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Q-o-t-D 8/6/13 Tags: NFL Fantasy Football

Hey Gabber's!!!

We've created a second Fantasy Football league for those of you that missed out. Those who signed up but didn't get into the previous league check your emails that you use for the Gab, I've sent invites to those addresses. If you haven't signed up yet or are in the previous league and still want more FF to fill your weekends leave a note in the comment section and I'll shoot you the invite. 

Let's fill this one up. The draft for it is Saturday August 24th at 7 pm. 


YGS Fantasy Football Leagues 2013
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Okay Gabber's, time to start rifling through the stats, deciding who's hot and who's not, it's fantasy football time!!!

We'll be starting the leagues at as we have in the past. Most of you are already signed up there, if not, signup for and then post below you want to play and I will email the invite to you, same thing goes for anyone who has played in the past. I have to email the invite from the league for you to get in because it's a private league.  

The draft for this league is scheduled for Sunday, August 24th at 7:30 pm. If the demand calls for it we'll start a second league like we've done previously. 

Are you ready for some football??? 

If his Name Wasn't Petty.... Tags: Kyle Petty Danica Patrick NASCAR

He'd be just another average driver, not really that relevant. He obviously rode the coat tails of his famous father and judging from his stats he was only able to hang on to sponsorship due to the Petty brand, if he was anyone else those last 13 years of being winless he'd be washing windshields in the pit not sitting behind the wheel of a race car. Since he chose to call out Danica Patrick I decided to look up his stats since I'm only a novice race fan, but I know enough that he was never any standout driver like Earnhardt or Bill Elliott. Let's take a look at some of the statistics that standout most from this driver who made no bones about calling out Danica Patrick. First, she's done something he never did, ran Indy Series, she is not a prodigy but he is. 
Here's what I got from his stats that made me wonder why he felt the need to point out how she qualifies, he must have a very short memory, or inhaled way too much carbon monoxide. 
Petty raced for 30 seasons, but didn't get his first win until his 8th year. His last 13 years of racing he had no wins at all. He had only 8 wins overall during his spectacular 30 year career. 
In 30 years he raced 829 times yet he won only 8 poles.
His average start? 23rd
His average finish? 21st
In a total of 232,922 laps he led only 3,909.
He had 28 DNQ's.
And had 52 top 5 finishes in 30 years. 
Now to the diehard fan these stats might mean something, but for me they say Kyle Petty is the last person in the world who should be questioning Danica Patrick's ability. Maybe Danica doesn't qualify that well, but Mr Petty, it was hardly anything you mastered in 30 years of racing…from the stats I'm seeing, you sir, sucked at qualifying too, and maybe you did breathe in too many fumes…judging from your average finish you were pulling up the rear weekly!
Stats were taken from
I had to run when I posted this, and then thought it would be fair to offer some comparison from Danica's career and I'll use Indy stats first since that's where her career took off and Petty never even ventured into the high speed, open wheel racing that as far as I'm concerned takes a lot of balls to run in. 
In 7 years Patrick ran in 115 races, had 0 DNQ's, won 1 race, had 3 poles, her average start was 12th and average finish was 10th.
In NASCAR  she has started 60 races, never had a DNQ (better than Petty to date in both INDY and NASCAR), average start was 18th (better than Petty), average finish 21st (same as Petty), she's had 1 top 5 and 7 top 10 finishes in just 4 years. If anything, in Petty's first four years, and cars were nowhere near as fast as they are now, he fared the same if only a little better in top 10 finishes, he had to wait 8 years to win his first race. Again, Kyle Petty needs to shut the fuck up! And by the way, Danica looks a helluva a lot better with a ponytail than Petty does, and I'll go out on a limb and bet she looks a lot better naked too. 
The Bro Code - Volume Two Tags: Bro Code
I had been wanting to start a new Bro Code for a while, after what I saw today I felt now was as good a time as any. I've got two that are big time Bro Code violations! Since its been a while since we last did this I'm sure we can come up with some really good offenses against the Bro Code!

1) Guys who lay poolside all by themselves should never, under any circumstances use their cell phone to take pictures of themselves to post online.

2) Any guy who uses Foursquare should get his Man card revoked for using it, and needs a smack in the head when he shares what he posts on Facebook so everyone knows he just left the QuikMart with a coffee and $10 in gas. Really dude? We not only don't give a shit but now we all know you long to be mayor of the local gas and go. That's pitiful.
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On May 14th LeBron James (or as I like to call him - LeDouche) after being accused of flopping went on record as saying he not only doesn't need to flop but he wouldn't know how to do it in the first place. Really? Then what was that $5,000 fine for flopping, a mistake in judgment by an NBA referee? Was it the constant jeers from Pacer fans and just about anyone else who has to sit through a Heat game watching the never ending head grabbing, writhing in pain, rolling around on the floor like they've suffered an assassination attempt from merely being bumped? Are these guys really that soft at 7 feet tall that they can't take a bump from another 7 footer? I'm of the opinion that if you get fouled and roll around the floor like a school yard pussy who had his lunch money taken away then you need to go to the bench and sit out of the game until the next time the whistle blows, or you're cleared by the team neurological staff or maybe the Academy Award Committee for the performance displayed for all to see on TV, there just might be an Emmy or Oscar in their future. 

So I got to thinking how much of a joke the NBA really has turned into and how babied these so-called athletes are. I saw footage today of Bird stealing Isaiah Thomas' inbound pass that he fed to Dennis Johnson for the game winning layup and it reminded me of how many times that Larry Bird gave us his best Fred Lynn impression by diving into tables and running over spectators to save a ball from going out of bounds, how often do you see that type of effort in today's game? To this day Bird suffers from awful back and leg problems but I bet if you were to ask him if he knew then what he knows now about how he'd be living his golden years he'd tell you he wouldn't change a thing, because it's how you play the game. The man was a competitor of the highest level, he put the team ahead of himself and his body, backed up his talk with results that often times made opponents look foolish. Even when hurt he didn't NOT go to the All-Star game to defend his 3-point shooting title like the prima donna's do now who suffer from the mysterious injuries that plague them only in February, like those debilitating "turf toe" injuries, or a bruised knee...pansies. What's the point of even having an All-Star game when only a handful of rookies show up and the "Stars of the Game", you know, the guys making 8 digit salaries are sitting on the sidelines in their $20,000 suits, that's if they even bother to show up. They don't give a shit about the fans, they care about their endorsement deals and being hurt can lead to those checks from coming in. Hell, most of the top NBA players make more money off the court than they ever will on it. Why? What is it they offer society that warrants making more money than most physicians will ever dream of and they save lives? I realize that slam dunking a ball through a hoop at 7 feet tall is a tremendous athletic feat, and it requires chest thumping and loud roars and growls at fans because it feeds their ego and shows the crowd, "Look at me, look at how I just slammed that ball...I'M AWESOME"!!! Yeah, they're a legend in their own minds is what they are. And LeBron is the head of all legends. I won't say KING? I'll never acknowledge that tool as KING of anything other than the KING of FLOPPERS and the KING who guaranteed he didn't' have to wait for or work for a championship like most of the greats, he took the approach used by the heads of the Five Families. He held a meeting in Miami with potential players for the Heat along with the "Don", Dwayne Wade and they assembled this team to win not one, not two, not 3 but 6 or 7, not much ego there, besides the fact he took the easy way out and eveyone looks the other way becuase he's the NBA Poster Boy. Fuck Him!

So let's take a look at two athletes who are at the top of their game, LeDouche James, the flopping MVP and Zdeno Chara. Both have won championships recently. One dishes out hits, plays hurt, averages over 30 minutes of ice time at the age of 36, stands 6"9 and weighs 255 lbs., LeDouche is 6'8", 250 lbs and he's only 28 years old. 

The videos don't lie...her'es LeDouche flopping all over the place like a fish out of water, in one clip he even winks after getting a flagrant foul called on an opponent, BUT, he doesn't FLOP! The Chara video speaks for itself...and keep in mind when you're watching this how much more he energy he exerts playing, and he isn't afraid to take a hit and one thing you'll never see is him whining or crying, or writhing on the ice from a fake injury. As for salaries, James makes 19 million a year, Chara makes $8 million. If I had the money I'd offer LeDocuhe 19 million to lace up the skates for just one 20 minute period of ice time with Chara...then he'd really have something to cry and flop about!!!



Did you notice that Chara never backed away from a fight, or a hit, he never whined or cried? Did you happen to see that when he was hit or blindsided he didn't roll on the ice waiting for a trainer but instead went after the guy who did it and made sure that he dished out a beating the guy wouldn't forget...EVER? In fact the guy who got his head caved in probably came up with an excuse to miss the next road trip to Boston or asked to be a healthy scratch just to avoid meeting up with the Chara again. But remember, James is the same size and weight as Chara, is 8 years younger, makes over double what Chara does and all he does is slam a ball through a hoop when he's not flopping or crying about being fouled or breathed on wrong. The NBA...pussies need only apply! 

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