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Fuck...I loved that game as a kid.  Whaddaya mean his name is Condra, not Contra?  Fuck it...I'll roll with it.

Tomorrow is trade deadline day for the NHL.  After all the recent action, will there even be any monumental trades to talk about?  Sports media channels up here in Canada are starting coverage at 7am and running constantly for the majority of the day.  Over the past few years, we have all seen a drastic drop off in the amount of action on trade deadline day, and I am going to think that this year will not be any different.  Lots of the big names that have been dominating trade talk have already been moved.  Players like Kaberle, Kovalev and McCabe have all been moved, but really, how many players are left?  Are there any big names?  The biggest name that is being thrown around is Brad Richards.  Niewendyk would be a fool to move Richards at this point as he has been one of the constants on the Stars this season.  While the fire sale in Ottawa continues, we can all expect Chris Phillips to be moved tomorrow.   After that, I have the feeling that it will be a fairly light day in terms of trading action.

With the addition of NIck Boynton off of waivers, the Philadelphia added to their depth on the blue line.  Prior to this pickup, the Flyers arguably had the best d-core in the Eastern Conference.  Boynton allows a little bit of wiggle room in the event one of their regular d-men goes down for a short period.  Smart pickup for the Flyers, considering they didn't give up anything for him.

And then we have the trade for Bryan McCabe.  I for one, didn't think this was going to happen.  McCabe had a NTC, and I didn't really think he would waive it considering he and his wife are expecting their third child.  He must've really wanted out of Florida if he left his pregnant wife behind.  And yes, I'm pretty sure he is not uprooting his family at this point, seeing as how pregnant women can't fly in their last trimester.  At least in Canada they can't.  With this move, the Rangers didn't really have to give up very much, and there are no blue chip prospects going Floridas way.  Florida now has in the area of 10 draft picks for this years draft.  Granted, this draft year won't be very strong, but by no means will it contain the stank and dank that the 1999 draft had.  Aside from the Sedin twins (taken 2nd and 3rd) and Ryan Miller (taken 5th round 138th overall), there were a whole lot of 3rd and 4th liners taken that year.  Oh yeah...lets not forget about Zetterberg being taken in the 7th round, 210th overall.  I betcha Ottawa is regretting taking Layne Ulmer in the 209th spot instead of Zetts.

But you couldn't expect Florida to obtain much for the services of McCabe.  McCabe spoke out and said that he would only accept a trade to the Rangers.  That left the Panthers holding the bag; do they let him walk next summer for free, or do they try to procure something for him right now?  One thing though, if the Rangers are interested in the aforementioned Brad Richards, Slats is going to have some wheeling and dealing to do.  Using CapGeek.com, the Rangers have about $3.8 million in cap space for this season.  They are going to have to unload some salaries to get Richards playing for them.

Man, the waiver wire has been busy this week.  We watched Marco Sturm get picked off waivers by the Capitals.  Sturm to the Caps isn't a solution to their problems, but he will provide some much needed secondary scoring for them.  However, the Caps need to do some wheeling and dealing of their own since they don't have enough cap space to cover the pickup of Sturm.  Could someone be going on the Long Term Injured Reserve for the Caps?  Possibly.

And now we have the New Jersey Devils.  The Devils are arguably the hottest team going right now, with a record of 16-2-2 in their last 20 games.  If they keep this frantic pace up, the playoffs may not be that far of a stretch.  Granted, they are going to need some help from within their conference.  They need teams like Carolina and Montreal to keep struggling, but as of today, they are only 11 points out.  By no means mathematically eliminated.  Speaking of hot teams, and I never thought I would say this, but the New York Islanders are 6-3-1 since the blowup with the Pens.  No need to take them out in the wilderness for a team building exercise, they got that out of their system a couple of weeks ago.  And no, I'm not talking playoffs for them.  They only way I would make such a bold statement would be if I had a glue bag on my head for an extended period of time.

Who is Blake Geoffrion?  Easy...Blake is the first fourth generation player to make the NHL.  We have seen mulitple players whos fathers have played in the NHL get the call up.  Players such as Philip McRae, Brock Beukeboom and Paul Statsny are just a few.  However, with Blake Geoffrion, he comes from a long lineage of hockey players.  His great grandfather is Howie Morenz, his grandfather is Bernie "Boom Boom" Geoffrion, and his father  is Dan Geoffrion.  Blake may only become a trivia answer one day, but here's to hoping he can eke out a living in the NHL.

Fight of the week

For this one, I am going with Koci vs Westgarth.  Let me explain why.  Both of these guys have been involved in tilts that basically saw their noses get rearranged.  If you want to be a tough guy in the NHL, you have to be a tough guy all the time.  Keep doing what got you to the dance, so to speak.  Neither of these guys seem gunshy, which is a good thing.  Coming back from a situation that they have both been involved in, and still willing to risk a big shot to the beak is pretty bold.  What am I talking about?  Watch the clips that follow.

Here is Kevin Westgarth vs John Scott

And now we have David Koci vs Zdeno Chara.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


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