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Monday Moaning 10-6-14
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Cute Puppy!

Well, my ten day vacation from work has come to a close...I enjoyed some time with family...Then throughout the week, each of the kids managed to get sick...On my birthday I received well wishes, a shirt that my wife liked, so I just handed it back to her...(she often buys things she likes, so she can steal it)...This is why I just prefer to wear Notre Dame and New York Rangers gear as often as possible....Molly and I went to the bakery, where she picked out cupcakes for us to have...And we ordered little Beeze's cake...He and the oldest were both home sick from school, but managed to pound the cupcakes down before anyone said Happy birthday!

I also got what has become a traditional text from wife on  my B-day..."I got my period"...While, frustrating, because damn it, I want birthday sex, it seems to be good news, since she was a month late...(new medication threw her out of whack)

A couple days later, the boy's day was here...Dinner, presents, cake, puke...Yep, he wasn't quite ready for all the goodness...Good times...That Triple chocolate cake just didn't look good coming back up!

But otherwise, he was pleased...

Then the wife and oldest left me alone with molly and sicko Friday, as they went to Philly for a funeral...Philly, Bill Burr SUMMED that place up....

Then came Saturday...Holy fucking College Football fuck-fest!  ( the fun started Thursday night)

Yes, some of us are laughing our asses off...For the dopes, L for LSU losing, M for Michigan losing again, those fuck-tards should have fired Hoke...A for Alabama losing...And O for Oregon losing Thursday night...Big shake up in the teams...

Miss State beating Texas A&M early Saturday was just a warm-up...The Aggies were exposed by Arkansas, and Miss St. took the blueprint, and closed the deal that the Razorbacks couldn't...Ole Miss beat Alabama...Auburn took LSU out of any chance of sneaking into playoff talk...TCU shocked Oklahoma...UCLA, who I liked to jump up, after Oregon fell to Arizona, was upset in the late game by Utah...

Guess who didn't lose, while playing Stanford and the #1 defense in the country...NOTRE DAME!

It was odd too...Of all the games I watched this week, these two teams were the only ones I saw play solid, consistent defense...Shit, they've both done that all year, so far...

I watched a lot of college football this week...And I heard a lot of talk, especially from ESPN and the SEC loyalists...(and remember ESPN owns the SEC Network)...They all think a 1 or 2 loss SEC team should get a playoff look over other 1 loss or even some undefeated teams...They still claim to be better, and have more talent...'The Mississippi schools won and are doing well because the SEC is so strong!'  Really!?!  But when PAC-12 teams beat each other up, they just suck, huh!?!  If you paid any attention to who Miss State recruits, you'd realize, it's the kids that Alabama, LSU, Auburn,  and Texas A&M, don't even look at...Dan Mullen recruits the 3 and 2 and 1 star kids, and develops the hell out of them...

Seriously, polls have now 1 loss Alabama ranked #7, ahead of multiple undefeated teams, and honestly some better 1 loss teams...I'll put my kids college tuition on 1 loss #17Kansas State over Alabama right now...

So since every week the hacks put out their top 4, or 6, or 8, I'm gonna give you my top 10....

1. Florida State....I hate Winston...Kid should be in jail, or just have the shit kicked out of him, but as a team, they've done what they have to...

2.Auburn...Don't like the SEC, but they are bad-ass...Big game this week against Miss State will hash some shit out...

3. Miss State....Been solid so far...Already took down LSU and A&M...Is Auburn next?

4. Notre Dame...Why? Fuck you, that's why! Seriously, you're never gonna see me put 3 SEC teams in the top 4...Besides, this stage of the season, most teams have played cupcakes, with one or two decent opponents...The Irish had tougher cupcakes then Ole Miss and Baylor...

5. Arizona...Hey, they beat the #2 team in the country straight up...That qualifies for a jump in my book...But it's the PAC-12...Some one will knock them off...This conference loves fucking it's top teams in the ass...

6. Baylor...Strong team people....They were in Oklahoma's shadow, but not anymore...If they make it undefeated until their last game against Kansas State, the Wildcats are gonna get some revenge...

7. Ole Miss...Done what they've had to...Can they keep it going? I don't think so...QB, Bo Wallace is gonna shit the bed at some point...

8. TCU...For now, undefeated gets you a look...But it won't last for the Horn Frogs...

 (just because I said that, don't bring up Georgia Tech...They're not getting a seat at my playoff table yet...

9. Michigan State...Had a late scare from Nebraska,  but they may help them as a team...Yeah, they have a loss...To Oregon, who they ran with most of the game...And while Oregon has a loss, they're still tough competition...No other big program was willing to open their season at the Ducks home field...

 I was gonna put a tie here at 10...Two teams that are impressive...Georgia,  and Kansas State...But then I broke it down...Georgia has been carried by RB Todd Gurley...Kansas State is a team...And pretty cock-strong...

10. Kansas State...Big-12, watch your backs!


All this College Football talk, and these Moscow Mules have me tired...Lets mix in something else...

If you see this sidewalk...Get a jackhammer...Shovels, whatever...Fuck this up...Damn sidewalk making the rest of look bad!

Lastly...Here is a video of Molly I took this week...We were chillin' on the couch and she started making these sounds, and moving her fingers like she had a guitar...It was hilarious...




Have a week...

The Beeze.


PS: Feel free to check THIS out and tell me what you think!


Pinch Me... Am I Dreaming About the '80s?
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What a year this is in college football so far.

A Virginia Tech team that stunned an already reeling Big Ten last week by knocking off Ohio State on their field, fairly handily too, this week got its lunch handed to it by... East Carolina??

And that may not even have been the biggest shocker. A lot of folks around here think it happened in their neighborhood.

I have to admit, I didn't even know the game was scheduled.

After years of declining play, the one supposed 'major league' college football team in the northeast, Boston College (sorry UConn), no longer attracted my interest as it had in the past. The days of Flutie, Coughlin, Ryan et al had become a fading memory.

Imagine my surprise as I surfed the guide on the TV and saw BC playing Southern Cal at Alumni Stadium at 8! I saw it listed at 7:49 or so. Worth a shot, sez I.

Speaking of 'alumni', I'm no alumnus of BC. Heck, I'm not even Catholic. But given the chance I'll root for the locals. Sooo, I tuned in and saw what I was afraid I'd see as BC fell behind 10-0 in the first quarter. Yep, 40-0 sounds about right.

This was the USC team that beat Stanford on their field last week to leapfrog them in the rankings, rising to #9 coming into this game. BC, meanwhile, looked to have a shot early against a pretty good Pitt team but collapsed in a hailstorm of misplays and letdowns that seemed to mark the defunct Spaziano era. New coach Addazio didn't seem to be faring better. Young QB Murphy looked strong-armed but unable to read defenses very well. In fact, he'd finish with 54 yards passing.

Then, almost too fast to figure, the BC defense began to stifle USC's machinelike offense and the BC offense, despite some dropped balls and bad throws, began to score points. By halftime it was 20-17 BC! It could have been more, but Addazio made me climb walls by opting for a 47-yard FG attempt by a question-mark long kicker (BC's 'short' kicker had already muffed an extra point) with 19 seconds left in the half and the ball on the USC 30. 3rd and 2. No timeouts, but 19 seconds. Good grief you dummy, this is Southern Cal you're playing, not Southern Maine. You don't nurse a 3-point lead with half the game to go against these guys. You don't go for 3-pointers given a real shot at the end zone. You score points. You gamble on the big stuff, not on a long field goal that's even more of a gamble. Wait a minute... the QB is the holder. Will they pull one fast one, or at least try a pass into the end zone or along the sidelines (wondered I and the announcing crew)?  Aaaarrrghhhhh..... he kicked the stupid thing. And missed, of course.

So into halftime I went figuring coachie just chickened his team out of a chance to win. The second half would surely be the anticipated landslide.

Little did I know BC would come out of the locker room looking better than ever. Suddenly with half the 3rd gone they were up 27-17. USC couldn't move the ball. The quarterback was eating more field turf than a lost earthworm. With half the 4th gone it became 30-17. Then the fun started.

USC woke up. With 4:32 they scored to cut the lead to 6. I flashed back to Addazio's decision before the half. But what's this? QB Murphy, whose strong arm may not always send the ball in the right direction, once again showcased his strong legs and broke one for 66 yards to make it 37-24 with 3:30 left! He would finish with 191 yards rushing. I'm no fan of running quarterbacks, at least in the pros. Doesn't work. In college? Sometimes it does. Did in this game.

USC wasn't giving up that easily. With 1:18 left they again drew to 6. You knew what was coming. The onside kick was recovered by Boston College at the 45. Three Hilliman runs later it was at the USC 6, and it was knee time.

I went with a couple of actual BC alumni, old hometown friends, to the stadium in the early 90s to see a BC team having an off-year lose a squeaker to Gino Torretta's Miami Hurricanes. It was a great game. I watched (and in fact tested out my first VCR by recording the 4th quarter) the great BC win over Miami in 1984 when Doug Flutie outduelled Bernie Kosar. But this game had no apologies to make. It won't go down in the annals with the Flutie game, but it may be a shot in the arm for a flagging program that needed a positive jolt.

452 yards rushing? Against USC? Hey Stanford, how come you couldn't do that? 


This and That
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My take on the infield rule , ScottJax’s Baseball Awards, upsets abound, all this and lots more in this weeks edition of……


Just realized its:




What a show of Class by the fans of the Royals when they gave Miguel Cabrera a standing ovation and then even asked for a curtain call. Great moment in sports.

Here are my selections for Major League Baseball Awards:

AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera

His accomplishments this year speak for themselves: Triple Crown winner. Need I say more?

AL CY Young: David Price

He and Jerod Weaver were tied with the most wins in the AL, but David had a better ERA and more strikeouts. Plus he guided the Rays in the hunt to the playoffs until the next to the last week of the season, something the Angels couldn’t do.

AL Rookie of the Year: Mike Trout

Los Angeles didn’t call up Trout until April 28th, yet he had very impressive numbers, 129 runs (led AL), 182 hits, 30 home runs, 83 rbi’s and 49 stolen bases (led AL). No one was close.

AL Manager of the Year: Bob Melvin Oakland A’s and Buck Showalter Baltimore Orioles.

Neither the A’s nor Orioles were picked to make the playoffs, yet, the A’s won the AL West Division on the last game of the season, while the Oriole’s took the AL wildcard. Bob Melvin guided Oakland to a 94-68 record after finishing 74-88 in 2011. Buck led the Orioles to a 93-69 record as compared to 69-93 in 2011.

Most Disappointing AL Team: Los Angeles Angels

With all the talent the Angels have they just couldn’t pull it off. Albert Pujlos started off slow and turned it around to have his typical year, Greinke came to the team in a midseason trade and went 6-2, Jered Weaver went 20-5 and Mike Trout was called up and sparked the club. So what went wrong?


NL MVP: Andrew McCutchen

Sure Buster Posey had better stats, but the Giants proved last year that they can have a winning season without Buster with a catcher that hit only .197, BUT, you can’t say the same if the Pirates lost Andrew.

NL CY Young: Gio Gonzalez

D.A. Dickey is the “feel good” winner and Stephen Strasburg might be the star of the team, but Gio is the workhorse and anchor of the Washington team

NL Rookie of the Year: Wade Miley

Wade had a very good year with a 16-11 record and a 3.33 era. Arizona finished at 81-81 and was in the playoff hunt until the last month of the season.

NL Manager of the Year: Davey Johnson Washington Nationals Manager

Some baseball writers didn’t pick the Nationals to make the playoffs, and without Strasburg down the stretch Washington won the NL East Division.

Most Disappointing NL Team: Philadelphia Phillies

They have the best starting three in Lee, Hamels and Halladay. Hamels lived up to his expectations but Lee faltered and Halladay could never get into a groove. Howard came back too late to do any real damage (yeah I know they had a hot streak but the fire was put out).

The Boston Red Sox corrected a wrong when they fired Bobby Valentine. He was the wrong choice when they hired him to run the team. Everyone knew it but Boston’s management team. It is unheard of, in our generation, to see the Red Sox finish at 69-93, which is the worst in 50 years and it ruined the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. Yeah they got rid of Gonzalez, Crawford and Beckett and that was to shed $250 million in future salaries. Now the Red Sox can start fresh with a new manager and a new team.

The biggest crop of shit happened last Friday night in the Braves - Cardinals game. An infield fly rule was called when the shortstop was running out to left field. Now I am not getting to what runners were on base, etc., what I am going to mention is that if the shortstop would have never run out to get the ball and the left fielder would have run in to catch the ball, the infield fly rule would never have been called.

Chipper Jones has called it a career. Others at YouGabSports have posted his stats and his career highlights, and they are impressive. What I want to say is that I have watched him play his whole career, thanks to TBS, ESPN, MLBTV and the one thing that stands out about Jones is that he plays the game the way it should be played, hardnosed and with respect to his teammates and opposing players. You never heard him say a bad thing about anything. He also accomplished all he did without any supplements.

The Cleveland Indians did the smart thing and hired Terry Francona. He will turn the team around. He even said in his introduction that he would not mind taking the same team that Cleveland had this year, because the likes to teach and he feels he can improve this team. Impressive.

This is what college football is all about. #3 Florida State gets rear ended by North Carolina State 17-16 (even though NCST has won the last 5 games), #10 Florida swamped #4 LSU 14-6, #5 Georgia’s title hopes might have ended by #6 South Carolina, and Iowa ST dominated #15 TCU 37-23.

Congrats go out to the Colts who won a thriller against the Packers, and also giving the game ball to coach Chuck Pagano.

Normally fans applaud when a opposing player is injured and carried off the field to show support/respect for the player. When a home player injury is applauded because the fans want a change is it warranted?

One of the NFL’s all-time greats, Alex Karras died yesterday of kidney failure. He was 77. Alex was a four-time All-Pro defensive tackle and played 12 seasons for the Detroit Lions. He also was a hit in Mel Brooks “Blazing Saddles” as Mongo and also starred in “Webster.”

Til next time



Monday Moaning 1-16-12
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Well, I said it last week...No way Jesus Tebow was going to beat the Patriots...That's right, Timmy Tebow is a mortal...Kneel before the almighty Tom Brady!

Now I didn't get to see all the game...I was indulging in some fine beer and old memories, and making some new ones, with some old friends from high school...But I caught enough glimpses to see the Patriots were throttling the Broncos...Sadly my wife called and informed me the Little Beeze was puking his brains out, and she needed me to come home and help with the chaos...So I drank some water and headed out into the snow to get home...So I saw the end of the game, when it was well out of reach...45-10 final...

My favorite comic, Boston native, Bill Burr gave his prediction for the game on Friday...And also was distracted by some young ladies...

Now the big question is, how will the talking heads handle losing Tebow for the rest of the playoffs? Will they bash him for shitting the bed...Will they praise him, and start hyping for next year...Oh how will the dip-shits at ESPN handle it...I'd say I can't wait to see, but I can...I won't be watching...

Saturday's first game between the Saints and 49ers was fun to watch...The Niners defense took it to the Saints high-powered offense early...In the second half the teams duked it out and to many peoples surprise, it was Alex Smith and company topping Drew Brees and the Saints, with a late TD, winning 36-32...

Sunday, the Ravens took out the Texans, but considering Houston turned it over 3 times, they managed to hang in there and make the Ravens earn it 20-13...And speaking of the Ravens, our pal Steve is a big Ravens fan, who also works for UPS...Hey Steve, I figured out a way to improve business at UPS...Just some minor changes to the uniform, and who's in it...

Sunday's late game was the Packers vs. the Giants...Late in the week, the Giants became the sexy pick...I'm not sure why, that whole division was shit, and they barely made it in, but there they were Sunday evening, fucking up the defending "Super Bowl" champs. winning 37-20.

So now that the Packers are out I guess I have to change my "Super Bowl" picks...Yeah, I'm sticking with the Patriots, and I'll have them going up against the 49ers...Fuck the Giants, those shit heads have been so inconsistent all year...

So I mentioned the Little Beeze was sick...The puke kept coming Sunday...So I broke out the steam cleaner and washed the carpeting in the two rooms he covered in vomit...The Mrs. was doing laundry non-stop, and we were both getting mentally prepared for the other two getting sick...So far, it's just him...I hope it stays that way...There was a highlight in our house from this weekend...Little Miss Molly getting her groove on...



I can always count on her to make us smile...As for my little get together Saturday, well that will get it's own blog post...But in the limited time there, one thing was for sure...We will be doing this more often!

Before I go, we should remember that it is Martin Luther King Day...Yeah, I'm talking to you chick at the Fish House who didn't know this holiday existed...As for what the schools are teaching about Rev. King...Well, I don't know, because the Little Beeze came home from school Friday and informed me that "Martin Luther King Jr. was shot with a bazooka...Time to move to a better school system!

That's it for now, have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

Dignity After Football
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Some of you may may know my feelings about the NFLPA, an organization as greedy, underhanded, sleazy, and willingly blind like the NFL itself.

An organization presided for year by former player Gene Upshaw, who screwed over his brethren at every opportunity. Even his own teammates that helped him win championships and other personal glories.

When Upshaw died, few tears were shed by former players.

Now the NFLPA is being run by an ambulance chaser who point blank told a former Redskin, a team he supposedly is a fan of because he grew up in the District of Columbia, that things would be "business as usual."

This means thousands of people who dedicated their lives to the game are basically brushed aside and forgotten. The same people who made professional football a billion dollar empire that has so much power, it had their blackout rule pass through Congress, the House of Representatives, and White House in one day.

You don't even see declarations of war get done that quickly.

Yet there are brave people who have tried to let the public know the sordid side of the NFL, even knowing that the machine would be there to try to block them at every turn.

Men like the Joe DeLamielleure and Mike Ditka are Hall of Famers who have long been vocal about the lack of support their brethren get medically, financially, and spiritually.

Bruce Laird, Jack Kemp, Tom Addison, Ricky Harris, and many more, have also tried to get the NFLPA to at least give respect to those who made the game what it is today.

While there is a lock out, the NFL is giving lip service about player safety for the first time since the league was born in 1920. The countless amount of players who left the game permanently damages and forgotten by the NFL would take more than just a calculator to recall.

When I was calling ex-players to garner support for Chris Hanburger's induction into Canton last year, I was astonished to find many players suffering for Lou Gehrig's Disease.

It seemed the amount of gridiron legends stricken with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) was far more prevalent with NFL players than any other sport or other lines of work.

As we learn more about head injuries with the advances of science, we start to understand better the hell men like Mike Webster, Jim Tyrer, Andre Waters, and others went through just before their deaths.

I also encountered many ex-players with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease in my Hanburger quest. While some players were unable to converse, some lit up at the mention of the game they love and held lucid discussions recalling the time they sweat and bled for the NFL.

This is why the work DeLamielleure, Laird, Ditka, and others are so very important and MUST be supported by anyone who claims to be a fan of football.

But I want to tell you about the work of Brent Boyd.

Boyd is a former offensive lineman with the Minnesota Vikings for seven years. He has testified before the House Judiciary subcommittee on how this former starter is a single father who found himself homeless because he suffers from brain injuries brought on by several concussions.

He still suffers today from depression, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue from his post-concussion disorder. But it has not stopped Boyd in his fight to get the NFL and NFLPA to take care of their own.

He runs Dignity After Football, an organization that tells the stories of players like him still hurting after retiring.

DeLamielleure, Kenny Easley, Wayne Hawkins, Dave Pear, Ed White, Jeff Nixon, Delvin Williams, and Jerry Shirk are just a few ex-players supporting this mission and offer their own stories on this site.

The work Boyd is doing is needed. The NFL pockets every penny possible, which is tax-free. The NFLPA is their puppets who have never shown interest in former players. Boyd terms it "Upshaw Thugocracy," and this mode is still running today.

"The bottom line is I don't work for them. They don't hire me and they can't fire me. They can complain about me all day long. They can have their opinion. But the active players have the vote." — Gene Upshaw to the Charlotte Observer, 2006

This infamous quote by Upshaw is exactly the mission DeMaurice Smith continues. Smith never played the game and he recently pulled a stunt by decertifying the NFLPA because of the lockout, yet he has shown the Upshaw message remains.

The message of a puppet working for team owners who seemingly treat players like product instead of human beings. Product used to fill their pockets by any means necessary, even if it costs lives.

Please visit Boyd's site and sign his petition. Even if you have no interest in a player once he leaves the game, much like the NFL and NFLPA, then do it because you are a fan of the game.

A game that has cost humanity much more than mortality can acknowledge.


If you want a taste of how the NFLPA works against even their own employees, then read a letter on the Dignity After Football website from someone who spent years working for Upshaw.

I am a former employee of the NFLPA (1983-1988 and 1999-2003). I worked in the Special Events/Licensing (1 yr), Research(4 yrs), Legal Departments (4 yrs) and the Financial Advisers Program (detail 6 action. I would not accept intimidation and pursued my rights. 10 years of administrative and legal maneuvers followed. I was reinstated to my job in 1997 - NFLPA refused and in 1999 I returned via court order. I worked on the 7th floor but could only get access up to the 6th floor because the NFLPA refused to give me an elevator key and office keys.

Thus, I was required to walk up the public stairwell without a choice for approx. 20 months. (morning, noon and afternoons) I received an e-mail that the reason for no keys was because of my Title VII litigation and union activity.

I was fired in 2003 after my mother died suddenly and unexpectedly. NFLPA mgt. actually expected me to call or come to work on the day of the funeral.

You will be astonished to hear the details of my plight. They sued my 1st arbitrator and boycott the hearing.

NFLPA mgt. refused to honor the decision and retaliated against me through work conditions, monetary considerations, etc. (judge, jury, prosecutor) The 2nd arbitrator was the former executive secretary and past chairman of the NLRB. The NFLPA has the largest settlement against the NFL in the history of the NLRB. NFLPA mgt. and its representatives distorted the truth during arbitration, to EEOC and the US District Court. NFLPA mgt. denied receiving documents that I had confirmation receipts, denied receiving phone calls that I have phone records ofs.)

I have been involved in 20 years of litigation with the NFLPA regarding Title VII violations and Union activity. In 1988 I was reduced in force and told that I would be fired if I filed grievances or took it, distorted the context of conversations - that I have documentation for, disparaged the reputations of the arbitrator, medical professional, sued and taxed the finances of the union that represented the staff and burdened the attorneys that represented me. Thereby stressing my relationships with my own representatives.

Effectuated unfavorable decisions against me through unfathomable misrepresentations. I was entitled to Family Medical Leave but received no assistance during my family crises. I was fired for excessive and unexcused absences when my job should have been protected like the professional organizations that extended that consideration to my 3 siblings.

It's no wonder that I didn't have permission to deal with my loss and overwhelming grief. I didn't have the NFLPA's permission to return to work in 1999.

In Feb. 2002, until satisfaction thereof, the NFLPA had to pay over $400,000 in Title VII fees to my attorney (not me). My firing in April 2003, and the subsequent fiascos - grievance meetings, arbitration, EEOC and Federal Court - were done in retaliation and were discriminatory.

The actions that I have experienced are unethical and unprofessional at best and at worst - well look at how you all and Congress are being treated. Deja vu.

Litigation is pending - the judge allowed discovery, subpoenas were issued, deposition was held, status - waiting for trial date. The union (Local 2) is not responding.

I am not surprised by their exodus - after all - how could this union have allowed me to walk up a public stairwell for 20 months?

Regretfully submitted, I hope to have a favorable resolve to the moral indignation that I have experienced from this "professional and caring" organization. NFLPA mgt. has spent money in order to destroy my life. It is vindictive and unacceptable.

I returned to work at the NFLPA with the expectations of professionalism. NFLPA mgt. purposely created a hostile environment. My career in sports and union affiliations have been derailed.

I have a Master degree in Urban Planning, Paralegal certificate and years of experience in many areas. I am a wife and mother of two children (11 and 15).

Your support is welcome.

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