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Happy Friday!


Yeah, don’t ask. I was AWOL last week. Wrote up my blog as usual in GoogleDocs (gotta be able to write anywhere anytime) and then somehow thought I had posted it Thursday night. Went to bed. Went to work. Went out Friday night to the Providence Bruins (minor league hockey). Had the usual crazy busy weekend. Went to the Gab Monday am to check the blogs and realized ***holy shit*** what did I forget!?!?!?


Much apologies, so enough with the mea culpa’s and on to the NFL this week:


Adrian Peterson continues to dominate NFL news as now he is potentially in violation of his criminal bond in violation of his criminal bond. This could--depending on the levels of a drug test--put him in violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy or--if he was already an offender it bumps him up a level. As far as character it is a strike if he is going to be incarcerated with his bond rescinded. For Peterson, it is another strike in the eyes of the public opinion.




In New York, the Jets head coach Rex Ryan is in a fight for his job as the 1-4 Jets play the two teams from the AFC Championship last season in the next seven days. Sunday Peyton Manning could have a chance to break Brett Favre’s touchdown record with the Jets horrid secondary. On Thursday night Sexy Rexy faces his nemesis (and complete opposite in dealing with the media) Bill Belichick. If the Jets cannot figure out a win, they could be 1-6 and how exactly do you keep a coach who has been consistently bad the last three years?


The Jets have second year quarterback Geno Smith missing meetings off the field while at a movie and offering a lame excuse about the time zones. Rather than bench his quarterback, Ryan sent the wrong message and started him against San Diego. Does anyone think Manning or Brady miss practices while sitting at a movie stuffing popcorn down their throat? The only movies those two watch is in the film room breaking down the opposing defense.


Michael Vick played in the second half but there was no controversy since he stunk just as bad as Smith. Now Ryan is sticking his neck out as he did last season when the Jets celebrated finishing .500 and saving their buddy, the head coach, his job by winning the last two games. They celebrated like winning the Super Bowl after finishing 8-8 and missing the playoffs. That is the sign of a team that is never going to win anything important anytime soon.




The idiot move of the week was the Lions fan who shone a laser pointer at the Buffalo Bills players. Instead of a punishment, he was awarded by being banned from Ford Field and not having to watch head coach Jim Caldwell stand passively as a talented team stands to potentially lose its two best players: Ndamukong Suh and Calvin Johnson. Suh is a free agent and someone will overpay for the talented but petulant star. Johnson, despite signing a 7-year deal in 2012, is carrying a cap charge over $20 million next year. With his ankle injury limiting him, the Lions front office must be thinking what they can do with the money allocated to him and Donkey Kong since Megatron’s health issues could lead to some thinking about rebuilding the team in multiple positions with the surprising play of Golden Tate and the development of 2014 draft pick tight end Eric Ebron.




The 2015 NFL Draft is already getting interesting as projected top running back Todd Gurley had just two jobs this year a Georgia: stay healthy and keep your nose clean. Health is not an issue, but now he is suspended indefinitely due to an investigation into whether he violated a rule (of which there is no real explanation yet as to what the rule actually is). Now this is no guarantee of him dropping out of the draft or anything, but it is a dumb move by a kid who is already costing himself money in the next year. At 230 pounds and faster than anyone that size should be, he is still going to be a high draft pick. Talent trumps all else in the NFL, after all.




Denver Broncos lost the disappointing running back Montee Ball for a few weeks to injury after Denver oddly failed to re-sign Knowshon Moreno. Ball’s groin injury opens the door for Ronnie Hillman to start. A third-round pick in 2012, the short, fast, back has yet to make an impact in the NFL. Fumbling issues derailed any playing time for Hillman, so he has some work to do Sunday to keep hold of the job. First job, hold onto the ball. Peyton Manning is not going to deal with any back fumbling away a chance to win.




OK, this time it’s posted! :)


Have a great weekend, all!

OH Thursday
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As I put together my thoughts on this week’s sports blog my mind keeps going to the serious problems in the world.

Many Christians are being executed for standing up for their faith in Iraq.

Beheadings by the Islamic extremist terrorists has become common place in both Iraq and Syria.

Ebola outbreaks are getting out of hand around the world even in the US and now in Spain.

Our government is supplying weapons to moderate extremists if that descriptive name is even possible.

Anti Semitism in Europe is at a dangerously high level.

Our best and most loyal ally in the volatile Mid East region has national security problems that are being ignored by the administration because of the president’s personal feelings about Israel.

A US Marine, arrested in Mexico 6 months ago, remains in prison there because our president’s personal feelings about Marines apparently.

Our Vice President continues to insult and then apologize to our allies around the world.

My writing these thoughts in a public forum is probably dangerous, I could be targeted by the IRS or the Secret Service or the Administration’s Special PC police for my harsh and irreverent words…Lets see if they are listening…”REDSKINS”   I said “REDSKINS”


And now my public service message:

My point in the above is that it's inevitable that our Military will continue to be placed in danger around the world so please take a few minutes of each day and pray for those who have volunteered to fight to protect our freedoms and our lives


Now back to sports;

Because of the heat one Thomas Brady has been taking lately I’ve been thinking about the longevity of NFL QB’s

The NFL rules committee has made life easier for QB’s to stay upright and reduce the hits they once took. Deacon Jones will not slap you upside the head…Bret Farve played into his 40’s, Peyton Manning is 39, Tom Brady is 37

Playing a lot of consecutive games takes a good QB with good health, loads of luck and a good relationship with his coach.

As the resident Stat Man I can’t help but give this list of leading consecutive QB starts including both regular season and playoff.


1. Bret Farve                        321                 9/1992   -   12/2010

2. Peyton Manning               227                  9/1998    -    1/ 2011

3. Eli Manning                    167                 11/ 2004      current

4. Philip Rivers                   142                  9 / 2006     current

5. Tom Brady                      128                    9/ 2001    -   9/ 2008

6.Ron Jaworski                      123                 9 / 1977   - 11/ 1984

7. Joe Flacco                         114               9 / 2008       current

8. Joe Furguson                      110               9/ 1077   -    9 / 1984

9. Dan Marino                         99                10 / 1987   - 10 / 1993

10. Tom Brady                       94                 9/ 2009       current          


   Everyone here at the Gab is familiar with these guys or at least there names, as an older guy, I can say I’ve seen them all play. I can tell you they share a few common traits;

   They were all basically pocket passers. They all have the reputation of being tough enough to take a good hit, smart enough to throw the ball away when necessary, pocket presence to where they could feel pressure and take a step up and get rid of the ball, also all possess strong arms to go with field leadership qualities. They all played thru slumps and bumps so there are no wimps here either.

   Some learned to adjust to their aging and changing bodies and diminished skills, some did not.

Bret Farve was a tough son of a gun but never wanted to admit his feet were slower and his arm weaker as he aged. He is the leader in the club house with games played and seasons ended on a pass that he should have stuck in his pocket. The gunslinger reputation is cool as long as the gunslinger can still sling…in the end Bret could not.

    Peyton Manning is the guy I most respect when it comes to tweaking his game as he aged. Peyton understands his body and it’s limitations and operates within those parameters. 55 TD’s at age 38 was not a product of good luck and good receivers, it was a product of the field general running his offense with good weapons and an understanding of their capabilities not just his own. Will Peyton win another SB in his career? Who knows but will it matter for this 1st ballot sure fire HOF QB? I don’t think so.

    There are better QB’s than Peyton but he is top 5 all time without a doubt and probably top 3. As much as I hate seeing his mug on the field ( I’m a Brady guy)I have to admit that he has transcended the time and took the strong armed rookie and matured into the respected veteran who’s name will always be associated with what the NFL wants to portray as it’s face, a genuine roll model type.

Peyton is a family man with a sense of humor and a great ability to motivate those around him.

   Can Tom Brady learn what Peyton knows? Tom is right behind Peyton in age and as he said, he wants to play until he’s into his 40’s or until he just plain sucks.

   Not blessed at this time with a good offensive line and knowing that the word has been out since the 2007 Giants SB win over the Pats, Get in Toms face and make him uncomfortable and you can beat him.

    The Patriots need to make that transition, Tom works best out of the shotgun like Peyton, Tom reads defenses well and has a quick release. Tom needs to take the tempo back and dictate not react to defensive pressure. It was what we saw Sunday night in Foxboro. Still possessing a strong arm and a load of confidence Tom can get the Pats back on track if…if BB and Josh McDaniel learn what Peyton knows… Give me time and I’ll give you wins.

    These QB’s are generals, you just can’t use Tom as a second lieutenant. Tom’s success comes from making things happen and not from waiting for them to happen.


The NFL had but two unbeaten teams going into this past weekendArizona had to play old Peyton and Cincinnati had to play old Tom…no unbeaten teams remain and the corks in Miami were popping early this year.



-Peyton Manning 503 TD passes just 5 behind the all time leader Bret Farve


-Tom Brady, 50,000 yards passing. 6th place all time.

Tom is 1243 yards behind the Bronco’s great John Elway.

The Patriots play the Broncos in week 9 in Foxboro. Tom would have to average 311 yards per game to pass Elway playing vs the Broncos.

It is possible but unlikely seeing how Brady’s high water mark for this season is 292 yards.

The next 3 games will tell the story as the Patriots play Buffalo, NY Jets and the Bears leading up to the Bronco’s game. It will more likely happen when playing the Colts or Lions in mid November.


-Stephen Gostkowski, Patriots place kicker moved into 2nd place

All time in Field Goal % with his 5 for 5 day on Sunday.

Stephen has a record of 221 made of 256 attempts for a 86.3%

He trails only Mike Vanderjaqt whose record is 230 of 266 and 86.5%

Dan Bailey of Dallas has a 90.826% but has only 99 career attempts.


The Big Shakeup

Week 5 NFL rankings

1. San Diego 4-1 and this weeks patsy is the 0-4 Raiders

2. Denver 3-1 and this week it’s the horrible 1-3 Jets

3. Seattle 3-1 and this week it’s the 4-1 Cowboys

4. Philadelphia 4-1 and this week…the 3-2 Giants

5. Cincinnati 3-1 and they take on the 3-2 Panthers

6. Dallas 4-1 with a big test in Seattle

7. Indianapolis 3-2 next up the 3-2 Texans

8. Arizona 3-1 should right the ship vs Washington

9. SanFran 3-2 take on StLouis on Monday


Eight teams are tied at # 10, interchangeable parts

 Kansas City 2-3  have the bye before going to San Diego

 New England 3-2 and a trip to 3-2 Buffalo

 Green Bay 3-2 Travel to 2-2 Miami

 Detroit 3-2 Lions face Minnesota

 Baltimore 3-2 faces Tampa Bay

 Buffalo 3-2 host 3-2 NE

 Carolina 3-2 goes to visit angry Bengals

 Houston 3-2 sees Indy Thursday night

And you could probably throw in the Giants and Steelers too

On the other end are 

The worst 5 stinking teams looking for the first pick in the 2015 draft

32. Oakland     0-4

31. Jets            1-4

30. Jacksonville 0-5

29. Tennessee    1-4

28. Tampa Bay   1-4



The Ditkahs swept thru another night of bowling and pushed our record to 30-10 to move into a 2nd place tie. Jake and Chris again carried the team bowling 646 and 631 respectively.


Me and the lovely Mrsharry are heading off on a road trip to Maryland to visit our daughter and her hubby. I can’t wait.

I need someone to take over this coveted spot on Thursday Oct 16th

I would greatly appreciate the help.

If you can … let me know, and let the big dogs Sully and Beeze know too.


Have a great week and don’t forget to read Lanz

Over there to my right


Deep Thoughts 10-8-14
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Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. If you are a baseball fan, you have to love what the MLB playoffs have delivered this season. The NL has delivered old reliable victors in San Francisco and St. Louis, while the AL has a fresh look with the Royals and Orioles taking the next step. Since I don’t have any strong rooting interest, I have just been enjoying the great performances of all the teams. I made a comment to Norm about Bryce Harper being “over hyped”, but after watching the kid play this week…I may have to change my assessment. The bomb he hit Tuesday night in San Francisco was simply amazing. There is no way a ball hit that high should clear the right field wall, much less make the water. Damn. What a moon shot! Of course, in the end…Harper’s blast was not enough to prevent the Nationals from being eliminated. There was one inning that sort of defines to me why teams like the Giants and Cardinals seem to always end up playing in October. In their last game of the year…the Nationals brought in a rookie reliever to face Hunter Pence. To say it did not go well is an understatement. A walk to Hunter Pence, a wild pitch to Pablo Sandoval allowed a run to score. With first base now open, Nationals manager predictably decided to intentionally walk Sandoval. The plan was reasonable, the execution was lacking. Barrett’s next pitch was lobbed way over the head of the Nationals catcher Ramos. Honestly, I have never seen anything like that. But, the funny thing is…the poor throw careened right back to Ramos, who flipped to Barrett in time to tag Posey on his way home. My takeaway from watching the Giants and Cardinals moving on is that they are battle tested and…they both have very good bullpens. Like it or not, players are judged by how well they play when the pressure is highest. The Nationals and Dodgers are loaded with talent, but must perform better under the bright lights of the playoffs if they want the brass ring.

I have always been a National League guy. I love the thought required of the manager with having the pitcher hit. The NL games are usually low scoring games with a premium on defense and pitching. As I have watched the Orioles and Royals play this year…darned if they don’t look like National League teams to my eyes. When you throw in the Royals penchant for stealing bases…any National League fan would be proud of the game being played in KC. Although the Orioles and Royals do not have the recent playoff experience of the Cards and Giants, both teams are playing without fear. I think that Buck Showalter has much to do with the Orioles fearlessness. But, the Royals are another matter. Ned Yost is a good manager, but does not appear to be of the same ilk as Showalter. What I am beginning to believe is that GM Dayton Moore has crafted the perfect team for a fall run. Moore has been telling the Royals fans the past few years to be patient and promised that 2014 would be the year that this Royals team would find success. True to his word, these guys are playing as well as anyone…and they have the bullpen talent to hang with anyone. If Eric Hosmer continues swinging the hot bat, I would not be at all surprised to see this Royal bunch facing the NL’s best.


Okay, so the Cowboys are better than we thought. But…are they good enough to beat Seattle in Seattle? My guess is that the way to beat Seattle at home is to run the ball. My initial hunch is that Seattle will win this game, but if Dallas can stay consistent in pounding the rock…they have a puncher’s chance. Seattle has had a great run and many attribute their success to the ground game of Lynch and dominant defense. In watching bits and pieces of the Seahawk and Redskin’s Monday night game…I was struck with just how damn good Russell Wilson is. Last year, I saw a QB that was essentially a game manager. In watching Wilson this year, my eyes tell me that he has matured greatly.  Wilson singlehandedly beat Washington on Monday night with his legs. But, in watching his performance, I was left thinking that if the Skins had used a spy that Wilson just would beaten them in another manner. Is Wilson a top ten QB now? For me he is…

Here are a couple of videos that I found entertaining:




A.J. Pierzynski, Mike Matheny













                       A. J. Pierzynski was left off the playoff roster, but that did not prevent him from photo bombing Coach Matheny




         When I was coaching junior football, it was common for kids to play defense the way that Dee Ford did on this play. We used to laugh that they were working on maintaining the property pursuit angle...it was an angle that never had them intersecting the ball carrier. But, since this is the NFL...I am left to wonder what the hell Dee Ford is doing??? Did he think that Gore might pass and his responsibility was to make sure that Bolden was covered? I wonder how this went over during flim this week? I can't imagine it was a happy sesssion for Ford.






Richard Sherman took to twitter to blast Pierre Garcon for pulling his hair. As Sherman is known to do...he proclaimed that Garcon is not worthy to play in the NFL. Garcon only used a few words in his response...but I would say it was well said:





I would also add, that if having your hair pulled is an issue...cut your damn hair!




That is all I have today, but I will leave you with a bit of Jack Handey…



If I ever get real rich, I hope I'm not real mean to poor people, like I am now.

I hope that after I die, people will say of me: "That guy sure owed me a lot of money."



Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a few deep thoughts of your own…








Tuesday's Tantrum -10/7/14
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Welcome to Tuesday where October means Apples as much as sports, and trust me, Apple Hill up here has just about everything in terms of food, candy, snacks of the apple persuasion.

I wish I could express in words what this sports weekend was like for me.  If I had one word, it would be FUN!!!  This has been by-far the best sports weekend I’ve enjoyed in a millennium or so, and it helped that a lot of it went my way.

MLB Playoffs.  I’m so thrilled with what is going on, but I’d rather leave MLB to much better minds (Jeff).  Absolutely incredible, in my mind 2014 has been one of the best baseball seasons in recent memory. 

NFL – 10 questions/thoughts

  1. Hey San Diego and Oakland, bend over because here it comes:  The NFL believes its 12-24 months away from a return (or two) to LA.  Uh oh…sorry San Antonio, you got punked.
  2. Maybe it’s because I had a kid who played on the D-Line for years, but I can’t freaking stand chop blocks and what Denver did to Calais Campbell should have gotten Thomas suspended.
  3. Will the FCC lifting the blackout rule mean that we are one step closer to PPV games? 
  4. SF has enough problems without Deion Sanders, Trent Dilfer, and Jay Glazer trying to stir the pot, but an offense with as much talent as they have with that inability to score TD’s is bad. 
  5. Cleveland coming back every week reminds me of the 1980 kardiac kids. 
  6. Dallas played and called a GREAT game against Houston.  Where has this Dallas defense been?  Putting six DB’s one yard before the first down marker is pretty damn smart.  They owned the lines too.  It’s unfair to ask the Houston DB’s to commit to tackling DeMarco Murray and then trying to keep up with Dallas WR’s at the same time.  The rest of the front seven outside of JJ Watt need to step it up.  Oh, and to defensive coordinators who play Dallas – how many years does it take for defenses to start paying attention to #82 for Dallas?  Maybe put a spy on his ass?
  7. How do you read Chicago and Carolina because that was one weird game.
  8. Please NY, don’t fire Rex Ryan, he’s a GRRRRREAT coach!  Next up:  Denver.  Good Luck.
  9. There are reports of a Fat Walrus (Mike Holmgren) sighting in Oakland.  Don’t do it Oakland!
  10.  Peyton Manning throws for nearly 500 yards and four TD’s and I still got smoked in my non-gab Fantasy league.  Damn, what a waste! 

CFB – 10 thoughts.  For those who are tired of “same ole, same ole”, Saturday was for you.

  1. My four playoff teams right now:  Florida State, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Notre Dame.
  2. SEC:  These are the weekends that justify SEC fan running smack, and I can’t say shit! 
  3. PAC 12:  Great teams, yet don’t get the same amount of respect for their conference that SEC does.  All the talk w/the big games, did anybody notice the Cal/WAZZU game?  60-59.
  4. ACC:  Looks like Clemson is pissed, Florida State sleepwalks, and just a bit too late Virginia Tech is getting on track.
  5. Big 12:  I guess this year the Big 12 is Baylors to lose, Oklahoma did it again, and watch out for TCU who is just trolling in the background and draw Baylor this week.
  6. MWC:  Boise and Nevada had one helluva game in Reno Saturday Night, and if you look past Utah State you’re gonna get a shock.
  7. Big 10:  Sparty won, Wisky lost, & Miss-again has hit rock bottom!  Tell me when to stop laughing.
  8. Big 10 #2: The Urb had a “somewhat serious” conversation with the coach who leveled the idiot who got on the field?  Hey Urb, I think he used up his eligibility.
  9. Non-Power Conferences:  East Carolina is sitting at 4-1 and ranked #19.  ACC should poach them.
  10. Next Week:  If you thought this week was good, take a look at next weeks schedule:  TCU/Baylor, Oregon/UCLA, USC/Arizona, Alabama/Arkansas, Auburn/Miss St., Georgia/Missouri, Ole Miss/TAMU.  Then there’s the traditional Oklahoma/Texas.  As Ole Kurt Angle says, it’s about to get real – DAMN real!

West Hills Update.  The state ranked #11 team took the drive to just south of San Jose to play Gavilan and Jerry thought this might be a challenge.  His team won 50-14. 

Middle B.O.B..   I sometimes refer to her as my “Baby Shaq” because of her approach to how she plays Basketball – she’s a freaking bad ass - if you get in her way, you pay – hell, I don’t want none of that down on the block/low post and I have seven inches and more than a few pounds on her. 

Recently she got back into a Women’s league with a bunch of her old friends from High School days, and Sunday Night I went up and watched, and she (and they) still have game.  The two best teams squared off and sure enough it went to OT tied at 47.  That’s when my Baby Shaq had an offensive explosion scoring eight of the ten points in OT for the win. 

These women play hardcore – it reminded me of military basketball.  Some of them have one hell of an outside shot, more than a few of them lay great picks, and none of them have a problem with contact.

HSFB.  An interesting comment came out last Thursday that says player participation in HSFB is decreasing, and a talking head wondered if it had to do with head injury fears?  I think that’s part of it, but I also think that there’s way too much politics and personality involved at so many levels that they may not want to deal with it?

Oh yeah, not a big fan of Long Beach Poly beating Compton down in LA Friday Night 99-9.  Yes, you read that right 99-9, and the word is that there was no running clock, which I thought was required in Cali once one team goes up 40.

NBA.  Nine year, $24 Billion media deal with the sports TMZ and TNT.  Great, more Bill Simmons on our TV, that’s exactly what we need.  Oh well, at least we still have “the Chucksta.” 

Hmmm…those of you who care should stand by for Seattle expansion into the league.  There is no reason not to, unless LA North can’t get their act together on a new arena.

 “The best stories aren't on the cover. They're the kid at the end of the bench, the fan who snuck into the game, the coach who shouldn't be alive. They're the ones that are hardest to find, and hardest to forget.”  -- Rick Reilly


One Good Story.   Cincinnati practice squad guy Devon Still and his daughter Leah’s strong fight against Cancer.  Let me say on behalf of the Gab that we here are pulling for you little girl. 

One Good Story #2.  Lake Howell (FL) played Cleremont Ridge East (FL) and they put 19 year old Autistic C. J. Williams into the game just before Halftime where they “ran a play” for him where he ran and “scored a TD.”  Never mind that it didn’t count and the play was untimed, it’s the fact that two coaches, an officiating crew, and 22 kids from two teams took the time to allow this to happen inside of the game.  And that wasn’t all for C. J. as he warmed up with the team, walked to midfield for the coin flip as honorary captain, and ended up taking a knee on the final play of the game, a game Lake Howell won 10-7.  Props to both schools for giving a young man (and his family) his 15 minutes of fame!!!

Good Story #3:  Last Monday Night at bowling, the hat was passed for donations for veterans, and that alone was great.  But we were also treated to a young man who rolled a 300, and not only that, threw seven straight strikes in the next game for 19 strikes in a row (which is virtually unheard of even at the pro level) and ended up with a 781 series in three games (a 260 average)!!! 

Douchebag of the Week (DBOW).  Forget 12 minutes on Philly, Bill Burr needs to do a 30-minute rant from hell on this one.  If I am an actively serving veteran or a prospective recruit looking to join the military, I am taking a hard look at how this current government and military leaders treat our vets.  With the receding benefits that THE PENTAGON is proposing and apparent lack of concern for vets who get captured/arrested/killed  (ISIS/Benghazi/SGT Tahmoreesi in Mexico), not to mention the disgrace of the VA medical system, I’m not sure I would make the same decision I did 32 years ago next Sunday, and if asked, I’m not certain I would recommend the military (including the reserves) to a young kid right now, and while the economy blows, I would tell a kid that the moment the economy starts getting better again, you get out and make your money elsewhere.

DBOW Honorable Mentions?  Time to smack my own:  San Francisco fans of all sports – when the hell did you go from White Wine Sippers to gangsta wanna-bes?  This is beyond ridiculous now!  Chill the hell out - you are San Francisco fans, not Oakland.

IHM beat me to it – Jim Schwartz.  If we bring back Tool of the Year, this guy gets nominated.  What a Richard Cranium.

To the kid who got onto the Suckeye field only to get steamrolled by the coach.  Yep, he lost his scholly for that stunt. 

Kevin Durant, don’t think I didn’t notice you slipping that picture of you and that wannabe Justin Bieber on Twitter.   C’mon man, I know you’re better than that.


Monday Moaning 10-6-14
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Cute Puppy!

Well, my ten day vacation from work has come to a close...I enjoyed some time with family...Then throughout the week, each of the kids managed to get sick...On my birthday I received well wishes, a shirt that my wife liked, so I just handed it back to her...(she often buys things she likes, so she can steal it)...This is why I just prefer to wear Notre Dame and New York Rangers gear as often as possible....Molly and I went to the bakery, where she picked out cupcakes for us to have...And we ordered little Beeze's cake...He and the oldest were both home sick from school, but managed to pound the cupcakes down before anyone said Happy birthday!

I also got what has become a traditional text from wife on  my B-day..."I got my period"...While, frustrating, because damn it, I want birthday sex, it seems to be good news, since she was a month late...(new medication threw her out of whack)

A couple days later, the boy's day was here...Dinner, presents, cake, puke...Yep, he wasn't quite ready for all the goodness...Good times...That Triple chocolate cake just didn't look good coming back up!

But otherwise, he was pleased...

Then the wife and oldest left me alone with molly and sicko Friday, as they went to Philly for a funeral...Philly, Bill Burr SUMMED that place up....

Then came Saturday...Holy fucking College Football fuck-fest!  ( the fun started Thursday night)

Yes, some of us are laughing our asses off...For the dopes, L for LSU losing, M for Michigan losing again, those fuck-tards should have fired Hoke...A for Alabama losing...And O for Oregon losing Thursday night...Big shake up in the teams...

Miss State beating Texas A&M early Saturday was just a warm-up...The Aggies were exposed by Arkansas, and Miss St. took the blueprint, and closed the deal that the Razorbacks couldn't...Ole Miss beat Alabama...Auburn took LSU out of any chance of sneaking into playoff talk...TCU shocked Oklahoma...UCLA, who I liked to jump up, after Oregon fell to Arizona, was upset in the late game by Utah...

Guess who didn't lose, while playing Stanford and the #1 defense in the country...NOTRE DAME!

It was odd too...Of all the games I watched this week, these two teams were the only ones I saw play solid, consistent defense...Shit, they've both done that all year, so far...

I watched a lot of college football this week...And I heard a lot of talk, especially from ESPN and the SEC loyalists...(and remember ESPN owns the SEC Network)...They all think a 1 or 2 loss SEC team should get a playoff look over other 1 loss or even some undefeated teams...They still claim to be better, and have more talent...'The Mississippi schools won and are doing well because the SEC is so strong!'  Really!?!  But when PAC-12 teams beat each other up, they just suck, huh!?!  If you paid any attention to who Miss State recruits, you'd realize, it's the kids that Alabama, LSU, Auburn,  and Texas A&M, don't even look at...Dan Mullen recruits the 3 and 2 and 1 star kids, and develops the hell out of them...

Seriously, polls have now 1 loss Alabama ranked #7, ahead of multiple undefeated teams, and honestly some better 1 loss teams...I'll put my kids college tuition on 1 loss #17Kansas State over Alabama right now...

So since every week the hacks put out their top 4, or 6, or 8, I'm gonna give you my top 10....

1. Florida State....I hate Winston...Kid should be in jail, or just have the shit kicked out of him, but as a team, they've done what they have to...

2.Auburn...Don't like the SEC, but they are bad-ass...Big game this week against Miss State will hash some shit out...

3. Miss State....Been solid so far...Already took down LSU and A&M...Is Auburn next?

4. Notre Dame...Why? Fuck you, that's why! Seriously, you're never gonna see me put 3 SEC teams in the top 4...Besides, this stage of the season, most teams have played cupcakes, with one or two decent opponents...The Irish had tougher cupcakes then Ole Miss and Baylor...

5. Arizona...Hey, they beat the #2 team in the country straight up...That qualifies for a jump in my book...But it's the PAC-12...Some one will knock them off...This conference loves fucking it's top teams in the ass...

6. Baylor...Strong team people....They were in Oklahoma's shadow, but not anymore...If they make it undefeated until their last game against Kansas State, the Wildcats are gonna get some revenge...

7. Ole Miss...Done what they've had to...Can they keep it going? I don't think so...QB, Bo Wallace is gonna shit the bed at some point...

8. TCU...For now, undefeated gets you a look...But it won't last for the Horn Frogs...

 (just because I said that, don't bring up Georgia Tech...They're not getting a seat at my playoff table yet...

9. Michigan State...Had a late scare from Nebraska,  but they may help them as a team...Yeah, they have a loss...To Oregon, who they ran with most of the game...And while Oregon has a loss, they're still tough competition...No other big program was willing to open their season at the Ducks home field...

 I was gonna put a tie here at 10...Two teams that are impressive...Georgia,  and Kansas State...But then I broke it down...Georgia has been carried by RB Todd Gurley...Kansas State is a team...And pretty cock-strong...

10. Kansas State...Big-12, watch your backs!


All this College Football talk, and these Moscow Mules have me tired...Lets mix in something else...

If you see this sidewalk...Get a jackhammer...Shovels, whatever...Fuck this up...Damn sidewalk making the rest of look bad!

Lastly...Here is a video of Molly I took this week...We were chillin' on the couch and she started making these sounds, and moving her fingers like she had a guitar...It was hilarious...




Have a week...

The Beeze.


PS: Feel free to check THIS out and tell me what you think!


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