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2014 YGS Bracket Challenge
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We have the 2014 YGS Bracket Challenge started. If you'd like to enter just signup below and I'll send you out an invite...if you haven't already received one...check your email...about 10 or so went out already to those I thought might pay. 



Slapshots and Hip Checks 3/7
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If you’re a hockey fan then you know there’s nothing more exciting than when the trade deadline approaches and everyone vying for a playoff run is looking to get the one missing gem to make it to the Promised Land. There was a move two days before the deadline that sent the overpaid and heavily shopped Roberto Luongo to Florida, his old address before going to Vancouver where he scored the huge contract they ended up choking on. Now I’ve heard some pretty dumb comments from athletes in my years, but Luongo tossed out one doozy once the trade was announced, he said, “ I was shocked, I never saw this coming”! Really? You didn’t know that for the last three seasons the Canucks have actively, and quite publicly I might add, been calling every GM in the league looking to send you packing? You missed the numerous headlines right after the season ended last year that again the Canucks were looking to get anyone to take you and that ridiculous contract and there were no takers because the very team that gave you that contract was being asked to kick in for a good chunk of it to take you off their hands? Sure, I can see how you may have missed all that, and I’m more than sure you didn’t hear about going to the Islanders last month either. Talk about denial. So good ole Roberto goes off to Florida and whose waiting to greet him there is none other than Tim Thomas, the very guy who beat him in the Cup finals in 2011, the same goalie who got in a verbal battle and said he didn’t really care what he had to say about the way he played the game, he wasn’t there to pump up your tires…I was hoping he could remind you in the locker room that he also never got pulled out of a game after getting shelled in that series, TWICE!!! Quite the ego you’ve got…you know what you can do with that contract Roberto, good luck in Florida and you won’t have to worry about hearing how badly you perform in the playoffs, they don’t usually go to them.


Luckily for Luongo, Thomas was sent to Dallas and Ellis was sent to Florida in exchange. So what we'll all get to miss is those fake looks of camaraderie, or hear that everything is all good when I wouldn't believe for a second that one would buy the other so much as a cup of coffee.  But the real blockbuster move came from the Rangers, sending captain Ryan Callahan to Tampa Bay for Martin St. Louis. The first thing I thought of when I heard this trade was my man Beeze and his reaction to it, I just knew he wasn’t going to dig this move at all, and he didn’t. Callahan and the Rangers have been trying to work out his new contract and the rumor was he and the team were apart on the numbers, to the tune of $200-$400K a year in a six year deal, until just now this is all we heard, then I get a text from Beeze and he's telling me that what was missing in this story last night was the no trade clause that Callahan also that was the deal breaker, a guy who isn’t afraid to throw down, isn’t scared of laying down and blocking shots from the likes of a Zdeno Chara if it means saving a game for the likes of St. Louis, who at 38 is still an offensive threat and healthy only because he avoids the physical portion of the game. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a fine player, a good goal scorer, but with one-year left on his contract he’ll be 39 and looking for another deal, say 2 years and I’m not sure if the Rangers will be kicking in at that point. With Callahan they had a guy with longevity, (he’ll be 29 this  month), so I can’t say I blame Beeze and Ranger fans for dumping hard on this one.

Then we have the Canadiens, err… They scooped up Thomas Vanek from the Islanders. When I heard this one I immediately knew why too, they got Vanek because they know they’ll probably have get through Boston to further any hope of moving on in the playoffs and Vanek has always been a thorn in their side.  Eh…good luck to them with that is all I’ve got to say…no love lost here for the Habs and their hurt feelings…you know me, no warm fuzzies coming from Sully.

Jaroslav Halak, the goalie that has had a great season was sent packing earlier in the week to Buffalo for Ryan Miller. I hated this trade for a lot of reasons. But as I suspected Halak didn’t unpack, he was traded to Washington, so he at least will get a better shot at some playoff time, maybe he ends up being just what the doctor ordered. God knows the Achilles heal for the Caps has been between the pipes, but what Halak won’t have that he had in St. Louis is a team that plays stifling defense. No more will he see only 19 shots a game, he can forget about that, he’ll be lucky if the low is in the 30’s. These are the trades that stood out most to me, I won’t go into all the deals, I know there have been others who have or will touch on them too, and Beeze will undoubtedly be “Moaning” about it on Monday!


In other happenings, I see that Adrian Peterson is tweeting that he’d like Michael Vick to join the Vikings, that they could win with him at the helm. What makes him think that Minnesota can do with Vick that no one else has been able to do? The only thing different about Michael Vick is he’s older. He’s still injury prone, he still makes terrible decisions with the football and to think that he can just stroll through the door and be the answer to their QB problems is a bit ridiculous. If that happens…good luck with that, but you’ve been warned.  


The 2014 YouGabSports fantasy baseball league if fired up, if you’d like to ply just sign up on the post I put up yesterday, and I’ll get an invite right out to you. If we fill this up quickly and there’s enough interest to play I’ll start another league.


Enjoy the weekend…Out!

2014 YouGabSports Fantasy Baseball Signups Tags: Fantasy baseball
Hey Gabbers, the YGS fantasy baseball league is up and ready to go. If you're interested in playing I've sent out invites to some of you, if you didn't receive one and want to play just sign up below and I'll be sure to email you the invite.

Slapshots and Hipchecks
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Before I get started I want to take a minute to thank DVT for all his years of dedicated service here at the Gab. Like most of you I had the pleasure of meeting up with Doug at the now defunct TSN community. Back then he was writing a ton, he had so much going on in his head he had to create alter egos just to satisfy his urges to vent. Crabby was definitely my favorite, he was quite the curmudgeon whose brogue translated into the written word, it was a very enjoyable read for sure. I’ll miss DVT, but I see already he may have walked away from blogging, but he hasn’t left entirely, he’s around commenting and at least we still have the chance chat with him. He deserves the time away, and I hope whatever he ventures into in his “golden years” gives him as much joy as his blogs gave us here.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming: where to start? There’s not much going on in February, especially since we’re in an Olympic year. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been swept up in this Olympics as much as I usually am. I don’t know if it’s the ungodly time difference or what, but I’m just not feeling it. I love the hockey that’s been played so far but I’ve had to do a lot of dodging and avoiding of social media and news so I didn’t hear scores. If I hear a score I won’t watch the game…what’s the point? I guess the best game so far, the one that gave me the most pleasure was the Russians playing Finland. What’s better than having the Big Red Machine, or in this case, the “little engine that couldn’t”, play at home with Vladimir Putin sitting front and center watching Finland whip on them?  That was a pretty enjoyable game to watch, especially with Russia being so heavily favored by talking heads. I couldn’t understand why the hell they were routed as a favorite, even with home ice, not with Canada and the US teams competing against them…both of those teams are on another level.

Speaking of Team Canada and the Olympics, there’s a casualty coming home and for the Islanders it’s a huge loss…John Tavare has a torn MCL and meniscus and now is down for the season. The Isles were likely not going to make the playoffs, but any chance they may have had to make a run for the 8th seed went down with Tavares.

As for the Olympics as a whole, they’ve had a lot more ups than downs. From the reports of toilets not working, or two toilets being placed side by side in the same stall (remind me to hire that plumber), athletes being stuck in elevators, no one knowing where their rooms were, snow melting and just a plethora of other malfunctions, these Olympics will go down in history as the most expensive along with being the most disastrous on many levels. In excess of $52 billion dollars was spent to host these games. You’d think with that amount of money anted up they’d be able to have crews work around the clock readying the sites and being on time doing so, but that’s hardly been the case.


In other happenings, the two dirt bags that beat S.F. Giants fan Bryan Stow were in court today. Both pled guilty,  Louis Sanchez was sentenced to eight years and Marvin Norwood received 4 years for his part. Personally I think these two scumbags are getting off easy. Norwood is possibly eligible to be released as soon as today for the time he already served but the Feds have said they may very well get 10 years each on for weapons charges the government is bringing separately. GOOD! I hope they serve every day of that sentence for what they did to this poor guy, who worked as a paramedic. Apparently Sanchez was smiling while the judge was speaking and he let Sanchez have it, stating there was nothing funny about this whole debacle. Stow’s father addressed the two prior to sentencing, telling them “the years you spend in prison is what you cretin’s deserve”. I’m not sure if it were my son I could’ve been so reserved, I think I would’ve had to do a little more yelling, or at the very least the word SCUMBAG would’ve been spoken more than once.  Good riddance!


Well that’s all I have in the sport shortened month. As you all know by now, Norman and I will be alternating duties…my next time up we’ll undoubtedly have a lot more going on. Until then…enjoy the rest of the games (if you’re watching) and go Team USA!!!

"Friday Night Tykes" - All That's Wrong w/ Youth Sports Tags: Friday Night Tykes Youth Football Esquire Network


If you have a young son or daughter that desires to play youth sports I highly suggest you watch the first 2 episodes of the Esquire network’s “Friday Night Tykes. If you want a guide to go by of what to look for (or in this case, what not to look for) in a coach this is a must see. After two hours of watching this show I sat disgusted at what I saw.

I’m not sure where to begin. Should I start with coaches leading 8-9 year old boys in a chant? Fuck the Rockets, Fuck the Rockets!  Another tells his team he doesn’t care if his players make the other team cry. These coaches, who it’s really easy to see must have some real world authority problems of their own, should not be coaching kids of such a young age. Especially when it’s very apparent their will to win at all cost is a lot more important to them than the kids on their team. Coaches with tears in their eyes because they lost a youth football game and saying this is his life, all he wants to do is win, that his family suffers because he’s coaching. If this coach recognizes that his own life is perhaps a mess but can’t identify that maybe he needs to step down, he’s obviously going to be getting the divorce he’s heading for…not to mention it’s a real warning sign that he’s not the man for the job.

In two hours I saw kids puking, pushed in a boot camp style to keep going, giving off the impression that you‘re a loser if you can’t walk on all fours from one end of the field to the other. There’s also the resemblance of the NFL and NBA here. Coaches telling kids to “get paid”, “that’s money”. If you think that doesn’t rub off on these kids, wait. In the second episode a kid runs down the sidelines for what looks to be a TD, he’s about fifteen yards from the end zone and holds up one finger in the air to celebrate only to be caught at the five, then he’s flagged for excessive celebration, an unsportsmanlike penalty, the TD is negated and results in a penalty for fifteen yards. If a kid thinks this minor infraction is okay, what’s he thinking when he’s told FUCK THE ROCKETS? Remember, these kids are eight and nine years old.

Then we’ve got the parents, only one or two who I saw on air that had any sense, the rest are foul mouthed, pushy and have their priorities all out of whack and who think their kid is the next Marshawn Lynch or Frank Gore.  At the end of the second episode one woman tells how she’s got things she’s going to say at the next game and if the opposing teams parents don’t like it they better keep their attorney’s on retainer. Yeah, real role models here. Imagine what we’re not seeing on camera. There was talk by one parent about scouts coming to watch kids play, kids at 8-9? Really? Let me guess, they saw dollar signs!!! Cha-ching! Johnny gonna buy me my bling.

Most of us here have all played sports at some level, have children that participate at the youth level and I’d be willing to bet none of us have come across a league loaded with coaches like this. I’m not saying there aren’t other’s like them out there somewhere, I’m sure there are, but a league that is solely geared by this bully mentality? I’d have to say they’re in the minority. 

There’s been much discussion here about the “pussification” of our kids. That little Johnny or Janie needs to have their self-esteem nurtured, that’s why everyone in t-ball gets a trophy and is told they’re a “winner” and there aren’t many of us that really agree with this approach because if kids are always told they’re winners while growing up, when it comes time for that promotion and they don’t get it they’ll end up a mess because they’ve never learned to handle disappointment, that not everything is handed to you. This takes our argument and goes to the opposite extreme. Everyone here needs to work hard, that winning is everything, that pleasing the coaches desire to succeed and to win is more important than what’s best for the child and you’re kid will puke until he accomplishes his goal. Talk about the wrong execution of the right idea.

I’ve gone ahead and read some of the articles online reviewing this show, but waited until after I watched to do so. I wanted to see what the show really was about. What I read was just about uniform, no one supports how this league does business, and since the show aired the national organization that oversees youth football, USA Football, has invited these coaches and parents to their national conference. The hope is to educate them in how to coach these children properly. Personally, from what I witnessed, they may take them up on the offer, but I don’t see this group of coaches toning down their approach because an organization they’re not even affiliated with tells them they’re doing it wrong, that seems to be their motivation, to do the opposite of what the “cream puffs” do. Besides, any place I’ve lived coaches had background checks, they’ve had to take classes on coaching techniques, there seems to be none of this here and if there was they all failed but must have been the only people willing to take the job.

If you’ve seen this show I’d like your opinion, if you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you give it a look; you just might be shocked at what you see here from these coaches. I can only hope the pressure from outrage gets this show canceled. I’d hate to see all these young kids destroyed because the adults around them want their fifteen minutes of fame, but I can tell you, these parents aren’t any better than the coaches are mugging for the camera. The kids…they seemed to care less the crew was even there. 

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