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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 10-26-14
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Hey Hey My My. Rock n roll will never die. I'm counting on it. Welcome Gabbers and others to y NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. That up there is Bubba Wallace. He won himself a Martinsville Grandfather clock in his truck. Yup. That's the trophy. Imagine trying to get that home without ruining it. I guess the team hauler delivers too.†

Beautiful day here in PA. The temps keep going up and down. Really hoping this week is nice. I got that homestead clean up list but I also got me a photo list. There's real nice decorations in the neighborhood and some cool looking trees. It's time for me and my camera to take a walk before those nasty dark clouds come back. I try to keep it hid in the car just in case a really cool opportunity pops up whilst I'm out and about. No breath taking cheetahs roaming the neighborhood but I think I can make due.

As I mentioned in IHM's blog my youngest grandson had 2 ambulance rides this month for asthma attachs that came out of no where. He turned 1 on the 24th. He's wearing a heart monitor for now till we can get him to an allergist. He's taking it surprisingly well. Was play fighting with a pillow. I'm guessing he's not as bothered by it as we are. Time to get air cleaners for the house.

There was a night time 5K run that ran by my house. The race wasn't so bad but the flashing lights on the cruiser outside my front window for 2 hours were a bit much. My cats were spooked. The high school marching band even came down through at one point. I live 2 blocks from the school. I guess I could think of this as dinner entertainment.


Back in 2012 after a severe wreck at Talladega Dale Jr began to struggle with moodiness, anger, not wanting to be around people and brain fog. His crew said he had a vacant stare. So after a doctors visit he was sent to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. There he was taught brain excersises to get him back on track.

Now you can see a video Dale Jr made for the Sports Medicine Concussion Program at that university. Other professionals like baseball player David Ross made videos too.

You can go to ReThinkConcussions.com to see these videos and learn more about the types of concussions and what can be done for those that get them.


He'll still be reporting on NASCAR races, doing his NASCAR podcast with ESPN Magazine senior writer Ryan MaGee and writing his articles for ESPN.com but his duties will be expanding to cover Pro & college football, basketball and other sports.

"I'm so fortunate to have a challenging, rewarding job that allows for creativity and to have colleagues and bosses that believe in my approach and my ability."

He goes on to say that he's appreciates the opportunity to diversify and still maintain his passion for motorsports. And he's not taking this lightly.

Congrats to Marty. I love his podcast too.


On October 24, 2004 Rick Hendrick and the whole HMS organization were rocked by a very tragic plane wreck. Rick Hendricks son, Ricky along with 9 other people boarded one of HMS private planes bound for Martinsville and crashed into the Bull Mountain in Virginia. There were no survivors.

On that plane besides Ricks son, Ricky were his brother John Hendrick - President of Hendrick Motorsports. John's twin daughters Jennifer & Kimberly. Jeff Turner - HMS †General Manager. Randy Dorton - HMS Engine Builder. Joe Jackson - DuPont executive. Scott Latheram - Pilot for Tony Stewart. Richard Tracy & Elizabeth Morrison - pilots of the plane.

Rick didn't know if he could keep going but some how he got back to HMS HQ and told his employees that things would go on in memory of those lost.

Rick still has Ricky's black Tahoe Z71 and every year he uncovers it during this week and drives it home. He says he feels closer to his son in that vehicle.


Vickers had the pole but didn't get to lead past the parade laps because Mr Johnson took over at the green flag drop.

Right away it's reported that McMurray is leaking oil. Why he didn't get off the track is beyond me. By lap 21 Harvick starts drifting to the back because he has a windshield full of oil and can't see well. Hello NASCAR. There's a black flag just for occasions like this. McMurray is still out there.

My Most Handsome Knight of the Mobile 1 even leads 5 laps. Good to see him.

On lap 75 we see Dale Jr to the lead and Jr Nation goes wild.

On lap 103 Ky Bu gets damage from a big wreck. It's back to the garage and he does get back out but not in enough time to salvage a spot in the Chase.

In the end we had 2 Green/White Checkers and Keselowski wins his way into the next phase of the Chase. Johnson, Kahne, Dale Jr & Ky Bu are out.†

I'm still pissed that NASCAR didn't levy a points penalty for the temper tantrums at Charlotte. NASCAR officials were actually measuring the black marks he left in the garage area and looking over the parts he scattered with his car. A NASCAR garage is very busy after a race. You have fans trying to get a last minute autograph, sponsors walking around and team members loading up the haulers to go home. Burn outs have no place in the garage area. Especially at a night race. He's so very very lucky he didn't hit any one with his car or the parts he hit.

Top !5 Finishers - Keselowski - Kenseth - Bowyer - Cassill - Newman - Kvapil - Ku Bu - Ambrose - Harvick - Mears - Logano - Kahne - Dillon - Sorenson - Whitt

The 8 Chasers - Logano - Harvick - Newman - Hamlin - Kenseth - Edwards - Gordon - Keselowski....in that order

Of the 8 Chasers, Newman & Kenseth have yet to win a race. Wouldn't it be a bite in the ass if one of them won the Championship with not a single W? Since this format is supposed to be one that rewards wins, it would be very interesting to see that outcome. In fact I'm now the biggest Kenseth/Newman fan going forward.†


This is a short track. A lap around here is .526. That's a half mile. This is an up close and personal - How you doin'? type track. In fact Mr Logano dumped Danica at Charlotte and he says he has talked to her and considers the issue closed but you know, if I were him I'd be watching my bumper. His team mate Keselowski didn't make a whole lot of friends that night at Charlotte either. He starts 6th. Hamlin, Stewart and Kenseth are right there in the top 5 up close and personal even. Hmmmmmmmmmm....†Oh yeah.†I'm lovin' it.

Johnson - Starts 7th. I do believe it's time to at least make a showing before the end of the season. I'm putting a stamp on a top 10

Dale Jr - Let a W at Dega slip through his racing gloves. Those pink skeleton gloves are on auction for breast cancer right now by the way. He says he's got a good feeling about this race. He starts 23rd. Big hurdle at this track. Mmmmmm top 15

Harvick - Starts 33rd. Not the place you want to be at this particular track to start your bid for a championship. He was top 5 in fastest practice speeds. OK....Top 10

Gordon - He's got 8 of those Grandfather clock trophies. Starts 13th. Top 10

STEWART - Been a long time since I seen my most Handsome Knight of the Mobile 1 rock it. Starts 4th. Promising. I say top 10

Newman - Starts 9th. He's a bull in a china closet and extremely hard to pass. Doesn't just give up spots easily and this is his type of track. Top 10

Kenseth - Starts 3rd. If he's going to win a race I think it's this one. Top 10.

McMurray - Pole position today. I'm thinking top 10

Larson - Starts 16th but this rookie has been hotter than expected this year. You just can't rule him out of a top 10. So I won't.

Logano - Starts 2nd. Top 10

Keselowski - When Logano does good Keselowski usually doesn't. In the March race it was Logano with a 4th and Keselowski with a 38th. He pissed too many people off at Charlotte.†

Top 15 at the March 2014 Martinsville race - Ku Bu -Johnson - Dale Jr - Logano - Ambrose - Kenseth - Harvick - Almirola - Bowyer - Menard - Allmendinger - Gordon - Edwards - Ky Bu - Dillon

Good luck with your picks.

We had a Gab member on business in Japan. WOW WOW WOW times 10. What an awesome exotic location and great food I'm sure. I don't plan on going any where for my days off. Just the clean up and seeking out great photo opportunities. Hope every one else gets out and about before the cold winds start blowing and enjoy the Fall weather. If you're not so inclined to get out because you're in recline than aim that remote at the TV and watch your favorite games.†

And I'm outta here......

One of Two Games Redskins MUST Win!
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In any football season, there is always a few games that jump out at you as a fan as must-see TV. † For any Redskin fan, that list includes the Cowboys games where even in lost seasons - and we have had no shortage of those - a win over the Cowgirls is always welcome. † This season, the Cowboys are off to a great start at 6-1 and first in the Now-Not-The-Worst-Division NFC East. †The Redskins are limping along at 2-5 with wins over 2 teams of similar abilities. †First of all, we do not know whether Dallas' record is the real deal or a mirage. †Pre-sesaon, nobody saw a strong team in Big D - what the hell happened?! †Are they really a 6-1 team - one that beat Seattle on the road no less, or will they fall comfortably back to earth and finish 9-7 or even 8-8? †We shall see...they have to play the meat of their schedule in December, where they have been horrid with 4 of 6 games on the road to finish up after their Thanksgiving matchup with the 5-1 Eagles. †No matter the case, they have at least made NFC East football interesting to watch again.

And as for the Redskins, I thought an 8-8 season would be a good outcome for the team, but that seems a bit optimistic at this stage...but beat the Cowboys, get to 3-5, 5-5 does not seem out of the realm of possibility. †But we hate the Cowboys, and besides this game, the other game I will watch no matter what is on December 28...maybe the Skins can ruin Dallas' season with final blow! †In the mean time, I search for this T-shirt...

As you know from my last post, I have been in Japan for the last week. †The weather was not that great (until I was leaving today of course), so I did not get to do any photography but the business purpose was a big success. †(My company is trying to treat their national affliction, cedar allergy, and we had a meeting with their FDA to get permission to start a clinical study. †We were told it couldn't be done, but they loved us! †So it is back to the Island in December...at least the Frequent Flier points are racking up!) † I think Imentioned this before, but it is worth repeating. †A Slingbox is a MUST-HAVE if you travel.† Direct internet feed of your home TV anywhere in the world is just to great a gift, especially to the sports fan. †Here's what I had for casual viewing....Golf from Europe, Japanese †gymnastics (men's) and some soccer....it did help me fall asleep!


How about those Royals? †I thought the Giants might sweep after Game 1, but they have really shown their resilience. †It is hard not to pull for them.

The NO FUN LEAGUE reestablishes itself as the leader in Killjoy sports...now Peyton Manning is leading the cheers whineing about the video operation having a little fun getting the crowd revved up. †Once again, the League and now its head cheerleader forget that IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE A FUN EVENT...it's entertainment, guys. †

Well, that's all for now...I will try to get my jet-lagged body back on Eastern Daylight time!

Storminnorman's Sports Blog 10/24
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Welcome Gabbers to another Friday edition of Storminnorman's Sports Blog, as things start to heat up hear again sports wise with the Lions, Red Wings and Pistons going after it. I was bugged by a shot of Ford Field Sunday, with Comerica Park sitting next door empty, I thought to myself, how many of us thought the Tigers would truley be sitting at home watching Kansas City in the World Series?

Since the last time I was here I missed a little work due to an infection, for which I say "Thank God" my body fought it off rather quickly for a change and I was able to return to work on Monday. Unfortunately for myself, I was able to watch an interview Pete (I am a selfish, greedy asshole) Rose did for CBS Sunday Morning.†

I remember in the past, how I came on the Gab and ranted about how Rose should be in the HOF based on his All-Time Hit's record, and his accomplishments before he was busted for betting on baseball.†

For the record, Sunday was the first time I ever heard Pete Rose admit to betting on baseball, but not the Reds publicly. In the past, he has always denied it. For which I also asked myself how much CBS was paying him for the interview.....

†Rose mentioned that if all it would have taken was an apology to be able to enter the Hall of Fame, he would have given one a long time ago, for which Faye Vincent mentioned "he never once offered an apology for what he had done." So it makes you wonder what really happened, guess we will have to buy Pete Rose's book to find out.....

The one thing I did take from this interview, was Peter Edward Rose at 73 is still one of the most arrogant, self-centered assholes who will say anything and do anything to make a quick buck. It felt like the whole interview was scripted to Rose's liking, not to make him look bad...........

Pete Rose does not feel any true remorse for his actions, it was all apparent during the interview. Rose is just as big a phony as he was when he was caught, hope he enjoys the embarassment for the rest of his life. All of his accomplishments tainted by his greed, and love for money.....

It's "Go Green, Go Blue" or as most have become to know it as Michigan State's annual ass-whipping of Michigan on Saturday, and I don't care if Michigan is coming off a bye-week or not, this one shouldn't be close.......

The Lions are in London this weekend playing the Falcons, supposed to count as a home game for the Lions, so let's hope they play like it.......

The Wings are playing Sindy and the Pen's tonight, after losing to the Habs 2-1 Tuesday. They head to Philly for the weekend, and the goaltending and defense is much improved over last year so far.......

The Royals and Giants are heading to San Fran for the weekend, hope the weather gets a little better out in B.O.B. land. Boy you talk about two different games, the G-Men put a whooping on the Royals in Game 1 and the Royals give it back to the G-Men in Game 2, wonder what Guthrie and Hudson will have to keep the offensive explosion down on Friday?

Have a great weekend everyone, and not to steal Q's thunder but I was rather disappointed by Talledega, not enough wrecks this year, and I'm not the biggest Keslowski fan in the world either, wished he would have crashed......

Chargers vs. Broncos, might be a shootout, might not be, maybe they will play some defense tonight? Doubt it, Rivers and Manning ought to have some fun throwing the ball around. Peyton would like to thank the 49ers defense for allowing him to sit out a portion of the second half......

That's all I got, have a great weekend and don't forget to visit Hal to my left for all your NFL information.....

Talking Sports
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Another Thursday another crazy week in the NFL. I went to the patriots-Jets game last Thursday heavy rain and rush hour traffic allowed for a 3 hour commute to Gillette Stadium which is normally maybe 40 minutes on a Sunday. Itís ok I talked to my neighbor who left and hour before I did and his commute was three hours and 20 minutes.

Iím convinced Thursday Night was made for ugly football the teams arenít sharp and the games lack intensity. The Jets hung in there and I swear they ran the same three plays the whole game . Ivory inside, than outside and then old G. Smith would hit somebody down the seem.

I thought the Jets played the Patriots mucher tougher than anybody expected but than again nobody expected much. People are talking about Rex Ryan getting fired from my stand point the guy can coach and he has a little bit of fun and puts a little humor into as well I think a coach is only as good as what the player personnel guy has to work with it. Other than a solid offensive line and my man Ivory the Jets really donít have a lot in the skill position area. Letís face it Geno isnít Tom Brady who can overcome sucha short coming and make a marginal receivers look good.

The talking heads† on the radio started the whole 3rd grade argument of whose better Brady or Peyton. I guess I like both guys, some how I think a team would be ok with either guy even with both guys in their late 30ís

That the same fo Peyton Manning, Aaron Rogers ,Drew Brees, and I may even through Andrew Luck in the mix. Speaking about Luck and the Colts. I watched them play the Bengals Sunday. I like the Colts on Defense they hit hard and they hit in the middle of the body. It was nice to see a team play some defense without the yellow hankie coming out.

In Dallas Demarco Murray is just fun to watch these days and Iím sur eitís been a blast for Cowboys fans as well. The kid is the real deal.


Dear Boston College

Your Senior Kick can't kick field goals. Your Freshman Kicker can't either.†

Did you ever think about using your Punter. After all he does in practice is kick footballs,

Then again that's all the other two kids do as well.

Speaking about Punters whatever happend to the Coffin Corner Punt?


The Royals finally lost a playoff game in Grand Fashion† on Tuesday Night. Losing 7-1.The Royals managed to get 7 of there own on Wednesday to tie the series at1 apiece. The Royals will have to take at least one of the next three in SF. I would like to see a couple of close games. We may not see Hunter Strickland in another starting role after letting his emotions get to himas he strred down Salvatore Perez.

NHL Update

Player flipped off the fans. Player got fined. Lanz traded Sully for player, what was Lanz thinking.

LIL Warrior Report

The boys got a W Saturday Night and Got crashed Sunday. Lil Lanz missed one from the point. Nexst week they start league play. The competition will be more even going forward. The boys should end up being alright.

Laser went out on the mound Saturday. the Young Lefty came in at Garbarge Time with an 11-1 lead. It wasn't pretty he left with 11-5 lead and runners on. He couldn't get the ball down in the zone. He said after the game" If those kids were just a little taller I would have hit the zone every time"

Zebra Tales

I was the Head Linesman Saturday and sometimes despite your best efforts they get you. I got rolled up pretty good Saturday on the first play from scrimmage. An end run came out my way took my position to let the play go buy me so I could trail . A kid came flying in† to make the tackle† he missed it but got the official (yes that was me) He got my leg good I finished the game bad bruise no breaks but I have been limping all week. Itís just the nature of the game..

Buzz from the Bleachers
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Welcome to Wednesday, Gabbers. Baseball is set for itís last series. The Royals take on the Giants after both teams survived the longest road ever taken by two teams. This is the second time in MLB history that both wild card teams have made it through, but itís the first time that these wild card teams have made it through the one game playoff. I have to go with the Royals, but I have some worries.

The Series is starting tonight, while the Giants wrapped up their series 5 days ago. The Royals punched their ticket 6 days ago. Can the Royals maintain their hot streak with that long of a break? Honestly, we are left to ask why. Why did the MLB decide to wait so long? I can see not wanting to go up against NFL games, but I think you could take the weak Steelers-Texans Monday night match-up. I think they could have started Friday. If you want to speed the game up, donít make fans wait so damn long for the biggest series of the year.

One lucky fan, however, doesnít have to wait nor does he have to watch the series from home. Frank Burke, a lifelong Giants fan, was lucky enough to catch Travis Ishikawaís home run ball. You know, the one that sent the Giants to the Series? Well, Mr. Burke had the souvenir of souvenirs in his hands, but he didnít keep it. Mr. Burke brought the ball down to Ishikawa. Ishikawa was grateful enough to give Burke a handshake and an autographed bat.

Giants officials asked Burke what he would like for his kindness. Burke joked about Word Series tickets, but was told it was unlikely. They must have changed their minds. Burke now has 4 tickets to game 3 in San Francisco. Burke, as if he wasnít cool enough here, has said heís taking his friend who is battling cancer. This guy might get fan of the year.

In other news, my wife is currently second in her fantasy league. Iíve never been close to winning any fantasy league, but the wife is on fire. Sheís got Manning at QB, but the rest of her team seemed pretty lackluster. Still, sheís in second. Next time I do fantasy, she gets to run my draft.

The worst of baseball met the most mediocre of football. A-Roid decided to take in a Cowboys game recently. It being A-Roid, the Cowboys let him on the field. A-Roid was loitering by the tunnels when the team came out and almost got run over by Tony Romo. Now if Romo had done ran A-Roid down, I would not question his abilities any more. He would have made his case to me. Come Tony, run this guy down.

Well, thatís all for me. Thanks as always for stopping in. Enjoy the series and best of luck to your team, unless itís the Giants. Sorry, you guys got one fairly recently. Share the titles.

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