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I really don't have much to add to excellent read imo...

Monkey Security
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Howdy to all in You Gab land. Johnny Monkey here to offer a security tip to all of my friends. Rather than try to explain, Johnny Monkey thinks a video is much easier:





Don't forget to eat your vegetables! Johnny Monkey must go now. Johnny Monkey has a job to do in England; something to do with a group of badminton players.

Ms. Irrelevant
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It seems as though Mr. Irrelevant (the 253rd and last pick in the NFL Draft) gets a bonus present this year.  What a country!

F.U. Cox Communications!
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I just got my Internet Service back.  It was out from Saturday night at 7 PM to today (Wednesday) at 8 AM.  I would like to thank my asshole provider (Cox Communications) for their concern by telling me that it would be 24 to 48 hours before it was fixed every time that I called them and complained.  Luckily I had dumped their crappy cable television service last year in favor of DirecTv satellite service, so at least I was not without television.  So here is a big thumbs down to Cox Communication, who claims that they are the #1 Internet provider in the U.S.  With their service department's help and customer relations, hopefully that will change soon.  If I had a viable option to go with, they would be out of my house completely. 

I will try to get caught up on my comments to all your posts, as I have missed the last four days here at YouGabSports.  On the way out, I would like again to say fuck Cox Communications for their shoddy service and also for making me miss our fantasy baseball draft.


Mike Polk Jr. Killing the Browns Again!
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Tags: NFL Humor Mike Polk Jr. Cleveland Cleveland Browns Browns fans

 Yep, Cleveland's favorite funny-man/angry Browns fan, has made another excellent video...Mike has pulled out his big, funny, sick of this bullshit, hard cock, and slammed it right up in the Browns' stupid ass...

Great job!

Mike Polk Jr. once again, saying what needs to be said!

Later, The Beeze.

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