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Ray Lewis to retire?? If they build it, will they come?? ScottJax77 is hurting?? This and more in this edition of Rants and Raves.


Where to start, what to say.


I want to send my condolences to B-Dub?s family on the passing of your brother. My thought and prayers are with you and the family



There is one more month to go for the start of the Jacksonville Jaguars and most of the other NFL teams. I have been to one Jaguar practice this season and this is what I have learned. Beer is $3, hot dogs $2, soft drinks $1 and candies $1 during the practice sessions. Why can?t these prices be like this during the regular season.


Looks like ScottJax77 needs hip replacement surgery. Doctor is making arrangements now. The only requirement that I made is that the surgery has to be after August 28th. That is my fantasy football draft day. I?ll be out of action for about three months. I should miss one day of Rants and Raves. I?ll keep you guys and gals posted.


Did you read about the 7-year-old that was signed by Real Madrid. He goes by the name of Leo and was signed to Real Madrid?s youth academy.


Maybe its me but doesn?t Rex Grossman and Tim Tebow look alike??


Twelve-time Pro Bowl thug linebacker Ray Lewis said he will retire if the Ravens win the Super Bowl this season. Why doesn?t he just retire. He might be a great football player, but, what a waste of a human being. He is my number one pick for the Thug Hall of Fame.


If they build it will they come?? The city had the Rams and the Raiders, and both teams left, Rams to St. Louis and the Raiders back to Oakland. Yet, the NFL has thrived without a team in Los Angeles. Now the City is trying to lure an NFL team to a new stadium. The LA City Council unanimously approved a nonbinding agreement with developer Anschutz Entertainment Group to tear down and relocate a wing of the Convention Center and make room for a 72,000-seat stadium, tentatively named Farmers Field.

The council's 12-0 vote was expected after a council committee last week gave its OK to the financial framework of the deal. One of the stipulations of the agreement is that the NFL put a team with a long-term commitment in the new stadium. In other words: no team, no stadium.

This is what I can?t understand. Los Angeles couldn?t support one NFL team now this bozo, councilman Bill Rosendahl, threw his support to the proposal and even suggested that maybe one NFL team in LA isn't enough. "I want a team, and maybe a second team, that will come to this town," he said. "Why not? We're a great city, and we deserve it."


The Eagle?s, in their quest for a Super Bowl Title sign former New York Giants receiver Steve Smith to a one-year deal.


How many of you have the Philadelphia Eagles playing the New England Patroits in the Super Bowl. I do. Who do you think is going to be in the Super Bowl??


Did someone tell the Pittsburgh Pirates that they aren?t suppose to be in the running for a playoff spot?? They sure have headed south.


Til Next time

Have a great week


Deep Thoughts-Brothers
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. After spending what seemed like July away from home, I am happily settling into the routine that is home. As much as I enjoyed the seemingly endless baseball...I have to admit that I glad that the season is over.

When I sat down to write my blog, I was somewhat conflicted regarding exactly what I would dig into today. After seeing the terrific HOF speech by Shannon Sharpe, I made a mental note at the time that this was something worthy of a blog. Of course after reading Fan's excellent blog on Tuesday, I almost changed my mind. Hopefully Fan will forgive my adding a few thoughts to the subject.



I did not know much about Shannon Sharpe the person. I know that he was a great tight end and is an interesting NFL analyst.. But, until I heard him say that he was the second best player in his family, I did not know Shannon Sharpe. Watching the tears stream down Sterling's face, it was clear that these brothers shared more than just the love for football. To witness Shannon stretch the spotlight to include his brother was a very moving moment indeed. Sharpe's speech was simply an historic address. It represented everything that we long for our heroes to be. Honesty, humbleness, and humor eloquently delivered...it was from the heart and it was genuine.

Then there was Deion Sanders. To be fair, Sanders deserved this recognition, if you don't believe it...just ask him. Seriously, Sanders was a tremendous athlete. He is the only player to have played in the Super Bowl and World Series. What has always bothered me about Sanders is figuring out what he is about. Deion is the antithesis of Sharpe. For all of the talent that Sander's possessed, it will be his alter ego that he will be remembered for...Prime Time. It has been my observation that those that spend time being someone else, have a difficult time being real. Several years ago I met Sanders in a business setting and although our meeting was brief, I was left thinking he was a very unhappy person. It is not hard to be friendly, but I guess that is not a high priority.  What is clear is that Sanders helped usher in a period of time that our sports are currently mired in...look at me.

I began writing at You Gab just over a year ago. As I recall, my son was a sophomore playing his first year of varsity football. How is it possible that we are already here again? Football practice started this week beginning another year. As excited as I am to usher in another football season, it reminds me how quickly our time is. After watching Shannon Sharpe pay tribute to his brother, it reminded me how special it is to have a brother. I have a brother that lives in Buffalo, NY. His name is Brad and I really miss him. As we are only 18 months apart we grew up very involved with each other's life. We share a love of many things...but especially the outdoors. On Monday I got a call from my brother describing the really nice small mouth that he caught in the Niagra River and one of the Great Lakes (maybe Ontario?). As I thought about the call, I realized that like Shannon Sharpe, my brother called to share the moment with me. A brother does not need any conversation to explain. The relationship of a brother is a unique friendship that runs deeper than can be defined. Here is my brother showing off a small sand trout he caught in Galveston last month. It was a great trip even though the fish were not biting...





As you have probably heard, we learned of terrible news on Tuesday. After a long battle with cancer, Brad's brother Allen passed away. I thought long and hard about what to say. After much thought, I decided that a blog about brothers would be a nice tribute to Allen. Brad, we are all very sorry for your loss, and I hope you realize that you have many friends here.

Here are a few thoughts about brothers...


There's no other love like the love for a brother.  There's no other love like the love from a brother. 

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.  

A brother is a friend given by Nature.  

To the outside world we all grow old.  But not to brothers.  We know each other as we always were.  We know each other's hearts.  We share private family jokes.  We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys.  We live outside the touch of time. 

The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out his nose. 



That is all I have for this week...



Tuesday's Tantrum - 8/9/11
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As a general rule I like to talk about different topics, but I'm so pissed by Deion Sanders performance on Saturday Night, I just have to speak my peace on this asshole.   

NFL .   This is what it’s come down to for the San Francisco 49ers.  They pay 3.6 million dollars for one year of the services of Braylon Edwards?  Hey Niners, when I said I wanted improvement, I didn’t mean for you to go out and sign an immature diva WR who has some “investigative” issues pending in the state of Michigan after his cousins stabbed two bouncers at a bar while he was egging them on (ALLEGEDLY).  Bad guy who torched Cleveland on his way out of town, had a DUI in NYC of all places, and is known to drop his fair share of passes.

NFL – Hall of Fame Induction.  Did the ceremony run a little long?  Abso-freaking-lutely, but the memories of these seven who got in is truly something special.  It’s a damn shame that there couldn’t be a game to cap the weekend.

First off NFL, you didn’t get off Scott-free here.  You didn’t get your negotiations done in time, and the economically depressed city of Canton lost valuable tourist dollars that they can’t get back.  Do the right thing and somehow reward Canton, Ohio either monetarily, or by holding next year's draft there instead of NYC, then have the HOF game between two fantasmic teams with fan bases that would travel well, perhaps Pittsburgh, Denver, Green Bay, and Dallas? 

Hey members of the Hall of Fame, where the hell were you to support the entry of seven new legends?  So few of you were there, that was horrible representation. 

I absolutely loved the induction ceremony.  The dignity of 94 year old Ed Sabol, the thankfulness of Richard Dent, the comedy of Chris Hanburger, the raw emotion and very becoming humility of Shannon Sharpe, the pride of Marshall Faulk (even if it was a little long), and the honoring of old schooler Les Richter.  It’s too bad that the ceremony had to end with a bunch of non-sense and foolishness out of Deion Sanders.

I’ll get to that stupid twit in a minute, but I want to talk about Shannon Sharpe, whose speech was the absolute bomb.  You know how I knew that Sharpe had the crowd in the palm of his hand?  When he thanked Art Modell, the boos came out, and he raised one hand and it all stopped.

Shannon Sharpe isn’t just funny, he’s one of the classiest guys I’ve had the pleasure of hearing, and saying that is a major shift in how I feel about him.  How great was the line “I’m the only HOF who know what it means to be the second best player in the family.”? Part preacher, part motivational speaker, part survivor, and 100% honest.  He’s right – let’s take a look at his brother’s stats and have an honest discussion – does Sterling Sharpe belong in the HOF with his brother? 

Marshall Faulk, you are so right – we can’t wait until Kurt Warner and hopefully a few others on “The Greatest Show on Turf” are up on that podium getting enshrined!

This next take is gonna get me some blowback, but I don’t freaking care!  I am going through Deion Sanders' speech at the HOF Saturday Night, and I still don't understand what he was trying to say.  I guess I'm stupid, but I have to ask this - Where does "Prime Time" end and Deion Sanders begin?  My guess is that even he doesn't know.  Seemed to me he was part hip-hop mogul, part corporate shill, part motivator to kids, and I don't know what else.


I am not black, so I can't possibly know the struggles of those in that community, but if I was Shannon Sharpe, Marshall Faulk, and Deion Sanders Mother, I would be seething at Sanders' speech on Saturday Night.  For him to represent himself in the way he did was a mockery to those who had to endure far much more pain than he even thought about.  It was also insulting to anybody who can think for themselves.

Marshall Faulk grew up in the infamous Ninth Ward of New Orleans.  Now, I haven’t lived there, but I know guys who have, and from what I understand it wasn’t pretty and that's an understatement.  He was a five sport athlete in High School just so that he could avoid the crap there.  Marshall had no hangers on, didn't play on travel leagues, he got lucky – somebody caught him on a tape of somebody else and gave him a chance.  He was self-indulgent and arrogant in the beginning, but he wised up and matured.

Shannon Sharpe struggled through a young life that included living with his Grandmother in a house that leaked so bad that they had to use pots and pans to catch the rain water, and hang burlap sacks to allow them to sleep dry.  At times, his diet consisted of Raccoon, Possum, and Squirrel.  He ended up at Savannah State, with virtually no chance of being noticed, let alone getting into the NFL.  His journey to the halls of Canton was far more challenging than that of Sanders. 

Sharpe didn't have the advantages Sanders did.  Sanders lived in South Florida which meant plenty of attention from scouts/recruiters, participated in travel leagues, had hangers on, and ended up at Florida State on a team that garnered national attention.  He might have thought that he struggled early in life, but around the age of 13 or 14, I’m quite sure he was on the fast track and was well taken care of!

Sanders said that everything he did was for his mama (whom he admitted to being embarrassed by her during traveling leagues)?  She should have slapped your sorry ass into next week you dumb fuck!  How dare you embarrass your mother on national TV, even if it was to express regret.  Some things shouldn’t be said, nor admitted to, and that was nothing more than a Jerry Springer moment.   

OK, enough about the upbringing.  He has the audacity to call “the haters”?  I hate to break it to Deion, but you put yourself on Front Street with your “persona” – did you honestly think that you were going to be 100% loved pulling that shit?  Did you honestly go with the comment “Since 1989, I tackled every bill my mama has ever given me.”?  Fuck you, you self-indulgent SOB!  Did you do this for your mother, or did you do it to make yourself look good in the eyes of the public?  I'm having trouble distinguishing what was the true motive. 

Jason Whitlock said it best yesterday on his blog at Fox Sports – “Yep, the gold chains, the bandannas, the music videos, the high-steps, the brash talk and hey-look-at-me antics were all done for the benefit of Deion’s mother.”.  Nothing more need be said!!!

I might be wrong, but it appeared to me that his mother was uncomfortable with all this talk of her.

The Under Armor pin on your HOF Jacket Lapel - Advertising a business on a Hall of Fame jacket?  Other than the American Flag and/or the NFL logo, that’s a straight up party foul.  Wonder how much you made off that?  Good Lord, what uncharted waters are we heading into with some divas coming up for induction.

Trying to elevate kids by telling them to expect great things from themselves is good, it really is, but when you turn around in the very next breath and thank Snoop, Nelly, and Ice Cube (by the way, why didn’t you thank MC Hammer for being a major part of your “persona”) and add that you were gonna “tear this thang up” with them after the ceremony?  Nice message to the kids, do your best, then hang with rappers who espouse nothing of what you’re trying to teach them.  DUMB ASS! 

Putting a doo-rag on your bust?  What the fuck was that?  Oh, that’s right, provoke change!   There will be some people who find that funny or humorous - I am not one.  It's not about the doo-rag, its about respect for the Hall.  It's about respect for those who you are joining.  I guess change means to lower the standards of the ceremony and sell out to a persona!   Don’t you dare tell me that the person and the persona are two totally different things.  You treated your induction like a fucking business and advertising campaign, with a touch of ridiculous arrogance.  Hey "21", it’s the Hall of Fucking Fame, a little decorum is in order – save that bullshit. 

Lastly, to insinuate that your behavior was the result of not having a dad who was involved?  How many athletes don’t have a father (or even a father figure), took good care of their mother when they finally had the ability to, yet never “created a persona” or worse yet, fell into the trap of living like your persona?  Not too many athletes who came up rough pulled the same shit you did - what a cocksucker you are!!! 

Deion Sanders did nothing to change my mind about him – he’s an ASS, just like always!   He could have used his forum last night to change what many feel about him - a la Michael Irvin.  He could have articulated that hard work, perseverance, and dedication can develop self-respect and make you a success.  Whatever he said last night was nothing more than a SELL OUT to Hip Hop, Corporations, and personas

When Deion Sanders puts away “Prime Time” and becomes a man, somebody let me know.  I’ll bet he’s probably a decent fellow!

Monday Moaning 8-8-11
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         Each week I try to make Monday Moaning fun, it least part of it, if only the opening picture...But this week, after the picture, we're going to get serious for a minute...

I would consider myself a fucking asshole if I didn't write a bit about the 30 U.S. military members who killed in Afghanistan this weekend...22 of those 30 were Navy SEALS...They went in to help a Army Rangers who had come under heavy fire...They subdued the attackers and were on their way out, when their chopper was struck by at least one RPG...It went down, and they are all gone...

Just a bit of cold harsh reality for everyone out there who thought this shit was over after Bin Laden got whacked...It's not! 10 years our country's best, and bravest have been fighting in that shit-hole, and there's no end in sight...And for our best and bravest, it's not over for them when they finally make it home from that hell...Remember that!

Should I lighten the mood now?

Here's a blog I did on BUMPER_STICKERS...

Then Friday night I took on LeBron_James_&_Tim_Tebow...Those two chicken shits haven't gotten back to me via Twitter yet...Cowards!

My pal Irish Shu posted a good blog Michael_Floyd...I have to say, the kid is one of the elite receivers in college, and he plays for my team, but he got off to easy...

Another blog this weekend brought up Carson Palmer...People have been taking shots at the guy, and as much as it pains me, I have to defend him...People want to bring up honoring his contract...Ummm, he left the money on the table...He isn't getting paid now...

Besides that, when have teams honored contracts...The NFL doesn't have those nice MLB guaranteed contracts...Players are cut every year and the teams are off the hook for the cash...I'm so tired of that lame and wrong argument...

Palmer has put up with a horrible organization...With horrible facilities...With a horrible front office...with horrible coaches...And a roster full of criminals...Why should he put up with anymore crap? He has every right to ask for a trade or release...And every right to retire if the team doesn't give that to him.

Tiger Woods was in North East Ohio this weekend...I thought he was coming to play Golf, but this was the first thing he said when he showed up...

Oh, and Tiger, how did that feel seeing the guy you fired, rolling with the winner this weekend? Just another bruise on that giant ego!

Last week I talked about being happy to see the Indians and Pirates actually be buyers before the trade deadline...Now look, the Indians blew 2 out of 4 in Boston, and they kept trying to hand games to Texas this weekend...And Pittsburgh...Holy shit have they fallen apart...It's slipping away for both teams...

And as much as I love Boston, and I love that the Red Sox have owned the Yankees this year, I'm really getting tired of ESPN and the MLB Network trying to force this rivalry on us...NO one cares anymore, except fans of those two teams...It's hard to be a rivalry when there is no tension between the teams...Christ Jeter gets called out at second, and he smiles, taps Pedroia on the ass...That's not a rivalry, that's just Jeter saying he's tired of chicks and wants a dick in his mouth!

That's all for now...Oh yeah, and remember...

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.


Tebow rocks!
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Thoughts from an Island Girl



Many people complain about a lack of morality in a culture,  but when we get a truly good guy just trying to succeed,  we have the haters.    That good guy is Tim Tebow.   His only real short-coming to some,  is his moral compass.   Nothing wrong with that.   In fact,  it goes beyond just being a weekend Christian or the type that goes to church only on the 'big holidays'.    His family did a lot of missionary work in the Philippines.    They are regarded for their service and got to know the nature of our culture there.   In turn,  they are heroes to many and rightfully so.

Things happen for a reason.  What I do not understand is how a person could beat a homeless person to death,  murder their toddler or subject a 10 year old to the brutalities of exploitation.    I am sure most of you have heard about the recent story about the model who is 10 and expected to act seductive.     People from Paris say the people of the USA are uptight and sexually repressed.   Watching 'Springer' or 'Maury' speaks otherwise.  

We have more relevant issues to discuss.   If Tim succeeds or not,  it will be on the merits of his game and that is all good.   It amazes me that the likes of Colon CowNerd or any of his minions rag on Tebow but to effectively answer them,  I will just quote from Tom Watson, " A lot of guys who have never choked,  never have been in the position to do so".    That pretty well sums it up.   These reporters are not doing anything construction and they will get theirs.   Relatively obscurity,



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