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Weekly Grumble with IHM 3/6
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  Well folks, it's been a crazy week for yours truly down at the nut factory... but crazy in a good way! Found out Thursday that I'm getting a raise after just a week on the job (although it is just an annual cost of living adjustment of 3%), but hell, they could've not given it to me. Pretty freaking awesome. Still getting used to the hair and beard net... but I get it... nobody wants beard hair in their bag of nuts... so I'm good with that. They even trust me enough already to make adjustments in the system... so things are looking up there. Can't complain about a damn thing there really!

  As for the world of sports... not a whole lot to complain about there, either! The Tigers are back in action down in Lakeland, Florida, NFL free agency is set to kick off in just four days now! Teams can start negotiating this weekend! As for the NBA/NHL, they're still happening... but I really don't care a whole lot for some reason. Don't get me wrong, if I catch a good looking game at the right time that happens to be on I'll stop and watch it, but football and baseball are always king in my mind.

  On that note... it was great to watch LeBron James miss two free throws in the final seconds of a loss that would have given the Cavs the lead against the Rockets on Sunday. Any shit talking tweets about Kevin Love now, Bron Bron... you fucking dolt!

  So far this "spring", we've had nothing but shitty weather here in Michigan. The current forecast has some more normal temperatures coming our way next week... but all in all we've had it a lot easier than most folks out there... especially you guys over in Boston. God bless you all... I couldn't do that every year! Hopefully we're watching the last of this shitty winter fly past now though, and we've got nothing but sunnier, warmer weather coming our way!

  One thing that should warm you up... Spring Training has sprung! The Tigers got underway on Wednesday against the team that unceremoneously dumped them out of the playoffs last year, the Baltimore Orioles, and gave the O's a 15-3 spanking to start the year off on the right foot. Even better news... newly acquired OF Yeonis Cespedes hit a grand slam and Ian Kinsler homered as well in the win.

  The best news of all for Tiger fans... Justin Verlander says he feels 100% better than he did in 2014 to start spring training. Hopefully this means we'll have our ace back... with David Price to back him up and a 3-5 of Sanchez, Simon, and Green/Loebstein to boot. Not a bad rotation... maybe not Washington Nationals good, but good enough to compete in the AL Central, which should be pretty damn competitive this year with the Tigers, Indians, White Sox, and Royals all having high hopes for 2015.

  Around MLB, one of the bigger stories of the week is what Daniel Murphy had to say about the "homosexual lifestyle", namely that he dissapproves of it. Evidently that is all you need to say these days to become a fucking pariah. As I've said before many, many times... I personally do not have any issue with homosexuality. I don't give two shits what someone's sexual preference is... it doesn't have a damn thing to do with me! I'd say a solid 99% of people out there are more religious than I am... and according to their gospel homosexuality is immoral... so obviously they have some issue with it.

  Murphy happens to be one of those people. While he did say he disagrees with it, he also said he has no problems with the gentleman on a personal level. He never said we need to banish homsexuality, he simply disagrees with it. He never said they should be stoned to fucking death... just that he disagrees with it. So where is the crime here? Why all the fucking outrage? Evidently disagreeing with anything the Liberal media holds dear is enough to get you fucking ostercized these days. The PC world we live in today is miles away from the America I knew and loved. How pathetic is all of this? How pathetic is it that we've allowed "tolerance" to herd us into a pen of blind fucking obediance? Obey or be a fucking outcast... well kiss my outcast ass.

  My biggest problem here is that the Liberal side tends to bash Christians/Catholics at every opportunity, yet they kiss the ass of Islam every chance they get. The most homophobic, anti-woman, anti-freedom religious practice out there and these shit stains can't stop slobbering all over its knob. I really wish there was some way to round up and mass exterminate Liberals... more and more it is becoming less of a political ideaology and more of a fucking mental disorder! Not that uber Conservatives are any better... but at least when they ran the roost this country had a fucking pair, as opposed to today.

  Bad news for San Francisco fans... Hunter Pence will now miss 6-8 weeks with a broken arm. He was hurt after being hit by a pitch against the Cubs in an exhibition game.

  But that rant aside, there is an actual cool story out there in Major League Baseball. Our old pal Frag has been covering the Toronto Blue Jays for FanSided recently, and he's told the story a few times of a whacky young kid in their system by the name of Daniel Norriss. The guy was a high draft pick and has some serious quirks... including the fact that he lives in an old school VW camper during spring training! The biggest reason I started following the guy, I happened to pull an autograph rookie card of his when I bought a clearance box of baseball cards around a year ago... the fact that Frag was covering the Jays and giving me updates on the guy was just a coincidence really. Would be pretty cool to see him become a star... mostly so I can cash in that card and maybe add a bit more to my vintage collection!

  As for NFL Free Agency, the biggest name out there is obviously going to be Ndamukong Suh. The Lions declined the option to use a franchise tag on him this past week, and now he's free to negotiate with any team he chooses. The word is that he's just out for the biggest possible contract he can get... which is probably the only reason he's considering the Oakland Raiders, who have scheduled a meeting with him.

  As for the idiots putting these up... don't act like he isn't doing exactly what the fuck you would be doing in his situation. He's going to go where they're willing to pay him the most money... of course... and you're going to continue to sit, watch, and wish you had a marketable fucking skill someone was willing to pay you that sort of money for so you could even fathom the decision he's set to make in the next few days. Fucking fanboys... some of em just drive me up a wall!

  The biggest NFL news of the day is the Patriots chosing to let DT Vince Wilfork walk after declining his option. Personally if I'm the Lions, I let Suh walk and get Wilfork, who will cost you a helluva lot less money, and give you a much bigger return in terms of leadership and mentorship for younger guys. Wonder how Patriot fan feels about this one...

  Defensive tackles seem to be all the rage this offseason, and the Arizona Cardinals made a big splash by releasing Darnell Dockett... who turned around and decided to sign with the 49ers for two years at an insanely low rate of $7.5 million, especially considering how damn good a player Dockett is. My question to the Lions... where the hell were you on that one? But now Dockett gets two opportunities a year to show Arizona what they are missing... which could get very ugly for the Cardinals, especially if they don't get their QB situation figured out this offseason!

  Hey BOB, what are your thoughts on the 49ers bringing in known dope fiend WR Jerome Simpson into the fold... and on a two year deal no less! Wonder how much of that Cali Chronic he'll be slinging out there...

  One of the bigger trades you'll see in the NFL that doesn't involve a draft pick went down this week too, with LeSean McCoy going to Buffalo for LB Kiko Alonso, who missed all of 2014 with an injury. The Eagles part ways with McCoy, who didn't really fit head coach Chip Kelly's scheme, and add a much needed MLB in Alonso, while the Bills get their front line running back to replace C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson, who previously split duties, and take a ton of pressure off of E.J. Manuel or whatever other young quarterback they end up with after this offseason is over. Goes to show you just what the value of a runnig back is these days in the NFL.

  Not sure if you've heard of this or not... but Spike TV has a show out these days in which kids coaches are taught anger management techniques. The issue... the host of the show is fucking Ray Lewis. Yeah, THAT Ray Lewis... the one that killed two people...

  Raiders RB Maurice Jones-Drew announced his retirement yesterday. Man did he fade fast after a great start to his career.

  That's all I've got this week... gotta go get ready for my Vikings fix for the week. Thanks as always for reading, and for any comments you leave on the way out. Make sure you stop in on my good friend Harvey over to the left before you navigate elsewhere today... he garauntees you your best read of the day or double your money back! Have a great weekend Gabbers.



Weekly Grumble with IHM 12/12
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  Hello folks, and welcome to this week’s Grumble with IHM. Been a long week for yours truly… mostly because of the wait I’ve been dealing with since Monday, when I got a call with a potential job offer making a hell of a lot more money than I’ve ever made thus far in my “career”. As of the time I’m writing here, I still haven’t heard back… but I’ll keep the hope alive until I hear otherwise!

  Been a big week in baseball hot stove news, as the winter meetings are in full swing in San Diego. This week’s biggest players have been the A’s, Dodgers, and Cubs; all of whom made big splashes in one way or another. The A’s seem to be in the midst of yet another firesale… first trading Josh Donaldson last week, and this week trading away Jeff Samardzija to the White Sox for a gaggle of low level prospects (the Sox also added closer David Robertson) and All Star 1B/OF Brandon Moss to Cleveland for a prospect. With a shitty stadium, shitty ownership that refuses to spend a dime, and a GM who seems to enjoy rebuilding more than any fan can stand, how does this team maintain any form of a fan base? Good lord!

  The Dodgers were all over the place this week. On Tuesday they made a move to bring in Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins. Wednesday they made another series of moves… acquiring a handful of prospects from the Marlins for All-Star 2B Dee Gordon, SP Dan Haren (who is allegedly retiring, in which case the Marlins receive $10 million from the Dodgers), and SS Miguel Rojas. They then parlayed parts of the Marlins trade into All-Star 2B Howie Kendrick (formerly of the Angels, much to DVT’s chagrin), then made another deal moving former star Matt Kemp to San Diego in exchange for C Yasmani Grandal, cleaning up the mess that was their crowded outfield situation. The team is also allegedly near a deal with SP Brandon McCarthy… who will likely parlay a good 15 game run with the Yankees last year into a 4 year, 48 million dollar contract!

  The Cubs made their first move on Tuesday, trading a pair of pitching prospects to the Diamondbacks for All-Star C Miguel Montero. The next day they made their biggest splash, signing SP Jon Lester, considered by some to be this year’s biggest free-agent prize, to a six year, 155 million dollar deal. James Shields has also been mentioned as the Cubs next potential target. With the surplus of young position talent this team has in the minors and Majors, expect to hear a lot more from the Cubbies before the offseason ends.

  As for the Tigers, they were in the category of “watchers” until just a few moments ago, when they traded RHP Rick Porcello to Boston for power hitting, power armed OF Yoenis Cespedes. The Red Sox also added Wade Miley in a trade with the Diamondbacks earlier in the week, and signed Justin Masterson. Doesn’t do a damn thing to shore up the bullpen (aside from a pair of minor league pitchers who might end up in the pen), but still, nice to get some added protection for Miggy and VMart in the lineup. Plus, the Tigers added Shane Greene in a three-way trade with the Yankees and Diamondbacks earlier in the week, which sent DiDi Gregorious to the Yankees to replace a retiring Derek Jeter, and some minor leaguers to the Diamondbacks.

  The Tigers just made another deal, this time acquiring 2014 All-Star Alfredo Simon from the Reds for IF Eugeno Suarez and minor league P Jordan Crawford. Simon was 15-10 with a 3.44 ERA for the Reds last year. The best part is his nickname… he loves it when you call him “Big Pasta”. The Reds then traded SP Mat Latos to the Miami Marlins for SP Anothony DiSclafani and C Chad Wallach.

  Two guys I was hoping the Tigers would make a move for to shore up that bullpen, Luke Gregerson and Pat Neshek, were signed by the Astros on Wednesday.

  As for Max Scherzer, the Tigers, Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Giants and Nationals are among teams mentioned in speculations as to where he will land. I’m guessing the Tigers are out (kind of hoping, actually), since they already have a solid rotation with Price/Verlander/Sanchez/Greene/Simon… but I’ve been wrong before, and I know how much Scott Boras enjoys bending Dave Dombrowski over the negotiating table!

  Over in the NFL we have three big stories this week: Johnny Clipboard is now Johnny Starter, and Roger Goodell and the NFL’s owners have decided on a new conduct policy… without the input of the NFLPA, and Cam Newton was injured and likely shelved for the rest of the season after being involved in a car crash…

  As for Johnny Football/Cashsign/Scumbag/Douchebag/Clipboard/Starter… it is probably best for the Browns to go this way, especially after the horrendous play of Brian Hoyer the past four weeks. In those four weeks, he ranks at or near the bottom of the league in the majority of NFL Quarterbacking stats, including throwing only one TD pass and a league high eight interceptions. At this point, they’re still in the playoff hunt, but Hoyer simply isn’t making the plays needed to help that defense win games. Will Johnny make it any better? Well, he can’t really make it much worse at this point! Besides, with two first round picks in next year’s draft, the Browns need to know if this guy’s play making ability translates to the NFL or not… and whether or not they need to go after yet another name for the long, long list of starters for the team since 1999!

  As for Johnny’s first start… it comes against Marvin Lewis and the Bengals. When asked about Manziel, Lewis apparently called Manziel a “midget”… which sent the world of little people into an angered, adorable frenzy. Lewis apologized for the comments later… sad when midgets can force an apology out of a full sized man. Just goes to show you the PC hellhole we now call reality.

  The new NFL conduct policy is set… highlights include:

  • Embracing the use of independent investigations; the NFL will hire a special counsel for investigations and conduct who will oversee initial discipline.
  • The policy will implement an element of leave with pay during investigations of people charged with violent crimes.
  • The commissioner still has some role in the appeals process, but may appoint a panel of independent experts to decide an appeal.

  Doesn’t sound like all that bad of a deal, but I’m sure the NFLPA will find something to cry about in there… most likely about the fact that they weren’t able to collectively bargain for any part of the policy. Whaaa, whaaa, whaaa… fucking unions.

  Cam Newton was injured when he was cut off by another driver and rolled his truck a few times on Tuesday. Newton was in the hospital overnight, and suffered a pair of fractures in his lower back, similar to the injury Tony Romo suffered at the end of last season. Best wishes to Cam on a full recovery.

  This week’s games include: The Lions hosting the Vikings… a team that always gives them trouble. The Packers travel to Buffalo to face a tough Bills D. Hopefully we get a little help from Gym Shorts and the boys. The resurgent Falcons (despite the loss to the Packers on Monday night) host the Steelers. The 49ers and Seahawks face off in the afternoon and the Cowboys and Eagles battle for first place in the NFC East on Sunday night. On Monday night, the Saints travel to Chi-town to face the Bears.

  In college football, the debate continues over the playoff teams and the slotting of the rest of the bowl eligible teams… but this weekend we get a chance to see football in its purest form. The Army vs. Navy game on Saturday at 3. Only game on the schedule… as it should be. These young men deserve the spotlight, even if only for one week. Make sure you tune in if you get the chance.

  Over in the NBA, LeBron James caused a stir early in the week with his perpetuation of the “I Can’t Breathe” slogan on a t-shirt (he among other athletes around the country), then caused an international incident by daring to touch the duchess when he met the royal couple (don’t remember their names, don’t give a shit either). Apparently nobody is to touch the future queen… not even “King James”. Neither the duke or duchess seemed very offended by it, but apparently the tea suckers overseas were quite upset. LeBron scores major points in my book if he comes out and tells the uptight citizens brigade to sit on it! Fuckin limey Brits!

  The Warriors won their 14th straight over Houston Wednesday night, improving to an impressive 19-2 on the season in the process. Does this team finally have it together enough to make a serious run at the NBA title? I’d love to see it, personally.

  The NHL is apparently in the grips of a mumps outbreak… Travis Zajac and Adam Larsson have been diagnosed with the vaccine-preventable disease, as have players for the Minnesota Wild, New York Rangers, Anaheim Ducks, and St.Louis Blues this season. Looks like somebody missed their shots growing up.

  This week marked the ten year anniversary of the night Dimebag Darrell Abbott was shot and killed while playing in a Columbus, Ohio club. RIP to one of the finest guitar players this world has ever known:

  Well, that’s all I’ve got for today folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out. Enjoy your weekend, Gabbers!  

Storminnorman's Sports Blog 10/3
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Hello Gabbers, and welcome to another weekly installment of Storminnorman's Sports Blog. Let me start by saying it was a crazy week in both College Football and Major League Baseball, with heavy favorites such as Alabama, Texas A & M, Tigers and Angels all falling in their respective games and series.

Seriously folks outside of Baltimore and Kansas City, who would have thought these two teams would be meeting for the to face the National League in the World Series? Honestly, the Tigers didn't deserve to win their series, their bully basically choked and was pitching batting practice to the Orioles hitters. Dombrowski made a pretty good move by acquiring Soria, but for some reason it just didn't work in this series.

I made the comment to a few of my friends at work after the series was over, and I mentioned to one of them how poorly Brad Ausmus managed Game 1 and 2. His moves during those two games reminded me of Jim Leyland, he pulled Scherzer after 98 pitches and the bully proceeded to give up 8. Verlander being pulled in the 6th was okay, because he was getting his ass rocked that day and didn't seem like himself. Ausmus went to the well once to often with Soria, Chamberlain and Choke-Zero, and he got burned. Maybe Dombrowski will get the hint this offseason, and sign a few free agent relief pitchers.....

But let's give the Royals and Orioles their dues, they outplayed and outpitched the Tigers and Angels during their series, and deserve to be playing each other in the ALCS. Good luck to both teams, it should be an interesting series.

In the National League, I really thought the Dodgers and Nationals had a legitimate chance of facing each other in the NLCS. Great pitching, great hitters and poof just like that the Cardinals and Giants disposed of them like we do our trash on a weekly basis. Hell if hadn't been of ex-Tiger Doug Fister and Ryu, both teams would have been swept. Who would have thought Kershaw would have blown up twice in the same series? Bet you Dombrowski is kicking himself for trading Fister, the Tigers sure could have used him this year....

Thursday night begins another season for the Detroit Red Wings, as they face off against Sully's Bruins. With the apparent youth movement in Detroit (mostly because Mr. I is spending it on the Tigers), this year could be the year the streak finally ends. I would like to see it continue, but they will be leaning on a Sheehan, Tatar, Nyquist and others to move the streak to 24. With Datsuyk starting out injured, even though he should be back really soon. The first few weeks will be rather interesting to say the least.....

I would have loved to have said something good about the Lions this week, but after Henery looking like Nate Freese last week missing 3 field goals which cost them the game, and the Lions playing to the Bills level, loving that Lions defense still. I have been considering playing Teddy Bridgewater this week......

How can a team look like Super Bowl contenders one week, and then revert back to themselves the next? Oh wait, I am talking about the Lions. Couldn't score another touchdown, and looked like a really bad high school team offensively. Oh wait, I am talking about the Lions. I guess you get were I am going with this........

Well that's all I have for the week, don't forget to turn left and give a shout out to Hal....






Storminnorman's Sports Blog 10/3
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Hey Gabbers, welcome to another Friday edition of Storminnorman's Sports Blog. I am sitting here at home watching the Tigers and Orioles, not a really bad game so far, with the Oriole's ahead 3-2 in the 6th inning as I type. Nelson Cruz, for which I probably am in the minority with this probably should be the American League MVP, as many of his teammates have mentioned without Nelson Cruz, they would not be where they are today...



By now you all know that V-Mart and J.D. went back to back, and Cruz hit a 2 run bomb, but the story of this game and series, might actually be the pitching by the time the series concludes. The Tigers starters vs. the Baltimore bullpen. Let's face it guys, the Tiger's starters when right are one of the best staffs in baseball, which should give them an edge in the series. However, with the addition of Porcello and Sanchez in the bully, along with Soria, Chamberlain and yes, Joe Nathan 35/42 save opportunities, may even the score a bit during the series.

I really like the Orioles bully better than the Tigers, wish Andrew Miller would have pitched like this in Detroit, looks like a great addition to their staff. As this game continues, we are nearing the likes of O'Day and Britton, should get kind of interesting. 

I like each teams starting lineups, they seem to be equal and may cancel each other out as the series goes along.

The starting staffs for each team seem to be where the Tigers have strength over the Orioles, Scherzer, Verlander, Price, compared to the likes of Chen, Norris and their starter tonight (name escapes me at the moment), do not compare......

 Does anyone actually care about the Packers-Vikings game tonight? I am going to be watching the Royals-Angels game after this one is over. I am intrigued by the Royals, and want to see if they are for real. Vargas against Weaver, should make for an interesting game. Hey Jeff, did Blake get drafted by the Royals out of High School?

I like the National's chances of winning the National League and making the World Series, because outside of the Dodgers their pitching staff is one of the best in the National League. Sorry Cardinal and Giants fans, not going to be your year....

Oh before I forget I am not a Mike Trout hater, I just believe that he is over-hyped by Major League Baaseball, and should not be named AL MVP. 

I chose not to respond to "The Beezer's" QOTD earlier this week concerning Brady Hoke, but I will now. First thing, Hoke may as well consider himself fired after the season is over, no matter how the season turns out at Michigan. The loss to Minny last week, and Utah the week before proves that he doesn't have a clue about coaching. I was listening to Sports Center this morning, and he mentioned that he would not put on a headset, that he had someone right behind him with one on communicating and passing information along to him during the game. Maybe if he put a damn headset on Shane Morris would not have went back out after the hit he took. You may have one of the best training staffs and doctors in the U.S., but you totally blew that one by not following up as Morris stumbled around on the field. Hope you enjoy the unemployment line, because if you lose at Rutgers this weekend you may be there on Monday......

Stanford-Notre Dame, Nebraska-Michigan State, should be some good football Saturday. Did ESPN fall out of their chairs when they chose to go to Mississippi instead of South Bend or East Lansing? Geesh, talk about a lack of respect for these schools.....

The Lions face the Bills on Sunday, and Kyle Orton actually scares me a little bit. I would have really liked to seen E.J. Manuel start, because it gives the Lions a better chance of a win. With Orton at the helm, there is just enough veteran leadership to lead the Bills to a win at Ford Field on Sunday........

Well Folks have a great weekend, and don't forget to turn left and visit Hal.....








Monday Moaning 6-23-14
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Welcome to another installment of Monday Moaning...You will read nothing about Soccer here...Sorry folks, but I can admit what so few people seem to be able to lately...I'm American...I don't give a fuck about soccer...Don't watch it, don't act like I have  a clue about it...don't waste my time, money or energy bothering to pretend to give a shit...It's soccer...Let's be honest, in a couple weeks 90% of you will be back to not giving a shit...

So what should be the big topic this week...Is it the rumors that LeBron James kids have been enrolled in a Northeast Ohio school...No...DON'T FUCKING CARE!

How about this...Friday night I attended what will be my last Major League Baseball game...Unless by some freak way I become rich....My wife's company got tickets for the staff and their families for the Indians and Tigers game...And good seats...The Club seats...You know a "higher class of fans" until they put us there! Supposedly the food is better...There's a full blown bar and dinning room...With the seats food and soda (pop for Ohioans) were free...Well thank you, because if I paid for that crap, I would have puked it back up into their faces...

Yes, I cook for a living, and I know quality food...But I love a good burger...I like greasy fries, and all kinds of unhealthy regular Joe shit...That's what I eat, because cooking in a fine dinning restaurant doesn't make you rich!

Seriously, I had a burger and fries that were nauseating...Then some one pointed out a buffet line with "the good food"..."pesto alfredo with fettuccini"...except there was no pesto in it...Hell, there was no alfredo in it...It was buttered noodles with a splash of cream and parsley...Au Gratin potatoes, that were disgusting...One bite and you could taste the powdered cheese and milk mixture on the under cooked potatoes..."Braised Beef"....NOPE...barely boiled meat is what it was...I bet I've taken shits that would taste better!

I was physically ill...And I hardly ate...Later my wife got an old school pretzel...Best thing she ate all night...And beers...Beers at a ballgame are as American as a teenage loser fucking an apple pie...Ummm, or something like that....Beer prices ranged from $7.50 to $9.00... I stuck to free Dr. Pepper...Hell, this was the wife's outing, I was driving, she handled the drinking duties...She had a couple beers then her and her friend went to the bar for cocktails...Which were around $10...So we dropped about $50 on just getting her primed up for postgame fun...

Oh, I mentioned I was driving...We live 10 minutes from downtown Cleveland...We left a hour before the game...We sat in traffic for at least 40 minutes because there's so much road construction not getting done, that half the city is shutdown...BLOW ME!

Then after parking, which I went budget and found a $10 lot, which means a little more walking, but fuck paying $35 to park...We get to the Stadium...The game has started, and we stand in line for 10 minutes, waiting to get through the metal detectors...I remember a time when this didn't happen at stadiums...And yes, we are a more scared, and frightened nation these days, mainly because there are just so many worthless, fucking, nut-case assholes out there...

So here is the choice...Should I be inconvenienced by waiting in a long ass line and missing an inning or two because there is a chance some  fuck-tard wants to shoot up a stadium?  Or should save the $67 per ticket, stay in the safety of my own home, watch the game on my HD-TV, drink my 6-pack that cost as much as one beer at the stadium, and eat fucking awesome food that I made myself?

I think that's an easy question...MLB, and the Cleveland Indians, you won't be getting anymore of my money...


As for the game...The Tribe lost 6-4, but my fantasy team scored HR's from Victor Martinez, JD Martinez, Carlos Santana, and Asdrubal Cabrera, plus hits from Kinsler and Brantley, so I felt like a winner...

Have a week...

The Beeze.

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