Yelling At The TV

Alright fuckers… you want it? You got it. So sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, because MY team won, your team lost, I get to brag, here’s a fucking tissue, go change your pad, fingers in my ears LALALALALALA I can’t hear you crying about a non-call, gimme that goddamned trophy.

How many games have we watched where the following week/month/season was all chatter about how the ref’s jacked up the game for so-and-so. Or, how the ref’s gave the game to ‘those guys’? Are you sad because of a no-call hold in the end zone and the guys you were rooting against won? Too fucking bad. There were 2 refs standing at the corners of the end zone for that play. Two sets of eyes on the play, two sets of eyes that didn’t make the call, two sets of eyes that saw the ball sail high and un-catchable. As discussed in prior posts here and elsewhere, the ref’s let the teams play. There were 7 penalties called for the entire game. Ravens 2-20, 9ers 5-33. The Ravens would’ve won that game regardless of whether they called the hold or not. Don’t think so? Here’s how it would’ve played out because it’s my post, not yours. Any issues? See above. Sit down and shut up.

The ‘call’ would’ve occurred with 1:55 to play in the game. 49ers with 1 timeout left, the Ravens have 2. Ball is placed on the 1 yard line (argue amongst yourselves on the spot, not that if fucking matters anymore), 1st and goal to go. Let’s say it takes the 49er’s 2 chances to get the score. A run play to the right with Gore, eat up 45 seconds on the clock before the next snap. So that puts it at 1:10 on the clock. A 5 second play to get the pass to V.Davis in the back of the end zone. 49ers up 35-34 at that point. Now, do they go for 2 and force the Ravens to either get a touchdown for the win or kick the extra point and let Justin Tucker (not Billy go drive off a fucking bridge you piece of shit Cundiff) kick the winning Field Goal as time expires? I think in that situation you HAVE to go for 2. Now, let’s say they make the 2 point conversion, 8 more seconds off the clock. 37-34 49ers lead. Given the 49ers defense couldn’t stop the Ravens receivers, it’s safe to say they would’ve driven the length of the field and gotten the score to win. Don’t agree? Too bad, see above. Sit down and shut up.

Elite, not Elite… Tomato… Tomaatoe... Go ahead and regurgitate how his stats don’t show he was tops in the league this season. I say this. TOTAL OFFESIVE PACKAGE. Why plan an offense of Pass, Pass, Run, Punt that the ‘Elite’ QB’s teams HAVE to do because they don’t have a Pro-Bowl running back such as Ray Rice? They can play the Run first game-plan and be as successful as they were. Take a look at this years’ League Rushing Stats. With the exception of Ridley (NE) and Turner (ATL), all of the players in that position DIDN’T have an ‘ELITE’ QB under center as you guys would classify them. Those teams were set up to pass first, run when it’s convenient… Rings this, MVP’s that. Only Brady has a ‘Ring’ on that list recently. Silly me. What was I thinking. I must have forgotten to follow the herd and drink the Kool-Aid of the talking-heads on EsPn and SI.

Oh, yeah… And if your comment is going to be about Ray Lewis, multiple wives, payoffs, Higher-Power… go comment somewhere else. You obviously forgot about OJ, Shawn Kemp, Wilt Chamberlin, and every other player out there that points to the sky or says “First, I want to thank Jesus for giving me the ability to play the game.” I’m pretty sure that Jesus or God isn’t a fan of player X, Y, or Z that day when they score and take a knee, cross themselves, and point to the sky. Am I biased towards my team? Yes! Am I going to act like it never happened? No. Just not here.

What’s your argument going to be when they repeat next year??? They have all the tools needed. A running game that starts with Ray Rice and moves on to Vonte Leach and Bernard Pierce. A receiving corps that just keeps making plays. Hopefully the front office can get Flacco’s contract in line and save some cash for Boldin and Smith. One cannot be a Super Bowl winning Quarterback without great receivers.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the NFLNetwork is replaying Sunday’s game… Hey look, Culliver just got Pwnd by the Ravens receivers…AGAIN… Touchdown!!!





67 free throws...

67!!! Unfucking believable...

Am I bitter??? You bet your fucking ass I'm bitter.

These fucksticks that called themselves refs shouldn't be allowed back on the floor. A simple brush-by play by OSU was called as a blocking foul on Syracuse... 

Watch any of the other games and you will see the same play a hundred times and the game will continue until the player driving with the ball either passes it or takes a shot. The game won't stop 40 feet from the basket. The game won't take almost 4 fucking hours to play because the dumbasses in the stripped shirts want to be on TV longer...

How in all that's fucking holy does OSU win that game if the ref's don't send them to the free-throw line 42 FUCKING TIMES... 42.. FORTY-TWO!!! SAY IT OUT LOUD... FOUR-TEE-TWO... OSU was 31-42 from the charity stripe tonight... Syracuse was 20-25 from the stripe.

Go ahead... Do the math... I'll wait...

Did you figure it out?

Easy, wasn't it... 

Fucking zebras...HOLY FUCK!!!

How many times did they change their minds on who had the inbounds play on the one call??? First it was out on OSU, then Thad, WHO THE FUCK CALLS THEIR KID THAD, cries and gets the call reversed, then they say it is SU's ball, then no, it's OSU's ball, nope, back to SU, then FINALLY the douche nosle gerble smugglers give the ball to OSU.

3 other times OSU threw the ball out of bounds and the needle-dick bug-fuckers gave the ball back to them because a SU player WAS ON THE FLOOR IN THE GENERAL AREA AND MAY HAVE TOUCHED THE BALL...

Are you fucking kidding me???

Jesus fucking H Christ... I just got a foul called for typing this post too loud...



Why wasn't Carter-Williams on the floor? Why did Boehiem only use 3 bench guys when he saw that the blind motherfucking piece of shit knob-gobblers were blowing their whistles like Sanduski blowing 10 year olds at a Cub Scout Convention??? Boeheim got his FIRST technical foul of the SEASON a few minutes into the game because of some retarded call the refs made... Should have known it was going to be one of those nights... Good thing I had plenty of alcohol...

All I can hope for now is UNC to lose to Kansas and Kentucky to get past Baylor and I will have 3 of the Final 4 in a money bracket at work... Louisville winning against Florida was a nice surprise... I had turned the TV off to head over to a friends house to watch the refs ruin a perfectly good game that was yet to be played when L'ville was down by 8 with about 10 minutes to play.


No... Really... FUCK YOU!!!



Just Keep Hitting Play Tags: MLB ARod

The devil made me do it...


Nah... Sit the fuck down A-fRaud because it's going to be cold this winter!!!




Now to try and find a way to get BdUbs idea of the 9th-inning Rub into the mix.




Now I Can Hate Duke All Year Long Tags: NCAA NCAAFB NCAABB ACC BIGEAST


That's the link taking you to the whole story on ESPN... Where they get paid to write less awesome stuff then our writers put out... And our writers put out!


My opinion of Syracuse and Pitt going to the ACC??? From a competition point of view, it's a smart move. Syracuse has already proven it can hang against ACC teams. Now it's another level of opponents for them to battle with each season.


Downfall? Bad idea? Devils Advocate?


Sure, they now have to battle Duke, UNC, Maryland, Miami, and other teams that have 'been there, done that'... The ACC tournament is a gauntlet of tough teams leading up to the NCAA tournament. The good part of the BigEast is that the BET was finished on Saturday night. The ACC tourney goes into Sunday afternoon and most brackets are waiting for them to finish to see who is selected from the ACC to fill out the pool of 68.

The Orange is going to have to pull out some serious sac when they step on the field with the likes of Maryland, FSU, GeorgiaTech, and other ACC powerhouse teams. They will be going from 'climbing their way up' in the BigEast to being a lower-tier team in a strong conference. The MiamiU and BostonCollege rivalries will be renewed and definitely add to the highlights of the season.


I do believe if this does take place it will be effective next seasons, as the article does not state specifically when the 'move' will take place.


Be safe, stay warm.





Yelling At My Fantasy Draft Tags: nfl yatv draft fantasy

All in all, I can’t say it was a bad draft… Other than someone else did it for me. How many of you would let someone else put your fantasy-football destiny in their hands??? Many of you know Bovenzi, (Two Girls One Cutler) from the other league. He was my surrogate drafter for the Gab league. The wife and I were at the NYSFair at a 3DoorsDown concert and used the power of cell to throw ideas as to whom to draft back and forth.


With 5 minutes to go before draft time, Bo FINALLY returned my text to tell me I had the 3rd spot… Oh baby!!! I know A.Petterson and A.Foster wouldn’t make it that far so I set my eyes…er, text message on Ray Rice! No word from Bo after about 20 minutes and then I got the return… With the 3rd pick, YaGata NGata drafts Ray Rice! My #1 pick is set… Time for me…er, Bo, to build a franchise!!! This is my first time having RayRay... don’t let me down...


Here is how my draft went…

  1. Ray Rice
  2. Hakeem Nicks
  3. LeGarrette Blount
  4. Shonn Greene
  5. Matt Stafford
  6. Steve Johnson
  7. Rob Gronkowski
  8. Joe Flacco
  9. Marshawn Lynch
  10. NYG Def
  11. Jordy Nelson
  12. Thomas Jones
  13. Adam Vinatieri
  14. Danny Amendola
  15. Antonio Brown
A few picks had me scratching my head, but I had faith in Bo. He knows his stuff, but is a Bills fan... So I understand the Stevie Johnson and Marshawn Lynch picks. Even though Marsh is in Seattle now. My by-weeks are good with no major holes to worry about. Sorry for Doc not making the draft and picking up 3 Colts receivers. Now I know what you are thinking... hell, I would have PAID to have that problem last year. Peyton was throwing to EVERYONE in a Colts jersey. What I am not sorry about is grabbing Jacoby Ford from the Raiders off of waivers when you dropped him to add another player. Now don’t get me wrong... Ford isn’t going to put up the numbers that anyone in the top 5 rounds are capable of, but he will get those extra 5 or 6 points a week that might put you over the top. In a league that rewards for return yards for individual players, his 1280 return yards and 3td’s didn’t hurt the weekly stats.
Oops, tangent. Sorry.
Antonio Brown from the Steelers was the one that had me confused. A 3rd line receiver that has me thinking that BigBen will be either running or on his back by the time he gets to Brown on the check-down mid-play. Looks like I have a by-week floater to dump and add with, but who know what will happen and who will get hurt when. In my opinion, to STEAL Danny Amendola in the 14th round is just that... A steal. The talking heads have a lot of good things to say about D.A.’s predicted numbers and what Sam Bradford will do in regards to throwing to Amendola.
I’ll tell everyone here what I have told another league (Yahoo) that I am in... If you want Hakeem Nicks, make me a ‘mans’ offer, not one of these 2 bench guys and a stack of cups for him and expect me to pull the trigger on it. I don’t know what some people are thinking. Given that... I have now put the hex on Nicks. I have him on my roster in several leagues. Guess what that means? He will be on IR by week 3. Sorry folks, that’s how my fantasy Karma rolls.
Same thing happened with Stafford last season, Lynch and Jones got traded... The Giants Def could be a weak point for points allowed. Now that Peyton is out for what could be the entire season, the pick of Vinatieri could be kicking gold. Kerry Collins will get them down to the 30 and A.V. will trot out there and put up the 3 all day.
I will let you know how the season goes... Some will see the carnage first hand while playing with us in the league... Some will hear only rumors of how the Beeze was sent to the showers by the end of the 1pm games...
Long time, no Yell...
Be good, stay dry NorthEast...


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