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Deep Thoughts 3-14-2012
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. Another blog that I just posted somehow vanished.  I am tired and really did not need to write my blog again, some day I will learn to copy into Word each and every time. Have you ever wondered why orange is called an orange but bananas are not called yellow? 



March marches on. This week is spring break for many of the local schools. Of course, high school baseball does not do spring break, so it is baseball instead. Who am I kidding, there is not much I would rather do than watch baseball. If it does not rain any of the games out, I will be headed to the coast on Friday for a few days of fishing. I suppose I should take a camera to make sure we get good pictures of the fish! I am actually really excited about this trip. I have never been where we are headed and have only seen a few pictures. 








This is called the land cut. On one side is the Gulf of Mexico and on the other is the Laguna Madre. You can actually drive down the beach from Corpus Christi, but we will be going by boat. The house we are staying in is the big blue one with the white roof.





March also means South by Southwest in Austin. This music festival now includes new films and brings a ton of musicians to Austin each year. Hopefully, I will be able to take in a full sampling one day. If you are looking for a fun week, this is a great time to come to Austin.







I think the NFL has gone crazy. Do you remember an off season with so much significant transactions by NFL teams? I have mentioned before that I really feel a transition in the NFL. Teams are making moves and not looking back. Besides the daily where's Peyton today, there seems to be one big name after another in transition. Pierre Garcon is now a Redskin. Randy Moss is back in the game, signed with the 49ers. Brandon Marshall is now a Bear? When did that happen? The Fins let him go for 2 third round picks? Then I heard the reports about a late night and Marshall allegedly punching a woman. Reports are rather sketchy, but given his history, I now understand the trade. Then there is Vincent Jackson. Jackson. Dude signed a 5 year deal with Tampa Bay on Tuesday for a total of $555,555,555. In case you do not see the significance of that number, it means we have another ocho cinco. It was only a few months ago that Chad Johnson ditched that name and reclaimed his original name.  Now we have Ocho Cinco II. Actually, it is pretty funny. What is not funny is being a San Diego fan. What is it with A. J. Smith? Is the Charger's GM impossible to get along with? If it was just one or two athletes, I could write this off to a few prima donnas, but Smith cannot keep good players in San Diego. If you can't keep players in San Diego, you really have a problem. I wonder how much longer before Charger fan begins to clamor for Smith's head?




If you are like me, you have a few brackets already completed. I have not paid that much attention to college basketball this year, but it is always fun to try to pick the winners. There always seems to be a 12 seed or two that upsets a 5 seed. Try as I might, I just don't see it this year. What I do see is 11 seeds taking down 6th seeds. Call me crazy, but I see three possibilities. I would not bet the house payment on it, but remember you heard it hear first. In the end, it looks like it will be Kentucky cutting down the net.






This gentleman pictured above with Alex Trebeck is Reid Rogers. Mr. Rogers correctly answered a question about women's tennis. His correct answer was what is Wimbledon. Alex accepted this answer and moved on. Rogers hit a daily double, but suddenly Alex got a stop sign. Trebeck got the word that Roger's pervious answer was considered incorrect. "I'm informed that you very clearly said Wimble-TON not Wimble-DIN a few moments ago," Trebek told him. Of course, Wimble-don would be the correct pronunciation, but who cares. What was clear is that Rogers knew the answer and was cheated. Instead of $1000 in his pocket going for a daily double, he had $200. What is wrong with people? Has the world gone completely anal? At least he did not say "three people that have never been in my kitchen".







That is all I have for today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey:



"It seemed to me that, somehow, the blue jay was trying to communicate with me. I would see him fly into the house across the way, pick up the telephone, and dial. My phone would ring, and it would be him, but it was just this squawking and cheeping. 'What?! What?!' I would yell back, but he never did speak English."


"My new millionaire idea is one regular shoe and one 'swollen' shoe, for when you get bit by a rattlesnake."



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...




Buzz from the Bleachers
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Ok, I'm gonna pick up the slack for BOB here. Question to keep in mind while filling out brackets and watching this weekend: how many Big East teams survive? In case you don't know, nine teams made it in from this conference: Syracuse, Marquette, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Cincy, South Florida, West Virginia, Louisville, and UConn. The lowest seed they have is a 12 (USF). I have confidence in about three teams here, 33%, to move on: Syracuse, Marquette, and West Virginia. Not to mention Syracuse lost their talented big Fab Melo to academic ineligibility. After hearing about what these schools do to make sure players pass, you have to wonder how Melo could not make the grade.

Here's an interesting chart for Melo and others to read. I'd be more than happy to show a few players I have coached this as well.

At the risk of being accused of "anti Big Least bias", I have to wonder why they have so many teams get in each season. It has to be reputation, how else can you explain UConn making it? It sucks because the tourney would be so much better if it wasn't dominated by one conference or another. I hate to say it, but a football playoff would probably just gives us similar fits. Still, I'll watch and I'll watch a bunch of Big East times bite it this weekend.

NFL free agency opened today and it got crazy quick. Vincent Jackson is off the board. He signed a five year, 455 million deal with the Bucs. Josh Freeman has a primary weapon. You have to wonder if it'll be enough to take them over the edge or even rebound from a disappointing season last year.

As my bro and BOB mentioned, the Dolphins traded Brandon Marshall to the Bears for.....a thrid round pick in 2012 and 2013. So, I take it Manning said no? Still, the best you can get for Marshall are two third round picks and not even in the same year? The guy would have commanded more in the open market, even with the bumper crop of WR in free agency.

Pierre Garcon has gone to play with RGIII in Washington. That leaves the Colts with two free agent wide outs. Since they lost Dallas Clark, I imagine they'll go after Wayne full bear to have someone for Luck to throw to. 

We have 21 days and counting til Opening Day in the MLB. In the mean time, ESPN and other networks have started showing a few spring games. ESPN will be showing the Tigers and the Mets today at 1 eastern. The remaining air schedule can be found here: http://espn.go.com/mlb/spring2012/story/_/id/7575978/espn-air-10-spring-training-games.

A sad sign in the NBA, the Magic have reportedly offered Dwight Howard the chance to decide the fate of both the GM and the coach at the end of the year if he re-signs. It's just further proof that the inmates are running that asylum.

I just finished reading Friday Night Lights. I should have been done some time ago, but I had a huge project due in my young adult lit class. Wow. I was kinda expecting a novel, but found instead a chilling look inside high school athletics and a town of different extremes. I could see what I saw of the movie play out as I read, but realized that as usual the movie didn't do the book justice. There were so many parts I could identify with and a lot of parts that'll make anyone want to lace them up and get on the field again. I would have to say Jeff and BOB's boys should read this if they haven't yet. I'd recommend it for any high school juniors and any high school juniors at heart.

Well that's it for me this week. I'm looking forward to a weekend of madness and enjoying what's left of my spring break. It hit 70 here today. That makes it short weather in MI. Thanks as always for stopping in and reading. I leave you with your word of the week.

brown carded, verb

When a person does not wash their hands after taking a dump they receive a brown card. Similar to a warning in sports.
Brent got brown carded because he is a disgusting douche bag and didn't wash after laying an offering to the porcelain god.



Monday Moaning 3-12-12
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Well, my weekend had started out pretty damn good...Friday night the wife and I went to dinner...We both had steak, because that fish on Friday thing is crap...Just an old bullshit deal the Church worked out with the fishermen to help increase the sales of fish...Then we saw the movie "Safe House"...Pretty good...I liked it...Kept you wondering, and had some good action...Then on the way home I talked the wife into giving me some road head...Always good!

But after about an hour after wee got home, something happened...Something went wrong...Twitter blew up with the news that the Washington Redskins had traded 3 first round picks, and a 2nd round pick to the Rams, to move up to the number two slot in the draft...Locking up the ability to draft Robert Griffin III...My dream of seeing this was crushed

Kid looked good in Brown and Orange...

I was pissed...Then rumors came out that the Browns had actually been in the mix...Offering almost as much...But honestly, I don't believe anything Adam Schefter says...Guy just throws shit against the wall and waits to see if it sticks...He's wrong at least 75% of the time! So I'm skeptical about how much the Browns really dug into the trade talks...

That said, looking at all the holes the Browns have to fill, and the fact that GM Tom Heckert said he doesn't plan on making a splash in free agency, maybe it's better they didn't give up this year's 1st and 2nd, along with their next two 1st rounders...(Yeah, I'm trying to be positive)...

Then of course we have had to deal with the Peyton Manning circus...Christ, early in the week the news broke that the Colts were going to release Manning, and all the fuck-stains at ESPN acted as if they were shocked by this...We all knew this was going to happen. Why is everyone going bat-shit about it?

Then the "Bounty-gate" talk has continued...First, I'm sick of everything semi-scandalous event, or topic having "gate" added to the end of it...This is all Nixon's fault...Ever since Watergate, we have had to put up with this...But fuck-heads, it took place in the Watergate Hotel...Gate doesn't mean bad, or dirty, or scandal...It was just part of the hotels name...So knock off all the "gate" shit!

Second, fuck all this pussy talk about this bounty shit...Monstrous men, playing a violent game, having their coach offer them money to take the violence up a notch...How and why is it so shocking? What shocking is it took this long for some one to actually talk about it...

Now I'm going to get into the political waters...Always dangerous, I know...I've avoided politics for awhile...I've been pretty much sick of all these dolts! But I have to speak up about this Rick Santorum idiot...

Listen, I understand and I can respect that there are people who's political views can be some-what shaped by their faith...But this guy is out there constantly talking about religion...Nothing about the economy...Nothing about foreign policy...Nothing about the environment...Nothing about the cost of education going up, while the quality of education is going down...It's just all about his Christianity...Are you running for President of the United States, or High Priest?

Santorum said that Kennedy's speech about separation of Church and State made him want to puke...Then I see some idiot bitch on TV saying she likes him because he believes in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights...No he doesn't! If he did he'd be all for Separation of Church and State...This country was founded Freedom of Religion...Not 'freedom to be Christian and if you aren't we're going to force our beliefs on you.'

And then of course there was big, fat, Rush Limbaugh calling a young woman a slut, and a prostitute...Rush and Rick don't think women's contraception should be covered by insurance or medicare/medicaid...Nor should having their tubes tide...Yet it's okay for a vasectomy to be covered...It's okay for Limbaugh's Viagra prescription to be covered...And yes, all those old timers have Viagra covered by Medicare/Medicaid...

Rush likes to stand on some moral high ground...Really, guy who has been divorced 3 times...He's on wife #4, yet he's fathered no kids...Were they using contraception? Has Rush been shooting blanks all these years? Maybe...Could be a side effect from all those years abusing Oxy!

It's odd, these two guys are a couple of these fuckers who say Government is too big, and needs to back off...But then they want to tell people what they can and can't do in their bedrooms...They turn around and say, 'You two women can't love each other, can't muff dive, and can't get married.' Or they say, 'Of course have sex with your wife, but no birth control allowed.' Or, 'Sorry you had a fucked up family member who sexually abused you, and got you pregnant, but you aren't allowed to abort it.' Yet none of these fuckers are standing in line to adopt the unwanted children they want to force women to have...

And fuck off if you to bash me for being pro-choice...Sorry, I don't believe some suit should be making choices for all women because of his faith...And while I believe that, clearly I'm pro-life...I got these three kids running around making me crazy don't I!

If your religious, if you have faith in a higher power, fucking awesome...But your faith shouldn't be trying to dictate government policy for a country made up all kinds of different faiths, and people who don't attach themselves to a particular faith...

And the only bit of God I want to hear about in the bedroom is this...

BEEZE 2016!

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

Swinging On A Star
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Who was the greatest free agent in the history of major sports?  My vote easily goes to Randy Johnson, who signed a 4 year $54 million contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks in the year 2000 and then delivered an incredible 4 straight Cy Young Awards and also a World Series title to Jerry Colangelo for having the foresight to secure Randy’s services.  Colangelo also pulled off perhaps the second greatest free agent signing ever for his Phoenix Suns when he signed point guard Steve Nash in 2005, and Steve then proceeded to win two straight NBA MVP Awards in 2005 and 2006.  That is certainly quite an accomplishment for Colangelo.  I invite my readers to name some other free agent signings that parallel these two; I bet that you will have a hard time coming up with any signings that even approach them.

How ironic it is that Peyton Manning just might be coming to the Arizona Cardinals, which then would complete a trilogy of the three greatest free agent signings ever all going to teams of the city of Phoenix. It is also interesting that these signings would encompass the three major sports of baseball, basketball, and football.  Of course this trilogy is dependent on how the Cardinals fare should Manning chose the Cardinals.  If one were to take any stock in various news reports, Peyton has apparently narrowed his choice of teams to Arizona, Denver, or Miami.  This writer believes Peyton would be the perfect fit for the Cardinals, a team which I believe is a star quarterback away from becoming a great team.  I will take the low road until it happens, but I believe that one good sign is the fact that NO information is leaking from the Cardinals camp about it, and that silence would certainly make sense if Manning is leaning towards playing here.

Randy Johnson, Steve Nash, and Peyton Manning all became free agents because their teams did not want to pay them the money.  Randy ended up signing for an average salary of $14 million per year and so did Steve Nash.  Those money figures seem low today, even though only a little over a decade has passed since Randy signed.  It just proves that the Seattle Mariners and the Dallas Mavericks severely under-rated the value of Johnson and Nash, and in retrospect these teams should have kept them. I know that Houston secured Johnson’s services for a half a season in which his record was 12-1, but even with Randy’s incredible record with them the Astros would not pull the trigger and sign him to a long term contract.


 I do not exactly know how to comment about owner Jim Irsay and the Colts releasing Manning, because I know that Indianapolis is in a rebuilding mode.  It does seem ludicrous to me, however, to let perhaps the greatest quarterback in NFL history walk over money.  A smart outlay of money says that Peyton will bounce back from his neck surgeries and resume his incredible Hall of Fame career without a hitch.  Whatever the team that secures his services pays to get Manning, it will be worth his salary if they end up hitching onto his strong throwing arm and riding on it to the Promised Land.  This writer is one who emphatically has faith that the Phoenix Trilogy of free agent signings will come to fruition and that a Super Bowl is in the offing.  Phoenix’s gain is Indianapolis, Dallas, or Seattle’s loss.



Mocking draft two point oh
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Mock draft two point oh.


The combine showed us that some guys are strong and some guys are fast and some guys are

strong and fast. The private team workouts will show which way the war rooms of each NFL team will go.

They put there draft boards together and list the guys they hope to draft and try to anticipate what guys their

rivals are going for. The gamesmanship goes all the way to the level of taking the guy the other guy wants just

so he doesn't get him. Most of the speculations pre draft are based on trying to decipher the lies from the spokesperson

for each team. Bill Belichick says he loves the skill set of a certain DE hoping Rex Ryan takes him so Bill can get the Safety

he was really hoping would slip to him. As we all have learned over the years, mock drafts are usually good thru the first two picks

and then a trade shakes the whole thing up. Then of course there is the run. Maybe O Tackle's start to fall and the teams in need pick a

guy that should be a late first or early second at #7 that makes the guys at 8&9 change there mind and the whole mock becomes a mockery.

so with out further blather and b s her is oldharry's Two point Oh:


1. Indianapolis- the Colts start the rebuilding and fill the greatest need, QB pick- Andrew Luck

2. Cleveland- trades both firsts and a second to get Robert Griffin III, QB

3 Minnesota- Kalil is here because St Louis traded down...

4. St Louis- Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State

5. Tampa Bay -they take running back Trent Richardson

6. Washington- many needs but they think Ryan Tannehill, QB will be a good fit after losing out on Manning and Flynn

7. Jacksonville- really could use a WR but they need help everywhere and can't pass on- Quinton Coples, DE

8. Carolina- Bdub and the Panthers are glad to see Morris Claiborne still on the board at 8

9. Miami- needs a QB and settles for Matt Flynn ...they take Riley Reiff, OT to help protect him.

10. Buffalo- needs a pass rusher and gets one high motor guy- Courtney Upshaw, OLB, Alabama

11. Kansas City- needs O line help and a healthy Matt Cassell, the pick -Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford

12. Seattle- At 6-3, 220 and 4.4 speed WR Michael Floyd is the pick

13. Arizona -could use another fast WR or Offensive line help and they pick- David DeCastro, OG, Stanford

14. Dallas- revamping the secondary could start with Dre Kirkpatrick

15. Philadelphia- was loaded last season with just a few serious needs they get help at linebacker, the Eagles take- Luke Kuechly, ILB, Boston College

16. NYJets needs a LB that can cover NE's TE's how about- Melvin Ingram, OLB, South Carolina

17. Cincinnati -needs secondary help and and has two 1st round picks with this one they take- Janoris Jenkins

18. San Diego -seriously needs Offensive Line help and you can't get a new HC in the draft, the Chargers take this big guy -Cordy Glenn he ran a 4.96 at 345 lbs

19. Chicago, Da Bears and quarterback Jay Cutler need a WR and get one here- Kendall Wright

20. Tennessee- needs a defensive play maker -Nick Perry

21. Cincinnati -RB Lamar Miller ran a 4.43 , pardon the weak ass pun...is it Miller time in Cincy

22. St.Louis from Cleveland. Mike Adams is the help needed on the O line.

23. Detroit- gets help in the secondary with Stephon Gilmore, a corner with 4.42 speed and at 6'1" 193 can he cover the big receivers?

24. Pittsburgh- needs to address both lines, the defense will benefit with this guy Whitney Mercilus, DE, Illinois

25. Denver- they won the division and they win the Manning /Wayne sweepstakes but everyone knows they need help on both sides of the ball, this is some serious help on defense- Jerel Worthy

26. Houston- Wide receiver Stephen Hill at 6'4" 215 and a forty at 4.36 could be a steal here at # 26

27. New England - Bill is delighted to see Safety Mark Barron still here at #27

28. Green Bay - gets a real find this late in the first round, DE Andre Branch

29. Baltimore- wants another chance before the defense gets too old, they pick- Jared Crick, DE, Nebraska

30. San Francisco -was lacking a deep threat and and it cost them a trip to the SB today they get one- Rueben Randle, WR

31. Pittsburgh from New England for Mike Wallace! and Tommy Brady is delighted too...and the Steelers take Donta Hightower

32. NY Giants- The Champs can use this pick to further strengthen the SB winning defense- Fletcher Cox, DT

I know  what your thinking...Oldharry has been hitting the Irish Mist...you can mock all you want, trades and free agents can make a mockery out of every mock draft over night..

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