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Playoffs Inching towards Original 6 Match Up
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When Max Mercy, the sportswriter from The Natural, is drafting his story on the Knights' last game, he has already forecasted that Roy Hobbs strikes out before he steps into the batters box to take his final at bat. †Many had thrown the same kind of dirt on Patrick Kane and the Chicago Blackhawks after the LA Kings had dominated them early in the season. †However, like Roy Hobbs, Kane came into the final stanza with a loaded gun and carried the Blackhawks into an exciting Game 7. † This has been a fantastic series with great speed and energy from both teams. †Perhaps it is because these two teams are so good, or just because as they say, "It's all about the Cup" but I just can't help but be impressed with the effort every player seems to be making going for every loose puck. †It is something you just don't see in your garden variety regular season hockey game. †I would have to say if you only watch 1 game of hockey each year, you should make it Sunday night for Game 7 in Chicago. †By coincidence, I am going to Chicago Sunday, so I am excited to see how the town is going to be revved up for the game. I just don't see the Kings bouncing back to re-claim this series...my pick is the Hawks.

Here in the East, the Rangers took care of business closing out the Canadiens†in six games avoiding an unenviable trip back to Montreal for a game 7. †The Rangers really played a perfect game the other night and they have to be congratulated for putting together a great playoff run. †The King has been great - did you see him head the puck out of the rink near the end of Game 6?! - and the Rangers have played excellent team hockey. †Their run to Eastern Conference champs has to be viewed as a surprise as the "more talented" Penguins and Bruins just could not get the job done. †I think most people will pick the Rangers as underdogs to the West Champion, but they might just be on one of those magical Cup runs...it will be fun to watch.

As a note, should the Rangers and Blackhawk meet, it will be the first time ever for the two teams to meet in the finals...that probably says more about the dominance of Montreal and Toronto in the early days of the league (1931), but it is surprising that in 80 years, they never played in a final. †They have met a few times in the playoffs - mostly wins by Chicago. †In 1968, 1971 & 1972 they met in preliminary rounds with the Rangers finally beating the Hawks in 1972. †In 1973, Chicago rebounded to claim the win the last time they played.†

Enjoy the hockey - and what looks like great weather - this weekend.

Q-o-t-D 5/29/14 Tags: NHL Video games

So, there is a competition for the cover of EA Sports NHL 15 game...It seems down to the Bruins Patrice Bergeron, and the Canadiens PK Subban...

Who do you think should and/or will get the cover?

I prefer Bergeron...But This PK Subban cover looks pretty acurate...

Musings From The Hoodwood 5-27
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Grad and Dad...Kaitlyn Jalia Green Mesa Dobson High class of 2014 with her proud papa.

Greetings not from the Hoodwood, but from very hot Phoenix where your humble scribe is celebrating Princess Katieís graduation from high school

NBA: Pacers whine, Heat win

I think that the maddening inconsistent Pacers are finally getting their comeuppance, after winning the first game in Indy handily, they have gotten more or less hammered by the Heat in the last three games and none of them really close. The Pacers whine that they are not getting the calls but when you look at it, the Pacers simply on the same level with the Heat. It pains me to disparage a fellow Bearcat in Lance Stephenson but he really hasnít backed up his bravado. Paul George hasnít turned up his play to the superstar level to match the play of any of the ďBig ThreeĒ And Roy Hibbert? Iím thinking that Frank Vogel was wandering the streets of Miami after the Heat won in game 4, with a milk carton looking for his game. The much maligned Pacers center once again was MIA, and Iím not talking about their airport. It astonishes me how someone that big can get zero offensive rebounds. Hibbert is averaging a pedestrian 11.8 points and 7.6 rebounds in the series and with a double goose egg no points and no offensive rebounds and just five defensive rebounds. When asked about his pedestrian effort in the 102-90 game 4 loss, he shrugged and blamed the game plan. Yes Hibbert had three fouls and was on the bench in the fourth quarter when the Pacers made a late run. But Hibbert has consistently shown himself wholly unreliable for massive stretches of the playoffs. The Pacers will likely win game 5 in Indy, a kind of heroic last stand at home, but for all intents and purposes. The Pacers are done.

NBA: Will Ibaka help the Thunder Serge back into the Western Finals?

It was sad really, the Spurs were kicking the shit out of the Thunder with impunity and an almost bored indifference in the Western Finals. I was sure I almost saw a grin from Pop as the Spurs dispatched the Thunder in the first two games in the AT&T Center in San Antonio. The Spurs attacked the basket with impunity and with sickening frequency and the Thunder could do nothing to stop it. Without Serge Ibakapatrolling the middle, the Thunder had no defensive anchor and the Spurs knew it. The first two games were Spurs walkovers. Then comes game 3 and Serge returned to the lineup and the series changed like a lightbulb turning on, the Thunder had a defensive presence and a rebounding enforcer now and the series looks so so much different now. How much Ibaka will practice is really not the question. Its more if he will play and how much but just his presence is making a difference in the WCF. I think that game 4 tonight is the key, If the Thunder win this one, we're back to a best of three series and the Thunder can win in San Antonio while the Spurs have had zero luck in OKC. If the Spurs win, its all over but the shouting.

NHL: Rangers on the precipice, champs on the ropes?

The NHL is foaming at the mouth at the possibility that the Rangers and Kings could be facing off for Lord Stanleyís cup next week. When the Rangers Martin St. Louis snapped a shot past Dustin Tokarski in OT that sent MSG into delirium, the Rangers are the closest to their first Stanley Cup final since their hallowed Cup win in 1994Ödamn has that been 20 years??? The Blue Shirts have quietly gotten to their highest point not seen since the egotistical and maniacal Mike Keenan prowled the bench. Find the book Losing The Edge for an excellent read on that 94 team. The Rangers donít have a dynamic captain like Mark Messier or a power play quarterback on defense like Brian Leetch. This team beyond St. Louis and Rick Nash are much more working class and plebian. But still the Rangers are a grinding hardcore team that have out bullied the bully like Habs. The Rangers are probably the best team that you know little aboutÖIN NEW YORK! But the Rangers are having to win the East title in Montreal, now the Habs arenít playing in the old Forum but winning in Montreal will be a daunting task nonetheless.

Meanwhile on the left coast, the LA Kings are pushing the defending champs to the edge of elimination, burying them with a flurry of goal in the last three games. Shrugging off a first game loss to the Blackhawks the Kings have scored 6, 4 and 5 goals in the last three games and none of the games were remotely close. The Blackhawks have just looked lost, while the Kings have looked sharper crisper and more aggressive. I wondered if other than the brilliant Jonathan Toews if any of the Blackhawks even made the mental jump to the high stakes level of the conference finals. The Kings are known as a defensive team but their offense has been the real stars of this series, scoring often and seemingly at will while their already stout defense gets tougher and tougher. The NHL is looking at a dream series with the nationís two biggest markets, with storylines to boot with the Rangers looking to end a 20 year drought and the Kings looking to prove that their 2012 title wasnít a fluke. Can the Hawks and Habs rally from 3-1 deficits to make a truly old school original six finale that would make the purists happy?


Phat Dap

To Josh Beckett who tossed the seasonís first no hitter on Sunday, twirling the gem on the Phillies in Philadelphia. The well-traveled Beckett had never even flirted with a no-no before and is the oldest pitcher at 34 to toss one since Randy Johnson turned the trick at 40, ten years ago

Head Slap

To AJ Ellis of the Dodgers who hurt his ankle in the subsequent celebration of Becketts no-hitter. Ellis is a catcher, not the one who caught the no-no but still on the Dodgers roster. Ellis stepped on a catcherís mask and rolled his ankle. Ellis was only hitting .171 after just returning from a stint on the DL, x-rays were negative but Ellis told the team doctor that he was too sore to play. This will go on the list of stupid injuries.

Ill add more to this as the day progresses. Until next post fellow sports Fans

Monday Moaning 5-26-14
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Welcome to another Monday...This Monday being Memorial Day...Yes, Memorial Day...And just for the record everyone on Twitter, and Facebook, there's no need to post your "Memorial Day isn't just about cookouts, ballgames, and parties" comment...I KNOW....I took history classes in college just for fucking fun!† Here's a Memorial Day fun fact for ya....

"Memorial Day was started by former slaves on May, 1, 1865 in Charleston, SC to honor 257 dead Union Soldiers who had been buried in a mass grave in a Confederate prison camp. They dug up the bodies and worked for 2 weeks ...

to give them a proper burial as gratitude for fighting for their freedom. They then held a parade of 10,000 people led by 2,800 Black children where they marched, sang and celebrated."

†As for sports...The NHL schedule makers have decided to make my life miserable, as everyone of the Rangers playoff games seem to be on nights I work...While their off days fall on my days off...For example the Rangers and Habs played Thursday...Then the NHL gave them Friday and Saturday off...Which shockingly were my days off this week...What the hell is that...They don't need two days off...I do, but I'm not millions like they are! Then they played again Sunday...While I was working...They get back at Tuesday...While I'm working...

We spent a portion of Saturday cleaning out our basement, as the foundation work, and basement reno starts Tuesday morning...The rest of the house is quite crowded now, and will be for two weeks...I hope the weather is nice...I plan on Molls, Finnegan and I spending a lot of time at the park...Speaking of my little girl, I've realized I haven't popped her face in a blog in awhile...Here she is this past Saturday...

- I did find some excitement on Twitter when I wished harm on Canadiens forward, Daniel Briere...This past week, Briere's teammate Brandon Prust, took a late, cheap-shot at the head of Rangers center, Derek Stepan...It broke Stepan's jaw, and he had surgery Friday, (a plate had to place in there)...Briere comment that it seemed fishy, that the Rangers were playing games...Dude had a broken jaw...How the fuck is that fishy...Why would you have your top center miss at least one game and get surgery as a gamesmanship tactic...I have grown to hate every Montreal Canadiens player and coach...Their idiot coach just won't shut up...Oh, hey boys...Your now down 3-1 after the Rangers OT win Sunday night...You know what...Keep talking shit, and keep losing!

So yeah, I called for harm to Briere, and my twitter blew up...Many people retweeted it, and favorite it...Many got mad at me...Including some so-called Rangers fans...I don't care...Fuck them...Briere is a twat, just like all those diving, crying twats on that team...But the one guy coming at me the most was a dick-bag from Boston who on his profile quotes Milan Lucic's "I'm going to fucking kill you next year!"† When I called him out on this including the #TwitterCunts which I hope takes off, he went silent with me...Typical!

I also found this while I was playing with the puppets on Twitter...Gave this old goalie a chuckle...

(Click on the audio in the top left for a little more effect)

That's it for me folks...Taking the kids to the local Memorial Day parade...Gonna see some friends....Gonna grill some burgers...Drink some beers...Hopefully the History Channel will have some cool shit on, instead of a "Pawn Stars" marathon!

Have a week...

The Beeze.

Talking Sports
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In 1971 Ferguson Jenkins appeared in 39 Games, 30 of those were complete games. Jenkins had 267 Complete games in his career . You would be hard pressed to find anybody close to that today. Think about this before Dennis Eckersley racked up his 390 saves he had 100 complete games. Getting closer to todays game Tom Glavine had 56 Complete games. There has been a lot of questions why goes donít go the distance and why the sustain more injuries today.

The one reason is the mechanics of pitching. The were and tere on the arm. Guys today are in better shape letís face guys in the 60ís , 70ís and even the 80ís there biggest workouts came in the 6 weeks of spring training and they split time at the fishing hole and the golf course. They didnít have the science of pitching nor did they have the statistical facts that pitchers tend to breakdown more after a 100 pitches.

Letís face it the game has changed and guys become specialists part of it is the money your 3 million dollar investment has to pitch the 6 and the 7th so your 4 million dollar investment can pitch the 8th and your 5 million dollar guy to pitch the 9th.

Today guys are bigger in better shape and I think the main reason guys donít go the distance regularly is they simply just throw harder and different as well. They are more intoned with mechanics and arm strength. They have to be. Because like pitchers hitters are bigger and stronger as well. The strike zone isnít as liberal as it once was either. Pitchers are almost force to try to overpower pitchers today sure your occasional knuckleballer will have some success if itís on but if itís not they will get killed..

The fact is the 100 pitch barometer is here to stay and we will enjoy a few complete games a year across baseball. The Barometer will change when the next Bill James† sell baseball on the 100 pitch count is wrong or the nect Dr. James Andrews says the pitching mechanics taught today are wrong from little league to professional baseball. My advice to enjoy the occasional complete game. Enjoy the game where itís at and as it evolves. The basics have been the same since the start.

Other Baseball stuff

The Red sox signed Stephen Drew today finally losing about 4 million when he balked at there 14 million dollar offer on the advise one Scott boras. The Sox brought Drew back to replace the hurt Will Middlebrooks and the struggling Xander Bogarts. Bogarts will likely move to 3rd and Drew will play shortstop in about 2 weeks. Middlebrooks wil likely get an extended stay on the DL and maybe a long rehab assignment in the minors.


The Rangers are up 2-0 nothing in their series with the les Candiens. The Candiens have gotten a huge blow losing Carey Price for the series which is enough to upset any chemistry they may have .I figure the rangers can put them away at home but will likely go at least 5 maybe 6.

Meanwhile the Hawks lead is 1-0 over the Kings at this writing which may change by morning as the Hawks lead game 2 1-0 in the second.

Thatís it for today .

Have a Great Memorial Day and honor those who are serving and have served for the true spirit of the day.

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