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A Long Strange Trip: Special Birthday and Reflections
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Holy cow.  It’s almost Thanksgiving.  2014 must’ve gone by faster than any year in recorded history.  I’m pretty sure someone lopped a month off the year somewhere.  It’s been kind of a weird year too.  The Kansas City Royals in the World Series?  The Cleveland Browns spent a week in first place?  ¾ of the major sports championships belong to the west coast?    It’s also November 17, a very special day in the history of the Gab - today marks birthday #6 and the start of year 7.  A long strange trip it’s been.


The people you know when you’re young play a special role as you get older - a connection to the younger you, the kid that was looking forward.  When your elders have begun to pass, perhaps even some of your contemporaries, the kids you knew when you were young are the last link you have to that time.  I have the great fortune to still be connected to some of those folks.  A few weeks ago we realized it’d been 3 years since the group of us had gotten together, so we changed that this weekend.


It’s funny, in your 20’s and 30’s you’re celebrating the marriages, and the kids, and the houses.  In your 40’s, you’re toasting the divorces and “moving on,” expressing condolences for the passing of a parent, and bragging on those now teenage (or older) kids you celebrated in your 20’s and 30’s.  And so it goes that as I sit here and look at how fast 2014 has flown by that I realize how quickly time goes by.  Every year seems to go by faster than any year in recorded history.  I mean, how many people know that there have been 14 “Gay Bowls” already?  Time flies man.


There’s all kinds of weird things that happen in any given year.  When I was going to school, there was the “dome run.”  Who would’ve thought that 20-odd years later, the same guy would have his finger just fall off while he was playing cards?  You’re just not likely to find a more messed up cat than this guy.


As we have more avenues for people to show off, the more weird stuff we come up with.  Some of it’s banal, still more of it is just painful.  Way to ruin what should be a good thing, and draw attention to the fact you’re a DB (and I don’t mean defensive back).


People do dumb things all the time, we’re just far more exposed to it now than we were “back in the day.”  Just saying “back in the day” makes me feel 1000 years old, but technology has changed just how fast things are different year to year.  I bought an iPhone 4s as soon as it came out.  3 years later we’re on 5 more models of iPhone: the 5, 5c, 5s, 6, and 6+.  We’re moving at a faster pace.  We have televisions the size of a wall, but we’re never home to watch them - as evidenced by the fact we don’t even have landline phones at home anymore: depending on who you ask between a quarter and half of all homes either don’t have or just don’t use a home phone.  Christ, our cars are now Wifi hotspots: so you can stay connected while you’re on your way to where you’re going.  


There’s all kinds of ways to be dumb too.  PJ Williams totals his car and runs off.  One wonders why someone would just take off - I mean the car is registered, it’s not hard to know who it belongs to.  Hmmm.  Perhaps alcohol?  At any rate he gets a traffic citation.  Legally, the accident never happened.  Wow.  There’s simpler ways to be dumb - like freaking out when someone friendly to you touches your butt.  Well, that one wouldn’t usually be dumb, but if you’re in the middle of a hard contact sport, you wouldn’t think a slight grope would be that distracting.


Of course there’s dumb, and there’s pure evil.  It should go without saying that it’s a privilege to bitch and moan about blown calls or missed plays.  We live in a place where we can while away time and then wonder where all the time went.  There’s so many different ways the people who you knew when you were young can leave the scene so you should definitely make the time to enjoy them while they - and you - are around to enjoy.  I enjoy you, my faithful Gabbers - and happy 6th birthday to the Gab.  I’m happy to be able to say I’ve known the Gab since it was young.


Take a look at the stats on that side bar: 2095 Featured blogs, 1668 Featured 2.0, 535 NFL blogs, 732 user showcase posts.  Not bad for a small community of writers participating because we enjoy it.  We've all joined the Gab at various points - and I'm glad I've had the chance to participate in building and sustaining this place.  There's no other place I'd rather wax poetic about getting older, no other place to complain about people doing dumb things.  Well done Gab!  

NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 11-16-14
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Hey now. Welcme Gabbers & others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Just thought I'd do a public service announcement to all you Gabbers & others out there cleaning the gutters. These critters may be cute and fuzzy to look at but watch out for those teeth. Never seen one before but I hear they're quick. Hide the kids and watch your ankles.

I think I can make it to Monday or Tuesday and I may just have to give in on my "Don't turn the furnace on till Thanksgiving because that oil tank is prescious" Mission. The weatherman says that on Tuesday it will be brutally cold in the 40's and fall to 28 degrees over night. It will be 40's in the day and 28 at night all week. That's pipe freezing weather. Just can't take that chance. The cats will be happy though. They love the heat vents.


A letter addressed to NASCAR president Mike Helton and one to SHR was sent by Rep Jackie Speier stating that Kurt should be suspended till the investigation into his alleged domestic violence case against ex girlfriend Patricia Driscoll was completed. She further stated she wanted to be in the internal investigation of this matter and wanted the history of all sanctions levied by NASCAR & race teams in the last 5 years for domestic violence.

Be-otch has balls if you ask me. 

However Kurt's lawyer Rusty Hardin had other ideas. He said," If every time somebody made an allegation against a congresswoman or congressman and they were then to be suspended from their office until the investigation was concluded, we'd have an empty capitol building."

He went on to say that her letter was inappropriate and that there is such things as due process and presumption of innocense.

NASCAR says they're waiting for the police report. Haas says he's not taking Kurt out of the car. I say that if the fight was that bad then why wait 6 weeks to file charges? If you waited that long then let it go. Grab your shit and leave.


If you're planning to vote for your favorite driver you've got until Monday the 17th @ 8pm to get to www.MostPopularDriver.com. We'll see if Dale Jr gets it again or The Danica rallies her fans to over take him or if the Reddit community rallies to put Josh Wise in the top spot. Oh the suspense Gabbers.



Harvick won. Harvick led almost all the laps. Harvick advanced to the final round. 

Hamlin had the pole but by lap 45 Harvick took over the lead and never gave it up.

Gordon, Kenseth & Keselowski all did what they had to to advance except win. All were in the top 5 at the end of the race but no cookie or soup for them. On the very last lap coming to the finish line Newman did a bump & run on Larson for the final position he needed to get into the final Chase spot which knocked out Gordon by 1 point.

Larson was asked about that pass which sent him into the wall. He said that Newman called him and explained that he really needed that spot and that he didn't dump him, he just did enough to get by and let Larson finish the race. Larson knew it was important and that he probably would've done the same thing if in the same position. It was a little upsetting and he was mad for about 10 minutes till he thought about it. No hard feelings going forward.

So our 4 Chasers that will be fighting it out at Homestead are Logano, Harvick, Newman & Hamlin.

Top 15 finishers at Phoenix - Harvick - Gordon - Kenseth - Keselowski - Hamlin - Logano - Ku Bu - Dale Jr - Biffle - Ambrose - Newman - Truex Jr - Larson - McMurray - Edwards



Ford unvailed a new trophy. This trophy has an exact replica of the steering wheel in Henry Ford's race car the 1901 Sweepstakes Racer. He won his first and only race in that car on October 10, 1901. That race win helped to get invetors interested so he could start his car company in 1903.

So last years Homestead winner was Hamlin. Last years champ was Johnson with 6 W's. This year Johnson is no where near the Chase or championship form. What a difference a year and Chase format change makes. 

Last years Homestead top 10 - Hamlin - Kenseth - Dale Jr - Truex Jr - Bowyer - Keselowski - Ky Bu - Logano - Johnson - Harvick - Gordon - Edwards - Kahne - Sadler - Larson

Chasers : Harvick - Starts 5th. Average finish of 8.1. Has 11 Top 10's. He's been fast this year but plagued with bad luck. Motor issues, tire issues and other stupid stuff. He's the favorite to win. He's my pick too. I say top 10 AND the Championship.

              Logano - Starts 9th. Average finish of 20.8 although he finished 8th last year. I'll give him a top 10

              Hamlin - Starts 8th. Average finish of 11.2 although he finished 1st last year. He's also been plagued by issues all year and barely made it into the Chase. I just don't see a championship this year either but I'll say top 15

              Newman - If there was ever an underdog, it's this guy. He's a tough one too. My hope is that he does win it. I'm hoping all the contenders have issues that keep them on pit road and laps down. Newman comes in 5th, with no win and a championship. It's a fantasy but it could happen. He starts 21st today. He hit debris from somebodies car during practice that broke his splitter. All is fixed and he's no worried. Top 10

Everybody else......

Gordon - He's got the pole. That's 200 poles for the HMS organization. He's got 11 top 10's here too. Top 10

Ky Bu - Starts 7th. He's been plagued with the uglies too this year but I'll say top 10

Kenseth - Won the Nationwide race this weekend. That's seat time that could equate to a top 10.

Larson - Got to give a top 10 to the rookie with the mostest.

Truex Jr - Starts 10th. Top 10

Keselowski - Starts 4th. Top 10

Menard - My dark horse pick for a top 10

Race is on at 3pm today. Football all day too. Have a safe weekend folks.

And I'm outta here.....





Saturday's Showcase - 11/15/14
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Well, I see there's an opening, so I think I'll jump in and talk some college football, where a lot of the fog is going to clear today.  

SEC.  Some absolutely great games on the docket today with Mississippi State traveling to Tuscaloosa.  It's more than just a game, a lot of folks will be watching to see exactly how up and up this is gonna be.  While I vehemently disagree w/theknightswhosay that the refs took the game from LSU last week, I truly believe that there could be some shenanigans here IF MSU is up and the game is close late.  

Auburn is gonna go hang out in Georgia today and this could be an interesting one.  Neither are in the chase for the playoffs, but they sure are gonna have a lot to say about who wins the SEC.

Also, for the first time since I can remember, LSU and Arkansas aren't playing on Turkey Day weekend, and Missouri is heading down to College Station for an undervalued game as well.

BIG 12.  Uh they took the week off, though Texas at Oklahoma State could be interesting just to see how far Charlie Strong has come.  Otherwise, get back to me next week.

PAC 12.  This is why I like the PAC 12:  On paper, almost every matchup can be considered a pick em.  This week Arizona State is at always tough at home Oregon State, Washington is at Arizona, and Utah is at Stanford.

ACC.  Florida State and Miami are hooking up in the Night game and while I'm loathe to do it, this could be an upset alert.  Meanwhile, Clemson has GA Tech, and for name recognition Virginia Tech is facing 8-1 Duke who needs to upgrade their schedule if anybody is gonna take them seriously from here on out.

BIG 10.  As I write this Ohio State and Minnesota are going at it in snow flurries up in the Great White North.  Ohio State went up 14-0 got greedy and went for a long bomb, Minny intercepted and marched it down the field so it's now 14-7.  

Otherwise, there's Nebraska who is desperate for a win and having to head into Wisky, and Michigan State is heading over to Maryland in a game that could be good as well.

Calling my shots.  

  1. Upset of the Week:  I like Arkansas over LSU.  It's in Fayetteville and LSU at 7-3 and no shot of the SEC Championship is playing for pride, but the Hawgs can pound the ball and ball control is what can beat LSU, well that and mental mistakes and bad coaching calls.
  2. Close but no cigar game of the week:  Minnesota will hang with Ohio State for a while.  Ohio State plays lethargic in the first half then dominates.  But the longer Minny hangs w/Ohio State, the faster Ohio State's playoff chances go down the drain.
  3. Playoff standing:  The winner of Miss. St. and Alabama is in.  The winner of Oregon/Arizona State is in.  The other two?  Who the hell knows and the problem with that is it gives the NCAA an opening to run some kind of game.  Watch out folks...
Weekly Grumble with IHM 11/14
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  Hello folks, and welcome to this week’s Grumble. It’s getting cold out there, but luckily here in southern Michigan we haven’t had much in the way of snow just yet… still dreading the time when that stuff starts flying again… I know it’s coming, I just sure as hell don’t want it to! It’s sure as hell cold enough for it… we’re going to be barely breaking freezing for the foreseeable future. I need to go snow bird and get my fat ass down south ASAP!

Kim Kardashian tries to “break the internet”

   Speaking of fat asses, earlier this week well known whore Kim Kardashian posed with her gigantic, nude ass on the cover of some rag, and claimed via Twitter that it would “break the internet”. So sad when someone doesn’t know they are old fucking news! Anybody that wanted to see that overused, played out ass saw it when you made your little video with Ray-J… you know, the guy that was with that crack head Whitney Houston when she died! Way to set an example for your kid… the poor little bastard you named North West… The best part? She posted a separate photo in which she balanced a champagne flute on her big fat ass, then said “and people say I have no talent”… can’t make this shit up people. She is, in fact, proud of the fact that her ass is huge enough to function as a fucking table!  

LSU fans chant “fuck you Saban”

  Since we’re talking about whores, why not talk about the biggest whore in college football… Alabama coach Nick Saban. Seems the folks down in the Bayou haven’t forgotten Saban’s midnight run to Miami, and could be heard chanting “fuck you Saban” after Alabama’s 17-10 overtime win over LSU last Saturday night. Of course, a lot of people are saying this move was “classless”… but in my opinion, you get what you give… and Nick Saban is the epitome of classlessness.

CFP rankings- TCU moves into 4th, Oregon up to 2

   On Tuesday night, the College Football Playoff rankings were released, and Mississippi State stayed right on top. The biggest surprises came after the Bulldogs, as Oregon hopped a spot up over Florida State after beating Utah to become the #2 team in the nation. The Seminoles came in at #3, while the TCU Horned Frogs rounded out the top four. Alabama sits at #5, with a big matchup with the #1 Bulldogs looming this weekend, while Arizona State parleyed their big win over Notre Dame into the #6 spot in the rankings. Baylor, despite their head-to-head win over TCU, sits at #7. Ohio State, fresh off a big win in East Lansing, Michigan over the Spartans, comes in at #8.

   This week’s schedule includes a couple of big ones… the biggest of course being the matchup of the #1 Mississippi State Bulldogs and the #5 Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa. The SEC gives us a second ranked-vs-ranked matchup with the #9 Auburn Tigers traveling to face the #15 Georgia Bulldogs. The Big Ten has a pair of ranked vs ranked matchups, as the # 16 Cornhuskers head to Wisconsin to face the #20 Badgers, and the #8 Buckeyes face the #25 Golden Gophers in Minnesota. The ACC gives us the final ranked vs ranked matchup of the weekend with #19 Clemson facing #22 Georgia Tech. Should be another fun weekend of college football, as we get closer and closer to seeing who is in the first college football playoff.

Pedo State continues to play the victim:

  Seems like the pieces of shit that call themselves Penn State fans still just don't fucking get it: this team got off waaaay too easy, yet they still cry about the penalties levied against the school. Now, there is an asshat state Senator by the name of Jake Corman filing a lawsuit that challenges the school's modest $60 million dollar fine. He claims that Freeh, the former head of the FBI, and the NCAA, worked too closely together after the school hired Freeh to conduct a "private investigation" into the school's lengthy history of condoning, supporting, and enabling pedophelia. Corman claims that the communications go "way beyond merely providing information" and that the two sides "worked together to get to an outcome that was predetermined." Just be happy your shit shack scool didn't get the death penalty and shut the fuck up, Corman...

Lions eeke out another last minute win

  The Lions did what they’ve made a habit of doing over the past two years… eeking out a last minute win against the resilient Miami Dolphins. The Lions jumped out to an early 10-0 lead in the first quarter, including Matt Stafford’s 49 yard bomb to a returning Calvin Johnson. Johnson caught 7 passes for 113 yards and that score in his return to action following a four week absence. Despite some early success, the Lions found themselves trailing 13-10 at the half following a near TD return by Dion Jordan of the Dolphins, who returned ANOTHER blocked field goal to the two. Miami was able to punch it in two plays later on a Mike Wallace TD grab, but other than that, the Lions D was dominant, holding the Dolphins to three field goals on the day otherwise.

  Eventually, it was a 16-13 Dolphins lead until Stafford led a 74-yard, last minute drive to the end zone to give the Lions the lead back, 20-16 with just 29 seconds left in the ballgame on an 11-yard TD toss to Theo Riddick. Gotta say, just as Beezer predicted a few years ago, Riddick has developed into a pretty nice change of pace back and receiver for this team. Lions punter Sam Martin went 2/2 passing, including a successful 4th down pass to FB Jed Collins, but a failed attempt later on as the Lions went to the well one time too many.

  With the win, the Lions improved to 7-2, good for first place in the NFC North a game ahead of the Packers, who dismantled the Bears 55-14 on Sunday night. Next up for the Lions is a trip to Arizona to face off with the 8-1 Cardinals, who will be without their starting QB Carson Palmer and will start former Lions draftee Drew Stanton in his place. Stanton led the Cardinals to a comeback win of their own over the Rams last week. Looking forward to what should be a great ballgame between two of the best defensive units in the league.

  As for the Bears… the one time I was rooting for you bastards and you shit the bed like that? Aaron Rodgers torched them for 6 first-half TD passes, tying the Raiders’ Daryle Lamonica’s NFL record for TD passes in the first half of a game. Just have to hope the Packers get Sanchized this weekend against the Eagles.

  The Sunday nightcap features the Patriots and the Colts at Lucas Oil Staduim with one of the best QB matchups you’ll get this side of Brady vs. Manning. Andrew Luck has fairly quietly put together an MVP caliber season himself, with an NFL leading 3,085 passing yards and 26 TD passes. We’ll see who wins this prime time matchup of full beard (when he wants to) vs. neckbeard.

Incognito tries out with Broncos

  Professional jerk ass Richie Incognito had a tryout with the Denver Broncos this week and failed to make the cut, as the Broncos decided his abilities did not counter the locker room cancer he is documented to be. Can’t say I blame them, but I have a feeling he gets his shot somewhere soon as injuries begin to mount across the league, especially along the offensive line.

Bears Marshall to fight Lions fan

  Bears WR Brandon Marshall agreed to a $25,000 purse to fight a Lions fan to settle a Twitter beef between the two. The two went back and forth over a period of time, and eventually someone said some "fightin words". After some negotiation, they settled on a $25,000 prize if the fan wins; if Marshall wins, the fan must volunteer 100 hours at a local orphanage... and apologize to Marshall's mom.

Rand University: Randy Moss still blaming everybody and everything else:

   On Tuesday night, ESPN’s 30 for 30 series aired its special on Randy Moss, named Rand University for the town of Rand, West Virginia where he hails from. The piece told the story of Moss’s struggles through a mostly white high school with racism, his off field problems that led to his loss of a scholarship with Notre Dame, eventually settling for Marshall University, and tells the story of his other teammates who had a shot at stardom but failed in their attempts. In fact, one teammate wound up in the Milwaukee Brewers organization, but was cut after he failed a drug test. But, in typical Randy Moss fashion, it was everybody else’s fault but his own, and he’s just “misunderstood”. In my honest opinion, one of the worst 30 for 30 specials they have aired… completely biased and slanted towards trying to make Randy Moss look like more than what he was… a degenerate waste of talent who could have been the greatest wide receiver ever to play the game… but who squandered his gifts and, while he is among the top five, never reached that status.

MLB All-Star showcase in Japan

   Not sure if you’ve heard about this or not, because I hadn’t heard a word about it before stumbling across it online, but Major League Baseball currently has a team of MLB All-Stars over in Japan taking on various Japanese professional teams in a five-game series, with an additional two exhibition games. The biggest stars on the MLB team include Robinson Cano, Jose Altuve, Evan Longoria, and Yasiel Puig, and is managed by Sox manager John Farrell. So far, the series is tied at 1-1 after Japanese ace Kenta Madea held the MLB team to just two hits over five innings. Madea is expected to be one of the next big-name Japanese players to make the leap to the Major Leagues. If anybody is interested in watching, the series is aired on MLB Network (which I unfortunately don’t have, but some of you do) throughout the next week and a half.

  The hot stove is already simmering, with rumors flying about that free agent closer David Robertson wants “Papelbon money”, the Red Sox are “all-in” on signing Pablo Sandoval, and the Marlins may very well be open to trading their young superstar Giancarlo Stanton... or they might just sign him to a ten year, $300 million dollar deal; a contract that would be worth roughly six times the team's 2014 payroll! Stanton’s name is joined in the trade rumor department by Cole Hammels of the Phillies and Starlin Castro of the Cubs.

Tigers re-sign Martinez to four-year deal

  The Tigers made a fairly big splash in the free agent market by re-signing their All-Star DH to a 4 year, 70 million dollar deal. The deal pretty much ensures that Max Scherzer will be pitching elsewhere next year (which wasn't a very big stretch to begin with... this team can't afford three $25-million dollar a year players plus Martinez making 17 million a year). On the plus side, the team gave Scherzer a qualifying offer, so wherever he signs, the Tigers get a compensatory pick in exchange for him. Not exactly a sure thing or as solid of a get as an NFL first round pick, but it's better than nothing, for sure.

Kershaw, Kluber win Cy Young awards

  Predictably, Clayton Kershaw was able to capture the NL Cy Young award, winning by a unanimous vote. Kluber's race was a bit closer, but he was able to edge out second-place finisher Felix Hernandez to become the third Cleveland Indian in team history to win a Cy Young award, joining Gaylord Perry, C.C. Sabathia, and Cliff Lee.

Kershaw, Trout named MVPs

  Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw and Angels OF Mike Trout were named the NL/AL MVPs Thursday, as predicted last week by yours truly! Kershaw adds the MVP award to his growing trophy case, which now also includes three of the last four Cy Young awards. Trout became the youngest unanimous MVP recipient at just 23, winning after finishing second for the past two seasons.

Kobe Bryant is now the NBA’s all-time leader in field goals missed at 13,418!

  During yet another Lakers loss on Tuesday night, Kobe Bryant made NBA history with his 13,418th career missed field goal attempt. Bryant, who finished the game 10-26 from the floor, passed John Havlicek’s NBA record for misses, had 28 points as the Lakers fell to 1-6 on the season.

Dirk is now #1 all-time

  Dallas Mavericks F Dirk Nowitzki moved up to #9 on the NBA’s all-time scoring list Tuesday night, and in doing so, passed Hakeem Olajuwon to become the NBA’s all-time leading foreign-born scorer. Nowitzki ended the night with 26,953 career points, and is within striking distance of Elvin Hayes (27,313 career points) and Moses Malone (27,409 career points) on the all-time list, and could end the season at #7 all-time. You don’t hear a whole lot about Dirk these days, but he’s still averaging 20.9 PPG this year and leads a Dallas team currently in the 5th spot in the always heated Western Conference playoff race.

  In honor of Dirk, I'll leave you with footage from one of his fellow countrymen:

  That’s all I’ve got for today folks. Thanks, as always, for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out. Enjoy your weekend, Gabbers, and be sure to check out the NFL news and notes with Hal next door there… and make sure you let him know I don’t have a clue what keeps happening to his garbage can lids!

Talking Sports
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The bye week is awful not as bad as Thursday Night Football. But awful, I realize it’s good for your team to heal up and get some well deserved rest. But I’m a fan damn it. It’s all about me not a bunch of millionaires. Sure there was Football on. There was a good game with the Bills and the Chiefs. The Chiefs knocking them off... Then it was the Giants and the Seahawks yawn The Seahawks winning 38-17 with leaves needing raking and early darkness dinner and a 5:40 Hockey game No Giants or Seahawks yawn. It’s time to settle in and watch the Bears and the Packers. I was there in my living room all nestled on my couch Ruby the wonder dog by my side Damn dog ten pounds of terror she must of scared those damn Bears away because they didn’t show up. To bad it was dark and cold the leaves needed to be raked again. Yeah , the bye weeks sucks, No Tom Brady, No Vince Wilfork, No Gronk damn. But Leaves got raked even though by days end it didn’t look like it. My damn neighbor has been away there are no leaves in his yard only mine. Damn leaves.


Kung Fu Panda coming to Fenway so the rumors have it. That lil Pork Chop of a First Baseman who is asking for way too much cash and will fill a need on Yawkey Way could be on his way. I’m not really liking the idea. I can see Buck Showalter bunting a lot down the Third Base line, Ditto for Joe Giradi. Sure the guy can hit and sure for a guy that size he is athletic and a champion for us fat guys everywhere. However, since this is the about me blog . I want a guy that can hit the Green Monster and get a double not a single. Let’s face it was outfielders today are pretty quick and most can play the wall. Sure occasionally a guy can mis read abounce or moves in to tight to the Wall and miss plays it. Most don’t.. Maybe the panda can rake my damn leaves and get in shape that way.

There also a lot of rumors that the Red Sox will oen the purse strings and break there so called  player value and are willing to pay John Lester to return. I would love it absolutely love it but, I’m of the opinion that it is rumor and only a rumor what else do writers have to do at those GM meetings or owners meetings  sit around and float rumors.

Give me a source other one unnamed source in the know.


The NHL are thinking Expansion(dumb asses). In los Vegas . This will be headed up by William Foley and the Maloof  of Family of Sacremento Kings owners and another city in the Western US.. according to the NY Post 

. This league is finally doing some good things and have a decent TV money  and a deplitated talent pool. Although the article said there is no time table on expansion., now or the near future isn’t the time to expand. If you want to move a couple of teams that makes more sense move the Coyotes or the Panthers or both. There are some very weak fan bases throughout the league and there are too many team as it is. We know they won’t contract the number of teams but they shouldn’t expand. The league is enjoying a bunch of success now is not the team to expand. I will predict a franchise in Vegas will flop as much as an NFL team in London. I don’t like and it is totally not necessary.

LIL Warriors Report

Boys had a few tough games over the weekend battling both Saturday and Sunday in close games than the wheels fell off both games. The boys were down 4-1 Saturday battled back to 4-3 with about 6 minutes left and the wheels came off losing 8-3. Just freaky goals bad bounces crappy rebounds and what not and an empty netter.

Sunday Lil lanz poked home his 3rd goal of the season. Boys were in a 4-4 tie and ended up losing 7-4 in a nasty chippy game. That almost brought the coaches to blows. I’m happy to say calmer heads prevailed. Our head coach argues and off sides call that resulted in a goal and he was ejected. He was right the kid was 4 feet over the Blue line when he scored. That took the wind out of the sails.

On Tuesday the boys got a nice win in a good hockey game back in fourth yes it was Veterans  Day game. Asked Lil Lanz check is bag , he said he did . he forgot his Hockey pants. The Mrs. Wasn’t too happy driving to the rink about 20 minutes away with a bunch of other stuff on her plate. She got them there in time. I was suppose to work too many things to do and too many leaves to rake. I took the day off.

Zebra Tails

As the season is coming to end. I had a rare Saturday Night Game this week as I worked Friday as well. Saturday I left for the game right after Lil Lanz’s Hockey game. It was a lousy game two 1-7 teams.

This Bear always showed up. he doen't have to rake the leaves.

One team couldn’t move the ball so they brought in their version of the Fridge. Kid had to be 6-3  and 3 Bills. His first run from scrimmage it took 8 kids to bring him down. I’m thinking there wasn’t a kid over 200 pounds on that defense. A few more runs a few first downs. They stopped him fourth and goal from the 2 all 11 kids stood him up at the goalline. It was like a barn raising. It was a bragging rights game as I was to find out both head coaches were roommates. They don’t normally play each other.

Monday , I had a JV game scheduled at 4pm  it gets dark at 5.(no lights at this field). It a nice turf practice field that they play their sub varsity games on. .Before the turf was installed a few years ago the tree line use to jet out at one end of th field made for some weird plays. According to the home team the coach is a pretty good guy. The AD changed the game to 3:30 of course he forgot to tell us and the visiting team as the bus pulled in at 3:45. Only two Officials in that game . (Damn you run a lot in those). We got both coaches to agree that it would be 9 minutes running time per quarter and two minutes regular time at th end of each half.

The last three plays I could  not see who had the ball we let those playskill themselves.Nobody got hurt and we got it in everybody worked together to get done Coaches , officials, and players. Chalk that one up to experience.. It’s time to rake the leaves again!

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