Bad to the Bone...
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Johnny Monkey here with a quick word to my Gab friends. If you thought dog fighting was bad, please do not watch the following video. It is so heinous, that Johnny Monkey hesitates to even show it...






Remember to eat your veggies! Johnny Monkey out...



Truly a funny read...
Category: Humor
Tags: Matthew Bery

I had to share something I read on FB posted by Matthew Berry. This is cleverly written and truly very funny.

An Article worth reading...
Category: Humor

I really don't have much to add to excellent read imo...

Monkey Security
Category: Humor
Tags: Johnny Monkey foils a thief


Howdy to all in You Gab land. Johnny Monkey here to offer a security tip to all of my friends. Rather than try to explain, Johnny Monkey thinks a video is much easier:





Don't forget to eat your vegetables! Johnny Monkey must go now. Johnny Monkey has a job to do in England; something to do with a group of badminton players.

Ms. Irrelevant
Category: Humor

It seems as though Mr. Irrelevant (the 253rd and last pick in the NFL Draft) gets a bonus present this year.  What a country!

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