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Golf for Breakfast, Anyone? Anyone?
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I have to apologize for not publishing last Saturday - I was in a remote location that was supposed to have Internet but it turned out to be DSL and bad DSL at that. †Hopefully with football season just around the corner, my travels will not include further Internet connectivity issues.

So we cannot have a discussion about Golf without talking about Tiger Woods. †Every time Tiger steps on to the golf course, it is news. †Whether it is because he is a compelling story, a compelling train wreck or some combination of the two. I can't say but especially with major championships, it becomes All Tiger All of the Time coverage. †I have to admit to following the train wreck angle yesterday as a promising opening round devolved into what has become typical Tiger championship golf...he just unravels. †One has to wonder if Tiger realizes that he does not have the game to compete with the dominant young players who are emerging on the game today. † Back in the day when Tiger was Great, his mere presence caused the competition to wilt, yielding titles with barely a whimper. †Those days are over. †While I do think Tiger will press on with his quest to catch Jack Nicklaus' major record - and he may even win one or two more - he will be more of a celebrity golfer than a tour d'force on the course. †Seeing this pose again in my mind is unlikely...

Storminnorman's Sports Blog 7/18
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Hello Gabbers and welcome to another edition of Storminnorman's Sports Blog. Today I am going to start out with a little compare and contrast, before I get on with the focus of my blog this week for which there isn't really. Be honest in comparing the two videos, because one is the newer version of the song, while the other is the original version.

I know which version of the song I like, but this kind of reminds me of how Bud Light used the All-Star game to baseball's advantage to exploit Derek Jeter's last All-Star game.

In some sort of ways Derek Jeter tried to keep this game simple, but for whatever reason Major League Baseball decided to take advantage of the situation, and used him to their advantage. Did anyone take into consideration his feelings, or did they not matter to Bud Light? What if for some reason the 40-year old Jeter decides to come back next year, after announcing his retirement at the beginning of the season? Its been known to happen, people are allowed to change their mind afterall....

I watched the game as I am a fan of Jeter's, not the organization he represents. Guess I am jealous of all the World Series Championships they have won, so many I will have to ask my Boston fans because I have lost count, nearly 30? But who wouldn't be jealous of the Yankees, they were built to win by their owners both past and present. Kind of like a few teams during the 21st Century, Old Harry mentioned one in the Patriots, never cared for them before Tom Brady arrived, but have followed and rooted for them out of respect.

King James, King James, King James, when will you learn that you are not the savior, and unfortunately for Tim, he has to put up with this crap again. Old Harry was once again right, the Browns have a better chance of winning with Brian Hoyer, than LeBron does in the two years he will be in Cleveland. Looks like the rich get richer, as he probably will leave your town once again after his contract is up. By the way Lebron, use some of your money to obtain at least an Associate's degree, so you don't have to have someone else write your going away speech.

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? NFL training camps will opening soon, another gut-wrenching season for AFD, IHM and myself as we watch the Lions underacheive again. How much talent or lack of talent can you possibly obtain for sucking all these years, and not win or at least get a good sniff? The last time they were that good, IHM and AFD and myself weren't even around, and yes they played Tim's Browns........

I have a fantasy football league on Foxsports.com, if anyone is interested in playing shoot me a message with your email address and I will send you an invite.

As we return to baseball today, there is an important series about to be played in Detroit. Wonder who it means more to, the Tigers who can put some real distance between them and the rest of the division, or the Indians who need a good series to remain in contention? After this series, the Tigers it the road for Arizona and L.A. for a week. A lot of late night ass whoopings could be taking place, as the Angels are now challenging the Athletics for first place in the Wild West...

Jeff I can't wait to see what type of role the Astros play. Will they be the spoilers, and ruin either the A's or Angels season and allow the Mariners to sneak in? There are a lot of teams that can ruin a division leaders chances of winning this year, so what do you think?

Jerry what's up with the G-Men, do they look like they will be able to challenge the Dodgers the rest of the year?

One final jab at the Lions, we will all know the end is near if the Lions and Browns wind up in the Super Bowl this year. But hell anythings possible right?

That's all I got, have a great week! Don't forget to go to the left and read Hal's blog, there is always something interesting to read....

Talking Sports
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Tuesday Night did a great job honoring Derek Jeter at the All-Star Game. Sometimes they donít get it. But Tuesday they did a good thing for a guy that played out his heart and soul for 20 years and a welldeserved night. The Yankees will top it at his final home game but never the less letís not take anything away from Jeter and the job MLB did for him.

Of course they didnít do a few other things well. I think perhaps a short video tribute to Tony Gwynn before the game would have taken nothing away from Jeterís night. I bet Jeter would have embraced it. Just something on the screen before the game, 5 minutes with a few highlights. Gwynn was a sweet man and also played hard. Maybe he deserved a little recognition especially after his recent passing.

The marketing ploy needed to go with the hats. Really we needed different hats . I like the team hats and I like if they have an alternate cap once and a while but I also like the Blue Hat with red B. I wonít by any other color Red Sox hat. I like the Yankees white NY on the Blue Hat as well. I donít need the white panels and a different color logo. Maybe I need help but this bothered me and I just donít know why Miguel Carbrera just didnít look right in his Black and Blue with white panels †Tigerscap. I think maybe it bothered me because it was nothing more than marketing. The beauty of the baseball all star game is they play in their regular uniforms. They did do that but the hat is a major part of the look. I will admit I did kind of like the Aís hat a little but no damn it they needed the green cap with the gold visor and the white Aís.

I had taken a few weeks off from umpiring with All-Stars and stuff. I have had my busiest week since mid May putting me on a baseball field in some capacity 7 days in a row Coaching two nights except we were rained out last night and umpiring 6 games between Saturday and Saturday.† In one of my games Sunday I saw a cool double play it was a 14 Year old AAU game it was a 2 to 4 double play. Kid got a basehit runner from second hesitated rounding third and was thron out at the plate by a country mile. The catcher saw the kid who got the hit going to second he made a perfect throw nice and low the shortstop got his glove in front of the base and made the play.in a huge cloud of dust.. Just one of those plays you remember .

Zebra Tale

Here is a good one I sold a call Saturday Night. I was working with a very good umpire who does High Level College Baseball, he had the bases for you who arenít familiar how two umpire mechanics work. Base ump positions himself in a spot behind the pitchers mound if there are †runners on. In this case a runner was on second .for the most part he will be behind the mound more towards third so he can watch a pickoff at second and can cover a play at third. My partner was in this position there was a play at first he called the kid out there was a runner scoring from second so I stayed at the plate to make sure he touched and there was no playthere . I turned quickly and saw the first baseman stretch and saw the out call at first usually you can see space between the first basemanís foot and the base. So the coach at first had the best look and he argued to no avail that the first basemans foot was off the base. Between Innings he came up to me and said the kids foot was at least 6 inches of. I explained he had a better look and I looked quick and saw no space than I said to him probably because the first baseman is wearing white cleats. The first baseman was on deck he looks the kid has white cleats on. your right and just quietly walked back to the dugout. Guy was very polite the rest of the game, Actually, he was very polite the entire game even to state his case, I don't know why I knew this kid had white cleats on . Usually, i don't notice or care. It really didn't make a difference but I sold it.Thought I would share.

Buzz from the Bleachers
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Welcome to Wednesday, Gabbers! Weíre midway through the MLB season, which means weíre facing the end of summer. Get ready for the dog days. This will be followed quickly by the chill of fall, apple picking, and football.

Weíre midway through another great MLB season.† Last night Derek Jeter got his due at the All-Star game. There are a scant 80 some games left for Jeter, as the Yanks will likely miss the post season. As much as I know a lot of us hate the Yanks and even Jeter, itís really hard to hate Jeter. He played against and alongside A-Roid, which set up a great contrast between a guy who did it the right way and a guy who could have but cheated.

Jeter did things right, even if many feel his team didnít. He was a product of the Yankee farm system. He worked for his spot on that team. He earned the captainship. He was a clean superstar in the steroid era. He didnít have power and his glove left him about halfway through his career, but he did so many things well.

Meanwhile, another star is struggling to stay put. The Phillys have struggled mightily this season. Itís hard to say why, though age seems to have caught up to a number of their players. The rumor mill has the Phillys shopping their all-star, Chase Utley, to any team that could get them help. Utley, for his part, wants to stay. He says he loves Philly. Itís hard to think of many guys who have put in as much time as Utley (14 seasons). Iíd love to see Utley get the chance to go out with the same team, just as Jeter has.

UP to the North, Bud Selig has recently exhumed the ghost of the Expos. Selig says Montreal would be a great choice for an expansion team. The Expos moved down to Washington DC after failing to draw in crowds. They failed to get more around 1 million fans in their final seven seasons. Recently, the Jays and Mets played an exhibition series in Montreal and drew around 96 thousand people. There could yet be hope.

Before I leave, I have some quick projections for the rest of the season. I feel the Tigers and Aís will hold on to their divisions. I see the Blue Jays overtaking the Orioles. The Angels and Orioles will take the Wild Cards. I still like the Giants, Cards, and Braves in the National League.† I think Washington and Cincy take the Wild Cards.

That is it for me this week. Thanks as always for stopping in. Iím hoping the AL holds their one run lead at this point. Anything that can help the Tigers. Have a great end of the week.

Musings From The Hoodwood 7-15 Video Edition
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All New Video Blog...Princess Katie takes over the Hoodwood?

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