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Deep Thoughts Christmas Edition
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. Last week, I was battling a bit of melancholy brought on by the holiday season. A funny thing happened at work. Our Christmas party was going to be during lunch at a nice local restaurant. I did not like the fact that we were not having any type of gift exchange, so I suggested that we do a White Elephant exchange. I guess I made a big deal about the spirit of Christmas, because I am now the Christmas Chancellor; December Events Coordinator. No, the job does not come with a pay raise. We had a great time and I found the perfect gift. No more holiday blues; it just does not fit my new job.



The hat was too small, but I think I will keep the Christmas tie.


So, have you ever seen Tick -Tac-Strip? Meredith is newly married and her husband was pleased that they got my gift.






Did you happen to catch the skit about Tebow on SNL? If you did not, here it is. There was a time that I never missed SNL, but I have to admit that I am no longer a regular viewer. I thought the skit was funny. I loved that Jesus said if he is the son of God then Tom Brady must be his nephew. As funny as this is, the implication of Bill Bellichick being the devil was hysterical. The truth is it is good to laugh at ourselves. The purpose of SNL is to poke fun of societal issues and Tim Tebow should feel honored that SNL felt he was relevant enough to do a skit about  him. Of course, Pat Robertson was outraged with this skit and felt that it was "anti-Christain bigotry that is disgusting". I am sorry Pat. I don't see that. What I find disgusting that an 81 year old guy would have to make statements like this in order to be relevant. What I see from Tim Tebow is that he is doing his best to figure out how to be an NFL QB and win games. Is he a bit over the top with his posing? Probably, but so what? From what I can tell, he is sincere in his beliefs and walks the talk that he espouses. Denver lost last week, but many teams have lost to this Patriot offense. 

It is interesting, teams in the NFL seem to be try to either try to outscore everyone or they play conservative offense and try to pitch a shutout each game. The Packers, Pats and Saints are talented enough to outscore most teams, but as the Packers found out, if you don't play defense you will eventually lose. This year will be a very interesting playoff season. The 49ers, Ravens and Steelers will try to win with D while most of the other playoff teams appear to take an offensive approach. It would seem that the teams bent on defense would do best at home in the elements. But team health may prove to be the determine factor in who wins. The Chargers and Eagles still have a slim hope to make the playoffs and if history tells us anything, this is the type of team that just might win it all. Come to think of it, the Cardinals also have an outside chance. Of course, I will hope that my Cowboys get on a good streak, but with the Eagles and Giants left, I am thinking not. 

The fact that Wade Phillips was not able to coach last weekend sort of got hidden. He had a "medical procedure" and was not present at the Texans game. Perhaps the Texans were due for a loss, but not having Phillips might have made a difference. With all of the injuries that the Texans have had this year, it is amazing that they have had as much success as they have. Or maybe it was just too much Cam Newton? This was one terrific play! I know that the Texans hope that Wade Phillips is back next week. The guy may not be a great head coach, but he can sure coach defense.





Last weekend, Texas high school football played their championship games at Cowboys Stadium. I watched several of the games and saw some very talented kids playing at a high level. After the last game, there was a mishap that will talked about for many years. I am not sure what happened, but somehow one of the weighted end zone pylons found its way onto the accelerator of an electric golf cart. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured...so we can enjoy this video.




One of the games that I got to watch was the 3A game between Argyle and Wimberley. I had a small rooting interest in this one as a buddy has a nephew playing for Argyle. You may remember Jon Aune that played QB for Texas back in the day. His nephew plays QB for Argyle and on the last play of the day had a nifty scramble to avoid the rush and uncorked what looked to be a game tying TD. Take a few minutes of your life and watch this video, in particular .45 to .50. The play that is made is worthy of any NFL player. To think that this kid made this play on the last play in the championship game? I am sure we will hear from him again.





That's all the sports I have, but I do have a few funny videos:




Now I know why Rudolph had a red nose.



Wow...this has something for everyone.




You probably won't understand a word, but sometimes words are overrated...



This has been a very fun year at the Gab. I have not said this recently, but thanks to Sully, Felber and Kyle for making this site a reality.


That's all I have for this week, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey:


"If I come back as an animal in my next lifetime, I hope it's some type of parasite, because this is the part where I take it EASY!"

"If your kid makes one of those little homemade guitars out of a cigar box and rubber bands, don't let him just play it once or twice and then throw it away. Make him practice on it, every day, for about three hours a day. Later, he'll thank you."


That's all I have for today, but feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own.


Merry Christmas to all...


Musings From The Hoodwood 12-20...the Holiday Edition
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Ho, Ho, Ho from the Hoodwood!

Season’s greetings from the Hoodwood, where you can say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,  Joyous Kwanzaa, or all of the above and get a smile in return. Say what you want to say as long as its peaceful and reflective of the joyous season.


NFL: Tebows…err Broncos and Packers take losses.

Well had my picks not gone so-so again for the week , I would have enjoyed the fact that the Colts won, the Packers lost (I picked neither to happen though I just had the feeling that it would) and the Tebows…errr Broncos got the sound whipping that I thought they were long overdue to get.

“But Bandit,” I’m already hearing the gallery scream “Didn’t Tebow and company already take a whipping at the hands of the Lions and weren’t the Patriots favored anyway?” Listening to the mindless minions who are braying about the meaning of Timothy Richard Tebow has started to numb my mind and now Im enjoying listening to the minions backtrack “Oh I never said he was that good. The Patriots are a real team.”  To be quite sure the Patriots are seriously lacking. Their defense gives up points like a cheap hooker gives up the trim. Tom Brady is carrying that team. Their offense is the reason why the Pats are 11-3, period. The Broncos one dimensional offense will get beat in a shootout. I don’t give a shit if the Broncos scored 35 points on the Vikings (A point that Tebow Maniacs love to point out to me) The Vikings defense is a couple steps away from warmed over shit themselves, I could put up 30 on that defense. The fact is that when the Bronco defense gets stepped on, Tebow cannot put up a strong enough front to win games. The Broncos will win likely win the division, primarly because the Raiders are coming apart fast and the Chargers are too far back to make a late run.

Now on to the Pack; when I wrote my picks last week, I was trying to recall when the 1998 Broncos took their first loss. I knew it was to the Giants at the old Meadowlands, but I couldn’t remember if the Giants were any good (they weren’t) I was trying to think if the parallels with this years Packers were the same. I posted my picks on Saturday, with a cold dread that maybe just maybe the Chiefs would pull the same stunning upset as the Giants did in week 14 of the 1998 season. My fears were further heightened when ESPN did a piece on the 1998 Broncos taking their first loss in what analyst Mark Schlereth called the “trap game” Like I said the parallels were just too much. The Chiefs indeed pull the shocking upset, knocking off the Pack in front of a near delirious crowd at Arrowhead. Now the talk goes from “Are the Pack the greatest team of all time” to “Hmmmm, the champs are slipping.” The Pack’s offense isn’t so scary. When the Pack turn right around and beat the living shit out of the Bears Christmas Night, the sycophants will be lining up yet again. Now make no mistake, I’m a Vikings fan through and through and have no love for the Packers and their annoying fans. But I respect Aaron Rodgers and what he had to endure to get to this spot. He is making the most of his opportunity and has become one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL, I still say that the Packers are the team to beat not only in the NFC but the NFL. I still think the Saints have better than a punchers chance to go to Lambeau Field next month and beat  the Pack.

While the 72 Dolphins can break out the Dom as the 39th season goes by and they remain the only team to go wire to wire with out taking a loss, the 76 Bucs and 08 Lions have to unpack the Ripple and Thunderbird that they were planning on sending the Colts who ruined their run to inperfection by knocking off the Titans 27-13 in front of a happy crowd in Indy. The Colts finally got a game to break their way and the Titans have fallen back to also ran status in the AFC playoff chase.


CP3: The newest…Clipper thanks to the dictator Stern

The CP3 saga is over for now…or at least for a couple years until he hits the free agent market with his new teammate. Chris Paul is headed to LA but not wearing the Purple and Gold of the Lakers much to Kobe Bryant’s chagrin (not like he doesn’t have bigger and more expensive things to worry about, see below.) Paul was traded to the Clippers and will team up with the high flying Blake Griffin to give the Clippers star power that they haven’t had since…ummm well since you know back when they had….ummmmm. Damn, they’ve never had this kind of star power! The Clips have long been the bastard stepchild of the NBA, from way back when they were the Buffalo Braves. They got no respect because they were in the shadow of the Knicks and Celtics. When they moved west to San Diego in 1978, they got less respect and were only highlight material for other teams. The Clips moved to LA in 1984 and most basketball insiders thought that they should have moved to Anaheim been the basketball equalivent of the Angels  and considering how both teams were then would have gotten that much respect. But they moved to the hood of the LA Sports Arena and stunk, even when they were decent they couldn’t get any crowds. One of their big games in their first years was a rare year that they made the playoffs and faced the Utah Jazz. This Clipper team was decent, coached by Larry Brown and in a rare year where the Lakers were down (the year after Magic retired the 1st time)  and actually had a better record than the Lakers and for once looked to be the star team in LA but the LA riots forced the Clippers to play a playoff game in Anaheim. They won that game but lost the series, though the Clippers did make the playoff three of the next four seasons they wouldn’t win a series and in fact have only won one (count it) one playoff series in their team history even going back to when they were in Buffalo. Griffin put the Clippers on the highlight reels, CP3 and Chauncey Billups will give them respect and teach them how to win. The Clips have long been the loser tenant in the Staples Center but the Lake Show may have to slide some primetime dates for the Clips now.

Of course none of this would have been possible without help (or meddling) of NBA Kommisar David Stern. Stern decided to step in when it looked like the Lakers had a deal in place to acquire the talented guard from Wake Forest from the Hornets. The Lakers broke no rules, they didnt do a shady O'Grady deal? They were giving up key components from a 57 win team in Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol in a three team trade. But Stern stepped in and said the trade was unfair. "Say what?" Where was Stern when the Lakers seemingly fleeced the Grizzlies out of Pau Gasol. Now in hindsight the trade looks like it benefitted both teams as Pau brother Marc has flourished in Memphis and the Grizzlies look to be a rising young contender in the West. But still Stern needs to stop meddling. The problem here is that Stern isnt trying to make the Hornets cheaper and more appealing to a prospective buyer. He's trying to send a message to the players union. After seeing Carmelo Anthony force a trade to New York after seeing LeBron James go to Miami, he wasnt going to see another "marquee" player leave another small market and dictate where he would go. Stern is trying to send a message, "I'll say where you will play." Meddling with trades is one thing, but the minute he tries to mess with Free Agents, and the thinking here is that he will try. It will get really, really ugly.


Kobe: Divorce Sucks…and Kobe is gonna pay

My mom and I both believe that this was 7 years in the making, Vanessa Bryant citing irreconcilable differences is filing for divorce from L.A. Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant. Now I believe that this started back in 2004 when Kobe was accused of rape. You all remember the tearful press conference that Kobe had with Vanessa at his side.

She was sporting the huge rock on her hand. A multi-million dollar bauble that Kobe gave to her after the allegations came up. I liked to think that Vanessa only said one word to Kobe in the weeks and months after the affair came to light. Since California is a no fault state and Kobe had neglected to (or didn’t want to) sign a pre-nuptial agreement he was on the hook for half of his fortune and I think this is how most of the conversations went for a while after the revelation.

In private just after the above press conference:

Kobe: Baby I’m sorry about what I did.

Vanessa: Half


A few days Kobe before leaving for a game:

Kobe: Baby, you want to go get something to eat at Spago’s after the game?

Vanessa : Half


After getting back from a road trip:

Kobe: Baby, you want me to take out this trash?”

Vanessa: Half


After getting a call from his accountant:

Kobe: Baby, why did you spend 60K at Jimmy Choo’s on Rodeo Drive, that’s some bullshit!

Vanessa: Half


Vanessa of course started saying more and waited for a while bided her time , had another kid. Then she cashed in her chips. And brother thems a whole lot of fuckin chips to cash. Shes not even 30 yet and still hot and talk goes that the estate is worth 200 million dollars. Kobe is going to be playing for at least another 5 years just to cover a child support nugget. In other words, Kobe will be paying out of his ass for years. And the thing is, he didn’t need to get married. He family repeatedly told him “Don’t get married, don’t have no babies” But Kobe being the strong willed dude he is married the girl who looked like a gold digger from the word jump. Someone that he met a video shoot! Now I really cant talk, I’ve had relationship with girls that I met a club and over the internet. So I can’t really shot call but, I know that divorce is expensive and I'm sure as hell not going to go “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” over someone I just meet, not enough to marry her. Basketball players are freaky by nature and he had to think as young and fetching as he was that he would have his choice of women. If he was trying to settle down, that’s one thing but when you realize that marriage is work and that you cant go catting around, it get a whole bunch harder. Kobe is going to be out at least 1/5th of a billion dollars…cant really feel sorry for him though. Hey Kobe, A-Rod thought you got fleeced on this divorce...



Phat Dap

Yeah it seems like Ive been giving them a lot of love lately but I have to give some more to my beloved alma mater the University of Cincinnati. After taking all sorts of flak (some deserved) after the brawl at the end of the Crosstown Shootout, the Bearcats have bounced back and rolled to a pair of blowout wins. I know, I know Wright State and Radford will never ever be mentioned in the same breath as UK and Ohio State but the potential for further let down was there. Instead the Bearcats unveiled a run and gun style that produced 20 and 30 point wins. The latter output against Radford had the Bearcats topping the 100 point mark for the first time since 2005. I hope the Bearcats continue this style and can incorporate their big men in to this offensive style,  Its fun to watch.


Head Slap

On the other side of the coin, Xavier had a full week to absorb the media scrutiny and punish its players. Their one game without their suspended key players Tu Holloway and Mark Lyons would be against Oral Roberts who from the Summit League at 7-4 wasn’t really a world beater.  After a classy and heartfelt apology from head coach Chris Mack, the Muskies played like Mouseketeers and got housed 64-42 by the Golden Eagles in front of a stunned home crowd at Cintas Center. Xavier hadn’t lost that bad at home since getting housed by Lasalle in 2000 80-49 but that was at the old Cincinnati Gardens. Xavier just doesn’t get beat at the Cintas Center like that…ever. Missing All-American guard Holloway the Muskies looked disjointed and fell out of the top ten with their weak underwhelming performance. The Muskies may have been  exposed as a one man gang.


Finally in closing. I want to thank you for visiting here in Hoodwood. The local tourist board appreciates the patronage and I your humble scribe appreciate that you take a little time out of your Tuesdays to read my ramblings and random thoughts. From my side of the keyboard to yours, here's wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Prosperous Yule or pleasant what ever it is you celebrate at this time of the year. Be safe during the season and have a blessed and Happy New Year. Until Next Post Fellow Sports Fans!


Monday Moaning 12-19-11
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Well Merry Christmas!

So this past week I went silent...I haven't posted a blog since last Monday Moaning...I did little on Twitter or Facebook...Just needed a bit of a break...Plus it's been busy here...These couple weeks are busy at the Fish House, so I've been trying to get more sleep instead of being up until 2:00AM and then getting up with the kids at 6:30AM...

Then there's getting ready for Christmas...And we had a birthday last week...It's already been a year since this picture was taken of my baby girl laying on my chest the night she was born...

Now look at here swinging in the cool December air...

Here she is busting a move with Frosty the Snowman...

Sometimes blogging just has to take a backseat to shit like that...Now let's get into some sports...We'll start with the shitty Browns...Yeah, they lost again Sunday, in OT to Arizona...Whatever...I want to talk about how Mike Holmgren has been doing his job as President of the Browns...For guy making nearly 10 million dollars a year, he really sucks...Twice he has addressed the media this year...Both times after the media and fans have raised their voices about where is this guy, what is he doing, and why is he on radio shows in Seattle instead of Cleveland...

In his press conference last week he informed us that "NO ONE" on the Browns medical staff, or coaching staff knew that Colt McCoy had his brain caved in by James Harrison..."No One saw him get hit in the head." How is it that the Browns staff are the only people on Earth who didn't see that hit!?! I guess they all have their heads up their asses!

Then Fatty Holmgren got pissy with the media for questioning him, and what he's doing...Earlier that day, long time Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Bud Shaw took Holmgren to task, saying that it doesn't matter who's in charge, "it's business as usual." He also eluded to what many of us think...Fatty is just collecting a check...And that was mild compared to what some of the radio guys were saying...So fatty got pissed at the media and said, "You're either with us, or you're not, so remember that when you come looking for extra playoff tickets."

WHAT!?! How the fuck is this guy talking about playoffs!?! This team is so far from that it's unreal...And you know what Fatty...It's the media's job to question you...And true fans should question you...True fans get pissed after watching a team suck year after year...No one is going to kneel down and kiss your ring...Why? Because you didn't win it here fat fuck!

-So how about those Packers...My pal Ryan has been harping on me all year to write up some love for his Packers...So I was watching them play the Chiefs Sunday, and planning on hyping a perfect season...But then, I noticed after every play that a guy made a first down, he was doing that stupid, hand gesture, showing he did his job...I already hated the Clay Matthews Jr. sack celebration, so now I was getting annoyed, and rooting against them...I didn't actually think the Chiefs would hold on, but damn...They D'ed up big time...Kept Rogers uncomfortable all day, and their offense just kept plugging away at that weak Packers defense...And the '72 Dolphins rejoiced!

- Then there was Jesus Tebow...Now last time I checked the Scripture, Jesus was the son of God...Tebow, I may give the Holy Spirit...But Sunday he, and his Broncos teammates, saw God...Tom fucking Brady...He's gotta be the closest thing to the almighty...All he does his shine up his Super Bowl rings, and MVP's...Sling it like a cock-strong, mother fucker...Win...And speaking of cock-strong, he created life with not only a hot actress, but also his super model wife...Shit, he sounds like the Holy Trinity to me!

Yeah, it's nice to see Tebow, Denver, and the Tebow followers, get a dose of reality! If your boy Timmy is such a miracle worker, and has the ear of God, then why is he wasting his time with Football...Go cure Cancer with your magical powers!

-Christmas time means something else besides, shopping, and gifts, and parties...It means here comes the non-stop 3 week parade of College Football Bowl Games...This week we get into the madness with plenty of average teams going at it to make a few extra bucks...I'm dogging on them, but I'll be watching a bit of Florida Int. vs. Marshall on Tuesday night...

-Now with it being Christmas time, we here a lot of the same old songs...And I love the classics, but I thought I'd share a few from one of my favorite bands...You don't think of Pearl Jam as a Christmas tune band, bu they do some good ones...Some unique tunes...I hope you enjoy...

"Let Me Sleep"


Here's the Bluesy "Don't Believe in Christmas"

Have a week...And have a Merry Christmas...

Later, The Beeze. 

Bandits Week 15 NFL Picks
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Week 15 NFL

A solid bounceback from a poor week Season Best 13-3 for the week, had the Niners and Bengals not dropped last second decisions, I would have had 15 wins, I doubt that most people though the Jags would win much less score more last week than they did in the last three weeks combined (no you didn’t don’t even front like you did) The games get even more high stakes as the season draws to its usual exciting conclusion. Again submitted for your approval is this weeks picks with the odds provided courtesy of bodog.net for entertainment and comparison purposes only. Since my money is locked up in Christmas presents, I’m not paying off bookies if you get took on these lines.

(My apologies for neglecting the Thursday Post)

Thursday December 15

Jaguars (4-9) @ Falcons (8-5)

Georgia Dome, Atlanta 8:20 (NFLN)

Favorite Falcons by 13

Last Week Jaguars beat Buccaneers 41-14, Falcons beat Panthers 31-23

Fast Fact Jacksonville’s 41 point outburst was the most in a single game since 2008

Someone tell me how the Jags keep getting these primetime dates? Anyway, The Jags finally put it all together last week, thrashing the Bucs and showing an offense that could score. Someone in the Jags braintrust figured that Maurice Jones-Drew was a decent weapon and used him with abandon, as he rung up a 4 TD game. The sledding might be a bit tougher against the Falcons who may be a bit more wary after spotting the Panther a sizeable lead before rallying for the win. The Falcons need to keep winning to stay in the wild card hunt, as the division chase might pretty much be over now. But the Jags shouldn’t provide much resistance as their lone road win was the gimme versus the Colts.



Saturday  December 17

Cowboys (7-6) @ Buccaneers (4-9)

Raymond James Stadium, Tampa 8:20 (NFLN)

Favorite Cowboys by 7

Last Week Cowboys lost to Giants 37-34, Buccaneers lost to Jaguars 41-14

Fast Fact Cowboys have lost 3 games this year in which they have blown 4th quarter leads of 12 points or more. They had only done that 2 times in the past 51 season

The Pokes and Bucs get the Saturday Night Special, looking to rebound from losses. The Bucs sorry season may have reached a nadir after getting housed by the weak Jags while the Pokes just find new and creative ways to lose again this time getting letting Eli Manning carve them up but going to pieces at the final gun with another missed field goal. Tony Romo should get little of the blame for the Boys late struggles he has sparkled, but the lack of a running game with the injury of Demarco Murray and the pedestrian running of Felix Jones will hamper his efforts. They are still better than the Bucs who just look bad, and any semblance of an offense the Pokes put up will be more than enough.




Sunday December 18

Saints (11-5) @ Vikings (2-11)

Mall of America Field @ HHH Metrodome, Minneapolis 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Saints by 7

Last Week Saints beat Titans 22-17, Vikings lost to Lions 34-28

Fast Fact The Saints have lost five in a row at Minnesota

The Saints survived a thriller in Nashville and have little time to trifle with a Vikings team that is ranking as one of the worst in franchise history. Brees will be able to pick on the Vikes soft secondary as long as Jared Allen doesn’t wreak havoc. This may be a first, Im so down on my beloved Vikes, and their play, that I’m doing what some would consider unthinkable…I’ll be more than happy to be wrong, but I don’t think I will be

Pick-New Orleans (Lock of the Week)


Bengals (7-6) @ Rams (2-11)

Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Bengals by 7

Last Week Bengals lost to Texans 20-19, Rams lost to Seahawks 30-13

Fast Fact The Bengals have never won in St. Louis, losing to the Cardinals in 1985 and twice to the Rams.

The Bengals seem to find one game a year to have a dumb loss, leaving a Texans squad who looked like they would rather clinch their division at home chance after chance to rally late and squandering a 16-3 lead at home losing on the very last play. They get a chance to be a bully again, getting a wholly disinterested Rams squad playing out the string. The Bengals will do their usual dawdle then pull away late. If they lose here any semblance of playoff atmosphere will evaporate.



Seahawks (6-7) @ Bears (7-6)

Soldier Field, Chicago 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Bears by 3½

Last Week Seahawks beat Rams 30-13, Bears lost to Broncos13-10 in OT

Fast Fact This is the 3rd time that the Seahawks have come to Chicago in 14 months, The Seahawks won last October, while the Bears won the Divisional Playoff game in January.

The Seahawks, were left for dead a couple weeks ago, have fought their way back to the fringes of the playoff race with a bruising running game and a defense that is playing reckless and solid. The Bears are falling apart fast and losing key components on a frightening pace. I want to say that they Bears will right the ship and stay in the wild card race but I think that any team with an offense will give them trouble.

Pick-Seattle (upset of the week)


Dolphins (4-9) @ Bills (5-8)

Ralph Wilson Stadium; Orchard Park, NY 1:00 (CBS)


Last Week Dolphins lost to Eagles 26-10, Bills lost to Chargers 37-10

Fast Fact After starting 5-1, Bills have lost 7 straight and are trying to avoid a second straight season with an 8 eight losing skid

The curtain finally came down on the Tony Sparano in Miami, the Dolphins have went back to being a directionless team. The Bills have went back to their bumbling way after such a promising start. Was that 16 years ago, that my homeboy Guido and I went to Buffalo to see these two teams duel for division title? Oh so long ago that this game actually mattered. The Bills at home against a warm weather team might be one of the few things that we can bank on.



Packers (13-0) @ Chiefs (5-8)

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Packers by 14½

Last Week Packers beat Raiders 46-16, Chiefs lost to Jets 37-10

Fast Fact Through just 13 games the Packers have scored a franchise record 466 points

These teams are just about polar opposite as you can get. The Pack looking more and more efficient each week, looked chillingly crisp in a frightening dissection of the Raiders. The Chiefs on the other hand couldn’t begin to get out of their own way as they got hammered by the Jets. Do you really think that the Chiefs can improve that much under interim coach Romeo Crennel to pull off the biggest upset of the season? I have a seller of Kansas beachfront property that you might want to speak to.

Pick-Green Bay


Titans (7-6) @ Colts (0-13)

Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis1:00 (CBS)


Last Week Titans lost to Saints 22-17, Colts lost to Ravens 24-10

Fast Fact The Colts are looking to avoid their first 0-14 start in franchise history

The Titans had a chance to stay on the fringes of the AFC South title race but unlike the Texans couldn’t make magic on the goal line and lost a heartbreaker. The Colts? They want this death march to be all over. The Titans are the better team, the less said about another team beating the Colts like a glue factory nags, the better.



Redskins (4-9) @ Giants (7-6)

MetLife Stadium; East Rutherford, NJ (FOX)

Favorite Giants by 7

Last Week Redskins lost to Patriots 34-27, Giants beat Cowboys 37-34

Fast Fact Redskins are a league average a league worst 93.8 yards rushing but rookie Roy Helu has 3 straight 100 rushing games.

The Redskins gave the Pats a tough go, until Rex Grossman wrecked them again late. The Giants have seemed to have awoken from their slumber to beat the Cowboys after giving the Pack their toughest game. The Redskins shocked the Giants on opening weekend, but I doubt that could happen again. The Giants are trying to hold of the Cowboys and a possible last ditch resurgence by the Eagles

Pick-New York Giants


Panthers (4-9) @ Texans (10-3)

Reliant Stadium, Houston 1:00 (FOX)


Last Week Panthers lost to Falcons 31-23, Texans beat Bengals 20-19

Fast Fact The Texans have held seven consecutive opponents under 20 points, and have won each game.

TJ Yates will hold a celebrated place in Houston football, the man that brought the Texans the win that not only got them their first ever playoff berth, but a division title to boot. The Texans will have to fight off a hangover facing a beatable but nonetheless dangerous Panthers squad. The Texans will continue to rely on Arian Foster on offense and the emerging Connor Barwin anchoring the defense. It may be a bit sloppy but the Texans should have enough to win.



Lions (8-5) @ Raiders (7-6)

o.co Coliseum, Oakland 4:05 (FOX)

Favorite Lions by 1 ½

Last Week Lions beat Vikings 34-28, Raiders lost to Packers 46-16

Fast Fact The Raiders have given up 31 points or more 5 times this season and have fallen behind 34-0 in each of the last two games

Try as they might, the Lions couldn’t give the game away against the hapless, hopeless Vikings. Meanwhile the Raiders took another woodshed type beating this time from the Packers and you have to wonder about the collective psyche of Carson Palmer. With both teams so fragile you can expect the first team to make a mistake will come apart at the seams. Im thinking the Lions will get a boost from the return of black sheep DT Ndamukong Suh and the defense will pressure the Raiders into a couple dumb turnovers and the Lions should get a tight win



Patriots (10-3) @ Broncos (8-5)

Sports Authority Field @ Mile High, Denver 4:15 (CBS)

Favorite Patriots by 7

Last Week Patriots beat Redskins 34-27, Broncos beat Bears 13-10

Fast Fact The Broncos are the only team in the NFL with a winning record against the Pats in the Belichick era (6-2)

Now comes the real test for the Tebow-Maniacs. A no-joke Pats team comes calling. Now the Pats aren’t the Pack (who incidentally blasted the Broncos before Tebow was named the starter) but they bring a high octane offense led by the redoubtable Tom Brady and the irrepressible Rob Gronkowski who is a nightmare to plan for. If the Pats jump on the Broncos early they take the rowdy crowd out and force Tebow to throw where he will make enough errors to doom them. The longer that the game is close, the goofier it will get. I think Brady and the Pats score enough to outstrip Tebow.

Pick-New England


Browns (4-9) @ Cardinals (6-7)

University of Phoenix Stadium; Glendale, AZ 4:15 (CBS)


Last Week Browns lost to Steelers 14-3, Cardinals beat 49ers 21-19

Fast Fact The Cards are trying to match their longest win streak since 1999 with their fourth win in a row

The Cards have found life and are like their aviary division mates are loitering at the fringes of the playoff hunt. They will need to smack around a Browns team that has been wandering aimlessly for the better part of the season. If the Cards come out swinging the Browns will be of little resistance. I think that will be the case.



Jets (8-5) @ Eagles (5-8)

Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia 4:15 (CBS)

Favorite Eagles by 3

Last Week Jets beat Chiefs 37-10, Eagles beat Dolphins 26-10

Fast Fact The Jets are winless against the Eagles in eight meetings

The Grinning, Jeering Rex Ryan has been at his sardonic best as of late, as the Jets looked sharp in an effortless beatdown of the Chiefs. The Eagles have suddenly found their stride winning three of four, but are running out of time. The Jets ground game has come alive at the right time. Shonn Greene and a resurgent LaDainian Tomlinson have taken a lot of heat off of Mark Sanchez and the Jets offense as a whole has been humming along. Though the Eagles are playing better with the return of Michael Vick, I don’t think that they have the chops to pull a win out.

Pick-New York Jets



Ravens (10-3) @ Chargers (6-7)

Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego 8:20 (NBC)

Favorite Ravens by 3

Last Week Ravens beat Colts 24-10, Chargers beat Bills 37-10

Fast Fact Though the Ravens have won 10 or more three of the past four seasons, they haven’t won 5 in a row since 2006. The Ravens are on a four game win streak.

This looked like a dud a couple weeks ago, so much so that NBC was trying to flex out of this game to get the Patriots-Broncos game. CBS protected the game but NBC got lucky as the Chargers have found their offense and have scored 75 points in the last two weeks. The Ravens are trying to hold off the Steelers and have no time for an untimely loss. The Chargers have more of their offensive weapons back from injury, but someone finally clued the Ravens that using Ray Rice as focal point of the offense may be a good thing. The Chargers dreams of a run to the postseason ends here.



Monday, December 19

Steelers (10-3) @ 49ers (10-3)

Venue, City Time (ESPN)


Last Week Steelers beat Browns 14-3, 49ers lost to Cardinals 21-19

Fast Fact The Steelers have allowed a miserly 19 points in the last three games

You know ESPN was thinking “finally!” after better than a month of duds, snoozer and blowouts they finally get a meaty matchup. The Niners have been playing like days of old, while the Steelers are well the Steelers. A youthful offense versus a veteran defense usually favors the defense but missing the presence of James Harrison, the Steelers may lack a crucial component. The Niners also benefit from a hobbled Ben Roethlisberger, but the wily Steelers just seem to have that December mentality and they are one of the few teams that could make a West Coast trip like this and not be fazed.




Last Week 13-3 (Lock & Upset Correct)

Overall: 129-79 (Thursday result not included)

Locks: 10-4

Upsets: 5-9                                                                 




NFL Farewell : Players You Might Miss In 2012
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Tags: Peyton Manning Ray Lewis Ronde Barber Tony Gozales Derrock Mason Brian Dawkins NFL LaDainian Tomlinson Jason Taylor Bob Sanders Joey Porter



Every year in the NFL brings both a sunrise and sunset to the careers of many participants. The departures are especially filled with melancholy because years of contributions have allowed the fan to grow accustomed to their faces.

While a typical NFL career averages out to just about two seasons for players, there are some who defy these laws. Olin Kreutz retired after four games this year, despite being the starting center of the New Orleans Saints, because the 14-year player thought he production was declining and chose to remembered as a six-time Pro Bowler instead of playing out the string and hoping to win his first Super Bowl title.

Jason Hanson is close to completing his 20th season as the placekicker of the Detroit Lions. The two-time Pro Bowler has shown no signs of slowing down and remains one of the top kickers in the entire league.

He has missed just four kicks this year, a typical rate in his career. Two came from distances 50 yards or further, but he has made four at that range so far. Hanson will be 42 next season, so his retirement would have a tremendous impact on a franchise that has relied on the 1,997 points he has provided in his career.

While the 41 year old Hanson may not be as well known outside of the Motor City, some players are considered well enough known that their images transcends beyond the gridiron. These individuals have raked in so much cash for the league that they will mist likely be offered jobs when the cleats come off for the final time.

Peyton Manning is telling everyone he plans to play again, but he will be 36 years old and entering his 15th season in 2012. Manning sat out this year with a neck injury that has given mixed reports on the healing process. There has even been rumors that Manning underwent stem cell surgery to accelerate the healing process, but it did not take as expected.

As Indianapolis trudges through the 2011 season without a win thus far, they are also primed to have the very first draft pick next year. Most expect them to snag quarterback Andrew Luck, who exhibits many of the traits of the 11-time Pro Bowl Manning. The likely scenario is both will be on the Colts roster next year, though some media members have wondered if the Colts would be brash enough and trade Manning to excise his salary from their payroll.

Manning isn't the only future Hall of Famer who might retire at the end of this season. Ray Lewis, Jason Taylor, Brian Dawkins, Ronde Barber, Tony Gonzales, Hines Ward and LaDainian Tomlinson are all old veterans who may decide to call it quits.

Lewis is considered one of the finest middle linebackers in the history of professional football. The 12-time Pro Bowler would most likely call it quits if the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl this year, but other factors may lead Lewis to that decision regardless.

The leader of the Ravens is currently sidelined with a frustrating toe injury that has caused him to miss three games so far. His production has also declined somewhat, so Lewis may decide to leave before he is a shell of his former self. He will be 37 years old soon, so the inevitable retirement approaches more rapidly each day.

Taylor has six sacks this season and could probably still be able to sack a quarterback in 2032. He has 138.5 sacks in his career and has the most touchdowns off of fumble recoveries in NFL history.

Yet he will be 37 years old in 2012. His switching from defensive end to outside linebacker in 2009 has extended his career, one many thought was over after a subpar 2008 season, but Taylor may not want to return to a Miami Dolphins franchise many expect to struggle again next year.

Dawkins is 38 years old right now. He is in his 15th season and many expect it to be his last. The eight-time Pro Bowler is as much a leader as he is a ferocious and smart player, but the Denver Broncos now have a pair of young safeties perched to take over in 2012. A coach on the field, Dawkins will certainly be able to stay in the game by joining the coaching ranks on the sidelines in 2012.

The writing appears to be written on the wall for Tomlinson, but there are no guarantees he will want to retire just yet. He has beaten the odds of many NFL running backs so far by lasting 11 years in the league while being an absolute workhorse in eight seasons.

Tomlinson gained over 1,100 rushing yards in his first eight years, but the San Diego Chargers thought his career was over after he struggled for 730 yards in 2009. Even though he signed to be a reserve on the New York Jets last year, Tomlinson showed his greatness by churning out 914 yards on the ground.

This year has not only been filled with injuries that have curtailed him somewhat, the rushing production has fallen at the lowest levels of his career. Tomlinson can still go out and catch the ball, as his 610 career receptions show, but he may not find that to be enough to return in 2012.

The Jets could ask him back, because the 13.5 yards per catch is the best of his career, but Shonn Greene is now the man. Tomlinson has never had fewer than 219 rushing attempts in his career, but it now appears he won't reach 75 in 2011. By grinding out 13,590 yards so far, his is a career most running backs could only dream of having.

Barber, Ward and Gonzales are all still very productive players, but the clock is certainly pulling the pads slowly off of them as well. These proud players may decide to stave off retirement for another year of football.

Barber is still the best cornerback on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the five-time Pro Bowler will be 37 years old in 2012. His 13 non-offensive touchdowns is the fourth most in NFL history and he did record the first safety of his career this season. There haven't been a ton of cornerbacks his age in NFL history, though Barber may want to challenge that logic.

Ward is still getting open as a possession wide receiver, but he has seen Antonio Brown taking starts from him while Mike Wallace has become the top pass catcher on the team. The Pittsburgh Steelers may want to hang onto a veteran that is the longest-tenured current player on the team and has helped them win a pair of Super Bowls, but the Super Bowl XL MVP will be 36 years old next year and may not want to continue playing while watching his production to continue to steadily decline.

Gonzales is a 11-time Pro Bowler who has the most career catches, receiving yards and touchdowns by a tight end in NFL history. He also holds the record for the most receptions ever in a single season by a tight end.

While he will soon be 36 years old, the 15-year veteran has had a more productive season than he did in 2010. Gonzales hasn't had fewer than 70 receptions since 2003 and he still one of the main weapons of the Atlanta Falcons. After such a productive season, his prediction earlier this year appears to be correct when Gonzales said he had three years left in him.

There are other great players who also may be appearing in their final games these next few weeks. Many that have been to the Pro Bowl and a few that have played in Super Bowls.

Players like Jeff Saturday, London Fletcher, Marion Barber, Chad Clifton, Kelly Gregg, Takeo Spikes, Adam Vinatieri, Matt Bryant, Ricky Williams, Clark Haggins, Thomas Jones, Shaun Ellis, Na'il Diggs, Orlindo Mare, Casey Wiegmann, James Farrior and Matt Birk all have been productive this season without showing any real signs of aging. Yet they all are players who have played in a ton of games and are at a point of their careers where retirement is on the cusp.

Others appear ready to retire even if they are interested in returning. Players who may not be asked to play for an NFL team because there are younger and cheaper options.

Kerry Collins, Jon Kitna, Jeff Garcia and Jake Delhomme are all quarterbacks who might not be seen on a sideline wearing pads again. They are all considered too old, even if they have resumes that many upcoming quarterbacks can only hope to attain one day.

Keith Brooking, Mike Sellers, Joey Porter, Mike Peterson, Reggie Kelly, Vonnie Holliday, Gerald Warren, Aaron Smith, Charlie Batch, Chris Hoke, Brendon Ayanbadejo, Matt Turk, Anthony Becht and Brandon Stokley all showed a decline in production that usually accompanies players of their experience and age. A group of excellent players who have had Father Time catch up to them and most likely ended their playing careers after this season concludes.

Some players have hung on this year despite aging bodies telling them it is time to retire. Derrick Mason is a wide receiver who has lasted 15 years in the league and has 943 career receptions so far. Once a dynamic return specialist as well, the two-time Pro Bowler has rarely been used this season after being traded by the Jets to the Houston Texans a few months ago.

Bob Sanders was the 2007 Defensive Player of the Year, but he has not been the same since singing a contract that year that made him the highest paid safety in the history of the NFL at the time. He has played in 11 games since then, which includes a two game stint with the Chargers this season.

While it appears Sanders has run out of chances, running back Kevin Faulk might try to stay on with the New England Patriots next year. He just returned from an injury that has limited him to just seven games since 2010, but Faulk's role has a pass catcher has now seemingly been taken over by a group of other Patriots backs and he will be 36 years old soon.

Al Harris is a cornerback who beat the odds to become a Pro Bowl player twice since being drafted by the Buccaneers in the sixth round of the 1998 draft. After the Bucs cut him, he was soon starting for the Philadelphia Eagles. After five years there, Harris logged productive seven seasons with the Green Bay Packers.

Though he has spent the last two years with the Dolphins and Saint Louis Rams, Harris has not been able to stay healthy since 2008. He is now 37 years old and it seems unlikely any team will want to sign any team will sign an oft-injured cornerback of his age.

Sometimes a player will decide to retire at the pinnacle of their game. The NFL has seen Hall of Famers like the immortal Jim Brown and Barry Sanders do it, and even saw it this year when the Channing Crowder retired at just 27 years old.

Antonio Gates is on the verge of surpassing Hall of Famer Charlie Joiner for the most receptions in Chargers history. He made the NFL in 2003 as an undrafted player because he played just basketball in college.

Yet the seven-time Pro Bowler has been hobbling around on bad feet the last two seasons, causing him to miss eight games so far. While highly productive at just 31 years old, Gates plays the game for love rather than money. No one could begrudge him for choosing to walk away from the game in relative good health, much like Brown and Sanders did, rather than risking further damage to his brittle wheels.

Yet it is a quick good bye to many of these greats. There are no gold watches handed out and few dinners given. As soon as one player leaves, another quickly steps in to replace him. Even if the level of play may decrease, the uniforms stay the name even if the names don't.

It is hard to say a man is old and past his prime at such a young age, but a career in the NFL is fleeting. All one is left with are enjoyable memories, even if they temporarily frustrated because that player beat a fans favorite team. Even if these players all come back in 2012 to the gridiron and enjoy a child's game, enjoy them now as much as possible.

Yoooooooo! Dis iz 7thStoneFromTheSun, 3rdStones cuzin, again. OK, I went 11-4 las weak and iz now 125-76 overall.

Lets get two it!

Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

OK, da Cowboys knead too win two stay on top da NFC East. Da Bucs ain't playing for nuttin, not even pride it seems.

Cowboys 31 Buccaneers 17

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills

Both teems have run hot and cold las yeer, mostly cold. Flip a coin.

Bills 24 Dolphins 23

Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears

Let's see if Marion Barber THROWS another game on PURPOSE in this battle of to teems wif playoff hopes on life support.

Bears 21 Seahawks 17

Carolina Panthers @ Houston Texans

I don't tink Gary Kubiak saved his job by winnin da AFC South. I tink he may have by beetin a tough and desperate Bengals las week even after dey had alreddy clinched da first playoff birth in franchise history the week befour.

Texans 27 Panthers 24

Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts

Does anyone care? Dat includes da Titans and Colts fans.

Titans 23 Colts 20

Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Poor Chiefs. New head coach but da same old results.

Packers 34 Chiefs 10

New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings

Da Saints will win da AFC South crown, sorry Falcons,

Saints 30 Vikings 17

Washington Redskins @ New York Giants

Da Giants get revenge on da Redskins, kneading dis too stay on top of da NFC East.

Giants 34 Redskins 20

Cincinnati Bengals @ Saint Louis Rams

Da Bengals KNOW dey can kiss any playoff dreems goodbye of dey lose hear.

Bengals 27 Rams 7

Detroit Lions @ Oakland Raiders

Dese too teems is on da edge of being obsolete if dey lose hear. Both knead dis bad, yet both are erratic and unreliable. I EXPECT a helluva battle and I iz flippin a coin.

Lions 31 Raiders 27

Cleveland Browns @ Arizona Cardinals

Who cares? I'm staying home hear.

Cardinals 27 Browns 24

New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

I just don't tink Da Hoodie would let any of his players throw a game for Teblow and da NFL.

Patriots 27 Broncos 19

New York Jets @ Philadelphia Eagles

I tink dis will be close. A game da Igglez can win! But da Jets knead dis if dey wanna go to da playoffs, sumthin da Eagles ain't doing this yeer.

Jets 23 Eagles 20

Baltimore Ravens @ San Diego Chargers

IF da Chargers had a head coach? Dis game would meen sumthin! I don't get it! Todd Haley gets da Chiefs a divishun title in 2010, but gets fired las week. Norv Turner constantly has him teems underachieve and lose as he keeps a job he should never have had in da first place.

Ravens 34 Chargers 24

San Francisco 49ers @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Game of the Week

DEFENSE! DEFENSE! Old school football baby! Well, with faggy rules included dat iz. I like da fact both teems rin da ball well yet stop the run even better. Neither squad is great throwin da ball, but dey don't stink at it either.

Ben Roethlisberger is hobbled, while Alex Smith is about as consistent as swirling winds. But Big Ben knows how two win while Smith doesn't.

I tink da key hear is health. Da Steelers are dinged up while da Niners iz in pretty good shape. I tink dat San Francisco's blockers can do OK against Pittsburgh's blitzes, but I'm not sure if da Steelers hurting blockers will keep Roethlisberger upright with his one bad leg and thumb.

If defensive end Justin Smith goes nuts, rookie Aldon Smith will be able to crash in off da edges. Pittsburgh halfback Rashard Mendenhall will hold da key.

Frank Gore has now rushed for da most yards in Niners history, though no one will confuse him with Hall of Famer Joe "Jet" Perry. He will be critical because I expect Troy Polamalu to shadow Vern Davis all game.

It will come down to who makes da least mistakes and special teams. Many expect da Steelers to stomp on Cinderella's glass slipper, but I'm going out on a limb and say David Akers makes da difference hear.

49ers 20 Steelers 17

Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers
2. Baltimore Ravens
3. San Francisco 49ers
4. Pittsburgh Steelers
5. New Orleans Saints
6. Houston Texans
7. New England Patriots
8. Atlanta Falcons
9. New York Jets
10. Detroit Lions
11. Denver Broncos
12. New York Jets
13. Cincinnati Bengals
14. Dallas Cowboys
15. Oakland Raiders
16. Tennessee Titans
17. Chicago Bears
18. Seattle Seahawks
19. San Diego Chargers
20. Arizona Cardinals
21. Philadelphia Eagles
22. Buffalo Bills
23. Kansas City Chiefs
24. Miami Dolphins
25. Cleveland Browns
26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
27. Carolina Panthers
28. Washington Redskins
29. Jacksonville Jaguars
30. Minnesota Vikings
31. Saint Louis Rams
32. Indianapolis Colts

OK, I had it. I iz goin to buy sum xmas wrapping paper and scotch tape befour stoppin at da bar for a glass of scotch. Dis da seesun to bee jolly and scotch always puts a smile on my face and makes my nose red. As dey say in Ol' Mexico= A.M.F.

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