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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 1-25-15
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HEY HO!!! IT SNOWED!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. So big news here in the northeast besides deflate-a-gate is snowed. Yup. Had to get my snow mobile out. Needs a paint job but she runs. Right now it's lull time till the next wave hits. The wind has kicked up and the temps went down. So all you in palm tree territory prepare for incoming snow balls. My catapult is set on stun. 

So what of the land of Left Turns? I got you covered right here.



That would be correct. Jeff says he's not retiring because that means your're not working and he plans on working. Getting a real job even. So the "R" word is not being used. He is however stepping out of the #24 at the end of 2015. He will be focusing on getting that championship under this new Chase format that he didn't like at first but now says it's pretty exciting. 

Jeff was very vague on his plans after 2015 is over. He's put feelers out to tv networks to maybe be in the broadcast booth but he wants to be free to jump in a race vehicle like maybe a truck or a Baja Buggy for the Baja 1000 or other sellect events as he chooses. Or not. Says he has a lot of plans that he'll announce later.

Jeff is a partner with Rick Hendrick and plans on being heavily involved with the company for years to come. 

Speaking of Rick. Here's what he had to say,"There's simply no way to quantify Jeff's impact. He's one of the biggest sports stars of a generation and his contributions to the success and growth of NASCAR are unsurpassed. There's been no better ambassador for stockcar racing and no greater representation of what a champion should be. I will never be able to properly express the respect and admiration I have for Jeff and how meaningful our relationship is to me. I'm so grateful for everything he's done for our company and my family and I look forward to many years together as friends and business partners."

Jeff said he and Rick discussed his back issue and future in racing many times. He wanted to go out on top while he was still competitive and on his own terms. Rick tried to talk Jeff into staying in the car a little longer but Jeff knew last year it was time.

It is assumed that Chase Elliott, (last years Xfinity champion and Bill Elliott's son) is in line for the seat of the #24 car. He will be chasing a 2nd championship and also driving a 5th HMS car in the Cup Series for sellect races this year. HMS can skirt the 4 team max because Elliott is still a rookie.


----> 4 Cup Championships

----> 92 points paying race W's

----> 77 Poles

----> 3rd (Behind Petty & Pearson ) for all time W's

----> 3 Daytona 500 W's, 5 Brickyard 400 W's, 12 Restrictor Plate W's & 9 Road course W's

----> Has won on every track on the circuit except the Kentucky Speedway (Area of opportunity perhaps?)

It remains to be seen just what Jeff means by a real job and how this real job will let him have the flexability he wants to jump in whatever race vehicle he wants to when he wants to. Just wondering if he understands the concept of real job.

But hey, congrats and good luck to Jeff in whatever he has planned for the next chapter in his life. I mean 43 years old is old....



On Saturday the biggest short track open wheel race of the year was held and Rico snagged the victory. On lap 27 of the 55 lap feature he passed Bryan Clauson and never looked back. This is Rico's first Chili Bowl win although he's been racing winged sprint cars and midgets with success between the USA and New Zealand.

After the race it was announced that Rico was given a ride with HScott Motorsports to drive in the K&N Pro Series East which is a stepping stone to Cup racing. He is now in a driver development agreement with Chip Gnassi Racing. The same team that brought you the rookie with the mostest last year, Kyle Larson.

In case you didn't notice, Rico is a little person with a huge win. That's him on top of his car after his win. 


Glen Wood started the team in 1950. They've competed every season since then with 3 generations rotating in and out since then.

Jon Wood, grandson of Glen loved looking at the Guinness Book of World Records when he was a kid and dreamed of being in it one day. Fast forward to present day and Jon decided to make it happen.

He went to the GBWR web site and filled out an application for a record claim. Surprisingly they got right back to him and were very happy to get that on the records but verification had to come with it. Jon then enlisted the help of Buz McKim , the historian at the NASCAR Hall of Fame and now The Wood Brothers are in the books. The Guinness Book of World Records that is......Congrats guys.


OH LOOK!!! It's Kevin Harvick on wheels again with Ricky Carmichael and son Keelan who doesn't look to sure of this venture.


Brian is on track with his recovery from heart surgery to be back racing in March. Michael Waltrip his boss will be in the #55 for the Daytona 500 but isn't sure who will drive untill Brian can get back in. 

NASCAR has also announced that Brian will be eligible to via for the Chase Championship even though he will miss the first couple races of the season. Get well Brian.


When you go to a NASCAR event from now on it will be like a NHRA event. Nice big area to shop for multiple drivers gear. Fanatics Apparel will be operating the At-Track Merchadise business.


----> Climate controled super store retail environment

----> Largest at track sellection of NASCAR merch

----> More Women's & kids itmes

----> Seperate areas to shop for a driver or team

----> Dedicated area for driver appearances

----> An area to customize your fan gear

So that means no more haulers. You won't have to track down your gear. It will be under one roof.


So get out there and get your Jeff Gordon merch before it's too late. I'm pretty sure it will never be too late. Jeff says he doesn't want long good byes with a celebration at every track. We'll see.

To my northeast Gabbers and others I say be safe and walk like a penguin. And don't hurt yourself shoveling. Hope you got your 12 loaves of bread, 7 gallons of milk and 8 dozen eggs. Snow storm part duex is on it's way. Every body else go climb a palm tree.

And I'm outta here....






Mr. Cub
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Baseball, perhaps like no other sport, manages to enshrine its players in the national collective memory of its fans so deeply that even when you never have seen a particular baseball legend play, you feel as if you did.

That's how I feel about Ernie Banks. And that is why today I felt saddened to wake up and learn of his passing. I'll let news articles and other bloggers fill you in on his stats in the game and all that other stuff.

What I enjoyed most about Banks came from his youthful enthusiasm for the game. He was a great ambassador not just for the Cubs but for the entire game of baseball.

If you have followed the game's history at all, you are undoubtedly familiar with his famous quote:

In a day when players have to be bribed to play a double header or go on a tirade about having to play too many day or night games in a row, Banks joy for playing the game despite being on gut wrenchingly bad teams should put those modern day players to shame.

As expected, the Cubs paid tribute to Banks on their marquee last night:

It isn't that there aren't players of the caliber of Banks these days, they just seem fewer and farther between. And a little piece of the heart of the game goes away whenever a man like Mr. Cub leaves us.

I said that I never got to see him play, but through numerous articles, books, and of course archival footage, I have a decent understanding of just how magnificent Ernie Banks was as a player and as a representative of this game of baseball and life. He was a Hall of Famer in more ways than one.

The man was beloved by pretty much anyone who knew him it seems. It wasn't just baseball awards he got in his lifetime either. Ernie Banks was a receipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom for goodness sake.

Banks may have left us but he also leaves us with an example of how to have that sparkle and enthusiasm for what you are doing, whether it be sports or any field of endeavor. He never seemed to have lost that exuberance.

Good night and RIP to you, Ernie Banks. You'll always be Mr. Cub to more than just Chicago fans. And here's to you getting to "Play Two" as much as you want now.




Storminnorman's Sports Blog 1/24/15
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Well as most of you know I have had a pretty busy last few days with Noah having eye surgery, for what we can tell at the moment turned out pretty well. I thought I would share a few of the lighter moments from the past couple days.....

While in pre-op waiting to go to surgery, Noah badgered the nurses into giving him another puppy. He's been to that hospital so much with his tonsils being removed, and tubes put in his ears that he knew where they kept them, and persisted until he got Tubes Jr.....

Noah really working on his comedy routine at the time, drew two eyes on his fingers and then a smiley face on the palm of his hand. He showed it to his doctor, and the nurses which made everyone smile....

The best part about today was when he tried to open his left eye (the one he had the surgery one), and he said is it 4:07 as he sat in his chair in the living room. "I can see it clear as day from here." This leads me to believe this surgery is going to be a bigger success than what was first thought....

Anyway, now that Jeff Gordon has decided not to race full-time after this season, what's he going to do with all his spare time, teach Danica Patrick how to drive? We all know he doesn't need the money, and I don't really see him as an owner. I am glad that he is going out on his own terms, unlike Kobe and a few others, that just can't figure out it's time for them to go.....


Don't want to break the news to all the Brady Bashers in the media, but underinflated or not, the Colts weren't going to win that game on Sunday, so find something or someone else to cover. I realize that the week before the Super Bowl is a dry week for the media, but come on now, isn't this a little drastic. 

Not to ice the Patriots chances of winning but come on, even Noah and I couldn't believe the come back we witnessed against the Packers. By all rights, the Packers had them right where they wanted them, and bam 15 points and a tie game. What are the odds of them recovering a tipped ball on an onside kick, a million to one?

I am sick of Troy Aikman coming out publicly and accusing Tom Brady of cheating, stating that Brady knew the balls were underinflated when the game started. Geesh Troy it was freezing cold and raining, balls have a tendancy to deflate in the cold weather.

Read in the local paper that Cespedes will bat wherever the decide to put him, and play both right and leftfield. It was also mentioned that he is interested in signing an extension with the Tigers. 

It was also mentioned they are really interested in signing Price, wouldn't be a bad move on their part now that the Max Scherzer soap opera is finally over.

In turn, why not throw a bone to Big Game James and offer him a couple of years? Shields seems to be a better offer than Greene, still can't believe what they gave up to get him...........

Someone on Facebook stirred the pot over Pete Rose being elected into the Hall, I seen his interview on CBS and until he shows true remorse, then he should stay out of the Hall. 

And one final note, Mr. Cub Ernie Banks passed away last night at the age of 83. Gonna be strange not seeing him at the ballpark this summer....

Hey that's I got, and don't forget to stop by and have a cup of coffee with "The Hoov." 

Saturday Coffee With The Hoov--Jan 24, 2015
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The Moral of the Story: Check Your Balls

So when the deflated football controversy first hit, I was like “give me a break…”  I mean the Colts got pounded and we’re gonna say the footballs were a little soft?  Puh-lease. Then the details started to sift down…that the Colts had notified the NFL of a similar infraction in their game against New England earlier in the season; that the Colts had put the inflated pressure of game balls on their pre-game “list” for the NFL to be aware of and check for this game; etc.


I get it--we're all worn out.  And I don’t want to rehash this ad infinitum.  But while I've heard a lot of whining about it I really haven't heard any "rational human thought" on the whole thing.  And not that I'm rational, but I thought I'd share some of my random thoughts on this weird, controversial, and in my mind ridiculous on so many levels, issue.

First off, as I posted on an FB thread earlier in the week: if the specs for the football—ie make, model, air pressure standards, etc—are so critical (and they should be, by the way) then why the hell does each team have their own balls?  In baseball, the baseballs are inspected and brought to the game by the umpires…the Cardinals and Cubs don’t each have their own baseballs for a game they are contesting.  In basketball, my understanding is that the home team provides the basketballs, but again they are delivered to the officials pre-game for inspection, then secured, and administered by the officials during the contest; and they are identical in terms of specification to those used elsewhere around the league. 


In a league as buttoned up as the NFL, why in the world is this even protocol?  One ball, one spec, the officials bring ‘em to the game.  Here you go boys, play.  Simple, no?  Why even create this opportunity for controversy?

Second, I do think the inflatability of the ball is a fairly significant item.  Reduce the inflation of a ball by 15% and grip it.  If you don’t think that two pounds less inflation makes a ball easier to catch, grip, etc., you are not being honest with yourself. On a cold, wet and rainy night, or a freezing one where a properly inflated ball feels like a cement block, it is a huge advantage.   I don’t think it makes up 38 points of deficit; but don’t play it off like it’s nothing. 


I’m reminded of when I was a kid: I had a German Shepard named Casey who to this day is the smartest dog I’ve ever known.  If you played baseball with a tennis ball, he could play the outfield and would not only catch the ball on the fly but could field it off a hop and run it in. Casey, on a grounder to the outfield, was faster and much more reliable than many of my friends who would field, bobble, and errantly throw into the cornfield.  Likewise, if you played with a slightly deflated football he could play receiver—because the ball was easier to catch.  True story. Anyway…

Third we have rules.  So you break a rule that potentially improves performance.  Suspend someone for a game?  Lose a couple of draft picks?  It’s cheating.  Whether you think it’s significant or not, it’s important enough that there’s a rule about it…you need to enforce it.  The entire universe has gone nuts over steroids in baseball and the “advantage” it afforded—and yet that was at a time when the league didn’t have a policy against it and a huge majority of the league was doing it.  But people want to laugh about this; they’re ok with a team breaking the rules like this to gain an advantage.  This would be like some aerodynamic advantage in NASCAR but you still get to win the race.  I mean it was ONLY half an inch difference.  Wrong. You cheat, you lose.


Fourth—if the Colts really did report this back in November, was the NFL pulling a Ray Rice on us and pretending it didn’t happen?  Did they do that because it was New England, because they thought it would go away, or because they think Jim Irsay is a league rogue and an idiot?  This represents a huge credibility gap for the league if it’s true…and these guys are experts when it comes to credibility gaps.


Five: minor in context—but again, these are just the things that pop up in my mind—why in the hell do kickers have a separate ball?  Don’t give me the rhetoric about kicking, the ball being slippery, etc.  I get all that.  But part of the game is the ball.  Wouldn’t the assumption be that you have to kick the same ball that this guy just threw and that guy had to catch?  If you really want to laugh your ass off…think about fake field goals.  (Better yet--that ill fated Garo Yepremian pass in SB VII.  Actually, HE could have used a deflated ball there...)  Hey, let’s have separate balls for free throws! Different hockey pucks for penalty shots!  Let’s change the baseball when relief pitchers come in!  Good grief…

If you’re a Colts fan, give up the “We were wronged!” approach.  If what I’ve heard is true, the balls were checked and thrown out at halftime—and the Colts balls were used in the second half.  So your team got waxed the worst with New England using the good balls.


I’m wondering about Baltimore.  If New England were using the balls indoors in November and in their second outside playoff game in January, you’d certainly be using it outside in your first playoff game in January.  Baltimore didn’t get blown out, and the balls weren’t switched at halftime.  Probably no way to go back and check after the fact, but it would sure be interesting to know. I’d kind of like to watch that game again now, and look for dropped passes by the Ravens, or one handed grabs by the Pats.

Last, but most certainly not least, can the NFL and Roger Goodell have possibly strung together a worse year?  Would you like to be their PR firm about now?  Cheating, wife beating, child mistreating.  What, they ran out of hookers, handguns and heroine?  What would you give for the Super Bowl story line to be that Max McGee was out all night and played drunk? Woo hoo, controversial stuff that. Oh for the good ol’ days.  This league, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, has a problem; and it’s like a snowball rolling downhill at this point.


In conclusion, I don’t have an axe to grind, and I’m not particularly a fan of either team.  But stuff like this is what makes you sick about sports.  If you play, stick to the rules; if you’re the league, enforce them.  And in the meantime, please try not to put the two teams I like least in your biggest game of the year.  Ack.  For truly the first time in the history of this grandest of NFL games—I could care less if I watch a down.  Tell me more about this Lingerie Bowl…

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NHL - Do you believe that a Canadian team can once again lift Lord Stanley's Cup in the near future?  If you do, who is that team and why?

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