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Weekly Grumble with IHM 10/18
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  Well folks, it’s that time of the week again… time for another visit with your old pal IHM. This week, I got the opportunity to fill in for the legendary Ol’ Harry two days ago. Hope you enjoyed the trip OH, and you know I’ve got you covered any time you need it my friend. But now it’s Saturday… and time to sit back, relax… wait, that’s not what I do here… I rant, rave, and do the sort of things that develop ulcers! Well, at any rate, here’s the blog!

  While filling in for OH, I got into a discussion with BOB about what has happened to the sports card and collectibles industry. For me, this is an important subject, as I very much enjoyed (and still occasionally do enjoy) the hobby. Growing up, my father was an avid collector, and it was a great way for him, myself, and AFD to bond and spend some time together. Heck, me and AFD used to go to the KB Toy Store at the mall and split a $5 box of cards. We’d buy the box, split the packs, and make trades, swap doubles, offer the old man any cards he didn’t yet have or needed for a team set. A lot of very fun memories doing that. I can remember heading a mile up the road to the Diamond Connection (local card shop) and checking out all the display case cards (i.e. cards I couldn’t afford in my wildest dreams) and dropping my allowance money on a few packs of Upper Deck basketball/Topps baseball/etc.

  But then something happened; the collectibles end of the sports card hobby started moving in on the sports cards end. Memorabilia cards, autograph cards, “graded” cards, and “premium products” started flooding the markets and the prices started to skyrocket. Back in 1990, a pack of Topps Baseball cost fifty cents, affordable for just about anybody. Today, you’re looking at a minimum of $2.00 a pack, and that’s only if you find them at a store. You don’t see them at the grocery store any more… you have to go to one of the retail giants, such as Target or Walmart to find them… and then you have to wonder if some idiot already came through and sorted the entire freaking display box (“investors” will literally plop their fat, acne riddled, living in my mom’s basement ass down in an aisle and check every pack to see if it is a little thicker than the others, indicating a “hit”, or a memorabilia/autographed card. They literally spend all day driving from store to store to store doing this, then usually sell them on EBay.)

  Card shows were another thing we used to look forward to as a family… they would have them at local malls, etc., and there would be nearly a hundred booths packed into that mall, and there was always a current/former player signing autographs… FOR FREE! I got to meet plenty of Tigers legends this way, and I still have every autograph I picked up this way in an album. Some of the highlights included Mickey Lolitch, Aurelio Rodriguez, Denny McLean, Norm Cash, Gates Brown, and even Tony Clark during one of his more productive seasons with the Tigers (although the team was still terrible). Now, we have no more mall shows… in fact, we have to drive to a trade center twenty miles up the road to get to a card show in our area (and even that is becoming abysmal). While AFD has moved to Pennsylvania, my dad and I still make the trip on occasion to see if we can’t add a couple pieces to our collection. But even at the trade center things have taken a dive… the showroom used to be full of tables, and it now only takes up about half the room. There are no signers, and even when there are they charge $25-50 to have anything signed… not worth it to me, for sure. I’ve paid for an autograph once in my life, and that was to meet the legendary Ted Lindsay at the Diamond Connection… it was ten dollars and the proceeds went to children’s charities (mostly Autism research, which I didn’t know so much about then as I do now!) My dad had to spot me the extra five bucks of allowance money that week, but I’d say it was money well spent!

  And why are things drying up in the collecting business, you ask? People are being priced out. No longer can little kids afford to go spend their allowance money on a couple packs of cards… if your kid gets five bucks a week in allowance, they’re lucky if they can get two packs with that. Hell, most cards these days don’t even give you stats on the back… if they do, it’s one year and the career totals… not the full breakdown you’d get on a Topps base card back in the 90’s, 80’s, 70’s, etc. Anything from the 70’s and before you need to pay an arm and a leg for… and anything from the 80’s or 90’s is barely worth the cardboard it is printed on due to over production. You can’t collect an entire set; they have all these damn “variations” and insert sets that make that impossible. You can’t even build a team set anymore, which is what my dad always did, because most card companies don’t print cards of anybody that isn’t either a rookie or a known player. It is a sad state of affairs, for sure.

  But the biggest leeches in the business are the memorabilia dealers… the same ones that approach a guy like Todd Gurley or Jameis Winston and ask them to “sign a few items for them for a little pocket cash” knowing full well that it is a violation of NCAA rules. Sure, the players know it too, but most of these guys are flat broke (or close to it) and really need the money. These greasy faced freaks then turn around and sell what they paid maybe a hundred bucks for for thousands of dollars, after, of course, they get it “authenticated” by a company such as JSA, the company involved in the current scandal involving Winston and Gurley. Then there are the idiots buying this stuff… which will be worth the price of a footlong sandwich at Subway in a few years if either one craps out in the NFL… which really serves them right if they’re buying this kind of stuff knowing full well the athlete gets zero cut and some middle aged professional loser is the only one benefitting.

  Big night in sports Thursday night, as the Giants won the National League pennant, and the Patriots were able to hold off the surprisingly spry Jets with a blocked field goal in the final seconds.

  The Giants and Cardinals only played a five-game series… but it was a classic for sure. Some great finishes, including game five. The Cardinals held a 3-2 lead going into the 8th inning, but in the 8th, Michael Morse hit a solo shot to tie things up. In the bottom of the 9th, with two runners on, Travis Ishikawa sent a 401 foot bomb out of the ballpark to give the Giants the pennant, their third in the last five years.

  So starting Tuesday, the Giants and Royals play for baseball’s richest prize. Both teams should be at full rest, but recent history has the least rested team winning it all. Personally, I’m not a fan of either team, but how do you not root for the Royals here if you’re not a Giants fan? Hell, even if you ARE a Giants fan… NLCS MVP Madison Bumgarner takes the hill against “Big Game” James Shields for game one. Personally, I’ll take the Royals in six or seven… but this is going to be an evenly matched series… both teams seem to have a knack for getting a run when they need it, any way they can. Both teams are damn solid defensively, have solid rotations, and damn good bullpens. It might not be the “ratings bonanza” that Major League Baseball prays for, but it will be quality baseball between two deserving teams.

  The Patriots got a real scare Thursday night from Sexy Rexy and the Jets, but were able to block a 58-yard field goal attempt as time expired to escape Foxboro with the win, 27-25. The Jets outrushed the Patriots 218-63, but were unable to get the ball in the endzone, settling for four Nick Folk field goals on those drives. That Tom Brady guy wound up looking pretty solid, throwing for three TDs in the win as the Pats improved to 5-2. The Jets loss drops them to 1-6, and puts them in great position for that #1 pick in the 2015 draft!

  Good news for Jets fans... the team has dealt a conditional 2nd-4th round pick to the Seattle Seahawks for veteran WR/KR Percy Harvin. The bad news, they didn't throw in a quarterback in the deal... so you're still stuck with Geno Smith or Michael Vick. That, and the fact that Harvin has a grand total of 22 catches for 133 yards on the season.

  The Lions kicking woes continue… they signed Matt Prater to remedy the situation last week. Matt Prater, the guy who missed one field goal attempt all of last season… problem solved, right? WRONG! He proceeded to go 1/3 on field goal attempts, making the team 5/15 on the season. Since everything has to have a name now, I’m going to go ahead and call this the “Curse of Kickalicious”, the guy that all Lions fans wanted before the start of the 2013 season, but they went with David Akers instead (although even Akers is an upgrade over this shit!).

  The Lions face the Saints Sunday, and are likely to be without Calvin Johnson once again. As for the Saints, things are looking up in terms of Jimmy Graham’s availability for Sunday… great.

  Bad news for Browns fans, as C Alex Mack is now out for the season. Mack hadn’t missed an NFL game going into last week, but was injured during the Browns surprise win over the Steelers. Still, the Browns have a solid shot at another win this week as they play the winless Jaguars.

  The biggest college game of the weekend is the top five matchup of #2 Florida State and #5 Notre Dame in Tallahassee. Honestly, I don’t know how this one goes down, but I’ll be rooting for the Irish to pull off the road win… but after not being able to shut down North Carolina last week (luckily the offense stepped up and scored enough to win), I’m not all that confident here. The Seminole defense is a step or two better than the Tar Heels D.

  Other ranked vs. ranked games include #23 Stanford traveling to play #17 Arizona State for your late night viewing pleasure. In the Big12 we get two such games, as #15 Oklahoma State travels to Texas to play #12 TCU, who look to avenge their tough luck loss last week at Baylor. #14 Kansas State heads to Norman, Oklahoma to face the #11 Sooners. In the SEC (yeah, there’s always one SEC ranked vs. ranked game), #7 Alabama hosts the #21 Aggies of Texas A&M. Can Kenny Hill repeat Johnny Football’s upset performance against the Tide from two years ago? This Alabama team is ripe to be upset… their offense seems to have zero rhythm.

   Should be another fun day of college football today; hope everybody enjoys the games, or whatever else you decide to do with your day. Have a great weekend, Gabbers, and I’ll see you all next week.

Weekly Grumble with IHM... on OH Thursday?!
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  We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you… yet another rant by your old pal, IHM! Ol’ Harry is on the road this week visiting his Marine down in Maryland, so I’m stepping in for the week, and hopefully not scaring too many of his regular readers off before he returns next Thursday! So Ol’ Harry is being replaced this week by the cantankerous old man trapped in a 31 year old’s body!


  I’ll be honest with you all… my boycott of all things NCAA is not going so well! Honestly… there is NOTHING ELSE ON TV on a Saturday. It all started two weeks ago with Alabama losing to Ole Miss… saw the score on the ESPN page and couldn’t in any kind of good conscience NOT watch that happen! After that, I was hooked, and I’ve been watching ever since. Some damn fine football being played down in the state of Mississippi these days… if both of these teams hold up with their perfect records going into the Egg Bowl, we’ll be looking at absolute bedlam for that game! Mississippi State’s biggest hurdle is #7 Alabama in the five remaining games between here and there, while Ole Miss plays at LSU and hosts #6 Auburn before hosting the Bulldogs on November 29th. I don’t think there’s much question about the Rebs’ defense, but can Bo Wallace keep avoiding the big mistakes that have plagued his career thus far? Only time will tell, but if both teams make it there unscathed, we’re looking at a titanic football game to close out the regular season!

  Attention Baylor fan… you are the #4 team in the country… start acting like it! I get it, that was a great football game on Saturday against #9 TCU (unless you’re a fan of defensive football, that is), and your team made one helluva comeback to win that home game you were supposed to win against a team ranked below you. Baylor hasn’t been an underdog very often in the past couple of years now… you should be used to success by now, so why in the hell are you rushing the field after knocking off a team that you were supposed to beat? So…

 New Rule of the Week: Unless you have a helmet or a headset, keep your stupid ass off the football field! Personally, I hate rushing the field, rushing the court… just seems like a recipe for disaster to me. Nobody has been hurt yet, but there will be a day when some idiot takes things too far and something awful happens. I hear all the voices that say “they’re kids, let them have fun”… but as the old saying goes, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then it’s just plain fun for me, and I’ll be there to shout about how “I told you so!” It’s cute that you think your cheering or chanting has something to do with the outcome of a game… but I can assure you that it makes little to no difference… and the score would have probably been exactly the same whether they played in front of a packed house of 100,000 or in an empty corn field in the middle of Nebraska.

   Todd Gurley of Georgia is probably done for the year, and now the same autograph dealer has been linked to another college football star, Jameis Winston of the Florida State Seminoles. The Seminoles are “conducting an investigation” as we speak… but what do you think the odds are that Winston misses any kind of time this week when the #2 Noles take on #5 Notre Dame in Tallahassee? Winston has reportedly told coach Jimbo Fisher he didn’t sign for money, but let’s be honest; Winston isn’t exactly the face of honesty. Maybe next week this tool will keep his names out of the headlines until Saturday.

  The biggest question this raises for me, though, is why in the hell aren’t these kids allowed to get $5-20 bucks a pop from pathetic, grown men who are going to turn around and make thousands of dollars off of what they get autographed by them? Why the hell isn’t the NCAA going after JSA authenticators (the firm who has authenticated a “suspicious amount” of signatures from Gurley and now Winston), asking for client lists, and going after the people looking to make money off of naïve college kids? I mean, we all know the NCAA loves to get it’s cut… so why not have NCAA sanctioned autograph sessions for every team, give these kids a shot at making a little money, and have these dealers pay $10 bucks to the kid for their signature and some sort of flat rate to the NCAA to appease them? That way, everybody gets something out of the deal, and you can actually look like you’re trying to help student athletes for a change instead of making money off their backs and tossing them aside the second they make a mistake.

  The NHL has hired Chris Pronger to its Player Safety Department… for those of you who don’t follow hockey, that’s kind of like the NFL signing Ndamukong Suh to theirs! Good God.

   Steven Stamkos made up for his two game, season opening “scoring drought” by picking up a hat trick in the Lightning’s 7-1 win over P.K. Subban and the Habs, who had some nice, sour grapes comments after the game.

  Who wants to talk some NBA basketball? Yeah, me neither.

  Good to see the Royals making their first trip to the World Series since 1985! Best story we've seen in baseball in a long time. Congrats to Royals fans, and those who just enjoy rooting for the underdog. The weird thing is, this will be the first time this playoff the Royals will have home field advantage. The bad news for Royals fans, it's been a while since the team that clinches first has won a World Series. We'll see what kind of factor the layoff ends up being.

  Over in the NL, the Giants and Cardinals are putting on exactly the kind of series we should have expected… a close, evenly matched series.While the Giants currently enjoy a 3-1 advantage, it has been a very close series to this point, with the Giants just finding a way to win, despite the fact they haven't hit a home run since game 2 of the NLDS.

  A big week in the NFL last week, with the year’s first tie, some solid upsets, and a few close calls for contenders…

  The Lions won their game against Minnesota 17-3, despite two more misses from the kicking game. Matt Prater went 1/3 on the day, but did hit a 52 yarder just before the half. The defense was the star of the show, picking up 8 sacks and 3 interceptions, while giving up just three points on the day. Matt Stafford continued to struggle, going just 19-33 for 185 yards, but did manage not to turn the ball over. Next up, the Saints down in New Orleans… we’ll see how this defense holds up against Drew Brees and that offense.

  The good news, Jimmy Graham might be out. The bad news, Calvin Johnson is also likely to miss Sunday’s game. To be honest, I say shut Johnson down until after the bye week… don’t even let him set foot on the plane to London, and get him right for the rest of the season.

  The Browns shocked the world (kind of) by beating the Steelers 31-10… but these aren’t exactly your father’s Pittsburgh Steelers.

  The Panthers and Bengals played to a 37-37 tie, in a game that featured just two punts. The Bengals were in line to win it at the end of OT, but Mike Nugent missed a 36 yard field goal as time expired in the extra session to leave both teams kissing their sisters.

  Green Bay picked up a come from behind win over the Dolphins, which featured Aaron Rodgers pulling off the Marino-style fake spike pass in Dan Marino’s former house!

  The Chargers barely held off the Raiders, keeping Oakland among the ranks of the winless.

  The Jaguars were a blocked field goal away from their first win of the season, but Tennessee’s Sammie Lee Hill rose to that challenge, helping the Titans avoid a second straight home loss in the final seconds. The 2008 Lions alumni will have to wait another week or so to pop the cork on their Miller High Life (the Champagne of beers, that is) and know their 0-16 piece of history is secure.

  The Bucs somehow managed to make Joe Flacco look like an elite quarterback, allowing five touchdown passes in the first 16 minutes of the ballgame en route to a 48-17 loss to the Ravens.

  The Pats were able to do what they’ve done consistently for the past decade now… beat the Buffalo Bills. That Tom Brady kid did pretty well for himself, going 27-37 for 361 yards and 4 TD passes… guess he’ll work out after all!

  The Broncos handled the Jets fairly easily, coasting to a 31-17 win in that putrid swamp of East Rutherford, New Jersey. Peyton Manning threw three TD passes, leaving him two shy of Brett Favre’s NFL career record of 508 TD passes. Next week, the Broncos host the San Francisco 49ers.

  The Eagles handled the Giants fairly easily 27-0.

  The Cowboys handed the Shehawks their second loss of the season, knocking off Dick Sherman and the bunch 30-23. Highlight of the day had to be DeMarco Murray rolling over Dick Sherman on his way into the end zone on a 15-yard run to give the Cowboys the lead for good. Murray joined the great Jim Brown as the only two running backs in NFL history to start a season with six straight 100-yard rushing games.

  To kick off week seven, the Patriots will play host to the New York Jets, but will be without the services of Jerrod Mayo and Stevan Ridley. On the other side, the Jets are missing the top three corners from their season-opening depth chart. Something tells me the Patriots are going to be just fine here.

  That’s all I’ve got this week folks. Don’t worry, OH will be back next week, same time, same place! Make sure to head on over say hey to Lanz to the left… and have a happy “almost Friday”, Gabbers.

Weekly Grumble with IHM 10/11
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  Hello folks, and welcome to this week’s grumble with IHM. We’re down to our final four in MLB, the NHL had it’s first faceoffs of the season this week, and professional and college football are in full swing… so let’s get right down to business.

  The Royals and Orioles get things underway Friday night in Baltimore, and much to my chagrin if the Orioles are in the game at all, I’ll hear that hideous Seven Nation Army chant. Big Game James Shields (sorry DVT) faces off against Chris Tillman, in what is by the numbers a fairly even matchup. The Royals bring speed and solid timing, while the Orioles bring the power bats to the matchup. Ned Yost was still a player back in 1985 when the Royals last won a championship, while Buck Showalter seems to have been managing forever now… but always seems to find a way to win. It’s a pretty even series, but gun to my head I’ll take the Royals to win it… they just seem to have that “it” factor about them.

  The Giants and Cardinals… two teams that everybody always picks against yet they always seem to get farther than expected… face off for the National League pennant. I keep telling myself I am going to stop picking against the Cardinals, yet I keep picking against them the next year. This time, I won’t make that mistake… I’ll take the Cardinals in six, setting up an all-Mizzourah World Series.

  Of course, with all the tensions in the St.Louis area, you really have to wonder how that will affect the series. After the Mike Brown incident was finally starting to cool down, now another “black teeeeeeen” has been shot… some reports say he fired three shots at the officer, some reports say he was only “armed with a sandwich”. Either way, we’re back to looting and rioting in the streets down that way. Pardon me if I’m more inclined to believe the first… especially given the suspect’s past criminal record. Will the unrest reach the World Series stage? Or will the Orioles and Giants both pull off wins and help us avoid that issue altogether? Only time will tell, but if my predictions are right, we’ll be getting an answer to that question.

  While I am still a little angry with the NHL over the second strike in a decade, it is good to have hockey back. The Wings started their season off with a 2-1 win over the Bruins Thursday night, and got a solid performance out of Jimmy Howard. The biggest question, are the Wings still legit contenders? Personally, I do not think so… I don’t think Howard can bring you to a Cup, and their superstar players are just too injury prone. They might get into the playoffs somewhere in the 5-8 range, but I don’t expect much out of this team this year.

  Moving on over to the NFL, what in the hell is up with Adrian Peterson? The guy knows he’s facing some fairly serious child abuse charges, and decides to smoke the hippie lettuce anyhow. Talk about stupid. Now he faces another arrest (though they are still deciding whether or not to charge him for violating probation) on top of what he’s already set to go to trial for on December 1st. Oh, and memo to AD… saying it was “a little weed” doesn’t make it any better… or make you any brighter.

  Oh, and Roddy White... nobody gives a fuck about your fantasy team! Sure as hell not the swollen ass of Adrian Peterson's son!

  The Lions aren’t the only team likely to be missing their #1 wideout this Sunday… the Bengals A.J. Green will be unavailable for this week’s game against the Panthers, putting even more of a strain on an already injury plagued Bengals team. WR Marvin Jones is uncertain, and TE Tyler Eifert is also out.

  Calvin Johnson has missed the entire week of practice, although coach Jim Caldwell hasn’t made a “public decision” yet as to whether or not he will play this week. Personally, I sit him out a minimum of two weeks to try and get him right for the rest of the season. To all of those out there who own Johnson on their fantasy teams, I say sit him this week… even if he does play, it might just be a repeat of last week, where he caught one pass for seven yards and went to the locker room, never to return to the field.

  In other Lions news, the team seems to have solved their kicking issues in signing ex-Broncos Pro Bowler Matt Prater. The team lost last week 17-14 thanks in large part to an 0-3 day from Alex Henery, who is now standing in the unemployment line.

  So this week in the NFL, we’ve seen two pretty significant fines; Julius Thomas was fined $8,200 dollars for an illegal chop block that injured Cardinals DE Calais Campbell, who is expected to miss at least three weeks now, and 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick has been fined $10,000 for wearing the wrong fucking brand of headphones (the NFL has an agreement with one brand, while Kaepernick has an agreement with another brand). Now what does that tell you about the league’s “commitment to player safety?”

  As for the Super Bowl this year... how about a Katy Perry halftime performance? Sound fun to you? Bubblegum pop crap about kissing girls and liking it? Once again, looks like it's the perfect time to go take a long, relaxing dump and clear a little room for another plate of nachos for yours truly! When is the league going to learn that the majority of it's fan base could not care less about a halftime performance?

  This one falls under the kind of NCAA/kind of NFL news category; Georgia RB Todd Gurley has been suspended from the team while he is being investigated for possibly being paid for autographs… allegedly between $8 and $25 per signature. Sounds like the NCAA to me… angry at a kid for trying to make a few dollars without the NCAA getting their cut. Honestly, I hope Gurley is out for the rest of the year because of this… and stays healthy and enjoys a long, lucrative NFL career. Yet another reason why I loathe that organization more and more with each passing week.

  Speaking of pathetic organizations that underserve the people they are supposed to be helping, let’s talk about the VA for a minute. Now, we all know that there have been massive issues with veterans benefits and care for a long time now… much longer than Obama has been in office, for sure. It doesn’t exactly make it any better that the story has “faded to the back” of the nation’s collective minds now that so many other controversies have been brought to the fore front by the media since then, but NOTHING has been done to fix the issues that were once front page news. Now, Obama’s rendition of the VA is sending out letters to veterans in need, attempting to strip them of their rights to keep and bear arms. Now, if you ask me, a veteran of the United States of America has MORE of a right to keep and bear arms than anybody on this green fucking earth! It is despicable that the VA is even attempting to do this, and I am absolutely appalled by what is happening here. Here is an example of the letters being sent to vets, asking them to sacrifice their second amendment rights in exchange for the health services they so badly need.

  If THAT doesn’t piss you off, you are either minus a brain or minus a pulse.

  That’s all I’ve got for today folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out. Enjoy your weekend, Gabbers.

Sore Balls and Sour Grapes
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  Gotta be honest with you… the title pretty much says it all! This was one hell of a rough weekend for yours truly. The Tigers were swept out of the playoffs by Nelson Cruz (and the rest of the Orioles), and the Lions yet again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, thanks in large part to an 0-3 performance from their newest placekicker, and an 18-31 performance out of the “franchise quarterback”. Sure, there were some nice things this weekend… all the upsets in college football, the Royals winning their first playoff series since the World Series of 1985, and an 18 inning thriller between the Giants and Nationals on Saturday… but overall, for fans here in Detroit, this weekend was a massive, repeated kick in the balls!

  On the plus side for me, I’m not a fan of the University of Michigan as the majority of folks around here are. Those tools lost to Rutgers… fucking Rutgers… 26-24 on Saturday. Saturday was the one day of this weekend I could take some solace in… between Michigan, Alabama, U$C, and LSU going down, it was all just a thing of beauty.

  With both teams winning and remaining undefeated on Saturday, I’ll bet the white lightning was flowing in Mississippi this weekend! Good lord that must’ve been one helluva party!

  As for Friday… what the hell else can I say? The Tigers held a 6-3 lead going into the bottom of the 8th inning… and manager Brad Ausmus decided to go with the same Joba Chamberlain-Joakim Soria combination that gave up eight fucking runs in the 8th inning of game one. They showed some signs of improvement, as they only combined to give up four fucking runs in game two… but those four runs were enough to give the O’s a 7-6 win and take a 2-0 series lead!

  Sunday, there was still some optimism among Tiger fans with David Price taking the hill. Yours truly was not among them. Even if we win this game and Price goes 9 shutout innings, the fucking trainwreck of a bullpen is going to come into play again in this series, and we’re fucked. Price went eight solid innings, giving up just two runs thanks once again to NELSON FUCKING CRUZ, but unfortunately the Tigers bats were not up to the two run challenge, as they managed a single run against Bud Norriss, and the Orioles were able to complete the sweep.

  The big question for Tiger fans is this; where do you go from this point? Max Scherzer is a free agent, and likely out the door unless you want three 20+ million per year players on this roster. VMart will likely cash in on a career year elsewhere… once again, not about to have three 20+ million dollar guys on this team. Porcello is a free agent, and probably too pricy after a career year.  Price is under contract for another year, but after that his salary is going to shoot up, and we all know that. My question… do you just blow this team up? Honestly, I’m leaning towards yes. Verlander is a fucking train wreck… the guy was overused his first seven seasons, going 200+ innings every year and being ridden like a dime store pony by Jim Leyland in the playoffs.  His arm is shot. Unless he somehow makes a miraculous comeback next season, you’re looking at a six year-120+ million dollar albatross of a contract sitting there. Good luck moving that… you’re stuck with him. Miggy just re-signed to a similar gigantic contract… and hopefully he’s finally healthy again next year. As much as I hate to think about this, you might just have to trade Miggy, trade Price, and rebuild your farm system. Get some young players, develop them, and get back to winning that way instead of trying to buy your way out of trouble. Clearly it hasn’t worked with the bullpen… It might take a few years to get things right again, but it might just be the way to go for the future of this team. If not, you’re just hoping you can hold off the Royals year to year and that your bullpen doesn’t implode until AFTER you get to the playoffs.

   As for the Lions, they cut their second kicker in as many weeks today, sending Alex Henery back to the unemployment line after his 0-3 Sunday in a 17-14 loss to the Bills. The rumor mill has them going after former Broncos kicker Matt Prater first, and Michigan alum/last year’s Cardinals kicker Jay Feely second. Either way, if your offense is more effective, you don’t need to worry so much about a fucking kicker.

  The real issue, in my eyes, is the continued inconsistency and struggles of Matt Stafford. 18-31 for 221 yards and 1 TD/1 INT, also fumbling twice while being sacked six times. I know, Calvin Johnson was either a non-factor or out most of the game, but I’m tired of the security blanket this fucking guy has had his entire career. You also spent $31 million on a #2 WR in Golden Tate (who performed well yesterday, picking up a TD and 134 of Stafford’s 221 yards) and the 10th overall pick on a fucking phenom of a TE in Eric Ebron. Yeah, some fucking phenom… he’s got eight catches for 80 yards, and one TD so far this year. Once again, pick well spent, Lions. 

  In fact, let’s see the contributions of the 2014 draft class so far… you’ve got 80 yards, 1 TD out of Ebron, your first rounder. Your second round pick, Kyle Van Noy, has been MIA all year, injured. Your third round pick is a fucking backup center. 4th rounder Nevin Lawson was actually looking fairly good before being injured… so he’s DONE for the year now. Fellow 4th rounder Larry Webster hasn’t played an NFL down yet. Caurain Reid (5th rounder) has two tackles as a backup DT. 6th rounder TJ Jones didn’t make the roster. 7th round pick Nate Freese was cut two weeks ago to make way for the Lions latest cut, Alex Henery. Yup… 8 catches for 80 yards, and three total tackles out of your class of 2014 so far. Awesome job, Mayhew.

  As for Matt Stafford… the guy is just an absolute fucking joke to me. Franchise QB’s make players around them better… and I have not seen a single example of that out of Stafford in his now six year NFL career. This year should be his last chance… if he can’t deliver the kind of consistent performance the Lions need at quarterback, it’s time to move on, draft a new quarterback, and let this guy join the scrap heap of failed “stud” SEC quarterbacks. Throwing for a lot of yards is cute and all… but when you can’t put the ball in the end zone, you aren’t going to do a whole hell of a lot of winning in the NFL.

  Oh, and class move being carried off the field yesterday, Schwartz. (He actually asked his players to do it) Shows exactly the kind of toolbag you are. Too bad they didn’t drop you.

  That’s all the ranting I’ve got in me today… thanks for the read and any comments you leave on the way out.

Weekly Grumble with IHM 10/4
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  Hello folks, and welcome to this week’s Grumble. Gotta be honest with you all… I am sick and tired of a LOT of things, so we’re gonna go with a different format this week; I’m re-writing the rule book on anything and everything I see fit… and of course, you’re more than welcome to come up with a few more rules of your own in the comments below! So here we go…

  New Rule #1- No more fucking political ads until October 20th!

I don’t give a shit if you’re running for national or state office, or just to be the next circuit court judge… I don’t want to see the same damn commercial every ten to fifteen minutes for three months! Right now, in the state of Michigan, we have a “hotly contested” Congressional race between incumbent Gary Peters and incoming Terri Lynn Land. After watching eight different fucking commercials about how the billionaires backing both of these millionaire dirt bags are evil… essentially trying to convince us one way or another of “which ones were more evil”… I have come to a conclusion… I hate both of these shit bags! Nobody talks about issues, everybody just uses fucking scare tactics, and targets groups they consider to be the most weak-minded… Democrats seem to have targeted women, and Republicans seem to have targeted the elderly. Good God I can’t wait for November 5th… not because I have any hope in any candidate to “change” a damn thing about the absolute cluster fuck of a mess we have going on in D.C.; because it will mark the longest period of time possible between now and the next round of this pointless, senseless, mindless drivel comes around again.

  New Rule #2- Anybody doing the “Seven Nation Army” chant at a live sporting event should be punched in the throat, disabling their vocal cords!

   I believe this crap started in college football, then it spread to soccer, and it became an international phenomenon. Somehow, it is still happening, and it is like nails on a fucking chalkboard to me! Thursday night in Baltimore, the dipshits must have done it every ten minutes… I had to mute the fucking game… no joke! So knock it off assholes, especially you crab sucking, Ray Lewis loving freak shows in Baltimore!

 New Rule #3- NBA… fix the damn flopping problem; here’s how:

 Want to fix the flopping issue in the NBA? Simple… first time a player obviously flops, one game suspension. Second time, two games… and so on. Hell, Dwyane Wade would be missing entire seasons! It’s not “gamesmanship”, it’s not “trying to make something happen for your team”, it’s a fucking embarrassment to what used to be a great game to watch. Want to be an actor? Go join the freaks out in Hollyweird.

 New Rule #4- PC Police… shut the fuck up!

  It seems every single week now, we get a new, gigantic story shoved in our faces that we are supposed to be appalled and outraged by. Honestly, this seems like a new problem, but it’s been the same thing forever now… every week people get up in arms about something, and the poor son of a bitch they’re all outraged with either comes out and apologizes (and gets blasted for doing so) or has to hunker down and weather the storm until the next big thing to get your panties in a bunch over comes along. I’m still waiting for that one, heroic bastard to have this shit storm come his way and simply step up to a microphone and say “Hey, PC freaks… shut the fuck up!” It really seems like more and more people are tired of being outraged by a new, different thing on a weekly basis… but it also seems like the media isn’t going to give it a rest until the very last person stops following the carrot on a stick they throw out there for us to follow, while the whole time the folks in power stand behind the curtain and make decisions that fuck us all deeper and harder than ever before!

New Rule #5- Stop using the “news” to push your agendas and give us information we can use to formulate our own opinions!  

 Stop censoring our information; what happened earlier this week in Moore, Oklahoma sure as hell wasn’t “workplace violence”… it was radical Islam in the fucking heartland. If you want to get people riled up and angry about things, shouldn’t it be about the things we should be concerned and worried about… such as the threat of radical Islam in this country? Watch how fast this story disappears from the headlines… you have radical Islam (which goes against the agenda of “Islam is a religion of peace”), and a good guy with a gun who stepped in and stopped this animal from beheading a second woman (which goes against the gun grabbing agenda). Just an example of the underhanded shit that is being done under our noses, and how far reaching it really is. Once-trusted news sources (NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, etc.) are now no more than puppets working for their party and corporate masters. We are fed garbage every day and it is packaged as news, so we accept it as fact and don’t bother to question it.

New Rule #6- Stop with all the race-baiting bullshit!

  Somehow we seem to have gone back in time over the past six or seven years here… Seemed like race relations were improving quite a bit, and like we were finally getting to a point where everybody was nearly at the same starting point and had an equal opportunity to make it in this crazy world of ours (at least here in America, that is). Now all of a sudden, it seems to be in fashion to blame every problem on racism instead of looking at the other issues involved, and it seems like the media can’t get enough of it. Let’s not forget about the good folks at the NAACP, or good ol’ Mr. Sharpton… they can’t WAIT to get down to a place like Ferguson, MO and exploit a volatile situation for their own financial gain. Is there still some legitimate racism in America? I’m sure there is… but the extent to which racism is reported seems to be through the roof compared to what is actually happening. And when there is no racism to be found… the media moves out, Sharpton hops a plane to the next money making venture, and the NAACP gets back to giving awards to people who aren’t racist, but focus all their energy on the advancement of colored people instead of all people… which is not racist in the least… For all the controversies that have come out and all the bullshit that has been said and done as a result of it all, what exactly has been gained? Nothing for regular folks, a HELL of a lot of money for Sharpton and the race baiters, and a whole lot of animosity placed towards one another that distracts us all, once again, from what is REALLY screwing us all over. God help the folks in Washington if people ever get that through their thick skulls and start to focus on the REAL enemy… not one another, but the oligarchy that has consumed what was once a Constitutional Republic.

 New Rule #7- ESPN… I STILL don’t give a fuck about soccer.

   The World Cup is long over with… yet ESPiN still wants to throw in soccer highlights and toss soccer plays into their “Top Plays” just to keep those who bought into “soccer fever” over the summer interested. Personally, I’m more disgusted and bored with the game than I was before the World Cup even began. Watch a soccer game? No thanks… I have some paint to go watch dry. I don’t get it, and I never will.

New Rule #8- If you have a team of armed security guards surrounding you pretty much 24/7, you don’t get to tell me what I should or shouldn’t have to protect my family with!

   Michael Bloomberg… all your money and you couldn’t buy a brain? Mind you this is the same “pro-choice” asshole that wanted to tell you how big a fucking soda you could have in his city. Now, surrounded by a team of armed security guards, he is funding a war on the second amendment. Of all the possible philanthropic things you could do with the millions of dollars this guy has at his disposal… and he wants to go after gun laws. So you and your family are worthy of protection… but mine isn’t? Kiss the fattest part of my ass, Bloomberg, and take your fascist ass somewhere where you are welcome… maybe Putin can find something for your dollars to do for his party.

   Well, those are all the rules I have for this week ladies and gents. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out. Have a great weekend, Gabbers!

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