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Welcome back to Tuesday my Gabber friends.  But before I start today, I’m seriously trying to avoid politics, hollyweird, and all that other shit, but Michael Moore, you ignorant liberal slut, and Seth Rogen – you of all people criticizing a movie and referring to it as “Nazi Propaganda?”  I find that interesting considering you were just in a “comedy” about killing Kim Jong Un – so I guess you’re movie was what, “North Korean Propaganda?”

Happy Australia Day.  I want to wish the good people of Australia a very happy “Australia Day” next Monday, January 26th.   If you have a bucket list – add Australia to it.  I have been fortunate enough to have visited five cities there (Perth, Townsville, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney) and it has a lot to offer.  Good people with GREAT food who love Americans and getting their party on almost like there’s no tomorrow.  They say what they feel and regret nothing.  Oh, and their beer ain’t no 3.2 like we got here – it’s between 8 and 13.  I only wish I could find my pics to share.  I think I slicked them with my old camera and computer.  Dammit!

Athletes and the media.  It’s clear that pro athletes and coaches are resentful of a hypocritical media who most times resembles Max Mercy from “The Natural” and twist and turn just about everything into a damn circus.  They go overboard with their coverage of the few to the detriment of the many, and some actually think they have the power to make and break players. They make up what they don’t know and there’s no consequences.  Think back to the “in the showers” thing ESPiN pulled on Michael Sam.  That was not only reckless and inflammatory, I’m willing to bet that it might have been the final straw in any chance had of Sam making the Rams who in my mind were asked to do the NFL a favor and draft him – St. Louis didn’t want the circus coming to town. 

But do you notice lately a pattern with athletes and their relationship with the media?  It’s getting worse.  First it was Greg Popovich and Bill Belichick just giving the media nothing.  Then Arians Foster got into the act.  Now it’s Marshawn Lynch and Russell Westbrook.  Some athletes are now playing the game to be funny (DeMarcus Cousins), others seriously want nothing to do with the media.  And the media is trashing them?  Maybe they need to look at themselves.

Would anybody disagree that we get far too much information, and over half of it isn’t accurate anyway?  I think a way to fix this is what a talking head said here in Sacramento recently – there are far too many press credentials given out.  He even went so far as to say that perhaps his own radio station gets far too many to cover the Kings.  THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING that when the media even criticize.  Ballsy too considering he’s the TV play-by-play guy and hosts a radio show here, and the franchise has already shown a penchant to go after personalities who openly criticize.

Colin Cowherd said “if a player doesn’t want anything to do with the media and let them use us, then fine, let’s move on to those who do.  What has Marshawn Lynch ever said that was newsworthy?  Richard Sherman is a far better quote anyway.”   But no, the media has to continue with their harassment of Lynch rather than just moving on?  Who is the real idiot here?

Maybe, and I’m just spitballing here, the problem isn’t the players and coaches, but the problem is a more invasive and intruding media with way too many excesses, and far too many press credentials.  Perhaps it’s time to start limiting access.  Believe me, fans aren’t going to notice.

CFB.  I purposely don’t mention team nicknames by design, and now, you hopefully will never read me using the term “Penn State” after this.  I shall root for whoever plays against them. 

Secondly, the NCAA are cowards.  Scared to death because lawyers threatened to sue.  If you thought it was right to take away the games from “Unmentionable U”, stand up for your decision and accept the consequences.  Or do you have that little confidence in your lawyers?  You did check with your legal department before you pulled those games, didn’t you NCAA? 

NFL – Green Bay @ Seattle.  You just can’t tell me that what happened in the final three minutes of this game was kosher.  I know it’s stupid, but how the hell does that happen?  It just seems almost purposeful.  The “effort” GB put forth in the last two minutes of the game was laughable, but the mistakes the coaching staff made almost the entire game were even worse.  What happened there was inexcusable, and if I’m Green Bay fan, I AM FREAKING PISSED, and I can only imagine what is in the mind of Aaron Rodgers Sunday Night. 

NFL – Indy @ New England.  Indy’s time will come because quite honestly, who else is there in the AFC?  Uh, nobody.  Until then it’s pretty much Hoodie and the Patriots world in the AFC, we’re all just paying rent.  The AFC blows, and New England is the beneficiary of that.

NFL – Super Bowl.  Well, the NFL and the media in general got what they so truly wanted, a Seattle/New England Super Bowl – with all the associated two weeks worth of non-sense – which started yesterday with of all things a kicker (Lawrence Tynes) running smack about New England.  To be honest, I want to check out for a week.  After all, how many times are we going to have to hear about Dick Sherman’s now famous “You mad bro” comment?  Or Gronks latest porn star (err, friend)? 

On the field this game definitely has my attention, and I truly believe this is going to be one hell of a game with lots of good matchups.  This is probably the best matchup in years.

NFL – Denver Broncos.   Make no mistake, Fox vs. Elway was all about ego, particularly Elways.  I see many similarities between Denver and SF in their coaching issues.  In Denver, the Fox departure is about something that has gone on there for 30-plus years, and that’s John Elway’s ego.  Quite honestly, what has changed with this egomaniac since 1983 and his forcing Baltimore to trade him to Denver?  John Elway is the original diva - He was Kobe Bryant 15 years before that diva came along.

NFL – San Francisco.  Sunday a report came out that Lane Kiffin is in the running to be the SF OC.  I’m telling you that if they go that route, I will OFFICIALLY transfer my fandom to Minnesota. 

NHL.  Yeah, I got a take only because somebody finally had something that I could find.  I finally got something I asked for.  Hey Boston, Gillette Stadium is going to have Boston/Montreal in 2016 Winter Classic.  Game on!!!  And yeah, you’re welcome.

NBA.  Just as everything starts going right for Milwaukee, Larry Sanders just can’t put down the hippie lettuce long enough to stay clean.  Yep, he got another 10 game suspension.  What a moron.

MLB.  I don’t think it would be right if we didn’t say Happy Retirement to one Adam Dunn.  Admittedly, I would have probably let this pass, but I read the article and did you know from 2004-2010, Dunn averaged 158 games played, 40 HR, 101 RBI, 94 runs, and a .253 BA?  That’s a great career by anybody’s standards.  Oh, and to my knowledge and correct me if I’m wrong, no link to PED’s/Steroids.  Fair winds and following seas my man.

MLB – San Francisco.  Good job to get Nori Aoki from KC.  Speed is definitely needed in SF, that’s for sure and his bat will certainly help.  SF still needs power and I hope they can find some somewhere.

Spring Training Countdown:  31 days give or take before the first camps open on February 19th. 

Music video of the Week.  So many things going on right now, I just thought that maybe this song fit the bill.  Hey sports and talking heads, give us fans our damn respect – without us you are nothing:

Good Story of the Week – Nate Boyer.  What an incredible story, this Green Beret turned Texas Longhorn long-snapper, to potential NFL player.  Thank you to Paul White for sharing this story.  Here you go… 

Sporting D-bag of the Week – Jerry Jones and the NFL.  I guess recently he decided he’d go ahead and tell the media that St. Louis could move to L. A. WITHOUT getting permission from the NFL Office, which lead to the Sheriff summoning him to explain his comments.  Here’s the story.

Jerry, do us all a favor and shut up.  Pissing off St. Louis fan just because you feel the need to create attention to yourself just isn’t cool – and by the way and the NFL, how fair is it to St. Louis fans to string them along?  If you’re gonna do it, don’t play games – just say so, but move the team now, have them play in the Rose Bowl until a new stadium is built.  Just knock off the bullshit!

Sports D-bag of the Week – Honorable Mention.  Green Bay, Greg Anthony, and Boxing (Mayweather/Pacquiao five years too late?).

Shaking Things Up, or More of the Same?
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Every year we hear about the NFL coaching carousel. This year is juicier than most. We've seen firings galore. Smith, Trestman, Allen, Ryan, Fox, all zapped. We've seen one guy (Marrone) just pack up and opt out. We've seen a migration to, not from, the NCAA, and from a projected top contender too. That would be Harbaugh of course.

But it's the hirings that are making news now, and it's not for their spectacular earth-moving impact either. In most cases, it's more like "Oh no, what were these guys thinking??" Meanwhile, rivals within the divisions and elsewhere are probably popping champagne corks. Sometimes it's not just the new hires, it's also the holdovers. Whatever it is, status quo lovers probably like what they see.


Seattle and the Cards (maybe even the Rams) are surely happy about the NFCW. The high-profile Niners hired their own DL coach Jim Tomsula to replace John Harbaugh, and his first viral quotation was "It takes a village." Really? Perfect fit for San Fran where, unfortunately, the team no longer plays. Perfect fit for the NFL? I hear Singletary was available. Tomsula is actually a tough guy. Who quotes Hillary Clinton. But so was Singletary, except for the Hillary Clinton part. The Niners seem to prefer... um... what do they seem to prefer exactly? The press isn't im-pressed. So what do they know anyway? They may be right on this one, even if only due to the Law of Averages. Might be an irreparable case of the inmates running the asylum.


For Green Bay and Detroit, things are looking up in the NFCN. Da Bears moved to fix everything by hiring John Fox. This guy couldn't win with John Elway slinging loaded checks at everything that moved trying to make him a bigger figurehead success than Erik Spoelstra. The Bears needed a hands-on guy who breathes fire, not a caretaker. Perhaps I underestimate the man. Nah. Does anybody see John Fox turning around a train wreck? And sputtering Minnesota has retained Mike Zimmer, whose 7-9 debut hardly left the frontrunners looking over their shoulders.


The Chargers and Chiefs probably feel pretty good about next year in the AFCW right about now. Back at the ranch, John Elway is considering... Gary Kubiak? Pretty good OC. Like Elway needs an OC. Pretty bad HC. But if Diva Manning walks away, the situation changes. Kubiak thrives without a QB. Look what he did in Houston, after all. You do get the sarcasm? Oh, Elway is also considering Adam Gase. His own OC. There seems to be an obsession with OCs. Peyton Manning's OC? That's like hiring Genghis Khan's bodyguard. Or maybe Warren Buffett's financial advisor. But fear not, Bronco fans (of which I believe few outside Colorado exist) --- we hear Doug Marrone is on the interview list too. Thank goodness, huh? Maybe Manning is insisting on a total yes man. Meanwhile, Jack Del Rio to Oakland? Maybe the best news the Raiders have had in ages. This guy got Jacksonville to contend for a spot until late in the season for years. Soon as he left the same team sank like a rock. He's got his work cut out for him, but count me as a believer until shown otherwise. They have nowhere to go but up. But it's too far to go in one year to scare the rest of the division, or so one would think.


The Patriots are used to winning the AFCE, as in more used to it than anybody ever anywhere. Uninformed folks elsewhere assume that's because the division is weak. But at least earlier this season, the division had the best out-of-division record in the NFL over the past 10 years. And things may actually be looking up for New England. How? Rex sounds at first blush like a good fit in Buffalo. But wait... a few minor issues here. How is Schwartz going to tolerate Rex running the defense? He's not. He's fired. Schwartz was a pain, but Buffalo's D was playoff caliber with him. Is hiring Rex just fixing what ain't broke? He clearly intends to focus his energy on the D. The QB situation, on the other hand, is what Buffalo needs work on. It's hard to picture Rex holding Orton over. It's harder to picture him starting EJ Manuel. Wait a minute... no it's not. Buffalo has needed a solid QB since the front office forced Wade Phillips to bench Flutie. You want Rex in charge of that? And back in New York, Todd Bowles to the Jets probably doesn't bowl over the NY crowd, but it could prove a sleeper pick. Ok, so it doesn't bowl me over either. You? Round it out with Miami bizzarely rewarding Joe Philbin with another year after the team folded up like an accordion being squashed by a Mack truck.


The NFCE contenders aren't too worried. New York will retain Tom Coughlin, probably a good idea considering his track record with an average team. The Giants will have to scare Philly and Dallas with new personnel. Even Washington has no HC news. But down in DC, Bill Callahan becomes (maybe) the OL coach. Remember him? Jon Gruden's assistant in Oakland the year of the Snow Bowl in Foxboro? The one who inherited the team when Gruden split for Tampa and watched helplessly as Gruden stole all his carryover signals in the Super Bowl? That aside, he was the Boys' OL coach and apparently a good one. And the Skins need OL help badly. Hope he can block. Apparently Chuckie gave a good recommendation to his brother.


In the NFCS, is anyone not worried? The division was won by the putrid 7-8-1 Panthers, who were even worse than their record might indicate. Ron Rivera isn't going anywhere, and has finally begun to make noises like someone who swore off Camade. Lovie Smith and Sean Payton are back, but with what? And in the wake of the firing of Mike Smith, word is the Falcons have narrowed down their search for a new HC to Dan Quinn and Teryl Austin. Knew you'd be excited. But the division may be nervous anyway. Anything's better than Mike Smith, it appears. Could you lead the Falcons to two dismal seasons in a row? That takes work.


The AFCS is pretty motionless, and that speaks well for Indianapolis. Whisenhunt stays in Tennessee. O'Brien remains in Houston, perhaps the worst news for Indy. You know what to think about the threat from Jacksonville when you google 'Jaguars head coach' and all you get are hits on Del Rio being hired by Oakland. Not kidding. Just did it. Poor Gus Bradley.


We round things out with the AFCN, another motionless division, where no news is probably good news considering the level of play across the board. Cincinnati fans may be starting to object, but it will fall on deaf ears.


I Had a Dream 1/17
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In a time when our world is full of some pretty disturbing events, most if  not all of us turn to sports as a way to take our minds away from the bombings, and wide variety of murders that are being committed. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. sacrificed his life to acheive some racial equality for African-Americans, and those of other races he felt were being treated unfairly. 

Sure I could write about the NFL this weekend, but think about this if Jackie Robinson wouldn't have joined the Dodgers, would their be as big of African-American presence in professional sports today? If Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had not taken an assassins bullet in Memphis, would the Civil Rights Movement still be taking place? Truth be told racism never left, it still exists in some form, even though it's not publicized like it was when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s.

So what do you think the United States would be like today, if Dr. King hadn't taken the assassins bullet or didn't even stand up for African-Americans? Would their be African-American have the professional sports status that they have today, or would it be like in the 50s where they were considered the lesser race?

What if Jackie Robinson hadn't joined the Brooklyn Dodgers, and faced stood up to all the racist ballplayers by proving that he had the ability to play, and was not just a public draw just to enhance ticket sales? Would there be as big a black athlete presence in baseball, football and basketball, all considered white athlete sports when they were founded?

Sure Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell and others laid the foundation for Kobe, LeBron, Michael Jordan and others to make millions of dollars doing something they loved to do, but what if they never played, would professional basketball even exist today?

I am not even sure who the first African-American football player was, or even if it really matters.........

The problem that I have with our world today, is that we judge others by our race, religion and in some cases their disabilities and we stereotype them as dumb. I work with someone like that, who one of my bosses who doesn't work with handicapped employees all too-well, cut his hours so much that Curtis found a job at Lowes. He succeeded so well at Lowes compared to Krogers that they promoted him to full-time with benefits despite his disability, and one of my friends says they are teaching him how to use all the different types of fork-lift trucks to make an even better employee, for which Kroger wouldn't do.....

Anyway, it's not about Curtis or even being black, it's about treating each other fairly despite the differences we share either by color of skin, or religious beliefs. Martin Luther King wanted everyone to be treated the same regardless of their race or religion it didn't really matter to Dr. King.

So before we get wrapped up in Sunday's games, we should remember that Monday is just as important, because without those who sacrificed their lives we wouldn't have forums like the Gab to share and express our views......

Happy Birthday Dr. King, it's too bad that we were robbed of what could have happened if you would have been able to fullfill your dream.....

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CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION:  To the notion that the SEC is still the NCAA Football’s best football Conference.  The setting has changed.   The PAC-12 has made great strides the last couple of years, and the BIG-10 just got a big boosts from both Ohio State winning the National Title in convincing fashion and Jim Harbaugh returning to his alma mater Michigan.  Add in the fact that TCU and Baylor had such impressive seasons with the fact that Texas will be back as a National power in a couple of years to Oklahoma and Kansas State always delivering , and it sounds like a four Conference race to see which Conference is the best.


CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION:  that Nick Saban is college football’s best coach right now.  While It is true that he has won National Titles at both LSU and Alabama, my money goes to Urban Meyer for what he has done as a Head Coach at Utah, Florida (two National Titles), and now Ohio State (2015 National Title).  How the Buckeyes dismantled Wisconsin (59-0), Alabama (42-35, and Oregon (42-20) with a third string quarterback in its last three games just adds to the luster of Meyer’s impeccable coaching credentials.


CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION:  that Jameis Winston will not be the #1 pick in the upcoming NFL Football Draft, and it just re-enforces our Nation’s love of the professional game that I am actually writing about the draft while we are still wrapped up in the Super Bowl hunt!    Sure Winston has some off-field stumbles, but his talents for the switch from college to the professional game fit so well, I can guarantee that he is worth the gamble as the first pick of the draft.  His talents say that he is a future star drop-back passer as long as he eliminates his off-field miscues.


CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION:  That Phoenix is not front- row center the best sports city in the country for the next 6 weeks.  Let’s see, we have the Pro Bowl (all-star game), followed by the Phoenix Open and the Super Bowl (on the same weekend), and then there’s Spring Training with fully ½ (15) of MLB’s teams training here.  The Open is golf’s #1 attended event each year.  Last year 176,000 went on Saturday, an all-time record.  Add the fact that Tiger Woods will be playing there for the first time since 1997, and you have a recipe for a new all-time attendance record.  The golf tournaments usually suffer without Tiger in the field; the one exception to this rule has always been the Phoenix Open.


CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION:  that everything old really isn’t new again.  NFL teams the Jets and the Broncos fired head coaches Rex Ryan and John Fox and, barely a New York minute later, Ryan was hired as head coach of the Buffalo Bills and Fox is the new guru of the Chicago Bears.  These coaches are being recycled as fast as aluminum cans and 2 liter plastic bottles (except they are worth a bit more).  The jury is still out on whether these two were good hires.


CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION:   that the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown is not letting in enough qualified players.  I would rather that they erred to the extreme of leaving some deserving players out than opening the flood-gates and letting everyone in.  I do believe, however, that guys like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens belong (to me they are both Top 10 all-time guys).  It is time Cooperstown softens on the steroid hard-line that is in effect now in the voting process.  My thoughts on the matter of steroids have evolved, and Cooperstown needs to alter its stance also.  Baseball’s best players belong, and that includes two guys with permanent bans, Joe Jackson and Pete Rose.  I hope these two are voted in someday by the Veterans Committee and it would be great if Pete is still alive to experience it happening. 


CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION:  That Randy Johnson will walk into Cooperstown clad in anything but an Arizona Diamondbacks cap and uniform.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.  Congratulations to Arizona for your very first Hall of Fame player!


CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION:  that J.J. Watt and Rob Gronkowski are really legitimate threats to win the NFL’s MVP Award this season.  They are definitely the NFL’s best two players who are not quarterbacks, wide receivers, or running backs; I do not dispute that fact.  They will gather some votes, but I do not see either getting even one first place vote.  Call me naive, but I think all those #1 votes will go to the stud quarterbacks with maybe a few votes going to running back Demarco Murray of the Dallas Cowboys, who had a remarkable season.  We will all know in a couple of weeks when the league announces their winners.


CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION:  again that everything old really isn’t new again.  Someone emailed me this wonderful short documentary about a World War 2 American pilot who crashed a British Spitfire plane over 60 years ago.  The event evolves full-circle to modern day in this short documentary from 2007 that won an award at the Sundance Film Festival.  Enjoy:



Got any subscriptions that you would like to cancel?  Leave a comment on the way out and consider it done!





OH Thursday
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OH and now

The NFL is down to the final 4.

Indianapolis will visit New England and

Green Bay heads to Seattle.

Looking back at my pre season final four I can see that I was half right.

I had Pittsburgh coming to Foxboro and

New Orleans going north to Green Bay.

The Pats had a difficult time with Baltimore and the Colts had an easier time with Peyton and the Broncos than expected which will set up for a high scoring game Sunday at 6:30 PM

Green Bay held off the Cowboys as Dez’ non catch was just that by NFL rule…a non catch. Sometimes a catch that looks like a catch is really not a catch.

Seattle’s defense proved way too much for a weak Carolina team and sets up a classic for the NFC title Sunday at 3:00 PM


Milestones, Tom Brady (46 td’s)passed his hero Joe Montana (45 td’s) for #1 alltime in Postseason TD passes after throwing 3 against Baltimore. Brady needs 7 yards Sunday vs Indy to pass Peyton Manning in playoff passing yards.


Bill Belichick won his 20 playoff game


Julian Edelman has as many postseason td’s as Andy Dalton.


It was revealed that Peyton Manning played the past four games with a torn thigh muscle. Peyton looked like he had aged 10 years in the second half of the season and should be thinking seriously about retiring. He is a first ballot HOFer with out a doubt and will retire with the most regular season TD’s (530) in NFL history. The closest active QB’s are Brees (396) and Brady (392) both will probably pass Dan Marino (420) next season but will have to play at a high level for 5 more seasons to come close to Peyton or Farvre (508).


MLB HOF selected 4 worthy players a couple of weeks back. Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz, Randy Johnson and Craig Biggio.

I was watching for one of my personal favorites, whom many consider to be borderline, to see how many votes he’d get.

Once again Curt Schilling fell well short of the required total.

Many don’t like Schilling because he is an outspoken man. He doesn’t hold his cards (or opinions) close to the vest. If you happen to be a little sensitive he may offend you and his personal views are not always mainstream.

Curt will openly admit that he doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut. He will often say something tongue in cheek and have it taken wrongly.

His recent comment about Smoltz getting enough votes and Him not so much was because Smoltzie is a Democrat and Curt is an outspoken Republican was taken as him complaining about his party affiliation as being a consideration. Most people know that John Smoltz is not only NOT a Democrat but is in reality to the conservative Right of Schilling.

Curt said after that he thought most would get the sarcasm in the comment…apparently the offended are not as sharp at Curt gave them credit for.


Here are Schilling’s credentials after 20 years of MLB

Regular season :

W/L  216-146  .597 winning pct.

3.46 era

83 complete games

20 shutouts

3261 innings

3116 K’s

Post season

W/L    11-2   .846 winning pct.

2.23 era

4 complete games, 2 shutouts

133 innings

120 K’s

World Series

W/L 4-1  .800 winning pct.

2.06 era

48 innings

43 K’s

3 world series Championship rings 2001, 2004, 2007

one  World Series MVP 2001


Schilling has better stats in various categories than many HOFers

For example: strikeouts to walks,

Schilling (4,39) is 1st all time, ahead of

2nd place Pedro Martinez (4.15) and

3rd place Mariano Rivera (4.09)

and every other pitcher that has pitched since the year 1900.


Schillings 8.6 strike out per 9 innings is better than HOFers: Smoltz, Rich Gossage, Bruce Sutter, Bob Gibson, Steve Carlton, Rollie Fingers, Tom Seaver…

Schillings 20 career shutouts are more than Pedro, Smoltz and Babe Ruth

Schillings 216 regular season wins are more than Smoltz, Don Drysdale, Hal Newhouser and Dazzy Vance to name a few HOFers


Curt Schillings post season record of 11-2 (.846)is a better win pct than all pitchers alltime except

Left Gomez 6-0  (1.000)and

Mariano Rivera 8-1(8.99)


The raw numbers, especially the post season dominance show that Curt Schilling is a Hall of Fame quality pitcher and should get the necessary votes no mater what the voting writers think of his politics or big mouth.

I understand their reluctance to have Curt inducted with others as his speech would take hours and would overshadow the others, they will have to give him his own day.

The facts don’t lie and the numbers are the facts here in my thirdrocian attempt to make a case for Schilling.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the NFl conference Championship games.

The Ditkahs start the second half tonite

Check out Lanz right next door

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