The Overrated Tim Tebow Workout Needs To Get Florida University Put On Probation
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Jon Gruden does not work for free. Ask ESPN , who seems to have anointed their next Brett Farve to shove down our throats on a continuous loop.

Tim Tebow is still legally a college football player?

How did Tebow afford to have Gruden prepare him for Florida Universirty's Pro Day?

You know Gruden did not take an I.O.U. from Tebow for "services rendered".

Who paid for Gruden? How about the Gator boosters? It seems pretty obvious someone other than Tebow footed the Gruden bill?

Will it be investigated? Most likely not. You won't hear a whimper of this discussed by ESPN's "journalists", but you better believe they might if Gruden worked for FOX Sports.

The NCAA Committee is as dirty as the workout that was perpetrated yesterday. Payola, or "hush money", was fed to all the proper pockets so everyone will blindly accept things "as is".

What did we learn from the workout? That Tebow still has no arm, and should think about throwing the ball with his right hand over his left.Even in the current rules that caters to quarterbacks and makes the NFL's chosen divas jobs much easier year to year.

As he got tired, the ball lollipopped more and more. The accuracy waned. ESPN valiantly tried to keep their cameras on him instead of the ball, except for a few of his earlier passes on the most simple of routes. The verdict stayed the same ultimately, despite Gruden's "unbiased" ESPN report that Tebow was a future starter. The guy is no more than a project.

What we really learned is dirty money is flowing in the Sunshine State. Now we truly see why Florida gets all the top recruits and will continue to do so. Kids will see that the school will pay for top experts to teach them to be better players without any expense to them. The Gator's will foot the bill, along with the usual housing, clothing, vehicle, female companionship bills they typically take care of for all of their players.

Florida University has blatantly officially taken football recruiting to another level, and the NCAA will gladly follow blindly with stuff wallets continuously fed by the boosters of the school.

ESPN's faux pas journalism will continue to shove your next hero down your throats as long as you tune in. Favre's name is mentioned every 20 minutes on all channels because of legal obligation. It reeks of reminiscence of the "Devil And Daniel Webster".

Now that Brett finally appears to have one last year to wear slovenly on America's conscious, they have the next Golden Boy in waiting. So confident they are in their investment, they sent "Chucky" to teach the kid to look the part of NFL QB.

Part of this madness might be because of draft day. Tebow has to be the first third round prospect ever to be invited to sit in the green room during the draft. If you were utterly sickened by having to watch a constant close up of the crying Brady Quinn for 22 rounds in 2007, get ready to puke at 70+ rounds of watching Tebow wait for the call on April 22nd.

ESPN is ready. Are you? They have plenty of tape from his days in college on the projector to get ready to shove down your consciousnesses as the already written scripts are ready for their "experts" to lament for several hours as to why he hasn't been drafted yet.

Any team that drafts him before the third round needs their heads examined because Tebow is quite simply a poor man's Bobby Douglass.

Unlike Tebow, Douglass had a good, strong arm. Like Tebow, Douglass was a left-hander with accuracy issues his entire career.

Bobby Douglass spent nine years in the NFL between 1969 - 1978, and was a full time starter in two seasons. His best season was in 1972 with the Chicago Bears, and it is not remembered because of his arm. He ran for an then-NFL record 968 yards that year on 141 carries, leading the NFL with a 6.9 yards per carry average. He ran the ball in for eight scores, while tossing a career best nine more scores against 12 interceptions.

Ultimately, he threw 36 touchdowns against 64 interceptions for his career. His yards rushing record for a quarterback was surpassed by 71 yards in 2006 by Michael Vick, though it took two extra games on the schedule to break it. Douglass was drafted in the second round, but you can bet the farm his Alma Mater Kansas University never paid for a coach to come in for six weeks to try to improve his draft stock.

If they had, the NCAA would have put them on probation because they have a set list on who can buy off their silence. Florida is on it, and Kansas never has been. In football. Basketball is a completely different story. Whomever makes them the most cash in each sport has the best chance to line the NCAA pockets and zip their lips with a nodding off acceptance.

If the NCAA or ESPN were legitimate entities, then Florida would thoroughly be investigated to see who bought Jon Gruden. ESPN would have their employee cooperate with the investigation, then break the story when the proper culprits are exposed.

But this will not happen, so just go to sleep and blindly accept the constantly shifting rules. It is exactly what is expected of you.

Did I Do Good ESPN?
R.I.P. Merlin Olsen
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Merlin Olsen 1940 - 2010

Never before has a man come across our paths like the great Merlin Olsen, who passed away at the age of 69 years old yesterday. He was more than a gridiron great who blessed viewers with his abilities on the field as a Pro Bowl player who became the leader of the greatest defensive line in NFL history, "The Fearsome Foursome".

Merlin wasn't done entertaining America. Even long before he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1982,. He had become a star actor on television in 1977 in the hit series "Little House on the Prairie", then starred in his own series called "Father Murphy".

During this time, he became a color commentator during NFL games with play by play announcer Dick Enberg. The two became fast friends and they would pair together on the NBC Network throughout the 1980's. Enberg would voice over a video tribute to his friend during a celebration of his life at a Utah State University event last year. He then starred in another show called "Aarons Way" in 1988, then transitioned to commercials. He also hosted multiple telethons benefiting children.

To understand the journey is to remember the beginnings. Born as one of nine children in a family in Utah in 1940, athletics was an important part of the Olsen household. Football was a sport that three of the Olsen boys played best. Merlin and his younger brothers Phil and Orrin all would make it to the NFL, playing together in 1976, making it one of the very few times that three brothers participated in a professional sport at the same time. Phil played with Merlin on the same team from 1971 to 1974.

Merlin attended Utah State University in college, as would Phil later on. Orrin attended Brigham Young University and their brother Clark had a son, Hans, who would later play football for BYU as well. Hans is now a renowned broadcast journalist in the Provo, Utah area.

At Utah State, Merlin quickly became a star. He was named All-Conference twice and All-American in his senior season. That year saw the Aggies lead the nation in run defense, giving up a paltry 50.8 yards per game. This allowed the team to finish ranked tenth, the only time in school history they reached a ranking that high. Merlin was named the winner of the Outland trophy after a stellar season.

He then went on to play in the East-West Shrine Game, and was named MVP. He would later be inducted into the games Hall of Fame, as well as the 75th Anniversary All-Sun Bowl Team. His exploits at Utah State are so legendary that they named their football field after him and will soon have a bronze statue of his likeness standing at the entrance of the stadium.

His jersey was retired by the school, as was Phil Olsen's, and he is a member of the Utah’s Sports Hall of Fame, both the Utah State University Sports Hall of Fame and All-Century Football Team, All-Academic All-America Hall of Fame, and is a member of the Newspaper Enterprise Association All-Time All-America Team. He was also number one of the State of Utah’s Top 50 Athletes of the Century by Sports Illustrated. Phil was listed as the 43rd best. Merlin is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame.

The Los Angeles Rams drafted him in the first round of the 1962 NFL draft, the third player chosen overall, becoming the first player ever from Utah State drafted in the first round in the NFL. The Denver Broncos made him the second player chosen in the first round of their leagues draft, but Olsen chose the Rams because the financial expert that he was thought it a fiscally more sound strategy to choose the Rams. He signed a contact for $50,000 in an era where the average salary was $12,000.

He immediately became a one man wrecking crew in the NFL, standing out as soon as he entered the world of professional football. He was named NFL Rookie of the Y.ear and was selected to the first of his 14 consecutive Pro Bowl appearances. No other Ram has appeared in more Pro Bowls and his five First Team All-Pro honors is tied as the most ever in team history.

No other player in NFL history has ever gone to the Pro Bowl in the first 14 years of their career, and his overall total has been matched only by Hall of Fame offensive lineman Bruce Matthews. He also won the Pro Bowl MVP Award in 1968.

He was lined up on the left side next to Deacon Jones. The two fed off each others excellence, forcing opponents not to be able to double team either. Lamar Lundy played defensive end from the right side, and Rosey Grier completed the quartet team in 1963. The Fearsome Foursome was born and soon was dominating the NFL.

Hall of Fame head coach George Allen was hired by the Rams in 1966, and the groups fortunes began to change upon the arrival of the defensive expert. When Grier had a career ending injury in the 1967 preseason, Allen acquired Hall of Famer Roger Brown to replace him. The unit dominated the NFL again, finishing first in the league in defense.

They continued their excellence throughout the 1960's and even added Coy Bacon to the unit. Bacon started after Brown had a injury issues, and Diron Talbert replaced the retired Lundy. The group continued their excellence, frequently placing multiple players from the unit into the Pro Bowl. Jones, Brown, Bacon, Lundy, and Grier all made the Pro Bowl as members of the Rams.

The one constant was Olsen. Even after the rest of the rest of his excellent unit retired or departed for other teams, he stayed in Los Angeles and kept leading the way. When Hall of Famer Jack Youngblood joined the team in 1971, he was given sage advice buy their leader. " Push to be great not just on every play, but with every heartbeat."

Youngblood says "When you stop and think of Merlin on the field, he accomplished things that will never be accomplished again. If it hadn't been for Merlin Olsen, I wouldn't have turned out to be the football player that he helped mold and make."

He retired after the 1976 season, the only year he failed to make the Pro Bowl. He was a first time inductee into Canton. His list of awards is astounding, and surely will never be duplicated again. When he was named NFL MVP in 1974, he accepted it "on behalf of all who toil in the NFL trenches".

He is a member of both the NFL's 1960's and 1970's All-Decade Teams, is a member of the NFL's 75th Anniversary All-Time Team and was ranked number 25 on The Sporting News' list of the 100 Greatest Football Players. He has also won the Walter Camp Man of the Year Award, and the NFL Alumni Career Achievement Award.

The Rams retired his jersey number and he was placed in the Saint Louis Ring of Honor even though he played his entire career in Los Angeles. He is also a member of the California Sports Hall of Fame, and was named Athlete of the Century for the state of Utah. The man must have had dozens of trophy cases to attempt to hold all of the accolades he achieved.

His charity work perhaps passes his athletic achievements. He was a true hero to countless people, and was especially dedicated to children. A father of three children and a grandfather of four, Olsen had an acute understanding of family and love for humanity.

He is still beloved and respected by his teammates. I was coincidentally working on a article on the 1967 Rams, and the Rams I was able to talk to all stated how important Merlin was to the team. I had just contacted Hans about talking to Merlin yesterday about the team, but this was unfortunately an event that never took place.

"He was ferocious and fearless on the football field and then the other probably more important aspect of his personality was he was a true gentleman,"Youngblood said. "We all know what a wonderful, tremendous football player he was, but he was so much more than that."

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell released this statement, "He was extraordinary person, friend and football player. He cared deeply about people, especially those that shared the game of football with him. Merlin was a larger-than-life person, literally and figuratively, and leaves an enormously positive legacy."

A legacy that will live on for decades more than just in the NFL record books or TV re-runs. This soft-spoken giant of a man has left us a legacy booming, fertile, and everlasting. Just to thank him would be a vast understatement, but would be gracious accepted by a true hero whose kindness had no boundaries.

See Ya Merlin. Thanks Again. For Everything!
2010 NFL Mock Draft = Second Version
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1. St. Louis Rams : Ndamukong Suh, Defensive Tackle



The Rams getting Suh is the absolute right move. Not only is he easily the best player in this years draft, but the team can think of their history as an indicator how important defense is.


The "Fearsome Foursome" carried the franchise for years in the 1960's and 1970's. Suh would be able to join Adam Carriker and Chris Long to give the Rams an exciting and young defensive line, backed by young middle linebacker James Laurinaitis.

The "Fearsome Foursome Jr." is right there to be had, and drafting a quarterback instead could haunt the Rams for years.

The last time the Rams used a first round pick on a quarterback was Bill Munson in 1964 with the seventh overall pick.

This came one year after the Rams drafted Heisman winner Terry Baker, a quarterback, with the first pick in the draft.

Neither Munson nor Baker were with the Rams after 1967.

2. Detroit Lions: Russell Okung, Offensive Tackle



The Lions got their defensive tackle by picking up Corey Williams recently, so getting Gerald McCoy seems unlikely.

Left tackle Jeff Backus is 32 and will get close to $5 million this year, so they can afford to stick Okung on the right side this year. This allows them to move Gosder Cherilus inside at guard, where some think he fits more naturally at right now.

Okung's future is so bright, it is fathomable that it will be Backus moved to the right tackle in 2010.

Detroit did not give quarterback Matt Stafford $60 million to spend most of his season banged up, as was the case last year. Keeping him healthy is paramount, plus the Lions really need to upgrade their offensive lie anyway.





3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers : Gerald McCoy, Defensive Tackle


Tampa Bay might consider players like safety Eric Barry, but they can't go wrong by grabbing McCoy either.

He is a good pass rusher, something the Buccaneers desperately need inside their defensive line.

Though he was not impressive at the combine, it is hard to picture him being passed up here. If he is, the Redskins will be very grateful.






4. Washington Redskins : Jimmy Clausen, Quarterback

The Redskins are in a quandary here. They need a left tackle to replace retired Pro Bowler Chris Samuels, and they need a defensive end because they are dreadfully thin at the position.

The problem is that Okung and McCoy are off the board and no one else is worth taking at this spot.

One possible pick is safety Eric Berry, which would allow Laron Landry to move back to strong safety.

New head coach Mike Shanahan has drafted only one quarterback in the first round in all of his years in the NFL, which was Jay Cutler. He ended up with a losing record and lost his job in Denver.

Some think the team prefers Sam Bradford, so you can flip a coin between him and Clausen. Owner Dan Snyder attended a private workout with Clausen over a month ago, then had him as a guest on his radio station.

Plus Clausen appears to be the better fit in Shanahan's offense.






5. Kansas City Chiefs : Eric Berry, Safety

Though the Chiefs need blockers and receivers, they cannot pass on Berry if he is here.

Berry had a excellent combine, and reaffirmed he is the best defensive back in the draft.

He could give the Chiefs a safety that joins the ranks of Johnny Robinson and Deron Cherry as the best in team history when all is said and done.






6. Seattle Seahawks : Sam Bradford, Quarterback

Now that Seattle got rid of Seneca Wallace, they need a quarterback more than ever. Matt Hasselbeck is 35 and has one year left on his contract. He has also had back problems the last few years.

Bradford will be groomed to be the starter in 2011.






7. Cleveland Browns : Brian Price, Defensive End

Joe Haden might go here, considering the Browns need help in their secondary, or they could grab wide receiver Dez Bryant to bolster their unimpressive receivers corp.

Cleveland are dreadfully thin at defensive end, having just two guys who are over 30 years old. Price has been shooting up draft boards recently, and has the versatility to play defensive tackle if the Browns employ the 4-3 on passing downs by putting Matt Roth on the end.

Haden's 4.6 40-yard dash at the combine may scare the Browns off here, but it is conceivable they draft him regardless of his showing.





8. Oakland Raiders : Bruce Campbell, Offensive Tackle

It is conceivable the Raiders grab defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul here.

Like Pierre-Paul, Campbell is raw and extremely athletic. Yet Oakland really needs help in the trenches on both sides of the football.

Dez Bryant is one name being mentioned here, but it is hard to fathom the Raiders getting another wide receiver.

Campbell allows the inconsistent Mario Henderson to move to the right side, while representing an upgrade at left tackle.

Raiders fans hope Campbell will have more impact in his rookie year than fellow Maryland Terrapin Darrius Heyward-Bey did last year.






9. Buffalo Bills : Trent Williams, Offensive Tackle

Buffalo needs a right tackle after Brad Butler shocked them by retiring recently.

Williams had an excellent combine, posting the second fastest time at his position. It is possible he is put at left tackle, though some feel he can be a Pro Bowler from the right side.

If Oakland grabs Williams, then they will probably grab Campbell because they need are desperate in need of blockers right now.






10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Dez Bryant, Wide Receiver

Torry Holt was released last month, so someone will have to replace his 51 receptions from 2009.

Mike Sims-Walker and Mike Thomas are two young receivers who were excellent last year, but Thomas works best in the slot. Bryant is a big leaper with very good size.

He will be hard to pass up of he is still on the board here.






11. Denver Broncos: Dan Williams, Nose Tackle

Denver needs an upgrade over Ronald Field, and Williams is just that. The Broncos continue to look to retool their defensive line, recently adding Justin Bannan.

Williams would probably be handed the starting job before he even walks up to the podium if selected.





12. Miami Dolphins : Jason Pierre-Paul, Defensive End

Pierre-Paul is a lifelong Floridian with just two years of football experience and an unknown date of birth.

What is known is he is an amazingly gifted athlete. Though the Dolphins recently grabbed Karlos Dansby, they need an outside linebacker who can get to the quarterback.

This can be a good fit, as Pierre-Paul is brought along slowly to learn his position and used as a pass rush specialist initially.

Bill Parcells has a thing for a linebacker who can get to the ball fast, and this could be his guy. Sergio Kindle and Ricky Sapp may be considered too.






13. San Francisco 49ers : Joe Haden, Cornerback

The Niners need help in the secondary. Their current group of CB's had five interceptions last year, and veteran Nate Clements is entering his ninth season.

Haden was considered a top ten selection before his mediocre showing at the combine, but it is hard to see him dropping too far in the draft.






14. Seattle Seahawks: Bryan Bulaga, Offensive Tackle

Baluga has size, length, and is well schooled in a zone blocking scheme.

Seattle needs blockers and their new offensive line coach is Alex Gibbs, an expert at teaching zone blocking.

A match made in heaven, and now Seattle has a guy to groom as Walter Jones replacement for 2011.





15. New York Giants : Rolando McClain, Middle Linebacker

The Jints could use a cornerback or a pass rusher here, but they need a middle linebacker most.

Though the 2009 Butkus Award winner has stated he would prefer to play in a 3-4 defensive scheme, the Giants cannot pass up another gifted MLB like they did in last years draft with James Laurinaitis.





16. Tennessee Titans: Derrick Morgan, Defensive End

Many think Morgan would work best as a SLB in a 3-4 scheme, and the Titans run a 4-3.

What Tennessee needs is defensive ends and pass rushers. Morgan is the 2009 ACC Defensive Player of the Year, and has high character.

He is too good to pass up here.







17. San Francisco 49ers : Anthony Davis, Offensive Tackle

Davis had his stock drop after a poor combine, but is has the measurables highly sought after.

He is only 20 years old, so he can be developed at right tackle for now with an eye on the left side for the future.






18. Pittsburgh Steelers : Mike Iupati, Guard

Iupati fills a big need on a Steelers offensive line that was not very good last year. He can play either guard slot and even right tackle.

He brings a nasty streak that Steelers fans want from their blockers, which will help a rushing attack that is uncertain right now.







19. Atlanta Falcons : Golden Tate, Wide Receiver

Now that the Falcons addressed their cornerback woes by dumping a lot of cash into Dunta Robinson, they can get quarterback Matt Ryan more weapons to work with.

Tate is a tough guy for his size, and is a hard worker with a desire to be the best player he can possibly be.

With Michael Jenkins inconsistency and the fact Harry Douglas is coming off an injury to his knee, Tate could push for a starting job right away by providing a deep threat and opening things up underneath.





20. Houston Texans : Earl Thomas, Safety

The Texans absolutely need a free safety right now, and Thomas fills that void. It also doesn't hurt that he attended college at the University of Texas and has some ability to play cornerback.

Though Houston could look at running back, their issue at free safety is too great to ignore right here.







21. Cincinnati Bengals : Jermaine Gresham, Tight End

Even if the Bengals do sign wide receiver Terrell Owens, they need more receiving options for quarterback Carson Palmer.

Especially at tight end, where they got little production from in 2009.

Though Cincinnati could look at guard or defensive tackle here, Gresham is easily the best tight end in the draft and may be too tempting to pass up.





22. New England Patriots : Carlos Dunlap, Defensive End

New England has three picks in the second round, and is is almost a certainty they will be wheeling and dealing on draft day like they do yearly.

Dunlap's stock dropped after a DUI arrest, but he was considered a top ten selection before this.

He fills a big need as a pass rushing defensive end, though a guy like Ricky Sapp or Brandon Graham could get selected as well.





23. Green Bay Packers : Kyle Wilson, Cornerback

Wilson has shot up the boards recently. He is a four year starter who never missed a game, and is extremely smart.

He can also return punts.

Considering Charles Woodson is 33 and entering his 12th season, now may be the time to bolster their cornerbacks unit.






24. Philadelphia Eagles : Everson Griffen, Defensive End



Griffen is built for the 4-3 defense, which is what the Eagles run.

Though it may be tempting to grab a running back or linebacker here, their need for a solid defensive end is just too immense for them to pass up an NFL ready player like Griffen.







25. Baltimore Ravens : Patrick Robinson, Cornerback

Now that Baltimore has addressed wide receiver by acquiring Anquan Boldin, they need to pay attention to cornerback.

Fabian Washington and Lardarius Webb are both returning from knee injuries in 2009, and Webb might be best suited at free safety.

Robinson is an experienced player who is probably the best man to man CB in the draft.







26. Arizona Cardinals : Sergio Kindle, Outside Linebacker

The Cardinals need outside linebackers, and especially one who can rush the passer.

Kindle played a lot at defensive end in college, but he is built for the SLB position in the 3-4 defense. He may be more ready to play than Ricky Sapp or Brandon Graham right now, who will also be considered.







27. Dallas Cowboys : Taylor Mays, Safety

I can see Dallas trading this pick for more draft choices.Their roster right now is pretty stacked compared to other teams.

Current starting strong safety Gerald Sensabaugh was mediocre in 2009 with 61 tackles and an interception. Dallas could use an upgrade here.

Mays is a spectacular physical specimen who ran a 4.43 at the combine. It was the best time of all defensive backs and the tenth best overall at the combine.

Dallas may gamble here on him, and would lose little if Mays flops due to their strong roster.\





28. San Diego Chargers: Ryan Mathews, Running Back

Matthews had a great showing at the combine, showing excellent hands too.

San Diego needs help in the trenches on both sides of the ball, but they must address running back first now that Ladainian Tomlinson is gone.

Others to be considered are Jonathan Dwyer, C.J. Spiller, and Jahvid Best.

Matthews works best between the tackles of the group, which is what the Bolts need most.






29. New York Jets : Arrelious Benn, Wide Receiver

The Jets could very well grab a cornerback here with Devin McCourty and Kareem Jackson still on the board.

The current receivers corp on the Jets is unimpressive, and an upgrade is needed over the likes of David Clowney as the third receiver.

Benn impresses scouts with his size and hands, so getting young quarterback Mark Sanchez more weapons would go a long ways in New York.







30. Minnesota Vikings : Maurkice Pouncey, Center

Current starter John Sullivan is a smart player and hard worker, but he may be backup material at best. Plus he is undersized, which isn't always best for a team that needs to run the ball well to win.

Pouncey, the 2009 Rimington Award winner, can also play guard. If Sullivan retains his job, Pouncey can be the heir apparent to the aging Steve Hutchinson.

The Vikings will also look at defensive tackle Jared Odrick because Pat Williams has yet to commit to returning next year.

Running backs C.J. Spiller, Jonathan Dwyer, or Jahvid Best will be considered as replacements for the departed Chester Taylor.






31. Indianapolis Colts : Jared Odrick, Defensive Tackle

Offensive tackle Charles Brown could go here. The former tight end specializes in pass blocking, which is something that fits the Colts scheme.

Brandon Graham is a pass rushing defensive end who also fits their love for undersized defensive ends who get to the quarterback. He is certainly obe to consider.

Odrick is excellent at collapsing the pocket, and is a team player who makes his teammates look better by his propensity to do the dirty work.

He is also versatile enough to play defensive end.







32. New Orleans Saints : Brandon Graham, Defensive End

The Saints need defensive ends and a pass rushing linebacker. Grahm can do both.

He has a non-stop motor and would challenge for a starting job immediately.

Outside linebacker Sean Witherspoon will also be considered




Latest Roethlisberger Accusations Changes Perceptions
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“The Assembly has witnessed over the last weeks how historical truth is established; once an allegation has been repeated a few times, it is no longer an allegation, it is an established fact, even if no evidence has been brought out in order to support it.”
-         Dag Hammarskjold 
Isn’t that the truth, at least in how it pertains to Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger?
For Big Ben, as he’s come to be known by the fans and media, you would imagine that the first allegation would have been enough of an ordeal to have to go through. Sure, the court filings show that the woman involved more than likely entrapped the quarterback with the hopes of a get rich scheme of some sort, but it still left some nasty taste in people’s mouths.
Now comes the news of a new case involving the star quarterback in Milledgeville, Georgia, where a 20-year-old college student is alleging that Roethlisberger assaulted her on Friday, March 5th in the bathroom of a nightclub where Roethlisberger was celebrating his 28th birthday. The difference in this case is that the woman took her case directly to the police, rather than going for civil damages, and she did so immediately after the incident.
So where does that leave Roethlisberger, both in the eyes of the public or in the eyes of the law?
Well, in the eyes of the law, he is now a two-time accused sex offender. You can give a guy the benefit of the doubt after the first case because of the evidence against the accuser and the fact that it was a civil proceeding, but given the latest accusations were taken directly to the police, one has to wonder just how innocent the accused really is.
Then there is his decision to hire on Ed Garland as his attorney in the matter. Garland is the attorney that has represented many troubled sports stars when they’ve crossed the law, including Jamal Lewis in his cocaine distribution trial and Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, when he faced charges in a double-homicide in 2000. The one thing that these clients share in common, as well as Dana Heatley and Adam “Pacman” Jones, who were also represented by Garland’s firm, is that all parties involved were guilty to some degree in the crimes they stood trial for, only to plead their charges down.
What does this say for Roethlisberger remains to be seen, but given that the police are already requesting DNA evidence from the quarterback, it already doesn’t look good.
So where does that leave Big Ben in the eyes of the public?
Well, Roethlisberger has done all the right things on the field. He’s played hard, fought through injuries, and he’s delivered two Super Bowls to the Steel City in his short career. Then again, he’s also contributed his share of headlines off the field, spotlighted by the two sexual assault allegations and the memorable motorcycle accident where Roethlisberger was missing both a helmet and a valid Pennsylvania motorcycle license.
While these are just three incidents, they are also three high profile situations that show a severe lack of judgment from a player who serves as both a role model for kids, as well as a leader on the field of play. Half the responsibility of being a quarterback in the NFL is being the marketable figurehead of the team. If the public sees you as a playboy loose cannon who cannot be trusted within the confines of the law, then in one of your primary roles as a player. As I said before, the public may be willing to overlook the first incident, and perhaps even the motorcycle crash, but when there is repeated pounding on the can, eventually its going to look dented, and nobody wants to buy a dented can.
And none of this even considers how NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is going to handle this situation. And let’s face facts, Goodell isn’t exactly one that waits to hear things out either is he?
As the facts unfold, both the law and the court of public opinion will cast their verdicts, but this much is true; you can only do so much to repair an image and part of that is making the right choices. Its obvious the lessons of right or wrong have fallen on deaf ears here.
Where Is Belichick Now?
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Purdue's Forward Robbie Hummel went down in a pile last night making a Wes Welker jump stop and blew out his ACL. So I ask... Where is Belichick? Was the HARDWOOD floor too soft? Was it raining in the arena and made the base questionable? This is one of those moves that pushes the limits of the knee beyond what it is created to do. If an athlete does this over and over and over, it's going to wear and tear on the ligaments. At what point does the knee say ENOUGH and give up the goat like it did Wednesday night and when it happened to Welker in the season finale vs Houston...

Now I know 50% of you will say that the two can't be compared because they are different sports. Bull$hit. It's the same move whether on grass or hardwood. The knee is being forced into a sideways motion while trying to flex in it's normal range. It just won't work. It's like trying to hold your fists together one on top of the other and having someone knock them apart with just two fingers. Why? Because the muscles are trying to keep it going in one direction and not resisting the other direction. Pop goes the ligament.

All in all... My point? Quit your crying Belichick. Your player got hurt because he was making a football move and his body decided it didn't want to make that move. The turf didn't give out... Did the floor under Hummel give way? Did the boards come apart and swallow his foot causing his knee to buckle? Didn't think so.

And that is why I Yell At My TV...


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