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Considering that Fantasy Football is almost always played for money...Should the NFL ban players from taking part in Fantasy Football Leagues?



So Long, NCAA
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  Well folks, it’s that time of the week again… time for another grumble out of your old pal IHM. Normally on a Saturday in September, I’d be talking some college football… but today, I can’t bring myself to do it. In fact, I am so completely and totally disgusted with the NCAA right now, I don’t think I’m ever going to watch an NCAA affiliated event again.

  This week has been a busy one in the world of sports, especially with the explosion of the story involving Ray Rice beating his fiancée, which has turned into the biggest, most annoying thing going in all of sports. The problem I have is one that came out the same day as the Ray Rice video was released… and I’m sure that was no coincidence… when the NCAA announced it was going to reinstate Penn State’s bowl eligibility immediately, and as of the 2015-16 season the program would have full scholarships restored as well. Somehow, that story has received ZERO attention, as the media has jumped all over domestic violence and trying to have a fucking witch hunt over the NFL’s handling of the situation. Somehow, a grown woman choosing to be in a relationship with an abusive asshole is a much bigger story than the slap on the wrist that was given to a major college football program that covered up for and enabled a pedophilic sexual predator for nearly two fucking decades.

   Now I’m not saying that domestic violence is not an issue. It is terrible; it tears families and lives apart. But compared to the systematic cover up of decades of child rape, what upsets you more? Apparently ESPN et all have decided to stick with bashing the NFL because two or three of the two thousand fucking players in the league have some sort of domestic violence issue going on right now… despite the fact that 25% of women in America report they have been involved in a domestic violence situation at some point in their lives. In fact, during Goodell’s tenure as the commissioner, there have been fifty instances of domestic violence in the league. Of course, the woman that pointed that out, National Organization of Women’s president Terry O’Neil, neglected to mention that Goodell has been commissioner for eight years… 50 incidents in 8 years works out to about 6.5 domestic violence issues per year for the nearly 2,000 players in the NFL… or around 0.3% of the players. Yet, this stupid gash wants Goodell to resign because the NFL has a “domestic violence problem”. Sounds to me like somebody just wanted to get in on this gravy train of attention and media frenzy. Hopefully once this is all over she can go back to knowing nobody gives a good God damn about what she or her organization thinks.

  But to say that the NFL and it’s alleged “domestic violence problem” is a bigger deal than the NCAA essentially saying two years of punishment is enough for enabling decades of child rape is a bit much for me. Domestic violence is terrible, but it normally involves two consenting adults involved in a relationship. What Jerry Sandusky did to children from the 1970’s on to the year 2009 was much, much worse, and a much bigger violation of trust than any kind of domestic violence. Yet, everybody seems to be perfectly okay with the fact that the NCAA has now decided to let them off the hook.

  The biggest cry seems to be that they are punishing people who had nothing to do with it. Fuck that. Every player who was on the roster at the time that the Sandusky case broke had the chance to transfer, and some chose to do so. Some chose to stick with the team, and continue to change in the locker room Jerry Sandusky raped children in. The new recruits knew the school they chose to attend, for some reason, was under probation and wasn’t going to be bowl eligible for some time, yet they chose to go for some reason. Another question… what the hell kind of parents send their kids to a school where these sorts of things were allowed to happen?

  The crybaby fans in Happy Valley, who claim the entire thing should have never happened and they should have just been allowed to advocate child rape, can also go fuck themselves. Wear your Penn State hat... all it says to me is "I love child rape". Chant "We Are Penn State"... all it tells me is that "you are enablers". Joe Pa is still your hero? Well, everybody has their own heroes I suppose... just haven't heard of many whose special powers were looking the other way.

  In fact, if there is any kind of justice in this world, something terrible happens to this program. The team bus crashes... the plane goes down, the stadium blows up with al these idiot fans inside of it, the entire campus burns down... something. What a fucking clueless bunch of assholes. I sincerely wish nothing but the worst to anybody out there still rocking Penn State gear. Make sure you drop the kids off at "Uncle Jerry's" house on your way to get drunk and cry about being persecuted against all Saturday long in Happy Valley, you fucking dipshits.

  So today, I hope you all enjoy your games, and I don’t begrudge anybody for doing so. For me, this is the final straw… between the fact that Penn State did NOT receive the death penalty for this, and now to let them off of their punishment early, on top of the hypocrisy and ridiculousness that constantly comes out of the NCAA, I am done. I will never again watch an NCAA game again in my life. I’ll be damned if I’m going to support an organization that has such a weak stance against child rape. Have a good weekend, Gabbers.

Better Late than Never: 2013 Conference Report
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I’ll start with the records. I tabulate these myself, so they could be a game or two off for each conference (especially the “group of five” conferences, due to membership changes). If there is a reliable database somewhere, let me know though.

Best records overall
SEC 53-11
Pac-12 37-9
Big Ten 38-16
ACC 46-21
Big XII 25-11

Best records vs. FBS
SEC 40-10
Pac-12 28-8
Big XII 19-9
Big Ten 29-16
ACC 33-21

Best records vs. BCS-conference*
SEC 17-9
Pac-12 10-7
Big XII 7-7
ACC 12-14
Big Ten 11-13

Notre Dame went 9-4 against the FBS and 6-4 against the BCS conferences, although Temple really shouldn’t count.

*This includes Notre Dame since special provisions were made for them under the BCS. The American (AAC) was an automatic bid conference last season, so they still qualified. The AAC was the only conference outside of the “Big Five” (ACC, Big Ten, Big XII, Pac-12, SEC) that won more than 1/4 of its games against “Big Five” teams last year. Being that its membership continues to change and is now essentially what the CUSA was a few years ago, I did think it was fair to remove them starting this year. The new Playoff contract also treats them along with the CUSA, MAC, MWC, and Sun Belt (referred to as Group of Five).

I think it’s fair to say the major teams have consolidated themselves into the Big Five conferences. There were 10 fewer teams in the Big Five overall just 11 years ago, so what used to be a competitive Big East has been absorbed by the other conferences (Temple is an exception, but they were removed from the Big East effective in the 2005 season before being invited back to join what became the AAC) . There were a couple of teams that competed in the Big East recently there were not absorbed (such as Connecticut, South Florida, and Cincinnati), but South Florida and Connecticut are still fairly new to the FBS (with transition years in 2002 and 2003, respectively). Cincinnati was in the CUSA as recently as 2004, but I’ll admit they would probably fit in playing in a Big Five conference. There have always been a few outliers since the BCS started though.

Overall rankings and reasoning


Anyway, no surprise, but #1 goes to theSEC. It’s really no contest whatsoever based on those numbers alone. 16 more wins than the Pac-12 versus only two more losses. Even if you whittle it down to BCS-conference opponents, it’s 7 more wins versus two more losses.

It gets a little better when the AAC teams are eliminated, but one of those SEC wins was over Central Florida. That’s better than the Pac-12’s best out-of-conference wins Notre Dame and Wisconsin (which South Carolina also beat). Oklahoma St. (beaten by Missouri in the Cotton Bowl) was also better than those two teams.

Being that the they were the only other conference worth discussing for #1, the Pac-12 takes #2.

I’m actually going to award #3 to the ACC. They’re behind the Big XII in winning percentage against the Big Five, but look how many more games. There are more teams, but it’s approximately an average of one more opponent for every two teams. Ohio St., Georgia, and Auburn are a pretty good top of the list. Of course, LSU was the only team other than Florida St. to beat Auburn all year. Georgia’s only other out-of-conference loss was to Nebraska in the bowl game, and of course Ohio St.’s only other loss was in the Big Ten championship game.

Also, the ACC’s losses are pretty solid. The only bad ones were Northwestern (which beat Syracuse), Ball St. (which beat Virginia) and ULM (which beat Wake Forest).

Despite not having the best strength of schedule, I’m going with the Big XII as #4. Except for the FCS losses, every other loss was to a bowl team. North Dakota St. (one of the FCS losses; the other was Northern Iowa) probably could have been a bowl team had the Bison played in the FBS. I’m not going to pretend Maryland and Rice were very good but these are the rest of the FBS losses: Central Florida, Iowa, Oregon, LSU, Ole Miss, Missouri, and BYU. The wins were similar in strength to those of the Big Ten, who I’d put 5th.

As mentioned, the AAC was #6, due largely to Louisville and Central Florida.

#7 is a bit of a surprise. I’m going with theSun Belt (SBC), which had a winning record in non-conference games. The only thing the Sun Belt got seriously wrong was letting in Georgia St., which lost to three FCS teams. There were a total of 12 combined losses to the SEC and Big XII, and all but a couple of those were to bowl teams. There weren’t any huge wins, but the SBC represented itself well against the other conferences: 4-2 against CUSA, 3-0 against the MAC, 1-0 against the MWC, and 5-1 against independents.

Speaking of Independents, I would put theindependents apart from Notre Dame after the Sun Belt, but since they’re not really a conference we can call them #7.5. The main reason they’re not even higher is because Idaho, New Mexico St., and Old Dominion were included last season.

CUSA is #8. North Carolina (lost to East Carolina) and Maryland (lost to Marshall) were decent wins, but there wasn’t much else to write home about. There were a very high number of losses, include two to South Alabama, which had just fully joined the FBS. There were three other losses to Sun Belt teams, three losses to MWC teams, and four to MAC teams.

#9 is the MWC. Most of Big-Five-conference opponents were in the Pac-12, but there was only the one win over Washington St. The only other FBS win was over Rutgers. There was one other win of substance by Utah St. over Northern Illinois in the bowl game, but I think that was mostly the Huskies being let down by the loss to Bowling Green for the MAC title. There were also some bad losses to Utah, Colorado, UTSA, and Texas St.

The #10 MAC only won 11 games over the FBS. It won 10 games over the FCS but lost two. Northern Illiniois beat a decent Iowa team, but the other three wins over BCS conferences were Connecticut, Virginia, and Purdue. Ohio had three wins over the CUSA, and Bowling Green had one. Also, Toledo beat Navy. Not really an impressive group of wins there.

In the comments on my blog, someone gave a website that breaks down records against teams ranked at the time, teams that finished the season ranked, wins against teams that won 7 or more, wins against teams that won 10 or more, etc.  It looks like my numbers above are accurate, at least from the ones I compared.  The only thing the site doesn't do as compared to the chart I keep is break down the matchup of one conference to another, which I think is useful in my analysis.  The site also gives an overall strength of schedule (for last season, the SEC was first and the Big XII was second), but I'm not sure how that's computed.  I think that's just averages.  I look a little bit more at the extremes: marquee wins and embarrassing losses.  I also consider who the teams are and where they fall in the conference.  There is an example this weekend when Tennessee plays Oklahoma.  That won't be a mark against the SEC if Tennessee (who was 12th in the SEC last year) loses.  It's not the same as if Alabama or Auburn were playing Oklahoma (who finished tied for second last season in the 10-team Big XII) or if Tennessee were playing Iowa St. (who finished tied for 7th with two conference wins). 

Sports Friday with Hal: A quick detour to the News of the Day
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So a break from the NFL Notes and News this week as there are a few more important issues to deal with this week. I know this has been discussed ad nauseum.

Starting off with Ray Rice and his brutal assault of his fiancee and the fallout.


I love football.

I hate domestic violence.

I love women (sorry, my dear wife, just one woman).


I also hate ESPN, so this is from Fox Sports 1's Katie Nolan. (I watch Fox Sports 1, but had no idea who she was until I came across this (I forget where) online).



Some great points there. She was able to point out that moment of her own failure to show how ingrained the problem really exists. She knows she made a mistake, is learning, and using it to step up in her own forum. I agree--I am not boycotting the NFL despite their despicable work. I still love football. I still love the NFL. I still need my fantasy football. Heck, I write about the NFL for 4 different websites in my meager spare time writing 5 or 6 articles a week for peanuts because I love to write and I love sports (and especially football).


Now what is really going to hurt the chances of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell his job is that he has hurt themselves in their biggest market to grow: the female NFL fan. There is huge money that the NFL is trying tap and Goodell’s job is to get his owners money.


Now over at ESPN (or ESPiN as Uncle B.O.B. calls it while in full rant mode) the on-air “talent” obviously is still in the rolodex of the NFL offices. Somehow in 21 minutes former Colts executive Bill Polian made a complete and total flip-flopping ass of himself. At 2:08 in the clip it switches to Polian’s second spot. The NFL obviously had the script edited to try and mitigate the fact that they had the videotape from the Casino in and and still went light on Rice.

Polian jumps from being critical of the NFL to making himself look like someone who is scared to speak out about his former employer and was just scared into spouting the company line.  Where is that righteous anger Polian channelled like he was spouting to the Competition Committee how the mean old Patriots beat up Peyton Manning's receivers a decade ago?


Finally, CBS went into Thursday Night Football with a huge dilemma. What was about a celebration of bidding millions of dollars for primetime football on a non-cable station, instead is a mess due to the Ray Rice/Ravens/NFL/Roger Goodell/Elevator Video/Domestic Violence situation. The Ravens--in Baltimore--want nothing more than this issue to disappear. Guess what, it won’t. It is a huge issue, the cover-up in the league offices have blown it up like it was Watergate, and now the NFL/CBS has to cancel the opening performer for the Thursday Night Football game as performer Rihanna was supposed to perform and was pulled. She--of course--is known to most Americans due to the fact that she was a victim of domestic violence from boyfriend/rapper Chris Brown.


The NFL has a problem, and it is not going away. Women are the ones who are often the victim in domestic violence and the NFL is now pushing them away wasting millions of dollars spent bringing them into the fan base. The damage is done. Goodell will likely take a fall from grace to be the public face of change. Unfortunately, as much as good can come from this issue be discussed and brought into the forefront, there is still that nagging feeling in the back of my head:


The NFL is doing the right thing at last not because it is the right thing, but because it will hurt their monetary growth to not take action.


That is wrong. That is sad. That is the way of the world (today and in the past--heck, it was worse in the past--imagine being a woman or child in the 19th century and basically performing slave labor all day).  I am still watching the NFL, but I was never naive. But I believe in ending domestic violence. I love my wife. I love my mom. I love my daughter. I love my sisters. I hate men who hit women. This is my place to stand-up and point out the NFL hypocrisy in this situation:


I hate it. I want it to end. I hope there are people in the NFL who feel the same.

Friday's Freak Show - 9/12/14
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If you're tired of the same tired ole BS negativity in sports, check this out, the top ten things to feel good about in sports right here.  If you don't feel like reading, let me run a few of em down:  Cincinnati/Devon Still story, Kershaw's season, KC Baseball resurgence, Jim Kelly smacking down Cancer, Vin Scully (with four accompanying videos of him describing an event during a game - including bird poop), and an actual good story out of Cleveland Football as well with a player treating fans to the movies with him.  

But with the good comes the bad, and let Uncle B.O.B. give pro athletes some very strong advice:  Coming from a guy who has done more than his share of effing up, both verbally and with the written word, y'all athletes need to step back and think before you hit the send button or let something fly out of your cakehole because some of you all say the dumbest, most ignorant shit.  STOP FREAKING EMBARRASSING YOURSELVES.

CFB.  Hey Maryland, props to you for putting the national anthem on your uniform.  

Looking forward to watching a few games, particularly South Carolina/Georgia, UCLA/Texas, and Tennessee/Oklahoma.

What a tough break for that QB out of Oklahoma State J. W. Walsh, who I've heard so many good things about.  Possibly out for the season after right lower leg surgery?  That's tough.  

Hey Jeff, what's the deal with Eric Dickerson slammning the bleep out of SMU?  I'm totally unclear on it, but it's not sounding good there.

Hey y'all, get ready for another round of appears North Carolina may be having an investigation into some type of hazing.  If you have to be publicly investigated, chances are somebody did something pretty naughty.  Jesus, will these people never learn? 

NFL.  Nurse B.O.B. will be in town this weekend for some festivities including being at Levi's to watch San Francisco host Chicago in the first regular season game there.  I hope to have some pictures to share on Tuesday.

Baltimore stayed focused and took care of Pittsburgh last night.  Question is, is Pittsburgh really bad? 

Antonio Brown got fined $8200 for that bad Chuck Norris impersonation.  Sorry, to me it looked pretty intentional, and let's face it, Pittsburgh does have a rep, so I'm not trying to hear Pittsburgh whining...

MLB.  No ranting, no BS here, get well soon Giancarlo Stanton and let's hope you don't have to shut it down the rest of this season.    

Oakland is continuing to slide and now Detroit and Seattle showing life, there may be some disappointed folks in the East Bay because Oakland can't hit to save their lives.  That Lester/Cespedes trade is going to be discussed for a long time to come, and not in a good way out here.

San Francisco has righted the ship and looking good right about now, but they have to find a way to beat Los Angeles, and this season that isn't something that is working out too well.

NBA.  Lost in all the footage of foolishness coming out of the NFL?  Yeah, that would be Greg Monroe of the Detroit Pistons who one day after signing his one year restricted free agent contract, went out and celebrated by going out and getting busted for driving while visibly impaired.  The NBA immediately suspended him for two games.  

Continued rumors about once the new TV contract is ironed out that Seattle might be given an expansion team.  Yeah, right.  They continue to struggle just to get ANY type of arena plan going, not to mention those whiny victims (err, fans) alternating between crying to then antagonizing the NBA. 

Oh, and Paul George, stay off Twitter.

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