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A Sign of the Times 2/28
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To the Beat of a Different Drum 2/28/15

You never really think about things until you have an illness and you have that time to think about what’s going on in your life……

Sports is a surreal thing, where athletes are paid a lot more than what they were paid during Jackie Robinson’s days. The African-American ball player was frowned upon in the early stages of America’s game. It was thought to be a white man’s sport due to the ignorance of others. The first African-American actually played in 1904, but didn’t remain there long. It was 41 years later when Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson that another African-American was allowed to play…..

It shows the ignorance of our times, when we judge another man by the color of their skin, instead of their ability to play the sport of their choice. I have heard that I couldn’t play basketball because I was white, well it was true, couldn’t jump a lick growing up. I have also heard that basketball is a black man’s sport, funny thing is that Bob Cousy was white and considered one of the game’s all-time greats.

My daughter is being judged by her peers as being dumb, why because she would prefer to be anywhere else other than the school she currently attends.

I am being judged by that same school as a parent who doesn’t care, which is far from the truth. I want Taylor to have the same things I have when she grows up, so once again the person who judges is wrong…..

Color of skin shouldn’t matter in anything that we do. We shouldn’t be judged in that fashion anyway, but some people do.

Recently I made some changes in my life, took a couple hours of my time last Sunday and actually attended the church I grew up in. The problem is, apparently they still judge you for your past at that church, so I probably won’t go back. Nobody’s fault in particular, just can’t stand two-faced people and those in particular that talk to you behind your back……

Jackie Robinson was always judged by his peers, some for whom he played with, some of the Brooklyn Dodgers asked to be traded if Rickey allowed Jackie to play. Old South racism was real prevalent back during Jackie’s playing days, sleeping in separate hotels, riding in segregated buses, not being able to drink from the same water fountain, and even eat in the same restaurant with his teammates.

Our society is basically heading towards segregation again, which should have Dr. King rolling over in his grave. Some caused by the actions of our political leaders, some caused by blind Americans who still think blacks should be slaves and not enjoy the freedoms that they enjoy today. They feel that black athletes shouldn’t be able to live out their dreams, as for it will give them a sense of power, and God forgive they have any of that…….

Truthfully I don’t care if what I write offends, because I have always been told to write what I feel. I don’t care about the amount of responses I receive. The point of my blog is to open up some eyes concerning the problems our country has at the moment, and their the road we are heading down….

Sports is an irrelavent subject when racism is involved, we can talk about sports and the ignorance of the society we grew up in or we can stop the ignorance by removing the stereotypes that exist in our world today. 

Nobody Likes the Truth
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If anyone hasn't realized this by now, it was rather refreshing to hear Kevin Durant put the media in it's place last weekend. As you know most athletes won't say what's on their minds, because they are afraid of the negative pubicity that comes with being honest.

It's the social role that the media has on professional athletes that causes a certain fear of repercussion, if the athlete offends the media. To be quite honest with you, I wish more athletes like Durant would realize that they are nothing more than media puppets and stand up to them more often. 

The problem with our media today, are that there are too many ways to invade a professional athlete's private life and expose anything negative about them. Hell if I want to read a tabloid report I will pick up the National Enquirer and read it. I really don't care about how many kids this athlete has with 7 different women, because it's their business not mine. If the athlete chooses to inform the public, than so be it. Leave them alone!

The effects that the media has on an athletes private and professional life, is why there are so many athletes like Durant starting to come forward with how they truly feel about the media, for which the great tabloid magazine ESPN takes great offense too.

Leagues like the NBA and NFL should be ashamed of themselves for forcing athletes who may not speak well in public to do so, or face league imposed fines or suspensions. The fact remains, that if a person doesn't want to talk to the media, in turn you get a Lynch and Durant type response. 

Our media needs to realize that there may be reasons why this particualar athlete doesn't want to speak about his private or professional life, and they should leave well enough alone, but in most cases they  continue to pry.

I realize that this blog is nothing more than a rant, as like many of you I really don't have nothing much to say sports related. I could care less really if the Lions sign Suh or franchise tag him for what it's worth, the more local media attention this draws will really not have an effect on the outcome. It's just cold outside, and they are starving for stories to write until the Tigers start Spring Training, and the Red Wings make the playoffs for a 24th straight year......

Last night the local media made a big deal out of the Pistons trading Augistin and Singlar to OKC for Reggie Jackson, who cares, and then Jerebko and Datome to Boston for Tayshaun Prince? All this told me was that SVG is clearing cap space to sign more free agents next summer, as all involved are either in the final year of their contracts, or restricted free agents.

Who cares what the media has to say about these trades, and the fact that in hinesight, SVG was clearing space so he could keep Moose in Detroit. The fact remains is that the media will eventually decipher these trades like I did, and make a big deal out of nothing...

Just like always......

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget about having coffee with the Hoov....


Movie Night with Noah......
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I remember a time when I stated rather clearly to Michelle that I would never, and I repeat never pay to watch anything Spongebob Squarepant's related EVER! order to keep a little peace in my life, I gave in and Noah, Michelle and myself went to see Spongebob, Sponge out of Water Friday night.

The movie wasn't really all that bad, if you were 9 and think of Spongebob like you do Godzilla, and worship him as one of your heroes. As we left for the theater, you would have thought we gave Noah 6 pounds of sugar but we didn't, he was just that excited about seeing his hero, Spongebob.....

I had taken Noah to movies before when he was a little younger, and he never sat through an entire movie like he did tonight. Maybe it was because he was a little older now, but truthfully I believe it was because it was Spongebob......

The kid can tell you as much about Spongebob and Patrick, as he can about Godzilla and the band of monsters that Godzilla battles during the movies. This was an important night in Noah's life, not so much that he seen the movie, but his other hero kept his promise and took him to see the movie. It actually felt good to see his eyes light up when we told him we were going, it took him a few minutes to get dressed, but after that it was game on......

I like a few of you on the East Coast have been thinking is the Ice Age returning, this snow and freezing cold temps are ridiculous, I hope O.H. and Lanz and the rest are safe, as they face another weekend of snow and freezing weather........

It led me to this thought, next week begins the first signs of spring as pitchers and catchers begin to report to their respective spring training facilities in Florida and Arizona. It also led me to this thought, the Cubbies signed Lester, and the Padres signed Shields and revamped their entire starting lineup from top to bottom. But....if you still can't score runs consistently, then all the great pitching and defense in the world will not help, just ask the Tigers who are still searching for that World Series ring.........

I don't want to rain on any parades in Boston, but Porcello, Miley and Kelly don't exactly scare alot of the teams in the American League. Sure you will have some pop in your lineup with the signing of Kung Fu Panda to offset the inconsistencies you will be complaining about with Porcello, but remember this he starts out fast and like the last two season finished slow. Until the extra innings game in Toronto (he never was the same pitcher after that), he was on a pace to win 20 games. Joe Kelly might be the best of the starters you have, providing his shoulder holds up. Miley is the only one that concerns me, because you really don't know what you have outside of a power arm, because Arizona was just that bad.......

NBA All-Star Weekend, working most of the weekend so I won't get to see all the festivities which like baseball are too many, and another way to soak the fans who attend out of their hard earned cash. To touch on a question asked by B.O.B., if I was Adam Silver, I would expand the rosters of both teams, to ensure that at least one member of each team in both conferences are honored as All-Stars. The problem is this, the lack of interest by most fans, is due to the fact that their teams get left out of the festivities in most cases, so the fans in those cities feel left out and don't care about this weekend.

I would also eliminate some of the events that take place during All-Star weekend, if I want to go to a rap concert, I will go see Run D.M.C. Game day is a joke in the NBA because of this, and is one of the real reasons I don't care to watch the game.........

The Tigers let Rod Allen go Thursday, and replaced him with Jack Morris and Kirk Gibson. You know you're good, when it takes two people to replace you. Rod will gain employment somewhere, he was just that damn good.....

Vroom "Q" it's almost time for one of our favorite weeks the Daytona 500, I don't normally do this, but here I go.....

1. Kevin Harvick

2. Dale Jr.

3. Kyle not Kurt

4. Jimmie Johnson

5. Carl Edwards

Well that's all I got, everyone stay warm and dry and I will see you next week....


To Speak or Not to Speak......
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The age old question of to speak or not to speak, that is the question.

Why would we make such a big deal?

Who cares if Marshawn Lynch speaks,

because  most cases he shows his ignorance anyway.

There is too much made of media day,

maybe if the media weren't mostly jackasses, 

Marshawn might more to say.

As most know by now, 

Lynch's been fined a plenty

been a regular contributor to the NFL slush money.

Goodell should be ran out  

because of his crappy rules, 

I thought we were based on Freedom of Speech,

but in the NFL that's not true.

Marshawn, Marshawn, Marshawn,

you naughty boy,

you for the most part

decided not to speak

which should be your right,

I refer to the QOTD, .

B.O.B. it makes you neither,

so why the concern.

Marshawn, Marshawn you naughty boy,

Roger and the media look down on you,

because you aren't one of their toys........

I know I am mocking and even making a joke

out of something that's not as serious to Marshawn,

as it is to Roger and his cronies

who don't find it a joke............

So what if Marshawn's quiet,

his actions speak louder than words.

Who cares if he speaks on media day,

I know I don't.........

The Super Bowl is more than media day,

regardless if Marshawn speaks or not

there is a game to play.........

It's not to often a team gets a chance to repeat as champion,

so give Marshawn lack of speech at media day

a little break..........

The Patriots and Seahawks should be an epic game,

I wonder to myself though

who will win this game.

Will Brady and Gronk 

play pitch and catch all day?

Score lots of points, 

and blow the Seahawks away?

Or will the Seahawk's defense

shut the Brady and Gronk down?

Keep the score low,

and the Seahawks repeat as champions.

Whatever happens Sunday 

one thing we can count on

Marshawn will be quiet

and not speak after.

So be safe everyone and enjoy the game,

I will see you during the week 

to read your opinions about the game.........







Storminnorman's Sports Blog 1/24/15
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Tags: Noah and a few other things



Well as most of you know I have had a pretty busy last few days with Noah having eye surgery, for what we can tell at the moment turned out pretty well. I thought I would share a few of the lighter moments from the past couple days.....

While in pre-op waiting to go to surgery, Noah badgered the nurses into giving him another puppy. He's been to that hospital so much with his tonsils being removed, and tubes put in his ears that he knew where they kept them, and persisted until he got Tubes Jr.....

Noah really working on his comedy routine at the time, drew two eyes on his fingers and then a smiley face on the palm of his hand. He showed it to his doctor, and the nurses which made everyone smile....

The best part about today was when he tried to open his left eye (the one he had the surgery one), and he said is it 4:07 as he sat in his chair in the living room. "I can see it clear as day from here." This leads me to believe this surgery is going to be a bigger success than what was first thought....

Anyway, now that Jeff Gordon has decided not to race full-time after this season, what's he going to do with all his spare time, teach Danica Patrick how to drive? We all know he doesn't need the money, and I don't really see him as an owner. I am glad that he is going out on his own terms, unlike Kobe and a few others, that just can't figure out it's time for them to go.....


Don't want to break the news to all the Brady Bashers in the media, but underinflated or not, the Colts weren't going to win that game on Sunday, so find something or someone else to cover. I realize that the week before the Super Bowl is a dry week for the media, but come on now, isn't this a little drastic. 

Not to ice the Patriots chances of winning but come on, even Noah and I couldn't believe the come back we witnessed against the Packers. By all rights, the Packers had them right where they wanted them, and bam 15 points and a tie game. What are the odds of them recovering a tipped ball on an onside kick, a million to one?

I am sick of Troy Aikman coming out publicly and accusing Tom Brady of cheating, stating that Brady knew the balls were underinflated when the game started. Geesh Troy it was freezing cold and raining, balls have a tendancy to deflate in the cold weather.

Read in the local paper that Cespedes will bat wherever the decide to put him, and play both right and leftfield. It was also mentioned that he is interested in signing an extension with the Tigers. 

It was also mentioned they are really interested in signing Price, wouldn't be a bad move on their part now that the Max Scherzer soap opera is finally over.

In turn, why not throw a bone to Big Game James and offer him a couple of years? Shields seems to be a better offer than Greene, still can't believe what they gave up to get him...........

Someone on Facebook stirred the pot over Pete Rose being elected into the Hall, I seen his interview on CBS and until he shows true remorse, then he should stay out of the Hall. 

And one final note, Mr. Cub Ernie Banks passed away last night at the age of 83. Gonna be strange not seeing him at the ballpark this summer....

Hey that's I got, and don't forget to stop by and have a cup of coffee with "The Hoov." 

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