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Monday Moaning 5-5-14
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Happy Monday folks...I hope everyone got some moaning done this weekend...So for awhile I've been disconnected from news and sports, but all the Donald Sterling coverage got me warmed back up...But it wasn't just Sterling being a dope...It was the fact that a private conversation got this guy in trouble...But there is more...How the Internet has changed us...I blasted off a few thoughts HERE ...

So Sterling is in trouble with the NBA for a private conversation...But last I checked, No one has said a word about ESPN's Stuart Scott tweeting that Blacks and Hispanics can't be racist...Only Whites...1. Bullshit...2. Why is everyone so quiet about it...Yet a guy who working for Video game developer Turtle Rock was fired for this tweet...


I don't know if I would use the word victim...But I don't think the guy is actually wrong...Nor should he have been fired...This was Turtle Rock's statement...

"The comments made by our former community manager stand in stark contrast to our values as a game development studio. We sincerely apologize for his remarks and in no way endorse or support those views."

REALLY!?!  You make first-person shooter games...You're all good with promoting and selling violence, but your employees can't have an unpopular opinion about an old bigot...Can't speak their mind...That's some stupid shit!

Then We saw Twitter explode with "#Nigger" trending because PK Subban scored a game winning 2OT goal to beat the Boston Bruins...Everyone felt the need to speak out about it...You know what...Assholes are going to be assholes no matter what...Freeze their Twitter account...Attack them back on twitter (taking the bait)...it doesn't matter...They're an asshole, and most likely they're set in their asshole ways...No matter how much you get upset, they're not changing...Let the idiots say their stupid shit...Try this wacky idea...Ignore the idiot asshole!

Then in game 2 Subban broke a out a cheap shot...No the first time...Won't be the last... HERE's a good post about it...Yeah...It was covered on the Gab, but most of the sports media has stayed away...WHY?  Because everyone is so damn afraid to say anything negative about about a black person,  because in this day and age, you are automatically attacked as a bigot, or racist, or insensitive...And some one will bring up slavery...Well listen...It's 2014...Slavery was fucking evil, but it's been long fucking gone...Slavery has had zero fucking impact on PK Subban life...So I'm not afraid to say, they guy is a cheap shot artist...Just like white boy Matt Cooke, (who should be out of hockey, and beaten within an inch of his life)...Subban is talented, but will play dirty, and will turtle anytime some one of equal size or bigger challenges him to drop the gloves...I'm not saying this because he's black and I'm white...I'm saying this because I fucking watch hockey!

And for anyone who is unhappy because I subtly said I'm sick of hearing about slavery...Well, I am...My white, Irish, Hungarian, Croatian ancestors didn't own slaves...Had nothing to do with it...My Father doesn't owe shit...My dead Grandfather doesn't owe you shit...I don't owe shit, just like no one owes me shit...My Irish ancestors, like most when they first came to America were treated like shit...They struggled...By they made it through...My Grandfather and Father didn't bitch all these years later about "NINA" signs (No Irish Need Apply)...Do you know why the Irish have a long/proud tradition in Fire Departments and Police Departments across this country...Because no one else wanted those jobs...No one else wanted their life on the line every day...But the Irish need work...So they took the jobs...

People in the media keep saying we need to have an open and honest discussion about race in this country...But everyone is too damn afraid of offending everyone to have that talk...Which is fucking sad, because Saturday at work, the guys in the kitchen and I were having a great talk about it all...White guys, Black guys, Hispanic guys...No one got upset...No one threw punches...Everyone had their say, and everyone understood each other...And everyone thought Sterling's girl was just a dirty gold-digging bitch...

It's not that hard America...Supposedly we have Freedom of Speech...Use it...Don't be afraid of it...

Have a week...

The Beeze.

PC Police Run-a-Muck
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This was the Oklahoman's headline after the Thunder lost to Memphis...Calling Kevin Durant "Mr. Unreliable"....

The following day, The Oklahoman apologized...

WHY!?!   The guy plays well in the regular season...And doesn't bring it home in the playoffs...

This is what we have become...A newspaper calls out a star player...and then almost immediately takes it back...Everyone is now walking on egg shells...Everyone is afraid to be honest...Afraid to tell the truth...Afraid to have a real opinion...

This comes just days after the NBA banned Clippers owner Donald Sterling because of racist remarks he made in private...Donald Sterling is an old, asshole racist...He has had a clear history of this...But the NBA did nothing for years...Then Sterling was at home, arguing with a young, gold-digger, who without his knowledge, was recording his every word...And if you actually take the time to listen to the recordings, she was baiting him into the racist remarks...He said awful shit...Personally, I hate the guy...But as an American, as a person, who is tired of freedom of speech being under attack, I have to say this is bullshit...

I'm not sure why this bitch isn't arrested for illegally recording Sterling...But most importantly, it was private...We can't start firing people for what they say in the privacy of their own home...I'd like to ask NBA players, officials, GM's, coaches, and owners, would you feel comfortable with some one recording everything you say at home, without your knowledge, and then selling it to TMZ?

Are you sure there isn't any awful or embarrassing shit you may say, that you would hate for the public, or family, or friends to hear?

How about you Average American? How about the readers of this blog? Can I record your private conversations? Are you sure that you want everyone to know the inappropriate jokes you make? Do you want everyone to know you like to get choked, while getting fucked in the ass?

We are quick to judge the rich and famous...But flip around on yourself...PC Police Run-a-Muck is the title of this post...The thing is, Al Sharpton, Anderson Cooper, and all these dopes in the media aren't the only ones who make up the PC Police...We all do...All of us, with our cell phones, taking pictures and videos of everything, and posting it...Tweeting every detail of an event...Texting your friends about what you just saw...And it spreads...

People see a picture on Instagram...Maybe a sexual image...Some one will be offended, and report it...Maybe a picture of a saying...It contains the word Fuck...Some one is offended...Rat them out...

Some where along the way, people in this country have pushed freedom of speech and expression aside, and they all think that they should never be offended...Fuck that!

But it's not just that...With all this technology...These fucking smart-phones...People feel the need to share the worst of ourselves, feeding the talking-heads and the PC Police...

A video gets posted on World Star of a black guy beating the shit out of some one...It gets tweeted...A dope makes a racist comment about it on twitter...He gets digitally attacked, then gets banned by Twitter...The his boss saw the tweet...Fearing some one may know where he works, he gets fired, because the boss doesn't want people to think the company is racist...

An assault was posted online...Ratting that dude out...Dude says shit about it online, gets ratted out to the site...Boss fears overreaction, and overreacts...We do this shit to ourselves...

Even worse...

A high school kid gets a blowjob under the bleachers from his girlfriend...One of his buddies films, it, and texts it out...The administration finds out, they get suspended...The whole school calls her a slut...She's mocked online...She kills herself...Everyone claims innocence, even though the evidence is floating around the internet...They'll all act sad, in front of school counselors, forgetting that they pushed her to her grave...

BTW, perfectly good blowjob ruined...

Smart-phones are great...Twitter, Instagram, all that shit can be great...But are we screwing it all up? 

We've gone too far....I don't care that Donald Sterling is a racist...And neither did Doc Rivers when he signed a $21 million contract...It was already known then...But once it was put in a broader, public light, Doc is offended...I call that bullshit...Sterling gets banned from the NBA for what he said in private...Bullshit...Dude sucks, but it's bullshit...Kevin Durant was called "Unreliable," then the newspaper got scared, and apologized...Bullshit...That's what I'm talking about...The Oklahoman did nothing wrong, and turned themselves in, for fear that some one would be offended because they took "Unreliable" out of context...Get it...They called a black guy "Unreliable"....BULLSHIT!

People need to be offended...It can lead to good conversations...As opposed to squashing freedom of speech/expression for fear that some one may have their feeling hurt...We need our feelings hurt at times...just to remind us we're alive.

The Beeze.

Slap Shots and Hip Checks 5/2
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Let's see, what  should I write about after such an uneventful week? That's hardly the case as we all know, but what you won't be reading here is a rant about Donald Sterling, our guys have all covered it and since I don't care about the bouncing orange ball let's get to the good stuff...where men are men and even play with a broken leg because they put TEAM above everything else, something you'll never say about the NBA and the prima donna's that play in it. All I will say is that in less than a week we've seen the story break, the world go ballistic and the NBA axing Sterling. Pretty unprecedented when you think about all this, a pro team owner removed, no trial, no evidence other than a tape recording of Sterling talking to his lover and not knowing it was being recorded. That's what I have a problem with, but since Sterling is a lawyer I'm sure he's not going away quietly, and we haven't come close to hearing the end of this story yet. 

The NHL playoffs are now in round two, there have been great games in every series. I kept asking Beeze when NY was going to finish off the Flyers, it took seven games but I knew the Flyers wouldn't beat Lundqvist in game seven in the Garden...and they didn't! The rangers now move on to play Sindy Crosby and the Pittsburgh Whiners. The Pens got by the Blue Jackets, but while doing so Marc Andre Fleury has hardly been the reliable backstop he's been in past seasons, giving up 18 goals in six games with 2 of them going to OT. Don't be surprised if the Rangers knock the Pens out, the big mismatch here is goaltending, Fleury is no Lundqvist. Also, Crosby and Malkin combined for 3 goals and 10 assists in that series, but what you're not really hearing much is that Crosby didn't have any goals, and the three Malkin got came off a hat trick. Crosby has certainly cooled off and gone into a scoring drought and this has been ongoing since he returned from Sochi. He was lighting the lamp before that, but the last 3 weeks of the season he wasn't playing up to snuff, he also went into a 5 game stretch not notching a goal. I expect the Rangers to give the Pens a real physical game, something they don't play unless you call diving and instigating being physical. 

The Minnesota Wild...wow, did they turn it on after the break and grab one of the last two spots in the West only to be a spoiler or what? I had Colorado in that series, but you still have to tip your hat to the job that Patrick Roy has done with this team and they're only going to get better...look for big things from the Avs next season. The Wild now take on the Blackhawks, this is the best of the two series in the West, Anaheim hasn't got a prayer against the Kings, and if you don't believe me just watch the rerun of that game seven against San Jose (or ask B.O.B.) and then get back to me if you think the Ducks can overtake LA. The Wild will give the Blackhawks a series, I believe they were 3-1-1 against Chicago this season...not too shabby against the defending champs eh? What would be just great is to see the Wild shutout the Blackhawks in Chi-Town if for no other reason than to just not hear that fuckin' song they play. I mute the TV every time they score when I'm watching...I can't stand that shit!

As I write this the Bruins and Canadiens are tied. no matter how this turns out I'm not worried. One thing I know about these two teams is they play each other with incredible intensity and elevate their games to a different level, and since it's the playoffs that level will be off the charts. I'm saying Boston in six, but I won't be surprised if it went seven either. Boston is pretty healthy all the way around and they're not over rested, which we tend to see hurt teams that are idle, and judging from the way this game is being played they haven't lost a beat. This will be the best the East has to offer, it's certainly one of the more anticipated games since it's a HUGE rivalry and there's a genuine andshared hatred for each other....doesn't get better than this, so if you're looking for a game that's going to give you everything...this is the series to watch. 

I saw a great blog on Facebook yesterday and I tagged some of you with it. It was written by a guy named Jim Parker, a Bruins fan and it's a 5 minute read on the "hatred" Boston and their fans have for the Canadiens and their fans. It's hilarious, but incredibly true...at least I think it is. Check it out! http://bruinsfansinc.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/why-i-hate-the-canadiens/

The Vancouver Canucks fired one year coach John Tortorella today. I saw this coming, and never imagined in a million years he'd even coach this franchise, but there he was, behind the bench coaching some of the biggest divers in hockey. Torts demands 100% from his players, he's no nonsense, no sense of humor, he requires his players to fall down to block shots constantly, something the Canucks just are not about at all. I'm sure Torts personality, arguments with media and coaches didn't make him a real prize in the city that burned itself down after they lost the Cup to Boston...but this season the Canucks went from a playoff team to sitting home and watching because they went in the wrong direction. I'm wondering, did the Sedin's or any of the other players get with the folks in the front office to get him ousted? I wouldn't be shocked by that revelation at all. Tortorella will get a job, no doubt about it. I'm just waiting for the stories to start coming out from what brought this sudden ousting on...one year and you expect miracles? It's not a coaching problem in Vancouver, it's a player problem. Any real fan of hockey has seen enough of this team to know it's long overdue to be broken up and rebuilt, starting with those two freaks of nature, the Sedins. Yeah, good luck with all that!

And lastly, I can't help but say this: DON'T PANIC RED SOX NATION!!! I must have read about twenty articles in the last week or so about the start the Sox have had. They're in 3rd place, 3 games out after 29 games and you're panicking? Or feel the need to stir the masses with this ridiculous garbage when the season isn't even barely a month old? Really? This is the best you've got? Look, there's 162 games to play, anything can happen in that amount of time and if come the beginning of September they're only 3 games out I'd like their chances to get into the post season. So for now people of Boston, steer that energy you're wasting away from Fenway and point it towards the Garden and Bell Centre and give the Bruins the support they deserve on this mission, I promise when hockey is over baseball will still be here, and you'll have a whole summer to hum and holler over the Sox and where they're at! Remember, it could be worse...this guy could still be around.

Enjoy the games, have a great weekend and please be sure to stop by next door and check out Hal's post, he always brings it!

The voice of Tony The Tiger has passed away- its wrestling related
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Former AWA, WCW and WWE announcer, Lee Marshall, has passed away. In 2005 Lee replaced the long time voice of Tony The Tiger, Thurl Ravenscroft.

Sports Saturday Grab-bag
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It's a "Y Chromosome" Saturday here at You Gab in honor of DNA Day (actually that was Friday, but that's not my day).  Recent discoveries about the Y Chromosome point to some important evolutionary developments very relevant to the sports fan.  Found on the Y Chromosome are the following genes:

1) The gene for multi-tasking visual acuity....this is absolutely critical when watching sports events at a bar and tracking 2 or more games at the same time.

2) The gene necessary for temporary bladder expansion....required for long road trips with the crew and at sports bars when multiple trips to the men's room becomes decidedly conspicuous.  (This gene apparently loses some of its activity with age).

3) The manual dexterity gene is on the Y Chromosome explaining the expert skill with the remote.

4) The complex set of genes that control the lower bowel region of the intestinal tract enabling on-demand farting and in special advanced cases the ability to carry a tune.  Also, the so-called "belch gene complex" is located nearby.

5)  Alcohol Dehydrogenase Gene Regulation...also Y....ADH degrades alcohol however in certain circumstances, ADH activation is undesirable, especially in Man Cave events.  This gene turns off ADH in the presence of high testosterone.

No doubt future generations of men driven by natural selection will press the evolution of the Y Chromosome to ever higher and more complex gene functions.  The question of which direction Y evolution goes, however, will be directed by FEMALE selection of the male species.  An interesting point to consider when selecting your mate!  (Idiocracy anyone?!)

Pine Tar Part II

My previous post on the this topic generally was received with a ho-hum, who cares?  Well, in round 2 of this escapade, the Red Sox finally cared.  Since some things have already been written (yesterday by Norman, for example), I am not going to get too much into it except to say, Respect the Game, dumbass.  OK, everyone uses it, but they do not put a gob of pine tar on the palm of their hand or then after being called out once come out the NEXT outing against the SAME TEAM with it painted on your neck.  He deserved 10 games just for stupidity...again with the Idiocracy.

(In case you have never seen "Idiocracy" it is a bad, stupid (but funny!) movie about how humanity's IQ is in free fall...the evidence is all around us!


Matt Cooke...episode #22

After a couple year hiatus, the real Matt Cooke is back delivering as dirty a shot with his knee as possible on key Avs defenseman, Tyson Barrie.   This hit put Barrie out for several weeks with a torn MCL...and Cooke?  The Master of the Dirty Hit got a 7 game suspension...7 games vs. 6 weeks or more for a repeat offender?!  I cannot understand how the NHL could limit this jackwagon to such a meager suspension.  If there ever was a case for the suspension matching the injury, this should be it.  In my opinion, Cooke should be suspended indefinitely until Barrie steps back on the ice.  If he never plays again - then neither should Cooke.  It is time that the NHL took this type of player out of the game - PERMANENTLY.


And on that happy note, I will wish everyone a great weekend...lot's of great sports to feast on this weekend, and for those of us that have 'em, a great time to exercise that Y Chromosome!


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