The Ripple Effect
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 The NBA has tested our patience several times this off- season, and honestly, I’m not sure if that fact makes the league more interesting or more controversial. What I do know for sure is that things were amplified by Lebron James’ “me” first mentality. However, despite my personal distaste for his pre-“decision” antics, his Lebron-athon, or his post announcement championship celebration in South Florida, I do agree that it was his decision to make. Such is not the case with Chris Paul. Paul has let his envy expose his immaturity and unwillingness to work hard with the fortune he has been given. Sure the Hornets might not have a Dream Team roster but screaming for legalized defection isn’t going to help matters any. In my eyes Paul has already brandished himself beneath James.

 When the facts are all analyzed it is easily determined that Paul is a bigger prima-donna and egotist than James; and that’s saying something. Paul feels like the Hornets owe him something they simply cannot provide, championship caliber players. In reality the Hornets owe Paul nothing more than fulfilling their contractual obligations. Now if the contract states that the Hornets will guarantee Chris Paul a championship ring during his obligation in New Orleans then by all means Chris has a valid argument. This is not the case, therefore Paul needs to shut up, the media needs to stop chumming the story, and David Stern is right to warn teams about tampering.

 Meanwhile the Hornets are essentially between a rock and hard place. If New Orleans sticks to their guns and don’t trade Paul they will have a bitter locker room, a superstar unwilling to work hard to win, and fans who don’t feel a connection with their star. If the Hornets grant the trade the fallout from caving to the demands of a player who still has two years on contract could cause a cataclysmic ripple across the league, not to mention the New Orleans program. The best scenario for New Orleans would be to start the season, let the waters calm, see what position their team is in come the trade deadline and potentially move Paul at that time. At the very least they can publically claim a lost case to help alleviate some of the league backlash. Toronto was in a similar situation this past season and made the mistake of not getting anything valuable back for an extremely disgruntled Chris Bosh. Now he plays for a division rival and the Raptors are left picking up the pieces of their fractured franchise.

In the end New Orleans has a chance to turn an extremely bitter and disastrous situation into something worthwhile. The only thing I dread is the ripple effect from a bad decision by a newly managed franchise.


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Finally - it's over
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Good to see this wasn't Cleveland last night. Kevin Bacon can rest now - all is now well. Thankfully, our long national nightmare is over - LeBron James is one of THREE members of the Miami Heat. But before we all move our thoughts toward Baseball (where it should be), a few thoughts about this disgraceful farce known as NBA free agency:

1. Conspiracy/Collusion. I understand this take causes a lot of anger here at TSN, but this is just too damn convenient. Sorry folks, but the NBA is opening itself up for a charge of conspiracy or collusion. All three of the big free agents go to South Beach? Nobody's gonna convince me that this decision wasn't made a long time ago - and that my friends is COLLUSION any way you want to look at it. Hell, the union alone had to be convinced to allow this because there was just too damn much money left on the table.

2. Competition. Look, I get it - Boston's group is long in the tooth, Cleveland couldn't get the pieces it needed, Orlando and Chicago just doesn't have the maturity, New York can't attract flies, and New Jersey is in disarray for the next few years, so the NBA needed a marquee team in a marquee city to "step up". Guess Stern and/or the big three (James, Wade, Bosh) decided it was Miami. I'm sorry, but I believe that this was decided a while ago, not yesterday morning.

3. Union. I'm wondering if the union will allow two of its three biggest stars to take a pay cut in order to accomodate this. Remember, the Red Sox tried this with Alex Rodriguez and the union said "hell no", then one day later he went to the Yankees. This will be interesting. If the Union doesn't make a peep, then I have to wonder where their loyalties are.

4. Bandwagon fans. I wonder how long it will take for these losers to be donning their Heat gear? Hey Bandwagons, stick with one team and support them through and through. You are the problem with sports!

5. Media. You "Insiders" look stupid as hell. Oh wait, you are! You got manipulated and punked by three players for two and a half years. You guys are seriously gullible and all of you should be fired. Oh, and Stephen A. Smith, you might have got it right ten days ago, but your still a joke! However you do get credit for admitting that you've been acting like an a$$ for years and it took moms to lecture you and work on straightening out.

This will be sickening beyond belief - now we have to see which celebrities are sitting in the seats at Heat games. Can we just watch Basketball? If I can't afford tickets to the game, I sure as hell don't care whose sitting in the seats. Hey ESPiN, keep the cameras on the floor you jacka$$es!

Oh yeah ESPN, nice freaking job taking 27 minutes to get LeBron to say where he was going. Hey Jim Gray, nice hard hitting questions (Lebron, do you still bite your fingernails?). Dude if you're coming to Sacramento for five to ten games to work with the Kings, don't bother - YOU SUCK!

Oh yeah, to those of you media hacks in New York who did everything you could to get Lebron to the Knicks, well I have something for you:

6. Since its obvious that next June Lakers/Heat will be the finals, how do you see it panning out? I heard take last night that made sense, the Lakers could keep the Heat shut down (Gasol handles Bosh, Artest handles LeBron, and Kobe takes Wade).

7. Dan Gilbert, you've got a brass set! While I think that you're entitled to your opinion (I kinda of agree) and what you said was very funny, you could have taken the high road and wished James well. LeBron James made you a helluva lot of money, thank him and move on. James could have been a little more complimentary of Cleveland on his way out the door by the way...

8. Hey ESPN, I'm not done with you yet. In case you haven't noticed there's this other game with a ball and a bat, and they have some pretty good action going on, you might want to catch it - it's called BASEBALL! Pay attention to it because its got a lot of good things going on there. Way to sacrifice part of a great season in order to spend two months speculating on something that was decided long ago you clowns!

9. Lebron James. You made your deal with the devil - now live with it. I don't want to hear how you look disappointed by fans reactions. You played this for almost three years. By the way Lebron Modell, you look like you put on a few pounds. Time to get to the gym!

10. New York Knicks. Did you really send Isiah Thomas to make a last minute pitch to Lebron for you? You folks are pathetic!

11. Last thing and this is to my non-obnoxious friends in Cleveland - you are better off. LeBron James played with your emotions for three years. Its time to move on. Count me in as a guy who will root for you good fans every chance I get, so long as you don't ask me to root for Ohio State.

Get ready for two, maybe three years of Laker/Heat finals, Christmas games, and every Sunday afternoon game from January through April because that's the way this is being set up.

Gotta go now - at least this Free Agency farce is over - kinda like a wave of nausea. Peace and ranting forever...

Lebron James and THE DECISION
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Hey Cleveland fan, this is what LBJ thinks of you!!!  You don't matter...


This is what LBJ has thought about you for this two and a half year process.  This is what I say to LBJ:
I hope I'm wrong, but there is a report about LBJ having aone hour special on ESPN to announce his decision. What exactly is the show going to consist of, one hour of your highlights ending with your decision? Not even Kobe Bryant went this route!

LeBron James, I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, that somehow David Stern is somehow manipulating this crap and you just happen to be caught in the middle of this s#$t-storm, but I can't. Just who in the hell do you think you are that you believe that your decision is so riveting that it deserves a one hour special on ESPN? Your ego is out of control. Worse yet, for you to USE a charitable organization that benefits kids in order to deflect criticism regarding this "special" in my mind is despicable.

LeBron, I used to have the utmost of respect for you - you WERE one of the truly good guys in the NBA (and that's saying a lot). But over the past two years you have exhibited a disturbing inability to handle pressure and not be able to execute when most needed. To top it off, your ego is so out of control, you feel you deserve a one hour prime-time special to tell America where you're going? News Flash my friend - YOU'RE NOT ALL THAT!!!

Hey Cleveland, perhaps "King James" and the city of New York do deserve each other - oversized egos with delusions of grandeur while exhibiting underachieving results! I've found the people of Cleveland to be great, blue collar folks. Please don't hitch your wagon to this garbage!
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King James has one thing in common with King Henry, an ego. It seems that James is perfectly content holding NBA fans in limbo as he dabs in the luxuries of the constant streaming attention NBA teams and media lay at his feet. Despite my interest in where he will ultimately land, the process is becoming not only tiresome but antagonizing too. What makes the situation even more intolerable is the fact that James’ true colors are shining through, and they aren’t pretty.

This past weekend the city of Akron Ohio apparently had nothing better to do then throw James a rally. When I saw the news exert I was left wondering why James deserved a hero’s welcome. Did he save a man from a burning building? Did he give millions of his hard earned money to the local children’s hospital? I know, maybe he did something to reinvigorate the dilapidated sections of town. It turns out that none of this happened. Instead, Lebron James was simply born in Akron and that was enough. Sadly the people need to feel some kind of distant connection to James. Well, fans should have reconsidered. Lebron made it obvious the fans are his top priority, not even hometown fans. King James waltzed into the affair as many fans were giving up or had already gone home. If you ask me, those are the true actions of a dedicated role model.  

The bigger question is why did Lebron put Akron on the back burner? Without knowing the details, I will assume it is the same reason he showed no remorse for his team’s final performance against the Boston Celtics a few weeks ago. I will assume it was the same reason he simply gave up on numerous other occasions during the Cavaliers playoff run.  I will also assume it is the same reason he finds it funny to drop false bread crumbs along the free agent path. However, the truly funny feat will be when someone picks up the real crumbs that show him the way home. Even a life of luxury can be lonely.

My first inclination was that Lebron would return to Cleveland and eventually bring a championship banner to somewhere other than Chicago, Houston, Los Angles, San Antonio, Miami and Boston but after playing “Witness” to all his bullshit, I am not sure Cleveland is in the cards. Lebron is looking for attention, attention that Clevelanders can’t provide. Lebron is looking for an organization that will bend over further and whose fans will become even more unthawed in Lebron-mania; a true sign of an incurable egotist. Unfortunately, no such place exists but there is little hope that even if he stays he will ever draw this conclusion.

The bottom-line is that Lebron James is thoroughly enjoying the mind fuck he has on everyone. To me the sign of a great leader isn’t someone so selfish that they are willing to toy with everyone’s emotions no matter how big or small. Apparently it isn’t enough that people in New York are wearing Lebron in 2010 t-shirts. It isn’t enough that Chicago is dreaming of another 23 soaring through the arena air. It isn’t enough that teams like the Nets and Clippers have even developed irrational faith. And it certainly isn’t enough that some of the best fans on earth, sit in Cleveland, dying inside with each day that Lebron remains silent.

In the end Lebron James’ attempt at Godliness has only weakened him in my eyes. A player whose only concern is playing games for their own personal satisfaction isn’t worthy of a championship anyway. So bring another Championship to those hated Lakers, as I would much rather see Kobe hoist another trophy then see Lebron slap Cleveland across the face in a play to further boost his already inflated super ego.


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Don't Let Game Six Fool You...
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So you think the Lake Show will glide in Game Seven because of what happened in Game Six?


Think twice...


Take a look back to 1985...


The Celtics, looking to repeat as NBA Champions, had homecourt advantage for the second year in a row as they finished the regular season with a 63-19 record while the Lakers compiled a 62-20 record. For the first time, the Finals went to a 2-3-2 format with games one and two in Boston while the next three games were in Los Angeles. The final two games of the series, if necessary, would be played in Boston.


Game 1 became known as the "Memorial Day Massacre" as the Celtics soundly beat the Lakers 148-114. Celtic reserve forward Scott Wedman made all 11 out of 11 field goal attempts. The Lakers responded in Game 2 with a 109-102 victory as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had 30 points, 17 rebounds, eight assists, and three blocks. Michael Cooper had 22 points, making 8 out of 9 field goals attempted...(Wikipedia)


The Los Angeles Lakers eventually defeated the Celtics four games to two...


Each game is its own entity...


The Celtics will make the proper adjustments as they did in Game Three...


Game Seven should be a barn burner...











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