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Another Thursday another crazy week in the NFL. I went to the patriots-Jets game last Thursday heavy rain and rush hour traffic allowed for a 3 hour commute to Gillette Stadium which is normally maybe 40 minutes on a Sunday. Itís ok I talked to my neighbor who left and hour before I did and his commute was three hours and 20 minutes.

Iím convinced Thursday Night was made for ugly football the teams arenít sharp and the games lack intensity. The Jets hung in there and I swear they ran the same three plays the whole game . Ivory inside, than outside and then old G. Smith would hit somebody down the seem.

I thought the Jets played the Patriots mucher tougher than anybody expected but than again nobody expected much. People are talking about Rex Ryan getting fired from my stand point the guy can coach and he has a little bit of fun and puts a little humor into as well I think a coach is only as good as what the player personnel guy has to work with it. Other than a solid offensive line and my man Ivory the Jets really donít have a lot in the skill position area. Letís face it Geno isnít Tom Brady who can overcome sucha short coming and make a marginal receivers look good.

The talking heads† on the radio started the whole 3rd grade argument of whose better Brady or Peyton. I guess I like both guys, some how I think a team would be ok with either guy even with both guys in their late 30ís

That the same fo Peyton Manning, Aaron Rogers ,Drew Brees, and I may even through Andrew Luck in the mix. Speaking about Luck and the Colts. I watched them play the Bengals Sunday. I like the Colts on Defense they hit hard and they hit in the middle of the body. It was nice to see a team play some defense without the yellow hankie coming out.

In Dallas Demarco Murray is just fun to watch these days and Iím sur eitís been a blast for Cowboys fans as well. The kid is the real deal.


Dear Boston College

Your Senior Kick can't kick field goals. Your Freshman Kicker can't either.†

Did you ever think about using your Punter. After all he does in practice is kick footballs,

Then again that's all the other two kids do as well.

Speaking about Punters whatever happend to the Coffin Corner Punt?


The Royals finally lost a playoff game in Grand Fashion† on Tuesday Night. Losing 7-1.The Royals managed to get 7 of there own on Wednesday to tie the series at1 apiece. The Royals will have to take at least one of the next three in SF. I would like to see a couple of close games. We may not see Hunter Strickland in another starting role after letting his emotions get to himas he strred down Salvatore Perez.

NHL Update

Player flipped off the fans. Player got fined. Lanz traded Sully for player, what was Lanz thinking.

LIL Warrior Report

The boys got a W Saturday Night and Got crashed Sunday. Lil Lanz missed one from the point. Nexst week they start league play. The competition will be more even going forward. The boys should end up being alright.

Laser went out on the mound Saturday. the Young Lefty came in at Garbarge Time with an 11-1 lead. It wasn't pretty he left with 11-5 lead and runners on. He couldn't get the ball down in the zone. He said after the game" If those kids were just a little taller I would have hit the zone every time"

Zebra Tales

I was the Head Linesman Saturday and sometimes despite your best efforts they get you. I got rolled up pretty good Saturday on the first play from scrimmage. An end run came out my way took my position to let the play go buy me so I could trail . A kid came flying in† to make the tackle† he missed it but got the official (yes that was me) He got my leg good I finished the game bad bruise no breaks but I have been limping all week. Itís just the nature of the game..

Monday Moaning 10-13-14
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Yep...The Bulldogs keep rolling along...They've been creeping up the charts...Well, lets just get right to it...My top†10 teams this week in College Football...

1. Miss State...They jump over Florida State...Why? Because their schedule to this point blows FSU out of the water...They turned the ball over 4 times, and still smoked Auburn...

2. Florida State...They've stayed undefeated...Done what they have to so far...Big game this Saturday with the undefeated Fighting Irish...

3. Ole Miss...The state of Mississippi must be out of their fucking minds...Both their teams just rolling through the SEC...

4. Baylor...Tough team...Down big, and came back big to beat TCU...Could everyone stop talking about TCU's tough defense now...They just gave up 61 points to the Bears!

5. Notre Dame...I would have put my guys in at 4, but Baylor has been more impressive, and the Irish, who's defense has looked so good, just gave up 43 to North Carolina...

Now it just becomes a log jam of 1 loss teams...Oregon, Michigan State, and Auburn would land in the 6, 7, and 8 spots, in no particular order...Then I'm going with Kansas State at 9, and Georgia at 10....

-So this week, the NHL season got into full gear...and one of the oddest things to happen was NHL Analyst, Mike Milbury, a former Coach/GM, and player, saying that "it's time to grow up," and get rid of fighting in hockey...Just to be clear...He did admit to enjoying a fight or two in his day...Yeah, if it wasn't for fighting his career would have ended sooner...

Ok...Now, just so you know, the guy that said "it's time to grow up," is the guy at the top of the screen in this video, in the stands, hitting a fan with his shoe...Fuck you Mike Milbury!

I could except some one else saying lets get rid of fighting...If Gretzky said it, no one would be shocked...But you...You're dick-bag!

Fighting in Hockey is fine...Captain America himself, said so...Yep, The guy who single handedly took Russia out of the Olympics, T.J. Oshie dropped the gloves this week...Oshie can fight...But he's not a fighter...And the guy he fought, Mats Zuccarello isn't a fighter either...just a little runt, who can get under your skin, and won't back down...

And how about this scrap...gotta be the top fight of the opening week...

So lets, recap...Because I just had 3 Moscow Mules after a long week...Milbury= Dick-bag...Hockey= Great!† Fighting in Hockey= Good.

Miss State= Shocking the SEC and the world...

Notre Dame= Needs to play a fuck-ton better to beat those cock suckers at FSU this week...

And don't be a dumb server!

Have a week...

The Beeze.

While I was away...
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A lot has happened since I last posted up here, fellow Gabbers and the reason deserves some explanation. †Frankly speaking, all of the non-sports sports news put me into a bit of a writing funk. †Every day it was another athlete or coach making news for all of the wrong reasons. †Whether it was Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice or some other maroon (in Bugs Bunny speak) claiming the talking points for the day's sports news. †Well, I had enough...it was depressing. † And what better way to snap out of that sports malaise than a sports event binge! † I went to the 18 inning game 2 Nationals - Giants game followed up by the Monday Night Redskins - Seahawks game...nothing like some good sound defeats at the ballpark to bring things back into perspective! †We are fans because we love our teams, win or lose. †And it is the teams we love...not really the individual players who in reality (and most definitely proven lately) we barely know. †Yes, the players make it happen and we want the best players on our teams and hope they are good people who take care of the families, help out in the community and such, but as far as we as fans are concerned, we want them to be great when they step into the arena.

So with that perspective in mind, and with the air cleared for me...I'm back. †Go Redskins, Let's go Caps, Yesss Wizards and as for the Nationals, well, they still will be the favorites to win the NL in 2015 - and I will be there, God willing, to root them on. I will just have to admire those World Series tickets as a happy, wishful thought.

A few things happened that I think are worth mentioning....

Over the last 20 years, the Euros have won 7 of the 10 Ryder Cups, golfs best international event. †(as a note, this spans the Tiger Woods era). †After this event, the US team embarrasingly took to public bickering, lamblasting team captain and golf icon, Tom Watson. †Watson eventually came forward and said the loss was his fault - not true by the way - and tried to put the matter to bed. †The bottom line for U.S. golf is that the Euros have passed us by, just like they have in tennis. †Good heavens, what's next?! †basketball?! † They better figure out how to get along and play like a team or it may be a long time before the Ryder Cup (or maybe any international sports trophy) routinely resides in the ol' US of A.

I can't let the MLB playoffs go unnoticed...part of being a fan is the agony of defeat. †I felt confident that I would at least have an NLCS game to go to tonight, little did I know that if I wanted that, I would have to have scalped a ticket in Baltimore! †The Nationals pitching was again excellent but a team can't win when its lead off man and 3 & 4 hitters are hitting less than 50% BELOW the Mendoza line. †That is hard to believe...Werth & Roche hitting below .100! †At least Harper and Rendon showed that the youthful core of the team can hit in October.

Of the 4 teams left standing, I am picking Baltimore and St. Louis to meet in the World Series. †That would be a special match up!

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it...see you next week (from Tokyo)...sayanora!

Storminnorman's Sports Blog 10/3
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Hello Gabbers, and welcome to another weekly installment of Storminnorman's Sports Blog. Let me start by saying it was a crazy week in both College Football and Major League Baseball, with heavy favorites such as Alabama, Texas A & M, Tigers and Angels all falling in their respective games and series.

Seriously folks outside of Baltimore and Kansas City, who would have thought these two teams would be meeting for the to face the National League in the World Series? Honestly, the Tigers didn't deserve to win their series, their bully basically choked and was pitching batting practice to the Orioles hitters. Dombrowski made a pretty good move by acquiring Soria, but for some reason it just didn't work in this series.

I made the comment to a few of my friends at work after the series was over, and I mentioned to one of them how poorly Brad Ausmus managed Game 1 and 2. His moves during those two games reminded me of Jim Leyland, he pulled Scherzer after 98 pitches and the bully proceeded to give up 8. Verlander being pulled in the 6th was okay, because he was getting his ass rocked that day and didn't seem like himself. Ausmus went to the well once to often with Soria, Chamberlain and Choke-Zero, and he got burned. Maybe Dombrowski will get the hint this offseason, and sign a few free agent relief pitchers.....

But let's give the Royals and Orioles their dues, they outplayed and outpitched the Tigers and Angels during their series, and deserve to be playing each other in the ALCS. Good luck to both teams, it should be an interesting series.

In the National League, I really thought the Dodgers and Nationals had a legitimate chance of facing each other in the NLCS. Great pitching, great hitters and poof just like that the Cardinals and Giants disposed of them like we do our trash on a weekly basis. Hell if hadn't been of ex-Tiger Doug Fister and Ryu, both teams would have been swept. Who would have thought Kershaw would have blown up twice in the same series? Bet you Dombrowski is kicking himself for trading Fister, the Tigers sure could have used him this year....

Thursday night begins another season for the Detroit Red Wings, as they face off against Sully's Bruins. With the apparent youth movement in Detroit (mostly because Mr. I is spending it on the Tigers), this year could be the year the streak finally ends. I would like to see it continue, but they will be leaning on a Sheehan, Tatar, Nyquist and others to move the streak to 24. With Datsuyk starting out injured, even though he should be back really soon. The first few weeks will be rather interesting to say the least.....

I would have loved to have said something good about the Lions this week, but after Henery looking like Nate Freese last week missing 3 field goals which cost them the game, and the Lions playing to the Bills level, loving that Lions defense still. I have been considering playing Teddy Bridgewater this week......

How can a team look like Super Bowl contenders one week, and then revert back to themselves the next? Oh wait, I am talking about the Lions. Couldn't score another touchdown, and looked like a really bad high school team offensively. Oh wait, I am talking about the Lions. I guess you get were I am going with this........

Well that's all I have for the week, don't forget to turn left and give a shout out to Hal....

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There are things we think we know and there are things we donít know such as the Cincinnati Bengals over the New England Patriots as a no brainer. This based on a3-0 Bengals team and a Patriots team that had been playing like the 2-14 1981 Patriots.

Of course the Patriots came out and played liked much as they did over the past decade firing on all cylinders.

As fans we often react to the last thing we see. Here in Boston we tend to over react we tend to ride extreme highs and more extreme lows. The truth lies somewhere in the middle teams are often not as bad as we make them out to be and often not as good as we think they are.

The reason being we react in the moment, they should have done this or should have done that. However, we often donít know why a team does what they do. Letís face folks they have a lot more information then we do. When they run on third down and fall shrt we are all saying they should have passed. When they pass and fall short they should run or should have thrown to a different guy. I contend that sometimes a team will do something and itís ok if that play doesnít work often times itís either to test something or they are using it to do something else.

As fans itís our job to be critical itís our job to ride the highs and th lows and it is our job to voice our opinions whether they be negative or positive, Tom Brady this week called out ESpins Craig Mortensen over Mortensen saying Brady had tensions with the coaching staff and a diminishing input on game planning decisions..I give Brady alot of credit in this one taken one of these guys to task.

I guess do we hold the media to a higher standard then we hold ourselves as we should. †When we think critically we often question the media and their presentation. of their subjects.

My point is I want the media to present things as factual and as detailed as possible based on reliable information.I want it presented with out spin and I want presented so I can form my own opinion. . I put columnist in a different catergory they are paid to write about their †opinion on subject and it's made for us to agree or disagree. I put national TV guys who are all about spin and less about facts. .I want the media to be critical when they need to be and I want them to slap a team or a player on th back when it is called for.

Unfortunately, often thatís not the case take for example the Boston Red Sox media during the David Ortiz era there is too much praise and not enough cricticism even in this dreadful year. For example we heard Jackie Bradley Jr. was the second coming of Ted Williams. Bradley appears to be a great kid , awesome defensively, except he canít hit big league pitching. Maybe the media pushed this kid because he is a good kid but somebody had to know he would struggle at the plate and yeah it was mentioned here and there but just sort of in passing.

I guess the Bottomline is that I just want the media to give us something I didnít know that are factual without the spin. As for being a fan I never try to get too high or low I just sort ride the wave out and see what happens that I think comes with age.

NHL Update

The Puck was dropped last night at 4 rinks. The scores were 2-1, 4-3, 4-0, 4-2 ok Boston, Montreal, San Jose and Vancouver were your winners opening night.

Lil Lakesiders Report

The boys got crashed 8-1 Lil Lanz popping in the only score of the night. He received a pass and the slot and poked it home.

Football Question

Jeff was correct again.

The three options you receive when a Free Kick or Kick off that goes out of bounds are.

1)Take the ball 30 yards from the previous spot

2)Penalize the kicking team 5 yards and have them rekick for the 35 instead of the 40 in HS and 30 instead of the 35 in college.

3) take the ball five yards from where it went out of bounds.. This option is rarely taken this was the harder of the two.

No question this week.

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