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You can tell that sports are at it’s low point of the year. It happens twice a year. That period between the Superbowl and when baseball starts. Sure the NBA and the NHL are playing  then but teams seem to go through the motions gearing up for the playoffs. March Madness runs into baseball now. It’s mid July and there is plenty of baseball but the anticipation of the NFL is getting  folks revved up.

Of course the media can’t let certain things go around the NFL for instance Tony Dungy a moral and religious guy. He made comments back in May after  Michael Sam was drafted by the Rams  and Oprah Winfrey wanted to follow this kid with a camera crew because he is openly gay , When Tony Dungy was asked about this he just said totally being honest and said I wouldn’t want the distraction. Gee is that news an NFL coach not wanting distractions. It was an innocent comment  reacting to a very specific comment.

The media has run with this  blasting Dungy. Here is where the problem is as I and I alone see it. The way th media is dragging this guy through the mud and calling him names and saying he is this or that are far worse than Dungy’s original comments.

I’m sure like most of us nobody cares that Michael Sam is gay. There is no time in training camp for a coach or a GM to worry about it. The question is that he is a 7th round pick and can he play or not. He is on the bubble  before he starts. I guarantee if he makes the Rams some in the media will say the Rams are trend setters and applaud them. I’m sure Jeff Fisher will  put him on the team because he will add value as a football player not because he is an openly gay man. If he doesn’t make it. Some in  the media who will advance their own agenda will rake Fisher and the Rams over the coals more than they did Dungy.

The media seems to hold a double standard and full of PC in these cases in reality they aren’t telling us their real opinions they are advancing their on agenda. There is were I have a problem with some of these guys who are in the high and mighty.Yeah, there are a lot of media guys that are honest just trying to do a difficult job and I respect them for that.


The Red Sox looked good going into the break and coming out of it. The problems continue as they dropped two out of three in Toronto. David Ortiz did make me laugh with a quote in the media (As you all know I’m not the biggest Ortiz Fan) But he told the media that “he is going to get hotter than Jamaica in the Summer”. You know what he is . he ha sbeen slamming the ball lately. He has 28 homers 5 of them in the last week.


Other than that I don’t have much

O H Thursday
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The thing on the side of the steering column…left side

Just push it!

Up right

Down left

That wide arcing corner you just took while looking at your phone was the thing that makes me realize that sometimes road rage is almost justifiable.

Easy stuff  $*&^%$@@#$%^&*() idiot…DON’T TEXT and drive

I hate traffic…or more accurately I hate people who can’t or shouldn’t be driving.

I  do text…I do not text … when I’m driving

I wonder what’s so important that it can’t wait until you pull over. The kids walking on the sidewalk that you JUST missed had no clue that YOU were trying to respond to your friend’s text about her mother.

If I didn’t blast my horn you would have taken out two or three of them and would probably end up doing time…

Your laughing at me…I’m telling you that in my book, You Are #1.

I’ve been driving for 45 years and I can tell you in all honesty, there are more bad drivers, distracted drivers than ever. I’m not perfect for sure, I’ve driven over 2 million miles.

Some of those miles professionally in a large truck, some of them on vacation and most going to and from work. The last thing I want to do is ruin someone else’s life by my stupidity.


This week marks the beginning of training camps for the NFL

For the better part of the next 7 months

The NFL will have my nearly

Undivided attention.

The Easts:


The home town team plays in the AFC East

The Dolphins think they can win this division

The Bills have revamped the defense and wide receivers to try beat the Patriots

Rex Ryan says the Jets are a playoff team

Every year for the past 14 seasons this has been the mantra

Twice, 2002 and 2008 the Dolphins won the AFC East

The rest belonged to New England

Will this year be different ?

Miami: last season record 8-8 Div record 2-4 Key Additions :

Bill Lazor’s  up tempo offense. Can Tannehill get it with just training camp to learn. It was reportedly a very sloppy offense in OTA’s with the learning curve longer than expected. The Dolphins open with back to back divisional games in the regular season, New England and Buffalo. They can’t afford to get off to a slow start.

Buffalo, last season record 6-10, division  3-3

Key Addition, Sammy Wadkins wr speedster taken 4th overall in the draft. Mike Williams wr signed from Tampa. Will a couple of upper echelon WR make the difference for Buffalo or is EJ Manuel not the real answer at QB…


Jets, last season 8-8. Divisional record 3-3. Key additions, Mike Vick, Chris Johnson.

Do either of these guys have enough in the tank to over take the Patriots. Ryan has had his defense working since he arrived in NJ but offense wins a lot of games in the East.

Patriots, last season 12-4, division 4-2. Key additions, Darrelle Revis, Brandon Browner and the return of Gronk, Wilfork and Mayo. Have the Patriots done enough to stay ahead of the division? I’d say so.


Shorty's Early pre season predictions

NE        12-4

Buffalo   8-8

Miami    7-9

Jets         7-9




Philadelphia  last season 10-6,  4-2 in the division. I am a believer in QB Nick Foles and Chip Kelly. DeSean Jackson is gone but this fast paced offense keeps the divisional foes off balance. Rookie WR Jordan Matthews had 112 catches his senior year. Sneeky fast 6’3” 210 lbs.

Dallas, 8-8 last year with a 5-1 record in the division but what’s new in Dallas…Sean Lee will be watching from the sidelines. Tony Romo will have to lead this team. Will Dez finally show signs of maturing? Will Murray stay healthy and carry the ball for the 1100+ yards and 9 TD’s of last year? If Romo gets hurt they are done, Brandon Weeden is the #2 and that’s just down right scary.

NJ Giants, 7-9 last year and 3-3 in the division. Key additions, Odell Beckham Jr. WR. Beckham has good top end speed  (4.38) and good hands but is a rookie WR the answer to Eli  18 TD- 27 Int- 3875 yds -67.6 passer rat. throwing TD’s to guys in the opposing helmuts. Tom C. is said to not be on the hot seat which usually means he is. This season is on Manning, who are the Giants and what is Eli will be determined in the 16 games coming your way from just a little West of the City.

Washington Redskins, 3-13 last season with an 0-6 in the division. No where to go but up. Key additions, DeSean Jackson. RG3 and Alfred Morris are the keys to offensive success and a fresh start with a 7th round pick of kicker Zach Hocker to compete with incumbent Kai Forbath…

Shorty's early pre season predictions for the other East


Philadelphia        11-5

Dallas                    9-7

Giants                    7-9

Redskins               5-11

Somewhat symmetrical don’t you think?


Every year at this time I send a Yougab and oldharry happy birthday to one of

My favorite rockers Mick Jagger with whom I share the birthday

Mick is 71 on July 26th

 Oldharry is 62


Mick is a sir and harry is a mister

Mick can dance better, we sing about the same

Mick has more money and just a little more fame

Mick loves the spotlight,

And Harry has stage fright


What can a poor boy do

But to sing in a rock and roll band

Cause in sleepy Boston town

There’s no place for a street fightin man


 thank you Mick for all the entertainment over all the years and keep it going old man you can still rock.

don't forget to check out Lanz and talking sports to your right

Q-o-t-D 7/23/12
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The latest in the saga of undead Clippers owner Donald Sterling, Doc Rivers says he won't return to coach the Clippers if Sterling is still the owner. Do you believe Rivers will leave?

Deep Thoughts 7-23-14
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Tags: Colby Lewis... unwritten rules Tony Dungy Headley now a Yankee Leonard Fournette the future is now


Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. I have to admit that the past year has been an adjustment. After spending years raising kids, this has been the first summer that Julie and I have really not had any kid related activities to worry with. Back in the day, I used to run several times each week. This summer, I decided that I would try to get back into to running to some degree. I have to laugh really, as the first time I headed out…different parts of my body took turns screaming in protest. From experience, I realized that starting slow is very important. Running and walking, I am doing about 30 minutes 3 days each week. The reward for returning home dripping sweat is an immediate plunge in the pool. Each time I take that leap…I am reminded of Shoeless Joe Jackson’s line in Field of Dreams…my pool may not be heaven, but it sure beats Iowa.

With the advent of sabre metric thinking in baseball, many teams have begun to use percentages to help their teams win. One of the more obvious changes is how teams align their defense. The shift has been used more this year with success specifically against left handed power hitters. The shift is simply moving one additional infielder to the pull side or right side for a left handed hitter. The more that I see the shift, the clearer it is to me, how to beat it. Hitting the other way or simply laying down a bunt are obvious ways to force defenses out of the shift. This seems very straight forward to me. But, apparently for Colby Lewis…this violates his unwritten baseball rules. Lewis was facing the Blue Jays this week and had two outs in the 5th inning when Colby Rasmus decided to lay a bunt down to beat the shift. Lewis fielded the bunt, but was unable to throw out Rasmus. Lewis became livid with Rasmus and accused him of being “selfish”.  After the game, Lewis had this to say…

"I told [Rasmus] I didn't appreciate it. You're up by two runs with two outs and you lay down a bunt. I don't think that's the way the game should be played."

"I felt like you have a situation where there is two outs, you're up two runs, you have gotten a hit earlier in the game off me, we are playing the shift, and he laid down a bunt basically simply for average.”





colby rasmus bunt



colby lewis mad



Say what? Are you freaking kidding me? Toronto had a 2 to 0 lead in the 5th inning. I am not sure what game Lewis is playing, but it is not the game of baseball. I am with down with most of the unwritten baseball rules. For me, it adds a bit of intrigue to the game. Colby Rasmus did not violate an unwritten baseball rule. I doubt that another player in baseball would have had a problem with the Rasmus bunt. Lewis also said that because Rasmus did not try to steal 2nd that it was obvious that the bunt was simply to improve his average. What he did not stop to think about is that the Blue Jays are one of the best power hitting teams in baseball. A base runner means 2 runs if the next hitter goes yard…not to mention that the next base Rasmus steals this year will be his first. The Rangers have had a tough year and with a record of 6 and 7 and an ERA above 6, it is obvious that Lewis is struggling as well. If the truth be known, I suspect that Lewis might be mad that his team employed the shift that allowed Rasmus a freebie. That is the point…hitters should attack the weakness of a defense and bunting against the shift is exactly how to beat the shift.



July is always an interesting month for baseball. As the month comes to an end, the trade deadline approaches. What makes this time of year so appealing to me is that teams must decide if they are buyers or sellers on the season. Last week, the Red Sox and Rays were clearly sellers…until they began to win. Now, team officials have difficult choices. Realistically, both teams must win 70% of the rest of their games to have a chance…possible, but not probable. The Yankees made a deal with the Padres for Chase Headley (I laugh each time I see his name as I think of Harvey Korman in Blazing Saddles). Headley wasted little time in paying dividends for the Yankees, with a game winning hit on Tuesday night. The move sort of surprised me as I figured the Yankees to be sellers this year. I guess after years of always being in the hunt that it is tough to give up on a season. I guess this means that Alex Rodriguez is no longer in the Yankees plans? Yeah…that would be a safe bet.











So, now the angry social media is going after Tony Dungy. Unless you have been deep in the woods, you have probably heard about the recent furor over Dungy’s comments regarding Michael Sam. This very much reminds me of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson’s interview that drew so much negative publicity a few months ago. Robertson’s words were blasted by the liberal media and he was accused of being a racist and hating gays. The truth is that all of the words in Robertson’s interview were not used, but rather carefully plucked to send the message that was desired. If you happened to read the entire article as I did, you would have realized that Robertson is not a racist and speaks primarily about love for his neighbors…gay or not. His thoughts were his opinion, right or wrong…

Tony Dungy was asked if he would draft Michael Sam. His honest answer was no. He said he would prefer not to have “deal with all of it”…now, does this mean that he would not want to deal with having a gay player or simply that he would prefer not to have to deal with the distraction of having Sam on the team? On Tuesday, Dungy clarified his comments. Dungy offered a list of questions and answers to attempt to quell the negative reaction to his pervious comments. Here are the questions that Dungy would have asked:

  • Does Michael Sam deserve a chance to play in the NFL? Dungy believes that he absolutely does.

  • Should Sam’s sexual orientation play apart in his talent evaluation? Dungy says no.

  • Would Dungy have a problem if Michael Sam were a player on his team? Dungy says no.

Had these questions and answers been published in the interview, there would be no discussion about Tony Dungy today. But, the funny thing is…Dungy has been asked about Michael Sam many times in the past three months and his answers have always been the same. The best players should make the team and the best players should be on the field.  Isn’t it interesting that the previous comments are ignored and one segment of an interview is spotlighted? I wonder why this is. It is no secret that Tony Dungy is a Christian. Maybe this is a coincidence, but it sure seems that a portion of our society wants to make this about Dungy having an issue with Sam because of his religious beliefs. If you talk to any of Dungy’s former players, they will tell you that he hated distractions. Is this a surprise? Most successful NFL coaches and organizations avoid distraction to the team. Dungy and other coaches must weigh talent against potential distraction. With Michael Sam being drafted in the 7th round, it is a pretty good indication that Sam is viewed as a marginal NFL talent. With a Randy Moss…the talent is worth the distraction.

Each week, it seems that there is something that is blown out of proportion. Some group has their feelings hurt and is up in arms about some supposed mistreatment. When did our country become so sensitive? I suppose that in trying to be a kinder gentler nation, this is a side effect. I really do think that most of the people in our country don’t care one way or the other if someone is gay…I know that I don’t. What is obvious to me is that anyone giving an interview should keep their opinions to themselves…




As much as I love baseball, I do have to admit to beginning to think about football just a bit. Training camps will begin soon, then NFL exhibition games. For all of that, I have to say that one thing has gotten my football juices flowing more than anything else. I read something about a freshman running back at LSU. I started reading other returning LSU running backs talking about this kid and suddenly I was paying attention. I decided to watch the video of the kid in high school and I sat transfixed. Yeah it is high school, but Barry Sanders and Adrian Peterson played high school football once upon a time as well. My eyes tell me this kid is the real deal. Hey…I have had my belly full of SEC success, but I cannot help but get excited about a player like Leonard Fournette. You know what is also exciting? The kid is supposedly polite, sincere and humble. Check him out for yourself:






                                                         2012 Highlights as a high school junior





                                                                      2013 a high school senior.






I am not much for taking “selfies” but know that many youngsters are habitual selfie takers. I suppose this is a pretty harmless habit, but sometimes it is just a bad idea…





I wanted to take a moment to remember Robert Newhouse. When I remember my favorite Cowboy teams, Newhouse was one of the guys that I loved to watch. His bruising running style was so honest that I found eyes drawn to him whenever he was on the field. There was a time that I really wanted to be a professional football player, but seeing Newhouse dead at 64 is another reason that I am happy to just be a fan. RIP Robert, you will be missed…


That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…



"What is it about a beautiful sunny afternoon, with the birds singing and the wind rustling through the leaves, that makes you want to get drunk?" "And after you're real drunk, maybe go down to the public park and stagger around and ask people for money, and then lay down and go to sleep."

"Here's a good thing to do if you go to a party and you don't know anybody: First take out the garbage. Then go around and collect any extra garbage that people might have, like a crumpled napkin, and take that out too. Pretty soon people will want to meet the busy garbage guy. "



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…




Buzz from the Bleachers
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Welcome to Wednesday, Gabbers. Halfway through the week and we have baseball back. It’s hot stove time, but there’s very little cooking. The league is waiting to see what might happen with David Price and the Rays, otherwise…you get nothing and you like it.

Meanwhile, all the big news seems to be coming from sports that are out of season.


The chips fell in the NBA when Lebron announced his return. The other free agents have found homes for the most part. No news in LA. Detroit might get rid of Josh Smith if they can get the Kings to bite.


Right now, everyone is looking to see if the Timberwolves will deal Kevin Love. The most talked about destination is Cleveland. If you were the Wolves though, the best destination is the one that will give you the most in return. If I’m a Minny fan, I have no delusions about keeping Love. He pretty much said he’s gone after the season, so you might as well get something for him.


I’m not in a rush, though. The Cavs want him. You have a shot to get Andrew Wiggins maybe. Take your time and see if you can get Wiggins. You’re trading a good youngish player for a rookie with a lot of upside. The longer you can hold out, the better deal you might get from Cleveland. They need Love to placate James. If they won’t play, you still have LA, Chicago, or most of the league.


Over in football, there’s a lot of stupid coming out.


FSU QB Jameis Winston came out at Sec media day to state that he has matured. Forgive me if I prefer to wait and see rather than take his word. The more I hear about this kid…


Southern Methodist University’s head coach June Jones decided that smaller football programs were taking too much attention from the big boys. Jones wants non- power 5 conference schools to play their games in the spring. You know, like the USFL. He, of all people, should know the USFL failed. Also, having these teams around sounds like a good idea for Jones. The more teams for people to focus on, the less people will notice his 5-7 record last season.


Finally, in the NFL, we have to decide whether or not Tony Dungy’s rep has taken a hit. The Tampa Tribune, for some reason, decided to ask former Bucs coach Dungy whether or not he would draft Michael Sam.


Quoth Dungy: "I wouldn't have taken him. Not because I don't believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn't want to deal with all of it.”



On one hand, a few are praising Dungy for telling the truth. He is merely stating his beliefs. Dungy is outspoken in his beliefs on homosexuals. Some think people are making too big a deal out of this.


On the other hand, this is the man who stood up and advocated for Michael Vick. This is a man who came to the league as a QB, but played as a DB because owners and coaches didn’t want to have to deal with a black QB. This is a man who faced people who didn’t want to deal with a black head coach. Dungy was built up as such a righteous man that seeing a quote like this seemingly weakens his work. It seems odd that Dungy has no qualms about redeeming a man who killed dogs, but wants nothing to do with a homosexual man.


Personally, I find it hypocritical. I also find it hypocritical to be too upset with Dungy. His beliefs are what they are. He gave a simple answer. People are never wholly satisfied with such answers. Dungy is going to have a week or so to make this up to some. Camps start soon. Story over.


In the mean time, I’m still watching baseball. The wife and I are tabbed to go see the Tigers play the Pirates at PNC soon. I’m also putting out more teaching applications. I finally have a few days off to do so. I’m pretty hopeful I can at least start subbing soon. I can also get to the gym. I’ve been slacking, but give myself a pass since I have been military pressing mini fridges at work. I am back in the gm so I may one day military press the full size ones. Here’s hoping! Have a great end to your week.

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