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Does the non-sense really ever end?
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Welp, it continues:

Adrian Peterson gets the attention of Johnny Law because he took a switch to his kid.  Now call me stupid, but don't you think that a guy who just last year lost one of his other children because his baby mama boyfriend beat it so severely he killed it would be a bit more smart in his choice of discipline?  At least Minny gave him some time off.

That led Roddy White, he of Atlanta to complain that his fantasy team will suffer.  Gee Roddy, wouldn't want that to happen...

Chris Davis of Baltimore gets 25 games for amphetamines.  Enjoy the playoffs from the clubhouse Chris.

Greg Hardy down in Charlotte, and I suspect Ray McDonald in SF are gonna start this week.  Oh joy.

Danny Ferry takes an indefinite leave of absence for making non-sensical comments about Luol Deng.

MLB suspends Anthony DiScalfini of Miami two games for throwing at and hitting Carlos Gomez after Milwaukee took out Giancarlo Stanton and on the very next pitch hit another Miami batter.  But that's OK, that pitcher that took out Stanton and hit another?  He only got fined.  SMFH.

Even in the MMA - Nick Diaz loses his spot in the upcoming UFC bout because he drew his second DUI in ten months - MERE MILES FROM MY FREAKING HOUSE!!!  Oh, did I mention the obstruction of a cop, destruction of evidence (trying to puke the alcohol out), driving on a suspended license?  And this fool lives mere miles from my house?  Great...

Oh, and I guess the new NFL drug policy is gonna come out and what is it's immediate impact?  That's right, some of the guys currently under suspension will have their punishments reduced including Wes Welker, Dion Jordan, and (get this)...Josh Gordon.

Best yet:  NBA owner of the New York franchise James Dolan?  Yeah, he's rolling around literally singing the blues and has a song out that is about -- Trayvon Martin.  Not only that, this guys band is going to open for the Eagles on some of their East Coast stops.  Wow...

Finally, I guess Merrill Hoge got loose and tore Johnny "Bench" or Johnny "trademark" a new one saying this guy is just as bad as Tim Tebow.


Friday's Freak Show - 9/12/14
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If you're tired of the same tired ole BS negativity in sports, check this out, the top ten things to feel good about in sports right here.  If you don't feel like reading, let me run a few of em down:  Cincinnati/Devon Still story, Kershaw's season, KC Baseball resurgence, Jim Kelly smacking down Cancer, Vin Scully (with four accompanying videos of him describing an event during a game - including bird poop), and an actual good story out of Cleveland Football as well with a player treating fans to the movies with him.  

But with the good comes the bad, and let Uncle B.O.B. give pro athletes some very strong advice:  Coming from a guy who has done more than his share of effing up, both verbally and with the written word, y'all athletes need to step back and think before you hit the send button or let something fly out of your cakehole because some of you all say the dumbest, most ignorant shit.  STOP FREAKING EMBARRASSING YOURSELVES.

CFB.  Hey Maryland, props to you for putting the national anthem on your uniform.  

Looking forward to watching a few games, particularly South Carolina/Georgia, UCLA/Texas, and Tennessee/Oklahoma.

What a tough break for that QB out of Oklahoma State J. W. Walsh, who I've heard so many good things about.  Possibly out for the season after right lower leg surgery?  That's tough.  

Hey Jeff, what's the deal with Eric Dickerson slammning the bleep out of SMU?  I'm totally unclear on it, but it's not sounding good there.

Hey y'all, get ready for another round of scandal...it appears North Carolina may be having an investigation into some type of hazing.  If you have to be publicly investigated, chances are somebody did something pretty naughty.  Jesus, will these people never learn? 

NFL.  Nurse B.O.B. will be in town this weekend for some festivities including being at Levi's to watch San Francisco host Chicago in the first regular season game there.  I hope to have some pictures to share on Tuesday.

Baltimore stayed focused and took care of Pittsburgh last night.  Question is, is Pittsburgh really bad? 

Antonio Brown got fined $8200 for that bad Chuck Norris impersonation.  Sorry, to me it looked pretty intentional, and let's face it, Pittsburgh does have a rep, so I'm not trying to hear Pittsburgh whining...

MLB.  No ranting, no BS here, get well soon Giancarlo Stanton and let's hope you don't have to shut it down the rest of this season.    

Oakland is continuing to slide and now Detroit and Seattle showing life, there may be some disappointed folks in the East Bay because Oakland can't hit to save their lives.  That Lester/Cespedes trade is going to be discussed for a long time to come, and not in a good way out here.

San Francisco has righted the ship and looking good right about now, but they have to find a way to beat Los Angeles, and this season that isn't something that is working out too well.

NBA.  Lost in all the footage of foolishness coming out of the NFL?  Yeah, that would be Greg Monroe of the Detroit Pistons who one day after signing his one year restricted free agent contract, went out and celebrated by going out and getting busted for driving while visibly impaired.  The NBA immediately suspended him for two games.  

Continued rumors about once the new TV contract is ironed out that Seattle might be given an expansion team.  Yeah, right.  They continue to struggle just to get ANY type of arena plan going, not to mention those whiny victims (err, fans) alternating between crying to then antagonizing the NBA. 

Oh, and Paul George, stay off Twitter.

Talking Sports
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Each week I look at the college and NFL schedules and what’s on local TV. This past week, three games piqued my interest. Michigan-Notre-Dame, New Enngland at Miami and Indy at Denver. I actually found some time to watch all three and all three were major disappointments. Notre Dame totally dominated Michigan in every aspect of the game . Unfortunately, you actually expected a game since that rivalry is going away (as the announcers kept reminding us). Notre Dame looked unstoppable against a confused Michigan team.

New England played a decent first half and then the wheels fell off the bus. Unable to advance the ball and get a first down in the second half, Brady found himself Mankin less and it showed often playing from the ground. Miami did a great job of rushing 4 and dropping 7. This is probably the worst half of Football in Brady’s tenure..If New England couldn’t stop Knowshon Moreno on the ground , how will they stop Adrian Peterson this week?

I thought that Indy would give Denver a game but that was to be a 24-0  Denver lead at the half. I was done and turned it off. Indy got a couple of touchdowns late in the second half losing 31-21. All three games were a bust.

I was watching highlights of the Cubs and the Pirates this week on MLB and for some reason it just had a 70’s feel to it. Maybe because the highlights I saw were from Wrigley and it looked a bit overcast but It just had an old school look to them. I ‘m liking more and more the kid for the Pirates Josh Harrison, he may not put superstar numbers but I haven’t been this excited to see a kid play since Kirby Puckett. He isn’t Trout and probably never will be but he is a kid that hustles and makes a difference in the game. If you haven’t seen him play take a look.

The Red Sox just got swept by the Orioles and they may have to shutdown Dustin Pedroia for the rest of the season with a nagging hand and wrist injury, The Red Sox just are lost out there. However, it’s fun watching some of the younger players get there chance like Brock Holt and Mookie Betts. Xander Bogarts has had his struggles as has Will Middlebrooks., The Sox sent Jackie Bradley Jr. back to the minors great defense no bat. Bradley and Bogarts were both hyped by the local media as the next coming both have struggled. Meanwhile Holt and Betts both kind of slipped in there and have played ok on a bad team.

Ray Rice has gotten too much attention over the last week. The NFL dropped the ball on this big time. There will be some firings over this and it may cost the Commish some of his hard guy image. Does anybody doubt Rice will play in the NFL again? There is no doubt in my mind . The spin will be he rehabbed and is getting anger management and he deserves a second chance. I don’t buy it he should be suspended for life. The part that will get me is when people start making him a victim of a tough circumstance. It just doesn’t fly take responsibility for the actions. Not sure why the girl married him  but she did and she is sticking by him. I’m guessing that KO punch wasn’t the first time either. Please don’t make him the victim.

Thursday Night NFL The Domestic Violence Bowl Pittsburgh and Baltimore

Lil Warriors Report (Can I still use Warrior or is that going to offend the PC)

The Hockey season started for LIL Lanz the boys played a decent game on Sunday 3-1 loss. Lil Lanz got an untimely hooking penalty. They just came off a penalty kill late in the game, .He asked me after the game was it a hook I told no doubt about it. He played as a blueliner for the first time and did ok and he is begging the coach to go back to forward. the boys looked sharp in there new red uniforms and gray socks and I give  credit to the league keeping the Warrior Logo on the jersey.

Laser played his first High School soccer match (like that match instead of game). The boys should have won they lost 1-0. The played a  great game had a ton of chances just couldn’t put the big ball in the big net. Over it next to it not in it.. Yesterday they got killed 5-1 against a team that had to cut 30 kids from the freshman team.

Laser is shooter at a local hockey goalie camp. He is shooting on some HS goalies and rings one off the post and the puck split in half. The goalies and the other shooters at that station including the coach( a local HS varsity) coach were all in disbelief. Laser has an accurate shoot but it isn’t that hard of a shot by any stretch of the imagination. Just a strange weekend for him. He is playing fall Baseball 7 game season. We had some severe weather on Saturday. So he gets up to bat late in the game and asks the umpire . if he saw the lighting strikes. The guy says yes now get in the box. Game ended about two minutes later after a few came close and than just a nasty bit of weather.

Zebra Tales.

I  did some Youth Football last weekend. I will tell you it just sucks to have the clock operator not paying attention. to the signals on the field. We are signaling time out and constantly yelling at the guy to put time back on the clock. I signaled timeout with 3:48 left in the game and the guy ran the clock down to 1:12, This was a low level game so we weren’t to concerned with the play clock. I was hoarse after that. Finally we stopped trying to have him reset the clock . We just used the clock on the field. Then the guy starts on the mic “What is the correct Time” I get it it’s not an official on the clock like it is in an HS game but that guy is there every week at that venue.just stop talking and pay attention.

Buzz from the Bleachers
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Well, Gabbers, to say this is a long week is an understatement. I’m at that point where I have two jobs. There’s one I’m hoping to wean away from and one I want to do full time. I’ve had a few days of subbing and they were great. My other employer has me working everyday this week and a good chunk of next week. Being that this is a retail job, my goal is to take a hiatus from it by Thanksgiving, so I don’t have to deal with the Black Thursday, “You can’t see your family, we have 99 cent DVDs to sell” BS. I think this might be the year, however, where we see some sort of colored Wednesday. Retailers have ignored the day before Thanksgiving for too long. Get ready for Magenta Wednesday.

I got to watch a good part of opening weekend in the NFL. I liked what I saw, but the rest of the world and the players seem determined to overshadow the actual game this year. They’re even going as far as mixing MMA with the kickoffs this year. Meanwhile, the folks here in Pittsburgh really wish the defense had as much fight in them as Antonio Brown. The Browns almost snuck away with one in the midst of everyone wondering what Johnny Manziel was doing. The offense stalled and Brian Hoyer got into a rhythm. The AFC is looking pretty different this season. The Steelers and Ravens look a bit listless and Cleveland could possibly make more noise than people assumed. Still, it’s clear the only team getting out of this division and into the playoffs will be the Bengals. No wild card is coming from this group.

Detroit started the season Monday night against the G-Men. At first, I wasn’t sure who looked worse. Detroit jumped out to a lead and then stalled the whole second quarter. We got two quick shots to Calvin Johnson and then just packed it in. The Giants got one back and people started thinking same old Lions.  We came out in the third and started kicking field goals. Same old Lions. The twist is our defense was able to hold the Giants back, which I’m still unconvinced is any sort of feat. Eli didn’t look too great and the Giants passing game was very unremarkable. Victor Cruz caught 2 of the 6 balls thrown his way. Maybe we’ll see what we have in Detroit when they go south to play the Panthers.

The other shoe dropped in the Ray Rice affair. It’s a sad day when TMZ is more tenacious than any actual news network and the NFL combined, isn’t it? TMZ got the full elevator tape and the NFL finally realized that this was a pretty bad incident. I didn’t see a lot of the press conference with John Harbaugh, but my wife saw part of it and came away with the impression that he was angry that Rice was released. With the NFL trying to lure more female viewers, that’s kind of the last image they want to show. Also, let’s maybe skip the Pink week. After this stunt, you’re not buying female fans with sparkly, pink jerseys and a lot of your players have balls if they were pink. I’m looking towards the folks in San Francisco.

So, no one looks good here. The media got embarrassed by a tabloid that generally spends its time following Bieber. The state of New Jersey is ordering an investigation to see how, in the light of this tape, Ray Rice only received court mandated counseling before the trial. 

I don’t want to say that Rice’s wife looks bad here, maybe just way too trusting. I am not sure how you marry the man after this. I don’t know how or if she’ll stay with him after this. I don’t know how Rice will react to this, but I’d worry about her safety. Rice, of course, looks monstrous. Hopefully he gets all the help he needs. He will get another shot and I’m sure there will be a team willing to give it to him. I don’t want him to, but I am sure he will. 

The shield looks terrible. That thing has a lot of dents and some arrows sticking out of it now. They look worse when you note that they didn’t make a move until after the Ravens did. I remain skeptical of what they’d do if the Ravens hadn’t acted so quickly. Goodell looks bad. He admitted he made a mistake with giving Rice 2 games. He made the Rice Rule a few weeks ago. Still, this is the guy who came in to clean up the game. Look at everything that’s happened under his watch. Dog fighting. Murder. Spousal abuse. Half the league and ownership has a DUI. What happened to his initial tough stance? Roger says his job is not at risk and that he’s used to criticism, but at what point does anyone involved with the league hold him accountable?

Let’s not forget that we have another incident in San Fran. Ray MacDonald, who was on the field in Dallas, stands accused of hitting his girlfriend at a party surrounded by a good percentage of his teammates. No one did anything to help or reprimand him. The ownership states that they are waiting for the facts, kinda like the NFL did with Rice. We don’t have a video this time, which really shows that the NFL would have been perfectly fine if TMZ hadn’t found the rest of that tape. I don’t see how no one is stepping in to bench MacDonald if, for no other reason, only to not repeat the mistakes they just freakin made with Ray Rice. If San Fran is smart, and the police blotter shows that they are not, MacDonald will be on the sidelines this weekend.

As my brother pointed out, the NCAA made a shitty/sneaky move and announced that they are lifting the ban on Penn  State’s postseason appearance. The main point for it is that the kids currently on the team had nothing to do with the atrocities that were committed. I believe it. Heck, 73% of those polled at ESPN seem to be fine with it. I would just add a condition. All the funds, every last cent raised by Penn State through post season bowl appearances or a playoff appearance goes into a fund for the victims. The institution should not be allowed to benefit from this. The kids still get to play in bowls, but the school shouldn’t be allowed to grow fat from the earnings. If anyone deserves anything, it’s the victims.

Well, that’s all for this week. Thanks as always fro stopping in. Let’s hope we can watch football this week and that the bombs have all dropped.

Musings From The Hoodwood 9-9
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Even Ickey is dancing with football coming back... (Was I the only one that cringed at this commerical)


Greetings from the Hoodwood, where the locals are finally getting their full football fix.

Football is back!

Whether its cheering for your alma mater, high school or college. Or getting dressed up in your favori te pro team colors on Sunday there is a certain special feeling about this time of the year. Football is back, in full force. I could wax nostalgic about the crisp evenings, fight songs combined with the sights and sounds of the game but instead lets look at some of the interesting tidbits of the past weekend which include

Michigan State going to the Autzen Zoo and holding the Ducks at arms length for a couple quarters then having the roof fall in on them. Hey folks, got a tall flash for you Marcus Mariota is the real deal. The school of thought was that he might not be as good as he was hyped up to be, but after taking A

Ohio State looking like chumps against a decent but heretofore nondescript Virginia Tech team. Yeah, the game really has passed Frank Beamer by. Im still wondering why Beamer is not more celebrated as one of the best coaches in the game. If you can take a lunch pail team into one of the more hostile environments in college football in Ohio Stadium and lay the wood like the Hokies did. Ive never seen 107,517 look so sullen, the Bucks struggled to beat Navy and the locals poo-poohed it as having a hard time against that funky offense that the Midshipmen run, now getting housed in their own crib, primetime Saturday night if front of a record crowd and national TV audience, Buck Nation is in full panic. Oh if they could only that bad when my beloved Bearcats go up there in 3 weeks. One could only dream…

Nebraska struggled to beat McNeese State…hold up. Nebraska struggled to beat who??? Nebraska doesn’t get pushed to the final minute by warmup opponents at Memorial. I was in fear that my old roommate, who is a diehard Nebraska fan (and one of two people I know that are actually from Nebraska, his cousin being the other) was going to have a coronary as his beloved Huskers were being taken to task by the D-2 Cowboys…This wasn’t North Dakota State, and had the Cowboys not been such poor tacklers on an electrifying catch and run by… the game would have went OT. Who’da thunk it?

Michigan? Don’t ask… Notre Dame isn’t that good and them running from the series is further proof of how much they have fallen off.

Is it me or had the Big Ten fallen the fuck off or what? I mean Purdue got housed in West Lafayette by Central Michigan for crying out loud.

Damn, Im seeing all this football and my beloved Bearcats have yet to take the field, thanks Whit


That was just a classless play here...what was Antonio Brown thinking with this move?

Turning to the pros now, yes Im very happy that my beloved Vikes took the Rams to the woodshed in their season opener. The offense played up and down at times but the defense looked much improved. When AP isn’t the leading rusher and Im not concerned, it’s a good thing.

What a catch by AJ Green to win a thriller against the Ravens, can we now start getting off of Joe Flacco as anything more than a QB that rode a hot streak into a big contract and is playing like he doesn’t care?

The Bills win in Chicago??? Are they a team to take seriously for the first time in better than a decade? Why does Jay Cutler continue to get a pass from the media for his laconic attitude and mediocre play? Why does the Bears defense suddenly look suspect

I thought I was going to have to resuscitate a couple of friends who are Eagles fans (and I was getting pretty heated since they were my lock)  after they fell behind 17-0 to the lowly Jags but that fastbreak offense will wear any defense out and once the Eagles got rolling, they got the rout going.

Is Brady’s era of dominance fading fast? I think the Dolphins “Hit em in the mouth” strategy got to Brady more that he wanted to let on. This is the first time in the Brady/Belichick era the Pats are in last place by themselves…wow.

Peyton Manning is still a beast, but if you sleep on Andrew Luck you sleep on yourself.

My thoughts on Ray Rice:

I was willing to give Ray Rice the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to believe that it was a domestic dispute that went really bad. I then saw the elevator tape and got sick to my stomach. Had Ray Rice been dating or marrying either one of my princesses he would be spitting teeth after he woke up from the lengthy coma he was put in. There is no room for actions like that…ever. Hoodwood never condones violence, and domestic abuse is never ever acceptable. The NFL caught heat for its meager  2 game suspension of Rice for his reprehensible actions. The tape of the incident came out Sunday night and Rice was released by the Ravens and suspended by the league before 6p the next day. Rice went from decent guy to pariah in mere hours. Rice got what he deserved, the boot. Swinging on a female is never ever acceptable, I want to see someone try to defense this.

Why Bruce Levenson isn’t Donald Sterling

Im a casual pro hoops fan, so I couldn’t tell you much about the Atlanta Hawks other than they are a marginally decent team but besides Dominque Wilkins, Spud Webb and Mike Fratello I couldn’t tell you a lot about them. But when I heard and read about their majority owner Bruce Levenson stating that he would divest himself of his team and  offering a mea culpa in regards to an email that he wrote in 2012 in regards to black patrons and why he thought white patrons stayed away. Despite having surprisingly the 2nd current playoff run in the NBA at seven seasons, and longest in the eastern conference they are near the bottom of the NBA in attendance.  Levenson also suggested some changes that he thought would attract more whites to games. Levenson was quoted in an email saying "I think southern whites simply were not comfortable being in an arena or at a bar where they were in the minority" and "I have been open with our executive team about these concerns. I have told them I want some white cheerleaders and while I don't care what the color of the artist is, I want the music to be music familiar to a 40 year old white guy if that's our season [tickets] demo. I have also balked when every fan picked out of crowd to shoot shots in some timeout contest is black. I have even [complained] that the kiss cam is too black."

Now I have been to a number of Indiana Pacers games and my buddy has courtside seats and we a very much in the minority as Ive only seen a handful of black patrons in the lower bowl, I don’t know much about the scenario in Atlanta but I seriously doubt its that much differernt in that arena, besides what does it matter what color patrons are there? Atlanta pro teams have never drawn well, it’s a transient town where people move there from other locales and more often hold fast to the loyalties of that team. The Falcons and Braves have only really drawn well when they are winning big and the Hawks have never really been a big draw win or lose no matter the locale.

But in regards to Levenson, he is an anti-Sterling. Liked by his players and around the league Levenson doesn’t come off a clueless bigoted old man. The Hawks players were reported to be upset by the comments. My feeling are this, would Levenson be asking the same questions in reverse if he were trying to attract “more color” to Philips Arena? I don’t think that Levenson was being racist, he was asking demographical questions. He opined that the reasons that white patrons stayed away was because they might feel uncomfortable with the music choices. Is he right? He could be. Was he wrong for asking the question, hypothesizing or speculating? No. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote a thoughtful enlightening piece for Time giving his take on the subject. He thinks like I do that in the rush to be so PC that opinions and real food for thought is being trampled on and that the effort to root the Donald Sterlings out, that people like Levenson might get caught in the backwash based on borderline suspect comments. On his worst day, I don’t think Levenson is anywhere near the stupidity level of Sterling. I think that he will get out quietly and rue the remarks that might have been put more succinctly.


Phat Dap

The Bengals have long been a franchise that has been knocked often for its pr gaffes and clueless owner. But they made a move recently  that was pure class. The Bengals cut their roster down as is required by the first game, one of the players cut was lineman Devon Still but the Bengals resigned him to their practice squad so that he would be able to take care of his daughter who has stage 4 pediatric cance.  With Still remaining on the roster, his family remains covered under the NFL’s insurance. And four year old Leah’s treatment will be 100% covered. Bravo to the Bengals for looking out for someone in need. And we here in Hoodwood wish the best for the Still family, we are behind you in your fight.

Head Slap

To Pat Haden the AD of USC, who stormed down from his press box vantage to the sideline during this past Saturday’s game against Stanford to loudly protest a call against the Trojans head coach Steve Sarkisian. Now in the grand scheme of things, it was moot the Trojans pulled a mild upset knocking the Cardinal off on The Farm with a late field goal in a tight defensive struggle. But Haden should know his place and his actions were immature and childish not to mention out of place for someone who is on the super heavy college playoff committee. Looks like someone that is trying to curry favor with the refs for a later time. Haden for his part was fined $25k for his actions.


Quick thoughts

Penn State get paroled from its near death sentence, had this been say Bama or Florida State and not one of the NCAA’s fair-haired boys do you think this would have happened? But to be fair, the kids at Penn State were being punished for something that happened before they even got there so it was fair for them to be off the hook.

Beatdown in Motown, is Eli Manning really on his last legs

Tell me why did Larry Fitzgerald go deep into the 4th quarter without a catch? He got it but he shouldnt have to have 11 other receivers get grabs before him...

Thats the view from the Hoodwood, until next post fellow sports fans!

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