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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 4-6-14
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HAPPY SUNDAY!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. We need to say a big Happy Birthday to Grumpy Cat. She's 2 now. She looks like she must've went through the winter in the northeast. Actually I look just like that right now. My ears aren't quite as pointy but that expression is mine. Here's hoping for better weather.

So David Letterman has announced his retirement some where off in the distance. I think he said 2015 and no date. A place for Conan? That would be cool.

I've been browsing You Tube a lot lately. Love the concerts and documentaries. Found some cool stuff to share but I still haven't learnt the moving of a video to here but I think they're worth taking a look see. There's a guy named Kyle Myers AKA FPS Russia. Fake Russian accent but that's not a big deal. Don't know where this dude gets all the money but he buys everything from tanks to hand guns to AK-47's to everything in between. I love wailing guitars and screaming motors and things that go BAAAAAAAA-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!! This guy does that. If you have the time, go to You Tube and type in FPS Russia Almost Dies. Just 8 inches standing to the right would've killed this guy. Shrapnel flies. He's also young and dumb. Good videos though.

Ever have some dumbass doing his road rage thing, cut you off and you wish God would strike them? The next video is just that. It's called Redneck Road Rage/ instant karma. After the video was taken police arrested the guy for no seat belt, reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. Righteous.

Schumacher is experiencing†moments of consciousness and awakening since his skiing accident 3 months ago. The longer this goes the more I think he's just not going to wake up and be anything near his former self. Here's hoping against hope.

It's week #2 of my cut back on sugar and eat more vegies†& fruits and drink more water. It's a work in progress as I have more than one sweet tooth. Reining them in is going to be tough but I am feeling slightly better. Didn't eat any snacks at work out of the machines, drank lots of water and ate my celery, grapes and pretzels. Didn't buy any Oreos or Chips Ahoy cookies either. Another reason I look like Grumpy Cat.†


Well, I said there'd be tire issues and there were. Lots and lots of them. The tires just weren't lasting past 20 laps before they got slippery. Didn't help that the guys weren't very patient. Kligerman was over the curb and in the grass with a crunched in front end in just the first lap. So when I said they should change the call to the starting of the engines to Drivers, start your tempers, It really does fit.

During the competition caution on lap 40 the pits were crazy. Kahne†was hit in the rear by Keselowski who was hit by KuBu. They took the nose of Keselowski's car right off. Aerodynamics isn't important here. The paint swapping and door slamming on the track between Ku Bu†& Keselowski was a good show. Of course there was verbal sparring after the race with comments like punk ass move and such. Showing the love.

Kenseth slid up into the wall trying to pass these 2 while they were sparring.. Nobody wants to get caught up in others messes but he couldn't get away. And Johnson leads.

Logano and Biffle challenge and get the lead for a bit as does Ambrose. Hello Ambrose. Good to see ya.

Then Dale Jr sort of put McMurray in the wall. I'm sure he didn't try it. Drivers took turns spinning by themselves and off others bumpers. It's a common theme at Martinsville.

So Johnson is back out front near the end of the race and here comes the outlaw KuBu. That's Mr Busch and he's hungry for a win. With 27 laps to go he steals the lead and the win from Johnson.

Top 15 Finishers - Ku Bu - Johnson - Dale Jr - Logano†- Ambrose - Kenseth - Harvick†- Almirola - Bowyer - Menard†- Allmendinger - Gordon - Edwards - Ky Bu - Dillon

Johnson led the most laps with 296.....Bonus point

†† † † † † † † † † † † †


We're at a 1.5 mile track that eats motors and tires. Now that NASCAR said there's no ride height, rear camber adjustments are allowed and gave them higher rear spoilers that means there will be even more tire issues. Kurt wrecked his car and had to go to a back up when he lost a right rear tire during practice and slammed the wall head on right where the safer barrier starts. Said he was trying to get through 20 laps to then get his tires checked and gauge wear issues but never made it to 20 laps before it blew.†

NASCAR says there will be no more blaming Goodyear for the tires being bad. They sighted teams not using the recommended air pressures in the tires and using aggressive set ups that caused the tires to blow out due to excessive speeds and loads on those tires. What's a crew chief to do? NASCAR says they expect the drivers to give it their all and they are.†

Last year Kurt had fuel pressure issues, Edwards had his belts jump off, Stewart had adjustment issues, Bowyer told his crew chief that you killed my car, and Dale Jr†had battery issues. Truex†Jr led 142 laps but Ky†Bu led 171 and the last lap.

So with all the changes to the cars, the rules and the tires being compromised because of the changes to the rules, I'm having even more issues this year trying to predict who's on first. I mean who will be first. It's 6 races in and Johnson hasn't won yet. Unpredictability has been worked into the races. But I'll give it a go.

†† † † † † † † † † † †

Johnson has 13 Top 5's & 16 Top 10's for a 8.3 finishing average. I gotta say top 10

Kenseth is next best at this track with 10 Top 5's & 16 Top 10's for a finishing average of 8.7.......Top 10

Biffle starts 4th on the grid and finished 4th here last year. He was 4th fastest in practice too. Gotta say Top 10

Stewarts on the pole but no consistency. Last year he was screaming that he didn't care how many times he came down pit road just fix it. Just can't give him a Top 10 rating.

Ky Bu†won here last year, led the most laps and came in 2nd in the Nationwide race this †Friday night. Top 10.

Edwards starts 5th. He managed to come back from having his belts fall off during the restart †to finish 3rd. Not sure how your seat belts undo themselves but he recovered. Top 10.

Keselowski has outside pole. He's been on the front row to start 6 times out of 7 races now. Top 10.

Dale Jr has been Steady Eddie of late. He's #1 in the points and a battery issue can't hit twice. Right? Top 10.

Gordon and Kahne are both doing better this year then last. Top 15 for these 2.

Logano is solid right now. Starts 10th and gets a Top 10.

Harvick†has a W and a few of failed equipment finishes. He starts 3rd†and if his equipment holds up he should get a Top 10. He has the new track qualifying record.†

Hamlin...Top 10...if his luck holds out.

Larson would be my rookie pick to get into the top 10. Dillon is ill this week. His brother Ty is on stand by. Two good C listers. Along with Allgaier and maybe The Danica.....or not.

Ambrose and Almirola have been having flashes of power and brilliance on the track. Both had Top 10's last week. I could see one of these 2 in the Top 10 or at least a Top 15.

Menard†has had 2 Top 10's in a row. I'm thinking Top 15 or better.†

Newman is a Top 15.

Bayne is in this week. Good C lister to grab. He starts 7th. Top 20.

So we're off to the races. Well I am any way. If it don't rain it starts at 3 pm. Does it rain in Texas? Last week was my youngest brothers birthday. Another raucously loud celebration. Those grandkids, nieces and nephews can be SO loud. Am secretly hoping not as many show up this week or it's nice out. Gosh it would be nice to have a warm day. Here's hoping all of you have a great day, enjoying your sport of choice or the company of good folks. Be safe in your travels....

And I'm outta here......

Opening Day & Other News
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Today was Opening Day at Nationals Park, and despite the best attempts of DC's worst drivers to keep me from arriving to the game in one piece, I was able to get there in time for introductions...from the roof top of the parking garage. †(Not a bad pic for an iPhone). †The Nats opened the season with a nice, but expected, sweep of the Mets and then came home today to play their nemesis, the Braves. †It seems like the team goes into brain lock every time they play Atlanta - even though a 2-1 loss is hardly tragic for the 4th game of the season, it was a frustrating defeat. †It included a bizarre home run by Ian Desmond that was taken away by instant replay...the ball rolls under the pad in left field but is easily retrieved by Upton...it clearly was not "lodged" so I don't get the call. †Here is the video of that play:


I'm glad baseball is back...it gives me a reason to look at the sports page again.

Jackson is a Redskin

Although there is no shortage of news this week. †The really big sports story here this week is the DeSean†Jackson signing by the Redskins preceeded by the strangely engineered release by the Eagles. †First on the release...I think the Eagles have a bit of a screw loose. †Receivers are the biggest divas on any football team, but when they are on the field, an elite receiver is a game changer. †Perhaps Chip still thinks he is at Oregon and can go recruit better talent than everyone else...I think it puts a ding in the Eagles' chances to have another great year in 2014. † On the Redskins side of things, there can be no excuse for RGIII not to deliver this season...he has 3 great targets at the wideouts and an emerging top talent at TE. †To me, it was definitely worth the risk. † You know he is going to be a model & motivated teammate†this season - if he blows up in 2015, the Skins burned $8 million of Danny's money. † One angle of this whole affair is to see what role the Eagles had in leaking the "gang association" story to the press. †If they did that to justify their release of Jackson, they really need to pay a stiff penalty.

The news that Tiger Woods is out of the Masters - and maybe most or all of this year's golf season - with back surgery immediately begs the question of whether the "Tiger Era" is officially over. †It has been 5 full years since Tiger won a major and although he can win the second tier tournaments, every player gears their game for the 4 big tournaments each year. †Just like tennis, if you don't win an Open or a Masters or a Wimbledon, you haven't had a great year. †Tiger's quest to catch Jack Nicklaus' career major total of 18 seems like a giant mountain to climb, and even though I am not a Tiger fan, I have to admit that it takes something away when he is not in the field. †

I hope everyone has a great weekend...btw, my last travel experience is another great example of why business travel stinks: †3.5 hours on the tarmac followed by cancelation - I got to my meeting on Monday, but barely. †At least I got to let it run on the autobahn!

Slapshots and Hipchecks 4/4
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Sorry about posting late Gabber's...last night I had a board meeting for our HOA and what was supposed to be a brief, maybe 30 minute coverage of budget items turned into 2 hours of bullshit, followed by us unwinding on the deck while it was still in the 70's drinking some Jamaican Rum...we all know what happened after that.†

First, do we think we've had enough coverage of David Ortiz taking a selfie with the President†yet? Personally I thought it was a pretty funny moment...but then the rumors started flying that it was actually a promo...but in all the articles I read none of them had quoted Ortiz, who said it wasn't. Time to move on media...you've beaten the†shit out of this story too, but what else is new? At least it started to move the Malaysian flight off the radar (pun intended) for a few hours...I feel for the families of this tragedy, I really do, but does anyone in this world really believe after all this time the plane will be found? From all appearances the folks who are coordinating the search efforts seem to have no clue to where to begin looking. All I want to know is - How the fuck do you lose a plane?†

So, I understand it's baseball season now...is that correct? Not quite in baseball mode with hockey gearing up for season†2 in a week or so. The Red Sox have opening day this afternoon, and in front of the Brewers they'll get their WS†series rings and I'll be tuning in for that. As you see from the above photo, the World Series rings are a thing of beauty.†I'm sure that this ceremony will be pretty emotional since a lot of†the Marathon bombing victims will be in attendance. I don't know what the Sox have in store for the festivities beyond that, but I'm sure it will be handled with exceptional grace and class!†

The other day I was talking to a neighbor about football, he's a Redskin fan and when I said I wasn't†surprised the Skins signed DeSean Jackson and they'll probably regret it because one, he's a tool, and another, he can't stay healthy long enough to make a true impact...just the kind of guy Daniel Snyder would hire and guarantee that he gets $16 million guaranteed. He asked me why all the hate for his beloved Skins...I merely [pointed out that since Snyder has taken the helm of the Skins what have they done other than do what the Cowboys do, overpay†for guys who turn out to be busts, Dallas seems to do more of the - We'd rather they look good doing it than being good at it...where as Washington simply throws money at every position with no regard for the fact most of the guys they sign were passed over for one reason or another. Jackson has the talent and ability to be a great receiver, and he's shown flashes of brilliance, but that's clearly been overshadowed by his injury issues. Bottom line, Jackson laughs all the way to the bank and he's not going to amount to much in the Beltway. Snyder may think he's got the right guy for RG†III to throw too now, but he's forgotten one important fact...they guy has to be on the field to catch†the ball.

Just saw on the ticker that Chris Johnson WILL be released today by the Titans. Here's another example of a guy who performed well enough to get huge deal then turned into a bust. He had no rush for over 30 yards last season...when I read that compared to what he had done prior to the contract he signed in 2011 I wasn't shocked. I call this the Shaun Alexander syndrome. Alexander plays every game each season until he signed†his new deal for $63 million with $15 million guaranteed, and $15 million the first season of the deal and never played a full season again, and never rushed for more than 800 yards either. Yeah....fuck you pay me, now I'll watch my bank account get larger while my stats go down the toilet...but I got paid and that's all that matters. Again...I'm for base salaries and incentive filled contracts. You know, like how it works in the real world...you show up and perform you get paid, you fuck up, see ya later. So what becomes of Johnson now? Who take a chance on this guy? Hey Snyder, hey Jerry Jones....break out the checkbooks!

That's all I've got today...and again, m apologies for being late and brief...Have a great weekend!!!

Talking Sports
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Happy Thursday, and Happy Baseball season as things got underway Sunday Night withy the Dodgers and Padres. The Padres winning 3-1 I was totally entertained by this game.I had no rooting interest in either team not liking either team nor disliking either team. I think it was just baseball that counted.Like many of you I donít count the crap in Australlia. You canít have teams playing regular season games when 28 other teams are still playing exhibition games. Itís not fair to the players and its not fair to the fans. Baseball continuously does this with games in Japan. At least when the NFL plays in London they play on a Sunday like everybody else. IF baseball wants to continue this, play exhibition games in late February or early March in Timb†Buck Two for all I care. But don't call this games regular season.

Sunday was raining here in Boston cold and raw at least it wasnít snow. We didnít have much on the Agenda. So it was a great sports watching day. I watched the Bruins and The Flyers. The Bruins won in a Shoot Out only losing twice in March.left for Lil Lanzís Hockey playoff game more on that later. Got backto watch most of the Michigan Kentucky game what a great basketball game that was and than the Padres and Dodgers switching back and forth to the Penguins- Blackhawks. I havenít had a Sunday to just watch sports in I donít know how long and I enjoyed every minute of it. I even stayed awake during the Dodger Game.

Opening Day was Monday and I left work just a bit early to catch most of the Red Sox Orioles. I love those weekday afternoon games brings me back to when I was a kid and the baseball playoffs were afternoon games not night games. You would rush home from school and watch the game. I switched over to the Cubs-Pirates and got my first look at a baseball challenge on a pick off play at first. The Cubs Runner Bonificiao dove head first back to the base. Clint Hurdle challenged it and won. The umpire called him safe but he didnít see the first basemans glove get Bonifiaco on the arm before his hand touched the base. It was fairly quick† the crew chief call him out. They important thing is they got it right..

Iím going to have a busy Baseball Season with the boys. Iím assistant coach on lil Lanzís team and I Ďm manager on lasers team. Plus my high school umpiring season starts next week with 5 games 3 HS games and two AAUís. It will be a crazy next few months but I love it. Especially after this winter.

LIL Warriors Report

The boys scored 3 goals in the first 3 minutes of their game Sunday. Little Lanz had a fourth that got waved off. It crossed the line and the goalie pulled it out. The ref didnít see it. Lil Lanz talked to the Ref all the way to the face circle pleading his case. It fell on deaf ears damn Refs. The boys will play Saturday morning at 8:00 against a team they have beaten twice &-2 and tied them 2-2 the last time they played a couple of weeks ago.

If they win they play for the Division Title at 1pm Saturday and If they win that they play for the League championship Sunday.

Laser's Team lost in the first round of the playoffs last night as he was on the bench. They were tied at 2 going into the third period. They let one in with 2:30 left. They had a couple of chances but couldnít put one home.

†Sorry, Thatís All I have for Today.

Mid-Weekly Grumble with IHM
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† Well folks, it's Wednesday, and normally you'd be getting a taste of the buzz from the bleachers in this spot... but for one week only we're going to adjust the programming here at the Gab while AFD takes his honeymoon through the bourbon trail in Kentucky alongside his new spouse.

† Before I get into the grumbling, I'd like to take a minute to promote something near and dear to me, the fact that today is World Autism Day. As many of you know, my son has autism, a disorder that affects nearly every aspect of his, and as a result, my life. The idea of this day is to raise awareness of the disorder, and to shine a light on the fact that despite the fact that it affects one in every 68 children born in the United States, it is still largely under researched and poorly understood. The CDC has monitored diagnoses of Autism through the years, and back in 2000 the number was just one in 150. This is turning into a major epidemic in this country, and somehow there is yet to be a large-scale call to action to find out why and how this is happening. There are many theories out there, but without cold-hard facts they will remain just that.†

† Major League Baseball has stepped up to the plate for the cause as well, with 27 teams holding Autism Awareness nights in which portions of ticket sales will benefit Autism Speaks. The Tigers work with a different charity, Jack's Place for Autism, a more local charity that focuses more on research and treatment. Both are great causes, and everything these teams are doing is a big help.

† Speaking of Major League Baseball, how about that opening day, eh? Nice slate of games, including the Tigers 4-3 win over Kansas City at Comerica Park. New addition Alex Gonzalez came through with the walk-off triple, and the Tigers won despite a shaky start out of Justin Verlander. Consider that Gonzalez was acquired in the middle of last week after the team learned Jose Iglesies would be out for the entire season, and you'll see just how crazy that is! They take the field again later today against the Royals.

† Hometown boy Neil Walker came up big for the Pirates as they picked up the win in their opener, 1-0 in ten innings on Walker's home run. The Giants came from behind to get the Diamondbacks 9-8 thanks to Buster Posey's two run home run in the 9th. All-in-all, not a bad way to start the season. Damn am I glad baseball is back!

† DeSean Jackson's wait in the unemployment line wasn't very long as he signed a three-year deal with the Washington Redskins yesterday. Rumor was he was set to head out to San Fransisco if the Skins didn't get a deal done. This move does a lot to improve the Redskin offense, so long as he doesn't go all Aaron Hernandez on anybody. Now all they need to do is to get that whole defense thing figured out.

† The Final Four is set for the NCAA tournament, as Kentucky beat Michigan and UConn topped Michigan State this Sunday to join Wisconsin and Florida in Arlington, Texas. At this point, I'm just rooting for anyone but Kentucky... because fuck John Calipari, that's why! Should be fun to watch.

† Tiger Woods is out of the Masters for the first time in twenty years due to back problems. Maybe now they can actually focus on someone that is actually WINNING THE DAMN TOURNAMENT! All I can say there is, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

† That's all I've got for today folks. Thanks as always for reading, and for any comments you leave on the way out. Enjoy your hump day, Gabbers.

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