CM Punk "Has Left the Building" BREAKING NEWS
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There are rumors circulating, from reliable sources, that CM Punk has told Vince McMahon he is going home even though his contract expires in July 2014. CM Punks name has been taken off of all house shows, and Raw and Smackdown. As it looks now he might not be in this years WrestleMania.

Wrestling: 9/25/00 Monday Raw Script
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I found this on the internet somewhere over the rainbow, but, here is a script from a WWE Raw:






Wrestling Breaking News..1st member announced to the 2014 WWE HOF
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The Ultimate Warrior has been announced into the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame Class.

Wrestling Wednesday (Late Edition)
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Sorry I was working and was watching the WWE announcement for Las Vegas concerning the WWE Network.


Starting February 24, 2014, the WWE will begin its anticipated WWE Network. The Network will start airing right after Monday Night Raw at 11:06PM

The Network will only be available via your computer, laptop or phone and the price is $9.99 a month. The will also include the WWE PPV’s every month including WrestleMania.

Monday Night Raw, Smackdown will continue to be on cable networks but will be rebroadcast on the WWE Network.

For more info check out the WWE Network.

I plan on getting it just for the PPV matches every month, They are expensive on cable with HDTV.

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross retires
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According to the WWE website Rim Ross, a WWE Hall of Famer announcer, announced his retirement effective immediately.

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