Monday Moaning 7-11-11
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I noticed Women's Golf was on a couple times this weekend...Both times it was on channels and times that it was scheduled to be there...I really hate having things forced on me...Although, if this was the required attire for women's golf, and they all looked that good, the ratings would go through the roof...

Now, the whole Ohio State/Jim Tressel thing has gotten tired, or at least I thought so...Yet there are still people who are loyal to the cheating bastard...And they all say all coaches at major programs are cheating...REALLY? Prove it! It's the weakest argument out there...It's easy as hell to say, but sure seems hard to prove based on the number of major programs, and the very few coaches that have been killed for cheating...

So this past week, Ohio State came out and said that Tressel's resignation, was forced...WHAT A SHOCKER DOUCHEBAGS! I guess the rumblings inspired my not-so-favorite Cleveland Sports blogger...Poor gal has been relegated to posting at a Canadian site...Here is her latest POST...I hope they can handle the traffic they're going to get!

As so many of her posts do, this one is simply a copy and paste of Tressel's resume...Shady shit not included...She likes to act if this whole tattoos for memorabilia thing was a one-time slip-up...Except it's been proven that this stuff has been going on since 2002...Plus there is the 28 known players who were getting cars...There was Tressel lying about knowing about this...Lying about getting a warning that the FEDS were looking into a drug ring at the tattoo shop, and that players may be involved...

Oh, and she blows past the illegal shit Tressel did at Youngstown State...After he left, that program fell apart...Not because their great coach was gone, but because the sanctions that were thrown down on the program, because the great coach was getting his players set up with cars and jobs that they didn't need to show up for...Multiple former players in jail...Countless ex-players talked about Tressel and what he knew, and did for them, but the loyalist just say it's sour grapes...That argument could work, if it was one or two...But it's been a lot more than that...

It's time for a reality check JDIN! Take off the Scarlet colored glasses, and understand not everything is shades of Grey...Some shit is black and white, and right and wrong...Don't you get tired of being wrong!?!

On a more positive note with Ohio State...Former Buckeye LB, Mike Vrabel has decided to retire from the NFL, and is going to become the new Linebacker's coach at his Alma Mater...Ohio State is hoping that the addition of Vrabel can get their recruiting back up to speed, since it's been bogged down since this Tressel mess...I'm not a Buckeye fan, but I've always liked Vrabel...I hope he does well, and finds a great career in coaching...

Earlier I talked about people needing a reality check...Well in case you missed my stuff last week, it was full of reality checks...A bit for media and everyone following the Casey_Anthony trial...

I also got on the death of the Space Program, and AMERICAN_EXCEPTIONALISM...

And then I took on the DEFICIT, and announced my run for the White House...

Now a bit of History before we end...Sunday was NIKOLA_TESLA'S 155 birthday...The man was a genius, who never gets the credit he deserves...Here's the band Tesla rocking out their anthem for him, in their classic homo-erotic video...

Have a week...

Later, the Beeze.  


Storminnorman's Sports Views
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Baseball's All-Star game is Tuesday in Arizona to decide who should have home field advantage during this fall's World Series, teams to be determined as always. However, there are a few things that are bothering me about this particular game that I would like to share with you. I am a fan of the game as most of you are, but how can we with good conscious continue to stuff the Internet sites or stadium ballot boxes knowing that are favorite player may be voted in as a starter, even if he is not having an All-Star season? How can fans justify "Tex" having a better year than "Miggy" or even Adrian Gonzalez, when we all know that it is not true? That is why I say the vote should be taken away from the fans, and given back to the players. The players know who the real "All-Stars" are, and like in football will pick the right players. The manager still should be allowed to pick the reserves and pitchers, but this popular vote has gotten way out of hand, and needs to be corrected.

 This will be the first time a Designated Hitter will be used during an All-Star game in a National League Stadium, should this rule in future games, or should they go back to traditional rules and eliminate it altogether? I am against the Designated Hitter in the American League, because it allows pitchers to get away with intentionally throwing at hitters, and eliminates the strategy applied by National League managers in critical situations during the game. It also allows players who can't play in the field a chance to extend their careers a few more years, so that they continue to collect a paycheck.

 Even though most National League pitchers are not great hitters for average, it showed during Inter-League play when the Tiger's pitchers outside of Rick Porcello were ineffective at best, and could not even bunt a runner over in key situations, which most pitchers in the National League specialize in doing so.

 So with that being said, I ask all of you on yougabsports to gather your friends and write the Commissioner protesting the use of the Designated Hitter in baseball asking him for its abolition, and return baseball to what it was when I was growing up. The Commissioner apparently is willing to try new things to keep fan interest, so why not a year in the American League without the Designated Hitter? If they did that, the American League fan would become more interested in the game and the pitchers would have to learn how to bunt, manager's who could not manage in the late innings (Leyland) would be forced out of the game as well as players who are using the Designated Hitter as a way to stay in the game.

 This is my maiden voyage so to speak, as I will be filling in for Hotch until hockey starts. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I hope to have more good things to share with you in the future

Tribute to Dick Williams
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I guess when you first start watching baseball you fall in love with that first team and the guys on the that team. For me it was the 1967 Boston Red Sox and The St. Louis Cardinals. I remember watching my first World Series at my Uncle’s house he had a colored TV. I remember how impressed I was with Bob Gibson, the way he would come off the mound. (My favorite player of all-time). But this isn’t about the Cardinals. It is about the Red Sox  whoI  have had a lifelong love affair with. Sure there has been plenty of times that have been ready to jump ship but I have always came back for more.

That first Red Sox team Yaz, Tony C, Rico, Mike Andrews, Reggie Smith, The Boomer, Joe Foy, Russ Gibson and Nixon , Lonborg, Lee Stange to name a few. They were lead by the fiery Dick Williams. Williams played for the Red Sox and only lasted 3 years as manager. But those 3 years were a catalyst of 21 years as a big league manager old school. But he was right at home with Sparky Anderson, Billy Martin, Earl Weaver, and Whitey Herzog to name a few, even old Casey Stengel was around.

Williams was my guy and followed him and his career success in Oakland, in the early 70’s and not so success full in California in the mid 70’s. Many years North of the border in Montreal with some decent teams. San Diego and than Seattle to close out a career.

Williams was old school and hardcore things were done his way or the highway. In todays game you won’t find a guy like Williams maybe Ozzie Guillen comes close.

Williams was a product of the day and baseball managers were hardcore to the max almost like today’s NFL coaches. There was no room for nonsense it was always about the game and getting the most out of players. No sensitivity if you messed up you would fine yourself in the dog house.

It was a sad day in baseball yesterday, Dick Williams died at age 82 Yesterday of a Brain Aneurysm.

Here is Dick Williams stats from Baseball Reference.com


Five Minute Frags - Leave My All-Star Game Alone
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Every year, fans pour out of the woodwork to complain about the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. They whine and moan about the set-up, the way the teams are selected, and ultimately how it is played. They rant and rave about what they would change, what needs fixing, and what really doesn’t work.


For once, I’m siding with Bud! Just leave the game alone.


Alright, I’ll give way to the fact that the fan voting simply doesn’t work. They open it up way to early in the season, essentially commanding that fans vote for their favorite players rather than waiting for a valid base to be set and awarding the deserving players. But all and all, that has nothing to do with the game itself, just those who make up the rosters.


The game itself is still the best All-Star game of the four major sports. The Pro Bowl usually breaks down to rosters of second-rate stars as the top tier guys would rather take the time off and nurse injuries. The NBA game dissolves into a run and gun showcase for everything that is wrong with the league itself, a game completely devoid of fundamentals. The NHL All-Star game is the only one remotely close to their MLB equivalent.


The MLB All-Star Game is pure fun, showcasing the top talent of the game and still offering a competition worth watching. Who can forget the memories of Pete Rose running over Ray Fosse in 1970, Ted Williams hitting the walk-off home run to cap the 1941 game, Bo Jackson and Wade Boggs going back-to-back to open up the scoring in the 1989 game, or even Cal Ripken winning the MVP in his final All-Star game in 2001?



And yes, I’ll even stoke a few fires and say that I don’t hate the “This One Counts” rule. Take away the exhibition mentality of the game and make them play it like it matters in the end. No more guys running through the motions knowing they are coming out after two innings of work. Putting something like home field advantage in the World Series on the line gives these guys incentive to play the game like they would during a stretch run. The difference between having or not having a DH in the game is enough to swing the World Series and as such, should be enough to stoke the fires of competition, which makes the game more engaging for the fans as well.


In the end, that’s the true goal of the game, to engage the fans, and the MLB game does it more than any other. Why would we want to change that?


Other Fragments:


  • The Red Sox are starting to look like the walking wounded, with 3/5 of the opening day rotation on the disabled list. For a team with World Series aspirations, losing their ace (Lester) and their number 3 starter (Buchholz) for an extended period of time could be devastating.


  • Baseball fans, not just Yankee fans, need to really appreciate Derek Jeter’s march to 3000 hits. Consider for just a moment that no other Yankee in history had 3000 hits in a Yankee uniform. Then go through the list of great players that have worn the pinstripes and really breathe it in.


  • The Minnesota Twins are making the right move in transitioning Joe Mauer to first base. Repeated injuries have sapped his leg strength and his ability to be an elite catcher, but his bat is too much to keep out of the line-up. This will also allow them to move Justin Morneau to DH next season and save the money by not resigning Jason Kubel.


  • Michael Young is having a good season in Texas, despite all of the jostling between Young and the team during the off-season. Still, his selection as an All-Star reserve over Paul Konerko, who had to get in via the Final Vote, was purely a coach’s pick. Konerko is again quietly having a monster campaign, hitting .319 with 22 home runs and 64 RBI on a disappointing White Sox team. He deserved better than to be known as the last guy picked.
Rants and Raves
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Sue the Judicial System, Dodgers broke, Sheen on Roids. This and more in this weeks edition of Rants and Raves. 


I hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th of July. I spent over $100 on fireworks. My granddaughter was very happy.


If am Michael Vick and Plaxico Burress I’m thinking about take the Legal System to court. Your telling me its okay to kill a 2 year old and get away with it, but if I accidently shoot myself or are cruel and violent to my dogs I get to years in prison. Some things not right!!!


Do you think MLB Commissioner, Bud Selig, should have denied the Dodgers from their deal with Fox Sports. The TV contract, according to the Dodgers, was in excess of $3 billion dollars for a 17-year deal. MLB say that it was for $1.7 billion dollars for the duration of the contract. The reason the deal was killed by Selig, not all the money would be going to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The McCourts would receive approximately $175 million.


Is this taking your work to heart?? Charlie Sheen admitting to steroid use for 6-8 weeks while filming “Major League.” Remember Sheen played pitcher Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn in the 1989 movie. Charlie says it was the only time he took steroids and they made him a bit more irritable than normal.


I lived in New York City, Brooklyn to be exact, for 21 years and I never went to Nathans for the Fourth of July Hot Dog eating contest. Now I have been to that Nathan’s many a time, and they have outstanding food. I don’t know if the still have it, but when I was growing up they had a lo-main in a egg noodle shell that is out of this world. Oh, and their Hot Dogs aren’t bad either. I have been to plenty of Nathan stores outside New York, and their hot dogs can’t compare to the one at Coney Island. I think it’s the water.


Can someone tell the Pittsburgh Pirates that it is after July 4th. They shouldn’t have a record above .500. Actually, I am happy for them. It is good one a different team can have a break-out year. Next year it is Kansas City Royals turn.


I still can’t use to NASCAR drivers pushing each other around the track. But, what makes it even stranger is that the person pushing you can be the enemy. What is wrong with that??


Have a safe week

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