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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 2-1-15
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Burn 'em up. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. NASCAR racing is moving to the front burner in 22 days. The D 500 is coming at ya. The driver, crew chief and sponsor movement is now at a fever pitch. New announcements every day. Really hard to keep up with and unlike Mr Lynch, everybody is talking to the media and anybody else that will listen. So lets get to it.


Gordon discussed it with Hendrick and said he has faith in Chase Elliott who has just been named his official replacement in 2016. He says Chase will do great things. NASCAR says they don't plan on retiring the number either. 

Bill Elliott drove the #9 and it was believed that so would his son Chase. Richard Petty owns that number right now and says if the kid wants it he can have it because he has no attachment to it. So far nobody has asked. Gordon says if Chase would rather have a different number than the #24 than he'd be open to it.

At this writing, Chase will be driving the #24 in 2016 for HMS. He'll also be in the #25 for about 5 races in the Cup Series this year and still in his ride with JR Motorsports seeking a 2nd Xfinity Series championship (formerly known as the Nationwide Series).


During the Hall of Fame ceremonies, Bill let it be known that he approached Ford about getting a deal together for his son to be in a Ford just like he was for his career. Bill says they saw things differently than he did. Then Hendrick stepped up with an opportunity that really wasn't much of one but was the only one talking to him and his son. He praised Hendrick for his integrity and is grateful for the deal that finally came through for his son.

Funny story...Jeff Gordon almost ended up at Roush but when Jeff's step dad called him and said Evernham and Gordon were a package deal. Roush said he picked the crew chief / driver combo not the driver. So dad hung up on Roush. Twice. 


Danica's contract is up at the end of this year and Gene wants her to stay at SHR. He says a lot of changes have been made to help her including giving her a new crew chief. Daniel Knost is more technical and can explain the car to her better. He believes she is close to getting better.

The question of the contract closure seems to be with GoDaddy and how committed they want to be. You know, the purse string thing.

Danica says,"Of course I want GoDaddy to come back. We've been talking about it for quite a while. They want to, we just have to make sure we keep giving each other value. They give me value, it's about me giving back to them."

To be continued......



 This past week GoDaddy put their ad on the TODAY Show and there was immediate back lash from dog lovers every where. 

The ad featured a puppy falling out of the bed of a pick up truck and it's long rainy trip home on foot only to have his owner exclaim that she was glad he got home because she just sold him on the website she built with GoDaddy. It ends with the puppy being put in a van and her saying "Ship 'em out."

GoDaddy tried damage control on Twitter but a 42,000 signature petition said they were having none of it and by the end of the day GoDaddy had no choice but to yank the ad.

My question...Since when do we watch Super Bowl ads before the Super Bowl? My guess is that GoDaddy wasn't so confident their Budweiser spoof was going to fly.


A 24 hour race called the Rolex 24 was held this week at Daytona. It runs 24 hours and each team has 4 drivers that tag out. CGR's team was last years rookie with the mostest Kyle Larson, team mate Jamie McMurray, Tony Kanaan and Scott Dixon who is the driver to bring the W home. Being the last one to drive he needed to save fuel and not make any mistakes. This is CGR's 6th W in 12 tries.

McMurray now joins AJ Foyt and Mario Andretti as the only drivers to win a Daytona 500 and a Rolex 24. Congrats to everyone.


Bill Elliott.....Fred Lorenzen.....Wendall Scott.....Joe Weatherly.....Rex White

Congrats to the winners


---Dale Jr says he'd love to drive at least one truck race this year. He's expanded his team, JR Motorsports into the truck Series part time with a 17 year old driver named Cole Custer. Because of his age he's only allowed to drive short tracks. Dale Jr really wanted Martinsville but decided the new kid needs the seat time at that track.

---David Pearson had a mild stroke on Dec 9th. The family says it was his left side that was effected but he should be back to normal soon. The 80 year old has 105 wins and 3 championships in NASCAR. A speedy recovery to you David.

---No changes to the Chase format. NASCAR says last years Chase was the most exciting yet. Not going to mess with a good thing.

---Teams no longer allowed to pull the side skirts out. The proper name being the vertical rocker panel extension. This panel is located at ground level between the front and back wheels. The teams would pull out the corner from the back wheel to increase down force to get that aerodynamic advantage. NASCAR says no more. I guess funs over. Look for something else.

---Jeff Gordon will get his chance in the broadcast booth early. FOX Sports is rotating Jeff with Brad Keselowski and Kevin Harvick to be race analysts during the Xfinity Series races (formerly known as Nationwide Series). Opportunity knocks.


---So like, what's in the water in Michigan? Somebody from Michigan posted this on Twitter. Is this considered redneck or just F'd up?

---Bill Sarris, a PA candy maker 15 miles south of Pittsburgh decided to get in on the Deflate-a-gate going on by creating a chocolate football with a dent in it. He called his creation the Bradie Ball. It was auctioned of for charity on KDKA radio Friday for $5000. Sarris matched it and added 2 more footballs and 2 hemets. 


One final note....I normally don't get too awefully upset over celebrity stuff but there's a young lady that needs prayers and healing thoughts sent her way. It was reported that Bobbi Christina Brown was found unresposive in her tub. When I think of what a train wreck her mother and fathers relationship was and what they put her through, I just can't help but pity her. All the money her mom left her can not undo all that wreckage. My heart goes out to her.

All you Gabbers and others enjoy the Super Bowl tonight or what ever you're planning on doing. Watch out for those ice patches for those of you up north.

And I'm outta here....




QOTD - 1/31/15 Tags: NFL

What is the greatest Super Bowl of all time?  Is there a Championship Game pre-Super Bowl era that was better?

Saturday Coffee With The Hoov--Jan 31 2015
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I Got Nothin'...

This week you get random Hoov ramblings.  Potpouri if you will…

First up, the stupid bowl.  Nothing personal to the fans of either team—and oddly enough I have many of both who are friends—but the other day I was looking back at the list of Super Bowl matchups over the history of the big game.  And I can honestly tell you that there has never been a Super Bowl that I’ve had less interest in watching.  Ranging from my favorite team being in it, to a great matchup you couldn’t wait to see, to a team or player that you wanted to see win…there isn’t a single story line I care about here. 

I don’t like Belichick (though I respect him as a coach), I can’t stand Pete Carroll.  I like Brady ok—but he’s already set in stone as one of the best ever.  I can’t stand the Pats, and they’ve already won a bunch. I don’t get all wound up in it, but I dislike the cheating storylines over the years.  I can’t stand the Seahawks.  Pete Carroll strikes me as an arrogant jerk, who’s cheated a fair amount himself.  It’s old hat to say I think Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch are on the high side of the asinine scale.  My greatest interest in this team is to see if there’s anyone on the roster besides Russell Wilson who can give an interview without screaming or getting in someone’s face and acting like an idiot.  I will say that I love Wilson, and his story and his achievements.  But he won one last year and my other anti-Seahawk factors far outweigh my desire to see him get two. 

I’m the kind of guy who usually hates SB parties because I want to watch the game.  This year, I think The Hoov is a party animal on Sunday night.   And if I have to pick—give Russell Wilson two in a row and let’s get to March Madness.

Speaking of March Madness, I thought that Louisville joining the ACC was going to be a great thing, but I had no idea how much.  Today (Jan 31, 2015) I’m going to see them play Carolina, and I’m angling for tickets to the Notre Dame game the last week of the season (great Irish win over Duke the other night!).  I’ve always thought of the ‘Ville as a top tier program that was missing that major conference legitimacy, but that is solved in spades.  I love it for Pitino, for the team, and for the conference—just more great matchups over the course of a season.

College basketball part two: I owe Tom Crean and my beloved Hoosiers an apology…although their meltdown in West Lafayette this week makes it harder to offer.  I was very critical of the team’s off seaons antics and lack of discipline.  That is not the way to be a part of an iconic basketball program.  But even being so young, they are showing some terrific development and have some great wins already.  What remains to be seen is if they can avoid was has become standard Coach Crean protocol: the February vanishing act.  If they can, then I am back on Crean’s support list.  If not, I could be convinced it’s time for a change.

What else?  Boy Roger Goodell looked good the other day, huh?  Like Eddie Haskell trying to be president of the honor society…

20 days—give or take—til pitchers and catchers….

Can you tell this is my least favorite time of the sports year….?




To Speak or Not to Speak......
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The age old question of to speak or not to speak, that is the question.

Why would we make such a big deal?

Who cares if Marshawn Lynch speaks,

because  most cases he shows his ignorance anyway.

There is too much made of media day,

maybe if the media weren't mostly jackasses, 

Marshawn might more to say.

As most know by now, 

Lynch's been fined a plenty

been a regular contributor to the NFL slush money.

Goodell should be ran out  

because of his crappy rules, 

I thought we were based on Freedom of Speech,

but in the NFL that's not true.

Marshawn, Marshawn, Marshawn,

you naughty boy,

you for the most part

decided not to speak

which should be your right,

I refer to the QOTD, .

B.O.B. it makes you neither,

so why the concern.

Marshawn, Marshawn you naughty boy,

Roger and the media look down on you,

because you aren't one of their toys........

I know I am mocking and even making a joke

out of something that's not as serious to Marshawn,

as it is to Roger and his cronies

who don't find it a joke............

So what if Marshawn's quiet,

his actions speak louder than words.

Who cares if he speaks on media day,

I know I don't.........

The Super Bowl is more than media day,

regardless if Marshawn speaks or not

there is a game to play.........

It's not to often a team gets a chance to repeat as champion,

so give Marshawn lack of speech at media day

a little break..........

The Patriots and Seahawks should be an epic game,

I wonder to myself though

who will win this game.

Will Brady and Gronk 

play pitch and catch all day?

Score lots of points, 

and blow the Seahawks away?

Or will the Seahawk's defense

shut the Brady and Gronk down?

Keep the score low,

and the Seahawks repeat as champions.

Whatever happens Sunday 

one thing we can count on

Marshawn will be quiet

and not speak after.

So be safe everyone and enjoy the game,

I will see you during the week 

to read your opinions about the game.........







QOTD - 1/30/15 Tags: NFL

Is Marshawn Lynch a jackass, a "special case" for the media and the NFL, or both?  Why?

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