NASCAR Monkey Business And Las Vegas Recap
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Welcome Gabbers and others to another fun filled race recap, race updates, story telling and trivial nonsense. Been digging around looking for interesting NASCAR stuff. Researching stories I already know of to get my facts straight in my retelling. So in this weeks story? Since we have a love of monkeys and general monkey business here at The Gab, I thought it only fitting to tell a tale of one such pint sized rhesus monkey named Jocko Flocko and his adoptive family the Flocks. His NASCAR career was a short one, only 8 races total in 1953 but one worth telling. He had his own uniform and there are some very nice but rare photos on 

The final race didn't go so well. So I'll let it be told in the words of his copilot Tim Flock...."Back then the cars had a trap door that we could pull open with a chain to check our tire wear. Well, during the Raliegh 300, Jocko got loose from his seat and stuck his head through the trap door and he went berzerk! Listen, it was hard enough to drive those heavy old cars back then under normal circumstances but with a crazed monkey clawing you at the same time, it became nearly impossible! I had to come into the pits to put him out and ended up 3rd. The pit stop cost me 2nd place and a $600 difference in my pay check. Jocko was retired immediately. I had to get that monkey off my back."

Now Tim is saying he went berzerk after looking in the trap door at the tires. I'm thinking he had a date he was late for and the race was running too long. Even monkeys know to never be late for a date because you know how us women get.

The Flock family were 8 children born to Lee and Maudie. This family probably would've been in the X Games or other extreme sporting events of today. Lee was a mechanic, taxi driver, bicycle racer and tight rope walker. Maudie worked at a hosery mill. Carl the oldest son was a speed boat racer. Reo, one of the girls was a wing walker and parachutist. Ethel raced in over 100 races. Bob, Tim and Fonty raced cars. Now of course they were bootleggers and ran that bootleg too. Uncle Peachtree Williams was supposedly the most high profile bootlegger in those parts at the time and the Flock boys got their racing practice running bootleg.

As legend has it the bootleggers would find a cow pasture and drive around in a circle till a track was worn in it and then they'd race drawing crowds of 200 to 300 people. This is the pre NASCAR days. Brian France Sr came along to start the Grand Nationals which later became NASCAR. The inaugural Grand National Championship race was in June of 1949 in Charlotte, NC. The Flock brothers raced in it. Bob came in 3rd, Fonty 5th and Tim 8th. 

In 1950 NASCAR had it's only time in history that 4 siblings raced in the same race. Ethel beat her brothers who all had car issues by coming in 11th in her Cadillac. 

Fonty loved racing in his Bermuda shorts and there's a pair of those shorts in the Darlington museum. 

Tim was the brother who made out the best. He had 2 championships. One in 1952. He raced the #91 Hudson Hornet to that championship earning a $3000 dollar pay day. In 1955 he got his second championship in his #300 Chrysler earning $5000. He had 18 wins and 19 pole positions that year.

Tim won the only NASCAR sports car race in 1955 driving a Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing.

Tim had the first 2 way radio in his car so he could talk to the crew chief in 1954. 

Tim was the only driver to win in all 4 divisions on Daytona Beach. 1955 Grand National, 1956 Modified Division, 1956 Grand National and 1957 Convertible Division.

In 1961, Tim and his crew chief Curtis Turner were banned from NASCAR when they tried to bring in a union going so far as to contact Jimmy Hoffa. In 1965 it was repealed but Tim didn't return.

So it would seem that NASCAR does have some very colorful stories from the past. Even a monkey. The ONLY winning monkey in racing unless of course our own Johnny Monkey. I'm not sure about his checkered flag past. I don't claim to know all the NASCAR history.


Well the Las Vegas race plagued 2 more drivers with fuel injection system issues. Both Penske drivers had issues. A J Allmendinger  in the Pennzoil #22 had low fuel pressure starting around lap 149. It got slowly worse from there with each pit stop to change parts ultimately leading up to changing out the whole fuel injection system. He finished 37th and many laps down. His team mate Brad Keselowski in the Miller Lite #2 had it off and on. During one of the last restarts he was in first with Tony Stewart behind him but the car refused to respond and Stewart blew right by him. At first I thought he ran out of fuel but it was reported his fuel pressure dropped. He wound up 32nd and 8 laps down. 

Kurt Busch is trying to stay positive and be a leader for his team but I think the powers that be are testing him. He ran over some debris on the track and cut down a tire resulting in a race ending spin into the wall with 15 laps to go. With 8 laps to go his brother Kyle who came from the back of the field in a back up car also cuts down a tire and spins out. He stays on the lead lap though and comes in 23rd. 

For all you Dale Earnhardt Jr fans out there he lead like 70 laps in the beginning of the race but after a pit stop where he took 4 tires and others took 2, he ended up in mid pack. He later said that it was his fault for not getting enough information to Letarte to make the proper adjustments as the track changed during the race. 

Jimmie Johnson's crew chief Chad Knaus was at the track despite the Daytona penalty. He and Hendrick are appealing it on Tuesday. Jimmie wrecked in practice and had to go to the back up car. According to the rules your qualifying time is disallowed and you start in the back. He came up through the field to challenge Tony Stewart for the win but Stewart held him off with his stellar restart skills. 

Mia's man Regan Smith had an awesome day coming home in 15th. He's on a small under funded team but drives Hendrick equipment so 15th is awesome for him. Even in the best equipment half of it is the ability to set up the equipment and the other half is the driver. I'm expecting if the economy ever lightens up he'll be in a better ride.

YES!!!!!! My Knight of the Mobile 1 took Las Vegas. On one of the last restarts Tony made another of his spectacular dive bombs to the apron to snag the lead. On old tires no less. My daddy called me just now to tell me of a contest to win $10,000 and a chance to be his boss for one race. So after I get done writing this it's off to to get in on that.

The race top 12 at the end of the race....1. Tony Stewart  2. Jimmie Johnson 3. Greg Biffle 4. Ryan Newman 5. Carl Edwards 6. Clint Bowyer 7. Paul Menard 8. Jamie McMurray 9. Trevor Bayne 10. Dale Jr 11. Kevin Harvick 12. Jeff Gordon


THE DANICA - Her only race was the Nationwide on Saturday. She came in 12th and all 200 laps. Congrats to Danica. This puts her in 15th in the NNW Points Standings.

FUEL INJECTION - It was reported that Stewart didn't have a parts failure last week. It was a breaker. A change out of the system and talks with the manufacturer are in the works. Stewart doesn't expect more issues.

This race saw A J and Brad having low fuel pressure issues. Expect they'll be tearing their systems apart and having talks with the manufacture too.

ELLIOT "DUH" SADLER - Drives for RCR full time in the NNW series in a CHEVY. He had talks with Micheal Waltrip about running 6 races in the Cup series driving a TOYOTA. Now when in NASCAR you don't mix car manufacturers. He never spoke with Childress about wanting to drive Mikies car. After a talk it was decided he shouldn't drive MWR's car. That's good news for Brian Vickers. He gets 6 races driving the #55. Both races at Bristol, Martinsville and New Hampshire.

DODGE NEWS - Dodge unveiled their new 2013 Cup car on Sturday. Apparently Robby Gordon will be the only Dodge next year unless they get others on board. Penske Racing announced they were going with Ford next year.

KNAUS DAYTONA PENALTY - At Daytona Knaus and his car chief Ron Malec got 6 race suspensions, Jimmie -25 points and Hendrick -25 owners points for the C-post violation. Hendrickk appealed and on Tuesday March 13th they get their day in NASCAR court. Hendrick's beggest complaint is that the car never made it to the inspection. The car was pulled out of line when the infraction was spotted and we were told to go fix it. We did. I think I'm siding with Hendrick on this one.

ROWDY NEWS - On March 15th ROWDY.COM will be no more. In the transition the guys made only 2 of them could move and one wasn't allowed to commute. The web site suffered because of this. Other factors being Bass got assignments in other sports that took him away from Rowdy and Buzz was left to do the podcast and take care of the site mostly by himself while traveling to races. The podcast has suffered too. It's just not as good as it once was. They promised the podcast would live on. I hope so. It's a big loss in my opinion. I wish Bass and Buzz the best. Maybe some where down the line Rowdy can be resurrected.

So that's about it folks. Thank you for stopping by and have an awesome week........






Fond Memories
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Thoughts from an Island Girl

​It is the same old story.   An owner or group of owners have a dream.   To build a racetrack.   After it's completion,  owners and sponsors try to lure in fans,  in hope of building something lasting.   No one even considers the track's probable demise one day.  For now,  the future is here.

​It is a local event.  Whole families gear up for the night's action.  Parents purchase the tickets while the smell of local food sizzles on the grill.    Vendors are lined up near the ticket window on the inside,  and sell programs and novelties.  

Many families root for a particular guy or guys and in many cases,  some racers are friends of family.    The rivalries off the track match the competitiveness on it.  Drivers and their fans become hardcore adversaries.   Adding to the rich drama that unfolds in both places

The  track featured here was the former East Windsor Raceway.   Now just a memory for some,  many older fans wax sentimental.   A hole in their heart has been opened and until they die,  it is like the loss of a favorite pet.   In fact,  it is almost like the loss of a family member!

 Here are some videos.   Take a moment to digest this.  Like the hockey arena recently shown here on Yougab,  this track has a finite history and the legacy of entertainment.

​One will note the changes.   From old coops that barely resemble the stock cars that are racing today.   The younger fan marvels at the old school look,  while for some reason,  the older fan wants the younger one to appreciate what they had.   From the dust in the eye, to the greasy burgers and oil-soaked fries and bathrooms just horribly gross by today's standards.   But I imagine,  even those tawdry accommodations can be, 'Home Sweet Home'.

​Hard to imagine these cars racing or more actually,  the guys who did and the occassional women.  




For those who remember the past,  the future is hard to take.   Seeing what thrived at one time,  only to be replaced by a flea market,  parking lot or shopping mall,  it is even harder to take.

​I hope you all enjoyed this story and I will provide a link for further research on this track.

NASCAR's Cheating Heart and Phoenix Race Wrap Up
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Whoa,Hey and Howdy!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others. Since cheating seems to be on everyone's minds then cheating is what we'll talk about. NASCAR was started by those running moonshine so having a faster car than the law was a good idea. Making moonshine and a fast vehicle to haul it was just plain good sense. 
Our first stop is June of 1949. It's the first NASCAR race ever and it was held in Charlotte, NC at a 3/4 mile track. Race distance was 150 miles or 200 laps whichever you prefer. NASCAR's founding father has decided it will be stock cars bought from dealerships and not hot rods built in some ones back yard that will race. So when it was found out that Glenn Dunaways 1947 Ford had modified springs, he was disqualified and Jim Roper were declared the winner. Glenns car was owned by moonshine runner Herbert Westmoreland. So first race and first cheating scandal. Whoda thunk it?
So now we move onto Smokey Yunick. Grey Area Dweller Extraordinaire. His creative engineering innovations and exploits had NASCAR on their toes. He estimated that by 1970 that 1/2 of NASCAR's rule book was written because of him and he was quite proud of this accomplishment. 
One such grey area innovation came when his car was inspected he was told his car had 10 violations. Smokey crawled into his car and before he drove back to the garage with the inspector holding his fuel tank he said,"Make that 11". Nobody said how big the fuel line could be or how long. Smokey's was  a 2 inch fuel line that was 11 feet long and could hold 5 gallons of fuel. He was also credited with making a larger fuel tank and putting a basket ball in the tank to offset how much was really in there. After inspectors verified the capacity he deflated the ball and added fuel. 
Our next grey are dweller is Gary Nelson. While crew chiefing for Darrel Waltrip he lightened up the car but it had to make weight at inspection so he filled the roll cage with buckshot. The hole was strategically placed right where the jack goes to lift the car. Once out on the track and doing pace laps Darrel would pull a lever and the buckshot would drain out that hole. The code phrase "Bombs away" told Gary that Darrel had released the buckshot. This all came to an end when A crew member washed the car with the buckshot in it. It rusted and when Darrel was coming down pit road after the race rusty clumps were still coming out and pelting crew members on the way to the garage. Shall we say.....Busted?
In 1990 Robin Pemberton put a carburetor spacer on Mark Martin's car. Mark won the February Richmond race and his car went back to inspection and failed. It cost Robin $40,000. It cost Mark 46 points and he lost the championship to Dale Earnhardt Sr by 26 points.
Ray Evernham was busted for illegal suspension parts on Jeff Gordon's car in 1995. Cost him $60,000. In 1997 Rays T-Rex car won the All Star race and after that race the rule books were added onto to make that car illegal. Gary Nelson was now a high level NASCAR tech inspector and according to Ray watched them build that car. It was radical for it's time and they were told not to bring anything like it back to the track.
In the 2001 Daytona 500 there were 18 teams fined for cheating. Things like illegal fuel additives, illegal air deflector, illegal fuel tank, illegal control arms and illegal suspension modifications were on the list. Unfortunately NASCAR should've been focusing more on safety because we lost Dale Earnhardt Sr that race.
In the 2007 Daytona 500 Micheal Waltrip Racing ruined Toyota's debut with a strange odor coming from the exhaust after qualifying. Turns out it was a gel in the fuel lines. Cost a hefty fine and 100 points. He was -27 points when he left Daytona.
In July of 2011 Ryan Newman was driving a modified in the Whelen Modified Series for good friend Kevin Bono Manion. He qualified on the pole and easily won the race but his win was stripped when NASCAR found the motor to be tricked out. The team drilled out the intake manifold bolts and filled them with wax to get by tech inspection. During the race the wax melted and gave Ryan that boost of power he needed by bypassing the restrictor plate. Kevin and crew chief Mike LaRochelle were suspended from the modified series for the rest of the season and Ryan's win was stripped. The penalty didn't follow Kevin to the Cup series where he crew chiefs for Jamie McMurray. There were those that thought it should since that modified series is part of NASCAR.
Now of course this leads us to todays Evil Genius and Grey Area Dweller Extraordinaire, Chad Knaus who was busted at this years Daytona 500 for the C-post protruding ( the rear post going from the roof along the window to the trunk of the car) out too far that would give the #48 car a distinct aerodynamic advantage. Penalty? $100,000 and a 6 race suspension. The #48 car chief a 6 race suspension. Jimmie a 25 pt deduction. Hendrick Motor Sports a 25 owners pt deduction. They are appealing this saying the car was inspected, passed and ran all 4 restrictor plate races last year with no modifications except a new paint job this year. They do have multiple cars. Perhaps they accidently brought the wrong one? The C-post is in the grey area that the templates don't fit but NASCAR maintains they have rules for that grey area. 
If you read about Chad his penalties really add up. Rather rap sheet like if you think about it. Strike one in cup for Chad was July 2002. Improperly installed bolts. A $25,000 fine for Chad, -25 points for Jimmie and -25 owners points for HMS. In September of that year he swore during a live telecast in an interview. Fine? $5000. May 2003 it was $1000 fine for unapproved air directional device after the All Star win. A $2500 fine after the Coca Cola 600 win for an unapproved refrigerant. In 2005 after winning Vegas a $25,000 fine for Chad and -25 points for Jimmie. At the 2006 Daytona 500 Jimmies qualifying time is disallowed and Chad is ejected from the track and 3 more races after that for a device that lifted the rear window away from the body to get an aerodynamic advantage. And this is just in NASCAR Cup racing.
So for those reading this and calling for Chad's ousting should just know that cheating in NASCAR has been going on since day one.
Well it was a bad day for my most handsome Knight of the Mobile1. I had questions about this new fuel injection system and he gave me some answers. Apparently if you shut the motor off to conserve fuel like Tony likes to do it won't fire right back up. It has to go through some kind of reset process. NOTE TO SELF.......NEVER SHUT MOTOR OFF TO CONSERVE FUEL AGAIN. He finished 2 laps down and in 22nd place. Yeah B.O.B., I know your sitting there gloating and celebrating that Fat Tony fucked up a good finish and my standings in all my NASCAR fantasy leagues but it's early so don't get too happy.
Mia's favorite guy Regan Smith held his own most of the race. He started the race in 3rd and hung in the top 10 for the first 70 laps and then around 15th up to about lap 150. He landed in 20th which is awesome for a small team. He's running Hendrick equipment though so I'm expecting good things from him. I didn't know if he had a full time ride this year so I didn't pick him in any of my fantasy leagues.
Jeff Burton lost a motor with 18 to go. Added to Clint Bowyers sudden catastrophic air loss in his tire.....TWICE!!!!!, my fantasy league points are in the tank. Kyle Busch and Aric Amirola are the 2 that are keeping me from epic fail status.
But any way Marcos Ambrose the lone Aussie from Super 8 Cars had his motor go up in smoke along with Jamie McMurray's. The race was rather uneventful except for the blown motors, Bowyers sudden catastrophic tire air loss and Stewart shutting his motor off and his inability to refire it.
Your top 10....Denny Hamlin (Has Tony's old crew chief Darien Grubb), Kevin Harvick, Greg Biffle, Jimmie Johnson, Brad Keselowski, Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr, Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin and Joey Logano
Last weeks fire ball Juan Pablo Montoya came in 11th. Dale Jr 14th. Kasey Kahne isn't having much luck in his new #5 HMS ride. He spun and hit the wall on lap 23. We won't even talk about where he ended up. Any body got a used rabbits foot? Kasey needs one or a golden horse shoe. 
Anyway next week it's on to Vegas. Home of the Busch Brothers and as they say...what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Don't know if NASCAR has a rule for that but I can imagine Section12-4A...Actions detrimental to stock car racing would pretty much cover any fun the guys want to have.
Oh yeah, almost forgot the Danica update. In the Nationwide race on Saturday she came in 21st and 3 laps down. I think that about covers it this week. Thank you for stopping in and do leave a comment or bring a video or picture if you like cause I'm still struggling in that area. Ihate Millens avatar sums up my frustrations with my laptop and the abilities I don't possess.
You all have an awesome week........
Daytona Burn Up 500
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WHOA HO HEY THERE GABBERS AND OTHERS!!!!!!! WOO HOOOOOOO!!!!! Welcome to the Daytona 500 that I thought was never going to end. After a 1 day rain delay and bumping it from 12pm to 7pm on a Monday we ended at 1am and FINALLY had a winner and by then I just didn't care.. Having no cable I managed to hook up my converter box and antenna before the race. I chased the signal in a 3 foot radius in my livingroom all race long. Since they went to digital the signal is so small if a tree branch moves in the wind your signal is blocked. But ANY HOW....On to Daytona.

We get started at 7pm and on lap 2 Elliot Sadler taps Jimmie Johnson in the left rear like has been happening in all the races during speed weeks and by now he should know better because there goes Jimmie hard into the wall and also gets nailed in the drivers door by David Ragan. Danica, last years winner Trevor Bayne and Kurt Busch are collected as well. Danica's car looked good to me but she went behind the wall for extensive repairs. Seems she needed a whole new rear end. New gears, trailing arms, housing and sheet metal among other things.

Lap 7 is restart. Greg Biffle, Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart are your top 3.

At Lap 13 Ryan Newman has a tire go down and around he goes. In the pits Newman's troubles continue. As he's leaving his pits the lug nuts aren't on and he loses his tire. AJ Allmendinger hits him in the rear. AJ never recovers. He's back in the 30's laps down for the rest of the race.

Lap 17 we restart. Paul Menard and Denny Hamlin didn't pit so they're out front followed by Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle and Regan Smith to round out the top 5. Denny quickly takes the lead.

Lap 22 Danica, Trevor and Kurt are still in the garage for repairs.

Lap 37 Trevor comes back on the track.

Lap 44 Your top 10 is Jeff Buton, Greg Biffle, Denny Hamlin, Paul Menard, Regan Smith, Joey Logano, Marcos Ambrose, Martin Truex Jr, Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer.

Lap 54 green flag pit stops begin. Jeff Gordon is complaining his car is running wide open but has no speed. Kevin Harvick has a small vibration. Tony Stewart slows to come in the pits but is blocked by another car. Must speed up and go around. This puts him as the only one on pit road and nobody to draft with to get to the lead pack.

Lap 64 Stewart is saved. Debris caution is called. Landon Cassil is awarded the Lucky Dog Pass to the lead lap. Danica is backing out of the garage and gets back into the race at 62 laps down. Matt Kenseth is over heating. Looks like a geyser with the water spewing out. Having radio issues too. 

Lap 67 Restart. Top 10 is Jeff Burton, Greg Biffle, Marcos Ambrose, Martin Truex Jr, Kyle Busch, Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon, Joey Logano, David Ruetimann and Brad Keselowski.

Lap 70 Joe Nemechek does his Start & Park thing. He's off to the hauler.

Lap 81 Caution. Jeff Gordon's motor goes poof and up in flames. Says the gages never told him he had an issue. Tony Raines gets the Lucky Dog. Pit stops are mostlt fuel only but Kyle Busch takes right side tires too. 

Lap85 Restart. Terry "The Iceman" Labonte is out front followed by Greg Biffle, Marcos Ambrose, Martin Truex Jr and Kyle Busch for you top 5.

Lap 89 Caution. Marcos Ambrose bumped Terry Labonte's left rear and he goes for a spin. Great save by Terry. Look mom no walls.

Lap 92 Restart and 9 laps to the $200,000 bonus for leading at half way. Martin Truex Jr manages to get the bonus. Greg Biffle is 2nd followed by Denny Hamlin, Jeff Burton, Carl Edwards, Brad Keselowski, Aric Amirola, Matt Kenseth and Kasey Kahne as you top 10.

Lap 101 Clint Bowyer complaining about over heating. By lap 119 it's even worse. .On lap 126 Bowyer is out of fuel. He misses pit road and brings out the caution on lap 129. A tow truck comes out to give Clint a push around the track to his pit stall. Ryan Newman gets the lucky Dog and there are 28 cars on the lead lap. 

With 68 to go It's Martin Truex Jr, Greg Biffle, Tony Stewart, Regan Smith and Denny Hamlin in the top 5. Hey it's Mark Martin leading with 65 laps to go!!!!!

Hey!!!! Is that Sliced Bread out there leading? Sure is. Joey Logano leads a lap with 57 laps to go.

Caution with 43 laps to go David Stremme's motor goes bye bye. Pit stops begin and the Twilight Zone moves in. Juan Montoya is complaining of a vibration in every gear. He's hurrying to catch up to the pack for the restart driving down on the yellow line to stay clear of the trucks blowing debris off the track. Something snaps on Juans car and he careens into the trailer of one of the trucks. His car is destroyed and the jet helicopter engine used to blow the track is carrying 200 gallon of fuel and it's pouring down the track. Seconds later it's an inferno. Juan crawls from his wrecked car and the track worker is escorted from the burning truck. 

The red flag is out with the drivers parked on the track. All start getting out to check out the mess. The flames are quickly extinguished and clean up efforts begin with skid loaders picking up the truck, speedy oil dry followed by Tide laundry detergent washed down with water and then a coating of street bond. This was a 2 hour delay.

Brad Keselowski made the best of the situation by having his iphone with him. He now has the distinct honor of being the first to Tweet a picture during the race. He also gained 55,000 followers on Twitter. It would seem that some of the drivers had compartments built into their cars during practice and speed weeks to hold their phones. Although Kes was the only one to have his and the drivers took turns playing with it.

When some of the drivers got too close to the clean up the fun police intervened and sent them back. Carl Edwards wanted a snack. Said a sub or Cheez - its would be great about now. Dave Blaney, Landon Cassil, Tony Raines and David Guililand didn't pit and held their breaths as a threat of rain was issued during clean up. Dave was only trying to get a bonus point for leading a lap but would've been happy to take the win. But at 11:25 the drivers are directed to get in their cars. Weather threat is over, the tracks cleaned up and crew members have been bused to the back stretch to help hook up, belt up and window net the drivers. 

Around midnight the cars start moving. The front 4 that gambled have now gone to the pits for fuel and tires. Kyle Busch comes in for a splash of fuel just in case there's a green/white checker ending. He has to start as the last one on the lead lap due to pulling a tear off off his wind shield. 

It's 12:10am with 34 laps to go and we're off again. Matt Kenseth, Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick and Greg Biffle lead the pack.

At around 24 laps to go the pack comes up on Casey Mears who is all by himself. He gets cycled back through the faster cars and a wreck happens. Ricky Stenhouse Jr moves down on Aric Amirola so Casey Mears and Marcos Ambrose go around.

With 18 laps to go we restart. Before they go Joey Logano is sent from 6th to 18th place for not maintaining the pace car speed. Don't know why. 

15 to go...Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Denny Hamlin and Paul Menard are your top 5.

Caution with 13 to go Jamie McMurray has a tire go down. Aric Amirola, Regan Smith, Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne, Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski all caught in the mess. After watching the replay it would seem Tony Stewart has no damage even though he drove into McMurray's door. Edwards needs ride side front fender work.

Restart with 7 to go. Kenseth, Biffle, Dale Jr, Hamlin and Harvick are your top 5.

Caution with 4 to go. David Guililand pushed Ricky Stenhouse into Tony Stewart. Stewart spun but says he needs new tires even though he saved the car. McMurray is back on the track without front fender.  

We now have a green/white checker to end the race. It's Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle, Denny Hamlin, Dale Jr, Jeff Burton, Kevin Harvick, Paul Menard, Mark Martin, Joey Logano and Martin truex Jr for your top 10.

On the restart Kenseth, Biffle and Jr hook up and stay ahead of everyone else. Nobody seems to be able to get together and freight train by them or even to them. Kenseth is never challenged and wins at 1 am AND it's finally over.


Some of you are probably wondering why they went to all the trouble to get Danica's car fixed and back in the race. Well being in the top 35 in the owners points gets you a guaranteed starting spot for every race. Even though she'll only be in 10 Cup races, she's sharing that # with somebody else. So every point counts even if your down 62 laps. Stewart Haas Racing bought the owners points from Tommy Baldwin Racing for 10 races. Those came from poor Dave Blaney who had to race his way into the Daytona 500 in the Duels on Thursday. Besides all that Danica needs seat time in the car. A Cup car is different from a NNW car. 

So next week is Phoenix. I hear it doesn't rain there. Maybe a few cacti will come onto the track and bully some drivers or a few buzzards with do a fly by. One things for sure it shouldn't be a 6 hour affair like Daytona. I'm beat. I need a nap. 

If any one is so inclined to do so you can bring some of the videos here. I'm not so computer talented. Typing and surfing are my only skills. I wouldn't consider 3 fingers typing either. Till next time, you have a great day and thanks for stopping by......


Regan Smith comes up large
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Thoughts from an Island Girl


​Wow!!  While not winning the Second race yesterday at Daytona,  Regan Smith took a strong second place finish and qualified in the 6th starting position for Sunday's Daytona 500!  A race won by Matt Kenseth in the last two laps.  The first race was won by a very hot Tony Stewart.  So yes,  I am very glad.

One of my other favorites is Trevor Bain.   I love the underdogs and there are so few of them these days.   At least the ones who have the potential to win.   And even some of those who have had it all,  find themselves on the outside looking in.  

Take Kurt Busch.  His virtual demotion has fostered a good sense of what team play is all about.  After acting his way out of the #22 Penske sled,  he has grown a deeper appreciation of what he had.   He is also learning what it means to have to work harder and be more conservative in his approach on and off the track.   He,  like his brother has more than enough talent to dominant but a lack of appreciation has caused them a lot of negative feedback and in the case of Kurt,  the loss of big money sponsorship.

But the NASCAR silly season is even more evident in Camping World Truck Series.  Great drivers like Todd Bodine are again struggling for sponsorships and one has to wonder what was going on at the end of last year.    Bodine and his teammate were acting out,  as were other drivers and I think that truck owners were are now are,  even more hesitant to sponsor and own drivers that like to mix paint.   Just my take on all that.     I think Bodine might find some help and have stated that he will be racing in the first race.   Let's hope he and some others get that financial boost they need to competitive and even show up for the races.

​As I mentioned in my last article on NASCAR,  there is other racing going on now.   This includes the Sprint 360s at East Bay Raceway Park in Tampa, Florida.   The event know as King of the 360s kicked off last night with Shane Stewart picking up the victory.   42 cars lined up for the feature event, with five heats an A and B-Main and of course the final race of the evening,  take by the Canadian born Shane Stewart.

​East Bay will have it's second night of racing for the King of the 360s this evening,  with the final night and championship race on Saturday evening at the 1/3 mile clay track.  Down the road at Volusia Speedway in Barberville, Florida was the running of the season opener in the World of Outlaw Sprint Cars.  The racing was held on February 18th and 19th with double features on the 19th.    On opening night Danny Lasoski picked up the A-Main feature event,  while on the 19th, the first feature was taken by Donny Schatz.    For the big A-Main feature championship,  Wisconsin's own Craig Dollansky took the checkered.

​The 410 sprint series doesn't race again until the first week of March,  when they travel to 'The Dirt Track in Las Vegas" for one night of racing.  Following that on the 10th of March they travel to Perris Speedway in California.

​But the World of Outlaws have their Late Model Series.  On the opening night of late model action,the race was won by Billy Moyer of Arkansas age 54. Good for him.  One Wednesday  the track succumbed to the rain and so that action was postponed until Friday afternoon.

​One Thursday evening, 39-yr old Dennis Erb Jr. took the A-Main checkered, winning $10,000 dollars for his efforts.

​The final night of racing will be this afternoon,  so if you get this early enough you can always get out there.   Otherwise, for you at home,  simply register at and listen to the race free of charge and meet some other racing fans who share your robust love of racing, in one of the premier racing divisions in America.

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