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Monday Moaning 9-22-14
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Quiet indeed....That's what you're getting from me in regards to the NFL...Last week I said I was done, and I really did mean it...The NFL's abuse of those who tried to bring CTE to light was horrible enough...This Ray Rice shit was totally fucked...Then Adrian Peterson whipping the hell out of one of 4 year old kids, from one of the countless women he has impregnated...Then Jonathan Dwyer breaks his baby's momma's nose and also got some shots in on the 18 month old...I'm not calling for a boycott...I'm not asking you to join me...Fuck it...Do what you want...This is just me taking a personal stand...And to show you how much I mean it, my pal Sully texted me while I was at work Sunday, asking why my fantasy roster was empty?  I mean what I say...The NFL will get none of my time or money...

Luckily, working Thursday nights, all day Sunday, and Monday nights makes it easy to ignore the pricks...And yes, I know not all NFL players are evil...But enough clearly are, along with the evil commish, his underlings,  and a number of owners...So they can eat my ass!

I did take in some football Friday night...My daughter has always liked going to our local high school football games...She loves the band, and hanging with her friends...The football team is often smaller, slower, and less skilled then their opponents...And often out-coached...But Friday nights in the Fall, in Brooklyn, Ohio is Marching Band night....Football is just an excuse...

Each home game they march from the high school, down to the Stadium...



Then after the Hurricanes Football Team goes down 34-0 by halftime, the Marching Band bangs out a 4 song set...This night they ended with "Whiter Shade of Pale"...



They continue to have a blast and play in the stands, even with their team getting drilled 41-7...Then, with their police escort, they do the same, fun, upbeat march back to the school...(I haven't uploaded that video yet...A little too dark anyways)

It's good to see kids having fun, and not getting too worked up over their football team getting thumped...My buddy was disappointed in the football game...He felt our brand new tax-payer funded turf should have improved our team, not everyone else...I've just grown accustom to the bad football.

-Moving along...Have you seen this new Derek Jeter Gatorade commercial?

I haven't...I keep seeing it posted on blogs, and facebook...People are talking about it...But I won't watch it...WHY? you ask...Because fuck Derek Jeter! He's a Yankee! What, he's retiring, so now I'm suppose to like him...Fuck that, he's a Yankee....Sorry folks, before ESPN made sure we all knew Boston hated New York, there was this magical time when the Indians were in the same division as the Yankees...As a matter of fact, the Yankees were everyone's biggest rival, because they were the fucking Yankees! I hated those guys long before Varitek mooshed his glove in A-Roid's face...

Yes, Derek Jeter has never been implicated in any PED talk...He's always played hard...He's a good ball player...He was a good hitter...Quick making him out to be Honus Wagner, or Ty Cobb...He was nowhere close...He wasn't even Pete Rose with the bat...And no, he wasn't the greatest Shortstop ever...He had a solid glove...I can give you a laundry list of better gloved SS's...He was a good player....I see no need for this idiotic swing on Jeter's nuts parade that has gone on all year...This shit happened last year with Rivera and it drove me crazy...The only slight difference is, you could actually say that Rivera was possibly the best at what he did...Jeter wasn't...

Jeter has great at banging hot women...I'll give him props for that...Dude slayed all kinds of hot puss...But all you high moral, religious Jeter fans better rethink things...Jeter is s serial fornicator!

Fucking guy goes around the league and all these other teams are giving him gifts, ans swinging on his balls....FUCK THAT! He's rich as hell, he doesn't need your shitty gifts...He probably fucked your wife...Go out there and strike him out...Slide into second with your spikes up...That's how you honor the fucking Yankee!

Eat my ass Jeter!


That's it for now...I need to find some one to really eat my ass...

Have a week...

The Beeze.

Saying Nice Things
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You know what I hate?  I hate when I have to hit the head after eating spicy food,

That and saying nice things about guys who work for the competition. 

Peyton Manning has been playing for, what? 16-17 years?, and he’s still got that fire in his gut.  He’s a passionate guy – and when you knock his favorite receiver out of a pre-season game with a concussion, he’s coming after you.  He gets up in DJ Swearinger’s face for an illegal hit, concussing Welker – and he’s wearing Manning’s temper tantrum as a badge of honor?   That’s not cool. 

All the news about the Rams/Brown tilt was Michael Sam sacking Johnny Football, but apparently what was missed was Sam Bradford tearing his ACL and heading out for the season.  Oops.  He’s making a pretty good salary for a guy that’s not actually doing anything – think about it, how many other guys do you know who get hurt at work and wind up fired?    Certainly they don’t get a $12MM salary.

On Saturday the Yankees – the hated Yankees – retired Joe Torre’s number.  Torre, who was the captain of the team who basically terrorized the Red Sox, was never anything other than a class act.  Actually, the reason I have such a hard time hating on the Yankees is that they’re so damned professional – in part as the legacy Torre left.  Ruthlessly efficient.   I think that’s probably one good reason people hate the Patriots.  The organization does the right thing and they have the right people in the right place.  The fact they have gobs of money behind them doesn’t hurt, but given the Sox recent history I’m not allowed to complain about buying championships, but let me just ask – who wouldn’t want to work for an organization willing to pay you what you think you’re worth in your job?

Albert Ebosse is a name you probably haven’t heard before.  He’s a “striker,” or “forward,” for an Algerian soccer team.  He died Saturday night after being hit in the head by a rock thrown from the stands in his teams’ home stadium.  He was 24 years old, and had actually scored the teams’ goal in a 2-1 loss.  Just random happenstance that he should be hit, never mind die from being hit.  Consider this now, this could be ANYONE. 

Throwing that homerun ball back doesn’t seem so innocuous does it?  I did a google search “athletes killed for losing.”  Turns out North Korea sends Olympic losers off to prison camps, and Iraq under Saddam Hussein did some pretty horrible things to losers, but I couldn’t find anything to compare to this.  Maybe Andreas Escobar, about whom I wrote a little bit this summer, but this was just a random act.  Escobar cost someone a bunch of money because the Columbian team lost.  This guy actually scored.  He should’ve been the one bright spot for the local fans.  That would be like David Ortiz taking one off the melon because the Sox lost, even though he hit his 400th homerun in a Sox uniform

So, there was this:






Some Cheating OK by Baseball
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Yankees pitcher Micheal Pineda said it was dirt but high definition had a different view.  Pine tar has become one of the popular go-to adhesives pitchers use to improve their grip, but it appears for this type of cheating, baseball is willing to look the other way.  In this game Thursday night, Red Sox fans were beside themselves with the observation of the pine tar on Pineda's hand, but the players on the Red Sox?...not so much.  Big Papi dismissed the "cheating" episode as no big deal and the umpires could not be bothered nor apparently will MLB take any action even in the face of such compelling visual evidence.

Certain forms of cheating have a bit of a romantic place in baseball history...that is non-PED cheating that is.  That form of cheating still brings a visceral response from most baseball fans...who is the rightful home run king, Bonds or Aaron?  That can set off a lively bar debate, but bring up Gaylord Perry, who is in the Hall of Fame and you might get a whole different debate.  Pitches still use a variety of substances  from the afore mentioned pine tar to an interesting concoction of Bull Frog sunscreen mixed with rosin...a popular grip enhancement used around the major leagues.  Other ball modifications include various methods of scuffing the ball from sandpaper to belt buckles to catchers equipement.  The most obvious move today which used to be a clear no-no was putting fingers to the mouth...now a routine move by pitchers.  It is interesting to note that the spitball used to be legal.  In fact, it was such an advantage, no pitcher of any value took the mound without being able to throw one...this in the the early 1900's.  By around 1917, there were too many head injuries from beanings due to the spitter and it was banned.  Obviously it did not hold or Gaylord Perry might not have 300 wins...so while no pitcher today that I know of throws the classic spitball, it is clear that the art of pitching still includes a little doctoring of the ball...and isn't that just part of baseball's charm?!

And some other news...

While my friends from Detroit get to celebrate 23 consecutive years in the playoffs including multiple Cup runs, the Capitals modest 7 year run is over coming up just a few points shy of what was needed.  There seems to be plenty of blame to go around...Ovechkin's defense or lack thereof, Mike Green's defense or lack thereof, Adam Oates coaching style (the Caps have played about 50 games under Oates where they have scored 2 goals or less...they have won 1 of those games, none in '13-'14...there's a stat for you).  For me, I put the blame on the ownership for allowing George McPhee to continue as GM for almost 20 years with no championships and no title appearance since 1997.  Ovechkin has not had one playoff run with a true championship goalie or a dominant shut-down defenseman, two key Cup ingredients.  It was reported in the news this week that player agents hate McPhee putting the Caps out of the running for premium talent before the bidding even starts.  Time for some changes here in DC.

Well, I am going to enjoy some beautiful spring weather, hit some golf balls and then relax and watch Bubba try to grab a second Green Jacket this weekend...hope you have a great weekend too!



O H Thursday
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  Oh Thursday

Opening day of the MLB season has passed us by and we are officially into the 2014 season. The Red Sox left 12 men on base and lost 2-1 to Baltimore, The Yankees ace CC Sabathia lost to the juggernaut from Houston formally known as the Lastros

The weather is starting to cooperate and this old coot is a happy man.I have been waiting all winter to have my morning joe on my deck with my bride…no better way to start the day.


The tribute to the 2 Boston Firefighters that died in the Back Bay blaze last week was fitting for the hero first responders they were. Our prayers and support go out to those the left behind.

MLB week one found… The Red Sox taking in the Obama Whitehouse visit, David Ortiz took a selfie with the Prez and Obama managed to mispronounce Mike Napoli’s last name. Jonny Gomes was the hero of the day for me, he wore his American Flag blazer and was a big hit at Walter Reed Hospital visiting and entertaining the wounded and maimed heroes of our military.

Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers received a standing ovation his first time up before the home town fans. Having served a 65 game suspension for cheating it seems the Milwaukee fans say all is forgiven and all is forgotten.

Ryan’s first road test of his forgiveness is in the unfriendly confines of Fenway Park, Boston MA on Friday.

Fenway and Boston fans generally don’t pass up an opportunity to rake some deserving villain over the coals and Ryan fits the bill.

Over the years a lot of folks have been booed in Boston

President Obama was booed on April 21, 2012 when he appeared on the big screen on Fenway’s 100th birthday…the generally Democratic Boston doesn’t have much love for OB

On August 16, 2013 the Fenway fans turned there attention to notorious steroid user Alex Rodriguez.

On July 26th 2004 presidential hopeful MA Senator John Kerry got roundly booed by the Fenway faithful when he walked out about 35’ from home plate and threw out the first pitch. As Crash Davis would have said it was “some weak ass shit” as it bounced twice and rolled by home plate.

 Not everybody liked George W. Bush but everyone has to admit that that guy threw some nasty stuff when he threw out first pitches…and they were from the rubber.

Roger Clemens has been booed in Fenway as well as notorious wife beater


Brett Myers, he took heat all night long from the fans for his public assault on his wife on a sidewalk in Boston.

So watch closely and listen up because the Fenway fans will be cold and damp and just waiting to pounce on Braun

NFL update….

The Steelers signed former Patriots bulldozer LeGarrett Blount to a two year deal.

Blount had a decent season for the Pats but Belichick doesn’t pay RB’s so Pittsburgh get a bruiser.

Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe made it into the elite eight QB’s all time bracket challenge.

DeSean Jackson is a free agent having been cut by the Eagles. He is a dynamic game changer…and a troublesome character for most locker rooms to have to deal with. It looks like the Redskins are in the front of the line close to signing Jackson.

NHL, my Bruins continue to roll…

Tukka Rask stopped 60 shots on Sunday vs the Philadelphia Flyers in a 4-3 shootout win.


The Toronto Maple leafs dropped there 8th in a row…hosers


NBA….ok nothing more to say than the Sixers lost 26 consecutive games and are still not the worst team in the battle for the most ping pong balls …and that would be the Bucks.

In other news: obamacare still doesn’t work. the Russians are still moving forward trying to rebuild the Soviet Union by taking back their neighbors under the guise of protecting Russians in those countries...sound like another notorious past leader...named Hitler?. The Indonesian flight 370 is still lost (I still think it is in Pakistan or Iran) The cold and harsh winter is being blamed on global warming. The Keystone pipeline is still being stopped by the liberals that want the USA to be a third world nation and want you to pay $6 bucks a gallon for gasoline and home heating oil. Syria’s government is still killing it’s citizens, Israel is still being strong armed into peace talks with Palestine even though the Palestinians won’t recognize Israel’s right to exist and shoot whenever they get a chance. The US is still borrowing money from China and then giving it and our tax dollars to all but 9 countries on the planet.

I am one grouchy sob today

But Spring has sprung so cheer up harry and take the classic '88 Sportster for a ride

Thanks for reading and commenting, check out Lanz right over there just North of Boston

I'm Just Saying.....Yankee Fan Style....Red Sox venting
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Sorry I just can’t hold it in anymore. While TheBeezer, IhateMillen and other Red Sox fans have outstanding blogs, not just on the Red Sox, but on other topics as well, they should be commended for that. What I am writing about is IHateMillen lit a match in me that was started by TheBeez and other Red Sox fans.

Red Sox fans are very passionate about their team and rightfully so. They play in one of the greatest baseball stadiums of all-time. Their franchise is rich in history, nothing really to be ashamed of.

For those that didn’t read it this was reply to the last IHateMillen Blog :


“I just can't figure why Red Sox fans have it in for the Yankees. I don't want to hear the crap about them spending money for players. Every team has the same chance as the Bronx Bombers to go after players. The organization is playing by the rules that even the Boston Red Sox voted on. I don't give a rats ass about the Red Sox, yet you never hear me bad mouthing the team, in fact on one of my posts I congratulated them. When the Yanks won in 2009, I never once rubbed it in the face of the Red Sox fans. All I did was write a blog about the team winning. Even when your other teams win, you have to rub it in on the Yankees.”

“While Red Sox fans have shown class in the Rivera world retirement tour, I know they will do the same for Our Captain Derek Jeter, just as Yankee fans will honor Ortiz when he decided to hang them up.”

“Boston fans. just get over it already with the Yankees. You just making yourselves look like an ass”

By the way, Red Sox fans and Yankee fans can agree that Jeter is not on the Mount Rushmore of Yankess, or for that matter a top 5 Yankee.”

Let me just expand a little. It’s okay to dislike the Yankees, just like I dislike the Red Sox. But I don’t vent my venom on Boston fans. But I’ll be demand if I don’t go to a Yankee-Red Sox game whenever I go home to Brooklyn, New York and boo the hell at of the Red Sox.

7 World Series, 9 American League Pennants…Impressive Red Sox fans.

But it really boils down to the fact that Red Sox Fans have a Yankee inferiority complex because that is what it really sounds like to me.


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