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Brewers and Cardinals did something no other team did this year, where are the Florida College Football teams, these and other tidbit’s in this edition of



The Brewers, and the Cardinals were the only teams in the Major Leagues to have all their starting pitchers finish with a winning record. Yovani Gallardo (17-10), Shaun Marcum (13-7), Randy Wolf (13-10), Chris Narveson (11-8) and Zack Greinke (16-6) were the starting pitchers this year for Milwaukee, while had Chris Carpenter (11-9), Jake Westbrook (12-9), Jamie Garcia (13-7), Kyle Lohse (14-8) and Edwin Jackson (5-2) for the Cardinals. 

 Did you notice that there were 3 game five’s played in MLB playoffs and the road team won two. Tigers beat the Yankees, St. Louis defeated the Phillies and Brewers won their home game in extra innings to the Diamond Backs. Hats off to the visiting teams. 

Money spent doesn’t always mean it is well spent as evidenced by the Red Sox, Phillies and Yankees. These three teams were the top $$$ teams. Yankees spent $202,698,028, the Phillies were next with $172,976,379 and the Red Sox spent $161,762,475. 

 I don’t think that Ozzie Guillen is going to last long with the Florida Marlins. Ozzie speaks from the heart (I’m being polite) and the owners of the Marlins didn’t take too kindly to the last manager who spoke from the heart, isn’t that right Joe Girardi.  

No team from Florida was in the AP rankings this past Sunday. It was the first time this has  happened since December 6, 1982, 472 straight polls since the Gators, Hurricanes and Seminoles have not been in the polls. 

 Why do pro sports leagues wait until the last minute to try and hammer out a collective bargaining agreement between management and the players. First football, now the NBA and waiting in the wings is MLB who’s collective bargaining agreement ends at the end of the year.


Til next time





Deep Thoughts 10-12-11
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It finally rained in Austin. After months of heat and dust, mother nature threw us a bone. Hopefully the inch or so that we received will make a difference.


I know that the baseball folks in the east are none to happy with this year's playoff matchups, but I am really enjoying the games. St. Louis and Milwaukee have made it very clear that they really don't like each other. Albert Pujols reminded everyone exactly who the best player in baseball is by driving in 5 runs in an epic 4 for 5 performance. Braun and Fielder are a great 3 and 4 punch in the middle of the Brewer's lineup, but the Cardinals are not going away. This looks like a 7 game series to me...

The Rangers and Tigers series appears to be made for the home team, as each game has been won by the home team. Game 2 was an amazing game that ended with the first ever playoff game walk off grand slam. The Ranger's bullpen held the Tigers at bay until Nelson Cruz came through with his historic blast. I predicted Texas in 6 and nothing I have seen has changed my mind. The game later today will be a very crucial game. Texas needs to get the win against Porcello as  Verlander is the starting pitcher for game 5. As a Ranger fan, I would be happy to take one game in Detroit. This is very good baseball.








Well, the Longhorns went to Dallas and laid an egg. Quite honestly, I am not surprised that Texas lost. What surprised me was the surgeon like efficiency that the Sooners used to slice apart the Texas defense. Oklahoma had an answer for everything that Texas dialed up. Each blitz Landry Jones recognized and changed the play or simply aligned the blocking to account for the pressure. There should be no doubt that Texas was overrated. I had a strong suspicion that this young team would find the Cotton Bowl to be their Waterloo...and they did. The good news is that Texas won't play Oklahoma again this year, the bad news is that Texas plays Oklahoma State next week. So much for having a chance to regroup...I would remind the Longhorn faithful that this was a 5 and 7 team last year. Expectations for a top 10 team were unrealistic, but young teams get better...a bowl trip to San Antonio is a big improvement for Texas.

Since Westwood had a bye week, I had all weekend to reflect on the Texas loss to Oklahoma. I contemplated exactly what sports means to me and why. I guess what I realized is that losing is just part of the process. I have always enjoyed competition and it is what first attracted me to play sports. As we all know, "you play to win the game", but that is not the only reason we play the game. I watch sports for the same reason I played sports, it is fun. As I have grown older, I realize that the seasons blur and that it is the thrill of the fight more than winning a game that is important to me. I find that I consider respect for the game to be as important as the final score. It would have been great to beat Oklahoma, but truthfully there was just more talent north of the Red River this time. Next week will be another tough test, and hopefully the Horns make a better showing. But, if they don't there will be another game followed by another season to look forward to...

A wise coach once said, "you can often learn more from a loss than a win". I have certainly found this to be true. I can't watch a Ranger/Tiger baseball game without thinking about IHM or AFD. I hope like hell the Rangers win, but if they don't...at least I have a few friends that will be happy. If Notre Dame ever wins it all again, I will know that Beeze will be celebrating. While I take great pleasure in my team winning, I just  don't find much joy in a friend's team losing...but I guess that is just me.





I heard a very interesting question the other day on the radio and thought it deserved a deeper dive. Americans have always loved their sports heroes, but we also love our sports villains. I asked several people what they thought a sports villain was and really surprised at the various answers I got. Here are a few that immediately came to mind for me:

-Barry Bonds

-George Steinbrenner


-Tiger Woods

-Scott Boras

-LeBron James

-Roger Clemens


These are a few names that I came up with, but there are many more. A more interesting question is what is your definition of a sports villain? If you think about it, a sports villain does not even have to be a person, place or thing...right? Could some view the DH as a sports villain? Perhaps that is taking it too far, but I am sure that most would not argue my inclusion of ESPN.  Astroturf could be a sports villain, right? Interesting potential list...and of course there is no right or wrong answer. Beeze obviously feels that ARod should be on this list, while Scott does not agree with Steinbrenner's inclusion. There is really no right or wrong answer...but I thought it was something worthwhile to consider.





That's all I have for today, but I will leave you a bit of Jack Handey to take with you...


One thing vampire children are taught is, never run with a wooden stake.”    

“The face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part.”    



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own.

Tuesday's Tantrum - 10/11/11
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Welcome to the tantrums, where I’m very glad to see rain in Texas.

Rant of the Week – Occupy Wall Street.  Could there be any less articulate fuckers in the world?  What do you want?  Honest you dirtbags, it’s a simple question.  Look you shower-challenged idiots, you are blowing a wonderful chance to get every single American in your corner.  Those Wall Street buffoons known as speculators that were the cause of the banks falling apart need to be held accountable, and that is something everybody can get behind, but you’re not advocating it.  You wanna scream about “creative bookkeeping” down there, fine!  Hell, I’m an Indepdent and if you came out and articulated anything that makes sense, I’d be behind you.

I'm convinced going to college makes those skulls full of mush even dumber.  From what I gather a lot of you are bitching that you can’t find jobs after you went so far in debt to get that piece of paper in college.  Where was it written that you were guaranteed a six-figure entry level salary upon graduation?  Get a job – don’t sit there and bitch, there are some jobs out there.  At least do something – wait tables, cook, work in retail, be an intern like many others who start out.  DO SOMETHING.  The greatest folks in history started out at entry level or far worse.  Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, and many others didn't break the bank upon graduation.  Come to think of it, many famous people didn't even go to college. 

By the way, while you’re pissing and moaning about owing on your college bills, a good place to start is to drop the Iphones and Ipod’s that a lot of you fuckers are carting around.  How much do those cost again?

MLB – League Championship Series’ Edition.   Hey Gabbers, I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but how great is it that fans who actually deserve it get to enjoy an longer than normal baseball season?  I was presumptious to say that I’m rooting for Milwaukee because I honestly don’t care who wins the World Series, I can be happy with any of the remaining four.

But – I like this good old-fashioned hatred between the Brew Crew and Cards.  It isn’t contrived crap between the douches in NYC/Boston, it’s good old fashioned “I hate you and don’t care if you know it” type stuff.


Al Davis.  How do you describe this guy?  Visionary, trend-setter, a man ahead of his time, yet stuck in the past.  Of all the things that he can be described, how ‘bout tireless worker, #1 football fan, and frequent breaker of my heart.  If there’s ever a Mount Rushmore of Football, Al Davis should be one of the four faces carved into that mountain.

I read somewhere a fellow Dolphin fan say today that while he’ll never forgive the Raiders for the “Sea of Hands” in 1974, he’ll always maintain respect for the Raider organization.  That game is the first time my heart was ever broken, and yes I’ll always maintain respect (and hatred) for the Raiders.   

What did Al Davis create? 

He created a culture.  Hell, just listen to the words above.  He created a tradition, and a fan base like no other.  Yeah Eagle fan, I said it, so piss off because you tough guy wannabes wouldn’t last five seconds in Oakland’s parking lot, let alone make it into the Black Hole I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT.

The Crypt Keeper knew more about football than any human being alive today!  Look at all the thoughts being shared today – heck even Gruden and that leech Lane Kiffin shared positive memories.  Warren Sapp was funny as hell with his stories about “Coach” Davis, and many more with their raw emotion and poignant thoughts that they shared.

A few of Sunday’s games…

Oakland @ Houston.  This was a great game, and while it didn’t take me back to those teams of the 1970’s, the Raiders are starting to create an identity for themselves by winning games like this.  C-Bass is killing it, D-Mac is amazing, and there just seems to be something about the Raiders that is different.  If it wasn’t for Chan Gailey in Buffalo, Hue Jackson would be my nominee for Coach of the Year to this point.

San Diego @ Denver.  Sorry Charger fan, I’m not impressed.  If you struggle with the Donkeys, what in hell makes anyone take you seriously in the playoffs?  They’ll lose to da Raidas…

Is Indy tanking for Andrew Luck?  I’m sorry, but this team is far better than 0-5.  But Dwayne Bowe had the circus of all circus catches.

Hey New Orleans, can I give you a little tip?  Of all the people to start crap with – Steve Smith of Carolina?  I wouldn’t start shit with that little ball of hate if I was a bad ass heavyweight in MMA. 

Hey Philly fan, I’m laughing at you!

Who knew that Carson Palmer “retiring” would have been the best thing to happen for the Bengals.  I know I shouldn’t say this because it’s the Bengals, but it seems to me they could be moving into the right direction.

Look, I’m not ready to anoint the SF 49ers as a good team yet, but they’re making it very hard for me to contain my enthusiasm.  48 points against Tampa?  Really? 


College Football.    Can anybody tell me about any surprises in CFB because I sure ain’t seeing any, and it’s becoming boring.  Yeah, Florida State sucks this year, but I was talking about good surprises.  Man, I’m gonna have a coronary if I can’t find anything interesting in CFB. 

Speaking of sucking, hey Navy, what the hell was taking an ass-whoopin’ from Southern Miss all about?

I’m wondering if Wisconsin goes undefeated, do they get screwed because Oklahoma and the winner of Alabama/LSU are already penciled into the BCS Championship Game?  I don’t usually like the Big Ten, but with Nebraska in, Michigan getting “better”, Wisconsin dominating, I have to think they might be on the rise.   Oh yeah Ohio State, how’d you like them apples that the Huskers fed you?

Beaver Report.  Absolutely beautiful weather for the Beavers game at home against the Yuba College 49ers, and the same result – the boys took care of business with a 53-13 destruction.  They’re now 5-0 as they head up to the Oregon Border to take on the College of the Siskiyous next Saturday. 


Mustang Football.   Holy Crap!  The Mustangs saved their best game of the year for their rivals at their house.  Utter and complete domination enroute to a 48-6 win.  The Mustangs had disappointed me early in the season, but brought it all Friday Night.  Two 100 yard rushers, and the defense played their best game BY FAR!  This is the team that I thought I’d see from day one! 

NBA. Please welcome back an old friend of mine, the Angry Aussie. He says something on here that is so appropriate for how I feel about the NBA, so without further adieu…

Douche Bag of the Week.  I kinda have a thing about trying to rewrite history.  I’ve always respected Walter Payton and his persona was always about being a good guy.  One of the greatest players of all time, and years after his death some jacked-up author comes out and tries to make money by hurling accusations against “Sweetness”?  Sorry author, you’re the DBOTW. 


Monday Moaning 10-10-11
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  So, here we are again...Another Monday, and what do I have to talk about...Thursday night I had a bunch of stuff in my head, and posted my SCATTERBRAINED thoughts...This post may be like that...

This weekend could be the known as the weekend of chokes...Yeah, some one tell A-Roid you can't swing the bat with your hands around your throat...What an overpaid! twat...But don't just blame him Yankee fan...Big Fat, Fatty Fat, CC Sabathia lived up to his rep, and not his contract as well...He's another playoff choke artist....And holy shit, how many subs is that bastard choking down...You can't pitch well when your dreaming about cheesecake!

Fuck it was great seeing those ass-hats fall on their faces...I could hit better with runners on base then the Yankees did...But it didn't end there...The Phillies and their power-house pitching staff fell to the shitty Cardinals...I couldn't believe it...But I wasn't sad!

-But the choke job that really made me smile...Oh, shit, I won't lie...I got hard! Saturday night, Ohio State is leading Nebraska 27-6 in the third quarter...Then, the Huskers rallied back and beat the Suckeyes 34-27...Within seconds of the game ending, the Fire Fickell tweets started firing off...Sunday morning, there were plenty of BLOGS out there, making the excuses why Ohio State lost again...About why they're so bad...Putting blame on suspended players...Ummm the defensive players who were suspended were back! It was the defense the collapsed in the 4th quarter...

And lets stop acting like losing Terrelle Pryor was that bad of a thing...Dude was over-hyped, with a bad throwing motion, who made bad reads and couldn't take his eyes off his primary target...Kid sucked! And lets not act like Braxton Miller getting hurt in the 3rd quarter is the whole reason your team lost...He ain't shit either!

Fucking funny how all these Ohio State people were all behind Tressel's boy Fickell, and now they're all getting in line to suck Urban Meyer's cock...You Gashes are un-fucking-real!

-Oh, and since I'm on the topic of Ohio State...I watch a couple high school football games a week...At least one on TV and then I checkout my local team...Our team blows...The coach is a dope, they're undersized...Our band out numbers the football team...We dress 30 kids...But at least we have our own fucking Fight Song! All but one team we have played this year just play the stupid Ohio State Fight Song as their own...What a bunch of unoriginal fucks!

- The Red River Shootout...Here's another obnoxiously over-hyped fucking game...Hey Texas, how's Oklahoma's dick taste? They say everything is bigger in Texas...I guess that includes the margin you lose to Oklahoma by too...55-17...Thank God my daughter was cheer leading at a 9-10 year old football game...Those poor kids lost 22-0, but showed more ball bag than the Longhorns did...

-Luckily that was over in time for me to watch Notre Dame not choke...The Irish rolled Air Force 59-33...And honestly, it wasn't even that close...I was glad ND won, I had been worried about this game...The Service Academies always come to play, and in the past the Irish have struggled with defending the option...The Irish are off next week, before a big Prime time game against USC...I'll be there, and I can't wait!

-The Browns were on a Bye Sunday, so that was one less headache in my life...I watched the Bills vs. the Eagles...Holy shit, are the Bills that solid, or are the Eagles that fucking bad...Either way, it's making people in Philly miserable that their high-priced team is 1-4, so I'm happy...

Then I watched the Patriots beat the Jets...Always fun...Especially since the Jets have been put in their place, and they are looking up at both the Pats and the Bills...

-The Big NFL news this weekend was the passing of Al Davis...No word if it had anything to do with choking...While death is sad for friends and family, I can't feel bad about this one...Guy put in 82 years...That's a lot of time...And while he did a great many things for the progress of Football, I wasn't around for that...I was around for the part where he was a pain in the ass...Where he was obnoxious, making horrible draft picks, and giving stupid contracts, and where he was firing coaches every hour on the hour...In my eyes, he did what Brett Favre did...He was respected, and loved, and then tarnished all that by being a douchebag over the last 10 years...

Now I'll end with this rant...I caught wind of it, and posted it on facebook...It's spreading like wildfire, and it should...I wish I had a rant this epic in me...

That's it for now...Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

Run Tigers Run
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Thoughts From An Island Girl



I am very happy that the Arkansas Razorbacks smacked Auburn around this year.  It is small consolation for last year's loss but I feels great none-the-less.   I want to say that I detest the Auburn coach.  Gene Chizik is dirty.   The article below explains some of this that happened as recently as July 2011,  by the NCAA.

Here is the Link...

I am not concerned now about last year.   It is gone.  But the fact that Chizik continues to great get players and one has to wonder who sweetened the pot to induce these players to sign.   Obviously winning pays dividends and a lot of this is legitimate.   And to underscore the need for good recruiting, in the last four years Auburn has signed 7 five-star,   42 four-star and 37 three-star players.   Over the same time,  Arkansas  has had 3 five-star,  17 four-star and 55 three-star players.

I was watching that Rat on the sidelines yesterday.   I truly believe he would say or do anything to win and that includes stepping on anyone to do it.   And a former coach is guilty too,  except Houston Nutt is incompetent.    He is responsible for Guz Malzan leaving the Arkansas program and landing at Auburn,  as offensive coordinator.   Because of his success at Arkansas both as a coach at University of Arkansas and a coach at Springdale, Arkansas in high school.   I have no resentment against him per se,  but that he can recruit our best players out of the state.     When coach Petrino finally got to Arkansas,   he got  Joe Adams already verbally committed to USC.    He got Adams to flip back to the Razorbacks and Ryan Mallet,  who was a Texarkana native to transfer from Michigan.    


The dude flipping off Petrino was Deangelo Hall.     He can go to hell too.   Right along with ESPN for their savaging or Petrino.   ESPN and their talking heads waxed repeatedly at CBP's leaving a bunch of spoiled pros,  and going back to what he really enjoyed and school he loved.

  He takes his random high recruits and a bunch of three-star players and makes them into stars.    Greg Childs was a three-star as are many of their receivers.   One of those had two 80 yard TD receptions in one quarter of one game.     Where Arkansas suffers is on defense.    The bigger schools can stockpile real talent and in a way deny many of those players a chance at personal success.


We have players who want to play and they will say the right things and for the right reasons.  If you can endure Petrino's workouts and are not lazy, you will play.  Obviously Coach Petrino can make quarterbacks and receivers and I don't expect that to change.    Maybe he realizes the big recruits are largely selfish and get duped into a big program,  where they can fade and no one even remember them,  aside from the recruiting process.    We don't give 100 dollar handshakes and to my knowledge,  enticing pretty co-eds into showing prospects the merits of a good library.    Yes and those boob jobs cost money.    You come to Arkansas out of loyalty to the school.    Even calling the hogs is called 'deliciously redneck' to the chaps at Bleacher Report.   None of this goes unnoticed.   Razorback fans know that Coach Calipari is a dirty player as we lost a big instate basketball recruit to Kentucky.   Oh it was a business decision.   In the final analysis,  I will be a hog fan forever.    They are the mighty underdogs,  with a rich tradition and one time national champ in football,  once in basketball under Richardson and the best track program with nearly 40 national championships.

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