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Dog Days but Summer is not over yet
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it's mid August, the dog days...Oh what to write about this week…

Pre season NFL games are underway and the battle for those coveted 53 roster spots is heating up. Bad and needy teams are waiting for good teams to cut guys so the bad teams can replace guys that are injured or need replacing with upgrades. Position battles within teams for start and backup spots is in full fight.

the Tebows are fighting with the Mallets for the backup role that should never see the field in anger...

But that might be a better fit for the week after pre season game 3.

Or I could talk about…

August and MLB. We are seeing a separation in some divisions and races heating for the fall scramble in others.

As it stands now in the National,

In the West the Dodgers have opened up a 7.5 game lead over Arizona

In the East the Braves are now like a sail boat race and are beyond the visible horizon on the Nats


In the Central Pittsburgh has a 2 game lead over St Louis and a 3.5 on Cincinnati in the only real NL race and the two that don’t win the division are probably going to battle in the hokey 1 game play in wildcard.

The American league still has three races,

The East has Boston with 4 on Tampa and 6 on Baltimore

The Central has Detroit with 6.5 on Kansas City and 6 on Cleveland

The West has the Rangers with a 1 game lead on Oakland

The AL wildcard is a five team battle, six if you think the Yankees are viable.


Or I might

 write about the camping trip with four other couples this past weekend.

Lots of laughs

Lots of food and drink

Lots of sunshine

Lots of exercise

Lots of kayaking       

Lots of fishing

Lots of fire wood consumed

The things you may see in the woods when bird watching, like

maybe this nesting Falcon perched in a tree,

Lots of plans for next year

Lots of ribbing the “day campers” (those that are campers by day but go home at night)

Lots of ribbing the “taj campers” (those that think air conditioning and TV are part of camping)


Or I could talk about my being actively recruited to join a local militia and what tasks would be expected of me for the common good…


I could tell you the story of the good looking young female Marine Corporal selected by her Gunny to represent her unit when the President made his photo op visit a couple of weeks back. Upon being asked she said “Gunny, that wouldn’t be a good idea.”

Gunny replied “tell me corporal, why not?”

“Because Gunny, I didn’t vote for him, I think my absentee vote was one of the lost and never counted and I feel strongly that he should be impeached … frankly I’d rather be working.

“Ok Corporal, I guess that would be best for all of us, I’ll get someone else, go back to work”


I could tell you about one of my sons out on a logging road in his

Jeep Y J with the 35” tires getting mudded and wrecked but coming out with just a few scratches and some now necessary rocker panel work

I may even be willing to share a heart warming story abo………no not that story, never mind.


I could go on and tell you story of aging, Mo had a good one on Monday, I’m probably a decade and a half older than Mo so that means that in my golf bag the woods are wood and my irons are iron...

I do know where he’s coming from.

There will be a day my friends, when you will look back and realize that “middle age” has already happened… a while ago!

My next class reunion will be number 40 something…I sit and watch

As tears go by……….

two faces of rock

Or I could talk about another of the harry boys now men rock climbing into the danger zone…surely an unnecessary risk for a man my age…

I would never stand on or above THAT step any more.


But all that probably wouldn’t interest you.

So thanks for stopping by and reading and leave a comment and then go and check out Lanz ( He may even be back from vacation)as he talks sports

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Storminnorman's Sports Blog 8/1/13
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When Old Harry asked me to fill in for him this week, I really had to search for what I wanted to talk about this week, I could go on a rampage about how ignorant the ballplayers who are about to be suspended for being involved in the Biogenesis Scandal, or I could just find other things to talk about and share opinions with you. I chose the later, because I have an opinion on the Scandal which I will share later in the blog.

As Jeff mentioned yesterday, the Tigers got a pretty decent player in Jose Ingelsias from the Red Sox; and all it cost them was Baby Miggy in return. Nothing against Dave Dombrowski, but he better get used to seeing Garcia starting this weekend when the White Sox hit Motown. I really liked what I seen from Garcia, I hope he has a long, productive career starting on Friday against the Tigers; because I am rooting for him to do well.

I am however still scratching my head over a few moves the Lions made during the past off season, which are supposed to strengthen their team in 2013. I am not a big Reggie Bush fan, I know outside of his days in Miami, he never really got a fair shake in New Orleans. My question is this: On a team with a questionable secondary and linebacker core, why the hell would you sign an unproven running back and draft a nose tackle who is nothing more than a project at best? Is freaking Matt Millen back in Detroit, screwing with the Lion's 2013 draft? Guess I can look forward to another 4-12 season, because once again they really blew a draft loaded with secondary help for which they really needed.

We all know what so-called Super-Agent Scott Boras is about, and unfortunately most of the players  that are about to be suspended or in the case of Ryan Braun have been suspended means that Boras won't be making that huge score this year financially. I find this rather amusing, because Boras will deny he knew that his players were shooting up or whatever they were accused of doing at the clinic. My question of the day is this: Is A-Roid smart enough to take the suspension offered by MLB, or will he accept the life-time ban? The other thought, if they were to ban A-Roid would he be able to challenge this through the union, and even the courts and win? No matter, Peralta will be back by the playoffs as well as the others who are going to be suspended on Friday.

I guess Joe Dumars felt like Brandon Knight was expendable yesterday when he traded him to Milwaukee. I am not a fan of this trade, because Knight was forced out by the signing of Chauncey BIllups. What will happen in two years, when they will need a solid replacement  for Billups who will be ready to retire? Are the going to count on that kid from Kentucky to replace him, he will be lucky to get enough minutes or experience to be ready to take his place on a permanent basis.I guess Rodney Stuckey is going to be a Piston as long as Joe. D. is the President and GM of the Pistons. God I hope Gores gets sick of him and fires him after the season.

Finally, the Tigers pounded three of the National Leagues premier pitchers over the past 6 days in Cole Hamels, Stephen Strausburg and Gio Gonzales. Torrii damn near hit for the cycle today, and the rest of the team is starting to make their push towards their 3rd straight AL Central Division crown. The addition of Jose Veras is rather interesting, since they have decided to make him the 8th inning pitcher, and spot closer for when Leyland wants to give Benoit a day off. It was kind of a statement in Benoit's favor by not taking the closer's job from him. 

Well guys it's time for me to go back to the books, and finish the weekly work in my courses. Hey Old Harry wherever you are, I hope you and your family are having a great time. I look forward to filling in for you again. Also a shout out to Sully, I hope you are feeling better my friend. Until next time, have a great day out there Gabbers.......

Mid-Season Baseball and Weekend Series
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Some of the other bloggers I associate with were bragging about their baseball teams lately, so I thought I’d join in the fun.  I do mention most of the other teams, especially the more competitive ones.   I’m only posting a short stub here, but it’s not a very long blog if you want to read the whole thing.

We are just over halfway through the baseball season with the final few series before the All Star break coming up, so I thought this was a good time to talk about how teams have been playing lately, featuring the main team I focus on, the Angels. 

I’ve been trying to write this for a little while, but one reason I don’t blog more about baseball is it never takes a break.  You can want to write about a recent development, such as a no-hitter or winning streak, but if you wait a few days, the same pitcher could have had a disastrous start since then or the team you were going to write about could have lost a few games in a row.  So often when I’m thinking of a baseball topic, I just give up before I get around to writing it.

The main focus of this will be performance since June 11, so if I don’t mention something different, assume that to be the time frame.

Anyway, thankfully the Angels won last night (with three runs in the bottom of the ninth to spoil what could have been a complete game win for Adam Wainwright), so they are now one of the best two teams in baseball since June 11.  The other team is the Pirates, both 14-6 over that span.  Not too long ago, the Pirates swept the Angels, so in reality, the Halos have been playing even better than the record indicates.  The other losses during that span were one apiece to the Cardinals, Yankees, and Mariners (whom the Angels were only able to beat 3 out 4).  This included a 6-0 road trip against Detroit and Houston.

Full blog

Remembering a Fallen Hero 7/4/13
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When I was asked to write this blog, I am pretty sure this is not what anyone expected.... 

Remembering a fallen hero from my childhood,

who was overused,

because he was their only star.

He talked to the baseball,

for which everyone thought he was insane.

He was the talk of baseball in 76'

an All-Star all the same.

I wanted to be just like "The Bird"

stood like he did on the mound.

His career cut short by injury,

never reached his full potential.

Damn you Ralph Houk 

for ruining a great talent

because he was your only true star.

It wouldn't be the 4th of July if I didn't light off a few fireworks of my own, screw you D-12 you pompous ass I hope you wind up in Houston because even though the town doesn't deserve your sorry ass, you will be once the star you think you deserve to be.

It also wouldn't be the 4th if I didn't give you guys something to drool over, so here is a little Kate.....

On to other things that have caught my attention, congratulations to Brad Stevens on becoming the coach of the Celtics. I just wonder to myself if the ownership group will have the patience with all the apparent changes that loom ahead to give Stevens a chance.........

I made note that the NHL First Team Stars announced on Wednesday did not include any Bruins or Black Hawks? Malkin, Crosby and Ovechkin, give me a break. I guess you don't need a team of stars to compete for a cup, you just have to get your ass kicked by the Eastern Conference Champs.

One of my favorite NASCAR races is taking place this weekend in Daytona, on the track that my uncle used to race motorcycles on during the 60's and 70's. My next favorite race is coming soon at the Brickyard, another of his favorite tracks.

Well boys, as you all go to watch your fireworks in your respective hometowns I want to wish you a safe day tomorrow while I am working. Eat a few dogs, burgers and steaks for me, and enjoy the day with your families. Thanks to Sully for contacting me and inviting me to blog with you once again while Old Harry is on a holiday.


Is This the End? 5-12-13
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Is this the end of the line for the Detroit Red Wings and their 22-year playoff run, I think so. I am a loyal Red Wing fan, but with the change to the Eastern Conference scheduled to take place during the 2013-14 season, and their lack of team size in my opinion in just may happen unless they take a different direction and add some size to their lineup. I mean come on, how many times can this team be punished by teams with a huge size difference for which they will face on a nightly basis.

Let's be serious here for a moment, seeing teams like the Bruins 5 to 6 times a year will not be good for the smaller Wings unless they make changes and add size and even more toughness than Jordin Tootoo and Justin Abdelkader provide. But we will see what direction the Wings head after the playoffs are over, these changes are necessary in order for them to compete in the East, and has to happen during this offseason. 

Is this the answer to the Detroit Lions problems as a team, I highly doubt it. Honestly I believe Martin Mayhew missed the boat again when he drafted him number 5. I personally believed they should have drafted a tackle to replace Jeff Backus who retired during the offseason. But this is typical Lions draft strategy since the Matt Millen era, draft a project (Charles Rogers, Titus Young) and pray that they work out. When they don't they release them in order to save face. I am not knocking their entire draft, but there were a lot better players out there that were ready to play this year, not two years down the road. I guess its time for the Lions to find a real general manager, who will draft to the needs of the team, and break the draft day trend. Oh wait I forgot, that is why they are the only Detroit team that I have never seen win a championship during my near 49 years on this earth. Why is this, because they do not have a clue!

Well I have to admit that this weekends series against the Indians has been rather interesting, and not the walkover I thought it would be. Nice to see that Tito, Nick and all the other additions are starting to pay off for the Indians. If this trend continues like it should, because those I mentioned will not let the others quit, then the Central Division might stay interesting this year. 

Thanks for stopping by, and I will see you the next time.



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