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Musings from the Hoodwood
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Herr Commisar with the top draft pick...next year NFL Draft Month!


Greetings from the Hoodwood, where summer suddenly appeared. It snowed here four weeks ago.

NFL: Caught in the draft

The NFL draft has finally come and gone and not a moment too soon, the Texans surprised no one by taking JaDaveon Clowney with the top pick and I was happy that my beloved Vikes passed up on the polarizing Johnny Manziel and that he fell to the Browns 2nd choice in the 1st round with the 22nd pick. I felt kind of bad that I knew few of the names that were called in the first round, except for the Vikings 2nd pick Teddy Bridgewater whom I was very happy to see them get. The more interesting names getting picked in the mid to later round seemed to be the bigger stories and players like AJ McCarron going to the Bengals, Zach Mettenberger to the Titans. No Longhorns being drafted at all, it was an intriguing draft. The late round picks of a medical student from Canada and the ballyhooed Michael Sam provided an interesting coda a draft that seemed longer than 7 rounds. But now we will now have the endless analysis of who got picked and why, the overhype of Sam’s affectionate moment with his mate just annoyed me all that much more. Not the fact that he kissed another guy, that’s his business. I really don’t give a shit. If I’m a Ram fan, I want to know that this guy can play. But the hype on the kiss was just too much, you knew the dude was gay. You figured if he had a mate that person was going to be there.

NBA: Heat and Spurs girding for a June showdown?

After a first round that was so full of thrills, they’ve been sorely lacking in the 2nd round. Aside from an intriguing Thunder-Clippers matchup that is one of the best of the playoffs, this round lacks the drama of the previous one. The Heat got three-balled by the Nets in Brooklyn Saturday but rode a dynamic performance by LeBron James to a statement game 4 win and the Barclays Center crowd had the look of knowing that they were likely not going to see their team at home again till the fall. This series should be over tomorrow as should the Pacers-Wizards series, for all the hype of the game 1 upset the Wiz dropped on the Pacers in Indy, the Pacers seemed unfazed and have rattled off three straight wins, two coming in DC. The real battle will be when these two teams the Heat and Pacers square off in Indy beginning of next week.

The Spurs are barely breaking a good sweat as they toy with an overmatched Blazers squad who just seem to keep chasing them futilely around as the Spurs dictate the offense and suffocate their outside game. They will welcome the rest that they will get as the Thunder and Clippers look to battle 7 games with three more venue changes over the next five days. Whoever comes out of that battle will then have to go to San Antonio to face a well-rested Spurs team and likely be down 2 games before they get their collective legs under them.

NBA: Sterling stays clueless.

You would think that disgraced Clippers owner Donald Sterling would just take the money and keep his mouth shut but he cant help himself. He lashed out at many in a full length interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN. Bashing Magic Johnson and rhetorically asking if he had done enough for the black community. Sterling protested his banishment from his club and the NBA. Sterling like many blinder wearing bigots who think that they are benevolent and should be lauded for their handouts like they so charitable, just doesn’t get it. He sees the players of color as chattel, entertainment for his pleasure. He got caught shooting off his mouth and will pay for it, but some payment. He will still make a shitload of cash from the proceeds of the sale of this team. But he just wont take the hint and go away.


Phat Dap

This happened a couple weeks ago but bears repeating. Dap to Florida Southern senior softball pitcher Chelsea Ogilvie who after giving up a 3 run home run to Eckerd College’s Cara Oberer on what would be the final pitch of her collegiate career helped Oberer round the bases after she had injured her leg. This isn’t the first time that something like this happened but you have to love the classy sportsmanship exhibited by a player that had no real reason to help but did anyway.  Check the video

Head Slap

To Dolphins lineman Mike Pouncey and reserve cornerback Don Jones for demonstrating cluelessness. Pouncey tweeted what thought was humor about offensive linemen the Dolphins had drafted saying that he was looking forward “to the gifts that he would get from the rookies.” In light of the Martin-Incognito scandal that rocked this very same team so very recently, this was in poor taste and a bad attempt at humor. Jones’ tweets were even worse he tweeted a reaction of the Michael Sam draft by the Rams “OMG and #horrible” Jones took down the tweet but not before he was fined by the Dolphins and ordered to not only take “sensitivity classes” but stay away from the Dolphins altogether until he does. Do some of these players have any kind of clue when they send out ignant shit like this? Any?

Random Musings

Manziel will be a backup…yeah until Brian Hoyer throws a pick

Have running backs fallen that far off?

Shawn Thornton is a first class idiot

Jose Fernandez could be shut down for the year, why are the promising arms breaking down so fast?

My money is still on California Chrome to take the Preakness

Next week I’ll be coming to you from Phoenix…as I trek west to see my beloved Princess Katie graduate from high school

Monday Moaning 5-12-14
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That's right people...Kate Upton is a Rangers fan too...But lets be honest...Smart, foulmouthed guys like me, and good looking women have one thing in common...Our love of the Rangers...Am I right Margot Robbie?



Yeah....I'm right....



Sunday night the Rangers tied up their series with the cheap-shotting, always crying, Shittsburgh Penguins...The last couple of games the Rangers seem to be clicking...Although it still scares me that the line of Brassard, Pouliot, and Zuccarello have been their best line...Pssst...Rick Nash, get your shit together!   Game 7 will be Tuesday night...And of course, like most games nights...I'll be working...SHIT!

And anyone who wants to deny Crosby is a cheap-shotting, dirty, crybaby player...NBC Sports actually showed it, and called him on it...I know...I was shocked too...It was after game 5 and the Rangers had all the Penguins frustrated...Crosby slashed, speared, cross-checked, shoved, multiple Rangers, and then would cry when some one knocked him on his ass, or pushed back...Here's a clip from game 6 of Crosby being a punk-ass...But there's a bonus feature in it...



Watch closely, as Crosby is slammed to the ice, and Lundqvist is skating by...Henrik gives him a little water bottle squirt to the face...I love it....

It's even more funny, because there was all kinds of shit raised about Bruins Shawn Thorton squirting PK Subban in the face Saturday...I believe Thorton was fined...So I'm sure Boston will be watching to see what happens with this...Mind you, any fine they could give Lundqvist wouldn't even dent his wallet...

Anyways...Fuck Crosby...I'd completely be happy if his career ended Tuesday...He may be a superstar that the NHL is trying to sell...But he's not what you should be selling...I would never tell a kid, 'watch Crosby, that's how you should play'...It's not...If I was building a hockey team and was told I had to take 5 Penguins...He wouldn't be on my team...He can score...Big deal...Hockey isn't just scoring...Fuck Crosby!

Now...I guess I need to talk about the NFL Draft...I mean it was the big news this week/weekend...I watched Thursday night...I loved the Browns trading down...They robbed the Bills of their 1st and 4th next year, just so the Bills could move up 5 spots...Then the Browns took shutdown corner Justin Gilbert...And Browns fans bitched...Heaven forbid you have a guy playing opposite Joe Haden to lockdown the secondary...There was even a former sports writer from the Cleveland Plain Dealer who bitched on twitter how CB's don't win games, QB's do...Hey Timmy Rogers, maybe that's why you're out of work dipshit...You're right, Seattle's defense had nothing to do with their success...Fucking idiots!

Then all the talk was about Johnny Manziel falling...Except, if anyone paid any real attention to scouts, you'd know that NO NFL team thought he was worth a top 10 pick...Then the Browns jumped up from 26 to 22 for their 5th round pick, and....They took Manziel....And Cleveland went batshit, fucking crazy with joy...A new savior has risen to throw interceptions!

Forgive me for not being as excited as the rest of Cleveland...I don't like the kid...And I don't think he'll last in the NFL...Then Friday it was leaked that the Browns paid $100,000 for a full, analytical, statistical breakdown, of who would be the best QB in this draft for them...It came back Teddy Bridgewater...So, that the guy I liked, and I'm not surprised the Browns ignored what their money told them...Then, just before round two and three kicked off, it was released that All-Pro, WR Josh Gordon failed another drug test...Second in the NFL, plus two in college...Some fucking assholes never learn...So he'll be suspended for awhile...But the Browns didn't change their draft strategy, even after it broke the WR Nate Burleson broke his arm in OTA's...So Greg Ooops I Dropped It Little is the man, because the Browns drafted no WR's...But I really like the RB from Towson they drafted...Could have...Better have a strong ground game this year!

Listen, I don't like the Manziel pick, but I like how they got there...I like that they raped the Bills over 5 spots, so they walk into next years draft with 2 first rounders again...I love the Gilbert pick...Dude also is quick and can return kicks...They picked up a good Tackle, and a good Running back...A strong LB from Iowa, and another depth CB...They had a plan and they executed it...We'll see how it works...

And then some draft news for all the Notre Dame haters...The Irish had 8 players drafted...Then 6 undrafted free agents signed...How'd your team? 

Oh, and when you watch the draft next year, watch on the NFL Network...Fuck Berman, Gruden, Kiper, and Ray Lewis...And besides those annoying ass-hats, Mike Mayock blows Kiper out of the water...Dude knows his shit...Hits on a lot more then Kiper or McShay...Shit, Mayock nailed it at pick 100 when it was a kid that won't even play next year because of a ACL injury that happened at the senior bowl...I about shit...

That's it for now...Have a week...

The Beeze.


NHL --- Best Action of the Year --- as Usual
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Baseball is getting into gear about now. Early stories abound. The NBA playoffs are in full swing. The NFL draft, hyped beyond belief, has come bringing with it web-based ticker tapes and endless analysis of who leapfrogged whom in the standings as a result. But for anyone actually watching, what can possibly beat the NHL playoffs? Another week, another slew of games all of which were great contests and great sports TV. Speed, skill and effort unparalleled in sports. Great stuff. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Even at the Patriots' draft gala in Foxboro, the screens were showing not videos of potential picks but Rene Rancourt singing the Anthem. BB is a huge Bruins fan. How can he not be?

And with that for a backdrop, let's take a brief look at what's been going on in the four remaining series, what they've shown us and maybe even a guess or two on how they project...

BOS 3 MON 2: After two games Montreal had taken home ice, and despite being outshot by about 20 in game 1 had won it. Yes, they were beaten fairly handily in game 2, but home ice means something and they had taken it. After they took a 2-1 series lead with a strong performance back home, things looked bleak for Boston. Then they came out checking in game 4, kept the raucous (to say the least) Montreal crowd quiet for long spans, blanketed nearly every move by Habitante stars like Subban and Plekanec, and got a 1-0 OT win on a great shot by a guy named Fraser. He was an add-on in the deal that sent Tyler Seguin to Dallas for Loui Erikkson.

With that goal he earned a spot on the 3rd line with Erikkson and Soderberg, and in game 5 it was Boston's most effective line, on the ice for 3 of Boston's 4 goals in a game not as close as the score.

Prognosis: Montreal's stars continue to be a threat. Subban continues to score and pass (and dive a lot, but that's Montreal), Plekanec, Gallagher, Pacioretty et al continue to threaten, and Price continues to be a strength in goal. But Boston has, in consecutive games respectively, throttled Montreal's stars by checking and simply outskated Les Canadiens. When Boston combines its hitting game with its 'finesse' game, they are hard to beat. The series is far from over, but you have to believe there's a reason Boston finished 17 points ahead of Montreal this year.

CHI 2 MIN 2: Not many pundits thought Minny had any chance after falling twice in Chicago, but this scribe did. Seemed to me they had outplayed the Black Hawks for the majority of time, but just couldn't finish as well. That's a big deal of course. Still, only the biggest optimist in Frostbite Falls could have seen them virtually overwhelm Chicago twice in a row, even on home ice. So far, this has been a home ice series and that favors the Hawks. Doesn't it?

But Minnesota, generally seen as a skating team (and they can skate), has found a way to hit with Chicago, thought to be the more 'physical' team. It hasn't been a case of designated goons (e.g. Stoner) putting up an isolated sideshow. They've been hitting all over the ice, and it looks like it's taking a toll on the Hawks. When Chicago's goons took a shot at Minny's front liners in game 4, it took Minny about five minutes to return the favor.

Prognosis: Minny is playing with a chip on its shoulder, and it's bound to help. The return of the league's premier dirty player, Matt Cooke, had a huge impact on game 4. Will that continue? Chicago had better hope not, because under those circumstances Minnesota looks like the better team. Still, it is a home series so far, and Chicago did finish ahead of Minny this year... though only by 9 points. Things favor the Hawks generally, but Minnesota has played too well to write them off in any way. It's a tossup really, with Chicago having a slight push owing to two more coming at home. But it's a very slight push. It may be no push if Minny keeps mixing skating and hitting so well.

ANA 2 LA 2: After two games in Anaheim, it looked like it was all over. I sure thought so. The Kings, with their Cup pedigree and the momentum from the San Jose series (in which they fell behind 0-3 and won going away) seemed unbreakable. Plus they now had an impenetrably stolen home ice advantage. And Anaheim was in a goaltending quandary, while LA had Quick being Quick.

Surprise. Apparently the Ducks finished 16 points ahead of LA for some reason at least. Both games in LA were not only won but generally dominated by Anaheim. In game 4, the Ducks started unknown (but highly regarded) rookie John Gibson in goal. What a time to start your third goalie of the series. And a rookie at that. Gibson responded with a shutout, and on the other end Quick was actually pulled after letting in 2 goals on 11 shots. His replacement, Martin Jones, didn't let in any more (he would face only 3 official shots), but the damage was done, thanks largely to Gibson.

Prognosis: If Gibson is the real deal, and so far he looks like Ken Dryden in 1971, LA may have a long row to hoe. But they were red hot, and that can't last forever. The question is whether they've gotten the regression out of their systems, or perhaps whether they're actually facing a team 16 points better. Based upon their resilient performance in round 1 and their veteran playoff stature, I'd tend to favor LA the rest of the way. But the Ducks are good, and Gibson is an X factor now. Maybe Quick too? Without him in top form the Kings may be toast regardless. Anaheim has taken back home ice. Of course, nobody's won on home ice yet, but it's gotta happen someday, right?

PIT 3 NYR 2: For three games in a row following a Ranger opening win, Pittsburgh was laying it on the Blueshirts. NY seemed unable to generate anything except a lot of puck movement. Marc-Andre Fleury was outplaying King Henrik by a wide margin, one thing truly nobody expected.

So with game 5 in Pittsburgh, fans were ready to see their team go home early for a nice rest. Instead they saw a Ranger team rally around bereaved teammate Martin St. Louis (who lost his mother) and absolutely thrash the Penguins. More interesting than that, Lundqvist seemed to get back his mojo, while Fleury appeared to be sinking to his expected form.

Prognosis: In a series that has so far seen one home win, New York may not be getting the push they'd expect from home ice, but their gritty performance after being left for dead might have exposed some genuine team character, something lacking in Pittsburgh for a number of years now. You can't pick against a team that has a 3-2 lead, but if the Rangers (and Fleury) repeat the performance of game 5 and tie the series, methinks the talented Penguins just might be booking flights to Little America sooner than anyone thought.

Lot 'O Sports
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Unless you live in a sports desert, you know the NFL draft spectacle has been running the last few days.  Aside from my interest in what the Redskins decided to do with their picks, why does this event attract so much attention?  I saw that the ratings for this year's draft had a big spike in TV ratings.  If you watch or listen...which even I did for a few minutes to check on the draft scroll to check on the Skins draft...and the audience hoots and hollers with each selection like they know how any of these guys are going to perform as pros.  It is easily the most over-hyped sports event of the year.

Now if you want to have some fun, take a look at how scouts score draft prospects by race / word choice at http://www.deadspin.com.  You can put in words like "intelligent" or "speedy" and see how the scouts describe the candidates...looks like there is still a bit of old fashioned bias (e.g., leadership 3.21 vs. 1.34 per 10,000 words).  I am not sure what it means, but it is interesting.

I've been enjoying the hockey (mostly).  We have 4 good series for conference semi-finals.  Last night the Rangers rose from the dead to pound Pittsburgh and the Wild got even with the Blackhawks.  The Bruins avoided disaster.by pulling out the OT win in Montreal and the Ducks got back in their series with a win in LA.  I don't like the scheduling that was imposed on the Rangers...6 games in 9 nights cannot be the recipe for good hockey...not to make excuses, but it's not fair.

In the NBA, the top seeds seem to be rounding into form which is bad news for my Wizards who could not make a shot last night.  They may rise back up and play excellent ball Sunday night, but it is a concern that the Pacers have started to play well.  Whoever wins that series is going up against the Heat...not an enviable task.

In golf, young Jordan Spieth is staking out his ground as the new young force in golf.  There is no doubt that with Tiger on the sidelines, golf misses a star.  Everyone seems to be on this young man's bandwagon, so it should be fun to see if this Sunday he can accomplish what he could not do at the Masters - pull off a big win.

Well, it is finally warming up and the honey-do list is calling - have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there...you guys, clean a toilet for your wife...there is no better gift!





Talking Sports
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The Golden State Warriors were the joke of the NBA for many years. In the past 3 years they hired Mark Jackson and Jackson got them to the playoffs the past two seasons something they haven’t done since 1991. The Warriors fired Jackson last night after the Warriors where eliminated in the first round with a team that had injuries and no  superstars.

This bothers me because we have developed a society that needs instant gratification. I’m all for the win now mentality because you don’t what’s going to happen in the future. However, in a lot of cases you have to build for the future and accept that maybe your not quite there yet. In the world of twitter, facebook and myspace where everything is instant. We don’t wait anymore . we don’t use are natural ability to think about something before we put it into cyberspace. Something happens no facts reaction and bang we are twitting some cowardly opinion because we have lost the ability to think before we speak. We all have done with on cyberspace or in a conversation .

Has ownership of sports teams developed the same instant gratification mentaliaty. That we need it now or else suffer the wrath (usually meaning the coach, GM get fired).I think if teams are close to the Golden Ticket they need to go for it. Because that window closes and closes quick. In some teams like Golden State the coach may have that team on the Cusp and maybe he needs aplayer to get there or maybe it’s just a matter of a halthy team. Give a guy 5 years and see what he does.

 This doesn’t transcend to every team look at the tankers, in Boston, LA, and Philly. They realize d that we need a few down years before we can raise again. The Warriors were on the cusp with the right guy. I guess sometimes I just don’t understand how we fire guys that get to the playoffs. We expect it when they don’t. Black Monday in the NFL is almost as entertaining as Football itself. The messed up part about Black Monday is 3 guys will get their peers jobs 3 will get a coordinators job and the other guy will be the HC at some struggling college program.


I guess I’ll never understand why we fire winning coaches. I get sometimes there maybe a conflict with ownership or the GM. I get that the players are the show and the coach is theguy that has to play psychologist, friend, mentor and in many cases father.The guy gets you there and now you change his whole system with another guy.

So I guess in many cases that instant gratification translate in all aspects of society. It’s the same in sports.


 Subban Has been a Force so Far

Well as it was predicted the Boston and Montreal has been a crazy series and I still think will go 7. Montreal dominated game 3. The Bruins just couldn’t get it together. It seems seven in game 2 the Bruins took 2 and half periods to wake up before they exploded for a 5-3 win. Scoring 4 goals in about an 8 minute span. The one guy giving the Bruins headaches is one PJ Subban. The guy has played some damn good hockey over the last couple of games. If you weren’t a Tuuka Rusk fan you should be. The new dad is shouldering a lot of blame probably much more than he should. This is playoff hockey and it’s an emotional ride.

The Los Angeles Kings were almost elminated in Round 1 but now they are up 2-0 over the Ducklings of Anaheim. The Hawks lead the Wild 2-1 and the Rangers maybe on the way to the Golf Course trailing 3-1 to Pittsburgh


The Final Word

Senator Harry Reid went off on a tirade complimenting the NBA and Adam Silver for handling the Donald Sterling situation(of course that will tied up in court for years). In the same speech he begged Redskins owner Daniel Snyder and NFL Comissioner Roger Goodell to change the name of the Washington Redskins. Which many native Americans support the name according to several polls. Reid needs to focus on fixing the country and actually working with the otherside of the aisle. I just don’t want here a pols opinion outside his realm, goes for actors and singers as well. Harry do your job because we have a mess on our hands and you and the rest of both the senate and the house aren’t getting it done. So let’s not worry about the name of sports teams and let’s worry about make good decisions for the American people.

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