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My take on the infield rule , ScottJax’s Baseball Awards, upsets abound, all this and lots more in this weeks edition of……


Just realized its:




What a show of Class by the fans of the Royals when they gave Miguel Cabrera a standing ovation and then even asked for a curtain call. Great moment in sports.

Here are my selections for Major League Baseball Awards:

AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera

His accomplishments this year speak for themselves: Triple Crown winner. Need I say more?

AL CY Young: David Price

He and Jerod Weaver were tied with the most wins in the AL, but David had a better ERA and more strikeouts. Plus he guided the Rays in the hunt to the playoffs until the next to the last week of the season, something the Angels couldn’t do.

AL Rookie of the Year: Mike Trout

Los Angeles didn’t call up Trout until April 28th, yet he had very impressive numbers, 129 runs (led AL), 182 hits, 30 home runs, 83 rbi’s and 49 stolen bases (led AL). No one was close.

AL Manager of the Year: Bob Melvin Oakland A’s and Buck Showalter Baltimore Orioles.

Neither the A’s nor Orioles were picked to make the playoffs, yet, the A’s won the AL West Division on the last game of the season, while the Oriole’s took the AL wildcard. Bob Melvin guided Oakland to a 94-68 record after finishing 74-88 in 2011. Buck led the Orioles to a 93-69 record as compared to 69-93 in 2011.

Most Disappointing AL Team: Los Angeles Angels

With all the talent the Angels have they just couldn’t pull it off. Albert Pujlos started off slow and turned it around to have his typical year, Greinke came to the team in a midseason trade and went 6-2, Jered Weaver went 20-5 and Mike Trout was called up and sparked the club. So what went wrong?


NL MVP: Andrew McCutchen

Sure Buster Posey had better stats, but the Giants proved last year that they can have a winning season without Buster with a catcher that hit only .197, BUT, you can’t say the same if the Pirates lost Andrew.

NL CY Young: Gio Gonzalez

D.A. Dickey is the “feel good” winner and Stephen Strasburg might be the star of the team, but Gio is the workhorse and anchor of the Washington team

NL Rookie of the Year: Wade Miley

Wade had a very good year with a 16-11 record and a 3.33 era. Arizona finished at 81-81 and was in the playoff hunt until the last month of the season.

NL Manager of the Year: Davey Johnson Washington Nationals Manager

Some baseball writers didn’t pick the Nationals to make the playoffs, and without Strasburg down the stretch Washington won the NL East Division.

Most Disappointing NL Team: Philadelphia Phillies

They have the best starting three in Lee, Hamels and Halladay. Hamels lived up to his expectations but Lee faltered and Halladay could never get into a groove. Howard came back too late to do any real damage (yeah I know they had a hot streak but the fire was put out).

The Boston Red Sox corrected a wrong when they fired Bobby Valentine. He was the wrong choice when they hired him to run the team. Everyone knew it but Boston’s management team. It is unheard of, in our generation, to see the Red Sox finish at 69-93, which is the worst in 50 years and it ruined the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. Yeah they got rid of Gonzalez, Crawford and Beckett and that was to shed $250 million in future salaries. Now the Red Sox can start fresh with a new manager and a new team.

The biggest crop of shit happened last Friday night in the Braves - Cardinals game. An infield fly rule was called when the shortstop was running out to left field. Now I am not getting to what runners were on base, etc., what I am going to mention is that if the shortstop would have never run out to get the ball and the left fielder would have run in to catch the ball, the infield fly rule would never have been called.

Chipper Jones has called it a career. Others at YouGabSports have posted his stats and his career highlights, and they are impressive. What I want to say is that I have watched him play his whole career, thanks to TBS, ESPN, MLBTV and the one thing that stands out about Jones is that he plays the game the way it should be played, hardnosed and with respect to his teammates and opposing players. You never heard him say a bad thing about anything. He also accomplished all he did without any supplements.

The Cleveland Indians did the smart thing and hired Terry Francona. He will turn the team around. He even said in his introduction that he would not mind taking the same team that Cleveland had this year, because the likes to teach and he feels he can improve this team. Impressive.

This is what college football is all about. #3 Florida State gets rear ended by North Carolina State 17-16 (even though NCST has won the last 5 games), #10 Florida swamped #4 LSU 14-6, #5 Georgia’s title hopes might have ended by #6 South Carolina, and Iowa ST dominated #15 TCU 37-23.

Congrats go out to the Colts who won a thriller against the Packers, and also giving the game ball to coach Chuck Pagano.

Normally fans applaud when a opposing player is injured and carried off the field to show support/respect for the player. When a home player injury is applauded because the fans want a change is it warranted?

One of the NFL’s all-time greats, Alex Karras died yesterday of kidney failure. He was 77. Alex was a four-time All-Pro defensive tackle and played 12 seasons for the Detroit Lions. He also was a hit in Mel Brooks “Blazing Saddles” as Mongo and also starred in “Webster.”

Til next time



Five Minute Frags - Everyone Wave Goodbye To Bobby V Now
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November 29, 2011. Yup, that was the date. I can tie it all back to that day, knowing that the dark cloud officially settled overhead on exactly that day. For nearly 10 months, I have been waiting for the cloud to move away and for clearer skies to prevail, but I have waited in vain.


Until today that is.


November 29, 2011 was the day the Boston Red Sox officially named Bobby Valentine as Terry Francona’s successor as the next manager of the Red Sox. Larry Lucchino, John Henry, and Tom Werner allowed fear to cloud their judgment, overriding the wishes of new general manager Ben Cherington and hiring a circus clown to bring order to a ship of fools. But instead of bailing water out of the sinking ship, Valentine slavishly pumped it back in, drowning the season in the process.


The media, fans, and practically anybody with any insight into the Red Sox knew that Valentine was a mistake, an overreaction to a September 2011 collapse that was perhaps blown out of proportion. Almost since the awkward press conference where Cherington was forced to introduce him to the media, those same fans, media, and other bystanders have called for a mulligan, and all along the way Valentine just kept providing them fuel, making mistake after mistake, both with the players and with the media.


But rest easy, the clouds are parting and a sense of relief is on the way.


On Thursday, the Red Sox took the first step in showing Valentine the door. It started with an off-the-cuff comment from Cherington to WEEI. Maybe it meant less than what most hoped for, but it nonetheless was pounced on immediately.


“What we know we need to do is hit the ground running this offseason. One of the things as I look back on last offseason that didn’t go perfectly was simply the amount of time that we spent on the manager search and what that did to the rest of the offseason,” Cherington said on WEEI. “I would like to spend less time on it this offseason, that’s for sure.”


Whoops, I’m pretty certain that Cherington did not clear that comment with Lucchino before uttering it. And while Cherington is adamant it does not mean that the Red Sox have made a decision about Valentine’s fate, I think that comment speaks for itself.


But the good news doesn’t stop there.


As if the comment by Cherington were not enough, the Red Sox did the next best thing; they put Valentine on notice by lining up his replacement…err…at least the fan favorite for the role.


On Thursday, the Red Sox announced that they had named former captain Jason Varitek as a special assistant to the general manager. Asked to clarify Varitek’s role, Cherington said the following:


"He will be involved in a number of areas including major league personnel decisions, evaluations, and mentorship and instruction of young players.''


I don’t know about you kids, but that certainly sounds like the job description of a manager.


Many have said that Varitek would make a great manager when he hung up his catching gear and it appears that this is the first step in the process. It also would not be the first time that a former player with absolutely no coaching experience whatsoever was hired as a major league manager. A.J. Hinch was given the Diamondbacks job a few years back, but was ultimately not very successful in the role. However, both Robin Ventura (White Sox) and Mike Matheny (Cardinals) have successfully made the jump this season from the field to the manager’s office without first cutting their teeth in other roles.


Oh, and did I mention that the way was cleared for both by first being named…wait for it…special assistants to the general manager.


That’s right Bobby V., your days in Boston are numbered. The writing is on the wall. Now all that needs to be done is the formalities, the handshake, and the one-finger wave to say thank you for your time and send you back to driving your plow truck in Connecticut.


Hell, the Red Sox and the city of Boston may break out the duck boats one more time just to run you out of town and bring Varitek in.


Doug Mirabelli and his police escort can eat his heart out.


Five Minute Frags - Valentine And Sox May Be Broken Marriage
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Marriages are a funny thing.  They require work, give and take on the part of both parties to make the union work. Sometimes however, no matter how much work is put into it, a marriage can be doomed by what was always a poor match. You just cannot overcome bad chemistry.

It was chemistry that ultimately sunk the Red Sox ship in 2011. A mixture of player personalities made it impossible for Terry Francona to change from the laid-back Mama Bear to the gruff and tough Papa Bear. Too many years of codling prima donnas left Francona no room to change directions and help the Red Sox right the ship. Ultimately, it cost Francona his job. Theo Epstein followed suit shortly thereafter.

So Boston begins its season of redemption with the “Under New Management” sign hung on the door at Yawkey Way. Ben Cherington was promoted to replace Epstein and after a ton of debate, he ultimately lured Bobby Valentine back into the dugout.

And that is where the marriage conversation comes into play.

The writing has been on the wall ever since the interview phases. Cherington wanted a different candidate and he didn’t want to interview Valentine for the position. Red Sox ownership wanted Valentine, and with Epstein out of office, it was apparent that what they wanted, they would get. In the end, the ownership pick won out and Valentine was awarded the position.

Things have not improved throughout Spring Training. Rumors of disagreements over whether shortstop prospect Jose Iglesias was going to be ready to become the starting shortstop sprung up almost as soon as camp opened. Then there were grumblings about what would be done with the rotation and who would have the final say. Then former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling insisted that Valentine was not only bumping heads with the front office, but that many of the players were having issues warming up to him.

Now, I really couldn’t care less if the players are being rubbed wrong by Valentine. He was hired to be the opposite of Francona and it was apparent by the way 2011 unfolded, that this team needed to tighten the belts a bit. Players need to realize that the coach or manager is there to make them a better player and person, and he doesn’t do that by turning the blind eye and letting them build a rift in the clubhouse.

However if Valentine is going to be a success in Boston, then he needs to have Cherington on his side. Ultimately, Cherington’s future in Boston will have greater impact than that of Valentine, especially his knowledge of player development. Valentine is best served to make this union work by making concessions of control to the front office. He may feel like he knows a lot, having spent much of the last decade perched at the announcer’s table and learning Japanese, but Cherington has spent that time building both the current roster and the improving farm system. In the end, it will be his labor that determines the success of this ball club.

That said Valentine can be successful in Boston on his own merits. He can run the tight ship he was brought in to do. He just needs to make an effort to not alienate himself from his support system along the way.

Other Fragments:

-          Clayton Kershaw proved in 2011 that he wasn’t much for allowing runs and that brought him the 2011 NL Cy Young Award. However, making the Opening Day start for the Dodgers, it was runs that got the better of the left-hander, as he was forced from the game after three innings. That said it wasn’t the explosive Padres offense that got to Kershaw, but a battle with, umm, stomach distress that took him out. I’m not bog on omens, but if that was one, I would put my money on a different horse in this year’s Cy Young race.


-          Just when you thought you hated the new Marlins uniforms, they open up their new ball park and give you another eyesore to take you mind of the threads. Did Hunter S. Thompson design this monstrosity?


-          Three great pitching performances were erased on Opening Day thanks to some rough bullpen work. First and foremost, reigning AL Cy Young and MVP Justin Verlander threw 8 innings of 2-hit baseball with 7 strike-outs against the Red Sox only to watch Jose Valverde blow his first save in over a year. Cleveland ace Justin Masterson tossed his own 8-inning, two-hit game with 10 strike-outs before Chris Perez happened and forced the game into becoming the longest game in Opening Day history. Finally, Ryan Dempster gave the Cubs 7.2 innings of 1-run ball with his own 10 K’s before Kerry Wood and Carlos Marmol sunk that ship. 

Sexy Action Sports Saturday
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  (Props to Beeze for showing me this one!) 

  Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another Sexy Action Sports Saturday with IHM. This week, with a little over a month to go til the NFL Draft, I thought I’d give the ol’ mock draft a spin, and see what you folks think. So, without further adieu…

  1. Colts- QB Andrew Luck, Stanford. No brainer at #1 overall. Griffin III has the physical tools, but Luck has both the tools and smarts to be a great NFL quarterback. Only time will tell which one has the better career.
  2. Redskins- QB Robert Griffin III, Baylor. Griffin is the reason the Redskins mortgaged their entire future… and it better pay off. If not, you’re looking at another three years before you have a first round pick to use on your next “quarterback of the future”.
  3. Vikings-  OT Matt Kalil, USC. Kalil is the highest rated tackle in the draft, and the Vikings are rebuilding their offensive line. Kalil gives them a potential Pro Bowler for the next decade or so.
  4. Browns-  RB Trent Richardson, Alabama. Fourth overall is a heavy price to pay for a running back in today’s NFL, but Richardson is a different breed of back. He’s a workhorse, and can take a lot of pressure off McCoy, or whoever the hell the Browns put under center this year after losing out on the RGIII sweepstakes.
  5. Buccaneers- CB Morris Claiborne, LSU. Best corner of a fairly strong class comes off at #5.
  6. Rams- WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State. A bit high in my opinion for Blackmon, but Sam Bradford needs a #1 wideout, and Blackmon is the best of a shaky draft class.
  7. Jaguars- DE Quinton Coples, North Carolina. The Jags need a bit of everything. Coples improves the pass rush.
  8. Dolphins- QB Ryan Tennehill, Texas A&M. I’m not high on Tannehill, but the Dolphins need a QB after losing out on the Peyton Manning sweepstakes. Hell, now that they’ve traded Marshall, they pretty much need a little bit of everything.
  9. Panthers- DE Melvin Ingram, South Carolina. BDub gets to root for one of his Gamecocks as a pro, as Ingram helps fill the void left by Julius Peppers signing with Chicago a few years back.
  10. Bills- ILB Luke Kuechly, Boston College. The Bills have made defense a priority, and Kuechly hopefully gives them a starter at MLB for years to come.
  11. Chiefs- CB Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama. The Chiefs need secondary help (among many other things), and Kirkpatrick is the second best corner in this draft.
  12. Seahawks- G David DeCastro, Stanford. A little high for an interior lineman, but Seattle will build from the inside-out.
  13. Cardinals- OT Riley Reiff, Iowa. The Cardinals are happy to have Reiff on the board as they pick, and so is Harvey.
  14. Cowboys- CB Janoris Jenkins, North Alabama. The Cowboys need secondary help, and they get a solid corner with return skills in Jenkins.
  15. Eagles- DT Dontari Poe, Memphis. This guy has shot up draft boards in recent weeks, and the Eagles get him at #15.
  16. Jets- OT Jonathan Martin, Stanford. The Jets get to work building their aging offensive line.
  17. Bengals- CB Stephon Gilmore, South Carolina. Corner is a priority.
  18. Chargers- DT Michael Brockers, LSU. Good value pick at #18. This guy is a top 5 talent.
  19. Bears- WR Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech. The Bears need help at wide receiver, even with the addition of Brandon Marshall. Hill has the size and speed to be a stud.
  20. Titans- DE Nick Perry, USC. Perry was once considered a top ten pick. The Titans are happy if he falls this far.
  21. Bengals- OLB Courtney Upshaw, Alabama. Best outside backer in the draft adds to the Bengals defensive stockpile.
  22. Browns- WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame. Floyd was a stud in college, and gives the Browns a chance at having a legit #1 receiver for the first time since Braylon Edwards (waiting for the sound of grinding teeth eminating from the Fish House)!
  23. Lions- SS Mark Barron, Alabama. The Lions could reach for a corner here, or for a second-rate tackle to groom under Backus, or they could snag a Pro Bowl caliber safety. I go with the Pro Bowl caliber safety here.
  24. Steelers- OT Mike Adams, Ohio State. Adams is probably the best prospect left at tackle, and the Steelers have well-documented issues along the offensive line.
  25. Broncos- WR Kendall Wright, Baylor. The Broncos have a new toy in Peyton Manning, and they need a weapon for him to throw to. Wright joins a young core of receivers in Eric Decker and Demariyus Thomas in Denver.
  26. Texans- DT Fletcher Cox, Mississippi State. Good value late in the first round for this young, up and coming defense.
  27. Patriots- DT Jerel Worthy, Michigan State. Watching the guy in college, I can tell you Pats fans he is an absolute beast.
  28. Packers- C Peter Kontz, Wisconson. The Pack just signed Jeff Saturday, but Kontz gives them a local boy to groom for the future. Kontz can also fill in at guard if needed.
  29. Ravens- LB Dont’a Hightower, Alabama. The guy gets to learn under Ray Lewis… just hope he keeps his tutelage to ON the field behaviors.
  30. 49ers- WR Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina. The Niners need receivers, and Jeffery is one of my favorites in this class.
  31. Patriots- RB Doug Martin, Boise State. Martin is a versatile back, something the Pats value. He’s a tough runner and catches the ball well out of the backfield. Nice fit for that offense.
  32. Giants- DT Devon Still, Penn State. The guy’s stock is falling, but the Giants might just get a steal at the end of the first round here.

  That’s all the mocking I have in me today… as our pal OldHarry says… go ahead and do some mocking of your own.

  So now Peyton Manning is a Bronco… and Tim Tebow is a Jet. Wow… what a dip shit move by the Jets. Giving up a seventh round pick for this guy is too much. Do they have ANY idea how quickly the city of New York will turn on a quarterback who completes 47% of his passes? Let alone with all the pretentious “Jesus” bullshit. But, on the other hand… he’s always got this guy on his side…

  Quote of the week goes to New York Jets DT Kris Jenkins after hearing of the trade. His twitter quote; “I think I threw up in mouth a little bit” when learning his team traded for Tim Tebow. Yeah, Tebow’s going to do just fine in THAT locker room. Don’t be surprised if he leaves New York a tatted up, alcoholic mess. What a dip shit move for the Jets… don’t know how many times I can say that before I’m satisfied.

  As for the Saints and their bounty program… they pretty much got what they deserved. Peyton got suspended a year, ex-Defensive coordinator and alleged “ring leader” Greg Williams got an indefinite suspension, and the team was fined $500,000 and forfeits two second-round picks this year and next. Hope that was worth it, Saints. Hope Greg Williams never works in the NFL again.

  This week, we’ve got two contenders for our shut the fuck award… the first is the new guy in town, trying as hard as he can to endear himself to a tough fan base… that man, of course, is new Red Sox skipper Bobby Valentine. Usually, anybody giving the Yankees shit is something I would celebrate… but Valentine bitching about Giarardi not wanting to play extra innings in a spring training game, just shut the fuck up. Our next contender is Warren Sapp, commentator for the NFL Network for his calling out of the “snitch” who ratted the Saints out in the Bounty “scandal”. Can we stop it with the fucking hood mentality already? This is professional football… the “Snitches get stitches” horse shit is just played out. Bottom line, whomever the “snitch” is deserves a lot of credit. No matter what level you play on, bounties for injuring an opposing player is just an asshole way to play the game of football.

   So what are your thoughts on my mock draft… who do you want to shut the fuck up more? Be sure to let me know in the comments below. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out. Have a great weekend.


Monday Moaning (Valentine's Day edition)
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Well it's Valentine's Day...Another horse shit day to make us spend money, and say I love you to the people we should probably just say it to every day...What a bunch of crap! But yes, I got Mrs. Beeze flowers, and I got her chocolate covered strawberries...WHY? because I like to put my dick in her, so I do what needs to be done for the greater good!

Last week, after Monday's post I wasn't around at all...I just wasn't very inspired to write...I didn't care what was going on...I was tired...And honestly, there were nights that I just wanted to hang with my kids...Especially the baby...She's my favorite! She doesn't talk...She always smiles at me, and acts like I'm the cat's ass...She's my girl!

Anyway, I was trying to figure out what to write about this week...Well with all this Valentine's love in the air, I thought I'd bring the hate...People say you shouldn't hate...Well, hate is a normal, human feeling/reaction...It's as normal as masturbation! And probably a more common feeling than love...So I'm bringing some hate to your Valentine's Day!

Right now, I'm hating the 250 people I hate to cook for at The Fish House Saturday night...What a needy bunch of cunts! Who knew so many assholes had so many horseshit allergies to so many things...If you have a Shellfish Allergy, you can't eat the Lobster Bisque dummy...Hell, you probably don't want to eat at a seafood joint!

What else am I hating? The New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins are always on that list, but after Friday night, I see some new candidates for the Skull Fuck Hall of Fame...Clearly the Islanders were pissed their shitty goalie got laid out with one punch a couple weeks ago, so Friday they were going to send a message...Here are some numbers from the game...17 Fighting Majors...59 Penalties...300+ Penalty Minutes...9 Game Misconducts...The Penguins ended the game with 6 skaters...The Islanders ended with 9...

Okay, I'm all for the fighting in Hockey, but this one got a bit out of control...I'm adding the refs to the Hate list, because these dolts should have known some shit was going to happen...I hate the Penguins, although in many situations the Islanders were the instigators, and taking some cheap shots...But the Pens weren't innocent...Let's go to the video...everything is included in this one...

The Islanders I have always hated thanks to my loyalty to the New York Rangers...But the shit some of those guys pulled has taken it up a notch...No wonder you're the worst team in the league...Between the dummy owner...The fuck-tard GM...The bad coach, and the hack goon-squad, you dopes don't stand a chance...

Next on my shit list...Over-positive Cleveland fan...I've beat on these people before, so why stop now? Yes, there are people trying to give the Cavaliers' record setting losing streak a positive spin..."Hey the Cavs will have a better chance at winning the Draft Lottery" SO! A better chance, big fucking shit...Draft a potential superstar, and watch him leave a few years later...AWESOME!

But worse is the Cleveland fan who wants to point out that this losing streak "doesn't define us"...No shit ass-hat! I don't play basketball, let alone for that shit team...Basketball and the Cavaliers come no where near close to defining me...No silly sports team does...And if you are concerned with talking-heads in the media using sports teams to define you as a person or your city, well dummy, you are their target audience...

Lastly, I'm going to hate Neil Young...This one hurts a bit because I always liked Neil Young...But then I heard a newer song of his..."Angry World"...Well if wasn't already a "angry world" before, it is now after hearing this shit...

Didn't Neil write, "It's better to burn out, then to fade away"...Well I have to say, Neil, You've burned out, and I wish you would have faded away...What a steaming pile of shit!

Now, I'm getting out of here...If you don't recall, the Mrs. and I had a deal based on her performing oral favors, and well, she's built up a back-log...

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.


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