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Good start to the season, odds are provided by and are provided for comparison and entertainment purposes only. Im so broke I cant pay attention (look squirrel!) So if you bet the lines and lose, its on you.

†Thursday September 11th (We shall never forgetÖ)

Steelers (1-0) @ Ravens (0-1)

M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore 8:25 (CBS/NFLN)

Favorite Ravens by 3

Last Week Steelers defeated Browns 30-27, Ravens lost to Bengals 23-16

Fast Fact 9 of the last 10 meetings have been decided by three or fewer points

The Steelers lit out to a big lead and nearly gave it all away but hung on to beat the Browns, meanwhile the Ravens are a team in turmoil after the sorry mess that is the whole Ray Rice affair. Their punchless offense which was already hampered by the absence of the now disgraced running back is now trying to figure out how to keep the pressure of an already heavily beleaguered Joe Flacco. Bernard Pierce had a bad case of the dropsies and Justin Forsett really isnít a long term answer. The Steelers arenít a juggernaut but they are methodical and a rowdy home crowd might help the Ravens keep it close but they will not be able to keep pace


Sunday September 14

Patriots (0-1) @ Vikings (1-0)

TCF Bank Stadium, Minneapolis 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Patriots by 3

Last Week Patriots lost to Dolphins 30-23, Vikings defeated

Fast Fact This is the Vikings first outdoor home September game since 1981, as they play the next two seasons at the home stadium of the University Of Minnesota while their new stadium is built on the old Metrodome Site.

The Patriots ran out of gas in the heat of South Florida, with Tom Brady taking an uncharacteristic beating by a withering Dolphins pass rush. Meanwhile the Vikings romped and stomped in St. Louis running roughshod on a Rams defense that was supposed to be a tough. The Patriots need to get their offensive line woes together and fast since keeping Brady upright and hale is paramount to their overall success. The Vikings seem to be developing a decent secondary offense behind the dynamic running of Adrian Peterson. Will another hostile crowd and Vikings pass rush be enough to wear the Pats down? I want badly to pick the Vikings for an upset, but logic tells me differentÖI justÖaww what the heckÖ


Dolphins (1-0) @ Bills (1-0)

Ralph Wilson Stadium; Orchard Park, NY 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Dolphins by 1

Last Week Dolphins defeated Patriots 30-23, Bears

Fast Fact After giving up league high 93 sacks of QB Ryan Tannehill in 2013, the Dolphins offensive allowed only one sack against the Pats last week

Both teams are coming off stunning upset wins in week 1. The Bills and Dolphins utilized strong running games to secure their respective victories and get off to unexpected fast starts. Both teams used strong defensive rushes as well to keep the opposition signal caller on the run, this looks to be a tight taut defensive game, but I just donít trust EJ Manuel yet as someone that can consistently produce wins, though he had a nice completion percentage in the win over the Bears. But I donít trust Tannehill either. This is a tough one to pick, I think that the Dolphins run game and defense is slightly better.


Jaguars (0-1) @ Washington (0-1)

Fed Ex Field; Landover, MD 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Washington by 6

Last Week Jaguars lost to Eagles 34-17, Washington lost to Texans 17-6

Fast Fact Washington is mired in its longest losing streak since a 17 game skid covering the 1960 & 1961 seasons but have yet to ever lose to the Jaguars at home

These two teams continue their intraconference sked and both took fairly big losses. The Jags have had at least an offensive spark though their defense was worn down by the Eagles fast breaking offense. Washington is just a mess, their defense was passable but their offense seems to be mired in a bad slump and lack direction. †RGII seems to be regressing badly and the lack of punch in the running game is further hampering the offense. That being said I still think it a stretch to give the Jags the edge here. Iím likely going to regret this butÖ


Cowboys (0-1) @ Titans (1-0)

LP Field, Nashville 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Titans by 3Ĺ

Last Week Cowboys lost to 49ers 28-17, Titans defeated Chiefs 26-10

Fast Fact The Titans held the ball 37:44 against the Chiefs last week their highest time of possession in five years

Everyone was concerned about the Pokes defense, it turned out that was the least of their worries. Tony Romo looked absolutely horrid against the 49ers throwing like he had no clue and forcing the ball like a scared backup. It just seems wrong to pile on Romo at this point, but facing a ball hawking defense like the Titans is a bit unfair right now. The Titans methodically took apart the Chiefs in Arrowhead and if they can dominate time of possession like they did last week, Jason Garrett wonít have to worry about Romo throwing a bevy of picks if they arenít on the field


Cardinals (1-0) @ Giants (0-1)

MetLife Stadium; East Rutherford, NJ 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Cardinals by 1Ĺ

Last Week Cardinals defeated the Chargers 18-17, Giants lost to Lions 35-14

Fast Fact Giants have won three of the last four meetings, with the only loss being in Gotham in 2009

The G-Men looked bad on both sides of the ball in Motown last Monday, offensively inept and defensively clueless. Eli Manning looks like he would rather be somewhere other than a football field and when not dodging pass rushers is picking himself off the ground. The Cards rallied smartly to win the late Monday game and finally put their offense together to score twice late. Most of the time Iím not going to pick a western team going east in an early game especially off a Monday game. But the G-Men are a mess and the Cards defense even missing John Abraham will be formidable and give Eli more problems.


Saints (0-1) @ Browns (0-1)

FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Saints by 7

Last Week Saints lost to Falcons 37-34 in overtime, Browns lost to Steelers 30-27

Fast Fact The Browns have won 12 of 16 in the series but the Saints have won 2 of the last 3 meetings.

Both teams are coming off 3 point losses but they feel different, the Saints lost a surprising shootout with the Falcons in the ATL while the Browns fought back gamely from 24 down in Pittsburgh but fell late. The Saints will produce the points and offense and against a Browns defense that can be had you should see it. If the Browns fall behind again like they did against the Steelers, the Saints wonít let them off the mat and we might hear the Johnny Football catcalls in force from the home crowd.

Pick-New Orleans

Falcons (1-0) @ Bengals (1-0)

Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati 1:00 (CBS)

Favorite Bengals by 5

Last Week Falcons defeated Saints 37-34 in overtime, Bengals defeated Ravens 23-16

Fast Fact Bengals have won 9 of their last 11 meetings with NFC opponents but have lost their last three meetings with the Falcons

The Falcons were off and winging with a shootout win against the Saints while the Bengals weebled wobbled but didnít fall down against the Ravens. I still donít trust the Falcons defense, but their offense has seemed to rebound to their halcyon days. The Bengals offense looks fairly crisp but has had trouble finishing drives off, if they can correct that it could be 28 point per game offense. This game looks like it could be a shootout with a pair of decent offenses but I like the Bengals better balance on both sides of the ball to win another close one


Lions (1-0) @ Panthers (1-0)

Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte 1:00 (FOX)

Favorite Panthers by 3

Last Week Lions defeated Giants 35-14, Panthers defeated

Fast Fact Panthers have won the last three meetings in Charlotte

The Lions came out smoking on Monday night, and just destroyed the G-Men. The Panthers got a solid performance from Derek Anderson (Is he still in this league?) to beat the Bucs on the road. Though the Lions lit up the scoreboard their lack of a running game is troubling. Iím just not real sold on Carolina without Cam Newton, even as they beat the Bucs on the road. Another toss up game, I should know better than to trust the Lions like I doÖ


Rams (0-1) @ Buccaneers (0-1)

Raymond James Stadium, Tampa 4:05 (FOX)

Favorite Buccaneers by 7

Last Week Rams lost to Vikings 34-6, Buccaneers lost to Panthers 20-14

Fast Fact The Rams have won 5 of the last seven meetings

The Rams got housed by the Vikings and their QB situation got even murkier when Shaun Hill was ineffective in the first half. The Bucs held their own but with lackluster and borderline non-existent running game just couldnít get it together. I think the Rams are a lot worse off than the wonks want to let on. With no offensive punch at QB they suddenly put their capable defense in for a lot more work

Pick-Tampa Bay

Seahawks (1-0) @ Chargers (0-1)

Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego 4:05 (FOX)

Favorite Seahawks by 6 Ĺ

Last Week Seahawks defeated Packers 36-16, Chargers lost to Cardinals 18-17

Fast Fact Four of the last five meetings were decided by a field goal

The Seahawks looked all the part of the defending champs with an opening night drubbing of the Pack before a deliriously happy home crowd. Meanwhile the Chargers looked decent for three quarters and then came apart in the rainy desert on Monday. Despite being at home I have a hard time trusting the Chargers anywhere past Philip Rivers and facing the Legion of Boom is not a fun task. I do suspect that Richard Sherman will get more work than he did in week 1.


Texans (1-0) @ Raiders (0-1) Coliseum, Oakland 4:25 (CBS)

Favorite Texans by 3

Last Week Texans defeated Washington 17-6, Raiders lost to Jets 19-14

Fast Fact Something has to give, the Texans have lost 7 straight road games and the Raiders have lost their last four home games.

The Texans looked a bit ragged but were finally on the positive side of the scoreboard for the first time in almost a year, meanwhile aint nuttin changed with the Raiders. They look lost and without a clear direction on either side of the ball. I think the Texans are a lot better than they were last year when Matt Schaubís inept play seemed to drag down the whole team. But I think the Raiders are just hopeless, and until they show any kind of direction I wonít make too many picks for them.


NY Jets (1-0) @ Packers (0-1)

Lambeau Field, Green Bay 4:25 (CBS)

Favorite Packers by 9Ĺ

Last Week Jets defeated Raiders 19-14, Packers lost to Seahawks 36-16

Fast Fact Is it too early for a must win for the Pack? The last nine times that they lost their opener, the result of their 2nd game ultimately decided if they made the postseason.

The Pack got smashed in the season opener and now need to bounce back, the Jets are feeling froggy after winning a sluggish but effective win over the Raiders in Gotham but this is a bit higher than the pay grade that they are used to. The Pack return to their home confines upset and slightly embarrassed and there is nothing that the grinning jeering Rex Ryan will be able to do about it other than watch the Packers chase his young QB around and Aaron Rodgers abuse their weak secondary.

Pick-Green Bay

Chiefs (0-1) @ Broncos (1-0)

Sports Authority Field @ Mile High, Denver 4:25 (CBS)

Favorite Broncos by 13

Last Week Chiefs lost to Titans 26-10, Broncos defeated Colts 31-24

Fast Fact Peyton Manning has yet to lose to the Chiefs as Broncos QB

-Blurb This has all the makings of a grave mismatch, the Broncos came out firing on all cylinders as the raced out to a big lead against the Colts and held on tight to secure the win, meanwhile the Chiefs got poleaxed at home by a Titans squad who just didnít seem intimidated by the Chiefs or their noisy home crowd. Manning is just on another level and seems to have not had any lingering effects from the Super Blowout from last February. Iím just not confident in the Chiefs ability to slow the Broncos offense. This game could get really ugly.

Pick-Denver (lock of the week)

Bears (0-1) @ 49ers (1-0)

Leviís Stadium; Santa Clara, CA 8:30 (NBC)

Favorite 49ers by 7

Last Week Bears lost to Bills 23-20, 49ers defeated Cowboys 28-17

Fast Fact Leviís Stadium the newest NFL venue forty miles south of their old home but right across the street from their team headquarters

The Bears took a stunning loss from the Bills who proved to be less than the pushover that they thought they would be. The Niners were the welcome recipient of the ineptitude of the Pokes and now open their new palatial park before a national primetime stage. The Niners while not looking exceptionally crisp looked better than the Bears who seemed diffident and bored waiting to turn it on and puzzled when it didnít happen. Iím tired of excusing the lackadaisical play of Jay Cutler who is starting to fall to the scorn level I reserve for Tony Romo. I think the dogged pass rush of the Niners will give Cutler problems and they christen their new home nicely.


Monday September 12

Eagles (1-0) @ Colts (0-1)

Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis 8:30 (ESPN)

Favorite Colts by 3

Last Week Eagles defeated Jaguars 34-17, Colts lost to Broncos 31-24

Fast Fact The Eagles are gunning for only their 3rd 2-0 start in 16 seasons while the Colts are trying to avoid only their 3rd 0-2 start in the same time frame

The weeks final game is a doozy, the Eagles looked ragged in the first half of their game against the Jags, but got off the mat and roared back for the win. The Colts spotted the Broncos a huge lead and nearly got it all back when their last drive fell short. The Eagles are such a headache to prepare for offensively but you have the feeling that the Andrew Luck can pilot the Colts to enough points to keep up. Itís a tough game to call, when in doubt go with the home team.


Last Week & Overall: 11-5 (Lock correct, Upset Incorrect)

Locks: 1-0

Upset: 0-1

More on LSUís Start and Understanding FCS Games
Category: NCAA

I partly thought of some of the points of discussion below based on reading a blog from B.O.B. here.† There is a group of FCS teams that deserves respect. He singled out one of them in his blog, but I elaborate on a few more examples.† LSU used to avoid playing any FCS opponents, and I'm certainly in favor of avoiding the mediocre or bad ones, but I think it can be a really good experience to play ones that are among the best of their subdivision. So that's what I meant in the comments about the teams being better to play than the likes of Southern and Grambling.† I wasn't talking about seeking out some recruting edge.† LSU has routinely played in-state FBS opponents (they play one on Saturday, in fact), so I really don't think they're more worried about Southern and Grambling.† The better FCS teams give different looks and expose weaknesses.† I think they're more difficult to plan for in some ways.† In LSU's case, there is usually not a serious risk of losing, but all it takes is a bad game and for the FCS team to be particularly good and it could happen.† Michigan was a program in much better shape than it is now and had an otherwise successful year when it lost to Appalachian St.

Before I post my other thoughts on that topic, I gave some more thought to his divisions there.† Most of them are good, but I wouldn't put the Texas teams with the Southern California teams.† That doesn't make sense tradtionally or geographically.† The traditional teams to group together are the Pac-8.† So that's the Pac-12 minus Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and Arizona St., all of whom are much closer to Texas than the Southern California teams are. Utah is the only one that comes within a couple hundred miles of being as far.† The four relatively new Pac-12 teams also in general have more experience playing the relevant Texas teams.† I can also tell you that the Southern California teams want it the way I'm suggesting as well because they would not agree to the Pac-12 divisional alignment unless it was guaranteed they would both play all three of the other California teams every year.† I don't think they really care whether they play Arizona or Washington teams, but it even seems to me (at least if you talk to USC fans) that the Oregon opponents are a bigger deal than the Arizona ones.† Anyway, here's my regularly scheduled blog...

This isnít the main thing Iím going to write about, but I heard it after I published my blog about the LSU-Wisconsin game. Since Les Miles took over at LSU, the Tigers are 22-21 when trailing in the fourth quarter, the only team in the FBS to have a winning record during that span (apparently, they donít count the last-second loss to Clemson as ďtrailing in the fourth quarterĒ; but no one else comes close regardless). Miles is also back above the 80% mark as head coach of the Tigers. After winning 85% in his first three seasons, Milesí winning percentage had fallen to 77.3% after the 2009 season. The Tigers are attempting to finish with double-digit wins for the fifth consecutive year since then. It would be Milesí 8th overall in 10 seasons.

By comparison, Nick Saban won 75% of his games at LSU and had two double-digit-win seasons in five years, falling just short of a third on the last play of his stint at LSU. I understand Saban didnít take over a program in the same shape; but he was still considered a strong success overall, so building on his tenure is still something to be proud of. Not many coaches can step into a situation like that and improve it, so Miles deserves a good deal of credit.

I donít have too much to say about the Sam Houston St. game itself, but although LSU won extremely easily, that was not necessarily the expected result.

Ameer Abdullah's great run with 20 second left saved Nebraska from potential embarrassment.

Ameer Abdullahís great run with 20 seconds left saved Nebraska from potential embarrassment.

After the Nebraska-McNeese St. game (if you missed it, Nebraska scored the winning touchdown with 20 seconds left with the Cowboys essentially one tackle away from forcing overtime), I want to talk a bit about FCS opponents. They really vary. A number of the scores were pretty close. Of course, you also have your 70-point wins against such opponents as well.

Sam Houston St. went to the FCS championship game in the 2012 season, so they could have been among the best teams this season. I was looking at the margins Sam Houston St. won by that season. They won seven games by 35 points or more and beat Southeast Louisiana, 70-0. I think there is as much of a gap between the top and bottom of FCS as there is of FBS. Maybe Sam Houston isnít as high on the scale this season; but the team they lost to in that championship game, North Dakota St., seems to be about the same after the Bisonís 34-14 win over Iowa St. So I donít think there is a real appreciation of that.

Most people dismiss the opposition right off the bat. I know a Kansas St. fan who just assumed North Dakota St. was nothing to worry about last year, for instance. There is a general lack of appreciation of the fact that if you play a playoff-level FCS team, there is a good chance that team will be clearly better than a low-level FBS team.

One of those teams that is routinely toward the bottom of the FCS is Nicholls St. (which just lost to Arkansas , 73-7), but even they have a recent win over an FBS school. They beat Western Michigan last year, but when they played would-be bowl teams, the results were more predicable: losses to Oregon, 66-3, and to ULL, 70-7.

Anyway, Iíve noticed the quality of FCS opponents on LSUís schedule of late. The Tigers played Furman last year, and while thatís not typically one of the top FCS teams (although they are competitive in one of the top FCS conferences), they still did a decent job. LSU only led by four at halftime and didnít lead by more than 11 until less than 17 minutes remained in the game. The Paladin defense folded after that, and LSU ended up winning by 32; but that was still a better exercise than Kent St., whom LSU led 31-7 in the second quarter, or UAB, whom LSU led 35-7 in the second quarter last season. LSU let both teams back into the game a little bit before pulling away, but I donít think thatís the same kind of pressure.

In 2012, LSU blew out Idaho, 63-14, but then struggled to beat Towson, 38-22, two weeks later. Towson failed to make the playoffs that year despite only losing twice in FCS play, but they advanced to the FCS finals last year (they also lost to the Bison of NDSU) after again only losing two games in FCS play. They played no FBS opponents last season, however.

A similar combination of results took place in 2010 when LSU beat McNeese St., 32-10, after trailing in the second quarter and leading only 16-10 after halftime. The Tigers then went on to beat ULM, 51-0, later that season. LSU plays ULM next week, by the way.

LSU had only played an FCS opponent twice in the previous six seasons, both times being against Appalachian St. In the first meeting in 2005, the Tigers, who would win the SEC West, only led the Mountaineers 14-0 after three quarters before pulling away slightly in the fourth to win, 24-0. Appalachian St. at one point drove to the LSU 15 while it was still 14-0 (before missing a field goal), so the game was in doubt for a long time despite the lack of points. The Tigers had easier wins that season @Mississippi St., @Vanderbilt, @Ole Miss, and in the bowl game against Miami. LSU also blew out North Texas at home by more than twice that margin in that season.

So if I wanted to give LSU a test in a given year, Iíd pick a top-20 FCS team over a bottom-20 FBS team every time. Just something to keep in mind.

Also, McNeese wasnít the only team with a good result last week. Eastern Kentucky got the only win (over Miami U.), but there were some others that were in doubt fairly late. Stony Brook gave Connecticut all they could handle. Rutgers only beat Howard by 13. Eastern Washington was neck-and-neck with Washington the whole game, falling short by only 7 points. Southern Mississippi only beat Alcorn St. by 6, and UNLV only beat Northern Colorado by a single point.

Finally, I donít think Missouri St. made Oklahoma St. too nervous, but I thought it was interesting that the Bears only lost by 17 after the Cowboys were a touchdown short of beating Florida St. in Week 1.

By the way, LSU plays McNeese St. and Eastern Michigan next season. I would not be surprised if they had more trouble with McNeese St.

Talking Sports
Category: Daily Blog 2.0

Each week I look at the college and NFL schedules and whatís on local TV. This past week, three games†piqued my interest. Michigan-Notre-Dame, New Enngland at Miami and Indy at Denver. I actually found some time to watch all three and all three were major disappointments. Notre Dame totally dominated Michigan in every aspect of the game . Unfortunately, you actually expected a game since that rivalry is going away†(as the announcers kept reminding us). Notre Dame looked unstoppable against a confused Michigan team.

New England played a decent first half and then the wheels fell off the bus. Unable to advance the ball and get a first down in the second half, Brady found himself Mankin less and it showed often playing from the ground. Miami did a great job of rushing 4 and dropping 7. This is probably the worst half of Football in Bradyís tenure..If†New England couldnít stop Knowshon Moreno on the ground†, how will they stop Adrian Peterson this week?

I thought that Indy would give Denver a game but that was to be a 24-0† Denver lead at the half. I was done and†turned it off. Indy got a couple of touchdowns late†in the second half losing 31-21. All three games were a bust.

I was watching highlights of the Cubs and the Pirates this week on MLB and for some reason it just had a 70ís feel to it. Maybe because the highlights I saw were from Wrigley and it looked a bit overcast but It just had an old school look to them. I Ďm liking more and more the kid for the Pirates Josh Harrison, he may not put superstar numbers but I havenít been this excited to see a kid play since Kirby Puckett. He isnít Trout and probably never will be but he is a kid that hustles and makes a difference in the game. If you havenít seen him play take a look.

The Red Sox just got swept by the Orioles and they may have to shutdown Dustin Pedroia for the rest of the season with a nagging hand and wrist injury, The Red Sox just are lost out there. However, itís fun watching some of the younger players get there chance like Brock Holt and Mookie Betts. Xander Bogarts has had his struggles as has Will Middlebrooks., The Sox sent Jackie Bradley Jr. back to the minors great defense no bat. Bradley and Bogarts were both hyped by the local media as the next coming both have struggled. Meanwhile Holt and Betts both kind of slipped in there and have played ok on a bad team.

Ray Rice has gotten too much attention over the last week. The NFL dropped the ball on this big time. There will be some firings over this and it may cost the Commish some of his hard guy image. Does anybody doubt Rice will play in the NFL again? There is no doubt in my mind . The spin will be he rehabbed and is getting anger management and he deserves a second chance. I donít buy it he should be suspended for life. The part that will get me is when people start making him a victim of a tough circumstance. It just doesnít fly take responsibility for the actions. Not sure why the girl married him† but she did and she is sticking by him. Iím guessing that KO punch wasnít the first time either. Please donít make him the victim.

Thursday Night NFL The Domestic Violence Bowl Pittsburgh and Baltimore

Lil Warriors Report (Can I still use Warrior or is that going to offend the PC)

The Hockey season started for LIL Lanz the boys played a decent game on Sunday 3-1 loss. Lil Lanz got an untimely hooking penalty. They just came off a penalty kill late in the game, .He asked me after the game was it a hook I told no doubt about it. He played as a blueliner for the first time and did ok and he is begging the coach to go back to forward. the boys looked sharp in there new red uniforms and gray socks and I give †credit to the league keeping the Warrior Logo on the jersey.

Laser played his first High School soccer match (like that match instead of game). The boys should have won they lost 1-0. The played a† great game had a ton of chances just couldnít put the big ball in the big net. Over it next to it not in it.. Yesterday they got killed 5-1 against a team that had to cut 30 kids from the freshman team.

Laser is shooter at a local hockey goalie camp. He is shooting on some HS goalies and rings one off the post and the puck split in half. The goalies and the other shooters at that station including the coach( a local HS varsity) coach were all in disbelief. Laser has an accurate shoot but it isnít that hard of a shot by any stretch of the imagination. Just a strange weekend for him. He is playing fall Baseball 7 game season. We had some severe weather on Saturday. So he gets up to bat late in the game and asks the umpire . if he saw the lighting strikes. The guy says yes now get in the box. Game ended about two minutes later after a few came close and than just a nasty bit of weather.

Zebra Tales.

I† did some Youth Football last weekend. I will tell you it just sucks to have the clock operator not paying attention. to the signals on the field. We are signaling time out and constantly yelling at the guy to put time back on the clock. I signaled timeout with 3:48 left in the game and the guy ran the clock down to 1:12, This was a low level game so we werenít to concerned with the play clock. I was hoarse after that. Finally we stopped trying to have him reset the clock . We just used the clock on the field. Then the guy starts on the mic ďWhat is the correct TimeĒ I get it itís not an official on the clock like it is in an HS game but that guy is there every week at that venue.just stop talking and pay attention.

O H Thursday
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Tags: 9 11 NFL nicknames Ditkah

† †

Hello gabbers and thanks for checking in today. It's 911 and we said in 2001 that we would never forget...and we won't. Prayers go out to the families of the victums and survivors and also all of those first responders and the multitude of US servicemen protecting the freedoms we enjoy, God Bless You and God Bless the United States of America.

Letís see whatís going on this week, The NFL opening weekend is in the books and the Broncos and Seahawks look like they are a cut above the rest.

New segment #1

In 27 words-

Iím not spending any more time or effort on Ray ďhitwomanĒ Rice than to add, he deserves to be doing time in prison for assault and battery.

In light of king Rogers buffoonery My nomination for new

NFL tzar Ė†

Stay classy NFL

Tom Brady was bruised and battered by the Dolphins in Miami;

†4 sacks 2 fumbles 6 hits and a dozen hurries

Dose he miss Logan Mankins? You betcha

Thatís called ďplenty of time to passĒ

Rumor was that the bus carrying the Patís O line arrived at the Stadium around 4:15 for a 1:00 PM game

The team has asked the 5 Cheerleaders who dressed in the lineís uniforms to please return them to the Patriots.

All credit goes to the surprising Dolphins, They were the better team out there. They controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and will be a tough out this season.

In the Gab league I wasnít disappointed by the outstanding bonus performances by Corderelle Patterson, Julius Thomas, Andrew Luck and Calvin Johnson

In the Harry family league I got off to great start playing against our league new comer, Iíll call him McNab. Heís an Eagles fan and drafted plenty of Eagles and started his Eagles and got his butt whipped. Hey, learn to play matchups and watch out for that bye week.

New †segment #2

Life in the Subdivision

Iíve often spoken of my neighbors, whom Iíve been known to give fitting nicknames over the 20 years of living among them.

The Harryís hosted a fire pit pot luck get together last week and the neighbors didnít disappoint. ďI was ready and ableĒ to pickup on and pick on the new coupleÖThey will be known from now on in the subdivision by their street names :

†Kensi and Deeks†

Sheís tall with long dark hair and canít drive very well and heís an unkempt cop with a perpetual 4 days growth.

Kensi tells us she looked at her car and noticed a tire was low. She went into the house and consulted her law enforcement husbandÖ

Kensi- †ď honey, do I have a spare tire?Ē

Deeks- ď yes, but itís a small oneĒ

Kensi- ďWhere is itĒ? I looked and couldnít find itĒ

Deeks- ďaround your waist honÖ but like I said, itís smallĒ

† † † Deeks was relegated to sleeping in the car with the flat tire †for a few days is our best guess.

†our neighbor Newman true to form

asked Deeks if he wanted his mail slid in the car window.

The Ditkahs rocked the lanes last week taking game one by 30 pins before totally tanking to drop game 2 by 31 and game 3 by moreÖ

They say the first three weeks are handicap management weeks so I guess we are right on track. I did get to spread a little joy with my Ditkah routine and Mrs. Harry won the 50/50 raffle so all in all it was a fun night.

Shaky and the banditÖMy wife, the super model Mrs Harry and I were heading off to a cookout at one of her co workers houses in my truck. Driving along RT 95 South thru Providence we noticed a vibration that seemed like it was coming from the front end at speeds over 60. The steering wheel was shaking and was mildly troubling. We decided to turn around and go back to get her car. By the time we were ready to get back on the road she decided that staying home with a glass of wine and a movie seemed better. No objection from the anti social oldharry.

† † I asked my sons to take a look at the Silverado and described the vibration to them. They put it up on the jack and checked the front end and tires. Finding no obvious problem they took it for a ride.

They arrived back about an hour later and got out of the truck laughing.

My # 4 son, age 21 and an IQ of about 200Ö(just ask him)

Looked at us laughing and said

ď I have good news and bad newsÖgood news- there is absolutely nothing wrong with the truck, we hit 110mph and its as smooth as glass. Bad newsÖyou two should be checked for Parkinsonís or some trembling disorder.Ē

Smart ass kids.

Well at least my truck is ok, I drove it the next day and itís smooth as glass.

Go figure.

Iíd finish up with an MLB update but I canít, Iíve completely check outÖprobably for the first time in 15 years I have no clue whatís going on and donít have any interest in finding out. Iíll watch the WS when it comes along and probably catch some of the playoffs but strictly as a casual fan.

Until next week Gabbers and donít forget Lanz right over there >>>

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Well, Gabbers, to say this is a long week is an understatement. Iím at that point where I have two jobs. Thereís one Iím hoping to wean away from and one I want to do full time. Iíve had a few days of subbing and they were great. My other employer has me working everyday this week and a good chunk of next week. Being that this is a retail job, my goal is to take a hiatus from it by Thanksgiving, so I donít have to deal with the Black Thursday, ďYou canít see your family, we have 99 cent DVDs to sellĒ BS. I think this might be the year, however, where we see some sort of colored Wednesday. Retailers have ignored the day before Thanksgiving for too long. Get ready for Magenta Wednesday.

I got to watch a good part of opening weekend in the NFL. I liked what I saw, but the rest of the world and the players seem determined to overshadow the actual game this year. Theyíre even going as far as mixing MMA with the kickoffs this year. Meanwhile, the folks here in Pittsburgh really wish the defense had as much fight in them as Antonio Brown. The Browns almost snuck away with one in the midst of everyone wondering what Johnny Manziel was doing. The offense stalled and Brian Hoyer got into a rhythm. The AFC is looking pretty different this season. The Steelers and Ravens look a bit listless and Cleveland could possibly make more noise than people assumed. Still, itís clear the only team getting out of this division and into the playoffs will be the Bengals. No wild card is coming from this group.

Detroit started the season Monday night against the G-Men. At first, I wasnít sure who looked worse. Detroit jumped out to a lead and then stalled the whole second quarter. We got two quick shots to Calvin Johnson and then just packed it in. The Giants got one back and people started thinking same old Lions. †We came out in the third and started kicking field goals. Same old Lions. The twist is our defense was able to hold the Giants back, which Iím still unconvinced is any sort of feat. Eli didnít look too great and the Giants passing game was very unremarkable. Victor Cruz caught 2 of the 6 balls thrown his way. Maybe weíll see what we have in Detroit when they go south to play the Panthers.

The other shoe dropped in the Ray Rice affair. Itís a sad day when TMZ is more tenacious than any actual news network and the NFL combined, isnít it? TMZ got the full elevator tape and the NFL finally realized that this was a pretty bad incident. I didnít see a lot of the press conference with John Harbaugh, but my wife saw part of it and came away with the impression that he was angry that Rice was released. With the NFL trying to lure more female viewers, thatís kind of the last image they want to show. Also, letís maybe skip the Pink week. After this stunt, youíre not buying female fans with sparkly, pink jerseys and a lot of your players have balls if they were pink. Iím looking towards the folks in San Francisco.

So, no one looks good here. The media got embarrassed by a tabloid that generally spends its time following Bieber. The state of New Jersey is ordering an investigation to see how, in the light of this tape, Ray Rice only received court mandated counseling before the trial.†

I donít want to say that Riceís wife looks bad here, maybe just way too trusting. I am not sure how you marry the man after this. I donít know how or if sheíll stay with him after this. I donít know how Rice will react to this, but Iíd worry about her safety. Rice, of course, looks monstrous. Hopefully he gets all the help he needs. He will get another shot and Iím sure there will be a team willing to give it to him. I donít want him to, but I am sure he will.†

The shield looks terrible. That thing has a lot of dents and some arrows sticking out of it now. They look worse when you note that they didnít make a move until after the Ravens did. I remain skeptical of what theyíd do if the Ravens hadnít acted so quickly. Goodell looks bad. He admitted he made a mistake with giving Rice 2 games. He made the Rice Rule a few weeks ago. Still, this is the guy who came in to clean up the game. Look at everything thatís happened under his watch. Dog fighting. Murder. Spousal abuse. Half the league and ownership has a DUI. What happened to his initial tough stance? Roger says his job is not at risk and that heís used to criticism, but at what point does anyone involved with the league hold him accountable?

Letís not forget that we have another incident in San Fran. Ray MacDonald, who was on the field in Dallas, stands accused of hitting his girlfriend at a party surrounded by a good percentage of his teammates. No one did anything to help or reprimand him. The ownership states that they are waiting for the facts, kinda like the NFL did with Rice. We donít have a video this time, which really shows that the NFL would have been perfectly fine if TMZ hadnít found the rest of that tape. I donít see how no one is stepping in to bench MacDonald if, for no other reason, only to not repeat the mistakes they just freakin made with Ray Rice. If San Fran is smart, and the police blotter shows that they are not, MacDonald will be on the sidelines this weekend.

As my brother pointed out, the NCAA made a shitty/sneaky move and announced that they are lifting the ban on Penn †Stateís postseason appearance. The main point for it is that the kids currently on the team had nothing to do with the atrocities that were committed. I believe it. Heck, 73% of those polled at ESPN seem to be fine with it. I would just add a condition. All the funds, every last cent raised by Penn State through post season bowl appearances or a playoff appearance goes into a fund for the victims. The institution should not be allowed to benefit from this. The kids still get to play in bowls, but the school shouldnít be allowed to grow fat from the earnings. If anyone deserves anything, itís the victims.

Well, thatís all for this week. Thanks as always fro stopping in. Letís hope we can watch football this week and that the bombs have all dropped.

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