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Sunday Musings #158
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While thoroughly enjoying the new person that has come into my life...


If you want to know what I thought of the flurry of Red Sox moves before this past Thursday's trade deadline, you can check out my blog post about it HERE.

One final trade that wasn't made before I did that blog post was the Stephen Drew and cash considerations to the Yankees for Kelly Johnson. This trade made me laugh. I know Drew wasn't hitting but the guy they traded for is on the disabled list so neither is he.


The Liberty ended up getting blown out by the Phoenix Mercury 78-63 to start off their week and then lost to the Chicago Sky 87-74 to drop to 10-15.

Two blowout losses do nothing to inspire confidence that the Liberty will indeed turn things around and make a run to a playoff berth. If this keeps up the two teams I follow during the summer months will both be providing other teams with a playing out the string opponent until the season's merciful end.

I would really hate for that to happen here, bad enough it happened with the Red Sox. But if it does, that will mean my only continued hope for summer sports excellence will be coming out of the Little League World Series.


I'm glad ESPN suspended Stephen A. Smith for his idiotic comments about how women shouldn't do anything to upset their pro athlete significant other and get beat up. The comment was stupid and the lame apology as he tried to say he meant something else and just didn't convey his actual thoughts was preposterous. You mean to tell me a guy who uses words for a living can't put together a coherent word blurb that doesn't make it sound like NFL players beating up their significant other is the fault of anyone but the player?

But can I start a petition to extend the ban a few more decades? I can't stand listening to the blowhard on Sportscenter and anything that keeps him off the air is fine by me.

The problem with ESPN is that they let these types of blowhards get facetime on the network and turn them into across the platform "experts". And Smith and others begin to believe their crap doesn't stink. So they pontificate and pontificate louder and longer and invariably think that whatever they say is the gospel of truth since they said it. And then they get stupid.

ESPN is their co-conspirator by not refusing to make their talking heads behave less like incompetent in your face know it alls and instead focus on providing solid based in reality commentary.

ESPN should return their focus to being the "Worldwide Leader In Sports" and stop with all the caterwauling nonsense of their "Look at Me!" roster of ranters and ravers. Give me substance over style...PLEASE!


Here's an interview with 5th year senior Shayra Brown as she prepares to comeback from last season's foot injury. It's not often I can say I was there when a player suffered an injury, but in this case, the injury came in the first game of the season when the Eagles played Stanford and I was at the game.

I don't think anyone realized when the injury occured that Brown was not going to be back on the court the rest of the year.

And her loss did affect the Eagles. While her presence wouldn't have changed the fact that BC wouldn't have made post season play, Brown's play would've likely made them more competitive in games.


Movies - I introduced a special someone to the movie Galaxy Quest this past week and surprisingly she really liked it. The next day I found MTV had published a 15th anniversary oral history article about the film. You can check it out HERE.

And in even better news, a couple of days after I found that article came the news that IDW Publishing is resurrecting the "franchise" and will be publishing a new Galaxy Quest comic book. You can read some details via this link.

By the way, with the release of the new Marvel Comics movie Guardians of the Galaxy, I would've gone to see it yesterday and had something to say about it here. But I am holding off a week and will see it next Saturday.

Depressing Story of the Week That Demonstrates We Are Doomed - It seems the head of an English language learning center fired a blogger that works for the school because the blogger wrote a post for the school's website about homophones.

It seems the HEAD OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNING CENTER doesn't actually understand English...because he cited the reason the guy was fired was because by writing about homophones, the school would now be associated with homosexuals.

You can read more about this dizzying downward spiral of homo sapiens HERE.

TV - A trio of programming notes you might want to be aware of this week. Up first is the news that the fourth season of the AMC series Hell on Wheels started last night. You can see a brief teaser trailer below.

Next is a reminder that the fourth and final season of The Killing premiered on Netflix as of Friday August 1st. I haven't watched it yet but actually do have a means to do so instead of waiting for DVD. The trailer for the season is below.

Finally, the Starz network will premiere the series adaptation of the Diana Gabaldon book series Outlander on August 9th. But the first episode has reportedly hit On Demand a week early. I'm not familiar with the books myself but they do seem to be rather popular. I'm interested in checking out the series and will likely take a peak at the first episode sometime this week.

Hot Actresses of All-Time - Everyone has their favorite smoking hot actresses of choice. But my buddy J.D. has compiled his choices for the Top 15 hottest actresses of all-time. You can check out the list and agree or disagree via this link.

Books - I'll be receiving a new mystery/thriller book from Atria Books in the next week or so. I had gotten forwarded an email from the guy who owns The company was offering the chance to download four books. Because I'm having problems with my computer I didn't want to download anything. So I took a chance and fired off an email to the publicity person for the book The Hidden Girl by Louise Millar. I asked if a hard copy of the book was available for a review and got a positive response. So when it gets here, I'll read it and then do up a review.

I also picked up a couple new books this week as well. The new Sue Grafton mystery W is for Wasted is now a part of my large "to be read" pile as is the new Dick Wolf thriller The Execution.


Music - My review of the new Winger CD Better Days Comin' can be viewed HERE!

Sunday Musings #157
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While still kind of mystified and pleased over a recent development in my life...


The Celtics signed Evan Turner this week bring the total number of players on the roster to 18. Even worse is the fact that Turner comes to a team that is already loaded with players of the same general skill level in both the shooting guard and small forward positions he usually plays.

Something has to break soon with GM Danny Ainge's plans to improve the team because right now, there is just too many good but not great players on the team. The plan to rebuild the team through trading players and/or draft picks to land a big time player to compliment Rajon Rondo looks to be going by the wayside. There has been no movement towards landing Kevin Love from Minnesota (with Cleveland and Chicago leading that chase) and after that, there really isn't a true franchise changing player left on the market.

It is going to take something drastic for the Celtics to improve on 25-57 this coming season if they end up with essentially the same roster they had last year. 

In other NBA news, the trial for control of the right to sell the LA Clippers took an interesting turn when the team's CEO testified that coach Doc Rivers would likely quit as coach if Donald Sterling is in charge when the next season begins. You can check that article out HERE.

If Doc Rivers quits or Chris Paul and other players refuse to play for the team because of their racist owner, this would make a rather interesting NBA season would it not? The refusal to play or coach for this particular reason would have to be something never before seen on a professional sports level, no?

And since the players are under a legally binding contract, does it open them up for lawsuits from the team for violating the contract. Now that would be an interesting Catch-22 for the league to find itself in the position of having to take sides in.


The New York Liberty got back to work after the All-Star break and handed the L.A. Sparks a 66-64 loss.

The team ventured to Seattle the next night and came away with an 84-80 overtime victory. The two wins improve them to 10-13 on the season.

By the way, you can check out an article on New York's Tina Charles HERE.

As for the Sparks, they fired coach Carol Ross (and assistant Gail Goestenkors resigned) and replaced her with the team's GM Penny Toler. This is an interesting move because Toler has never coached before. I mean if they were looking for a coach, I have 25 years of youth league coaching experience, that has to count for something more that ZERO EXPERIENCE at coaching of any kind.

It has been going on for a few years now, but this trend of hiring people with no actual coaching experience is a bit disturbing to me. Maybe it is because I was a coach (though with the way people keep asking me if I'm going back or suggesting coaching jobs that might become available, you'd think I was still an active coach) but every time I see someone with no coaching experience getting hired to run a team, I cringe a little and get a little bit of outrage worked up over what I see as a devaluation of the coaching profession.

Look, I know that I'm not in the same league as professional coaches, but I still believe that someone who has made coaching their vocation is a far better option than picking a neophyte like say, Jason Kidd, off the just retired as a player list and handing him the keys to the kingdom of coaching.

You can argue that a new coach can simply hire an experienced staff or that some newbie coaches have turned out to be really good at their jobs. The latter is certainly true but exceptions don't prove the rule. As for the former, if you expect a new coach to hire an experienced staff to help guide him as he or she learns on the job, why don't you just hire the experience in the first place. I'm sure players don't really care about who coaches them, but if I was a player I would want someone that I believe knows what the hell they are doing and not being more of a figurehead while the ones with actual coaching acumen do all the work.


Tennessee - Ariel Massengale missed the last 16 games of the season last year after suffering a head injury. She's on the comeback trail now and you can read about it HERE.

UCLA - Guard Lauren Holiday announced the end of her playing career this past week due to head injuries. According to this ARTICLE, she suffered 4 head injuries during her freshman season and then 3 more head injuries (and a broken nose) during her sophomore season. She's going to remain on scholarship as an undergraduate assistant while pursuing her degree.

Boston College - The Eagles have signed guard Martina Mosetti, a 5 foot 9 inch guard out of Trieste, Italy. You can check out what they had to say about her addition to the team HERE.


Denver Broncos - My sympathies go out to the Broncos this week after the organization was hit by the body blow of owner Pat Bowlen stepping away from the team due to Alzheimer's Disease. You don't have to be a fan of the team to feel for them. Bowlen has been a great owner and representative of the NFL since taking over as owner 30 years ago.

The press release announcing the move was a bit badly worded in my opinion though. It said he was stepping away to focus on his battle with Alzheimer's Disease. This seems a big disingenuous to me given that it is hardly a battle when you've already lost the war when diagnosed with the disease in the first place. You don't get better, it is a despicably terminal disease and I just thought the way the wording of the statement tried to make it sound like he was actually going to win the battle.

Tony Dungy - The former coach found himself in hot water this week after making comments about Michael Sam. Dungy said he wouldn't have drafted Sam because of all the distraction that Sam being gay would bring to the team.

Now, given Dungy's religious avocation and all the discriminatory things his faith would allow him to feel comfortable getting away with, the comments blew up into a scandal (fueled by ESPN of course).

But as much as I hate being in the position of having to defend anyone of faith, what Dungy said really didn't strike me as coming from a position of Dungy expressing his religious faith. Rather, I thought he was expressing a football coach outlook on the situation.

While Dungy has always been portrayed as a cool, calm and collected opposite of the stereotype of a mad scientist football coach, you don't get to the top of the NFL without a little bit of that 100% focus that comes with being a detail oriented madman.

And that's what I think this is. Yes, making the comments is a bit stupid given the state of the world these days, but last I checked wasn't Dungy answering a question put to him? Asked and answered, no?

And what is so strange about a coach not wanting to deal with someone or something that could serve as a sideshow to the business of putting together a football team to try and compete for the championship.

Jeff Fisher deserves kudos for being willing to at least attempt to take this on. Let's remember that Michael Sam hasn't actually made the Rams yet, shall we? But just because Fisher accepts the challenge of having every question (Did your defense screw up that goal line stand because Michael Sam is on the team?) devolving into a referendum on Sam being gay, doesn't mean every coach would be as willing or open minded. But it doesn't always mean that they are doing it as a form of discrimination.

Of course, Dungy backtracked his statement the next day and the tempest in a teapot died down but now he's been tarred and feathered in the media for expressing his opinion and there is no walking that back.

I hope Michael Sam makes the Rams, I really do. Not because he's a gay football player but rather because the football player making the NFL is the culmination of a path started in pee wee football and that is something anyone should aspire to and others admire their dedication in pursuit of that goal. Sam has repeatedly said he just wants to be a football player. I think it is time every outside party start covering the story that way.


Books - I finished reading the Michael Connelly book The Gods of Guilt. It is the latest in his Lincoln Lawyer series. It was a decent enough read but it took darn near forever for me to really get into the book. Not a whole lot of fireworks.

TV - MTV announced that they will air a series based on the Terry Brooks Sword of Shannara book series. The show will be called Shannara. I was actually kind of excited about this at first, I'm a long time fan of the start of the series (the first trilogy) and a few of the succeeding follow up series.

But when I read the news article saying they plan to skip the first book in the trilogy and start with Book 2 ( The Elfstones of Shannara), my BS alarm started ringing. I'm not going to get down on a series before seeing it, but this does have me feeling a bit cautious now.

I know MTV's target audience is teenagers with little understanding of depth of content but I do not want to see an adaptation of a series I loved turn into little more than a show about horny teenagers with no brains running around with swords. MTV needs to insure that if not exactly the tone of Game of Thrones, that the Shannara series at least aspire to reaching for great dramatic heights and not wallow in the muck and mire of most of their "original content." You can read more about the series HERE.

Sunday October 12th is the premiere date for the fifth season of The Walking Dead. And at the San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, they unveiled the 3 1/2 minute trailer for the season. It is freaking intensely awesome! You can see it below.

Music - My review of the new Judas Priest album Redeemer of Souls is now available HERE.

Meanwhile, there was a couple of new videos online this week that I thought you might want to check out. The first one is for the Overkill song "Bitter Pill". This is the second video from their new album White Devil Armory (which I received the deluxe edition of in the mail yesterday). I found it much better than the first song released, "The Armorist".

The second video is from blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa. It is the title track from his new album Different Shades of Blue (due out September 23rd) and quite honestly this is an amazing song. It was so good that I immediately put the album on my to buy list. I like the song so much I'm already considering adding it as a candidate for my song of the year.

Freak Show Friday - 7/25/14
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Ray Rice.  Two games and another game paycheck.  Why be outraged?  Did anybody expect anything more than that?  If you did, you aren't seeing the big picture here.  Keith Olbermann said it best:  You can go out and beat the shit out of your girl, then go on line and by the female version of Ray Rice jersey on for $59.  Wow, just wow.    

Bart Scott on CBS Sports Network says he got off light because the NFL doesn't have a policy on Domestic Violence and that they'll have to start one.  THAT IS THE MOST COWARDLY OF ALL TAKES OUTSIDE OF DEFENDING RICE.  Uh, hey Bart, they just did you moron!  The bar has been set at 2 games and another game check for clocking a woman.  So what happens when some moron gets bent and stabs his signifcant other?  3 games and anoter game check?   Oh, and by the way Bart, I don't hear any denouncing of what Rice did.  

Hey Baltimore fan, if you cheer this guy, you freaking suck!  And if you buy his jersey or the female version of Baltimore 27, you're worse.  But the sick thing here is you will.  Just like SF fans cheered Barry Bonds and will cheer that freaking drunk ass wannabe gangsta Aldon Smith.  Just once, when a-holes like this make a play, I'd like to hear the crowd go silent.  Don't say a word.  Don't cheer, don't boo, just go silent.  Ya think maybe that'll send a message?  

Noticeably silent on this whole thing?  YEP, the mother fucking Union.  No denounciation of the DV, no nothing.  You think that the union placed pressure on Goddell to go as light as possible?  Was he gonna go with four games, then some handshake agreement came out of it to take two plus a game check and Rice doesn't appeal?  Of course it went down like that, Owner Jim Irsay is still on the docket and he has to be dealt with.  Could you imagine if he dropped the hammer on Rice then did little to Irsay?  Could you imagine the Union then?

By the way Baltimore, five arrests, oh, and that little incident 15 years ago with Ray Lewis?  Just what the hell does it take to get B-more organization to maybe crack down on these freaks?  

Don't laugh San Francsico, you have just as much of a problem, and so does San Diego every Sunday Night after a game.  Yeah San Diego, you aren't slipping under my radar.  

Seems to me that the NFL, it's union and alumni, just are scared to deal with something like domestic violence.  So here's the deal NFL, I've already consciously watched less of your watered down product over the past few years.  I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say boycott the NFL.  No, I won't do that.  But what I can do is this:  I can call you all a bunch of MF-ing cowards, too scared to do the right thing.  

I know that I myself can do little to change the mentality - it will never change in the NFL.  So I'll cheer like hell against Baltimore probably more so than I will against Seattle, just like I'll cheer against Aldon Smith and to a lesser degree that silver spoon BOY (as opposed to being a man) Johnny Manziel.   

PC Police.  Just so I understand, a radio personality can call Erin Andrews a bitch on a radio show and he loses his syndication on NESN.  Tony Dungy is crucified for saying he wouldn't draft Michael Sams because he hates media distractions, and has to "clarify" his comments.  Anybody who agrees with Dungy in terms of "media distraction" (including myself) are homophobes according to talking heads.  Meanwhile, love him or hate him (and he's definitely polarizing), Rush Limbaugh had a point:  They ran his ass for that assinine McNabb comment IMMEDIATELY and permanently, 

Just one year ago Riley Cooper ran his ignorant mouth and he got a two day vacation for basically communicating a threat against a specific race of people.  And didn't Jesse Jackson use a not so flattering term at least once to refer to our President, not to mention referring to a specific religion with a pretty nasty epitaph?  

Can somebody please tell me what the rules are, and can somebody enforce them equally?

Where is the special interests?  You know, the womens groups, those who support "law and order", victims groups?  Where is the outrage, and I mean that sincerely?  We as individuals can go out and be outraged, yet I hear nothing from our leaders and those who think they can speak on our behalf.  What a bunch of freaking cowards.

Q-o-t-D 7/23/12
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The latest in the saga of undead Clippers owner Donald Sterling, Doc Rivers says he won't return to coach the Clippers if Sterling is still the owner. Do you believe Rivers will leave?

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind...
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In case anyone has forgot, today is the 45th Anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon.

I which NASA would restart the Apollo program.

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