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LeBron Is Still a Douche...So Is Pete Carroll
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So LeBron James made that tweet on October 11th...Really asshole, you're gonna just up and play football...This jackass just can't stand not having his name out there in the media...So he's gotta stir up some bullshit...

Then stupid ass Pete Carroll has to feed his ego by tweeting this photo to LeBron...

What couple of douches!

Hey Pete, you may want to hold off until LeBron actually wins something, and doesn't quit on his team in the playoffs...


Later, the Beeze.


Musings From The Hoodwood 10-11
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Greetings from the Hoodwood, where the locals are getting extremely restless about the 1-4 starts by the local teams. You really don’t want to hear what they are calling me on the sports talk radio stations here...But I could be in worse straits


The woes of Philly and Boston


Just about a month or so ago, both Philadelphia and Boston were the envy of the sports world. In Philly, the Eagles were assembling a frightening amount of talent on the defensive end, combine this with the incomparable Michael Vick and the Eagles looked like the team to beat not only in their division and conference but a top contender to take home their first Lombardi trophy and first NFL title since beating the team coached by the man that the Super Bowl Trophy is named for in 1960.

Just across the street, the Phillies were on cruise control. The Fightin’ Phils had assembled an awe inspiring core of starting pitchers not since the Braves of the 90s had one team had a four man rotation that were so dominant. Cliff Lee had returned to Philly and was pitching lights out, Roy Halladay was pitching gems almost every time out. Roy Oswalt was pitching so-so but was capable of twirling a masterful performance at anytime. One time staff ace Cole Hamels was almost the forgotten man in the rotation but still was pitching good. The Phils were on their way to a team record 102 wins…All was good in the city of Brotherly Love…until…

The Eagles came out and (pardon the bird pun) laid an egg, stumbling out to a 1-4 start and losing games that they really shouldn’t. After rolling over a hapless St. Louis team and losing a thriller in Atlanta the Eagles have dropped 3 more and all in the most painful of ways. They lost to the their hated rivals the Giants , blew a 20 point lead against the unremarkable 49ers and then suffered a rash of turnovers, dropped passes and otherwise undisciplined play in a loss to the Bills. The Eagles are now 1-4 and are facing a rested Redskins team in DC, with an almost do-or-die feel to it. The blame is falling on the longest tenured coach in the NFL, Andy Reid. Many are blaming him for his teams lack of discipline and comportment. I have a buddy who is a diehard Eagles fan and who is dying a slow death watching his team suffer one excruciating loss after another. He told me the other night that if he hears one more play on the dream turning into a nightmare, he gonna start swingin’ on someone.

The Phils collapse isn’t as dramatic but just as painful, with a season of sustained excellence a loss in the LDS is shocking and stunning. But the Phils weren’t supposed to even slow down to even regard the Cardinals who with a mere 92 wins needed a collapse by the Braves to get in. A collapse that the Phils helped orchestrate by beating the Braves on the last day of the season to help the Cards clinch the wild card spot on the season’s last day. The Cards didn’t have the pitching pedigree that the Phils had but the cobbled enough pitching to keep the Phils high powered offense in check and were pesky enough at the plate to rattle the supposed elite pitching the Phils had. In the end, Chris Carpenter outdueled his buddy Halliday in a tense, taut 1-0 winner take all 5thgame that sent the Cards on to the NLCS and the Phils home a lot earlier than they were expecting to. No one is laying any blame on Charlie Manuel who has managed the Phils to an unprecendented 5 straight division titles but the Phillies have regressed since winning the title in 2008, they lost the World Series to the Yanks in 2009, lost the LCS to the eventual champion Giants last year and were bounced out in the LDS this year. Philly fan will have much to cry about this winter. Especially given the predilection of underachieving by the Flyers and Sixers

Some 300 miles to the northeast, another city is feeling the blues though not as deep as Philly. Boston is gripping hard about the collapse of the Red Sox, especially since they were on lock for the playoffs as recently as Labor Day. But the Sox faded badly, failing to win consecutive games all month and not only watching the hated Yankees pull away to win the division comfortably, but let the Rays storm down the stretch and rip the playoff berth away. So now Boston is gripping. But I think that the Sports gods are exacting some revenge on Boston. The cover of the most recent ESPN the magazine is adorned with a hand sporting four championship rings. All of these rings have been gained in the past ten years with the Bruins’ finally getting a long overdue title this past summer. But the cover’s headline “Welcome to Boston, loozah!” struck me as a bit self serving. Now don’t get me wrong, there is little wrong with chest thumping as long as its deserved. But I think that ESPN which is based in the New England region is showing a little too much bias and love to its pro bretheren. If that had’ve been LA or Chicago, the readers would have had a fit. New York even though the Yanks claim most of the of the titles, would never do something as pretentious. But again, I think that Boston is bringin the heat on itself.


NBA: We’re gonna cancel games! We mean it!

The latest so-called drop dead date has come and gone and still nothing. The NBA owners are telling the players that they wont even talk to them until they agree on a 50-50 revenue split. I used to really like David Stern until I realized that he is nothing more than a shill for the owners. It amazes me that 30 super rich men could get arenas subsidized by the public, have a phat ass network television contract (on two networks!) have their own network, have the highest ratings in years but still cry poor. It blows me away. The owners are on the “This is the best offer that you are gonna get and you better take it or the future offers will get smaller.” The NBA thinks that they are on the level of the NFL where people will not stand for their basketball being taken away. They are wrong, the NFL dominates Sunday. The NFL knew that a single week without pro football would do irreparable harm to the sport and the brand, ruefully remembering the damage the 94 strike did to MLB and how the NHL is still recovering from the loss of the 04-05 season, the NFL went to the brink but cooler heads prevailed. The NBA  is still talking of how a season out would bring the players in line. I keep hearing about how the NBA players need to be taught a lesson and how the players will fall in line after missing some checks. This brinksmanship negelctes one fact, the basketball fix that people will still get from high school and college basketball which in some places is bigger than the NBA. The NBA owners are driving themselves over a cliff and they don’t care.


The true Raider: Al Davis 1929-2011

The football world lost an icon over the weekend in the iconoclastic Al Davis of the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders were a sad sack team in their first two three seasons in the American Football League. Created when the NFL offered a team to Minneapolis (who was supposed to be an AFL team) and the AFL had to scramble for an 8ththat then LA Chargers owner Barron Hilton demanded be on the west coast to balance travel costs. The Raiders were created and their first owner was a man named Chet Soda who had he had his way would have called the Raiders the Seńors …because Soda called everyone Seńors …don’t ask. But the Raiders weren’t that good. In 1963, Al Davis was hired from the Chargers who had moved to San Diego in 1961. Davis was a brilliant offensive coach under the tutelage of Sid Gillman. Davis took a sad sack Raiders team that won 3 games in two seasons in 1961 & 62 and made them a 10-4 team in 1963, winning coach of the year.Davis was responsible for the team changing its colors from Black, Gold and White to its more well known iconic Silver & Black. (Colors that my high school graduating class would use at my insistence because they symbolized excellence.) As well as getting designing the iconic eyepatch & crossed swords logo.  Davis would coach the Raiders for 3 years before moving into the AFL front office in 1966 to be on the front lines of the AFL-NFL football wars. After a brief but eventful tenure as the AFL commissioner, he returned to the Raiders later that same year and after having a falling out with his hand picked successor John Rauch, hired a coach by the name of John Madden (Yes that Madden) Built in Davis’ model of wide open offense, bruising defense and the “Commitment to Excellence” the Raiders became one of the top teams in football. Davis became principal owner in 1976 and the Raiders won 3 Super Bowl in 9 years afterwards. From 1965-1986, the Raiders had two losing seasons From 65-80 they didn’t have a losing season at all. When Madden retired, Davis hired Tom Flores the first Hispanic coach in the NFL, when Flores retired Davis hired Art Shell the first Black coach in the modern NFL. Davis also hired Amy Trask to be the first woman COO of a football franchise. Say what you want about Davis being cantankerous and a bit weird at times, but he was always an innovator and one of the NFL’s best minds. Davis and the NFL of course went round and round and round and round. Al Davis fought the NFL on damn near everything, moved the Raiders to Los Angeles in 1982 won a Super Bowl a year later. It was always interesting seeing then NFL Commish Pete Rozelle handing the Lombardi Trophy to Davis through gritted teeth after Super Bowl wins.  Davis was someone that seemed to always be in court and was fighting the NFL tooth and nail about anything and everything. And it seemed that everytime that there was a vote, the Raiders either voted against it or abstained. I know I used the word iconoclastic in describing Davis earlier. He was the very definition of the word and someone that changed the football world.


Phat Dap/Head Slap



One of my favorite postgame interviews



Bart Scott trademarked his “Can’t Wait!” phrase uttered in the aftermath of the Jets upset win in the divisional playoffs back in January. The phrase was then seen on t-shirts and Bart Scott made a nice sum. But instead of banking the profits, he then donated the money to Eric LeGrand the Rutgers player that was paralyzed from the neck down during a game against Army last year. Having special needs now because of his condition his mother was faced with the prospect of losing their home. Scott wrote a check for $36k on the spot and pledged the profits from the Can’t Wait t-shirts to him. Never thought much of Scott other than a solid but a bit high strung player before, but he’s got a big fan in me now.


Head Slap

Not to the idiot that threw a hot dog at Tiger Woods in the final round of the Frys.com tourney last weekend. His actions were plenty stupid enough, but to the man-gina known as Colin Cowherd this clown should “be neve hired by any employer in the US. Cowherd was braying on his show yesterday asking to identify the idiot that threw the food at Woods so they could keep him from “getting a job” As tough as times are these days, this kind of guerilla mentality is not needed. Did the idiot need to be called out for his inexplicable actions? Sure, but trying to smear someone for a insignificant action is stupid. But then again you are talking about the man-gina that is Cowherd

Bandits Football Update

Both teams lost and are now 1-4. I think might have jinxed both teams by giving them pub in this blog, so I think that Im gonna hold off on the updates for the time being.

I'll post the NFL picks sometime between Friday and Sunday.

Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Monday Moaning 10-10-11
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  So, here we are again...Another Monday, and what do I have to talk about...Thursday night I had a bunch of stuff in my head, and posted my SCATTERBRAINED thoughts...This post may be like that...

This weekend could be the known as the weekend of chokes...Yeah, some one tell A-Roid you can't swing the bat with your hands around your throat...What an overpaid! twat...But don't just blame him Yankee fan...Big Fat, Fatty Fat, CC Sabathia lived up to his rep, and not his contract as well...He's another playoff choke artist....And holy shit, how many subs is that bastard choking down...You can't pitch well when your dreaming about cheesecake!

Fuck it was great seeing those ass-hats fall on their faces...I could hit better with runners on base then the Yankees did...But it didn't end there...The Phillies and their power-house pitching staff fell to the shitty Cardinals...I couldn't believe it...But I wasn't sad!

-But the choke job that really made me smile...Oh, shit, I won't lie...I got hard! Saturday night, Ohio State is leading Nebraska 27-6 in the third quarter...Then, the Huskers rallied back and beat the Suckeyes 34-27...Within seconds of the game ending, the Fire Fickell tweets started firing off...Sunday morning, there were plenty of BLOGS out there, making the excuses why Ohio State lost again...About why they're so bad...Putting blame on suspended players...Ummm the defensive players who were suspended were back! It was the defense the collapsed in the 4th quarter...

And lets stop acting like losing Terrelle Pryor was that bad of a thing...Dude was over-hyped, with a bad throwing motion, who made bad reads and couldn't take his eyes off his primary target...Kid sucked! And lets not act like Braxton Miller getting hurt in the 3rd quarter is the whole reason your team lost...He ain't shit either!

Fucking funny how all these Ohio State people were all behind Tressel's boy Fickell, and now they're all getting in line to suck Urban Meyer's cock...You Gashes are un-fucking-real!

-Oh, and since I'm on the topic of Ohio State...I watch a couple high school football games a week...At least one on TV and then I checkout my local team...Our team blows...The coach is a dope, they're undersized...Our band out numbers the football team...We dress 30 kids...But at least we have our own fucking Fight Song! All but one team we have played this year just play the stupid Ohio State Fight Song as their own...What a bunch of unoriginal fucks!

- The Red River Shootout...Here's another obnoxiously over-hyped fucking game...Hey Texas, how's Oklahoma's dick taste? They say everything is bigger in Texas...I guess that includes the margin you lose to Oklahoma by too...55-17...Thank God my daughter was cheer leading at a 9-10 year old football game...Those poor kids lost 22-0, but showed more ball bag than the Longhorns did...

-Luckily that was over in time for me to watch Notre Dame not choke...The Irish rolled Air Force 59-33...And honestly, it wasn't even that close...I was glad ND won, I had been worried about this game...The Service Academies always come to play, and in the past the Irish have struggled with defending the option...The Irish are off next week, before a big Prime time game against USC...I'll be there, and I can't wait!

-The Browns were on a Bye Sunday, so that was one less headache in my life...I watched the Bills vs. the Eagles...Holy shit, are the Bills that solid, or are the Eagles that fucking bad...Either way, it's making people in Philly miserable that their high-priced team is 1-4, so I'm happy...

Then I watched the Patriots beat the Jets...Always fun...Especially since the Jets have been put in their place, and they are looking up at both the Pats and the Bills...

-The Big NFL news this weekend was the passing of Al Davis...No word if it had anything to do with choking...While death is sad for friends and family, I can't feel bad about this one...Guy put in 82 years...That's a lot of time...And while he did a great many things for the progress of Football, I wasn't around for that...I was around for the part where he was a pain in the ass...Where he was obnoxious, making horrible draft picks, and giving stupid contracts, and where he was firing coaches every hour on the hour...In my eyes, he did what Brett Favre did...He was respected, and loved, and then tarnished all that by being a douchebag over the last 10 years...

Now I'll end with this rant...I caught wind of it, and posted it on facebook...It's spreading like wildfire, and it should...I wish I had a rant this epic in me...

That's it for now...Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

Bandits Week 5 NFL Picks
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Week 5

Last week was very good at 12-4,with the four losses were those that very few saw coming. The minute you turn your back on the Texans and Bengals they make you look foolish. The Eagles are getting to be more and more unreliable and the less that you say about the Vikings around me the better. Once again submitted for your perusal, review and approval are this weeks pick with the odds supplied by bodog.net via USA Today. I repeat every week that these lines are for comparison and entertainment purposes only, since Im not paying anyones bookies.

Note: Dallas, Baltimore, Cleveland, Miami, St. Louis and Washington have a bye this week

Sunday October 9

Eagles (1-3) @ Bills (3-1)

Ralph Wilson Stadium; Orchard Park, NY 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Bills by 3

Last Week Eagles lost to 49ers 23-20, Bills lost to Bengals 23-20

Fast Fact The Eagles have not lost four in a row since 2005

The Bills were cruising along to a 4-0 record when they took a nasty pratfall in blowing a 17-6 lead and losing to the Bengals they host a thoroughly frightened Eagles team that is very close to panic mode after blowing a 20 point lead of their own at home. Its hard to call who will show up on either side of the ball for both teams. I think the Bills will show some surprising resiliency and bounce back strong. Meanwhile the Eagles flaws get more and more apparent and Philly fans gets more and more panicked



Saints (3-1) @ Panthers (1-3)

Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Saints by 7

Last Week Saints beat Jaguars 23-10; Panthers lost to Bears 34-29

Fast Fact Panthers QB Cam Newton is responsible for all nine of Carolina touchdowns this year.

The Panthers are playing more respectable but the results aren’t showing in the win column. Their leaky defense does not need to see a high speed offense in the form of Drew Brees and his ilk. Newton and the young Panthers are improving fast and should keep the game interesting but lack the horses to stay with a veteran team.

Pick-New Orleans


Raiders (2-2) @ Texans (3-1)

Reliant Stadium, Houston 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Texans by 6

Last Week Raiders lost to Patriots, Texans beat Steelers 17-10

Fast Fact The Texans have won five of the six previous meetings

The Texans may have turned the corner in winning a taut slugfest with the Steelers, Im not quite ready to book them for a February trip to Indy, but they are starting to win games against tough opponents. The Raiders keep looking like they are ready to step up, but then come crashing down heavily as they did against the Patriots. This will be one of the better games of the week that no one will really notice. With star wideout Andre Johnson shelved with a bad hammy, the Texans will lean on Arian Foster that much more. The Raiders are a bit too inconsistent for me to give them the nod on the road. The Texans are better on both sides of the ball.



Chiefs (1-3) @ Colts (0-4)

Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Colts by 3

Last Week Chiefs beat Vikings 22-17, Colts lost to Buccaneers 24-17

Fast Fact The Colts are looking to avoid their first 0-5 start since 1997

At seasons beginning this looked like a marquee matchup of two divisional winners from a year previous, instead it is a battle of banged up and beaten down squads. The Colts are better than their hard luck 0-4 record would indicate. The Chiefs meanwhile showed some gumption in outlasting the woeful Vikings. Curtis Painter will never be mistaken for Peyton Manning, but he is improving to the point where he is serviceable. The Colts defense while leaky has kept them in games, though the gruesome injury to just hurts them when they are already thin. I just think that the Colts are due. I don’t trust the Chiefs outside of Arrowhead to begin with.



Bengals (2-2) @ Jaguars (1-3)

EverBank Field, Jacksonville 1:00  (CBS)

Favorite Jaguars by 3

Last Week Bengals beat Bills 23-20, Jaguars lost to Saints 23-10

Fast Fact The Jags have won seven straight against the Bengals in Jacksonville

The Bengals got off the mat with a smart rally to stun the previously unbeaten Bills and have quieted the naysayers that said that they would be lucky to win once this season. They have a rare opportunity to be a road bully in facing the Jags. Unlike his rookie counterpart in Cincy, Gabby Gabbert does not have a dynamic receiver like the Bengals AJ Green. The Jags still have the redoubtable Maurice Jones-Drew but he is facing loaded 8 man front on a constant basis. The Jags offense will have trouble against a Bengals defense that is playing much better than originally forecast and the Bengals will wear down an overtaxed Jags defense

Pick- Cincinnati


Cardinals (1-3) @ Vikings (0-4)

Mall of America Field @ HHH Metrodome, Minneapolis 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Vikings by 3

Last Week Cardinals lost to Giants 31-27; Vikings lost to Chiefs 22-17

Fast Fact The Cardinals have never won in the Metrodome (0-6)

 Another matchup of teams going nowhere, The Vikings keep finding painful ways to lose and the calls for Donovan McNabb to be benched grow louder every week. The Cards were expected to contend with their new QB throwing to dynamic WR Larry Fitzgerald but so far aside from the play from RB Beanie Wells, the offense has sputtered. The Cards defense can be thrown on and that might also open up gaps for the heretofore underused Adrian Peterson. This is another team that is due for a breakout win, cause they might not get another chance for a winnable game for a while.



Seahawks (1-3) @ New York Giants (3-1)

MetLife Stadium; East Rutherford, NJ 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Giants by 6

Last Week Giants beat Cardinals 31-27; Seahawks lost to Falcons 30-28

Fast Fact The Seahwaks have lost nine straight games in the Eastern Time zone

The G-Men rallied furiously in the desert to win, while the Seahawks last ditch game winning drive came up short. Though the Seahawks offense found some spark as the T-Jack to Sidney Rice combo began to click asking them to come cross country and do that against the rugged Giants defense is asking a bit too much.


Pick-New York Giants (Lock of the Week)


Titans (3-1) @ Steelers (2-2)

Heinz Field, Pittsburgh 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite No Line

Last Week Titans beat Browns 31-13; Steelers lost to Texans 17-10

Fast Fact Titans RB Chris Johnson rushed for 100 yards against Cleveland last week after having 98 yards total in his first three games

Suddenly the Steelers are looking more vulnerable than they have in a while. The Texans stood up to the vaunted Steelers bullying (errrr, defense) and knocked them around. You have to wonder how the Titans are 3-1 with Chris Johnson being more or less MIA and Kenny Britt out for the season. The Steelers are banged up but you have the feeling that they are not going to crumble at home. Johnson is still overdue for a big time breakout game though he had a good game against the Browns notching his first 100 yard game, but I cant see him doing it against the Steelers defense.



Buccaneers (3-1) @ 49ers (3-1)

Candlestick Park, San Francisco 4:05 (FOX)

Favorite 49ers by 3

Last Week Buccaneers beat Colts 24-17, 49ers beat Eagles 23-20

Fast Fact The Niners have won 11 of the 13 meetings in San Francisco

The Bucs 3-1 start surprises no one but the Niners 3-1 start has. The Bucs are using a nice combo of the rugged running of LaGarrette Blount and the deft passing touch of Josh Freeman to keep defenses honest. To tell you the honest truth, I haven’t the slightest idea how the Niners have started 3-1 their stunning rally from 20 down in Philly pretty much was the biggest shock of last week. I have heard a lot of wonks say that the Bucs are ripe for the taking on a cross country road trip, I don’t think the Niners are really that good and will get worn down.

Pick-Tampa Bay


Chargers (3-1) @ Broncos (1-3)

Sports Authority Field @ Mile High, Denver 4:15 (CBS)

Favorite Chargers by 4

Last Week Chargers beat Dolphins 26-16; Broncos lost to Packers 49-26

Fast Fact Expect interceptions in this game both Broncos QB Kyle Orton and Chargers QB Philip Rivers are tied for the league lead with six interceptions thrown.

The Chargers usually don’t start this fast, especially with Philip Rivers not throwing for a bushel of yards already but they have played solid on both sides of the ball, the same cant be said for the Broncos who if not for having a reliable home win against the Bengals would be winless and they nearly lost that one as well. I cant ever remember the Broncos offense looking this bad and against a solid Chargers defense, expect the usual catcalls for Tim Tebow to start early.

Pick-San Diego


New York Jets (2-2) @ New England (3-1)

Gillette Stadium; Foxboro; MA 4:15 (CBS)

Favorite Patriots by 9

Last Week Jets lost to Ravens 34-17; Patriots beat Raiders 31-19

Fast Fact The Patriots have scored 31 points or more in each of their 4 games

The grinning, jeering Rex Ryan has gotten his comeuppance the last two weeks as his Jets got housed in Oakland and Baltimore and look like they are another bad loss from infighting consuming the team. This is not the time to face Belichick, Brady and the Pats who are already humming like the machine that they are. Rotate the parts in and out in his receiving corps but Tom Brady is getting the job done. Mark Sanchez is regressing badly but that is more due to his leaky, oft-injured offensive line. If they cant keep Sanchez relatively upright, this could get ugly real fast.

Pick-New England


Packers (4-0) @ Falcons (2-2)

Georgia Dome, Atlanta 8:20 (NBC)

Favorite Packers by 6

Last Week Packers beat Broncos 49-26; Falcons beat Seahawks 30-28

Fast Fact Packers QB Aaron Rodgers became the first NFL player to throw for over 400 yards throw 4 TDs and run for 2 TDs in the same game

The Packers looked chillingly crisp in an absolute thrashing of the Broncos last week, and its possible that this years version of the Pack is playing better than the squad last year that won it all. The Falcons escaped Seattle with a narrow win and are trying to get back to the form that made them a darkhorse Super Bowl contender. Aaron Rodgers is shredding any defense that he faces and is making it look laughably easy. Matty Ice has been playing better but still is struggling at times to find a rhythm. Everything points to the Pack rolling to an easy win, but something keeps telling me that the Falcons are due for a big win and the Pack while playing lights out are overdue for a flat game.

Pick-Atlanta (Upset of the Week)


Monday, October 10

Bears (2-2) @ Lions (4-0)

Ford Field, Detroit 8:30 (ESPN)

Favorite Lions by 6

Last Week Lions beat Cowboys 34-30; Bears beat Panthers 34-29

Fast Fact This is the Lions first appearance on Monday Night Football since 2001 and Ford Field’s first primetime home game.

The Lions went from punchline to primetime in a hurry and have the football world taking them serious for the first time in better than a decade. They face off against a longtime divisional foe in the Bears a team that will drive you nuts with their inconsistent play. I love the Lions big play, ballhawking roughneck defense and the play of Calvin “Megatron” Johnson is surprising only those that thought he wasn’t a top notch receiver. The Bears are so up and down its tough to predict how they will come out. But I suspect in front of a rowdy primetime audience the Lions will come out smoking and the Bears will be the foil to their punchline.




Last Week: 12-4 (Lock & Upset Correct)

Overall: 42-22

Locks: 3-1

Upsets 2-2


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Welcome to this weeks edition of Special K's NFL PREDICTIONS. This week marks the 1st Bye week of the season for the teams. Last week yours truly went 12-4 running my season record to 43-21. I'm off to a great start so far. Here are this weeks picks.

NO 27 @ Car 21 This game on paper really isn't that close. But so far the season has been unpredictable. The Saints offense is to much for the Panthers.

Phi 24 @ Buf 17 The Eagles and Michael ConVick have proven to be marginal with him at QB just like I have always said. The Bills came back down to earth last week, losing to one of the worst teams in the league the Bengals.

Sea 13 @ NYG 28 The Giants are the best team in the NFC East. Eli Manning is very underrated and the Seahawks are one of the leagues worst teams.

Cin 14 @ Jac 20 The Bengals have 2 upset wins so far this season and no one expected that. They should win this game but I'm going with the Jags at home.

KC 13 @ Ind 17 The Chiefs are horrible and the Colts even without the games best QB Peyton Manning should get the win at home.

Ten 13 @ Pit 20 The Titians only offense remains Chris Johnson who had a big week last week against the Browns. My Steelers lost to the Texans and everyone expects them to lose this week. It ain't gonna happen.

AZ 24 @ Min 14 Once Kevin Kolb gets a good grasp on the Cardinls offense, watch out. The Vikings only offense remains Adrian Peterson. They have one the games most overrated QB's of all-time in Donovan McChoke.

Oak 17 @ Hou 28 The Raiders came back to earth last week against Bill Belicheat and the Pats. Houston dominated the Steelers but lost Andre Johnson. Arian Foster had a huge week and should this week as well.

TB 24 @ SF 20 The Bucs are a very physical football team. The Niners upset Michael ConVick and the Eagles which really wasn't a big surprise.

NYJ 21 @ NE 24 The Jets are a very average football team. They have a solid defense, but without a elite QB or RB they can be beaten easily. Bill Belicheat and the Pats have no running game and a soft defene. This game could go either way. Belicheat really needs Daddy Parcells to come back and rebuild the team for him very soon.

SD 27 @ Den 20 The Chargers just keep rolling along despite head coach Norv Turner. The Broncos hired their 2nd straight horrible head coach, John Fox. Take the Chargers who just the better team.

GB 35 @ Atl 28 The Packers are on a roll. I would love to see the Falcons get the upset but I just don't think it is gonna happen.

Chi 13 @ Det 28 The only thing I can say about the Bears is that Matt Forte is pretty tough. The Lions with Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson are hard to beat right now.

Have a great wekend everybody..

Special K

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