Yelling At The TV
Because The NFL Wants It This Way.

Last week I was gloating...

This week...

Second half... Change TV's to help the Kharma.

Just tell me when it's over...

Thanks for playing...

It's been a pleasure to be knocked out by the 2010 Super Bowl Champions and MVP.








WOW... That's all I can say at this point.

What a year it has been. YouGabSports has grown so much and it could not have been done without YOU... Yeah, you. All the members of our humble and beloved site. Many had said we were crazy and it was a ploy to deconstruct 'that' site. But to all those doubters ..l.. I am proud to say YouGabSports is here to say!!!

This time last year Sully, Kyle, and myself were burning the midnight oil putting together what we felt would be the best year long gift to those who would come here. Our hearts are swollen with pride to be able to give this gift day after day and know that you accept it for what it is and take full advantage of it... Which is what a gift should be.

Ok... enough of that crap... Who has been naughty and who has been offered the gift of going down that ol' dirt road??? Line em' up, we got something for everyone! Sure, our 'Santa' might smell of Whiskey and cheap cigars, but at least ours doesn't have to reregister with the state everytime he moves! You want a gift? I said get the fuck in line, bitches!

For Kevin: Valium. A big freaking 55 gallon drum of the shit. Easy big guy, easy. Oh, yeah. And a pamphlet on meditation for dealing with customer service reps...

For Kyle: A longer commute to work. Nothing says Christmas love like being left the fuck alone for more than 5 minutes. Santa also has the newest up-grade of 'Photo-shop' for you as a stocking stuffer.

For oldharry: A new bar stool. Hide the keys and disconnect the mandated ignition locking breathalyzer, this one is motorized. Twist the grip and off you go. Just make sure you wait a bit after that last Fred-Lite before heading down the road... Wouldn't want anything bad to happen.

For Mo: A years worth of cleaning services from the local house-maid service. The Taverns gonna need it after this years Festivus party! They will stop in once a month to dig the peanut shells out from behind the Karaoke machine.

For Lanz: SpellChecker... Enough said.

For Scottjax77: Tickets to next weeks WWE event at the Dome here in Syracuse! Can't guarantee delivery by the time the matches start. Oh, and and full day of no Yankee bashing... Can't guarantee that either... But it's the thought that counts, right?

For Dominic00: A brand new Blackha.... What? How in the hell is a fricking Blackhawks jersey on backorder... Really?.... 

 hotch - for our buddy north of the border, an upgraded anti-virus software for all the porn he sends us! Just our way of saying keep 'em coming!!!

IHM: A shelf for that nice new GabCup... Congratulations on the achievement. You earned it!

For fan82: A spit guard for your computer monitor. You keep up those rants and the doc might step in and increase your blood pressure medicine too.

For Harvey Dakota: A brand-spanking-new Welcome mat... Welcome to the Gab!!!

For B-Dub: A gift card to Dick'sSportingGoods for some new 'Pong' gear. But remember, acceptance of said gift releases the Gab and it's affiliates from any and all possible law-suits either active or pending.

For Broncs: Santa is an odd fellow... One gift is a box of ammo for your next big hunt. The other is a box of tissues for when your Broncos get booted from the first round of the playoffs.

For Beeze: Salad and Slim-Fast... Ground control to Major Tom. Let me be the first to congratulate you on becoming the Gab's first 'Ass-tronaut'

For TenaciousFranz: A free years' membership to the YouGab Day Care Center. We aren't quite sure if the background check has cleared on the baby-sitter yet... But drop off the boys anyway, someone will be here to watch them.

For Bandit: A free subscription to our version of the 'Vegas-Insider' We will give you a years worth of point spreads and pick-em's in one big, fat book. Sure, we may not know the schedule for the NFL next year, but what the hell... Make your picks anyway!

For PBK: A tub of Tums, a pound of Goodies Headache Powder, and a trunk full of Tylenol to ease the pain that is the Steelers 09-10 season, and a knock-off Championship Terrible Towel. Stillers is mis-spelled on it. I think MemberX was selling them.

For Last: But not least...HA.. Santa Gab is such a cut up. Must be the TavernNog. A new keyboard... or two. You keep up all the posting and we are gonna have to re-name the site after you.

Well now... Looks like SantaGab needs a pee-break and a smoke. For those still in line, the TavernElves will be passing out the rest of the gifts. Feel free to trade amongst yourselves. I think the only things left in the gift bag are stale Fruit-cake from last years party and $5 gift cards to businesses that aren't even in your part of town. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a cheap card to a Sonic when there isn't even one in your city.

Thanks SantaGab... YOU SUCK! Who bought all these DHL Delivery hats? What is this receipt of $245.31 from the OliveGarden doing in here? Now who's here... ARE THOSE STRIPPERS??? NO, turn that music off... Hey, wait a minute... No, keep it going, I am headed to the back with this one... see you in 5 minutes guys!!!


PS - if your looking for any last minute gift ideas for the guys behind the scenes we have a suggestion. In the coming year when you pay us a visit would you mind clicking on GOOGLE ads, say one or two. This helps us from digging deep and aids us in keeping things afloat! Just a little shameless huckstering from the powers that be!

Chad Johnson Is An Idiot

A rhetorical question for everyone...

At what point does it seem OK to be seen with money in your hand while standing near the replay booth on the side-line while YOUR OWN PLAY is in question???

Answer? NEVER!!!

...Now the fucking talking heads on EsPn say it's OK...

Are you fucking kidding me??? It's OK to be perceived that you want to bribe a ref?

The NBA is in it's own quagmire (Giggity) with their refs being accused of fixing games. Does Goddel REALLLLLY want this on his watch? As commishioner of the NFL, ol' Ocho-Asshole should be set down for a few weeks and fined a few HUNDRED-THOUSAND of those singles...

Absolute garbage...



This is Danny Macaskill...

This video get 2.5 MILLION clicks a week... 

 Keep watching... It just keeps getting better as it goes...

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