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Deep Thoughts 5-28-14
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. The calendar says it is May 28th, but the temperature has me wondering. Normally, I would be doing my swimming season blog about now, but not this year. Hey, I love to swim…but I don’t dig cold water. I guess I should not be surprised that the summer of 2014 is odd, given the winter we battled to leave behind. Austin like much of the southwest has been in a drought for several years. When we get rain, it is usually the 7 inch deluge like we got on Monday. For whatever reason, it always seems to rain on Memorial Day. Check it out…Austin has a long history of big rain on this holiday. I used to work for a very interesting guy years ago. He was one of the most peculiarly funny people I have ever met. I really could never tell when the guy was joking or not. He was extremely bright and probably was in the genius range, although he did not have the social awkwardness that many very smart people often do. Tom loved a good joke and loved to screw with people even more. He once sued a bank in West Texas and picked the opening day of dove season to do the interrogatories…which he scheduled for 4:00pm. Oh…and the meeting was in his suburban, with no AC. That was Tom; he loved to poke the man…so to speak. He was willing to sit in that stifling hot car, just to watch those bankers sweat through their $1000 suits. Sorry to get off on that tangent, but it was too good not to share. Tom used to tell me that people often overlook the most obvious value. He was adamant  that our most valuable resource was water. He put his money where his mouth was, so to speak in that he bought into some type of water plant that supplied water to a small wealthy city near Austin. I have not seen him in years, but as I watch our water supply slowly shrinking, I cannot help but remember his words.  One of the things that I have always loved about Austin is the Highland Lakes. There are 7 lakes in this chain and I have spent hours swimming, fishing or hanging out on the bank of one of these lakes through the years. Lake Buchanan and Lake Travis are the largest in the Highland Lakes and are not constant level. Although the lake levels have been allowed to fluctuate, the current levels are dangerously low. With 190 people moving to the Austin area each day, I am thinking that perhaps the lakes will never be what they once were.  Water was common, it was easy to access…but things change.  

As I write this, I find myself wondering about what other changes will occur in our lifetime. The changes that technology has brought are the most obvious, but perhaps not the most important. This past week I really enjoyed the many tributes to our armed forces. There were videos, pictures and comments everywhere about remembering those that have served and died for our freedom. I grew up living in the shadow of the largest armored base in the world…Ft. Hood. With over 200,000 acres, it is a big place and many of my friends had dad’s that were somehow involved with the army. My hometown of Killeen was predictably very patriotic. Flags flew for special occasions and sometimes for no reason at all. There was respect for adults and especially for those in uniform. As I grew older, I became aware that things were different outside of my small world. Hair grew longer and rebellion was in vogue. As a young teenager, I began to read of soldiers coming home from war being ridiculed and even spit upon. Many were unable to separate their hatred for the war from our returning soldiers. The Viet Nam war changed our country in many ways. An entire generation tuned out the status quo, which included the military.

I first noticed a change after 9-11. I can't really prove this, it is just a feeling I get in looking back. Suddenly, our first responders were acknowledged for the heroes they truly are. I think that many began to consider safety and freedom with a different eye..and began to recognize those that kept them safe at home and abroad. I do know that since 911, that it is now common to see tributes our veterans.  Change is not always a bad thing.


I know that this is supposed to be a sports blog, but today I just felt like rambling a bit. As I was looking over different topics to write about, I stumbled across something that literally stunned me. Maybe this has been discussed and I missed it. Michelle Obama addressed a graduation by telling them to monitor their parents for politically incorrect thoughts and behaviors? Could the first lady of the US really have said this? I thought it was a joke at first, but as I read this article:... There it was in black and white. Can the US family really mean so little to Ms. Obama? Sort of explains a lot, doesn’t it. Check it out:



Well, enough of the heavy lifting…on to some sports discussion.

It looks like Sean Lee’s season has already ended. In the Cowboys first OTA, Lee reportedly tore his ACL. Lee is such a talented young player, but can he ever stay healthy long enough to help the Cowboys? What am I saying? Nothing can help the Cowboys. What a drag…


I do my part to bash the media on a regular basis. It is my belief that they are generally lower than pond scum. Still, when I saw this video, I had to laugh in amazement. It really is beyond belief…



I love how he does not even acknowledge the answer that he did not watch the match. He simply changes to French...I don't really blame him.




Last year…the Blue Jays were hyped to be the team to beat in the AL East and the Red Sox ran away with the division and won the World Series. Honestly, this is the thing that I really love about baseball. Every year, hope springs eternal. Spring training comes and every team believes they have a chance…and often they do (except for my Astros).  This year, nobody gave the Jays a chance to do anything and yes, it is still early…but they are killing it. I did not think that they had the starting pitching to make a run…but damn if they aren’t doing it anyway. Bautista is healthy and raking again. Encarnacion is proving that last year was not a fluke. Jose Reyes is finally healthy and beginning to find his grove. If you enjoy offense, this is the team for you.


Okay, I know that my Astros suck again this year…but thanks to George Springer, they suck a bit less.  I have a feeling about this kid, he is the real deal. Power, speed and great defense are a great combination and with the talent coming behind Springer…good times could be just a few years away. With what Houston has done of late, a .500 season would be awesome.

A couple of other players that have really caught my eye this year are Michael Brantley of the Indians and Victor Martinez of the Tigers. Many were predicting that Miggy would struggle with V Mart hitting behind him, but he has had a tremendous year. I really missed on Brantley. I had no idea that this kid had as much pop as he does. He seems to get at least 2 hits every night and a long ball at least once a week. If you have not had a chance to watch him…you should make it a point catch an Indian game.


That’s all I have today, but I will leave you a bit of Jack Handey…

Better not take a dog on the space shuttle, because if he sticks his head out when you're coming home his face might burn up.


If you're a horse, and someone gets on you, and falls off, and then gets right back on you, I think you should buck him off right away.


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…




Monday Moaning 7-9-12
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Yeah, Monday kind of snuck up on me too...That mid-week holiday threw things out of whack for me...So how's everyone doing out there? How was your weekend? Why am I doing this Q & A shit?

Let me ask you this...Saturday afternoon I took the Little Beeze to see "Brave"...That's what he wanted see, and really, how can you go wrong with a Pixar production...It was good...He liked it...Then after we got home, the Mrs. took our oldest daughter to see the new "Spiderman" movie...So the boys saw "Brave" about a Scottish princess, and the girls saw "Spiderman"...Does that just sound odd to anyone else?

Shit, I had half a mind to take the boy to see "Ted" but the wife would not have been pleased with the shit he would have learned from that one...

Then Sunday night the wife and I watched "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"...

You know how people always say the book is better then the movie...Well in this case it has to be true...Holy fucking two and a half hours of my life I wish I could get back! Yeah, it had some good moments, and you can tell the story was good, but fucking shit, that movie was slow...My wife read all the books, and she loved them...She didn't crush the movie like me, but I could tell she was let down a bit...Some people can't stand long movies...I don't mind them, if they're good...But this one just kept me waiting...And now I'm still waiting...Totally unsatisfied!

Moving on to sports...Baseball is heading into the All-Star break...The All-Star game is Tuesday night, and I think I made it clear last week, that is just a steaming pile of shit...But there is a story in Major League Baseball that people better wake up to...

Yep...The Pittsburgh Pirates...They've been flying the Jolly Roger a lot this year, as the Pirates are 48-37 and in first place of the NL Central...How are the Pirates doing it...Well OF Andrew McCutchen is a big reason, batting .362, with 58 runs, 60 RBI, 18 HR's and 14 Stolen Bases...But he's not alone...2B Neil Walker had a horrible, slow start, but has turned it around and gotten his average up to .291, with 42 runs, 6 HR's and 41 RBI...3B Pedro Alverez who has been a disappointing prospect has also turned it around of late, and has 16 HR's and 50 RBI...

But it isn't just hitting with the Pirates...Their pitching has been outstanding as well...Lead by James McDonald and A.J. Burnett...McDonald with 9 wins, 100 Strikeouts, and 2.37 ERA...And Burnett with 10 wins, 79 Strikeouts, and 3.68 ERA...And the best part about Burnett...The Yankees paid the Pirates to take him off their hands...Clearly the best thing to happen to Burnett was to get the hell out of New York...He's not the first guy to do well...Sign for big money with the Yankees...Not do so well...Get out, and find their old self again...

Then there is the Pirates bullpen anchored by closer Joel Hanrahan, with 23 saves, 4 wins, 35 Strikeouts, and a 2.38 ERA...Hanrahan often being set-up by 35 year old Jason Grilli, who has 1 win, 1 save, 21 holds, 54 strikeouts, and a 1.87 ERA...There's also Juan Cruz with 1 win, 3 saves, 13 holds, 32 strikeouts, and a 2.76 ERA...They also have Brad Lincoln doing middle relief, with a 2.98 ERA, 2 holds, 4 wins, and 52 strikeouts...

To recap, a MVP candidate in McCutchen, with the rest of the lineup starting to find their swings...Strong starting pitching...And possibly an even stronger bullpen...Can they continue to keep it up...Can they keep hold of the NL Central...I think so...I think they have a lot of potential to keep people on their toes for awhile...

Yeah, I'm a Cleveland guy rooting for a Pittsburgh team...Wouldn't it be great to see a Indians vs. Pirates World Series!?! Well not for TV ratings maybe, but fuck them...I'd love it!

That's it for now...Have a week...Oh, and check THIS out...Give your input...

Later, The Beeze.

Storminnorman's favorite Guitar solo
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This is just like one of my favorite guitar solos of all time, and I am practicing with YouTube so I thought I would share it with you

Storminnorman's Sports Views
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What the hell was Dave Dombrowski thinking about yesterday when he acquired Delmon Young from the Twins for two guys I have never heard of. Outside of sending a signal to Mag's that this is it brother, he really did not need Delmon.......

If he was going to steal a player from a team, how about a catcher? Geesh, Alex has caught every game it seems like for a month now and could probably use a break but cannot get it due to the leg injury that Martinez has at this time.

But as it normally goes around this time, we stole a good player with a year left on his current deal. It may not benefit the Tigers this year, but who knows, maybe Delmon will return to form next year and earn a contract with Tigers?

Thanks for making another illogical move Dave, if you were going to make a trade with the Twins how bout trading for Pavano? Just sayin..........

Congrats to #25 on hitting number 600 last night, the damn Tiger-killer struck again!!!!! He always seems to get us, he has hit a lot of homers against us over his "Hall of Fame" career.\

Thanks for reading my post

Around the World with The MadMan
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“Weinergate” Really? What  the hell is going on with our world where we want to spend our hard earned money on tribunals and the such to see if someone sending Twitter pic’s of his wiener? Of course his twitter was hacked probably from someone that as googling his facebook. I’m sure he really wanted to hack HER.


UPDATE: And he LIED.. Ohhh the HORROR!!! A politician LYING!!!!! http://www.cnn.com/2011/POLITICS/06/07/breitbart.weiner.photos/

Milt Romney did the presidential thing and blasted the current president. How classy is that that someone, ANYONE wanting to be president starts out by slamming the current? This is politics as usual and pretty sad that this could be the leader of our country?


Groupon files a for and IPO worth about $750 million. No product, no services, and they pull a Google. Not sure they will hit $500 per share like Google, but have you noticed that several companies do not have these items as of late but what they offer is access to people. That is the real money making is finding the ability to drive people to one if not several places and then sell the advertisements? Damn that sounds like a great idea for a social networking site (that’s what I will call it).  Shit, I’m already 20 billion behind these folks.


Eat shit and die? E. coli is the poop bacteria and it does kill if re-digested. As sick as it sounds this issue was so prevalent until food producers started re-feeding decomposing animals, byproducts, and other things that nature did not intend for animals for eat. And now this is what happens. I hope that they can stop the spread of this outbreak, it is a bad one but this is a great time to bring up how Congress frequently calles the EPA into the courts to try and DECREASE the stringency of the office and have threatened to deregulate it IE: close the EPA.



I’m not a Mac user by any means and since I have not drank the Kool-Aid getting and understanding to sell ones kidney for a piece of technology that changes every two years really slays me. Now the real story is that he not only did this, but not sure if he paid for the iPad, but the hospital was in on it. IN ON IT! The hospital was paid and is not supposed to do this type of surgery. So yes, the boy is not doing well Mom is ticked, and hopefully he paid for the 64SSD with 4GWIMAX. Hospitals never have great TV channels. SHIT!!! a new one is coming out!!! Ahh hell, lucky you have one more kidney...

AND the get viruses!!! Mostly I'm just ticked that Jobs makes about $300 bucks on the phones and Pads pure profit while building most of these items overseas and then charging the buyers a taxes that are due. Fucking sell-out.



Fox News on the Latino side reported this story regarding the New York Post getting a new executive Editor is the first female to hold this position in the 160 year history of the New York Times. Congrats to Jill Abramson for reaching this post. Boo to you again Fox News for bring bullshit to life but missing this opportunity to mainstream the breaking of a border that lasted some 160 years and now she is dubbed the most powerful Jewish woman in the world. No shit.


Dr. Jack Kevorkian is dead at 83. Eight years in prison for assisted suicide he died after several months weak and unable to make the right to die decisions that so many of his patients had made on his behalf.


US unemployment rises to 9.1%. (Please not previous post regarding soaring education costs). The jobs that are being created require a higher end education, which our Gov-ment taxes (and several other things). Truly our country is in shambles but I believe it is mainly due to our erasing of middle-class. This is the area that has been hit the hardest and continues to have the toughest recovery. These are the things that are not mentioned and for good reason.


Most people do not know Mladic and how he contributed to genocide during the Bosnian war. He is finally going on trial for war crimes after close to 15 years ago. It is not that they did not have him nor that they did not know who did it. It was whom he killed. Mostly Muslims who are hated around the world (not all are terrorists). Now mind you he is implicated in several others races that he attempted to eliminate.


Sarah Palin.. That’s all I have to say.. OK not all except meet your next President of the United States.


BOOM BITCH!!! Yep got another one. After Seal Team Six shot “that other dude” in the eye “BLAM”  Predator drone dropped a bomb on Ilyas Kashmiri, the military brains of al Qaeda’s. Number two is still out there waiting for us to drop a bomb on his ass or shoot him in the right eye. Oh and guess where they found him? Right Pakistan. Those fuckers. If we did not need them and they were not so crucial I’m sure they would be on our list of people to fuck up.




That is it for this week and I do hope that you enjoyed my little slice around the world. And remember:

“Just because you are paranoid does not mean that they are not watching you. ”



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