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I am now home and starting in-house rehab. It feels good to be home. My experience at the Rehab center was very pleasant. They treated all the patients well. Most of us had hip or knee operations. But is is still good to be home with the family.

Its almost 11:30 pm, on the last day of baseball and Major League Baseball still hasn't decided its wild card baseball teams. This is exactly what baseball wanted when it created the playoff format.

The Yankees had a 7 run lead against the Rays, but the Rays scored 6 in the 8th and 1 in the 9th to tie the score. Now the game is going into extra innings. You have to love it.

Its 11:42 and the Atlanta Braves just lost to the Phillies allowing the St. Louis Cardinals to win the Wild Card. The Braves had a nice lead in the wild card race heading into September but injuries to their starting pitching and their young relief corps just got tired from overload, allowed the Cardinals to win the Wild Card.

The Boston Red Sox had a big lead in the Wild Card race over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Its now mid-night and Baltimore has just tied the Red Sox in the bottom of the ninth. Baltimore has just beaten the Red Sox in the bottom of the ninth. Ya gotta love it.

Rays and Yankees are still playing Its in the 12th.

Oops its now 12:05 at the Rays just took the AL Wild Card Race with a line drive home run by Evan Longoria


It is refreshing to see that the Buffalo Bills might be the real deal after beating the New England Patriots, this past Sunday. Hopefully they will continue to play well the rest of the season.

Detroit Lions are playing well. They have a great defense, and the team is hungry. Could they be the best in the NFC??

I can't wait until the Jaguars get rid of Coach Del Rio. Why he is still the coach is all about the $$$.

The Raiders and Jets always play great games against each other.



Deep Thoughts 9/28/2001
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. I have to admit that I had a beautiful blog written. I was trying to add a simple period on a Jack Handey quote and my entire blog just vanished. I have an early meeting tomorrow, so this will not be exactly what I wanted. It is late September and it is still very hot here. Reading B.O.B's blog, I am reminded how much I enjoy October. It is really like spring in reverse. It starts very warm and gradually cools. October also means playoff baseball.





Today is the last day of the MLB regular season. The wild card matchups are down to 2 teams in each league. Boston managed a huge win on Tuesday. I thought that the Yankees might do Boston a big favor until the pesky Rays prevented a big Yankee inning with a triple play. Yankees lost to the Rays. Boston got a huge win against a very game Baltimore team. The Orioles are playing the role of spoiler very well. With nothing to play for, the Orioles are loose and easy...much different from the Red Sox. I think the Red Sox are feeling the pressure in a big way. If they somehow make it to October, I think you will see the Red Sox play much better.


In the National League the Braves faced a Phillies team realizing that it is time to turn it on. This is not how Philly has been playing. Roy Oswalt dominated the Braves on Tuesday. Hunter Pence's three run bomb was all the offense that Oswalt would  need to beat the Braves. The schedule makers must want the Cards in the playoffs, as they finish the season against the terrible Houston Astros. Houston surprised St. Louis on Monday, and took an early lead against the Cardinals. The 5 to 0 lead that Houston built early Tuesday, quickly evaporated. The Cardinals exploded to put up 13 runs in routing the Stros. Houston's pitching just could not contain the potent offense of the Cards. Lance Berkman again hurt his old mates with three hits. I have said this before, but Berkman would look really good in Fenway's left field.









I don't know what game this was, but it was clearly not an MLB game. I loved the look his wife gave him after he retrieved his daughter. She was not buying his story that he thought the ball was going to hit the little girl. Hilarious. Nice try dude...









It is clear that we are seeing a shuffling of the deck in the NFL. After week three, there are only two undefeated teams. Buffalo and Detroit are still unblemished, but it is Buffalo that is really turning heads. Detroit was expected to be much better this year, but Buffalo? After beating the Pats last weekend, it is clear that the Bills are for real. Tom Brady does not get beat often and I am sure the interceptions he threw against Buffalo will drive him all week. I hope my fantasy opponent does not have Brady this week. Detroit is a great story this year as well. In reading about this game, I was left with one nagging question. If I am coaching the Vikings and we are up 20 to 0 against the Lions at the half, my offensive game plan in the 2nd half is to feed Adrian Peterson. Peterson had 5 carries in the 2nd half...why?

I have previously written about Michael Vick. I have admired his come back and the manner that he appears to have matured. I have to disagree with how Michael Vick has voiced his complaints about not being protected. What makes Vick so dangerous is also what brings the hits his way. It is a two way street Mike. Since Vick backed off his comments on Tuesday, someone must have advised him that he cannot win this deal.

After watching the Cowboys squeak out a win against the Redskins, I listened to Steve Young talk about Tony Romo. Young said that he has seen a change in Romo this year. He appears to more hardened than in previous years. This made sense to me as I remember how the Cowboys used to be the team that could not win the big game. Landry and his early Cowboy teams carried this label for several years until the finally won the Super Bowl in 1971. Perhaps these past few years have indeed hardened Romo, given him an edge that he did not have before. On Monday night, there was no smiling Tony to be seen. Romo was leading an extremely young group of receivers and a confused center. Washington was simulating the snaps which caused Costa to snap the ball at very inopportune times. While Romo is trying to get his receivers lined up, to see the ball sail by has to be a horrible feeling. In spite of these misfires, Romo was able to generate just enough offense for 6 field goals. Facing 3rd and 21, Romo knew the Skins would send the house again, so he dropped back, waved Bryant deep and laid the ball on his hands. Game over. I have said this before, but Dallas has enough talent to win the Super Bowl this year. It remains to be seen if they can stay healthy enough to do so. The Dallas defense also played well. The sack and fumble to end the game was exactly what the team needed.







It has been a long time since I have been as excited about a football game as the Westwood game against Stony Point. It has been 7 years since Westwood has beaten Stony Point. Stony Point is a powerhouse that has gone deep into the Texas HS playoffs each year of the past several years. This was the first Westwood team that I thought had the talent to matchup against Stony Point.

The Stony Point Tigers took the opening kickoff and drove to the Westwood 5 yard line. The Warriors had a great goal line stand and forced a field goal. The Tigers led 3 to 0 and it was the last points that they would score. Westwood used three big plays and four Tiger turnovers to beat Stony Point 21 to 3. This is huge win for Westwood. This is the first time in the school's history that they have started 5 and 0. Next week Pflugerville. Here are a few videos:




Ben Johnson breaks lose to score Westwood's first TD. Man is he fast.





A nice run by LaDeans Anderson. It was nice to get LaDeans back, cast and all.





Ben throws a strike to Desmond Wyatt.





#25 is Brad Watson. He has played great cornerback this year. Watch how high Brad goes up to defend this pass.





Blake takes down a defender attempting a punt block.





LaDeans Anderson breaks a long run. Watch how LaDeans shuffles to work his way outside. Welcome back LaDeans.






After reading B.O.B's blog on Tuesday, I was inspired to check out some OctoberFest videos. I found a few very interesting videos, here they are:




Germany looks like a very fun place to visit.






You know when you go to You Tube you always find something else...did I mention that I would love to visit Germany?






I had not seen this commercial, but I thought it was hilarious.






There are so many idiots out there. Can you imagine paying a girl to punch you in the face? She really seemed to enjoy it.






That's all I have for today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey to ponder...


Whenever I see an old lady slip and fall on a wet sidewalk, my first instinct is to laugh. But then I think, what if I was an ant, and she fell on me. Then it wouldn't seem quite so funny 



I bet a funny thing about driving a car off a cliff is, while you're in midair, you still hit those brakes



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...


Tuesday's Tantrum - 9/27/11
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Welcome to the tantrums, where this week we bid goodbye to September and look forward to what I consider to be the best month of the year – October!   Here around my bunker, the folks never let a beautiful Indian Summer weekend go to waste.  If there was ever a place in the good ole U. S. of A. that would kick off Octoberfest early, it’s right here in the Gold Country.  The annual Blues and Brews fest kicks “harvest season” into full gear and I still haven’t heard from the participants, so I can’t even begin to imagine.  Uh, never mind – ON TO THE SPORTS:

Rant of the Week – Officiating.  Is it me or are the football refs inserting themselves into games at all levels much more this season than usual?  Would somebody tell the Zebras that they don’t have to be part of the show? 

MLB.  Public Service Announcement for my boys in Beantown, Crisis Intervention is available - I don't want to hear about anybody swingin' from a shower rod or going postal while the Sawx are having the mother of all meltdowns.

Atlanta just got a bailout from the worst team in the league - the Houston Astros!  Damn St. Louis, everything going right, Atlanta has Philly and you have Houston and you can't get the job done.  What's up with that?

Way to finish strong SF Giants - NOT!

But what about Matt Kemp and his chase for the triple crown - and he plays for the Dodgers?  Hey San Francisco, you just might want to sign this guy!

The soon-to-be Miami Marlins are now negotiating a trade for Ozzie Guillen?  I think this makes sense as long as Guillen doesn't get any more stupid.  Speaking of which, the White Sox letting you go and you demanding more money Ozzie? 

NFL.   What a Sunday.  First off, Buffalo and Detroit going 3-0 doesn't suck at all, does it? 

New England and the Jets both lost, so that means we won’t have to listen to watch that incessant nut-swinging from the media, and I’m enjoying it, at least for one week.  While I’m enjoying things, Jets Antonio Cromartie getting four defensive holding calls, and getting torched a couple of times beyond that.

Miami is entering the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.  Too bad for Luck, because Miami has not a clue how to build a team – the stupid asses! 

Indy is absolutely proving my point about Pittsburgh that if you punch the bully in the mouth and they back down.  But Sheriff Goddell needs to take a look at some highlight film because James Farrior was taking some post play shots on Kerry Collins.  Harrison knows he’s being watched, so now Farrior becomes the bully on the block.

How many times in a season is Tony Romo going to line up in the shotgun, have it snapped back to him, and he not being ready for it?  He's the QB, he's the leader - stop blaming the Center., Dallas got cheated on that hit that Ball laid on Santana Moss that cost them 15 yards late in the game.

Dallas has six field goals and can't get into the end zone, yet Tony Romo is being nominated for sainthood.  Hey MNF, STFU.  Here we go again, let the knob-gobblin' of the Cowboys begin.  Oh, lookie here, Ed Werder is back in Dallas. 

Hey Cow-patties, do you hear that roar?  It's a menacing noise coming from the boys in Detroit - they're coming to your house with bad intentions, and if your o-line keeps playing the way it has, not only will Tony Romo get knocked the hell out, so will Jon Kitna, and that third stringer Texas QB.  Big Mr. Suh will have an appointment with the Sheriff about the beating he's gonna throw on Dallas.

Oh, and if I'm the Washington Redskins, I'm looking for a new Right side of the O-Line and #77 would be cut on the spot!


College Football.  I’m nowhere near an LSU fan, but if they’re not ranked #1 this week, there should be an investigation.  They destroyed Oregon, dominated Misissippi State, and ran away from West Virginia.  Quite simply, there isn’t anybody out there who has played a tougher schedule to date. 

Domer fan had to have been sweating bullets Saturday with that performance against the scrubs from Pitt.  Hey Domers, 15-13?  You have got to be kidding me.  Sorry Beeze, but I gotta go there.  I’m sick of listening to how much talent this team has.  Either you show it, or the media needs to shut the hell up.  Lou Holtz has to be on the verge of a coronary.

Beaver Report.  If this was the Beavers toughest challenge, I’m putting up the lawn chair and sippin’ on a cool adult beverage because Saturday was complete and utter destruction of the Delta Mustangs, who were also being talked about in being nationally ranked.  The Beavers won 51-9.  The QB tossed for 400 yards, three RB's ran wild, and the defense was on a big-time mission.  If this keeps up, their defense is going to need a nickname.  They’ve won 57-10, 42-7, and now 51-9.

Jerry batted down two passes, had some QB hurries, and a few tackles.  But the defense is so dominant that everybody contributes big time.

The national JC rankings come out tomorrow and I have to believe that instead of being "honorable mention", the Beavers will be somewhere in the top 25!

Mustang Football.   I said last week how the Mustangs are confusing me.  This week, they traveled a ways to play the Zebras.  How’s this for consistency?  They go up 28-0 in the first quarter, nurse a 35-28 lead at the half, and win 70-35?

Canadian Football League.  I originally didn't catch this, but dude just went shoulder first into the goal post.  Check it out, and thanks to the boys across the street for reminding me.

Music - Cheap Trick.  Haven't bashed the Frenchies in a while, so why not a little Cheap Trick - Surrender: 

Douche Bag of the Week.  The telemarketer/survey that I just had to go through.  'Nuff said!



Monday Moaning 9-26-11
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  Well, that's the best thing I've seen all weekend!

Seriously, the past week pretty much sucked...Wednesday night the Little Beeze started getting sick...Fever, cough, congestion...We kept him away from the baby, and our oldest daughter...Because if she gets sick, she gets it ten times worse then anyone else...Luckily, they were okay...Unfortunately, Thursday night I started feeling like shit...Then the wife came home with a piece of metal stuck in her tire...

I pulled it out and put the donut on...I figured I'd get the tire fixed Friday...Friday morning I woke up feeling awful, with my wife telling me her tire was flat...WTF!...So I got the kids up and ready in a hurry...Took the wife to work dropped the oldest at school, and the sick boy, and the baby at the sitters...Then I dropped the tire at shop...Onto work...

Saturday morning came, and I was rocking a 102 degree fever and I had a double to work...I called my boss to see if there was a way out, but he didn't answer...He did work a long Friday shift and probably washed all the pain away with a 12-pack of Miller High Life...So I loaded up on Day-Quil and vitamins and went in...Thankfully he came in a couple hours later, got some one to cover the night shift, and sent me home...

I got home, poured some cough syrup down my throat, got in bed, and turned on the TV...Notre Dame was at Pitt...I was barley paying attention, when Tommy Rees threw another of his many interceptions this season...I rolled over and fell asleep in disgust...I woke up around 5:30PM had some soup, talked to the wife and kids a bit, and then I laid down with the baby for another nap...It wasn't until after 9:00PM when I found out the Irish won an ugly game...I'm glad they won, and I'm really happy to see the defense nutting up again...But it's time to get Tommy Rees out of there...The turnovers are a killer, and he's not built for this offense...

And let's be honest...The Irish have two losses, they aren't going anywhere...Yeah, if they keep winning, they land in a good bowl game, but this team isn't going to make the noise that we hoped...So let's get the kids in there...I prefer Crist over Rees, but Andrew Hendrix is build for Kelly's spread offense...And freshman Everett Golson has a strong arm and is a great runner...He is what Kelly recruited for this offense...So let's see what they can do...

Because of all the sleep I got during the afternoon and evening, I caught most of the Arizona State vs. USC game...I loved the way ASU played, and seeing USC lose is always good...

Now to Sunday...I did a lot of sleeping in the morning...Then just hung out with the kids...Did a bunch of make up school work with the Little Beeze...And then there was the Browns game...They didn't have Hillis, just their best player...Apparently he was sick too...

So I just heard a local TV anchor tease the Browns coverage saying, "The Browns get a huge win over the Dolphins!" (in that douche tv voice) Ummm ass-hat, they came from behind, in the last minute, to beat a horrible Dolphins team 17-16...That's not a huge win! They squeaked it out...They got lucky...They should be happy their defense played well...Although, again it was the Dolphins...And Colt McCoy looked like crap all day, until that final drive...And can some one please tell me how and why Brian Robiskie is on this team...How did he start the season as one of the two top WR's? Just for all you stat-hounds out there who are wondering why I am dumping on him...Dude has zero receptions...Please get the fuck off the field!

The Patriots lost to the Bills...Holy fucking shit Batman! The Pats showed they are one dimensional...They better learn how to run the ball or more teams are going to upset them like the Bills did...

Oh, and did you see Michael Vick pissing and moaning because, as he says, “Everybody saw the game, I’m on the ground constantly. All the time. Every time I throw the ball, in all my highlights and just watching film in general, every time I throw the ball, I’m on the ground, getting hit in the head, and I don’t know why I don’t get the 15-yard flags like everybody else do. But I’m not going to complain about it, just making everybody aware and hopefully somebody will take notice. The ref has to do his job and I’m not blaming the referees by any stretch. I’m just saying everybody on the field should do their job.”

So after he complains, he says, he's not going to complain...Never mind that you and the Eagles complained about this last year too, including sending video to the league to review....After he calls out the refs, he says he's not blaming the refs...Either that concussion was worse then we thought, or this fucking guy is an idiot!

Is Vick treated unfairly? Is Vick treated unfairly because he is such a running threat? Is Vick treated unfairly because the refs are dog lovers...I don't know if any of those are true...I'm just confident that Vick is being a bitch because he knows he's fragile...Fucking guy has always gotten hurt, and will continue to...

The last thing I'm going write about is Jim Thome and the Cleveland Indians...The Indians announced Friday that they would be putting up a statue of Thome, at the spot where he hit the longest home run in the history of Jacobs Field...I don't call it Progressive Field....I have to say, I'm not real excited about this, unlike many other Cleveland Indians fans...I refer back to THIS!

Yes, Thome was a huge part of a great period of Indians Baseball...And yes, I would say his numbers earn him a spot in the Hall of Fame...But I'm just not sold on the statue thing...The Bob Feller statue we have makes sense to me...Jordan in Chicago...Orr in Boston...Those make sense...But a statue for a guy who hasn't even retired yet??? Who left the team after saying he'd stay??? I just can't get behind it...And gashes, I don't think honesty makes me less of a fan...

And if Cleveland Rocks so much, read this...THIS!

Proposed ordinance 347-11 in the city of Cleveland, states in no uncertain terms that any entertainment venue; that's bars, restaurants, taverns, concert halls, coffee houses, etc. in a local retail district (which is pretty much all of them) may have not have live entertainment beyond unamplified acoustic instruments, or any other entertainment that exceeds the volume of unamplified acoustic instruments.

Doesn't sound like rockin' to me assholes!

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

Cheating Pays
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Thoughts from an Island Girl


It is really hard to do anything meaningful with regards to the recruiting process. But I tell you,  I will continue to support programs like Temple,  Texas Tech and anyone else who can lay to the big programs.   I also think it telling that during Arkansas's thorough beat down at Bryant-Denny Stadium,  that the Hogs are not there yet.   So much depends on key wins and this was one of them.  

Afterwards, a couple talking heads were basically saying the recruiting services were right.    That really wasn't props to the recruiting process but a backhanded slap at Coach Petrino and the Hogs.   Running through their minds is how deliciously redneck the program is at Arkansas.   Temple's bully beat down was gratifying and they did with an exclamation mark.     All the while I was checking out how North Carolina was defeated.  Now as to the game yesterday with Alabama,  the Tide played hard and finished the Hogs off.  

There is no need for sour grapes because the Razorbacks were outplayed and it was as much due to their game plan and Arkansas's depth.   With the injuries sustained before and during the season, the true abilities are unmasked.   But also unmasked are the sheer advantage that the major programs enjoy. Unless these big programs just totally missed in the selection of their players,  this depth will prove itself out.  Like I said before, the big time programs will stockpile the top talent, offering inducements by using whatever means necessary.

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