Monday Moaning 10-10-11
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So, here we are again...Another Monday, and what do I have to talk about...Thursday night I had a bunch of stuff in my head, and posted my SCATTERBRAINED thoughts...This post may be like that...

This weekend could be the known as the weekend of chokes...Yeah, some one tell A-Roid you can't swing the bat with your hands around your throat...What an overpaid! twat...But don't just blame him Yankee fan...Big Fat, Fatty Fat, CC Sabathia lived up to his rep, and not his contract as well...He's another playoff choke artist....And holy shit, how many subs is that bastard choking down...You can't pitch well when your dreaming about cheesecake!

Fuck it was great seeing those ass-hats fall on their faces...I could hit better with runners on base then the Yankees did...But it didn't end there...The Phillies and their power-house pitching staff fell to the shitty Cardinals...I couldn't believe it...But I wasn't sad!

-But the choke job that really made me smile...Oh, shit, I won't lie...I got hard! Saturday night, Ohio State is leading Nebraska 27-6 in the third quarter...Then, the Huskers rallied back and beat the Suckeyes 34-27...Within seconds of the game ending, the Fire Fickell tweets started firing off...Sunday morning, there were plenty of BLOGS out there, making the excuses why Ohio State lost again...About why they're so bad...Putting blame on suspended players...Ummm the defensive players who were suspended were back! It was the defense the collapsed in the 4th quarter...

And lets stop acting like losing Terrelle Pryor was that bad of a thing...Dude was over-hyped, with a bad throwing motion, who made bad reads and couldn't take his eyes off his primary target...Kid sucked! And lets not act like Braxton Miller getting hurt in the 3rd quarter is the whole reason your team lost...He ain't shit either!

Fucking funny how all these Ohio State people were all behind Tressel's boy Fickell, and now they're all getting in line to suck Urban Meyer's cock...You Gashes are un-fucking-real!

-Oh, and since I'm on the topic of Ohio State...I watch a couple high school football games a week...At least one on TV and then I checkout my local team...Our team blows...The coach is a dope, they're undersized...Our band out numbers the football team...We dress 30 kids...But at least we have our own fucking Fight Song! All but one team we have played this year just play the stupid Ohio State Fight Song as their own...What a bunch of unoriginal fucks!

- The Red River Shootout...Here's another obnoxiously over-hyped fucking game...Hey Texas, how's Oklahoma's dick taste? They say everything is bigger in Texas...I guess that includes the margin you lose to Oklahoma by too...55-17...Thank God my daughter was cheer leading at a 9-10 year old football game...Those poor kids lost 22-0, but showed more ball bag than the Longhorns did...

-Luckily that was over in time for me to watch Notre Dame not choke...The Irish rolled Air Force 59-33...And honestly, it wasn't even that close...I was glad ND won, I had been worried about this game...The Service Academies always come to play, and in the past the Irish have struggled with defending the option...The Irish are off next week, before a big Prime time game against USC...I'll be there, and I can't wait!

-The Browns were on a Bye Sunday, so that was one less headache in my life...I watched the Bills vs. the Eagles...Holy shit, are the Bills that solid, or are the Eagles that fucking bad...Either way, it's making people in Philly miserable that their high-priced team is 1-4, so I'm happy...

Then I watched the Patriots beat the Jets...Always fun...Especially since the Jets have been put in their place, and they are looking up at both the Pats and the Bills...

-The Big NFL news this weekend was the passing of Al Davis...No word if it had anything to do with choking...While death is sad for friends and family, I can't feel bad about this one...Guy put in 82 years...That's a lot of time...And while he did a great many things for the progress of Football, I wasn't around for that...I was around for the part where he was a pain in the ass...Where he was obnoxious, making horrible draft picks, and giving stupid contracts, and where he was firing coaches every hour on the hour...In my eyes, he did what Brett Favre did...He was respected, and loved, and then tarnished all that by being a douchebag over the last 10 years...

Now I'll end with this rant...I caught wind of it, and posted it on facebook...It's spreading like wildfire, and it should...I wish I had a rant this epic in me...

That's it for now...Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

Run Tigers Run
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Thoughts From An Island Girl

I am very happy that the Arkansas Razorbacks smacked Auburn around this year. †It is small consolation for last year's loss but I feels great none-the-less. † I want to say that I detest the Auburn coach. †Gene Chizik is dirty. † The article below explains some of this that happened as recently as July 2011, †by the NCAA.

Here is the Link...

I am not concerned now about last year. † It is gone. †But the fact that Chizik continues to great get players and one has to wonder who sweetened the pot to induce these players to sign. † Obviously winning pays dividends and a lot of this is legitimate. † And to underscore the need for good recruiting, in the last four years Auburn has signed 7 five-star, † 42 four-star and 37 three-star players. † Over the same time, †Arkansas †has had 3 five-star, †17 four-star and 55 three-star players.

I was watching that Rat on the sidelines yesterday. † I truly believe he would say or do anything to win and that includes stepping on anyone to do it. † And a former coach is guilty too, †except Houston Nutt†is incompetent. † †He is responsible for Guz Malzan leaving the Arkansas program and landing at Auburn, †as offensive coordinator. † Because of his success at Arkansas both as a coach at University of Arkansas and a coach at Springdale, Arkansas in high school. † I have no resentment against him per se, †but that he can recruit our best players out of the state. † † When coach Petrino finally got to Arkansas, † he got †Joe Adams already verbally committed to USC. † †He got Adams to flip back to the Razorbacks and Ryan Mallet, †who was a Texarkana native to transfer from Michigan. † †

The dude flipping off Petrino was Deangelo Hall. † † He can go to hell too. † Right along with ESPN for their savaging or Petrino. † ESPN and their talking heads waxed repeatedly at CBP's leaving a bunch of spoiled pros, †and going back to what he really enjoyed and school he loved.

† He takes his random high recruits and a bunch of three-star players and makes them into stars. † †Greg Childs was a three-star as are many of their receivers. † One of those had two 80 yard TD receptions in one quarter of one game. † † Where Arkansas suffers is on defense. † †The bigger schools can stockpile real talent and in a way deny many of those players a chance at personal success.

We have players who want to play and they will say the right things and for the right reasons.† If you can endure Petrino's workouts and are not lazy, you will play. †Obviously Coach Petrino†can make quarterbacks and receivers and I don't expect that to change. † †Maybe he realizes the big recruits are largely selfish and get duped into a big program, †where they can fade and no one even remember them, †aside from the recruiting process. † †We don't give 100 dollar handshakes and to my knowledge, †enticing pretty co-eds into showing prospects the merits of a good library. † †Yes and those boob jobs cost money. † †You come to Arkansas out of loyalty to the school. † †Even calling the hogs is called 'deliciously redneck' to the chaps at Bleacher Report. † None of this goes unnoticed. † Razorback fans know that Coach Calipari is a dirty player as we lost a big instate basketball recruit to Kentucky. † Oh it was a business decision. † In the final analysis, †I will be a hog fan forever. † †They are the mighty underdogs, †with a rich tradition and one time national champ in football, †once in basketball under Richardson and the best track program with nearly 40 national championships.

The 10 Worst Quarterbacks In The NFL Today
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Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears

129 Interceptions and Fumbles in 72 Games
109 Touchdowns Thrown, 61.2 Completion Percentage, 84.0 Quarterback Rating
36-36 Record

When the Denver Broncos selected Cutler in the first round of the 2006 draft, they thought they had their quarterback of the future. Especially after he made the Pro Bowl in 2008.

Then the Broncos suddenly traded him to the Chicago Bears for quarterback Kyle Orton, first- and third-round selections in 2009, and a first-round pick in 2010. The reviews on Cutler have been mixed since.

His first year in Chicago saw Cutler lead the NFL in interceptions thrown. While he reduced his number of interceptions in 2010, Cutler led the league in number of times sacked and yards lost off those sacks. Though his turnovers decreased, Cutler threw an interceptions seemingly every game with a 4.1 interception percentage with the Bears.

While Cutler led the Bears to the 2010 NFC Championship Game last year, he still throws a ton of interceptions. He also endured a wrath of criticism for taking himself out of that championship game after spraining his MCL, even though Bears head coach Lovie Smith stated he made the decision to take bench Cutler.

Cutler hasn't really justified that big trade yet, and he has already tossed four interceptions this year. The plus side is that he is entering the second year under offensive coordinator Mike Mart's system.

The down side is that the Chicago offensive line has been horrendous at times.. If they improve, giving Cutler more time to throw, perhaps he quarterback will decrease his turnover rate and show Bears fans why their team mortgaged so much of their future on his arm.

Donovan McNabb, Minnesota Vikings

215 Interceptions and Fumbles in 165 Games
234 Touchdowns Thrown, 58.9 Completion Percentage, 85.6 Quarterback Rating
97-61-1 Record

It wasn't long ago quite a few thought McNabb was headed for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day, especially after earning his sixth Pro Bowl in 2009. Then the wheels came off.

After being the second overall pick of the 1999 draft by the Philadelphia Eagles, he started six games as a rookie. McNabb then proceeded to carry the franchise on his back the next decade. He is the Eagles all-time leader in career wins, pass attempts, pass completions, passing yards, and passing touchdowns by a quarterback.

He was then traded to the Washington Redskins before the 2010 season, where he ended up being benched for the final three weeks of the season. Not only were there whispers that his productive playing days were over, some claimed he was out of shape and couldn't grasp the new offensive system he was playing under.

Washington decided to trade McNabb to the Minnesota Vikings at the end of the season. He has continued to struggle, as have the Vikings, to an 0-4 record so far in 2011.

His quarterback rating not only has gone down the past two years, but the 15 interceptions McNabb threw last year was a career high mark. He will be 35-years old soon, but some critics are wondering if his days as an NFL starter are about to end sooner than expected.

McNabb has endured his share of criticism since being drafted. Not only did a bunch of fans boo his selection that day, but he has had critics question his competence. McNabb has handled everything with dignity and class, and his selection in 1999 rivals Champ Bailey and possibly Torry Holt as the best first round draft pick that year.

If Father Time has indeed caught up with McNabb, he won't go down without a fight. He still ranks ranks fourth best all-time in career interception percentage in NFL history. He was the NFC Offensive Player of the Year after leading Philadelphia to Super Bowl XXXIX.

History shows quarterbacks nearing the end of great careers mostly never turn it on again, but people like Kurt Warner, Y.A. Tittle and others have showed it does happen. McNabb, who last year said he wanted to play for many more years, and the Vikings certainly hope he has some greatness left in him.

Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers

91 Interception and Fumbles in 58 Games
55 Touchdowns Thrown, 57.7 Completion Percentage, 73.8 Quarterback Rating
22-32 Record

Ever since Smith was the first overall draft pick in 2005, he has been on most lists as the worst starting quarterback in the NFL. He was probably put on the field too early, but the 49ers could not afford to give him time to sit and learn his position.

Yet Smith has only lasted a full year at starter once so far. He also may be running out of chances to be the starter, especially since the raw and athletic Colin Kaepernick was drafted this year. It hasn't always been Smith's fault that he he has yet to show why San Francisco drafted him, because he has been sacked 142 times in his career.

With the best receivers at his disposel in his career, Smith's 2011 season has seen him complete a career best 67.3 percent of his passes so far. He also has tossed just one interception, despite having no running game so far. New head coach Jim Harbaugh, a former NFL quarterback, has had a positive impact as the 49ers shot out to a 3-1 record.

Sometimes it takes a quarterback a few years to learn and get it all down. Canton has men like Len Dawson, Dan Fouts, Bart Starr and others as proof. So there is still a chance Smith can end up having a career comparable to those legends.

Tavaris Jackson, Seattle Seahawks

44 Interceptions and Fumbles in 40 Games
29 Touchdowns Thrown, 59.3 Completion Percentage, 77.2 Quarterback Rating
11-13 Record

Jackson was drafted in second round of the 2006 draft by the Minnesota Vikings. He ended up starting in 19 games his first three season, but stayed on the bench mostly behind Brett Favre the next two.

He left Minnesota after 2010 and signed a contract with the Seattle Seahawks. Jackson not only has good receivers like Mike Williams and Kevin Boss, he rejoined former Vikings teammate Sidney Rice.

It is his first season in a new system, as well as the first time in his career he is the anointed starter. He already has five touchdown passes, which means he will pass his career high of nine soon if he stays healthy. But Jackson has already tossed four interceptions as well, which has helped the 1-3 Seahawks rank 29th in scoring so far in 2011.

Since Seattle can't seem to get their rushing attack going yet, they will rely heavily on Jackson. After being played too early at the beginning of his career, he should be as ready as he might ever be. Jackson's entire career has been played under offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, so system familiarity will not be a reason to hold him back.

Rex Grossman, Washington Redskins

71 Interceptions and Fumbles in 45 Games
46 Touchdowns Thrown, 54.6 Completion Percentage, 71.8 Quarterback Rating
23-15 Record

The Chicago Bears used a first round draft pick on Grossman in 2003. He did start seven games in his first three seasons, but the Bears started him all of 2006. He played decently as the Bears defense led the team to a Super Bowl before losing.

He lost his starting game after seven games the next year, and was released by Chicago after 2007. After sitting on the Houston Texans bench for a season, he followed offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan to the Washington Redskins and ended up starting the final three games of 2010.

He is now the starter, but it may not be for long. Grossman still makes innumerous mistakes every game he plays, often forcing passes that often hit the defenders in the chest. Though he is in his ninth season, Grossman often plays like a rookie who has had minimal experience at the quarterback position.

With his high turnover rate, it will be interesting to see how long the Redskins will put up with him. They are a team rebuilding, but their 2011 schedule has had some luck in the fact that Washington has faced opponents bereft by injuries already.

At their current 3-1 record, it may be unlikely Grossman is benched even though the media has begun whispers a change is on the Redskins horizon. If this happens, it is probably the last legitimate shot Grossman will have as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Mark Sanchez, New York Jets

63 Interceptions and Fumbles in 35 Games
35 Touchdowns Thrown, 54.5 Completion Percentage, 71 Quarterback Rating
21-14 Record

Some fair-weathered fans might not like this selection of a guy who played college ball at USC, where he won a national championship, then has led a New York team a game within the Super Bowl each season since the Jets drafted him in the first round of the 2009 draft.

They basically gave up a second round draft pick to the Cleveland Browns, along with three players no longer in Cleveland, to get a player who became the first rookie quarterback to start for the franchise since their inaugural season. Both critics and fans of Sanchez have pointed to his lack of collegiate experience since that day.

Being a player in a fish bowl like New York is a double-edged sword. While a player may be severely overhyped much of the time, every move made is also met with scrutiny. Sanchez has handled this situation well so far.

Some call him a newer version of Trent Dilfer, a quarterback who once rode the Baltimore Ravens running game and defense to a title in 2000. The Jets are similar to that Ravens team in that their rushing game and defense is the main reason they reached the AFC Championship the previous two years.

Sanchez still makes a ton of mistakes, but he is in just his third season and was never allowed to sit and learn his position because of the $50 million he was given in 2009. But the Jets are winning, and that is all that matters at the end of the day. No matter who is manning the quarterback position.

Eli Manning, New York Giants

153 Interceptions and Fumbles in 109 Games
162 Touchdowns Thrown, 58.2 Completions Percentage, 81.1 Quarterback Rating
63-44 Record, Super Bowl XLII Champion and MVP

Manning made a few waves before he even played in the NFL after the San Diego Chargers used the first pick of the 2004 draft on him. Refusing to play with the Chargers, he was dealt to the New York Giants for Philip Rivers.

Manning started seven games as a rookie, splitting the duties with veteran Kurt Warner. The Giants were encouraged enough by Manning's performance to allow Warner to move on to the Arizona Cardinals.

While Rivers has gone to three Pro Bowls, as opposed to one for Manning, the Chargers have yet to reach a Super Bowl. Manning, despite leading the NFL in interceptions thrown in 2007, rode a strong rushing attack and smothering defense to Super Bowl XLII.

In a game most remember for a 32-yard prayer Manning heaved to David Tyree, who snagged the ball with one hand, the quarterback was awarded the Super Bowl MVP after two short fourth quarter touchdown passes helped New York win 17-14. That is enough legacy for most quarterbacks to hang their hat on.

Manning has two areas that both greatly help and sometimes detract from his true abilities. While playing in the fish bowl called New York, he is the little brother of future Hall of Famer Petyon Manning. His family has a rich legacy that carries him and often shades the reality of his skills.

Manning is coming off a 2010 season where he led the NFL in interceptions thrown for the second time in his seven seasons. Now entering his eighth year, he has thrown just two so far despite having several teammates hurt and many changes made to the Giants roster.

He may be the third best NFL quarterback in his own family, but Manning believes he is an elite player. That confidence will hopefully increase his completion percentage while reducing a high turnover rate.

Jason Campbell, Oakland Raiders

94 Interceptions and Fumbles in 69 Games
72 Touchdowns Thrown, 61.1 Completion Percentage, 83 Quarterback Rating
29-39 Record

It has been a wild ride since Campbell began playing college football. It seems he has played in a new system under a new offensive coordinator annually. He has also played behind some porous offensive lines, leaving him vulnerable to being frequently hit.

Since being drafted in the first round of the 2005 draft by the Washington Redskins, Campbell has been inundated with tons of plays by several different coaches. He has been reunited with offensive coordinator Al Saunders this year, a man Campbell played under the first two seasons of his career.

After starting seven games as a rookie, Campbell has basically started since. He has proven to be pretty tough and durable over this time. He was making progress in Washington, but ended up getting traded for a fourth-round pick to the Oakland Raiders after the Redskins signed free agent Donovan McNabb.

He was benched by since fired head coach Tom Cable for three games, all of which Oakland lost, before coming back to lead the Raiders to their best record since 2002. While the Raiders rushing attack has been the star of this team, Campbell has tried to work hard and develop a repertoire with his young wide receivers.

It may seem Campbell has been around forever, but he will be only 30-years old soon. Oakland is headed in a good direction and have the right man for the quarterback job, but must get better play from the blockers and receivers to help him out.

Chad Henne, Miami Dolphins

37 Interceptions in 36 Games
31 Touchdowns Thrown, 60.7 Completion Percentage, 75.7 Quarterback Rating
13-18 Record

Henne was drafted by the Dolphins in the second round of the 2008 draft. After sitting on the bench as a rookie, he has started since. The results have been mixed.

While Henne's progress has slightly been slowed by the single-wing formation, also called "Wild Cat," his team frequently ran the first two years of his career, he also continues to make mistakes in his reads. Miami got him an upgrade of receivers to throw to, but his completion percentage had shown no improvement.

Despite having a good size and strong arm, his ability to check down to secondary receivers and not force passes to covered receivers has held Henne back. After having veteran coach Dan Henning teach him at the beginning of his career, Henne is now in his first season under Brian Daboll as his offensive coordinator.

With head coach Tony Sparano seemingly in his last season with the team, Henne appears to likely to have a new coaching staff in his future. Whether that is with the Dolphins or not will be determined later, as will be his future as a starting quarterback in this league.

Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos

10 Games Played and Four Turnovers
11 Touchdowns Thrown or Rushed, 50 Completion Percentage, 82.1 Quarterback Rating
1-2 Record

How can such an untested youngster make this list? When he is an overhyped entity, courtesy of the media and zealots whose view of him extends beyond the gridiron.

Critics say Tebow is basically a fullback at this stage of his career, and Denver has run him 44 times already in a career that started last season after the Broncos used a first round pick to acquire him. Despite a terrible 2011 preseason that obviously showed he isn't ready, his legion of fans cry his name all game.

The media has peppered Denver head coach John Fox with more Tebow questions than questions about the Broncos team, exacerbating the hype. Even with the Broncos coaches and players showing support for starting quarterback Kyle Orton, the media and a few fans keep harping on Tebow.

Tebow may not be ready until 2013, if the recent preseason was any indication of his progress, but that will not stop the factions who impatiently†want him out there now. There used to be a time a quarterback would sit and learn how to be an NFL quarterback, and time is something Tebow needs a lot of.

Yoooooooo! Dis iz 7thStone again! Yo, I didn't dat hot las weak, going†11-5, I iz now†39-25 overall
Letz get two it, I tolds yous I iz on da run.
Philadelphia Eagles @ Buffalo Bills
Yo, I get dis fealin dat Fred Jackson will run over dat week Eagles run defense, making dis a wire job where yous flip a coin.
Bills 30†† Eagles 28
Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings
Yous got to teems wif too new quarterbacks dat ain't exactly lighting it up yet. Da run game, which has carried dese squads, will make da differense if dem quarterbacks keep stinking.
Vikings 23††† Cardinals 20
New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers
Expect like 80 passes in dis one, but I like Drew Brees here.
Saints 37††† Panthers 28
Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts
When too turds hit da toilet at once,one has to float two da top furst.
Colts 24†† Chiefs 20
Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans
I just dont tink much of da Raiders defense. Capeesh?
Texans 27††† Raiders 24
Cincinnati Bengals @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Too rookie quarterbacks here, but I'm liking da Bengals defense more den da Jags defense.
Bengals 21††† Jaguars 17
Seattle Seahawks @ New York Giants
Da G-Men wont have Brandon Jacobs, but I'm tinkin dat Ahmad Bradshaw will get over 100 yards rushing dis weak.
Giants 28†††† Seahawks 24
Tennessee Titans @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Yo, dese defenses are good. But dem Steelers are long in da toof. I'm thinking the quietyly red-hot Matt Hasselbeck will bee da edge.
Titans 23†††† Steelers 20
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ San Francisco 49ers
I like da Niners defense and pass catchers, but I tink da Bucs got da better QB and RB.
Buccaneers 27†††† 49ers 23
New York Jets @ New England Patriots
Da fact iz...da Jets ain't lookin two good lately. Not sayin dem Pats look like world beeters, but dey got a much better quarterback in Tom Brady.
Patriots 31††† Jets 20
San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos
I bet both Kyle Orton and Philip Rivers get 300 yards passing, but Ryan Mathews makes da difference.
Chargers 30††† Broncos 21
Green Bay Packers†@ Atlanta Falcons
Game of the Week
Da Falcons haven't been clicking yet, and this game iz a good measuring stick of how good dey will bee in 2011. Da Pack are da class of da NFL right now and Atlanta's defense has given up at leest 30 points in three contests alreddy.
Call me crazy, but I don't tink Green Bay goes 16-0 in 2011. This will be loss number one, if Michael "Burner" Turner gets off.
Falcons 37†††† Packers 35
Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions
Da Motor City will be Detroit Rock City Monday night, as dey proudly root on da Lions. Chicago will make it close, but Detrot celebrates at da end wif da las undefeeted teem in football.
Lions 34†† Bears 27
Power Rankings
1. Green Bay Packers
2. Detroit Lions
3. Baltimore Ravens
4. Houston Texans
5. Tennessee Titans
6. Pittsburgh Steelers
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
8. New England Patriots
9. New Orleans Saints
10. Buffalo Bills
11. San Diego Chargers
12. Atlanta Falcons
14. Washington Redskins
14. New York Giants
15. San Francisco 49ers
16. Chicago Bears
17. Oakland Raiders
18. New York Jets
19. Dallas Cowboys
20. Philadelphia Eagles
21. Miami Dolphins
22. Arizona Cardinals
23. Cincinnati Bengals
24. Carolina Panthers
25. Cleveland Browns
26. Jacksonville Jaguars
27. Seattle Seahawks
28. Saint Louis Rams
29. Minnesota Vikings
30. Denver Broncos
31. Indianapolis Colts
32. Kansas City Chiefs
OK, I iz outta dis peace! I iz gunna get a peace off dis chick I know now.
As dey say in Ol' Messico = A.M.F.
Five Minute Frags - The Winds of Change Blow Strange
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The future's in the air
I can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change.

-†††††† The Scorpions, Winds of Change

One of the few things you can count on in baseball is that the seasons change. And when the seasonís change, so too do the faces.

Of those faces, it is inevitable that the fraternity of managers will engage in a game of musical chairs, with many names floating about to fill the few chairs left vacant at the end of the season. As of this point in the season, only two chairs have been vacated with both the Red and White variations of Sox choosing to find new management.

Isnít it fitting that both of these organizations, two of the oldest in all of professional sports, see it fitting to look away from the old guard and find some fresh meat on the market?

That said, the White Sox, who parted ways with manager Ozzie Guillen via the uncommon managerial trade with the Florida Marlins, chose to fill their open slot with by hiring former player Robin Ventura. Ventura has no prior managerial experience at any level of the game, yet Kenny Williams saw something in him that showed he was the man for the job. In fact, Ventura has no coaching experience whatsoever, having worked in the front office for just one year, as an advisor to former manager and current director of player development Buddy Bell.

The Red Sox too are looking away from the proven coaching ranks, bypassing names like Lou Piniella, Bobby Valentine, and the like. Instead, it is said that their coaching search is centered on Rays bench coach Dave Martinez, Indians bench coach Sandy Alomar, Jr., and Phillies bench coach Pete MacKanin. All three are along the same mold of Terry Francona in that they are currently bench coaches and seen as being open to receiving input from the front office, something the Red Sox desire greatly.

Personally speaking, moving away from the old school managers is a sign that the game is moving on and that the game will be infused with a healthy dose of fresh blood. The old school had its place, but todayís players arenít going to respond to the gruff and yell demeanor of the control freaks of the past. Joe Maddon in Tampa has been a huge influence on what a smart, yet approachable manager can do for the game and his team. Curiously though, I still wonder why one openly available candidate isnít mentioned in serious discussion for either of these roles.

Why are teams continually looking past Ryne Sandberg as a viable manager?

Sandberg, just a year ago, was considered an up and coming minor league manager in the Cubs organization, after having spent 14 seasons playing at Wrigley Field. However, he seems to have put clubs off of him by leaving the Cubs organization after being passed up in favor of Mike Quade when the role opened up with the big club last season. Currently, he is the Triple-A manager for the Phillies.

Sandberg as a player possessed all the qualities you would want to impress upon younger players. He was a hard worker who was productive on both sides of the ball. He was a clubhouse leader who worked with younger players to acclimate them to the club. He openly wanted to manage and pushed himself through the rungs the way he played, by earning each and every thing given to him. Now, all heís looking for is a shot.

Perhaps the Red Sox are the team that is the perfect fit for Sandberg. There is no doubt that the Boston clubhouse needs a presence like the one Sandberg supplied as a player.

The Red Sox need a rock to anchor down to so that the Winds of Change don't blow them over.

Rants and Raves
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Is it time for a name change, Lions on the move, NBA, Rays and more in this weeks edition ofÖÖÖÖÖ

Wow, it has been just over one-year since I started Rants and Raves. I have had a great time doing this week-in, week-out. I hope to continue for quite a while. But I have decided to change the name of my blog, from Rants and Raves toÖ.Drum rolls pleaseÖÖ

†Da-Dah. So starting next week, my blog will be called Random Thoughts. I hope you will continue to enjoy my blogs.†

It is amazing that the Detroit Lions had two consecutive weeks of coming back from 20 point deficits to win a game. They just might be the team to beat.

No wait, the Green Bay Packers are the team to beat. Oh, I'm so confused. Can anyone help me??

I, for one, am on record to say that I donít care if there is no NBA season. Canít believe that the Owners and Players waited until the last minute to sit down and talk about the collective bargaining agreement. Itís all about the $$$. Too bad itís the fans that get screwed in the end. It will just mean that the prices of seats, food, drinks and stuff in the team shop will go up.

Wouldnít it be refreshing if all sports reduce prices 15%.†

Tampa Bay Rays had only 28,299 fans for game 4 of their wild card against the Texas Rangers. When will MLB realize they made a mistake by putting a team in Tampa. Maybe thatís the problem. The team is actually in St. Petersburg.†

Do you really think that Albert Pujols is going to leave the Cardinals?†

Cubs should go after Fielder. He could hit 60 home runs for the Cubbies.†

Letís go Islanders!!! They have a young team. Just hope they finally make the playoffs.†

Favre just canít keep his mouth shut, can he? I just hope Rogers leads the Packers to another Super Bowl win. Then Rogers would have twice as many Super Bowl wins then Brett.†

I donít think there is a clear winner for the Stanley Cup this year. Since the Sporting News is saying San Jose I will go with the Pittsburgh Penguins or Washington Capitals.

Rehab is going well. I can now walk to blocks with a walker.

Til next time


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