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Birthday wishes to a Gabber, Thome a Philly, Its all Lebron’s fault, President Obama no phone call, Smokin Joe lived a good life, all this and more in this Veterans Day Edition of

Stop looking at the words Random Thoughts.



We start off today by wishing a happy birthday to ScottJax77.

I am celebrating my 56th birthday today.

I want to take this time to wish all active duty and retired military personal a very Happy Veterans Day.

I know what its like to be gone from your loved one for over a year, as I retired from the Navy with 20 years in. It takes a special human being, knowing that your life can be, or is, on the line in time of conflict, or war and we volunteered to do so to protect this great nation. The hardest part is being away from the family, missing a birthday or anniversary or a special day at school, at a place of worship, or with family.

The only other thing I would like to say is…

People who haven’t served in the military, or have spent any considerable amount of time outside the United States or Canada, just don’t know how good we have it here in The United States of America. Even so called free countries of the world don’t have as much freedom as we do here.

What that I end this part of my thoughts with…..

In an announcement held at 10PM, November 9, 2011, the Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees said that effective immediately it would be in the best interest of the University for Joe Paterno to no longer serve as head coach.

In a career that has now been marred by a scandal that has rocked the school, Joe holds career records for most wins in Division I 409, bowl appearances with 37 and bowl wins with 24. More than 250 players have gone on to the NFL under Joe Pa’s reign.

The most under the radar prolific homerun hitter of all-time signed a one year deal with the Phillies. 41-year-old Jim Thome will make $1.25 to hold first base until Ryan Howard comes back from left achillies heel injury. Jim has 604 career home runs, 8th all-time and only 5 away from Sammy Sosa. He has 1,674 RBI’s (26th all-time) and a .277 lifetime average.

We all know that the President is an avid sports fan. He has had all the championship teams from the NBA, MLB, NFL, Hockey, etc to the White House. But according to sources (Tony La Russa) President Obama has not called the St. Louis Cardinals after their World Series win. If he went out of his way to invite the 1985 Chicago Bears to visit the White House there is no reason the Cardinals weren’t called.

 Ouch, That has to hurt!!!!!!!!!!!

“Smokin Joe” Frazier was one of the greatest fighters of all-time. He passed away of liver cancer. He had an impressive 32-4-1 record and an Olympic Gold Medal. Joe was involved in three of the greatest boxing matches of all-time. It was Ali verus Frazier in all three bouts. Frazier won the first one, called “The Fight of the Century,” by a 15 round TKO, thus being the first boxer to defeat Ali and the first one to knock him down. In the second bout, called Ali-Frazier II, Ali won in a 12 round unanimous decision that was no where near as exciting as the first bout. In the “Thriller in Manila,” the third bout between the two, it was exciting, but not like the first fight, as Ali mocked Joe calling him a Gorilla. Ali won when Frazier’s trainer Eddie Futch stopped the fight before the 15th round.

The Joe Frazier we will remember is the hard hitting lefty who could dish it out with the greatest. Smoking Joe RIP. Classy men like you will be missed.

I am now officially calling the NBA lockout the “LeBron James/Chris Bosh/Dwayne Wade Theory.” Now your saying to yourself how could the lockout be all James, Bosh and Wade’s fault. Hang in there and I will explain. LeBron James took a pay cut to join the Miami Heat, Chris Bosh took a pay cut to leave the Raptors and Wade took a cut too. Now when James, Bosh and Wade becomes a free agents in a couple of years, and you want to sign one of them, wouldn’t you want them to take a pay cut? Its only fair, they gave a pay cut to sign with the Heat.

For the record James made $15,779,912 in the 2009-2010 season with the Cavaliers while making $14,500,000 with the Heat in the 2010-2011 season. Chris Bosh made $15,779,912 with the Raptors and $14,500,000 with the Heat and Wade made $15,779,912 the took a cut to $14,000,000.

You can’t tell me if you’re an owner you didn’t take notes. That if these players can take a pay cut then the other players can too. These three players made a statement that its okay to take a cut in play to play basketball and it if I am an owner I would want my players to take a cut like these stars did.



Deep Thoughts 11-9-2011
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Hello again and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. I don't know about you, but this past weekend was the beginning of my least favorite time of year. Daylight savings was last weekend and now the dark time begins. I wish we just never set the clock back. I really don't like darkness at 6:00 pm. It is not that I do not enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the short days really get to me. I would never make it in Alaska during the dark season.

I guess the events of this week have not helped the darkness that I am feeling. Joe Frazier died this week. As powerful a boxer as I have ever seen. Frazier's first fight with Ali was in 1971. I was a 7th grade kid just beginning to understand sports. In those days, the heavyweight champ was a big deal. As the fight approached, everyone had an opinion on the outcome. Really, I knew little about boxing but found the build up very interesting. Joe Frazier was the common man's champion, but his heart was anything but common. As Ali found out, Joe Frazier had great heart and an amazing left hook.




It is difficult to describe what I felt on hearing of Frazier's passing; sadness for sure, but there is something more. It does remind me that I am growing older, but I think more accurately it reflects the tremendous difference in sports now and then. If you watch a bit of this video, you will see something that is missing today. Frazier and Ali were not fighting for money, they were fighting for something much more valuable...they loved it. You cannot fight with such passion and determination without loving what you do. I am not sure when sports lost this, but it is rarely seen today. RIP Joe.







In a strange way, two Joe's died this week. Joe Fraizer died suddenly, but Joe Paterno's death will be a long painful death. For most of us, we do not remember another football coach at Penn State. Joe Pa brought to college football stability. This was a man that built his program on simple values. Simple rules, simple uniforms a simple goal each year. While most of college football began to chase the dollar, Joe Paterno continued doing the right thing; so we thought. I imagine that Joe Paterno will not be found guilty of any legal wrong doing. But for Joe Paterno we expect more. For 46 years, Joe Paterno was the white knight for all that was right about college football. How could you allow this to happen, Joe? This is not the way this man was supposed to go out.

Now we will see the he said, he said of the legal system. I really do not care about excuses or an explanation of why Sandusky was allowed to remain part of Penn State. The bottom line is each person in this chain of command is dirty. The first guilty person in this chain is the graduate assistant that witnessed the rape of a 10 year old boy and did nothing to stop it. How do you not try to stop this if you are a witness? I am not prone to violence, but this would be a situation where violence would have occurred.

It will take many years for the stench of this scandal to leave Penn State. There is really nothing that can make what has happened right. How could this have happened? Why did this happen? As I read the comments to an article about Paterno today, I read something that turned my stomach. I will share this with you, only to point out just how long the scars of a kid last:


  • Hello. I was abused from as early as I can remember (3 years old) until I was 14. My abuser was a pillar in the community-ETHICAL, MORAL a champion for humanity. My family knew of the abuse, a couple teachers knew of the abuse, his family knew of the abuse, some community members knew of the abuse.
    I was an excellent student, athlete, son, brother and grandson. No one stepped up. I fought the good fight to survive. Every day praying this wouldn't be the day. Fear-Shame-Fear-Shame on and on, every minute of every day. You wouldn't have known it. I was beautiful in the way I composed myself 99.9% of the time and thank god for football. Only place where I could release my pure anger. My body is destroyed today, because I used this anger to fuel my athletic prowess; fairly, but physical beyond my bodies capabilities. Overachiever in every sense, in every day, in every way. What a great kid they would say.
    I abused drugs once I got out of the house and on my own. 3 steps forward-3 steps back, fighting clawing, re-birth, despair, a crazy cycle. I've got it in me to recover. Ill be okay. I lived through hell, what possibly can society throw at me that I can't handle!.. myself. I have never slept through the night (45 years old). I wake up with nightmares every night.
    I am in my 4th year of school going on to Masters degrees. I have no choice, I damaged everything in my life.

    Why?! I was beautiful.


As a father, I cannot understand how something like this can happen. As a person, I just don't get it. Joe, how could you let this happen at Penn State?




The NFL is Green Bay and everyone else. Week after week, Green Bay proves that it is the best team in football. Each of us has a favorite team, but if we are honest, the Packers are just better right now. I wish I had Rogers as my fantasy QB...




The game of the year in college football left many wanting more points. I thought that this game would be an old fashioned slug fest and it was. I know that this type of game is different, but I liked it. In an era of bad tackling, it was cool to see two teams that hit and wrapped. It was also crazy to watch the speed of the defensive players. Did Miles and Saban play it close to the vest? Of course they did, but I am not sure I would not have done the same thing. If we had a playoff, we might see a rematch. Given the current system, I don't see how these teams meet again this year.






Westwood played the Dragons from Round Rock to finish their regular season. The Dragons had secured a playoff spot and were supposedly much improved from last year. Final score Westwood 45 Round Rock 7. Next week Westwood begins the 5A Division I playoffs against Bowie. Westwood played Bowie earlier in the year, but it is hard to beat a team twice in the same year. I really think that the Warriors have a better team, but they will have to prove it again. It has been a blast following Westwood this year and I am hopeful for a deep run.





This is a high school kid singing. What a great voice and range!





Westwood defense gets the scoring started.




Desmond Wyatt breaks an incredible punt return. Check out the great block along the sideline by safety James Ingram.




Ben Johnson throws a strike to Desmond.




Westwood has a great kicker. This is his first tackle of the year.



Blake has been cleared and is practicing again. It will be nice to have him back on the field. Go Wood...







This week we celebrate Veteran's Day. Thanks to the many Veterans that have sacrificed so much for their country. I watched a documentary on the History channel last night called Viet Nam in HD...it is very powerful.





That's all I have for today, but here is a bit of Jack Handey for the rest of your week:




“If there were two guys named Hambone and Flippy, which one would you think liked dolphins more? I bet you'd say Flippy, wouldn't you?

But you would be wrong. It's Hambone.”    



“The memories of my family outings are still a source of strength to me. I remember we'd all pile into the car - I forget what kind it was - and drive and drive. I'm not sure where we'd go, but I think there were some trees there. The smell of something was strong in the air as we played whatever sport we played. I remember a bigger, older guy we called "Dad." We'd eat some stuff, or not, and then I think we went home. I guess some things never leave you.”    


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own.



Tuesday's Tantrum - 11/8/11
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Welcome to the tantrums, where for today we pay tribute to one of the greatest boxers of all time, Smokin' Joe Frazier.  By all accounts he seemed to be a good man, and his matches against Ali were legendary.  A smidge before my time, but I vaguely recall being interested in the sweet science back in the day, partly because of Mr. Frazier.  I certainly wasn't an Ali fan at all mostly because of the unnecessary smack being run at Frazier, some of which was hurtful to him.  But because Boxing lost itself along the way, Joe Frazier probably won't be get the proper respect due.  RIP Smokin' Joe!

Guess it's a good thing I'm pretty sick because sometimes you just need a pinch-hitter to help you every once in awhile.  In this case, you just have to let the patience challenged have their say, so from parts unknown (because he's escaped the funny farm), the return of my cousin, Fan 82.  Go ahead fan, by the way, did you take your “medication”?  No, uh oh…

Morning boys – I trust B.O.B. has been keeping you entertained while I’m dealing with my anger issues.  Before I start, hey Johnny Monkey, can you make a trip to my new home and straighten some shit out over there?  Folks, I don’t have much time before the boys in the white suits find me so let me get off a few Tomahawks here:

Rant of the Week – Penn State.   Beeze ain’t the only one that’s pissed about this.  There is a point where we celebrate tradition, yet there is a point where you tell Joe Paterno that it’s time to go and this is that point.  I’ve always believed in the “innocent until proven guilty” concept, but if it’s true that coaches saw this guy going NAMBLA on a little boy, then ran out of the room doing nothing, then it’s time to drop the nuclear option on the whole fucking program and throw the whole lot of ‘em in a deep dark hole where Bubba can put them of the receiving end of things! 

Screw Penn State and screw the State of Pennsylvania for being more concern about an old man’s image rather than one of his “assistants” doing damage (ALLEGEDLY).  How do you not thoroughly and publicly handle this?  What about the rights of the alleged victim here?  Fucked up state – so worried about “tarnishing an image”, but what about that little boy?  Freaking scumbags…

Uh, one other thing.  Would the NCAA have the cajones to conduct their own investigation and drop the hammer on Penn State?  If EVER there was a time that the Football Death Penalty should apply, this is it!  Coaches violating the public trust in this manner and nothing was done about it?  Sorry, it’s time to go, and I for one will NEVER, EVER root for Penn State again if this whole thing gets swept under the rug like I expect.

For the sake of all that is right and good, Joe Paterno needs to retire – coach the rest of this season and and then retire and clean house!  Nobody from the current staff should be retained! 

MLB.  Did I see where the Cardinals are going to give Ryne Sandberg an interview for their manager position?   While that might be cool to stick it to the Cubbies, I want Francona to get the job and for St. Louis to sweep those idiots in the Boston clubhouse come next October’s World Series.  Scratch that – if the Kentucky Fried Chicken eating Mother Fuckers are still there destroying the chemistry in the locker room, I want them to fall apart.

NFL.   I'd say it was a pretty boring week, at least the early games Sunday were.  What can you say, the NFL is the Cheese-heads world, and the rest of us fans are just squirrels trying to find the proverbial nut.

Sometimes you have to speak the truth – and the truth is that the Pittsburgh Steelers are a DIRTY team.  Look, I get they’re trying to intimidate, but I’m rapidly losing patience with all the bullshit head shots!  That being said, Baltimore did everything it could to give this game back to the Black and Gold.  Hey B-More, it's about time you pulled your head out of your ass when it comes to the Steelers.  Now shut up and beat the teams you are supposed to.  TRANSLATION - Stop freaking losing to teams like the Jags.

Philip Rivers, two interceptions returned for touchdowns by a defense who struggle against the Pass?  Hey Phil, you cost your team the game, but I do thank you for finding Vincent Jackson three times in the end zone.

Dez Bryant is lucky I’ve been under medication because I’d be on his ass like Preparation H.  This dude is a punk ass bitch and when talking heads spend more time discussing his antics more his plays, then he might want to re-think his diva attitude.  But then again, he hasn’t figured it out yet, what makes me think he will wise up?

Speaking of the Cowboys, what the hell were they doing going in at half tied at six?  You gotta be shitting me!  Have they fallen that badly?

Hey Eli Manning, just because you beat Tom Brady and the Pats, that DOES NOT bring you up to his level.  He has three SB rings and Giesle Bundchen.  You are nowhere near that status.

While I’m ranting, Santonio Holmes, shut your MF-ing cakehole!  You score a TD and wanna act like a certified bad-ass?  Sit your ass down!  No, screw that, I hope you’re playing a team and get whacked going across the middle.  In fact, I hope it’s this dirty defenders in Steel City.

Hey Dream Team, you smack down the Cow-sissies then get flat out punked by the Bears?  I laugh at you dumb asses. 

College Football.    So the game wasn’t even over yet, and the douches (moronic Lou Holtz) at ESPiNNNN are already screaming for an LSU/’Bama rematch?  Why, so we can watch no action?  Why are you losers already counting out Stanford, OK State, and yes even Boise State?  Thanksgiving, I will be the biggest ARKANSAS fan out there!  C’mon Hogs, WRECK THE BCS!!! 

Oh, I heard that Alabama is still ranked ahead of Stanford?  What?  Look, I love SEC Football, but if this is true, let's knock of the bullshit.  You have Stanford, and Oklahoma State with seemingly a very good shot to go undefeated (Texas Tech, Iowa State, and home for Oklahoma left) before a potential Big 12 Championship Game. 

I will say that the Stanford/Oregon game coming up is going to be HUGE! 

Finally, Houston Nutt is out at Ole Miss.  If you want to talk about how the mighty have fallen, just look at this guy.  But here's the problem for the Rebels - Archie Manning is going to lead the search for a Coach.  Thought you had it bad before Rebs? 


Beaver Report.  The Beavers traveled to Ukiah Saturday to face the Eagles from Mendocino College, about an hour and a half north of the Napa Valley Wine Country.  Living in California, we rarely get bad weather, but Saturday was one of those days when the skies opened and it poured for the vast majority of the game.  For some reason the Head Coach was sitting in the box above the field, and the boys took charge, winning 39-19.  The 19 came off two trick plays and a bomb – otherwise the Beavers only gave up 170 yards without their leader on the D-Line.  Crazy as this sounds, they went for 600+ yards of offense on a sloppy grass field.

Next week, the Beavers finish the regular season with a chance to go undefeated at 10-0.  They've already wrapped up their conference and have locked in a home bowl game the week after. 

Mustang Football.   Unfortunately, I was out of town for the JC game, but the Mustangs finished out the regular season in style, defeating their rivals the Buffalos 33-0.  The finished 9-1, won their league, and were ranked #4 in the upcoming playoffs seeding.  Should have been #3, but an 8-2 non-league winning team was ranked ahead of them.  Wonder what’s the point of having leagues, when the politicians get involved so that they can make more money per game.


NBA.   Well, I guess we have to give even steaming piles of shit some attention.  So let’s see, the NBA isn’t playing, David Stern has gone Vito Corleone by making an offer the players "can't refuse", and the media is playing up the 20 year anniversary of Magic Johnson’s admission of being HIV positive?  Yeah, makes sense I guess.  Gotta keep youselves in the news somehow…


Douche Bag of the Week – Retail.  The kids hadn’t even got home from Trick or Treating, and the Christmas commercials began.  Look assholes, in this time of shitty economy the last thing I want to see on TV is the reminders that we need to start Christmas shopping.  And keep the Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving.  Let me enjoy that holiday before I have to deal with the rush.   


Before I go… Props to all Veterans everywhere.  You are what America should aspire to be - Honor, courage, commitment.  Happy Veterans Day to all, but most especially to the kids I know who grew up with my kids and have recently enlisted, visited hell holes, and have come back home and taken advantage of Mrs. Fan’s country breakfasts and great Italian Dinners.  They love the lasagna and always request it when they come home, which she is more than willing to do.  She is a true patriot. 


Monday Moaning 11-7-11
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Just to warn you now...This is not going to be a friendly edition of Monday Moaning...If the opening pic doesn't sum it it up for you, this week's theme is FUCK YOU! And the First one is a BIG FUCK YOU...2 for 1 actually...

FUCK YOU Jerry Sandusky, you kid touching, fucking scum bag...You can't die soon enough...Saturday, Sandusky was charged by a Pennsylvania grand jury with multiple counts of "deviate sexual intercourse, corruption of minors, endangering the welfare of a child, indecent assault," and more, after a three-year investigation by state police...You fucking bastard! Seriously, my dream job is to be able to kill pieces of shit like Sandusky...

Oh, and I promised 2 for 1...Joe Paterno, you stupid, old, overrated, asshole...FUCK YOU! Why you ask...In 2002 a former graduate assistant told Paterno of a potential sexual assault of a 10year old boy inside the Penn State locker room by Sandusky...At that time Sandusky was Penn State's defensive coordinator...Paterno passed it along to his AD, but never bothered to look into it himself, or follow up on any possible investigation...Nothing was done...Nothing, and Sandusky had 9 more years to freely prey on kids...So Fuck You Joe Paterno...

There is no reason for a 58 year old man and a 10 year old boy to be in that situation...A possible sexual assault of a minor occurring inside Paterno’s locker room, by an assistant coach...And he did nothing! All you people who love Paterno so much, and go on and on about how great he is, and what a high standard he upholds, please....Please fucking, try to defend him now....Fuck You too!

Before I just hated you because I thought you were overrated...Real coaches don't collect their wins in the booth, you tired old fuck...Nevermind it was clear ten years ago, that the game was starting to pass you by...And in the past 5 years, it's clear that your assistants have been carrying you, and your cunty legacy...And now that legacy includes you having a kid toucher on your staff, and when you found out about it, you didn't do shit...Please fall down some stairs and die already!

Next...FUCK YOU to the Cleveland Browns....Last week I had a talk with BROWNS_FANS...And after Sunday, I think more might start drinking what I'm spilling...

Fuck You Pat Shurmur...His offense sucks...He can't manage his team, his coaches...Shit he can't manage the clock...He constantly goes into the half, and goes home with his time-outs in his pocket...Fuck McCoy...No really, somebody fuck him...Poor bastard spent another Sunday running for his life...So yeah, Fuck the O-Line...I'm not sold on McCoy, his arm looks weak, but like I said, dude is always running, or on his back...

This tweet from some gash, Browns beat reporter summed up Sunday's game...#Texans rookie LB Brooks Reed who had two sacks, three qb hits on #Browns QB colt McCoy: "I couldn't believe they weren't blocking me.''

Fuck You Holmgren....Fat bastard just sitting in his suite, stuffing his face, and laughing that he's got a $10 million contract to run this mess...Just walks around and shows his Super Bowl ring, and thinks he's put in a day of work...

And Fuck all the Peyton Hillis Bullshit!

FUCK You LeCharles_Bentley!

FUCK the great big hype machine, that talked us all into thinking Saturday's LSU vs. Alabama game was going to be the biggest, greatest, most exciting game we would ever see in years...IT WASN'T!!! He fucking sucked...It sucked like a girl with a sandpaper tongue!

Luckily, there was hockey (god bless center ice) and a much more exciting high school game on to watch...

FUCK YOU Ray Lewis! This camera hungry asshole gets away with being an accessory to murder, and then every fucking week I gotta see him giving his moronic pre-game speeches to his idiot fucking teammates...All these cock-suckers talking about a football game being a war...Could the military please take Ray Lewis into custody, fly him overseas, and drop his ass in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley...The fucking asshole would be crying for his mother after day one...

FUCK YOU Burntwood Tavern, who over-cooked my Lamb Chops, and burnt my root vegetables Friday night...The other stuff was good, and the wife blew me on the way home so, they'll get a mostly good review...

So this post has been all negative, except the blow job Friday night...So let's end on a bright note...Me an Ms. Molly have been taking advantage of the oddly nice weather, and hitting the park...

She's lovin' the swings...

And I love that smile....

See, I don't fucking hate everyone!

Have a week....

Later, The Beeze. 


Freese at Last
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Thoughts from an Island Girl

The Cardinals made me proud.   As a fan, just like a player,   you get real superstitious.   It is like you turn the channel to get some better karma,  but you can't wait to get back,  so as you don't miss that moment.


During spring training everyone is hopeful.  You glom onto a few positives and with some luck,  you hope those long odds go in your ​favor.   But when St. Louis lost Adam Wainwright,  there was already talk of the 2012 season.    Would Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter, and Albert Pujols even be there?  They were also talking about how great the Phillies staff was and were odds on favorites to win the whole thing.

​The Cardinals had to rely on a lot of hard luck pitchers.  LaRussa and Coach Duncan knew the teams limitations and each of them contributed and sacrificed where needed.   But this team was different.  The aquisitions were never marquee names but they did bring excitement and results.   Kyle 'Tommy John' Lohse was coming off rotor cuff surgery two years ago and Jaime Garcia had the same issue three or so years ago.  Ryan Franklin was a real problem and finally the Cardinals had enough of his tanking and he was gone.   Slowly,  subtly the pieces were falling into place.    They were also aided by the collapse of the other wild card teams.

Fans in St. Louis,  those who like to complain, did.   Tony LaRussa was past his time and his decisions costing the Redbirds games.  But the trades made a lot of sense and secondly,  it gave newer players a chance to get much needed experience.   At 3rd base,  we have our answer to Evan Longoria.  David Freese will be just as good,  if he stays healthy.

  I really don't care about next year yet.   About the new manager,  where Albert will go or the first snow fall.   I don't care about experts and talking heads and how many hits OWS protests take.   What I am going to enjoy,  is being the victor.  I want to savor the moment and learn more about the team, it's past players and new players coming up.


​Have a great week and be happy.  I am!

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