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Slap Shots and Hip Checks 5/2
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Let's see, what  should I write about after such an uneventful week? That's hardly the case as we all know, but what you won't be reading here is a rant about Donald Sterling, our guys have all covered it and since I don't care about the bouncing orange ball let's get to the good stuff...where men are men and even play with a broken leg because they put TEAM above everything else, something you'll never say about the NBA and the prima donna's that play in it. All I will say is that in less than a week we've seen the story break, the world go ballistic and the NBA axing Sterling. Pretty unprecedented when you think about all this, a pro team owner removed, no trial, no evidence other than a tape recording of Sterling talking to his lover and not knowing it was being recorded. That's what I have a problem with, but since Sterling is a lawyer I'm sure he's not going away quietly, and we haven't come close to hearing the end of this story yet. 

The NHL playoffs are now in round two, there have been great games in every series. I kept asking Beeze when NY was going to finish off the Flyers, it took seven games but I knew the Flyers wouldn't beat Lundqvist in game seven in the Garden...and they didn't! The rangers now move on to play Sindy Crosby and the Pittsburgh Whiners. The Pens got by the Blue Jackets, but while doing so Marc Andre Fleury has hardly been the reliable backstop he's been in past seasons, giving up 18 goals in six games with 2 of them going to OT. Don't be surprised if the Rangers knock the Pens out, the big mismatch here is goaltending, Fleury is no Lundqvist. Also, Crosby and Malkin combined for 3 goals and 10 assists in that series, but what you're not really hearing much is that Crosby didn't have any goals, and the three Malkin got came off a hat trick. Crosby has certainly cooled off and gone into a scoring drought and this has been ongoing since he returned from Sochi. He was lighting the lamp before that, but the last 3 weeks of the season he wasn't playing up to snuff, he also went into a 5 game stretch not notching a goal. I expect the Rangers to give the Pens a real physical game, something they don't play unless you call diving and instigating being physical. 

The Minnesota Wild...wow, did they turn it on after the break and grab one of the last two spots in the West only to be a spoiler or what? I had Colorado in that series, but you still have to tip your hat to the job that Patrick Roy has done with this team and they're only going to get better...look for big things from the Avs next season. The Wild now take on the Blackhawks, this is the best of the two series in the West, Anaheim hasn't got a prayer against the Kings, and if you don't believe me just watch the rerun of that game seven against San Jose (or ask B.O.B.) and then get back to me if you think the Ducks can overtake LA. The Wild will give the Blackhawks a series, I believe they were 3-1-1 against Chicago this season...not too shabby against the defending champs eh? What would be just great is to see the Wild shutout the Blackhawks in Chi-Town if for no other reason than to just not hear that fuckin' song they play. I mute the TV every time they score when I'm watching...I can't stand that shit!

As I write this the Bruins and Canadiens are tied. no matter how this turns out I'm not worried. One thing I know about these two teams is they play each other with incredible intensity and elevate their games to a different level, and since it's the playoffs that level will be off the charts. I'm saying Boston in six, but I won't be surprised if it went seven either. Boston is pretty healthy all the way around and they're not over rested, which we tend to see hurt teams that are idle, and judging from the way this game is being played they haven't lost a beat. This will be the best the East has to offer, it's certainly one of the more anticipated games since it's a HUGE rivalry and there's a genuine andshared hatred for each other....doesn't get better than this, so if you're looking for a game that's going to give you everything...this is the series to watch. 

I saw a great blog on Facebook yesterday and I tagged some of you with it. It was written by a guy named Jim Parker, a Bruins fan and it's a 5 minute read on the "hatred" Boston and their fans have for the Canadiens and their fans. It's hilarious, but incredibly true...at least I think it is. Check it out! http://bruinsfansinc.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/why-i-hate-the-canadiens/

The Vancouver Canucks fired one year coach John Tortorella today. I saw this coming, and never imagined in a million years he'd even coach this franchise, but there he was, behind the bench coaching some of the biggest divers in hockey. Torts demands 100% from his players, he's no nonsense, no sense of humor, he requires his players to fall down to block shots constantly, something the Canucks just are not about at all. I'm sure Torts personality, arguments with media and coaches didn't make him a real prize in the city that burned itself down after they lost the Cup to Boston...but this season the Canucks went from a playoff team to sitting home and watching because they went in the wrong direction. I'm wondering, did the Sedin's or any of the other players get with the folks in the front office to get him ousted? I wouldn't be shocked by that revelation at all. Tortorella will get a job, no doubt about it. I'm just waiting for the stories to start coming out from what brought this sudden ousting on...one year and you expect miracles? It's not a coaching problem in Vancouver, it's a player problem. Any real fan of hockey has seen enough of this team to know it's long overdue to be broken up and rebuilt, starting with those two freaks of nature, the Sedins. Yeah, good luck with all that!

And lastly, I can't help but say this: DON'T PANIC RED SOX NATION!!! I must have read about twenty articles in the last week or so about the start the Sox have had. They're in 3rd place, 3 games out after 29 games and you're panicking? Or feel the need to stir the masses with this ridiculous garbage when the season isn't even barely a month old? Really? This is the best you've got? Look, there's 162 games to play, anything can happen in that amount of time and if come the beginning of September they're only 3 games out I'd like their chances to get into the post season. So for now people of Boston, steer that energy you're wasting away from Fenway and point it towards the Garden and Bell Centre and give the Bruins the support they deserve on this mission, I promise when hockey is over baseball will still be here, and you'll have a whole summer to hum and holler over the Sox and where they're at! Remember, it could be worse...this guy could still be around.

Enjoy the games, have a great weekend and please be sure to stop by next door and check out Hal's post, he always brings it!

The voice of Tony The Tiger has passed away- its wrestling related
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Former AWA, WCW and WWE announcer, Lee Marshall, has passed away. In 2005 Lee replaced the long time voice of Tony The Tiger, Thurl Ravenscroft.

Sports Saturday Grab-bag
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It's a "Y Chromosome" Saturday here at You Gab in honor of DNA Day (actually that was Friday, but that's not my day).  Recent discoveries about the Y Chromosome point to some important evolutionary developments very relevant to the sports fan.  Found on the Y Chromosome are the following genes:

1) The gene for multi-tasking visual acuity....this is absolutely critical when watching sports events at a bar and tracking 2 or more games at the same time.

2) The gene necessary for temporary bladder expansion....required for long road trips with the crew and at sports bars when multiple trips to the men's room becomes decidedly conspicuous.  (This gene apparently loses some of its activity with age).

3) The manual dexterity gene is on the Y Chromosome explaining the expert skill with the remote.

4) The complex set of genes that control the lower bowel region of the intestinal tract enabling on-demand farting and in special advanced cases the ability to carry a tune.  Also, the so-called "belch gene complex" is located nearby.

5)  Alcohol Dehydrogenase Gene Regulation...also Y....ADH degrades alcohol however in certain circumstances, ADH activation is undesirable, especially in Man Cave events.  This gene turns off ADH in the presence of high testosterone.

No doubt future generations of men driven by natural selection will press the evolution of the Y Chromosome to ever higher and more complex gene functions.  The question of which direction Y evolution goes, however, will be directed by FEMALE selection of the male species.  An interesting point to consider when selecting your mate!  (Idiocracy anyone?!)

Pine Tar Part II

My previous post on the this topic generally was received with a ho-hum, who cares?  Well, in round 2 of this escapade, the Red Sox finally cared.  Since some things have already been written (yesterday by Norman, for example), I am not going to get too much into it except to say, Respect the Game, dumbass.  OK, everyone uses it, but they do not put a gob of pine tar on the palm of their hand or then after being called out once come out the NEXT outing against the SAME TEAM with it painted on your neck.  He deserved 10 games just for stupidity...again with the Idiocracy.

(In case you have never seen "Idiocracy" it is a bad, stupid (but funny!) movie about how humanity's IQ is in free fall...the evidence is all around us!


Matt Cooke...episode #22

After a couple year hiatus, the real Matt Cooke is back delivering as dirty a shot with his knee as possible on key Avs defenseman, Tyson Barrie.   This hit put Barrie out for several weeks with a torn MCL...and Cooke?  The Master of the Dirty Hit got a 7 game suspension...7 games vs. 6 weeks or more for a repeat offender?!  I cannot understand how the NHL could limit this jackwagon to such a meager suspension.  If there ever was a case for the suspension matching the injury, this should be it.  In my opinion, Cooke should be suspended indefinitely until Barrie steps back on the ice.  If he never plays again - then neither should Cooke.  It is time that the NHL took this type of player out of the game - PERMANENTLY.


And on that happy note, I will wish everyone a great weekend...lot's of great sports to feast on this weekend, and for those of us that have 'em, a great time to exercise that Y Chromosome!


Sports Friday with Hal: Vacation Week Special
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I’m on vacation, the kids and lovely Mrs. B. are on school vacation week, I’m drinking much beer, I’m in a meat coma from amazing barbecue and micro-brews--right now as I write it is the Woodstock (NH) Brewery Wassail Winter Seasonal Ale (7.9% alcohol in case this turns to gibberish later); Red Sox-Yankees; early Sox game and normal Boston Marathon on Monday; and am engrossed in playoff hockey: its a hell of a good week.




The Bruins and Red Wings have a hugely entertaining start to the NHL Playoffs.  The Bruins had the best record, but are a team that can forget how to score in the playoffs.  The Red Wings are just way too good to be seeded where they are, as injuries and incorporating young players dropped them lower in the standings than their talent and skill should have them.  I had hoped they would draw Pittsburgh as Detroit is a team that is not going to be afraid of any situation in the playoffs.


This is probably the toughest first round matchup of any NHL team, and especially as a top seed.  It will not be easy for the Bruins, but I still am staying with my prediction of the B’s in six games.  That said, kudos to Detroit because that team deserves a better draw in the first round.


* * *




Not sure that I can count myself a fan of this NFL “Schedule Release” event.  I was able to get a piece written about the New England Patriots for Musketfire (http://musketfire.com/2014/04/24/new-england-patriots-face-tough-match-ups-2014/) but do not see this as an event worthy of pushing the NFL Draft backa few weeks.  These rookies need every opportunity to digest the playbook and get with the coaching staff to be able to make the team.  Cutting a few weeks out of their preparation seems short-sighted. However, what Der Kommissar Roger Goodell wants, he gets, and he wants an “event” for every month of the off-season. So we have to wait out the draft and deal with a schedule release (where the teams who who the 16 match-ups are already, just not what week of the year and bye week and Monday/Sunday/Thursday night schedule) “event”.



I was reading about Minnesota at number eight in the draft at ProFootballTalk after B.O.B. already touched on it days earlier here at the Gab on Tuesday with his Tuesday Tantrum.  The Vikings are loaded at skill positions on offense but lack a quarterback. They have Matt Cassell and Christian Ponder at quarterback and there are no playoffs in the future with those two.  At PFT they were noting the Vikings are desperate for a quarterback, but like most teams are willing to wait until the second round then jump on a flawed prospect early. For the Vikings, if they do not learn from their mistake when drafting Ponder, they deserve to fail.




As the NFL Draft gets closer, the more it seems that Houston has to take Jadeveon Clowney wit the number one overall pick.  No quarterback is separating himself as a must-draft prospect right now and Houston has no one other than Clowney jumping out as the best prospect in the draft. A Clowney/J.J.Watt duo going after opposing quarterbacks is a frightening prospect. With the number one overall pick, a team needs an impact player, and right now it looks like Clowney is the only one to separate himself from the pack.




Outside of who’s playing Monday/Sunday/Thursday night with the schedules, the only other news in and about signings is the fifth year rookie options being picked up before the May 3rd deadline. This week the Patriots locked up left tackle Nate Solder, which is no real surprise.  Solder only costs them $7.5 million in 2015 which is cheap for a top left tackle. They still have right tackle Sebastian Vollmer locked up through 2015 as well, so they should be good with two mammoth pieces in place for keeping quarterback Tom Brady upright.


* * *


OK, that’s all I have this week.  Have a great weekend, all!


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Have you watched any of the NHLp layoffs?


If no.....WHY NOT!?!



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