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Here is the Snow Burden Lanz Compound ( That Tree in the forefront is on the sidewalk next to the curbstone)


Thursday is here and the last one in February, with March around the corner warmer Temps on the horizon. Yes, folks we have had only one day over the freezing mark in February that came last Sunday.  We still have a huge snow cover and narrow streets. Snow banks are still high making visibility tough getting out of side streets. I’m not sure how folks who drive big trucks do it. Tractor trailer drivers are have a hard time getting in and out of places. We ma get a break next week with some warm temps.  Saturday we had the threat of run along with snow still on the roofs it meant a lot of shoveling. I cleared my Deck 26 by12. I cleared the roof over the breakfast nook which looks like a Gazebo. The kicker is over the side door the Mrs. Sends me up on the metal ladder, with the metal shovel and says watch the electrical wire has she was reviewing the life insurance policy. Luckily my neighbor Chris was walking by with his roof rake and helped. I gave him the electrical wire side. My ladder and Chris’s roof rake has made their way around the neighbor.

Tuesday the Mrs. Gets up and hears weird cracking in the bedroom. She called a roofing guy who actually had time on his schedule. He sent up a couple of young guys they went up shelved off the dormer broke up the ice and through some anti freeze and rock salt on the roof, $400 bucks later and no worries.

Monday the boys and I my, friend Steve and his son headed into the Beanpot now that public transportation is working again. I met the boys at a transit station close to work. We went in got there at the start of the second period of the consultation game which was Harvard and BC.  It was just a great Hockey game. The Harvard goalie stood on his head. (He is the same kid that made 63 saves in the first round of the Beanpot),Unfortunately, BC one this one in OT.

The Next game was BU and my Notheastern Huskies. BU went up 3-1 Northeastern tied with two quick goals in the third period. Northeastern looking for tghier first Beanpot win since 1988.  It wasn’t to be. An untimely penalty Nine seconds into OT gave BU a power play and they capitalized on it to take the game.

We ended up sitting behind the student section and next to the BU pep Band which was fun for a period. Steve’s son and Lil Lanz weren’t too happy with this arrangement we saw empty seats across from the arena. We sat there for the rest of the game. As we were changing seats I ran into an NFL Official. The guy came up through our organization so I have met him a few times in the past. I introduced Laser and we had just a nice conversation Non Football related... Laser was pumped. We move into the new seats and Lil Lanz says you think there are any scouts here. I just point 3 rows in front of us there are 10 guys spread out writing all kinds of stuff in mote books. I point and say yeah there are a few.

The signs of spring are back and the Red Sox spring training has started. David Ortiz had an interesting take on some of the rule changes at his press conference. I’m not Davis’s biggest fan but the guy is full of personality. He was saying that when they speed up the game they always penalize the hitters and that’s BS. Then he said what about all BS the pitchers do stomping around the mound. I think it was his delivery but I heard on the way home from work. It was pretty funny. He looks like he is better shape than I have ever seen him this year.

A few things on these rule changes keeping one foot in the batters box is in the rules but the language has always been a bit cloudy  something like Umpires are encouraged to not grant a time out to the batter and to have him keep one foot in the batters box at all times. Something they change the rule this year to 20 seconds. The rule has stated that a pitcher has 12 seconds to deliver the ball by the time he receives it. Of course more wide spread instant replay and longer commercial breaks between Innings that 3hour 30 minute game will be 3 hours and 29minutes. Just my take on it.

Lil Warriors

The boys had one game on the schedule last weekend and it was rescheduled due to the other team was in a Tourney. This week Lil Lanz committed to stage crew for the middle school play his game conflicts so he will miss Saturday’s game. He has been skating at skills practice. The boys play in a Tourney Next week they are playing in the Chowda Cup on Cape Cod and yes that his how it is spelled. They will play 5 games in 3 days. Usually, Saturday Night the kids go nuts at these Tourney’s the boys will be tired they are scheduled for 1 Friday 3 Saturday and 1 Sunday.

The moment you have all been waiting for Old Man Hockey. I laced them up and played and signed in for 8 games. I had a friggin blast. I sucked to high haven. The best thing was nobody cared. Come back to the bench Frank you having fun. There was less contact in this game than there is in one of Lil lanz’s games. I forgot to tie my damn Hockey Pants skating hard to fore check and Felt the breeze good thing for damn suspenders. Had a few Helmet problems as it kept slipping down but  hey it was a lot of fun we had 13 guys so I skated just enough to make me happy.3 full lines and two sets of guys on D. Slightly sore on Monday but not bad it was more upper body than the old legs. The guy forgot a game shirt for me so broke out America’s Team shirt an Old Hartford Whalers white shirt with No Logo

Finally, The lovely Ms. Amanda turned 18 on Tuesday. She had a great day with good food and lots of cards and phone calls. She is just an awesome kid. Happy Birthday 

Here are few Pics I tried to post last week.

Here is son Dan with snowman before Blizzard one when we had about 5 inches of snow

Dan's Snowman had enough  and is trying to run to neighbors house to catch a flight to Sunny FLA where hie will just melt in the warm sun

Unfortunately, he din't make it as Storm 3 burried him and his orange hat

Same Day Lil Lanz with his Snowman

Lil Lanz's Snowman Drowning in Snowman quick sand After Storm 2. Mr. Snowman completely drowned after Storm 3

That’s all I have for today.

QOTD - 2/26/15 Tags: NHL

NHL:  As you look at the NHL standings and considering how #8 seeds fare in the playoffs, who do you see as the #8 seeds in both conferences?  

Buzz from the Bleachers
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Welcome to Wednesday, Gabbers. The temps are crawling up for the rest of the week. Baseball is starting up in the South. It’s also Lent or fish fry season to me.

Speaking of fish, it seems that Jeremy Wade was looking for monster catfish in the wrong part of Europe. European folklore is peppered with tales of Wels catfish growing large enough to swallow people whole. The Wels is the second largest freshwater fish in Europe though it is rare to find specimens larger than 6.5 feet in length. An Italian fisherman landed a new record for rod and reel in the Po Delta. After a 40 minute fight, the man pulled in a 280 pound, 8.8 foot catfish. That would make a fish fry.

Last month, the NCAA decided to give Penn state its wins back following the Jerry Sandusky scandal. We here at the Gab were all over it and many of us mused on the implications when the action was just a vile rumor. Following the ruling, Keith Olbermann took to the airways and laid into Penn State, the NCAA, and its former coach.

A lot of us are against Penn State. Olbermann took this to new limits. When asked about Penn State students raising $13 million for pediatric cancer, Olbermann called it pathetic. When PSU students confronted Olbermann on Twitter, he clarified that his statement was directed not at the action, but at the school and its students. Things went downhill from there, as they are known to on Twitter. As a result, Keith Olbermann has been suspended for the rest of the week.

In that realm of despicable and NCAA football, we find Jameis Winston. Apparently Winston had a strong showing at the combines. What is most surprising is that he scored big points in the interview process. Several executives noted that Winston was one of the smartest players they’d spoken to. Some speculate that he could go number one overall. Winston’s football IQ and play have never been the question. Honestly, if you just focus on the field, this is a great player. You’d love to have him on your team.

The problem is that the majority of his time, he isn’t on the field. He’s out in the real world making stupid decisions. He’s allegedly taking advantage of female classmates. He’s taking crab legs from local super markets. He’s disregarding the fact that he was recently in trouble for rape allegations and yelling stupid remarks in the student union. I’ve heard a lot of people comparing Winston to Vick. Really you could compare him to both Vicks. With luck, he’ll be more like Michael and get something of a career in before bad decisions bring him down. If he stays the course, I see him as more of a Marcus Vick, with a career that ends before it really begins. I wish this kid luck. He has a great skill set, but I really hope he worked on the one area he needs help: his impulse control and decision making. If not, it’s gonna be Tweet Jameis Winston all over again.

As the Beeze let us all know that the Browns are who we thought they were: a disappointment. The new logos and helmets were brought out to comical effect. It’s just like the Lions reworking their logo despite looking horrible in the early 2000s. Here, however, is one graphic designers crack and redesigns for all the teams helmets.

Finally, back to warm thoughts. The MLB offseason has been marked with thoughts on how to change the game. Will instant replay be expanded? How can the game be shortened? The new commissioner has been vocal in his opinion that change is not off the table. Recently he has made ripples about shortening the season. The season hasn’t been shorter than 162 games in 54 years, since the 1961 season. The new commish has alluded to shortening the season back to the ’61 length of 154 games. He mentioned that the league would only cut back to 154 games to keep the record book intact. The question is: will individual teams and cities be ok with letting go of the revenue attached to the 8 games they’d be losing?

That is all for me this week. Thanks as always for stopping in and giving this a read. Stay warm and think baseball.

Deep Thoughts
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. Today, I wish I could borrow from Marshawn Lynch and go with I am here so I won’t get fined. I write a blog because I enjoy writing…usually. Maybe it is because the weather here has been lousy or maybe my biorhythms are out of whack…but I am just not feeling it today.

Last weekend, Carl Spackler and I took a quick trip to Ranger Texas to check watch a double header against Western Texas College. As a dad trying to catch some of the season’s games…you never know what you are going to get. Good fortune smiled on this trip as Blake had a really good game. A single, double and a bases loaded walk in the first game was his most productive day so far in this young season. But, the play that had Carl and I talking on the way home was the play on the swinging bunt that Blake somehow managed to throw out the runner. The guy running was a middle infielder and the ball was at least 20 feet from the plate toward 3rd base. It looked like an infield hit to everyone but Blake. The ball was still in his hand when the runner was two strides from 1B. The pea rod Blake threw just nipped the runner at first…damn. The next hitter drove a hard ground ball up the middle and the second baseman make an equally impressive play to get a glove on the ball and then threw out that runner, from his knees.. The final score was a 5 to 0 win for Ranger. It was a terrific game, with both teams flashing the leather. There is nothing like good baseball! After the game we hopped in the car and made a quick hour run up the interstate to visit Baker’s Ribs in Weatherford Texas. The BBQ was great, but I have to admit that the fried apple pie was the big winner for me.











                        Blake and Carl Spackler visiting after the game. That is an ice bag on Blake's right shoulder. People forget how much catchers throw.













Image result for baker's ribs






Image result for cal ripken and gregg zaun


Did you happen to see the comments by Gregg Zaun this week? He recalled stories of bullying by Cal Ripken during Zaun’s rookie season. He said it was a good thing as it made him a better player. As I was reading along, I was thinking how strange to hear of this behavior as Ripken has always been portrayed as a good teammate and a good guy. Apparently, Ripken was none too happy with the comments and has vigorously denied the stories. Brady Anderson spoke up to defend the Iron Man, saying…he did not agree with hazing and that it simply did not happen as Zaun remembered it. This is a very strange story…hard to imagine that Zaun would have misremembered so differently. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but I think you have to give Ripken the benefit of the doubt. Here is Zaun's link and Ripken's rebuttal:



You have probably heard that the Red Sox won the Yoan Moncada lottery with a record signing bonus of $31.5 million signing bonus.  Drew Smyly took to twitter to wonder why foreign players were not held to the same money limit that amateur US players are. While I am sure that Sox fans are happy to have the talented Moncada, Smyly’s comments had me asking the same question. Apparently, Rob Manfred shares the same feelings. With more Cuban players on the horizon, we could soon see compensation rules change for foreign players.  Quite honestly…I think that this is a good thing. While I did not agree with Manfred’s thoughts with regard to changing the “pace of play” in MLB, I am happy to see that he is paying attention. The other Manfred comment I found encouraging is that he is open to shortening the MLB season to 154 games. Truthfully, this is a very good idea and I hope this idea gains some traction. This probably won’t happen soon…but at least it is being discussed.





alejandro inarritu sean penn

                                               Director Alejandro González Iñárritu and actor Sean Penn in 2003 at a premiere for "21 Grams."



Did you watch the Academy Awards? I watched about 4 minutes…I turned it on just in time to see Sean Penn make his joke about “who gave this SOB a green card”. Was it funny? Yeah, I guess so. Was it offensive to me? No. Predictably, the liberals have gone wild with criticism of Penn. I am not really a Sean Penn fan, but this is much to do about nothing. I am growing so weary of people being so damn sensitive. If the SOB Penn was talking about thought the joke was “hilarious”…everyone else should just shut up. I guess the only comforting thing is seeing the liberals turning on one of their own. What happened to being able to make a humorous comment without being labeled a racist? Penn and González Iñárritu are friends...shouldn't this make a difference?

In case you missed is the link:



That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


Often, when I am reading a good book, I stop and thank my teacher. That is, I used to, until she got an unlisted number.

If you really want to impress people with your computer literacy, add the words “dot com” to the end of everything you say, dot com.


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own.




QOTD - 2/25/15 Tags: NFL

NFL Draft:  If you are the GM of Tampa Bay, do you draft Jameis Winston with your #1 pick?  Why or why not?

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