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Thoughts from an Island Girl


Inevitably it comes down to the same thing, every time.   The professional athletes think they are warriors and some will even tell you that.   Like Kellen Winslow, he said as much.   Funny but he isn’t or ever was.  His dad was a big star long before I was even born.   So he had a silver spoon all along.  He was no more a gang banger than Will Smith’s son is.
Suh on the other hand took it to another level.   He kicked a guy on the ground and while it may not be as bad as what Albert Haynesworth did, it is bad enough and it does affect kids these days.
Just look at the X-Factor and the way Astro responded to Simon Cowell.  The kid thinks he is straight gangster mac.   But Simon told him a little about paying respect and your dues.  I noticed the crowd kissing the boy’s cocky little arse.  And then you see the actions by some of these athletes.  
We have had athletes who have murdered people and even one that I know of, who is a sex offender.  A very famous player.  I am not here to fan the fires of their crimes or exploit what they did but to simply have people be accountable for their actions.   To act at least, a little contrite and not gloss it over because a person is of a certain race or because they are a star.
It is time to examine the matrix of our belief systems.   To make fair and equitable treatment to all people a priority.   To handle ourselves in such a way, that kids realize they are the kids and we are the adults.  Nothing less is acceptable.
Sports Turkey's To Carve Up This Holiday
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Like a turkey head barely missing the cut last Thursday, it is time once again for POINTLESS PONDERING. That giblet of babble that leaks out of an ear like diarrhea after the brain flushes it like undercooked poultry.

OK, this may not be a purely sports rant. More a sports entertainment topic, which is the category World Wrestling Entertainment prefers to be in. Did you cave in last week and buy the latest WWE pay-per-view gig that was titled "Survivors Series"?

The big headline was the return of former WWE star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, a 39 year old actor who had spent most of the last seven years in Hollywood. He returned to pair up with the WWE's top star of these days, John Cena, who has also been attempting to make a name for himself in Hollywood the last several years. The two biggest stars in the WWE the last 13 or so years were supposed to be a tag team that would wrestle together. What the fans got instead was a wallet lifting exercise that was almost criminal.

The entire PPV, with possibly the exception of two matches, was uninspired drudgery. When the big match that involved the two stars finally got underway, most of the crowd in Madison Square Garden was half asleep. One could only imagine the impact it had on those who had the luxury of sitting on their couches at home watching this snoozefest. The "Rock/ Cena" match was pretty boring and bad, but that has been the direction of professional for quite awhile. Vince McMahon, the owner of the WWE, had long ago phased out staple wrestling moves like the pile driver and replaced it with scantily clothed models who are more interested in the application of make up than a wrestling move.

In the old days, it was territorial wrestling. Each territory of the United States had their own wrestling promotion, so competition to push each other to be at their best was common. McMahon has bought up most of those competitions, so the WWE has become a fat cat that is lazy and uninspired. There are no ECW's or WCW's anymore, though TNT has sort of attempted to find a niche by basically using a ton of old and familiar faces. Many at the age of qualifying for AARP, but this company seems content with basically emulating the WWE in many ways.

The WWE's biggest event annually is called WrestleMania, which will be held in April of 2012 and is the WWE's version of the Super Bowl. Cena will square off against Johnson in a match for bragging rights on who is the biggest WWE superstar since Hulk Hogan first left the promotion in the summer of 1993. If the last WWE PPV was any indication, save yourself the $50 or so that it will cost to watch a couple of guys carefully grappling each other so no marks are left on their bodies. Two guys who will not break a sweat so their head shots remain in tact so that they can audition for another movie. Maybe the WWE needs to call itself entertainment instead of sports entertainment, because professional wrestling certainly isn't what is used to be. It is a shame because men like Lou Thesz, Bruno Samartino and Andre the Giant spilled a ton of body fluids on the mat so the sport could have a future.

Professional wrestling may soon experience a steep decline in popularity, something it has done several times since it originated in the 19th century. McMahon's vision of half naked models prancing around in the ring slapping themselves may need to be replaced with a new angle, real wrestling, which is actually an old angle. Regurgitating story lines is something professional wrestling is adept at and has done for decades. Wih the popularity of MMA and other extreme sports increasing, getting rid of the soap opera fantasy for the sake of reality would force the big stars of future WrestleMania events to actually earn their adoration. If you smell what I am cooking and can see me and the direction I am headed.

Everyone has jumped on Joe Paterno and Penn State the past month. This story, of former Nittany Lion player and coach Jerry Sandusky's child molestation charges, has been brewing for quite awhile. It began decades ago and the school paper has been talking about it for well over a year before the mainstream media swooped in like vultures to feed on the remains. Paterno was at the university for 61 years, holding the position of head coach for 49 seasons. He has the most wins ever by a Division 1A in NCAA history and is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame. His face is alongside Bear Bryant, Alonzo Stagg, Pop Warner, John Gagliardi, Robert Neyland and Eddie Robinson on the Mount Rushmore of college football coaches. Paterno was forced out of his job a few weeks ago over Sandusky's transgressions, but this may just be the beginning of change within that rarefied standard where coaches like Paterno occupy.

Another, Jim Boeheim, may soon follow Paterno to the unemployment line. Boeheim has been coaching basketball at Syracuse University since 1969. He has been the head coach since 1976, and even played guard for the school in the early sixties. He has piled up 861 wins, the fifth most ever in NCAA Division 1A history, and won a national championship in 2003. When he was hired in 1976, he named Rick Pitino and Bernie Fine as his assistants. Pitino lasted two seasons before venturing off on his own successful career as a head coach, which also includes a national championship title. Fine, who met Boeheim as a student-manager on the Orangeman's basketball team in the earlie 1960s, has been there ever since. Now he has found himself in the same hot water Sandusky is in. Years after the allegations were first murmered, a long running investigation found itself to search Fine's home yesterday. Given ample time to destroy evidence, it would be shocking if the 66 year old Fine left detectives anything to find. What has been shocking is the response of the school and media. Paterno was fired in a swift move, but Boeheim seems safe with his job.

Both head coaches not only share success in sports, but have also been accused of knowing their assistant coaches had a habit of spending a lot of time with underage boys. Critics had called for Paterno's ouster for years. Not because of Sandusky or anything of that ilk, but because they felt the game has passed him by and his age was a deterrent to success for Penn State. But Paterno just kept winning, which made the critics look stupid. When the Sandusky offenses were revealed, the critics reappeared and pounced on this story with glee. Boeheim has never faced that type of backlash. He is 17 years younger than Paterno, so he appears to have time to try and match Paterno's two national titles.

Since the allegations against Fine happened over 10 years ago, it appears there will be no charges filed in events that purportedly occurred for nearly 20 years. Syracuse has put Fine on administrative leave, but has not fired him or Boeheim. Boeheim has told many reporters the charges are false and driven by greed for cash. Yet it is interesting how Penn State went on a firing spree as soon as reports surfaced, while Syracuse has chosen to do nothing for now. Maybe the reason is Sandusky's guilt seems more obvious than Fine's, but the proof hasn't really been shown for either as of yet. Jumping the gun with assumption is something the public has been known to do when led by the media like cattle to the hamburger hut.

It has cost one legacy immortality, but it seems strange how there appears to be a process to pick and choose who is to blame.

Yooooo! Dis is 7thStoneFromTheSun, Thirds cousin.

Yo! My procrastinashuns las weak was OK. I went 10-3, so I am now 97-61 overall. Lets get too it.

Minnesota Vikings @ Atlanta Falcons

- OK, AP is hurt and da Falcons knead dis to stay close to da Saints. Easy pick. Falcons 28 Vikings 17

Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals

- I don't tink dis yeers battle of Ohio will be close. Bengals 27 Browns 13

Carolina Panthers @ Indianapolis Colts

- Da Colts HAVE to win one. Don't they? Still, I'm rolling with Cam. Panthers 27 Colts 24

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

- IF da Jags had held onto David Garrard, I'd say it'd be close. Texans 31 Jaguars 13

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets

- Both teems knead dis in order to have playoff hopes, but I tink da Bills are done. Jets 23 Bills 9

Arizona Cardinals @ Saint Louis Rams

- Dis iz a battle for last place in da NFL South. Cardinals 27 Rams 17

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Tennessee Titans

- Too of da most incunsistunt teems in da NFL battle, but I'm taking da Bucs run game hear. Buccaneers 23 Titans 17

Chicago Bears @ Oakland Raiders

- Both teems are starting quarterbacks dey didn't expect two play dis yeer. Both knead to run too win, but da Bears defense can stop da run while da Raiders defense can't. I tink Matt Forte will run wild while Caleb Hanie doesn't hurt Chicago. I tink Carson Palmer plays well, but havin no runnin game will hurt. Bears 26 Raiders 24

Washington Redskins @ Seattle Seahawks Da Skins loosing streek cuntinews. Seahawks 28 Redskins 21

New England Patriots @ Philadelphia Eagles

- Da Igglez gave Mike Vick $100 million, but Vince Young is da better quarterback. Tom Brady keeps da Pats in it, but I tink da Igglez have one las gasp of hangin on two playoff hopes befour reality sets in and ends dere 2011 seasun. Eagles 34 Patiots 31

Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers

- If Tim Teblow wins dis, da Bolts better fire Norv Turner in da locker room after da game. Chargers 34 Broncos 16

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs

- Maybe Kyle Orton will get a few snaps in dis blow out. Steelers 34 Chiefs 10

New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints Game of the Week

- OK, deez teems is similar. Both can pass da ball. Da Saints lead da NFL in yards passing per game while da Giants rank fifth. Both rank 20th in points alloud per contest. But da Saints rank second in ponts scored per game, while New York is ranked 16th. New Orleans is 13th in yards rushing per game, while da Jints are ranked second to last. Da Giants knead to win two stay in furst place in da NFC East with da Dallas Cowboys, while a Saints loss could put them into a tie with da Falcons if Atlanta wins dis weak. New York has made a nice 2011 NFL story, considerung dey wa killed by inurys in da secundairy befour da seasun even began. But I tink Drew Brees will expose dat weekness hear. Saints 34 Giants 24

Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers

2. Baltimore Ravens

3. San Francisco 49ers

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

5. New Orleans Saints

6. Chicago Bears

7. Houston Texans

8. New England Patriots

9. New York Giants

10. Atlanta Falcons

11. Dallas Cowboys

12. Oakland Raiders

13. Cincinnati Bengals

14. Detroit Lions

15. New York Jets

16. Philadelphia Eagles

17. Buffalo Bills

18. Tennessee Titans

19. San Diego Chargers

20. Denver Broncos

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

22. Seattle Seahawks

23. Arizona Cardinals

24. Kansas City Chiefs

25. Jacksonville Jaguars

26. Miami Dolphins

27. Carolina Panthers

28. Minnesota Vikings

29. Washington Redskins

30. Cleveland Browns

31. Saint Louis Rams

32. Indianapolis Colts

OK, I got two go sit on da porcerlin trone and push out sum of dis Thanksgiving dinner cuz I ate to much. As dey say in Ol' Messico = A.M.F.

Five Minute Frags - Suh-mething To Think About
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I love good, hard-nosed football. I love players that wear their hearts on their sleeves and play with a passion that equals or surpasses their skills on the football field.  As a fan, I live for watching a player leave it all out on the field, making sure that they deliver the kind of performance that both their team and the fans deserve.

What I cannot stand is when a player allows that fire and that passion to overwhelm common sense, pushing them from the ranks of the hard-nosed to the bull-headed.

Before today’s action, I was willing to give Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions the benefit of the doubt. I was ready to believe that Suh, like Pittsburgh’s James Harrison, was just a player who played the game all-out, in the old-school manor where hitting was meant to deliver a message. I was even willing to believe that Suh was being vilified by Commissioner Goodell’s mission to sugar coat the NFL with lollipops and roses.

After watching his antics on Thanksgiving versus the Packers, I am no longer help captive under that delusion.

As you likely also saw, Suh flipped a lid during the 3rd Quarter against Green Bay. If you didn’t the video is linked above. After tussling Packer’s lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith, Suh not only forced Smith’s head to the ground three times, but then stomped on the lineman’s arm once he got to his feet, earning himself an immediate ejection and turning what would have resulted in a field goal opportunity into a touchdown two plays later. Ultimately, it was the turning point in the game, allowing the Packers to turn a 7-0 halftime lead into a 21-0 advantage before Detroit could get their head on straight again.

Suh’s decision to put his own maturity issues ahead of the success of the team was blatantly stupid. Goaded into the action or not, Suh needs to understand his place as a leader on a young team on the rise. The defense revolves around his ability to plug the line and put constant pressure on the opposing quarterback. None of that means a thing if he’s in the locker room stripping off his gear because his hot head got the best of him and earned him an early shower while he team was fighting in one of the most important games of their season. Now, as his team is entering the playoff push and looking to capture its first berth since 1999, the possibility of a Suh’s suspension looms over them and they have to hope that the Bears, Giants, or Falcons fall on their faces.

Furthermore, Suh’s actions come just weeks after meeting with Goodell about playing within the confines of the rules. Goodell is not going to look at Thursday’s actions as a sign that he’s learned anything. He’s going to see a player who has no respect for the safety of the other players on the field and thus deserves to sit a few games in order to figure it out some more. Goodell is not going to want to hear that Smith dragged him into it, or even that he is sorry and it won’t happen again. Goodell is going to want to teach Suh a lesson and from where I am sitting, it looks like it needs to be a harsh one.

This needs to be the turning point in Suh’s career. He needs to sit back and review what happened today and find a way to still carry that fire, without letting it smoke out his common sense.

Or if he prefers, he can continue to sit on the bench with an open wallet. It’s his choice.

Random Thoughts
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Bad week for Sports. Hazzard, Halman, Uekman, Munson, Budke and Serna pass away, Bernie Fine accused of some bad things. All this and more in this weeks edition of

You never know when your going to go. This week was a bad week for a variety of reason. Most of these individuals I never heard of, but, the fact that these individuals have departed, has put a void in a lot of peoples lives. May they all rest in peace.


One of the people who passed away, wasn’t a star actress, or an accomplished athlete. What this person was, was a star to her family. My sister-in-law, Sally, passed away yesterday. She is the person who turned me into a Syracuse Orange fan. We would talk for hours about the football, lacrosse and basketball programs. When my wife and I would go to Cuse, she would take us to visit the Carrier Dome and go inside, because the people at the Dome were always nice to us. We never went during football or basketball season (too cold and we catch them when the come to Florida), yet they would open the concession stand so we could buy shirts and stuff. Sally would take us to Cooperstown and always visit the Hall of Fame. She would take us on trips to Canada, we would take the back roads of upstate New York and always find nice restaurants out of nowhere. She took us to Watkins Glenn and had lunch at a great deli. We also made a run to Five Fingers lake where some of the best wine in the world are grown and we would sample some of the wine in the different vineyards. My sister-in-law was very detailed oriented and everything was planned out in advance. She might not of been an all-star or an all-pro athlete, but to me she was a Hall of Fame person. Sis, may you rest in peace.

Walt Hazzard, who one a gold medal in 1964, and was on the first John Wooden NCCA championship team passed away. Walt played on several NBA teams, reaching the finals twice with the Lakers. Hazzard averaged 12.6 points and 4.9 assist. He also was an advance scout and special consultant to the Lakers.

Tragedy again hits Oklahoma State as women’s head coach Kurt Budke and assistant Miranda Serna died in a plane crash. This happened 10 years and 10 month anniversary of the deaths of 10 people affiliated with Oklahoma State men’s basketball program. Also killed were the pilot and former Oklahoma State Senator Olin Branstetter and his wife Paula.

On the heels of the Penn State child abuse allegations, comes Syracuse University Associate men’s basketball coach, Bernie Fine, accused by two former ball boys of molesting them. Now the problem with this is this isn’t the first time these boys of tried this before on Bernie. Bernie was accused many years back and investigations proved that there were no wrongdoings. In Fact former Orange assistant coach Tim Welsh stated that no one ever slept in Fine’s hotel room.

Welsh knew Fine better than most. During Welsh’s three years as an SU assistant coach, he roomed with Fine on the road. He estimates he’s shared about 1,000 lunches and dinners with Fine over the years, meals that continued after Welsh took the head coaching job at Providence College. Welsh said he was at the hospital for the birth of Fine’s third child.

Welsh remembered Bobby Davis, who at one point served as an SU ball boy.

“I thought he was a quiet, nice young guy,” Welsh said. “He worked the camp. He was a ball boy. He helped around the program. But he wasn’t unlike anybody else who helped out. There were a lot of guys that helped out. We didn’t have a lot of paid help back in those days. We had a lot of guys who worked, up in the office, stuffing envelopes, any of those type of things. I never thought anything of it. And I still don’t. You go back in your memory, 20 years ago. Sometimes you don’t recall as good as you want to, but that’s what I take from it.”

Welsh said no teenage boys ever spent the night in the room he shared with Fine on the road, nor did any boys ever visit their room. When asked if he ever saw anything that might suggest Fine had an improper relationship with any boys in general or with Davis in particular, Welsh said: “No. Absolutely not.”

“This is the first I’ve ever heard of it,” he said. “There was never any speculation of anything like that. Ever.”

Greg Halman, a dutch-born player for the Seattle Mariners’ was stabbed to death by his brother. The 24-year-old Greg was signed as a free agent in 2004 by Seattle. Halman helped Netherlands win the 2007 European Baseball Championship. He was called up by the Mariners as a backup outfielder, this year, and batted .230 with two home runs and RBIs.

Arkansas backup TE Garrett Uekman passed away at the age of 19. He passed away in is dorm room as a roommate last seem him playing video games an hour before the incident. When EMT arrived, Garrett was in cardiac arrest and pronounced dead at Washington Regional Medical Facility in Fayetteville. A coroner said that Uekman’s death was caused by a heart condition called cardiomyopathy, that was not detected previously.

Longtime radio voice, play-by-by announcer, Larry Munson passed at the age of 89 after complications from pneumonia. He was a “homie” announcer who always said it like it was. There was no doubt he was a bulldog fan. A true bulldog legend.

Cancer survivor and Giants LB Mark Herzlich (formerly of Boston College) made his first start of the season against the Philadelphia Eagles. He got the nod because starting LB Boley could not play because of hamstring problems.


ScottJax77 wants to wish all my friends, and their family, at YouGabSports, a very Happy Thanksgiving.












Deep Thoughts 11-23-2011
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. Suddenly, it is Thanksgiving and time to gather and give thanks to those that we care about. I very much enjoy the holiday season and for me; the season begins this week with turkey, dressing and football.






The Thanksgiving day NFL schedule offers three excellent games. The money on the Lions/Packers game is at 6.5, but there has been plenty of interest on the Lions. The Packers have shown a vulnerability on defense, but so far no opponent's offense could keep up with Aaron Rodgers. Could this be the week that the Packers finally lose? Possibly. The recipe for potential defeat seems to be brewed into this matchup. A divisional rival, on the road in a short week could provide the Lions with just the opportunity for a huge win. Last week, the Lions again showed us just how explosive their offense can be. After falling behind early on Sunday, Detroit exploded to win going away. It is very hard to bet against Green Bay, but I have a feeling the Lions will make this game very entertaining.

Dallas and Miami looked to be something of a breather for the Cowboys. But suddenly the Dolphins don't suck anymore. Many thought that Dallas would blow out the Redskins last week, but I knew better. After watching this game through the years, I knew this rivalry game would be much closer than the experts predicted. Tony Romo played very well in this win, but for whatever reason...Rob Ryan's defense did not attack Grossman. No running game to speak of, yet Dallas did not pressure Grossman. Strange game plan, Rob. Hopefully, there is no ice in Jerry's new stadium and Leon Lett is not allowed on the sidelines Thursday. I don't see this game being close, I think Dallas scores big on Turkey Day.

Baltimore vs San Francisco will be a wonderful ending to this day of feasting. The Harbaugh brothers bring their teams together to see which brother has the best team. At first glance, Baltimore has to get the nod...but I am not so sure. The defense being played in San Fran these days is the real deal. This game could be the professional version of LSU vs Alabama that so many fans found boring a few weeks ago. It is difficult to envision Alex Smith lighting up the Baltimore secondary and unless Gore has a huge game, Baltimore will probably win by a field goal and only because they have so many more weapons on offense. I think this will look very similar to the Steeler/Ravens game...not for the timid.






Thanksgiving will mark the last regularly scheduled game between Texas and Texas A&M. The Aggies are undefeated in the first half this season, but have found it difficult to close out games. If the Aggies had played Texas 3 weeks ago, I suspect that they would have blown out Texas. But, the Texas defense has become a fearsome unit. Against Kansas State last week, Texas held K State to 121 yards of total offense. David Ash probably has played his way out of the starting QB job. Case McCoy flashed just enough offense in relief against the Wildcats for the fans in Austin to clamor for McCoy to see more playing time. If not for the two picks that Ash threw last week, Kansas State would have had a tough time scoring. But, the Aggies have the 6th ranked offense in the country, so this matchup will be a test of wills. An Aggie win would not surprise me, but I am really hoping that Texas sends the Aggies to the SEC with a whipping to remember.






On a windy November day, Westwood headed to Waco to face the Highlanders from The Woodlands. The game started out very promising for the Warriors. Westwood struck early with a long TD run by LaDeans Anderson, but the Highlanders were resilient and battled back to tie the game. Westwood created several turnovers, but was unable to take advantage. After three quarters, the score was tied 14 to 14. The Warrior defense forced a punt deep in the Highlander's territory, but a poor snap left the punter with no choice but to run. The unplanned run netted a first down and allowed the Highlanders to mount the go ahead scoring drive. Westwood fought back and managed to march across the 50 on a last minute drive, but a well thrown pass could not be corralled and the game, season and championship dream were over.

It is always tough to lose, but when a team you watch work so hard comes up short, you share their pain. Westwood had a very talented team this year and although they lost this game, they will remain winners for having been part of this team. After watching the game and the film of the game, I can't help but think that the best team did not win. But, that is sports and what makes the journey so important. Thanksgiving will soon be gone, then Christmas will be here...and just around the corner will be baseball. I can't wait!




Check out the flags...





 This was a tough loss...but youth quickly moves on.




I wish everyone a great Thanksgiving. Take a moment to savor the time with family...because that is what this day is all about!



That's all I have this week, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey:



"Playing dead not only comes in handy when face to face with a bear, but also at important business meetings."


"You know something that would really make me applaud? A guy gets stuck in quicksand, then sinks, then suddenly comes shooting out, riding on water skis! How do they do that?!"



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own...






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