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Monday Moaning 5-26-14
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Welcome to another Monday...This Monday being Memorial Day...Yes, Memorial Day...And just for the record everyone on Twitter, and Facebook, there's no need to post your "Memorial Day isn't just about cookouts, ballgames, and parties" comment...I KNOW....I took history classes in college just for fucking fun!  Here's a Memorial Day fun fact for ya....


"Memorial Day was started by former slaves on May, 1, 1865 in Charleston, SC to honor 257 dead Union Soldiers who had been buried in a mass grave in a Confederate prison camp. They dug up the bodies and worked for 2 weeks ...

to give them a proper burial as gratitude for fighting for their freedom. They then held a parade of 10,000 people led by 2,800 Black children where they marched, sang and celebrated."

 As for sports...The NHL schedule makers have decided to make my life miserable, as everyone of the Rangers playoff games seem to be on nights I work...While their off days fall on my days off...For example the Rangers and Habs played Thursday...Then the NHL gave them Friday and Saturday off...Which shockingly were my days off this week...What the hell is that...They don't need two days off...I do, but I'm not millions like they are! Then they played again Sunday...While I was working...They get back at Tuesday...While I'm working...

We spent a portion of Saturday cleaning out our basement, as the foundation work, and basement reno starts Tuesday morning...The rest of the house is quite crowded now, and will be for two weeks...I hope the weather is nice...I plan on Molls, Finnegan and I spending a lot of time at the park...Speaking of my little girl, I've realized I haven't popped her face in a blog in awhile...Here she is this past Saturday...





- I did find some excitement on Twitter when I wished harm on Canadiens forward, Daniel Briere...This past week, Briere's teammate Brandon Prust, took a late, cheap-shot at the head of Rangers center, Derek Stepan...It broke Stepan's jaw, and he had surgery Friday, (a plate had to place in there)...Briere comment that it seemed fishy, that the Rangers were playing games...Dude had a broken jaw...How the fuck is that fishy...Why would you have your top center miss at least one game and get surgery as a gamesmanship tactic...I have grown to hate every Montreal Canadiens player and coach...Their idiot coach just won't shut up...Oh, hey boys...Your now down 3-1 after the Rangers OT win Sunday night...You know what...Keep talking shit, and keep losing!

So yeah, I called for harm to Briere, and my twitter blew up...Many people retweeted it, and favorite it...Many got mad at me...Including some so-called Rangers fans...I don't care...Fuck them...Briere is a twat, just like all those diving, crying twats on that team...But the one guy coming at me the most was a dick-bag from Boston who on his profile quotes Milan Lucic's "I'm going to fucking kill you next year!"  When I called him out on this including the #TwitterCunts which I hope takes off, he went silent with me...Typical!

I also found this while I was playing with the puppets on Twitter...Gave this old goalie a chuckle...



(Click on the audio in the top left for a little more effect)


That's it for me folks...Taking the kids to the local Memorial Day parade...Gonna see some friends....Gonna grill some burgers...Drink some beers...Hopefully the History Channel will have some cool shit on, instead of a "Pawn Stars" marathon!

Have a week...

The Beeze.

Monday Moaning 8-5-13
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Riley Cooper....Riley, fucking, Cooper...Who the fuck is Riley Cooper? That's what I was saying when all of the sudden the "News" and "Sports News" media started talking about Riley Cooper as if he was some one important...'What did this nobody do?' is what I was thinking...Then I saw it...

Let me start by saying this....Why is anyone shocked that a guy named Riley Cooper got drunk and said he wanted to fight Niggers? If your name is Riley Cooper, you might be a redneck...Shit, you are! A guy named Riley Cooper, shit I would just assume he's always drunked up...Drunk, white guy, with a really white name, at a country concert....I bet he wasn't the only asshole saying ignorant shit!

So why are we shocked...Yes, it's 2013...We would all like to believe racism is dead, but lets stop fooling ourselves....Hate ain't going anywhere!

We play shocked, especially those in the media, because we saw it...All of us...Why did we see it? Because it's 2013 and everyone, including those under the poverty line, have smart phones, and everyone is looking to get 15 seconds of fame with the next big viral video...Everyone has there fingers ready to film...Ready to tweet...Ready to instagram....Ready to facebook every little thing that happens...And if they see a dopey NFL player, or any athlete, musician, or actor, they are hoping that person fucks up, and they catch it on their smart-phone, so they can share it with the world...

The American Dream use to be, provide for your family, give your kids a better life than you had...Have something to retire with...Now, it's get a viral video, get some pub on Gawker or Deadspin, maybe even Huffington Post...Get on a "reality" show, and be famous, if only for minutes, for no good God Damned reason at all....

And all of you fuckers out there running around, trying to catch the next viral video...Dying to tweet the link...Get it on Vine, and YouTube, and Instagram...Post the link on your Facebook...All of you fuckers are the same fuckers bitching that the Government is spying on us...That Snowden is fucking hero...No, he broke the law...Broke the contract he signed when he was given clearance, and is most likely selling shit to Russia...He's fucking traitorous cunt! Guess what...The government doesn't need to spy on you shit-dicks...You just posted everything about yourself online trying to be a viral superstar!

Is what Cooper did stupid? Yes...Is Cooper an asshole? Yes...Do you believe Cooper was just being a drunk ass, and he's not really a racist? Who fucking cares! He's an asshole that said shit we never would have heard had some douche not been sticking his phone in his face...And why is the White guilt stricken media, and so-called Black activists so fixed on shit like this, when there are real, and serious problems out there in the Black community....

And in case you missed it, the brother of Cooper's teammate, Michael Vick...You know his little brother who has constantly been in trouble with the law, and the NCAA back in the day...Yep, Marcus Vick, the classy guy he is, put a bounty on Cooper...Offering up big money to any safety who takes Cooper out...Listen, Cooper is dick...He said Nigger...Okay...The Vick brothers, killed fucking dogs...Lots of dogs dead at their hands...I don't even like animals, but I consider killing and abusing dogs worse then saying nigger...So shut the fuck up dude who couldn't make it in the NFL, because he couldn't stop getting arrested!

-How about some baseball...Everyone has been waiting on the news about A-Roid and the other cheaters...Here's all I have to say...A-Roid tried to buy people off...Tried to destroy evidence...And has done whatever he could to fuck with MLB and drag this out...Dude should get the life-time ban...Then they say the Yankees will get out from under his contract...Fuck that...They re-upped the guy to his outrageous contract, knowing he had already been a cheater once before...Fuck them too!

But the baseball story that caught my eye was Texas pitcher, Matt Garza attacking A's Eric Sogard and his wife Kaycee via twitter...Sogard and the A's dropped 4 bunts on Garza Saturday, 2 from Sogard, including a key squeeze in the 7th...Apparently, Garza sucks as a fielder, and can't handle teams bunting on his sorry ass....So the A's took advantage of that...Garza had shouted some shit at Sogard on the field...Garza says he asked "Where to eat in Oakland?"


Sogard's wife tweeted after the incident that "@EricSogard would be the last person to respond to getting called names"

That somehow lead Garza to going bat-shit crazy and getting into a one-sided twitter war with the Sogards....



The Sogards never bothered to get into it with Garza who's twitter account is protected, so he has to approve you before you can follow him and see his tweets...So, it's not manly to bunt, or to have a wife that supports you...But it is manly to bash people behind a locked twitter account...FUCK MATT GARZA!

I don't follow him, but I did tweet @ him a number of times, making it clear that I think he's a cunt...

-As for me, the family and I had a great long weekend...Going to work is gonna suck!

-Football season is right around the corner...And thanks to SNL there is now a funny guide showing the differences in the two forms of Football played in the world...


Sign up for some Fantasy Football...and have a week....

The Beeze.

Monday Moaning 7-15-13
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Tags: Gary Clark Jr 3rdStoneFromTheSun George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin Elaina Steinfurth Twitter Roddy White The Law

Last week I talked about the Summertime Blues...This week...I don't know...I really don't have much...By much, I mean I've got nothing when it comes to sports...Honestly, I just haven't paid attention...I've slacked at paying attention to blogs or sports sites, and most everything...

But then came Saturday night...The so-called news media has been firmly planted in the George Zimmerman trial, and have refused pay any attention to 99% of the news that is happening...Some of them have been banging the drum for Justice for Trayvon Martin but have ignored the countless other crimes, shootings, and deaths...Like last weekend when there were 72 shootings in Chicago, with 16 deaths... Mostly black and young....Why don't they get the same coverage as Trayvon Martin...

So back to Saturday, when the verdict came down just after 10:00 PM, that George Zimmerman was found, not guilty...The Internet went crazy...Twitter went wild...more wild then when Sharknado aired....But people, we have to remember something here...We live in a country where everyone is "Innocent until proven Guilty"....Not the other way around...Would you want to live somewhere like that...I recall a place like that...It was Russia, under Stalin...You know the good ole days when he killed over 20 million of his own people...

The fact of the matter is, the state must prove the defendant is guilty...If you paid any attention to the trial, you know they didn't...Zimmerman never denied shooting Trayvon Martin...That was never in question...It was all about whether it was done in self-defense...And the state couldn't prove he was guilty of cold blooded murder....You may disagree...But that is our system...And we weren't able to have the full knowledge that the jury did...6 women, found Zimmerman not guilty of murder...The system is the system, and it worked, for better or worse...

That should be it...Game over...But people went nuts on Twitter and facebook...Different groups want action taken against Zimmerman, damn what the justice system says...People want the Department of Justice and the President to step in and find a way to go after Zimmerman...Rallies are being planned...Then I saw Roddy White's tweet...

Roddy White‏@roddywhiteTV13 Jul


All them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid
Hey Roddy, wishing the jurors to kill themselves makes you no better then Zimmerman...I'm getting sick of a lot of the dopes on twitter, but without a doubt, athletes have taken the lead in the assholes on twitter race.
People need pull back...Hey, if you disagree with what the jury says, that's fine...But fucking grow up about it...And no offense, but why the fuck aren't you crying about all the other dead kids? Kids are dying every day...Why aren't you screaming about justice for Elaina Steinfurth...She's 18 months old...She's been missing since June 2nd...After her mother's boyfriend threw her against the wall...And the piecse of shit mother did nothing to help her...Instead covered it up for him...Now Elaina is missing...Reports suggesting that she was tossed off a bridge into the Maumee...
Where's her fucking justice?
But wait, she's white...And this fucking Zimmerman case spiralled into a near race war right from the rip...From day one the fact that a white-ish guy shot a black teenager has been shoved in our face...Would it have been shoved in our face if it was a black-ish guy that shot a white teenager...No...We wouldn't have had months and months of non-stop coverage of the story...That doesn't happen...That isn't sexy and that doesn't cause controversy...
And fuck the #HoodieUp shit....My white ass has been wearing hoodies for the last 37 years...My wife doesn't take her pasty white ass anywhere without a hoodie...Hoodies aren't symbol, they're something to keep you warm...Stop ruining my hoodies you mother fuckers!
When I woke up Sunday morning and saw comments on Twitter and facebook, I knew it was going to be a long day...Then I popped on the TV...The trial is over, and still, all Zimmerman, all the time...Well, I've had enough...So Avoided TV all day, and took Molls to Memphis Kiddie Park...

So what else have I been doing, besides my normal Dad/Coach duties, since I haven't been paying attention to sports and blogging? I've found myself digging into music...looking for good music...New, old, interesting, whatever...So, I'll start sharing something new with you each week, and yes, I'll get my head back in the sports blogging game as well....

This week I'm sharing Gary Clark Jr.
He's an awesome guitar player, who at first look would just seem to be in the Psychedelic/blues area...But if you dig into his collection, he travels all over while being rooted in Blues...I'm picking this clip where he covers Hendrix and Albert Collins...And if you remember our old friend 3rdStone, you'll get why....


And speaking of 3rd...In case you missed IT...

Have a week...

The Beeze.

Buzz from the Bleachers
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Tags: March Madness WBC replay Twitter

Welcome to March, Gabbers. It’s supposed to get warmer soon. We’re gonna hit 43 around these parts. Conference tourneys start this week. Those always have some great ball. The Big East tournament is usually legendary, but I have high hopes for the Big Ten this year. I’ve been able to catch the MSU-UofM games this year and they’ve been great. Last Sunday’s one point nail biter was one of the better games I’ve seen in a while.

Our old friends the talking heads seem upset by the apparent lack of favorites heading into this year’s tournament. I can’t remember a tournament where the projected winner made it through anyway. Honestly, the tournament is more about the journey and brackets than favorites. It’s just fun to watch everything shake out and even more fun to try and guess how it will shake out. Think about it, how many other times have you found yourself rooting for Stoney Brook? For my money the fact that this year has been so even makes brackets harder, but makes the tournament that much more exciting.

March is also bringing us the World Baseball Classic this year. The 16 team tournament is already underway, but surprisingly isn’t getting a lot of air play here in the US. ESPN is showing it on one of their associate channels, ESPN Deportes. The US starts play in pool D in Phoenix, AZ. They have a rough bracket as they’re matched up with pre-tourney winners Canada as well as Mexico and Italy. While a lot of big names have pulled out due to injury concern, the US roster features a lot of familiar names from the big leagues including Adam Jones, David Wright, Giancarlo Stanton, and Ryan Braun. The rotation for their first round includes R.A. Dickey (v. Mexico), Ryan Vogelsong (v. Italy), and Derek Holland (v. Canada). Our bullpen is strong with Craig Kimbrel highlighting a group that includes Chris Perez and Heath Bell.

Joe Torre is managing the squad for the US and also plans to use the tournament as a testing ground for improvements for the MLB. Officials from the MLB plan to visit the WBC games in Miami to explore factors that they believe could impact the expansion of instant replay like camera angles. As of now, replay is limited to determing fair/foul balls and trap v catch calls. Many in the game believe that the MLB is considering expanding the use of replay to plays at the plate and throws to the bases. Many believe these calls will be added next season, but won’t rule out the idea of such expansions starting after the all-star break this season.

The questions that still remain center on how the MLB would execute replay calls. Most seem to think the MLB will employ a system of manager challenges similar to what the NFL has in place. Another option would be to create a position for an independent replay umpire who would determine what calls to review. Cost certainly limits the idea of a replay official. The NHL has its system for reviewing goals in which a central office in Toronto reviews every goal to determine if the puck crossed the line and did so legally. Finally, the MLB would have to determine what calls are challengable. While most agree that balls and strikes would be left up to the umpire, there are several other instances that the league may have to consider.

Legally, the player and umpire unions have only agreed to replay options for fouls and catches. The MLB would have to gain the consent of both groups to be able to expand the replay system in any way. I have little doubt that both unions would agree to expand the system in principle. The difficulty would be in the means. How can the league bring in more cameras and stop time for a game many believe is long enough already? I am all for expanded replay, but have doubts about what it could do to the flow of the game. I think it takes away from some NFL games as it stands. The replay process is very new to sports and I only hope they can continue to refine it so it is less of an obstacle and more of a useful tool as was intended.

Arian Foster has come out to announce that he will be logging off of Twitter. Foster, who featured an eclectic feed that talked about the game as well as his appreciation for physics, declared that he was finished with the site Monday on Twitter. Much has been written here and elsewhere about the stupidity of athletes on Twitter. Will Fosters move trigger an exodus from the site by athletes? I hope so in some ways. I’ve yet to see an athlete get much more than bad publicity and outcry from the site. On the other hand, it does give everyone something to write about. Seeing more guys leave would have us focus a lot more on the actual sport. Wouldn’t that be something?

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks as always for stopping by. Thinking about the WBC, I don’t know if I should root for the US or Venezuela. Venezuela has 3 tigers and a stacked line-up on paper. Of course, the more time Miggy and co have to rest up, well, that may be favorable in my opinion. That in mind, I leave you with your word of the week.

Vatication, noun

When the Pope abdicates the the Chair (cathedra) of Peter before his natural death, the Emeritus Pope is said to be on permanent Vatication.

Vatication is like the ultimate staycation, since it is a vacation in the Vatican taken on a permanent basis by Emeritus Pope.
Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI starts his permanent Vatication on February 28, 2013, the day he abdicates the pontifical throne, doffs his signature red Prada loafers, and his papal ring is destroyed.

USA Swim Team Sex Abuse Scandal Gets Mainstream Media Pass - Why? Tags: Tim Joyce USA Swim team sex abuse sandal Sarah Burt Twitter NBC CNN FOX News Sarah Ganim


Since Beeze brought us the Tim Joyce investigative report on the Sex Abuse Scandal within the USA Olympic Swim team both of us have spent a good deal of time trying to get this story sent out to the very media Joyce calls out. We were up until nearly 4 am Monday morning; this is the time of day where newsrooms around the country and their producer’s are putting together the morning broadcasts and we got an unusual amount of traffic as we spent a good 90 minutes tweeting the link to both the Gab and WBAL sites for them to see exactly what it was that outraged us. At the end of the day you’ll be really surprised who picked up this story, a little online newspaper in Toronto Canada called “The People at Risk Daily”, and we thank Lisa A. McLeod for doing so, she clearly gets it, but CNN, ESPN, NBC, every news anchor and top gun reporter (and yes B.O.B., even Bill O’Reilly got one from me) could not have been less interested.

In the last 48 hours I’ve been reeling over this, all the while I can scan the channels and see Olympic Coverage, Olympic Coverage, Olympic Coverage, Spoiler Alert, Gabby Douglas etc…USA Swim Scandal? Nada! The cowards Joyce speaks of in the mainstream media, you know the ones who have to answer to a higher authority before ever airing anything without the stamp of approval from the “Politcal Correctness Department” because it’s taboo to step on the toes of the likes of NBC and the billions they doled out for Olympic broadcast rights, or ESPN who can’t offend anything or anyone in sports until it’s obvious the rest of the planet will hang the offender out to dry too, i.e. Jerry Sandusky. Part of what’s wrong here very well could be Joyce’s timing of the story. Joyce’s story hit the web July 31st, the Games were underway and if you’re working on an Olympic story whether it’s a competitor fluff piece or a hard story like this you’d think timing shouldn’t matter, it’s about the USA Olympic Swim team, it talks about the very coaches who are now being investigated for said abuse but that’s not what Bob Costas is going to be allowed to talk about after interviewing Michael Phelps who just broke the Olympic medal record…just can’t have it. When Beeze posted the story at the Gab early Monday morning we weren’t even 24 hours into the shooting of the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, that got top bill and rightfully so, but my problem is why is a news organization like CNN or FOX News not able to cover more than one top story, they do it all the time and on a slow news day they still manage to fill their slots with plenty of crap to keep their anchors talking.

I started thinking; just maybe the reason isn’t the timing of the games as much as it is the story has “USA Swimming” in the title and not Penn State. It sure seemed pretty easy to point the finger at a school in a college town, say the administration and coaches covered it up, district attorney’s and police departments knew but basically looked the other way while Sandusky molested boys in the Nittany Lion locker room shower stalls, as I recall no one died, but Sandusky went to trial, was publicly humiliated, Paterno was forced out as head coach and into the grave. I’m not minimizing the abuse of Sandusky, personally I look forward to the day there’s breaking news he was found swinging in his cell, I’ll be more than okay with that sound bite. But when we’ve got numerous coaches, suicide, sexual abuse, cover-ups, a girl who got pregnant from a coach, there’s something seriously wrong when no one wants to ask the question - What the hell is going on with the USA Olympic Swim team and why hasn’t anyone appointed a special prosecutor from the US Attorney’s office? Why hasn’t a congressman asked why is this being swept under the rug? Oh yeah, it’s an election year, they have bigger fish to fry, their careers.  Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons got more attention than this and that was for perjury about steroid abuse…(is this making sense to any of you yet)? Why, because they were multi-million dollar, high profile athletes that makes it okay? Where are our priorities? I’m sorry, when the safety of young girls (and most of you know I have a daughter so you know where my anger is coming from) are being compromised by the very coaches entrusted by parents to train them to represent our country and it’s covered up for the sake of the reputation of an organized sport and the ole boy network that oversees it I can’t fathom why this isn’t front and center and I’m not seeing headlines with coaches being escorted into police stations cuffed and jackets hiding their faces, just like Jerry Sandusky...this story mirrors Penn State in so many ways. The differences, it's on a much larger scale, over a longer period of time, involves not one but many coaches and children and 16 year Sarah Burt walked herself in front of a tractor trailer and committed suicide. Yeah, it makes you just scratch your head doesn't it?...or want to go out and hurt someone.

B.O.B I believe was who made the comment that when the games were over, the closing ceremonies have concluded and athletes, networks and reporter’s come home this might just rear its ugly head. I thought the same thing too. If that’s the case, I won’t be surprised, but I’ll have a lot of mixed emotions if I do see it. First, I’ll be extremely pissed off if I hear Erin Burnett, Kyra Phillips or Soledad O’Brien talking about this like they just found out about it, that I can assure you isn’t the case, they all got it the morning Beeze and I tweeted “talking heads” from here to the moon and back. If Bill O’Reilly talks about it I’ll be glad FOX covered it instead of pumping sunshine up Mitt Romney’s ass while we still listen to him and Harry Reid trade barbs over Mitt’s tax records, because in the grand scheme of things, this is what I really want to know about. Wrong! Sure, I’ll be glad to see this get the attention it deserves, but God help whoever it is that does so if they got this story originally from us, I’ll be calling them out for doing exactly what it is I believe they’re doing, lying in wait to pounce when the timing is just right  - after the games. Which we all know is the wrong reason, it’s just the politically correct reason, and that’s horse shit.

Sarah Burt deserves better, her family deserves better. Tim Joyce deserves the same recognition for having the guts to break this story as Sarah Ganim got when breaking the Sandusky story, and we all know that story wasn’t really “breaking news” either, it was a story that resurfaced on the heels of one reporter who was just not going to take NO for an answer. I’m here to say, I’m not taking NO for an answer either.

Got to go now, I need to tweet the hell out of this to the same mainstream media that ignored the last story and I suggest you all do the same…don’t you take NO for an answer either.


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