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Hello Gabbers and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts...






Of course one of the hot topics this week is the conclusion of the NBA drama known as Miami Loses the Ring. Stern and his boys may have been disappointed to have Dallas in the finals; but it worked out just fine. Fans tuned in to cheer against LeBron James and the Heat with surprising interest. It was amazing to see just how much James offended the average person with The Decision. This has all been covered ad nauseam, but it is such a good story that we have a difficult time letting it go. The Mav's are not my team, but like many...this series was different. This was about good triumphing over evil. The Mav's have been here before and lost...they have paid their dues while the Heat tried to microwave a championship.

Last year we witnessed LeBron quit during the playoffs. As I watched the last 5 minutes of the final game, I was stunned to see how quickly LeBron looked to pass. It is clear that as gifted as Lebron James is...he does not currently have the heart of a champion. Mario Chalmers is an okay player, but is this the guy you want with the ball down the stretch? Juwan Howard? Really?? I was stunned to see how passive the Heat played when it mattered most.

James can look into the cameras and slough off the wave of animosity directed at him, but it is clear that this is in his head. Yes LeBron, you have more money than us and we have problems that did not go away with the Mav's victory...but your way did not work. James must take a deep look inside and realize that hard work and perseverance are what wins championships.



Mark Cuban has taken much criticism over the years. He rubs many the wrong way because he says what he thinks and has the check book to take care of any toes he happens to step on. But what I have always admired in Cuban is that he is honest in his efforts. He has worked tirelessly to bring a championship to Dallas. Sure he can be obnoxious, but in his hour of glory...he chose to let Don Carter accept the championship trophy. There are those that have money and refuse to spend it...Mark Cuban is not that guy. He does things in a first class manner and I think that we finally got a true glimpse at the real Mark Cuban. At the after game party, Cuban bought a bottle of champagne... a rather large bottle at that. The cost of the champagne was $90,000 and Cuban left a $20,000 tip. But when you finally win a championship...it is time to party!




It has been said that it is not over until it is over and these players learned this lesson the hard way:




With the winning run on second, the hit seemed sure to have won the game. But in his eagerness to celebrate the championship, the runner missed home. What a damn shame to lose the championship on such a simple task. I promise you these guys will never forget this error...





My son is playing on a summer team called the Action. This past weekend they were in the championship game being played at Southwestern University in Georgetown. Since my dad went to school at Southwestern, it was cool that he was able to come down to watch the final game. As I mentioned to Harvey earlier this week, this past weekend saw some strange umpiring. With the score 6 to 4 and two outs...the opposing pitcher walked two Action players. It was obvious that he was beginning to tire, but apparently the Houston area team was out of pitching. The coach decided to leave him in to face my son Blake. it turned out to be a very bad decision. The score going into the bottom of the 6th inning was 7 to 6, but suddenly something was wrong. The umpires gathered and the Action coach was immediately seen agitatedly gesturing while grabbing his phone. The opposing coach said that he thought that this was a drop dead tournament and that the top half of the inning started after 2 hours. The game was called and the top half of the inning did not happen...Action lost 6 to 4.

Typically, tournament championship games go 7 innings and we found later that this was the format for this tournament as well. Action was named co-champs for the tourney, but in the aftermath...our coach quit. It is a damn shame, as the guy knew baseball and was really good with tthe players.

Here is the video...if you listen carefully, you will hear Carl Spackler predicting that Blake was going to hit a rocket over the right center field fence. He got the location wrong, but it was indeed a rocket. The screaming lady is my wife...






That's all I have for this week, but here is a bit of Jack Handey to ponder:


Too bad you can't just grab a tree by the very tip-top and bend it clear over the ground and then let her fly, because I bet you'd be amazed at all the stuff that comes flying out.  


Many people never stop to realize that a tree is a living thing, not that different from a tall, leafy dog that has roots and is very quiet.  


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...


Tuesday's Tantrum - 6/14/11
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Welcome to the Gab, where we don’t put crank-shots onto the social media sites, we don't bang our co-bloggers Mom's and Baby Mamas, and we don't need to go to "rehab" because we don't know how to act. 

First to be serious for a second, I wanna wish those in Arizona and New Mexico well with that crazy fire going on – I hope that the damage will be as minimal as possible.  We never give firefighters enough love and respect.

Next, while today isn't exactly a holiday, it is Flag Day!!!  We might have a jacked up, corrupt government, but that doesn't mean we can't honor the flag and what it means!

On to the tantrums…

NHL.  Can you believe that hockey season is going to last longer than the NBA season?

Is it me, or does Lucic look like he wants to kick the living shit out of everybody he sees?

Game Five damn near gave me a heart attack, and Game Six was FUGLY!!!  What am I supposed to say, Luongo absolutely sucked.

NBA. A funny thing happened on the way to the coronation of the Miami Heat... 

Oops!!!  I'm not a Mavs fan, in fact I don't like 'em.  But hey, they deserve a lot more coverage and respect than they're getting.  It's amazing to me that they beat Portland, the Lakers, OKC, and Miami, and each time they've sent an opponent packing, the discussion always seems to be about the team they beaten.  Hmmm. 

I've bashed Cuban (deservedly so) and never really gave a thought to Nowitzki.  But let me say this - Cuban kept it classy, and Nowitzki's run this playoff season SHOULD be hyped as one of the best ever, outside of the two MJ's (Jordan and Magic).   But because they're the DALLAS MAVERICKS and not LA/Boston/Chicago, Dirk's performance will be buried in the history of the NBA.

"When the Washington Sentinels left the stadium that date, there was no tickertape parade, no endorsement deals for sneakers or soda pop, or breakfast cereal. Just a locker to be cleaned out, and a ride home to catch. But what they didn't know, was that their lives had been changed forever because they had been part of something great. And greatness, no matter how brief, stays with a man. Every athlete dreams of a second chance, these men lived it.  – The Replacements, 2000.

As crazy as this sounds, that sentiment should sum up the attention given to the Dallas Mavericks.  Will the marketers come and look for Dirk, Jet, or J-Kidd?  Yeah, right - K. Durant gets more pub than these guys.  There were a lot of Dallas players whose legacies were cemented Sunday Night.  This will be the quietest bunch of Champions the NBA has seen since 1979!!!

Before I get away from the Dallas Mavericks, there's a guy who gets precious little respect, Rick Carlisle.  Yeah, Coach Carlisle, the same cat who was a Head Coach for some very talented (and deep) Detroit Piston teams?  Yet, he seems to be ignored in all the rush to talk all things Miami.  My guess is he likes it that way...

Hey Miami, perhaps The Rock said it best.  “We love pie!  Some love apple pie, some like pecan pie.  Hell, we ALL love POON-TANG pie (Right Beeze?).  But you know what kind of pie that the Miami Heat and their jacked up bandwagon fans are enjoying?  HUMBLE PIE!!!

Moving from "Pie" to "Pie-holes", Mark Jackson started running his about how  he’s gonna improve the Golden State Warriors by turning them into “New York City West”?  Uh Mark, I don’t know if you know this, but New York City (1) is a stinking cesspool, and (2) the Knicks have sucked since 1998!  Hey Mark, California is bad enough as is – don’t bring that NYC type shit around NORCAL…


Kris Humphries, I say this because I care – RUN, do not walk away from that train wreck known as the Kardashians.  Dude seems like a nice guy who deserves a lot better than a woman whose nothing more than a side show, the punch line to many jokes, and doing the nasty with others (ALLEGEDLY).

Gilbert Arenas = one not smart dude.  Negatively tweeting about your blind date DURING your blind date?  Kinda funny – actually real funny, until said woman heard about the tweeting from her wing-girl.  Hey Gilbert, who are you to be making fun of anybody considering your intelligence quotient?  And yapping about getting "play" from that same chick – that’ll score you points with the fairer sex later on down the line…

MLB.     The A’s dropping the hammer on Bob Geren isn’t entirely unexpected.  They say that he pissed a lot of players off in the clubhouse.  Hey Oakland, while that might have been true, please feel free to put the wooden bat on that little white ball that comes across the plate!  Perhaps Bob Melvin won't be such an a-hole!

How much more can one team take in the injury department?  The SF Giants now lose Freddy Sanchez (one of their FEW hitting threats) to a dislocated shoulder?  At least the Panda (Pablo Sandoval) is coming back soon!

You had to know I couldn’t go too long without bashing the Cranks.  The Yankees pissing and moaning about being thrown at is pretty funny to me considering Joba Chamberlain is a head hunter.  Hey Cranks, it was real brave to come after Cleveland when your whooping their ass Friday Night, but you didn’t have the ball sac to stand up to Boston during that series when they beat your ass on the diamond!

Canadian Football League.  So, T. Pryor turned down an offer from Saskatchewan?  Hey young man, I have a question for you – would you rather be fighting for a first string QB job and actually playing in July, or would you rather be sitting on the sidelines waiting for the league to start up that only wants to turn you into a WR whenever they get around to playing again?  Not smart young man!

NFL .   Hey B-Dub, you’ve got to be shitting me – the Carolina Panthers (of all teams) will be the subject of this year’s Hard Knocks?  A team with a shortened training schedule and a first year coach?  That's just what that overhyped egomaniac icon-wannabe Cam Newton needs – to star in a reality TV show before he even plays a down in the NFL. Good Lord…

Hey New York Giant players, why are you slobbin' Plaxico's knob?

We have now gotten to the point where teams will be affected by this lockout no matter when the 2011 season starts, so basically we’re going to be treated to the exact same season as last year where Green Bay, Pittsburgh, and the New York Jets will be the elite and the rest will be cannon fodder. That’s a damn shame because there could have been good stories out there like Detroit, and as crazy as it sounds - THE RAYYYYYDAS. I would have been really intrigued about Kansas City too.


Wrestling.  I must be twisted, but I'm enjoying the fact that Warrior is bashing Hogan.  Warrior is a bit off his rocker, but he's been up front about mistakes he's made.  He's the one individual who can call Hogan out, and let's face it - what is he saying that's wrong?  I'm a little shocked at the viciousness of it, and if you saw that seven minute preview on YouTube, you know what I'm talking about.  But now, Warrior says that he's gonna drop an hour long rant on Friday, 6/17, which will include an announcement on Warrior's return to TV. 

It's time for Hogan to retire and take Bischoff with him.  There's no reason they can't pursue other ventures and make money.  Bischoff destroyed WCW, but Hogan certainly helped and they're doing the same to TNA.

OK boys and girls, I left a lot on the table - hopefully a little different to talk about.  Let's get to it...


Monday Moaning 6-13-11
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More heat in that picture than there was in Miami Sunday night!

I have to say, it really makes me happy to see LeBron James fail...I mean I saw it plenty here in the Cleve, but it was nice to see he can choke anywhere! It's almost shocking how much it looks like he really doesn't want to win...Patrice O'Neal summed it up well on Twitter...

@BIGMOMMAPRODS "Damn!!!!! LeBron ain't even Scottie Pippen!"

Next we have the Stanley Cup Finals, which have been intense...Game 6 is back in Boston, with the Canucks up 3-2...But Saturday night, after work, I had to take issue with Roberto_Luongo...What a fucking dope!

Speaking of Dopes, last week my blog on Anthony_Weiner got hammered with views...People just can't get enough of those Cock_Shots...

And since fucking dopes are the theme this week...Late Saturday night, after bashing Luongo, I was bouncing around the net...Finally, after two weeks or so, my not-so-favorite Cleveland Sports blogger broke her silence...Since the news about Jim Tressel on Memorial Day came out, she hasn't said a word...But the long wait is over...

She is not happy about people trashing Tressel...She feels it's wrong to say he cheated, and lied...But wait sweetie, he did cheat and lie...He knowingly played athletes who should have been ineligible...He lied to the NCAA when questioned...28 players had cars from the same dealership...Pryor had multiple cars...RED FLAG COACH...He did nothing! The FEDS contacted him that some players were being investigated...RED FLAG COACH...He did nothing...This lead to awards and memorabilia being swapped for tattoos...RED FLAG COACH...He did nothing, except tried to cover it all up...


There was one point she had right...There is pressure to win, and continue to win at Ohio State...There is at all big programs, but Ohio State may have a bit more...Most major Universities have 16 to 18 sports in their Athletic Department...Ohio State has 36...36 sports...What the fuck for?

Their Women's Hockey Program loses 1 million dollars a year...Who keeps that alive? Football...Women's Crew also loses 1 million dollars a year, and they just built a 5 million dollar boat house for that team...Football again has to carry that shit...There are men and women's Pistol and Rifle teams...What the fuck for? So yes dear, there is major pressure to win, but I have to ask this...Why support a place with such idiotic business sense!?!

Now for something on the positive side...An non-dope topic...I read an article about an incoming Notre Dame Football player...I have to say it makes me feel good about 1. The player, Joseph Schmidt...2. Notre Dame's coaching staff...And 3. The University itself...

Schmidt a Linebacker, was offered a Full-Ride Scholarship from the University of Arizona, and turned it down to be a "Preferred Walk-on" at Notre Dame...

PREFERRED WALK-ON A player who is promised a roster spot, and reports with the scholarship players for fall camp a few weeks before classes start. He is not on scholarship, but can earn scholarships as they become available

Here's Schmidt's Highlight Tape...

Seems like their are still a few kids out there who aren't assholes who think they are owed the world...

Now let's end with something I saw and thought it was pretty cool...

Awesome Sidewalk Art Illusion - Watch more Funny Videos

That's it for now...

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.


Pay for Play
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Thoughts from an Island Girl


They say,  "the more things change,  the more they remain the same".  In college football at least,  this is so true.    Take a look at what happened at Ohio State and USC.    Hey,   I understand the significance of having these programs at the tops of their respective games,   but what about the rest.


 Ryan Mallet is a perfect example.    Based on nothing more than conjecture,   he was branded as a problem child.    Yet,   the league has Ray Lewis and probably will have Plaxico Burress.   They also have Jim Tressell stepping down and Terelle Pryor heading for the NFL.    This week,   USC was stripped of their 2004 title.  



My point in this little diatribe is that the whole system is corrupt.  Before the Sugar Bowl,   it was announced that four players would be sat during the first four games of the 2011 season and one of those were Tyrelle Pryor.     He of course,   a favorite of college yukkity yucks.    Like Troy Smith,   he was adored by the media and as a consequence won the Heisman over Darren McFadden.   Now Pryor,   sniffing sanctions are doing what all good cheaters do,  and enters the NFL draft.    This and Coach Tressell opts to resign.



So I have a proposition.   Fine the guilty parties.   Don't let them like Carrol and Tressel to ply their wares elsewhere without any real sanctions.   Guys like Scam Newton,  Reggie Bush and ultimately,  Terrell Pryor will get fat contracts,   while the students and fans of these programs get the shaft,  so to speak.    I am not for stripping titles and awards.   That is too little, too late.  


What I am for,   is equity for teams that aren't handed five-star players because of name recognition..    Of that group,   you have Ohio State,  Auburn,  Michigan,  Alabama,  Georgia,  USC and a few others.      Schools like Arkansas are relegated to 3-star players and developing them into 4- or 5-star talent.  

The media can destroy the career of Tiger Woods for not making love to their posteriors or belabor the steroid issue of Mark McGwire,   but seldom do they honestly address the real problems of the game.   It is because of that,  that the corruption continues.   They would rather take the easy way out.  Stripping titles is a defacto punishment with no real consequence to anyone but the fan of the game and those hard-working students who enjoy team spirit.




This video about sums it up..  In my opinion.

NFL Teams Sift Through Long List Of Parolees And Degenerates For Talent
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Even though NFL teams are supposed to be largely inactive during the lockout, they still keep abreast of news that is filled with football players being arrested, released from jail, or carrying the weight of questionable character in their pasts.
As soon as the lockout ends, most of these players will be invited into a training camp somewhere. The hope is to try and squeeze one drama free season out of them, as well as production on the gridiron.
While the list may get longer with oft-troubled wide receiver Kenny Britt, there are still plenty of specimens to choose from.
Over the next few weeks, we will profile a few that is followed by their possible destinations whenever the NFL resumes play.
He will be 34-years old if the NFL has a 2011 season. He just got released from jail after having served two years incarcerated on weapons charges.
Burress might take awhile to get into shape physically and mentally, an area he has mostly struggled in throughout his career, but the wide receiver still stands 6'5" and weighs at least 232 lbs. He has experience on winning teams and owns a Super Bowl ring.
Though the team he last played for, the New York Giants, has never said he wasn't welcome back, it looks more unlikely these days because that team is loaded with young receivers full of talent.
With 505 receptions since being drafted in 2000, it is obvious he had many productive seasons. Teams will gamble he has a few left until Father Time steps in.
There will be a pretty long line of suitors, especially since Burress is expected to be on his best behavior to avoid returning to prison.
Here are a few teams that may be the best fit for him :
Carolina Panthers
Why Carolina? Simple. It is not that far from his family and friends in southern Virginia and the Panthers wouldn't mind seeing him and veteran Steve Smith help 2011 top draft pick Cam Newton.
Smith has not had help since Muhsin Muhammad retired several years ago, and he has battled injuries the past few seasons. Having the large Burress opposite the diminutive Smith might be appealing for both the Panthers and Newton.
Philadelphia Eagles
The rich get richer? It is possible, especially with fellow ex-convict Michael Vick pleading with the front office to sign him. Vick is now the Eagles starting quarterback, so carrying such weight could impact this move.
Having DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin at wide receiver already, Philadelphia already has one of the top duos in the league. That is even before tight end Brent Celek is added into the mix.
Burress would give the Eagles that tall wide receiver, since Maclin is six-foot tall and Jackson stands somewhere around 5'10" and weighs maybe 175 lbs. Though Maclin and Jackson are huge threats, Burress would immediately become the teams top red-zone option.
Plus having Vick play catch with Burress would remind fans of the movie "The Longest Yard". Who can resist that?
Saint Louis Rams
Yes, the Rams have young receivers like Donnie Avery, Austin Pettis, Marty Gilyard, and Greg Salas for sophomore quarterback Sam Bradford to chuck it to. Free agents Danny Amendola, Mark Clayton, and Laurent Robinson might have a shot of returning as well.
Yet most of these receivers are small in stature. Getting Bradford, the 2010 Offensive Rookie of the Year, a tall target could help a lot. Critics believe Burress will only go to a team with a chance to win their division, something the Rams almost pulled off last year.
Burress could get them over a tiny hump that exists in the weak NFC West. It could also help buy some time as their young receivers develop.
Then there is the fact that Burress probably will not get in trouble in Saint Louis, as the team seems to never have players in trouble with the law in that city.
Washington Redskins
A long shot, but Burress did grow up in Norfolk, Virginia. The Redskins have also been searching for a tall receiver since Hall of Famer Art Monk left after 1993.
The team might not be ready to compete for the NFC East, so Washington might have little shot at Burress even if they are interested and have an owner known for paying heavily for veteran free agents.
Even if Burress grew up a Redskins fan, which so many young men in Virginia have.
Oakland Raiders
Get ready to see this team listed often. Raiders Hall of Fame owner Al Davis loves to take chances on players with questionable character, something he has come out smelling like a rose more often than not.
The current group of Raiders receivers could certainly use a boost in talent as well. There are a lot of speedsters, but none are the hulking presence that Burress is.
New York Jets
Why? Head coach Rex Ryan plays by his own rules and will do what is needed to get his team to the Super Bowl.
Starting receivers Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes are free agents that may be the Jets top priority, but Burress would help whether both are signed or not. Plus Burress lives in New Jersey, so he wouldn't have to uproot his family that has been reacquainting themselves with him lately.










Then there is the plight of Pryor. The 6'6" quarterback recently withdrew from college and there is speculation he will try his hand at professional football this year.


Regardless of whatever charges Ohio State or Pryor may face down the road from NCAA rules infractions, the size and athleticism will have a team intrigued enough to look at him.


He is a project with suspect mechanics that will take time to refine. Murmurs of his lack of character will be put through a test if he wants to get to the next level. A team will have to be patient, as Pryor will need to be as well.


He has already rejected the advances of the Canadian Football League, even though the wide open CFL game may be the best fit for his game right now. The UFL may be an option to play a game similar to the NFL while learning his position more.


Though there are certainly no guarantees he could earn a starting job in the UFL, some speculate Pryor will sit this season out and put is name into the 2012 NFL Draft. Then there is a chance he is involved in a supplemental draft or try to latch onto a team via free agency.


Assuming he is allowed to sign with any team as a free agent, the questions begs on who would give him a shot.


Here are a few possibilities :





Cincinnati Bengals


The Bengals quarterback situation is still up in the air because no one knows where starter Carson Palmer will play when play resumes. Palmer has made it quite clear he has no intention returning to Cincinnati.


The cerebral Andy Dalton was drafted in 2011, but he has questionable arm strength and athleticism. If Palmer leaves, the current quarterbacks on the Bengals roster is Dalton and the untested Dan LeFevour.


Even if the Bengals re-sign Jordan Palmer, Carson's little brother, they will then have three quarterbacks with no real NFL experience.


If Carson Palmer comes back to the Bengals, taking a flier on Pryor certainly could not hurt. The worst that can happen is they cut him, while the best scenario is that one day Pryor marries his abilities with the mechanics he will soon be taught.





Oakland Raiders


Again, Al Davis loves outcasts. He also loves excellent athletes. Pryor is certainly both right now.


He could put Pryor at third-string to learn behind veterans Jason Campbell and Bruce Gradkowski as Oakland takes their time learning what type of player Pryor will eventually be.





Pittsburgh Steelers


Pryor grew up not too far away from Pittsburgh and the Steelers do like to mold a young quarterback as a third-string player. Ask Dennis Dixon, a player no one wanted because of an injury in college during his senior year. Dixon, now a free agent, started a few games and earned a Super Bowl ring.


Men like Jim Miller started out in Pittsburgh before becoming productive starters elsewhere. With veteran Brian Leftwich as the primary reserve. maybe molding Pryor will more of an attractive scenario than bringing back Dixon?





Arizona Cardinals


John Skelton showed promise in his 2010 rookie year, as did Max Hall, but it still is unknown if either can hold onto the starting job at quarterback. Derek Anderson's confidence appears shot as well.


This could be one of the few NFL teams Pryor has a shot at starting right away. Especially if Skelton and Hall play poorly. Arizona appears to be a team Carson Palmer may want to go to.


The Cardinals also may be one of the teams willing to spend a few years developing Pryor, so this could be a good fit. Especially if Pryor becomes the player some think he can be.



Next week, we will look at a few crazy old farts who still think their shit doesn't stink and the NFL is obliged to give them a roster spot and fat paycheck.

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