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Can we talk about Baseball Stats for 2014?
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I thought today I'd try something different.  We are at the end of the season, and I thought I'd look at some stats, both individual and team:

Individual Hitting.  Jose Altuve dominated here:  #1 in MLB BA at .343 and also led the league w/216 hits, and was 3rd in steals at 54 and 3rd in doubles with 44.  Meanwhile, Nelson Cruz has 39 HR, followed by Stanton at 37, and Chris Carter (Houston - AGAIN) with 36.  Meanwhile, 9 players have over 100 RBI's with Trout leading at 107.  Dee Gordon in LA has 63 SB.

Honorable Mention.  Can we give a shout out to Chicago's (AL) Jose Abreu, who is at .315, 35 HR, 104 RBI going into today.  Oh yeah, he's played in 137 games to date.

Individual Pitching.  As you can imagine, Clayton Kershaw dominated with a 1.8 ERA, a 20-3 record (both MLB leaders) in 26 starts and tied with Johnny Cueto for opponent BA at .195, while Price out of Detroit has the strikeout title w/255.  Fernando Rodney leads MLB with 46 saves.

Honorable Mention.  It seems like this guy doesn't get enough credit, but King Felix was 14-5, 2.07 ERA, and 236 strike outs.  

Team Hitting.  Detroit currently leads with a .279 BA, while Baltimore just clowned everybody in terms of HR (199, far and away better than #2 Colorado at 177), Kansas City has the least strikeouts and leads everybody in SB, Anaheim and Detroit lead in team RBIs.  

Team Pitching.  Seattle and Washington lead MLB with a 3.04 ERA, while Seattle gave up an opponent BA of .228, while Tampa and Cleveland dominated in team strikeouts.  Seattle also was the best in ER given up.  Anaheim has the most credited pitcher wins (95).  

Rookies.  Abreu is far and away the best, but some other notables, among so many:

  • Danny Santana in Minnesota:  93 games, .322 BA, 39 RBI, 19 steals
  • Betances in New York (AL):  5-0, 1.33 ERA, 132 SO, 88 IP
  • Tanaka in New York (AL):  12-4, 2.51 ERA, 135 SO before getting injured
  • Castellanos in Detroit:  139 games, .267 BA, 10 HR, 62 RBI, 31 doubles.



That's right Derek Jeter, take a bow - this New York hater is wishing you a fond farewell.  I certainly don't need to wish you luck considering the hotties you went through and the money you have, but you earned it and did it the right way, so congrats.  Oh yeah Derek, your team still sucks!!!  :)












Friday's Fiesta - 9/19/14
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Before I start, I just want to say that I’m hearing through the grapevine that Norm and Sully will be back soon, and I for one can’t wait to see them back, refreshed and spewing great take after great take.  To the rest of you all, thank you for putting up with a double and sometimes triple dose of me from week to week. 

As for today, It’s Friday, the weekend’s here and there’s a butt-ton of sports to get to.  Friday Night Lights, Saturday Football, the NFL, damn good Baseball, and hell friends, I’m even gonna throw in a hockey take just for you puck-heads who are jonesing.  Let’s get this fiesta started…

MLB – the end.  We are now into the final week of the season (it ends September 28th) and it’s almost a shame that the season is gonna end because quite frankly I enjoyed it – very little off the field non-sense and a heck of a lot of good races and even a few surprises.  Can we get a little bit more of the regular season?  Like that line Vin Scully says in “For love of the game” – “And tonight I think he might be able to use that aching old arm one more time to push the sun back up in the sky and give us one more day of summer.”  Hey, it’s still hot out here (almost 100), so let's keep the regular season going.

One other line from that movie if you don’t mind and I’m gonna adopt and change just for me:  “God, I always said I would never bother you about baseball, Lord knows you have bigger things to worry about. But if you could give Oakland some hitting and keep San Francisco hot, and not to be greedy but if you could find a way to get them into the World Series together, I would really appreciate it.

Seems like the playoff teams are all getting hot at just the right time and that we may be headed for an epic October!!!

Hey Tampa, how is it that you always seem to be in the middle of some ignorant drama?  First it's with Boston and now it's with New York.  Don't go blaming them, y'all need to look in the mirror.  Grow the hell up you big babies.

NFL.  Hey Oakland fan, get a good look because this might be the only way you score this season.  Damn, I thought y'all were on the upswing after clearing the decks and freeing up cap space, but this is getting beyond ridiculous.  And I don't even like the team... 

Let’s save everybody some time and just give the NFC East to Philly.  Good Lord, why didn’t I think to draft Darren Sproles into my fantasy team? I usually never forget him. 

I mentioned this to Harry, but wasn’t it funny how Dick Sherman gets all butt hurt?  Relax Dick, it’s only a game. 

On the field, I like what Cleveland is doing by going old school and grinding it out.  Beating New Orleans should make fans happy, but don’t go overboard Cleveland, New Orleans’ defense sucks, and an SEC cupcake could get through it.

Here’s a laugh, SF QB Kaepernick got an $11K fine for cursing.  Damn, that would just barely beat out the Gab if we had a swear jar and had to pay…especially Beeze and I.

Speaking of SF, you know when Levi’s was the loudest Sunday Night?  When Snoop Dogg was performing at halftime.  I’m not sure that’s a complement or a complaint.  Oh, and white people, don’t dance in public because you suck at it.  Oops, that ain’t PC…


NFL Troubles.  I got a good laugh yesterday when I read that the #1 ambulance chaser of all time – Gloria Allred held a news conference screaming about the NFL and wanting the Sheriff fired.  Really Gloria?  As if what you say matters?  We’re hip to your game girl.  You’re just as bad as Al Sharpton.

It’s been mentioned so many times, but I thought it was so true I wanted to bring it up here:  Nike is complaining about the NFL’s bad behavior?  Hmmm…considering the sweatshop allegations, I guess I would have to say “Pot, meet kettle?”  As for Anheuser-Busch, it’s hard to criticize them, only to say that it has been my experience that when shit goes down, alcohol is involved almost 90% of the time – at least in every issue I’ve ever dealt with as a member of the military police and or military legal, and even at work in the civilian community.

I wonder when the focus of all of this will get to player behavior and how to address it? 

NFL Good News?  I don't want to walk away this week without actually acknowledging some good.  Anybody remember Warrick Dunn?  Yeah, back in the day he created a foundation to build houses for those less fortunate.  Yesterday, Mr. Dunn gave away the 139th house to a single mother in need.  So let's give this guy the respect he deserves, and let's find some good for a change.   

CFB.  I’m not sure I have ever understood this rush to rank teams, be it pre-season or weeks 1-3.  Heck, I don’t even understand it before October (or Game 6).  I think you should have played a minimum of six games before you’re eligible to be ranked.  If we do it that way, it’s more fair to programs to have a realistic shot.

Hey Texas fan, was very sorry and I truly mean it that David Ash had to give up Football.  That sucks, but he's doing the right thing - concussions are nothing to screw with.  Best of luck to that young man in all of his future endeavors.

CFB – Schedule.  I read somewhere where Michigan and Texas have signed up for a home and home, and while it’s a long ways off (2024 and 2027), you can see where programs are beginning to get it and starting to move towards schedules such as Notre Dame and Ohio State.  God I hate giving those two props.

CFB – This Week.  Boys and girls, we have some pretty decent games on tap:  Auburn @ Kansas State, Virginia @ BYU, Miss St. @ LSU, Clemson @ Florida State, North Carolina @ East Carolina, Bowling Green @ Wisky, and a game that nobody will watch because it’s so far under the radar that only our friend Doug will watch:  San Diego State @ Oregon State.  Another under the radar:  Utah State @ Arkansas State. 

Whoa hold the phone, this has to be a typo, Alabama is actually playing Florida?  Huh?  Nah, I don’t believe it until I actually see it.  Oh wait, it’s in Tuscaloosa.  Go figure.

Hey Fresno State, what the hell are you doing playing “Southern Utah?”

NHL.  We always trash reporters and networks, but this crap I continue to read about the NHL expanding into Vega$, Seattle, Quebec, and a second team in Toronto is a freaking joke.  First off reporters, do your homework.  Even I as a hockey novice can see that there are teams now who are struggling, and you want to add four more teams to the mix?  Are you stupid?

You want to improve the NHL?  Here’s a piece of advice for you – focus on assholes like Matt Cooke and get his brand of “hockey” out of the game.  Focus on the divers like in Montreal.  Focus on the divas in Pittsburgh.  Then, if you want teams in those four places take the teams who are producing the worst and move em.  You sent Atlanta to Winnipeg, why not send Florida to Seattle?

Politics.  Was just thinking, is President Obama really as bad as it seems, or is it that he is surrounded by a bunch of totally unqualified people around him?  How can a President make a decision when he’s got that kind of inexperience and goofiness surrounding him?  No wonder it takes time for him to make a decision – he’s got idiots working for him.  And while I’m on politics:

Lots of BULLSHIT artists, eh?  Speaking of folks who suffer from the old Hawaiian disease of Verbal Diarrhea:

Douchebag of the Week.  Jameis Winston, come on down.  For screaming “eff her in the p@#$y” while you are still being investigated for the second time for a possible sexual assault, you are this weeks receipient of the Massengale bath. Jameis Winston, WTF are you thinking, or are you?  As a Florida State fan, apology not accepted.  Enjoy Canada you assclown.        

I believe in the First Amendment and the right to make a damn fool out of yourself, and Yes, I know the deal with the “eff her in the p@#$y” rage and how it’s gone viral all because some “Kentucky redneck” got loose twice on live news feeds, and now he’s got all kinds of parody accounts, but Jameis, it ain’t funny when you do it, especially considering your history.  It’s all about optics Jameis.  You see Jameis, optics are…eh, never mind, you probably don’t even attend class anyway…

Oh, and Florida State, you don’t escape either.  Suspend him for only one half against Clemson?  You’re kidding right?  That's about as bogus as it gets, and it's now even harder to defend FSU as a long-time fan.  They just keep shooting themselves in the foot.  Damn!

Talking Sports
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The NFL has gone through the roughest period in league history of the past few weeks. Let’s face the league that seems to have it’s crap together has gotten diarha. The league is facing an image problem that makes congress look like choir boys. Ow we all know that a lot of players in the league are just not good guys they have been a lot of arrests over the past few years mainly petty crap and substance related offenses just young guys being stupid.

Last year a young man from the Chiefs committed suicide do to domestic problems.Then Ray Rice,beating the crap out of his girlfriend, Adrian Petersen beating the crap out of a 4 year old and a host of 5 or 6 other guys now waiting out the legal fall out of their misdeeds.against girlfriends and spouses alike. The league that controls everything can’t seem to control their most important element their players.

Let’s face it we all know a lot of these guys aren’t angels  and have bad and shady pasts Aaron Hernandez for instance. Let’s also face it if this stuff didn’t find it’s way to the media Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen would be playing on Sunday. The fact is in today’s society people are looking to expose what they perceive aswrong doing and in both these cases as in others this exposure should be brought to the attention of at the very least the authorities.

But where do we cross the line where does it go to far and like I say I don’t think it went to far in these cases. We have seen countless stories of a bus driver taking a snooze and some one takes a picture and sends it to his boss . the guy looses his job maybe he worked a second job or Overtime and is taking a cat nap tobe more efficient with passengers on board..

I guess that is our society today we are able to hide be hind a twitter handle or a blog name and make a snap judgment without all the facts. The case in hand the NFL needs to do a better job of screening some of these kids coming in the league. They need to get them help before it explodes into the mess they are dealing with now. This is probably not the first time Ray Rice or any of these other guys hit a omen this is the time they got exposed same for Pedersen.

The NFL has a cack in the shield and I’m not sure they know how to handle it. They suspended a bunch of players with charges pending maybe that is a way but it seems reactionary to instead of proactive. This like the government changing a law because of one incident happens at th state level all the time. The league needs to be proactive in preventing this stuff and I’m just not sure if they can. They can control a lot of things but they can’t control human nature. I think the rash of suspensions are reactionary partly so they don’t have a repeat of the mess over the past couple of weeks and partly due to some major sponsors voicing there not liking the way the league is handling things. Anhuser Busch and Nike have told the league they aren’t pleased and I’m sure a few others as well.

Let’s face it we like the game and we will all be watching our teams on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. But league has developed an image problem far worse than the NBA ever had and they just aren’t sure how to handle it. Eventually it will all go away and be forgotten at some point but for now I wouldn’t want to be the sheriff.

Buzz from the Bleachers
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Fan- a fanatic; a keen and regular spectator of sports; an enthusiast for a particular person or thing.

Fanatic- a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics.

According to the dictionary, to be a fan meant to be someone who stood behind a team with unbridled enthusiasm and little to no logic. I always knew fans set most criticisms of their team aside, but were able to recognize bigger issues with their team, their players, and the sport at large. I have recently rethought this stance.

Last Thursday night was only the most recent example. As CBS and Thursday Night Football descended on Baltimore in the wake of the Ray Rice shakeup, cameras from various news outlets caught countless Ravens’ fans in their Ray Rice jerseys. ESPN interviewed a woman who proudly wore her Ruice jersey and stated that she would continue to support Rice. The Huffington Post found and interviewed three fans about their decision to wear their Ray Rice jerseys. Each had their own reasons ranging from the idea that abuse can be initiated by a woman to he was a model citizen before and has cooperated fully with the NFL and their investigation. 

You can read more or hear from the fans themselves here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/11/ray-rice-jersey-fans-explain_n_5807900.html

I realize there will always be a minority of people who will support someone who seems to be so clearly in the wrong in the majority’s opinion, but never before has that minority been so damned vocal or so visible. There used to be some decorum. People would understand something terrible and tragic has happened and, out of respect for that incident and its victims, they would take steps to remove all reminders. There was a sense that it was best to move on. There was still the idea of redemption, but for the moment the offending player would be taken out of view. In Baltimore, Ray Rice was present in the support of the fans and even in the locker-room as several players dedicated their win to Rice.

I can understand the reasoning. Ray Rice was a big part of Baltimore since the team drafted him in 2008. He became a huge part of the lives of so many by extension. It gets hard to believe someone you think you know so well could do something as horrific as abuse family, but that is the risk we as fans assume when we welcome players into our hearts and minds. We trick ourselves into thinking we really know people. Imagine, if you will, how shocked Buffalo Bills fans were to see OJ’s white Bronco fleeing from cops as he was being sought in a murder investigation. Still, we never, or rarely, get to know the true character of the players we cheer for. Fans will forever roll the dice and gamble on the character of a team or organization.

The Rice case is simply the latest chapter in a sad narrative. One only has to look back to the 2011 beating of a San Francisco Giants fan by two LA Dodger fans. Look at the public outcry in PA over the decision to remove the Joe Paterno statue following the Jerry Sandusky case. Attend a little league game and you’ll see parents taking umpire calls or coaching decisions personally. Go to any sports site and watch the venom come out as fans comment on stories of the day, eventually descending into racially insensitive diatribes or profanity laced tirades. The idea of decency or even etiquette in sports is a long way gone.

That loss of etiquette has crossed the line from a nuisance of the game to a genuine deterrent for many. I know my own brother, IHM, refuses to attend sporting events now. Granted pricing and team/sport politics can be a factor, but fan behavior is increasingly cited as a reason attendance among families and others at sporting events is down. Far too many people are taking the Homer Simpson approach to attending games: “This ticket doesn’t just give me a seat. It also gives me the right, no, the duty to make a complete ass of myself”.

What follows in the wake of the scandals is the glaring need for fans to take stock of what we are or what we are becoming. The definition given at the top is one often used to describe terrorists and extremists. That same definition is becoming increasingly acceptable for most fans. We are becoming zealots. We are shutting out logic and outside thought. Rather than accepting faults, we are supporting victim mentalities and trying to justify not only the skewed behaviors of our players, but of ourselves. Are we blind enough to cover for criminals? Are we numb enough to accept spitting on a little girl who roots for the opposite team or to steal foul balls from kids? As of now, we are and we do, but, if we really want anything to change in the wake of this rocky time in sports, we have to take action to change things. That change will be slow. It starts with minding your own habits. It builds into keeping others in check. Hopefully, it will make sporting events into the kind of event you don’t have to worry about bringing your kids to once again.

Musings From The Hoodwood 9-16
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Kershaw is the odds on favorite to win the Cy Young....and the NL MVP???



Greetings from the Hoodwood, where your humble scribe is dodging the mailman trying to deliver AARP cards…but seriously folks.


Leading off: Roger Must Go

I’ve been a vociferous and vocal critic of Roger Goodell almost since he became commissioner. I thought him a poor follow up to the legacies left by Pete Rozelle and Paul Taglibue. I think so highly of Rozelle his name shares my fantasy league trophy. I liked Paul Taglibue. He was understated, yet quietly forceful. He took the lead after 9/11 in postponing the NFL’s game for the coming week and the other leagues that were playing followed his lead. I think Goodell is a camera hog, I think he likes to hear himself talk. I think he has an over aggrandized sense of self. Goodell thinks he is the Lawnmower man of pro football. Why can you just hear Der Kommisar bellowing “In pro football…I am God!” he’s a bully, he’s snarky and I don’t like him. My suspicions of Goodell were heightened after the near lockout in 2012, and further exacerbated by the bountygate scandal where he acted with scorn and contempt to the parties involved and a few of his rulings were eventually reduced. He wanted to be the sheriff and the NFL’s  “Big Daddy”, the face of the NFL. The owners who are his collective boss have determined that as long as he’s bringing in the loot, he worth keeping. The NFL makes money hand over fist and can shot call to the point of object arrogance. Think I’m joking, you have to check out the tome of demands that the NFL drops on a prospective city that wants to host a Super Bowl. I read some of this and started thinking “Who the fuck does the NFL think they are?” But then again they are the NFL, and they get what they want when they want and no one says a thing.  After the increasing messes that are the Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald violence scandals, many are questioning his leadership and if he needs to step down. I for one think his attitude and arrogance are highly detrimental to the game. I know it more and more about safety but the game has really gotten to be no fun and Goodell is the cause of it. He’s ruining the game that I love and he really needs to go.


B-Squad is A Team and wins FIBA World Cup

The critics knocked the US men’s national basketball that was headed to the World Cup, No Durant, No LeBron, no Kobe no KLove, Paul George falling victim to a horrific injury, et al. The Americans looked ripe for the upset as they head to Spain for the FIBA basketball world cup. But the Americans charged through the round robin and the knockout stage and despite getting tested here and there and falling behind 15-7 in the finale, roared back to whomp the Serbian team 132-96 to clinch their 4th straight international title. The USMNT hasn’t lost a game since they were humiliated by Greece in the 2006 Worlds which were the forerunner of this tournament. That was 86 international games ago. The Americans have won two Olympics tourneys and two worlds, The talk that the US had to send their super-duper stars to win and if they didn’t they ran the risk of getting beaten by the better international teams like Spain and Serbia, but the Spanish squad didn’t even make it to the semis getting ousted in the quarters. I think that hiring of Coach K to run the squad was probably the smartest move that Team USA made. They ran the national team like a pro team and made the players commit to playing on the team for a set period and the star power drove the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Teams, and the 2010  and 2014 World squads had some star power but played more a team oriented format. There were pros and good names to be sure but Kyrie Irving’s 32 points to lead the finale wasn’t LeBron or Kobe. But it was a winning formula.


RGIII: Hess down again

Does that really surprise you now? RGIII is fast turning into an NFL version of Derrick Rose, he can’t stay healthy and seems to have an entire city waiting on his performance to be more than just a game or two.  Washington got hammered by the Texans and RGIII played an ineffective game, be came out nicely in the 2nd game against the Jags, but the bad luck of RGIII came up when he badly dislocated his ankle on a rollout and could be out as many a 6-8 weeks. Washington is thanking its lucky stars that he didn’t suffer a season ending injury


Can Kershaw pull the daily double?

After the horrific injury to the Marlins Giancarlo Stanton that ended his season, the focus of the NL MVP now returns to the Dodgers Clayton Kershaw, despite being pushed by the Reds Johnny Cueto for the Cy Young, Kershaw should be a lock to win 3rd Cy Young in 4 years, He is fast closing in on 20 wins.  But there are some that think a pitcher should never win the MVP. Unless in rare rare exceptions (it’s happened 10 times since the Cy Young Award was created in 1956) like Bob Gibson and Denny McClain in 1968 when Gibson had a microscopic 1.12 ERA and McClain won 30 games for their respective pennant winning teams. Or be dominant like Roger Clemens was in 1986. I think Kershaw fits into this mold. The Dodgers have rarely lost when he takes the mound. Consider that since June 1 the Dodgers are playing at a .947 pace when Kershaw takes the mound. That’s Koufax numbers if not better.  Kershaw should take both awards home and deserves to.


Phat Dap

To the auspicious college debut of Gunner Kiel of my beloved Alma Mater Cincinnati. Kiel, who was the 2011 High School Mr. Football in Indiana was first committed to Indiana then LSU then signed with Notre Dame after a year of being buried on the depth chart of the National runner up, Kiel transferred to Cincinnati at the recommendation of his then coach Brian Kelly who had previously coached at Cincy after having to sit out a year under the archaic NCAA transfer rules, Kiel made his first collegiate start last Friday against Toledo having not have played competitively since January 2012 one would think he would be rusty. He only threw for 418 yards and a school record tying 6 scores. Kiel could rewrite the record books and he’s only a sophomore…


Head Slap

To yours truly, it’s not often that I give myself one but Sunday, I decided to listen to the spec on ESPN that said that Brandon Marshall was NOT going to play against the 49ers Sunday Night. I benched him and not only did Marshall start, he scored…3 FUCKING TIMES. Of course his points would have given me a fighting chance to win. The irony here is that the league this team is in 0-2, being victim of Matt Ryan having a monster week 1 meanwhile my other team is 2-0 despite being near the bottom of the league in scoring…


Until next post fellow sports fans!

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