College Football Report - 12/7/14
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Here are my conference rankings:

  • PAC 12.  Well, Oregon swatted away Arizona Friday Night 51-13.  Jerry was in the stands enjoying the game at Levi’s and he said it was a blast.  
  • SEC.  So, Alabama jammed up Missouri.  What a shock.  They’re in.
  • Big 12.  TCU ran up in Iowa State 55-3 or whatever and trust me, while I absolutely HATE running up the score, it was absolutely needed - but the bottom line here is they lost to Baylor, who apparently beat K-State which had the talking heads yapping all night long.  But again, what are we looking at here in this conference?  Baylor is the Champions - there is no such thing as "Co-Champs" when one team wins head-to-head.  Pull your head out of your ass Big 12.
  • ACC.  Once again, Florida State got by a very tough Georgia Tech team.  Question is will that squeaker be enough to keep thim in the top 4.  It kills me to say this, but if we're gonna penalize teams for scrub schedules, Florida State should be held accountable too, and really while it would hurt me as a fan in the short term, it might actually force that program to evaluate a whole lot of crap in their program, especially their schedule.
  • Big 10.  Ohio State literally destroyed Wisconsin - big shock there right - they had to?  Look, here's the question with the Big 10 - when are the rest of the programs going to figure out that the one thing that will help them immediately is speed?  Urban Meyer may be an opportunist, but he saw the opening and new he wasn't going to lose in the Big 10 if he instilled his speed offense in Columbus.
  • "Lower Six".  Props to Marshall, Northern Illinois, and Boise State for winning theirs.  Memo to NCAA D-1 - if the "Power Five" are gonna have a playoff, why not the champs of the "lower six"?  

CFB Playoff Official.  Well, here we go:  (1) Alabama vs. (4) Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl, which is in essence a home game for Bama.  (2) Oregon vs. (3) Florida State in the Rose Bowl, which is pretty darn close to a home game for Oregon.  

It's clear to me how this thing is gonna work - the big name programs get the benefit of the doubt, the up and comers don't.  It's also clear to me that ESPiN has major lobbying power in this thing and it concerns me.  When nearly all of ESPiN is going on TV and radio all night Saturday screaming that Ohio State deserves to get in, then you've got a problem.  Who advocates for the up and comers and the Big 12?

The Big 12 got screwed - but they had a hand in it themselves, and while Herbstreit is a hypocritical SOB, he's right - the cupcakes are what is killing teams.  Everybody plays cupcakes, but the Big 12 schools ARE NOT gonna get the benefit of the doubt over the established programs.  But I wonder - what if it was Texas and Oklahoma rather than TCU and Baylor how the committee would have ruled.

Memo to talking heads, games in the early part of the season should be counted - so ESPiN, stop spinning that Ohio States loss was "a century ago" - the fact is they lost to a 6-6 team, and the ONLY reason Ohio State got into the dance was based on name and legacy.

CFB – Army/Navy.  I talk about this year after year, and everybody has their “go to” CFB rivalry game.  But for my money, this is THE rivalry in CFB.  It has contributed so much to the history and tradition of CFB.  Yeah, I know in general that neither team is attractive since prior to 1970.  And this year it’s worse as Navy is only 6-5 and Army is awful, but for one game, we get to go back in time and watch a bit of history and at the same time honor our future leaders.


Storminnorman's Sports Blog 12/6/14
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Hello Gabbers and welcome to another edition of Storminnorman's Sports Blog, where while at work today, I was reminded how ignorant our younger generation has really become.......

While at work around 4pm today, this younger black gentleman came into the store and approached customer service where apparently he didn't get the answer he was looking for from our Customer Service Manager, so and I quote " he told her that he would climb over the counter and rob her ass," which in turn got my attention along with a few others. For which my CSM not so politely told him to get his ass out of her store, which pissed him off a little more.....

By then we had our store manager up front, and dialed 911. The idiot then tried to reenter the store from each enterance which allowed us the time to get the description of his car, liscense plate and who was driving ( he just screwed over his girl pretty bad), because I nailed her as the driver. I guess what pissed me off was when ran him out of the store the last time, he tried to play the race card in front of a group of older black and white people, by saying a because a majority of those who threw him out where white, he was be picked on more or less because he was black. 

First things first, if you want to go to jail for a bit, tell the CSM you are going to rob her and that will do the trick. Can't play the race card with that one, no discrimination involved at all, wouldn't have mattered if you were purple, you are going to jail for attempted robbery......

To that I say DUMBASS!

Now that I got that off my chest, let's talk a little Big 10, ACC, and SEC Championship games for a moment. Ohio St-Wisconsin and Florida St.-Georgia Tech should look rather similar, because nobody wants Wisconsin or Georgia Tech to win, and they will do everything they can to ensure that Ohio St and Florida St win their games. 

Everyone let's be real here, FSU should have 3 losses but for some reason unknown to mankind are still undefeated. 

Because it's Urban Meyer, it won't matter if the Beezer's son is QB, they will try to help Ohio St win.....

I guess Oregon has wrapped up their playoff spot, depending o

n how the Alabama-Missouri game goes today, could they move up to the 1 seed? Marriota with 5 touchdowns as I watch in the 3rd quarter, looking like your Heisman Trophy winner.....

So what do you think, and who do you like tomorrow? I am going with Wisconsin, FSU (not by choice, just realistic) and Alabama in a close one over Missouri.......

Here's something to lighten up the mood, not exactly sure which video this is.......

Not really sure, but isn't it nice to see TCU finally get respect from the committee, when for years the BCS blew them off. I am so tired of listening to announcers who kiss the asses teams like Baylor who do not belong, and Ohio St. who should have destroyed Michigan DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE IN THE PLAYOFFS!

What's up with aquiring Anthony Gose from Toronto, let Torrii go to Minny for more speed? Now all the Tigers need is the "Melkman" and they will have their entire outfield, what a joke. You need relief pitching, so you sign Soria and the throw Porcello out there once again as trade bait. Guess I am not supposed to understand why, but after all they are the Tigers, so close to winning it all 2 years ago, but so far away right now and desperate to win because the window is closing fast as the new arena complex is being built......

The Lions are hosting the Buccaneers, let's see if they allow them to stay in the game, or kick their asses like they did Chicago on Thanksgiving Day....

The Pistons have lost a million games in a row, lost count but I know it's been almost 3 weeks since they last won. Good thing Stan is the President, he won't fire himself.......

The Red Wings have won 5 of 6, and are playing the Rangers today at the Joe. Then are off to Carolina to play the Hurricanes on Sunday. Who would have thought with all those kids, they would be in the position they are in, battling for the lead in their division with Montreal and Tampa Bay?

The scary part about the Wings, is that they can only get better with the more experience the Sheahan's, Tatar's and Jurco get. Pavel is insanely good for someone who has missed about a third of the games this year. They are finally getting contributions from Weiss and Helm, now they have to wake the Mule.........

Well "it ain't over, til it's over," but in this case Yogi it is.....

Hope everyone has a great week!






Sports Friday with Hal: Dog Days
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Happy Friday!


What the heck, O.H. got me thinking about dogs with his grand-dog story so I guess I’m just gonna continue some thoughts on the whole “have a dog, don’t have a dog” deal here. We can call O.H., part one and the inspiration and I’ll be part two and the clean-up (somehow, I always end up on clean-up duty with the dog doody!)

The Dog Question is a big one. I grew up with dogs...but then I grew up on a farm with goats and chickens and ducks and cats and dogs and picking berries, weeding and watering and picking veggies, and the irrigation system was pumping water at the old time well and filling and carrying buckets of well water to the garden. The cats ruled the house and the barn: the dogs were the muscle.


We had a female mutt, her name was Cutie. She was a sweetie-pie, never hurt a fly, and would be tied up near the house. She was older when we got her, and the story told was that the dog officer at the dog pound had told my mom that the dog would be put down the next day if no one claimed her and she convinced my dad to get her as well.


The dog they went to get was named Oaf. His real name was Tippy when we got him as he was all black save for white on the tips of his toes. He was a big boy, as he was half Newfoundland and half Labrador. He was a big oaf, and earned his new name. He was still young and aggressive and I was about five years old when we got him. I actually still remember my parents pulling up in the old green van and looking out the window seeing them bringing the two dogs into the house.


I was scared shitless (I was a wimpy five-year old!).


We had had dogs before then, but I really remember them. I remember my grandfather had a collie named Lassie (real original, I know!) and we had her at the house when he was in the hospital before he passed away.  I remember the dog was very old as well,and she had passed away when my grandfather was very sick as well.


I got over my fear of the dogs. Cutie was a cutie and very friendly and mellow. Oaf was the wild man. He broke every chain my Dad had on him (no fenced in area and he just ran off when he got loose), and eventually he ended up with a giant metal chain they use to tie up boats at the dock. The dog must have had amazing neck muscles to hold up that chain all day because it was HEAVY.


The best Oaf story when I was little was I was going up to the barn to get the eggs from the henhouse. Oaf was tied up outside the barn (there had been a break-in and tools stolen one night, which was likely the impetus for my parents getting the dogs to begin with) and he would get all excited and jump around trying to lick you. He was bigger than me, so it was traumatic and scary for young five or six year old me.


I got past him, went in, got the eggs (at least a dozen or two) and was on my way back when he spotted me and started running at me. Scared to death, I literally threw the eggs straight up in the air and ran for the house. Oaf had only so much length on the chain so I escaped, but not punishment. The eggs were for breakfast, but the dog was the only one eating them. Suffice to say, it was probably my second-most embarrassing moment involving getting the eggs (I was chased and pecked by a rooster one time, that has to be worse than being scared of a dog!).


Oaf had a great run in with a chicken one time as well. In the fall, when the garden was done, my dad would release the chickens from the coop so they could roam around and eat grass and weeds and dead tomato and potato plants (rather than buy feed). One old hen figured out exactly where to stand so the dog would see her and go nuts, but not be able to reach her. So one day my dad was out adjusting the massive chain for the dog and ended up giving him a foot or two extra.


You guessed it, the old hen took her usual place to torment the dog and Oaf came bounding over and WHOMP. One bite and the old tale of chickens running around without a head went from myth to truth as I watched Oaf chase,catch, and eat a headless chicken.


Oaf was great. As he mellowed and got older, he was less scary and more of a pal. He would be tied up to the post of the basketball hoop and would tip the ball back to me when shooting. When we played games, he was like having Darryl Dawkins under the hoop as the neighborhood kids would be scared of him and afraid to drive to the rim.


Oaf succumbed to cancer (Cutie had died a few years earlier of old age) after having a horrible huge tumor on his mouth. My dad ended up putting him out of his misery after spending a lot on treatment for him and trying to get him comfortable. At the end was the only time Oaf got to be house dog, which he relished. As he got weak, the heavy chains were gone and it seemed a neat metaphor.


After Oaf, my dad refused to get another dog. He just said that he could never go through that again. My dad had always had a dog his whole life up until Oaf passed away (My mom was the cat person). He still hasn’t replaced Oaf, but he does still have a picture of him in the kitchen along with a picture of his dog he had as a boy.


When my wife and I bought our first house my wife wanted a dog. So she got a dachshund. Yup, a wiener dog. Her name was Honey. She was insane.


We both were working long hours (no kids yet) and were too young to have to work that hard to pay a mortgage! We already had three cats and the dog was basically the fourth cat. We couldn’t bring her places as she just scratched and yipped when left alone. She destroyed the door jambs at the house trying to get outside after we both left for work. Sadly, she was not a fit.


What we did do with her was take her on brunch dates. My best friend’s parents lived up the street and they had gotten a dachshund around the same time, a male named Max. Max LOVED Honey. We would bring Honey over to see Max and have brunch on the weekends which was very cool.


We ended up giving Honey to my sister who had three boys and she was a good fit. We went to just cats again for a while until we had the kids. By the time my son and daughter were in preschool it was “a dog would be good for the kids” time from my wife. I had insisted I would not get another dog as Honey was more work than my kids ever were!


I buckled, of course.

My wife’s mom knew someone who knew someone who had puppies and we had Pepper as a part of the family. Pepper was one of the most docile and sweet pups ever. She was also mostly pit bull and scared the crap out of most everyone. Then we realized she was growing, and growing, and growing. Nine months old and she was over 90 pounds. She was half pit bull and half moose!


Her only negative was she loved to chew stuffed animals. One day, we came home and my poor three year old daughter had every stuffed animal ripped to pieces by the dog. She cried and cried and was so sad and mad but she still loved her doggie.


Of course, she was afraid of the cats. One day, one cat was sitting in the walkway between the kitchen and living room. The dog was trying to go from the kitchen to the living room and the cat was blocking the way. The 90 pound dog, so intimidated by the 10 pound cat, went over the kitchen stove, over the island, and across the couch making a huge mess just to avoid the cat.


We had to get rid of Pepper because she just outgrew the house. Our yard is not fenced in again we had a confined dog who needed to run free. The final straw was another accident. She came running into the living room and bumped my daughter. My daughter flew through the air (it was an accidental hip check) and she flew through the air and crashed into the television and got a bad bruise. Accidental, but the pup was just too big!


We found a home where she has a fenced in yard and another big dog. We heard from her owner a few months back as they called to say thanks again (this is like five/six years later) and that they loved her so much. It was really touching. My wife and I were ecstatic she was so happy in her new home.


Not long afterwards, the dachshund debate was back. Maybe a half-breed dachshund would be less crazy (its a breed thing, I guess) they told me. Again, I gave in.

Now we have Victor. Half-dachshund and half-Beagle, he lives with the cats and is a part of my family. He’s a pain in the ass, but he is good boy. He sleeps in my daughter’s bed, he sits with my son while he plays video games, and he’s respectful and afraid of the cats.


My best friend--whose parents had the dachshund, Max--recently lost Max. My best friend’s Dad had passed away unexpectedly three years ago and his mom was insistent on living alone and she just had blind, sickly, irritable Max. Since Max passed, she has not wanted another dog right away, but she quickly adopted Victor as her grand-dog.


She baby-sits him when we go away, Victor visits the cottage in the summer to go swimming and get spoiled. My best friend, Tim, is his best friend and he sits with him when he is over (to watch football).


Most of the cats, though, have love for Victor, but endure him.

Victor may not have been my choice, or first choice, but he’s the family dog now. He barks at squirrels, he sniffs everyone, but I feel better knowing there is a dog watching my now pre-teen daughter in her room for security, and he barks at every car that pulls in the driveway and everyone who walks by. He has that beagle bark that makes him sound scary and effective security.

So a week off from sports, for a dog day.


Have a great weekend, all!

O H Thursday
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I’ve been racking my brains the past few days trying to come up with a subject for today.


I could talk about the Packers beating the Patriots 26-21 in a game that many called the SB preview…but with 1/4th of the season left that’s a bit premature and fans of the Eagles and Bronco’s might object to me jumping on that bandwagon.

I could give you my two cents worth on Ferguson and the rev. Al Sharpton but I think you know where I stand.

I could ask who you think is the best song writer of all time, that would get a variety of worthy answers so maybe answer that one.


I could ask you all to tell me the weakness in Aaron Rodgers game, that would be interesting but the list would be short.

I could ask what the weather is right now while your reading this, I’m sure the answers would vary.

I could tell you about my family trying to get me to say ok to a dog for the Harry family…that was their game over Thanksgiving.

My daughter, her husband and my grand dog Punkin stayed with us thru Sunday. My sons #3 Chris and #4 Luke both live at home so both were here along with my Mom and # 2 son Mark, my wife and I.

Punkin decided that my lap was the place to be this past week. All 65lbs of muscle wrapped into a dark grey short haired Pit Bull body. She attached herself to me. When I got up she stayed by my side. When I went out side she was following close enough to have a jowl on my leg. When I went to the store she sat on the deck and waited for me to come back.

My son Luke said to my wife, “mom, now that dad likes dogs I guess it’s ok for me to get my own bluenose, right?” My bride looked at me and replied “ better ask him, I can’t answer for him”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like dogs. I had a Sheppard/ Husky mixed mutt growing up. 120 lbs of lardass and fur named Whiskey. I had him from age 16 until I was 22. He was shot and killed by Doolie, the pig farmer that took him out when he was caught red handed chasing pigs.

I have managed the past 40 years without man’s best friend and I can manage a few more.

Luke said, “Ok dad, lets talk about this”

 I said “talk’

L- I’m 22, I can handle a dog and support and feed it, I’ll pick up after it and you won’t have to do a thing.

H- Who takes care of it when you are working (40 hrs a week) at school (15 credit semester senior year CJ major), hunting, working on your project restoration car or when your hanging with your buddies?

L- crap, I do have a busy life.

H- my point son. You see, I have a grand dog…she comes with them and leaves with them. She attaches herself to me when she’s here but…she goes home.


I could tell you about driving my father in laws Ford ranger pickup…My Silverado is being used by Luke while his Silverado is being put back together after an unfortunate run in with a couple of standing vehicles after he got run off the road by a drunk driver.


The reason I’m driving the Ranger is:

a. my father in law specifically stated, “only David can drive it”

b. it was Divine intervention that I drove it.


Lets get the facts, its nothing special. A 2001 Ford Ranger XLT with 88,000 miles on it .

 its Only a Summer driver as they are Snowbirds.

Divine intervention…I was leaving work one day last week. I put it in drive and rolled away from the curb. The speed limit in this part of Providence is 25 so I was going slow when I tapped the brake…but, nothing happened. The brake pedal went right to the floor. I dropped the transmission into 1st and it slowed right down and I pumped the brake and got a slow mushy reaction. I managed the slow 8 mile drive home. I pulled into the driveway, rolled into the deck and put the e brake on and put it in park.

I looked into the master cylinder to see if the fluid was low…empty, as in bone dry.

I blew a break line in the rear. My Inlaws fly home every year for Christmas with the family. We would typically pick them up at the airport and they would drive off in the truck. My thoughts are, I had the brakes fail on me in a situation where nobody got hurt…they might have been on the interstate or in heavy traffic and crashed. Guardian angels…

My boys replaced the rear lines under the lights. Thanks guys


I could talk about my #1 son Jon. He’s marlin fishing in Costa Rica for 2 weeks. He sent me a couple of pictures of his 100 lb sailfish and a 40 lb mahi…no marlin yet but he said the weather has been spectacular…82 and sunny every day. He said if it was the off season he’d be spending his time with Tom and Giselle but they couldn’t make it…maybe next year.


I could go on and on about the 28th anniversary my beautiful bride and I will be enjoying this weekend in America’s home town of Plymouth, a quiet getaway on the Atlantic coast in a quant B&B.


I could tell you all about the Ditkahs bowling prowess and bore you with the details but I won’t be bowling this Thursday, my son Luke is filling in for me with his 199 average. I tweaked my back this past week walking Punkin the grand dog. We were walking thru the hood when the neighbor's (Wilson & Maude) puggle came tearing out barking. The dog is behind an invisible electric fence but Punkin didn’t know this.

She cut me off to try to turn the puggle into a chew toy and oldharry ungracefully tumbled onto the street. I went down so fast I didn’t know what hit me. There I was, on the ground with a screaming knee and a hand full of leash and a twisted back. Punkin looked down at me and tipped her head sideways and lapped my face....mushy thing that she is...


Don’t forget to be thinking about and praying for Jeff and his Dad.


I guess I’ll have to close this now that I’ve bored you all…don’t forget to check out Lanz over to my right. Well actually both of us lean way to the right!

Deep Thoughts 12-3-14
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. Another week and again I find myself writing my blog from my dad’s hospital room. I wish I had better news to report, but I just don’t. I remain hopeful, but it very much seems that we will need a Christmas miracle for my dad. Christmas…is it possible that we are almost there? It only seems like yesterday that I was writing my blog about swimming. To borrow a line from a great song…”it’s a long long time from May to December, but the days grow short when you reach September.”  As the days grow short, they become precious indeed.







I read a comment on facebook that said that the college football format has “cheapened” the regular season. I have been thinking about those words and just don’t understand that position. It would seem to me that with the current format that the regular season games have become vitally important, with regard to qualifying for the 4 team playoff. Some college football fans have been complaining about the lack of attention paid to strength of schedule. The playoff committee seems have heard this complaint and is hanging their hat mainly on strength of schedule and “good” wins. Why would I say that you ask? Well, how else could you have the unbeaten defending champs as the 4th ranked team (FSU) and the 3rd ranked team (TCU) ahead of the team that beat them (Baylor). It is odd and it is confusing, but it sure as hell has folks talking about college football. While we may complain and question those top four teams, it is easy to see that the job of the committee is damn hard. Let’s be honest for a moment…each of us has a favorite team and conference. It has been said that you can use statistics to support any opinion. If you have ever doubted this, read the different opinions on college football. Fans and writers grab any common stat to try to make their case. It is okay as this is part of what makes being a fan fun. Because of this, I tend to take the various opinions on college football’s best teams with a grain of salt. With Texas well out of the running, I am still digging this college football season. But, I must admit that I remain somewhat confused with the ranking of TCU above Baylor. Yes, I understand that TCU scheduled and beat Minnesota 30 to 7, while TCU went to Buffalo and scalped the Bulls 63 to 21. The bottom line for me is that Baylor beat TCU. Yes, it was a basketball score…but it was still a victory. I appreciate that the best college teams are being held accountable for scheduling weak non-conference opponents, but how do you ignore a head to head game? For those Ohio State fans, you are lucky that I am not ranking the teams as you would be behind Baylor. Slice it anyway you want, but the Big 10 is just not very good this year. Those Golden Gophers that are tipping the scale for TCU are now 8 and 4. Three of those 8 victories were against Eastern Illinois, Middle Tennessee and San Jose State and a one point victory over Purdue (who has 3 victories on the season). Why is this victory being savored so sweetly?

I don’t often agree with Pat Forde, but he makes a ton of sense here:



Of course, then you have the curious case of the Big 12 officials deciding that TCU and Baylor would be named “co-champions” if they finish with the same record. Has everyone lost their mind? In the Big 12 bylaws, it explicitly says that head to head is the tiebreaker…so tell me how Baylor would not be the conference champion? I watched every miserable minute of the TCU and Texas game and the Texas and Baylor game. To be honest, if Texas has even a mediocre QB, they had a decent chance to beat TCU and Baylor. If you saw the score, you probably would think that TCU routed Texas. The reality is that Tyrone Swoops just handed the Horned Frogs the game. Four interceptions and a fumble will get you beat every time…and TCU did what good teams do, they finished. I will take nothing away from the Horned Frog’s victory, as they were the better team… but Texas is not that far away from being a force. I said earlier in the season that Tyrone Swoops was not the answer at QB for Texas and I stand by that statement. What I realized is that Swoops is good enough to beat bad teams, but will never be the QB that Texas needs to get where they want to go. I was listening to sports talk leaving Austin Tuesday night. I understand that Texas is already talking to UAB QB Cody Clements, with the announcement that UAB would be eliminating football. I don’t know much about Clements, but this is the sort of stop gap move that would help Texas. I also know that Texas is looking at a JUCO QB as another option. One thing I do know is that competition is a good thing for a football team.





                              UAB coach Bill Clark leaving the meeting to end football...a sad tale. Is this just the beginning?


As I heard that UAB was discontinuing football, this got me to wondering how many other schools would come to the same conclusion as UAB officials.

 Here is the statement issued by the university:

 "The Athletic Department faces many challenges given the rapidly evolving NCAA landscape and soaring operating costs, which place extreme pressure and a growing financial burden on programs like UAB's. Costs are continuously spiraling upwards driven by cost-of-attendance payments to players, meals, equipment, facilities, coaches, travel and more," the statement said.

"The fiscal realities we face — both from an operating and a capital investment standpoint — are starker than ever and demand that we take decisive action for the greater good of the Athletic Department and UAB," college president Ray Watts said in that statement. "As we look at the evolving landscape of NCAA football, we see expenses only continuing to increase. When considering a model that best protects the financial future and prominence of the Athletic Department, football is simply not sustainable."


Football is simply not sustainable…these are difficult words to read, but not surprising. UAB is the first school to cut football since Pacific did in 1995, but my guess is that many other schools might have to make the same decision. With the decision to pay players on the horizon, the costs to play will continue to move higher. The number I heard mentioned for player compensation is $5000 per player. While I do not have the details, I would assume that each player on scholarship would receive this amount. This would be an annual cost of $425,000 for each school. For schools like Texas or Alabama, this amount is nothing. For other schools like UAB, it is a deal killer. A few months back, then SMU coach June Jones made the comment that smaller schools might have to play on a different schedule than D1 football. Many scoffed at his words, but they made sense to me. I hope I am wrong, but I see a very different time ahead for college football. Change is coming, whether we like it or not. UAB is only the first…








                             Have you seen the new milk ads? I think that they are sort of catchy…what do you think?








MLB umpire Dale Scott announced this week that he is gay. To be honest, I am ambivalent to the entire matter. I guess the announcement by Scott was about him, as he said…MLB has only judged him by the job he has done on the field. And this is as it should be! How long will it be before we no longer see these types of headlines? I did find one of the comments to the article to be funny as hell…”it takes great courage to admit to being an umpire”. Exactly!



I was going to write something about the Cowboys and the stupid ass schedule that the NFL has them playing this year, but I won’t. The egg they laid on Thanksgiving Day was epic, but not the end of the world. I still like where this team is headed, although they will have to figure out how to stop that Eagle offense. If you have a mind, check out this article:






                                                                            Colt...no longer a third team QB.




Before I go, I have to give a quick shout out to Colt McCoy. After reading so many say that McCoy is not an NFL QB…how does 392 yards and 3 TDs and 0 interceptions sound?. So all you saying Colt can’t get it done…how does that QB rating of 113.1 taste? Of course, when you are playing Andrew Luck who goes for 370 and 6 TDs...you aren’t going to win that game. Some will point to my continued focus on Colt being because he is a former Longhorn. While I admit this has a small measure of truth, the reality is that there are many former Longhorns that I do not write about. I recently read an article by Scott Allen that was an interview with Steve Young and found it to be a fascinating read. He equates becoming a good NFL QB to doing graduate work. Young recalled his early days in San Francisco and the hours of repetition that Mike Shanahan had him do. Shanahan would say, let’s go over this again and Young would reply…no Mike I’ve got this…and then they would go over it again and again. Young says he has nothing against RG3 and even calls him “one of my guys”…or guys that can run around. In Young’s opinion, Griffin has just not put in the time to become a successful NFL QB. He thinks that McCoy is in the middle of this learning cycle…ahead of Griffin and Cousins and…that he may be more than a stop gap measure. Young correctly points out that Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, did not have the athleticism, so they had to do the graduate work to become great. He talked about how great QB’s own the pocket and perform their jobs by reflex. Young also noted that he and Drew Brees were not good QBs initially, but through hard work were able to find their way. It is interesting that Young named Brees as he is exactly the type of QB that I think Colt McCoy could one day become. It is about putting in the study time and landing in the right system. Now…it will be interesting to see what happens in Washington as they have 3 QBs to consider. For the moment, I have to believe that the Redskins job is Colt’s to lose. Honestly, it could not happen to a nicer guy than Colt. Although, I will be rooting against his Skins in a few weeks!

Here is the link in case you want to read the entire article:






That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…


I can still recall old Mister Barnslow getting out every morning and nailing a fresh load of tadpoles to the old board of his. Then he’d spin it around and round, like a wheel of fortune, and no matter where it stopped he’d yell out, ‘Tadpoles Tadpoles is a winner’. We all thought he was crazy. But then, we had some growing up to do.

When I heard that trees grow a new ring for each year they live, I thought, we humans are kind of like that. We grow a new layer of skin each year, and after many years, we are thick and unwieldy from all of our layers of skin.



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