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Storminnorman's Sports Views 12-05-11
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Hello from Michigan everyone, I know it has been quite a while since you have last heard from me but I am pissed off at my professional sports team, and I will tell you why........

I understand that football is a game of emotions, but come on guys you are taking it a bit too far and now it is costing you games. The first 8 games you played some awesome football, coming back from huge deficits and making us believe in you once again. Now over the past 6 weeks or so, you are embarrassing once again and showing the rest of the league that you are not ready to become a playoff team. Last nights game was typical old school Lions from years past, had a game that even though you fell down 17 points to Saints you had a real CHANCE TO WIN!!! It is time for you to wake up as a team, or even grow up and stop using thug tactics during the game. After the Thanksgiving embarrassment on Fox, you would think that you would have learned something from it but apparently not. 

Don't you remember you are only 3 years or so from 0-16, which gave you most of the team you have right now. Do you still want to continue to be an embarrassment to yourselves, along with continuing to be the laughing stock of the NFL? I understand that you are pissed off about being laughed at for the past 10 years, not all your fault by any means, but don't you want some respect of from your peers around the league? So keep playing like this and now your season is falling apart, if you continue playing like this you will be sitting at home January 2nd watching the playoffs just like in years past and the only one you will have to blame is YOURSELF.....

Boys this team is tough, but they also have been successful while playing that way. Sure they take some penalties from time to time, but the are WINNERS!! If you want to be winners, then you better clean your act up a bit as not to cost you games like last night. YOU ARE EMBARRASSING YOURSELVES AND YOUR FANS!!!! Now on to other things....

WTF, are the Bears that desperate that they need him to be the quarterback?

I do not know why, but I was actually rooting for him to succeed this year with the Eagles. But he finally got hurt bad enough not to be able to play, and the rest of the team quit on Vince Young. Go Figure....


This is what the bowl selection committee can do, how can an average team like Ohio State who cheated mind you get a bowl bid? Just goes to show you that it is all about the money, and not your morals. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY gotta please the corporate sponsorship and the NCAA by putting their wallets first and not giving this team a bowl game.


Thanks for reading my post, until next time.........

Monday Moaning 12-5-11
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  Who's up for some Horse Play? Why not, the BCS is full of Horse Shit! Yes, I'm sure it will be the big topic all over the blogosphere...The NCAA Football Championship game is going to be a rematch between LSU and Alabama...Rematch? This shit is truly retarded...Those who argue in favor of the BCS say that it works because it all about the games that are played...Well clearly it's not, because these two teams already played, and LSU won...There is no need for this game...'Bama, Saban, and their shitty kickers already showed they can't beat LSU...Next please!

Who should be next? Well based on who played who, and who beat who, and what the records are, there is no doubt in my mind that Oklahoma State should be playing LSU for the title...But people are in so much aww of the SEC and keep saying they have the best talent, so of course the polls are going to push for two SEC teams in the Championship game...

Now if you look at the SEC standing and stats, half the conference just sucks...Just like half the Big Ten sucks...Just like half the Big-12 sucks...75% of the PAC-12 sucks...All but 2 teams in the ACC suck...And all of the Big East sucks! So is this love affair with the SEC justified? I don't think so!

But this topic is an annoying topic that seems to come up almost every year, because this fucked up system works so well!

So this weekend, the Beeze family started celebrating our oldest daughter's birthday at a fundraiser for my childhood parish...Nothing like a little Breakfast with Santa to get in a festive mood...

The kids had fun making ornaments, listening to stories that Mrs. Claus was reading, and of course, sitting down with the big guy...

After that I got the baby down for a nap and got ready to watch some football...I really liked seeing the guy I've been hyping for the Heisman, Robert Griffin III get some National TV time...

And again, he did what he has done all year long...He lit people up...As a matter of fact, he lit up the Texas Longhorns...

The fact that it has taken this long for the National Media to give him any love is ridiculous...Dude has thrown for 3,998 yards, with a 72.4 completion percentage, 36 TD's and only 6 INT's...He's also rushed for 644 yards and 9 TD's...I'll gladly take him over Andrew Luck!

Then Sunday came...We had our daughter's birthday party...A couple hours of kid madness, and then we came home and got some quiet...The baby was napping and the other two played quietly...I was making dinner and listening to the radio, while the wife watched some shitty show on TV...Then 4 o'clock came, and the Browns game started...Every time the Browns play the Ravens I think about Steve Everritt, and what a cool guy he was, and how proud he was to be a Brown, even after they moved...

But, the game started, and it was hard to be proud to be a Browns fan again...Mike Polk wasn't lying when he called Browns Stadium a "Factory of Sadness"...

My thoughts on this week's game was summed up in 3 of my tweets...

-every week the Browns find a way to keep it ugly...So many hours wasted watching this crap!

-Browns offense is awful. McCoy looks like crap. WR's drop everything he gets to them. OL is a train wreck. I'm done wasting my time

-Even Cribbs looks like a lump of shit...Glad he got that big contract extension...Twat!

Yeah, that's it...A friend of mine broke it down pretty well too...

-"Browns suck. Plain and simple. It's like a conspiracy against fandom. Every time the Browns play, an abortion happens"

That's all I have on the Sports world for right now...I mentioned listening to the radio earlier...I spent any free time I had listening to the Opie and Anthony channel on XM this weekend...All weekend they did a tribute to their friend Patrice_O'Neal who passed away last week...O'Neal was a smart and hilarious comic, who was just, finally getting the recognition he deserved...He's already greatly missed...I'm going to listen to some more now...

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.


Bandits Week 13 NFL Picks
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Week 13 NFL


December? Geez, where has the season (and the year) gone? As the last quarter of the season unfolds, teams are either gearing up for a playoff run or girding for the end of season shakeup. This is the home stretch where the game mean a lot more, as they develop I will provide playoff implications of the matchups. Last week was a decent one for your humble scribe 11 wins was something to be thankful for, though the upset pick of the Lions and hoping the Colts had one win in them was asking too much. In any case, submitted for your review, perusal and approval are  the rest of the weeks picks with the odds provided by bodog.net for entertainment and comparison purposes only. Me and Vinnie No-Neck had a good laugh about someone betting the lines and losing then trying to blame me for it. My knees only hurt cause of the arthritis  

Sunday December 4


Colts (0-11) @ Patriots (8-3)

Gillette Stadium; Foxboro, MA 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Patriots by 21

Last Week Colts lost to Panthers 27-19, Patriots beat Eagles 38-20

Fast Fact This game was originally scheduled for Sunday Night but flexed

The weeks first is pretty much a walkover. What was supposed to be an annual matchup in a long running clash of the titan quarterback is looking instead like a one sided horror show. NBC and the NFL couldn’t move fast enough to flex this game out of primetime to avoid another potential one sided rout of the hapless, hopeless Colts. Facing their 3rd backup in as many weeks, the New England defense should have no problem with the Colts anemic offense In what should only be viewed by the sadistic or Pats fans only, the home team should only worry about complacency and avoiding injuries.

Pick-New England (Lock of the Week)


Broncos (6-5) @ Vikings (2-9)

Mall of America Field @ HHH Metrodome, Minneapolis 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite No Line

Last Week Broncos beat Chargers 16-13 in ot, Vikings lost to Falcons 24-14

Fast Fact Tim Tebow’s 22 rushing attempts were the most in a game by a quarterback since 1950

Tebow mania has gotten to almost rock concert like levels. The Broncos are winning with good defense and a grinding option offense that will put you to sleep but is curiously effective. The Vikings just want this season to be over. Without the dynamic running of Adrian Peterson, the offense moves in fits and starts and poor rookie QB Christian Ponder can only do so much. I know Ive been getting burned by Tebow saying that some defense is going to catch up with them sooner or later, for some reason I think that the Vikings defense makes the Broncos pass the ball and keeps the running game in check and if they don’t win it here, might not get another decent chance at a win for the rest of the year.

Pick- Minnesota


Chiefs (4-7) @ Bears (7-4)

Soldier Field, Chicago 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Bears by 7

Last Week Chiefs lost to Steelers 13-9, Bears lost to Raiders 25-20

Fast Fact The Chiefs have not scored a touchdown in 9 quarters (3rd quarter of week 10)

In an ironic twist, former Bear Kyle Orton may get the starting nod playing against the team that traded him. But the Chiefs are just about on life support after losing a low scoring scrum with the Steelers. The Bears are hoping that Caleb Haenie can be enough of a caretaker to guide an up and down Bears offense. The Chiefs defense has badly regressed to its bumbling ways of beginning the season 0-4 and I don’t think that they will recover. The Bears offense aint the most scintillating but it will get the job done at home.



Titans (6-5) @ Bills (5-6)

Ralph Wilson Stadium; Orchard Park, NY (CBS)

Favorite Bills by 3

Last Week Titans beat Buccaneers 23-17, Bills lost to Jets 28-24

Fast Fact Four is the magic number, the Titans have won the last four meetings and the Bills are looking to break a four game losing streak.

The Titans are hanging around the playoff hunt but have some distance to make up in a short time to catch the Texans, the Bills frittered away chance after chance to beat the Jets and have basically destroyed any hope of making the playoffs. The Titans win when Chris Johnson is pounding the rock relentlessly and with the Bills having a weak run defense, this could be a matchup to exploit. Mix in the Titans being cash money inside the 20 with the Bills being very accommodating this may be a more one sided game than one would think. Instead, CJ2K will get his touches and the Bills stunning slide will continue with another painfully close loss.



Bengals (7-4) @ Steelers (8-3)

Heinz Field (CBS)

Favorite Steelers by 7

Last Week Bengals beat Browns 23-20, Steelers beat Chiefs 13-9

Fast Fact Steelers have won eight of the last ten meetings

Both teams come into the matchup off wins but needing this win to stay within shouting distance of the Ravens. Andy Dalton continues to impress with his startlingly unflappable demeanor and solid leadership. AJ Green has developed quickly as a go to receiver and producer of eye opening highlight catches. The Steelers as usual will go with their intimidation factor and a heavy dose of running if Ben Roethlisberger’s balky thumb is acting up. Problem is that the Bengals run defense is better than advertised. Im probably going to regret it, but for some reason the Bengals play the Steelers better on the road and I think that they will steal a tight one.

Pick-Cincinnati (Upset of the Week)


Panthers (3-8) @ Buccaneers (4-7)

Raymond James Stadium, Tampa 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Buccaneers by 3

Last Week Panthers beat Colts 27-19, Buccaneers lost to Titans 23-17

Fast Fact Panthers QB Cam Newton scored his 10th touchdown last week to break the rookie record.

The Panthers continue to grow and impress. Cam Newton is making a mockery of those that though he couldn’t translate to the big leagues. Meanwhile the Bucs season is growing more and more and more disappointing as Josh Freeman continues to suffer through growing pains. What would have looked like a one sided game two months ago is a toss up now, I’m betting that buoyed by success on the road, the Panthers will build on this with a mild upset in the division.



Raiders (7-4) @ Dolphins (3-8)

Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Dolphins by 3

Last Week Raiders beat Bears 25-20, Dolphins lost to Cowboys 20-19

Fast Fact The Raiders are gunning for their first four game win streak since 2002

The Raiders should be worried, unlike their cross bay counterparts, the trips east haven’t been as kind. With a number of key components not being at the ready, the Raiders will be leaning on Michael Bush that much more heavily. The Dolphins are playing much better than their 3-8 record would show and are a team no one wants to face right now. Im still not convinced that the Dolphins offense can make headway against the Raiders aggressive and athletic defense. It will be a struggle but Im thinking that the Raiders can grind out an ugly but effective win.




Jets (6-5) @ Redskins (4-7)

FedEx Field; Landover, MD 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Jets by 3

Last Week Jets beat Bills 28-24, Redskins lost to Seahawks 23-17

Fast Fact The Jets have won only once in the series a 3-0 snoozer in 1993.

The grins and haughtiness  came back to Rex Ryan after a tight win over Buffalo and the Jets still are very much alive in the wild card race. The Redskins pulled a stunner going cross country and rallying to beat the Seahawks. Rex Grossman hearkened back to his fast start with a solid game. But there is a marked difference between throwing on the up and down Seattle secondary and going against the stronger Jets defenses. Roy Helu continues to shine and he can keep the focus off heavily rushing the easily rattled Grossman. The Jets need this win and will likely make it interesting before pulling away.

Pick-New York Jets


Falcons (7-4) @ Texans (8-3)

Reliant Stadium, Houston 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite No Line (unclear QB situation for Texans)

Last Week Falcons beat Vikings 24-14, Texans beat Jaguars 20-13

Fast Fact Texans RB Arian Foster has averaged 156.6 yards from scrimmage and scored 8 times in the last five games, all Texan wins.

Contrary to popular rumor, I was not contacted about quarterbacking the Texans, neither was Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb, Jake Plummer or any  “is he  still in this league??quarterback to fill the Texans need at QB. Nor did Texans coach Gary Kubiak put an ad out on Craigslist. The untried TJ Yates will get his first NFL start and gets a tough draw in a Falcons team that has gotten a second wind and is trying to keep pace in the NFC wild card race. Look for heavy doses of Arian Foster but the Falcons will likely load up the box and dare Yates to throw on them. I surmise that he might be able to but not effectively. This could be a tight game but Im thinking Matty Ice and his offense will wear down the Houston defense.



Ravens (8-3) @ Browns (4-7)

Browns Stadium, Cleveland 4:05 (CBS)

Favorite Ravens by 7

Last Week Ravens beat 49ers 16-6, Browns lost to Bengals 23-20

Fast Fact The Ravens had nine sacks against the Niners tying a franchise record.

The Ravens are looking like a tough out in the AFC as they wore a young Niner team down methodically in a bruising game. The Browns jumped out fast but crumbled under a relentless Bengal rally. Point blank, the Ravens are better on both sides of the ball. They know it and the funny things is I think the Browns know it too.



Rams (3-8) @ 49ers (9-2)

Candlestick Park, San Francisco 4:15 (FOX)

Favorite Niners by 14

Last Week Rams lost to Cardinals 23-20, 49ers lost to Ravens 16-6

Fast Fact The Rams allow a league worst 159 rushing yards a game

Playoff Implication: Niners clinch the NFC West with Win

The Niners are still smarting from their punishing loss to the Ravens on Thanksgiving are looking for someone to take it out on. Enter stage left the hapless Rams who just find ways to give games away. The Niners are light years better than the Rams and shouldn’t  have any real trouble burying a team that is outmatched.

Pick-San Francisco


Cowboys (7-4) @ Cardinals (4-7)

University of Phoenix Stadium; Glendale, AZ 4:15 (FOX)

Favorite Cowboys by 4˝

Last Week Cowboys beat Dolphins 20-19, Cardinals beat Rams 23-20

Fast Fact Cardinals RB Beanie Wells rushed for a franchise record 228 yards in last weeks win over St. Louis.

The Pokes are feeling rather froggy, having had moved into first place a game clear of the badly fading G-Men and the road gets smoother facing a Cards team that isn’t going to really put the fear in anyone. With a vanilla offense facing good Cowboy pass rush, the Cards aren’t exactly the Saints or Pack in terms of putting up points. Heck they aren’t even the Cowboys. Tony Romo will continue to put up good numbers and the Pokes may dawdle some but have more than enough to roll.



Packers (11-0) @ Giants (6-5)

MetLife Stadium; E. Rutherford, NJ 4:15 (FOX)

Favorite Packers by 7

Last Week Packers beat Lions 27-15, Giants lost to Saints 49-24

Fast Fact The Giants have ended the winning streak of last two teams that had faced them with  double digit unbeaten streaks (Patriots 2007, Broncos 1998)

The talk of the Packers running the table gets debated more fiercely every week, they looked almost bored in toying with the Lions before pulling away. The Packers 17 game win streak ironically started against these same Giants who had they won that game in week 16 of the 2010 season would have eliminated the Packers from playoff contention. The G-Men on the other hand just looked lost as they got housed in the Big Easy by the Saints. Simply put, the Packers are playing on another level and unless the Giants withering pass rush can get to uber QB Aaron Rodgers, they will get picked apart. If they allow him to stay clean like Drew Brees did against them last week they will be getting 40+ hung on them again and watch the Cowboys pull further away

Pick-Green Bay


Lions (7-4) @ Saints (8-3)

Mercedes-Benz Superdome 8:20 (NBC)

Favorite Saints by 9

Last Week Lions lost to Packers 27-15, Saints beat Giants 49-24

Fast Fact Saints QB Drew Brees has thrown a TD in 38 straight games the second longest streak in NFL history (Johnny Unitas, 47)

This game was flexed into primetime, as the NFL and NBC considered the Lions a surprise team that  have played their way into primetime, but the Lions have lost four of six after their eye-popping 5-0 start and with Ndomaking Suh shelved due to stupidity…errr suspension. The Lions, while better than the Colts in primetime have lost some luster.

The Saints are rounding back into that breathtakingly scary form that they were in when they won the Super Bowl 2 seasons ago, their offense rolled up yards and put points on the board last week in breakneck style knowing that the Giants wouldn’t be able to keep up. You have to wonder if the Lions are coming back to earth fast will be able to slow down much less stop the Saints attack. The feeling here is no.

Pick-New Orleans


Monday, December 5

Chargers (4-7) @ Jaguars (3-8)

Everbank Field, Jacksonville 8:30 (ESPN)

Favorite Chargers by 3

Last Week Chargers lost to Broncos 16-13, Jaguars lost to Texans 20-13

Fast Fact The Chargers have lost five times by seven or fewer tops in the AFC.

The weeks started with a snoozer and ends with one. Call this the LA Bowl as I have the feeling that one of these teams may be headed to Los Angeles soon. Or in the case of the Chargers back to the city where they started in 1960. The Chargers crumbled at home in the wake of Tebow Mania and the Jags have been pretty much a lost cause all year and Jack Del Rio got the gate last week as result. The Chargers are pretty bad, but they aren’t as bad as the meandering Jags who have little offensive punch beyond Maurice Jones-Drew. Philip Rivers should have enough smarts to avoid the Jags puny rush and not throw a few picks.

Pick- San Diego



Last Week: 11-5 (Lock Correct, Upset Incorrect)

Overall: 108-68 (Thursday result not included)

Locks: 8-4

Upsets: 4-8

Ill be coming to you from the Hoodwood on Tuesday with more thoughts on why I think Jim Boeheim in Syracuse is safe from the Bernie Fine mess, my pick for the Heisman and why the Saints will be the one to stop the Pack in January (yes in Lambeau)...Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!


NFL Legend Buckles to Crime and Punishment
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This is the first installment of NFL Lucubrations in 2011, and most likely the only one.

Ain't That A Kick In The Head

Ndamukong Suh is a throw back player stuck in a sad time in the NFL, otherwise known as the Goodell Valley. First he got screwed out of the Heisman Trophy, and award that is supposed to go to the best player but goes to the most popular quarterback, running back or wide receiver, two years ago.

He destroyed NFL offenses in his rookie season in 2010, quickly gaining respect and fear from his opponents. Suh hits hard and often, thus drawing critics who have been brainwashed by Goodell to worship just the offensive side of the football.

Suh isn't producing as much this year, most likely the infamous sophomore jinx being the culprit, but he is still producing at a good rate. He isn't going to match last years tackles and sacks totals, and that will be helped by the fact he is going to serve a two game suspension for stomping an opponent out of frustration on Thanksgiving.

Part of the frustration is the fact that the Detroit Lions defensive line has not met expectations this season. Suh, the 2010 Defensive Rookie of the Year, was surrounded by more talent than he had ever played with before. He is spending his second season lined up next to Corey Williams, but the veteran is having maybe the worst season of his eight-year career.

Defensive ends Kyle Vanden Bosch and Cliff Avril have combined for 13 sacks so far, but they have offered little in run support with just 37 tackles. Linebackers Justin Durant and Stephen Tulloch were two veterans signed as free agents before this year, but the duo has only 107 combined tackles. Pat Angerer, of the Indianapolis Colts, and Pro Bowler London Fletcher, of the Washington Redskins, have at least that many tackles by themselves.

Detroit used their first round draft pick this year on defensive tackle Nick Fairley, only to get just six tackles in six games so far. Dreams of this unit being Detroit's second "Fearsome Foursome" have not come about, with Suh and Fairley reminding no one of the great Roger Brown or Alex Karras in the 1960's.

Suh plays with a mean streak, one that recalls historians of "Mean" Joe Greene of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Greene, a member of both the pro and collegiate Hall of Fame's, also was the Defensive Rookie of the Year as a defensive tackle. Suh may not match the streak of 10 consecutive Pro Bowls to start out his career like Greene did, but there are other similarities between the pair.

Like Suh, Greene hated to lose and would often explode if frustrated. During a game against the Cleveland Browns in 1975, Greene repeatedly kicked the opposing center in the groin. "Mean Joe" would also bat the ball away from centers during games where his team was losing.

Not only does he own four Super Bowl rings as a player, he has earned two more as a coach and consultant since retiring. A two-time winner of the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award, there are few players in the history of professional football more respected and beloved.

Yet Suh is getting scorn for the same types of actions. Matt Slauson, a guard for the New York Jets, went to reporters to let them know he did not like Suh while the two were teammates at the University of Nebraska. Slauson then tried to say few of his fellow Cornhuskers liked Suh as well, yet not one of those teammates have corroborated these claims.

Some think Slauson's real issue is that he spent most of his time under performing in an injury-riddled collegiate career, which caused him to drop all the way to the sixth round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Others believe the cause of his ire was from being thrashed around by Suh continuously in inter-squad scrimmages during practice.

Slauson and others believe Suh's foot stomp of Evan Dietrich-Smith of the Green Bay Packers was not unintentional, which Suh initially claimed it was. The star defensive tackle later apologized for the incident, but still garnered a suspension because he currently is carrying the tag as the dirtiest player in football.

Most of the media, many who never have played football or sports of any kind, claim Suh crossed the line of sportsmanship. While that may hold some truths, the game of football is bereft with emotions that can sometimes be borderline psychotic. As the legendary Jack Tatum, a Pro Bowl safety, once said, " I like to believe my best hits borderline on felonious assault".

That attitude of the game has been castrated by Goodell and rules he has invented like "putting too much weight on the quarterback". It is a game biased in offense and geared to carry the quarterback, one where defenses are now merely temporary obstacles at best.

After the incident on Thanksgiving, reporters were quick to run and get quotes from current and former players. Yet these came from offensive players, men who are basically the enemy of the defense. An outraged is expected from these types.

Playing in an atmosphere as antiseptic as a hospital, the modern defender must watch now only how high, low, or hard he hits a player holding the ball. They must engage an offensive lineman with kid gloves because blockers today are allowed to extend their arms and basically hold on each play, making it extremely difficult for a defender to get near the football.

Suh will have to go the rest of his career carrying the burden of an unjust label that comes from him playing the game with passion. He may have the respect of those who paved the NFL path to get get this game a multi-billion dollar empire, but Suh now has to carry the ire of the current leadership intent on making the game plush and cozy for quarterbacks and other offensive players.

This isn't his first fine, and it may not be his last suspension. If it is, we may soon see a docile Suh playing out the string of his career for a paycheck, something often witnessed in the game today, instead of striving for greatness.

Greatness that has made men like "Mean Joe" Greene and others some of the most recognizable and respected people in all of sports. If Suh wants to attempt to match that type of success, people like Roger Goodell need to get off of his back and let the man play this child's game with all of the zest he can muster. True gridiron legends are made by the man, fans and game, not meddling bores sitting in a posh office on Park Avenue in New York City.

Losing Isn't For Everyone

Cleveland Browns star Josh Cribbs was recently lamenting how he has experienced just 38 victories in the 107 games he has played with the club since joining them in 2005. With a new coach this season, his third with Cleveland, the results have been pretty much the same as they have been his entire NFL career.

The 2007 season was the best the Browns have had in his time there, where they went 10-6. Not only is it the only winning season he has experienced, but Cribbs also made the first of his two Pro Bowls that year after leading the league in all-purpose yards, kickoff return yards, and an average of 30.7 yards per kickoff return.

After setting a NFL record with eight touchdowns via kickoff returns in 2009, his last Pro Bowl year, Cribbs' production on special teams fell off in 2010. He has had a resurgence this year, but he is not satisfied because the new kickoff rules have made opportunities lessen for him.

He doesn't just return kicks or punts, but he is also does a bit of everything on offense. Cribbs was a quarterback in college, so Cleveland has had him rush the ball 121 times and toss 12 passes with them. He is also a productive pass catcher who is used in multiple wide receiver sets. Cribbs has snagged 88 passes so far, but his role has increased in the offense this year and he already has a career high mark in receptions with 29.

Despite the fact he is tired of losing, Cribbs will most likely spend 2012 in Cleveland. His contract will expire after that year, but the market for 30 year old return men may not be as desirable in the free agent market as he may hope.

Yet Cribbs harkens back memories of other legendary Browns return specialists. Men like Eric Metcalf, Greg Pruitt, Dennis Northcutt, Gerald McNeil, Hall of Famers Bobby Mitchell and Leroy Kelly are just a few greats who spent years exciting Browns fans through the years.

Some will say this current Cleveland franchise isn't the same one that ties into the fantastic Browns teams that won eight championships between 1946 and 1964. That team went to Baltimore in 1996 and became the Ravens. This version of the Browns was born in 1999 and has had just two winning seasons since.

This may not be the Browns that sent 16 men to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but the fans of Cleveland's Dawg Pound just want a few more wins. It is refreshing to see a guy like Cribbs, a real leader of the team, say what is obvious.

It is also heartening for Browns fans to know they have players whose desire to win is that immense. Many men have been in Cribbs situation of being with a franchise in an era of losing, but there are also many stories where perseverance was later paid off by championship victories.

It will take some time for team president Mike Holmgren to show results in his attempt to rebuild the team, but Cribbs realizes his window as a productive player shrinks with each contest that passes by. The team is young, but there has been sporadic signs in 2011 that the Browns will improve sooner or later.

Sooner is not soon enough for Cribbs, so Cleveland can expect him to fight until the end. It has been what Cribbs has done since he joined the NFL as an undrafted free agent.

Blame The Coach For My Tears

Many Philadelphia Eagles fans have called for the firing of Andy Reid, the winningest head coach in franchise history, for years despite the fact his teams have won 122 out of 202 games since he was hired in 1999. That rage in helped by the fact the Eagles haven't won a championship since 1960.

Reid even has a winning record in the playoffs, but his teams only reached the Super Bowl once. He smoothly transitioned the squad from the Donovan McNabb Era last year, but the squad has hit a few bumps this season despite spending millions in the free agency market.

When fans saw the Eagles load their roster with Pro Bowlers like Nnamdi Asomugha, Jason Babin, Cellen Jenkins, Vince Young, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Ronnie Brown, everyone expected the team to be headed for at least a division title in the NFC East. Many saw a Super Bowl ahead, which included yours truly.

But it hasn't worked out that way. Much like many other teams in professional sports history that doled out millions of dollars and got undesirable results, the Eagles have fallen flat on their faces in 2011. Things have fallen so far that Philadelphia was dealt their eighth loss already after getting stomped 31-14 by a young and rebuilding Seattle Seahawks team that has spent this season struggling themselves.

Owner Jeff Lurie is known for his loyalty, so there is hope he won't bow to a few fickle fans who starve for a trophy despite not knowing much about the game. Reid has made a few gambles that ended up being mistakes, like putting Juan Castillo in charge of the defense after the assistant had worked the offensive side of the ball the last 16 years with the team.

Trying to fill the shoes of Jim Johnson has been impossible since the guru died of cancer in 2009. Sean McDermott was fired after replacing Johnson, but he quickly found work with the Carolina Panthers. Yet fans need to realize the defense of 2011 is about the same as last year as far as yards and points allowed.

With the addition of Asomugha, Bryant, Babin, Rodgers-Cromartie, as well as retaining Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel, fans expected a huge improvement. The offense is also scoring four points less per game than they did last year, which reflects on Reid.

Quarterback Michael Vick, the man who replaced McNabb, looks like a $100 million mistake. He still remains injury-prone, but he has also regressed from last year when he looked like he finally adjusted to passing in the pocket. Young, who has filled in a few times after Vick went down, has also played erratically in his place.

Brown played so poorly that the Eagles looked to trade him weeks ago. But it isn't just the money Lurie has tossed that has hurt this team. It is the cash he hasn't yet passed out that ultimately became an issue.

DeSean Jackson had made two Pro Bowls in his previous three years with the team. An all-purpose wide receiver, the diminutive Jackson has been a threat catching, running, or returning punts for Philadelphia.

With his output, Jackson wanted a raise in pay. Lurie and his staff seemed more inclined to discuss this after 2011, considering the owner spent a fortune in free agency. Since this moment, Jackson has been a petulant child more inclined to be clubhouse cancer rather than a productive player.

What is confusing about his behavior is the fact Jackson went to the prestigious University of California, Berkeley., a school noted for their scholastic endeavors. All Jackson has done is lower his value with his behavior, so he wont be getting the cash he once sought.

Reid might catch the blame of Jackson's histrionics by some, but the coach has been trying to appease an ego while trying to get his 2011 to learn how to win. It is a juggling act that has not fared well for the team.

Coaches like Jack Del Rio have been fired already, even though that head coach was destined for this result after the owner forced him to cut his starting quarterback to save money. Men like Norv Turner and Tony Sparano should soon follow him to the unemployment line once this season concludes.

But Reid deserves a better fate. Some will say his players laid down on him this year, which should necessitate a change, but the unfamiliarity of a roster loaded with stars might need more time to gel. A squad in need of a real training camp, something the NFL was not afforded this year because of the players lockout.

After all of his productive years of service, Reid deserves one more season. A real season where he is afforded time to instill his philosophies into the newcomers, and possibly get rid of some distractions.

Every head coach is hired to be eventually fired because nothing lasts forever in the NFL other than legacy. Fans of Philly might be tough critics, but what is one more season to a group that hasn't seen a trophy in over 40 years?

Punches Hurt At Any Age

Many know how Canadian Football Hall of Famers Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca brawled a week ago at a luncheon to discuss a cheap shot Mosca put on a teammate of Kapp's during a title game in 1963. Many may not know that the history of these men have NFL ties that still reverberate today.

When Kapp was drafted in the 18th round of the 1959 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins, he basically was forced to the Canadian Football League because the Redskins never even bothered to contact him. Kapp is Hispanic and the Redskins were the last NFL team to integrate in 1962.

He was coaxed to join the Calgary Stampeders by legendary general manager Jim Finks. Two seasons later, he was traded to the B.C. Lions for four players, soon turning the team into a winner.

Leading them to the Grey Cup in 1963, the Lions faced Mosca's Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Mosca, whose nine Grey Cup appearances is a record, was a defensive tackle who was known as the meanest man in the CFL.

Kapp had a teammate named Willie "The Wisp" Fleming, a star halfback who would later be inducted into Canadian Football Hall of Fame himself. Fleming, who still holds the record for the longest play from scrimmage in CFL history, was tearing up the league during this time. Not only is Fleming the first 1,000-yard rusher in Lions history, he averaged 9.7 yards per carry in 1963.

Fleming went out of bounds after a carry, Mosca barreled into the prone player and knocked Fleming out of the contest. The Lions lost that game, but got revenge the following season by defeating Hamilton in the Grey Cup.

Kapp joined the NFL in 1967, thanks to Finks. Several franchises wanted his services, including teams in the American Football League, but Finks worked out a deal where his Minnesota Vikings waived a little-used halfback named Jim Young so that the Lions could sign him. Young would spend the next 13 seasons with the Lions and be named to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

Despite spending just three years with the Vikings, Kapp's Vikings made the first playoff appearance in franchise history. He made the Pro Bowl in 1969 and led Minnesota to the last NFL Championship Game ever. After winning that game, the Vikings went on to Super Bowl IV before losing to the Kansas City Chiefs of the AFL.

He had played that year without a contract, thanks to an option in his contract. Despite having tied a record by tossing seven touchdowns in a single game, the NFL would not allow teams to contact the free agent until late September of 1970.

Kapp signed with the Boston Patriots, which caused the team to give the Vikings a pair of first-round draft picks, and struggled with a team that had just two wins that year. The newly renamed New England Patriots then drafted Heisman trophy winner Jim Plunkett, who also happened to be a quarterback with Hispanic heritage, and turned Kapp away at their facilities when he reported to camp.

After deciding to retire after that encounter, he spent the next decade acting in television and movies. He returned to football in 1982 by becoming the head coach of the University of California, his Alma mater.

Not only is he the last coach to lead Cal to the Rose Bowl, Kapp oversaw his squad make "The Play". This is when the Golden Bears lateraled the ball five times on a kickoff return as the clock expired to defeat rival Stanford University.

After being fired in 1986, Kapp went back to the CFL in 1990 and became the general manager of the Lions. Though he he lasted just 11 games on the job, Kapp was the man who brought star quarterback Doug Flutie to the CFL.

Yet with all of that success, he did not forget what Mosca did to Fleming in 1963. Kapp was close with the halfback and had coaxed Fleming out of retirement in 1968 to try to play with Minnesota. Mosca became a Hall of Fame professional wrestler after he retired from the gridiron.

The popular video of Mosca swinging his cane and Kapp pounding his fists has been seen by many. Some have dubbed it a "geezers brawl" because both men are 74 years old. Yet there is much more respect to be had than humor.

These men played the game for passion, not cash. They had successes beyond that time, but the passion surely still burns in souls not nearly as withered and damaged as their bones. It beckons to the heart as to why a true football fan loves the game, as well as to past participants as to why they played it.

No one is calling for a re-match, but no one wants or expects these gridiron greats to ever lose their love for their teammates, fans, or the game itself. We need more of this passion to touch us all.

Yoooooooo! Dis iz 7thStoneFromTheSun again. OK, I struck out in da afternoon games las weak and only went 7-6. I is now 104-67 overall. I knead two dew better dis time cuz it iz holidaze time.

Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I got dis sneeky feelin da Panthers will win hear, cuz da Bucs just have let down demselves in 2011. Dey mite rebound dis weak,but I tink Cam will get er dun.

Panthers 27 Buccaneers 24

Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots

Da Pats are in da middle of a run dat will sea dem win dere final eight games. I tink dat defense gets dem bounced from da playoffs, but a 13-3 record will look good.

Patriots 34 Colts 20

Denver Broncos @ Minnesota Vikings

Da Teblow legend continues, but it is more an indictment of da crappy fundamentals of da NFL today. It is revoltin a NFL defense can't stop an option quarterback who can't throw da ball at all. Da Broncos defense is da reel savior of da teem.

Broncos 17 Vikings 14

Tennessee Titans @ Buffalo Bills

Both teems 2011 playoff hopes iz on life support, but da Bills showed me a little sumfin las weak. I tink dey will build off dat big victory las Sunday.

Bills 28 Titans 24

Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins

Da Raiders iz cummin off a big win las weak,while da Dolphins are just playin four pride. Oakland kneads two seel da deel by winnin games like dis.

Raiders 27 Dolphins 21

Atlanta Falcons @ Houston Texans
Game of the Week

Houston rules dere divishun wif a too game leed, but dey got quarterback issuez and is stuck havin two start a third-string rookie. Dey even went too a retirement community and brought Jake Delhomme back to be da reserve.

Da Texans will knead to rely on dere excellent runnin game and underrated defense two win hear. Lawrence Vickers, an excellent blocking fullback, mite miss da game and put more stress on Arian Foster and Ben Tate two be big.

Atlanta has been incunsistent and mediocre all yeer. But dere run defense is ranked second best in da NFL in yards alloud. Wif a rookie Texans quarterback expectin to see eight or nine defenders in da box Sunday, Atlanta will need to refrain from giving up big plays while controlling the line of scrimmage.

Da Falcons offense has not been as good as expected dis yeer, mainly because quarterback Matt Ryan has played poorly much to often. Halfback Michael Turner, just 52 yards away from 1,000 rushing yards, will need to be big against a Texans defense that is the best in the NFL in yards alloud and happens to bee forth best in rushin yards given up.

Who wins da line of scrimmage will prevail hear. Atlanta is a game behind New Orleans in da NFL South, so dey must stay pace. Dis iz why I iz rollin wif dem hear.

Falcons 23 Texans 14

Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Dese teems faced each other too weaks ago, wif Pittsburgh winning by a touchdown in a very closely contested battle. Even tho da Steelers gained more yards and had one less turnover, Cincinnati took it two dem.

I expect a replay really, but da Bengals are a game behind da Steelers in da AFC North and a loss hear will drop them in the Wild Card playoff quagmire with such average teems like da Jets, Broncos, and Titans.
I tink it goes to da wire.

Steelers 21 Bengals 17

New York Jets @ Washington Redskins

Yeah, Mark Sanchez was a mistake to draft. Yeah, Rex Ryan ran his toe sucker much two much as his teem true frailties was exposed. Yeah, dis average teem only gets press cuz dey iz in New York.

Still, dey are very much in da AFC playoff race and should beet Washington two stay adrift in it. Dese too teems have faced each other just nine times before, and da Jets only win over da Redskins was a 3-0 barn burner in 1993.

Jets 23 Redskins 21

Kansas City Chiefs @ Chicago Bears

A battle of backup quarterbacks who knead a good rushing attack and defense too win. Da Bears.

Bears 24 Chiefs 10

Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns

Da Ravens have had a habit of playin down to lesser oppossition in 2011, while da Brownies almost pulled off a big upset over da Bengals las weak. PLUS da Dawg Pound will never forgive Art Modell and will have extra venom four Baltimore.

Ravens 24 Browns 17

Dallas Cowboys @ Arizona Cardinals

Now dat da Cowboys sit alone on top of da NFC East, dey knead to win deez type of games to stay dere.

Cowboys 27 Cardinals 17

Green Bay Packers @ New York Giants

Remember las weak how I told ya'll da Jints defense would get steamrolled by da Saints? What do yous tink da Pack iz gunna do? Capeesh?

Packers 35 Giants 20

Saint Louis Rams @ San Francisco 49ers

At da beginning of dis seesun, most taught da Rams would be 9-2 and da Niners 2-9 now. Dat iz why dey play da games.

49ers 27 Rams 14

Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints

I was one of dem who had Detroit goin two da playoffs dis yeer, but a loss hear will have dem drop another notch down on da ladder. Da Saints have to get dis two stay ahead of Atlanta in da NFL South.

I expect a high scoring affair, but I tink da Saints just got a few more weapons. If Detroit runs da ball well, dey got a shot.

Saints 38 Lions 31

San Diego Chargers @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Da Jags fired dere head coach dis weak, somethin da Chargers should have dun two dere head coach befour dis yeer even began. Why San Diego hasn't canned Norv Turner yet iz a question I have asked since 2009.

Chargers 31 Jaguars 17

Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers
2. Baltimore Ravens
3. Pittsburgh Steelers
4. New Orleans Saints
5. San Francisco 49ers
6. New England Patriots
7. Houston Texans
8. Dallas Cowboys
9. Atlanta Falcons
10. Oakland Raiders
11. Cincinnati Bengals
12. Chicago Bears
13. Detroit Lions
14. New York Giants
15. New York Jets
16. Tennessee Titans
17. Denver Broncos
18. Buffalo Bills
19. Philadelphia Eagles
20. Washington Redskins
21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
22. Seattle Seahawks
23. San Diego Chargers
24. Kansas City Chiefs
25. Arizona Cardinals
26. Cleveland Browns
27. Carolina Panthers
28. Jacksonville Jaguars
29. Miami Dolphins
30. Minnesota Vikings
31. Saint Louis Rams
32. Indianapolis Colts

Welp,dat iz dat. I knead to get da fuck outta hear two do sum xmas shopping cuz yous alls knows dat dis goomba has a lot of hunnys to spread da mistletoe on in da cummin weeks. As dey say in Ol' Mexico= A.M.F.

Bandits Week 13 Thursday Pick
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Week 13

Thursday game starts the week off…please keep your yawns stifled. Odds provided by bodog.net for entertainment and comparison purposes only. But really if you’re betting on this game, you need some help.

Thursday December 1

Eagles (4-7) @ Seahawks (4-7)

Century Link Field, Seattle 8:20 (NFLN)

Favorite Eagles by 3

Last Week Eagles lost to Patriots 38-20, Seahawks lost to Redskins 23-17

Fast Fact Despite on gaining 31 yards on 10 carries last week Eagles RB LeSean McCoy leads the NFL in rushing.

These two teams were playoff teams last year, seriously! Both teams are lurching this year toward unremarkable finishes as the injury bug has bitten rather hard. With Michael Vick la no-go for the third straight week, Vince Young continues what is tantamount to an extended audition for his services elsewhere. The supposed vaunted “dream team” defense got shredded by Tom Brady and the Pats last week to no one’s surprise. Meanwhile the Seahawks seem to find a way to self destruct more often than not as their offense went into hibernation last and their defense let Rex Grossman rally the Redskins from 10 down in the 4th. The now oft-maligned Eagles defense should find the sledding a bit easier against the pedestrian Seahawks offense. Despite being down a number of playmakers on both sides of the ball should be able to lean on the dynamic rushing talents of LeSean McCoy and eke out a win.


Rest of the Picks post Sunday Morning. Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!

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