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Week 13 College Football Rankings 2014
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Florida St. moves into #1 in the computer rankings for the first time this season.

My Top 25
My Rank/BCS/team/prev
1 ( 2 ) Florida St. 2
2 ( 1 ) Alabama 1
3 ( 7 ) Ohio St. 4
4 ( 3 ) Oregon 3
5 ( 4 ) Miss. St. 5
6 ( 8 ) UCLA 8
7 ( 19 ) Marshall 9
8 ( 5 ) TCU 7
9 ( 9 ) Georgia 10
10 ( 12 ) Arizona 15
11 ( 14 ) Auburn 11
12 ( 26 ) Boise St. 12
13 ( 6 ) Baylor 16
14 ( 17 ) Ole Miss 6
15 ( 18 ) Ga. Tech 13
16 ( 21 ) Colo. St. 14
17 ( 10 ) Mich. St. 17
18 ( 15 ) Wisconsin 20
19 ( 11 ) Kansas St. 21
20 ( 16 ) Missouri 22
21 ( 13 ) Arizona St. 18
22 ( 20 ) Oklahoma 23
23 ( 22 ) Clemson 24
24 ( 30 ) Nebraska 19
25 ( 23 ) Minnesota –

(Louisville and LSU are the two Mock BCS top 25 teams who are not in my top 25.)

Full Rankings 1-128

Out of top 25: (25) USC

There are a total of 44 teams that got some level of points in the Mock BCS standings linked to above.

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Florida St. moved into #1, although I think another reminder that I don’t factor in margin of victory is in order. Alabama could move back into #1 by beating better opponents in the coming weeks, but something else to keep in mind is Florida St. isn’t the only ACC team playing an SEC team this weekend. If the ACC does significantly better, that’s an even stronger argument in Florida St.’s favor, which my system is designed to recognize.

I thought some of the commentariat brought up some interesting points about the committee’s #4-7 teams.

I want to mention something Jeff Long, a member of the committee, said first though. He said they look at where a team was ranked when you played them. I hope that’s not true, but it would explain why LSU was seemingly penalized so much as compared to other two-loss teams before the Alabama game.

I just don’t think it’s right if they don’t consider that a loss to a top-five team. It’s not LSU’s fault people didn’t yet know they were going to be one of the top teams this season. If anything, the team who is the first to go down should get a break since they’ve had more time to recover from the loss. Also, later teams have more ability to anticipate problem areas and can possibly benefit from injuries. Of course, what they should do is consider how good the opponent is without the loss. For instance, had LSU won the last two games, it may be worth noting in the Bulldogs’ favor that taking out their win over LSU, the Tigers would be in the conversation for the top 4.

I do think there are some unique challenges to beating a previously unbeaten team several weeks in, but I also hope Florida St. isn’t being given credit for a top-five win when Notre Dame isn’t even in the top 25 now. A top-25 win maybe, if you consider the Irish could well be in the top 25 had they simply not played the Seminoles. It is very important to consider those teams just outside of the top 25. I’ll talk more about them at the end.

There was some grumbling about Mississippi St., but I think if they beat Ole Miss, they have a good argument. I do think a one-loss Ohio St. team winning the Big Ten championship game (especially if it’s over Wisconsin) should go ahead of an idle Mississippi St. team, assuming Alabama wins the SEC West anyway, though.

I penalize for bad losses and yet I still have Ohio St. in the top 4, so that tells me that Ohio St.’s 8-game conference schedule + Wisconsin (if the Badgers win) is going to be better than either TCU’s or Baylor’s, assuming we’re going to be comparing one-loss teams. Ohio St. also has respectable wins over Navy and Cincinnati.

Baylor didn’t beat anyone worth mentioning out of conference, and TCU only beat one team, albeit a good one (Minnesota).

Obviously, if Minnesota beats Wisconsin, that’s going to be even better for the Horned Frogs and you could have an argument they’re more deserving in that scenario.

I don’t see any scenario, however, where one-loss Baylor should go ahead of one-loss TCU or one-loss Ohio St.

“B-but head to head” isn’t an argument.

Beating TCU is just a high-quality win.

I know the way tie-breakers work, they don’t care how bad the loss is. For instance, if Alabama had lost to Arkansas or Texas A&M instead of Ole Miss, they still would win the tie-breaker over Mississippi St. if the two finish with the same SEC record.

I do care how bad the loss is. In fact, I think that should be the most important game to compare when you compare two one-loss teams.

So before we even get to Minnesota, I think TCU goes ahead of Baylor. Playing well enough to lose to Baylor by three (my system doesn’t look at the margin, but that doesn’t mean my arguments can’t) is playing well enough to beat all but maybe 10 teams in college football. Playing at that level could be good enough to win a semifinal playoff game.

It’s hard to be complimentary about a 14-point loss to WVU though. It is tougher to play them on the road, but TCU did that and managed to win.

I know not everyone will credit Ohio St. for having a couple of mid-level non-conference wins instead of one good one like TCU, and that’s fine. I can accept that. I could not accept Baylor going ahead of either team though, assuming one loss apiece.

I think the Big Ten is slightly better than the Big XII, but even if they’re equal, consider that when you’re in a 10-team conference you play the worst teams as well as the best. Ohio St. did not play Purdue, and that’s one of the two worst teams in the Big Ten. TCU played Kansas (barely beating them) and will play Iowa St. during championship week.

My hope is Ohio St. is given significant credit for beating a tougher opponent on that weekend. If they are and they come up short, that’s fine. I like TCU better anyway.

A lot of these conversations could become even more muddled if you add in a possible two-loss SEC team. I think Mississippi St. is out with two losses, but a two-loss SEC champion Georgia team, I’m not so sure. They would have wins over Auburn, Georgia Tech, Arkansas, and Missouri, not to mention whoever the SEC West champions will be (most likely Alabama but possibly Mississippi St.)

Also, unlike last year, a loss to Auburn doesn’t necessarily knock Alabama out of the divisional race. Most people predicted Alabama to come out of Oxford with a win, and that didn’t happen. The same thing could happen to Mississippi St.

Alabama beat that West Virginia team mentioned above. They also beat Mississippi St., LSU, and Florida and could possibly beat Georgia in the SEC Championship.

Georgia isn’t guaranteed to win the East though. In fact, they need Arkansas to beat Missouri for that to happen. That may be the key to any two-loss SEC team being included.

Nothing down the list was too interesting. Minnesota actually jumped up 10 spots, so even though they beat Nebraska, they still got pretty significant credit for that even though it wasn’t quite enough to most past the Huskers. When two teams are separated by 16 spots going into a game, it’s not always enough for the lower team to get ahead in the ratings.

Also, it was nice to see Boise St. and Marshall finally get included in the committee’s top 25. I’m generally against “mid-major” teams being in the top 10, but the committee went too far in excluding them for so long.

I don’t know what they’re thinking keeping Utah in there though. Losing to Washington St. is pretty bad. If you want to pick a team with four losses, here are some better suggestions: LSU, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, and USC. Apart from Notre Dame againstNorthwestern, none of the rest lost an embarrassing game like that. Since Notre Dame is playing USC and LSU is playing Texas A&M, hopefully the winners will get some strong consideration for that last spot. I would even take Arkansas as a five-loss team given their schedule (In addition to the SEC West, they will have played Georgia and Missouri, the best two teams in the East, as well as Northern Illinois and Texas Techout of conference).

What is your favorite pie for Thanksgiving? Tags: Thanksgiving Pie

I have to say that I struggle between Apple and Pecan...of course, a good Chess pie is tough to beat.


Buzz from the Bleachers
Category: Daily Blog 2.0

Welcome to Thanksgiving week, Gabbers. Time to gather with family, eat some bird, and watch some football. This year, I’m going down to Virginia with my wife and sister in law.  In other news, the wife and I are house hunting. It sucks because we wanted to wait and build more assets before we found a house.  I definitely wanted to have a full time teaching job. Our landlady, however, wants to get out of renting. She understands it’s a tough time to look and hasn’t given us a deadline. Hopefully we will find something and can host Thanksgiving one of these days.

This week also brings us the MLB HOF ballot. We can dare to ream before the voters come in and fuck it all up. The ballots are really getting harder for me. These are the guys I grew up watching. I finally get to reflect on the players of my childhood. There are a lot of names I remember fondly, but many that aren’t really HOF material.

The biggest blow to my childhood came in 2004. That was the first year Cecil Fielder was on the HOF ballot. It was also the last. Fielder got .2% of the vote. Only one person voted for him. I loved this guy growing up, and while it stings that he only got one vote, I can’t argue it.

Fielder was a good player. He made 3 All Star teams. He finished second in the MVP race twice. In 1990, he had an insane year that was capped off with 51 home runs. That was unheard of. Problem is, he didn’t follow up. He didn’t age well. I’ll always be a big fan, but he’s not Hall worthy.

These are the hard decisions people have to make.

This year, 17 newcomers grace the ballot. Some are sure to make it: Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and John Smoltz. Others have potential, but I am skeptical: Gray Sheffield. There are great memories, like Tony Clark. I met Tony the Tiger during his first season with Detroit. I got his autograph on my Tigers ball. There’s heart brake and confusion. What happened to Nomar and Delgado?

It’s a great list. Check it out here:

My list, short and sweet, is as follows:

Criag Biggio: Ultimate team guy. He did everything to help his team (most hit by pitch ever).

Mike Piazza: The best offensive catcher. He got named in the steroid era, but heck so did Frank Thomas. There is no evidence.

Jeff Bagwell: His biggest hang-up is his durability. If he had played a few more years, he wouldn’t have to wait. Still, what he did in his time was remarkable.

Lee Smith: His durability causes many to claim his numbers are inflated. I say it shows he was effective.

Edgar Martinez: One of baseballs first career DHs. Over 2000 hits and a lifetime .312 avg.

Randy Johnson

Pedro Martinez

John Smoltz

Guys I would give a second look to, but am unsure of: Mike Mussina, Fred McGriff, and Gary Sheffield

Next year: Ken Griffey Jr. and Trevor Hoffman

Tbat’s all for me, Gabbers. I’d like to take a moment to mention that we have a great community here. We’re all at different stages here. We’ve got varying levels of fandom and vast interests. We have a great level of respect for each other and a perfect forum to vent about what we’d like to. I’m thankful that I am a part of it. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Deep Thoughts 11-26-14
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Tags: Going home Thanksgiving wishes Colt McCoy and RG3 Tyron Smith Anthony Hines Malcolm Brown


Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. As a baby, I was a big baby…9 pounds and 4 ounces. Because I was large, I was born with a sore on the top of my head. When I was a youngster of 6 or so, it was decided that I should have surgery to eliminate the scar that the sore had left. I traveled  with my parents the 17 miles from my hometown of Killeen to Scott and White Hospital in Temple, Texas. When my friends asked why I was going to the hospital, I remember telling them that I had too much brains and needed to share some with other people. I don’t think they bought it, but it was better than saying I don’t know…and they did not ask any more questions. The first thing that I did after being left alone in the hospital room was to pull the nurse call chain in the bathroom…I had no idea what it was, but at 6, that was the sort of thing that I did…regularly, my mom would say. I have to say that I was impressed how quickly the nurses responded. I was asked to not pull the chain unless I needed help and I quickly agreed. Time passed and I remember being rolled down a hall on a bed with wheels. The doctor presented me with something like a pilot’s oxygen mask like I had seen in movies. I was told to breathe deeply and to count backwards from 10. I remember getting to 8, then nothing.

I recall that event from many years ago because I am once again at Scott and White hospital. My visit to Temple is not a happy time. My father has been ill and had to be hospitalized last weekend.  We have been rotating night shifts at the hospital…and Tuesday night was my night again. As I sit watching him sleep, I am reminded of the many years that have passed.  Through the good and bad times, there was always a comfort knowing that my dad always had my back. Right or wrong, he stood by me.  As an adult, when I was faced with a difficult decision, it was always his counsel that I sought. The reality of life is that we don’t live forever, but when we are young…it certainly seems so. I don’t know how it is for everyone else, but I know that there was one birthday along the way that made me wonder…is this the halfway point? Life certainly does not come with any clues, so I just forge ahead.  Life should never be taken for granted and each day that we live should be treasured for the blessing that it is.



Since this is the week of Thanksgiving, families will gather across our country to celebrate family, food and football. Does it get any better than that? Regardless of the negative events in our world, this is the time for celebrating the good things in our life. This Thanksgiving will be a bit fractured for my family, but we will celebrate none the less. My hope is that each of you has a wonderful holiday with just the right amount of turkey and dressing.





                                                                                            Birds of a feather...





I suspect that many will not like the two songs that I have added here...but that is okay, they are not for you, but for my dad. My dad gave me music at an early age and it is a passion that we have shared my entire life. These are for you dad...










I previously touched on the possible bowl pairing of Texas and Texas A&M in the Texas bowl. Word has it that the SEC does not like the recruiting tone should the Aggies lose this game. With that in my short term memory, I found it interesting to read that Mississippi State recently pulled the scholarship of West Mesquite QB Chason Virgil. Virgil was set to graduate early and enroll at Mississippi State after the Christmas break. Yanking the commitment to a long term commit seems odd, and a move that would seemingly leave other Texas high school athletes wondering about their offer. It did not take long for Coach Mullen to see if the move might affect other offers. Four star Plano East linebacker Anthony Hines decided to de-commit from Mississippi State and begin to reconsider his college options. His father left no doubt that this was directly attributed to Virgils lost scholarship. Hines has many offers, but many think that Hines will end up at Oklahoma. Texas recruiting might be a bit frosty for Mississippi State for the near future. I guess the SEC does not require schools to ask permission to yank a scholarship…just saying.







It has been announced that RG3 has lost his starting job to Colt McCoy. While this is not a permanent change, it was obvious that Jay Gruden had to make a change. Griffin is still to be part of the long term plans for the Redskins, but this will allow Gruden the opportunity to work with Griffin. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the thing that made RG3 so dangerous was when the Skins were using the read option as part of their offense. Taking away that part of Griffin’s game and sticking him in a pocket that quickly collapses…it is no wonder that he has struggled. I am not making excuses for him, but find it odd that they don’t see the poor blocking as part of the problem. Griffin gets the blame for being a poor pocket passer, but all pocket passers suck with no time.  I guess they figured that Colt has had more practice running for his life in Cleveland and would be better suited for this duty? I read that McCoy is not the long term option in Washington…my question is what do they do if he continues to win games? He is 2-0 this year but has a tough test against Andrew Luck and the Colts on Sunday. Go ahead Colt, keep proving them wrong...






If you have watched the Texas Longhorns this year, you have probably seen that Malcolm Brown has had a big part in making this Texas defense better. Each game Brown seems to get better and I read this week that some draft pundits are saying that he could be a borderline first round pick in next year’s NFL draft. Although Brown has another year of eligibility remaining, I have a hunch that he decides to head to the NFL. Each year, Brown’s Brenham Cubs and my son’s Westwood Warriors have an annual scrimmage. My son’s sophomore year, I got a chance to see Brown play for the first time. My first reaction was surprise that a kid that big could run that well. My eyes told me that this kid would someday play on Sunday. It is disappointing somewhat that Texas has not had a better team during Brown’s 3 years…but he has finally begun to gain recognition. that I believe his talent warrants. In addition to the praise being heaped upon him by the draft guys, Malcolm has also been nominated for the Bronco Nagurski award. I am not sure if he will win, but he would get my vote.





When I read stories like this…

I am more convinced how lucky I was to be born into my family. I don’t know Tyron Smith of the Cowboys, but I am impressed at the maturity of this young man. He offers to buy his mom and step dad a $300,000 home and they come back with one that is $800,000? He balked at the request and you can’t help but admire his logic…”they are asking me to buy them a home that is way bigger and way more expensive than the one I live in”. You are right Tyron…that does not make sense. We read stories about athletes that end up out of the league and broke and wonder…how does this happen? Sometimes it is irresponsibility of the athletes…too much too soon. But often, it is family that pushes them to the poor house.  Check out Smith’s story, it is a very interesting read.




During the World Series, the conductors for the Kansas City and San Francisco symphonies placed a wager. This week was the day of reckoning for Michael Stern as he was forced to wear a Giants uniform during a performance.



                                        Now that is losing with class! What you can't see is the Royals jersey underneath...





That’s all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


"I hope they never find that lightening has a lot of vitamins in it, because do you hide from it or not?


If you go through a lot of hammer each month, I don’t think that it necessarily means that you are a hard worker. It may mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance."


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own.










Notes on LSU @ Texas A&M 2014
Category: NCAA

The LSU defense did about as well as could be expected against Johnny Manziel…

But as a more traditional passer, Kyle Allen presents a very different test.

LSU was the only team that went 2-0 against “Johnny Football”, but as the captions above indicate, that’s not necessarily a reason for confidence going into this game. If you missed it, I wrote about LSU’s quarterback situation last week.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been waiting until I can compute the Mock BCS standings before writing a blog about my rankings. Unfortunately, (when I first wrote this) one of the formerly BCS computer rankings still ha[d] not been released for this week, so this could not be done on time.

You can still access my ratings for all 128 teams here, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow or the next day for the blog that I write to accompany them.

I updated my LSU-Texas A&M “Rivalry Series” blog after last season’s game, but I thought of a few more possibly interesting tidbits.

From 1989 to 1995, LSU lost 4 consecutive games at Texas A&M. The Tigers did not travel to the state of Texas again until 2002, when they lost to the Longhorns in the Cotton Bowl. The last five trips to the state have gone fairly well, however:

2014 – Wisconsin (Houston), 28-24
2013 – TCU (Arlington), 37-27
2012 – @Texas A&M, 24-19
2011 – Oregon (Arlington), 40-27
2010 – Texas A&M (Arlington), 41-24

In trips West of the Mississippi River since that 2002 Texas game I mentioned, LSU is 11-3, with all three losses coming against Arkansas (just in case of confusion, when I put “Little Rock,” that means that’s where the game was played, not that LSU played the University of Arkansas-Little Rock):

2014 LOSS – @Arkansas, 0-17
2012 – @Arkansas, 20-13
2010 LOSS – Arkansas (Little Rock), 23-31
2009 – @Washington, 31-23
2008 LOSS – Arkansas (Little Rock), 30-31
2006 – Arkansas (Little Rock), 31-26
2005 – @Arizona St., 35-31
2004 – Arkansas (Little Rock), 43-14
2003 – @Arizona, 59-13

Since joining the conference, Texas A&M is only 4-6 in SEC play at home. By comparison, when the Aggies beat South Carolina in late August, they ran their SEC road record to 7-2 but have since fallen to 8-4. (If that doesn’t quite seem to add up, they beat Arkansas at a neutral site in 2012.)

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