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Buzz fom the Bleachers
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Welcome back to another Wednesday in the bleachers. It’s hard to believe, but there’s less than a month until high school football is back in session here in Michigan. My boys have less than a month to get things together before they open against their big rivals. I know a lot of us can’t help but enjoy high school football. The fact that I coach helps me. A few of you have sons playing.

I can attest that high school ball will always hold a huge draw. When we had to travel on Friday nights at Albion (which didn’t happen too much), we’d press up on the bus windows anytime we caught field lights in the distance. We just wanted a glimpse back to what put us on that bus. Sometimes you want to go back to when it was more about fun and more about the real love of the game.
Anymore, though, it’s just so much more pure than anything you can catch on tv. I’ll be perfectly honest; the fact that EPSN shows a few high school games kinda sickens me a bit. It might be a different sentiment in areas where football is bigger, but showing high school games on national tv just seems to sap the spirit. It really cheapens things to me. I’ll see those kids in college or the pros one day; there’s really no need to rush them into the limelight.

Our recent glimpses into both college and pro football seem to do so much to really elevate high school football. The recent strike and the rash of arrests and police run ins in the pro game have left a bad taste in many a fan’s mouth. The PSU scandal smacked of horrible truths and revelations that were enough to pry even hardcore football fans back from focusing on the game to wanting to see justice done for the victims. Hell, we had diehard fans here at The Gab calling for the Death Penalty! How often has a story stirred that much passion that you want to see any team raised to the ground?

I have to say I’m ok with how the NCAA ruled. I wouldn’t begin to know how to tackle doling out punishment for that kind of offense. I had some mixed emotions about vacating the wins, but I can see how that time period shows PSU selling their souls for those wins.

Still, I can empathize with the players who’ve come out in anger at the thought of their games/college careers boiling down to nothing. These guys still gave all their blood, sweat, and tears to win. They did it without knowing what the people behind the scenes were doing. Still these guys did irreparable damage to their bodies and now they have to accept that they never won a game. I think it would’ve made more sense to either put an asterisk on Paterno or just remove him from the record books. You can keep the wins intact for the sake of the young men who earned them, but just remove the recognition from the coaching staff. Saying these games never happened is just a bit of an unnecessary step to me.

I also can’t help but feel that the NCAA had a good amount of nerve getting on their high horse in their statement. A lot of what they said needed to be said, but they came out making themselves look hypocritical as is often the case in those sorts of statements. Here’s the biggest thing that struck me from Mark Emmert and the NCAA’s statement:

“One of the grave dangers stemming from our love of sports is that the sports themselves can become "too big to fail," or even too big to challenge.

The result can be an erosion of academic values that are replaced by the value of hero worship and winning at all costs. All involved in intercollegiate athletics must be watchful that programs and individuals do not overwhelm the values of higher education.”

The NCAA is the epitome of the institution that views itself on being too big to fail or challenge. In the wake of countless fans, schools, players, and coaches that have cried out for playoffs it is only in 2012 that the NCAA has thought about instituting one. Even then, the NCAA is just a monster in and of itself. It has a legitimate monopoly on college sports. It makes billions of dollars.

The NCAA also has a history of picking and choosing where it follows investigations. Did they ever announce any findings when they looked into Auburn a few years back? How about Oregon? Though they do get some cases right. Ohio State needed to be penalized for Tressell’s apparent acceptance of player’s violating NCAA procedures. The Bush scandal was dealt with well IMO. The recent actions of Penn State were served to them on a silver platter. They had little choice to make a move and a big one at that. If there is one thing that I really loved about the ruling, it’s the fact that they didn’t screw the players. They let the kids leave without penalty, just like they usually let coaches.

While the college scandals have been simply monstrous, the recent troubles in the NFL have seemed sheer stupidity. How do men who make so much money not have money to afford taxis? Hell, these guys can afford limos. They can certainly afford booze. Maybe they need more incentive to call in a designated driver. What I think needs to happen are stiffer fines and penalties for DUIs in the NFL. A quick Google search shows that Braylon Edwards was fined 50K for a DUI last September.


Edwards was a multiple time offender. Clearly 50K is not scary enough. Let’s toss out something scarier; something that will have these guys staying in their own homes to tie one on or maybe even bringing a DD along to the bar/club. Could we double that 50K? Could we include a sliding scale that increases incrementally with the number of offenses? So, 100K first time. You do it again, double that. Once more, triple that (300K). Edwards seemed to brag about not losing games... Heck, let’s add a game off for a second offense. Two games off for the third offense. Maybe that’d be enough?

I’ll second BOB for grudgingly giving the Lions some kudos for tossing CB Aaron Berry after his second arrest. This second incident happens to be a gun charge. We’ve seen a few of those this year. Dumervil comes to mind. I’m not sure how these guys would do in a jury case. Just to be safe. I don’t think I’d like to see either of them on a field anytime soon.

Well, that’s all for me today. As always thanks for stopping by and seeing what’s on my mind. Feel free to leave any thoughts you might have below. I’ll be hitting the road again Thursday, taking my girlfriend back for her last year of college. Hope you folks have a good week and enjoy some of the baseball madness and less football madness. I leave you with your word of the week.

feelings, noun

Those damn things that show up when you're trying to have sex.

Or watch a sad movie.

God, feelings sucks.

Talking Sports
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Hey Gabbers Happy Thursday


We have lots of exciting baseball with 11 teams in the American League above 500. 6 teams within a game of each other for a possible second wild card birth. The nice thing it will bring some excitement to the second half and the trade deadline. Unfortunately there will be far more buyers than sellers. The battle for guys like Matt Garza of the Cubs will be huge.

Brett Lillibridge

Brent Lillibridge

Kevin Youklis is back at Fenway this week and he has been excellent. I think the trade of him going to the White Sox and in a little more laid back atmosphere has done the guy a world of good. unfortunately for the Red Sox Will Middlebrooks has slumped and spent some time on the DL since the trade. I still think it was good trade. The funny part is  the Red Sox designated Brent Lilibridge for assignment to make room for Carl Crawford. Some rumors say he may end up back with the White Sox. That would be funny.


Jeremy Lind help with this one. The Rockets cut the guy . The knicks pick him up and he is good for 25 games or so filling in for Carmelo Anthony and then the Rockets offer him 3 years for 25 million. The Knicks say no thanks were not going to match it. I’m sorry I’m all for get as much as you get if someone is willing to pay tou. That is very much the case here. The Rockets took the hype and overpaid. Anyway good for JeremyI think we all look at these guys and when they have a crappy year we go right to the money they are making. Why blame them if somebody is willing to pay, I’ll take what I can get and so would you. We should blame the owners. I will use JD Drew who the Red Sox paid some huge money to and anytime the guy slumped the first thing out ofg Red Sox fans mouthes were he is making all that money. Yeah, because they were willing to pay him. I’m just as guilty as anybody but seriously these guys take what they can get in most cases.

So Football camps are opening up everywhere over the next few weeks . So it’s time to gear up and get ready. My favorite part of training camp is always to see what guys around the league try to get out of it. Injuries, contracts and bad attitudes just bless these camps over and over. Seriously camp is a lot easir under the new CBA. They are user friendly and the coaches have actually figured out that sometimes you get more with less. It doesn’t mean it’s a picnic it just means it’s a lil easier than they were.

Dez I won’t carry anybody’s equipment Bryant gets the son of theyear award for assaulting his own mother. Somehow I’m thinking she probably was responsible for part of his success. But who am I. It will be interesting to see how the commissioner handles this one.

Somehow he maybe tougher on Dez than the NCAA will be on Penn State although I think a death penalty will be coming it makes the kids at Ohio State  trading trinkets for Tats look like kid stuff, Ditto on Reggie Bush. There are no winners in the Penn State Saga and it’s ashame that a Football first mentality scarred a bunch of kids and ruined the reputation of a fine academic institution. The penalties need to be severe and should be. It will never be right .however, maybe others will learn and hopefully it doesn’t happen again anywhere.

Musings From the Hoodwood 7-3 Holiday Grill Edition
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Greetings from the Hoodwood where the grills are almost as hot as the weather…


In what has become a tradition in my blog writing, I invite the readers to participate in my annual summer grillout. I grew up in a family and neighborhood that grill got fired up as soon as it got fairly warm and just like the Fresh Prince stated in his classic jam, a grill can and does spark nostalgia. It also sparks some of the best debates/arguments ever. So grab a plate of food, pull up a cold one and join in. Moms always fixes a great spread. I’m a grill master. And the rest of the family does what they do. This year, Im gonna do the grill a little different. I get some of the Yougab peeps to stop thru, grab some grub and chat. Take a listen.


Bandit: Gimme 5 minutes and the steaks will be ready


Sully: You burn mine and we’re gonna fight, what the hell is Dwight Howard thinking? First he wants to stay in Orlando, then he wants out. Now he wants to go to Brooklyn?


Dwight Howard is the classic enigma, and you have to wonder who the hell is in his ear feeding him these ideas. The iconoclastic Magic center more or less told new GM that he wanted to be traded, but only traded to the Nets. For their part the Nets are pretty cool to Howard, they were working feverishly toward a deal last spring when Howard decided to not excerise his opt out. Now he wants to be traded, teams like the Rockets and Lakers have shown interest but have to be put off by Howards posturing. This will get a whole lot messier before its all said and done. Me myself, I


Beezer: Man, this grilled corn is something! Let me get another ear. Did I hear this right? Brandon Phillips ain’t an All-Star? What’s up with that???


The Reds 2nd Baseman is out hitting All-Star starter Dan Uggla by better than 50 points but didn’t win the vote. This is something that the All-Star manager could correct, right? Not if the NL manager is Tony LaRussa who will comeback to manage the NL, of course LaRussa holds a grudge and selects the heretofore unknown Jose Altuve of the Astros as spare 2nd baseman, then tries to act like he doesn’t hold a grudge by selecting two Cubs for the NL roster. CUBS!!! LaRussa is obviously holding a grudge from a fight from 2 years ago…geez get over it.


Princess Katie: Daddy, I love the spicy grilled chicken, but Im sooo upset. Steve Nash isn’t going to come back to the Suns…but why would he go to Toronto? That’s so gro-te. (Katie-ism for gross)


Steve Nash may very well be on his way to Toronto. The expatriate Canadian would be a PR coup for the otherwise nondescript raptors, the Raptors reportedly have offered Nash a fopur year deal which is more than any other team has offered. The Suns for their part have offered Nash a two year deal, but Nash wants at least three. The Nets are interested if they cant land the prize bull of the free agent class Deron Williams who is agonizing between the Nets and Mavs. Williams is a Dallas native and likes the idea of playing for his hometown, but he also likes the direction that the Nets are going and if they get Dwight Howard that changes the game even more. A Nash to the New York Knicks deal would be a strict sign and trade since the Knicks are so tight to the cap you couldn’t get a chicken bone under it.


Qwaizer: Hey Bandit, I was talking to your mom, I think its cool that her and her boyfriend really dig NASCAR. Did they ever get that situation at Kentucky Speedway straightened out? Make sure that you don’t burn my chops either


Brad Keselowski roared to an impressive win (in a backup car no less!) at the Kentucky Motor Speedway this past weekend which is in Sparta, KY about 45 mins southwest of Cincinnati. Last year was an absolute nightmare as many of the would be spectators were stuck in a hopeless traffic jam that ran miles back from the Speedway. I had a friend that left their house north of mine at noon to get to the track for a full day. Normal conditions its about an hour drive to the track They got about 20 miles from the speedway about 45 minutes later and only moved about 3 more miles in the next 8 hours! The speedway officials worked on improving the access to the track and the state worked quickly to improving the infrastructure in the area heading to the track. The result? No traffic problems and better that 107,000 people took in the race which other than the blistering heat (triple digits before the start of the race and 140 degrees on the track) came off without a hitch and NASCAR happy that the Kentucky Motor Speedway stepped its collective game up and turned out a fine race.


Lady Bandit: Honey, you keep gabbing and your gonna end up burning those ribs and brats! Do you really think Jonathan Vilma can sue the NFL and win?

Vilma is taking a super huge gambit suing the NFL in federal court saying that Commissioner Roger Goodell is not making a timely enough ruling on Vilma’s appeal of his year suspension for the bounty issues. This is separate from the defamation lawsuit that Vilma filed in May. Vilma is seeking a restraining order that allows him to keep playing if the suspension is upheld. While ballsy, the lawsuit has no traction and no chance of winning. All the league has to do is pull out a copy of the CBA and ask did they not negotiate the Commissioner’s ruling power. Its been well documented here that Im no Roger Goodell fan by any stretch but he has the law on his side here. Villma and the players are in a painted corner.


Princess Jazzie: Goal!!! Viva Espana!

Leave it to the Little one to say so much with so Little. Spain’s soccer team rolled through the Euro Cup and barely broke a sweat thrashing a solid Italian squad 4-0 to win their third straight major soccer tourney. The Spainards scored barely 15 minutes intop the match and the Italians just looked like they were out of their league and two steps behind all match. With the successful defense of the European title, it might be foolish to bet against the Spainards in any compettion anytime soon especially with the World Cup in 2014.


Moms: Some more of your Yougab people are coming over, so you better get that other box of steaks and chops out of the freezer. You say free food and suddenly you get a gallery like Tiger Woods.

Don’t look now but guess who is on top of the FedEx Cup Standings in Golf? That’s right Ol Eldrick himself, getting all Ranger Rick on the PGA tour, his win in the AT&T National was his 3rd in the 2012 season and his 74th of his storied career passing his idol Jack Nicklaus , Woods’ shot a final day 69 and went a breathtaking 41 straight holes without a bogey and beat Bo Van Pelt by 2 strokes finishing at 8 under par. Woods seemed to relish the fact that many in the media was openly questioning if he would win another event much less another major.



Allow me to step away from the grill for my phat dap and head slap of the week


Phat Dap

Dap to Jeneba Tarmoh who finished in a dead heat with Allyson Felix for the 3rd and final spot on the US team for the 100 meter women’s race. A winner take all run off was supposed to be held yesterday at in Eugene, OR but Tarmoh decided to concede the spot to Felix, though some replays showed that she just beat Felix to the line. I would have liked to have seen a runoff, but Tarmoh decided to step away and not race. She had though she had won the spot and only found out it was a dead heat from reporters. A bit of a slap to the USATF for not having a contingency plan in place for something as prestigious and important as an Olympic Berth


Head Slap

Im not one to speak ill of the dead but I have to. Penn State just seems to dig itself even deeper with the revelations in the wake of the Sandusky. Now its being reported that Joe Paterno not only knew of the allegations but convinced his higher ups to keep it quiet. Little by little JoePa’s pristine image is being shredded. I was never a big fan of his, and thought his supposed pious image was a fraud. To see him rage on the sidelines and then act like he was supposedly so calm. I always had a beef with Penn State with the plain jerseys and Paternos assertation that it was about the team, but he never stopped being lionized. I always thought he was covering for his homie in Sandusky and that he knew more than he wanted to admit. Of Course this is all speculation and conjecture, no one will ever know the extent of what Paterno knew and the calls for Penn State to get the death penalty are just plain ignorant. To punish the kids that are playing for the school and had nothing to do with what that sick ass bastard Sandusky did is just flat wrong, Stop calling for punishing the body of the school, lets punish those that knew of the situation and did nothing to stop it.


Mo: Hey Bandit I brought DVT, IHM and Lanz and they are hungry…Average Fan DET is still trying to find his way through this maze of a neighborhood to your house but hes coming (Jazzie toddles her way over to Mo who picks her up with a big hug)


Jazzie: Uncle Mo! Why do the Red Sox Suck?


Everyone breaks up laughing


Fix yourself a plate, pour yourself a cold one and join the conversation!


Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!

Talking Sports
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Hello Gabbers

Welcome to another addition to Talking Sports so lets get started.. The Lobsters have nothing to do with anything. I spent a week in Maine never even had one. Besides they charge like $19 bucks for it at a Resturant go to the Lobster pound up there they are live kickin and $3.99 a pound. Neve could figure out why they charge so much the damn things almost crawl to the Resturants.

Common you knew it was going to come and you know it would happen sooner or later. Like me you didn’t want to happen but it did. So I guess we can move on and not have to worry about Lebron getting a ring or whether it will make him a complete player. The guy did have a good playoff run prett much carrying the Heat through both the Boston Series and the OKC series. It’s done and over with.

Speaking about being done the Red Sox sent Kevin Youklis to Chicago in a move they felt they had to make. I agree Youklis played hard he took a beating from playing hard. His replacement at third Will Middlebrooks it was his time to shine and he has and will be a good player for years to come. I just can’t wait for this kid to go into a slump and all these talk radio callers start with the We should have traded Youk. This kid has played hard struggles will happen but we need to look at the whole body of work.


I would have loved to been former NHLer Adam Oates Yesterday. He was named Head coach of the Washington Capitals  yesterday and then a few hours latter he gets the call from the Hockey Hall of Fame. I loved Oatesy when he played for the Bruins . He just added to Neely and Bourque. It was shame that those three never won a Cup together.

Congrats to Adam Oates on his big day yesterday.


Speaking of future Hall of Famer retired Jet and Charger Ladaainian Tonilson was asked give the choice would he want a Superbowl Ring or be a Hall of Famer. He choose Hall of Famer. At first I thought what a pompus ass. Then I thought this is a guy that cold have possibly sent the Chargers to a Super Bowl and didn’t play on a Cold Night in Foxboro against the Patriots while Phillip Rivers played with a broken leg or some injury that I don’t recall. Became an instant Rivers Fan that night. But after some reflection  the guy never got the opportunity to be on a Superbowl Team and we all knew he would be first ballot Hall of Fame, So why not choose the Hall only 237 others have been inducted out of all the players of all the years. Anyway he is well deserving.


This Video Sucks but it was the only one I could find of the catch on You Tube

Dwayne Wiser the Yankee Outfielder in case you didn’t see it dove into the stands afterr a James Hammerhan foul down the left field  line at Yankee Stadium. He dove in and came out like he had the ball in his glove. The Umpire called him out but the replay clearly showed the ball falling and not being a catch. I love the way Wise played it cool like he had the ball. In my humble opinion that call fell squarely on the umpire. He made the call and Wise just went along with it.

I mean did Wise cheat, No did he fool anybody probably not. He just played it cool. I’m sure that umpire got a call from the league office and some sort of discipline action.

Yesterday, I called my 12 year old from work to see if he wanted see the Red Sox and The Blue Jays play. I figured it maybe fun because he was on the Blue Jays. He said no. When I got home from work my 10 year old the Sidewinder said can I go. So I kind of hymmed and hawed about going back into town. I work downtown about a10 minute walk to Fenway from my office nad I have parking. I got home at 5 after an hour comumute. So finally around 6 I said let’s go.Iw as going to drive back in but figured there would some nasty traffic especially getting near the ballpark. We decided to take the train in. We drove to a Suburban Subway station maybe 7 miles from the house. Took the Subway which means switching lines. The Boston Subway system quite frankly is run very poorly. The take trains out of service for no reason and don’t put extra trains on game nights. Frankly it stinks. It took a little over an hour to get there by train. We get off at Kenmore Square. It’s just about game time and we have no tickets. I knew I could get some pretty good seats at the Sox box office they always have them.

We get off the train and I see a licensed ticket broker s office. 5 people seating behind the counter. I greet them and say you have anything good for tonight. The guy says yeah I have a pair of $94 (each)  dollar seats . I can give them to you for $35 a piece. I jump on it. The seats were Loge or for us  old timers Upper boxes right behind the Toronto Dugout about 20 rows back far enough above the aisle that people walking bye wasn’t issue close enough to see everything clearly. Nobody in the two rows in front of us nobody on the side. The little man had a blast. Even the subway ride home was bearable barely. It was a great time.

Musings From The Hoodwood 6-26
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Hoodwood salutes Lebron on finally getting his first NBA title...the look of relief on his face says it all.

Greetings from the Hoodwood, where the residents are hoping that the victims of that perv are finally able to heal.  (more on him later)


NBA: Bron Bron finally gets his

As on Ohioan, in a way I understand the deep abiding loathing and in some circles hatred that some have for LeBron James. Cleveland feels like the woman in Waiting to Exhale that helped nurture their man for years only to have him publicly dis and dismiss her for a younger version.  The problem is that unlike the movie, Cleveland didn’t get its revenge. They didn’t burn the possesision and get the bulk of the material goods in the divorce like Angela Bassett did in the movie. Instead they have sit and watch their man celebrate an NBA title with their new “woman” The Cavs couldn’t or wouldn’t surround James with the talent to get him to an NBA championship so he went where he felt he had his best chance of getting one. As much as northeast Ohio despised him and watched in chagrin, James got the job done. He was the unanamious selection for Finals MVP, completing  a rare daily double of league regular season and Finals MVP. He played with an intensity that got deeper meaner and stronger as the playoffs wore on. His 28.6 ppg, 10.2 rpg and 7.4 apg were all team leaders for the finals and he seemed to play with a hunger that was sorely missing last year when the Mavs made James a non factor late in games.

Im already hearing the haters and discounters sneering, “It was only a 66 game season. He would have faded had they played a full schedule. “ Ummmm, sorry to break it to you but the Heat did play more than 82 games this year including the playoffs and given the grueling schedule that they had to play. I offer that the schedule that the Heat had to endure was tougher and made them steeled better for the playoff run. I was amused at listening to the braying of Skip Bayless, who has long been a vocal and sometimes overly harsh critic of James getting his head blasted by Stephen A Smith.

(Video Clip courtesy of ESPN First Take)

Give James his dap and due. He stepped his game up on the largest of stages and was something that he has been oft criticized for his lack of true leadership. I liked how he calmed Mario Chalmers down in the 4th quarter of game 5 with the Heat pouring it on and Chalmers egging the crowd on. James was quick to put the kibosh on it, in effect saying the job wasn’t done. It was just about but James looked the leader and the team followed his lead.

Though it seemed that youth and inexperience finally caught up with the Thunder, weep little for this precocious bunch. You can bet that Brooks, Durant, Westbrook, Sefalosha and Harden will be a team to bank on playing deep into May and June for some years to come. This is a talented and young team that will grow together and with the aging Spurs and Lakers looking to be reshuffling. I find it hard not to see this team being the Western bully for a while.

CFB: Justice.

That’s all that really needs to preface this part of the musings, former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 of the 48 charges brought against him and will spend the rest of his life on this earth in prison. Sandusky had the look of someone that didn’t believe that he had done anything wrong and was dumbstruck that he was found guilty. My feeling was  plain and simple, that many people saying the same thing cant corroborate the same story unless it was true.  Sandusky bullied and harassed those young men to get his sick kicks. He shamed and threatened them to keep them quiet and tried to portray himself as a paragon of virtue  as the late Joe Paterno’s right hand man for so long. Twitter and the various social media outlets were ablaze Friday night when the verdict came down and I opined the usual ignorant reply of don’t drop the soap. But the thing that annoys me is that Sandusky was on suicide watch. This man if he kills himself is only proving that he was a gutless fuck. A yellow coward that could be the predator and bully but cannot face the justice that has been handed to him for his disgusting crimes. I hope that useless fuck, gets run up in a few times by those hard core pipe hitters that Marcellus Wallace spoke of in Pulp Fiction. I will dive into a pool of sanitizer to get the icky feeling off of me as we move on.

LT: Salute to a great back

My pops is a big Charger fan, Both of my stepbrothers and I were born in San Diego. So there are some ties there and I have always respected the rugged running back LaDainian Tomlimson. Though he had a bust season when I drafted him in 2007, I wont hold it against him. Tomlinson called it a career after 11 stellar seasons. The first 9 in San Diego where all but one of his seasons he had over 1100 yards and 10 touchdowns, his 2006 season of 1815 Yards and 31 total TD’s made him a no brainer choice for MVP that year. LT’s silky speedy running style helped make the Chargers an AFC contender for the 2000s and a fan favorite. Ever the classy player on and off the field, Tomlinson was never a troublemaker and was cited often for his charitable work and was named the Walter Payton Man of the Year award winner in 2006. Tomlinson was used more as a 3rd down back in New York and instead of trying to catch on with other teams to stretch his career, instead chose to announce his retirement after signing a ceremonial one contract with the Chargers so he could retire as a Charger. Start the counter to Canton his 13684 rushing and 18456 all purpose yards with 156 TDS make him a Hall Of Fame shoo-in

College Football: Playoffs???

To the likely chagrin of a certain fellow blog poster from a former blog that I once wrote for, College football looks like they will finally have a playoff system in place very soon. College football has tried and tried to avoid it. Those that advocated against it kept talking about tradition and that the regular season was the playoffs. I think that settling a championship on the field rather than with a computer or voting is the best way. Is the four team model the best way? Not in my opinion, I think it gives the big money conferences (read the SEC) more of a chance to monopolize the spots. But it’s a start, a way to develop. The major BCS bowls still get their shot and the pageantry will still be there. Though there will be some that snicker at the bowls now as consolation games for the also rans, I still think that they have their place and will be useful. Heres hoping that this is the beginning of December or January madness that will have championships decided on the field not in a ballot box or computer.


Phat Dap

To Title IX, the law that promoted gender equality in sports. For a father of two daughters, it heartens me to see that women are able to compete in sports just as men are. I can point to so many women as good sports role models for them in a variety of sports. The law  was created in 1972 and has done much to encourage not only education for women but their participation in sports. This law paved the way for coaches like Pat Summitt to be considered one of the greats and names like Lisa Leslie, Jennie Finch, Chris Evert to be household names. Dap to a law that has broken barriers and opened doors.

Head Slap

To the jerks that were throwing bottles and glasses at a New York City nightclub one of which hit Spurs G Tony Parker. Now you know Im no Spurs fan and have no love for Parker but I think it not very fresh that Parker was hit and had a shard of glass removed from his eye.The shard was reportedly 99 percent pentreated.  The injury could likely keep Parker from playing for the French National team in the Olympics. All over a fucking beef between two useless individuals Chris Brown and Drake that Parker was not involved in and was an innocent bystander.

Thats the view from the Hoodwood, until next post fellow sports fans!

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