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Hey Gabbers....

As you may have noticed there's been some technical issues we are dealing with. This issues are not related to the Gab but server company Spruz. I could sit here and bash them over and over but I've done enough of that directly. What most of you are not aware of is that in recent weeks we've been in the planning stages of building a new and improved YouGabSports elsewhere. We're not giving details and we're not announcing when it will it will be ready because we don't know even know that yet. What I can tell you is it will be sooner than far as I'm conerned I can't get away from SPRUZ and their half-assed customer support, or lack thereof fast enough. 

I'm currently working on the UPLOAD issue with Spruz, but they're not exactly the most helpful bunch, or they just don't know what the hell they're doing, but we are actively working on it. 

Once the move is complete we hope glitches and other mishaps will be minimal. We'll have a lot more control over our site once we move, we'll have more abiliities and functionality as well. So give us some time and please bare with us as we strive to make the Gab bigger and better than ever.

As always we welcome your comments, questions, ideas and concerns!


Enough Already!
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Instead of talking about Super Bowl XLIX and how good a matchup we’ve got with the two number one’s going head to head, we’re listening to moronic, non-stop talk of a thing called “deflate gate”. I'm actually amazed at some of the things I’ve been hearing, my favorite so far is from an Atlanta bonehead who ranks this up there with Bounty Gate...Sorry, but compensating players to hurt another is pretty reckless, and the Saints were warned about it prior which I believe takes precedence over just about most of things we’ve heard of late from the NFL. But how does the PSI of a ball have anything to do with the coach in the first place, because as of yesterday everyone wanted the guys head…some still do, even with no definitive clue as to what happened? I didn’t need a talking head or even Hoodie’s press conference to know there’s a long list of flunkies that have their game day jobs, inflating balls may be one or like Bledsoe said today, he’d have his game balls picked out on Saturday and never saw them again until game time. So I’m willing to bet that being at home playing for the AFC Championship, Belichick had one or a hundred other things going on rather than worrying about how inflated game balls were…why would he care? He doesn’t throw them, so I believe him that he had no clue what happened prior to Monday morning, and I don’t think him saying you’d have to ask Tom about that because he knows what the next question is before it’s even asked, so that’s why he said, ask Brady…he certainly wasn’t throwing his star QB under any bus. Anyone that follows New England knows one thing, you aren’t getting squat out of this team unless their under subpoena.

Then there’s Brady, he had laughed off about the deflated balls when first asked because he didn’t even know there was a story out there until the morning as well. In the end, I don’t get why this is such a big story…well actually I do get it, that doesn’t mean I’m going to agree with conspiracy theorists, and they can kiss my ass saying the Pats cheat, they mostly out-coach teams they play, we learned that two weeks ago with the Ravens. Since this broke things have come out…like the Pats supposedly played with Indy’s balls instead of their own and then in the second half it was all resolved anyway..the Patriots also ran the ball more than passing it and by giving up only 7 points what I heard yesterday was true…”The Patriots could’ve used a bar of soap and still won that game”…or they could have never passed the ball at all and won it too, their ground game alone was all they needed for the scoreboard. No harm, no foul, bottom line; it’s Belichick, Brady and the Patriots…the guys they love to hate. If this was the Colts or even the Broncos and Manning would this be an issue or hiccup and with a quick apology and a round of coupons for Free All-U-Can- Eat Papa Johns and it would all be forgotten. I’ve also heard a few retired and active QB’s who all say the same thing, they liked the ball a certain way…nothing critical or criminal here, such as Aaron Rogers likes his over-inflated and come right out and said it…however if their is this guideline/rule were Packer game balls weighed just to make sure Rodgers was pushing it over the edge or did they just let fly? Or has this been going on, one of those unwritten rules which if if that were the case the Ravens staff would look like real douche bags having told the Colts they thought New England did it to them. And if they had, and already were knocked out and screaming over 4 man formations why didn’t THEY start Deflate Gate? Honestly you look more like a douche orchestrating it and staying quiet than when you man the hell up and own it. 
The infatuation the media has with the Patriots and the never-ending residuals from the so-called Spygate, it’s only natural for all these pundits to simply want blood. But there are a couple of problems for Goodell. First is the obvious, the Super Bowl, he can’t afford to muck this up, not the biggest stage in the land, so he most likely will not be addressing this until after the game, and from what I’ve heard Patriot players saying today, they’ve already started to move on. Two, Goodell’s first and biggest supporter when the Ray Rice story broke was Robert Kraft, an I’m not talking a Twitter blurb, Kraft stood right next to the guy, Goodell owe’s him, and let’s remember who is replaceable here. And lastly…it’s just not the big deal the media is making it out to be but there’s blood in the water and unless Goodell can really drive home the point that this really wasn’t the Patriots going out of their way to cheat So what the ball was just under, it was corrected. Who is to say the ref’s didn’t screw up before the game? Oh, we have to careful there, they’re NFL employees too…so where’s the smoking gun? You all might be very disappointed because without an actual person to blame here it’s virtually impossible to levy a fine or take away a draft pick, which has also been suggested. The most interesting I’ve hear to date when it comes to fines was on the Dan Patrick show this morning…if the Patriots have gone so many games not fined or charged with anything what’s the difference in the way their treated than NDamukong Suh, whose time off for good behavior was his saving grace so as to not miss the NFC Division game. If the Patriots were given a clean slate like Suh is the NFL decides to cave to this media hysteria I’d be okay with it, but placing Sygate in concert with Deflate Gate is simply ludicrous. 
Like most of you I’m simply deflated by Deflate Gate. By the way, I have a New’s Year’s resolution I’d like all of us at the Gab to try to adhere to…let’s not refer to anything with GATE at the end of it. I think once you stoop to using DEFLATE with GATE you’ve run out of things to drive the point home. 
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Hi Gabber's and Happy New year to all of you. I wanted to update you all about the addition we've made to Gab ownership. Last fall Beeze and I had asked Jeff to come on board and join in as third owner and just 2 weeks ago the three of us extended an invite to B.O.B to come in as a fourth owner. What this does is spread responsibilities amongst the four of us and this will make it easier for us to repsond to issues or concerns and also aid Beeze and I in keeping the QOTD and photos of the day udated regularly...something B.O.B has taken on  already. 

Beeze and I are very happy that both have chosen to take us up on the offer. We're hoping to possibly move the Gab in the coming months if we can find a suitable server compnay that will provide us what we believe will take us to next level and give us usable options to make the site even more functionable.

If any of you ever have any issues you can contact any one of us via private message or email from us directly from the Gab hopmepage. 

Please join in me in welcoming Jeff and Gerry to the Gab ownership!! 



Q-o-t-D 12/30/14

What is your SPORTING hope for 2015?

What is your SPORTING hope in 2015?

What is your Sporting hope for 2015?

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