Truly a funny read...
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I had to share something I read on FB posted by Matthew Berry. This is cleverly written and truly very funny.

An Article worth reading...
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I really don't have much to add to excellent read imo...

Monkey Security
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Howdy to all in You Gab land. Johnny Monkey here to offer a security tip to all of my friends. Rather than try to explain, Johnny Monkey thinks a video is much easier:





Don't forget to eat your vegetables! Johnny Monkey must go now. Johnny Monkey has a job to do in England; something to do with a group of badminton players.

Ms. Irrelevant
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It seems as though Mr. Irrelevant (the 253rd and last pick in the NFL Draft) gets a bonus present this year.  What a country!

F.U. Cox Communications!
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I just got my Internet Service back.  It was out from Saturday night at 7 PM to today (Wednesday) at 8 AM.  I would like to thank my asshole provider (Cox Communications) for their concern by telling me that it would be 24 to 48 hours before it was fixed every time that I called them and complained.  Luckily I had dumped their crappy cable television service last year in favor of DirecTv satellite service, so at least I was not without television.  So here is a big thumbs down to Cox Communication, who claims that they are the #1 Internet provider in the U.S.  With their service department's help and customer relations, hopefully that will change soon.  If I had a viable option to go with, they would be out of my house completely. 

I will try to get caught up on my comments to all your posts, as I have missed the last four days here at YouGabSports.  On the way out, I would like again to say fuck Cox Communications for their shoddy service and also for making me miss our fantasy baseball draft.


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