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Yes Irish fans...this is a penalty!


Greetings from the Hoodwood, where fall keeps creeping in ever so slowly and the natives are still not ready for it

College Football: The really big game that lived up to the hype.

When I saw that Notre Dame and Florida State were slated to play one another, I hoped that both teams would be undefeated because I knew that the hype would be over the top. I knew that Notre Dame would play up the poor pitiful underdog role to the hilt. I knew the lisping criminal Lou Holtz would wax poetic about how he knew that the Irish would somehow pull a miracle victory out. The added fuel of the increasingly controversial Jameis Winston for Florida State made this an intoxicating mix. Add the primetime stage of the nationally televised forum and you had an intoxicating mix. Every now and then you have a game that lives up to the hype, Notre Dame-Florida State in 1993 was a prime example, as was Ohio State-Michigan in 2006. When you have two teams of the first rank, two legendary programs that play the highest caliber of the sport. In any case, better than 82,000 fans jammed into Doak Campbell Stadium for the biggest regular season game in years. The game lived up to the hype. Irish QB Everett Golson and Winston played at a top notch level. Both defenses made key plays and the offenses seemed to play at a championship level. A back and forth game went down to the last minutes of the game where the Noles took a 31-27 lead on a Karlos Williams run. But the Irish came charging back down the field and converted two fourth downs in the drive, the Irish got to the Noles 2 and Golson threw a quick out to Korey Robinson (son of basketball hall of famer David) in the end zone and the Irish seemed to have pulled out an improbable, yet thrilling win. But not so fast there, there was late flag. THe Irish were flagged for offensive pass interference and call so controversial that Irish coach Brian Kelly was irate and was opening cursing at the referees. The call of course stood and backed to the 18 yard line, a desperate pass was picked off and the Noles survived. But the whining by the Irish and their fans continued to beef that they were robbed. I can almost guarantee that had that call would not have been made in South Bend. Not if the refs had valued their lives. But the call was correct and the Noles survived and remain unbeaten. But unlike other years one loss might not doom the Irish to bowl irreavency. THe Irish lost a close game on the road, that might get them more props than the victorious Noles who now face more and more questions about the tight win and the validity of their top five ranking. I myself likened the game to the ’71 Ali-Frazier fight, there was no real loser Both foes were made better by the game.

Phat Dap

Have you ever seen a kicker return his own kick for a touchdown?

William Will of Dayton makes it happen, thats being Johnny on the Spot.


Head Slap

To one of my own sadly University of Cincinnati backup QB Jared Evans who was arrested for assault only a few hours after the football team returned from a 41-3 thrashing of SMU. Who gets back from another city and gets into a fight. Evans shamed the university and the football team in a way that a loss never could. Shame on you.

Ill post more later today.

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My boy’s school got to sing the National Anthem for opening night of our local AHL team’s season this weekend.  What a thrill for him, being out on the ice for introductions and just experiencing what it is like to be out “on stage.”  The place was pretty well packed, and I was impressed by the turnout…until I realized that because it was opening night, they had all kinds of schools doing different activities, and junior players doing a salute to the city and what not…and every one of them had to pay admission to the game…and of course mom and dad had to pay to see junior out there on the ice. 

So we went with some friends and in the course of the evening my buddy told me they had been in Keene, New Hampshire earlier in the day for the pumpkin fest.  As they were leaving, they met several police cruisers and fire apparatus heading the opposite way.  It turned out there was a riot of some kind on or near the Keene State College campus

4000 college students basically ran amok for no apparent reason.  The police came in an lowered the boom.  Tear gas.  The whole 9-yards.  Somehow, this has become a racial incident with Twitter and some left leaning organizations calling out the media for downplaying the riots as compared with the coverage given to the riots in Ferguson over the summer.  “White People Riot For No Reason at Pumpkin Festival, Called ‘Unruly’ and ‘Rowdy’”   

I’m really offended by this.  Really.  Look, the Ferguson protests and riots were instigated.  They occurred over the course of a week and frankly spun out of control because the local authorities had no understanding of how to handle the situation.  People were angry, and angry people act violently.  Keene was a bunch of drunk college students behaving badly over the course of a few hours, and it was quelled because the police actually seemed to know what they were doing.  Oh, and the the Boston Globe article I linked to was found quite by random – I don’t see anything in there downplaying the bad behavior.  I see “out of control” and “chaos” and “crazy.”  I’m offended by this particular kind of feigned outrage because it’s so pernicious – it’s specifically designed to create division and to push an agenda. 

In a society where we still remain conflicted about race,  this faux outrage doesn’t seek answers – it’s designed to create more division.

The issue here is obvious.  Who can and can’t use the N word?  Is it offensive or not?  Is a derivation of it okay?  It’s not helpful to have an “in-group” and an “out-group” lexicon here.  I’ve argued in the past that I don’t like the word and do not use it – ever – but I know younger folks seem to use it all the time, and as such maybe in a generation or so the word will have lost it’s meaning.  Is Lynch not being called out or fined because it’s an acceptable use of the word or because he’s a member of the “in-group” so he can use it?  Shouldn’t this be the subject of a similar article decrying coverage of Keene as racist? 

I’m sad because I truly believed my generation would be the one to bridge the gap in race relations and to some extent I think we’ve done an admirable job, but when an author or organization can actually make an argument that the response and coverage of the Keene pumpkin riots demonstrate a racial bias and not have his/their intellectual integrity challenged it’s clear to me there is so much work to be done.

We need more productive conversation in this country about race, not these unhelpful snippets and sanctimonious blather.   If you’ve never had a conversation about race with someone of another race, you’ve never had a conversation about it.  We root and cheer on multi-racial teams: it turns out that whomever is wearing the jersey is the best chance for the team to succeed.  Wouldn’t it be cool if we could translate the same off the field?   Do yourself a favor – have that conversation. 



NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 10-19-14
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WHOA!!!! Hey there. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. I think I could call this the fast food edition. Exit....stage left even.

Fall is in full color mode here in the northeast. I've crawled up a ladder twice now to dig the leaves out of my gutters. I took my gutter guards off in the spring because they took such a beating this past winter they had to come down. The wind twisted up a section and warped another section so they were done. I will be calling for some quotes on some new ones.

OT has been in full swing too. I'm really tired. The 6 days a week thing gets old after a while. I'm taking next week off for vacation. A clean up vacation. Clean up the gutters, clean up the garden, clean up the carport & put the lawn stuff away. You know what I mean. 

Was at the mall last weekend. Took my neice in to see Darth Vader, R2D2 and a storm trooper at the Vans grand opening. She ended up being petrified of Darth. She did get her picture taken with R2D2 though. Very authentic looking. AND the picture was free. Very nice. While I was there, I went to see the bright shiney Apple. I went to look at the ear buds. Very interesting display. Bose and Beats were side by side on the shelf. I tell ya folks, it'a Coke & Pepsi all over again. Free publicity never hurt any one. 


5 years ago ESPN VP Rich Feinberg thought it would be a good idea to round up some employees and take them to the world of racing. He figured that ESPN covers all sports but is mainly of a stick and ball culture. Taking employees to a NASCAR function would help them learn about it and write about it better.

So SportsCenters anchors Jay Harris, Chris Hessell, Darren Haynes, Lisa Kerney & Jaymee Sire along with ESPN radio host Freddie Coleman and some other ESPN employees went to Hendrick Motorsports in Concord, NC. They checked out the race shops for all 4 Hendrick cars, the motor shop, training field, gym and pit road.

On pit road they split up into 2 groups and challenged to change a tire. Yes they were timed. Don't know who won though. After all that fun they were off to the Charlotte race on Saturday night. And I KNOW they had plenty to write about. More on that later.


It was announced via Twitter that Samantha is expecting their first child in May of 2015. I did not expect that to happen as she has a modeling career. So I guess she's putting that on hold. Congrats.


Saturday nights race was crazy in so many ways. On the 3rd stop of the night jackman Nate Bolling tore his tricep. JGR back up Kenneth Purcell stepped in for the rest of the night. After an MRI it was determined that surgery was needed to repair the bicep. He will be out for the rest of the season and back up Kenneth will fill in. 


-----> Surpassed 1 million man hours

-----> Installed 89% of total steel

-----> Poured more than 105 million Lbs of concrete

-----> Installed 26 escalators & 4 elevators



That's right kids. Get your very own Dale Call at the Dega race this weekend for $24.99. I saw them at Racing USA for $29.99. Of course plus shipping. This new toy comes with new commercials too. I like the one where his girlfriend blows into it and she wants him to get her a Diet Dew and chips. There's one with his mom calling him with the Dale Call also. Very cute. Even Harvick is getting in on it. He posted a video of his son blowing on one. So I guess we all need one. All the cool kids are doing it.


Holy crap what a race. Tempers flew along with fenders and fists. So lets talk about it. Our pole sitter was Ky Bu and it started off like any other race. Gordon took the lead on lap 14 and our first caution came on lap 25. It was a competition caution to check tire wear. It had rained heavily in the afternoon. So far so normal.

Ky Bu takes the lead on the restart and Gordon takes it back by lap 38. Dale Jr is complaining of a vibration. Bowyer's motor goes poof on lap 104.

On lap 136 our 2nd motor casualty is Menard. The vibration Dale Jr was having has developed into a broken shifter. I do believe this is #3 for Hendricks cars. Time for a new manufacturer. He was running 9th. Harvick has taken over the lead.

Lap 122 motor #3 goes up in smoke. It's Josh Wise. Dale Jr's team is still working on that shifter when they get caution laps. Harvick still leads. 

With the next couple of cautions and restarts Keselowski, Hamlin and Kenseth are getting into each other. Keselowski squeezes Kenseth into the wall which damages Kenseth car. Hamlin is keeping Keselowski back but not doing anything unusual. The last restart is ugly. Vickers motor goes up in smoke and sets up a 2 lap shoot out. 

Harvick wins the race and Keselowski decides to play car wars. On the cool down lap Hamlin brake checks Keselowski who is right on his bumper so he plows into Hamlin. He also tries to turn Hamlin's car into the wall, unsuccessfully. Then Keselowski runs into the left side of Kenseth sending him into Stewart who doesn't know what's going on. Stewart is now mad and backs into Keselowski who is making a bee line for the garage with Hamlin in hot pursuit. Hamlin tries to box him in so he can get out and...talk to him but Keselowski manages to get back to the garage.

Hamlin gets out and is met by his crew and a NASCAR official. They keep him at bay but Kenseth runs in between the trailers and puts Keselowski in a head lock. I swear I saw him punch Keselowski. 

The interviews went as such....

Keselowski said he was sorry for getting Stewart involved and knew that after he saw all the video that he'd understand. He said Hamlin brake checked him during the cool down lap and Kenseth drove into him when he got his lap back after the last caution and ruined my car. 

Hamlin said Keselowski was out of control doing burn outs in the garage and knocking somebodies transmission across another stall. He also said a NASCAR official told him he had too much to lose and he should drop it.

Kenseth said that he had taken off his helmet and HANS devise as well as put his window net down when Keselowski hit him going 50 mph and he ended up hitting Stewart who didn't know anything was going on.

Mean while Harvick has blown his left rear tire doing a victory burn out for the fans on the front stretch.

NASCAR fined Keselowski and Stewart for the horse play on pit road but let Hamlin and Kenseth slide. Harvick bet that they wouldn't do anything at all. He said they love this. The guys are fighting. That means they got the excitement back in the Chase. In deed it was all over NASCAR.com. All the pit road bumper cars and the garage scrapping going on. They even asked if NASCAR got the fines right? I'm not liking WWF or E or whatever it's called these days in my NASCAR.

I'm thinking Dega could be a death trap. If Keselowski did the burn outs IN THE GARAGE like Hamlin said than that's enough for me to say that he needs to sit for a race. They sat Ky Bu for a race when he ran Ron Hornaday into the wall during a caution in a truck race. Fair is fair. 



That would be Michael Waltrip, his dance partner/instructer from Dancing With The Stars and Brian Vickers. It was Brian that won the pole this week. Michael is the car owner and will be driving the #66 this week.

Terry Labonte will be in the #32 for Frank Stoddard. It will be his 890th career race and he says his last. He wishes he were 10 years younger and could do more.

Of course this is our wild card high speed crap shoot race in the Chase. Some how after the events of Charlotte last Saturday night I'm kind of afraid. Harvick and Logano are at ease knowing they already have their free passes to the next round.

Of all people Dale Jr and Johnson are tied on the bottom with 3031 points. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!?!?!? Keselowski has 3038 and Kenseth above him has 3056. Only a win will do today. Logano in 1st has 3088 points. See what I mean?

NASCAR decided to change qualifying again. They devided the first session into 2 groups and made it 5 minutes. As a result some teams did not get off pit road on time to make a full speed lap. The following had to take owners points or champions provisionals to get in.....Stewart - Hamlin - Harvick - Logano - Ky Bu - Larson - Gordon

You would think the Chase drivers would be assured a spot no matter what. Right?

Nemechek - Stenhouse and Allgaier did not qualify. AGAIN!!! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!?!? Referring to Stenhouse (Danica's honey) some smart guy on Twitter said...."That really sucks dude. Will you be watching from Danica's pit box?" Ouch. I must admit that that was my first thought too. I'm sorry but I really want to be a fly on the wall of that RV right now. 

So as far as who will be in the top 10? OMG!!!! You know this is a crap shoot. Right? Just pick your fantasy team and hope your guys can make it through the big one. 

Your Top 15 in the May race of this year - Hamlin - Biffle - Bowyer - Vickers - Allmendinger - Menard - Harvick - Kahne - Larson - Stenhouse - Cassill - Ky Bu - Almirola - Mears - Dillon

It's Sunday and beautiful and I'm off for breakfast and a news paper. Enjoy your Sunday however which way you like it. Little bit of cream & sugar? Sunny side up? Yup. It's casual.

And I'm outta here.....









Storminnorman's Sports Blog 10/17
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As I sat in the living room waiting ever so impatiently for my wife to hand me the laptop (because we are down to one) for the moment, I started remembering a few of the things I witnessed yesterday. Some things I never thought I would see happen again, and a few things I hope I never see again.


Honestly, did anyone see this coming at the beginning of the year? I surely didn't, but then again if you had told me the Royals would be waiting the winner of the St. Louis-San Fransisco series to play in their first World Series since 1985, I might have asked you what you were smoking......

But let's give the Royals their due. How many offensively challeged teams step up and perform at the level they have for 8 straight games? For what they lack offensively, they sure have made up for it with their pitching. Herrera, Davis and Holland, have been as close to automatic as any staff in baseball, and at the right time. 

But I don't really think the Royals would be in the position they are in right now, if it wasn't for their manager Ned Yost. Yost seems to be in tune with every situation during the game, and isn't afraid to yank his starter because he knows his bullpen is the best in baseball, hands down.......

Thank you Jeff for the pic, I thought I would use it one more time.......

Before I go out on a limb and crown the Royals champs, I remember a 3 years back when the Tigers disposed of the Yankees, and had to wait for the Giants to win their series. A week is a long time to wait to play, even though I heard it mentioned by the Royals that it would be good for the bully, because they were used every game. Good for the batters no, it's going to take them a couple games to get back in the groove, and like in 2012, it could be too late.....

Damn Giants up 2-1, Panik hit a home run.

And since I have left, Adams and Tony Cruz hit home runs, might be going back to St. Louis after all, but that's what I thought last night......

So I thought I would touch on a few more things, I figured out the difference between the first game played between the Bruins and Wings. The Bruins came out with that bit of nasty that the Wings don't have with all the young players on their roster. The Bruins were able to basically bully the Wings just like they did in the first round of the playoffs last year. The Wings still lack the toughness to compete in the rough and tumble Eastern Conference, and unless they add a little toughness their playoff streak might end. Oh hell what am I thinking, there are only a few really good teams in the East and Detroit is one of them....

Chara looked the the middle school bully trying to take lunch money from the Wings players, but then again that's one of the reasons I love watching him play, he is so damn nasty.

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to turn to the left and check out what Hal has to say about football...



Talking Sports
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The team with the 19th highest payroll in baseball is going to the World Series. Yes folks I’m not sure how they did it playing a brand of baseball more suited to the National League than the American. It was done with smoke and mirrors and it was still done. The Royals have not lost in the playoffs sweeping the A’s if you can call a one game playoff a sweep , The Angels with baseballs best record and now a very good Baltimore Oriole team.

It looks very much like the Giants will be their opponent after beating the Cardinals  6-4 going up 3-1 in the NLCS and looking kind of unstoppable as well. I thought we might have had a Show Me State World Series but It doesn’t look that way. Instead we will have two Dynamic teams and some crazy type baseball that has been nothing less than fun. No routing interest , so I’m just sitting back and taking in some pure entertainment.

(they have been painting the damn thing for 20 Years)

Speaking about Entertainment folks in Boston have climbed of the Tobin Bridge even the Toll Takers have came down off the Bridge . Tom Terrific was back this past weekend picking out ten targets instead of Julian Edelman and not seeing the other guys. Brady looked as sharp as he has ever did. Maybe he is pissed maybe he was well prepared, I still think there is some decline but he made a good Buffalo defense look bad.

The price the Patriots paid was a heavy one Defensive Team leader Jarrod Mayo is lost for the season for the second straight year. Mayo is just one of the guys that bought into the Patriots from day one and he is just an intelligent football player. They also lost an 1,000 yard back in Steven Ridely which will hurt forcing Shane Vareen and Brandon Boldin will be filling Ridely’s void. I guess the one that hits home most is offensive lineman Dan Conolly who is also lost for the season. He is the anchor on an Offensive Line that often times just are unable to keep Brady upright although they have been much better over the past couple of weeks.

Tim Wright  is coming along complimenting Gronk in two tight end sets.  Than there is the Brian Tyms as he is back from suspension and has been added to Brady’s Aresenal. The Patriots have their work cut out for them over the next 3 weeks. They have the jets tonight. They are awful but may give the patriots a game in the rain. The Bear next week and the biggest test is the Broncos in a couple of weeks before the bye, If they can survive these three games you can count the Patriots back in the mix. Even if they only take 2 out of 3 but give solid performances in all three match ups. The Denver Game maybe one to mark on the calendar it could very well be the last regular season match up between Brady and Manning which has just been entertaining as hell over the past decade or so.


Lil Lakesiders Report

Lil Lanz popped home another goal Saturday has the team played much better than they have been, The Boys only had 8 guys and a goalie some tired legs at a 6am start time against Hollis NH. The Hollis team won the game in their pink jersey’s for breast cancer awareness. Our boys skated well and are starting work as a team. Unfortunately, on Sunday I think the boys left it all on the ice Saturday just looking lethargic. So be it two more weeks of  the parody round where they reseed the teams to even out the competition.

Speaking of coming together as a team Laser and the freshman soccer team have really bonded they way they should in an High school sport. At the begging of the year you had fifteen different kids and some clicks on the team as we progress to the last couple of weeks of the season you know have one big click of fifteen kids. Everyone of them just a nice group of kids. They have a coach that they respect and that respects them. Than again he isn’t much older than they are so it’s a great fit. He did think Laser and his buddy came were out of their minds heading to one of the HS fields Monday morning at 7:30am to working on their shots but he kind of loved it as well.

Zebra Tales

I heard the best line in our game Saturday by our Referee after a muffe kickoff was recovered in the end zone for a Touchback. The kid who muffed it recovered it in the end zone and took a knee. The opposing Team coach was arguing the whole game on every call even when it was to his benefit. The Referee comes over to explain the rule and the coach says we thought it was a safety. The Referee Dave says to him “you thought it was a safety but we know it was a touchback.” Just that it was a great comeback. This guy argued that an extra point went through the backjudge told him to ask his kicker. The kid to his credit says I missed a little to the right. He did apologize for that one.

Lanz’s Take

Monday my 17 year old  daughter ( she stayed in and did homework all weekend) and I headed out to the Local Fair the Mrs didn’t want to go neither did any of the boys. We saw the 1900 pound pumpkin. That was fun more farm type animals everything from cows to chickens and Clydesdales as well. My daughter and I had a blast just some good bonding time but what we both noticed was people just looked miserable. It’s the fair you eat some very unhealthy food you look at stuff and you have fun. People looked stressed and serious time to lighten up folks. I don’t  know maybe it was the end of the long weekend , maybe their kids just got to them I don’t know but fairs are fun. People need to enjoy themselves more.

Have a great Week

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