Arkansas Still a National Contender
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Thoughts from an Island Girl


When the Razorbacks finally have all the pieces to give a decent run,  two of their top backs go out with season ending injuries and it can be a little deflating to Hog fans,  who have had a lot of bad luck.  However they do have two good returning backs in Ronnie Wingo and Dennis Johnson.   I think these two backs alone should be fine.    In fact one or both may fill the void left by the injured Knile Davis.   The passing game may be improved,  since Tyler Wilson is a more precise passer and still has several great receivers to go to.    Even if Greg Childs is not even 100%.



Above is Dennis Johnson.   He was injured last year but is a big play athlete as he showed during the 2009 season.   He can return kicks and can go the distance or run you over.    He is the kind of player that every coach likes because of his work ethic and never say die attitude.   Ronnie Wingo is like a 4.3 sprinter and has good size.   He needs to toughen up a bit inside but he just might and could be a big play back capable of 200 yard plus games.   This is how deep they are.


Tyler Wilson is that guy who threw for over 300 yards against Auburn in just over two quarters and so it is even more crucial that those two backs live up to expectations.   Ronnie Wingo could just open up the pass game and he is a good receiver.    One thing that a lot of people don't know is the fullback position has been solved too and you know Arkansas players are in shape because of Coach Petrino.



The one concern early on may be the secondary but that could be mitigated by the size and speed of their defensive line.    And it has depth.   D.D. Jones has plenty of backup and they are 300 pounders with speed.   Jerry Franklin will anchor the linebacker corp with speed and a challenge to improve.    This inspite of the fact that he leads the team every year in tackles. 


All in all,  the Hogs could be a better team even without the starters and stars that they have lost from last year.   They will be bigger, quicker and in better shape.   That and they are tackling better and steadily improved last year until the end of the season where they actually looked pretty good.   Most of the statistical damage was done early on during the season.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Flexes His Moron Muscle on Terrelle Pryor
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Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Bowl linebacker James Harrison should consider nicknames like "Truth", "Nostradamus", or "The Thinker".

It has been the outspoken Harrison who has constantly railed against the NFL machine that Roger Goodell is the figurehead overseer of. He has said Goodell is a "crook and a puppet", and also said that "I hate him and will never respect him.”

Pure gospel to any real football fan and any man who has played the game. Goodell gets praise for drawing a hard line on misbehavior, but he often crosses the line because his ego feels it subjugates the media and players. His minions whose only duty is to blindly follow any of his decisions to the letter.

Now Goodell has overstepped his job description again at the expense of Terrelle Pryor. Pryor, who wants to be a quarterback, is going to be involved in the 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft.

To say Goodell has destroyed Pryor's draft stock and potential earnings throughout his career could be construed as accurate by some observers. Pryor is being forced by Goodell to serve a five-game suspension for infractions incurred at college, not the NFL.

While Pryor broke NCAA rules that would have forced him to miss five games for the Ohio State Buckeyes this season, if he had stayed in college, Goodell decided that his league still held jurisdiction over this matter. As if NCAA football was nothing more than a minor league system owned by the NFL.

Pryor already was heading to the NFL with a lot of baggage, no matter how his agent Drew Rosenhaus tried to ignore it. Pryor is a big athlete, but it is highly doubtful he will ever play quarterback in the NFL with his questionable fundamentals and abilities.

His best position most likely lies elsewhere on the field. Wide receiver, tight end, and even linebacker has been the opinion of several experts who have followed him since he began play at Ohio State.

Knowing this, teams may take a chance on him as early as the fourth round of the draft. Not this first, as his agent keeps telling anyone who will listen. The reasons are not based on purported character flaws, but the lack of ability to play the quarterback position at the next level.

Even with all the rules the NFL has put into place since 1978 to make a quarterbacks job easier, Pryor's footwork, release point, arm strength, decision-making abilities, and overall field vision are just some mechanics that will take too many years to refine enough to see if he has what it takes.

Goodell acted like the hunter in this decision, but he could soon become the hunted if Pryor plays this right. Goodell's ego has unwittingly put the NFL in a dangerous position.

This is saying something for an entity so strong, they had their television blackout rule pass through the U.S. Senate, Congress, and White House in mere hours. Besides maybe a declaration of war, rarely has this occurred in the history of the United States.

One day you may hear Pryor say he was defamed by Goodell's ruling, which also affected his earning potential and overall confidence in himself. The kind of rhetoric you often hear in lawsuits throughout the planet. If he ever is deemed to have a case, Pryor could sue for many more millions of dollars than any player in the history of the NFL has ever made.

It could also teach Goodell and the NFL to stay within their boundaries. While a powerful league, they are supposed to represent professional football while colleges represent amateurs in all sports they play.

Goodell has now firmly placed himself in the cellar of the worst commissioner in NFL history, probably even surpassing Joe Carr. Carr was the second ever president of the NFL from 1921 to 1939, replacing Hall of Famer and Olympic hero Jim Thorpe, and had his own issues between amateurs and professionals.

While Carr was known for acting swiftly on teams using college players then, mainly because the college game was perceived as superior to the National Football League in that era, he is forever linked to one bad decision.

The Pottsville Maroons joined the NFL in 1925 and proceeded to win the NFL title. They then took on Notre Dame University in an exhibition game, because the Fighting Irish featured the "Four Horsemen". The purpose of the game was to bring credibility to the NFL.

After the Maroons told Carr of their intentions to play the game, discrepancies soon arose. Pottsville claimed they had Carr's blessing, while Carr said he gave the team three separate warnings not to play the game.

Pottsville won the game, which helped boost the popularity of the league. Carr, however, took away the Maroons NFL title and gave it to the Chicago Cardinals, a franchise that still proudly holds onto that trophy today. The Maroons folded in 1929.

Now Goodell's decision has replaced Carr's error in the scale of epic buffoonery of poor choices in NFL history. It comes as no shock to anyone who has followed the career of the son of a former United States Senator whose contacts with the league gave his kid a job in 1982.

While the NFL career of Terrelle Pryor might not amount to much on the gridiron, he could have a long lasting impact on the league itself. An impact brought on by the bloated ego of Roger Goodell.

Five Minute Frags - No Hooray for HGH Results
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And just like that, Major League Baseball has its fall guy.


After years of puffing out their chests and saying that they were doing everything to control the usage of performance-enhancing drugs, dancing around the political games, and appeasing the player’s union, it finally seems like Bud Selig and his cronies have seemingly stepped up to the plate.


Mike Jacobs, a former starting first baseman for the Mets, Marlins, and Royals, and most recently a 30-year-old minor-leaguer in the Colorado system, has tested positive for Human Growth Hormone. The positive test has resulted in a 50-game suspension and Jacobs has been consequently released by the Rockies. As reported by USA Today, it is the first positive test in North American professional sports.


Congratulations Mr. Jacobs, your official new position is the sacrificial lamb. Enjoy!


As someone that has been following baseball and diligently covering it during and after the eruption of the steroid scandal, it doesn’t shock me in the least that the first person to take the fall is a washed-up former player with no shot at ever reaching the big club again. Sure, they can play it off as someone who was once promising trying to revive a stagnant career, but the fans are smarter than that.


We know that Jacobs was never going to figure into any club’s future, but his failure of the test sure makes good headlines doesn’t it? Bud Selig and Donald Fehr can now stand up proudly at a press conference tomorrow morning and yell to the world that their testing is successful. They can praise the labs for helping them get theirs off the ground before the NFL, NHL, and NBA, showing their commitment to curing the epidemic that has cost their sport dearly.


Fact is, Jacobs is just a little fish and the fans know it. His Hall of Fame candidacy is not going to be called into question because of this. He isn’t challenging any records set forth by the game’s forefathers and decimating the sanctity of the game itself. No, he’s just a face on the side of the milk cartoon to flaunt to the press and to the other players; a deterrent to all that’s been bad in the game over the last 30 years.


No, the only true way to make this meaningful is to use it to push back on the Player’s Union. With the current collective bargaining agreement set to expire at the end of this year, there couldn’t be a better time to introduce testing on the Major League level and make it a truly conclusive test. Once you test at the Major League level, you’re finally working to solve the problem instead of tiptoeing around it.


Only when that’s said and done can you go all Richard Nixon and proclaim yourselves the saviors of the game.



-         Mike Jacobs Positive HGH Test Is First, USAToday.com

-         Baseball to Begin HGH Testing, MLB.com

Rants and Raves
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Update on Scottjax77, Thanks Blackbandit20, Thome joins an exclusive club, Rypien found dead, is Texas A&M really leaving?? All this inside this edition of Rants and Raves.


I want to thank all the Gabbers for their kind support. With that being said….

I got a called from my specialist today. My hip replacement surgery is scheduled for September 13th. I will be in the hospital until that Friday. Then I should be sent to a rehabilitation center to recoup for a week or two while I start rehabbing or I can go home and go to the rehab center. This is the first of two hip replacement operations. The next one should be in about 5 years. I will need to rebuild my sick leave and vacation time as I will be out for 3 months. I will need someone to do my blog for me on Thursday, September 15th. I hope to do one on September 22nd, because that will be my one-year anniversary doing this. If anyone is interested in filling in for me for the week please let Sully know, or leave a reply in this blog.


I also would like to thank Blackbandit20 for making me see the light on Ray Lewis. While no one is perfect, he should be given the benefit of the doubt. He was never convicted, and has since lead a decent life. Other people who have done worse, have received a second chance, why shouldn’t Ray. Thanks Bandit!!


Congratulations have to go out to Jim Thome, who reached 600 career homeruns in the most quietest way. If it was a New York Yankee, ESPN would have been covering his homeruns once he reached 595. A first ballot Hall-of-Famer. Congrats Jim on a remarkable achievement!!


Winnipeg Jets center Rick Rypien, who took a leave of absence nine months ago for an undisclosed personal matter, was found dead at his home. He was the cousin of Super Bowl MVP quarterback Mark Rypien. Cause of death is unknown at this time.


If it is all about Texas why aren’t other college’s leaving the Big 12? Or, is there another reason for Texas A&M wanting to leave? Texas A&M will be another fish in the sea in the SEC going up against LSU, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, etc. It would be a great thing for the SEC. They would get better access Texas recruits.


I think we haven’t seen the end of college teams jumping to different conferences. It is being said that there will be six conferences consisting of 16 teams. It will be the rich getting richer while the teams on the fringe of greatness will be left out of the $$$$.

Til next time, be safe. 

Deep Thoughts
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Hello Gabbers and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. It is official, the dog days of summer have arrived....and mercy is it hot! The baseball races have also begun to heat up and we are seeing some really great games currently. If your team is still in contention, congratulations! For me, I have begun to turn the sports page and hopefully fall will follow my lead. Even though it is hot, hot, hot...high school football has begun in Texas. Westwood began their practice this week and I have a few pictures to share.



The player in the red jersey is Westwood's senior QB Ben Johnson. Ben is a tremendous talent and this year has been eagerly awaited. Although Westwood lost two very good receivers from last year's team, they got a surprise when Coach Wyatt accepted the Longhorn receiver's coaching job. The surprise was his son enrolling at Westwood. I have watched many good high school receivers, but none are as polished as Dezmond Wyatt. If you think Steve Smith (the fast one) in high school you have an idea of what type of talent the kid is. Great routes and terrific hands set this player apart from his peers. I place the over/under for his TD passes this year at 20...seriously. Of course Ben has taken an instant liking to his new receiver and who can blame him I just found out today that this may be the last year that Mr. Johnson plays football. He has had visits to several schools looking at him to sign as a QB, Ben has verbally accepted an offer to play baseball next year at Texas. I really hope they let him play both sports, but that remains to be seen. Ben runs a 4.5 40...this is not hand timed, but an electronic timing. He is the real deal and I am excited at the prospect of this year.




Here is a short video of Saturday's scrimmage. If you watch closely, you will see Blake giving a sophomore wide receiver a welcome to varsity.





If we are talking football, we must include this weeks debacle in College Station. Although I am a Longhorn fan, I do not look down on the Aggies. Do you know why Aggies don't eat M&M's? Because they are too hard for them to peel. But seriously, I really feel for the Aggies and many other teams in the Big 12. I laugh when I hear folks say that they don't watch professional sports any longer because it is only about money. How can these same folks not see that the college game has become the same thing. Why does Texas need the Longhorn Network? I know that this made me uneasy when I heard that this was a reality. The Aggies have had their fill of being the step child in Texas sports. But, allowing word to leak of their impending move to the SEC only to be rebuked by the SEC is simply embarrassing. I know that the SEC is the power conference in football, but is this really the right move for a college that prides itself with a high standard for academics? I heard one Longhorn fan remark that the Aggies should just start their own TV network. In fact, I seem to remember seeing proposed programming for this channel? What bothers me tremendously is that everyone seems to overlook the importance of tradition. For fans in Texas, the Texas and A&M game matters. Do we really want to have 4 super conferences? Is the SEC better with 16 teams? There is so much that bothers me about this proposal that I am very much worried with the future of college football. The only bright spot that I can find is that at some point a playoff will become a reality.

I hate to leave this subject on such a somber note, so hear is another Aggie "story":

Two Aggies go on a fishing trip. They rent all the equipment - the reels, the rods, the wading suits, the rowboat, the car, and even a cabin in the woods.
     The first day they go fishing, but they don't catch anything. The same thing happens on the second day, and on the third day. It goes on like this until finally, on the last day of their vacation, one of the men catches a fish.
     As they're driving home they're really depressed. One Aggie turns to the other and says, "Do you realize that this one lousy fish we caught cost us fifteen hundred bucks?"
     The other Aggie says, "Wow! Then it's a good thing we didn't catch any more!"


Here are a few more...




Why do Aggies always smile during lightning storms?
     They think their picture is being taken.


     A 2-seater plane crashed into a cemetery near College Station. The Aggie fire department uncovered 700 bodies.  

    Please Aggies don't leave...it just would not be the same without you...  



I can always tell when football season is getting close because Fan begins to bash the Cowboys.




Although I feel good about the Cowboys this year, I really had to talk about Colt McCoy. I read an article this week that completely floored me. Colt described his season last year and how he was totally unprepared to lead his team. He was the third string QB and was treated as such. He was given the game plan on Wednesday and never got reps. He found out that he was starting his first game only minutes before the game. I watched this kid grow up while in Austin and I know the work ethic that he has. Did you know that during the lockout Colt called Brett Favre to try to get some information about the offense that he was expected to know this year. I was amazed to read this. Brett Favre picked him up at the airport and invited Colt to his home for a few days. Say what you will about Favre, that was cool. He had no reason to give Colt the time of day, yet he shared his knowledge with the young signal caller. Thankfully, Colt was able to use the temporary reprieve in the lockout to obtain a playbook. This will be a very interesting year as there are several young QB's expected to lead their teams this year. I would not bet against Colt...



That's all I have for this week, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey to ponder:


Consider the daffodil. And while you're doing that, I'll be over here, going through your stuff.

One good thing about Hell, at least, is you can probably pee wherever you want to.  


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...

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