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Boxing has never known the heyday that it knew when the trip of Mohammed Ali, Joe Frazier, and George Foreman were at the top of the game. Memorable fights with catchy names like the “The Thrilla in Manila” or “The Rumble in the Jungle” captured the hearts of sports fans and the media alike.

On Monday night, it was announced that the sports world had lost one of these legends, when Smokin’ Joe Frazier lost his last fight, succumbing to liver cancer at the age of 67. He’ll always be remembered as the man who stood toe-to-toe with the giants of the ring and held his ground. That said, Frazier will also be remembered for some of the memorable things he’s said during his brilliant career and beyond.


Here are a few of his most memorable quotes:

-          “Boxing is the only sport you can get your brain shook, your money took and your name in the undertaker book.”


-          “Life doesn't run away from nobody. Life runs at people.”


-          When I go out there, I have no pity on my brother. I'm out there to win.


-          “Kill the body and the head will die.”


-          “I want to hurt him. If I knock him down, I’ll stand back, give him a chance to breathe. It’s his heart I want.”


-          “I wanted him like a hog wants slop.”


-          “This is just another man, another fight, another payday.”


-          “I got a burlap sack, put a brick in the middle, and filled it with rags, corncobs, some Spanish moss, and sand. I hung that sack off the branch of an oak tree. I'd wrap my hands with a necktie of my daddy's and punch at it. My mom gave me an hour a day. My brothers and sisters said, "Nah." I said, "You'll see."”


-          Nothin' wrong with an ass whuppin' every now and then. You take away the ass whuppin's and what do you get? You get people wearin' pants below their belly buttons. I'm tellin' you, you go out these days and see the crack of a young lady's butt. It's crazy, man. They should be locked up for indecent exposure. Look here. See? Suspenders! And a belt! I ain't takin' no chances.


-          “I wasn't a big guy. People thought the big guys would eat me up. But it was the other way around. I loved to fight bigger guys. Only one big guy I didn't like to fight. That was George. Fightin' George Foreman is like being in the street with an eighteen-wheeler comin' at you.”


-          “I had my Olympic gold medal cut up into eleven pieces. Gave all eleven of my kids a piece. It'll come together again when they put me down.”


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Five Minute Frags - Orally Rectifying Tags: NBA Strike Lock-out David Stern Players Union Occupy Protests


There are many things in this life that I am unsure of.  At 34, I’m still not secure yet in what I want to be when I grow up. I also haven’t figured out how to make my 8-year-old twin sons to do my bidding without questioning my authority or immediately ratting me out to my wife. Nor have I figured out how to best choose my numbers for the PowerBall.

That said there are at least two things I am sure of in this life:

1.)    There are more differences between an oral and a rectal thermometer than just the taste.


2.)    In war, the side that fights on a second front against dissension is the side that loses.


While I cannot apply item one to sports, I certainly can point to item two as a lesson that the leadership of the NBA Players’ Association has yet to learn. If they had, they would realize that while they bicker amongst themselves, they are essentially handing the owners exactly what they want; a broken union without strong leadership which will eventually bow underneath the overwhelming weight of straw on their backs.

At this stage of the NBA lock-out, we are no longer in a stalemate. We are at the stage where Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher no longer know who to trust between them, nor if they themselves can be trusted. Instead of working to present their case, they are backpedaling to the media like Herman Cain at a restaurant convention. All of this while Paul Allen wrings his hands in triumph.

The war is over and now the union just needs to accept its loss. They’ll have to pack up and go back to the players with a mere 50% split of revenue instead of the desired 52.5% and they’ll have to like it. And the players won’t like it, so they’ll call for decertification of the union because they won’t feel that they are being fairly represented, costing the league the entire season over 2%.

So it comes as no surprise that the owners are now giving the players just four days to accept the current offer on the table or the offer drops from 50% to 47% and a harsher cap. The owners know that they have the players backed into a corner and that the mass majority of them won’t run the route of playing in Europe this winter.

The players are misreading their position in this matter. They is the point that the owners have to spread their half of the revenues into operating costs with the arenas, up to and including the thousands of staff involved in making everything go as planned for the 48 minutes that the self-righteous players step onto the court. They have absolutely no understanding of how this looks to you and me, struggling to get by on the pittance of a salary we can scrounge out of our employers, if we’re lucky to have one.

So while all the hippies in the world are inventing reason after reason in order to get free camping in the city parks around the world, I say they move their love fests indoors. Why not Occupy Boston Garden or Occupy LA Forum? Why not set up stake on the front lawn of LeBron James? I hear South Beach is quite a bit warmer than Central Park this time of year.

It’s time for these one-and-done college drop-outs to suck it up and find a way to live off of $8 million instead of $10 million. It’s time for them to realize a good thing when they see it and accept the career path they chose and are lucky enough to have.

Or better yet, it’s time for them to learn how to say “I was fouled” in Serbian so that they can continue to realize the dream of playing ball for a living.

Five Minute Frags - Hall Of Fame Brick Tags: NBA Reggie Miller Hall of Fame Chris Mullin Dennis Rodman


It’s a travesty. It’s absolutely unexplainable. It’s completely shameful.

There is absolutely no reason Reggie Miller should not be on the list of finalists for the Basketball Hall of Fame!

Maybe the voters on the “Honors Committee” have something against first-time eligible players or maybe they felt that some hold-overs finally deserved their accolades. But in a class that featured no other significant first-year candidates, Miller’s omission from the list is especially startling.

The actual finalists included Dennis Rodman, Chris Mullin, Ralph Sampson, Maurice Cheeks, and Jamaal Wilkes as players.

Now, Wilkes and Sampson played before my time, so I cannot hold Miller against either of their credentials. Instead, I’ll compare him against the two peers in which he played with, were from my generation of interest, and also were both selected as finalists in front of Miller; Mullin and Rodman.

Scoring-wise, Miller gets the complete edge here, serving as the primary shooter for the Indiana Pacers for the entirety of his career, while Mullin was part of the Run TMC crew in Golden State with Tim Hardaway and Mitch Richmond. For his part, Rodman was never truly a scoring threat, serving as a shut-down defender and rebounder for World Championship teams in Detroit and Chicago, while also making pitstops in San Antonio, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

Miller: 25,279 Career Points

Mullin: 17,911 Career Points

Rodman: 6683 Career Points

On the rebounding side, Rodman was the obvious leader, being one of the preeminent rebounders in the history of the NBA. Miller actually has a slight edge on Mullin in the rebounding department, but that could be attributed to playing two more seasons than Mullin.

Miller: 4,182 Career Rebounds

Mullin: 4,034 Career Rebounds

Rodman: 11,954 Career Rebounds

Passing the ball was never really Miller’s forte, but he wasn’t without his ability to share the ball either. Again, he has a slight edge on Mullin here and absolutely buries Rodman because “The Worm” was never truly a featured part of any offense.

Miller: 4,141 Career Assists

Mullin: 3,450 Career Assists

Rodman: 1,600 Career Assists

The final metric to really compare a player’s talent and contribution is the amount of time he spent in playoff situations. Rodman would be the obvious leader here, having been on five world championship teams. However, Miller played on a number of good Pacers teams that went deep into the playoffs, including one team that reached the finals in 2000, where they lost to the Lakers in five games. Mullin would play on that same Pacer team in 2000, but while his Golden State teams would make playoff appearances, they never truly went deep into them. What separates Miller is how is was essentially the cog that drove those Pacer teams as deep as he did, including a memorable game against the Knicks where Miller single-handedly drove them further.

Miller: 144 Career Playoff Games

Mullin: 71 Career Playoff Games

Rodman: 169 Career Playoff Games

I’m not saying that any of these players shouldn’t be worthy candidates. They all did enough during their careers to be enshrined in Springfield. However, Miller was one of the biggest stars of the league during the 90’s and early 2000’s. He was always over-shadowed by players like Jordan, Bird, and Johnson, but he held his own against any and all three of those players and let’s face facts, who didn’t live under the shadow of those players during their time?

Fact is, the small contingent of voters who picked this group of finalists missed the boat here and really failed to see a truly great player and award him the honor he deserved.

It’s just a damn shame.



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Sports Shorts - February 16 2011 Tags: C.C. Sabathia Tiger Woods Michael Vick Peyton Manning Philadelphia Phillies New York Yankees

Welcome to another edition of Sports Shorts. This week, we're sending up C.C. Sabathia, slapping around Michael Vick, and learning to read from Jerry Richardson, among other enlightening tidbits.



  • C.C. Sabathia dropped 25 pounds before reporting for Spring Training earlier this week. The weight loss will mean there is one less roll of fat for the Yankees to hide A.J. Burnett behind during the coming season. 


  • Tiger Woods was fined by the European Tour for spitting on a green during the Dubai Classic. In a statement, Woods said he intends to hire a “coach” to help him learn to swallow properly so that it doesn’t happen again. 


  • Michael Vick was officially slapped with the franchise tag by the Philadelphia Eagles. There have been no comments on whether or not he’ll have to wear it on a collar around his neck. 


  • During a recent labor negotiation meeting, Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson offered to teach Peyton Manning how to read a revenue Chart. In response, Manning offered to Carolina officials how to read a scouting report. 


  • Peter Forsberg recently retired after a two-game comeback with the Colorado Avalanche. Brett Favre is said to be looking into the strategy. 


  • One of these things is not like the other…one of these just doesn’t belong… maybe Cliff Lee know...



  • Anybody else like the idea of Donald Trump buying The Mets for no other reason but holding a press conference and telling his manager, “You’re Fired!”? 


  • Ken Griffey Jr. was hired back by the Mariners as a special consultant. Unfortunately, he missed the press conference to introduce him after falling asleep in the clubhouse. 


  • The Milwaukee Brewers agreed to a 5-year, $50 million extension with second baseman Rickie Weeks. Weeks immediately hurt his wrist signing the deal and will be out for 8-10 weeks. 


  • The owners of the Atlanta Thrashers recently admitted that the team may be moved if further financial support wasn't secured shortly. The team's lone fan was said to be very disappointed. 


Lance Armstrong announced that he has decided to completely retire from competitive cycling to spend more time with his family. His competitors meanwhile question whether he has the ball to compete any longer.

Sports Shorts - February 9 2011 Tags: NBA Mark Sanchez Eliza Kruger LeBron James NFL MLB

Well folks, I have come to a determination. Since I cannot commit to this post on Monday's, it will have to be retitled from Monday Monologues to Sports Shorts.

I hope you enjoy this week's edition.


-         The United States soccer team recently had to cancel an exhibition against the Egyptian squad due to civil unrest in Egypt. Had the game been schedule to be played in the United States, it would have been cancelled due to lack of interest.

-         Troy Polamalu won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award last week. He stood Head and Shoulder above Green Bay’s Suave Clay Matthews to claim the award.

-         News broke that Green Bay was fitted for Super Bowl rings on Saturday. Meanwhile, Ben Roethlisberger was fitting Dallas bathrooms for glory holes.

-          During the Super Bowl, Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez was caught on camera being fed popcorn by girlfriend Cameron Diaz. At home, the millions who were watching were caught hoping that he’d choke on it.

- is reporting the Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez hooked up with a 17-year-old girl in his New Jersey home, where the age of consent is 16. It is said that he and Justin Bieber are excited to be planning for prom in the spring.

That's the girl, Eliza Kruger, in the middle.

-         IBM’s Watson computer is set to appear on Jeopardy in the coming week. Immediately afterwards, it will rename itself Skynet and start sending out Terminators to kill Sarah Connor.

-         The statue of Harry Carey outside of Wrigley Field was vandalized this past weekend. The police are not yet sure if it was a-one, or a-two, or a-three perpetrators.

-         A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys due to the seating snafu at last week’s Super Bowl. No word yet on whether temporary seating will be built to accommodate all of the plaintiffs.

-         Wake Forest baseball coach Tom Walter donated a kidney to a player this week. The NCAA originally looked into the matter as an improper player benefit, but ultimately decided that if Lane Kiffin can give his soul to the devil to coach USC, then this was acceptable.

-         The Cleveland Cavaliers recently lost their 25th consecutive basketball game, setting a new NBA record. It is the second largest loss record in Cleveland sports history, trailing only the loss of fans by former Cavs star LeBron James.

The Lakers were said to be in talks to acquire Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony for center Andrew Bynum. Unfortunately, the deal fell through when Bynum injured himself while answering questions about the trade.

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