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Weekly Grumble with IHM 2/27
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  Hello ladies and gents, and welcome to this week's grumble with IHM. This week I started my new job over at the Nut Factory, and so far it's been pretty damn good. My dogs are barking by the end of the day since 90% of my job is walking around looking for inventory, but it's solid exercise and they'll adjust.

  To be honest, I haven't done a lot of sports watching this week. I caught a minute or so of the Clippers-Rockets game last night and saw an interesting stat regarding Clipper C DeAndre Jordan. Jordan has missed fewer field goal attempts so far this season (104) than free throw attempts (159). Not something you see every day, especially when the guy shoots an amazing 70% from the floor, and a career 2nd worst (behind only Ben Wallace) 42% on free throws for his career.

  Also in the news NBA wise... how about that Derek Rose? If Stacy Augman was the "Plastic Man", I guess that makes Rose the "Paper Man"? Honestly though, is this guy ever going to play a full season again? If I'm the Bulls, I think I'm trading that guy to anybody who is willing to take him on at this point... and moving on already. Even when he's been on the court this year he hasn't been anything special consistently.

  Speaking of All-Star point guards not being anything special, how about Kyle Lowry's honest personal critique... going so far as to say "I'm trash" when asked about a current 12-game stretch in which he's shot just 36% from the floor. Things won't get any easier tonight as the Golden State Warriors come to town with the league's best record.

  A U.S. District judge ruled in favor of Vikings RB Adrian Peterson being reinstated this week, which could bring him back to the team he suddenly feels a great deal of animosity towards. Never mind the fact that they still paid your stupid kid beating ass while you were suspended and supported you as much as they possibly could... you've got every right to be mad AP. Is it just me, or does every single athlete out there these days seem to have their heads up their asses? Honestly, I'd love to see this guy try to hold out once he is reinstated, beause I'd love nothing more than to see him fined $50,000 a day for not showing up to work while waiting for a trade.

  Speaking of aging running backs, the Lions cut Reggie Bush this week. Bush only played in a handful of games last season, and Joique Bell/Theo Riddick took over the bulk of the carries while he was out. Apparently he wasn't especially missed, because the Lions decided he wasn't worth the 4 million he was owed for 2015. Other notable vets to get the axe this week included A.J. Hawk, Peyton Hillis, Mathias Kiwanuka, and Jacoby Jones... but you know it isn't over yet.

  Brandon Bostik is a former Packer now, the reserve TE who muffed the onside kick in the NFC Championship Game, and he's also recieved a number of death threats as a result of his decision to go for the ball instead of blocking as he was supposed to on that play. How sad is that, sending a death threat to someone becasue of a fucking football game? Just plain pathetic.

  Pathetic, it doesn't even begin to describe Penn State and their fans, but somehow saying that got Keith Olberman (not exactly a favorite here at the Gab) kicked off his show the rest of the week after he blasted Pedo State and the NCAA for their roles in the cover ups, and Pedo State fan for caring more about football and Joe Paterno than child rape victims... yeah, he called the effort to raise money for pediatric cancer pathetic, but when you look at Penn State's history with kids... can you blame him? Obvious whitewash attempt, and the Twitter war that resulted was pretty good as well. In the end, Pedo State fan won and Olberman was given the rest of the week off... but the lesson we can all take away here is fuck Penn State, fuck Penn State fan, and of course, fuck the NCAA as a whole. What a joke everybody involved in this story is.

  Speaking of jokes... how about Josh Hamilton's sobriety? Apparently he's relapsed... again... and he's facing a suspension from MLB as a result. I'm not sure about any of you, but I'm sick of feeling sorry for fuck ups. How about we celebrate the guys who are doing it right as opposed to idiots like Josh Hamilton and their "tales of redemption". Fuck redemption... how about keep your fucking head straight, make your millions of dollars, and be a fucking dope fiend/drunk/loser whenever you can't make any more money in whatever league you're in.

  Well, that's all I've got for you this week folks... gotta go watch Vikings on History right about now! Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out, and have a great weekend Gabbers.

Weekly Grumble with IHM 2/20
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  Hello ladies and gents, and welcome to this week's grumble with IHM. Pretty significant Grumble this week, as it comes on my final week of freedom. Starting next week I'll be working at the nut factory, so it will likely lead to shorter blogs out of yours truly... hopefully less quantity but the same level of quality you've come to expect out of me (not that I've set that bar very high).

  This has been a fairly rough week for sports bloggers... the NFL is done. There is some combine talk, but the draft is still a month and a half away (April 30th-May 2nd), and even free agency doesn't start for about a month (March 10th)... so all we have right now football wise is speculation. Baseball is officially back today, as the Tigers and many other clubs open their Spring training camps. Pitchers and catchers have reported, and we aren't far away from seeing our first spring training games! Hopefully Florida's current cold snap is a one-hit wonder and we can get to the games quickly... nothing warms you up like getting to watch baseball!

  The biggest story of the month around here is the speculation about DT Ndamukong Suh... will he stay or will he go? How much are the Lions willing to pay? How much is he really worth? Every Lions fan I know seems to shout "re-sign him", "re-sign him". I, however, have been shouting a very different tune... "don't waste the money, don't waste the money". Don't get me wrong, Suh is a great football player, and his impact on the game is obvious every time he steps on the field. But the issue happens to be the position he plays, and whether or not you are willing to pay 16 plus million a year for a guy who is going to give you 9 sacks at best.

  Like I said before, don't get me wrong... Suh is a major talent and a major asset when he is on your team. The intimidation factor alone almost preceeds him when new offensive linemen come into Ford Field (or when Suh goes to their house). But I'd like to present my case evidence, which comes from Baltimore, MD this past NFL season, when the current highest-paid DT in football Haloti Ngata was suspended for PED use for the final four games of the 2014 season. Ngata is paid 16 million dollars per season... just a shade under what the standard bearer at defensive line in the league (JJ Watt) makes annualy. When Ngata was out, the Ravens didn't miss a beat, as Timmy Jernigan and Brandon Williams stepped into his spot (the two make a combined $2 million, by the way) and produced at the same level for an eigth of the price.

  Long story short, the position of defensive tackle is one where greatness isn't separated from very good by much of a margain on the stat sheet. Maybe the Lions take the risk of signing him to a non-exclusive fanchise tag and allowing other teams to speak with him (and hoping someone bites to the tune of two first round picks in exchange)... but then you run the risk of paying $26.7 million for Suh next season... a devistating cap number when you add in the annual salaries of Stafford and Johnson ($32 million combined in 2015). On the plus side, the league is expected to announce a new-record high cap amount (expected to be in the 140-145 million dollar range), which could provide some relief. Either way, it is going to be a tough call for GM Martin Mayhew, who has proven he can produce on the free agent market in recent offseasons with guys like Glover Quinn and Golden Tate. We'll see what the Lions decide to do here, but no decision will be easy.

  The NBA's trade deadline passed us by yesterday at 3, and we wound up seeing a few significant deals. The highest profile trade wound up being Phoenix sending Goaran Dragic (who cried his way out of town) to Miami for Noriss Cole and a few picks. But a few moments later the joke was on Goran, as the team also dealt Isaiah Thomas out of town, the main reason Dragic was angry with the team... claiming there was "no trust" there. You know, aside from the fact that they gave him a big contract to come there in the first place, played him enough so that he could become a superstar, and even signed his freaking brother and brought him over from Slovenia! Yeah, they brought in Bledsoe and Thomas... and now Dragic has to play off the ball a little more often. W'ah. Enjoy Miami... better hope Dwyane doesn't want to hold the ball all night there, either, because that isn't a battle you'll win.

  One of the biggest names traded yesterday was Kevin Garnett, who was dealt back to Minnesota for Thaddeus Young. No clue why the Wolves wanted him, aside from maybe the expiring contract.

  The NBA's other player to cry his way out of town, Reggie Jackson, wound up right here in Detroit. Oh boy. Evidently he's excited to be here, but I'm not sure he isn't Ben Gordon 2.0 to be honest. The biggest question, what does he do when Brandon Jennings comes back and also wants to handle the basketball. This seems to be becoming a recurring theme in the league... average at best players thinking they should have the basketball in their hands 48 minutes a fucking game. Hopefully Jackson is good and this trade ends up making sense. The Thunder got DJ Augustin, Kyle Singler, and Enos Kanter (from the Jazz) to strengthen their bench in the trade.

  The Pistons made another move (for some reason) to bring in Tayshaun Prince... yeah, THAT Tayshaun Prince... giving up a pair of bench players to Boston to do so. Yeah, I'm not sure what the hell SVG is doing here, but I'll continue to give the guy the benefit of the doubt here.. until I have a reason not to that is.

  Speaking of the Celtics (who traded Prince to the Pistons), they also were able to bring in Isaiah Thomas from Phoenix in exchange for G Marcus Thornton and one of the first round picks they had stockpiled.

  In the other major deadline deal, the Bucks and Suns hooked up as part of a three team deal to exchange point guards, as the Suns wound up with Brandon Knight and Kendall Marshall, the Bucks wound up with Michael Carter-Williams, Miles Plumlee, and Tyler Ennis, and the 76ers get draft picks... more draft picks. When the hell is the league going to step in there, btw?

  A couple of minor moves saw Aaron Afflalo go from Denver to Portland to help bolster the Blazers bench, and the Kings deal Ramon Sessions to the Wizards to help their bench for a playoff run. The Kings got George Karl's boy Andre Miller back for Sessions.

  Over in the NHL, I have to be honest... it is weird now that the Wings are in the Eastern Conference. It's easy not to notice the change, but when a team like Chicago comes to town that you used to play 7-8 times a year, suddenly it becomes very real again! Great hockey game between the two teams on Wednesday night, and on the plus side now these rivals can play each other for a Cup instead of for a trip to the Finals someday!

  Well folks, that's all I've got for today's grumble. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on your way out. Have a great weeknd, Gabbers.

Weekly Grumble with IHM 2/13
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  Hello folks and welcome to this week’s Grumble! Not much to grumble about this week… finally got word from the nut factory and they want me to start on the 23rd! I’ll be the inventory cycle count specialist… or in other words, a big cheese down at the nut factory! Really looking forward to getting back to work!

  Today is Friday the 13th as some of you may be aware... strangely enough the first of two consecutive Friday the 13th's we'll have this year. That's right, it comes up again in March... then again in November!

  In the world of sports, not a whole lot to grumble about either… well, aside from only having the NHL/NBA to watch these days. College ball too, but I don’t really get very into that until the Tourney to be honest. We’ve got some hot stove/MLB news, but the majority of that action has cooled off as well.

  Here in Detroit, we held our collective breaths on Tuesday as DH Victor Martinez went under the knife for his latest knee surgery. Last time around, it cost him an entire season… this time, just 4-6 weeks. He’ll be a little rusty when the regular season starts, but it really is the best case scenario for this team! Turns out Jeff was right all along.

  But with spring training little more than a week away from starting at this point for many teams, let’s do a little baseball talking/prognosticating here. Honestly, if one team won the offseason in my eyes, it was the Chicago White Sox. The Cubs grabbed headlines with Lester and Maddon, but the Pale Hose made a series of solid moves that might just have them sneaking up on the Tigers in the AL Central. The best move by far was the trade they swung with the Oakland A’s, acquiring SP Jeff Samardzija for a package of players (not much of a loss collectively). Samardzija is an All-Star caliber pitcher that joins a staff anchored by perennial Cy Young candidate Chris Sale and up and coming starter Jose Quintana. They also added some solid pieces to the bullpen, adding lefties Dan Jennings and Zach Duke and closer David Robertson to an already solid bunch. But pitching was not the only issue that was addressed… the Sox signed 1B/DH Adam LaRoche (26 HR, 92 RBI with WAS last year) and OF Melky Cabrera (.301 with 16/73 with TOR), as well as seasoned utility man Emilio Bonafacio, to an already talented lineup that features 2014 AL ROY Jose Abreu… but with protection this time around! Not saying it is a definite, but this is a team that could surpass the Royals and Indians and give the Tigers a real run for their money in 2015. The Twins shouldn’t be much of a threat to anybody, despite giving the biggest contract in club history to a pitcher in luring over Ervin Santana to join their rotation.

  The NL Central… always a crap shoot. Your usual contenders in St.Louis, Cincy, Pittsburgh and Milwaukee pretty well stood pat. St.Louis probably made the most noise by adding Jason Heyward to their lineup. The biggest movers here were the Chicago Cubs, who added Jon Lester to the rotation and Miguel Montero behind the dish. The biggest question for the Cubs is who steps up behind Lester in that rotation… and whether or not their talented yet unproven young stars will pan out this season. Once again, this division should be a major crap shoot… so why not the Cubbies, especially if Kris Bryant makes the squad and gives Rizzo some protection in the lineup in 2015! Don’t forget about the Maddon factor… he’s always got a few tricks up his sleeve!

  As for other teams to watch in 2015, how about the Padres? They’ve done some moving and shaking this offseason, adding OFs Matt Kemp, Justin Upton, and 2013 AL ROY Wil Myers for an all new outfield, and signed free agent SP James Shields in a rare spending spree from owner Ron Fowler. Shields joins rising stars Andrew Cashner and Tyson Ross, as well as Ian Kennedy and Brandon Morrow to form what could be a solid rotation in what could be a wide open NL West this coming year. I’d tell you more about the Arizona Diamondbacks, but the guy to the left of me is the expert on that! But with San Francisco losing its biggest threat in the lineup to Boston and the Dodgers facing continuous bullpen woes, why can’t this be the year one of the weaker sisters of the NL West comes up to bite the top dogs in Cali?

  Over in the AL West, there isn’t much buzz around the Houston Astros… but there should be! The Stros have a solid young nucleus of players, led by Altuve, Springer, and Jon Singleton, and added some veterans into the mix. If a few of their young pitchers get things figured out in that rotation, watch out. They made some pretty solid additions to the bullpen this offseason, adding Luke Gregorson and Pat Neshek to the fold. With the Angels being the constant choke artists they are, and the A’s dumping salary once again, why can’t it be the Astros year to make a little noise… or at least finish above .500? Of course, the Seattle Mariners might have a lot to say about that with their solid rotation, bullpen, and the addition of Nelson Cruz to their lineup! The Rangers? If they can get some PT out of Prince Fielder and a member or two of their pitching staff to stay healthy for the season… they could be somewhat of a threat.

  Heading out East… the AL East should be interesting this year, as opposed to last year when the Orioles pretty much ran away with it! The big question there is, does that rotation hold up for another year the way it did in 2014? We all know the Sawx made some major moves this offseason, adding the two biggest hitters on the market in Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez to a lineup that already featured Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz… their major question mark is starting pitching, with Rick Porcello currently listed as their #1 starter! The pen is still solid, so if the five guys they have lined up can be solid, they could make a legit run at the AL East title. The Yankees still exist… unfortunately… and as a result we still have to talk about them when we’re talking AL East! The rotation is pretty much the same as last year, with Tanaka hopefully (for their sake anyhow) as is the lineup (with the addition of A-Fraud, fresh off his year long suspension by MLB), and the bullpen has been made over to account for the loss of David Robertson to Chicago, with Andrew Miller being the biggest offseason acquisition. The Jays are looking stout, and always are a tough win with the lineup of mashers they have picking up Russell Martin from Pittsburgh and Josh Donaldson of Oakland. Tampa… well, they’re still Tampa, but minus Joe Maddon. Luckily, nobody will be there to witness their epic suckage this year… unless the Yankees are in town anyhow!

  The NL East was Washington’s for the taking last year, and they did just that by a whopping 17 games! Things aren’t looking much better for the division’s also rans this year, as the Nats signed FA SP Max Scherzer to a gigantic contract over the next seven years, and he joins what was already one of the best rotations in baseball! Scherzer, Strasburg, Zimmerman, Gonzalez, and Fister. When Doug Fister is your #5 starter, you’re in pretty damn good shape! The Mets actually finished in second place last year… albeit 17 games back… and pretty much look the same as they did in 2014. Atlanta lost an Upton and Heyward from their lineup, but added Johnny Gomes and Nick Markakis to replace them. The pen is solid, but the starting rotation is a massive question mark, but they did add Shelby Miller in the Heyward trade. Still… not expecting much more than perhaps a second place finish out of this squad… at best. Miami still has Stanton, who signed a massive contract this offseason… but not much else unless Christian Yelich lives up to his high draft pick status. Dee Gordon was a solid add, but not enough for this team to get anywhere near the Nats. The Phillies… nothing new there. They’ll be the team everybody is calling at the trade deadline, the question will be whether or not they’re actually selling this time around.

  As the NBA hits its’ All-Star break, big news out of Sacramento as the Kings and George Karl, the 8th winningest coach in league history, have agreed to terms on a contract that pushes Tyrone Corbin right out the door! Corbin, who took over for Mike Malone in mid-December, will be replaced after the All-Star break. Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy publicly blasted the Kings for their treatment of Corbin, saying that they made a “mockery” of their “very public” courting of Karl. Van Gundy went on to say that Corbin is a class act, and that he has been treated very, very poorly by the Kings organization. As for Karl, it seems that his up tempo style of play will be a fit for a very young Kings team. The biggest question will be how he and the Kings biggest star, Demarcus Cousins, co-exist!

  Over in the NHL, Winnipeg dumped troubled Evander Kane off on the Sabres, getting a decent haul in return for that sack of damaged goods! Can’t wait to hear all the bitching, pissing and moaning this guy is going to do in Buffalo!

  The story of the day in the NFL is the 2015 Philadelphia Eagles team calendar. Evidently, the team is under fire for placing WR Riley Cooper on the month of February... which is also black history month. I've said this before and I'll say it again... what the hell happened to "race doesn't matter"? How is this even a fucking "controversy"? The team has come out and told everyone who listened that they are sorry for "overlooking" this... yeah, they are actually apologizing for this ridiculous bullshit! Once again, an example of a time where someone should look at an "outraged" party and tell them to shove it up their ass!

  Over in college football, Jeff covered the douchebaggery of Bobby Petrino earlier this week, and just how seedy the world of coaching/recruiting really is. Cutting a kid’s scholarship without even so much as a fucking phone call… what a gutless, dickless little coward that guy is!

  Speaking of gutless and dickless, the NCAA has reinstated Pedo State’s full bowl revenue share for 2015. Essentially, this means that less than three years later, these pieces of shit are completely and totally free and fucking clear. I have no words for this… I really, really don’t. I am on the verge of just boycotting college football because of it… every time I see these sick fucks it makes me want to vomit with rage! I’m not going to go into another anti-Penn State, anti-Peterno, anti-pedophile rant here… but where the hell is the justice here? Anybody? Just disgusting.

   Before I call it a week, I’d like to pass on a resounding rest in peace to a pair legendary coaches in the world of college basketball. First and foremost, to Dean Smith of North Carolina. The guy was a great coach on the court, and an even greater person off the court. Not only did he win at a historic rate (retired as the all-time wins leader in D-1 history), but the strides he helped Chapel Hill, North Carolina make in terms of race relations were epic. He is a man who truly deserved the recognition he received a few years back from President Obama, receiving the Medal Of Freedom back in 2013. Jerry Tarkanian also passed away this week. The former UNLV, Fresno State and Long Beach State coach was 84. Tark was known for his trademark shaved head and for biting a towel on the sidelines during games. He went to four Final Fours and won one title with UNLV back in 1990. An interesting note on Tark, his mother was a refugee of the Armenian genocide of World War I (you know, that genocide nobody ever talks about).

  That’s my grumble for the week folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out! Have a great weekend Gabbers, and be sure to stop by and check out what Harvey's got in store for you on the left there.

Weekly Grumble with IHM 2/6
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  Well folks, it’s that time once again… time for another visit from your old pal IHM. I’m turning 32 years old today… and feeling every bit of sixty! Man how the last year just flew by… seems like it’s getting harder and harder to slow the time down these past few years though. Seems like every time you look up it’s a new season, and soon enough it’s an all new year!

  Got my early birthday present from Mrs. IHM later on last night, a nice Viking drinking horn. Tonight I plan on putting it to good use!

  So first things first… a heartfelt congratulations to all the Patriot fans here at the Gab! Great season for you all, especially considering the way it began with that loss at Kansas City in week three. Boy how things changed after that, eh? The defense came together and wound up outplaying the “best defense in football” in the Super Bowl, and that Tom Brady kid turned out to be pretty damned good too! Guess it wasn’t Jimmy Garappalo’s time just yet, was it? And what a great football game we were all treated to on Sunday… some folks prefer the commercials and halftime show… but I think I can safely say that everybody here at the Gab was hoping for one thing overall, a great showcase to close out a season of turmoil in the league… and the Patriots and Seahawks delivered on that for sure! Hopefully 2015 will bring a season devoid of controversy, and all about the sport we all love.

  And how about Dick Sherman... suddenly, no shit talking... no diarrhea of the mouth... just silence. In fact, I didn't hear anything out of that toolbag until yesterday when the announcement of his child being born was made. I'm sure as hell not going to say anything but congratulations to him about that... but the look of pain and sadness on his face when Butler picked that pass was worth the price of admission!

  Speaking of controversy… turns out “deflate gate” was a controversy full of, well, hot air! Yeah, according to reports, the only ball found to be “significantly deflated” used in the AFC Championship game actually belonged to the fucking Colts! The ball that was intercepted by delivery boy abusing LB D’Qwell Jackson, was “significantly under inflated”… but there is absolutely zero evidence that the ball wasn’t doctored while in the Colts possession and not while in New England’s. The remaining balls were “just a tick” under the PSI levels, according to a report by Ian Rappaport of the NFL Network. So let’s see if there is a campaign of apologies for New England, since the media essentially spent the entire two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl bashing them as “cheaters” and “disgraces to the game”… I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were the Patriots, but they sure as hell deserve something. Of course, a Lombardi Trophy is pretty good compensation as well!

  So the question becomes, how did the football become so deflated? Is there any evidence that the Colts, in fact, were the ones who deflated the ball in order to incite all this faux outrage and anger towards the team that soundly defeated them for a Super Bowl bid? If there is even a shred of evidence to that end, what punishment should the Colts then face? All questions that need to be answered, and answered soon by the league. Just like the apologies owed to the Pats, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that getting settled in any type of public way either though.

  Despite the newest evidence that DeflateGate is all pure stupidity, Hall of Fame electee Charles Haley joined the legion of idiots who have called the Patriots integrity into question by saying that the scandal will “haunt” Tom Brady for the rest of his life. Haley joins fellow Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Warren Sapp as having come out to make public statements of this nature. His response came from a press conference question about which quarterback he’d want to play with, Montana or Brady.

  As good a week as this has been for Patriots fans, it’s been equally bad for Browns fans… but what the hell else is new? Gordon is out for 2015 due to his perpetual stupidity… Johnny Football is in rehab (which might end up being a good thing if the guy actually learns something and gets his shit together)… and now there are reports the team could lose draft picks due to text messages sent by GM Ray Farmer regarding play calling. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer!

  The offseason police blotter has fired up already… here’s the highlights from the post-Super Bowl week…

  • Packers DT Letroy Guion was arrested for felony possession of marijuana in Florida, allegedly carrying $190,000 worth of dope and an illegal firearm.
  • D’Qwell Jackson was arrested for assault over a parking space spat with a pizza delivery guy.
  • Cowboys RB Joseph Randle was arrested for the second time in four months… the charges include possession of marijuana and domestic violence.
  • And, of course, Hall of Famer and NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp was arrested in Arizona during Super Bowl weekend for solicitation of a prostitute and domestic violence.


Less than two weeks until pitchers and catchers report, folks!

  But with that, the Tigers got some bad news this week, learning that Victor Martinez was injured during an offseason workout, and will require surgery on his left knee. So anybody out there still not liking the Cespedes deal? It gives you protection for Miggy in the lineup with Martinez out for likely at least half the season… if not more.  

  Over in the NBA, the NBA’s Eastern Conference Player of the Month was announced… and it was a five way tie! That’s right, the starting lineup of the 17-0 in January Atlanta Hawks was elected as recipients of the award, the first time in NBA history that five players have shared the honor. The Hawks also set a league record by going 17-0 in the month of January… the first team ever to go 17-0 in a single month. All-Star selections Al Horford, Jeff Teague, and Paul Milsap were honored along with Kyle Korver and DeMarre Carroll. Good to see the league actually taking a shine to the whole “team first” concept for a change!

  As for the Hawks, they host the Warriors tonight as the best of the East hosts the best of the West. Who the hell would have thought that this would be a legitimate NBA Finals preview before the start of the season? Of course, ESPN will not have that game featured, as it already scheduled the Clippers vs. Raptors game for the Friday night spot… damn shame.

  In NHL news, while Gordie Howe has made a dramatic recovery from the stroke he suffered, his brother, also an ex-NHL player (33 games for the Rangers over three seasons), Vic Howe passed away this week at the age of 85.

  That’s all I’ve got for this week folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out! Have a great weekend Gabbers.  

Weekly Grumble with IHM 1/30
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  Hello ladies and gents and welcome to this week’s Grumble with IHM. This has been a real up and down week for yours truly; found out I didn’t make the cut on a few job opportunities, but then got a few calls and a few more interviews set up after that! I’m writing all of this on Wednesday as opposed to Thursday because Thursday is a day full of interviews, and I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to get a shot at getting back online before Friday morning to get something posted. All that said, this is going to be as extreme a grumble as you’ll see this year; I am good and pissed off about a number of things, so let’s get right to it!

  Last weekend during all the pissing, bitching, and moaning about Brady’s balls something else happened; new MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred did an interview with ESPN, and what I heard was pure idiocy! Essentially, the guy wants to tailor the game more towards kids, speed things up, and eliminate defensive shifts. So… you want to speed the game up by putting defenses at a disadvantage and “helping the offenses”… despite the fact that the fastest games on record have all been pitching duels and defensive contests, usually very low scoring? Right. Somebody buy this fuckwit a clue please… I see the game went from a bad pair of hands (Selig) to worse (Manfred).

  In my opinion, speeding up the game of baseball is a gigantic mistake. Anybody that knows anything about the game knows if you’re going to sit and watch an entire game, you’ve invested at least 3-4 hours of your time. What the hell is a pitch clock going to do, shave ten, fifteen minutes off of that? Meanwhile, you’re rushing a pitcher, which will likely lead to more offensive production. Eliminate shifts? That helps the offense too… more offensive production, longer fucking games. I remember when hockey implemented a bunch of new rules to “increase scoring” and “make the game more exciting” too… didn’t work out so well. Neither will any of this garbage. Leave the damn game alone, it is perfect the way it is! If some little twat can’t put his smart phone down long enough to pay attention to a baseball game, then fuck him!

  As for eliminating shifts, how about teaching guys how to do something other than pull the damn ball? If you don’t like shifts… beat the fucking shift. Do it enough, and they’ll knock that shit off. It’s all fair, and it’s all part of the game. Shifts have been around forever… maybe not as extreme as they are now, but even Ted Williams, one of the greatest hitters in the history of the game, faced a certain type of shift every time he came up to bat. Guess what… he didn’t cry about it, he just hit the damn ball where they weren’t!

  I agree with one thing… attracting kids to the game is important. But catering to these little fuckwits that can’t sit still long enough to pay attention to a game isn’t going to make your real, actual fans happy! Remember them… the people that actually pay admission and buy all your merchandise? And another thing… the best way to attract new fans is to have competitive balance, which the game has plenty of already. The #1 way to bring in a crowd is to have a team winning… look at Kansas City this year. They went from the bottom of the league to near the top because the team started winning. People are fickle, fair weather, bandwagon jumping fucking mush heads… if a team in their area is winning, you’d better believe that tickets will sell!

  What really needs to be done is to put some of the owners out there under a fucking microscope! Like Jeffery Lauria of the Marlins, Ron Fowler in San Diego, Stuart Sternberg in Tampa Bay, Lew Wolff in Oakland, etc., who spend as little as possible to field a winning team, yet never seem to get negative press about it outside their own regions. Put the screws to asshats like this… if they don’t like it, they can sell their teams to someone who will try to field a winner. Trust me, a decade or so ago I would have said the same damn thing about Mike Illitch… who has since opened his pocketbook and produced a team that has been to two World Series in a decade and draws an average of 3 million fans in one of the poorest cities in America!

  Some sad news in the world of baseball, which was well covered earlier this week by both BlackBandit and Jeff, with the passing of Chicago Cubs great Ernie Banks at the age of 83. Banks was a true ambassador of the game, and exactly the kind of man you’d want your kids to grow up to be like. Despite all the obstacles Banks faced, he was a positive man, a man who refused to let hate rule his life, and a man who overcame with grace and dignity. Ernie Banks retired with 512 career home runs, mostly as a SS, won two MVPs, a Gold Glove, and led a loaded National League in home runs twice (going up against the likes of Musial, Mays, and Aaron). Rest in peace “Mr.Cub”… and let’s hope the boys you meet up with upstairs are ready to play two!

  In the other MLB story this week, the Yankees are attempting to avoid paying home run bonuses to Alex Rodriguez, claiming the milestone home run bonuses are no longer valid because of A Fraud’s PED use. No shit… and you knew about it when you signed this fool the first time; let alone when you gave him a second fucking contract. Get over it Yankees… and pay the man the money you owe him. And when this dirty fuck passes a great man like Willie Mays seven home runs into this season, you’d better be ready to ante up again! Of course, you could always do the sport a favor and make this tool a $30 million a year bench decoration… you know… since you’re suddenly worried about integrity!

  You know who I’d love to see take a fucking brick to the jaw? Dick Sherman… who else! This asshat was at it again… running his fucking mouth, claiming the Patriots are cheaters and that Roger Goodell’s relationship with Robert Kraft is a “conflict of interest”. Newsflash dumb shit… Roger Goodell WORKS for Robert Kraft… and for YOUR owner, Paul Allen! Just because Kraft is more active in the day to day working of the league doesn’t mean he garners any more favor from Goodell. Yes, they have a closer relationship… because they work together all the time. Your owner simply writes checks and cashes checks when the profits roll in… not a damn thing wrong with that, but when you chose not to be a part of the governing of the game, that’s how it goes. As for your stance on cheating… how about that failed PED test from a year ago you somehow weaseled your way out of? Take it somewhere else, junior… and hope that elbow feels better for Sunday!

  As for the media at the Super Bowl… what in the blue hell is going on with this band of freaks? All the stupid questions… all the idiots rephrasing the same fucking question and asking it even though a guy JUST FUCKING ANSWERED THAT! No wonder Marshawn Lynch doesn’t want to talk to you fools! So Lynch shows up, does his mandatory five minutes… answering every single question with the same “I’m only here so I don’t get fined” response (classic, by the way)… and the guy STILL might get fined because he chose to wear the wrong fucking hat! What the hell NFL? Give this guy a fucking break! If you want to fine him for something, fine him for the on-field dick grabbing when he scores a TD! But honestly… this has gone from a few guys asking questions to a complete and total freak show! And for what… so you can get a few stock quotes… maybe a few weird answers… it’s all just pure stupidity. A classroom of fourth graders would do a better job than the bunch of fucking hacks we consider “the media” these days.

  As for the media hacks… they’re still harping on balls. Still bringing it up… still going on and on and on and on and fucking on about it. THIS is why I pay zero attention to anything NFL the week before the Super Bowl… it’s nothing but garbage. Usually these whores find one thing, grab ahold of it, and don’t let it the fuck go for a week. This shit is going on two weeks now! Impressive attention span… really… but the majority of the people I know could not give a fuck less! Maybe read your audience instead of telling us what you think we want to hear! Maybe report actual news instead of trying to fucking create it, better yet!

  As for the actual game… bet anybody out there that there isn’t a single fucking endorser who has left the NFL… especially during Super Bowl season! Even if the NFL hadn’t gone on its’ bullshit apology spree… fired Ray Rice… suspended Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson, et all… these fuckers will still pay to endorse their products during NFL games because it isn’t about principles… it is about getting your product and your fucking message in front of the biggest audience possible. This is why I hate phony outrage… phony apologies. Companies are STILL paying record amounts for thirty seconds of airtime during the game… companies are STILL trying to put together their best ad of the year for this weekend… companies are STILL sponsoring the stupid halftime show!

  This PC era needs to come to a close… and quick… because it is driving me bat shit crazy! It isn’t the league’s fault that maybe ten players out of 1,696 fuck up and either get a DUI, beat their spouse or kid, get caught with some fucking pot. Compare that to everyday people in that age range… it is a comparatively LOW percentage! I really wish someone, somewhere would tell these PC assholes with their faux outrage where to go and which orifice to shove it into whence they arrive at their destination! Seriously… if the NFL had told all these “women’s rights” twats to go sit on a fucking cactus, what would have been the backlash? Less women watching football? Oh no… that’d cut their ratings by… maybe… 5%? Not even a fucking drop in the fucking bucket! We REALLY need to quit trying to fucking appease everybody in this country… it is fucking KILLING US! Every time one group or another gets butt hurt, someone fucking jumps to appease them. Unless it is something fucking extreme, walk it off junior. If not, go cry to someone who cares… and keep it the fuck down, I’m trying to watch the game here!

  My pick for the Bowl of Superiority, BTW, I’ll take the Patriots 33-24 over the Seahawks. Brady wins the MVP award, and Dick Sherman gets a cocksucker full of humble pie!

  That’s all the rant I have in me for today folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any commentary you provide below… and have a great weekend Gabbers! Be sure to stop in and check out my pal Harvey to the left there… guaranteed to be the best blog of the day or your money back!

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