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Monday Moaning...Happy F___ing Halloween
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Yeah, I'm not a big fan of Halloween...Although I do like that it has turned into more of a look like a slut day! I never liked it much as a kid, and even had a few of my younger years, where I just didn't go trick or treating...I tried to go along with the flow a few more times, but I just never bought into it...The begging for candy thing seemed dumb, especially since there was never any tricks...Other then some one smashing your pumpkins in the street hours later, there was no fucking tricks...It was bullshit...

But now I have kids, and of course they're into it, so I have to go with the flow...The flow being, setting up decorations, and carving pumpkins, and spending too much on costumes my kids will wear once...During all this, I start getting annoyed by it, and the pumpkin carving gets intense...I don't trust my kids with sharp shit, so I do the carving...We draw their ideas out and then I get to work...Little Beeze, artistic as hell loves to challenge me, and I dig back into my art major days and strive for perfection...This is where the wife gets annoyed with me! And baby Molly's pumpkin, well, I took a crack at carving her, all 6 teeth, big smile, wide eyes, and dimples...(I'll get picture uploaded tomorrow night)

I had to do something other than watch the Browns get smoked by the 49ers...WOW does that offense suck! It's like each wee they take another step backwards...I never thought I would want Eric Mangina's awful offense back!

-So I missed most of the NFL coverage, but I saw this, and I loved it...

All last week I heard dopes on ESPN talking about "Tebowing" The whole kneeling with the fist on the head...Well, it didn't take long for some one to stick right back to St. Tebow! The Lions Stephen Tulloch shoved it right in Tebow, and the world's faces...Some will bitch about it, but Tebow set himself up for it...If he's going to do it every time he makes a big play, he better expect it to get it back...This why I feel dopes like Tebow, no matter what their faith is, need to keep that shit at home...I don't drag my religion/church (The church of the Beeze) into the Fish House with me, and shove it people's faces...Knock it off St. Tebow, and learn how to throw!

-I worked a double Saturday, so I missed the Notre Dame game...I was glad to see they not only didn't struggle with Navy, but they rolled them...But it's too little too late...They needed to bring that shit against USC, Michigan, and USF...The Irish Hockey team took 2 games at Bowling Green this weekend...Sorry Frank!

-Did you see the end of the Wisconsin/Ohio State game...The Luckeyes let the Badgers back into the game later, and then gave up the lead...Then, I nearly choked on my Sullivan's Irish Red, and Turkey & rasher Melt, as Wisconsin gave up another Hail Mary touchdown...All the talent, hype, and love for Wisconsin, and these dopes get beat two weeks in a row, on a Hail Mary...Unreal!

-I just have one note on the World Series...Am I the only person bothered by the fact that MLB postponed game 6 for a possibility of rain...Rain that never really came...Which set up the Cardinals to have their "Ace" go in game 7 if they got there? It just seems fucking strange to me...

-So I wasn't around much last week...Lots of shit going on in Beezeland...And I was a single parent for a couple days while the Mrs. was in Philly for a funeral...I even had to break out the baby gates...Ms. Molly wasn't pleased...

So then she tried to charm her way into the kitchen...

How can you say no to that?

As for costumes...She's going as a bunny, but she's not hip on the ears...The oldest is going as a Witch...She says a good one, but she's been mouthy lately...9 going on 16...The Little Beeze is going as an Angry Bird...But the costume is big and bulky, so he's not going to wear it at school...For school he's going as a "Star Wars" classic...

All these years later, and Boba Fett is still the coolest, baddest, mother fucker in the galaxy...

Have a Week...

Later, The Beeze.


The Beeze's College Football Preview (vol.1)
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Hey Gabbers, I'm subbing for dvt for the next couple of Saturdays, and I thought, why not talk some College Football!?! 

This will be the first of two pre-season College Football posts...Yeah, we all know I'm a Notre Dame fan, but I love College Football, and I've made good money over the years betting on games...I'll start with my prediction of the Top 25...Then I'll get into breaking down some of those top teams, and some teams I think you should keep eyes on...

1. Wisconsin
2. Alabama
3. Boise State
4. Texas
5. Ohio State
6. Nebraska
7. Virginia Tech
8. Florida
9. Oregon
10. Iowa
11. USC
12. Arkansas
13. TCU
14. Miami
15. Pitt
16. Oklahoma
17. Florida State
18. Georgia
19. UConn
20. Penn State
21. Georgia Tech
22. Missouri
23. Notre Dame
24. Washington
25. LSU

So let's get into this...
WISCONSIN : The Badgers Offense is looking to be one of the best in the Big 10...Returning are QB Scott Tolzien (64.3 % completion percentage)...Their top 3 tailbacks, lead by John Clay (1,517 yards and 18 TD's)...Their top 4 Wide Receivers...One of the country's top Tight End's...And 7 Offensive Linemen who have starting experience...

On the Defensive Line there will be some fresh faces, and look for Junior Defensive End J.J. Watt to have a big year...They have a strong group of Linebackers...There are a number of question marks in the secondary, but it's the run-first Big 10.

Key Games: Oct. 16th vs. Ohio State....Oct. 23 at Iowa

ALABAMA : The 'Tide returns 8 starters, including Heisman winner Mark Ingram...'Bama may have the nation's top 2 running backs with Ingram and Sophomore Trent Richardson...Look for Richardson to get more carries this year...Sr. QB Greg McElroy also returns with a veteran group of receivers...The 'Tide will have more confidence to air it out this year...Red-shirt Freshman D.J. Fluker should step into the void at Right Tackle...

The defense took many loses, but a number of Juniors and Senoirs will be ready to jump right in...It's Nick Saban and Defense...He makes it work.

BOISE STATE : The Broncos have 18 returning starters, including Junior QB Kellen Moore has Heisman potential.(last year 39 TD's and 3 INT's)...The Defense has the potential to be one of the best...They played their best in the biggest games last year, forcing 35 turnovers...Key Game: Sept. 6 Virginia Tech (in Maryland)

TEXAS : Coach Mack Brown plans on going to more of a power running/play action offense, looking to take some pressure off of So. QB Garrett Gilbert...There's many holes on the defense, but the staff is confident in there depth and recruiting.

OHIO STATE : All the talk is about QB Terrelle Pryor...It will help him that his top 2 Receivers back, 4 returning Offensive Linemen, and running backs Brandon Saine & Boom Herron...The Defense lost 5 starters, but as corner Chimdi Chekwa said, "I don't want to offend any offensive guys or anything, but we play defense at Ohio State. That's what we do and that's what we love to do. We step on the field knowing that we're going to play great defense."

There's been a lot of talk about Ohio State being ranked in the top 3, and playing for the National Championship...To me the key is this...They can't let Miami shock them in Columus on sept. 11th...Even more importantly they play at Wisconsin on Oct. 16th and at Iowa on Nov. 20...They won't win both of those!

IOWA : The Hawkeyes return Sr. QB Ricky Stanzi and his top 2 receivers...They also have 3 Sophomore running backs with experience, but have to replace 3 offensive lineman...On Defense they return 8 starters, and they have the ability to be a dominating defense...

MIAMI : The Hurricanes are loaded with talent, lead by QB Jacory Harris, but he must cut down on the mistakes...They return 8 starters on defense, with a very talented secondary, headed up by corners Brandon Harris and DeMarcus Van Dyke...They have potential to make some noise in the rankings, but they have a rough start to their schedule...After Florida A&M they're at Ohio State, at Pitt, at Clemson, then home for Florida State.

ARKANSAS : The Razorbacks return 9 starters on offense, with the key being QB Ryan Mallet.(last year 3,624 yards 152.2 QB Rating, and 16 school records)...Hey Michigan, you missing this kid yet!?! The defense last season gave up loads of yards and needs to improve...They were one of the nation's best in takeaways and in the Red Zone...They need to build on that if they want to claim the SEC.

Now how about my Beloved Irish...

NOTRE DAME : New coah Brian Kelly is switching the pro-style offense to his spread system...Luckily he has 3 outstanding offensive talents which should help the transition...RB Armando Alllen, WR Michael Floyd, and TE Kyle Rudolph...QB Dayne Crist has the physical skills to handle the system...The staff looked their talent on the defensive side of the ball and decided to go with a 3-4 scheme...After the Spring they felt good about their decision, as the defense out played the offense...Look for both DE Ethan Johnson and NT Ian Williams to have a huge season...Manti Te'o and Brian Smith will lead a deep group of Linebackers, while the secondary has 3 veteran corners in Darrin Walls, Gary Gray, and Robert Blanton...

This is the first year in awhile, where I'm more concerned about the offense instead of the defense...That said, the Irish should win at least 8 games...They have the potential to win more, since their schedule this season is pretty weak.

Let me know what you think, and tune in next weak for another edition...

Later, The Beeze.

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