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2014 YGS Fantasy Hockey Draft Tags: NHL Fantasy Hockey draft

Okay Gabbers...the draft is set for this Friday at 7:30pm EST. Everyone as far as I know is in, if you haven't gone into the league and clicked on your team to activate it from the invite I sent you then you need to do so, my adding your team does not activate it, you must click the link in the invite to get in...if you don't have it, or can't find it under SEARCH in your inbox from ESPN then comment below and I'll resend it so you can do so. Everyone that played last season is in this league, all I did was email you all invites to the new league since we didn't do a keeper league. Does anyone have any interest in doing a keepr league of one or two players? If so, let me know and I'll change it before the draft, but you must chime in for me to do so.

Any questions put them down and I'll get back to you! 

Good luck this seaosn....Sully



I know some of you may have been wondering if I'm around much or what's been going on in my world lately....well I'm here to give you a brief update. First, I want to thank you all for your patience while I go tthrough what's been anything but a pleasant divorce, but I guess all of them are unpleasant to some degree. The last two plus years certainly have been the most trying I've ever been thru, and even that's saying something. But no matter what was going on I always had all of you there for me and for that I'm forever grateful. The prayers, the phone calls, emails and genuine concern for my well-being has been enormous. 

There's a few folks I want to thank here personally...first is Stevie D, my best friend, the guy I look at as a brother, we've been friends since our teens and he's been my rock and I don't know how the hell I would have made it through this without him being there for me. Maybe one day I can return the favor. Tim and both have given me tremendous support and you both are true friends. Doug and Bart B...your prayers and advice during the tough days has been a great comfort...thank you both for that. Mo and Lanz as well, you're my buds and I'll be getting up to Boston hopefully in the next month or so and lunch or dinner at Kowloon is on me...we can toast my new found bachelorhood! To Jerry/BOB, I know I've had to lean on you a lot for covering posts in the past months and you've always come through, most times without even needed to be asked...the act of a true friend...thank you. 

If I forgot somone it's just because there's so many of you to thank, but I thank all of you. 

All the Gabbers who kept things going here in my absence made it easier for me to focus on what I needed to do and not have to worry about whether or not things here were in order here...that's a true testament to the loyalty of the people we have in our membership. 

Hopefully in the coming months we will have some exciting news for all of you...that's all you get for now, but just maybe this will be the biggest and best decision we've made since the inception of the Gab! When we know, you'll know, that's all I can say for now. I know, there's nothing worse than not knowing, but it's in everyone's interest we just keep it close to the vest.

Enjoy football season, and we'll have a hockey league getting ready to draft in the coming weeks as well. 

Again, thank you all for your patience and understanding during my absence, but I have been reading when I can, and now that I'm moved and settled hopefully I can get back in the saddle in the next few weeks and do what I enjoy most, watching and talking sports with all of you! 


Q-o-t-D 8/5/14 Tags: Question of the Day

Today you get to ask Sully a question....SHOOT!

2014-15 Fantasy Football League!!! Tags: FF Football

Hi Gabbers!!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???? I know I am, because that also means HOCKEY season is right around the corner too. But for now it's football, and with that comes our league so it's time to signup!!!

First, you must signup below. Gone are the seasons where Sully goes around sending emails, text messages, phone calls and smoke signals to get folks signed up. If you want to play put your name in the comment section and I'll email you the invite. Once we're filled it's done unless we have enough interest for a second league. This is football, we wait for this all year so I don't know why it's so hard to get these leagues filled up and I know I'm not chasing anyone any longer. Every year I hear, I never got the invite, and every year I tell people we post it on the Gab when we open the leagues, it's right here and last time I checked football season started the same time every year. 

The league is at like it was last seaon. The draft is scheduled for Aug. 30th at 7pm...that's just so I could put something down, and from what I'm seeing it's the last Saturday before the season starts. If this time doesn't work for MOST of you I will change it, but I'm not changing it for one guy. Just sayin'. 

So get signed up...I'll even have a couple of the guys link this in thier posts so EVERYONE hopefully see's it. 

How Quickly They Forget Tags: LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers Johnny Manziel

Yeah...this is pretty sad!


The Stepford fans in Cleveland are rejoicing, they’re soaking up this public relations barrage being rammed down their throat and buying every word of it. What’s the saying, screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me? Well, don’t say you weren’t warned Cavs fans because Sully is here to tell you that you’ve all been duped. When James made his “Decision” in 2010 the folks in Cleveland went ballistic, and rightfully so, but then again, they also had fallen for this con artist who has spent every day since that televised debacle trying to say and do the right thing because for LeDouche it’s ALL ABOUT HIS IMAGE…if you think it’s not you’ve spent way too much time drinking the Kool-Aid.


All these talking heads creaming their shorts over how James went about announcing his return to Ohio made it sound like he’s matured or his a new man…really? There’s no difference between his televised announcement and his announcement in Sports Illustrated…ZERO! Honestly, he only chose another media outlet to monopolize the universe with his face splattered all over it. And let’s talk about the wording of that article. Does anyone really believe he wrote that? Does that even sound like the way he has ever spoken in a press conference? That carefully written article was scripted to say all the right things at the right time to pave his return and open the arms of the city that couldn’t burn him effigy fast enough in 2010, and it worked, and now, all is suddenly forgiven.  They love this tool all over again…the remarriage of a player who took off to South Beach seeking the championships that eluded him with the city he abandoned.


But now that he has some jewelry there’s still some unfinished business James needs to continue his quest to be Like Mike…and that’s to do what the rest of the greats like Jordan and other’s before him, such as Bird and Magic, West and Havlicek and any other player before the era of taking the money and running by selfish NBA players, and that’s to build a team from scratch and win or die trying. James has taken much heat over the past four seasons for running to and helping create his own personal Dream Team. This is where James is NOT Jordan…he’s not even Larry or Magic, hell by that measuring stick he’s no Tiny Archibald or Danny Ainge either…James does not carry a team on his shoulders, he doesn’t take over games. Does everyone remember the last game against the Spurs where James went to the bench while the Heat were down by 19 with over 6 minutes left in the game? Six minutes is a lifetime in hoops, but that didn’t matter to James, for him it was “no mas”…he gave up and with him so did his team. Did we ever see Jordan or any of the other’s mentioned above quit in a series? I never saw it, and I’d be willing to bet if any of those Hall of Famers were watching they made a point to say “look how he gave up”…they all should feel very comfortable with their legacy for James will never eclipse them when it comes to heart and guts….NEVER!


As the saying goes, image is everything, and for James it’s the only thing aside from his paydays, it’s all he cares about. Now he’s a “nice guy” because he’s had this epiphany and realizes what he did to his hometown was of all things, low, underhanded and selfish? C’mon man. This whole debacle has money written all over it. It’s no secret how the Cavs were before he played there, during and after…and now his return is going to be some sort of championship run because he’s learned how to win? IS Wade and Bosh going there too? Nope…is Kevin Love locked up? Nope. Even if he is, what makes anyone think that he’s the other cog that lifts the Cavs over that hump?

I’m just having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around this whole thing while trying to see it from a Cavs fan perspective. If this was my team…let’s say the Bruins and Patrice Bergeron pulled this kind of crap would I be welcoming him back after screwing us all over? I hardly think so, and would have a hard time believing Boston fans would swoon all over him and forgive and just forget. What’s taking place in Cleveland in a lot of ways is embarrassing, have they no shame? Are they really that desperate to win that they’d let this tool bag just waltz right back in on a written apology and think, hey, LBJ gets it, he’s a different guy?


Then there’ the Browns and Manziel…the connection between these two is already well known, and I’m of the opinion that in here somewhere is a deal the two will make to open up a chain of restaurants or some shit like that, anything to make a buck off the fans…and you know what…Cleveland fans will be all in! Sit back and watch…you’ll see. Just remember I told you so. 

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