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Monday Moaning 3-2-15
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It's Monday and the NHL Trade Deadline is fast approaching...and while some teams made minor moves last week, like the CRIPPLE_FOR_A_CRIPPLING_CONTRACT_TRADE,  but I expect some big activity Monday...Although my New York Rangers got started Sunday...Trading defenseman John Moore, very elite prospect, Anthony Duclair and a 1st and 2nd round draft picks to the Coyotes for the defenseman most teams would like to add, Keith Yandle, and defenseman Chris Summers, along with a 4th round draft pick...The Coyotes are also retaining 50% of Yandle's contract which has one more year left on it...

The Rangers then moved Lee Stempniak to Winnipeg for Carl Klingberg...As well as acquiring James Sheppard from San Jose for a 4th round pick...I expect to see San Jose dump a couple more players as it seems they are throwing in the towel on their playoff hopes...Unlike the Rangers who are all in, Cup or Bust...

Other trades that have taken place so far...

Washington added some more grit mixed with skill acquiring Curtis Glencross from Calgary for a 2nd and a 3rd'er...

Chicago landed another very talked about Coyote, Antoine Vermette for defenseman Klas Dahlbeck and a 1st round pick...The Blackhawks also landed Kimmo Timonen from Philly for and 2nd and 4th...

Florida overpaid New Jersey with a 2nd and 3rd for old man Jaromir Jagr...

Pittsburgh added some bulk with Daniel Winnik for a prospect a 2nd and a 4th...

-In other Hockey related news...Many Americans fell in love with watching T.J. Oshie in the Olympics...He plays the game well in all aspects...And he does some other cool stuff...Just watch!

We don't get to see enough of these stories in the sports world...We get far too many stories of domestic abuse, drug use, DUI's, assault, and other idiot shit....Hell, I've heard more about a tape that may exist involving Dez Bryant, in the last week, then I have about athletes doing good deeds in the last 6 months...So is the problem the athletes? the Media? Or our voyeuristic need to catch people doing bad shit?  Probably a combination of them all...

I know in my posts I hit on the negative more then the positive...So I'm going to start looking and searching some of these positive stories...

But that's after I do my Beatles Research...I saw this Sunday night after getting home from work...

I always blew off all the Beatles "Hidden Messages" stuff, but now I figure I'll be up until 3:00 AM digging into all of it...

That's it for now...

Have a week...

The Beeze.

Weekly Grumble with IHM 2/20
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  Hello ladies and gents, and welcome to this week's grumble with IHM. Pretty significant Grumble this week, as it comes on my final week of freedom. Starting next week I'll be working at the nut factory, so it will likely lead to shorter blogs out of yours truly... hopefully less quantity but the same level of quality you've come to expect out of me (not that I've set that bar very high).

  This has been a fairly rough week for sports bloggers... the NFL is done. There is some combine talk, but the draft is still a month and a half away (April 30th-May 2nd), and even free agency doesn't start for about a month (March 10th)... so all we have right now football wise is speculation. Baseball is officially back today, as the Tigers and many other clubs open their Spring training camps. Pitchers and catchers have reported, and we aren't far away from seeing our first spring training games! Hopefully Florida's current cold snap is a one-hit wonder and we can get to the games quickly... nothing warms you up like getting to watch baseball!

  The biggest story of the month around here is the speculation about DT Ndamukong Suh... will he stay or will he go? How much are the Lions willing to pay? How much is he really worth? Every Lions fan I know seems to shout "re-sign him", "re-sign him". I, however, have been shouting a very different tune... "don't waste the money, don't waste the money". Don't get me wrong, Suh is a great football player, and his impact on the game is obvious every time he steps on the field. But the issue happens to be the position he plays, and whether or not you are willing to pay 16 plus million a year for a guy who is going to give you 9 sacks at best.

  Like I said before, don't get me wrong... Suh is a major talent and a major asset when he is on your team. The intimidation factor alone almost preceeds him when new offensive linemen come into Ford Field (or when Suh goes to their house). But I'd like to present my case evidence, which comes from Baltimore, MD this past NFL season, when the current highest-paid DT in football Haloti Ngata was suspended for PED use for the final four games of the 2014 season. Ngata is paid 16 million dollars per season... just a shade under what the standard bearer at defensive line in the league (JJ Watt) makes annualy. When Ngata was out, the Ravens didn't miss a beat, as Timmy Jernigan and Brandon Williams stepped into his spot (the two make a combined $2 million, by the way) and produced at the same level for an eigth of the price.

  Long story short, the position of defensive tackle is one where greatness isn't separated from very good by much of a margain on the stat sheet. Maybe the Lions take the risk of signing him to a non-exclusive fanchise tag and allowing other teams to speak with him (and hoping someone bites to the tune of two first round picks in exchange)... but then you run the risk of paying $26.7 million for Suh next season... a devistating cap number when you add in the annual salaries of Stafford and Johnson ($32 million combined in 2015). On the plus side, the league is expected to announce a new-record high cap amount (expected to be in the 140-145 million dollar range), which could provide some relief. Either way, it is going to be a tough call for GM Martin Mayhew, who has proven he can produce on the free agent market in recent offseasons with guys like Glover Quinn and Golden Tate. We'll see what the Lions decide to do here, but no decision will be easy.

  The NBA's trade deadline passed us by yesterday at 3, and we wound up seeing a few significant deals. The highest profile trade wound up being Phoenix sending Goaran Dragic (who cried his way out of town) to Miami for Noriss Cole and a few picks. But a few moments later the joke was on Goran, as the team also dealt Isaiah Thomas out of town, the main reason Dragic was angry with the team... claiming there was "no trust" there. You know, aside from the fact that they gave him a big contract to come there in the first place, played him enough so that he could become a superstar, and even signed his freaking brother and brought him over from Slovenia! Yeah, they brought in Bledsoe and Thomas... and now Dragic has to play off the ball a little more often. W'ah. Enjoy Miami... better hope Dwyane doesn't want to hold the ball all night there, either, because that isn't a battle you'll win.

  One of the biggest names traded yesterday was Kevin Garnett, who was dealt back to Minnesota for Thaddeus Young. No clue why the Wolves wanted him, aside from maybe the expiring contract.

  The NBA's other player to cry his way out of town, Reggie Jackson, wound up right here in Detroit. Oh boy. Evidently he's excited to be here, but I'm not sure he isn't Ben Gordon 2.0 to be honest. The biggest question, what does he do when Brandon Jennings comes back and also wants to handle the basketball. This seems to be becoming a recurring theme in the league... average at best players thinking they should have the basketball in their hands 48 minutes a fucking game. Hopefully Jackson is good and this trade ends up making sense. The Thunder got DJ Augustin, Kyle Singler, and Enos Kanter (from the Jazz) to strengthen their bench in the trade.

  The Pistons made another move (for some reason) to bring in Tayshaun Prince... yeah, THAT Tayshaun Prince... giving up a pair of bench players to Boston to do so. Yeah, I'm not sure what the hell SVG is doing here, but I'll continue to give the guy the benefit of the doubt here.. until I have a reason not to that is.

  Speaking of the Celtics (who traded Prince to the Pistons), they also were able to bring in Isaiah Thomas from Phoenix in exchange for G Marcus Thornton and one of the first round picks they had stockpiled.

  In the other major deadline deal, the Bucks and Suns hooked up as part of a three team deal to exchange point guards, as the Suns wound up with Brandon Knight and Kendall Marshall, the Bucks wound up with Michael Carter-Williams, Miles Plumlee, and Tyler Ennis, and the 76ers get draft picks... more draft picks. When the hell is the league going to step in there, btw?

  A couple of minor moves saw Aaron Afflalo go from Denver to Portland to help bolster the Blazers bench, and the Kings deal Ramon Sessions to the Wizards to help their bench for a playoff run. The Kings got George Karl's boy Andre Miller back for Sessions.

  Over in the NHL, I have to be honest... it is weird now that the Wings are in the Eastern Conference. It's easy not to notice the change, but when a team like Chicago comes to town that you used to play 7-8 times a year, suddenly it becomes very real again! Great hockey game between the two teams on Wednesday night, and on the plus side now these rivals can play each other for a Cup instead of for a trip to the Finals someday!

  Well folks, that's all I've got for today's grumble. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on your way out. Have a great weeknd, Gabbers.

Sports Friday with Hal: Red Sox Free Agency
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Greetings from deep in the heart of Red Sox Nation. I know the Gab has covered the Jon Lester / Red Sox free agency debacle well yesterday with O.H. and Lanz helping keep the East Coast Bias alive and well.


Just my two cents here: The Red Sox strung along their fans and stayed on the back-page by staying in the Lester negotiations with no intention of signing him. They had to make what looked like an attempt, but they had two opportunities earlier and passed on them both. In spring training they failed to make a reasonable offer and insulted Lester and his agent with an extreme low-ball offer. If they wanted him at all costs, he would have been signed before opening day.


Second, if they wanted to give him a real offer they would never had traded him to Oakland. If they had kept him, they would have had an exclusive window to negotiate and sign him. They passed on that as well unloading him for a player that did not fit their philosophy and was always intended to be traded (Yoenis Cespedes). After the season, the Red Sox made enough of an offer to look interested without doing what it would take to keep Lester.


In fact, I kind of feel like Lester should be upset at himself for letting himself be used by the Red Sox front office. The Red Sox slapped Lester across the face with a low-market offer. The Red Sox traded him. Lester--in a point missed by many yahoos on social media and calling in to the sports talk radio stations--has every right to go out in a free market--after playing for years at a below market level--to make as much money as he can for himself.


How many of us have left a job for another that pays better? Or allows us to be in what we think is a better situation? Or go to work for someone we are familiar with or more comfortable with? Did anyone slam us on social media or the radio? Would we be insulted if someone said that we weren’t loyal? That we were selfish? (I know what I’d say to them!)


So the Red Sox let out a collective breath that Lester did not take the deal they offered that they did not want him to take and just offered to appease the fanbase, then immediately got down to doing exactly what they planned on all along: Rebuild the pitching staff with talented young hurlers who have upside. They did it, and they gave up NOTHING to get three quality starters.


With chips leftover from their house-cleaning when they dumped over $200 million in bad contracts on the Dodgers, they sent the two future middle relievers they got from Los Angeles to the Arizona Diamondbacks. In exchange for ground-ball tossin’, best pickoff move in baseball dealin’, big upside lefty Wade Miley the Red Sox gave away Rubby De La Rosa and Allen Webster. De La Rosa and Webster are not frontline starters, but can contribute in a weak bullpen or be a fringe starter on a bad team (hello, Arizona).


The Red Sox then swung a deal with the Tigers for young starter Rick Porcello who is still only 26 years old and has...upside. Porcello pitched over 200 innings, won 15 games, and had an ERA under 3.50. All the Red Sox gave up was Cespedes (who was NEVER anything but trade bait with his sub-.300 on base percentage), another future middle reliever/fringe fifth starter Alex Wilson, and a 19-year old prospect who has already had Tommy John surgery and has not pitched a game above rookie league (sub single-A) yet.


Finally, the Red Sox got “the one who got away” back by signing former farmhand Justin Masterson back after he blossomed in Cleveland. Yes, Masterson was injured last year and cost himself some money, but for less than $10 million on a one-year deal, the Red Sox got a pitcher they know well and who was the number one starter for a team that made the playoffs back in 2013. Masterson is another ground-ball machine who should enjoy the long infield grass and Gold Glove second baseman (and underrated Pablo Sandoval at third base) of Fenway Park like Miley will as well.


Somehow, the Red Sox are one big starting pitcher (James Shields? Trade for Cole Hamels? Trade for Jordan Zimmerman or Doug Fister?) from finishing a complete rotation rebuild and finishing the off-season with strong depth and affordable pieces. With Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez and a return to health for Dustin Pedroia, the lineup should be back to its usual on-base percentage and slugging ways. Now they can focus on filling in the bullpen.


Finally, they did not sacrifice a single top prospect: catchers Christian Vazquez and Blake Swihart, shortstops Xander Bogaerts and Deven Marrero, second baseman/outfielder Mookie Betts, outfielders Manuel Margot and Rusney Castillo (is the 27-year old CUban considered a “prospect”?), starting pichers Henry Owens, Matt Barnes, Anthony Ranaudo, Edwin Escobar and Eduardo Rodriguez.


The Sox still have their farm system, did not overpay for starting pitchers over 30 (yet!), and have a deep staff and punch in the lineup. I never thought Lester was coming back to Boston, so the work done so far is a good start for the Red Sox so far.


* * *


Sports Friday with Hal: Trade Deadline Doozies
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Happy Friday!


MLB Trading day, so here’s my quick breakdown from deadline day:


Tigers acquire David Price in three-team deal with Mariners (who receive Austin Jackson) and Rays (who receive Drew Smyly, Nick Franklin, and Willy Adames)

I love these three team deals in major league baseball--they are far too infrequent.  Good pickup by the Tigers, obviously. With great starting pitching to begin with, adding Price makes the Tigers the favorites to represent the A.L. in the World Series this fall. Price is a legitimate ace and the Tigers can afford to lock him up this offseason. The Rays get a middle infielder and a cheaper starter in Smyly who they control for four years. The Mariners upgrade with Jackson for Franklin.  But the Tigers are the big winners.


Marlins and Astros agree to six-player swap, with Miami receiving Jarred Cosart, Enrique Hernandez, and Austin Wates in exchange for Colin Moran, Jake Marisnick, Francis Martes, and a 2015 compensation draft pick.

The trading of compensation picks is new, and I think it is fantastic. Cosart is the centerpiece of the trade and is 24 and has pitched fairly well for the Astros to date. Miami gives up Marisnick who is 23 and has speed and power potential in centerfield. Moran is 21 and a top prospect at third base.


Braves acquire James Russell and Emilio Bonifacio from Cubs in exchange for Victor Caratini and cash

Caratini is decent prospect at catcher but only 20 and in single-A. Bonifacio is a journeyman but fills a need in Atlanta down the stretch. Russell is just a lefty reliever. Braves may have sacrificed too much. Nice move by Theo Epstein grabbing Caratini.


Yankees acquire Martin Prado from Diamondbacks in exchange for Peter O’Brien

The Yankees seem to believe they can still make the playoffs. Maybe they can. But they are not winning any World Series’ anytime soon. Prado cash for Arizona and O’Brien is a slugging prospect. Prado is good, but not great. He can help immediately in right field--and New York can afford him--but he cost them one of their few top hitting prospects. To upgrade over Ichiro Suzuki, though, is necessary.


Yankees acquire Stephen Drew from Red Sox in exchange for Kelly Johnson and cash

At least this deal was trash-for-trash. Both are terrible hitters this year but Drew will be playing out of position as the Yankees are trying to win now while handcuffing the team by playing defensive liability Derek Jeter at shortstop every night. It would be a shock for Johnson to get a single at bat in Boston.


Nationals acquire Asdrubal Cabrera from Indians in exchange for Zach Walters

Nice grab by the Nationals getting a legitimate middle infielder to help staunch the loss of Ryan Zimmerman’s bat. Washington is losing ground to Atlanta and this deal helps right now. Cabrera is a rental for now, but Washington could use their negotiating window after the season to lock him up. Cleveland has Francisco Lindor ready to step in at shortstop next year. Walters is a decent prospect who needs a bit more seasoning but has potential to be a regular with some pop. Cleveland already is rebuilding having dealt Justin Masterson already, so getting anything for Cabrera is a win.


Orioles acquire Andrew Miller from Red Sox in exchange for Eduardo Rodriguez

The Orioles paid a steep price for a power lefty arm in the bullpen. Rodriguez is a top pitching prospect at double-A and is only 21 and is a hard-throwing lefty starter. BaseballProspectus.com says this about Rodriguez:


The Venezuelan lefty has a good feel for pitching, with a smooth arm action and a quick delivery to home. His fastball generally sits in the 91-93 velocity band, although he can gas it up to 94-95 in short spurts. The fastball does not have a ton of movement, but there is mild arm-side run and some life. His slider is more of the sweeping variety and not a true strikeout offering, but he shows command and enough tilt for it to play solid-average at the major-league level. His changeup has really been the enigma this season, as at times he has not been able to consistently feel the pitch. It can be too firm, and when the change is coming in at 84-86 it does not provide the differential necessary to offset the fastball. The overall arsenal is good, but it is not the great that many evaluators look for in a top prospect.


All in all, he is still a prospect worth trading for with Miller a free agent at the end of the year. He needs work and the Red Sox have been boasting about their investments in minor league coaches and developers of the pitching staff for years and now is the time to back their talk.


Mariners acquire Chris Denorfia from Padres in exchange for Abraham Almonte and Stephen Kohlscheen

Poor Seattle Mariners fans: no Matt Kemp but they get... Chris Denorfia. Ugh. Denorfia has...well no power and not much speed. But replacing Endy Chavez is a win right there. Almontes is a failed prospect and Kohlscheen is...well, he is very tall.


Athletics acquire Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes, and cash from Red Sox in exchange for Yoenis Cespedes and a 2015 compensation draft pick

I cannot believe Lester was traded by the Red Sox. Everything that was right about the franchise was summed up in this kid. Only 30, he is a legitimate ace in the postseason, a durable, tough kid who is a lefty and throws 95 MPH and battles on the mound...exactly what the A’s needed. This is their year and they are grabbing it. Cespedes is a power hitter who has only a year left on his contract but a much better pickup rather than trading for Matt Kemp. Cespedes is 28 but has superb power, winning the last two Home Run Derbies. If the Sox made up their mind to trade Lester, then at least there is a player that can help immediately coming back in the trade. Still, it just seems strange with Lester no longer in Boston.


Cardinals acquire John Lackey and Corey Littrell from Red Sox in exchange for Joe Kelly and Allen Craig

The Lackey move is strange. He is on the books for the major league minimum after an odd clause of his contract kicked in (extended for a year at MLB minimum if Tommy John surgery). Lackey is never going to pitch for that amount of money. Of course, St. Louis can extend him easily and he steps in as a veteran with postseason success who can strikeout guys and give a team a lot of quality innings. Kelly is 26 and a legitimate starting pitcher. He can be a rotation piece for years to come. I love Allen Craig. The Cardinals have Oscar Taveras who needs to play everyday (where do they get all these prospects!) and will not miss him. But he has legit Fenway power and is signed long-term at a reasonable price. Stick him in left field, and the team is set with 20-30 home runs and 30-40 doubles and a professional bat through 2018.


Brewers acquire Gerardo Parra from Diamondbacks in exchange for Mitch Haniger and Anthony Banda

Go Brewers. A Gold-Glove outfielder to backup at all three spots is a solid player for the roster. Haniger is a double-A mid-level prospect and Banda is 20 and in single-A. Arizona stockpiles some kids while Milwaukee should get a good pickup to help try to hold off the Cardinals and Pirates in the NL Central.


Twins acquire Tommy Milone from Athletics in exchange for Sam Fuld

Oakland grabbed Fuld, who they waived earlier this year, to add to the outfield depth. Milone is the winner of the deal as the lefty goes from 7th or 8th starter in Oakland to a regular front-line starter in Minnesota getting the ball every five days from here on out.


* * *




Injury Breakdown:

Ravens fourth-round draft pick defensive end Brent Urban tore his ACL. He was expected to be a part of the line rotation and now is out for the year. Last week cornerback Aaron Ross tore his Achilles during the conditioning test and was lost for the season. Ross was expected to be the third cornerback in Baltimore and the Ravens now have lost two valuable depth players so far this offseason.


Colts guard Donald Thomas--who missed 14 games last year after tearing a biceps tendon and right quadriceps re-tore it at camp and is out for the season. He was signed to a four-year $14 million contract from New England two years ago and now is likely done in Indy. The Colts also lost running back Vick Ballard who tore his Achilles earlier. It is sink-or-swim with running back Trent Richardson. The Colts had better hope he was worth the first round draft pick! Defensive lineman Fili Moala tore his ACL earlier at OTAs. Seriously, that is bad luck already in Indy.


The 49ers planned to have running back Frank Gore split time with Kendall Hunter this season. Put those plans on hold. Hunter tore his ACL and Gore’s fantasy football value just jumped as he will again be expected to lug the ball 250 or so times in 2014.


The Cowboys’ second-round draft pick defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence--who was to replace DeMarcus Ware-- is now out for two to three months with a broken foot. He misses valuable learning time and even if he returns will take time to get up to speed during the season. Dallas now turns to...ugh, Jeremy Mincey. Wow, quite the step down from Ware.


The World Champs were not safe from the injury bug this week. Tight end Anthony McCoy--who missed all of last year with a torn Achilles in training camp-- tore his Achilles in training camp on his other foot. Ouch. McCoy was a backup role but depth behind Zach Miller would have been nice. Maybe this works out for Jermichael Finley and he goes to Seattle.


On Thursday, Kansas City Chiefs star safety Eric Berry was carted off the field. Fortunately, it was not serious. It blew up social media for a bit, but fortunately it seems to be a minor injury and nothing serious. The Chiefs definitely dodged a bullet yesterday.


* * *



Must be nice to be Marshawn Lynch. $1.5 million raise and no fines for sitting at home. NIce deal if you can get it.





Kansas City added former Patriots safety Steve Gregory to compete at safety next to Eric Berry. Gregory should compete with Husain Abdullah for the starting job and gets a chance after sitting on the sidelines all offseason. Gregory is a decent free safety who struggled playing near the line of scrimmage. If anything, it at least helps their depth.


* * *


Alright, time to call it a day.  Have a great weekend, all! Preseason football starts next week!!!

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