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Owner of a Broken Heart?
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Elimination week...teams in both the NHL and the NBA were shown the door in Game 6's or Game 7's this week.  That leaves us fans in one of two states:  elation or despair  (or for the athletes, "the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat").  Reflecting on this situation from the fan perspective, I have come to realize that despair is far more likely than elation since only 1 team per sport wins the ultimate prize.  The second element to the losing fan, especially to a losing team this week since they were "close" is that it is a full 12 months before the team can be in this position again.  It seems like such a long wait.

A third element to the ending playoff game is frustration - and how that must be to the fans of so many NBA teams.  Do you realize that half of the league - yes half - have never even played for a title?  Or that a handful of teams (Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Bulls & now the Heat) have won over 60% of the titles?  The average time between titles for teams not in that group is over 30 years!  So as a Wizards advocate, as promising as this playoff run was, (1) it is a long wait for another shot at the ring, (2) chances of breaking through in the NBA are small and (3) free agency may take the team apart before it has even had a chance to figure out if its any good.   Such is the life of the fan of a losing team.

So the NBA finished its quarterfinals with the Heat & Pacers in the East and the Spurs & Thunder in the West...The top seed plays the #2 seed in the NBA...is that the way it should be or is that why no young and upcoming team can break through?  To contrast that with the NHL....

Now, I know there are some broken hearts on this board with the outcome of the Bruins - Canadiens' series.  It was a tough, hard fought, mean spirited battle between two long time, bitter rivals.  It was a classic matchup that deserved a Game 7 and a game that played out to the last seconds.  Also, there is both jubilation for the Rangers and heartbreak for Penguins fans (no sympathy from me on the Pens, though) in another classic series.  So now we have 3 Original 6 in the Final 4 with Chicago playing the Kings (an Original 12 club...I trademark that phrase).  Pity poor Bruce B & the "Mighty" Ducks...looked to be in control of another series and then collapsed in the ultimate series game.

So the NHL, in contrast to the NBA has a much more diverse dynamic in their playoffs...#5 & #6 seeds play for the conference championships here.  So for the NHL is the regular season goal just to "get in" while in the NBA, the regular season goal is to "Win it all?"  By contrast, the NHL has excellent variety in its champions even with the occasional dynasty sprinkled in for the challenge.  Which is better?   For me, I prefer variety but I will take a home town dynasty!

Overall, I have to wonder if being a fan isn't generally an exercise in masochism.  The chances of success in any given sport are so small - we should know going into the season that our chances of ending happy are small, yet every new season, hope springs eternal.  I, for one, am really looking forward to the NFL season and see how my 3-13 Skins recover and head to the Super Bowl behind RGIII!!  Or how the Nationals...a team that has not won a championship since the 1930's...will sweep the World Series.   Oh, how we love to be a fan!

Have a great Saturday!

Sports Friday with Hal: NFL (Because the NHL Doesn't Exist)
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Play that funky music right!

Happy Friday, everyone!


Hockey? Never heard of it.

NHL? What does that stand for?  

Bruins? Are you talking UCLA?

Stanley what?


I don’t know what this hockey thing is that everyone is talking about.  Quite odd. Anyway, time for football.


The final result is in for the Robert Griffin III trade between the St. Louis Rams and the Washington Redskins.  Like the famous Herschel Walker Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys trade in the 1980s this is as one-sided as it gets. For the Redskins they got a dynamic quarterback who had a horrible second season as he was rushed back from a knee injury and this year is a huge turning point in his career.


For the Rams, this is the final haul:

DT Michael Brockers

CB Janoris Jenkins

RB Isaiah Pead

G Rokevious Watkins

LB Alec Ogletree

WR Stedman Bailey

RB Zac Stacy

OT Greg Robinson


That is not just a haul, it is just plain highway robbery.  The Redskins traded up for RG3 (three first round picks and a second round pick) which St. Louis turned into eight players and five picked in the top fifty picks. While running back Isaiah Pead is the weak link of the deal, Zac Stacy looks like a steal in the sixth round of the 2013 NFL Draft.  It was a great deal for St. Louis even if they did nothing with the picks and just stayed put. The NFL Draft at the end of the day is about maximizing the picks and the Rams are back in the NFC West race with San Francisco and Seattle thanks to the Redskins.




The best part of the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement has been the elimination of the rookie holdouts (for the most part).  With cutting another two weeks off the rookie playbook learning and coaching time to have the NFL Draft on during primetime during sweeps week to increase revenue for NFL Network and the 4-Letter Network, holdouts take on more of a sense of urgency to get to work. It is nice to see that many first, second, third, etc round picks are already signing.  There really is not anything to negotiate, so these kids can get into the facility and get learning ASAP.




Greg Little, Andrew Hawkins, Nate Burleson, Travis Benjamin, and Miles Austin.  What is missing? Cleveland star receiver Josh Gordon.  With the news leaked he is potentially up for a one year suspension (what an idiot!) Cleveland is back to “Droppy”, “Ordinary”, “No Speedy”, “Punt Returny”, and now they brought in “Injury-Proney”.  Somehow that does not do much to inspire the masses in Cleveland as they try to replace Gordon, aka the best receiver (ok, Detroit, maybe second best) in the NFL.




The NFL Draft was also historic as it had the most special seventh round draft pick in defensive end Michael Sam who was drafted by Rams. Sam--as most all of the country now knows--is the first openly homosexual player to be drafted in the NFL.  For Sam, I said good for him for being comfortable enough with himself to come out to his teammates. Now can we just move on and get to football?



Former New England tight end Aaron Hernandez is back in the news being indicted for killing two men prior to his current alleged murder incarceration.  While it may help keep him off the streets (which is good) if his high-priced legal team finds a technicality to exploit, it is no help for the Patriots salary cap.  Mike Florio indicates over at NBC Sports that had the Patriots made the league suspend Hernandez and did not cut him they could recoup the money.


I remember writing about it at the time somewhere, but I still agree with the Patriots decision cut him.  For a team to do the morally wrong thing to save money on the cap is so wrong. The Patriots made a statement about their organization’s moral code and actually put their money where their mouth was so to speak. The team could have kept him on the team suspended, but they did the right thing...they got rid of a mistake.




Speaking of the Patriots, there was a brief period of time this week where social media blew up because there was a rumor Houston was looking to trade wide receiver Andre Johnson (or, more likely he was upset about being on a rebuilding team.  For Houston (and first year coach Bill O’Brien) they have no reason to trade Johnson. They added no one. he is cheap this year (under $7 million cap charge, and they have a chance to bounce right back and challenge the Colts.




One last Patriots note: former receiver in 2006 Reche “Catch the Damn Ball in the AFC Championship and its New England beating the crap out of the Bears in the Super Bowl” Caldwell was arrested for the second time this year. This week was possession of a controlled substance (amazed he retained possession since he DROPPED THE DAMN BALL WHEN WIDE OPEN!) and earlier this year he was arrested for running an illegal gambling option (shocking since he was such a poor GAMBLE in 2006!).  Wow, lot of set-up for just releasing some pent-up rage that was almost a decade old.


* * *


OK, that’s all for this week. Thanks as always for stopping by and have a super weekend!

O H Thursday
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Mothers Day was a great time in the Harry family and lived up to expectations.

With the NFL draft finally out of the way all of our favorite teams can move on getting the wraps on the off season and free agent signings and start preparing for their training camps.

The NHL playoffs continue into the next round, some exciting games as the best of the best rise to the occasion

Montreal eliminated Boston 4 games to 3 with a seventh game win in Boston. I hate the Habs and can only say…

“C’mon Rangers you can do it.”

The NY Rangers eliminated the Pittsburgh Penguins 4 games to 3

LA forced a game seven with Anaheim

And Chicago eliminated  Minnesota 4 games to 2


The MLB season moves into mid May with the top five looking like this:

1. Detroit

2. San Francisco

3. Oakland

4. Milwaukee

5. Atlanta


The NBA playoffs continued last night with:

Miami eliminating  Brooklyn

San Antonio ending  Portland’s season


It’s grilling season and I’m out at the oldharry outdoor kitchen nearly every evening.

My #3 son installed a mini fridge under the bar within a quick step of the grill and I’m in my “serenity now” space.

My sons and I are planning a pergola on the patio for my wife. The grape vines need more room to roam and that seems like the logical solution.

The local deer population has boomed since our city put in the “no local hunting” laws.

We have at least 3 herds of at least 8 deer roaming the neighborhood. The boys were harvesting at least 2 young bucks (6 point) every year and occasionally a doe when permitted. They are cute but very destructive. My hedge row made of twenty four arborvitae has been reduced to what mrsharry calls asparagus.

One of my neighbors, who by the way, objects to our deer hoist

on the back of the shed, said it was justice served. While we are out in the woods killing the deer they are right in our backyard killing our trees.

However you want to look at the situation is fine with me. The coyote, and fisher cat populations are up as well now that there are deer starving to death because of lack of food or getting hit by vehicles because they have to travel into the neighborhoods from the woods to eat.

Deer hunting is good for the overall population health and the meat is fat free and delicious. If you are an extremist environmentalist or a vegetarian and I offended you by my comments please accept my apology for your being offended.

or you could eat fish...

See you next week gabbers

Talking Sports
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Sometimes a hot goalie is all it takes to advance as did the Montreal Canadiens as they stole game 1 at the TD North Garden and they didn’t again in Game &. The story of these playoffs is the team that scores first wins. The Canadiens did three minutes in the game. Boston had their chances and many chances at that they just couldn’t put one home on Carey Price until late in the second period but that would be all .

The Bruins will clean out their lockers tomorrow and will be on a golf course Friday. The team that one the Presidents Cup, couldn’t take advantage of having two games to put this series away. Game 6 they were shut out and in Game 7 They did everything they could except point a second one by Carey Price. A late interference call with under 5 minutes left on Johnny Boychuck didn’t help the Bruins cause. They let up a power play goal and that ended the season and their hope for revenge on the Chicago Blackhawks who dispensed with the Wild quickly.

The Eastern Conference Finals will be the Rouge, Blanc and Bleu of the Canadiens against the Red , White , and Blue of the New York Rangers. The Rangers took care of the Black and Gold of the Pittsburgh Penguins again riding the hot goalie in Henrick Lundqvist. He was phenomenal in that series. It will be a pair of original six teams both for the Eastern Conference finals.

This was a tough why to go down for the Black and Gold of the Boston Bruins. They had a few factors they really didn’t execute and play Bruins Hockey for major chunks of this series that physical for lines kind of beat you up and tire you out type hockey. They just couldn’t score lots of hit posts ,hit crossbars . Third they were almost forced to skate with the Canadiens who play more of physical game than most people give them credit. Tuuka Rask played ok but not his usual stop everything style. He will again shoulder more of th blame than he shoul. It was a good season for the Bruins they just didn’t have enough to get to the next level.


David Ortiz has been on a tier he broke up Yu Davishes No Hitter over the weekend with a second with two down in the ninth . Then went 4 for 5 with a poair of dingers last night although the Red Sox did find away to loose. Ortiz is beloved here in Boston but not so much by this scribe. I think the guy whines to much. I will give him credit the guy can hit when he is hot.



I have to say it and I think B.O.B.here at the gab said it earlier this week. What the hell were they thinking? The only picked I liked was the 4th round Center from FSU. You pick a dented can in first round in Damain Easley. I know they went through his medical records but ACL injuries in both legs a giant red flag jut surfaces add a few more games and a lot more speed and bigger quicker offensive lineman it’s a recipe for disaster.

Who the F$%K is Jimmy Grappolo wasn’t his sister a comedian fron Saturday Night live. A 5’6 receiver geez don’t we already have Danny Amendolla. Shouldn’t they have got an I don’t know a 6’3 guy who can run remember how Randy Moss and TB set all kinds of records even when Randy took plays off he made plays and he took a lot of them off.

Just call me confused

Dedication in Sports

Tuesday night I was coaching my SrLeague(aka Fancy Name for Babe Ruth Baseball Team) We played at the High School Field. There is a track met going on across the street at the Oval behind the High School. So my starting Centerfielder in about the second inning pops his head in the dugout window.(we have these nice new brick dugouts with a couple open framed windows for ventilation(no glass). He says coach I may not make the game I’m running the mile in a half hour. I tell him good luck. Meanwhile a kid on the other team is telling the other coach his event is coming up. I look over in the Bottom of the 5th the kid is in full uniform ready to go. The kid on the other team was ready to go in the top of the 5th. Both kids got in the game. The kid on the other team got a nice hit and ended up scoring. The kid on my team made a nice long running catch in centerfield . I figured you would all enjoy the story,

That’s all I have I’m going to wallow the Bruins Loss for the rest of the night

Musings from the Hoodwood
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Herr Commisar with the top draft pick...next year NFL Draft Month!


Greetings from the Hoodwood, where summer suddenly appeared. It snowed here four weeks ago.

NFL: Caught in the draft

The NFL draft has finally come and gone and not a moment too soon, the Texans surprised no one by taking JaDaveon Clowney with the top pick and I was happy that my beloved Vikes passed up on the polarizing Johnny Manziel and that he fell to the Browns 2nd choice in the 1st round with the 22nd pick. I felt kind of bad that I knew few of the names that were called in the first round, except for the Vikings 2nd pick Teddy Bridgewater whom I was very happy to see them get. The more interesting names getting picked in the mid to later round seemed to be the bigger stories and players like AJ McCarron going to the Bengals, Zach Mettenberger to the Titans. No Longhorns being drafted at all, it was an intriguing draft. The late round picks of a medical student from Canada and the ballyhooed Michael Sam provided an interesting coda a draft that seemed longer than 7 rounds. But now we will now have the endless analysis of who got picked and why, the overhype of Sam’s affectionate moment with his mate just annoyed me all that much more. Not the fact that he kissed another guy, that’s his business. I really don’t give a shit. If I’m a Ram fan, I want to know that this guy can play. But the hype on the kiss was just too much, you knew the dude was gay. You figured if he had a mate that person was going to be there.

NBA: Heat and Spurs girding for a June showdown?

After a first round that was so full of thrills, they’ve been sorely lacking in the 2nd round. Aside from an intriguing Thunder-Clippers matchup that is one of the best of the playoffs, this round lacks the drama of the previous one. The Heat got three-balled by the Nets in Brooklyn Saturday but rode a dynamic performance by LeBron James to a statement game 4 win and the Barclays Center crowd had the look of knowing that they were likely not going to see their team at home again till the fall. This series should be over tomorrow as should the Pacers-Wizards series, for all the hype of the game 1 upset the Wiz dropped on the Pacers in Indy, the Pacers seemed unfazed and have rattled off three straight wins, two coming in DC. The real battle will be when these two teams the Heat and Pacers square off in Indy beginning of next week.

The Spurs are barely breaking a good sweat as they toy with an overmatched Blazers squad who just seem to keep chasing them futilely around as the Spurs dictate the offense and suffocate their outside game. They will welcome the rest that they will get as the Thunder and Clippers look to battle 7 games with three more venue changes over the next five days. Whoever comes out of that battle will then have to go to San Antonio to face a well-rested Spurs team and likely be down 2 games before they get their collective legs under them.

NBA: Sterling stays clueless.

You would think that disgraced Clippers owner Donald Sterling would just take the money and keep his mouth shut but he cant help himself. He lashed out at many in a full length interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN. Bashing Magic Johnson and rhetorically asking if he had done enough for the black community. Sterling protested his banishment from his club and the NBA. Sterling like many blinder wearing bigots who think that they are benevolent and should be lauded for their handouts like they so charitable, just doesn’t get it. He sees the players of color as chattel, entertainment for his pleasure. He got caught shooting off his mouth and will pay for it, but some payment. He will still make a shitload of cash from the proceeds of the sale of this team. But he just wont take the hint and go away.


Phat Dap

This happened a couple weeks ago but bears repeating. Dap to Florida Southern senior softball pitcher Chelsea Ogilvie who after giving up a 3 run home run to Eckerd College’s Cara Oberer on what would be the final pitch of her collegiate career helped Oberer round the bases after she had injured her leg. This isn’t the first time that something like this happened but you have to love the classy sportsmanship exhibited by a player that had no real reason to help but did anyway.  Check the video

Head Slap

To Dolphins lineman Mike Pouncey and reserve cornerback Don Jones for demonstrating cluelessness. Pouncey tweeted what thought was humor about offensive linemen the Dolphins had drafted saying that he was looking forward “to the gifts that he would get from the rookies.” In light of the Martin-Incognito scandal that rocked this very same team so very recently, this was in poor taste and a bad attempt at humor. Jones’ tweets were even worse he tweeted a reaction of the Michael Sam draft by the Rams “OMG and #horrible” Jones took down the tweet but not before he was fined by the Dolphins and ordered to not only take “sensitivity classes” but stay away from the Dolphins altogether until he does. Do some of these players have any kind of clue when they send out ignant shit like this? Any?

Random Musings

Manziel will be a backup…yeah until Brian Hoyer throws a pick

Have running backs fallen that far off?

Shawn Thornton is a first class idiot

Jose Fernandez could be shut down for the year, why are the promising arms breaking down so fast?

My money is still on California Chrome to take the Preakness

Next week I’ll be coming to you from Phoenix…as I trek west to see my beloved Princess Katie graduate from high school

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