sell!

  What really needs to be done is to put some of the owners out there under a fucking microscope! Like Jeffery Lauria of the Marlins, Ron Fowler in San Diego, Stuart Sternberg in Tampa Bay, Lew Wolff in Oakland, etc., who spend as little as possible to field a winning team, yet never seem to get negative press about it outside their own regions. Put the screws to asshats like this… if they don’t like it, they can sell their teams to someone who will try to field a winner. Trust me, a decade or so ago I would have said the same damn thing about Mike Illitch… who has since opened his pocketbook and produced a team that has been to two World Series in a decade and draws an average of 3 million fans in one of the poorest cities in America!

  Some sad news in the world of baseball, which was well covered earlier this week by both BlackBandit and Jeff, with the passing of Chicago Cubs great Ernie Banks at the age of 83. Banks was a true ambassador of the game, and exactly the kind of man you’d want your kids to grow up to be like. Despite all the obstacles Banks faced, he was a positive man, a man who refused to let hate rule his life, and a man who overcame with grace and dignity. Ernie Banks retired with 512 career home runs, mostly as a SS, won two MVPs, a Gold Glove, and led a loaded National League in home runs twice (going up against the likes of Musial, Mays, and Aaron). Rest in peace “Mr.Cub”… and let’s hope the boys you meet up with upstairs are ready to play two!

  In the other MLB story this week, the Yankees are attempting to avoid paying home run bonuses to Alex Rodriguez, claiming the milestone home run bonuses are no longer valid because of A Fraud’s PED use. No shit… and you knew about it when you signed this fool the first time; let alone when you gave him a second fucking contract. Get over it Yankees… and pay the man the money you owe him. And when this dirty fuck passes a great man like Willie Mays seven home runs into this season, you’d better be ready to ante up again! Of course, you could always do the sport a favor and make this tool a $30 million a year bench decoration… you know… since you’re suddenly worried about integrity!

  You know who I’d love to see take a fucking brick to the jaw? Dick Sherman… who else! This asshat was at it again… running his fucking mouth, claiming the Patriots are cheaters and that Roger Goodell’s relationship with Robert Kraft is a “conflict of interest”. Newsflash dumb shit… Roger Goodell WORKS for Robert Kraft… and for YOUR owner, Paul Allen! Just because Kraft is more active in the day to day working of the league doesn’t mean he garners any more favor from Goodell. Yes, they have a closer relationship… because they work together all the time. Your owner simply writes checks and cashes checks when the profits roll in… not a damn thing wrong with that, but when you chose not to be a part of the governing of the game, that’s how it goes. As for your stance on cheating… how about that failed PED test from a year ago you somehow weaseled your way out of? Take it somewhere else, junior… and hope that elbow feels better for Sunday!

  As for the media at the Super Bowl… what in the blue hell is going on with this band of freaks? All the stupid questions… all the idiots rephrasing the same fucking question and asking it even though a guy JUST FUCKING ANSWERED THAT! No wonder Marshawn Lynch doesn’t want to talk to you fools! So Lynch shows up, does his mandatory five minutes… answering every single question with the same “I’m only here so I don’t get fined” response (classic, by the way)… and the guy STILL might get fined because he chose to wear the wrong fucking hat! What the hell NFL? Give this guy a fucking break! If you want to fine him for something, fine him for the on-field dick grabbing when he scores a TD! But honestly… this has gone from a few guys asking questions to a complete and total freak show! And for what… so you can get a few stock quotes… maybe a few weird answers… it’s all just pure stupidity. A classroom of fourth graders would do a better job than the bunch of fucking hacks we consider “the media” these days.

  As for the media hacks… they’re still harping on balls. Still bringing it up… still going on and on and on and on and fucking on about it. THIS is why I pay zero attention to anything NFL the week before the Super Bowl… it’s nothing but garbage. Usually these whores find one thing, grab ahold of it, and don’t let it the fuck go for a week. This shit is going on two weeks now! Impressive attention span… really… but the majority of the people I know could not give a fuck less! Maybe read your audience instead of telling us what you think we want to hear! Maybe report actual news instead of trying to fucking create it, better yet!

  As for the actual game… bet anybody out there that there isn’t a single fucking endorser who has left the NFL… especially during Super Bowl season! Even if the NFL hadn’t gone on its’ bullshit apology spree… fired Ray Rice… suspended Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson, et all… these fuckers will still pay to endorse their products during NFL games because it isn’t about principles… it is about getting your product and your fucking message in front of the biggest audience possible. This is why I hate phony outrage… phony apologies. Companies are STILL paying record amounts for thirty seconds of airtime during the game… companies are STILL trying to put together their best ad of the year for this weekend… companies are STILL sponsoring the stupid halftime show!

  This PC era needs to come to a close… and quick… because it is driving me bat shit crazy! It isn’t the league’s fault that maybe ten players out of 1,696 fuck up and either get a DUI, beat their spouse or kid, get caught with some fucking pot. Compare that to everyday people in that age range… it is a comparatively LOW percentage! I really wish someone, somewhere would tell these PC assholes with their faux outrage where to go and which orifice to shove it into whence they arrive at their destination! Seriously… if the NFL had told all these “women’s rights” twats to go sit on a fucking cactus, what would have been the backlash? Less women watching football? Oh no… that’d cut their ratings by… maybe… 5%? Not even a fucking drop in the fucking bucket! We REALLY need to quit trying to fucking appease everybody in this country… it is fucking KILLING US! Every time one group or another gets butt hurt, someone fucking jumps to appease them. Unless it is something fucking extreme, walk it off junior. If not, go cry to someone who cares… and keep it the fuck down, I’m trying to watch the game here!

  My pick for the Bowl of Superiority, BTW, I’ll take the Patriots 33-24 over the Seahawks. Brady wins the MVP award, and Dick Sherman gets a cocksucker full of humble pie!

  That’s all the rant I have in me for today folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any commentary you provide below… and have a great weekend Gabbers! Be sure to stop in and check out my pal Harvey to the left there… guaranteed to be the best blog of the day or your money back!

Weekly Grumble with IHM 1/19
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  We interrupt your regularly scheduled Monday Moaning for this weekly grumble... Beeze wanted to pull the switcheroo this week, so now you're stuck with me instead today. In order to not dissapoint the masses, I gave you what you came for here at the top, a little gratuitous semi-nudity!

  As you all already know, the Patriots and Seahawks will square off in this year's Super Bowl. Both teams took very different routes to victory yesterday, with the Patriots dominating from the opening whistle and the Seahawks waiting until the final three minutes of the damn game to show up, but no matter what way you look at it, both teams earned a trip to the Super Bowl. I'll be honest, the Seahawks game pretty much took my will to watch any more football away... I fucking hate that team with a passion... so I'm glad I didn't miss a whole hell of a lot in the AFC Championship game! I watched until it was a 14-0 game, then I changed the channel. Of course, I checked back here and there to watch the progression of that beatdown, but the only interesting thing to happen was Nate Soldier making his way into the end zone and the fat guy celebration that ensued!

  So now the ball is in your court, Patriots! Beat the Seahawks, shut that loud mouthed idiot Dick Sherman up, and put that smug cocksucker Pete Carroll in his place...PLEASE! Hell, if you pull it off, I might renounce my fucking Lions fanship and hop aboard with you all. Hell, I'm moving the hell out of Michigan pretty soon here anyhow, so I might as well take advantage and find a team worth rooting for! If the Pats can pull it off, I'll be a happy man. If I watch more hot garbage like I did Sunday afternoon on Super Bowl Sunday, I might just say fuck the NFL all together.

  By the way, nice job Bostik... you know that fucking clown was cut before the team plane landed in Green Bay... probably as much for his own protection as for his inability to field a fucking onside kick! Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame douchebag... you earned it. Kind of fits into those YOU HAD ONE JOB memes...

  Yeah... that's the stuff! But honestly, what are the odds this guy even sniffs another NFL job after that? I know there is a lot more blame to go around, especially to Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy for being such a pussy all game long on the play calls... but good fucking christ, talk about a boner of the year candidate this early in the year!

  So now we get two weeks of hype... two weeks of people trying to interview Marshawn Lynch for some fucking reason... and Lynch being a petulant child about it despite drawing attention to himself with stupid shit like he did Sunday... with yet another on field crotch grab. Real class act... but then again... what more do you expect out of a cat named Marshawn? And how much time do we need to spend talking about the fucking guy's cleats? He wanted to wear a pair, the league said no... end of story. In hindsight, I wish he would have worn em and been ejected! The guy is a damn good football player; but he's a few fries short of a Happy Meal!

  Elsewhere in sports, Max Scherzer has reportedly agreed to a seven year deal with the Washington Nationals, but no financial terms have been disclosed. It is believed that the Nationals will have to move Jordan Zimmerman and/or Ian Desmond before being able to take on the size of contract Scherzer is likely going to get. I know a lot of Tiger fans are mad he didn't re-sign last winter when he was offered five years and 140+ million dollars... but really they should be happy. It helped save the team from signing another stupid, bloated contract for a guy who is on the downside of his career (not getting any younger at 30) and who has a whopping total of two career complete games. He's a good pitcher, don't get me wrong... but he sure as hell isn't a guy I give a max deal to (no pun intended). The Tigers, as I have said a million times before, should have traded the guy immediately after he turned down the massive contract extension offered to him, when his value was highest and they still had control over him. But hey, what the fuck do I know... I'm just some piss ant fan!

  In all seriousness, good luck to him in Washington... no need to act like a jealous ex-girlfriend in all of this. That is one aspect of fan behavior I'll never get... the jealous rage we all seem to go into when a guy signs elsewhere. There is no such thing as loyalty in sports these days... get the fuck over it. If someone walked into your place of employment and offered you a three dollar an hour pay hike to come work for them, you'd be gone in a fucking second!

  The other big story this weekend was Joe Pa getting his wins back. Enjoy that hollow victory Pedo State... your legacy is still exactly what it was without them. A pathetic old man who cares more about the "status" of your program than the well being of children. Rot in pieces you apathetic old twat.

  Speaking of twats... how about Michael Moore. He was recently asked about the film "American Sniper" a biopic on the life of former serviceman Chris Kyle, directed by Clint Eastwood. Moore is quoted as saying that snipers are "cowards". Something tells me this fat puddle of shit would be singing a different tune if Kyle were alive to defend himself! Michael Moore, please jam another cheeseburger into that fat sasshole of yours before you enlighten us with any more of your bullshit... okay?

  The Pistons make their way to national TV today at 2:30 Eastern in a game against the East leading Atlanta Hawks on ESPN. First time in a couple of years I can remember that happening. Should be a good one... better than watching the Lakers/Knicks/Cavs like ESPN usually trots out there, anyhow!

  That's all I've got for today folks. Thanks as always for reading, and for any comments you leave on the way out. Have a week!



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