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NFL players making use of the lockout. The ranter is sick, boo-hoo. Look inside this edition of Rants and Raves.








Sorry folks, this edition of Rants and Raves is a short one. First my granddaughter, my son, wife and family got a bad case of the runs and now yours truly has gotten it. We think it was something we ate.


File this under the NFL lockout does work wonders…..

Congrats go out to Pittsburgh Steelers safety, Troy Polamalu who graduated from USC this past Friday. The defensive player of the year return to college this off season to finish the courses he needed to complete his bachelor’s degree in history. More than 6,000 people attended the event in which Troy received the loudest ovation.


Got give a prop to Ocho for riding a bull for 1.5 seconds. I guess for a bull rider that could be considered a lifetime. With the ride Chad earned $10,000. The bull he rode was Deja Blu. What happens if in one of his part-time jobs Ocho gets hurt? Can the Bengals suspend him?


So the NFL lockout can continue according as the 6 circuit court of appeals granted the request for stay. The ruling will have an impact on negotiation which have resumed today. Rumors are circulating that there has been some progress between the players and the owners.


It is sad to see the winding down of the space shuttle. I was able to see the shuttle in the sky from my house in Jacksonville, Fl. The last space shuttle is schedule for liftoff in July. I just hope that there is new vision for the space agency. 

Deep Thoughts
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Hello again and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. As I sit here preparing to write this blog, I am feeling a bit blocked. As in...what the hell should I write about today. The NBA is certainly an option, as the field is down to four teams. Even though I don't follow professional basketball much, it is always interesting to pick up the game this time of year. Since the Spurs have been knocked out, I am torn over which team to pull for. It makes sense to cheer Dallas into the finals, but I find myself drawn to OKC. Since I am a Longhorn fan, it is only natural that I would be a KD fan. This is more or less the last hurrah for Dirk, Jason Terry and crew. Dallas is the third oldest team in the NBA. This is a team of veterans that has achieved some success, but has never been able to clear the final hurdle. OKC is the up and coming team. They are young and very good. I knew Durant would be good, but I am not so sure that I knew he would be this good. But as good as Durant is, the first game of this series was about Dirk Nowitzki. Durant's 40 points were just not enough to overcome the Jordanesque performance of Nowitzki. I have seen players score 48 points as Dirk did tonight, but I am not sure I have ever seen a player shoot with such pure accuracy. 12 of 15 from the floor and 24 of 24 from the free throw line...just let that germinate for a minute. Jordan was 21 of 37 when he put up 55 against the Knicks and 10 of 11 for free throws. This was a game that Dirk and Terry were simply not going to allow OKC to win. I like OKC, but I think that Dallas will take this series in 6 games, but would not be surprised if they won in 5.









Chicago and Miami is much easier. It would not matter who Miami was playing; I would be for them. This is sort of like Fan and the Cowboys. He has two favorite teams...the 49ers and any team playing the Cowboys. It is rare that so many of us have united in rooting against one team. I don't have anything against the Heat. I have always admired Dwayne Wade and respected his ability and work ethic. LeBron James has completely changed the vibe of the Heat. Perhaps playing the entire year under an obvious cloud of dislike has toughened the Heat for the playoffs. But, after watching James quit last year, I know how he rolls under pressure. When the going gets tough, he quits. I don't think changing teams will change him. Besides, it appears that Derrick Rose and the Bulls are ready for the Heat. I like the Bulls in 6, but will hope for a sweep.








I have been writing blogs at You Gab just a few months shy of a year now. I have noticed that each writer has a different style, but I think more importantly they write for different reasons. I like being able to voice my thoughts about sports, but I really enjoy the discourse when readers choose to agree or disagree. One of the cool things about TSN was that there were many instances when a topic became a very lengthy thread.  Frag brought this back recently with his live blog. Beeze made the observation that with all of the comments that he might need to take off work in order to do a live blog. Frag always has that brilliant streak to him, so this did not surprise me. What does puzzle me is why so many would comment on a live blog, but not choose to do so on a regular blog. When I see a comment to my blog, I feel it is my responsibility to respond. I don't do this because it is polite or the proper thing, but rather because I want input on something that I have thrown out. I believe our blogs should start a conversation, not be the conversation. Felber, Sully and Frag have provided a venue to discuss sports and I am thankful for the opportunity. So, if you see something that I write that you don't agree with...tell me about it and more importantly why you don't agree. It is only through a thorough discussion that the truth is revealed. This is why I chose to call my blog deep thoughts. It was my hope that we would all spur thinking that was different from what the mainstream media provides.








One of the cool things about baseball is what happens during rain delays. We have probably all seen the slip and slide antics of the professional players. Apparently college baseball has a totally different way to pass the time of the rain delay. I found this exceptionally funny; I hope you do too.:








I could not finish without mentioning Tuesday's passing of Harmon Killebrew. There is no guarantee how much time we get, but it is sad that this great man was not given a bit longer. As Michael Cuddyer said today...baseball was way down the list of what made Killebrew such a tremendous man. RIP Harmon Killebrew.






That's all that I have for today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey:




"How come the dove gets to be the peace symbol? How about the pillow? It has more feathers than the dove, and it doesn't have that dangerous beak."  "How come the dove gets to be the peace symbol? How about the pillow? It has more feathers than the dove, and it doesn't have that dangerous beak."  


"The wise man can pick up a grain of sand and envision a whole universe. But the stupid man will just lie down on some seaweed and roll around until he's completely draped in it. Then he'll stand up and go, 'Hey, I'm Vine Man.'"  





Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a deep thought of your own...






Tuesday's Tantrum - 5/17/11
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Welcome back to the tantrums of Tuesday, hosted by your favorite Uncle Fan.  Time to bust some balls…first to Mother Nature.  Hey Mom, it's May 16th, you don't have rain delays in California.  Of course, I had to go brag about the weather last week being so good.  Should have known better.  Oh well, on to the tantrums...

MLB.   Lost in all the shuffle this season has been the Anaheim Angels.  The Angels are second in MLB in fielding, sixth in pitching ERA, third in pitching wins, sixth in strikeouts, and second in BA with a pretty respectable .271.  Overall a really consistent effort in what appears to be a seriously improved and competitive AL West. 

Speaking of Baseball out west, news comes out today that good ole Drayton McClain is finally gonna part with the Houston Astros for $680 Million!  Now this is something that is desperately needed for Houston.  Drayton was a good owner, but something just isn't right with this team and I can't place it.  All that talent over the years and they only got to one World Series, then went straight to the outhouse.  Let's face it, the only thing exciting about the Astros of late was that dude who ran the field and climbed his way out of getting caught.  How great was that?

Jose Bautista is going crazy!  There ain’t nobody out there slugging it out like this guy. 

I’m going to start paying attention to this Cards/Reds rivalry because this is getting to be close to some WWE stuff!  Francisco Cordero, you do realize that Dave Duncan is a COACH who is probably 30 plus years older than you?  Calling him out doesn’t make you a man, it makes you a sissy!

I read an article somewhere about how the Cubs are rising up and how their talent is making them better.  Memo to author – IT’S THE FREAKING CUBS WE’RE TALKING ABOUT!!!

There’s something I’m forgetting – what could it be?  I remember now, THE RED SOX WENT INTO THE BRONX AND SWEPT THE CRANKEES!  But in true Yankee style when they start to lose, the drama quotient goes up.  Hey Yankees, I hate to say this, but you’re 3-8 over your last eleven, including the last last six in a row, and are a game and a half out of last place.  I think your problems are a bit more than Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter.


NHL.   Got what I wanted – Vancouver vs. San Jose in the conference finals.    I’d like to think that this is going to be exciting, but I have to worry about San Jose getting ill-timed penalties, not performing well in the third period, and giving up leads.  Perhaps Marleau can show up.  The biggest thing that concerns me though is the fact that Vancouver just seems so fast on skates, and it bore out in Game One.  But again, it was the 3rdperiod continues to kick the Sharks square in the nuts..

Green Man made his presence known when Heatley went into the box, didn’t they?  A Canadian flag?  These guys are funny as hell!

Hey Bruin fan, what the hell was Game One?

NBA.    Reggie Miller made a comment the other day on TNT: “Parity is now here in the NBA”.  This can only be a good thing for the NBA, but the 1000 pound weight on all of this is David $tern and which way he’s gonna go.  He has to accept AND ENCOURAGE this evolution in the league, and allow it to occur naturally.  He can’t be tempted to bank on just two teams anymore.

I’m honestly not sure what to say about the Celtics exit.  On the one hand, they deserve major amounts of credit for their run over the last three years, but on the other hand some of the douchebaggery coming out of KG and Pierce kinda ruined the good feelings I had for such a talented TEAM.   Ray Allen is such a great player, I just hate to see his performances brought down by his teammates sissified antics!

Taj Gibson did D-Wade dirty Sunday Night slamming one down in his face.   But then again, Chicago just flat out did Miami overall!  I’m not liking the chances for the Heat in this series based on what I saw in Game One.

Hey ESPN, can Dallas/OKC series get some love?

NFL .   I have a message for the NFL owners and players.  It's given frequently on here, but its appropriate here as well:

I didn’t really care about the lame bickering over at the NFL because after all it’s only May.  But I came across an article that even as cynical as I am left me incredulous – franchises are cutting the salaries of employees between 15 and 20 percent until the lockout ends.  12 teams have done this, and I think there will be more.  THIS IS AN MF-ING DISGRACE!!!

Gabbers, I love the NFL, but I hate unions and greedy corporate/ownership scum.  Both sides throughout all of America are taking this country to the edge of an economic abyss and could seemingly care less about the regular person who just tries to muddle through the everyday shit.  I’ll never quit the NFL (I love it too much), but for this type of crap to be happening?  I wish that somebody could step up for the little guy and get through to these douches that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! 

Oh yeah, while I’m at it, the CFL’s preseason is only one month away, and the regular season starts June 30th(Canad Day Kickoff)!  I can’t wait – at least I know that SOME football is going to be played out there!



Monday Moaning 5-16-11
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Monday is here again, I hope everyone got plenty of moaning done during the weekend...This week I actually have a bit of sports to talk about, but look out, this topic tends to get political...

I'll start by saying this...Before you call Sean Avery a fag...

Dude was banging this...

And this, before Dion Phaneuf...

Yeah, she's the one he called his sloppy seconds...He also popped one of the Olsen twins, besides a bunch of other celebritard skanks...

Why am I bringing this up...Because Avery, known for being one of the NHL's most hated players, recently publicly support the "Equal Marriage Rights" campaign in New York state...Of course he was blasted by a bunch of haters on Twitter...Including agent Todd Reynolds, who went off, including saying, "Legal or not it will always be wrong."

Who knew that we would still be fighting over equal rights in 2011...To me that's what this is all about...Civil rights...This country fought over blacks having the right to be counted as people, not just three fifths of a man, as the constitution read...We fought for blacks to have the right to vote...We fought for women to have the right to vote...Yet we can't get past people being gay...Are you fucking kidding me!?!

This is a issue that conservatives love to throw out there...Saying how bad it is...It's wrong, and a sin...They want people to focus on stupid shit like this instead of the important shit...But the problem with these ass-hats is, there is this thing called separation of Church and State...I'm a big believer in this...Yet they always want to try and force their religious beliefs into the political arena...Listen, right and wrong isn't owned by God...I didn't need my 12 years of Catholic schooling to tell me it's wrong to kill some one, or that it's not cool to bang my buddy's wife...

The thing is, most of these dolts don't even know the whole book they put so much faith in...

So please take you religion out of the politics...

As for Avery, anyone who knows about him, shouldn't be surprised by him supporting gay rights...The guy spends half his time in the Hockey world, and the other half in the Fashion world...Of course he has gay friends, just like I do...I've been in the restaurant business since I was 13, I know plenty of gay people and guess what...It's not something they choose...They are born that way...Yes, there are some gals who may get drunk and give it whirl for an evening, but that's not choosing to be gay, that's choosing to be hot and give us guys something for the spank bank!

What is surprising, is the amount of support Avery has gotten...People who can't stand this guy, have done their own tweeting, and blogging, and had his back...Holy shit, there may still be hope for us in this world...Is this a sign that there could be some level of tolerance if a gay player came out in professional sports?

I'm not sure about that....And I doubt Sean Avery will see much of this support as next season begins...I'm sure he'll be getting blasted with non-stop 'fag' comments...

In some sad news, Rangers thumper Derek Boogard (28) was found dead this weekend...The reason is still unknown and we may not know for a couple weeks...Boogard was signed by the Rangers as a free agent this past season...I wasn't happy about the contract, because it was too much money for a guy who only fought well...But he won Rangers fans over quickly, choosing to wear #94 in honor of the Rangers 1994 Stanley Cup Champion team...He also dove right into a number of Rangers' charity events...

Boogard only played in 22 games this year and missed most of the season dealing with serious post concussion problems...His family will be donating his brain to Boston University's School of Medicine, which has been leading in the research of concussions sustained by athletes...

Now with that, I'll end with a song that seems fitting with our earlier topic...

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.


Cardinals, baseball and dreams
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Thoughts from an Island Girl



Just when I thought it was hopeless and life was out of control,   I get a kidney stone.    So on top of the stresses I get to endure this.    But there can be an upside to the craziness of now.     It means I can take the meds,  lay back and watch some TV

.   So,   I am watching these games in HDTV.    I am watching baseball and taking in the sounds.   I am listening to the quite chatter of the crowd.    The efficient crack of the bat on the ball or the sound of a pitch as it hits the catcher's glove.      I watch Johnny Gomes go through his ritual on each pitch and it is annoying.    Yet at the same time,  we must keep it all in perspective.  

 This  guy's career may be over soon.   As quickly as a player comes,  he goes.    Even those who were around 20 years.    In the blink of an eye,   they become a part of history.    If they are good enough,   they become enshrined into the Hall of Fame or just someone that an old fan happens to remember.    So while Gomes may have some irritating habits,   we should enjoy him now.      



Then are the commercials.   Some are very bad.   Like the  weird guy who talks about getting hit with his dipstick sonny or Flo with her bobble-heads and the nerdy guys who seem to populate her ads.   In my opinion, they are good and effective in selling insurance and while silly,  they are better than most. 

The Cardinals appear to be coming back down to earth now,  but that was expected.    No team has gone 162-0 and all streaks must end.   Even so,  Albert Pujols average has gone from .220 to around .273.   Slowly,   surely he is getting back to where he normally is.    It may hurt or help him but Cardinal fans have little bad to say about him.


Michelle Malkin's teen cousin is still missing.  It has been nine weeks now and things are not looking good.    But missing young adults is common and I think,  it is good to talk about this.    Teens who grow up are still human,  regardless of their calendar year.     This young lady was last seen drinking coffee or having a roll.   



So as we move about our business this week,  hug a person in need and keep in your prayers,  those who are missing or conflicted.   Your prayers and thoughts are appreciated.....

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