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Did Santa Bring you a Present...or a Lump of Coal?
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Christmas is just around the corner and you may be wondering if I have been naughty or nice and just what is Santa going to leave me under my sports Christmas tree?   First, we will unwrap the presents...and then we will take a look at who got a lump of coal!

For Seattle Seahawks Fans, we have the NFC Title Game coming to Safeco Field (unless they miraculously turn it into a Lump of Coal in Round 1 of the playoffs).  With the famous 12th Man, is there anyway these rabid fans do not get their shot at a Super Bowl title?

For the St. Louis Rams, we have the first, second or third pick in the NFL draft courtesy of the Washington Redskins 2013 implosion.  Maybe Kirk Cousins can pick up a couple of wins and drop the pick to #5 or so, but anyway you slice, the Rams are getting a nice little Christmas present to go with their own.

For the Philadelphia Eagles, congratulations, here is an NFC East Title.  This gift card comes from one T. Romo, who continues to the NFL gift that just keeps giving.  The NFC East smells worse than a New Jersey swamp...but hey, that's the rules and some good team gets a lump of coal while the Eagles will play on.

For Alex Ovechkin, who became the fastest to 400 goals last night in the modern era.  Guys who got to 400 faster than OV?   Gretzy, Bossy, Lemieux, Brett Hull & Kurri.  That is good company for the Russian Machine.  He still has a shot at 50 in 50...we shall see.

For Olympic Fans, who have the Games at Sochi starting February 5.  I love the Olympic Hockey tournament and I like USA's chances.  They are bringing a strong team.  OK, you can keep cross country skiing and such, but I love the X-Games style events including the snow board racing and short track racing.  And this year, we have competitive bobsled teams...and the women have LoLo Jones.  That will be a great late night feast!

For Q,  and all of our readers of the female persuasion, who has been so excellent at keeping us tuned in to the tune up...I have this:

And now, who got that LUMP of COAL?

To all of our Detroit Lions brethren, sadly, your team laid the eggs of all eggs last weekend.  Megatron looked like a guy on the take to me...all season great catch after great catch and then to throw up on himself when a division title was on the line? A travesty, is all I can say...and a huge lump of coal delivered to Detroit.

To all of the RGIII fans out there, All in For Week One did not play out so well for him or for the Redskins.  It has definitely been a sh*t sandwich here in DC all football season long.  The only good news is that after next week, we at least get an idea of how big our lump of coal will be.

To MLB Teams in Need of Pitching, Japanese superstar Tanaka looks like he will be staying in Japan in 2014 thanks to the new posting system.  This is an especially big lump of coal for the Yankees who I think were counting on Tanaka being their new ace in 2014.  Now they have what they always have - an all star lineup with no post season ready pitching.

To the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers broken collar bone has disrupted what could have been a very good season for the Pack.  The question is can Matt Flynn save them one more time?  If not, huge lump of coal for the Packers.

To Tony Romo, another year, another December flame out puts this lump of coal under Jerry Jones' Christmas Tree.  How 'bout them Cowboys?!

 Feel free to add you personal favorite under my virtual sports Christmas Tree!

And with that, I remind you that you have FOUR days left to get ready for Christmas...what are you doing reading my blog post?!!   Merry Christmas to Everyone - may you have a joyous holiday with your family and may your Christmas stocking be overflowing come Wednesday morning!


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Happy Friday, Gabbers. The weather has turned downright frigid across most of our great nation (except the lucky people in Florida). Here in the Greater Boston area we have a little bit of snow dusted across the ground and the forecast for a big storm coming Saturday night.  As always happens with the weather, as soon as the media gets wind of a storm, the storm become a story. The story becomes part of the news. The news get hyped. The hype gets out of control. Finally, the snowfall totals become wildly exaggerated.  Media-driven madness to inflame the idiots and increase sales in canned food no one ever gets around to eating, fist-fights over generic batteries, and masses storming Home Depot for the two generators in stock on sale.


That said it was wonderful to see the snow falling across most of the nation last week (and not here for once) while watching football on television. To me, there is little better then seeing the snow on the ground, the frozen ball sticking in the snow, and face masks packed full of snow in the players frigid and frozen with cold.


With the realization of snow and December upon us means that Christmas is less than two weeks away (as hard as that is to believe). With the late Thanksgiving this year it seems Christmas has snuck up on me once again (Fortunately, the lovely Mrs. B. picks up my considerable slack as she perennially does).


Since it is almost Christmas time, it means it's time to turn to the frozen ponds of the NHL. In New England--with the whale long since departed--the only team in town is the Boston Bruins. The Bruins are suffering from a severe case of post-Stanley Cup Finals hangover. The Bruins appear to sleep walk for a few periods before a furious finish to the game in the third.


The game against Calgary on Wednesday night was a microcosm of the Bruins season so far. Goaltender Tuukka Rask was fantastic in net yet again, but the team only managed 9 shots on goal in the first two periods combined. It was later in the third period when the team awoke and needed a pair of goals to pull out the victory. Perhaps this is a bad habit they picked up from the New England Patriots.


What is interesting in looking at the Bruins this season is evaluating the early returns from the trade of young center and former number two overall pick, Tyler Seguin. Loui Eriksson has been injured a good chunk of the season (up to concussion number two already) and when not injured hardly appeared to be a player worthy of return for a talent like Seguin (14 points in 24 games).


The surprise performer for the Bruins has been youngster Reilly Smith who was seemingly a throw-in in the Tyler Seguin trade. Without Reilly Smith, who is third on the team in scoring(24 points--with 11 goals--in 31 games), the trade would look even more atrocious than it did at the time (and still does!).


I refuse to acknowledge that it was a good trade even if Loui Eriksson eventually scores 30 goals (which apparently will never happen this year or likely any year) and Reilly Smith actually maintains his pace to add another 30. Potential franchise player/goal scorers like Tyler Seguin are hard to find.  For the Bruins to go and trade him for pennies on the dollar is still repugnant almost 40% through the season.




For the Cleveland Browns fans, all I can say is that you all have every reason to be frustrated and angry after losing to the New England Patriots last week in Foxboro. The Browns led by 12 points and were soundly beating the Patriots on both sides of the ball for 57 minutes. With less than three minutes to play, the Patriots managed to drive quickly downfield against the Browns in a prevent defense and scored with just over a minute left to play.


With the lead down to less than a touchdown with a 1:01 to play, the Browns back-up running back Foswhitt “Fozzy” Whittaker was unable to handle the onside kick attempt and the Patriots recovered the ball. Yes, then there was a ticky-tacky “hitting a defenseless receiver” 15 yard penalty on Jordan Poyerthe touchdown pass prior to the kickoff.  It was a hard hit, but he did not “launch” himself and there was no helmet-to-helmet contact. This gave quarterback Tom Brady much less field navigate to drive the Patriots into the end-zone.


Again, on the driver there was a questionable penalty of pass interference in the end-zone that was called on a Browns secondary player Leon McFadden as he and receiver Josh Boyce were engaged in what appeared to be “incidental contact”. It was as if the Karma gods corrected the blatant “bear-hug non pass interference” call against Carolina at the end of the game earlier in the season. However, it was simply that the home team gets to close call at crunch time in today's NFL.


What almost backfired for the Patriots was that they scored too quickly after the pass interference penalty. When the Patriots dropped into the prevent defense with less than a minute to play it gave the Browns too much of an opportunity to get near field goal range. Fortunately for the Patriots the field goal attempt by Cleveland kicker fell short.


This was the game that Cleveland had wrapped up. For all intents and purposes this was over. I was forced to rewrite my game recap because of the furious finish. After Cleveland had scored to make the five point lead an even dozen with less than three minutes to play I had considered posting the game recap and turning off the television to sulk.


Fortunately I hung around because the team in New England just does not know when to quit. That is an extension of their head coach Bill Belichick and is why the team is 10 wins to three losses despite missing many of the best players. Between Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady it seems as if the Patriots could find 52 other players from anywhere and have a chance to compete each and every week.


This week the Patriots are playing the Dolphins this week. This is a team the Patriots already have to come from behind to defeat in week 8. The Dolphins were ahead 17 to 3 at half-time. In the second half of that game New England was able to score quickly in the third quarter and Miami panicked and got away from their hard-charging 100 plus yards at halftime running game. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill for the Dolphins dropped into the the shotgun and started firing the ball all over the field. The Patriots had two interceptions in the 4th quarter and win the game  going away 27 to 17.


The Dolphins are a strange team at seven and six and fighting for the last Wild Card spot. The Dolphins front four can create a headache for Tom Brady every week they play; however, the Dolphins make strange decisions such as not playing their first round draft pick Dion Jordan. Jordan has been an absolute beast getting to the quarterback in his limited playing time. For whatever reason the dolphin play him less than one-quarter of the game which only helps the opposition. To invest the third overall pick in the NFL Draft on a talented player and not play him when he is clearly superior to the player insert name here ahead of him is criminal.


After coming from behind at halftime the previous three weeks against Denver Houston in Cleveland the Patriots need to find the formula that allows them to start the game strong,then adapt to the defensive changes, finish strong and play a solid 60 minutes on both sides of the football.


I was lucky enough to be invited back to 940 WINZ the Dolphins flagship station to talk Patriots-Dolphins on the Defo & Goldie Morning Show Thursday morning.  It was a great experience and I’d link to the mp3 of the show but it seemed like it didn’t have the whole segment there.  Too bad, I was killing it. They were great to talk to and made it easy to just talk football.  


I have an article later this morning here at Cover32 looking at how  the Patriots can survive the loss of tight end Rob Gronkowski.  My previously referenced post-game wrap up is here at MusketFire. A look at the Patriots playoff chances without Gronk is here at H4TV. My Cleveland Browns game preview against the Bears will be up at FirstStopFantasy.com on Saturday. I will have my Patriots Game Preview up on Sunday Morning at Cover32.com and another game preview Saturday or Sunday at GetRealFootball.com.


Thanks as always for finding your way here (I could mean the website or reaching the end of the blog). Have a great weekend, all! Stay warm!


Talking Sports
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Another Thursday  is upon us and it’s time to talk sports.

So the people behind the shield are giddy this week that several games were played in the snow. That happens in the Northeast Corridor in December, January and February. Oh yes February that’s the month of the Professional Football Championship Game and the folks behind the shield are celebrating it’s like being a kid again except of most of your guys are from Florida, Southern California and other places it doesn’t snow. Sure it was fun this week watching the games in the snow. But they are going to play the Superbowl in New York and yes there is potential for snow. The Average temperature in East Rutherford on Feb. 4th The High  39F , The Low is 20F Peyton better have his gloves. The Mean is 29F... the record cold on Feb 4th is 1F set in 1985. A guess the shield knew something because February is actually the driest month in East Rutherford with average about 3 inches of perception.  Of course the Farmers Almanac is predicting a Blizzard on February 4th in the Northeast.

Come on you are all hoping for as well. Come on, we like a little Mayhem. Just think New York traffic sucks on average it’s slow and a little snow to the mix what do have people paying over 600 dollars face value sitting in traffic. The shield has already put the hammer down on tailgating in the parking lot. What do they do with the high price tickets if folks can’t get there . The game won’t be cancelled and they won’t give refunds to fans or advertisers for that matter so of course we are speculating at all this mayhem. It will probably be 60 and sunny.

The NFL was just giddy with the snow games this past weekend. They were calling it a possible Superbowl weather preview. Come on lets face folks we want to see a good game. I love Football in the elements believe me I've sat at the old Foxboro and the New Gillette Stadium in the most adverse conditions including 3 degree game time temp a few years back in the playoffs. I have sat through a blizzard in October and yes the Snow bowl with my pregnant wife. I have missed 1 game in 12 years. So I like the elements but not for the Championship game. I want in doors in Good weather sure it could rain but rain and warm is better than cold and snow. I hope it’s a success and I’m still hoping for a miserable day just to get a few laughs. The funny thing is I’ll go if I get tickets in the season ticket holder lottery and if the Patriots make it. But I want a bad storm because we all like a little Mayhem.



The Patriots are 1 and 2  at the hands of the officials bad time to call DPI except the defender needed to look back. The Browns dominated that game . Please Patriots fans stop whinning about Gronk getting hit the kid who hit for the Browns made a great Football play there was no intent to injure. He just got him funny at the knee as a matter fact the kid from the Browns was the first to pat Gronk on the head and wish himluck. Sure it sucks for Patriots fans. But Gronk is one of those guys that plays hard and will always be on the injured list.



There were suspensions handed down!

The Pittsburgh Boston game was just dirty nasty on bothsides the other night. Geex they just went crazy. James Neal earned a five game suspension for kneeing Brad Marchand’s head. Meanwhile the Bruins Shawn Thronton is expecting at least 10 games after aface to face hearing on Friday. Throntn basically knocked Brooks Orpik out with a concussion in retaliation of Orpik nailing Louie Ericsson who also left the game with a concussion. It was just an ugly hockey game.


LIL Warriors Report

I was thinking for here on in Middle Lanz will be called Laser as his coaches refer to him.and Lil Lanz will be called Miser has his coach refers to him.

Lazer had a non league Saturday a nice win over a very good independent team. They lost Tuesday Night. Laser was lined up for a short to tie the game at 2 but got checked off the puck and never got a good shot off. They lost 3-1an empty netter put it away. Some guys in a mens league where watching and I think they were in shock of how hard these kids hit .

There is a reason he is called Miser check the Picture. (red hair up like that after practice one night when he took his helmet off. he loves the name)

Miser played 3 games for 2 teams in 3nights. They won on his regular team both on Friday Night and then on Sunday Night. Friday they got the game winner with 6 seconds left. Lil Bobby F got the job done Sundayit was with 10 seconds left craig got the game winner. Miser also got a win Saturday for the school team. Good weekend. The boys now are 6-5-1.


That’s all I have

Hockey Head Trauma and other things
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Concussions have taken a front seat in our national conversation in sports.  In August, the NFL settled a $760-Million lawsuit,  League of Denial illustrates a league not only indifferent to head trauma but almost militantly hostile to research, and this past week 10 NHL players filed a lawsuit against the league, petitioning for certification as a class action suit.


The complaint alleges the NHL knew there were dangers to players health and instead took no action to address them - essentially learning from the NFL lawsuit.  In collective bargaining, unions will engage in something called “pattern bargaining.”  The UAW did this successfully for the better part of half a century in the auto industry: choose one of the “big three” automakers best positioned to give the union what it wanted and then used that negotiation to drive the negotiations (pun intended) with the other companies.  The negotiations were the blueprint for how to proceed.  Similarly, it would seem the NHL players have let the NFL lawsuit play out to give them the roadmap for their own suit.


But the case is not as clear cut: the NHL has taken preventative actions and not engaged in the same obfuscation the NFL did.  However, the NHL is also not squeaky clean here either.  Additionally, the league is in a far more compromised position than was the NFL - this is a league that has endured one entire canceled season and lost the better part of a second in collective bargaining struggles over how league revenues are distributed banking on the idea that they would lose less money by not playing than by playing - a situation utterly unthinkable in professional football.  The NHL has staked a position that their franchises are losing money and is awash in red ink.


This lawsuit threatens to reveal all kinds of financial information the league would prefer not be revealed, which could expose their entire position of financial duress: expose either as truth or fiction.  But we also know the NHL owners aren’t of the same ilk of the NFL - this is a league that has shut down an entire season, publicity be damned.  In a way, this what the labor relations of the league has wrought - wouldn’t it be funny if horrendous labor relations, the cancellation of a season and a half, ill-advised expansion, and money losing operations hasn’t killed the league, but a long drawn out lawsuit over traumatic brain injuries does the job?  


Unlike the other leagues here in the US, hockey players do have legitimate alternatives.  NBA players can play in Europe, but cannot make anything close to what they earn here.  Football?  Well American football is really only here in the States...with a flavor in Canada.  Baseball?  Sure, but the money is here.  Hockey, though.  Hockey players have alternatives.  The NHL can evolve into a smaller entity and there would still be places for players to go.  


In other news: My fantasy team has a shot of making the playoffs...if Marshawn Lynch doesn’t get more than 6-points.  I made the mistake of playing Delanie Walker and Nate Burleson...0 points between the two of them, but my opponent made the mistake of benching Ben Tate (oh he of 28 points) so it seems I didn’t make as many mistakes as he did.


Heisman Voting: Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is being investigated for a complaint of sexual assault that happened nearly a year ago, with a decision to indict Winston not coming until after the voting has happened, which of course leaves voters in a quandary.  What do you think?  Who’s now the frontrunner?  At least one Heisman voter says it’s AJ McCarron.


Pokey.   Last weekend, he was well enough to take out and get groomed.  Over the week, he’s been eating A LOT, but this weekend he seems to have turned another corner and seems a lot worse.  We want to believe he’s doing better, but it’s weekends like this kind of take us back to reality - that his little body is a ticking time bomb.  We remain optimistic, but less so.

Have a great week


Monday Moaning 11-25-13
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So this past week started with taking Molly to  Dentist...We'll be dropping even more money into repairs to her baby teeth...The teeth grinding she does has done more damage...It seems her bottom teeth kick her upper teeth's ass...10 upper teeth need repairs...She has ground the enamel away and weakened them seriously...Can't wait for that fun in January!

After the dentist office Monday morning, we had a great day together...It was just great having some quality, one on one time...Oh, with Finnegan the puppy in the mix...Damn dog kept stealing her hash browns!

Wednesday He was dropped off at the Vet's to get his Cleft lip/nose/pallet fixed...He also got his nuts chopped...We picked him up after 5 in the evening...And the poor guy is stuck in a cone until Tuesday, to make sure he doesn't rip out his stitches...

He hates that fucking cone...Been at war with it all weekend!

The rest of the week was crazy...Just a blur...By Friday evening my ass was dragging...Just in time to get up another Saturday morning before 7:00AM to take my oldest daughter 45 minutes away to her Honor band rehearsal...Followed by morning concert...Then back there again for the evening concert...Then the snow started falling...Of course! 

-I had little time for college football...But I did get to enjoy the UCLA / ASU game...The PAC-12 is for real people...Lots of good talent, lots of good teams...Unlike the Big-10...And yes, unlike the SEC that actually has just a few good teams...

Hey Florida how does losing to Georgia Southern taste!?! Georgia Southern won 26-20...They completed zero passes for zero yards, yet they racked up 429 yards on the Gators defense...Florida, you gave up 429 yards to Georgia Southern, a team that can't pass...That didn't pass...You knew they were going to run the ball, and you gave up 429 yards...They should just burn "The Swamp" to the ground...Fire everyone...Take away all the scholarships...That is the definition of sucks!

-Now let me move onto rankings...We all know college football has some serious flaws...None more then the whole ranking system...I'm a die-hard Notre Dame fan, so let me use the Irish for this example...

Notre Dame isn't even ranked, yet they beat USC, ASU, and Mich State, all ranked well ahead of them...They lost to ranked Oklahoma...They lost to Pitt (horrible loss)...They lost to then ranked 17 rival Michigan...Yes, Michigan fell apart after that game...They really suck!   And watching every game, I can say this, ND could have beaten Pitt, Michigan, and Oklahoma...If played again, they could take MSU again, but it would be tight, as usual...They could Take USC again...ASU would take them...

Notre Dame is just one of many examples that prove the theory of, on any given day, any team can beat another...Which makes pre-season rankings idiotic because until two teams take the field you really have no idea what you are getting...Even with a so-called playoff, you still have to have a system to rank teams...But it's clear the current formula is crap...Michigan State plays great defense...But they also play a weak-ass Big-10 schedule...Ohio State is undefeated and has hung around the top 4 all year...But their Big-10 schedule, combined with their non-conference schedule is an embarrassment...

I have already lost any passion for the NFL...Now I find myself the most frustrated I have ever been with College Football...And I have always loved Saturdays in the Fall...

-Let me change gears to a bit of Hockey...We have heard and talked a ton about head shots, and brain injuries in Football...Now finally a hockey player is speaking up, and making a bit of noise about it...

New York Rangers winger, Rick Nash returned to the lineup this week after missing over a month from a concussion after a head shot...This one just months removed from a late season concussion last year...

"We’re all in this together.” Nash said...

"I understand how it happens,  the game is so fast, things happen quickly, and I know that I’ve had some hits that have been close calls, but we all have to take responsibility for changing some of the things we do out there." 

Nash continued...

"I understand that we don’t want to have huge suspensions for plays that are spontaneous and I’m OK with that, but the players as a group and the union have to take more responsibility for stopping these kinds of hits.  It’s up to the guys to have more respect for each other and our careers.”

“Headshots are a serious problem in the game. You see them all the time, something has to change.”

I have to agree, and I'm glad he said it...Yes, I'm a Rangers fan...And yes, I've always been a fan of Nash...But that has nothing to do with it...We have seen plenty of evidence of how concussions, and head trauma have affected football players...Hockey needs to realize they are looking down the same barrel...

That's it for now...I gotta start planning Thanksgiving dinner!

Have a week,

The Beeze.

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