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23 Years and Counting......
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Hello Gabbers, I apologize for first hand for this blog, I had been planning to start writing it a little earlier, but just plain old forgot to get it started. Spring has finally arrived in Michigan, and with Spring in Michigan comes the expectation of the Red Wings continuing their streak of playoff appearances. I admit that I thought a month ago this team was dead in the water, but for some reason as the calendar turns from March to April, the Red Wings seem to step up. I am not a fan Sid the Crybaby, and Malkin and the rest of the crybabies known as the Penguins, but it looks like that is who the Wings will be facing in the first round of the playoffs. No matter, cause the kids don't know no better. This total lack of respect or knowledge of others, has probably been the reason the Wings have continued professional sports longest playoff run of 23 consecutive years.

Not many teams or any teams can say that they have been in the playoffs for 23 straight years, I guess this makes up for all the years when I was a teenager of them sucking so badly, and pretty much the laughing stock of the NHL. I thought the Wings needed an infusion of youth after they lost to the Penguins in the Stanley Cup Finals, and maybe the likes of Gustav Nyquist, Tomas Jurco, Tomas Tatar, Luke Glendenning and Riley Sheahan was exactly what the Wings needed. All the above were members of the Calder Cup Champion Grand Rapid Griffins, and are probably at least a year ahead of schedule. Sure they make mistakes that cost the team goals, but for the most part they are more sound defensively than some of the veterans. This kind of reminds me of the influx of youth that occurred in the late 80's, early 90's, when a young Lidstrom came to Detroit, and we all know that he will be in Toronto next to Stevie Y when his time to be inducted comes. Mr. I. is a pretty smart businessman, and this infusion of youth is part of the plan, spend money on the Tigers, while building a contender who will compete on a regular basis for the Stanley Cup by the time the new arena is built. So far the plan seems to be working, now we will wait and see.....

Since I work in the grocery business, I have the pleasure of seeing a magazine devoted to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. Today while out running my errands, I heard that Joan Jett was inducting Nirvana into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I was never personally into Grunge, but I loved listening to Nirvana.

Noah and Taylor are wrapping up their Spring Break, and last week I went to Noah's P/T conference which like always turned out as I expected. The kid's pretty damn smart, not much to work with or on with him for the rest of the year, he is ready for the 3rd grade. Taylor is my underachiever to an extent, she could do much better if she applied herself, but I am waiting for her ever so patiently to realize her full potential.

Not to stir the pot with the Red Sox nation, but does anyone really care that you are in New York facing the Yankees. I hope you whip them good, but last check the Yank's were winning 3-0.

NASCAR is heading to Darlington, miss Q in our fantasy leagues she is damn knowledgeable on the Sport.

Another year of the Pistons underachieving and getting a decent coach fired once again. Some day they will fill the Palace again, but not until they become consistent.

What the hell is going on in MLB this year? So many pitchers having Tommy John, this is not a good trend, maybe teams should consider studying why this is happening, and just maybe they will figure out how to prevent it. There has to be a pitch that is tearing the UCL, Medlin, Beachy, Moore, Griffin, and the list goes on and on.

B.O.B. what's up with "The Freak," Goldschmidt owns him.......

Well that's all I got, have a great week and thanks for stopping by...

Storminnorman's Sports Blog 3-28
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Hello Gabbers,

Been a while since the last time we have chatted. since then I have finished my Winter Term at Rasmussen pulling all A's. The weird part of the grades, as they were so similar percentage wise, that it actually scared me a bit. As you all know Wednesday was Sully's birthday (53), didn't think for whatever reason he was this old. But anyway it's only a fitting present, if I give him a little tribute to his favorite player Zdeno Chara. Enjoy Sully, from my family to you have a great year, and I hope that you had a great day!

It's a little large, but after all if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have this site to blog on.

Kind of figured you like this one Sully, so I picked it as another one of your gifts....

Here's the last one, would have added some Patriot highlights if they had won. But now on to other things that I want to talk about. I wouldn't go make any plans on the Red Sox repeating as WS Champs in 2014, here are my predictions for the upcoming baseball season.......

American League East Champs - Tampa Bay Rays (sorry Red Sox nation, not this year)

American League Central Champs - Detroit Tigers (even though the Royals, Indians are starting to become worthy contenders)

American League West Champs - Nobody will guess this one, the Seattle Mariners, thought I would be different than AFD

​American League Wild Card - Kansas City and those Swinging A's

American League Champs - you guessed it I'm a homer, the Detroit Tigers

Now on to the National League......

National League East - Sorry Atlanta fans, but I am going with the Nationals to win the East.

National League Central - Sorry Cub's fans you are going to have to wait at least another year, I am leaning towards the Pittsburgh Pirates...

National League West - Sorry B.O.B. and you Dodger fans, but if life is right, Kirk Gibson's Arizona Diamondbacks will win the West.

National League Wildcard - Braves and Cardinals (The George Steinbrenner theory Magic, you can't buy championships, you have to earn them)

National League Champs - Washington Nationals (will this be their year?). 

World Series - yes I am a homer again, the championship finally returns to Detroit after 2 years of near misses and failures, the Tigers win the World Series in 7 games, and the struggling city regains some stature.....Why because there is no Jim Leyland this year to screw it up, like he did the last two years......

Now that I am finished with that bit of tomfoolery, I would also like to mention that I still have 3 of my final 4 in tact on ESPN. How many of you can say that? Wouldn't it be something if the Dayton Flyers continued their dramatic March Madness run, and took down another pair of giants this weekend? Even though I like Michigan and Michigan St's chances of meeting for a fourth time this year, I am not going to bet my life savings on it occurring. The Dayton Flyers and Stanford Cardinal is what March Madness is all about, knocking down the "Giants," and doing the unexpected............Oh yeah, before I leave I have one more gift for Sully.........

Here's a little news flash Scott, Max ain't getting the money from the Tigers, Miggy Got it! Guess you kind of out thought yourself this time, when you thought by waiting until the end of the year was a better move. The Tigers gave Miggy a 10-year contract extension today, worth $292 million which will make him a Tiger until 2023. What a way to pay him back for everything he has accomplished in a Tiger uniform, since his acquisition from the Marlins....Great Move Mr. I., Scotty you should have taken the $24 million a year and done this...


Until the next time, please feel free to leave your comments, and have a great week! 


Storminnorman's Sports Blog 3-14
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Hello Gabbers, this is going to be a different type of blog for me this week as I was at the local quick mart grabbing a soda and some smokes for the wife when this caught my eye in the Detroit Free Press "Bad Weather; Golden Deal. NFL free agency started a few days back, and apparently it was good for the Lions that the weather turned crappy Wednesday, because they were able to land Golden Tate to replace Nate Burleson at Wide Receiver. As you know by now, free agency in any of the professional sports is all about the money......

It seemed kind of weird that the Cowboy's let their all-time sack leader in DeMarcus Ware go yesterday and within minutes it seemed he signed with Denver. The Denver defense should benefit greatly from his signing, even though their defense wasn't exactly the reason why Seattle stomped them into the ground during the Super Bowl.....

Tate received 5-years and $31 million, with $13.25 in guaranteed money, Not bad as long as he stays healthy, and helps take some of the heat of of Calvin Johnson.

Ware received 3-years $30 million from the Broncos, not bad for a guy who was hurt last year. I actually feel he is one person who actually deserves his money, after all he was the Cowboys all-time leading sack leader with 117 sacks.

Guess the Beezer's team is going to draft a quarterback with their first choice in the draft in April, as they released both Brandon Wheedon and Jason Campbell. Sorry Beeze another quarterback has bit the dust in the Browns organization.

The Bucs cut Darrelle Revis, god I hope the Lions don't try to sign him.

Tampa signed Josh McCown

​John Beason, Josh Brown and Stevie Brown all decided to stay with the Giants, while they waived LB Marcus Dowtin.

Chris Williams left St. Louis and signed a 4-year deal to play in Buffalo

The Cowboy's also cut WR Miles Austin

The Lions signed RB Joique Bell tp a 3-year deal for around $16 million.

And as always Ndamukong Suh is being selfish by not wanting to renegotiate his contract to free up cap space in order to sign free agents. But if his contract voids, they can still tag him as a franchise player and keep him in Detroit.,,,,, And now for some positive news.......

Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer are done as ESPN's lead prime time NCAA pair being replaced by Rece Davis and Chris Fowler, why? I would rather listen to Brent, then Rece or Chris. Musburger and Palmer are heading towards their new SEC network........

I thought before I closed I would recognize someone from a place you wouldn't think of in Michigan to breed "Miss Basketball." 

Lexi Gussert a Senior from Crystal Falls Forest Park, located in the UP. They are heading to East Lansing to play Athens Thursday night, for a shot at the Class D Girls State Championship on Saturday. Lexi averaged 29.4 points per game and has the state record for 3-point shots made in a season Tuesday at 101. She joins Krista Clement (2003) of St. Ignace as the only other U.P. player to be named Miss Basketball. Hat's off to Lexi, as she has signed a letter of intent to play at Michigan State next season......

March Madness is getting ready to start next week, and along with whatever else Sully wants to talk about next week, he will have a full plate to choose from. It's just kind of odd to see that none of the writers had the balls to pick Michigan or Michigan St to win the Big 10 Tournament. They either pick Indiana to upset Michigan Friday, but as I am typing this blog they are having trouble with Illinois, or Wisconsin to take down MSU and head off to win the Big 10 Tournament. No biggie for either Michigan or Michigan St., they should be seeded rather high in their brackets come Sunday night anyway.

As baseball season approaches, how are your teams doing? Mine finally woke up against the Cardinals and slapped 17 runs against them without Martinez, Kinsler, Hunter and a few others. Then they hit Kuroda and the Yanks for 7 yesterday. I really like the signing of Davis, and if he hits well out of the lead off spot Andy Dirks may be a forgone memory in Detroit. A shout out to Jeff, How is Blake doing.

Well that's all I have for you today, and good luck to all in our upcoming Gab draft. Thank you Sully for setting it up, look forward to competing with all who joined....





Storminnorman's Sports Blog
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Hello Gabbers and welcome to another edition of Storminnorman's sports blog, a bi-weekly blog that I share with Sully. Anyway before I get to the subject I wanted to talk about, I want to say it's damn cold here in Michigan at the moment. I have lived here all of my life, and never remember a winter this bitterly cold. I visited my doctor today because I was having problems with my surgically repaired shoulder, think I pinched a nerve in my neck, but no tear in the rotator cuff was found which is a good thing. So I am sitting here stoned from the muscle relaxer that he gave me to relieve me of the discomfort I am suffering from at the moment. But anyway, on to the subject at hand....

Now with the Olympics over, and Canada winning both Gold medals in hockey, the Brooklyn Nets decided to sign Jason Collins to a 10-day contract. As you all know, Collins is the first professional athlete to come out and say he was gay. I have no problem from a personal standpoint, because there are probably more athletes in other sports that have probably been afraid to come out and admit they are gay, because of the disrespect they will receive from others in their sport.

My personal feelings are this, before Collin's was forced out of the game he loved to play initially for admitting his sexual preference, he was a heck of a basketball player. Even at 34, he realized he could still play ball so he received a tryout from the Net's who were desperate for a center due to injuries. He was given a tryout and had to earn his way onto the Net's team, so he must still be able to play. Also, if as an athlete you are that homophobic as to where you can't be around other men in a shower after a game, then maybe you should leave the sport. The point I am trying to make is this, before Collins admitted or came clean with the fact that he was gay, he was still in the same locker room with his former teammates, shared the same hotel room with one, and everything was fine. So let's just leave him alone, and let him play out the rest of his career.  The problem lies with the media, ESPN in particular who made a big deal out of the signing, by showing his first game last Sunday.

I have several friends who are gay, as well as many of you may also. Does it change your opinion of them, I hope not, because after all they are still your friends. I know it doesn't in my case, and if Michigan ever get's it right, I will be able to attend and watch them share their vows for which I am not ashamed to say after all, because they are my friends, and I don't look at them as being gay, but as my friends.....


I don't normally touch on NASCAR, because I normally leave this for "Q," because she is our racing expert. But that was one hellava race last Sunday night. Six hour delay due to rain, and yes the right person actually won the race in Dale Jr., he had the best car for most of the race I watched. Crash and burn NASCAR, some of the best crashes I have seen in quite some time in the last 10 laps, not that watching the closing ceremonies are boring, but that was fun to watch. Even though my driver did not win, I was still involved in the race right up to the end. Thank you for the restrictor plate racing, at least it makes it interesting.

I must be old school NASCAR, because I believe that someone else who had been around should be racing with the #3 on their car instead of Austin Dillon, who is basically a no-name driver, who is riding around now using the number of one of NASCAR's greatest racers Dale Sr......

As Hank had his surgery yesterday, I realized the Wing's playoff run just might be coming to an end this year, so I am trying to get enthused about the trade for Ian Kinsler and the signing of Joe Nathan, thank you once again for raiding the Texas Rangers for two of their better players. I guess because of this crazy weather, and the occasional look-see at Jeff's blogs about Blake, I just can't get enthused about baseball at the moment for whatever reason. Baseball is normally the time of year that I get the most enthused about sports in general, but with it being so cold, spring seems like it's never going to arrive. Kinsler, Nathan and Raji Davis will give the Tigers something they haven't had since Todd Jones was their closer, and Sweet Lou was their second baseman a little speed and stability, which should benefit Miggy, Justin and Max, because they will not feel like they have to carry the brunt of the load on their shoulders. Not that Prince Fielder was a bad choice, but as we all know Scott Boras is a money grubbing jackass who likes to wait until the end to sign his players, so he can get more for them then what they deserve.

Finally, last Friday I found out through a friend that the "Motor City Madman" Greg Carrier had passed away. Greg had been battling MS for quite a while, and as usual the illness finally won. Greg was an avid Detroit sports fan like myself, and a rather interesting person and fierce fantasy sports competitor. Rest in Peace "Madman," you will be greatly missed by your friends and family.

The Wings were his team, he loved his hockey......

Thanks for stopping by, Sully should be here next Friday.


Somethings I Have Learned 2-14-14
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Something I have learned, that it's okay to grow old, and make new friends.,,,,,,

To replace a blogging legend, a man that I respect is never an easy thing to do, 

But I will try.

To be the best father and husband is never easy, as they teach you something new every day. However, as with Mariano we must now prepare to say good-bye to another Yankee legend in Derek Jeter at year's end. Of all the Yankees from their 5 World Series winning teams, he is the one I respected the most of all, a quiet leader, who led by example with his actions both on and off the field. When Jeter joins Rivera in Cooperstown in 5 years, his legacy will be just that, he led by example.

I know it's the dreaded Yankees I am talking about, but how could you not respect him? 3200+ hits later and a lifetime .312 batting average along with 5 World Series rings speaks for itself. He is a winner, and maybe someday he will go down as the greatest to play his position.

But like always, age catches up with you, as it did with Derek. An ankle injury during the 2012 ALCS against the Tigers, started the beginning of the end of his baseball career.

Once again, it's okay to grow old and not recover from your injuries like you did in the past, it's only natural.

What will become of Jeter after he rides of into the sunset? Only Derek truly knows.....

Will A-Rod step up next year and become the new leader of the Yankees, who seem to lose more and more each off season?

I doubt it, even with Jacoby signing during the off season, the Yankees like all teams are going to struggle. Why?

Because there is no one who will step up and replace their "Captain," not even Jacoby can fill those shoes.......

The Winter Olympics started this week,

does anyone care about any sport other than hockey?

We follow our local stars, like Pavel, and Alex, Hank and Team USA......

But who really knows about the other sports, 

because we have been waiting for the first game between Team USA and Slovakia, which at the moment I am watching

turn into a rout....

Tomorrow's the day

Pitchers and Catchers report,

Will the Tigers finally reach the pinnacle of their sport,

or be the best team once again,

not to reach their potential?

Adding Ian Kinsler and Davis were key acquisitions,

but signing Joe Nathan

will determine their fate,

a settling bullpen influence,

should make a difference

with an all-star lineup,

and a staff full of aces.

I am rooting for the Astros

for no particular reason

other than you root for the underdog,

just not when they are facing your team.


Thank you for reading my first Friday Blog, and feel free to leave your comments.....


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