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They have an old saying that everything is bigger in Texas and it’s an attitude that the residents of the Lone Star State are awfully proud of. From steaks to athletes to the general lifestyle of its inhabitants, you’d be hard-pressed to prove them wrong.

Well, apparently it extends to the size of their hearts as well.

The Major League Baseball draft is an important moment during the season. For teams like the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros, developing homegrown talent is a necessity in order to stay competitive from year to year. The draft either ensures future sustainability of the team or it hampers them for years.

That said, what these two teams did on Thursday is a HUGE gesture.

With their 33rd round selection, the Rangers selected outfielder Johnathan Taylor from the University of Georgia, while the Astros used their 40th round selection to pick pitcher Buddy LaMothe from San Jacinto College. Normally 33rd and 40th round picks don’t make a lot of headlines in any draft class, but these two are different. Both of these players are partially paralyzed.

Taylor was injured during an outfield collision with teammate Zach Cone, who was selected by the Rangers in the first round. Lamothe, a native of my home state of Vermont, was injured during a diving accident in San Marcos, TX.

It is likely that neither will ever actually see the field, a risk that both teams obviously knew before making the selections. Neither team needed to show the class they did in making these selections, yet did so to help fulfill the dreams of two players that seemingly had them shattered before their eyes.

In making the picks, both the Rangers and Astros essentially forfeited those selections to give both young men something to hold onto when life is at its darkest. Now, both men have the motivation to try to overcome their obstacles and strive to once again take the field of play.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” These young men have found their challenge, but have been presented with a rare chance to take their “stand” and push to overcome it.

And even if the hand they were dealt is ultimately a loser, it is their choice whether to hold it or fold it.


Other Fragments:


-         As of this writing, the Pittsburgh Pirates were sitting at .500 with a chance to go over that mark this late in the season for the first time since 1999.For a team that has settled for a losing record for 18 consecutive seasons, this hasn’t been lost on the fans in Pittsburgh. Sometimes it is baby steps that get you back to where you need to be, but finishing the season at .500 or better would be a huge step forward for this organization.


-         David Ortiz is enjoying a nice return to his former self, and one can’t help but notice that Adrian Gonzalez is rubbing off on his approach at the plate. Ortiz is hitting left-handed pitching at a .349 clip in 2011, quite an improvement on his .222 clip a year ago. A lot of the improvement can be attributed to his decision to go with the pitches and take the ball to the opposite field with more consistency, something Gonzales thrives on.


-         Two major prospects will be promoted this week in Kansas City’s Mike Moustakas and San Diego’s Anthony Rizzo. Moustakas was hitting .287 at AAA with 10 home runs and 47 RBI, while Rizzo, who was part of the Adrian Gonzalez trade, was killing AAA pitching to the tune of .365 with 16 home runs and 63 RBI in just 52 games. Both players are projected as two of the best prospects in baseball and will be counted on immediately to show it. 

Rants and Raves
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Today I take on fans not singing the National Anthem?? Shaq really that good?? Go get em’ Carlos Zambrano. All this and more in today’s version of Rants and Raves.

This week I decided to just do a bunch of Random Thoughts:


Some people may have Shaq in the likes of Chamberlain, Abdul-Jabbar and Russell, but in his era of play he was the biggest and heaviest player in the league. If you put him up against the likes of Willis Reed, Wes Unsel and Bill Laimbeer would he be just another center?? Which ever way you look at it O'Neal is a Hall of Famer.


Did you know the only NBA record Shaq owns is in career nicknames.

Lets see there was Superman, The Big Aristotle and Hobo Master. Shaq, Shaq Fu, The Diesel, The Big Daddy, The Bog Agave, The Big Catus, The Big Shaqtus, The Big Galactus, Wilt Chamberneezy, The Big Baryshnikov, Shaqovic, The Big Conductor, The Big Leprechaun, The Big Shamrock, Dr. Shaq and The Real Deal.


I am not a Shaq hater. He was just the biggest and heaviest player in his era that’s all. He would blend in well with the centers of the late 60’s to early 80’s.


USA National team loses to Spain, 4-0. I know Spain is the #1 team in the world, but to get no goals and letting the visitors score four in your house, unacceptable.


Why can’t all fans attending games in the NBA, NHL, Baseball, NASCAR, NFL, Tennis, etc., do what Americans do at home games of the USA National Soccer team and that is sing the National Anthem. Nothing like having all 70,000 people singing the Anthem. I know whenever I am attending a game, I sing the Anthem. Any fool can applaud when the line, “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” is sang. Are we not proud??? Next time your at a game, stand tall, sing loud and be proud of your country. USA!! USA!!


Carlos Zambrano had all the right in the world to call out the Cubs players. Maybe the Cubs should trade all the players that aren’t giving full effort out on the field or on the diamond. Maybe the coaches should be fired. You don’t trade the player that gives it his all every time he goes to the mound.


Gee what a surprise.. The BCS took away USC’s 2004 National Title. It took seven years for the BCS to come up with the conclusion. If there are things wrong with college sports programs, there needs to be a better turn-around-time for dishing out punishment.


Pittsburgh Pirates #1 pick (and overall #1 pick) Gerrit Cole made the right decision three years ago, when the New York Yankees selected Cole in the first round in 2008, to not listen to their offers. Today he stands to make millions more than he would have in 2008, plus he has a lot better path to making it to the major leagues. Cole stated, “The draft three years ago was obviously somewhat unexpected, but I feel like the Yankees handled that with a lot of class," adding that New York scouting director Damon Oppenheimer texted him a congratulatory note Monday night. "I felt it was the correct decision."


The New York Yankees selected Dante Bichette with the 51st pick (their 1st pick) in the 2011 MLB draft. Aren’t the Yanks 27 years late in taking Dante in the draft. Oh wait. My bad, they drafted Dante Bichette Jr. a 3rd basemen. Junior will have a tough act to follow as his dad batted .299 with 274 hrs and 1,141 rbi’s.


Oh, Oh the Yankees also selected Dion “Neon” James’ son Justin James in the 13th round. He is a left fielder who batted .309. 


These are some of my thoughts that are floating around in the air pockets of my brain.

These are


Deep Thoughts
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Welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts.






The experts predicted that Miami would run away from Dallas tonight....they were wrong. Dallas won a tough defensive minded game that again showed the poise of the Mavs and the disappearance of LeBron James. The more of this series I watch, there is one thing that continues to impress me...Dwayne Wade. The block of Haywood by Wade was simply epic. How the hell can a guy that small get up to block a big? Amazing! An announcer said that Wade was the best shooting guard in the NBA and I cannot disagree. If not for the turnovers down the stretch, Wade would probably have found a way to win this game. This could get very interesting from here on out. Hopefully, Dirk returns Thursday in better health. It was obvious the dude was really sick...he missed a free throw. 





The hockey fans out there may know this, but it was news to me. Popeye Jones has three boys that are all athletes. While that is not surprising, the fact that they love to play hockey probably is. Jones came home after the season several years back to learn that his boys wanted to play hockey. Although he was somewhat upset that they were not showing basketball the same interest, he got over it. Although all are good players, it is the middle son that is turning heads. 



I admittedly don't know much about hockey, but this indicates to me that the kid may have a future on ice:

"At USA Hockey they love Seth. The coaches there notice the same things that are so obvious to the father. The Under-17 team coach, former NHL player Danton Cole, calls Seth "a point guard."

"When it needs to go fast he speeds it up," Cole says. "When it needs to go slow he slows it down. His poise and maturity are an interesting combination. He's a tremendously mature young man as well."

Cole pauses.

"That kid was born to play hockey," he says."







If you know baseball at all, you have no doubt heard of Bill Veeck's stunt involving Eddie Gaedele.  In the picture above you will see the shortest batter to ever play professionally. This week, MLB is holding it's amateur draft. One of the players drafted was Eddie's great nephew  Kyle Gaedele. While Eddie was only 3' 7", Kyle Gaedele stands 6'4" and had the tools to play baseball for many years. The Padres chose the Valparaiso product in the 6th round and are hoping that Kyle has a longer career than the one at bat that his great uncle got. Best of luck Kyle!





Everyone knows the story of Bryce Harper. There have been many fans anxious to have Harper called up to the show...but I am not so sure that he is ready:



Although Harper is probably physically ready, I think his mental approach could use a bit of "seasoning".









Apparently there is a zero tolerance for profanity in California high school track. After failing to clear his final jump, Loyola High School pole vaulter Evan Barr let slip a bad word. I am not sure if it started with an s or an f, but apparently it was one that the officials found to be unacceptable. Although Barr immediately apologized, officials stripped Barr of his third place finish. Sadly, with the third place finish...Loyola would have won the state meet.

"You can't be profane in a competitive area," California state track and field rules interpreter Hal Harkness told the Times' Eric Sondheimer. "He made an unfortunate lapse in judgment." 


Well shit...that really sucks Eric. I am all for holding kids accountable, but this seems a bit extreme.






Speaking of extreme...this next clip is a recording of a young lady in Austin, Tx that was kicked out of the Alamo Draft House for texting. Alamo Draft House is a movie theater that serves real food, but apparently does not like folks using their phone. I am sure that they are heart broken that this customer will not be coming back.







That's all I have for today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey:



Eventually, I believe, everything evens out. Long ago, an asteroid hit our planet and killed our dinosaurs. But, in the future, maybe we’ll go to another planet and kill their dinosaurs.

It makes me mad when I go to all the trouble of cooking up about a hundred drumsticks and the guy at Marineland says, "You can't throw chicken to the dolphins. They eat fish." Sure they eat fish . . . if that's all you give them! Man, wise up. 



Feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...

Tuesdays Tantrums - 6/7/11
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First off, I wanna thank Sully for his concern for my health yesterday :).  I am OK, but needed that verbal dump - and why not go off on those bunch of effing brain-dead heathens known as San Franciscans.  FYI, there are far more normal people in this dump known as California!  It's too effing bad that people only listen to the whack jobs we have out here.  But I suffer so that you all can have normalcy.  No thanks needed!

I was gonna hold off on this for a few weeks, but since that crazy Beeze guy stole a lot of my thunder for my blog, I'll go with it here.  Do you know what the best job in the world is?  Being a Dad!  I sit here week in and week out impressed by the pride shown by many of us Fathers here!  We speak of our kids sports exploits or even just doing something in the community to support kids, and its enough to wash away a lot of the cynicism that has crept into my old bones.  Bravo to all of you, and if I may, I want to share a non-sports related story of my daughter.  As you know, my niece was diagnosed with lymphoma and the bills are piling up.  Out of nowhere, my 20 year old daughter decided to have a benefit for her cousin to help with the medical bills.  She organized everything, raising $7000, which in a small town of 3000, was no small feat.  My daughter has done so much to make me proud, but this was just off the charts incredible!  Oh yeah, Lymphoma can kiss my royal irish ass! 

So welcome to my tantrums.  Let's get to the sports...

NHL.  Yeah the Canucks won their two Stanley Cup games at home, but they just did what they were supposed to BARELY.  Problem is that Boston is giving them fits, and I’m just wondering how the hell the Canucks can pull one out in Boston.  Guess I know the answer to that, and to quote those great philosophers of the day (Sully and Beeze) HOLY SHIT!!!  Boston throwing Vancouver a welcome party to the tune of 8-1?  OK, they got that out of their system, it's now time for Vancouver to reassert themselves.

NBA.   The end of an era came to the NBA last Wednesday as Shaq retired.  He really is larger than life, isn’t he?  So I got to thinking, what can Shaq do next?  Well, as I was replying lots of places and thinking back to all the comedy and all the smiles, what came up but the Harlem Globetrotters?  Hey, Shaq is a showman!  His skills might have eroded, but with his sense of humor, couldn’t there be a way for him to join in the fun?  Let’s see, we had “Shaq-ey Mouse”, “The Big Aristotle”, “The Big Cactus”, “The Big Shamrock” and who knows how many other monikers - Why not "The Big Trotter"?  I think he can absolutely raise the profile of the Harlem Globetrotters.

Let me take this in a different direction.  I don’t care how much of a show the Globetrotters put on, their incredible basketball talent makes me wonder what would happen if they played a straight up game against an NBA team?  I have to believe that they could give 'em a game.

Hey Miami Heat, how ‘bout winning the game before you celebrate in front of Dallas bench?  Stupid twats!  Dallas shouldn't need that for motivation, but when you're winning you step on your opponents throat, not throw them a lifeline.  The Heat should be up 3-0 and it shouldn’t even be close.  But then again, Dallas could be up 2-1.  Hey LBJ, stop whining to the refs. 

MLB.     I gotta ask this - with all the douche-baggery going on in sports right now, how is it that MLB for the most part is rising above it all?

With all the great things going on in MLB right now, one that I didn’t mention started rearing its head this week – the Milwaukee Brewers.  Great Fantasy team, but now they’re actually winning.  Didn’t know this, but they only have seven losses at home, and we’re into June!  With their hitting ability and the pitchers starting to come around, this could be a dangerous, dangerous team!  We've all spent a fair amount of time having a love-fest with St. Louis, but this is one heckuva team loaded with talent.

My neighbor just got back from a week long vacation in Maine yesterday and I'm jealous.  In between stories about slamming four pound Maine Lobster and visiting wonderful places there, they told me that they made the trip down to Beantown, bought some tickets for the Sawx from a scalper and were sitting on the third base line, five rows up near the foul pole.  They know nothing about Baseball, but thoroughly enjoyed the experience of Fenway.  Hitting Boston and taking in a game at Fenway is on my bucket list.

Canadian Football League.  We talk about not having the NFL around but folks no matter how different, we have an option and that option is coming soon!  We’re only two weeks away from CFL pre-season football.  I know, I know, its just Fan pimping the CFL again.  Partially true, but with the potential absence of the NFL, why not indulge?  The “problem” here is that the CFL is finalizing American coverage this month.  Hopefully they’ll have some games on the NFL Network.  I can enjoy CFL action during the dog days of July and August while waiting for the Mustangs and Beavers to kick it off come September…

NFL .   Plaxico Burress left prison, and who was waiting for him?  Drew Rosenhaus jumping into Burress’ arms – fucking sick!  It took the media exactly one New York second to say he needs a second chance and trying to place Burress in Philly.  We know he deserves a second chance, but buyer beware, dude was an egomaniacal cancer.  Philly sounds like a great place for him, and I kinda like the idea.  Philly fans are forgiving and he won’t pull the shit he has in the past with Andy Reid staring him down.  Not only that, he’d be a perfect complement to DeSean Jackson.  With Michael Vick as the QB, adding Burress could make this offense crazy good.  Let’s hope this idiot doesn’t blow it this time.

College Football.  U$C gets stripped.  Now there are folks out there saying if you get Trojan Man, then you have to get all the others because they cheated too.  You're right, it's a cesspool of cheating everywhere, but who flaunted it more than U$C?  Who continued to thumb their nose at everybody despite how obvious it was that Reggie Bush shook down the Trojans?  Yeah, everybody cheats, but nobody deserves punishment worse than U$C.  Of course, there is this itty bitty issue about a group of low-life scum-sucking bottom feeders in a little town called COLUMBUS...

Tennis.  Major props to Roger Federer who got to the Frenchie Finals again, but what does it say about Tennis that when it comes down to the majors, we’re sitting here watching him yet again.  Rafael Nadal is a certified bad ass, but somebody new has to come along and challenge him.  Men’s Tennis needs a rivalry in the worst way.



Rant of the Week – Politicians.  Before I get to my rant, I want to pay homage to those who participated in a little something 67 years ago called D-Day. Storming the beaches and kicking the shit out of the Nazis should get those folks the ultimate props. What sucks is that we're losing 1500 WWII vets per day, so we're getting to the point where its becoming more and more imperative that we share our thanks with those who remain!   

But of course those with "journalistic integrity" are far too busy talking about a criminal (err, congressman) named Weiner who posted his junk (ALLEGEDLY (WINK, WINK!!!)) on the internet, and chasing/stalking a middle aged woman who rides around on a bus?  Of course, it makes perfect sense - media pukes cracking juvenile jokes about dicks and using it on their shows. Hey you idiots grow up. I tend to believe that we have many more things to worry about, you know like lots of people being unemployed and not being able to afford medical insurance... .  But then again, just piss and moan and stalk a woman who hasn't said whether or not she's gonna run for Prez and bitching because she won't tell them where she goes and who or what she sees.  Here's a hint to the media - SARAH PALIN AIN'T THE AMERICAN VERSION OF PRINCESS DIANA you schmucks!

Just wondering when the politicians and media fuckstains will make time in their busy schedule of debauchery and criminal behavior to make time to fix this country.

Oh yeah, since the dumb ass Republicans can't get their act together and find somebody dynamic to run for President, how 'bout SGT R. Lee Ermey, Chuck Norris, or the chick below?  They're both far smarter than politicians, and the hottie below would probably be able to get far more done. 


 Besides, she has far more "assets". 

 OK boys and girls, time for me to go hit the gym and get my BP back down to normal, whatever that is... 


Monday Moaning 6-6-11
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Nice cans, but fuck Burrows bitch!

If you don't know what she and I are talking about, look below...

Yes, Canucks douchebag, Alexander Burrows, bit the finger of Patrice Bergeron in game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals...So what happened? The pussies running the NHL did nothing about it...Burrows went on to score two goals in game 2, helping his team to a 2-0 series lead...The Big Wigs in the NHL have a knack for being inconsistent when it comes to punishment...If this would have been Sean Avery, he would have been suspended for the rest of the series, fined, and new rules would have been written saying his mouth can't be open within 2 feet of another player...

Remember when they wrote the "Avery Rule" two days after this happened...

But enough of that...The biggest reason the Bruins are down 2-0 is their defensemen get caught pinching in too often...Goalie Tim Thomas gets too aggressive and over compensates for his defensemen, especially when they are down, or in OT, and then gets out of position because of it...He needs to rein it in...

In other Hockey news...Wednesday I wrote about the sale of the Atlanta Thrashers, and their move to Winnipeg...And before that I wrote about the shitty, non-supportive fans in Atlanta...So I was thrilled to see this weekend, that Winnipeg sold out their 13,000 Season Ticket plans in 17 minutes...Hey Atlanta, eat a dick! Hey Gary Bettman, fuck you for doubting the people of Winnipeg...You can choke on a load too!

Next up...Did you hear about USA_SOCCER?

To Baseball...The topic of Buster Posey getting injured in a collision at home plate, just won't die...I've read too many blogs about it...Commented too many times...Heard too many talking heads chime in on it...Well here is my last statement on it...HOPEFULLY...

Scott Cousins made a hard-nosed Baseball play, that players are taught to do...Posey, as a catcher knows the risks of playing the position...It's not Cousins' fault that Posey's stupid spike got stuck in the ground...It's Baseball, and while it's not as physical/violent as Football or Hockey, there are still aggressive, physical, contact plays in it...It was a clean play...

And.....Fuck you San Fransisco Giants Fans...After one of your own was beaten nearly to death by asshole Dodger fans, you fucking cocksuckers turn around and make death threats to Cousins...Fuck you fucking fucks!

On to more asshole fans...A group of Ohio State/Jim Tressel fans, showed up at his house, and did cheers and sang songs, showing their love and support for this cheating ass-hat...Tressel responded by coming out, and guaranteeing a victory over Michigan this year...For_Real!

What an asshole!

Ahhh, shit...Once again the baby is awake...She has been making a habit out of waking up sometime between 11 PM and 1 AM, and staying up for a couple hours...Wanting to play or just hang out with Dad...Maybe she just wanted to get her cute face in another blog...

I was going to writ a bit about what a cunt Paris Hilton was this past week on the O & A show...She then threw a hissy fit after being on the View...But maybe I'll save that one just for itself tomorrow...Instead we'll end with Kate Upton, dancing and being hot...

I swear to God I heard her say she wants to fuck The Beeze!

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

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