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Hello Gabbers and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. It is official, the dog days of summer have arrived....and mercy is it hot! The baseball races have also begun to heat up and we are seeing some really great games currently. If your team is still in contention, congratulations! For me, I have begun to turn the sports page and hopefully fall will follow my lead. Even though it is hot, hot, hot...high school football has begun in Texas. Westwood began their practice this week and I have a few pictures to share.



The player in the red jersey is Westwood's senior QB Ben Johnson. Ben is a tremendous talent and this year has been eagerly awaited. Although Westwood lost two very good receivers from last year's team, they got a surprise when Coach Wyatt accepted the Longhorn receiver's coaching job. The surprise was his son enrolling at Westwood. I have watched many good high school receivers, but none are as polished as Dezmond Wyatt. If you think Steve Smith (the fast one) in high school you have an idea of what type of talent the kid is. Great routes and terrific hands set this player apart from his peers. I place the over/under for his TD passes this year at 20...seriously. Of course Ben has taken an instant liking to his new receiver and who can blame him I just found out today that this may be the last year that Mr. Johnson plays football. He has had visits to several schools looking at him to sign as a QB, Ben has verbally accepted an offer to play baseball next year at Texas. I really hope they let him play both sports, but that remains to be seen. Ben runs a 4.5 40...this is not hand timed, but an electronic timing. He is the real deal and I am excited at the prospect of this year.




Here is a short video of Saturday's scrimmage. If you watch closely, you will see Blake giving a sophomore wide receiver a welcome to varsity.





If we are talking football, we must include this weeks debacle in College Station. Although I am a Longhorn fan, I do not look down on the Aggies. Do you know why Aggies don't eat M&M's? Because they are too hard for them to peel. But seriously, I really feel for the Aggies and many other teams in the Big 12. I laugh when I hear folks say that they don't watch professional sports any longer because it is only about money. How can these same folks not see that the college game has become the same thing. Why does Texas need the Longhorn Network? I know that this made me uneasy when I heard that this was a reality. The Aggies have had their fill of being the step child in Texas sports. But, allowing word to leak of their impending move to the SEC only to be rebuked by the SEC is simply embarrassing. I know that the SEC is the power conference in football, but is this really the right move for a college that prides itself with a high standard for academics? I heard one Longhorn fan remark that the Aggies should just start their own TV network. In fact, I seem to remember seeing proposed programming for this channel? What bothers me tremendously is that everyone seems to overlook the importance of tradition. For fans in Texas, the Texas and A&M game matters. Do we really want to have 4 super conferences? Is the SEC better with 16 teams? There is so much that bothers me about this proposal that I am very much worried with the future of college football. The only bright spot that I can find is that at some point a playoff will become a reality.

I hate to leave this subject on such a somber note, so hear is another Aggie "story":

Two Aggies go on a fishing trip. They rent all the equipment - the reels, the rods, the wading suits, the rowboat, the car, and even a cabin in the woods.
     The first day they go fishing, but they don't catch anything. The same thing happens on the second day, and on the third day. It goes on like this until finally, on the last day of their vacation, one of the men catches a fish.
     As they're driving home they're really depressed. One Aggie turns to the other and says, "Do you realize that this one lousy fish we caught cost us fifteen hundred bucks?"
     The other Aggie says, "Wow! Then it's a good thing we didn't catch any more!"


Here are a few more...




Why do Aggies always smile during lightning storms?
     They think their picture is being taken.


     A 2-seater plane crashed into a cemetery near College Station. The Aggie fire department uncovered 700 bodies.  

    Please Aggies don't leave...it just would not be the same without you...  



I can always tell when football season is getting close because Fan begins to bash the Cowboys.




Although I feel good about the Cowboys this year, I really had to talk about Colt McCoy. I read an article this week that completely floored me. Colt described his season last year and how he was totally unprepared to lead his team. He was the third string QB and was treated as such. He was given the game plan on Wednesday and never got reps. He found out that he was starting his first game only minutes before the game. I watched this kid grow up while in Austin and I know the work ethic that he has. Did you know that during the lockout Colt called Brett Favre to try to get some information about the offense that he was expected to know this year. I was amazed to read this. Brett Favre picked him up at the airport and invited Colt to his home for a few days. Say what you will about Favre, that was cool. He had no reason to give Colt the time of day, yet he shared his knowledge with the young signal caller. Thankfully, Colt was able to use the temporary reprieve in the lockout to obtain a playbook. This will be a very interesting year as there are several young QB's expected to lead their teams this year. I would not bet against Colt...



That's all I have for this week, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey to ponder:


Consider the daffodil. And while you're doing that, I'll be over here, going through your stuff.

One good thing about Hell, at least, is you can probably pee wherever you want to.  


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...

Tuesday's Tantrum - 8/16/11
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Greetings from fan-land where admittedly things could be better here.  I’m glad I have this blog to keep my mind off the troubles.

First off, shout out to Doug.  I apologize, but your PM on Facebook wouldn’t come up so I couldn’t read it.

The standard disclaimer applies - if you don't like cursing, use your God-given common sense and back out of the blog NOW!!!

Rant of the Week – Adult Party Foul.  OK folks, when a minor league franchise has a night like Star Wars Night, it doesn’t mean that you thirty- and forty-something freaks are authorized to get into your stormtrooper, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, or Han Solo get ups and roam the park.  You freaks looked absolutely stupid!  The freaking movie came out in 1977 (FYI that was 34 years ago) – it’s time for you idiots to grow the hell up and get with the rest of the world who moved on, oh, about two weeks after e movie came out.  LOSERS!  

MLB.   I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t want to see Dan Uggla lose his hitting streak.

Minor League Baseball.  Had the opportunity to hit my first AAA game this season, and after the week we’ve had, Mrs. Fan and I were looking forward to it.  It certainly didn’t disappoint.  The stadium is nice, the seats were 25 rows behind home plate (for $20 by the way), the food is off-the-chart, the weather was awesome, and it ended with a fireworks show.  The Sacramento River Cats were hosting the Red Rock Express at Raley Field.  The Cats had a 13 game lead with less than that to go and were apparently coasting because Round Rock rocked your asses. 

Oh, and since I’m fat I can go here.  My pictures didn’t come out, but these kids sitting next to me slammed a freaking donut burger – that’s right, a burger patty surrounded by a donut.  Good, skinny kids slamming that is one thing, but the woman slamming a two-foot long chili cheese and onion dog wasn’t nearly as pleasant to watch. 

NFL .   Jeff, you don’t have to wait long for my first bashing of Cowboy nation.  Rob Ryan being a little bitch and trying to start shit with Eagle nation by crying about hype.  Anybody associated with the Dallas Cowboys criticizing anybody for getting too much hype is hilarious and hypocritical.  Hey Rob, I don’t know if Rex told you this, but fucking with Philly is like taking a blow-torch to your ass and farting - you’re gonna get burned, and if the Eagles don’t punk the Cow-sissies, the fans will be all over you like stink on shit!  You might be some form of a tough guy, but calling out Philly?  Bad move dumb ass!

Music.  Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little WAR…


You know, I have to laugh.  Recently, I’ve been running around to different places and I see people hear the first notes to this song and they say “Oh Cool, the George Lopez song.”.  Do I need to say more???

 College Football.  Texas A&M to the SEC?  Apparently not.  Hey SEC, don’t get selective or come across as arrogant because you’re riding the crest of the wave right now – karma’s gonna kick you square in the nuts.  Wonder if you’d hold back if Florida State wanted to jump in with Clemson?

Memo to pre-season rankings – FUCK YOU!!!        Oklahoma #1 I kinda get, but Notre Dame at #18?  Even Brian Kelly says “It’s Notre Dame, so we get the benefit of the doubt.” and “I know we have a lot to prove”.  You think?  A ton of shit to prove and they’re ranked #18?  I generally know I’m playing with fire, but hey Domers DON’T GET SUNK BY NAVY FOR THE THIRD TIME IN FOUR YEARS.  


Douche Bag of the Week – Mindless Sheep.  Of all the things we have to worry about in this country, the biggest thing on Facebook and Twitter appears to be which Jersey Shore skank hooked up with which metrosexual D-bag, and how said losers were cramming their STD infested tongues down each others throats.  Seriously New Jersey, aren’t you tired of these morons embarrassing your state and turning it into a punchline akin to the Cleveland sports scene?  I can’t believe Governor Christie hasn’t publicly called these ass-hats out – he has so little tolerance.  Either that, or I can’t believe that La Cosa Nostra hasn’t pulled the trigger on these embarrassments to fine Italian culture. 

For those a-holes who felt the need to comment seriously on the merits of said “hook up”, GET A JOB AND GET A MOTHER FUCKING LIFE YOU BRAIN DEAD PIECES OF SHIT!!!



Monday Moaning 8-15-11
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Okay, I have no idea what the hell to write about...Normally I have some sort of ideas running through my head when I start my Monday post...Hell, sometimes I have notes written out...But this week I got nothing...

I could write about pre-season football, but 1. I haven't seen any of the games, and 2. it's only pre-season...The Browns beat the Packers, but I'm not walking around with a boner...It's pre-season...

Things are getting crazy around the Beeze household, with school starting on the 25th...Cheerleading has started for my oldest 2 days a week, and Little Beeze's Flag Football practices are 4 days a week...I get to run them around, with baby in hand, and she is getting heavy, with her little thunder thighs...The Little Beeze is not enjoying Football as much as he enjoyed Baseball...I've already talked him out of quitting twice...We'll see how it goes...

I has considered writing about this talk of Texas A&M moving to the SEC, but it seems everyone involved is talking in circles, and you can't seem to get real details...The SEC aren't inviting them in, but they would consider it in the future...A&M isn't asking in, but they would like in...And they are salty about the Texas Longhorn Network, which is one of the reasons they want out of the Big-12, but they haven't formally requested it...

Huh...Whatever! This seems to have people talking about the hopes that some have, of there being 4 "SUPER conferences"...These 4 super powers would have their own playoff system, and most likely, any Independent (Notre Dame) and any team not in one of these 4 conferences would be on the outside looking in, no matter what their record was...I'm not the biggest fan of the BCS, but I don't know how good it would be to have a giant Big-10...a giant SEC...a giant Pac-10...and a giant what, ACC/Big East? Would the Big-12 be swallowed up?

I don't think that idea would stop our traditional post-season debate...It'll just create new problems to bitch about...

Moving along, tish road to no where...Earlier in the week I posted THIS question...

In Baseball, Dan Uggla's hit streak ended, so now Baseball has no story that will keep NFL talk from taking over almost all of Sports Center now...Yep, it's back to that time of the year...The tail-end of the Baseball season, and playoffs will be overshadowed by America's #1 love of Football...Baseball may be our National Pastime, but Football is our National Love...Why wouldn't it be...We have become a violent society, and what better then sport that guarantees some violence on every single play...

Awhile back I posted my personal top 5 Beatles songs...I thought I'd dig into some more classic rock this week, and put up my top 5 Rollings Stones songs...

1. "Paint it Black"

2. "Gimme Shelter"

3. "Wild Horses'

4. "Shattered"

5. "Get Off of My Cloud"

Feel free to share yours...

Have a week...Oh, and check the video on the home page...Thought I'd give our girl Kate Upton some competition...

Later, The Beeze.

Justin Bieber Signs NFL Contract
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Thoughts from an Island Girl


Not just your typical NFL prospect,  Justin Bieber,  age 12,  has wowed experts across the country.   His quick release and ability to read even the most complexes, is the  talk of the League.     But young Mr Bieber takes it all in stride.   Afterall,   he is Proactive,   As Jim Rome says,   he is "blowing up."    He has that jungle karma and recently,  Tim Tebow asked the young star,  how he does it.      Justin just smiled.    He told Tim,  that either you have it or you don't.  



Tim sighed but he knew just being in the aura of one so great,  would rub off on him too.      Justin is like the most interesting man,  er boy,  in the world.     His engaging smile wows preteens and his sippy cup has a picture of Flo getting an autograph from the young icon.

  Adults are seen coming out of Walmart with Justin Bieber T-Shirts, posters and sleep wear.     OchoCinco is quite jealous.   Bieber's end zone antics are legendary already and has been nominated into the Chuckie Cheese Hall of Fame.


He has also quite active in the community.  He is the support group facilitator and spokesboy for the World of Warcraft sufferers.     But in the realm of football is where he stands out.   He runs a 4.09 40 yard dash.   Bench presses 780 lbs twenty times in 15 seconds and has an amazing vertical leap of 79 inches.   He once passed for 1,600 yards in a single game.    No wonder Tim and other football rookies seek his advice.   Yes,   the future looks good for this young hero.    America really does have talent.


Tim Tebow Replaces Brett Favre As Media's NFL Deity
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Becoming the poster child for the current version of the "All-American Boy" almost never happened for the big kid with the goofy smile and "Aw shucks" attitude. His mom was ill while pregnant with him and doctors urged her to abort a child that could be stillborn.
Ignoring medical advice, she carried out a pregnancy that gave the media someone to talk about at every turn on the hype highway. Tim Tebow has more reasons for them to like him besides cheating death before even being born.
Home-schooled by a family with Christian beliefs, Tebow soon incurred some controversy as a home-schooled student when he played football for a nearby high school. Though he started out playing linebacker and tight end, he soon became Florida's Player of the Year twice and his legend began to grow by playing a game on a broken leg.
ESPN began following him at this time and even did a show featuring Tebow and labeled him "The Chosen One". A top recruit, he decided to attend the University of Florida.
The media kept following him, this time in greater numbers. Not only did they have Tebow confess he was a virgin, they printed and recorded the question and answer that had nothing to do with football. The purpose of the question was to add to the mystique that was often found on an ESPN broadcast somewhere seemingly daily.
All of this publicity came despite the fact he was a backup, something that would come about again in five years. Tebow played as a freshman, and even played a key role in helping the Gators win the 2006 National Championship.
He started from his sophomore year on and became the first home-schooled athlete to win the Heisman Trophy Award. Tebow was also the first underclassman ever to win the award.
Though he was never able to tie Archie Griffin's record of winning the Heisman twice, he did lead Florida to another championship in 2008 and won the Maxwell Award twice. Many media members would be so bold to call Tebow the greatest college football player ever.
Yet critics would say that he would never have success as a quarterback in the NFL. Tebow ran the position kind of like a mix of a throw-back player and fullback in college, opting to run over defenders and toss jump passes more often than any other contemporary quarterback.
The Denver Broncos did not care to listen to the critics.  They traded up in the 2009 Draft to use the 25th overall selection to grab Tebow. While many in the media had been wondering incessantly throughout the draft why Tebow hadn't been drafted yet, critics expected him to keep falling to possibly even the third round.
Now a Bronco, the cameras keep a few feet away constantly recording every Tebow move. The most popular reserve in the NFL, his jersey was a hot-selling item that set records. It had been the top-selling jersey every month since he was drafted for many months.
While spotted in six games in the beginning of his career, the Broncos lost their starting quarterback and were forced to start Tebow for three games. He became the first quarterback in NFL history to run for a touchdown in each of his first three career starts.
While his passing numbers were far from gaudy, they were certainly better than the critics expected. The 82.1 quarterback rating he had as a rookie was impressive for a kid no one thought would ever be an effective professional quarterback.
Now in his second season, the hype highway has intensified with more bodies and pressure in the way. His name is mentioned constantly on television and the Internet is strewn with tons of articles discussing if this is the year Tebow begins his career as a starter.
The problem is that last years starter, Kyle Ortin, has outperformed Tebow in camp by a pretty wide margin. Tebow's fans will say practice is unimportant, that the play on the field during a game matters most.
In the Broncos first 2011 preseason game, Orton was not sharp in his few plays. Tebow was sharp with one incompletion against backup defenders on the Dallas Cowboys. Still, Tebow's head coach John Fox called the youngster a work in progress who made a few bad reads.
With his unconventional release and style of play, Tebow is a unique player. Some think his style best works as a spot player. One reporter compared Tebow to 1984 Heisman winner Doug Flutie.
Flutie, about eight inches shorter than Tebow, lasted 11 rounds before being drafted. After a season in the United States Football League, Flutie joined the NFL as the USFL folded.
He soon found himself on the field playing, but the results were not as hoped. Flutie then bolted for the Canadian Football League and became a star. He played in the CFL for eight years and won three titles. He was also named the CFL's Most Outstanding Player six times.
Flutie then returned to the NFL in 1998 and became a Pro Bowler. He played to the age of 43 and became the first NFL player in 65 years to convert a successful drop kick.
While a trip to the CFL is an unlikely route for Tebow, it may take some time before the Broncos are ready to let him lead the team. But his teammates will tell you Tebow displays a an obvious burning desire to win.
With his religious beliefs, humble attitude, and desire to fulfill his childhood dream to becoming a great NFL quarterback, the media has bought in full force. There have been stories of him quoted as saying his Broncos starting job was “grabbed back away” when Orton was not traded recently.
But the negative press rolls off his back like water on a duck, leaving him unscathed. Well
insulated with a huge fanbase, the loyalty of the press will stay persistent no matter how much of Tebow's 2011 season is spent on the bench.
It appears Tebow can do no wrong to a group of writers, which reminds some of Brett Favre. Favre, who retired last year after 20 years as a player, still gets brought up in stories for a possible return this year.
While Favre won one Super Bowl and set several records as a player, he also left the game with the most fumbles, times sacked, and interceptions thrown in an era of football where the NFL constantly bent the rule in a quarterbacks favor to ensure success.
Tebow hasn't thrown a teammate under the bus yet for holding out while being the highest paid player in team history like Favre did. Nor are there any reports of purported sexual harassment either.
Yet there are similarities that extend beyond the fact both men play quarterback. Favre also lived under the media microscope and was trumpeted as the greatest player ever innumerous times.
Favre could do no wrong himself, even if reports of wrong doing were running rampant. He was given a pass at every turn and ESPN dropped his name seemingly every ten minutes on all broadcasts for many years.
With him now away from the game, the mantle has been filled by the kid who has had a media shadow since he was 17-years old. Tebow handles the things well, but has also lamented the constant process of being interviewed repeatedly and practically daily.
He will be only 24-years old soon, but the target is set firmly on his back. Opponents have stated they will try to hit Tebow with all of their abilities. That pressure alone would buckle most, let alone the constant attention he receives from a large group of reporters following him.
While appearing bashful at being given the throne Favre reigned for so many years, Tebow appears to understand the perks that go with it. Whether all of this hype gets him on the field with a successful career remains to be seen, but the media will make sure we witness every second of it.
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