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So, I took Monday off and saved my moaning for today...I sat at home Thursday night, just after dinner, and turned on the Nightly News on NBC...They lead off with the New England Patriots and their under-inflated footballs...Annoyed quickly I switched to ABC...They too were talking about the balls in New England, so I went to CBS, which honestly, I never watch...And yes, their lead story was also the soft balls in New England...What the fuck has this country become!?!

There are wars going on...Terrorists lopping off heads in the Mid-East...Murders going on every day, in every state of this country...Scientific breakthroughs and entire city (Washington DC) full of liars, cheaters, and thieves...There is important news going on everywhere, but the TV execs all decided to lead with footballs that were under-inflated...I was having a pretty good day until I realized just how stupid we are, that we let our news outlets get away with this shit...

So, while I have an opinion or two on this topic, I'm not going to write about it...I was actually thinking, this would be a great "Super Bowl"...Now, I don't give a shit...And while my wife is originally from Boston, and I have shown some slight allegiance to that town, I did sign my fandom over to the Seahawks a couple years ago....So I will be rooting for the Seahawks...Sorry Bostonians...

Okay, just one more thing on the soft footballs...Does anyone think that Bill and Brady were having fun talking to the media Thursday?

'Okay Bill, lets see how many times we can get away with saying balls, and make it sound dirty!'

Fucking Balls!

-So, while the media is talking about nonsense for another week before the "Super Bowl," the NHL has another one of their showcase events this weekend...Friday night they have their All-Star draft...the team captains draft their teams of those who were picked for the All-Star game...Saturday is the Skills Competition, which is almost always better then the actual game which will be Sunday...The game is much less physical and lacks defense...Goalies are just hung out to dry...

-One of the things we've been dealing with here is that our son has been diagnosed with a form of attention deficit...In second grade they said he was borderline...But it has gotten worse this year...Especially at school...Last year he had all A's and B's with an occasional C...This year it's been a struggle to keep his grades up...We've talked to the doctor a few times, and have tried a couple different meds...We're also trying to change his diet, which he wants no part of...But eating healthier could help a bit...

The only time he is locked in, and focused, and not distracted by anything is when he is drawing, working with clay, or playing games like Minecraft where he is building things...It's amazing how he can visualize things and just make it...Thursday he made this out of clay...

This character is called Foxy the Pirate...I am totally amazed by his talent...

I've been reading a lot about dealing with what he's going through...One description of it is like have six TV's on and not being able to focus on one...He has little quirks that honestly, I find annoying...But he can't control them, and some of them are his way of working through things...So what I've been discovering is what I need to do, (and it's not easy) is work on me...How I deal with him...How I except his quirks and not say, "knock it off, pay attention!"  It's also good that he knew he was having a problem...He was more then willing to go and talk to the doctor and try the meds...Which he never is...

It's a work in progress but I feel like we can get through it, and hopefully get to a point where he won't need meds...And I'm thrilled they haven't hindered his artistic ability...

The kid is amazing!

That's all I've got right now...

Have a weekend!

the Beeze.

QOTD - 1/23/15 Tags: NBA

Staying in the NBA - with the stunning successes of Atlanta and Golden State, both of which have ties to Greg Popovich in San Antonio, not to mention the success of former Sacramento Coach Michael Malone, do you see the NBA starting to shift to more of a team focus rather than a single player mentality with emphasis on passing and defense?

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Did you know…that somebody figured out a new use for spray-in bed liners?  This is a Toyota FJ Cruiser that Diesel’s (my roommate) son Cory had painted while he was here from Afghanistan during Christmas vacation.  At first I was very skeptical; being an old-time car salesman I believed that it would ruin the value of the vehicle.  I have to admit that the end result is pretty spectacular, and Cory says that everyone at Fort Hood (where he is now stationed) stops him and asks him about it and comments how cool it looks.  Now he can take the Toyota off-road and not worry about scratching the paint job.  In the top picture, you can just see my PT Cruiser on the left and Diesel's red Dodge truck is also there.  In the second picture, you can see that my neighborhood is filled with palm trees.


Did you know…that next year’s Super Bowl in San Francisco will feature a one-time-only numbering system?  Instead of being called Super Bowl L (the normal Roman numeral for 50), it will be called Super Bowl  50.  Somehow I dug this useless trivia out of my brain matter.  You can immediately forget it if you want to, but I won’t.  It is the bane of being a trivia expert (I don’t forget).   If you remember, it could win you a beer at a bar.


Did you know…that ex-Arizona State footballer Bryan Caldwell recently passed away from cancer?  It is significant to me because in 1983 I sold Bryan an older model Datsun 240Z.  Here’s how it happened.   Bryan drove the car at my dealership (the 240Z was in GREAT condition) and he told me he was just looking.  I said, “Brian, I am an ASU football fan.  Not only do I follow your career, I actually watched you playing cards with your buddies in your backyard while the NFL draft was on television.  You were drafted in the 3rd round by the Dallas Cowboys, which surprised me because I thought that you were a 1st rounder.   As for the Datsun, you will not find one in better condition and I will give you a deal on it.”  Bryan bought the car from me on the spot.  Thanks Bryan and R.I.P. buddy!


Did you know…that I also whiffed on selling Arizona Cardinals matriarch Bill Bidwill a Volkswagen Diesel Beetle for his grand-kids?  I spent a week showing him the car and trying to sell it to him.  The owner of my dealership (Scottsdale Volkswagen) had 10 season tickets to Cardinals games.  To be blunt, the Cardinals were never competitive while Bill was in charge.  He told me that his wife was out of town and that he would rather lose a first round draft pick than buy a car without her being involved!  I looked at Bill and just rolled my eyes. My boss cancelled his season tickets the next season.  I am glad that son Michael now runs the team.


Did you know…that the big controversy here in Phoenix has nothing to do with deflated footballs and everything to do with whether the roof will be open at University of Phoenix Stadium for the Super Bowl?  Is everyone out here brain-dead?  Unless it is raining, of course the roof should be open,   Period.


Did you know…that February 4 is National Signing of Intent Day for NCAA football?  To me it is easily as important as the NFL Draft Day and I cannot wait to see the day unfold.  Of course, to me, both of these events take second fiddle to the opening of MLB Spring Training, on or about February 20. 


Did you know…that those three dots (…) are called an ellipsis?  Yes it is a real punctuation mark and the true basis of my blog today.  It is just like me to overuse the ellipsis in my post and then ram it down your throats.  Life can be cruel, bitches. (Just kidding…).


Did you know…that, as long as I am on the subject of selling cars, the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale this last six days broke all kinds of sales records?   Over 1400 vehicles were sold there for over $140 million dollars.  Super-collector Don Pratt sold off his car collection for over $40 million, with his Shelby Cobra Super-Snake (owned by Carroll Shelby) fetching $5.5 million all by itself.  I watched all six days of the auction on the Velocity Channel.  It was amazing to watch.  Here’s the kicker.  Six other auctions were running concurrently, with the RJ Auction having the top sale of the weekend, a Ferrari there went for $9.6 million all by itself.  Brother, can you spare me a dime?


Did you know… that as long as I am still talking about selling cars, that I also sold cars to Alan Trammel, Glen Campbell, Alice Cooper, Dave Concepcion, and Steve Young?  Most of these were for their daughters, and I am sure that I am leaving some other famous people out.  Concepcion’s beautiful wife got mad at me because I mistook him for Bert Campaneris.  Sorry Mrs. Concepcion, my bad!


Did you know…that the Phoenix Open will be televised Super Bowl weekend?  Be sure to check it out.  It is golf’s #1 event in attendance, and Tiger Woods will be there this year.  The 16th hole, a par 3, is unlike any other hole in golf.  It has grandstand seating surrounding it.  It looks like a baseball stadium and seats 30,000.  For the Sunday crowd who are going to the Super Bowl, a helicopter will fly you to Glendale after the golf for only $699 a head.  Then you have to come back after the game by bus.   Life’s a bitch.


Did you know…that the Pro Bowl will be held this Sunday?  You say you won’t watch it?  Me either.  I would rather see some kind of skills contest and I think that most of the players would rather be in Hawaii drinking Mai Tai’s and Scorpions and playing volley ball on the beach.  I want to go back to my little grass shack in Kealakekua, Hawai`i.  So do the players.


Did you know…that I would love to see what you can do with the ellipsis?  If you want, you can show off in the comments and impress me.  Thanks for the read and be sure to check out my buddy the Beezer on the right----->!

Canton Calling, 2015
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Well, the time has come again for my annual blog (with a tip of the hat to 3rd Stone) on the Pro Football Hall of Fame voting.

The process is a little different this year than in previous years b/c "builders" are finally in their own category. That means people in the back office do not have to compete against players and coaches. This is a move for the better. I expect the two builders who are Finalists, Bill Polian and Ron Wolf, to go in.

The Veterans selections are also voted on separately. This year, there is only one Finalist, Mick Tingelhoff. I expect him to get in, and he should. HOWEVER, MORE PLAYERS FROM THE AFL SHOULD BE IN. IT'S THE PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME, JACKWAGONS! NOT THE NFL HALL OF FAME.

YES, I'M DISGUSTED THAT JOHNNY ROBINSON AND JIM TYRER ARE NOT IN (and I was an Oiler fan, not a Texans/Chiefs fan).

This year, we have 15 Finalists from what the HOF calls the "Modern Era". Only a maximum of five can go in.

I'm going to ask you to vote for only five at the bottom of this blog. While it is theoretically possible that 8 could go in off this list, neither any of the Contributors or Tingelhoff could go in. Since the rules were changed to allow for separate nominations for contributors starting this year and the Vets are limited to one this year, I think all 3 will go in. They are voted on first. The HOF rules say at least 4 and a maximum of 8 must be admitted each year. With 80% votes being needed, it's not an easy task to accomplish.

Hence my "rule of 5". Life is about prioritizing, and so it is here.

Now, I'm going to summarize each candidate below in the following format

 # of Pro Bowls/# of First Team All-Pros/ Super Bowl record

 Then after that

# of Top Tens (TT) in an appropriate category (RB's, WR's, and QB's will have 3 carries-catches-QB rating/yards/TD's) and # of League Leaders (LL). Defensive players will have sacks or INT's)

 So, if someone is a WR

5/2/2-1: 8-3-4, 2LL


It means.......

Five Pro Bowls, 2 First Team All Pros, 2-1 in the Super Bowl (2 rings then)

8 times TT in # of catches, 3 times TT in total receiving yards, 4 times TT in TD's, and he led the league twice in a combination of those categories.




* denotes first year of eligibility, obviously a finalist once!
Parenthesis tells how many times including this year, the candidate has been a finalist. So (3) means it is his 3rd year as a finalist.


Your nominees in alphabetical order

Morten Anderson, PK (2) 11x TT's in scoring, no LL's, 1st all-time in games played, HOF all decade 80's and 90's
Jerome Bettis, RB (4) 6/ 2/ 1-0: 7-5-4, no LL's
Tim Brown, WR-KR (6) 9/ 0/ 0-1: 6-5-8, 1 LL
Don Coryell, Coach (2)
Terrell Davis, RB (1) 3/ 3/ 2-0: 3-4-3, 3 LL's, 1x NFL MVP
Tony Dungy, Coach (2), 1x Super Bowl Champ
Kevin Greene, DE (4) 5/ 2/ 0-0, 8TT's in sacks
Charles Haley, DE (6) 5/ 2/ 5-0, 4TT's in sacks
Marvin Harrison, WR (2) 8/ 3/ 1-0: 6-7-8, 5 LL's, HOF all decade 00's
Jimmy Johnson, Coach (1), 2x Super Bowl Champ
John Lynch, S (2) 9/ 2/ 1-0 no TT's in INT
* Orlando Pace, OL 7/ 3/ 1-1
* Junior Seau, LB 12/ 6/ 0-2: HOF all decade 90's
Will Shields, OL (4) 12/ 2/ 0-0: 12x All-AFC by Pro Football Weekly
*Kurt Warner, QB 4/ 2/ 1-2: 6-3-6, 5 LL's, 2x NFL MVP

Overall observations:
This is the first year that the builders have been separated from the players and coaches under the current voting rules.
There are no "Top 100" players as ranked by the panel in 2010. We have not had one of those eligible since 2013.
There are 3 Coaches as Finalists this year.  Not 100% sure, but I think this is the first time we've had more than 1 coach as a Finalist since before 1990.
Coryell was a Finalist in 2010.
There is no morals clause for the Canton HOF voting.

"My vote": how I would vote
"Committee says": Will he actually get in

Only one pure PK is in the HOF right now. That being Jan Stenerud. I personally thought Jason Hanson was a better PK during his era, but Anderson's #'s cannot be denied. With that being said, his window is still open, and Ray Guy, a pure P, went in last year. Take a number, Morten.

My vote- NO
Committee says- NO
Disclosure, I have a grudge against Bettis b/c I felt he lied about the Phil Luckett coin flip. The NFL more or less exonerated Luckett (someone who has spent the night at my home) on this. With that being said, I ask this Q every year: Do you think Ricky Watters should be in the HOF?

Both have very similar yardage #'s. Watters is more versatile. Bettis played on better teams and was goal-line meat grinder. Both have a ring, both went to ND (and were teammates for a year). Bettis gets the hype b/c he was more press friendly. Sorry, Jerome. Doesn't cut it even if I hold Luckett aside. However, I give you props for introducing Earl Campbell into the NFL's Top 100 players.

My vote- NO
Committee says- NO

Probably the first real tough call for me. My excuse in the past was that Carter should go in before him. That has now happened. Look at his stat line: No All-Pros. When you look at his career #'s in terms of TT's and LL's, you see a picture of a very good receiver in his era, but not one of the greatest. However, what makes this a hard call is his value also as a return man. You clearly tried to kick away from this guy. That means something. Regarding the Committee vote, I have to wonder if his comments of the last few years are going to hurt him.

My vote- NO
Committee says- NO

Intuitively, you can make an honest case that he is the best coach of the three on the ballot. In San Diego and St. Louis, he turned perennial losers into contenders. He re-invented the passing game, and behind Bill Walsh, is arguably the most influential coach in today's NFL game. However, he never got to a Super Bowl, only had 111 wins and 3 playoff wins. Sorry, Don.

My vote- NO
Committee says- NO

John Elway would probably be the first guy to tell (not to mention Mike Shanahan?) you that Terrell Davis is the primary reason Elway climbed that mountain at the end of his career. I think of this guy in terms of a Gale Sayers who had one extra year (78 games v 68 for Sayers). He had more rushing and receiving yds than Sayers even per game (114 v 92) and fumbled about 2/3rd's as frequently as Sayers. So why am I struggling to vote for this guy?

Well Sayers obviously was a return man which Davis missed, but Davis has two rings. Well, Sayers was all-Pro in 5 of his 6 seasons, but Davis has a league MVP. The more I think about this guy, the more I think he is worthy. The Committee though knows this is his first shot as a Finalist, after many years of being eligible. Does that impact me?

My vote- NO
Committee says- NO

The second of our coaches on the list. Look, the guy is one defensive genius, but OC's and DC's don't get into the HOF, rightly or wrongly. OK, he won a Super Bowl and got within an eyelash of one in Tampa Bay w/o an offense. He's also the politically correct choice with him being the first black HC to win a Super Bowl. He's that friendly talking head on NBC SNF.

So, why am I not voting for him? Well, there is another more deserving candidate on the list. Furthermore, if Dungy was so great, how come Gruden somehow generated an offense with the same personnel (plus "Give me the d**n ball!") and won the big one the next year?

My vote- NO
Committee says- YES
I feel bad for this guy's candidacy. He's always at the discussion of a great player, but never at the top of it. So it goes again this year.

My vote- NO
Committee says- NO

The "bling king" of the NFL. The only player with FIVE Super Bowl rings- with two different teams no less. Now, take away the rings (I'll get to that in a minute), and he's not as good as Greene. But how can I take away the rings? Well, was he ever one of the best half a dozen players on his club?

I thought his best shot was when they played the SB in Dallas a few years ago, and that train left. It has left here also, until at least Greene boards it.

My vote- NO
Committee says- NO

Detractors will say "all he did was play catch with Peyton Manning". Well, he did play catch, to the tune of 5x a league leader in either TD's, yards, or catches; to the tune of being named to the all-decade team; to the tune of 3x All-pro. In other words, over the course of a decade, he was clearly one of the best or the best at his position; and he's not just a kicker.

Doesn't impact me much, but I think the fact he played his entire career in Indy will help him with the Committee.

My vote- YES
Committee says- YES

Hey, wait a minute isn't he already in and got in 1994? Oh wait, that was THAT Jimmy Johnson who was a feared DB for the 49er's (insert rim shot).
Seriously, you mean to tell me that plastic hair is not in? Well, maybe the Committee has decided to associate Johnson with his product endorsement "Extenze" to make him wait (insert 2nd rim shot).
To me, this is a no brainer. The guy turned Dallas around in 3 years. People also forget he took Miami to the playoffs 3 out of 4 years he was there.

Well, hey, I'm sure as Jimmy and Extenze would agree, "the longer you wait, the more satisfying it is" (insert 3rd rim shot).

So, someone tell me why Tom Flores is not in, please?

My vote- YES
Committee says- NO
Now, I'd like to think that he is on the list for more than the reason that he's only good white DB we've had this century (woooooo!).  Well, fact of the matter is he's a pretty hard hitter. I'm not an OC, but I would think you would have to plan your offense around the idea that Lynch could meatwagon your wideouts or TE.

Not on the all decade team though, never in the TT in Int's. Not on my ballot either.

My vote- NO
Committee says- NO

First one of the three 1st year ballot guys who is a Finalist. I am partial to the OL guys who work the trenches. They have been under appreciated by most fans (and somewhat in the HOF) b/c there are no glamour stats to show. If they are doing their job, you never hear about them.

While he's not on the PFHOF 1st team all-decade he is on the 2nd team, and he did make PF Reference's first team all-decade. I'm certainly A-OK if he gets in, but he's not getting my vote this year for a reason you will soon see (hint, I can only vote for 5)

My vote- NO
Committee says- YES
2nd of the first year eligibles. For me, this is the easiest choice of anyone on the ballot this year. The guy played the game with abandon, and he could inspire his team with his play. Yea, it was that style of play that may have lead to his early demise; but that shouldn't be held against him. Perhaps the more interesting Q is that if he came along 20 years later would we be having a discussion about he great he was? Guys might not be able to play his style in 20 years.

My vote- YES
Committee says- YES

He is a lot like Kevin Greene, as an OL. Always one of the best, never the best. However, his being one of the best was for a dozen years. Pace had a better prime, but Shields had the longevity and the consistency. My vote is for Shields b/c Pace will get in in the next couple of years. Shields window is closing. Plus, teammate Willie Roaf got in 3 years ago, that's enough of a time period for people to forget about that. Don't think the Committee will though.

My vote- YES
Committee says- NO
The last of the first year eligible guys. Very appropriate we save the most interesting and most talked about candidacy last. Talk about a fairy tale story- Undrafted, bagging groceries at Hy-Vee, playing for the Iowa Barnstormers. Gets a call to the Rams b/c of injuries. Then Trent Green goes down and a sobbing Dick Vermeil says "we will rally around Kurt Warner, and we will play well".

Well, did you expect MVP well and Super Bowl MVP well?

His detractors (putting their societal views aside v his) say he really only had 4 good years, and is in the middle of pack in terms of a lot of stats when compared to other big name QB's. Fair enough. They will also say that he played on good teams, well, maybe not so fair there. The guy won a 2nd AP (not PFWA) POY award in 2001.

For me though, the defining moment is 2008. After many put him on the slag heap for the 2nd time, he leads Arizona to the Super Bowl. That's 7 years from 2001 against New England.

Let's also remember this:
Kurt Warner is the first QB to be a Finalist since 2006. The last QB who was a Finalist that did not get in was 1998 (Ken Anderson). All other QB's since then who have appeared as a Finalist got in on their first try.

The Committee is settled then. Me? Well, if Warren Moon got in on his first try and he never even got to a conference championship game, Warner is a no-brainer. Oh, and remember, I was an Oiler fan.

My vote- YES
Committee says- YES

My votes: Harrison, Johnson, Seau, Shields, Warner
Committee says: Dungy, Harrison, Pace, Seau, Warner

The polls are open: Who are your five?

Talking Sports
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The Patriots are in the Supebowl and they have another gate to hurdle. They got by Videogate and David Tyree made sure they paid for it. After all they were videotaping a New York Team the wrong New York team. Ok CSI Fans we have a Mystery what happened to 12 Footballs in the ten minute time between the Officials weighing them and handing them to the ball boy and the start of the game. Incidentally all balls were removed in the second half and a new 12 were put in play.

This is the way I understand it the equipment guy and the Quarterback pick the balls out. Then the Quarterback tells the equipment guy what to do with them rubb them scuff them kind of like a good Pitmaster preparing Ribs or Brisket. Then 2 and half yours before the game. 24 balls go to the officials 12 from each team for all the math majors out there.

The officials inspect them and gauge them. The penalty for an illegal ball is it is removed from the game. Kind of like baseball an illegal bat is removed from the game. That’s the penalty. The penalty for tempering with the balls in that ten minutes is some disciplinary action fine or suspension or both whatever the league warrants as the right penalty. Knowing the NFL they will come down harder on the patriots then they did on Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen. Combined. Then again the Patriots have been clean for more than 32 games so that have to start fresh like Domincan Suh..

My guess like spygate this is a common practice that there is a wink and a nod with both teams and the Officials kind of look the other way even though they weigh the balls nothing is said until it’s brought up. Sort of like an Illegal stick in Hockey.You don't tell the Ref to measure it until your down a goal and need a powerplay.

From my experience handling footballs you know if the thing feels over inflated or under inflated and yes I have thrown balls out of games because they are weigh under inflated  but then again the equipment managers we deal with are usually 15 and will forget their heads if they weren’t attached. I know, I have two of them.

I think they will be enough blame to go around for everybody from the Hoodie, to the equipment guy to the officials. I think the NFL doesn’t like a blackeye a week before their premiere event. Yeah! You are all going to watch anyway despite your protests against the Patriots and you will overcome your hate of Dick Sherman and watch anyway.

This should be a great game better than the Packers giving away the game to the Seahawks. Who seem to be getting the breaks at the right time. The little mishaps and miscues that fall in place for Championship Teams. Yeah the Patriots have gotten their breaks as well despite what people here in New England think. It all balances out. You know who I want too win I won’t bore you with that.

I also think the Patriots played better in the second half with the regular inflated balls then they did in the first half with the under inflated ones after all it was 17-7 and No rain at halftime. The rains kicked in at halftime and it poored. Laser and I got a couple of rainsuits before the game at Wal-Mart I felt like the Hoodie makng a great call .

As one of the Colts twitted they would have beat us with a bar of soap.

I can hear the 9000 press conferences Belichick will require to attend over the next week. His answers will be something like this. “Just getting ready for Seattle, You’ll have to ask the league about that. Ask the officials. Just getting ready for Seattle”. Marshawn Lynch will be taking notes on how to give the media nothing as he will watch the master at work.

Here is the other part of the story kind of an ethical thing. A Colts player  intercepted a ball and knew it was soft. he did his job told the coaches who told the officials. The coaches also told it to the GM who called the league . he also tipped off an Indianapolis reporter  The ethical part was tipping off the press and knowing they would run with the story.Maybe it gets out anyway but I see it as it was calculated.

Lil Lakesiders

What can I say they played a USA Hockey playdown  tourney last Saturday and got smoked they played decent for 2 periods but couldn’t capitailize on multiple scoring opportunities. Lil Lanz had a break away shot Glove side about two feet of the ice. Goalie snagged it like Dustin Pedroia going to his right. Lil Lanz didn’t play well in this one he was kind taking a lot of the blame they scored 4 times when he was on the ice in the third as they switched him from Forward to defense. Coaches kept telling him it wasn’t his fault. I love these coaches. I hope coach Dennis recovers from Elbow surgery soon.

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