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Sunday Musings #145
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While recovering from my Free Comic Book Day excursion...
L. A. Lakers - Mike D'Antoni resigned as the coach of the L.A. Lakers. It was reported that the resignation came after the Lakers refused to extend his contract beyond next season (the final year on his deal).
But let's face it, he was never going to win in L.A. There is a dearth of talent on the team no matter how you look at things and what talent there is gets older and older by the minute. Not too mention that the team really doesn't have the personnel to run the system D'Antoni prefers.
The hiring was a mismatch from Day 1 and that it has ended earlier than expected is probably the best thing for all parties involved.
The replacement rumor mill now has Steve Kerr as a candidate for the job. The selling point is that it would keep the lifelong West Coast guy in the part of the country he prefers. But that is off the court lifestyle considerations. The biggest question should be whether or not Kerr can coach this team and help bring it back (with Kobe advising and consenting, of course) to championship level.
Florida State Football/Baseball - The "Crab Leg Caper" starring Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston shows that the player has learned absolutely nothing from being involved in the sexual assault case that marred his football season.
I read that PR statement he released and damn near vomited because you know damn well he didn't write it. If he was able to craft such a polished speech, you would think he would be able to remember to pay for some seafood.
For all his talent, Winston is proving to be a serial offender. And while the crimes are vastly different, they are still crimes. Suspending him from the Florida State baseball team won't affect him all that much because we all know that he's not going to go pro in baseball.
Whether it be football coach Jimbo Fisher or someone else, they have got to wake Winston to the realities of life lived in the spotlight and stop passing things off as a slap on the wrist and a wink and a nod.
Sooner or later, he's going to do something the school can't cover up or write off as youthful mischief and then where will they all be?
Boston University Women's Basketball - Coach Kelly Greenberg has resigned after a panel convened to investigate charges of how she ran her team and caused four players to quit found that some of her actions were "incompatible with expectations and standards for University employees." Many of the complaints were unfounded but the panel said there was a compelling case for how the coach interacted with players etc.
The coach took issue with the findings and resigned saying:“I have determined that it is in the best interest of the University, the women’s basketball program, and myself for me to resign my position as head women’s basketball coach,” says Greenberg. “I do not agree with some of the findings of the review panel regarding my coaching style, which was intended to produce well-rounded athletes and a winning team. However, given all that has transpired, I do not believe that it will be possible for me to continue as an effective coach at Boston University.”
Boston College Football - The latest installment of's Rookie Journey series on ex-BC running back Andre Williams is here:
The Bruins got their series with the Canadiens off to a wrong footed start when they lost 4-3 in double overtime. I wasn't watching the game, but they had live reports coming from the Garden during the 11pm newscast and the game ended during one of the liveshots. By all accounts, the Bruins had much more in the way of chances to win the game but just couldn't put the puck in the net.
In the series against the Red Wings, the Bruins lost the first game and then proceeded to lay the smack down on Detroit. Let's hope for that kind of result now as well, shall we?
Thankfully the Bruins finally woke up in the third period of Game 2. They scored 4 goals to wipe out a 3-1 deficit and tied the series.
In other NHL news, the Vancouver Canucks decided to eat the remaining four years on the contract of coach John Tortorella and fired him after the team failed to make the playoffs for the first time in years.
It makes you wonder why in the world they hired him in the first place. The guy is usually a short term game changer for your franchise but wears out his welcome fast. This time around, he wore out his welcome seemingly from day one. He seems to be an ass simply for the sake of being an ass. Bill Parcells could be an ass, but he knew how to couch things in such a way that it came off far more lightly than even the most benign childish temper tantrum put forth by Tortorella.
And in this day and age of coddled from birth athletes, they are less and less likely to put up with that kind of crap.
STOP THE PRESSES! The Browns signed two quarterbacks on Thursday, and the team's fortunes are bound to turn around and they'll become a Super Bowl contender immediately.
What? Excuse me? They signed WHO? Oh my stars and must be pure hell to be a Browns fan. The Browns signed Tyler Thigpen and Vince Young as two more candidates to be the starting QB for the Browns next season.
This is not a joke...well the story isn't, the signings certainly are. You can't be even a GOOD team without at least a competent QB in the picture much less a team that hopes to capture a Lombardi trophy.
Thigpen and Young have washed out wherever they've been in the NFL and the only thing they are going to do for the Browns is launch even more creative rants from fans and ensure that the team will stink again next year if either one of them sees any kind of extended time on the field.
Wareham Girls Track - The Vikings ended up tied with Seekonk this week (68-68). Paige picked up wins in the 800 meters (2:44.3) and the mile (6:01.3) while Kali won the long jump with a leap of 13 feet 10 1/4 inches. The team is now 2-1-1 on the season.
ORR Girls Track - The Bulldogs beat Apponequet 107-28 to remain undefeated (4-0). Rachel won the 2 mile event with a time of 13:03.
Wareham Boys Track - I didn't know that my former player Cam was on the boys track team but I do now. The team lost to Seekonk 99-34 this week but Cam picked up wins in the 100 hurdles (17.3) and the triple jump (36 feet 6 inches).
Wareham Girls Softball - The Vikings dropped to 0-9 on the season after losing to Fairhaven 14-2 on Friday.
Upper Cape Girls Softball - In another game shortened by the mercy rule, the Lady Rams beat Bristol Aggie 19-6.
On Wednesday they were one of the few schools that didn't get rained out and that helped propel them to another mercy rule victory over Sturgis East. The 15-1 win came in large part to the 15 walks they earned off of Sturgis East.
Thursday's game against Norfolk Aggie ended Upper Cape's win streak as the Lady Rams lost 13-7.
They played their 4th game of the week on Friday and trounced Sturgis East once again. I don't have the score available to me but they won big.
They are now 10-2 on the season and 4-1 in conference play. They also have now qualified for the state tournament. It is the fifth year in a row they've done so.
Last week I mentioned that my sister was taking part in a road race. She completed the 5K in about 29 minutes or so. No she didn't win, but she doesn't do these to win the race but to complete them. She's done a number of these races now and looks to keep doing more of them. She'll be doing another one here in the hometown on Father's Day.
While Donald Sterling is the biggest scumbag story of the week in terms of public notoriety, if you wondered whether or not there was a bigger scumbag out there, you should read this horrifying story about a California youth golf coach:
After 32 years of writing for Sports Illustrated, Gary Smith has retired. You can check out a couple of appreciation pieces about the writer and his work below:
Movies - The last completed role of actor Paul Walker, Brick Mansions, was released last week and my buddy Kayode reviewed what he saw as a complete disaster of a movie over on Pop-topia:
TV- Monday night is the premiere of 24: Live Another Day and I'm looking forward to the show's return in a big way. You can check out an interview with Keifer Sutherland about the show here:
Music - I got another CD review done this week. This one is for the metal band Sabaton and the review of Heroes can be read here:
You can listen to/see the lyric video for the song "Rise & Bite" below.
Late last year two Bad Company albums were reissued as a 2 on 1 CD special. I finally got my copy of it and can get rid of two cassette editions of the albums that don't really work anymore. The albums: Dangerous Age and Holy Water. They featured singer Brian Howe and I really enjoyed them when they came out, and I saw the band live in concert for the Dangerous Age tour.
It's too bad the other members of Bad Company and Howe had such a bad breakup that they don't even acknowledge his role in the band if they can avoid it.
I also picked up the new Helstar CD This Wicked Nest. I'm a big fan of the singer James Rivera and can't wait to get into this album.
The news of a new Judas Priest album called Redeemer of Souls coming out in mid-July was a nice way to start off this past week. You can check out the title track below.
The new Night Ranger CD High Road could be a promising one if the rest of the release is as good as the title track. You can see the official video for the song below.
Kentucky Derby Odds...and My Shitty Picks
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Derby Day is almost here...Get out your stupid hats ladies...Drink up another Mint Julep...And don't forget to place your bet...

Here are the horses and their odds, listed by post position...

1. Vicar's in Trouble (22-1)

2. Harry's Holiday (41-1)

3. Uncle Sigh (21-1)

4. Danza (10-1)

5. California Chrome (5-2)

6. Samraat (16-1)

7. We Miss Artie (25-1)

8. General a Rod (27-1)

9. Vinceremos (42-1)

10. Wildcat Red (14-1)

11. Hoppertunity (scratched)

12. Dance With Fate (16-1)

13. Chitu (26-1)

14. Medal Count (16-1)

15. Tapiture (29-1)

16. Intense Holiday (10-1)

17. Commanding Curve (23-1)

18. Candy Boy (16-1)

19. Ride On Curlin (13-1)

20. Wicked Strong (9-1)

21. Pablo Del Monte (scratched)

Now every year the wife, kids, and I pick horses, and have a family bet...But I like to place a couple real bets as well...That said, I'm out of the loop this year...So this year I'm going solely off of the studying I did over the last couple hours...No science here...Just some old fashioned reading, and guess work...

Clearly, California Chrome is the favorite...Favorites suck...No money to make there...Screw that horse...I'm taking 6. Samraat (16-1) to win...A couple people in the know really like this horse...And there's good money to be made...I'm all in...20. Wicked Strong (9-1) to place...Good horse...Good name...Moves into the 19th post position with 11. Hoppertunity scratching...A lot of people liked that horse, but a possible foot injury has taken him show, I'm going with 12. Dance With Fate (16-1)...hey, when you're guessing at horse racing, how can you not take a horse with that name...He should run well, I just hope he'll hold off 5.California Chrome (5-2)....

For a longshot...I like 15. Tapiture (29-1)...I'll probably throw a couple bucks on 17. Commanding Curve (23-1) as well...

Good luck!

The Beeze.

Sunday Musings #144
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While soon to be on my way to watch my sister take part in a road race...
Indiana Pacers - I'm not exactly breaking new ground here, but what the hell is going on with the Pacers?
I've been a bit behind on my reading of my Sports Illustrated issues. This past week I finally got around to reading an issue that featured an article on Indiana's Roy Hibbert. The article talked about how awesome he was etc. And at the time the article was actually printed, he and the team actually were worthy of that "awesome" description.
But now, they look more like chumps than champs. Despite narrowly capturing the #1 seed in the Eastern playoffs, they are getting far more than a token challenge from the Atlanta Hawks. The team is falling apart with each passing game and the job security of coach Frank Vogel is iffy at best.
While the team's front office is publicly saying that Vogel's job is safe, it does feel like should the Pacers lose this first round series, Vogel will be gone.
Roy Hibbert has regressed and the entire roster at times seems like they have forgotten how to play basketball.
Since Indiana was supposed to be the only real challenge to the Heat for Eastern supremacy, it is rather depressing/distressing to see them flounder like this.
Down 2 games to 1 going into Game 4 yesterday afternoon, the Pacers edged out the Hawks to tie the series at 2 games apiece. But the game was quite ugly and the Pacers barely held off Atlanta. This is not how a #1 team should be playing.
New York Knicks -  Try as he might to avoid the topic, Phil Jackson was at the center of a minibrouhaha when the reports came out in the media that he was already having to deal with interference from team owner James Dolan.
The stories have Jackson wanting to fire some front office people and Dolan saying no. Predictably, the story is about how Jackson was supposed to have final say in all basketball operations and the incompetent owner continuing to bumble his way towards further destruction of the Knicks.
But the biggest question I had when I first read the stories was why was anyone really surprised about this? Dolan has proven for years that he's a micromanaging buffoon who knows nothing about running a team. Under his reign of error/terror, the Knicks have gone from one of the tentpole teams of the league to a franchise that is looked upon as nothing more than a joke and also-ran.
There's no way to accurately predict how putting Phil Jackson in charge will affect the team's fortune but at least with him in charge there is the hope that someone with his basketball IQ would be able to lay out a blueprint to raise the Knicks back up.
He can't do that with Dolan in the way. And there is absolutely no way anyone with a lick of sense could believe the owner when he said Jackson would be in charge. He's a liar, a jerk and a babbling fool.
The question wasn't whether or not Dolan could stop from shooting himself in the foot by interfering with how the team is run, but rather how soon would he start screwing with Jackson and start the clock on when Jackson throws up his hands and moves back to Montana.
Despite the on court makeup of the team, the biggest threat to the Zen Master's calm demeanor will always be the guy he reports to.
Shane Victorino is back in the lineup for the Red Sox. Boston pretty much has the team they'd expected to have coming out of spring training and in the last two games against Toronto, they've had an offense that's been remarkably more productive. Of course, the pitching nearly gave away Saturday's game but did just enough to hold on for the win.
One member of the team not partaking in this offensive resurgence is Daniel Nava. His hitting slump managed to cost him his spot on the big club when Victorino was ready to come back. The logjam of outfielders left him on the way to Pawtucket since he was the one player who didn't have to be exposed to waivers in order to be demoted.
The plan is to get him back in the majors at some point once they get his swing back in order. But I don't know where he's going to play once they do bring him back up. He won't be back as a starter, but more as a guy off the bench when Victorino or Grady Sizemore have to be rested to keep them healthy.
Jackie Bradley Jr.'s play in the outfield is balancing out his poor performance at the plate and Mike Carp continues to get a start here and there but has a well defined bench role.
David Ortiz made a bit of history this past week when he passed Harold Baines on the all-time games played list for designated hitters. Big Papi is now #1 on that particular list.
Of course, the biggest news of the week came during Wednesday's game against the Yankees. It ended up being the only win out of the three game set for the Red Sox, but it was the actions of Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda that really set everyone abuzz.
After being seen with pine tar on his hand/wrist a couple weeks ago, you would've thought he'd learned his lesson. But on Wednesday after getting rocked a bit in the first inning, Pineda came out for the 2nd inning with more pine tar on.
But instead of hiding it in his glove or something, Pineda blatantly smeared the pine tar on his neck. It was in full view of anyone who bothered to look. It is one of those famous baseball unwritten rules that everyone uses the pine tar but they hide and teams look the other way.
But something so in your face like what Pineda did left Red Sox manager John Farrell no choice but to have the umpire check Pineda. When it was shown to be pine tar, Pineda was ejected and the next day received a 10 game suspension.
But would someone please tell me how someone could be that freaking stupid? Pineda isn't just a cheater which is bad enough, but he's BAD at cheating which is somehow that much worse.
After beating the Red Wings 4-2 yesterday afternoon, the Bruins advanced to the next round of the playoffs.
While they weren't fully dominating, the Bruins did what they needed to do after being shocked in the first game of the series.
Upper Cape Girls Varsity Softball - Despite the school vacation week the Lady Rams played just one game during the time off. Thankfully, they came away with an 8-4 victory over Falmouth to raise their record to 7-1 on the season.
Wareham Girls Varsity Softball - The Vikings remained winless on the season after losing 3-1 to Apponequet. Raelyn has been tagged with all 8 losses on the mound.
My friend J.D. has a new article up over on Pop-topia that takes a look at the Top 10 Most Outrageous of Fan Interruptions in Sport. It ranges from the comical to the very serious. You can read it here:
Anyone remember the old sports talk show The Sportswriters on TV? When I first discovered it, the show really opened my eyes to the notion of sportswriters being more than just people writing game recap stories. I know it was Chicago-centric a lot of the time, but it was also one of the most entertaining sports programs I've ever watched. There was a retrospective piece about the show on this past week and you can check it out here:
TV - The return of the BBC America show Orphan Black last Saturday was almost perfect. With the exception of a single scene towards the end of the episode, the show ratcheted up the tension and made it so that the series is appointment television.
Comic Books - My buddy Kayode went to Awesome Con in Washington DC this year and you can read his report on the show here: 
There's some new comics out that you might be interested in checking out, reviews for them can be read here:
By the way, the annual Free Comic Book Day is this coming Saturday (May 3rd). You can read all about the event and learn what's being given away at local shops at 
I'll likely be hitting a few shops for the purposes of doing another article, but that remains to be seen and/or finalized.
Music - My two latest CD reviews are for the John Gorka CD Brighter Side of Down. You can read it here:
The other review is the debut solo album from ex-Nightwish singer Anette Olzon. The album is called Shine and you can read my thoughts on the disc here:
I was listening to a sampler CD I'd gotten with a magazine I purchased a while back. I love the disc and have been playing it a lot. One song in particular stands above the rest. It's called "Ever See Your Face" and it is by the band Nubian Rose. You can see the video for the song below.
The change has begun - NCAA
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If anybody doubts that the NCAA is on the precipice of major change being forced by fans  popular opinion, and concerned corporate partners, along with a very jittery media and now a unionization challenge, they are missing the big picture or just not paying attention.  But the news Thursday that the NCAA is going to allow the top five power conferences broad powers to make rules changes and pay more athlete expenses? 

Not only is this laughable on the surface, this opens up a can of worms I don’t think they want to open. 

It takes decades to make a change in the NCAA and yet “out of the blue” this change comes?  If they are willing to do this, what’s next?

Secondly, I’m gonna be curious how this will affect this new College Football Championship Selection Committee.  What is to stop the Power Conferences from consolidating everything and completely shutting out the lesser conferences from getting to a major bowl?  Do you think for one second that they are going to allow the s, Boise States, and Northern Illinois’ to participate anymore?  They will be shut out with a quickness.

Thirdly, how is this BS gonna affect College Basketball?  Trust me, it will – the law of unintended consequences applies here.  Bandit and I go back and forth about who should be in the dance and who shouldn’t, but if this is gonna be about money, do you take a 10th place ACC team (let’s say NC State) over a 24-8 second place Missouri Valley Conference team (Indiana State)?

Fourth, how is this going to affect the lesser sports and Title IX?  A money grab by the big boys only hurts the less profitable D-1 programs and the lesser known/respected conferences by taking away any chances of earning cash.  Where will they get their money?  How soon before schools without access to generous benefactors/alumni/boosters start abandoning programs?

Fifth, how will the issue of transfers and injuries are handled?   I read that “hardship waivers” will be given one additional year to complete their eligibility.  OK, who defines “hardship” and how soon will this go to court under policy challenge?  Will a “hardship waiver” be easier to obtain in Notre Dame versus say Mississippi State or Houston?

Sixth, how will the NCAA control this behemoth?  The money simply means that schools within the big boy conferences can simply ignore them.  The SEC, PAC 12, Big 12, Big 10, and ACC are the money makers – they now hold all the cards.  Will the NCAA be relegated to overseeing the FCS, D-2, and D-3?


The NCAA can spin this any way they want and trot out all the smaller conference reps they can to say this power grab isn’t a problem, but like any government program, the devil will be in the details and how the program is rolled out.  When the reality sets in, the smaller conferences are gonna be pissed.

Look, I know we have fans of Notre Dame, Texas, Florida State, and many other major D-1 programs, and I have no problem with that.  But we also have fans of Cincinnati and Boston College and I have to ask the question – what about them?  What about CUSA, MWC, MAC, Sun Belt, the former Big East, and the service academies?  How do we go forward now?  It is time to do a complete reorganization.  Let me offer a solution:  The NCAA should reorganize sort of like the five (now six!) division realignment I keep talking about.


D-1 (Private Schools).  Since these schools are for profit, acknowledge it’s a business, put unlimited restrictions on money raised and recruiting, and let Northwestern, Syracuse, Stanford, U$C, the Ivy League, Duke, Vandy, Baylor, Notre Dame, BYU, Boston College and all the others fight it out – no holds barred.

D-2 (State Schools).  Same as the privates with a twist:  Each state is different, so the NCAA can put a money cap out there to keep it competitive between states so places like Texas and others don’t outspend the other schools.  It’s about money so let’s do this (similar to pro sports):  Anybody who goes over the cap must pay a luxury tax that goes to an account for needy scholarships for disadvantaged youth and military veterans (equally distributed) who qualify for any school within the state.  

Secondly, take ten percent of “the take” from bowl winnings, media money, and ticket/merch/parking sales and add it to said scholarship fund, and worthy charities.

If these schools want to move up to D-1 (which I doubt) to make unlimited money, let them petition their state board of regents and their state legislatures to do so.

Limit this division to 64 teams, with 16 teams in four regional conferences with an eight team playoff system.  Believe me, 64 teams with a TV contract in the billions divided equally is still a windfall.  Everybody else?  Drop them down to my D-3…

D-3 (CUSA, MWC, MAC, Sun Belt, the former Big East, Army, Navy, and Air Force).  I want to see some form of a playoff involving the lesser bowls in the beginning of December just after Army/Navy.  An eight team playoff perhaps featuring the five conference champs, and three at larges? 

D-4 (FCS), D-5 (Current D-2), and D-6 (Current D-3).  Continue as is because it seems to be going right, though review for anything that might help kids that is within the budget.  Remember, these schools don’t bring in the money the big boys do so it’s gonna be tough. 

Sunday Musings #143
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While still recovering from a spring cold that managed to kick my ass all over the place this week...
The long nightmarish, though sort of expected, season has come to a conclusion.
The Celtics dropped their final two games of the season to finish at 25-57 for the year.
They lost to the Sixers 113-108. Kelly Olynyk established a new career high with 28 points and had 9 rebounds as well. Jeff Green scored 27 points and Avery Bradley added 23 points. Rajon Rondo scored just 8 points, but had 11 boards and 14 assists.
The season finale on Wednesday night saw the Wizards win 118-102. It was Olynyk again leading the way offensively with 24 points and 7 boards. Green scored 20 points and Bradley had 18. Brandon Bass scored 16 points and grabbed 7 rebounds. Chris Johnson hit double figures with 10 points. Rondo sat out the last game and Phil Pressey scored 9 points and dished out 10 assists in his place.
It is hard not to be disappointed in a 25-57 season. There is no way to sugar coat such a bad record. And while a lot of people will be disappointed that the Celtics are likely not going to get one of those top 3 draft picks, given the level to which the expected names to fill those three slots were exposed in the college basketball tournament, they may not really be missing out on much.
The Celtics have a good coach who actually coaches. Brad Stevens did the best possible job he could given the situation. And it isn't like he doesn't have talent on the team. The Celtics have a ton of guys that are decent players and seemingly pretty good people off the court. They are missing that one dominant player to tie everyone together.
I'm not sure how they will go about finding that type of player or even who that player might be, but if they can tie the team together through that type of upgrade, the puzzle pieces they have in place right now just might be enough to turn things around faster than expected.
Kelly Olynyk has shown that he can be a force on the court. Jeff Green may never be the #1 scoring option he shows flashes of being able to do, but being able to put up 20 plus points on any given night is a nice second or third option to have.
The point guard situation is nicely outfitted with Rondo as the started and Phil Pressey showing he can be a capable backup and spot starter as needed.
Avery Bradley has developed into a capable two guard as an offensive player (his defensive capabilities having already been established), Brandon Bass is a solid post player and I love the hustle shown by Chris Johnson.
Of course, I know that some of the players are likely to hit the road in the offseason and I'm by no means suggesting that my thoughts on the players are going to be correct. But I liked the team on the court this year despite their struggles. Why? Because they played their asses off. It was not good enough to win a lot of games, but seeing the effort night in and night out during a "lost" season gives you a little bit of hope.
In other NBA news, Minnesota Timberwolves coach Rick Adelman will not be returning to the job next season. While his record over three seasons was not good, the reason for the departure is tied more to the health situation with his wife than anything else. He was profiled in a piece that I read this week written by Joan Niesen and it delves into how great a coach he is on a variety of levels. You can read the piece here:
Also, the Milwaukee Bucks have been sold. Former Senator Herb Kohl has owned the team since 1989 and will remain as a minority owner after selling the team for a record 550 million dollars to a couple of hedge fund guys. Kohl has also apparently pledged 100 million dollars towards building a new arena. You can read more details here:
ORR Girls Track - The Bulldogs track team keeps destroying their competition when it comes to track and field. They beat Bourne 122-13 this past week and my former player Rachel won the 800 meters event in 2:36.
Wareham Girls Track - My former player Paige had a huge week this past week. She finished 3rd in the 800 meters (2:31.4) during the Freshman/Sophomore meet which qualified her for States in that event.
When the Vikings faced GNB Voc-Tech later in the week, they ran away from their competition 94-36 to improve their record to 2-1. Paige was a big part of that as well. She won the 2 mile event in 12:16. She qualified for states in the event and broke the 37 year old school record (12:31). She was also part of the winning 4x400 relay team that finished with a states
qualifying time of 4:32.2.
Wareham Girls Softball - The varsity team dropped to 0-7 on the season after an 11-6 loss to Seekonk and a 6-5 loss to Bourne. Breanna had 2 hits in the Seekonk game. Raelyn got tagged with both losses on the mound.
Upper Cape Girls Softball - Improving upon their no-hitter earlier in the season, the Lady Rams beat South Shore 18-0 in a five inning PERFECT GAME! They are now 6-1 on the season.
I don't write a lot about the Bruins, I know. But with the playoffs starting I thought I'd make note that the Bruins finished as the best team in the NHL. This finish brings them the President's Cup and makes me what?
Okay, now I'm not opposed to them being the best team in the league heading into the Quest for the Cup, but the press over them beating the Sabres and sealing the President's Cup was completely ridiculous.
Personally, as long as a team qualifies for the playoffs, do you really care where they end up? Any team can win from whatever seed they start out as. Winning the President's Cup doesn't mean you will win the Stanley Cup. And being the best regular season team means nothing if you aren't the best team after the playoffs are over.
And while it is only the first game of the series, the Bruins losing 1-0 to the Detroit Red Wings on Friday night does not exactly inspire confidence.
Heading into the game, I was listening to the sports guy on the radio station I have on in the car. He was voicing the opinion I've heard from others that the Bruins facing the Red Wings is not a typical one vs. 8 seed kind of matchup.
Tennessee Lady Vols - Meighan Simmons is the only graduating senior for the women's basketball team this year. She looks back on her four years in Knoxville here:
She finished her week being drafted in the WNBA's third round by the New York Liberty.
Auburn - Though he can't go out and recruit until late August, that isn't stopping Bruce Pearl from talking about his new job coaching the Tigers. You can read what he has to say here:
Boston College - The Eagles finally got some good news when Olivier Hanlan, the men's basketball team's best player announced he would be returning to school for his junior year. There had been talk of him entering the NBA draft.
He met with new coach Jim Christian and made the decision to come back to school. For me, I think he made the right decision. He's the team's best player but I don't see him making a big impact on the NBA level just yet. I know if you stay and become a four year player in college, you are seen as having something wrong with you in this day and age. But I think that is pure poppycock. Some players might just benefit from a full college experience and have matured enough that you don't have to worry about a team babysitting him in the NBA.
SEC Men's basketball coaching changes - With the news that Cuonzo Martin leaving Tennessee for California and Frank Haith leaving Missouri for Tulsa, the power conference that is the SEC has lost four black coaches to programs with far less basketball prestige. Why is that? Check out this article from Yahoo! Sports for one writer's take on things:
Minnesota State, Mankato - The case of former Minnesota State, Mankato coach Todd Hoffner took another weird turn when an arbitrator ruled he was wrongfully fired and the coach returned to the school as their football coach. You can read the whole story here:
But that wasn't the end of the story as players boycotted the first practice with Hoffner saying they wanted to keep the interim coach Aaron Keen as the head coach. You can read more about that and the resolution here:
Alabama - Stewart Mandel of had a interesting read on how Nick Saban is "starting over" with Alabama after the way last season ended for the team:
By the way, Twitter helped rake NCAA president Mark Emmert over the coals this week. It seems he was a guest on the Mike & Mike radio show when they took questions via Twitter with the #AskEmmert hashtag.
TV - The network shows are heading into their season finales with the CBS comedies Mom (already renewed) and The Crazy Ones (fate yet unknown) ending this past week.
BBC America started the second season of their critical and cult hit Orphan Black last night.
Still nothing could top last Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones which featured the most well deserved and well earned death in cinematic history.
Movies - You can check out the final trailer for the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie below.
I saw the movie Frozen last week and found it to be pretty enjoyable. Even funnier was the Honest Trailer for the movie.
Books - I finished reading the Rob Thomas / Jennifer Graham mystery novel Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line before I got sick this week. It is set right after the events of the Veronica Mars movie and with the series/movie creator Rob Thomas involved with the writing, the book did have the right feel to it. The only flaw I saw in the book was the continued insanity of the fully grown adult title character to use a gun, or learn basic self defense tactics.
Music - Did anyone take part in Record Store Day yesterday? I usually try to go to the event which celebrates independent record shops with exclusive vinyl releases from artists both big and small. You can check out what was offered to fans yesterday via
I didn't pick up any of the vinyl releases, but I got three new CDs with the help of the special Buy 2 Get 1 sale at the Newbury Comics location closest to me.
I picked up the debut solo album from former Nightwish singer Anette Olzon called Shine. I grabbed a disc from last year called All Hell Breaks Loose from the band Black Star Riders (the remaining guys from Thin Lizzy). And finally, Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers had a solo album out last year called The Royal Sessions. It celebrates the songs and musicians of Memphis.
I also picked up (via online purchase) the 2013 self-titled debut from the rock trio The Winery Dogs. I had heard three songs when the album was originally released but hadn't yet gotten around to purchasing the CD. Now I have and hopefully there will be a review coming soon.
Comic Conventions - If anyone is in the Washington, D.C. area and you are looking for a comic convention to check out, why not try Awesome Con. My buddy Kayode has a preview piece about the second year of the show here:
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