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Monday Moaning a Day Late and a Dollar Short (1-21-14)
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?What's Cooking!?!

Well, here I am...Been battling being sick, along with the rest of the family fighting through being sick too...I was just too tired to get writing...But I will get right into the big news...Not the Broncos beating the Patriots...Not the Seahawks, (my team) beating the 49ers...Richard Sherman...Dude made the game saving play for the Seahawks, talked smack, and people were shocked...Dude has always talked smack...Just like many CB's have...And he gave it hard to Crabtree...You know, a guy that plays the position that is known for talking the most shit, WR...

Why...Why are people shocked...And why are people so offended? Seconds after the game, stupid Erin Andrews sticks a mic in his face, and he screams that he is the best CB in the game...Oh, BTW he is...and then he called out Crabtree...So fucking what...Somehow this caused people to go nuts, and the crazy Twitter racists came out in full force, mainly because poor Erin Andrews looked?scared...Don't pin her or your?inner racist on Sherman...You and her were that way before he said he was the best...

RIGHT_HERE everything you need to know about Sherman, including the stats that backup his theory that he is the best CB...and HERE is a good piece about Sherman, by Dan Wetzel...

I know I'm in the minority....No one seems to like this guy but his teammates...Well, a couple years ago, I signed my fandom contract with Seattle, so while Sherman may be brash...May be an asshole...I like him...He's on my team...I've described myself this way before...I'm not everyone's cup of team...Hell, if I wasn't on my team, I wouldn't like me...But I'm on my team, so I love me!?

That's how I see Richard Sherman...He's on my team, so he's my guy...I've seen abunch of people talking about now rooting for Denver, and hoping Manning schools him...Well, you're free to feel that way...Me, I hope Manning tests Sherman, and I hope Sherman picks him off 3 times...Because some people may hate seeing Sherman's big mouth on TV talking shit, but I hate seeing Manning's big head on TV trying to sell me every possible piece of crap I don't need!

-In hockey, people are all fired up over the line brawl Saturday night between Vancouver and Calgary...Calgary was the visiting team so their lineup is submitted first...They decided to start their thumpers...4th line...This is something that doesn't sit well with Vancouver coach John Tortorella's as we have seen before...Calgary is making it clear, either they want to throw, or they just want to try and rough up one of your top lines...So Torts, as he has done before sends out a lineup of his thumpers...You know shit is about to get real when a defenseman lines up to take the games opening faceoff...



Over 140 penalty minutes in 2 seconds....Classic...

Now there are people saying this is bad for hockey...There's no reason for this...Torts overacted, blah, blah, blah...You know what, a rival rolls into your building and puts out their thumpers, there is only one way to respond..."Nobody comes into our house and pushes us around!"? That's shit isn't just for movies...It's life...Some one kicks in your door and wants to take your shit, and hurt your family, you don't curl up in the corner and say 'please don't hurt me.'? You go right back at the fucker...

Yeah, I know, hockey and everyday life for you and me aren't the same...But you have to see the comparison...These guys are playing for real...This is their livelihood...I'm not putting my top line out there when these guys are looking to rumble....You gotta bring your muscle...

This shit happens in hockey sometimes...It's not all lovey dovey like you see after football games when players from opposing teams are hugging, and all smiles and shit...There's a reason why handshakes are saved for the playoffs...The season is long, and you're gonna see these guys again, and you don't like some of them...

I don't know...I'm kind of rambling...Too much cold medicine and not enough sleep...I'll just close with, Richard Sherman may be an asshole, but I'm alright with it...And hockey's fine, shut the fuck up!

Have a week...

The Beeze.

Talking Sports
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The New Year is a week old and we already have seen the end of the BCS in a fantastic finish as Florida State came back to beat this years Cinderella Story Auburn. Although losing in the National Championship Game. They were a great story when a team does the unexpected itís always sweet. Auburn can hold their heads up and be proud Florida State just showed that the mighty SEC can be taken.

Tuesday was a great Night for College Hoops I watched the Iowa State vs. Baylor Game. It was a pretty decent game got intense in the second half and #9 Iowa State went on for a good victory. Sao I get myself all keyed up to watch Michigan State play Ohio State. I love Tom Izzo I think he is arguably the best college hoops coach in the land without the flash of Pitano or Calipari. I get ten minutes into the game bang I fall asleep in miss one of the fantastic finishes of the season Michigan State won in overtime. I just love college hoops over the NBA.

Baseball has inducted itís 2014 class I canít argue with the three choices of Frank Thomas, Billerica Mass own Tommy Glavine and there is absolutely no doubting Greg Maddux. .There was almost a 4th Craig Biggio fell two votes short and will be a shoe in for next year. 3 players, 3 managers (Cox, Larussa, and Torre). The writers also sent a strong message to the steroid era guys not giving them great consideration Clemens only received 34% of† the votes. There is always some controversy Biggio, Jack Morris who I think is borderline at best. But the choices I thought were well deserved.

I was thinking (always dangerous) about who were some of my favorite pitchers during my lifetime besides what else do you do on a cold miserable day and a slow one at work you make a list. Bob Gibson is really the first guy a remember and to this day is my all-time favorite pitcher the guy had balls of steel and would be ejected in todays game for throwing at people . A close second would be Tom Seaver conservative classy and just got the job done. Ron Guidry yeah he was a dreaded Yankee but the guy could pitch by todays standards he would be considered small at 5í11 161. He had a 25 wins in 1978 and 22 in 1985† the guy could throw. Dennis Eckersley, was lights out as both a starter and a closer the Eck makes the list. Nolan Ryan nobody threw a better fastball. . Of Course Glavine and Maddux I would take either one. Pedro martinez another small guy but entertaining as hell. Mariano Riveria is another guy† just entertaining. Today I love Justin Verlander. Itís a shame that Clemens turned out to be a steroid guy before that all came out we† here in Boston would play our weeks around Clemens† starts just to watch him. Like I say this was just a quick fun list and Iím leaving off thousands of guys but these we just some that I enjoyed how about you who did you enjoy.


NHL Update

They will take a break in February and go to the Olympics. How come the NHL taking a break and allowing itís players to compete in the Olympics doesnít annoy me. But the World Baseball Classic does. I think the answer is that the NHL guys are at mid season form and they are just going out and playing some more games. In the WBC the players arenít close to mid season form but they try to go out and play that way and often times either get injured or trigger an injury.

The Canaucks signed a 43 year old Rob Laurie to back up Eddie Lack Vancouvers normal Backup who got the start over the weekend† replacing Roberto Luongo who got ran over in the previous game. They tried to call up a goalie fom their AHL affiliate in Utica but he wouldnít make the game so they went with laurie. The Ducks did the same with Laurie last year. This works out to be essentially a 1 game contract for Laurie but why not.


The Chiefs are up 38-10 went to Lases Basketball game(thatís right basketball not Hockey). He plays in the local in house town league once a week. We are leaving the Jim and one of the dads check his phone and said you arenít going to believe this the Colts are up by 1 with about 3 minutes to go. Missed it.

I thought the Packers would win and almost did in the weather. Except for Colin Kapenick looked pretty comfortable in the sub zero weather to lead the Niners to victory. I was impressed with the Chargers unimpressed with the Bengals..

I thought the Eagles would pull it out against the Saints but again the Saints switched to the run and won the game. So basically I was awful at picking these games.

This week

I like the Patriots, Broncos, Seahawks and I canít make up my mind with SF and Carolina. I think next to the Seahawks the Niners are the best team in the NFC so I will go with them even though I thought they would lose in the elements or the Polar Vertex( who came up with that dumb ass thing) Is that a polite way of saying itís Fucking Cold or is that just some weatherman trying to sound smart?

The Colts pulled a page out of the Patriots book signing former Pat Deion Branch to a one week 23, 000 dollar contract some Pats fans were upset about this. The pats cut him and 23k for a weeks work is pretty good scratch good luck to him good guy and loyal pat but they didnít want him then again neither did anybody else guy hasnít played since the preseason.

LIL Warriors

I started my Sunday off with a HS Basketball Refs meeting(not a lot games on my schedule this season thatís the way it goes sometimes) cut out early to catch laserís Hockey Game which happened to be down the street from the Meeting. They tied 0-0 in a good game last time they played that team they got crashed. I went from there and picked up miser who was feeling under the weather and went to his game up on the NH line. They won 2-1 . He had a break away but couldnít finish. He slept on the way to the game about a 30 minute ride he woke up just before we got there and said he was fine. They won 2-1 kids skated hard the whole game and they remained at 500. Coach told the kids they will be playing in a Tourney in March not sure who is more excited the kids or the parents(lots of adult socialization time) He went home rested and played for the middle school team. They got crushed 4-1†could tell he wasnít feeling well they way he was playing. He almost got a goal he took a wack in front of the net at bouncing puck and just missed.

He ended up with a ranging sinus infection and has been out of school all week.

Thatís all folks

Talking Sports
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Happy New Year to everybody at the Gab. I hope 2014 is a great year for all and we all stay positive throughout.

Sometimes in a cold weather city we get our share of weather and it never seems quite right. Itís either too hot, too cold, too rainy, too humid or too snowy or icy.. However the last two days have been absolutely great with some cold temps outside not reach 30F. Yesterday my three boys and I decided to something fun for† the end of †there Christmas break so we headed up to a Snow tubing park just south of the New Hampshire border owned by former Ranger and Bruins defenseman Brad Park. So I guess Park owns a park.

I have seen tubing at countless ski areas in the region but never experienced it we had an absolute blast. The twins have done it before but myself and Miser were new to it. The first run down was a trip and Miser took to spinning than we took turns running in three together were everyone holds each others tubes.

Yesterday was better, the kids complained they were bored especially Laser. But he couldnít come up with anything. We are the last house on a dead end street and the dead end happens to be a lake.The kids were hoping for some pond hockey but lake hasnít been frozen solid. We noticed a lot of activity out there so around noontime we checked it out laced them up and skated laughed and played pond hockey until dark. The Mrs. Was going to venture out there but last time she ended up breaking here writ after falling over a rut. It was fantastic though heavy rains Sunday and cold temps Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday made the conditions ideal. Wes kated the lake towards our town center and ran into numerous friends from town kids, dads, guys on ice boats and guys tying them selves to kits and letting the wind push them around on skates.. What a great couple of days in the cold. Unfortunately , we are expecting heavy snow about foot over th next few days.(oh Iím sure not coaching Hockey this year so havenít skated much)

New Years Eve Thoughts.

They counted down they ball dropped and there was cheering. It seem to be a repeat of last year and the year before and the year before. I fell asleep watching a 3 stooges marathon by 10.


The Winter Classic seemed to be a classic with Toronto winning at the Big House in a shootout. I was talking to a friend on Saturday HockeyEast will play at Fenway. He said that he went to the winter classic had great seats for baseball but he was to low for hockey he said he watched guys skate from the waist up. Maybe they shouldnít sell the low seats.

I give the NHL credit as they shutdown each year over Christmas to give players and staff some family time. Good for them. the league shuts down for a mini break the 24,,25,26 of December each year.


After this crazy weekend of 50 or so playoff scenarios which is definitely what the NFL wanted. The playoffs are set and I just think it is wide open. Pittsburgh got boinked by the Chiefs allowing the Chargers to win . Miami were pretenders and need to resolve there internal player problems. Iím glad Rex is back with the Jets. I have to say they rallied around the guy and if they get a QB they will give the Patriots some trouble, No surprise Schwartz was out in Detriot to much talent no discipline and an under achieving team. Billy O'Brien is going to Texans people feel this guy left Penn State hanging no fucking way. He came in behind the eight ball replacing a legend and he made it work with sanctions and penalties. Good for him.. Texans is another team with a lot of talent that just sucked. Anyway I disgresed from the playoffs. I think Seattle is the class of the playoffs and I think the 49ers are with them in the NFC. . Then again the panthers looked damn good all year and can you really bet against Aaron Rogers or Drew Brees and who knows what Philly will do they are gritty.

I think the AFC is going to be a shoot out† KC and Cincy possibly going to Denver and New England. You canít count either the Colts and the Chargers out even though the Chargers stumbled in. No predictions Iím just† going to sit back and enjoy the ride and hopefully New England ends up in the mix somehow even with the injuries.

Speaking about weather ( you knew I would get back to that) Myself and Miser went off to the Patriots game. I have missed exactly 1 regular season game at Gillette Stadium, and have been to countless more games at the old Foxboro Stadium ebeven to much a 2-14 Patriots team. Last Sunday had too be the worst weather conditions I have ever expierenced. Ben there when it was 3f in the playoffs against Tennessee been to the Snowbowl and games the fans threw snow, A driving cold rain just sucked. Me and the miser stuck it out. He did good for an 11 year old kid finally at the beginning of the 4th quarter he just looked at me and said dad Iím cold can we leave. I said absolutely we left stopped got dinner and went home.

There is a point that Belichick and some ex players brought as some insight to some of the NFL injuries and it's pretty much what folks have been saying here. He thinks as do many ex NFL players the lack of practicing and hitting in pads has something to do with the injuries. The theory is you build a tolerence throughout the season and your body adjusts to the contact.I think maybe they need to revisit that part of the CBA.

Lil Warrior Report.

Miser palyed Sunday morning at 9:20 they lost. The kids just didnít skate well or play well they still managed to get back in the game trailing 6-1. They lost 6-5.

Laser had lots of Hockey this week they played at 9:20Pm on Friday Night lost 4-2 Laser clanged the post on one. Goalie was lookin around the right corner for the Puck he came out of the left corner had the whole left side and hit the post. Saturday the boys came out banging with a 6-3 win. Laser got creamed in the corner but didnít miss a shift got up slow the Mrs. Was like he needs to get up quicker. Sunday the boys played at 10:30 about 7 minute ride from whe Miser was playing (yeah lots of rinks around). It was a nasty one two kids ejected from the opposition. It ended up a 1-1 tie as they opposing team scored with 30 ticks left on the clock.

The boys played their games then went to a family skate sponsored by our Youth Hockey League they skated and then Miser and I went off to the Pats.

The End or The beginning of the New Year

Monday Moaning (The Best of 2013)
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That's right Scarlett, get the Champagne ready...New Years is upon us...

At the end of 2012, I heard a lot of people wishing it away, and happy to see it go...For the most part, 2012 was okay for us...Then 2013 started and it started shitty...The first half of the year was tough...Lots of bullshit to deal with...Lots of things not going our way...But I didn't wish it away...And talking with Sully on Christmas Eve, and later with my wife, I realized, as tough as this year was...As much of it sucked, we're still doing okay...We're a lot better off then many...So, when reflecting on your year, remember to look at the good with the bad...And look at where you are, compared to so many others who are having a much tougher go at it...

Okay, off my high horse...

So, normally I watch a ton of the college bowl games at this time of year...But it seems like they haven't had as many this time around...Maybe they aren't space them out as much, and just cramming them into a tighter slot...Saturday I finally got into some bowls...

I watched the second half the The Pinstripe Bowl, as Notre Dame grinded out a 29-16 win over Rutgers...All year I've been looking for the Irish to lean on their ground game...They finally realized it in the second half, of their final game of the season...It says something when the MVP of the game is a OT, as Senior Zack Martin lead the young O-line in dominating Rutgers up front...

Teddy Bridgewater and Louisville took Miami apart, 36-9...and after that I watched Kansas State roll Michigan 31-14...It felt good to watch 3 games and be rooting for the winner in all three...Thank God, I needed to make a couple extra bucks after Christmas! May have been the best College Football Saturday I had this season!

So that leads us to My BEST of 2013...

First, the Best Hockey Hit of 2013†...

Thank God there are still leagues that allow beautiful, open ice checks...This was a high school game...Sad to say, if that kid goes any further he's going to have to stop laying people out with good, clean checks like that, because Hockey is starting to try and take away open ice hits like this...

Best Hockey Goal of 2013...

Nothing like a 19 year rookie Tomas Hertl, racking up his fourth goal of the night by not giving a fuck, and trick shot-ing††the fuck out of the backup goalie...This may have been the goal that got Martin Biron cut by the Rangers!

Best Offensive Touchdown of 2013†...

Auburn, the kings of the big finish...This so should have been picked off, but Georgia fucking sucks, and Auburn will make you pay for that...

Best Defensive Touchdown of 2013...

What did I tell you? †Mother Fucking Auburn will make you pay...Offense, defense, they're about to lose, but no, you fucked up, and they just stole your game...Watch out Florida State...They're going to be pulling some witchcraft on your ass too...

Best Broken Leg of 2013...

Way to go Anderson Silva...You slipped that one in last second, to pull out the big win...HOLY FUCKING OUCH!!!

-Now...Enough sports...Time for my other love...Music...There was some really good music in 2013...I'm going to give you my Best 5 Albums of 2013, with a taste of each...

-Frank Turner's "Tape Deck Heart" †Great songwriter, taking his punk roots to the acoustic world...

-Lorde- "Pure Heroine"† This does not fall in music I would find myself listening to, but when I heard that the most offensive community, the Hip Hop community was offended by her lyrics in her hit song "Royals" because she basically called them out for their idiotic lyrics/lifestyle, I had to check it out...I was blown away that a 16 year old wrote this album...Amazing...

Here's the latest single...

-Raine Maida- "We All Get Lighter" The Our Lady Peace frontman's second solo album is again acoustic and instrumental...Just the raw music laying down the path for the emotional lyrics to follow...Just as in his first album, you won't find anything that sounds like an OLP song...Which while being an OLP fan, it's great to hear Maida detach himself from that a do something different...

-Twenty One Pilots- †"Vessel" This two man wrecking crew mix, rap, rock, electronica, and everything you can think of to make a record that should make the music world take notice...And their live show is amazing...But I have to hang in the back by the bar, because I'm the oldest fucker there...

-Elvis Costello & The Roots- "Wise Up Ghost" Costello cut up more then a dozen of his old songs, making them less melodic, and bit more conversational...This is not a rock/hip-hop mash up...The best description I heard was it sounds more like a "wordy bebop record"...Costello is taking a Jazz approach (flexibility) with his lyrics on this one...

That's it folks...Feel free to share your best whatever's of 2013...

Have a week...Happy New Year...

The Beeze.

Did Santa Bring you a Present...or a Lump of Coal?
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Christmas is just around the corner and you may be wondering if I have been naughty or nice and just what is Santa going to leave me under my sports Christmas tree? † First, we will unwrap the presents...and then we will take a look at who got a lump of coal!

For Seattle Seahawks Fans, we have the NFC Title Game coming to Safeco†Field (unless they miraculously turn it into a Lump of Coal in Round 1 of the playoffs). †With the famous 12th Man, is there anyway these rabid fans do not get their shot at a Super Bowl title?

For the St. Louis Rams, we have the first, second or third pick in the NFL draft courtesy of the Washington Redskins 2013 implosion. †Maybe Kirk Cousins can pick up a couple of wins and drop the pick to #5 or so, but anyway you slice, the Rams are getting a nice little Christmas present to go with their own.

For the†Philadelphia Eagles, congratulations, here is an NFC East Title. †This gift card comes from one T. Romo, who continues to the NFL gift that just keeps giving. †The NFC East smells worse than a New Jersey swamp...but hey, that's the rules and some good team gets a lump of coal while the Eagles will play on.

For Alex Ovechkin, who became the fastest to 400 goals last night in the modern era. †Guys who got to 400 faster than OV? † Gretzy, Bossy, Lemieux, Brett Hull & Kurri. †That is good company for the Russian Machine. †He still has a shot at 50 in 50...we shall see.

For Olympic Fans, who have the Games at Sochi starting February 5. †I love the Olympic Hockey tournament and I like USA's chances. †They are bringing a strong team. †OK, you can keep cross country skiing and such, but I love the X-Games style events including the snow board racing and short track racing. †And this year, we have competitive bobsled teams...and the women have LoLo†Jones. †That will be a great late night feast!

For Q,† and all of our readers of the female persuasion, who has been so excellent at keeping us tuned in to the tune up...I have this:

And now, who got that LUMP of COAL?

To all of our Detroit Lions brethren, sadly, your team laid the eggs of all eggs last weekend. †Megatron looked like a guy on the take to me...all season great catch after great catch and then to throw up on himself when a division title was on the line? A travesty, is all I can say...and a huge lump of coal delivered to Detroit.

To all of the RGIII fans out there, All in For Week One did not play out so well for him or for the Redskins. †It has definitely been a sh*t sandwich here in DC all football season long. †The only good news is that after next week, we at least get an idea of how big our lump of coal will be.

To MLB Teams in Need of Pitching, Japanese superstar Tanaka looks like he will be staying in Japan in 2014 thanks to the new posting system. †This is an especially big lump of coal for the Yankees who I think were counting on Tanaka being their new ace in 2014. †Now they have what they always have - an all star lineup with no post season ready pitching.

To the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers broken collar bone has disrupted what could have been a very good season for the Pack. †The question is can Matt Flynn save them one more time? †If not, huge lump of coal for the Packers.

To Tony Romo, another year, another December flame out puts this lump of coal under Jerry Jones' Christmas Tree. †How 'bout them Cowboys?!

†Feel free to add you personal favorite under my virtual sports Christmas Tree!

And with that, I remind you that you have FOUR days left to get ready for Christmas...what are you doing reading my blog post?!! † Merry Christmas to Everyone - may you have a joyous holiday with your family and may your Christmas stocking be overflowing come Wednesday morning!


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