Only the Finest Creams for Washington
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When will the Redskins learn? Washington has immediately been penciled in as divisional champions by successfully signing McNabb and a handful of other big name free agents this offseason. Snyder has once again demolished the coaching staff and reassembled the “greatest” coaching crew since the last resurrection of Joe Gibbs. And we all saw how that eventually worked out. The problem is that the Redskins always struggle to create cohesiveness, especially the kind that propels teams into the playoffs and beyond, 2010 looks to be no different.

 Although it is barely gaining any media attention Washington defender Albert Haynesworth was absent from several practices during last weeks minicamp. Being one of the biggest prima donnas in the NFL Haynesworth is creating a rift solely based on the fact that he doesn’t like the Redskins adoption of a 3-4 defense. Is this guy for real? First of all, Hey, Hey, Hey, Fat Albert spent more time hobbling his million dollar ass off the field then he did wrecking havoc on opposing offenses. Second, he has already been paid $32 million of his $41 million guaranteed money, thus giving him $32 million reasons to be quite during minicamp.  

 The Redskins new coach Mike Shanahan isn’t worried because Albert is not required to attend minicamps until next month. Shanahan also insists that the Redskins have “no intention of trading Haynesworth.” I don’t agree with this mentality. It isn’t enough that the Redskins have been the laughing stock of the NFL for numerous years. It isn’t enough that Washington continues to pump out huge contracts for a bigger assortment of creams then Russell Stover on Valentines Day. Haynesworth is merely an example. The list of egotistical boneheads signed by the Redskins is so extensive it is quietly rivaling the current international no fly list. What needs to happen is the Redskins need guys who have a willingness, an excitement about buying into the system in order for Washington to make any headway in the upcoming season. If the fans in Washington become complacent with the notion that McNabb alone will be able to carry the Redskins to victory they are even more disillusioned then originally thought.

 So when Shanahan talks about not trading Haynesworth excuse me if I roll my eyes and laugh a little. It is true that Haynesworth is a special talent but based on his limited two years of full time experience and his huge contractual obligations he could very well go down as one of the biggest mistakes the Redskins have ever embarked on. Sadly enough the main reason Shanahan isn’t preaching trade at the pulpit is probably because there isn’t another team willing to swallow the attitude that comes with the huge cap hit, uncapped year be dammed. Sometimes a lot can be understood through a lack of reaction. Honestly, Daniel Snyder and the Redskins management made their own bed. The unfortunate thing is that McNabb and Shanahan now have to sleep in it.


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Lawrence Taylor Arrested On Possible Rape Charges
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Hall of Fame and legendary New York Giants line-backer Lawrence Taylor was arrested on Thursday by Ramapo, NY police on suspicion of raping a 15-year-old runaway.


Taylor, who amassed 132.5 sacks and ten Pro Bowl appearances over a 13-year career as a linebacker for the New York Giants was taken into custody based on allegations that the player raped and punched the girl at a Holiday Inn in Suffern, New York. The girl is reported to be a runaway from the Bronx.


Taylor has yet to be charged for the crime, but could be charged as soon as the investigation is complete, as confirmed by Lt. Brad Weidel of the Ramapo Police Department.

Taylor rose to fame during the 1980’s, when he was an important part of the New York Giants championship team in 1986 and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in 1999. Taylor is equally known for his struggles with alcohol and drug addiction, that lead to him being suspended by the league the league twice after two positive tests for cocaine.


However, in recent years, Taylor had put his drug usage behind him, parlaying his new lifestyle into film roles, as well as appearances on NFL Broadcasts and ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.


A press conference is planned for later this afternoon to discuss the charges against Lawrence Taylor.

Racial Profiling and Stereotyping
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It's hard to believe. A white guy got racially profiled by immigration...

In the mid seventies, I attended San Diego State. I would head up Interstate 5 about every other weekend in my Ford Galaxy to see Mom, Dad, the brothers, the girlfriend, and whoever else would tolerate me. About thirty miles north of San Diego there was an immigration station where they would stop cars if they suspected the occupant or occupants were illegal. The station is still there, but I haven't seen it operated in years.

Back then, I had (almost) shoulder length black hair, a moustache, and a really nice farmer suntan. As I approached the place, I noticed that most of the cars were allowed to pass. However, invariably, when it was my turn, I received the stopped sign from the officer. I rolled down the window. I knew the question and I always had the answer ready.

"Where were you born?"

In my midwestern accent, I replied...

"Shelbyville, Illinois."

"Okay, you can pass."

It didn't bother me. I thought it was kinda funny.


Every morning, I have a 40ish minute drive to work. I stop at the local grocery store near the high school where I teach the munchkin in a highly Latino area of Los Angeles County. This morning, I did my usual run to get the frozen meals for lunch. Juan, the guy who usually is the cashier, was standing there bagging my purchase while another checker took my money.

(Juan is about half a foot shorter than me... a real nice guy. I haven't known him very long, but he did tell me he lost his wife a few years ago and that really changed his perspective on life. When you look at Juan head on, you can see his chest tattoo just above the v-neck of his shirt.)

As I was standing in the checkout line I heard Juan say, "Chargers." He noticed my Chargers lanyard sticking out of my pocket.
Given the way he said "Chargers", an immediate thought came to mind and I spouted out...

"Oh, are you a Raiders guy?" (After all, most of the kids in my classroom are Raiders fans... I see Raiders stuff everywhere...)

Immediately, a look of disappointment came upon his face and he responded...

"Not every Mexican is a Raiders fan."

I was upset with myself and immediately apologized...

"That's racial profiling and I apologize for it."

He revealed that he is Chargers fan, too. We chatted for about a half minute and I went on my merry way...

With my tail between my legs...




Why I Was Upset at "Run,Ricky,Run"
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Personally, I am upset over Ricky Williams telling his story en route to "Run,Ricky,Run". Too many fans felt angry that Ricky Williams betrayed the Dolphins Good Name and the reopening of old wounds only got folks ranked up for real, and I feel that this was never a popular trade in Miami because Shula tried to stop the Trade only to fall on deaf ears. The Run Ricky Run was high on the 30 for 30 Upset ometer with Without Bias, The U, and No Crossover. I feel that Ricky Williams was one of the Most Elusive Longhorns in History as Some Horns Alumni and Fans are still mad he found them when most Texas Kids jumped at going to Florida or Florida State instead of playing in Texas.

Ten 2010 NFL Draft Steals
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Every draft in the NFL has steals. Guys passed over countless times by every team before finally being selected.

Some steals happen in the sixth round, like future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady. Some steals become solid players for years.

Some steals happen because the players have character issues, while others happen because teams are looking to fill needs in other areas first.

The first picture is of Ndamukong Suh, who might be the biggest steal this year. He has Hall of Fame written all over him, and the Detroit Lions should be sending the Saint Louis Rams a "Thank You" card for passing on him.

Let's look at this year's other potential steals.

Mardy Gilyard

In the fourth round, after 98 other players were chosen, the Saint Louis Rams grabbed Gilyard.

This wide receiver knows what hard work is, having lived out his car while working to pay his college tuition.

The Rams just got themselves an expert return specialist who could easily become a huge part of their passing attack one day.

Bruce Campbell

Many thought the Raiders would draft the most athletic offensive lineman in the draft with their first round selection, but Oakland waited until the fourth round, almost 100 picks later, to get him.

The kid is raw, but huge. Raiders head coach Tom Cable's expertise is the offensive line, so he will have fun coaching this talent up to possibly being the teams starting left tackle for the next decade.

Navorro Bowman

A fringe first round pick fell to the third round before the San Francisco 49ers grabbed him.

Niners head coach Mike Singletary is a no-nonsense Hall of Fame linebacker unconcerned by Bowman's off-field issues.

The kid comes from Linebacker U. under JoePa, so he really lucked into a good situation here. His selection just helps a team that already had an excellent draft.

Ricky Sapp

The Philadelphia Eagles got the chance for a huge steal here. Sapp is projected to be an outside linebacker, a huge need. He is also excellent at getting to the quarterback.

Even if he plays defensive end, the fifth round pick has a very good chance to contribute right away.

Brody Eldridge

It seems every year the Indianapolis Colts draft a tight end. All have been pass-catching types until they snagged Eldridge in the fifth round this year.

His specialty is blocking, and he was the highest-rated player at his position in that area for the entire draft.

Now the Colts can look to run the ball a bit more in the upcoming season.

Colt McCoy

When ESPN was talking to Browns president Mike Holmgren in the first round, Jon Gruden and Steve Young went out their way to ask if McCoy was a prospect. Holmgren told his coaching disciple and former quarterback they knew him too well.

Cleveland then proceeded to gamble deep into the third round that he would be there before pouncing.

McCoy, the winningest quarterback in college football history, fits the system Cleveland runs and is now considered the future.

Amari Spievey

Spievey is a tough guy who loves to hit. Detroit selects him in the third round, and he bolsters a secondary in need of help.

With him and second-year safety Louis Delmas, the Lions look to make opponents pay for catching the ball on them.

Everson Griffen

Another first-round prospect who fell to the fourth round because of character concerns.

If he gets his head straightened out under the tutelage of the Williams', the Minnesota Vikings got a guy who will push for playing time immediately.

Jonathan Dwyer

It seems that every year since 1969 the Pittsburgh Steelers grab a great player or two.

After getting their next pass rush demon in Jason Worlids, they get a talented back in the sixth round with Dwyer.

Though he has fullback experience, the kid runs well between the tackles.

He could add solid depth that is needed.

Cam Thomas

The San Diego Chargers desperately needed a nose tackle, and they waited until the fifth round to address this need.

Getting Thomas is a huge steal for the Bolts. He is huge and strong. Occupying multiple blockers is his specialty.

He looks to start right away.

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