Tuesday's Tantrum - 10/18/11
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Welcome to the tantrums, where yours truly was out of contact for the weekend hanging out where there were more Oregonians than Californians.  Beeze, you once said you wanted to make the trip to the PACNORWEST.  Dude, make the trip because it's awesome.  Mrs. B.O.B. and I had planned that road trip to Portland in September but that was pushed back.  After this trip, we're more convinced than ever to make that trip.  Florida first, then the Portland/Seattle run.

Before I go any further, can we not show the Dan Wheldon wreck anymore on TV out of respect to his family?  PLEASE?  I mean that sincerely.  I feel so awful for that family.

Rant of the Week – Brandon Marshall.  I wanna play like a monster for a quarter and a half then get kicked out?  Dude, try catching the football and staying in bounds when there's no defenders between you and the end zone.  Gotta call it like I see it, dude played like garbage on purpose.  I don't quite know what the end game is with him, but if I'm Miami Ownership, dude's gotta go - it's time to start cleaning house.

MLB – World Series.   How can anybody NOT get with Texas vs. St. Louis in the World Series?  Nelson Cruz vs. Albert Pujols?  Both sides are extremely deserving to get there and let’s face it, this is a Gabbers type series.  I’m thinking Texas has far too much hitting, but writing the Cards off has been dangerous since September 1st.  Can LaRussa's patchwork bullpen deal with that murderers row of batters in Tejas?  Best of luck to both teams and I hope it’s a great one.


NFL.   Any time there is a spat between coaches, you can usually find Jim Harbaugh in the middle of it.  Gotta call it the way I see it, Harbaugh you were a dick and Schwartz had every right to be pissed.  I'm surprised Schwartz didn't take a swing - he should have!

Hey Dallas...uh never mind - I'm just bored with bashing 'em. 

Cleveland @ Oakland.  Hey Raiders, what the hell were you doing letting the Brownies hang around with Peyton Hillis not playing?  It took a fake FG for you to win?  Losing Jason Campbell is a killer for this team.

San Francisco @ Detroit.  Both these teams are for real and I wanna see these two hook it up in the playoffs, that’s how impressed I was with this game.  I’m incredibly impressed with the 49er defense, but I’m still not sold on the 49er offense.  Very thin at WR, and I get worried what’ll happen when (not if) Frank Gore gets hurt. 

Houston @ Baltimore.  It really sucks that Houston is so beat up.  I would have been curious to see how the Texans would have handled B-More. 

Carolina @ Atlanta.  Hey Cam Newton, just when I want to start liking you, you do the Deion Sanders dance in Atlanta after you score a TD?  Look dummy, it was Sanders’ day, don’t call attention to yourself, period end of story.  And nobody feed me that line that it was out of respect for Neion Deion.  Carolina isn’t good enough for you to do a dance in a visitors house.  Just chill brah…

Miami @ New York Jets.  I have never heard those obnoxious Jet players and fans so quiet, and it was so nice.  The Jets were far less than impressive in beating the worst team in the league.  If it had been any other team facing the Jets tonight than Miami, the Jets lose the ball game.  Rex knows it because he sounds so freaking humble that I have trouble believing that was actually him.

Far be it from me to bash because that's just not my style, but Rex Grossman could you have picked a worse day to play like stir-fried dookie?  Washington would have been in the drivers seat big time had Grossman not cost 'em the game.  That dude that got the three picks thanks you by the way!

College Football.    I'd be lying if I said I paid any amount of attention to what happened this past Saturday.  I will say props to Michigan State.  Sparty took care of business on those overrated Wolverines. 

Beaver Report.  Mrs. B.O.B. and I took the five hour roadie to catch Jerry’s game at Siskiyous and we didn’t expect the scenery we got.  The field was pretty much at the base of Mount Shasta and it was nice, but the town was shall we say “interesting” – hippies rolling around everywhere, no places to stay overnight, and the name of the town was Weed.  Yep, I said it, WEED!!!  What wasn’t nice was the rude awakening the Beavers got during the game, as the Eagles straight up took it to the Beavers who had to struggle to win 36-21.  Offensive Line struggled with a fast D-Line and the Eagles QB hit a few bombs that knocked the team off-stride for a minute.  Defense bailed 'em out and Jerry got a sack that caused a fumble recovered by the defense.  6'3 240 playing the DT position and he still gets into the backfield.  The Beavers are 6-0 and 22nd in the Nation!

Mustang Football.   The Mustangs finally return home to face a surprising Bullfrog team that has played a schedule that could be considered weak.  They must have missed home because the Mustangs went right the hell off and won 55-14.  One rusher had 270 yards on FOUR carries, another had a good 175 and there were three runs for 80+ yards.  They’re on a roll and have a huge lead in the league standings. 

Next up are the Bears at home.  Last time the Bears came to town, they won and their fans went the taunting route from the stands before the game ended.  Uh, bad move you trash talking freaks.  Now you answer for that disrespect.

Douche Bag of the Week - Miami Dolphins.  The Miami Dolphins fans should be embarrassed.  Two weeks to prepare for a team with a weak-ass offense and this is what they come up with?  They lost 24-6 to a team with horrible offensive coaching and really no imagination.  The Dolphins have no offense, no pass rush, horrific coaching, and worse ownership and management.  I'm just too tired to even go any further with it. 



Monday Moaning 10-17-11
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Here we are again...Monday comes so quickly, and there are often a ton of things in the sports world to write about...This week, I will touch on a couple of things in sports but then I'm moving on...This blog is going to be focused on my Friday night...But first...

Everyone knows, I'm no Auto Racing fan, but when I heard that Dan Wheldon died Sunday in a horrible 15 car accident...Wheldon is one of the names I know...I remember hearing about him beating Danica Patrick, but everyone does that...

But seriously, these guys live on the edge, and this is an awful way to go...

May his family have the strength to get through this...33 is too young to die...

-Next, the Cleveland Browns suck...Once again, their best player, Peyton Hillis wasn't on the field enough, and didn't get the touches...The guy ran for over 1,000 yards last year, and he was the second leading receiver...Yet there he is on the sidelines...Fuck Shurmur and his shitty offense...Fuck the Walrus Holmgren, and his overrated management skills...And fuck the Browns...I'm tired of you twats wasting my time!

-Speaking of twats...Let's get to Friday night...Here in my little off-shoot of Cleveland, Friday night was the big Homecoming Game...My daughter and all the youth cheerleaders were invited to march in the pre-game parade, and then cheer during the first half, with the high school cheerleaders...

A few weeks ago, the high school announced they would have a cheer camp for $20 dollars, open to all grade school girls, and that they would cheer with the cheerleaders in the 4th quarter...The youth cheerleaders were threatened that if they didn't go, they wouldn't be allowed to cheer at the game...Us parents raised hell about this...We had put in at least $150 and our girls had put in all the hours of practice, and we weren't going to be blackmailed into this...They agreed...Or so we thought...

So after the parade, we are at the game...All these kids are out there with the high school cheerleaders, except our cheerleaders...They are sitting on the track watching...So I of course, am getting pissed...I wasn't alone...So myself and a few other parents go down and ask the woman who is semi-in charge, "why aren't our girls out there?" She responded, "I know, I'm pissed to." Her daughter being a cheerleader as well...She then threw the woman who actually started the program, under the bus...This has happened countless times this year...

She started the program a few years ago, out of her own pocket...Just as one guy started the youth football program out of his own pocket...I totally appreciate that...But this Shrek looking woman is one of those people who has to be involved in everything, and she loves to be in charge...But it's too much...She's got a million things going, and shits the bed repeatedly...Like the candy we had to sell, to raise money for jackets...The candy that sat in the back of a car, on a 90 degree day, all day...Nothing like selling Reese Cups that you can play Name That State with!

Back to Friday...So we're pissed...The girls are upset, but they're okay, because they know they get the 2nd quarter to themselves...But us parents weren't pleased...Some other Gash (one of the team moms) stepped in...She basically had taken control of this event...I asked why are kids who's parents have put up at least $150 and their kids had put in the year of practices, being trumped by ids who's parents put up $20 and the kids put in a few hours of practice...She said our kids "should have gone to the camp"...So clearly, when we were told they didn't have to go, we were lied to...(I have no problem with those kids, and their folks, just the twats that screwed over our girls)

A mother, said "this is Bullshit" and the Gash told her to take her kid and leave...So another mom stepped into Gash's face had let her have it...Gash said, "The girls seem okay, none f them have said anything to me about being upset."....So I replied, "Why the fuck would they say anything to you...No one knows who the fuck you are!"

Look out...Gash freaks that I dropped an F-bomb, and starts yelling for the Cop to escort me out...Luckily, one of the girls on my daughter's team father is a cop, and he was standing next to the cop on duty, and they laughed at her...She told me to "talk like an adult," And I said "I won't talk to you like you're bitch, when you stop acting like a bitch!"

Then during the second quarter, as our girls were cheering, I stayed down there on the track, just to piss her off, one of the girls took a drink of water...The Gash told her no drink breaks...I was ready to snap, but her mother made everybody look like pussies...She got up in Gash's face, and said, "You tried to kick him out of here for saying fuck? Cunt you tell my kid she can't have a drink, I'm gonna start punching in your face!" Gash was saved by other parents, while me and our teams moms laughed...

When my daughter said she wanted to do cheer leading, I thought of all the cheer leading stereotypes, and said to my wife, "She's too smart, and too nice to be a cheerleader." I had no idea that I would run into this crap...A program run so half-assed, with idiot parents...I never thought that I'd be going off at bitches like this...I also never expected to go home and have my daughter all fired up to tell my wife what happened...She ended the story with, "If I see her again, I'm gonna get in her face!" That's my girl!

Before we left the stadium Friday night, our team getting smoked again, 43-13, I volunteered to run the Cheer leading Program next year..."I can't do any worse," I said...I doubt they'll let me...Thank God!

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.


Mahal Kita Albert Pujols Pujols, Syracuse and Charlotte Racing
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Thoughts from an Island Girl  




To borrow a phrase from Papa John's Pizza.     Better ingredients,  better team,  St. Louis Cardinals.  I can't say that the Cardinals are going to win the series,  even at 3-2,  but the Milwaukee Brewers gave the Cardinals a lot of bulletin board material.   Zack Greinke should have never made the comments he made against the St. Louis Cardinal's Chris Carpenter.

  Fake?  Say what you want but Carpenter is a fighter and this tag made by other teams and other players is a bunch of sour grapes.   So you haters,  stop sour grapin.  It looks bad on you. Ha!  The Cardinal has put on their run of the season but it does coincide with their trades both this year and last.     The improvement in their bullpen and the aquisition of shortstop Rafael Furcal makes them better defensively.   It is also appears that Jason Motte is maturing into a capable reliever.  Time will tell.


I saw a few comments about the new Footloose.   I see there are stock cars racing and that is a nice touch.  Speaking of auto racing,  it looks pretty good that Jason Myers will win his second consecutive World of Outlaw Championship, in the Sprint Car Series,  effectively denying Steve Kinser his 21 title in this great series.    Kinser is second however and for a man in his mid-50s and the fact that he had 9 feature wins so far this season,  that just cements his legacy,  as the best ever sprinter but one of the best in any class.   Over 560 career feature wins and that is just A-mains.


Super Dirt Week is now over as well with Billy Decker taking two qualifying races.  This is a  kind of super bowl for dirt car racing and happens this year, every year at this time.  A link is posted below for racing from the 5th-9th.



The World of Outaws,  Late Models and Sprint cars,  along with Big Block Modifieds will face off November 3-5th.  This is kind of like the Super Bowl of dirt racing and will be held at the Charlotte Dirt Track in Concord,  North Carolina.  If you are in the area,  you should try to attend.   You just might be hooked for life!   The link for the track is below.  I hope you enjoy it.



So if you have a bucket list and racing is on it.   These are must see events.     


Philadelphia Eagles Prove Money Doesn't Buy NFL Love
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The Philadelphia Eagles face the Washington Redskins this Sunday in a game that can only be described as an encounter where their 2011 season is on the line. If this team has any Super Bowl aspirations, a fifth defeat could cripple their dreams.

Philadelphia is fighting history this weekend as well. If they finish the weekend at 1-5, the team must realize only the 1970 Cincinnati Bengals reached the playoffs after starting a season as poorly.

That Bengals team started the season 1-6 before rattling off seven straight wins behind Pro Bowl players like Lemar Parrish and Bob Trumpy. They would lose the first playoff appearance in franchise history against the eventual champion Baltimore Colts.

The offense has yet to really click for the Eagles yet this season. While ranking third best in the NFL in total yards gained, they have been struggling to consistently score touchdowns and rank 11th in total points scored. The offensive line, an issue that mostly has haunted head coach Andy Reid since he took the job in 1999.

It has to burn Reid's heart at this issue. He has won 60 percent of the 197 regular season games with Philadelphia, which makes him the winningest head coach in franchise history, but blocking is an area he is supposed to be an expert in.

Reid played offensive tackle in college, then got into coaching immediately upon graduating after his 1981 senior season. He coached the offensive line until the end of the 1996 season. His Eagles teams have produced just five Pro Bowl blockers since he took the helm, with only one that Reid drafted and developed, not something the head coach probably foresaw.

Philadelphia looked smart last year by trading quarterback Donovan McNabb and going with Michael Vick in his place. Vick, though known for a mobility that made him the NFL's top rushing yards leader by a quarterback in league history last week, has taken a tremendous pounding in 2011 because of Philadelphia's offensive line woes.

Vick has battled injuries and missed time this year, something the Eagles thought they had a contingency plan for by signing free agent Vince Young. Young has been to the Pro Bowl quarterback twice since being drafted in 2006, but he was not healthy enough to play when Vick went down.

Blocking isn't the only reason Vick has suffered. Though he is still learning how to be a pocket-passer, Vick has a propensity to hang onto the ball too long and take many unnecessary sacks.

The Eagles rushing attack is led by an excellent 5.8 yards per carry average from halfback LeSean McCoy, yet the Eagles still are ineffective in short yardage situations where a powerful running game between the tackles is needed. None of Reid's teams have ever excelled in this critical area.

If the offensive trenches weren't enough of an issue for Reid, his defensive lines haven't been much better in his Eagles career. Philadelphia has had a habit of getting tiny pass rushers who were weak against the run, often contributing to the reason Reid has yet to win a Super Bowl despite 119 regular season victories and nine playoff appearances in his previous 12 years.

Jeff Lurie has been a great owner since buying the Eagles in 1994. He is known for his loyalty as much as the generosity he has displayed to charitable causes. Reid's coaching staffs have shown a solid continuity for the most part, which can be seen with defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

Castillo has been with the Eagles since 1995, holding jobs in many areas. After coaching the offensive line since 1998, he moved over to defense this year. Critics are not only pointing to Philadelphia's poor run defense, others are looking at a secondary that has yet to meet expectations.

After spending a ton of money to sign free agent cornerback Nnamde Asomugha, as well as trading for Pro Bowl cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Lurie bit the financial bullet by retaining the services of Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel. Not only has the secondary given up way too many touchdowns on so few passing attempts, ranking 30th in that category, the group is not creating turnovers.

The Eagles tried to address the long-standing issue in their trenches by signing two high profile free agents in Jason Babin and Cullen Jenkins. While the duo has already racked up a combined 12 of the teams 16 total sacks, they are also a reason the team ranks 30th in rushing yards allowed and last in rushing yards per attempt up the middle of the defense.

The team took a gamble this year by going with a bunch of underwhelming or unproven linebackers this season, and are losing big so far. Not only has the group mostly stunk in run support, they have been even worse in pass defense.

The fact the Eagles safeties haven't played great hasn't helped either. Kurt Coleman has struggled at free safety, which hurts more due to the fact Nate Allen has yet to play as well as he did in his 2010 rookie year.

Despite Lurie shilling out millions to Vick, Young, Asomugha, Babin, Bryant, Steve Smith, Ronnie Brown, and others, the results have yet to be met by a group trying to get acclimated with each other on the fly in a season truncated because of a players strike. Yet history shows pouring money into players does not equate to championships.

Whether it is the 2010 Miami Heat, the Ted Stepien Era with the Cleveland Cavaliers, or even the 2011 Boston Red Sox, the examples are plentiful. Sometimes the angle of spending a lot of money works, as George Steinbrenner showed by winning seven titles in his 37 years of owning the New York Yankees.

The season is not yet lost for the Eagles, especially if they defeat a division rival that Reid has triumphed over 15 times in 24 attempts. The Redskins, who are coming off their bye week, need this game to stay on top of the NFC East while trying to increase their lead with their second division win in as many attempts.

Washington will probably attempt to run the ball down the Eagles throats with their trio of excellent running backs. If they succeed, Philadelphia could see their 2011 season begin to end as the game clock expires.

The City of Brotherly Love is starving for a football title in the NFL, having not seen their team win a championship since 1960. They are known as passionate fans, so a let down by their beloved Eagles may lead to a large insurgence of fans calling for the firing of Reid.

With their season on line, let alone the Eagles careers of guys like Reid and Castillo, the team has their backs against the proverbial wall and must begin to come out swing like Philly legend Rocky Balboa. Hopefully their thrust will not be fictional like Rocky was.

Yooooooooooo! For doze of yous dat forgots about me, I iz 7thStoneFromTheSun, da distant cuzin of 3rdStoneFromTheSun Yo, I did suck las weak in my procrastinashuns. I went 7-6, and I now iz 46-31 overall.

Lets get too it!

Saint Louis Rams @ Green Bay Packers

OK, I know a lots of yous mugs tought da Rams mite go two da playoffs dis yeer. But dey will now bee 0-5, sumfin not many saw cummin.

Packers 37 Rams 21

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Da Jags never shuld have gone da cheep route and dumped quarterback David Garrard, cuz it iz cleer Blaine Gabbert aint reddy. Da Steelers will expose dat truth even more.

Steelers 23 Jaguars 7

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins

As 3rd says, dem Igglez have spent like a billion dollars and iz 1-4. I'm picking da Skins running game hear, but dont bee shocked if suckass Rex Grossman trows da game away two Philly.

Redskins 27 Eagles 24

San Francisco 49ers @ Detroit Lions
Game of the Week

Yo, dis aint 1950 so dont rub yer eyes in disbelief. Dis iz da game of da weak! Both teems got good defenses and quarterbacks picked furst in dere drafts. I tink it mite cum down too who runs da ball best, if dat iz a hint.

But Yo! Who hear saw dese teems a combined 9-1 cummin into dis game?

Lions 23 49ers 21

Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons

I'm not in love wit Matt Ryan or da Falcons pass defense so far dis yeer, but they can win if dey run da damn ball. Cuz Carolina sure as fuck don't.

Falcons 30 Panthers 28

Indianapolis Colts @ Cincinnati Bengals

Da Colts blow chunks yo. Dey couldnt even beet da shitty Chiefs. Put dem down at 0-7.

Bengals 34 Colts 17

Buffalo Bills @ New York Giants

Eli Manning cemented his spot as one da most overrated players ever las week. Da Bills are a helluva lot better den da Seahawks, and dey will go downstate and leave 5-1.

Bills 34 Giants 24

Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens

Derrick Mason just joined da Texans, who iz strugglin all of da sudden, and iz facing a teem he spent six seasuns wif. Da Ravens will enjoy da fact star linebacker Mario Williams wont play for Houston again dis yeer.

Ravens 27 Texans 20

Cleveland Browns @ Oakland Raiders

Just keep winning baby! R.I.P. Al Davis

Raiders 31 Browns 23

Dallas Cowboys @ New England Patriots

Tony Romo mite trow four 400 yards against dis crappy Pats secondary, but his teem has no answers for Tom Brady.

Patriots 37 Cowboys 28

New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Just when it looked like da Bucs was turning da corner, they laid a egg of shit las week. Dis alloud da Saints two sit on top of da NFC South. New Orleans iz ranked 28th in yards given up per rushing attempt, but rank fourth best in rushing attempts against dem cuz teems are trowing so much trying to play catch up.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees should enjoy facin a dissappointin Buccaneers defense, whose seasun mite be on da line hear.

Saints 34 Buccaneers 23

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears

Get out da No Doz Sunday nite. Dat iz if you dont like smash mouth football in da Black and Blue division. Da Bears knead dis cuz da Packers and Lions are starting to run away in da race for da NFC North title.

Bears 24 Vikings 17

Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets

Dis piece of crap MNF game iz a perfect reasun da New York City media kneads to shut da fuck up about dere overrated talent and why we knead to start ignoring dese boobs. Capeesh?

Da Jets suck! Mark Sanchez sucks dirty donkey balls and dat Jets defense looks old. Rex Ryan has been gettin his fat mouth closed a lot dis yeer so far. I dunno if he iz puttin his foot in his mouth or his wife's, but he should STFU until he has a reesun to talk.

Da Dolphins basically got Matt Moore and Sage Rosenfels as dere quarterbacks, which aint awesum. Both is sound reserves at best, but we will sea. I tink Miami better run rookie halfback Daniel Thomas 25 times against dat suspect Jets defense.

But da Jets will put 8 in a box cuz dey dont respect da Dolphins quarterbacks, which iz da rite move.

Jets 23 Dolphins 14

Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers
2. Detroit Lions
3. Baltimore Ravens
4. Buffalo Bills
5. San Francisco 49ers
6. New Orleans Saints
7. San Diego Chargers
8. New England Patriots
9. Pittsburgh Steelers
10. Washington Redskins
11. Tennessee Titans
12. Atlanta Falcons
13. Oakland Raiders
14. Houston Texans
15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
16. Chicago Bears
17. New York Giants
18. New York Jets
19. Dallas Cowboys
20. Philadelphia Eagles
21. Cincinnati Bengals
22. Seattle Seahawks
23. Minnesota Vikings
24. Arizona Cardinals
25. Miami Dolphins
26. Carolina Panthers
27. Jacksonville Jaguars
28. Cleveland Browns
29. Saint Louis Rams
30. Denver Broncos
31. Kanas City Chiefs
32. Indianapolis Colts

OK, I iz outta dis peace! I iz gunna lay down wif dis hunny I met at da bar and have her feed me grapes as I watch da games.

As dey say in Ol' Messico = A.M.F.

Five Minute Frags - Let's Make A Deal
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So just how much is a good general manager worth in baseball? We are about to find out.

By now, the news of Theo Epstein’s acceptance of a five-year deal with the Chicago Cubs has made its way around the block more times than a Kardashian chasing any second-tier athlete not wearing a wedding ring. Of course, the hurdle here is that Epstein is still under contract with Boston for another season, meaning that if the Cubs truly want him, they’ll have to compensate the Red Sox accordingly.

That brings me back to the first question. How much is a good general manager worth?

Well, for the Cubs, you just can’t put a price tag on that. For a team that has not won a World Series since 1908, let alone hasn’t even played in one since 1945, a blank check may well be in order. Epstein would be step in the right direction. He would immediately bring a sense of credibility to a front office that has lacked solid leadership for years and his ability to identify amateur talent would help to rebuild a farm system that has been lacking in top prospects for years.

And let’s remember, that Epstein likely won’t be alone. He’ll bring with him whomever the Red Sox will allow him to squeeze into his file box with his personal belongings. Epstein has always enjoyed having the brightest minds placed right beside him and moving to the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field won’t change that. The Cubs will be getting an entire team of little Theo’s as well.

All that remains is how big of a price tag the Red Sox want to place on him.

All indications are that Boston is asking for prospects while Chicago wants only to part with cash, but this fan has other thoughts. There should be more at stake here.

First off, Boston should not settle for prospects or cash alone. They need Major League talent that is ready to play now. And where Boston needs it most is the pitching staff. The Cubs have one in particular who knows the rigors of the AL East and would be an immediate boon to the staff; Matt Garza. Obviously, Chicago won’t throw him in for Epstein alone, but there are ways to get a deal done. Make the Garza acquisition a side deal contingency, one that sends John Lackey and some cash to offset some of his contract to Chicago for Garza. Sox immediately upgrade their pitching and get rid of a cancer both in the line-up and the clubhouse.

Secondly, Boston should see at least one prospect back in the deal. Of the names flouted, only right- center-fielder Brett Jackson is truly worth mentioning. Jackson put together a 20/20 season last year between Double and Triple-A, and would protect Boston against losing Ellsbury in two seasons.

For the Cubs, that sounds like a small price to pay for a young GM who is recognized at the top of his class and has a history of turning around an organization. Epstein won’t deliver immediate results, but he’ll make things fun in Chicago and he’ll do it within a season or two.

For their part, the Red Sox will surely miss Theo, but they’ll also be in good hands with Ben Cherington, Epstein’s assistant and top protégé still under Boston control. Of course, they could try to lure Brian Cashman from New York or Andrew Friedman from Tampa Bay, but money says they stay in house, especially with all of the upheaval currently underway.

So in the end, we come back to the question of just how much a good general manager is worth. It may be an arm and a leg, but they are an arm and a leg that they can afford to lose.


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