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How Quickly They Forget Tags: LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers Johnny Manziel

Yeah...this is pretty sad!


The Stepford fans in Cleveland are rejoicing, they’re soaking up this public relations barrage being rammed down their throat and buying every word of it. What’s the saying, screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me? Well, don’t say you weren’t warned Cavs fans because Sully is here to tell you that you’ve all been duped. When James made his “Decision” in 2010 the folks in Cleveland went ballistic, and rightfully so, but then again, they also had fallen for this con artist who has spent every day since that televised debacle trying to say and do the right thing because for LeDouche it’s ALL ABOUT HIS IMAGE…if you think it’s not you’ve spent way too much time drinking the Kool-Aid.


All these talking heads creaming their shorts over how James went about announcing his return to Ohio made it sound like he’s matured or his a new man…really? There’s no difference between his televised announcement and his announcement in Sports Illustrated…ZERO! Honestly, he only chose another media outlet to monopolize the universe with his face splattered all over it. And let’s talk about the wording of that article. Does anyone really believe he wrote that? Does that even sound like the way he has ever spoken in a press conference? That carefully written article was scripted to say all the right things at the right time to pave his return and open the arms of the city that couldn’t burn him effigy fast enough in 2010, and it worked, and now, all is suddenly forgiven.  They love this tool all over again…the remarriage of a player who took off to South Beach seeking the championships that eluded him with the city he abandoned.


But now that he has some jewelry there’s still some unfinished business James needs to continue his quest to be Like Mike…and that’s to do what the rest of the greats like Jordan and other’s before him, such as Bird and Magic, West and Havlicek and any other player before the era of taking the money and running by selfish NBA players, and that’s to build a team from scratch and win or die trying. James has taken much heat over the past four seasons for running to and helping create his own personal Dream Team. This is where James is NOT Jordan…he’s not even Larry or Magic, hell by that measuring stick he’s no Tiny Archibald or Danny Ainge either…James does not carry a team on his shoulders, he doesn’t take over games. Does everyone remember the last game against the Spurs where James went to the bench while the Heat were down by 19 with over 6 minutes left in the game? Six minutes is a lifetime in hoops, but that didn’t matter to James, for him it was “no mas”…he gave up and with him so did his team. Did we ever see Jordan or any of the other’s mentioned above quit in a series? I never saw it, and I’d be willing to bet if any of those Hall of Famers were watching they made a point to say “look how he gave up”…they all should feel very comfortable with their legacy for James will never eclipse them when it comes to heart and guts….NEVER!


As the saying goes, image is everything, and for James it’s the only thing aside from his paydays, it’s all he cares about. Now he’s a “nice guy” because he’s had this epiphany and realizes what he did to his hometown was of all things, low, underhanded and selfish? C’mon man. This whole debacle has money written all over it. It’s no secret how the Cavs were before he played there, during and after…and now his return is going to be some sort of championship run because he’s learned how to win? IS Wade and Bosh going there too? Nope…is Kevin Love locked up? Nope. Even if he is, what makes anyone think that he’s the other cog that lifts the Cavs over that hump?

I’m just having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around this whole thing while trying to see it from a Cavs fan perspective. If this was my team…let’s say the Bruins and Patrice Bergeron pulled this kind of crap would I be welcoming him back after screwing us all over? I hardly think so, and would have a hard time believing Boston fans would swoon all over him and forgive and just forget. What’s taking place in Cleveland in a lot of ways is embarrassing, have they no shame? Are they really that desperate to win that they’d let this tool bag just waltz right back in on a written apology and think, hey, LBJ gets it, he’s a different guy?


Then there’ the Browns and Manziel…the connection between these two is already well known, and I’m of the opinion that in here somewhere is a deal the two will make to open up a chain of restaurants or some shit like that, anything to make a buck off the fans…and you know what…Cleveland fans will be all in! Sit back and watch…you’ll see. Just remember I told you so. 

Q-o-t-D 6/30/14 Tags: Concerts

I got this idea after replying to BOB's post. What was your first concert and who opened for them and where and when? And, what was the best concert you ever went to, who opened, if anyone, where and when?

California Sour Grapes = Poor Sportsmanship Tags: Steve Coburn Triple Crown Tonalist California Chrome


There are so many things wrong with what occurred post race at the Belmont Saturday I don’t even know where to begin. Steve Coburn, one of the owner’s of California Chrome went on a rant that basically dissed the entire process that up until post time he had no problem with…if he did, he never eluded to it, and maybe if he had earlier on there wouldn’t have been nearly the hoopla, but since this all about sour grapes and not sportsmanship or even what the Triple Crown represents I’ll be addressing him directly.


First, Coburn, who had no problem going to the Winner’s Circle and collecting his trophy on Derby Day, said nothing about the process and point system and made no bones about the Preakness and going up to Maryland to run and continue on the Triple Crown quest….he won there, said nothing post-race about it then. During the media blitz this guy was everywhere and he made sure he got his 15 minutes and then some. In thoroughbred racing this is not the behavior you see from owners or trainers. You’ll never see the likes of a Bob Baffert or Todd Pletcher going off on rants, if they’re asked questions the reporter’s know that these guys only discuss the condition of their horse and the field he’s up against or track conditions. This is a gentleman’s sport in a world where being a gentleman isn’t necessarily something that goes hand and hand with SPORT…but once you experience the track, and I’m not talking about the betting window and watching the race, I’m talking about what actually goes into prepping and training a thoroughbred to race, you’d understand why it’s taboo to piss on the “hoofs’ or the boot’s of those involved.


Coburn, who is obviously an outsider to the sport doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand that the desire of the “casual fan” to get a Triple Crown winner is not the same as those who really enjoy or are involved in the sport. How many of you aside from these three races ever go to the track? How many of those folks tuning in ever bet on a horse or would have even watched the Belmont had there not been a Triple Crown contender? Owners and trainers know and always have known this was the process, it’s always been this way, nothing has changed, same rules, same tracks etc. What Coburn also needs to understand is, yeah, he may never see another Tripe Crown winner in his life time, this is where “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it” comes in. Maybe what Coburn should do is watch Secretariat’s run at Belmont, maybe then he’d understand, winning the Triple Crown is all about one thing…being that one bred champion that’s better than any of the rest, and winning those three races, with the Mammoth BELMONT at a mile and half being the last is what makes that horse special. Is it a grueling schedule, yes, but it’s not like it can’t be done, we know it has…unfortunately since Affirmed did it in 1978 no one else has been able to handle Belmont, but it has nothing to do with the process or horses ONLY running in the final leg…that didn’t bother Affirmed or Secretariat.  I don’t care how much time these guys that own Chrome spent on their breeding research, all the research in the world doesn’t guarantee a champion…if that was the case and say me and Stevie D were loaded, we’d be out getting ever foal there was who had Secretariat bloodlines. It’s a factor, but it’s no guarantee you’ll be going to the Winner’s Circle…there’s so much more to it than that.

Here's Secretariat...Watch this race, he ran the same three, in the same timeframe...this is what being a Super Horse is all about and why there's only been 11 of them. 


I watched that race and then watched that appalling interview on TV with Steve on the phone and both of us afterwards couldn’t even remember what he said entirely, we both literally were speechless. What I found even more appalling was what he said today, and it wasn’t the apology I was waiting for after a night of cooling off and regaining some perspective…this is how the guy genuinely feels and that’s why you won’t ever see him in another Triple Crown event again. Comparing the Triple Crown format to that of a healthy guy playing basketball with a kid in a wheel chair…he may say that’s the same thing but he couldn’t be further off the mark…personally I think he needs to have a urine test.


Since Sir Barton won in 1919 there have only been 11 Triple Crown winners…that’s in the last 95 years. There have been 22 near misses where horses won the Derby and the Preakness but failed at Belmont. So no, it’s not easy which just shows that Coburn looks even more the fool. He joined a fraternity of horsemen to compete by the rules everyone else has always played by, he lost but now the whole racing world has to change it because of Twitter, Facebook and everyone’s desire to have it NOW? I think not! Any reporter, and there’s been more than a few who asked, Should they change it?, has no frickin’ clue what they’re talking about. Why does it have to change? Wouldn’t it be LESS special if it was run once a month over 3 months just to appease those who aren’t happy with waiting? If that’s the case and they changed it to appease the naysayers and Californians that are whining over this loss then I’ll say this…every horse that were to win your format gets a nice big ASTERISK next to your name in the record books because you too would be COWARDS if you’re playing by the rules Coburn wants to implement.

Another scenario that needs to be addressed, if Coburn’s idea that the 20 horses that qualified for the Derby were the only one’s to be allowed to race for the Triple Crown, but one or two of those horses came up limp and the trainers opted to hold them out of the Preakness would they be able to run in the Belmont? See where I’m going? They’d have the same…but they qualified.  So now what do you do? Another – New Rule?


The bottom line is this…California Chrome is good, no doubt about it, but if he’s that good and according to Coburn today, he’s got the best horse in America and technically he does, will he be going to Saratoga in August to run in the Travers? Ya know, go back to New York where his heart and ego were broken and go up against Tonalist or will he stay out west and hold off for the Breeder’s Cup? Steve thinks he won’t run the Travers, I say, he needs to put up or shut up! If he goes to the Breeder’s and gets beat, then you’ll have seen the last of Coburn and Company anyway and good riddance…they’re pariahs now in the world of racing and they need to go bury their heads in the turf at Santa Anita. unfortuantely for the other's involved in Chrome's ownership they'll be lumped in as being known as "those guys"!


Maybe if Coburn had not said anything until he had at least checked on his horse only to find out Chrome tore his hoof coming out of the gate and still ran a helluva a race, that might have been the difference between him being utterly stupid on national television, instead of just walking away gracefully and shaking the hand of the owner of Tonalist that any other owner, jockey and trainer would have done. 

Glitch Update 6/3 Tags: Spruz glitches

Okay Gabbers, here's the update on the cursor issue. You may have noticed the spell check is now turned off...and from some of the typos I've read, I take it you're all not aware of it... 

This shutting down the auto-correct fixed the problem the best we can tell, the only problem it leaves is, turning it back on will make the problem return. When I asked why we couldn't get this resolved now that we have it narrowed down to the cause I was told the editor we use is from a third party and they would need to provide an update that will fix it. My next question was this...if we are having this issue and you're telling me that others have but it's not that many why not just contact the 3rd party and tell them to fix the glitch. It's obvious from the reply that this is about money. They told me there was a small number of other sites dealing with this...personally I don't believe that and that they are just being tight asses. 

The best I can do for now is suggest you be very careful when typing your comments and for blogs just use Word and then paste it into the editor...this way you'll able to use the Word spell check for your posts and know that at the very least you've spelled everything correctly. I use it all the time anyway...too many times I have been bitten by the time out bug or made an error where I lost all I've written and had to start over...let's face it...that just sucks! 

I wish I had better news....Tim and I are currently working on some things and will keep you updated as we go along. In the meantime, I'll continue to check with the server complany and see when it's going to be updated and turned back on...I get the feeling if I don't stay on top of it we won't get it back, so hounding them will be my next order of business. 

Gabbers- PLEASE READ!!!! 6/2 Tags: Spruz Glitches

Okay folks...we may have this cursor issue pinned down. Have any of you had any issues with typing since you got on the site this morning? The fix was implemented around midnight EST so anytime after that is when you should have noticed a difference. I am currently NOT experiencing this problem, but had it happen to me about 5 times trying to type a sentnce on IHM's post and I took screenshots of all of them and submitted them to support so they could see what it was doing. 

If you have had a cursor jump, does it do it when you are typing the first sentnence and the cursor is at the halfway point of the editor? (about where the box for SIZE Is located) I ask that because that's where I see it happening 99% of the time. 

I need details of exactly what's happening if it's still ocurring, if it's not and you reported to me you had a problem PLEASE tell me in the comment section. I've spent a lot of time on this over the weekend and I'm trying to help you all out and get this glitch fixed, but I need feedback!!! 


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