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Monday Moaning 1-30-12
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All I can hear in my head is, "I come from a land down under!" Or did Men at Work mean cum!?!

So the NFL had their "Pro-Bowl" and the NHL had their "All-Star" game this weekend...Love hockey and football but "All-Star" games are crap...The NHL skills competition can be fun to watch, but I'm losing interest in that these days too...Now they do a shoot-out thing, trying to be like the NBA's dunk contest...Guys hot-dogging and using props...Everyone was swinging on Patrick Kane's nuts, but his moves weren't the best...And I had more fun watching the goalies try to fuck with the shooters...Nobody is giving Carey Price any love...He turned his back to the shooter and watched his reflection in the glass, and he made the save!

Prince Fielder signing in the D was cover plenty already by everyone and their brother, and I could give a damn about Basketball...So what to talk about in Sports? Well, in a shocking update, I will defend a sports writer from The Cleveland Plain Dealer...The PD as we call it, is a piece of shit! Just a horrible paper...And now former Browns beat reporter Tony Grossi was not a favorite of mine...But I'm sticking up for Tony Grossi today...WHY? because his own shitty bosses, at his shitty paper didn't!

Last week Grossi who has worked the Browns beat for 18 years, tweeted that Browns owner, Randy Lerner is "a pathetic figure, the most irrelevant billionaire in the world."

Now, I don't disagree with him at all on that! But Grossi quickly deleted the tweet when he realized what happened, saying it was suppose to be a text messaged "smart-(aleck) remark to a colleague." He also apologized to Lerner and the Browns...

But the damage was done as many followers re-tweeted it...Why wouldn't they? Finally, a reporter covering the team, said what we had all been thinking for quite some time! Fans are always talking about how Lerner is never at games...Always watching his Soccer team in England, or in New York with all his big bank buddies, plotting how to rape the middle-class more...Grossi was right on, and Browns fans were happy some one cut loose...Sadly, Grossi back-pedaled...Most likely fearing for his job...Right again, because instead of having his back in any way, shape, or form, the yanked Grossi off the beat...

And no matter what they try to say, I'm sure Lerner and the Browns organization made it clear, that they didn't want to see him again...Since Lerner took over after is father's death the franchise has come across as thin-skinned...It's skin got even thinner when the walrus, Fatty Holmgren came on board...Snapping at the media for questioning him, and the direction of the team...Snapping at the media because they wanted questions answered...Saying, "You're with us, or your not, and remember that when you come looking for playoff tickets." Try winning 6 games first, you fat fuck!

Listen up Fatty and Lerner...Here's the only trophy you two fuck-stains will be seeing...

And before people get on Grossi and his Twitter slip-up, just as they do whenever some dope gets in trouble because of a tweet...I personally know a Plain Dealer Sports Writer...Known him for years thanks to my dad...I have sat next to his drunk ass in a fine Cleveland watering hole, as he hit on my wife, and she laughed at him...Three minutes later, he was sleeping on the bar...None of these PD hacks want to be on Twitter...They were forced get Twitter accounts...There is a reason my dad isn't on Twitter...Guys that age don't need or want to fuck with new technology...They don't want to be on the grid anymore then they already are...They don't have the same Look at me mentality as Ashton Kutcher and I do!

So the PD made Grossi get on Twitter, but when he makes a mistake, they don't have his back...What twats...If they had any balls, class, and credibility, they would have said, 'Our guy made a mistake, and apologized, it's over and done with. If you don't like it, too bad.' But we know that won't happen...So Tony Grossi, I don't know where they are going to stick you, other then in the ass...So I suggest start writing a column, so you can get away with blasting dopes like Lerner...And put Twitter to good use...Shred all those pricks that didn't back you up...Burn that shitty bridge to the ground!

-Last week I blasted TIM_THOMAS...Plenty of people disagree with me, but fuck it, I stand by what I write...Taking a political stand, and saying it has nothing to do with politics sounds retarded...Then after calling attention to yourself and your stand, and refusing to talk about it continues to make you look retarded...Let alone, I thought how you originally made your statement made you sound like a dolt!

-Little Hockey here...Have you ever heard of the Bakersfield Condors? That's okay...But you gotta figure, if you're playing Hockey in Bakersfield California, you better know how to fight...

These two teams racked up 14 ejections and 278 penalty minutes, with 18 fighting majors!

Want to learn more about Hockey in Bakersfield...I suggest the book, "They Don't Play Hockey in Heaven"...Great book about life in minor league hockey, life after cancer, and life.

-Well we started in Australia, we may as well end there...

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

Deep Thoughts 1-25-2012
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. When you read this I will be wandering somewhere in the brush of South Texas. It has been years since I have had the chance to hunt down south and I am excited to be able to take a couple of days and get away from the city. Hopefully, I will have a safe hunt and be back with a few pictures next week. I did not mention it last week, but I was fighting off a case of shingles. I noticed a patch of bumps on my forehead, but did not think anything of it. During the day, the bumps gathered momentum, so I headed to the Dr.  He took a look and said it was shingles? What? Yep, if you had chicken pox as a kid, you can get shingles as an adult. What a crappy deal, the entire left side of my head was so sensitive, it hurt to shampoo my hair. I did find out that you can get a shingles shot...I would highly recommend it!

By now, everyone will have covered Sunday's games. But I feel compelled to say congrats to Patriots and Giants. Both games were hard hitting affairs that tested each winner. It is no stretch that the winners could easily have been sitting on the losing side of the field. A horribly yanked field goal and an inexperienced punt returner will leave the Ravens and 49ers to imagine what might have been. I hate losing, but when you lose a game you could have won, it is difficult to get over. It is probably easier for the 49ers as they were not expected to be there and have a bright future, but they could have won. The Ravens...are a different story. Joe Flacco really did not play poorly, but the fact is he will have to answer questions about not winning; again. Is this fair? Of course not, but until he wins a SB, he will hear the critics say he can't win the big game.

I guess this Super Bowl matchup will make the NFL suits happy. The "experts" will talk about Brady and Belichick winning another championship or they will talk about Eli passing his big brother in SB wins. The truth is that Brady did not play that well against Baltimore and his path does not get any easier with the Giants pass rush. I suppose that the Patriots will be a slight favorite, but I am not so sure. The Giants have a great pass rush to go with a potent offense. The Giants will have to outscore the Pats, and I am not so sure that they won't. I have not been an Eli Manning fan, but he seems to play his best in big games. Many laughed earlier this year when Eli said he considered himself to be one of the best QBs in the league. But with his play this year, he has a valid point. I had Eli as my fantasy QB a few years ago and developed a strong dislike for what he did not do for my team. As much as I hate to say it, the guy can play the position, especially this time of year. 

Tom Brady annihilates mediocre teams, but seems to have problems against good defenses. When the Giants beat New England in their last Super Bowl matchup, the Patriots were the better team. Save for an acrobatic career catch by an average receiver, the Giants would not have beaten the Patriots. Earlier this season, the Giants beat the Patriots without Hakeem Nicks. Welker and Gronkowski were terrific, but the Giants still won. Can the Pats defense stop the trio of Giant receivers? The Patriots defense came to play last Sunday and I suspect that it will take a season best performance for them to beat New York in a couple of weeks. By the way, Vince Wilfork is truly a beast.... 

Like most of you, I wish the Super Bowl was next weekend. Two weeks to hype this event just sucks, but what can you do? 


Hopefully Steven Tyler will not be asked to sing the SSB at the Super Bowl. Was it just me or did Tyler struggle to sing the anthem? This is a judge of American Idol? I know that this song tests the range of many, but damn...










Joe Paterno died on Sunday. So much has happened since last November, that it is difficult to imagine exactly what his passing means. I have never been crazy about Joe Paterno, but I always respected what he stood for. Sadly, this is no longer possible. Many will always remember that Joe did nothing to stop a predator that resided within his program. This is the truth and there is no arguing this reality. There is something that gnaws at my core, however. Joe Paterno gave years of wonderful service to Penn State and college football. Many great young men attended Penn State and learned strong values from Joe Paterno. The values that Joe preached are important for college men to hear. With Joe's passing, I do not find joy or satisfaction; I find only sadness.  I fear the passing of Paterno is a loss of something much larger than this man. What I suspect is that with Paterno's death, we will no longer have a college coach that teaches the right way. College football has become exactly what Paterno dreaded it would. This regular Joe was simple man with a terrific message about life for his players. It is too bad that when faced with a terrible situation, that Joe could not practice what he preached...so to speak. Sadly, history cannot reflect Paterno's contribution to college football; his mistake will be all that we remember. 






I am not much for basketball, but this video deserves a nod:





With the Pacers out of town, they thought it might be a good idea to have their mascot (Boomer) visit an area high school game. Boomer did his half time thing, but the result left officials wondering how to finish the game. Luckily, there was an smaller gym nearby to finish the game.




Monday night was the football banquet for the Westwood Warriors. This is the end of the careers for most of the Westwood seniors. It is strange to realize that my son is now a football senior...one more year and he will be done. Guys, I can't lie...that last game will be tough. I will be doing a bit of speaking at the banquet, I will be telling this joke:




A friend of mine has fanily that live outside of New Orleans. Her uncle is a police captain in this town and she told me a story recently. There had been rumors of illegal rooster fighting going on, so the captain sent his best two detectives to investigate; Boudreaux and Thibodaux. A few days later, his detectives came back to tell their captain what they discovered. Well captain, they is three main groups involved with this illegal rooster fighting: Dey is tree main groups involve in dis rooster Fightin", he began.

"Good work! Who are they?" the Commander
asked. Boudreaux replied confidently, "De Texas Aggies, de local
Cajuns, and de Mafia from N'awlins".
Puzzled, the Commander asked, "Now Boudreaux, how did you find all
that out in one night?" "Well," he replied, "I went down and done seen
dat rooster fight in person. And I knowed immedjiately dat dem Aggies
was involved when a Duck was entered in the fight."
The Commander nodded, "I'll buy that. But what about the others?"
Boudreaux nodded knowingly, "Well, I knowed de Cajuns was involved
when sum body bet on de duck!"
"Ah, I see, I see....." sighed the sergeant, "And how did you figure
Mafia was involved?"
"De duck won !"




You may have heard that everything is bigger in Texas? I could not believe this when I caught it on the news tonight:












That is all I have for this week, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey to chew on:


The next time I have meat and mashed potatoes, I think I'll put a very large blob of potatoes on my plate with just a little piece of meat. And if someone asks me why I didn't get more meat, I'll just say, "Oh, you mean this?" and pull out a big piece of meat from inside the blob of potatoes, where I've hidden it. Good magic trick, huh?          


I wouldn't be surprised if someday some fishermen caught a big shark and cut it open, and there inside was a whole person. Then they cut the person open, and in him is a little baby shark. And in the baby shark there isn't a person, because it would be too small. But there's a little doll or something, like a Johnny Combat little toy guy---something like that.          


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...






Musings From The Hoodwood 1-24
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You bet your bottom dollar that these are not the last trophies that they want to be holding... Pats owner Robert Kraft holds the AFC Trophy while Giants owner John Mara and QB Eli Manning examine the NFC trophy...Nice Baubles to be sure but its the solid silver football named after Lombardi that each of them want to be holding in Indy in two weeks time.


Greetings from the Hoodwood, where the locals are still debating if the flags should be lowered for JoePa...


And Then There were two.

Indy isn’t too far from the hoodwood, I can leave my house and be in front of Lucas Oil Stadium in about 100 minutes. The dream of every NFL player is to get to this point. Some like Tom Brady have been there often. Some like his underused teammate Chad Ochocinco may play a whole career as a star in one city and never get close, yet play sparingly in another city and have a shot at something that so few players get. There are two teams left, and they are headed to the biggest game of the year. The Super Bowl

The Pats went to the wire dealing with a bruising Ravens squad and escaped with a 23-20 decision to go to their 7th Super Bowl and 5th in the Brady-Belichick era. The Patriots salad days have been because of a 6th rounder and a coach on his second go-round, the other parts have been interchangeable from the running game to receivers to defense to even the stadium. But the QB and coach have been the constants in one of the best teams in the NFL over the past decade. Also, can we please please please start giving Ravens QB Joe Flacco some much needed dap? Flacco did nothing but get um flak from the so-called experts who continue to knock him and his playing ability. He outplayed Tom Brady Sunday, yes he did. Flacco threw for better than 300 yards, and were it not for Lee Evans showing why the Bills gave him the gate, Billy Cundiff would not start being metaphor for gaffled kicks and Flacco would be a celebrated hero as one of the few that took Brady down in the playoffs. The Pats much maligned defense did just enough to get the win. Vince Willfork (where has this guy been all season?) played like a possessed man, making tackles belting Flacco and cause enough havoc to get the Pats the win.  Watching the end of the game, I honestly thought that the Ravens would go for the knockout late and the win and the Anquan Boldin seemed to keep making catch after clutch catch. But the Pats head to Indy after dodging a kill shot by the Ravens.

The G-Men are like that lop eared mutt, messy ungainly and rough around the edges. My man Jonesie openly despises Eli Manning. He used words like overrated, whiny ass and punk bitch in describing the laconic Giants signal caller. The younger Manning seems to rub most fans outside of Gotham the wrong way. Not glamourous like his older brother, Eli looks like a mutt and a goober. The problem with the assessment is that he wins and takes and ungodly amount of punishment doing so. Ive rarely seen a QB stand in the pocket,  get hit like he does yet seem to get the ball where he is supposed to get it to. In the the NFC title game against the Niners Manning just seemed to get the job done. I know, he has the pedigree of Brady but doesn’t look the part. He has the grit of a Flacco but doesn’t have an up from nowhere story. He’s a top draft pick like Alex Smith  but thru the orchestrations of his daddy, never had to really face tough adversity. New York’s notoriously fickle and harsh fans notwithstanding. So Manning has taken more shit for who he isn’t than any quarterback, but dig this. If he comes out on top he will be only one of 9 quarterbacks to have led his team to multiple Super Bowl wins and separate himself a great deal from his more celebrated brother. In any case, the Giants had to battle not only a game Niners squad but a hostile environment in crowd and weather.  A game for grinders, the first half was marked by sluggish play interrupted by a burst of lightning. Vernon Davis got loose on a sideliner and raced 73 yards for a score in the 1st and again dented the end zone with a 28 yard score in the 3rd, this sandwiched around a Manning touchdown pass to McKenna “Bear” Pascoe (Pascoe’s first TD) and a field goal. The score 14-10 going into the 4th was a portent of my own prediction of a tight taut game. But you knew something was bound to turn it. Kyle Williams made the mistake of getting to close to a punt in the 4th and it brushed his knee enough for the Giants to pounce and cash in. Manning to Manningham gave the G-Men the lead in the 2nd half. The Niners tied it late and with no late scoring the game went to OT. The whole possibility of a controversial OT ending died when both teams traded punts.  The Giants 2nd punt of the OT was the turning point when Kyle Williams fielded this punt and had the ball punched out of his grasp. The G-Men used their oft-maligned running game to pound the ball close and for the second time in 4 years Lawrence Tynes sent a hostile crowd home sad with a field goal. This one much shorter at 31 yards and we now have the first Super Bowl rematch since the Cowboys and Steelers in Super Bowl 30. Of course I’ll preview it but not now…The preview comes next week with the college finale and the first Spec Sheet.

Joe Paterno 1926-2012

Joe Paterno passed away Sunday at the age of 85. Paterno will forever be linked with the one school he coached Penn State. His 409 coaching wins and 46 coaching seasons are D-1 records that will never be broken.  I can name on one finger anyone that I know that worked at one company as long as Joe Paterno was the head coach of Penn State. My Grampy worked for Ford for 47 years and if you want to get real technical Paterno started at Penn State as an assistant in 1950, 2 years before my Grampy started at Ford and coached 12 years past my Grampy’s retirement.  The numbers just boggle the mind.  The countless young men that donned the simple blue and white unis of Penn State and came out of Happy Valley will speak reverently of Paterno and by and large he was a good man, a man of character and a man of principle. But it will be the sad coda of which his career at Penn State ended, under cloud of scandal, ignorance and coverup that may be the legacy that many may remember him.

Myself, I was never a big Penn State fan. They were too boring for me. I thought that  their fans were too snooty and were a public school version of another school I despised Notre Dame. Joe Paterno was the coach with the pop-bottle glasses that never sounded like he was very happy with his team. I especially grew to loath Paterno after the Nittany Lions hung an 81-0 decision on my school in 1991. Paterno said with shrugged shoulders that he wasn’t trying to run up the score that he was just giving his 3rd and 4th stringers an opportunity to play. But Paterno seemed like he was settling an old score for a 14-3 upset the Bearcats hung on them in 1983. I was really not a fan.

As I got older I grew to respect Paterno because he fought the good fight, he was a man who stuck doggedly to his dogma and principles. He just seemed like someone that was really one that pushed education and made the business of  a student athlete focused more on the student. The story of injured DB Adam Taliaferro near fatal injury and how Paterno stuck by his side and made sure that he continued to get the education that his scholarship afforded even after it was clear that he would not be able to play anymore is something that warms the heart and illustrates why so many of his players were so fiercely loyal. The problem with lionizing a man is that a man has foibles. Paterno became such an institution, became so ingrained, was so much of the culture that he became insular and insulated and the sickening allegations that were brought on by the Sandusky matter painted him as someone who was playing by the old boy network.  Had this happened in 1999 and Paterno was out front of this, slammed Sandusky and repudiated any and all actions by the man, it would have burnished his image further as the coach who was the dean of fair play and morality. If shit like this happened in Happy Valley JoePa would be on the front lines leading the charge to get rid of it and the perpetrators. But instead he passed it along, did nothing and hoped it would go away and when that boomerang came back. As shit like this tends to do, Paterno looked more like someone who was out of touch had no clue and was trying to do more covering and hiding than leading the fight.  Paterno was a great coach and for the most part a great man. But the way his coaching career ended was sad if not tragic and when he was dismissed it was hard not to be fatalistic and think that he would not live long enough to see another coach lead what he always thought of as his team out of the tunnel onto the field at Beaver Stadium. Im wondering how long it will be before Penn State names the venue after Paterno and tries to blot away the final stain on an otherwise stellar coaching legacy and career.


Phat Dap/Head Slap

Phat Dap

The only good thing about the Pro Bowl being the week before the Super Bowl instead of after is that it gives some players a shot at going to Hawai’i that would not have before. With Eli Manning and Tom Brady headed to Indy, hot rookies Cam Newton of the Panthers and Andy Dalton of the Bengals got the call to fill their place. Dalton and Newton were first alternates and since Brady and Manning who were initially named to their respective conference squads have other pressing matters on the 29th, the deserving rookies head to Honolulu. Geno Atkins and Jermaine Gresham of the Bengals also get to fill in the Pro Bowl slots for Vince Willfork and Rob Gronkowski . I still think that the Pro Bowl should be after the Super Bowl but you know that players would be asking out anyway.  Give some players that want to go a shot.


Head Slap

The Head Slap goes to the dumbass that sent the twitter post threatening 49ers Kyle Williams for his miscues in the NFC Championship game. Williams was hit by a punt and fumbled another both leading directly to points and in the case of the 2nd miscue the winning field goal for the Giants. Williams who is the son of White Sox GM Kenny made tough mistakes but to single him out and worse still to threaten his life over a game is inane and stupid. It’s a game…that’s all…get a life   Another head slap goes to Bruins goalie Tim Thomas who decided to skip the Bruins visit to the White House and meeting with President Obama.Thomas, who apparently has political ideological differences with the President, made a statement that he had no intentions of meeting the president and was pointedly skipping the trip. Obama nevertheless spoke glowingly about Thomas’ performance during the Bruins run to the 2011 Cup.


I know this week was a bit short, but next weeks edition will be chock full of Super Bowl info, the College finale and the first Spec Sheet along with anything else I can think of. Until next post fellow Sports Fans!

Ghosts and Goats, Maybe?
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The dust has settled and to the delight of New Englanders and New Yorkers a like they will be looking forward to a rematch of the Superbowl 42, This maybe not to the delight of the rest of the country. There will be plenty of Superbowl hype over the next two weeks but yesterdays Championship Games were  about as entertaining as you can get with ghosts and goats a like.

In New England it was strange that Tom Brady wasn’t the best Quarterback at Gillette Stadium yesterday Joe Flaaco was. In Brady’s own words he said he sucked. A bad defense was a good defense and kid who is all pro kicker was put in a position to earn his money, many in these parts thought perhaps Myra Kraft reached down from the heavens and maybe tipped off line. The reality is a steady footed kick simply shanked one. Was it nerves was it just a miss that he pushed the wrongway. We will never know other than to guess,

Perhaps the more important thing was If LeeEvans  holds on  Billy Cundif isn’t put in that position . But as the Ravens said after the game  they simply didn’t make enough plays to win. It wasn’t one guy or another. The team that had reputation  for their crass walked out of Gillette Stadium with class. I’m Patriots fan always have been always will be. I have sat in that stadium and the old Foxboro Stadium when you went to games just to see guys play for other teams. There are teams I dislike and there are teams I respect. I found new respect for the Baltimore Ravens yesterday who played as hard of fought football game as anyone and they left  Gillette Stadium with their heads held high as they should have.

The patriots weren’t there normal high powered offense. Brady just was on and apologized to the owner afterward. He used the tight ends his bread and butter like he was on a diet using both sparingly.he used them as tight ends and it helped control that Baltimore defense. As Patriot fan at the game the emotions were going up and down like a roller coaster at  Six Flags. The one guy who stepped it up was Vince Wilfork who played like he was ona mission and he was. The guy had his best game as a Patriot and that also helped the Patriots survive the win.

In San Francisco Kyle Williams may have reached goat status fumbling a punt in the 4th quarter and letting Jacquian Williams of the Giants strip a punt in overtime. One Williams will be a goat the other a hero. Eli Manning has done what he has been doing all year just passing the ball. Good Giant defense vs a good Niner defense worked into a great football game. The Giants  go the Superbowl to play the Patriots.

A few twist turns a break here or there nad it was just as easily been the Ravens and the Niners. Championship Weekend  was marked by 4 teams all deserving to be call Champs.

Believe me I’m a glad the Patriots are going but realize it could have been the Ravens.


Monday Moaning 1-23-12
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So, Friday night I wrote about being in a SLUMP...Well thankfully this weekend brought plenty to write about...Starting with the Patriots moving onto the "Super Bowl" after beating the Baltimore Ravens 23-20...It was a pretty good game, but it was clear that Tom Brady didn't look right/comfortable all day...And as for Joe Flacco, he didn't look awful, and I'd like to see him tell Ed Reed to shut the fuck up, and don't bite on the play-action...If Ed Reed watched some tape, he'd see that Flacco's shitty receivers hardly ever get separation from the coverage...I'm so happy the Ravens lost!

They had their chances...But the Patriots defense, which has had people shit on them all year, knuckled up at times...And then with 15 seconds left, the Ravens trot out their kicker Billy Cundiff to tie it up...Poor bastard went all Scott Norwood! And after the game, he gave Patriots fan a high-five!

Then there was the 49ers and Giants...Two teams playing really good defense...Two offenses who grind it out...These two teams went at it back and forth and punch for punch...So much so, they had to take it to overtime...And as the Patriots can thank Billy Cundiff, the Giants can thank San Fran return man Kyle Williams, who was a fumble machine, setting up the Giants game winning field goal...

Now we have two weeks of over-hyping the "Super Bowl"...And my wife, born in Boston, will actually be watching the game.......For the commercials!

-The other BIG story in the sports world...Joe Paterno died early Sunday morning...When I saw that he was near death Saturday night, I won't lie...I had spent the entire day in bed sleeping, or on the crapper with the green apple splatters...The Flu had struck me at 2:00AM and was kicking my ass...But the news of Paterno's failing health brought a smile to my face...The only thing that would have been better is if they would have found him dead, with Jerry Sandusky's cock in his mouth, and a shotgun in Sandusky's mouth...Yeah, let that visual soak in for a minute....Fucking scumbags!

Of course Twitter was buzzing when the word came down that Paterno died...And Opie from the O&A Show never fails to smack people in the face with a solid dose of honesty, tweeting this...

"What an insult! Penn State having a MOMENT OF SILENCE for Joe Paterno. That's what got him in trouble in the first place!"

After taking some shit from some dolts, he came back with this...

"So strange how many people are sticking up for Joe Paterno seeing how Joe didn't stick up for innocent children. #GetHelp"

After more bullshit from dolts he said this...

"Maybe the haters are right saying it's too soon for Joe Paterno jokes. I guess I'll be like Joe Pa and wait 10 years. #ZingZangZoom"

I'm all in with Opie...These people trying to blow off the evil shit that went on at Penn State, while Paterno was suppose to be the all knowing, all powerful, perfect example of class and ethics, are fucking insane...The man deserves no moment of silence, no honor, no tribute of any kind...He let the worst type of predator run lose for more then decade, and he let him use Penn State University to help catch his victims...When Sandusky finally does die, Paterno will be waiting for him in hell!

-As I said, after dealing with two sick kids last week, it finally struck me...The wife kept the kids out of my hair, and besides crapping and sleeping, I watched the New York Rangers beat the Boston Bruins in overtime Saturday...It was everything that is great about hockey...Hard-nosed play...Both teams blocking shots, killing penalties, skating hard, hitting hard, and taking desperation shots to win it in OT...I know I speaking to a minority, but people, forget about that basketball garbage...Check out some hockey, it'll be good for ya!

-Friday night before I got sick, the wife and I had some quality time...A few minutes afterwards, she burped and said, "My burp tastes like your cum." That has nothing to do with anything, but I just thought I'd embarrass the Mrs...Maybe that explains why she had a minor case of the splatters Sunday!

-Sunday afternoon I was doing somewhat better, so I shoveled the driveway...Yes, it snowed Friday night, and the local news stations acted like this was some shocking, event...It's January in Cleveland, can we stop getting so worked up when it snows!

So after the shoveling, I took the Little Beeze sledding...there's a great hill near our house, just don't go there late at night, because some queen will be looking to pick you up for a rear-end fondue!

It was like a Norman Rockwell Winter scene...Well, a Rockwell scene with blood, tears, and compound fractures...Kids just flying down the hill, wiping other kids out...Some ass-hat adult wiped out Little Beeze and four other kids...I ran down to check on him, and the guy was handing him his sled, and the douche said, "He got drilled pretty good." I said, "No, shit asshole, you drilled him!" He asked if there was a problem, and I said, "No, just show me your kid, And I'll spend the rest of the day aiming for him!" He walked away, and I didn't see him again...

The boy loves when get geared up for a fight...Then he took his energy back on the hill...He wasted a couple of teen age girls, as he clipped on in the back of the legs and flipped her, he ran over her friends head...Bitch shouldn't have been laying there!

Another successful run!

And here he is getting ready to for another one!

It was a blast, and he can't wait to go again...

That's it for now...Have a week...

Later, The Beeze. 

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