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Tuesday's Tantrum - 10/28/14
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There were so many other things I wanted to discuss & fortunately Tage beat me to so many of them and I highly encourage you to check out his Sunday Blog here.  He’s got some GREAT stuff, and while I’m at it, check out and respond to both Qwazier and Radatz as well.  We’ve got a fantastic Sunday lineup here.

Happy early Halloween to my friends here at the Gab.  For those of you who watch “Ghost Adventures”, this is a picture of Preston Castle which starred in an episode.  It’s two blocks from Casa de B.O.B., and the site in most years of one hell of a Halloween season, but this year because of “insurance concerns”, the only thing we get is the spooky sounds piped through the neighborhood from the Castle on Friday and Saturday Nights.   So let’s roll with the trick or treat version of sports here at the Gab. 

Trick or Treat – Middle B.O.B.?  TRICK strictly based on jealousy!  She’s livin la vida loca for 12 days in Maui while I’m watching her spawn of satan golden lab and sick other dog, and 50-60 pound fat cat, and fish.   But let me say this, she’s getting around and trying everything out there - snorkeling, hiking, trying new foods, paddleboarding, and a lot more.  Sounds like a blast, and looks even more fun. 

Trick or Treat – CFB?  I’m gonna go with Treat here – FOR NOW.  This has been one heck of a season with lots of twists and turns, and the uncertainty of the new system is forcing schools to revise how they think and who they play in the future.  That will ultimately lead to further reorganization and more playoff teams.  If the NCAA wises up and the playoff committee is on the up and up, it’s a win-win for everybody.

Mack Brown to SMU for a Brink’s Truck worth of Cash?  SMU is crazy.  Desperate, but crazy. 

Trick or Treat – NFL?  TRICK.  I still love football – you know, that game on the 110 yard x 54 yard field, but I personally don’t believe that the NFL is living up to its potential.  There have been a lot of sorry matchups and a lot of teams who are just flat out bad.  I’m also tired of the drama and scandals, oh, and this stupid flirtation with London too.  But there’s one other thing that is starting to rear its ugly head and that’s the flopping with was VERY noticeable this past week, especially by a Cincinnati defender against that certified bad ass Steve Smith. 

On the plus side, I’m starting to see teams getting fed up with player off-the-field behavior.   Mosley from Detroit was sent home, the dude from Denver’s practice squad was cut, and Seattle is working to deal with their issues.  While the cynic in me says it’s easy to bench or cut scrubs, it seems to me that teams are starting to get the message that enough is enough.

And while I’m in the credit mode, on Sunday Radatz had an absolutely fantastic blog on the issues swirling around Seattle.  If you didn’t get a chance to read it, I highly encourage you to – it’s very thought provoking.  I’m still trying to take it all in, but with every emphatic denial from Carroll and Wilson, it makes me thing more and more something is wrong.

Lastly, did you notice how without Fred Jackson and C. J. Spiller, Buffalo still managed to hang 43 points on New York? 

Trick or Treat – Fantasy Football.  T-R-I-C-K.  I’ve lost my mojo, and my players lose their health and/or their production. 

Trick or Treat – MLB?  Before I get to my take here, I want to take a moment and send my thoughts and prayers to the family of Oscar Tavares, who apparently died in a car crash in the Dominican Republic Sunday.  I honestly thought this was one of those BS internet death rumors, but apparently its true. 

MLB has been an absolute treat, and for me a rebirth in a sense, which I’ll talk about next week.  Oh, and Baseball is the one sport where you can go anywhere and enjoy it, especially at the Minor League Level.

Trick or treat – NHL?  TREAT, but TRICK in San Jose. 

Trick or treat – NBA?  TRICK ASS BITCH!!!  A league that if marketed on its merits could be great, but they have allowed their league to be taken hostage by the media and Madison Ave.  Oh, and this week we start the LeBron/Cleveland Coronation – memo to those who cover the WWE (err, NBA) don’t bother me with your “programming.”  When it comes to the NBA, this is what I look forward to:  watching my team and hoping for any sign of improvement while enjoying the local radio and TV play by play here in Sacramento which is WAAAAYYYY better than the national stuff. 

Speaking of the NBA, “the Chucksta” got off one hell of a blast this week that will get him in trouble.   Hell, it won’t matter because he doesn’t care.  Wonder what the NBA is gonna do about that?

Trick or treat – NASCAR?  In my mind, I classify it as a trick only because I believe the jury is still out on all the changes, plus I’m not big on their WWE turn.  However, I truly understand the love heaped upon it by its many fans, and you know what, good for them – they love it.  So I guess overall it’s a treat.

Trick or treat – Golf?  THIS IS THE BIGGEST FREAKING TRICK OUT THERE.  Ignoring the majority of your golfers and having a President of your association acting like a middle school girl clique on Twitter is just plain dumb.  When you have quality players out there like Bubba Watson and all the others and fans can’t be bothered to watch because Tiger Woods isn’t around, that’s a crock and that’s on you Golf fans for not demanding better.  Golf is slowly returning to niche status for all the old farts at the 19th hole.

Trick or treat – MMA?  Many like this stuff – I’m not necessarily too big on it, but I get that this is the natural progression away from boxing which has alienated so many people.  Problem is they’re starting to market it like Boxing and I see the same fate awaiting MMA if they don’t change things.

Trick or treat – Tennis?  Trick.  When the only way they can get press is by some dumb ass Russian getting off a Serena Williams blast, then you know you have problems.  BTW Russian dude, you know that if you had a chance, you’d do it, so shut your pie hole. 

Trick or treat – Soccer.   I think this is a treat for many, a trick for many as well.  IHM and Sully perfectly nailed it about Soccer – it’s a niche sport for hipsters (and parents to keep their young kids occupied on a Saturday Morning), and that may be where they struggle.  At the same time, I think MLS gets it and are very careful (now!) where they put their franchises, yet I don’t understand why they are going with Minny – are there that many hipsters there?  I sure didn’t see em, though judging by their politics up there, it would seem the hipsters (the offspring of hippies) hold some sway there. 

Trick or treat – Bowling.  It’s always been a treat for me, it’s my Golf if you will.  To me it’s almost all mental.  So many things to work on and remember.  It isn’t a sport per se, it’s entertainment, an event – a opportunity for a socially awkward Bitter Ole Bastard to get out of the bunker and go have a blast.

Treat – Good Story of the Week.  Back in the Summer I talked about the Special Olympics and I saw a discussion about the New Orleans Saints honoring the Gold Medal winning United Flag Football team from Louisiana.


Musings From The Hoodwood 10-28
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How did the Pokes lose to Washington?


Black Enough?

Recently the issue of race came up in the form of an anonymous quote in the Seattle Seahawks locker room disparaging Russell Wilson as “not being black” enough. I hear about something like that and I bristle, no one would take ownership of the quote and it was black writer (I hate the term African-American) that reported the issue. I then thought, what is “Black enough?” Am I not black enough because I live in the suburbs and not in the hood? Im sorry I like to know I can leave my backpack in my car and it not get into, I like the quietness of my neighborhood. Its not a black/white thing its my home. Russell Wilson is a fine upstanding young man, and his race should not be a factor in how he is perceived. I’d like to think that enough time has passed where the issue of a “black quarterback” is a non issue. Geno Smith struggles in New York and might very well lose his starting job to another black quarterback Michael Vick but no one really cares about skin color here. They are concerned that Smith is throwing interceptions at a frighteningly frequent clip. RGIII looks to be coming back to play for Washington soon, his struggles only looked at from a playing perspective. I think enough time has passed from when a black quarterback was curiosity or novelty. When quarterbacks like Merlin Briscoe, Joe Gilliam and James “Shack” Harris were the rare exception as quarterback and Warren Moon had to go to Canada for seven years before someone happened on the idea that he might be a decent QB. Russell Wilson became the 2nd black quarterback to win a Super Bowl 26 years after Doug Williams did it (ironically in a blowout against the Broncos featuring an iconic QB), but when Wilson won there were few that talked about it. And that in itself was a good thing. Why? I don’t care if the quarterback of my team is black white, a woman or a martian. If they are winning games and carrying themselves with the right kind of attitude, im good with it. I only see color when it comes to my team. And I’ll root hard for  or rail on a bad quarterback black or white.  Trust me, Tavaris Jackson made my blood boil, and Daunte Culppepper could be frustrating but I also railed on Christian Ponder, Gus Frerotte and Jeff George.  But I digress. Ultimately, the term acting black or not being black enough is a misnomer and something that is insulting. I spoke correctly in school and got called a punk for it. I was taught to speak clearly and correctly. Could I hood it up when the need presented itself? Of course I could and at when the scenario presents itself, do. But in my line of work, when the money is on the line I think I speak more “proper” But the term to me in annoying and I think that the person that was responsible for the “anonymous quote” was the real coward.

Goodell continues to ruin the NFL

The NFL is hell bent on shoving the concept of a team in London down our collective throats. The Lions and Falcons played the second of the three scheduled games in Wembley Stadium. The Raiders and Dolphins played a snoozer last month. Now this game played this past Sunday was markedly differnet to be sure the Lions spotted the Falcons a 21-0 before roaring back to win 22-21 on a second chance field goal by Matt Prater. But now the NFL is looking to five games in London in 2015 taking another home game from a pair of teams but damn sure not reducing season ticket package prices. THe NFL wants to dominate the day watching. The Lions-Falcons game kicked off at 9:30a EDT to placate the locals who wanted a day game, and the talk is that more of the London based game will be kicking off at this time to get more TV coverage. Also London is clamoring hard for NFL team of their own, now not only is this sacrilege this smacks in the fast of continuing to ignore the nations #2 TV market LA. Which I think that Der Kommisar Goodell is wanting to remain open to use a leverage for cities that wont toe their stadium building line. The one off game in London is amusing and different but the increasing number of games in London at the expense of the American fans is stupid. Do you think that the Barclays Premier League would move a regular season match by two of its teams to America or that they think that they would try to get an American team here? It wouldn’t happen, period.

End of the Line for Nash?

The Lakers Steve Nash stayed around for the paycheck but it seems that the Lakers are paying for an expensive bench warmer. Nash reinjured his back and is likely out for the  season and possibly his career. The wily guard who was the point man for the high scoring Suns team of the mid to late 2000s played only 65 total game for the Lake Show and is likely  done for good it’s a sad coda for one of the more brilliant ball handlers and scorers in the game. He was fun to watch and played the game with a fearless drive that made him easy to root for, he won back to back MVP’s in 2005 and 2006 and many are left to wonder if healthy could he have made a real difference in preventing the Lake Show frightening slide into irrelavence in their own city. I would have liked to see Nash playing out this season, having has announced that this season upcoming would be his last. But it its not meant to be and we will have to wonder is the Canadian gem a first ballot hall of famer.

A world class world series

The World Series is looking like it could be a classic with the Giants now hold a 3-2 edge behind Madison Baumgartner’s complete game 5 gem as the series returns to Kansas City. The scrappy Royals are facing elimination for the first time since the wild card game against the Giants cross-bay neighbors in Oakland.  Here is where the Americans win in the all-star game is proving to be critical. The Giants will have to clinch it on the road in front the rowdy Royals fans who are unleashing 29 years of pent up playoff frustration. I think that the big city pundits that are whining that since the big names and big stars are not on the major stage the series isn’t worth watching. I disagree, this is shaping to be one of the best series in quite a while. I mean seriously when did you remember a series this action packed? So what both teams won less than 90 games in the regular season, they are playing scrappy passionate baseball and you have to know that Bud Selig in his final series as commissioner is delighted that the small market Royals are standing tall in the mega spotlight of the World Series and are still very much in the hunt to take the title. But the battle tested Giants seem to never be rattled and just seem to have every answer.

Phat Dap

To Oak Harbors football team that forfeits game to give title to Marysville after a tragic shooting earlier in the day. Rather than rescheduling the game after the shooting. Oak Harbor forfeited the game to give Marysville the conference title and attended a vigil at Marysville that night. You have to give dap to Oak Harbor for thinking of their fellow football players in their time of grief and love to Marysville, Hoodwood grieves with you.

Head Slap

Lamarr Houston of the Bears who injured himself celebrating a sack. Did I mention that it was of Jimmy Garopalo? And that it was late in the Pats blowout of the Bears? Houston tore his ACL and is out for the season. What a moron


Quick Hits

82 points for TCU…in a football game? The basketball team hasn’t scored that much in 2 years

I like Peyton Manning (hes the QB of one of my fantasy teams) but the rant at the scoreboard operator was stupid

Why do I get the feeling that the college football playoff will find a way to get it wrong? If Notre Dame is anywhere near this or multiple SEC teams, this playoff scheme will be a sham

My first four teams Miss. St, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State

Is there a clear cut favorite for the Heisman?

Kobe’s mad at his player ranking, why is he on the delusion that he is one of the best players in the NBA?

If the Giants take the series isn’t it about time that we start talking about Bruce Bochy being one of the best baseball managers of this era, three titles in five years but he gets no love outside the bay area.

One of my fantasy teams is climbing back from an 0-4 deficit while my 6-1 team took an unexpected pratfall to the worst team in the league. THe natives are restless (when aren’t they?)

Im no fan of Ben Roethlisberger, but you have to be impressed with him throwing for 5 bills against a Colts team that was coming off an impressive shutout of the Bengals

I don’t know who I trust less Romo or Jay the hell do you lose to Washington and Colt McCoy?

Until Next Post fellow sports fans!

LSU-Ole Miss 2014 Post-Game
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LSU Freshman WR Trey Quinn surfs the crowd after the win on Saturday.

Just so you know, I'm waiting until after the college football playoff committe rankings before posting my top 25, but you can check out my computer rankings here.

A few preliminary things. I updated the chart I made a few days ago with Ole Miss’s performance against LSU when renked. Their last win over LSU when both teams were ranked was 1962. I also updated the blog about the overall series that I published here for the first time in 2010.

Since LSU has a bye week and just had another game with a great finish, I think this week will be the perfect time to the blog I’ve been planning on with the crazy LSU finishes over the last 15 years. It will also be fun because obviously the next game is Alabama, and there were some crazy finishes when Saban was at LSU too. It’s not just a Miles thing. If you want to get an early start on Alabama, I also have a blog about that series of course.

Game Expectations

On to the game, I was leaning toward Ole Miss winning, but for some reason I’ve been picking the wrong teams in close games the last several weeks. I also picked Penn St. and USC, for instance.

However, I had a feeling it would be a game like the one that was played and that we would see an improved LSU team from Miss. St. and Auburn. A couple of guesses for potential LSU wins were 17-14 (the score LSU won by in 2003) and 17-16 (the score LSU won by in the disputed 1972 game).

I knew there was a risk Ole Miss would get things going on offense, so I thought they might win by something like 27-24 as they did last year. If things went more poorly for LSU, maybe 28-17, something like that.

The LSU defense was dominant at times, but what I like about this defense is if you get one first down you’re not off to the races. You have to fight for the next one and the one after that. So it stopped or drove Ole Miss back at least three times from borderline field-goal range. There were a few other key stops in the vicinity of midfield as well.

If you had told me the final score would be 10-7, I would have known that favored LSU.

Comparison to recent games and trivia

As a fan, I feel vindicated by this game. When we went to Oxford last year, we were still playing for a national championship, and we got derailed by Ole Miss with a late field goal. Ole Miss only has one loss, so they’re not out of it, but it was still nice to return the favor.

Also, in 2009, we made some mistakes right at the end that potentially cost the game as well, so I felt like this helped even the score. Down by 2, the Tigers drove to the Ole Miss 32, the edges of field goal range. After an incompletion on first down, LSU went backwards. QB Jordan Jefferson was sacked, knocking the Tigers out of field goal range, but it was only third down. When the play ended, 17 seconds ticked off the clock before LSU called a timeout. Miles said he thought a timeout had been called, but the clock ticked down from 0:49 to 0:32 before it was actually stopped by that timeout. LSU then lost more ground on third down, leading to a 4th and 26 with 9 seconds left. I don’t know what that took up so much time either, but the Tigers completed a 42-yard pass for a first down at the Ole Miss 6. They could not get the final play off though, and the game ended.

Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze reacts to the late interception.

Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze reacts to the late interception.

We did get wins over the Rebels in 2010, 2011, and 2012 of course, but it’s nice to get one back that they likely feel they should done better with clock management to give themselves a chance at coming back at the end. To be honest, I thought that might be the kind of thing LSU would do at the end of the game.

It also adds something to the fun when you get a win as an underdog. If you’re supposed to win, it’s usually just more of a relief instead.

LSU has not beaten Ole Miss by more than 7 points at Tiger Stadium since 1995, but somehow LSU has won 6 of the last 7 at home against the Rebels. Ole Miss has still won two of the last three at home against LSU after four straight losses.

LSU is now 24-23 under Les Miles when trailing at some point in the fourth quarter, not only the only team with a winning record but also the only team over 35% in such games. Texas is second since 2005 in both wins (18) and winning percentage (34.6).

Here are a couple more factoids for you: In the last 20 years, only 2 teams have defeated a Top-3 opponent while scoring 10 or fewer points… LSU did it both times: 2011 at No. 2 Alabama (9-6) and 2014 vs No. 3 Ole Miss (10-7). LSU has won 5 out of six games when hosting top 10 teams since 2010. I shouldn’t have to mention the exception.

Game analysis

I correctly anticipated Anthony Jennings would feel the pressure, but I was pleasantly surprised that he seemed to handle it better than Bo Wallace did. While he did turn the ball over twice, they were both long throws and the defense performed well to keep them from being very damaging. Also, it didn’t seem to damage his ability to focus and handle the rest of the game.

Bo Wallace, by contrast, really seemed overwhelmed at times, and not just when he head-butted an LSU player or when he started jawing with the crowd (It reminded me of when Tim Tebow tried to show up the LSU crowd in a loss). He did not turn the ball over until his last throw of the night, but that was obviously a lot more crucial of a mistake.

Also, the interception that was negated by a pass interference was a horrible throw. It was arguably uncatchable, but I’ve studied this rule at length since the Auburn game in 2006 (when LSU was denied an obvious pass interference when the referees picked up the flag). It has to be very clearly uncatchable or it is interference, so the call could have justifiably gone either way. The interpretation that likely prevailed was that the receiver theoretically could have fought off two defenders (the one flagged and the one who caught the ball) and made a play on the ball, but that doesn’t mean it was anything but a bad throw.

Ole Miss’s only score was technically off of a turnover, but it still required an 80-yard drive. So the Tigers really should have been ahead in the early going of the game since one of the fumbles was at the Rebel three-yard line, and after another good drive the LSU kicker missed a 28-yard field goal. He would also make a 21-yard field goal (which was ultimately necessary for the win of course), but that also indicates how close they were to more points on that possession.

LSU did have, surprisingly, over 400 yards of total offense, and they needed just about every one of them, so I don’t think my analysis in picking Ole Miss to win was really that far off. I knew the Ole Miss defense was overrated (at least by those who predicted the LSU running attack would be stopped cold), but I don’t think anyone anticipated giving up that many yards to an offense that had struggled so much in the passing game. (Jennings was still only 8/16 for 142, but that’s better than 7/15 for 120 against Kentucky or 10/21 for 110 against Florida.)

Time of possession is widely considered over-rated, but not for these teams in this game. If your defense needs to hold the other team to 7 points, you want them on the field as little as possible. 36 minutes of possession is pretty substantial.

It seems especially crucial for this LSU defense, which got shredded by Wisconsin, Mississippi St., and Auburn, but only when the Tiger offense could not move the ball against those teams.

I REALLY don’t mean to slight the Ole Miss defense here. I don’t blame them for giving up these yards given the time of possession battle I mentioned. Also, LSU was not just clumsily tossing the ball around and dropping it. The “land sharks” (classic SNL references ftw) deserve primary credit for least three of the four LSU turnovers, and partial credit for the other one. Stopping a team at the three with a turnover is still a stop even if they drove 96 yards to get there (it was actually 69).

Some of the big plays were posted in .gif (moving image) format here:—hillard—buga—stokes—freeze/


As if the game wasn’t emotional enough, I just want to express profound sympathy and admiration for what Miles has gone through over this time. I don’t know how he does everything he does under normal circumstances, but with how big of a game this was and the media circus and so forth, I don’t know how you can deal with all that and the loss of a parent in the same 24 hours.

Also, the LSU fan who had a heart attack and died in the fourth quarter. I hope he learned of the outcome somehow. May he become another Tiger Stadium ghost who watches over us. Someone wrote a comment about that before the game, so I thought I’d share:
“When The Golden Band From Tiger Land plays the “Duuuun, dun, dun, dunt” – those four notes that send chills up the back of the Tiger faithful, the Chinese Bandits reemerge. Billy Cannon slips through another tackler. Bert Jones gets another second on the clock. Hodson hits Fuller in the back of the end zone on 4th down again. Matt Mauck finds Skyler Green one more time. Tyrann Mathieu returns that punt against Arkansas down 14-0 and the ghosts cascade down onto the field with the roar of 100,000 wild Louisianians and the dreams of opponents begin to die.

Welcome to Death Valley.”

Anyway, Martha Miles ;-)

Improbability and Serendipity
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I have to do some traveling this week and planned to fly into Baltimore/Washington this morning.  I didn’t have my appointments finalized, so I held off on getting a hotel room but since I knew I had to go, I booked my flights.  Having finalized my schedule, I went back to the reservation system to get my room...and I realized that instead of booking for a Monday morning flight, I booked a Sunday morning flight.  Ugh.  Change fees being more than the cost of an additional hotel night, I was stuck going to Washington a day earlier...not to mention up at 5 AM on a Sunday

Obviously, this is suboptimal.  Up early on a Sunday morning, arriving 26 hours before I actually have to be anywhere.  The object then is to find something to do.  Getting a single NFL ticket shouldn’t be too too difficult.  Turns out the Ravens are away.  The Redskins are not only away, but playing on Monday.  I have a bunch of time so I look up the Eagles - nope, they’re in Arizona.  That’s what’s called a losing streak.  I’m in Baltimore/Washington a day early and of 3 possible teams, they’re all away.

Here’s where it gets interesting.  6 years ago, we welcomed a young woman from Trinidad & Tobago into our home on a work study program.  Over the 18 months she was here, her family and boyfriend traveled here several times.  Our families became close and when she and her now husband were married, we went to Trinidad for the wedding.  

Her family is large and sprawling - spanning the world from China and India, to Canada, France and the UK.  As Americans, we were the least far flung of the guests.  We spent 10 days in Trinidad and Tobago, becoming more a part of her family as she became part of ours.  One of the branches of her family represents from Toronto - having moved from Trinidad and married an Irish Canadian.  

Her Canadian and half-Irish cousin, is also a Trinidad and Tobago citizen as well as a Canadian.  As it happens, she’s also a bit of a soccer player, and it’s because of this I have something to do Sunday.  Improbably, this Canadian, half-Irish young woman, because she holds Trinidad citizenship, is eligible to play for the Trinidad and Tobago women’s national soccer team.  This is her in the picture the left.

Improbably, CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football of which the US is part, in fact several MLS teams are part of the CONCACAF Champions league) is holding it’s Women’s Championship in the US for qualification for the Women’s World Cup in Canada next year.  

Trinidad is a team fresh off winning the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Cup, but arrived in Texas earlier this month with a total of $500 - a financial situation so dire that Haiti’s women’s team stepped up and gave them their funds.  Consider that - the Caribbean’s wealthiest nation accepting a donation from one of the world’s poorest.  Humiliating.  T&T repaid the favor by defeating their benefactors in the tournament. The backstory behind how they even had the $500 is even more interesting - one of the players' fathers' is airport security, and when his daughter told him of the teams' plight, he gave them $500...of which $300 was spent in Miami just feeding the team.

Further, as improbable, Trinidad & Tobago is competing to become the first Caribbean nation to qualify for the

Women’s World Cup.  So, on Sunday, because I’m arriving a day early, and because Trinidad lost on penalty kicks to Costa Rica on Friday, I was at PPL Park in Chester PA - about 90 miles from BWI - to watch Arin King and Trinidad & Tobago take on Mexico for her chance to play for the Women’s World Cup in one of her two home countries next year.  Unlike my dear friend IHateMillen, I do like soccer and am looking forward to my day Sunday.  Let’s go Soca Princesses.   Trinidad had their chance - they went up 2-1 with about 20 minutes left to play....but Mexico tied it up a minute later...and went to the races in overtime. Trini lost 4-2, but can still make the WWC via a home and home series with Equador later next month.




What do these Facebook quizzes mean?  “What kind of candy are you?,” “Who were you in a past life?”  Seriously, what are you thinking about when you look at it and say, “Yeah, what kind of candy am I?”  Yeah, it's probable that I'm a 3-Musketeers bar that was Teddy Roosevelt in a past life.


In the second game of the day, The US Women defeated Costa Rica to win the 2014 CONCACAF Women's a score of 6-0. Abby Wambach scored 4 times. 4. Just ridiculous. Congratulations USA - and as much affinity as I feel for the Trini women, I'm an American and the USA is my team.


Consider how improbable this is: James Shields has pitched in the World Series for...The Tampa Bay Rays and The Kansas City Royals. Seriously? Appearing in the World Series for 2 different teams isn't THAT big a deal (I mean, other than appearing in the World Series that is), but what's the likelihood of appearing for THOSE two teams?

Since I’m writing this on Saturday, I don’t have any commentary on the World Series other than to say that I couldn’t be more surprised if I woke up in the morning with my head sewn to the carpet not only that the Royals are in the Series, but are giving the Giants a run for it.  Talk about improbable. I put together an interesting tidbit by following a link to old favorite “Bad Edd” from the TSN days’ blog.  After the 1995 season, the Cleveland Browns left Cleveland for Baltimore, being rechristened the Ravens.  Back in 1954, the St. Louis Browns left town for Baltimore, being rebranded the Orioles.  It seems clear, then, that to name your team the Browns is to ask Baltimore to poach them and rename the team after a bird.

Peyton Manning is a pretty passionate guy.  It’s part of what makes him great - and even as a Patriots/TB12 toady, I’m here to tell you Manning is the guy I’d choose to lead my team if I had to win one regular season game.  But, he’s just about finished dispatching the Chargers by 14-points and he’s got a issue with the scoreboard operator because he was instigating the crowd.  Now, look you’re going to win this game by two touchdowns, why do you have to publicly call out a guy making tops, $50,000 - a decent salary, but let’s face it, most cats making $50k aren’t being called out in front of the media, and fans.  Put this in perspective: He made $30-million last year, or about $83,000 a day.  He was winning this game, no doubt.  Was the Scoreboard team checked out?  Sure.  But it didn’t cost the Broncos anything.  Have that conversation behind closed doors.  Seriously man.  There are ways to handle things...and that probably wasn't the best way to handle that.

As a Red Sox fan, Curt Schilling was a hero to me in 2001 for having improbably dispatched the Yankees in the World Series, and later on when he improbably dispatched the Yankees in the ALCS for the Red Sox - amping it up with a tendon sewed onto his ankle.  Like him or hate him - he’s a pretty outspoken guy on a lot of issues - he’s always struck me as being a personally accountable guy.  His position on his recent diagnosis and treatment for oral cancer only reinforces this for me.  I happen to respect him immensely.


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Do the Royals still have a chance?



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