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In closing out my posts about the local high school teams this season, I saved the Upper Cape girls basketball team for last.

First off there was their season ending loss in the state tournament to West Bridgewater. I was doing play by play for the game as Johnny Most would say "high above court side". It gave me a slightly different look at the game as it unfolded.

Before the game, the audio system to play the national anthem wouldn't work, so the teams themselves broke out into the song and led the crowd.

Despite West Bridgewater coming in undefeated, I thought Upper Cape had the talent to at least make a game of it, even if a win was one of those out on the extreme fringes of possibility. And for the opening few minutes of the game, the Lady Rams did hold a 5-2 lead.

But once West Bridgewater established their post game with their center Brittany (pictured below twice in white), things quickly went downhill for Upper Cape. The Wildcats ended the first quarter on a 15-4 run including a half court buzzer beating three pointer that gave them a 17-9 lead.

Down by 8 points after the first quarter of play is not usually cause for the dread feeling of impending doom, but after the second quarter saw West Bridgewater head into the break up 32-13, the second half seemed pretty academic.

On offense, Upper Cape made too many turnovers and picked the worst possible game to have a horrid shot selection. Things were worse defensively. As things unraveled on the scoreboard, the Lady Rams either didn't or refused to pressure the ball to try and force West Bridgewater into mistakes.

But that wasn't the worst thing happening for them on defense. No, that was West Bridgewater's center Brittany running roughshod over whatever defense they threw at her. Man to man didn't work as she established herself in the post, caught the pass and put it up over whoever was guarding her. Zone defense didn't work because she'd just kick the ball back out to the guards who'd nail their jumpers. There was no double teaming her and when they tried to front her to deny the entry pass, yep that didn't work either. Brittany finished with a quite impressive 33 points, 18 rebounds and 7 blocked shots.

In the second half, the third quarter saw the lead increase and going into the fourth quarter, I was more interested in seeing Upper Cape show the heart I'd seen them play with all season and keep fighting. They did end up winning the quarter 19-18, though it was mostly against the Wildcats deep reserves. But Michaela scored 11 points in the quarter including two three pointers as she established a new career high with 15 points for the game.

It was an ugly 67-44 loss to be sure, but the ending doesn't spoil the entirety of the season. The Upper Cape Lady Rams finished the season with the best record in team history at 21-3. They won a state championship in the vocational tournament. And they seemed to establish, for the most part, that they can be a team to be reckoned with because they have talent across the board to face off with their opponents.

Of course, now their season is over and I find myself at loose ends. All the area teams I follow have been eliminated from postseason play. There's no more games for me to attend. I'm in a basketball nuclear winter until the summer leagues start up or until November when a new season kicks off. The players are scattered. Some have jobs and of course they have to finish up with school. A majority of the girls have the softball season to look forward to. Sadly, the games are too early for me to attend except for a couple of games they have scheduled on Saturdays.

I've been given the impression that both the guy I worked for calling games and the coach of the team would like me back next season to do more play by play work.

What follows is a look at the individual players on the team, what they did and what I hope to see from them next year (and this is just my totally outsider viewpoint). (All photos that follow are by Adam Ellis of the Wareham Courier, unless otherwise noted.)

Jodi - I didn't get to see much of her on the court this year because she missed most of the season with an injury. The three sport athlete is also likely to miss the softball season as well. But over the four years I saw her play, I really loved her aggressive style of play. Despite being undersized, she could play in the post and grab rebounds. She was a really good offensive player as well. As she heads off to college in the fall, I believe her mother told me that she would like to play basketball there. I think enough of her game that I'd actually go see her play if the drive wasn't too far.

Amelia - Another three sport player, Amelia grew up in the youth league that I used to coach in. She's always been one of those overlooked players. Never a star but oddly enough always there and in the mix. In her senior year of basketball, I was quite surprised to see her be the most aggressive post player. She didn't score a bunch, but if there was a rumble under the boards, she invariably was one of those players involved. When she fouled out of the West Bridgewater game ending her basketball career, she dissolved into tears. Even my cold dead heart felt for her at that moment.

Jaylene - She was on the JV team all year, but played saw tournament action as a member of the varsity. She was given the opportunity and unlike others who were offered the chance, she grabbed for it. Though she didn't make much in the way of a statistical contribution, I am always impressed by those who capitalize on an opportunity that comes their way.

NEXT SEASON - I don't know which team she'll be on but showing up when asked has to give her a foot up on her competition.

Paige - For the time she's been on the team, I have never really been able to figure her game out. She seems to defer an awful lot to players that would be deemed "better" than her. She'll get a bucket or two here and there and grab the errant rebound or two. But I've never been able to fully grasp how she affects the team. She's a nice kid from the very brief chat time I've had with her, but I would hope she plays on the summer league team for Upper Cape if they have one and work to increase her contributions.

NEXT SEASON: She'll be on the varsity team but I don't know what her role will be. She's pictured in the middle below.

Alexa - She made the varsity team as a freshman, something that has a certain cache of awesomeness to me. She was usually the first or second player off the bench depending on lineups and was called upon to mix things up in the post. She'd get a basket here and there and pick up some rebounds. I don't really know her game much beyond that. I would hope that she also plays summer ball to increase her contributions to the team come next year. 

NEXT SEASON: I think she would slide into the role of the third post player whether as a starter or reserve. As you can see below in the photo, she doesn't lack for enthusiasm and I'd hope she can become a player unafraid to mix it up in the post.

Dasia - The sophomore forward/center had a solid season but saw some decrease in playing time towards the end. She has the ability to score but much like the next player down in this list, has a tendency to fall back away from aggressive play on defense at times. She also cost herself a lot of points off of offensive rebounds when she just THREW the ball back up instead of displaying court awareness and putting up a solid shot.

NEXT SEASON: After what I would hope would be a summer of hoops post play, I would love to see her worry less about how much playing time she gets and just focus on producing positive results when she is on the floor. She's got too much potential to worry about the random stuff. As she produces, the playing time will increase. And she is going to be counted on a lot more next season, so I can't see how she won't be on the court more...and as a full time starter probably and a player for the team to revolve around.

Alexandra - The sophomore center has the makings of a big time post player. Now she just needs to realize it. She established herself in the post and got a lot of offensive rebounds, but she was another one who cost herself points. She spent too much time bringing the ball down to the floor after a rebound, instead of going right back up with it. She can rebound like crazy and her height can be an even more effective weapon if she is taught to utilize it better. I quite like her game but the little tweaks necessary would make her along with Dasia the Upper Cape version of the Twin Towers.

NEXT SEASON: She'll return as the starting center and be one of the team's foundation players the next couple of seasons. But I'm hoping for a lot of skill improvement around the basket (PLAY IN A SUMMER LEAGUE ALEX!). 

Molly - It is funny, I can't remember ever talking to Molly at a game, but I happen to really like her game. She split time on JV this year but mostly was on varsity. The frustrating thing for me was I've seen her be a dominant scorer on the JV level. But on varsity, she defers almost entirely to the other players on the team. And I have no idea why. As I told another basketball enthusiast, she has the talent to be a really good player. But in the tourney games, she looked as if she had no confidence in her skills. And I don't understand why that would be.

As I said, I can't remember ever talking to her, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw that she'd followed me on Twitter. After the season ended, I took the opportunity to send her a message about looking forward to seeing her play next season. That she had the talent and if she played with confidence watch what would happen. She responded back with a thank you and how she couldn't wait for next season. I can only hope my message helps her in some small way. If I was still coaching, she'd be a special project of mine. I think she could fill the role of a fourth perimeter scorer, essentially filling the space left by Jodi's graduation. Build up her confidence and develop her skills further and she's got the potential. I'd love to see her play in a summer league.

NEXT SEASON: I hope she becomes a full time varsity player and plays with a newfound sense of confidence. I believe in her ability. If she does too, watch out.

Amber - The freshman wasted no time in making a name for herself. In basketball parlance, she was a beast. There wasn't much of a learning curve for her as she quickly became one of the leading scorers on the team. The Girl Got Game! Players on other teams mentioned how good she was and how good she was going to become. I even got told that she was likely going to get recruited by the catholic schools. Selfishly I hope she stays with Upper Cape but that's just so I can get the chance to watch her play for the next three seasons. I just hope that she stays within the flow of the offense and doesn't forget to take the rest of the team along with her as she rises to new scoring heights.

NEXT SEASON: Much like this season she's going to be a starting guard. With her on the floor, the future is bright for UCT.

(photo by Ron Schloerb of the Cape Cod Times)

Krystle - The older sister of Amber is a full fledged basketball playing baller all on her own. She has a huge upside to her game and can score like mad. I love watching her play. She can defend, make a steal and fly down the court like no other. I do worry about how she gets down on herself if she is having an off game. Her head goes down and she's suddenly not as effective. If she can learn to not be quite so hard on herself, it only helps as she is going to be relied upon to be one of the new team leaders. She also needs to stay in the flow of the offense. The ball is in her hands a lot as the de facto point guard.

NEXT SEASON: She'll be in her senior year next season and looking to make a run at the thousand point mark. I just want to see her play the game and not be quite so hard on herself. She's good. She knows it, everyone knows it. A game where her shot isn't falling as well is not going to change that opinion. She has the potential to lead Upper Cape to another outstanding season.

Michaela - Yes, I've saved my ex-player for last. Sue me. Michaela really came into her own as a scorer in high school this year. She's likely not going to be the team's leading scorer but her ability to now hit double figures in games gives the Lady Rams another scoring option. And the fact that she can hit long range, mid range and drive to the hoop means you never know exactly where she's going to rip the opponent's hearts out. If they have a summer league team for UCT, Michaela is likely to play on it. Her defense is still her calling card because of the all out aggression every possession style in which she plays it. The only thing I want to see from her is to look for BETTER shots. She shouldn't stop shooting the ball, but does need to display a bit better shot selection and not force things quite so much.

NEXT SEASON: The little girl I've known since she was about 3 years old is all grown up and will be a senior in high school. Wow how time flies. And I have no doubt that she will be another team leader for the Lady Rams next year. Whether as a full time starter or the sixth man, she will affect the team in every possible positive way. Here's hoping that helps lead the team back to the promised land.

(photo by Ron Schloerb of the Cape Cod Times)

So a final congratulations goes out to Coach Robin D. and the team. As I said, you all brought the fun of basketball back to me. Thanks for a great season.

As for me, I'll be back next season following the team. They've become my favorite high school team and I can't imagine not being there for games to root them on. After all, if the Twitter hashtag is true, it is a good thing to say #IBelieveinUCT!

Talking High School Hoops 2013-2014 Part 23
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There was one final game to report on before closing out my game recap series for the season.

The ORR Boys saw their season end on Wednesday night when they dropped a 57-55 decision to Westport. The Bulldogs led 50-42 but Westport went on a 15-5 run to end the game and stun ORR. Raekwon had 12 points as ORR finishes the season at 17-5.


Some final thoughts on the teams that I followed this season.

ORR Boys Varsity - The Bulldogs started off a bit slow this season but caught fire and for the majority of the season was the frontrunner in the South Coast Conference. They lose a lot to graduation so how things go for them next year will be interesting to watch.

Status of my ex-players on the team: Raekwon will return as a senior.

Upper Cape Boys Varsity - The Rams had a new coach this season but figured things out enough to qualify for the state tournament. I'm not quite sure how things will go for them next year. I know they are losing at least two of their top players to graduation. I don't know that I'll be following them next season, it will depend on whether or not anyone I coached moves up from the JV squad.

Status of my ex-players on the team: Richie is a graduating senior and will not return.

Bishop Stang Boys Varsity - The Spartans didn't make the tournament this year. Jake spent most of the season as a reserve, but an injury put him in the starting lineup towards the end of the season and he responded with a much higher rate of scoring.

Status of my ex-players on the team: Jake will return as a senior.

Wareham Boys Varsity - The Vikings lost in the second round of the tournament after winning the South Coast Conference for the 8th straight season. The Wareham basketball team isn't expected to rebuild, but instead they have to reload. They are losing their two biggest weapons to graduation but will still be highly competitive next year.

Status of my ex-players on the team: Latroy is a graduating senior and will not return.

ORR Girls JV - I'm not sure exactly how the team finished overall. I saw them play just a single time during the season and was both bemused and kind of horrified by the way the coach acted in the game and treated my former player Jillian.

Status of my ex-players on the team: Jillian, assuming she plays next season, will most likely be on the JV team again next year if what the coaching staff reportedly were heard to say is true.

Wareham Girls JV - They finished a surprising 11-9 on the season. Surprising because I wasn't expecting them to be coached to actually try and win since half the squad was made up of 8th graders and the lack of the will to win previously displayed by the coach.

But win they did, and with a number of the 8th graders making substantive contributions.

Status of my ex-players on the team: I'm guessing that the majority of my former players who spent the year on the JV team will be back again there next year. However, Gabby would seem to be the surest thing to make varsity. She had 177 points this season and showed she's got a feel for the game regardless of the level of competition.

Upper Cape Girls JV - A new coach brought change to the team and the record wasn't as good as last year but the team seemed to learn more from the coach and played better in terms of skill development. I only saw the team play 3 times for full games and caught the end of a couple other ones.

Status of my ex-players on the team: Ann Marie will likely be back on JV next season as a junior. Laurina will be a senior so if she makes the team she'll most likely be a reserve on the varsity team.

Sturgis East Varsity Girls - I only saw them play once this year and they didn't look all that good. But they improved towards the end of the season and with Isabella's late season development as both a secondary scorer and presence on the boards, I'm hoping they can be even better next year.

Status of my ex-players on the team: Isabella finally figured things out (on her own she said) and became the player I knew she could be. She'll return next season as a junior.

Bristol-Plymouth Varsity Girls - A 5-15 season has to be vastly disappointing. Especially since the team was handicapped by a lack of practices after the holidays. They are losing at least 4 players to graduation including their top scorer and their biggest presence in the post.

Status of my ex-players on the team: Savahna had a rough season and I'm not sure how things will go for her next year. I hope she comes back. Given how the coach caters the team towards seniors, her senior year might be a lot different if things hold true to form.

Wareham Varsity Girls - They made the tournament but once again lost in the first round. The team is losing four seniors and those players account for probably 90 percent of this year's offense. It is going to be a rebuilding year for the team I believe.

Status of my ex-players on the team: Amber, Breanna and Gina are graduating seniors and will not return. Erica will be a junior and Tieyanna (who split time between JV and varsity) will be a junior as well.

Now, I haven't forgotten the Upper Cape Varsity girls, but I've got much more to say about them, so they'll be getting their own separate post.

The Gift
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"What do you want for your birthday?"


That question seems to be pretty innocuous, one that most people hear when the anniversary of their birth is approaching.


But when my sister asked me that this past Sunday, I had no answer for her. It isn't like I'm a little kid and could just rattle off a list of toys on store shelves that I would greedily welcome into my hands. At a now 43 years old, I barely even acknowledge my birthday as anything other than just another day on the calendar.


But my family does and thus the question from my sister. While I eventually told her about a new CD coming out from a singer-songwriter I like, I originally had a wildly different request.


She asked me what I wanted two days before I was scheduled to provide the play by play call for the filming of an Upper Cape girls basketball playoff game The Lady Rams were matched up the undefeated West Bridgewater team in the Division 4 South semifinals. It happened to fall on the same day as my birthday.




So I initially told my sister, "An Upper Cape win would be nice." Her response of "Can't help you there" brought about the secondary request for the John Gorka CD.


But I really would've preferred the basketball game victory as a birthday wish fulfilled.


The funny thing is that after the Lady Rams lost to West Bridgewater 67-44 to end their amazing season, I realized that the team itself had unknowingly and unintentionally provided me a 24 game season long gift.


Since the end of my coaching days, I've been going to high school games to watch my ex-players continue their hoops exploits. While I've enjoyed watching the games, there was a part of the process that was a bit perfunctory. I was keeping my word to see the girls I'd coached. If they made their teams, I had promised them to attend at least one game a year to see them play. They may not remember the promise, but I do and a promise is a promise.


However, it is fair to say that I've spent the last two years embittered about how the end of my coaching "career" came about and it affected my overall enjoyment of basketball.


My love of the game itself was intact, but the day to day stuff of going to games was a bit harder. I did it and wrote about it (a lot) but there was always that bitter little pill of how things went down for me that had me still pissed off two years later. Now, it isn't to say that there were moments of individual appreciation. There was Erica, Gabby and of course Allison who remains one of my favorite athletes across the entire spectrum of sports.


But watching the Upper Cape team this season felt different. Sure, the surprising and overwhelming success they enjoyed (State Vocational Champs, whoo hooo!) was part of that equation. It was more than that though. It was the way the team seemed to be growing together as they played. Being recommended by a few people, including coach Davidson and my own ex-player Michaela to do play by play for the filming of some games was another factor. However superficially, I was around a team again.


The players themselves helped too. I don't know most of them well or at all in some cases. But they were just a pleasure to watch develop on the court. And while there wasn't any extended chat time with them, they were usually pretty friendly when you said hello to them or congratulated them for having a good game.


So you must be wondering exactly what it was that the team gave to me without knowing what they were doing it, right?


Well that's easy. I finally felt that old sense of enjoyment of watching games again. It is something that I haven't fully experienced too much of in the last two years.


What Michaela, Krystle, Amber, Amelia, Alexandra, Dasia, Jodi, Paige, Alexa, Molly and Jaylene, coach Davidson, assistant coach Mikayla and a few of their parents did was bring the FUN back to basketball for me.


And that is a gift worth a price above rubies.


Thank you ladies!






(Photo credits: Adam Ellis of the Wareham Courier)


Sunday Musings #136
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While still mentally jazzed about the big win on Friday night...

Oh and I'm on Twitter now: @TheOneTrueJay


My first recap of the week that was in high school hoops can be seen here:

On Friday night, I was set to attend the Upper Cape girls basketball playoff game against Nantucket.

But on Wednesday night, I got a phone call. You can read about that here:

So now that I'm sure you've finished reading that link...when I got to the gym on Friday I spoke briefly with the Upper Cape coach and Michaela. Afterwards, I went over to introduce myself to the guy in charge of filming. We got the tech stuff out of the way and got prepped to do the game.

I was working with an Upper Cape student named Brian on the call of the game while the guy in charge handled the video. Things went reasonably well. I was by no means perfect but I did well enough that the guy said after the game that things sounded good.

As for the game, WHAT A GAME!

Things started out a bit slow in the first quarter with Nantucket holding an 8-4 lead but UCT's Amber scored 5 quick points to have the Rams up 9-8 after one quarter. In the second half, UCT's offense went cold for a bit and Nantucket built a 16-11 lead.

But Amber (a freshman) helped counter that finishing with 13 first half points (on the way to a career high 26 points on the night) and Upper Cape was up 25-20 at the break.

Not to be outdone, in the second half Amber's older sister Krystle nailed three straight three pointers as the Rams eventually built a 38-21 lead. The offense went ice cold again and Nantucket cut the lead to 41-35 after three quarters.

But the Rams re-established things in the fourth and went on to grab a 60-42 victory! Survive and advance is the name of the game. Upper Cape will play West Bridgewater in the Division 4 South Sectional semifinals on Tuesday March 4th.

The crowd turned out for the game. It was the biggest crowd I've seen for a UCT girls home game in the five years I've been going to games there. The Cape Cod Times had people covering the game. You can read the full game report here:

The 17 picture photo gallery by the Cape Cod Times staff photographer Ron Schloerb is here:

The photos below are all by Ron Schloerb from the gallery.

Krystle down the sideline:

Amber looking for the layup:

And of course, Michaela (3 points, endless relentlessness on defense)

Going for a loose ball (this photo was on the front page of the Cape Cod Times sports section yesterday morning)

And two shots on defense:

While none of them are heavy metal fans I'm sure, watching the way they have played all season, the UCT girls remind me of the Adrenaline Mob song "Undaunted".

Oh, and because it is the playoffs for the high school season, you might have been able to guess that there'd be some miracle shots made all around the country. You can check out this one that happened in California:

And here's the video:


I read a pretty good article on this week. It was about the Boston University men's coach Joe Jones. You can check out the article here:

Missouri State - The Lady Bears split their two games this week. Things began with a 66-57 loss to Illinois State. Tyonna Snow had a season high 26 points while both Hannah Wilkerson and Mikala McGhee scored 10 points apiece.

A couple of notes about the team before talking about their next game.

Bry Snow was one of the recipients of the Missouri Valley Conference Leadership and Service Award this past week.

I had found myself wondering why Kenzie Williams had disappeared from the boxscores of the Missouri State games. I didn't see any stories about an injury or her leaving the team. Finally, I did a Google search on her name and found out that she had torn the ACL in her left knee. The sophomore had hurt the same knee last year as a freshman. Mystery solved, but sadly not in a fashion I would've hoped for. Here's to a quick recovery for Kenzie!

Against Southern Illinois, the Lady Bears got a season high point total as they ran off to a 93-76 victory. The win raises their record to 13-14 with an 8-8 conference mark. They won the game despite being outrebounded 49-40.

Bry Snow had 26 points and 8 boards to lead MSU while sister Tyonna Snow scored 18 points. Mikala McGhee (15 points) and Desiree Phillips (12 points) established new career scoring highs for themselves in this game as well.

Hartford - After a stellar week for the Hawks in last week's game action, Amber Bepko picked up the America East Player of the Week award.

On the court, Hartford lost to Binghamton 55-51, dropping them to 11-17 (8-7 in conference). Cherelle Moore had 15 points and Alyssa Reaves added 10 points

Tennessee - It was a good week for the Lady Vols as they continue their season of "Grind for 9", their mantra in chasing a ninth national championship.

They beat a tough Missouri squad 56-50 with only 7 players entering the game for Tennessee. Meighan Simmons had 25 points to lead the scoring while Bashaara Graves added 11 points. Isabelle Harrison had just 5 points, but grabbed 10 rebounds. Mercedes Russell scored 6 points and had 11 rebounds.

In the first half of their game against LSU, the Lady Vols built a 21 point lead going into the break. But things got tougher for them in the second half. They ended up hanging on to win 72-67 and now stand at 23-5 with a 12-3 SEC record. It was Simmons powering the offense once again as she finished with 31 points. Cierra Burdick scored a career high 22 points to go with 10 rebounds and Isabelle Harrison added 11 points and 11 boards.

By the way, I'm sad to report that the ACC Women's Basketball Digest will be ceasing publication once the season ends. You can read their last weekly digest offering here:


My ex-player Paige recently competed in the MSTCA Pentathlon. She finished 39th overall. She is pictured below on the right with two of her teammates.


Do you remember when Bret Bielema was the BMOC as the head coach at Wisconsin? Well, since his shocking move to take the Arkansas job, things haven't gone well for him and his reputation seems to be taking a dive every time he opens his mouth lately. You can read all about it here:


I'm not a fan so don't expect this to be a regular included part of my columns. Pat, one of my former players who was on the very first team for which I was the head coach, was supposed to be fighting his last fight on Friday night. The local paper had a story about him which you can read here:

However, the fight ended up being called off as his opponent didn't make weight. And if the Tweets I read from the guy who wrote the article are to be believed, the training for the fight has apparently made Pat rethink the decision to retire.


Last Saturday, the Celtics were in Sacramento. The 105-98 loss to the Kings was made kind of a secondary story when, with 35 seconds left in the game, coach Brad Stevens got ejected. It is the first time he's ever been tossed from a game on any level. The replays I saw do not really show what he did to get the ref to run him, but after a week of being amazed at how Syracuse men's basketball coach Jim Boeheim reacted to a call that got him thrown out, Stevens is the anti-Boeheim.

Instead of yelling and screaming, he calmly called down to the Kings bench to get their coach's attention, gave him a wave and said "good game" and calmly left the court.

The funniest thing is that his reaction became the story of the game. It was just so surprising that he got tossed and then how he didn't lose his mind on the way out of the arena.

As for the game itself, Jeff Green had 29 points to lead the Celtics and Kris Humphries added 19 points.

But even the ejection paled in comparison to the unwarranted brouhaha that happened when the media learned that Rajon Rondo stayed behind in LA to celebrate his birthday with family and friends instead of traveling with the team to Sacramento. He wasn't scheduled to play against the Kings so not traveling with them wouldn't be such a big deal.

But as usual, it was the pinheaded way he went about it that seemed to rile the media. Apparently, he didn't get the official permission of the team to stay behind. A tempest in a teapot likely but once the media got its hooks into the story, suddenly it was disrespect to Brad Stevens and how would the coach handle things. Not too mention Rondo and Danny Ainge.

I don't see what the big deal is all about. It seems like a minor infraction. Sit Rondo down with Stevens or Ainge or both. Behind closed doors, this situation is ironed out in five minutes. And no one has to do any media dance as if they've someone been wronged on a galactic level.

Jeff Green scored 21 points and Rondo had 18 points and 10 assists when the focus got back to the actual games on the court. Unfortunately, it still ended up being a loss. This time it was Utah taking a 110-98 victory.

The doom and gloom of fans who actually think the Celtics should TRY to win the games got a little sliver of sunshine when Boston beat Atlanta 115-104. Jerryd Bayless scored 29 points as the Celtics raised their record to 20-39. Ronda had 22 points and 11 assists while Jeff Green scored 17 and Brandon Bass chipped in with 14 points.


Football - The website has chosen to follow former BC running back Andre Williams over the next 11 weeks as he prepares for the draft. You can read the first article in the series here:

Men's Basketball - The Eagles fell to 7-21 (3-12 in the ACC) after losing 66-59 to Pittsburgh. Olivier Hanlan scored 25 points in the game (putting him over the 1,000 point mark for his career). Patrick Heckmann added 15 points and Ryan Anderson had 10 points.

Sportswriter Mark Blaudschun had a good read on why coach Steve Donahue should be kept as the man in charge of the basketball program. You can check it out here:

The Eagles got a solid 80-72 win over Wake Forest on the road. Ryan Anderson led the team with 24 points and 7 boards. Olivier Hanlan scored 17 points while Lonnie Jackson added 12 points. Patrick Heckmann finished with 10 points. The win puts them at 8-21 (4-12 in the ACC).

Women's Basketball - Leading up to the Thursday night home game which would serve as Senior Night, the BC women's basketball site had brief Q&A's with the team's two seniors.

Kristen Doherty -

Katie Zenevitch -

As for the game, the two players were honored before the game. You can see photos (by BC photographer John Quackenbos) of the players with coaches and family below. Doherty first, then Zenevitch.

To start the game, Zenevitch was sent out. Maryland won the tap and the Terps coach Brenda Frese immediately called a timeout so that Zenevitch, who was dealing with a knee injury, could be taken out of the game.

It was a classy move that the two coaches had agreed to before the game. Whichever team won the tap would call the timeout thus enabling Zenevitch the chance to "start" in her last home game.

The rest of the game was not so nice for the Eagles. Maryland just pasted them and cruised to a 92-66 win. Doherty led the Eagles with 15 points, Kat Cooper added 13. Freshman Kelly Hughes scored 12 points and Nicole Boudreau finished with 10 points. The Eagles got outrebounded 37-21 and have now lost 10 of their last 11 games. They are 12-17 overall with a 3-12 ACC record.


While the spring training games don't really matter much to me, the annual Sox vs. college teams games saw the Red Sox beat Northeastern and Boston College by identical 5-2 scores.


Movies -   The opening scene to the upcoming Veronica Mars movie has been released. It works to catch viewers up on the three seasons of the TV show before launching into the movie. The film is due in theaters and On Demand March 14th.

My favorite sports movie is Hoosiers. Gene Hackman was great as the coach in the movie and in many other movies as well. But did you know that it has been 10 years since he worked as an actor? He's retired now and is now working mostly as a writer. I actually have his latest book on my to be read stacks. You can learn more about what he's been up to in the last decade with this Yahoo! interview:

TV - In the lead up to the fourth season of Game of Thrones, the HBO PR machine has now unleashed a bevy of promo posters with the phrase "Valar Morghulis" (All Men Must Die) on them. My favorite is the one featuring the Arya Stark character which you can see below.

Books - I finished reading the Rhys Bowen mystery The Family Way this week. It's the latest in her early 1900's New York set series featuring Molly Murphy. It was a nice read and managed to show how Murphy gets to solving a case despite promising her new husband to give up detective work now that she has a baby on the way.

And though it isn't actually due out until Tuesday March 4th, I got my hands on the paperback edition of the latest Spenser novel Robert B. Parker's Wonderland. It's written by Ace Atkins. While I'm normally loathe to see a series continue after an author dies, I just can't stand the thought of not knowing where the new author (copious notes from Parker aside) takes the characters I've been reading for more than 20 years.

Music - Got a new CD review done this week. You can check out what I had to say about the self-titled debut album from Red Dragon Cartel here:

The video for the song "Deceived" is below.

Talking High School Hoops 2013-2014 Part 22 - Tourney Time!
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The Massachusetts high school basketball tournament is on and it is fast making mincemeat of the teams that I follow.


Before getting to that I wanted to share a bit of good news about one of the teams I follow that didn't make the tournament. My ex-player Jake plays for Bishop Stang. In the Standard Times year end awards in their Boys Basketball Notebook feature, he was named as the most pleasant surprise for the team this season. He had started slow this season but injuries saw his playing time increase and he got at least 4 starts at one point later in the season. This enabled him to raise his career high scoring total 3 times.


As for tourney results...


On the first day of the tournament, the Upper Cape boys traveled to play Bristol-Plymouth for the third time this season. Unfortunately for the Rams, the same result as the first two games occurred once again.


The team ran out of gas in the fourth quarter (and bodies according to the game recap in the newspaper) on their way to a 52-40 loss that ended their season.


My ex-player Richie reportedly woke up the day of the game with the flu and was throwing up right up until game time. He played despite his illness and scored 7 points but he was drained.


You can read more about the game here:




On Tuesday night, the Wareham boys team hosted East Bridgewater in their first round matchup. The Vikings found themselves in a 20-8 hole after the first quarter, but rallied back over the final 3 quarters to take a 61-46 win and advance to the second round. My ex-player Latroy had 9 points in the game. The day before he was picked by the Standard Times as the team MVP for the season. He's an undersized 6-2 center but rather than let his shorter than average size for the position affect him, he was a monster all season but scoring the ball and grabbing boards.


Unfortunately, none of that mattered on Thursday afternoon when the Wareham boys took a boat over to Martha's Vineyard for a late afternoon game. It was the 5th straight year that the two teams have met in the tournament and Wareham came out of the gates flat and continued that theme throughout the game. They were down 21-5 after the first quarter and 33-17 at halftime. 


In the third quarter, they cut the deficit to 10 points, but got no closer and were eliminated from the playoffs 73-53. Latroy had a game high 17 points in his last game as Wareham closed with a 16-6 record.


The Wareham girls team had a rematch date with destiny on Wednesday night when they meet up with Ursuline Academy in the first round. The two teams met last year and Ursuline won by 19 points.


But this game was supposed to be different as a loss would end not only the season but the high school playing careers of four seniors (three of my ex-players and one that wasn't).


Things started out fast for Wareham as they went up 9-2 early. By the end of the first quarter, Ursuline had crawled back into the game at 11-8 Wareham.


But in the second quarter, Ursuline started to take control. Their pressure defense got to the Vikings and they gathered a bunch of turnovers. They threw double teams at point guard Breanna who crumbled a number of times by traveling with the ball, throwing it right to a defender or just barely getting the ball to a teammate off of a wild/bad pass. At times her teammates hung her out to dry when no one moved to assist her when she got trapped with the double teams.


The offense went cold as the team was relying a lot on the three point shot. And it wasn't like Ursuline was playing that much better on offense. They were actually as relatively ineffective as Wareham was, but when you force a bunch of turnovers, your set offense doesn't have to be nearly as effective apparently.


Ursuline led by 1 point at halftime. In the second half, Wareham continued to get beat on the boards and miss easy layups when they got the chance at them. 


It was just the worst possible game the team could've played at the worst possible time. Ursuline went on to win 45-34 and the Vikings end the season at 14-7. Amber, Breanna, Gina and Emily are now done as players with the team.


In the game, Amber had 11 points, but couldn't find the touch on her three point shots after draining two of them early in the game. Breanna had 8 points and Erica added 4 points.


All in all, with all the talk about how the team wanted to "make up" for losing to Ursuline so badly last year, this loss was bitterly disappointing.


Last night, the ORR boys team was looking to extend their season when they faced off with Burke High. They were playing without one of their top players who was serving a suspension for being ejected in the regular season finale. 


Apparently online it spurred talk of winning the game to get him (a senior) the chance to play another game with the Twitter hashtag #FreePaul


It was a close game throughout and my  ex-player Raekwon played a major role in the Bulldogs pulling off the 64-61 victory. The excitement of the game made it seem like ORR was an underdog in the game instead of the #1 seed. 


Raekwon finished with 10 points (all in the second half) and had 3 steals and a block in the fourth quarter. The final steal was on the final Burke possession to ice the win. ORR is now 17-4 heading into their third round game.


You can read more here;



(photo by Adam Ellis of the Wareham Courier)



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